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Ep. 405 - The Media Sexual Harassment Scandal

2017-10-27 | 🔗
Why is the media still Mad Men while corporate America has moved on? Plus, the latest on the Clinton/Trump dossier, and we check the mailbag! Date: 10-27-2017
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So why are the media still mad men? Apparently, while the rest of corporate America has moved on, will talk about that plus the breaking NEWS on the Hillary Russia Dossier, pretty shocking stuff and the JFK files, or at least in check the mail bag slots coming up? I'm Ben Shapiro? This is the Ben Shapiro show. So the big as of yesterday, was that NBC correspondent and fabled investigative journalist Mark Halperin several game change. It was about to new book about the Trump campaign. There was be into a series by HBO that he, had been apparently responsible for in an innumerable number and allegedly incidents of sexual harassment or assault where he would press himself up against women with his genitals, where he would grope them where he would. He would say things that are wildly inappropriate. I want to talk about that and I want to talk
the widespread nature of this thing in the media and it does seem to be worse in the media that is in, for example, corporate America, at least by the numbers and by the evidence in at least by anecdotal evidence, talk about all of that in just a second. But first I want to say thank you to sponsors over at quip, so rush that I use is equipped to brush the reason that I use the clip toothbrushes number one it because it is super effective in cleaning up my teeth and making them feel clean number two, because if they, if you don't use a good toothbrush and and and you get a bunch of black, I can actually affect your heart health, according to many studies and finally, because it's easy to travel with in the brush heads are easily replaceable. So quit is great for all these things it's sort of like if, if there were an Iphone but or toothbrush, it's it's just it's. It's really well designed it's it's small! It's easily travel and you put the battery right inside it.
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it's meant and or assault, and one of the problems is people conflating these two things, because I think this as a society. We just need to be careful about what we call things for legal reasons, so sexual assault is where someone is legitimately threatening to commit battery on you it's actually battery. If someone grabs you against your will, but it is assault. Sexual assault, if you are threatening to do that. So that is one I think sexual harassment is where I guess, you're telling dirty jokes at the office and sexual harassment there's some fuzzy lines with regard to sexual harassment, because you can tell the same joke to two women and one of them may take it offensively and another may not or a woman make the same joke from two men and one may tell it offensively and one may not. So sexual harassment is a little bit fuzzy. There's certain things that are clearly sexual harassment right. A guy coming up to I'm telling her she's a nice ask clearly: sexual harassment, not necessarily sexual harassment, if a guy says a dirty joke just to a group of people and there's some women there or he says it to a woman hold the guy five minutes before. So I just want to distinctions in mind. What is not in question is that mark help it is allegedly responsible, the
NBC News reporter- that he is allegedly possible for some serious sexual harassment, slash sexual assault in a new report from the Washington What's my name, Diana may alleges that she was sexually harassed by Halperin back in ninety nine. For when she was young researcher at ABC News according to May she's at should have asked help and for help with the story and you to come into his office, and he had her come into his office come over here. She she recalled him saying sit down and I'll, give you the information, then motioned to his lap, and she was shocked and wanted to refute. She continued, as is she considered how help was a rising star as the political director at ABC News at the time it was a favorite of World NEWS tonight, Anchor Peter Jennings, so not to injure Actually, reluctantly sat down in his lap where she alleged that um he was um in full. We shall say that he was in full flight mode. She said that this routine occured three or four times leaving her confused shaken and said I didn't know what to do. He was important. He wasn't
superior, but he was clearly in a superior position in mine. I didn't say anything I didn't know how to at the time. I knew wrong. Another accuser, Emily Miller, has also come forward. After the CNN allegations were published. He has been basically tossed out of the of the industry. His book was canceled, he was fired. I apparently she suggested that she was attacked by bite. Mark Halperin as well choose one's once ABC News where helper and spends a good portion of his career. So presumably you know that took place when they were both at the network and uhm and you know this is not the only allegation. There's another navigation from then there's a woman at CNN who is a former producer, and she says that she was trying to interview with Halperin and Halperin offered her business car she showed up and she says I don't remember we talked about. I do remember him asking me to sit down next to him on the couch. During an interview, I thought it was awkward to sit on Karen was perfectly comfortable sitting in the chair across from his desk
Clyde, and I also remember him sitting a little too close to me at one point, I felt a bit uncomfortable and I step to thank him for the meeting. That's when he leaned in try to kiss me an attempted to do a bit more, I didn't want to offend Man in charge of political programming, ABC News, and I try to be courteous and apologetic and practically ran out of the office. She said that she, finally in position at CNN on live- and she said she would never book helper and again as sort of her revenge on all of this. So one of the one of the things that I think is worth asking here is why this seems okay common in Hollywood and in the media at large. So I've already talked about the Hollywood values. You know the casting couch mentality. This idea that women are expected to sleep with directors and producers in order to get jobs and the reality that many women do do that in order to get jobs or do that convincing themselves that it's fine thing to do when they're really doing it in order to get jobs. That's not putting the blame on the woman, that's putting the blame on them and and saying this is a system in which women have had to work anyone have gone along with it rather than speaking up about it, which is clearly true on any objective level. One of the questions you have to ask is why,
