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Ep. 395 - The Moral Preening Never Ends

2017-10-04 | 🔗
Hillary says you’re complicit in murder if you disagree with her stupid proposals, Democrats move to ban all rifles, and Trump tosses paper towels to Puerto Ricans.
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Hillary Clinton says you are complicit in marbre. If you disagree with her undone control policy, Jimmy Kimmel is back for more and it appears the Secretary of State called the President of the United States in effing moron at some point in the recent past. Yes, all of these Things are really happening. I'm then Shapiro. This is the venture Bureau show the habitable decline into stupid, continues and we'll cover. For all of it directs or something is pretty amazing. I mean he actually need than theirs. What, from NBC News that suggested that here the president, a more on back during the summer and instead of India, sort of brushing it off. He decided to do a full, fledged press conference. It we have a clip of that and will show you a little bit later, because pretty amazing, plus Jimmy Camel just couldn't leave well enough alone, you decide to go back on the air last night. And double down on the your mean and cruel. If you disagree with me, undone control, so
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Ben right now get fifty bucks toward your custom. Mattress! That's again! Helix sleep, tat comes lifespan. Fifty bucks toward your custom, mattress- and that is he looks that is he looks like tat- comes lifeline for fifty bucks off your ok so what's going on in the world, are we begin today with more fall out for LAS Vegas? So, president from yesterday he did sort of what he likes to do. When he's asked a question that he doesn't know the answer to which, as he says, I'll think about it. So yesterday the media asked him about done. Control and here is Chauncey Answer We have a tragedy. What did I do and what happened in LAS Vegas is in many ways a miracle. The police department has done such an incredible job and we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by
The very end of it is what people are focused on unless is focusing on where he said that what happened in Vegas was miracle. Of course, he's only talking about the law. Enforcement response is not talking about the shooting itself. People taking them out of context here are ridiculous. Clearly, he's not talking about Americans being murdered being miracle, but it's last point: I will talk about the uncontrolled as time goes by that has left people are left. Very hopeful now is probation. To pursue that you. Can pursue any of that. That's trumps go to when he doesn't know what to say, or he just wants to say something to you to leave. The media was something to think about, but the reality is that Republicans are not pushing gun control right now, because no gun control measure that I can think of or that anyone less can think of would have stopped. What just happened in laws guess. Why, because was unprecedented because was unthinkable and because the guy bought all of his guns legally or at least the ones you legally apparently and because Sal federal background checks had no symptoms of mental illness, from what we that's what makes this whole thing so mind boggling this this whole this whole deal. So one thing
what's been doing, is discussed yesterday at length with Jimmy Camel as they are jumping on their high horse and suggesting that, if you disagree with them about done policy its because your back were to do that very often with the left, likes to do- is try to people who have been victims of gun violence. People were shot and they will be people know better than anyone. As you know, I'm not a fan of this procedure. This technique, I don't think so You being shot makes you an expert on undone policy anymore than I think you being sick, makes you an expert on health policy or you paying. Taxes makes you an expert on tax policy right. Yes, you have to study issues in order to have it. Produce on them, but one of the things I find really fascinating is that if you are a gunshot victim and you I agree with the last. They just pretend you don't just so Steve's gullies is problem, must miss gunshot victim in the country? At this point, the exclusive course Louisiana Congress person who shot by praise Bernie Sanders supporter and the congressional they call just a few months back, Steve's Ghali's, was asked specifically about LAS Vegas and the second amendment- and here was his answer and never
many questions about the second amendment are raised by what happened in LAS Vegas. It happens almost immediately. Have you your experience of your own and, it's a LAS Vegas has changed how you feel about any of that. I think it's fortified it because, first, all you gotta recognise that When there is a will there is a tragedy like this. The first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured, and do whatever we can to help them to help law enforcement. We should first be thinking of promoting our political agenda ok, but he's not allowed to say that seems goodies doesn't exist, watches he disappears from the media. Even though again is the most famous gunshot victim in the country right now, because you stars principles and he has good reason for this? Ok, if it hadn't been armed guards, thereat congressional baseball, shooting he probably dead. Now. The fact is that it was arms that stop that that money,
