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Ep. 408 - Islamist Terror Hits New York -- Again

2017-11-01 | 🔗
An Islamist terrorist rams a truck into innocents in New York, the media react, and more Civil War controversy breaks out. Date: 11-01-2017
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Another islamic terror attacks in New York, plus the democratic and President Trump respond And civil war controversy I mentioned here- this is the bench appear- show derivatives TAT yesterday in New York City A terrorist runs a truck into a bike path in injures. Twenty one people kills at least eight of them there. I think everyone else is, is a series of wounded, but none in danger of death, worst terror attacks in the United States. Since last month, and we had at least a mass shooting. That was not necessarily terror. Attacks is the worst terror attacks in the United States for at least several months, and there is a lot to say about it, also about what we can do to stop terror attacks. Like this. If anything and I have a bit of a more sceptical take, then I think a lot of conservative commentators you today, but first I want to say thank you, tore sponsors over at blinds, dotcom so
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Ben get twenty percent off everything. This is forward blind, cellular shades, roller shades and more blinds dot com, promo code, then rules and restrictions do apply. Make your house look a thousand times better with with a relatively in an inexpensive, upbraid vines dotcom check it out today. Ok, so when the attack itself was it was her renders here is what we know about these suspect in your terror attacks aspects: name: is I follow hobby? as this correctly, but not going to be Beulah, which say palm and he is a Muslim. He did this aim of ISIS. According to John Miller, the Nypd Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence in Counter terrorism, Cyprus in planning the attack for a number of weeks according to Miller and appeared, so followed ISIS instructions as to how to carry out such attacks as soon as a truck ran into a bunch of people had to figure that this was an islamic terror attacks. Simply because
That's been the mode of operation for has been modus operandi for ISIS. For years now they started Jerusalem. They carried over into niece friends. They did at the Berlin Christmas market they done in London, so ramming try into groups of civilians have been a nice a staple for a while. Now he said that and written note in Arabic found near the scene had both symbols in words, but the just was that the islamic state would endure forever. This, of course, not true, since the islamic state no longer really even indoors. So this is the deadliest terror attacks and Europe's citizens, nine eleven, when the guy's twenty nine and he ploughed into bicyclists and pedestrians just blocks away from world trade Center on Tuesday afternoon Harrison Video of the aftermath worth Reporter youth I gotta pee bicyclists soundly terrorist attack. I'm not sure what is needed is partners, but I live.
Just recently blurred out from the bodies here. That's why not seeing more, but it is day horrific aftermath six victims killed instantly to There's died later on the way to the hospital more than it does in trying to recover, build a blog you of course, Command said this was an act of terror needs it. Particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians into people going about their lives, had no idea what was about to hit them here. Isn't video of the suspect, actually who is lashes and played a blazing occasional, deplores you had to say about it, the very painful day in our city, horrible tragedy. On the west side, let me be clear to based on information we have this moment. This was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror. Aimed at innocent civilians aimed at people going about their lives? Who had no idea? What was about to happen is pretty
where obviously immediately that this wasn't Islam, its islamic terror attack. The note was left in the car that made reference. Ices, the guy popped out of the car, the terrorist popped out of the truck, and he was carrying, I guess, paintball gun. The idea here is that he was attempting to provoke death by copying, wanted to make the police think that he was going to shoot them, and so he was carrying around these guns. Obviously, he did not have more weapons on him, which is definitely a good thing. Are people ethnic Christophe yesterday saying well, that's because of gun control in your city. Well, no, it really isn't if you're willing to get in the car and run over people. The idea that you can't drive upstate grab some guns, drive back down state and run New York City. Shooting peoples kind of ridiculous and egg. Yours and video of the suspect yesterday towards the group of kids. That's what I saw. You about how long did it take place? How long were you watching our request for about maybe twenty