It's happening so much in the media, and it appears to have happened to pretty much. Every woman in the media. Here is a panel from SE. Cupp over on CNN and here's, panel of women and they basically all say that they've been sexually harassed. I'm in this little room- and I put my ear and to hear him- and he says well Gun S C. I just want you to know I've been calling you seek up around the office. I thought you're an idiot what an idiot I your MIKE you're saying this over on an earpiece, and I okay, we're not even in the same location and I'm pretty sure that was just sexual harassment to sexualize a body part of mine joke about it. Where other people can hear it on the first day, and all these women told very similar stories, and these kind of things happen, a lot at media companies. I've worked with a lot of women and media companies who are in the talent side of the business
because beauty is a commodity in in tv. It just is okay, that's the way this works in media. That means that there are a lot of men who think they can get away with saying nasty things to women about their body parts are about how they look. Again. There are certain people who, like Elisha Krauss, is like a sister to me. So we make jokes with each all the time, but I would never make jokes anyone else, because we're close friends, but you gotten sexually harassed by people who are at former companies and she's, told me about this, and it's very, very common and one of the questions that you have to. It clears Kristen powers making making the same sort of claim. You know I've been harassed so many times. I can't even count- and I and I don't comparably talk about them in large part, because it's still true The most women feel- and I feel that you will pay a price for it and then When you look at the women who have come out, certainly in the media, the people who made the accusations about rock against Roger Ailes, for example- really, I think with one exception, Megyn Kelly, the rest of them. I have a to be employed again and she's correct out this
There are a few things I think are worth saying about why this and so much in the media and also where is this fuzzy space, because either there is a problem for women? Okay, if you're sexually harassed in the workplace, and you go to hr and it's a he said she situation? Unless, legally actionable. It makes it very difficult for anybody to do anything about it. Not all sexual harassment situations are legally actionable even against the company, because remember the standard leave for sexual harassment against a company or discriminatory, work environment is not an end will die sexually harassing you. It's the creation of an inch element right. It's the creation of entire busy, environment. That is harassing that's what you can see a company for if a random guy works for a company in sexually harasses you, you couldn't sue daily wire. If one person daily wire, sexually harassed, a girl, you couldn't see the entire company could report to HR and then HR would have responsibility to look into it. But in order to me legal standard for suing the company itself. You would actually to show illegally harassing environment that have been promulgated by the office. Now in the media. There's some
thing else, that's happening and it happens in religious institutions too. Very powerful institutions where people feel like they have something to lose are places where they are less likely to speak out. So I was talking with my business partner, Jeremy born yesterday, Jeremy used to work in Hollywood a lot and he took a lot of meetings in Holly when he was telling me about one hundred meeting he had with the studio head. Well, this particular studio head was talk About a particular actress with his female in the room and this studio, and apparently said about the actress. You know: I'd bleeper, wouldn't you believe, he turned to the girl. They say when you bleed, for you know if you had, if you had to believe when deeper and they still, even if you didn't, have a bleep you would you do this to her and describe the very graphic sexual act and Jeremy said to me. You know of the things in Hollywood is that this is so common that it took him by surprise, because he, like if I were in a Walmart Board room the girl's name was Juliet or something, then this wouldn't called Walmart anymore. This Juliet mark right, if the head of
if the head of Walmart had said that to Juliet some assistant, this would now be called Julia. Actually sue him for sexual harassment and she'd win and she take the entire company away. But in Hollywood it's super duper common and that's there's a lot of people are making this tradeoff decision that it is not worth speaking up because they're afraid of the career ramifications. So that means that two things have to change. One is that we actually have to fight against a culture that that women can't get jobs anymore if they accused someone of sexual harassment or sexual assault. Right definitely has to be fought an you know, the point that is being made here: Kirsten powers that a lot of women who complain about this stuff and blackballed the people think they're litigation risk. That's absolutely true, and that's why we have to have hardly it's lines with side have to sit down and decide what constitutes legitimate sexual harassment that is worthy of review. So we can tell when a woman is actually complaining for the right or when she's complaining, because she's being over in ninety in a case, it'll be the right reasons and ten percent of cases it may be because she's over sensitive, but the problem is that without
hard lines, it's very easy for people to shy away from it and just say: oh she's oversensitive, I'm not hiring her she's, a litigation risk. Why would we do that? So? The first thing that has to be done is we have some draw some hard, I just society, and the second thing that has to be done is we have to determine Phil as a society. You know we, we have to re, evaluate what is worth subjecting yourself to in order to get ahead in a particular business or a particular institution. I talk about that in just a second, but first I want to say thank you to our friends over at U S, so yes, concealed Carry association is, of course, the place that gives you everything you need to know about concealed and carry an they help, protect you against a situation in which, God forbid, you have to shoot somebody in invasion scenario, and now the police show up. What do you do and who covers the cost of the lawyers us concealed Carry association, helps you with all. Thanks right now, they're giving away a twenty seventeen concealed, Kerry and family defense guide from the? U S, concealed Carry association is one hundred percent free any you will learn how to detect attackers before they see you. Hi
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means of power tend not to be sexually exploited in the same way that men are because men's sex drives are not the same as women sex drives men with power will base themselves and to base other people for sex more commonly than women. Well, the camera offers an unnamed power. So the reason you see sexual assault covered up so off. Religious institutions is the idea that the people who are committing the sexual assault have a direct pipeline to God, and so they have a unique capacity to pass on that power to others range people feel like Well, this person is saying it. They must be more moral, they must have a special direct line to God and therefore there's nothing that I say about- and this happens a lot in religious communities. It happens in public schools because you know that a lot of small children, but when Hollywood, it happens, a lot more than anywhere else. I think it's a lot more in the media than anywhere else. I think also because of the power of the camera. So it's not just you know a lot of these women who want to appear on tv yeah. They they won't appear on tv, not because the money is so great. Because there is something magical about a camera in a mask