at a bad human being in its arms that stop the guy in LAS Vegas. The police on approach, the rumour that isn't shoot himself just continues firing down into the crowd again the evidence that Control would solve any of the problems they saw in LAS Vegas is really weak or non existent. Leyla brisk up Jesus adaptation and from a writer it I've, thirty, eight and she has a Washington Post column today that I think, is really worthwhile talking about how a forest started researching done. That's done. Control policies to frustrate our energy needs to be anti array and used to think the trick. Magazine sizes, and all of this would actually help with gun debt now shooting and then she did the research and she found that isn't true. Here's what you wrote club my colleagues and I have five thirty eight spend three months. Analyzing, all thirty three thousand lines ended by guns. Each year in the United States. I went to frustrate A whole new way look at what interventions made of save those people and the case for the past. He's had lobbied for crumbled. When I examined the evidence, the best ideas standing were narrowly tailored interventions to protect some types of potential victims, not broad attempt
to limit the legality of guns, and then she it's about Australia. She says that Britain, Australia, didn't prove much. What maritime policy should be said. Neither nation experienced Robson, mass shootings or other gonna related crime that could be attributed to thereby backs and bans As I said yesterday, monsieur where to rare and Australia for their absence after the by programme to be clear evidence of progress, and she goes through all of the Isle of the gun, measures that have been suggested and she pointed out in the next largest set of guns out after suicide number, one is suicide disaster. If I said yesterday number one done that in the United States is suicide. Number two are young, an aged fifteen to thirty four killed in homicide very often in gang violence, but the weapon wants to talk about that, because now it's just different policies, including jailing people, from gangs who commit violent acts for longer periods of time. In order to him our Prime Minister, the funding it what the same weapons as says, we need to let people out of jail. I say what put down over is in jail, so people are
make crimes guns you should let out the people, Only then we should throw it. There seems to be the logic of some people unless and That's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one right. The idea is that if you buy a type of done, what doesn't like you should go to jail if you are in jail, we haven't overpopulation in prison problem we have with school. Here we have a street stay to jail pipeline. I just foolish Ok, so we should release all those people, but we should put our law abiding people who want to buy a guy that you don't want them to have in jail, none of them make sense nobody's backup. Again. None of this has to do policy for what the let things and it's gonna win an emotional lines, because various nowadays round healthcare policy. The left does, when along emotional want, I'm done. Control. It doesn't the rest is too many Americans on guns to many people are familiar with how the UN's work, hundreds of millions of guns in the United States of America and the employee. Can everyone who is somehow I gun owners This evil is just absurd to people as I stopped
Democrats, us a Hillary Clinton. Yesterday she can manage said Republicans implicit in Vegas. Do you feel like their complicit, the GNP the Anna re in the gun epidemic were saying in America. They are, of course they are. You know the Brady Bill ACT. The cap, two million guns out of the hands of people who were supposed to have them if we had gone forward with the background check capacity that we should have had and that it was up to date, my gosh, we computerize everything and we can't computerize that Dylan Roof was never supposed to get that gun that he used to kill people at Mother Manual church in Charleston, because he had a pre existing arrests that should have disqualified him, but system you know, is deliberately kept all creaky and slow. This is beyond absurd. This is evil. This is nothing but pure unadulterated greed motivated by
by people who want to sell as many guns as they can to engage in a falsity of fear and rhetoric about why everybody has to have Ok, what absolute nonsense, what absolute nonsense or everybody who wants to be able? to buy guns legally. These are the people who are the problem, and people are deliberately keeping the system leaky. Here's the bathroom under one roof. Jesse. You have the factual background Accordingly, in your time, despite previously admitted to drug possession Dillon was allowed to buy a forty five calibre hand on because of mistakes by FBI agents, a failure by local prosecutors to respond to a bureau request for more information about his case and a weakness in federal done was so what happened? apparently the authorities inability to prevent roof, maintaining the weapon highlighted the continuing background checks system
problem, which was intended to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Despite new procedures and billions of dollars. The federal authorities still do not have a seamless way of examining Americans criminal histories that eliminates human error. Do you think that Republicans d want to eliminate human error Democrats were in charge of the government for a huge per cent for the time right. Barack Obama was present. When all this happened he could help facilitate. Does it is FBI, revenue. Somehow this is Republicans fall right, their evil their evil. They want people to show people so can sell more guns. If you really believe that you don't know any gunners needn't, only Republicans the doubt as you are starting to really, I think, reveal what they think about dynamism, what they think about duns, which is refreshing. I like, when there's a little bit of honesty in this process and in the minute, I want to show you what Democrats have been saying about what sort of guns they want to what what sort of guns they want a ban is pretty amazing, but first I would say thank you. Our sponsors over a blue apron. So blue apron is the number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country, The goal is to home cooking accessible to everyone. They cooking together.