before I was just one back written just for my own people write any say they look real, but could you tell me, did you hear a mission will come out of his Gunnar? Even you can tell them. I did not hear any shot, the buyer at everybody UK, so he didn't applying in any way, because the guns themselves were not real and again, whose attempting provoked, by coppers a photo of the suspect, here's what he looked like, looks like a nice clean cut, Mormon boy. Obviously, in any case, this has obviously provoked a bunch of media firestorm and is provoked some response from the President of the United States not to talk about the response from the media and the response from the present. Of the United States and I think that we ought to be as as objective as we possibly can in looking at these responses. Objectively speaking, there is now the media is always quite awful on all of this, and I think that we ought to start their here
the headlines these saw yesterday, so the you're gonna see a couple a headlines. One is from Fox NEWS and the other is from CNN and you'll see the difference. I immediately the headline from Fox NEWS Ellie six dead, after suspect crashes, truck in more Manhattan shouts other who bar right I'll, walk bar. It means it means. Ally, is great and, and then here is the headline from see it from CNN fatalities reported after truck rams people in Manhattan, I am one of those runaway troutina there they just go off on their own. It's very with very weird how that happens, right it leaving out the whole Ella who asked bar routine. Instead, they just say that again truck went off on its own and in committed these egregious acts of terrorism. We have to be careful of our runaway truck population, because, obviously those trucks cannot be true, Did anyone and afford F one? Fifty beware: your truck made her nine you and then CNN ran this Cairo on in the middle of this. After the ala who ass our information, came out and witnesses,
suspect, was yelling? God is great in Arabic. Well know this aspect was yelling: Oahu BAR ran there. Is it Friends. Rating God is great in Arabic, is toning down a little bit exactly what our who aspire is? It is be typical kind of thing that is by terrorists as they are in the midst of terror attacks. And there are a lot of people who are obviously upset about that particular IRAN, because the idea here that God is great is the exact equivalent to allow who asked bar is is not considering that there are significant and even even in islamic community. The idea that the God that is worshipped by islamic terrorists is the same as the God that is worshipped. Intraday christian societies that that's a pretty dicey proposition at best and so soon and was getting a lot of flak over this, especially since everyone in the western world knows what our who are our means now, and they know that it means a radical islamic terrorists. We just running around killing people did the equation of the jail Christian with the God of radical islamic terror is, is quite agreed just and quite disgusting. So this prompted some thoughts
me yesterday about why it is that the media treat this particular terror attack islamic terror attacks in a different way than they treat, for example, white supremacist territory. So we saw a white supremacist terrorist attack in the in Charlottesville. What we saw guy run a truck exactly like this run, a truck into civilian in Kill a civilian Charlotte. We ve all seen a white supremacist terror attacks in in running in South Carolina in in NAM. Don't remember, the city I shall woozy. Where was it? Entails Charleston isn't trials in South Carolina, don't storm murdering a bunch of black folks or simply attending church, because they were black and the react from the media is completely completely at odds. So let's go through this for just a second imagine for a second there, white supremacist had actually driven a truck onto a bypass filled with minority innocent. Right. He went down to Harlem and who's running down. Black folks in the middle of Harlem Killer,
eight of them and imagine the white supremacist had emerged from his truck wearing a confederate flag. Teacher now imagine that the media had left leaped to the defence of people fleeing the confederate flag, explaining that only a tiny minority of people who actually fly the confederate flag. We're like the confederate flag, engage in any sort of racist violence, which is true. Imagine that all of America's political leaders, leaped to the microphones to say the same thing confederate flag does not mean terrorist confederate flags not mean white soup. Just imagine that the CNN Cnn ronicky IRAN reading not witnesses suspect, was yelling goddess great Narrabee, but witnesses suspect was carrying southern version of american flag right, which is what a lot of people Consider that the confederate flag me and let's assume they then hosted Those assuring audiences that confederate flag was not assumed of racism or it. Free it was simply a symbol of southern pride. Can you imagine,