but in a mass cultural phenomenon is something we have to get over as a society. The camera has a certain power Are these girls gone wild wild kind of softcore pornography videos and become very, very popular, and basically all they are? Is this company goes to places like Cancun? shop with the camera and they say the girls take off your take off your shows. You bleed right in the girls will do it. My girls will do it is that such harassment by the cameraman well yeah I mean it is, but girls will do it because there's a camera there, the camera is not magical. The camera is not magical the reason in a Walmart said that he immediately be sued for sexual harassment is because there's nothing will happen in the board room. Linkedin you're selling, like you, know, baby clothes, but the presence of the camera. Possibility of the glittering fame, the possibility of Tinseltown. It's been true for a hundred years. It is it is a draw. For everyone, including women and men, use that draw in order to get some place. That's something that has to
and as the media fractures, I hope they were going to see less of this not more You know when there are a limited number of cameras available. Then people do anything we get in. Those cameras, Asmedia fractures. I hope that this will become less and less common specifically because I have a camera on your own, put it up on Youtube and never have to worry about moving through an executive office with mark bring gesturing for you to sit on his lap. We need to get over the romance with the camera and that's true for everyone, viewers and and participants alike, because again the camera's not offer some sort of magical power. Okay, I want to talk about the Clinton Trump Dossier and what exactly it means. So this has been a big story this week and my opinion is sort of been evolving over the course of the beginning of the week. I thought. Maybe this is a little bit overblown. Then more evidence came out, This is really not particularly overblown, and now I think it's not overblown, but some people are sing, a step too far in their analysis. So I'm he is intellectually honest, as I possibly can about the information that we have about this steel.
The a and the information that came out earlier this week that Hillary Clinton and her campaign had basically funded it. So here is the backdrop. The backdrop is that for nine months we've been hearing that Donald Trump is the President of the United date because he colluded with Russia and no one has been able to find what exactly collusion means right. The pieces of it should have been presented, are essentially seven. I mean the peace evidence here in favor of the quote: unquote Trump, Russia collusion theory so piece of evidence number one is that Trump said. Bizarrely, warm things about Russia piece of evidence. Number two was that Paul Manafort Trump's former campaign manager had very close ties with the russian government piece of evidence Three was that his former national security adviser Michael Flynn had some close ties with Russia today and apparently with the russian government. Fourth piece of evidence is that former Trump Foreign Policy adviser Carter page apparently had close ties with the russian government. If piece of evidence that Donald Trump Junior apparently approved of a meeting with russian connected lawyer under the auspices of being from the russian government and wanting Trump to win he's evidence.
This is that Trump fired FBI director, James Comi and then went on national television and basically said that he did it because Comi pressuring him on Russia in the final piece of evidence. It was this week that Trump's data firm, which was owned by Mercer family called the Cambridge Analytica had apparently, Julian assigned shoe is apparently according to most accounts. A russian cut out in the to gain access to Hillarys missing emails, that is all the evidence now of that evidence is final evidence of jewel collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. That's a lot of smoke, no fire for a year we've been hearing, the fire is coming and there's been no evidence of the fire. Yet now they're saying by the way that muellers dig report is supposed to break before Thanksgiving, which will be a media feeding frenzy, but if you anymore of internet there's! Nothing there so for a year we've been hearing, Trump has to be impeached. Trump is corrupt Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia. It's the end of the world Trump Russia. Ok. Now with that, as backdrop, here is what we found out this week about Hillary Clintons campaign and the Russians. So for month,
members of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton Campaign- lied he lied about whether they had funded the creation of an anti Trump Oppel file, called the steel dossier, the steel dot ca we all found out publicly about in January. That was the these the dossier that Buzzfeed released. That included all sorts of wild allegations, some of which have been confirmed about meetings between Trump officials and russian officials and some of which have yet confirmed and are frivolous at best, the stuff out from being peed on by russian prostitutes and such Well that was released by Buzzfeed early January. The only reason we found out about it was because we now know that that it was being passed around washing in a James Comey presented a two page summary of some of the charges in there to President trump himself. That's why Buzzfeed released it? Okay, so the Democrats said they had not been behind the dossier. We I found out this week that they lied and that, in fact, mark as he was. A lawyer for the Hillary Clinton campaign had basically funneled the money to fusion GPS to go compiled the dossier. The person who
the dossier under democratic auspices was Christopher. Steel, Christopher Steele is like the Steele dossier former MI six spy, he went over to Russia, and then he had talks with a bunch of people in the Kremlin, apparently need The allegation is that you passed the money that possibly, american money, was passed to the russian government in order to information about Donald Trump. The file itself according to Byron York of the Washington Examiner includes. Several sources from the Kremlin, including a senior russian foreign Ministry, figure a former top level russian intelligence officers still active inside the Kremlin and a senior russian financial official. Now, let's say that all those people Donald Trump Junior and provided information, everyone take vision, collusion, collusion, collusion, impeachment. Hillary Clinton actually did that if you cut out the middleman. What you're seeing here is the Hillary Clinton campaign paid the russian government or worked at the russian government to find apple against Donald Trump. The exact allegation that is being made against the Trump campaign. So ironic, at best, and criminal at worst, and I'm not the only one saying this Jonathan Turley,