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turn and automatic weapon to semi automatic weapons into an automatic weapons, but really, I also don't think we can be caught in this trap. The gun lobby wants you in the wake of one of these mass shootings. To only talk about the past, see changes that would have affected the shooting that have. The day before we have to get back the evergreen changes things like universal background checks that, frankly, probably would have stopped many. Other murders around the country that happened on Sunday before the shooting started in LAS Vegas ok, so number one is again. That is not true. Many of the guns that are used incredibly, the majority of guns that are used in crime are not obtained legally the idea that in mass shootings, the people We are not going to federal background checks is not true. This should go through a federal background check. I believe that I believe that the issue during the pulse, nightclubs, shooting, went through a federal background check, so the idea that all of these these measures would have stopped any this natural but notice what
lastly, over there, and that is that he says he support a ban on semi automatic rifles can understand. Pretty much every rifle in the country, pretty much every reform, the countries as some out of magic rifle because again a semi automatic just means you pull the trigger once and one round is vital it's also, my automatic means a our peoples scan for assault right for rifle. Of course, it does not a are fixed in is one was most popular sporting rifles in the country. You ban that you're talking about either haven't this literally the millions of these guns from from law abiding Americans or preventing them from buying those guns on the market right now, with federally? Listen, Firearms dealers and background checks in the whole deal Democrat. Are starting to come out of the closet as to what they want here and Americans aren't gonna like it. It's funny Democrat after a mass shootings. Always now the tide of public opinion is with us. The tide of public opinion is with the idea that were altogether in this and we hate mass shooters and we want them to die and their evil. People were alone we're not altogether on the policies that you prescribe, because the policies you prescriber very much Contra traditional,
american concepts about freedom and libertine gun ownership, It is not just Chris Murphy who was tried, my hey often as you also have people like you I like centre at Marcie for Massachuset, arguing that that hunters didn't want people to be able to purchase guns when the second amendment was written in order to maintain a well regulated militia, they did not, in mind that people could purchase indiscriminately go up into the pop up buildings and rain down this. This Yes, it is true, obviously enact Hizbollah hundreds of people, and the founder zones of founders did believe. These be able to own weapons they. Could use in the militia read them at a military, great weapon, we're not even talking about people only military weapons. They said yesterday the difference between
Civilian are, and military air is extraordinarily significant right. A civilian are, is a semi automatic a by fully, Militarized are right. I m sixteen or an import. These guns. Are they have the capacity for burst we are fully automatic since it there. There is a big difference but again all this really is, is the left attempting to use emotion in place of a real policies up kid Jimmy came out was back last night and we can is not backing down off of his. I am holier than you are I care more about. Who died. Therefore, you must agree with me: here's what he had to say last night to critics like me who said that his gun My last night was factually incorrect unless we get deep into it again tonight. I said what I had to say last night, but I do want to say something these nuts, who spent most of the day today on television online, attacking those of us who think we need to do something about that. That fifty nine innocent people were killed in the most everyone's area to be a
we didn't spend yesterday attacking people who think that something has to be done. We attacked you for having Americans in saying that Americans are base a bunch of Dunder headed cruel Jack Ass, as it did not agree with you on policy. Media short to propose a policy. We can talk about the policy what I said the minutes after the shooting it haven't. We get all the information on the shooting in that we talk policy that doesn't seem unreasonable to me now we never talk policy and we should talk. Policy wants the information is, and why is this a difficult concept? You know evidence information again I can always draw manning here. He basically suggesting that all of us who criticized him we're really We don't want to do anything in that's. Why we're criticising him? No, I'm criticising you, because what you're saying is factually incorrect and then you're,
those of us who want evidence to adapt. Our policies are somehow gruelling. Nasty gay continues talking about it because it's too soon. Well, maybe it since from for you, because deep down inside you know in your heart, you know you bear some responsibility for the fact that almost any one can get any weapon they want. Now you are a cover yourself until the storm of outrage. Pacifism go back to your dirty business as usual, but it's not too soon for us, because were Americans. Last time I checked. The first amendment is at least as important as the second amendment Jimmy I'm in here. Firstly, this is egregious stuff. I hope you. A person in this, but this is really egregious stuff. If I didn't, think you're better person than theirs. I tell you to go to hell, because that's that's ridiculous. Ok for you to see just go back to your dad any business. What my dirty business, the same business is. Yours, ok exercise my first amendment rights to talk about policy in politics the idea that its dirty business- if we disagree with you, I'm not selling guns, that's what I do
I don't have never saw the gun, I own two of them. I've never sold the gun, I'm not in the gun, sales, business and not dirty business for people to be in the gun, sales, business selling methods of self defence. To to Americans who want to defend themselves and their country gets that just insane, but Suggesting that either responsibility for Vegas, I nursed present the only person who bears responsibility for biogas is the guy was pulling the trainer on a bunch of people who are innocent standing below if we're going not do that routine now for going, we there. Responsibility for our public policy choices with regard to with regard to gun control, then I would suggest the Jimmy Camel bears responsibility for every dead baby that he backs through plan parenthood. That's it there's a significantly greater connection. Between that planter, Its sole goal is to kill babies. The goal of selling rifles is not to kill innocent people do that right, announcing a Jimmy camels responsible for every dead baby in the country, because that's absurd
