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Ep. 39 - John Lennon's 'Imagine' Is The Worst Thing Ever

2015-12-10 | 🔗
Ben talks about whether Trump will run third party, celebrities endorsing gun control, and why "Imagine" should be buried in a giant pile of horse manure and set alight.
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It's Thursday and panic has completely set in among members the republican establishment will talk about that. We will all talk about a tear, add out of Hollywood about control plus things. I hate with maybe the thing I hate more than anything else ever in human history. It's all that I'm bench of Euro. This is the bench of Hiroshima, locals pretensions humanised people care about you feeling, ok, shelved Today, Donald Trump came out and said that he might run third party again now, as you remember, Donald Trump sign a pledge that he would not one third party but The time that maybe you run their party, if he felt mistreated, the panic has Fleetly, set in among the establishment, because there's a new pull the Tao today and it shows the Donald Trump after his proposal to ban all muslim immigration, which we talked about extensively yesterday and the day before its proposals. I agree with, but is actually very smart politically because it puts all of his opponents on this
I'd of having to argue for muslim immigration immediately after an islamic terror attack its actually very smart political move by Trump? He has a lot of small. Instinctively got moves. The problem is that there are God. He doesn't have any sort of strategy to them, but Trump in the polls today see the New York Times pulled from thirty five percent nationally. The next closest competitor TED crews. At sixteen. Percent, since more than doubling up tat grows the establishment, favorite Marco Rubio is stagnant. Nine percent he stolen single digits, Jab Bush was the establishment favorite. Is it three three percent one hundred twenty five million dollars in the bank and three percent in the polls. Probably like to reverse some of those numbers, but unfortunately for him he has toast. But this is the point in case a trumpet saying that he might run third party I want to talk, the possibility, Donald Trump will run third party and what that actually means of the region. Comes up he's because Billow Riley had Donald Trump on last night and he was asking Donald Trump about the possibility of running third party. Given the establishment,
trade for him. Given the backlash that he's received on his proposal with regard to Muslim, migration. Here's what Donald Trump had to say Are you gonna run on party ticket, thereby handing the election to Hillary Clinton. I think that I will get the delegates are winning an Ivy league winning in South Carolina Nooning. I m sure big, ok and then as if you dont, what will you do any any sort of shies away from the question and then he was on. I guess what was this Michael in Kelly and in Donald Trump did this these same routine, he was asked about his third party appeal and he explain why he has third party appeal. Here is the trumpeter when you consider the run of the third party cattle What let me check my first. I don't want to do that. I'm leading in the polls by not a little bit like by twenty and twenty one points. Apple just came out, I'm leading in Iowa New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, I'm leaving in Florida against two people. When was a governor. When was a senator
every single pole and nationwide, I'm leaving in every one of them. So obviously Lambert very happy where I m the people the Republican Party has been. The people had been phenomenon at the party I'll let you know about that and if I don't get treated fairly, I would certainly consider that in fact they did a poll in one of these I think was USA today, where they said. Sixty eight percent of the people that were Republicans would follow Trump if he went independent. I don't want to do that number one. When you leading by twenty and twenty one points, you don't do that a lot of people at a very critical people, like you, a is down being you know, got nothing going. And a lot of the others that a critical they are doing? poorly. I they're doing very very poorly the vote was sort of interesting is just the other day was on television You should Donald Trump. Maybe I disagree with him, but he is a gifted gifted politician. I said Why do you say that such a nice thing to say it again and again is it? This is my opponent.