answer over Georgetown of law. He said the allegations against Hillary Clinton, thus far more criminal than those against President Trump. It's good to have something: that's more wreckage not usable as a criminal allegation. You know the eyes no I've been very skeptical about the right past. Russian collusion claims is a criminal matter, even though I supported the appointment of the special counsel. After call me was fired. I've been cautioning and many others have that it really isn't a crime to collude, in the same sense it would be a crime to receive information on the Trump side from a foreign national, but the allegations against the Clintons could potentially be criminal doesn't mean that they are criminal, the five hundred thousand dollars even to Bill Clinton might have been innocent. The timing- it just might have been horrible, but that would be a sizable crime. If a linkage was found in the same way. The allegation of the dossier doesn't all the potential violation of federal law, the federal
Commission act requires campaigns to state Office for any money spent over about two hundred dollars to explain to. I did to a sort of it have an item description for each of those amounts. There, isn't an item, description for this law firm for the, of money that is being alleged to be given to this research. Okay, so two things. So this is a perfect case of what about in the sense that what Hillary Clinton did here was wrong. If the allegations were made about Donald Trump, would that make it right now? Would it be ok now, and this is where I think that this whole conversation seems to go off the rails a little bit. So let's say that Hillary Clinton had been elected president and we have found out that she was colluding with the russian government to gain oppo on Trump and choose president and that and then she released all that app, oh and that's why she won. Let's say all of that had happened. Would we be crying impeachment right now? You bet your ass would be crying impeachment right. Now we obviously be crying impeachment right now. So
The allegations that Democrats are making that Trump are exactly those allegations. Those have not yet been proven, there's no evidence for them, so just because Hillary did something that is apparently criminal here or at least allegedly criminal. That does not necessarily mean that nothing criminal happened on the Trump side. With that said, the allegations in the evidence against Hillary Clinton's campaign much much stronger than anything that has been proven. By the against the Trump campaign at this point. Only talk more at this hour to talk about the new one, and the impact on the Muller investigation in just a second first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Nature box. So everyone to eat better when it comes to snacks. Sometimes it feels like everything is either taste. Great Ann is one bajillion calories or it is boring and tasteless, and you can eat like this box of cardboard flakes. So that is where picture box comes in nature. Box has over one hundred snacks that taste great and are actually good for you. All snacks are made from high quality, simple ingredients, which means no artificial, colors flavors sweeteners. You can feel good about what eating so around the office Nature Box is you popular people have said, I ask them for their favor
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Well, I don't know that it exonerates trump from bad behavior if Hillary was also behaving badly right. There are allegations that the headquarter for Barry Goldwater, a bug in nineteen sixty four by LBJ that didn't necessarily get Richard Nixon off the hook for doing the same thing at the Watergate hotel. So let's talk a little bit about the actual impact on the FBI investigation. So there are two elements of the FBI: investigation that have been impacted. One is that apparently, the FBI obtained, as a on Trump associates based on allegations in the steel dossier, the allegation people on the right is that the FBI was there, for. Eating with Hillary and Russia. Basically, Hillary cleaning with Russia to come up with this dossier, and the FBI took the verified allegations in the dossier through them by Pfizer Judge and then got that as a judge to sign off on warrants to bug Carter, page Paul Manafort. Basically, that's the allegation. This seems any evidence list until the evidence actually arises, meaning that it is quite possible that the I knew about the allegations in the dossier and went independently verified them. Not everything in the dossier is false,
people are saying the dossiers complete crap, some things. Dossier are clearly complete, crap, some things I are not right there than actual five meetings between some members of the Trump team and some members of the or associated with the russian government in case. Not everything I see A is is not true, so it is quite possible. They call me you know I get I'm talking as a lawyer. So from a legal perspective, you can suspect whatever you want, but it's only what you can prove that matters from a legal perspective. There's no the James Comi took unverified allegations from the dossier in Cahoots with Hillary and then proceeded to throw them into a file. Judge that we could get warrants on these guys. A second allegation is that call for politike reasons basically continue to. Steele dossier, after the after the seal after steals, name had been released and after the Democrats, map funding the Steele dossier that he found this stuff interesting and for political reasons he wanted to, you, the funding into it. It's also possible for legal reasons, if you to continue the funding into it, because he felt that
is actual illegality taking place and you wanted to investigate it. After all, he was the head of the FBI so both of those, see the evidence for that yet and I'm someone who is deeply skeptical James, coming and thought he was absolutely wrong. Last July, when he exonerate Hillary Clinton House about he was wrong when he re opened in October, and I think he was a garbage after director, director and but that still does not prove the allegations that are being made here. Final allegations being made or at least a claim that's being made, is by the editors over at the Wall Street Journal. So they write today. The fusion which means that the FBI's role in Russia's election interference probe must now be investigated. Even as the FBI and Justice insists that Mister Millers Pro prevents them from cooperating with congressional investigators. So again, I'm not sure that a anything beyond suspicion. Unverified suspicion suggests that the FBI was not doing its job in the russian probe. Mother is a former FBI director and for years he worked closely with Mister Comi. Ok, that's been true forever, so, if you're saying the mother should accused himself on that basis, that was true from the very start. An I'm, not