portion is responsible for that. I think he's wrong on policy. I think he's probably good hearted for Jimmy well to suggest that everybody who disagrees them again is just so disgusting frame to suggest that we bear. I have some sort of blood guilt on my soul. That's why I don't want to talk about this I ve been talking about it all week, dude I've made my bones talking about on control and the case for and against. I lot more about then Jimmy Images, and for Jimmy came over, suggest that anyone who wants to talk about it is not named Jimmy Camel is somehow motivated by their dirty business. There agreed I promise you Jimmy people makes a hell of a lot more money than I do Jimmy can making a lot of money off a lotta left. Does he think that use is just the bee's knees, because he does this kind of stuff, simpler, about who is making more money on political, pandering, Jimmy I think that the business you wanna get into never scientist camel, even even more objective. Journalists like Chuck Todd, are suggesting that you know it's just a fear of talking about uncontrolled that led to this impasse. Folks. There's, no doubt about what the secondment. Second, amendment does say, but at what point does
person's right to bare arm start infringing on his neighbors right to live safely freely and if ever caught yourself checking the exits while at a concert hall or school assembly or a movie just in case you probably already, already. To have that conversation, you would think our leaders should be able to have it too. But again, I think there is actually pretty easy answer to one. Does my neighbors right to bear arms impinge on I beg to live freely when you start shooting at me. That's that's pretty. Glancing, as when does your neighbors right to own a sword impinge on your right, not to be chopped low when he starts trying to chop me and I think their arguments to be made about. What's worse, if you know machine guns banned in the United States, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, I think, that's reasonable, but you know for a fact that the suggestion that we have not been having a conversation we have just left is angry today been losing then or have any evidence to support their positions, Haiti and then again it is just infused the entire culture. You can anyone sports anymore, without this routine, Rachel Nickels on ESPN, again
p and should be staying out of this, but we remember back and twenty twelve when about cost us was doing half time reports. And fell I need to say to inject some politics now got rate metals. Doing this and uncontrolled official, so this is the deadliest mass soothing in modern. U S, history Fraser! they're getting used to because it was only fourteen months ago they were saying that about the shooting in Orlando, the Orlando shooting claim more lives than Virginia attack. Know this one claims more lives than what happened in Orlando. I dont know how we're gonna sell the debate about guns in this country. I just that, while we're all arguing the body counts, keep going and now so we have to stop argue cyphering. You know we we to stop arguing as what you say and you ll notice, tat arguments for us to agree with her? I do all talking points protracted. Rachel Nicholls are nearly identical with regard If he's mass shootings, as I said yesterday, using mass shootings, is your gauge gun? Control policy is actually
foolish idea, because they are not representative of the broader whole. I'm not the only one saying that five thirty eight says that ok, mates oversight says that need silver is no when you're on guns, and then of course you have the greatest of our political commentators have left keep Overman, so he attachment, for this morning, I said yesterday, who made Jimmy, camel the moral arbour and keep Overman tweeted because whores like real down, from the GNP and Ben Shapiro had sold their souls to the energy and the death called any other place since kid so a few things number one is the suggestion that every single person in the United States who owns a gun and policing done rights is part of a death called, because I think that again it's called could be more properly attributed to people who think the planned heritage and wonderful work and killing babies. But she did have some questions for keep Oberman. Then I tweeted back at him. Questions like If you are so good at your job, I have been fired from your last three thousand two hundred and ninety seven jobs also was the expertise and shouting things like an Fuego that
gave him the godlike ability to see and to other people's all was at that and also where you get his glasses, because those are actually kind of nice and then also is he just ok is yoke eggs. He doesn't seem, ok keep Oberman, but this the entire moral equation, wants to set up, and I just find a despicable. I find it grows Ok, so I want to talk about for rigour and the Secretary of State, apparently calling the president the more on reforming it in that. I first want to say thank you to our sponsors over at my patriot. Supply. So, if you feel like it, like things are, if you feel at their threats from foreign places. If you feel like you, look at North Korea and Is- and you look across the sea in there foreign threaten their natural disasters, figure. You know what might be a good idea having some food in the house in case things go bad! Well, that's why you need to spend I'm done but and get a hundred and do serving a breakfast lunch in dinners from my patriot Supply is their survival food supply for just ninety nine dollars and right now I can order it at eight eight oath. Fourteen thirteen eighty eight of reform,
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there are people, often I'm not going to name names who who call me that- and that's because I'm the boss, the boss, is always considered nothing more on by the people who work for him there is nothing new under the sun. It seems to me it responds to this could have been and should have been really what is talking about, we just had a mass shooting, four days ago and Rico is half underwater and you're in working to talk about. Likewise, the Secretary of State, one time said that the boss was enough in more on. It gets really it, but because and in front is an egomaniac and because everybody has to pay personal homage to him Rex source was forced to go out and your press conference the got extraordinarily awkward when he was asked. Did you in fact all the present? Nothing moron address the main guidelines of the store that you called the present more and if not, where do you think reports, I'm not going to deal with petty stuff. Like that, I mean this is this is what I don't understand about Washington again
not from this place, but the places I come from. We don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense and it is intended to know nothing that divide and I'm just not going to be part of this effort. To do this restriction- that's not it now, so that awkward and it'll be it'll, be entertaining to see president drums response. He obviously has been all over tellers in this week of the North Korea stuff tellers. Isn't gonna go away just the question of when it appears by women. Trouble ministration is gonna, do something good and pull out of the IRAN deal. That is the latest news. Bring you updates on that as they unfolded David unfolds during the show. If not, then there will covered over daily wire, obviously, but that would be good he's not also be over the objections of tellers and whose become a rather marginal figure inside his own state department. So, all of a sudden Fascinating is done. The story. Ass is a kind of funny that the Secretary of State press conference, just it not say that he didn't call the president of the United States, a moron