Enter in the reality. Is that it something is setting in among the republican establishment and that is they don't know what to do with tromp? They have no clue what to do and the region that are not to do with tromp is because what Trump represents a couple of things. One is a direct response to political correctness? That's that's what trumps candidacy is all about. That's why the more outrageous! The thing that he says is the more support that he gets, because his entire spill is, if I say something, and the media don't like it. It's not me has the media are right, is because the media are politically incorrect, so the Prob with this is that it's not always true, sometimes the media, our right like when they say the drums proposal is not smart. This muslim immigration Proposal but they don't just say that they say that he's a big it and then they too far, and then they label of his followers bigot and that's what, from whence, as we said yesterday, the reason from his winning is because the media have gone so far in attacking Trump and his supporters. The people react, all of politics. Is the game of opposition? People need to understand this chap olitic worked. Politics is not about voting for Trump. Your voting against trumps opponent
That's why you are voting for Donald Trump. The reason trumps supporters back him is because they hate all of the people who hate Donald Trump. Ok, they hate all day, scratch you hey Donald Trump: they hate the media, the despised tunnel, Someone wants to call him racist, they despise them blocking establishment, which has done nothing for twenty years. To stop the steady encroachment of leftism twenty years. Try, eighty years to stop the steady encroachment of leftism woody, would you small gap of Ronald Reagan presidency in part, but not even informed, and so they look, the Republican Party and this year all of these idiots. They hate them trump ripping Donald Trump. The enemy of the enemy is my friend, that's, basically what it comes down to so yes from his a celebrity, and that, of course helps him a lot, but people are made predisposed to like Donald Trump Item funny find em entertaining he is and then, when he's attacked people say ok, well, the people who hate tromp are also the people that I happened to dislike and so They attacked trumpet and say that he is Lama phobic or that he's racist or that he's a big it and by extension they say that I'm Islamophobia or racist or bigoted for backing Donald Trump Screw
These people alike, like Trump even more dramatic, What from says. I like him even more because the people who hate trump, those are the people, but I despise Radice by The GEO Ps dabbling, for example, more than despise tromp. I despise Democrats more than I despise trump. I hate the media more than I hate Trump. When you're seeing this actually become sort of wine in talk, radio and I've said it and I think, a lot of other people for a sort of the grass roots side of them, Publican Party indefinitely, this field, which is that I think trumps, not conservative, I'm not gonna vote for him in a primary, but here the Tell tale point the reason that I know the trumps opponents people that I shouldn't listen do is because the same people who hate trumpet head grows. The same people who are saying TAT they D Donald Trump is not He'll conservative, with a few exceptions there, people like Heaven Williams in National Review, who likes tat crews for ample, but doesn't like Donald Trump there's some concern. I'm one of these people, I think the trumps about candidate. I think the Trump has a lot of laws like TED crews, that we are few.
Far between the vast majority of people who hate trump hate. Had crews also and there is no reason- why should he both of them right, because Trump isn't conservative enough, does what they keep he's not a real conservative, ok, had crew crews is the most conservative guy in the field and you're telling us that we can't possibly nominated crews. We have denominate somebody like Marco Rubio and listen. I don't hate market We view as a candidate Marco Rubeus, probably my third or fourth choice, but no one Marco Rubio is, is posed as the Anti TED Cruiser the Anti Donald Trump peoples go why's that all the job people are now moving over Ruby. I hate those people, so it turns into who are the people I hate most and those people hate Trump and so on. Europe, which is why Trump at the very beginning, I thought that he named his whole campaign. In one interview using Why was whining about media coverage? And he said I want, and I want- and I wine until I win that's his campaign and it works. Is all the people that he's whining about our people who buy we observed we met most of
people that trumped dislikes our people that look that most Republicans dislike now in their clipperton was talking about third party appeal. It's not true sixty eight percent of Republicans would go with Trump sixty April. Trumps. Current supporters would go with Trump every that number than what you really looking at is yes. Seventy per cent of of thirty five percent cereal. Looking at about twenty four percent of the people the Republican Party, twenty three percent of the Republican Party, which, when you try What now is about ten percent of the entire electorate, ten to twelve percent of the entire electorate goes with trumpeted goes third party, which is poor the enough to swing the election to historical. For sure enemy five percent would be enough It is when the elections held. Maybe two percent would be enough to swing the election to Hillary Clinton. Now is this going to happen? is this going to have it before I get to? Is this going to happen? I want to give you an example of why people like Trump and again, it's not because of desperate love for Donald Trump, there's sort of call to personnel. This being built around him, but it's really built on the basis of the cult of I hate the establish
but Republicans and all they said where I hate the media and I hate Democrats, and so I like Trump, because trumps says stuff right and the reason for this is because, for example, look at Barack Obama attacking Trump. This is where I think the Democrats may being somewhat smart. If they want Europe to be the nominee, all they have to do is keep doing what they're doing attacking but everything they ve, got. President Obama marked the hundred fiftieth anniversary of slavery. With a speech the other day, and I can't think of a president really in Recent history, whose, unless for black people than Barack Obama but here's och Obama talking about the end of slavery and he uses it as a way to slap trump as as somebody who just doesn't understand racial sensitivity, etc, etc.