why that is now coming to the fore now it says it is slur against Mister Miller's integrity to say he lacks the critical distance to conduct a probe of the bureau. He ran for a dozen years again, I'm not sure that that you know I'm not sure that that proves the point mean This is easily say that as a former FBI director, who knows where all the bodies are buried and says he could best serve country by resigning to prevent further political turmoil over that conflict of interest. So it on this- is that this seems to be jumping the gun right to just the mother, has to go because you know it's coming. If you felt that way it was true months ago. Suggesting has to go now the FBI is is being accused of things for which there's no evidence. Yet. You know that also seems to me to be jumping the gun. Best to say that the entire investigation should just be shut down on the basis that both parties did it that's at least a more honest opinion on what's happening here and again. I think that this This is going to afford. My strong hunch is that mother is not going to find anything. Then what we know is what we know and then modelers going
Ford, with a couple of things that media will blow out of proportion, but there will be no hard evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and then this will all be over. That is my strong hunch on all of this, but I wanted to give you as objective perspective on this I can, which is that there appears to be criminal activity or at least alleged criminal, very, very strong evidence of criminal activity from the Hillary camp. There is not nearly as strong evidence in the Trump camp. I don't know this is excuse shut down the special counsel investigation or to fire Muller. That's that's my basic take on that's okay, I want to talk about The I do want to talk about the now that we're going to mail back. Also, I want to talk about some policy implications. Is continuing an ongoing Republican in fighting injustice, in the first you're gonna have to, our dailywire dot com for nine hundred and ninety nine. A month you can subscribe to dailywire dot com when you do that, you get the rest of. Show live on video, you get the rest of Michael Moses show live on. Video Andrew Klavan show live on video. You can be part of my mailbag today, so I have a question and you wanted to answer next twenty minutes now is the time for you, subscribe for nine hundred and ninety nine
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in the upside down prisoner to you guessed it gang. The demo gorgon, I think, of the upside down like a flea, walking on a tight rope and then somersaulting into the other dimension. Ok, so you're a flea you're playing dean and then you cross over the demagoguing and you're upside down? Okay, so you, like that sort of thing then go over and subscribe, and that is not the funniest part of the video there's, some pretty hilarious parts of if you want to see how this ends up for me and claiming annuls head over to Youtube, subscribe to our channel an for the love of God about to get a notification when this goes live at later today or risk. Michael knows address which I got a nose in address like every video, and he just so comfortable doing every time we ask him, Michael, we dress up as a girl he's like, of course we don't even have to ask him. Sometimes it's weird just walking around the office for us is eleven. I'm not sure why that is it's a weird office. Ok, so You should also go over to I town, Itunes or Soundcloud, just wanna, listen to the rest of the show. Today we are the large,
fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation, okay, so with all the public and infighting that is still taking place. It's interesting, I'm listening to a lot of people who I really respect, people with I agree, largely on their assessment of president Trump in terms of character and It seems to me that they are missing a key point, a lot of them with regard to the Jeff Flake Fallout, there's still a lot of fallout from Jeff Flake. In his speech on the Senate floor, in which he ripped into Trump and suggested, the Republican Party had now become prisoner to Trump and Bannon, and that is, I don't think that again, I think that's an over read of the situation. There suggestion seems to be that if your crit Trump in any way that they will that everyone in the Republican Party will come after you in primary you and finish you. I don't think, that's right. I don't think that's right. I think that you can be critical of trump when he does things and I think it can be of as president. I think you can say he's doing great damage to the country as president for some of the things that he
saying and doing in terms of undermining american unity. I think it's a all. The as long as you say also that and you are on the same page when it comes to some of these agenda items that you are, I mean Jeff, Flake voted. Ninety five percent of the time with President Trump in the Senate Biden focused on that at all. He spent all this time talking about all of the size of Trump none of his time. Talking about you know the things that Trump is doing right and I think you do have to give a more objective view of trump rather than the overall see here's the thing you know we talk about the overall. I did all the time I talked about the overall aspect of trump during the twenty sixteen election what when you, when you were forced to come to a conclusion about trump you're forced to come to a, although for him or I won't vote for him. But now the question is not support trump. Or do you not support Trump, because what does that even mean in practical terms? Like? I don't even understand this idea of I don't support trump right now. Maybe don't support some of the stuff he does, but your support means nothing to him. Right, not giving him money really you're, not voting for him,
vote again on Trump going to referendum on Trump again for another three years. So what does it mean to support? Trump is why I say you can port some of the stuff. He doesn't really not support some of the stuff that he does, and that seems to me as a senator your job. It doesn't seem to me that you need to do an overall assessment of Trump as president every single day seems to me that you can say when Trump does stuff like this, it's really gross, or I think President Trump has character, flaws leading him down a really dark path here, and I wish you would do better, but this idea that got every day and you have to talk about Trump being a boob and that's the entire t of your comment- that's what's taking off the base, because the implication is that it so eminently obvious. They should have no support that everyone who supports him is adult, and that I think, is why people are offended by a flake, and that is why also, I think that you know that this this notion of the party has now been taken over by Trump to such an extent that good concert Just can't be elected ignores the fact that you can be a good conservative and still elide the Trump issue, or you don't even have to