yeah, I'm gonna go wait! That's not great! Forty mathematics ass! That's none other than team! Politically! Brilliant me! Ok in other news that was not particularly brilliant up to president from goes to poorer, rig up- and he says M stuff now he had to do going to portray ego is basically go there and look somber for cameras, because it is a somber thing and hope handouts applies to exactly what he didn't Texas right in Texas. He did it right. He did it exactly. Late, no criticism inquiry. For some reason, it was like Trump just decided that he did. He want to have some fun, and so for even gets their first. He says to Porto Ego. I hate to tell you this, but you throw our budget out of work, which is a very weird comment in the middle of a hurricane relief effort hears ears from saying that they call them. Is here right there and make is in charge of a thing called budget. Now I aim to tell you put a recovery. You thrown our budget a little at a whack, because we spent a lot of money and put a Rico and that's fine. We saved a lot of luck
Well, you know there is little better. They have drawn the budget out aware how terrible so people are like our white and then from today said. Don't worry, we're gonna settle poor, regos problem there are vast pay their debts. People in Austria getting at her is what happened in the border region bond market, because one thing, though not getting paid back now. So just good stuff from from president, there, I can't imagine what tellers and had to say about it and then too did something that even worse in terms of pr here. As President Trump, going out there and throwing paper towels into the crowd. Like Kobe Bryant Wishing jumpers and you can see this. He is literally standing there and taking paper towel their people right in front of him. Weren't just asking for paper towels and there is trying to flip them into the crowd- was shooting them into the crowd of the child.
He's going to go out there with like a paper towel cannon like hit a baseball game and everybody's looking at him, incredulously like really. This is what we're going to do now and hurry is just throwing things into the crowd. Is that you'll get paper towels and you get paper towels and you get paper towels, so This is absurd, good image aiming for a guy who's made his career based on images, nodded image. You don't look flip about hurricane, really like if your blood bank, you and start taking bands of blood flinging them around the blood bank. It is painful areas. I have to admit I laughed when out when I saw that by you I count on the left to turn something that is an image mystic win for them into an image. Isnt loss, instead of them to say inappropriate for and from TAT Day, be so flip about pain relief and that that that pictures really now rate in anyone's presence. We take me seriously. Instead, you have Democrat completely going off the rails and suggest, the most absurd things here? Is the council speak up for New York City, saying it
was treating people like animals in Puerto Rico. This president needs to be called out for his lack of seriousness to this humanitarian crisis, and this visit today was an utter disgrace and an insult to the porter can people to be throwing and loving paper towels at us, as if we were animals you know, is really making light of a situation that is very severe. Throwing it's as if we were animals, the guy. That was what I got. I got the Trump ism well to use resources word in these organisations more on my guide, I don't think this is stupid. I only militias he's like. While these people are animals, being the monkeys at the zoo. I really don't they that's, what's going to Trump's again, the West can contain itself. The mayor of someone who been in a hate, hate relationship, a trump for last three days from one support the girl was nice to her, and then she was to him for a minute, and then he laughed and Andrew STAR ripping it again here she is ripping the paper towel stuff. This was a pr seventeen men at meeting,
there was no exchange with anybody, would not have the mayors, and in fact this terrible and abominable view of in rowing paper towels and throw in provisions at people. It's really. If it does not embody the Spirit of the american nation. No, that is not the land of the free and the home of the brave that the beacon of democracy, the people We have learned to work out a so over the top to again. If Obama did this I'd be all over you would be too, must be real about this, retaining flip about it. But this it's nice This is not America. This is not a beacon of democracy like come on, like everybody just take it down and take their level. Take it now and it was the same thing. The media has been just overplaying attend on everything they can't just call it out to the extent to which is wrong. They have to go over over bored by you know by leagues. So yes, here is trump praising the load account inter rigged out now, that is
something that I mean it is worth noting that point because having about forty deaths, something that is something the neighbourhood which is supremely awful when people comparing the haitian crisis to Jupiter, Riga. However, it is worth noting that poor that Haitian that dead, the Haiti earthquake, when that happens, I think it was a two thousand. I did. The Haiti earthquake ended up with the death of someone with a hundred thousand people. The Haiti earthquake the actual the actual number of dead in the Haiti earthquake, but it was way hired nest and here is from basically saying that- is that they be casualty figures by the way from Portugal, where I'm looking up. Apparently it's anywhere a hundred thousand three hundred thousand deaths in Haiti in Puerto Rico, we're talking in the dozens and that its laws? really do too. Eddie. Federal government, or at least in part due to the government's ability to bring aid in timely fashion in any case, from basically saying that in an immediate does not anyway, but I'm just very, very proud of the fact that you know if you look at just one statistic: sixteen deaths,
that's a lot of this far too many deaths, but sixteen. If you look at Katrina, they had in the thousands and This was a storm, the likes of which nobody has ever seen, and you know we had FEMA here before the storm even came, they were on the island during the storm and they were on the island before the first time we got hit by do arrogance, so we're very proud of the job we ve done. Very broad, and now we have to try and get them back the power slowly getting on and the roads are open, the run is a open. So I these people that you ve met today, all of the different people first responders. These are incredible people
so that seems relatively unobjectionable me didn't stop soon and Christian LISA from going off hundreds, the clip you play Brook is pretty damning. I think it sort of penal using death counts as a talking point for our successful he's, been in making a joke about how this is gonna run over the budget, but there's so much in that there's thirteen minutes of of video and audio there. He talks about how the weather is usually so great and Porter Rico. You know: there's video of himself rowing food out, like he's or of a dime store Santa Claus, two people I mean this is Even for Donald Trump, who is a breaker of political convention who is, I think, define the presidency downward and now everybody everybody is calm down, herbage content or people getting what they mean worry got. The answer is yes, everybody should be quiet. If the answer is no, then we should all be all over the administration again, and as far as the image that goes yeah transacted some of this stuff? Ok, ok!