We condemn ourselves to shackles once more, if we fail to answer those who wonder if there truly equals in their communities or in their justice systems or in a job interview, we betray the efforts of the past. If we fail to push back against bigotry in all its forms, but we betray our most noble passed as well. If we were denied the possibility of movement, the possibility of progress.
If we were to lead cynicism, consumers and fear overwhelm us if we lost hope. For how slow, however, incomplete, however harsh Lee loudly rudely, Challenge that each point along our journey in America, we can create the change that we seek And he goes on to do basic that that's a very oblique reference, Donald Trump and Donald Trump Span: a muslim immigrants inherit there. We can't be racist. We can't and can't end.
Many people stomachs crop. I mean you makes my stomach her. When I watch him he's so cynical and he is such a. He is such a manipulator. When I watch him- and I and I hear him, he doesn't take radicalism seriously, telling me that you're races to take radical Islam seriously or bigoted or Islamophobia. I think ok, well, at least from takes it seriously politics its game, opposition to game of at least right, at least this guy doesn't do that. At least this I don't think that at least this that isn't Obama. At least this guy takes this stuff seriously The Martineau, mainly Ramona, liaison with Jorge Ramos and Jorge Ramos, is really quite ridicule. Says as he's not a reporter he's an opinion. Guy and Jorge Ramos has come out in favour of this week of a total done confiscation in the United States, Margo Malady democratic presidential candidate who has less support. Then I think you hope had at one point. Martineau Kelly is with forty Ramos and
he goes after Donald Trump fully says he's a racist fascist is. This is Terry? Go it's very important that all of us push back on Donald Trump remarks. I made the greatest democracies are very, very susceptible to the sword of scapegoating, peels these racist appeals, especially after an attack or in times of economic downturn, are stagnant. Wages that's where we are right now. So when Donald Trump says these things, all of us have an obligation to punch back, I'm certainly going to do it. These are the sort of the pills that history has taught us, oftentimes precede fascism or worse or it just as bad the plunging of a republic into a security state. We all need to push back on. Tasteful language it his awful only Martineau Molly is awful. You can have a legitimate fear. He just called everybody, has legitimate fears about radical Islam, races, that's what that was in that help. People read it when you hear that what you hear is that
If you are somebody who takes radical Islam seriously as a global problem, then that's because you're, an Islamophobia Britain, because your incipient fascist, what you really want to do is take right away from people now. I am not at all from the again his muslim immigration plan is not my plan, but at least he's not my normally until done from those well regulated at least he's not Martineau Molly at least he's not Linsey gram right. Here's, the senator from South Carolina whose currently at negative three percent in the polls like people are actually going out of their way to tell, but the knight being pulled, there's finding pollsters in the phone book calling him to tell them that they hate Lindsey Gram, here's Lindsey and from South Carolina doing the same routine and people this is. Are you going to do it? It's mine, religious war, Donald Trump, is putting our soldiers and our diplomats at risk. He's never served in uniform. Going to military high school is not nor Terry Service Woody. Doing? Is declaring war on the muslim faith? What I'm trying to do is partner with Muslims. Ok,
so everybody looked Lindsey grandly gawky, always Donald Trump isn't linsey. Graham here's this guy. Who's been telling us for years that open immigration is totally fine, basically has been fraught with pro amnesty for decades. And here he is telling us that he takes the threat of islamic terror more seriously than the guy who says that he doesn't want to let muslim immigrants into country no again I think that it is a problem for our intelligence apparatus, for us too, then, muslim immigrants from the country, I think, damages our intelligence apparatus here and abroad, but it doesn't sound good come. Once a he has no Ability here and because he has no credibility, people go well. At least Trump isn't Lindsey crammer again their good they're good arguments against trumps proposal. For example, I on her Ali, who knows who plays on better than anybody she's. Genitally mutilated by radical Muslims, Jews forced into a marriage. When settings with fourteen years old she had to flee to Denmark. She was threatened with death where She was in Denmark by radical Muslims in the West, shed a fleet of the union
state, I unreservedly doesn't like trumps proposal. So obviously she is not a member of the establishment click that just doesn't like trumps proposal, because- there's dabbling guys meteors ion herself explaining why she doesn't think trumps proposed was right. It is, I think, it's a bad idea. I don't think we should do what a tramp is saying we do, even if we could do it, I don't think we can, but even if we could do it, I think it's about approach and its case is false. Promise of where a large number of american voters think that if they elect Trump that here Has the solution to this long term are logical war and that's exactly rising to date is Trump solution is now really solution. It is a long term. It illogical worth radical Islam. What you're saying is right. The point making here is that you can oppose trumps policies for very good reason. And again I on herself knows radical Islam better than anybody, maybe on earth, and she poster girl for what is like to be victimized Byron