trump issue so long as you're willing to speak did to speak objectively about what Trump is doing right when he cuts regulations. That's a good thing when you say the Trump Administration is cutting regulations. That's great. His response to Charlottesville is abominable. I think most people, in the right, though. Ok, I can live with that assessment, but they can't live with You going out there and saying that Trump is completely unfit for the office, in the sense that you will never support under any circumstances, whatever the policy ramifications, because that is where that's, where you go bridge too far right, I don't support Trump is a person, I'm not a big. And from his person, but some of the things that he's doing are good things and I support those things. So I think that that's a better assessment of the situation. Ok, meanwhile, Republicans still aren't able to pass anything again. That's not totally on President Trump. Better leadership would be helpful here, but we're going to get we're going to get people OC says that by Christmas will have a dream act. Justin Amash is complaining about the budget that just passed. The house is a major budget that continues to increase the deficit, Nancy Poulos. He says we will have a dream
by Christmas, so things are going swimmingly. I think President Trump is of a find to be supportive. He said he is. I take him at his word and that would be cause. The american people support the dreamers not because we were so persuasive, but because the american people support the dreamers, so I'm optimistic that will celebrate, hopefully Thanksgiving, but more likely Chris with the dream act passed? He said, that'll be great, will get to the end of the year and the only major legislative achievement will be the dream act, the very thing that Trump ran against pretty amazing stuff again, that's because of republican disunity, but you know as I before this unity is, is not really because of from this. This unity, pre state, pre, pre, dated Trump and Trump, is a symptom, as well as a cost okay time for some things that I like and then some things that I hate and then we'll get to the mail bag, and I want to- I actually take some time with me back today. So things
and I like so my daughter- has been very into sleeping beauty lately there is. This is sort of the second wave of good of of very solid. Disney movies. The first wave is no keel and Bambi, and the second wave is Cinderella sleeping beauty, so there there's still classics, but there's one more minor classics. One of the things that's great about sleeping beauty is it. The entire thing is basically scored the Tchaikovsky music, So even the famous song in the middle is is from Tchaikovsky's ballet and the animation. Is very stylized, so my dad really just it. I think some of it is actually pretty cool. Looking my daughter reason that frightens me is a is a big fan of maleficent so we went to we went to the Disney the Disney store yesterday and that she actually she's getting a get a dressing and even less in costume she's. Getting a big kick out of dressing up as Maleficent's. In any case I hear here is some of the preview for sleeping beauty,
with a spellbinding on this 16th birthday. She would the spindle of a spinning wheel. Slumber, you shall awake when true loves, kiss the special drink, beautiful, ok, so one of the nice things about sleeping beauty is sleeping. Is one of the last Disney movies. Really I'm going to camp in like the 50s, it's one of the last Disney movies, where the prince actually does anything anything about this like every Disney movie the prince and do ray a really since the the eighties and nineties. The prince is basically just a guy who stands there and every Caroline is every Disney princess is the is the is the heroine who saves herself by Pocahontas save the world. One saves the world in tango The F plan, writer who's more active, which is why I like tangled a lot but frozen there. Isn't it like that? Christoph, then
That would make sense. I really dislike frozen very strongly. I think frozen is terrible, but all of the modern Disney movies Little Mermaid, the most active characters are all the women like by far there that they're the female's seems to me that you can have more than one active character in the film, which again, is why, like tangled in sleeping beauty Prince Philip, actually does stuff okay it it. It turns out that there's a whole class of people who watch movies, who are young but are not appeal to buy a lot of the Disney stuff they're called boys. They exist. Okay, and I know that Disney makes movies like like cars, but they're, not boys, cars right there inanimate objects who have male voices again, princesses and then every every movie about a guy is about a car writers monsters into monster the point: does a human male ever have the capacity to save anything in these films? This is something that annoys me generally, because again the history Western civilization is replete with is, it is also replete with men saving women
civilization and the building of western civilization is largely predicated, we didn't have to protect women. So if you like chivalry, if you like the idea that a man has to protect a woman, then it seems me that you should like a movie like sleeping beauty where a man is protecting women. Okay, that it it's it's it's ridiculous to me that we can't make movies like this okay other things that I like so yesterday, President Trump did something that I thought was. It was quite good and I think, is useful He got a little sentimental over his brother and he's talking about the opioid epidemic and he was talking specifically about how alcoholism ruined his brother's life. I learned myself. I had a brother Fred Great guy best, looking guy best personality, much better than mine, but he had a problem. He had a problem with alcohol and he would tell me: don't drink don't drink. He was substantially older an I listened to him and I respect it, but he would
constantly telling me don't drink. Ok! So again, I think that you know this is good stuff from Trump, and I wish she's more of this written when he uses his voice in favor of of useful things. I think that it's great okay time for a couple of quick things that I hate so the JFK documents have now been released. Rachel Maddow, ridiculing President Trump over the JFK documents because they were not all well they're, not all release so Trump cinnamon release all of them. Then he didn't release all of them and is Rachel Maddow going out from for the press the White House. They appear to have really thought it was going to be released day right. They did the Twix. But Trump to do. His act like JFK Act on the rope line at the love field tarmac yesterday and everything, but when the clock struck midnight last night and no documents were released and then this morning rolled around and
nothing was released and then today rolled on and nothing was released. Finally, NBC News this afternoon got US intelligence officials to admit to them that the the work, didn't the document spelling out with supposed to be redacted that didn't get finished, or maybe the dog ate it, but it wasn't ready to go visit. This is a stupid criticism to me again. I think that Trump should always be more careful when he says things like I'm really solve documents and he doesn't. But this is a dumb criticism. Here's what we do know from these on these JFK documents so the documents don't show anything new, except for the fact that we now know that that Lee Harvey while the was having conversations in broken Russian with the head of the Could you please assassination unit in the monthly to the assassination so that, It's not a grave shock. It's also not clear that they were plotting. Jfk's, murder. It looks like