I mean I really cannot say beyond that. Ok, so I do want to get some stuff. I like and stuff I hate and look at a Bible talk, but before I do any of that, I first want to say thank you to respond over a texture, dot com, so, as you know, I'm an information annex that means that I read and read and read and read in some other stuff, I loved Reed is obvious from the magazines. Well, if you discussions or magazine these measures off the rack and six, but right now over a texture you're getting for Did you hundred magazine can afford Candidate free trial right now- working for drought and its normally nine ninety nine a month. So first a great deal in the first place: nine nine month, any a digital access over two hundred magazines. But right now, if you sign up, your deckhands life, many a fourteen day free trial. You can look in their archives, its entire Digital of all the magazines that you want to read. Everything from certain weekly to sports illustrated to National Geographic, to readers, digest again first inscription, one of these magazines. It probably com,
as much as the entire. The entire texture subscription excuse me. So check it out right now. My text reads: icon slash and again, fourteen day, free trout, a texture, dotcom slash back go and check it out now, We sent you as well, terrific, as I used my wife uses it, we really enjoy it. Ok, so much time for some quick things I like and then some things I hate and then we'll do Bible talk so first things out and then they will breaks up things things I like today, thing. That's the thing that I like is very long thing I, like so math, is knows because we traveled last week together that the details. It has new rules and then one of those rules is that you have to take what you out of your book bag, sometimes, and so they picked exam the right day for this, because I wanted to look super pretentious, an awful and so the but then I had my backpack tat day, was indeed LEO: Tolstoy WAR and peace. As I'm miss way through warranties. It is
strong narrowly want a lot of people like the geese parts better. They like the war parts I I admit that I like and run it better than I like warm peace. So far, maybe I will change my opinion as it goes on, but Tolstoy very lucid writer and a very easy to read, write or so. Anybody who says Tolstoy is difficult there there other russian writers, who are much more difficult. Then tolls, to my mind, the neutral. Relation is quite lively and quite good. The wonder. Recommended by Richard Pity are and Larissa Bolkonski that's one that I'm in the middle of right now, and it is it- is widely. It is funded red and the nice thing that is written in the cereal eyes chapters. He can read it three pages at a time that will take you thrust of your life, but you can you can we? That amount at a time when it is indeed a good book. So I it has not been overblown that this is a great book, because it is other things that I like so yesterday I was California, state legislature and the Publicans and a legislature had invited me to speak on it, panel about hate speech and the cost
patients. I'm gonna look at what the the palace ass, you call, it was actually call combating hate. Protecting the constitution you would assume that this would have something to do with how to fight hate groups. But half of this was about stuff. They happen on campus, like at Berkeley where I was speaking, so they can. Two issues. They are completing the problem with actual white supremacist groups and violence, that's going on campus, the implication being that bunch pay groups so called groups are showing up on campus or white supremacist groups. I liked to be specific is when people say: hey Group, sometimes it's like so Poverty law centre, hatred which just means conservative there too, So there are conflicting white supremacist premises and, like any conservative, who shows up on campus and anti for beats the crap out of people, so the Republicans one Have me come and speak? They want to have me on account of the Democrats in this The legislature would not allow this they had eleven witnesses. These witnesses, put the people at Garlyn, trimmer, marinsky ski the dean of you, see Berkeley who spoke about the first amendment and is quite proper cement. Obviously,
they had a senior investigative researcher from the adsl. They had a fiber Canada is basically an intersection of festival of victimhood. Our peoples about how much they are victims hey crimes in California, which is fine, had been. There is a lot of talk about Inter Additionality and the level of political discourse and why the relevance of your identity group- is relevant to the credibility which you speak, which I think is bunch nonsense and then finally, they had a bunch of people, including and green. What was the chief of police at Berkeley so there, having, as I say, eleven people on these panels or they could at any time for me on any the panel's, despite the republican request now was, I'm not a victim, that's fine! I don't care they relegated me too. The they relegated me to be public comment portion of this to the public portion of the of the hearing. Two minutes into minute. Only so I'm gone
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Yeah. Ok. So, as I say over at the California Legislature yesterday, I was one hundred and twenty seconds, so everybody else was get in ten minutes. Fifty minutes tremors gives even half an hour. I was given two minutes in public comment which these open it up and whoever is there can talk so here whose limit of tape of what I say I sort of ringed out the Democrats on the panel. Your job, obviously here at the legislature, is too. Still ensure that our freedom of expression is maintained, that our first amendment rights are maintained and what that means first and foremost in my experiences and college campuses, is that the hecklers veto must be stopped. So I was at cow State, LOS Angeles in February, two thousand sixteen, and there is almost a riot there and the police were not allowed to do their jobs and students were physically assaulted