ECHO Islam. So it's but again trumps. What is coming from place of opposition, so that begs the question is: if all of this opposition manifests itself, what what happens if trump a party. Is he going to run third party? So here is my forecast for four. Whether trump runs through already or not, I think they're really only three scenarios here scenario: what does he wins? The nomination outright sooner who is? He loses the nomination outright scenario? Three, as we get a broker converge so Sean trend of a real, clear politics has a today in which evaluates the chances of each of these things happening, he says that the chancellor, and crews or Marco Rubio win about fifteen percent for each the chance. At that time, Donald Trump wins the nomination. Now twenty percent, which is still top of the field which is kind of surprising because from on time, the conventional wisdom was Rubio. Gonna win the nomination. Eventually, the establishment will get their act together and they ll say behind Ruby up when by the way, I'm not even sure if they got behind Rubio that that would work, I think of I'll get behind Rubio theirs.
We made it all of how could be support ends up going to TED crews, for example, as the field consolidate, there's a good case remit. And warm support goes to tat grows. There's the case to be made that the remaining support for Carson all goes to TED grows, so we're really not looking at Donald Trump. Thirty, five to sixteen versus tattoos, we're looking at Donald Trump at thirty five, and cruising more like twenty five right. If that's the case of it thirty five, twenty five race, then, even if you give all the rest of the support. Rubio he's only a forty percent writes that means that he's dead early. I had an idle It's that easy shop, but put Oh, that, aside, to a trends, as he has the most likely scenario. Likely scenario in his in his view is that we end up with a broken for people who know not a broker convention, as we have had one in forty years and the Republican Party, it Hasn'T- happened since nineteen seventy sex, so the the reason. The reason for that is because typically there's been sort of baseline agreement that as the as the primary process played its way out, we ve consolidate the field. One person would tend to emerge and we end up with a nominee this year. We,
front loaded all the primaries, and not only did we front load all the primaries, all of it all of the attempts by the elite establishment Republicans to put their money behind candidates that we were supposed to. Between went totally by the wayside, trumpets completely overturned it ready to be a hundred million dollars in the bank meant something Nancy said earlier. A hundred million dollars in the bank means that Europe representing the national poles at your name. Is George Bush, so all of you, informal attempts to shape the race have failed, there's a complete disconnect between the elites and the grass roots. If we get to a broker convention, meaning that we end up in a situation where nobody has enough delegates to the nomination outright, then we got a problem if from loses the nomination out right, I don't think he runs through party. If TED Crews wins Denominational, Martha Rubio, wins denomination. I think that Trump basically want to support any says, I've had a very important impact on the debate we move on, I think from wins denomination. Obviously, he wins denominations he's not running third party. If we get to a Rocard convention there is no way in Hell Dammit will allow Donald Trump to be the if it gets
brokered convention, which means that and the delegates are split between five six seven people, even three people. Will you end up is the sort of backroom deals that happen. Ok well I'll? Give you my delegates, if you make me vice president I'll, give you my delegates. If you give me this legislative priorities that I want of all do it. If you believe me of my campaign that that's what Hillary Clinton did thousand eight eight against Barack Obama. She said all back you, but I want you to help me pay off my campaign that all of these deals get kind of cut. In the bathroom regardless been brokered convention at all, and it is just a bunch of wheeling and dealing what do Donald Supporters hate most about the Republican. Of all the things in life. What do they have, the absolute most this the wheeling and dealing in the back scratching in the idea that there is a report, in party establishment that is making deals behind our backs to quash our actual desires and elections if they happens not only will trump one third party, but thereby dependent who the nominees their people like me, who will vote for the republican party? I guess you're brokered convention and let's eat them,