doing any of those things, no, of course not because when a radical one, when the White Supremacist Terror tat occurs, the media's immediate response is to jump to. Let's have a national conversation about confederate flat, ready white supremacist, Their attack is obviously an offshoot. It's obviously is springing from a broader ideology that can be traced to identity, but the confederate flag. After this our little terror tat. We had a month Discussion months longer, such is still ongoing about whether remove confederate statues, as though when he doesn't want to remove confederate statues is in league with people who are running down innocence in the middle of Charlottesville. So whenever to white supremacist This we immediately wink the white supremacist with the eye algae of millions of other people have nothing to do with the ideology and with symbols. Are used by millions of other people in completely different ways. When it comes radical Islam. We don't do that at all times. Ethical Islam. Instead, we jump to something else. Right we jump to defending
Muslims from any association with Radical Islam Jake Tapir with a member. On CNN logic was was being size last night and I think it partly unfairly but partly fairly he's been criticized last night because he had said something along the lines of Oahu off by was Yeltsin's. Guy jumped out sometimes said at a celebrity, occasions, but now said it on a terrible occasion, and people are saying what would you do the same thing that confederate flag. What did you say, the confederate flag, sometimes phone and ask our stadiums, but now being used as a symbol of eight, and I think that's not an unfair, completely unfair critique and then people are taking it out of context, and they said that that that ten percent of our exports, a beautiful phrase, initially say that. But the idea that he was trying provide context for all our walk bar and people. Never in the media tried provide contacts for, for example, the confederate flag. Or for confederate statues. It demonstrates the lack of honesty in the media, and it says something deeper about the leftist point of view on American. What America is and explain that in just a second? But first I want to
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White supremacist terror attacks are more representative of America, large than they believe that orally southern Americans or conservative Americans, then they believe that radical islamic terror attacks are representative of Muslims across the world. This is factually and statistically it's just mistaken. It's not true. It's just not Europe in the fact is there. There are more people who have died in white two premises: terror attacks since nine eleven than have died in islamic terrorist acts since nine eleven, but that's leaving out nine eleven number one, and that also leaves out the calculation of politically motivated killings on the other side, meaning people from left who are committing politically motivated killings, like you saw in the attempted congressional baseball shooting. In any case, the idea that white supremacist is more closely tied to conservative ideology. Then radical Islam is tied to Islam itself is tsar in groundless and this what the left believes Raymond this. Why they ran and add two days ago. Excuse me in Virginia Guillotine: o victory fund
ran and add two days ago in Virginia showing egg and End Gillespie supporter flying confederate flag, running down minority children right. We just saw yesterday what actually is happening. What actually is happening is that a radical most, just ran down a bunch of people in New York. At the end that we saw from Democrats, and in which Gillespie supporter was running down a bunch minority children with a truck because Gillespie supporters are in league with the KKK. You because their conservative this this, we have to be very careful. Attributing terrorist ideologies to broader movements and wouldn't have to be pretty careful about that across the board in order have to be as is statistically accurate I kind of video several years ago and which I talked about. How representative is terrorist ideology of broader islamic ideology, and I used poles to sort of sauce out the idea. There are tens of millions of Muslims who believe the same things that a lot of the terrorist believed it many more Muslims is a percentage believed islamic ideology. Then conservatives believe white supremacist ideology
the media treated is precisely the opposite and that's why that also explains the media's reactions. These attacks being an immediate leap too, we have to prevent Islamophobia because remember, Bad guys in this scenario are not Muslims. Rather, Muslims are not radical, is radical. Islam is maybe the bad guys, but there are tiny off. She read there. They're just isolated incidents that alone wolves. They don't represent anything broader, but white supremacist do represent something brought her to the evil, cruel conservative White America and those are the people we constantly have to be on guard against. That's why the media are Kind jumping to prevent Islamophobia after there is an islamic terror tat. Even though No no, my serbian burn down there have been a rise in the streets, people and I'm going crazy and beating Muslims what Muslims up on the street the rate of hate crimes against particular religion. Remains far higher against used and is against Muslims. The general manner across the United States currently the FBI, but we are well