in the crowd. It is the job of this legislature to ensure the police can do their jobs when they do their jobs and are allowed to do that. It places like you, see, Berkeley. Everything goes fine and I'd like to make a point here about you see Berkeley the reason cost six hundred thousand dollars to bring me to use Ie Berkeley was not because of me. Ok, everybody keeps suggesting that was because I was coming so controversial and so terrible. I came exactly one year before and it cost of this many dollars because zero dollars for security, you see Berkeley the reason, of course, six hundred thousand dollars Easy Berkeley is because Antigua and violent groups had decided at Berkeley was their domain and there are going to be able to run roughshod over law enforcement there, and this does bring up. One final point that I want to make in the long period of time that I have to discuss, and that is the problem.
With a legislative body such as yours, trying to draw a line specifically about what hate speech constitutes, because the fact is that one of the reasons groups like Anti for show up is not because they know who I am is because they have been told by people that I am promulgating hate speech, which is utterly false and utterly untrue. There are people who say vile things and with him I disagree among them. People like my Logan novelists, who sent me a picture of a black baby on the day of my child birth, because I wasn't sufficiently standing up for the white population supposedly, but that does not mean that the legislature gets to decide what hate speeches I've been label to promulgate or of hate speech. When I was being number one target of hate speech according to the ideal among the journalist to community in two thousand sixteen. So let me suggest that, as a legislature, your chief job is to ensure that my taxpayer dollars in this state go towards making sure that people like me and people with whom I disagree- get to speak in places like college campuses and not towards regulating what speech you find good and what speech you find babies to really do
Europe's business and their speech. I dont like their speech you don't like, but if we can agree that there is a difference between speech and violence or not can we will have a free state, let alone a free country, thanks Gazer. I agree with me good job me, so there are one Sacramento behind, uninterrupted, toil. Today I had done. The Democrats were four for borrowing me for speaking essentially until public comments and then me getting up there. Backing them myself, well done. Democrats has always undercutting your own points on free speech, ok, so time for a couple of put things right, ok so quickly, I hate number one. So there is a problem- GNP Congress person whose Mr Murphy he's republican congressperson. He is a pro life guy and apparently going the Pittsburgh posts. He said he asked his mistress to get an abortion she's been rubber, Pennsylvania. Sixteen congressional district, since two thousand three admitted having extramarital affair last month is old. Lover is accusing him of being hypocritical, and his pro life believes apparently the the
public congressman's Ex mistress, texted well yeah zero issue posting a proactive stance all over the place. When you had no issue asking me to a board our unborn child just last week when we that was one of the options and, If he said I get what you say by March for light messages, I've never written them staff does them. I read them in winced. I told stand don't write anymore, I will do so not deny having asked his mistress for an abortion gross. There are a couple things that arose about is many things can number one mister is bad idea. Gentlemen. Ok makes you immoral. Do not do this number two asking first for an abortion european garbage, no impregnated mistress Don't ask me for an abortion, it's not the baby's fault. Baby's fault, your piece of garbage. You want to protect your political career number three, the media spin on this, that a pro life purse asking for an abortion is somehow significantly morally worse than a pro choice person asking for an abortion, so hypocrisy is bad, but I would rather,
somebody actually be pushing the right standard and not living up to it. Then it somebody pushing the wrong standard living up to that wrong standard. This one of my, PETE. I really don't like the stuff when, when there are when their republicans, who fall short of the moral standard that they push, the people seem to be much more angry, that they are held. Moral standard. Didn't they broke the standard, so I'm angry to Murphy, concede Nepal, the standard or not angry, to Murphy, forcing the right things about abortion angry to Murphy for doing the wrong things with his mistress and with regard to abortion, I may- in his sin. I'm not angry the standard that he was that he was pushing in Congress. That is the correct standard I do what I found this trap of the easiest way in politics. To avoid being hypocritically have no standard right. That's true easiest way to avoid being a hypocrite, and politics is to have no standards. If you have your bill Clinton, you have no standards about abortion or origin. Your promiscuity than is very easy to get away with crap. I dont like that. In setting standards are important, so I think relegate our criticism of TIM Murphy to being that piece of crap not to
final thing that I hate this lasting. I hate you're getting for. We can have so treasure Final thing that I hate this sing. I hate you're getting for. We gonna have so treasure this taken near to your heart, Michelle Obama for some reason has decided to emerge from the woodwork again to talk about how America racist, sexist, bigot homophobia. This is thousand eight Michelle Obama, not two thousand fifteen. Michelle Obama was popular. I dont need idle. This version. Michelle Obama, neither did Americans in two thousand, eight physically there's a difference in color in the town, because one side, all men all while on the other side, some women, some people of color and people- looked down at that and go you that looks good. That looks right. We're probably get my lot done, we're doing it right. You know. I looked at that and I go. No wonder no wonder we struggle. No wonder people, don't trust!