public establishments. As you know, what we tried this Rubio thing he could even be Trump. Let's look: like Mitt Romney, I just raft somebody well. Let's let second look at your blush if they did that I would not vote for the Republican Party I'd rather the Republican Party go down in flames, then then for one of these people that is being presented to this is the only possible alternative to Hillary Clinton. But why people in the lover to trump. You will have a legit third party, so If things continue, the way that they are. The Republican Party has a very, very serious problem on its hands A lot of votes on the republican side were a little bit in denial about this got people like Charles Crowd, hammer Jean Charles homer, says the Trump definitely won't run third party, here's what crowd hammer had to say about it on Fox news items so that is eager will not that would restrain him from running his third party. Show me it as and when the nomination,
because he's gonna, it's gonna, be a lot harder than he thinks and there will be a bar sort of an invisible bar and either it's gonna, be the Ross Peronne number of nineteen percent. I dont think would come anywhere near that no general election, and that will be as mark on history, and I don't think he likes to be seen as a loser. The republican nomination as his shot, and I think that's what he wants to go for a thousand. That short all, I think that Donald Trump ran in that fifteen percent in a general election me, nobody's gonna get Donald Trump is obviously not a risk of our sky, so he's gonna go in and heat. It doesn't matter what he actually would get it's what he thinks he will get rid of Donald Trump thing we'll get thirty percent or forty percent between Donald. That goes on national deviance, had one hundred percent of black load why in the world, would you think he's going to do a good, rational calculation of his own chances as a third party candidate? Not going to happen meme, I got Rand Paul who's in full scale, denial, Rand, Paul Assange
pulls aren't even real right. I did when I look at these Paul's there's, no way this tremendous religious don't buy it hears senator from Kentucky talking about it. I think in fact we ve gone who, for the other way of really basing election coverage and everything else on poles, we ve gone into this Romania Housing is gonna win. I think really that we're overblown poles in reality, many people any false or not. Voters bouquet even the ones of likely voters are showing Trump, where this is not true and that the last refuge of the desperate it is ripping on the poles once you start going to. The poles are all inaccurate in my own had about seventy percent you're done, but this is what s happening now. The republican Party is so upset about trump they ve set in the five stages of grief, with actual, were now go watching the Republican Party in real time go through I've stages of grief. To start with denial, I started off with this can't be happening, from having to follow, but don't worry, he'll collapse rights, inevitably, inevitably how collapse there will have to be applied, people turn away from from men. That's it happened went to anger, look out
it trumpeters legalese from Kinsey Morons or backing Donald Trump God. I hate these people are so stupid. And what they are understands that it that anger reinforces again, it brings you back to tunnel, from, because all of these points, will you call them idiots they're, just going to double down on Donald Trump? They feel like you attacking them, makes you a jerk. I like Trump, even more now, because you attacked me so they get angry, then anger fails to go to bargaining. Ok! Well, guys, a burglar at Rather, we need like market let's get behind Marco Rubio and No, maybe we can train forest Cristiani Bush out, but if not people will profit We still come back to us. They said to bargain with reality when that fails, violence and oppression and ass, we get the doomsday predictions right, Donald Trump is denominate corrupted this today, if Donald, is the nominee the Republican Party Volusia. Not only will they lose, they will never recover. It will be the end of all things. It'll be one thousand nine hundred and sixty four all over again will be like gold. Have no hope for the future, we're all gonna die. The earth is gonna sink into the sea. All of that debate in that setting and you're starting to see that now and again, all the
some people just looked at and laugh. Ok, even if your right and the Republican Party goes down the judge or do we care, we, like the Republican Party, we find you people terrible, but you're. The people who are bargaining with Brok Obama have been able to stop him for eight years. In your sitting. There telling me that help Hell Helen Hand Baskets Donald Trump. You guys are Helen handbills, get right to the depression again reinforces the support for Trump and finally here as they deal with Donald from actually ones denomination. A lot of these both are going to back Donald Trump, because there are too many people too much money and too much time sunk into the Republican Party for throw over the party structure the only people willing to throw over the party structure, other people who nothing invested, the Donald Trump supporters, which is why, from doesn't when the nomination, It's not taken away from him through the electoral process. If it's taken away from him in some way groom deal disease end of the republican Party. He is the horse. Of the Apocalypse further Republican Party- and you know what, if that happens, Publican Party has a coming because they bread Donald Trump, the Republican Party.