yeah. I was always kind of a crazy person. If you know anything that Lee Harvey Oswald, you know he tried to claim asylum in Russia. He went to Russia for several years. He tried to claim asylum in Cuba just just weeks before he shot JFK. He was a con, yes, he wasn't communist from a military member who turned communist. He married a girl from Minsk and he attempted to assassinate in American General be in Dallas before hand. And and that had failed one of the things I hate about all the JFK conspiratorial theories is the willingness to ignore. Fact that you have in that that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist was motivated by communism to kill JFK, in fact, Jackie Kennedy, famously stated after F, your friend has wild was that she was sad that JFK had to be killed by a silly little communist. Why couldn't he die for something like civil rights, so the left immediately to swerve this into a critique of America Jack is, nation lead into this leftist critique of America is a terrible place that couldn't stand. The Camelot the shining city on the hill, the JFK stood for and they
it was all of our collective american guilt killed JFK. I hate this crap. It wasn't. It was a commie and a piece of crap commie who was attempting to reach out to the russian government. It is also made him. One of the pieces of the documentation here suggests that the the russian government suspected the KGB suspected that LBJ was behind the JFK assassination, which shows a couple of things, one that they probably will not interested in assassinating JFK and then leave Wild acted on his own and number and two that when you are a when you are a member of a fascist that your perception of how the government works is largely based on your own governmental system and your own, your own perception of how governments work so because in Russia future leaders were often assassinated by prior leaders in and vice versa. They thought okay world if JFK died, is probably because there's some sort of but that's not how it works in the United States, and it just goes to show you when your men, when your mind, is corrupted by bad government. That's where you end up ok time for the mailbag, so it says hello. Then, if you're suddenly arrested what would your
in family assume you had done honestly friends and family, probably assume that I had pissed off the wrong authorities and that I was being arrested for political reasons that probably the most likely scenario Hayden says: Ben's account conservative. I see our state legislature, representatives and senators constantly passing legislation. It directly harms California. It seems the only way to combat this is to flip the state. How do we turn California into a red state? Electing Senator Shapiro would be a good start. Well, good luck on that and as far as kit, turning California into a red state. One of two things is going to happen. Either people are going to get wise to how terribly things are being run and there will be a movement toward the right, which I could see- or, alternatively, things are going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and the state will empty out and then Republicans will come back in and retake the state right. That's it. That's all a significant possibility, because it does take a little bit. Longer right is my theory of of political population movement. Is that republicans. Conservatives they move into it in a in area. They meet get awesome. They
I laws that protect property rights and don't tax everybody too much, and then Democrats come in and they decide to redistribute everything they ruin it, and so the Republicans will leave and they go someplace that slightly crappier in terms of climate, but they make it awesome anyway. And then the Democrats will follow them there and the Republicans leave. So if that's the case then, eventually, all the Republicans will leave California, which is sort of happening, and the Democrats will make it super crappy. There will be in the economy here so I'll leave and then Republicans will keep the ruins of California in fifty years and turn it right again. Since has he been? What would president Trump need to do in the next year? consider him as having a successful presidential term. I mean passing legislation to God. I have a feeling some of his some of his kind, so Promises are reforming. Immigration system would be a good start. The wall, as he said, he would repealing Obamacare, which he has not done passing tax reform, which he has not passing some religious protections which he has not done. Any of those things would be would be good, I'm not going to
they had a successful president presidency just because the economy was good under him, because the economy wasn't bad, the second term of obama- and he was not a successful president. In my view, it says. What is your opinion on treatment? So I really like Milton Friedman and I I think, that day free to choose it terrific book. I disagree with his opinions like universal basic income. I think they lead to inflation and freeze the economy in place in some ways, but I I enjoy the Friedman's work. A lot in his explanations of economics on you, too, are fun to watch as well. I did it. You say the Shapiro story is coming when, as I said earlier, it should be here by Christmas. If I'm wrong, and then you can me with a wet noodle Timothy, says Ben is the Bible in your religious studies. What books have you read that have helped solidify your solid faith in Judaism? What book have any? Would you recommend to a friend or acquaintance whose agnostic keep up the great work, so I've recommended, A lot of these books on the show, and some of them are not jewish, so
recommended things like I did for the by by this week, but in more secular terms, I think that if you read a history of western civilization that that takes into account thought it makes you more of a believer in the judeo christian tradition. At the very least, you know as far as believing these specific claims of Judaism, such as elation on on sign. I know they're there a couple of of good little little terms that I'll have to look at the titles of because there there go I will say that you know again, anytime, you say the gods bill to humans. You have to take a certainly buffets, because that's just the way things work and be a digital. One of the reasons that God created us was to was to take that leap of faith, so I don't think it's out of bounds to say they got hide himself, so we can take a leap of faith. Many hello Ben. I saw you two videos you're twelve years old playing the violin Larry King said your dream was to be the first orthodox rabbi in the Supreme Court. Is this still an aspiration of yours? no, neither half of that is actually an aspiration of mine, so