It takes it that we're not going to notice what these rooms look like number one. This idea that you know on the Republicans, they're all gray and white ass, the color power on the other side of the room there, yellows and blue and white and greens and there's a difference. On the one, because the left is just so much better at doing things, because you know that actively have more people who are people of color again, if you judging somebody's merit or their viewpoint based on their color. This makes you a racist by definition, so just because you haven't we black person, saying that doesn't make you a non racist, that's it so! Ok, quick Bible, talk, so this week presenting enough time take medication at the same time, cuz I would have to the days off anyway, has this week we celebrated Codes code is a celebration in the jewish calendar of thee of Bee wanderings and wilderness. Essentially, we used to live in basically boots and what you can is supposed to represent. We should go outside. We eat in a sense We are shocked that we set up its three sides.
Two and a half sides, a minimum of three sides. Usually that are order may items like a tart draped over over some poles and any have simple in France on topics where the typical Ladys code are done set eyes, just the the booth and I suppose, reminds us of our time in the desert and how fragile, the wise and the idea that the entire world is basically that sucker right, your entire material life is that sucker we decorated we make a beautiful, but an and you can be blown away quickly, just like that, and we have to remember that there is a deeper meaning to everything that we do. There's a whole wider world outside the saga. Our attempts to create a poem life for ourselves in this world are, are in essentially in vain does mean you shouldn't: do it doesn't mean that you shouldn't pursue a better life and more beautiful life for yourself they have to understand there is a world beyond this one, meaning beyond this one Passing solely in the material is mistake. There there's a bunch of beautiful commandments that have to do to cut one of them is waving. What's called the loving me, any S, rogue said Levin S road. You may have seen Videos orthodox Jews doing this
It talks about it in the new testament to talk about the festival with France, because they're talking about so the tied up that looks like a stick almost eye and then on one side you have Myrtle and on the other side you have willow and then you hold must and then on one side you have Myrtle and on the other side you have willow, and then you hold also together with this and etc. It is basically surrounded. It looks like a woman with a big lemon two different fro, but it looks like in any case, What are these posts represents out according to you philosophy. The Lula represents people who study the Bible, but don't do good deeds or don't follow the commandments. The DAS, which is that the Myrtle represents people who do good deeds, but do not study and they are about which is the willow, represents people who study and also don't do good deeds. Re has no smell and no taste is the idea, so it's so their But you don't studying, don't you good deed and then the the matter of the actual fruit represents people who study, and they also do the commandment so and you hold them altogether and you shake them before.
Is what you do you actually take them any shake them in the middle of a sort of we just in celebrating in any shake it in the middle during during prayers. What's the point here, the pole here is the english philosophy you need. All of these elements who have a nation is not not to have just people who are the richest people to people both study and do the deed and fulfil its mandate. Need people who don't do either. You need people who study and onto the deed. You need all of these people together. The jewelry and people generally are composed of all sorts of these people, and we have to recognise that are inherent value to God doesn't necessarily lie. Only in what we are individually but what we are collectively, and that is people who care about one another people trying to help one another and people will recognise each other's weaknesses and still recognise your brothers and sisters and talked a lot about unity this week, because in the aftermath of something like Vegas, it's easy to four for us to Fritz, to fragment and its tragic that we fragment If we're gonna come back together, we need to recognise that it takes up
lives in the United States, nor make a country, and we have to move towards the notion and we're friends. And not enemies or the country is gonna fall apart and it shouldn't. Ok, with a message I leave you for we can have. I will be that a week from Monday, please at last, I know Disneyland if everybody keeps ruining things open he's gotta together everyone and state aid out there. Caviar families and I'll see you in a week and a half after my vacation. My well If I may say it, vacation will see after we gonna have, love to everyone and will see you then adventure fear this adventure, the. Yeah
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