Responsible for the rise and Donald Trump they are responsible this by surrendering by caving, to politically correct nonsense. For years, they bread a reactionary candidate who's, taking advantage of the resentment and that's what Donald Trump is and that's why he said successful ok. Now I want to talk about a couple of things that I hate. It is time We're gonna talk about things that I hate no they're a couple, and I really hate a couple of things today. My hate The hate run strong with this one in so I'm going to embrace the hate, which is what we do every day at this time on programme, first of all, something like there's a great book that nobody knows about these pick up by a guide and Robert Creighton no relationship to me. Though in the book is called the secret of Santa Vittoria came out. I believe in the fifties: fantastic novel about this italian town, it's occupied by the Nazis, and lady, was produce wine in the Nazis, really want this famous wine in the town into the entire town decides to basically critical mercy to hide hundreds of
thousands of bottles of wine, and it's really great book. They made up of youth, Anthony Quentin nobody's ever seen, but the book itself as trafficking go pick up a copy. Ok, so things that I hate What's, let's start with Emma. To conclude, the thing I pay more than anything in the universe is something that I hate slightly less than that, but still a lot. So I was to be on entertainment tonight, namely their show It is not even idiots it some insider, it's it's CBS insider says. Yes, to talk about. This particular add those really upset with myself, because there is something I really wanted to say and I forgot to say it and and it's about Amy Humor Amy Humor about season ad, by a bunch of celebrities and then another celebrity named President Obama and they all sit there. Talking about gun country how gun control is necessary in the aftermath of San Bernardino and Amy? Humor appears she's become the gun proposed or child for some odd reason, because she's Chuck, Humours centre from your choose his cousin. What I wanted to say on on CBS was she's famous.
Being funny and fat is not famous for knowing anything about guns, gun controller policy on Fourchan I forgot about that. I just said that, although I q people in Hollywood, who have guns outside their vast mansions and inside CBS, protecting them there get to tell me that my gun gets to go away like there's just like. I walked through two separate layers of security to go tape this its he would get us some, not gonna, sit there and pretend the guns mean nothing. So here, The ad will play as much as we can handle before I pass out from vomiting tat
In France we can some guy, we can. We can we Julian more, we can have a baby, can weaken and gun. There's Amy gunfire gun rigour. We can we can. We can let the other item on family, weak observers, Overman arrogance and gun my gun violence. We can combine wicked gun accounting and so is its basically just a bunch of people, and I am firmly convinced the reason the average cut. This way is because all of these people are only capable of saying one word of time not capable of string together, a cohesive thought and so just turns into ok, you can all. I can only say one word to tell me what word to say, and so some some ladys looking into the camera and have eight takes it Saint can Russia's can and then they have enough
guy in all, he does that we read and then you have one, and then you have something of Aimee Humor and she just one gun, violence. Okay, we need that. We need more sincerity, gun violence, angry gun violence is alleged cut. All these things together, which is basically how to child actors in Hollywood anyway, but I'll Hollywood actors are children into that's how this works What I want to know number one is: why should give two hoots in hell? What all these celebrities think about anything I mean honest to God. My argue is, is minutely higher than all the people in this video combined legacy took them all and not on the avenue and hug me combined Iq Mikey was definitely hunger. Then, all of the people on this video and that's all because I have an extraordinarily high q gang, but also because the people in this video have an extraordinarily low combined IQ the sword. The brain power in this video could toast to pieces. Read very lightly. Maybe so, and I love when they say things like. If we just care enough, we can then gun violence really how in theirs it there's a scene. We have any and the office here
We ask you got bunch fans, the officer member, that scene where Michael Scott wants a heat. He learns that you can declare bankruptcy if you're in that and say walks out in front and say he walks out into the middle of the office, and he doesn't it Stan what it is to declare bankruptcy, how it's like an actual legal process. Stands in the middle of the often goes. I declare bankruptcy. That's it People are right if we just care We can then gun violence explained how how the hell do, you think, is going to end gun violence when you go to the one hundred million gun owners in America with their three hundred million guns and you put a gun in their face and say turn over. Your guns Greece, the peasants read just a little bit criteria. People in taxes, they're gonna have to give up their stash gets going. Those overwhelm LOS Angeles does not go down in law back. Ok, you Travis Crap in La Balkan area than Lubbock and there's blood in the streets of all these, its celebrities. They are are idiots there, there hideous idiots,