I'm not really interested in spending the time necessary to gets me how, which is what it's called. When you want to join the rabbit and sitting on the Supreme Court Well, it would be fun. I gave up on that dream, because if there's no chance ever be nominated or be confirmed for a seat on the Supreme Court Arrakis as your favorite and least favorite Halloween candies. So candies in general, I any age he's helped you have to get a kosher version of this. The comes from Israel. Kosher skills are fantastic. I, as I said before, I love sour jelly belly's. These are my favorite candies and actually there's somebody. The jelly belly factory is a fan, sent me a bunch of jelly belly. Since I thank him for that, because we've been enjoying that this repair household, the other, my favorite least favorite howling cancer. First of all, everyone knows that it candy corns garbage. Everyone knows time garbage no one in it. No one in human history has ever even candy corn above the age of seven, all the candy corn just melts it's going to cut your teeth, is disgusting, other other candies that are bad. First of all, there's
one worse than the than the horrible woman on your street who hands out apples horrible. I love apples, but if you hand out apples is candy or bad person. If you're handing out like figs and dates and what is the thirteenth century figs and dates so we're going to have to have certain object in certain users generally, one of my by the blues is fruitcakes and the idea of having the that the people have these fruit tarts and they have the the custard, and then they have the cut fruit. On top of that, why would you ruin the Custer would cut food on top that? Why would you do that? Fruit is fruit and Custer's Custer? Why would you possibly put the fruit on top of the cost and then it's all good in discussing on top of script, for it to get to the Why did you do this again? I've got me on a desert. Rant Garrett says what are some must use in the next ten years for a high school senior, who wants to be a center one day. College selection getting connected things to study. Is ok, so college selection, you have to go to a good college right, great college getting connected. I would say that you have to do a lot of things for free to be successful so
For me, I wrote a lot for very little money or for free for a long time before I became successful in this arena and you have to do a lot of those things to make connections reach out to everyone things to study. You need to read constantly. You need to constantly be updating. Your on topics. So when Russia is in the news, you need to go, and you need to look up some books on Russia and read books on Russia, as I've said before. One of the weird things about politics is that if you've read a book on a subject, this puts you in the top two percent of Americans on subject, because most people don't know anything about Russia. This true, certainly about places like a nice. Right. If you view looking nice here, no one knows anything about Niger. No one knows a thing. If you read an article- and I hear you certainly can expert on- I so reading constantly is the solution and then obviously have to cultivate your ability with human beings and something that, I've been working on for years, there's not yet conquered, as my employees can tell you a manual says: hey Ben in the twenty twelve the autopsy one of the main points is the need for things to do more outreach minority communities, particularly Latinos, to ensure the party's long term survival. How necessary do you think this is
latino conservative it seems like the republican brand is being poisoned among latino communities. Members thanks to the president, even among family members, were staunch Republicans. So here's the thing that I think is true. It is imperative that Republicans reach out to members of the latino community that reach out until he knows I've did years ago that Republicans start trying to learn Spanish. I have infamously been attempting to learn spanish for years and have failed dramatically in that task, but I do not think that the conservative message is limited to white folks now. That said, I think tempted to buy off Latinos with immigration. Reform is stupid, but let you know commute is very split on the idea that all illegal immigrants have to be legalized immediately, that all illegal should be given citizenship. I think that you can take it reasonable position on immigration and Latinos will mostly agree with you, or at least many of them will agree with you I think the Latinos you know like any other human being- and maybe size proportion because there's an ounce proportion of religious Latinos believe in things like
responsibility and have the capacity to believe in those things. So I think it's missing the stuff that I think really alienates. Latinos when President Trump, I is, is the way he talks about what he knows. Not even the policy prescriptions like he says things like his initial speech when he said Mexican, the Mexico is not sending us our best there sending us rapists and murderers. Like no, I mean that's a very small the people are crossing their certain people who are but the vast majority of illegal immigrants. I know I live in LA half. The people here are illegal immigrants. Most of them are good hard working people who are trying to make a living on yeah that doesn't justify jumping the border, but it is too that that is not what President Trump said, and you know when he says things like a mexican judge can't be trusted with his case because he's Mexican, in this sort of thing is not good outrage. Alexander says I'm twenty one currently going back to school. As an engineer, I work a full time job and go to school full time. My
and his offer to pay. My tuition might feel wrong to take it because I'm against governments, students taking government money paying for a higher education. What would you recommend I do? Well, I mean I'd only have to reject a gift. From your end, I mean, I don't think, that's the same thing is taking money from the government. I don't even think you have to reject money from the government until the system itself changes. I mean, I think there are a lot of people who are taking Pell grants and trying to come back. You know. The availability of alone of to me seems to me moral thing to take advantage. Job, I think it's immoral. Instead, if you don't pay back that loan- and I don't think the long should be offered in the first place, but those are two separate questions as far as an offering to pay your tuition if you feel wrong to take it because you feel like you should pay your own tuition good for you. If you feel guilty taking it that's you know your business. I don't use anything immoral about allowing your aunt of the the pleasure of providing for you know when you get a gift from your parents. I don't think that's the end of the world.
Says: I'm gonna be a new father summer next year. What is a good book to read to get prepared there a couple of them, but you know what Chris all do this next week and recommend a bunch of good parenting book. So, instead of trying to name off the top of my head message from, I mean actually going to do things I, like, I will do a bunch of parenting books, things that are useful for parents to read, and you can listen to the show next week for all of that. Ok, we'll be back here on Monday for lots, more fun and hijinks, I'm Ben Shapiro This is the Ben Shapiro show
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