idea that I'm supposed to care when Amy Humor thinks about gun control is beyond me, but it shows the brok. Obama is celebrity first in and think or seconds, and he also understands how this works. He gets a bunch of people who are popular to say they really dumb and then the implication of course, is that if you disagree with their proposals, then you like gun violence. Right, if you own agree with its because you're not willing, I'm not willing to and gun violence. No movement and gun violence. Either few solutions, ok, have dad stick around in the homes. How about that? everybody was law, abiding a gun and the ability to use it gives who can he'll carry permit and also lets the culture of violence that predominates, particularly in inner cities. Because it turns out in Vermont, you got a bunch of upper crust. People who all own guns are no gun was in Vermont, which by Bernie Sanders is not anti gun and the gun. Violence rate in Vermont is basically is Europe. It is has the lowest gun violence rid of any state in America, and it has a ton of guns in Vermont, so actually
I do care about gun violence. I just think that the solution is different than these vote, but the implication is I dont care enough and if cared enough. We would all get together and stand in the middle of the Washington knowledge out. I declare an end to gun violence and all gun violence across the world would end now in the mode of this now something that I hate, alot, here's the thing you're how to find out the things that I hate most in the universe, this is legitimately the thing that I hate more than anything else that has ever been created, at least in the artistic world, and then is John Lenin's. Imagine John Lennon imagine monstrosity its moral musical monstrosity in every it. It is the case control of of that is good and wholly a minute just it is. It is the worst thing that was created. The reason I'm bringing it up is because two days ago, is the anniversary of John Lennon assassination, very sad, pushing and so everybody decided that we're going to replay imagine this These single worth song in human history. I mean this, sucker makes Justin Bieber look like Beethoven. This is its pretentious its
our budget, the morality that its spout is just spew, its moral spew, it's worse than that. It actually is not just nonsensical and there's a sense to it. There is what is so deeply immoral and deep evil, and yet it is put over. This kind of pretentious these long, pretentious piano cords then him singing meaningfully and anybody who believes the crap and the song anybody who believes the crabbedness on should never have any sort of conversation with them. It's a waste of your time. It's waste of your brain power, I am not a sensor- the song- should exist, but if I were a sensor out, every copy of this song- and I would take it- to a bonfire and I would burn it because touch a terrible spot. There are certain words, even I won't say here it is eight, garbage, that's a will play a little bit of it and then I'm want to take. This in it were showing an and hurl it through a window, so it shit will play a little, but this garbage.
Pretentious Pierre imagine what he just said is the
most immoral thing you could possibly imagine. The people living for today that Basically, what we have Kay imaginable. People living for today means you don't plan for the future means you don't care about your kids. It means you don't care Hence, tomorrow means you don't care about anybody else. You care about you Indeed, this is the most selfish morality possible if all the people, it's just for today they would screw everything inside and kill other enemies. That's all happen if everybody live for today's. What happens tomorrow doesn't matter if there's no punishment, if there's no reward and punishment in this life or any other than all the matters is what is good for me right now. It's a deeply a moral philosophy, that's being preached over this pretentious garbage piano muse, I mean a lot of things I heard about the Beatles honestly is actually like train musicians and the Beatles. I can Melanie, there's no question: they can write a catch. You hook oak. None of them knew how to read music. Communist leaders, to call you. A great musician have to know how to read. Music ok? I wouldn't call your great author. If you don't know how to read
But what will continue at this because there actually is some substance in depth. I think this is the entire democratic party. I think this is the entire american and european left. I think this is the their morality in a nutshell- and I They believe that its beautiful- and it is the ugliest morality that you could possibly conceive of. Countries with their next stands there, no religion, religion is the cause of all the world's eels right communism.
It is murdered, a hundred million people in the century. He was writing this. There are busy murdering people in China, right as he was wrecking, is garbage located this is such depraved morality, there's no countries theirs. Having worked killing or dying for really have a link to torture of children. That was killing or dying for help The murder of a hundred million people is not worth killing or dying for turns out that, in your hand, be dapper little land here, where everybody is is just wonderful enjoys. Does this assumes a goodness to human nature? The just does not exist. The left assumes that all people inherently are good. All people are not inherently good enables ever met a child. Knows this serious, The children are innocent, but are not good. Everybody's. The kids are good. Kids are not good. Kids are selfish I love my daughter, she's wonderful, but she wants what she wants and if he doesn't get what you want, she fusses and she cries and she lashes out cause she's a kid. Kids are just baby humans. Humans are all like this humans. Not all good and they're, not all bad. They are capable of both good and bad, but mostly human beings.
Not civilized, that's why civilization is necessary for human beings. You have to have cultures you have to have. Morality that is twat. If you just if everybody alone in a field liking but of times everyone would kill each other them. Rate in primitive societies was enormous. Ignore and nothing was developed because there was no civilization and there was no religion, a sort of noble savage nonsense, judge that John was preaching from it the most highly civilized portion, of human civilization. Up to that point, history It is amazing that all these people live off, fruit of civilization. That is apt Willie, contrary to their values, and then they suggest that if they just rip away the civilization, then nothing will change monodist. Just as MRS because a dynamic yoga- oh no, I mean that's a budget that alone I should dismiss him, but but we'll go one more stanza of this before I hurled myself through a window outlets. Let's finish, up with John Lennon. Imagine on the web It was ass if some one when you die german, seventy eight something that I dont use before
my time, but but if the error on the anniversary of his death, we're gonna, make fun of the Warsaw M written, say Erica.
Best man says in his joy and house. Finally, standing at a giant greener such said that this final push toward no possessions honestly decision
had been promoted by the left today in theirs. Article a nation. Yesterday, yes,. J Myerson writing the nation says we should just abolish private property. We just get really because when the want analogue that this tribe met the pilgrims and they and the pilgrims have claimed their land, the Indians Kaimak when in the pilgrim said to them. This is our land and they want Managua. Wait a second. We don't do that sort of like land ownership thing and J Myerson says they re. We still don't have a good reason waged by wishing to share the land. I have a good reason why we should ensure the land it's called so a thousand years of no human development and then western civilization. That's why we shouldn't. We should not your land private property private property ownership, the idea of labour, the idea of owning what you produce is one of the greatest goods ever discovered in history of civilization. We would all be one hunt, Gatherer Nomad P, those with no history and we'd all day. Thirty, if it weren't for human civilization in private property ownership and the ins, and if that suggestion, you own what you produce
but none of this makes any difference in disputes deeply immoral, but it's childish philosophy all the way down to the kiddies. I mean this really is something that you would hear from a third greater, but left us think it so deep. They think stuff that seven year old say is just the depth of of what humankind Is it really is evil? Ok, you should not take your moral advice from small children. You shouldn't, but that's what this is. Given. My daughter is five. I expected I'll probably hear this from her, and I have to inform our life. Isn't fair and people do bad things two premises alone, destroy everything John one. It is talking about life, isn't fair and people do bad crap. And as soon as you acknowledge these two basic facts about the world, none of makes any sense. I'm telling you, the entire left, buys into this, and this is happy world. That would be wrong for Us Evil, Republicans and our Evil reality that we bring with us its ears, Is it really is quite sickening? So that's the thing that I hate for today. The good news is that I think that reality intervenes every time. Mrs tried reality intervenes. That's the Good NEWS and bad news, because the ban,
This is the one reality intervenes. Usually tens of millions of people die for stupid, garbage like this and will if we will allow left when so what I'm calling for in their public and primary, let's consolidate around somebody who is not Donald Trump, stop Donald Trump, but let's do it or we got you some sort of brokered convention with all the elites figuring out for the rest of us. I don't like at least figuring out anything for the rest of us, whether it's John Lennon to call rob if you are. This is the bench of euros,
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