have to worry about these hate crimes. We have to worry about Islamophobia after a terrorist act, because the bad guys that we have to worry about our us, we are the bad guys. There's the media's perspective on this, which is just wrong and immoral, and the disparity between the treatment of white supremacist terror attacks and islamic terror attacks is quite telling and shows you where the media Heads are at now. Meanwhile, President Trump and a lot of the right have been immediately jumping to policy prescriptions that have to do with immigration, because it turns out this guy was a green card from us. I stand. He came in under the diversity visa programme seven years ago. Apparently, there is no real sign that he'd been radicalized. There are some conflicting reports. There are some people who are suggesting that the FBI had had to tie on him in two thousand fifteen because he had been hooking up with people who are on the terror watch list. That said when he was originally check. He did have to go through a screening programme and there are no red flags had nothing but traffic tickets. In the United States there are some red flags far as his associates, but that was lay breaking right does,
the last two years that was not in the first five years that he was in the United States. In fact, Governor Cuomo says that he was radicalized while he was in the United States. Radicalized overseas and then who sort of an infiltrate or who came in through diversity, visa programme. Here's what President Trump tweet it Ray. What president from tweeted Was this, then we must not allow ISIS to return or enter our country after to feeding them in the Middle EAST and elsewhere enough, and then he treated also along these lines in New York. City looks like another attack, by very sick and arrange person. Law enforcement is following this closely: all caps, not USA, so there we also making fun of the USA. Obviously this is try making an appeal for his immigration ban on particular muslim countries, and here is what he treated this morning. He treated this morning. I have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting programme. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this, and then he said the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity. Visa lottery programme attraction were beauty. I won't merit, based in this area,
fighting hard from air based immigration, no more democratic lottery systems. We must get much tougher and smarter, and then he was tweeting at fox and friends. Center shuts you helping to import Europe's problems and Colonel Tony Schaefer, we'll stop this craziness sell them many after the terrorist act, trumpets live tweeting, foxen friends. Now it's the sentiment here that I want to talk about for just a second, so I want to be both intellectually honest and I've been factually honest about all of this. A couple things have to be pointed out. First of all, I am against the diversities a program. I think that everyone he's a programme is stupid. I am, I agree with President Trump than a mere based system on immigration is the best system and the only system we should be using. We have the capacity as a citizen rate, to pick the people who we want to join our citizenry. You do not have a right to emigrate to the United States just because you are from it was back. A stand are just because you are from any other country on planet earth that we had to pick and choose the people come into the country that said There's some people on the left, who are saying and chuck humours among them, saying in Trump immediately jumping,
what size. This is bad faith here, instruction we're saying exactly that after September, eleventh the first The President Bush did was invite Senator Clinton and me to the White House where he pledged to do what was ever in his power to help our city President Bush in a moment of national tragedy under the meaning of his high office and sought to bring our country together. President Trump, where is your leadership, the contrast between President Bush's actions after nine eleven and President transit, actions this morning could not be starker again. Mr President, President Trump Where is your leadership? I'd say in closing always believed that image
nation is good for America. I believe today, President Trump, instead later sizing and dividing America, which always seems to do at times of national tragedy should be bringing us together get mugged, started there. Ok, Chuck humor is a giant hypocrite, obviously, because he's politicized every tragedy that he'd get his grubby meets on over and over and over again right, he he's continue to politicize tragedy repeatedly ever time. There's a mass shooting, for example, humor is the first to them. I accept a month ago after the LAS Vegas rampage said as much as we may hope to. We cannot manage evil from the Earth Congress, Canada, the President can't do that or Congress can do. A Congress must do is pass laws to keep our citizens safe, and that starts with guns, especially laws that help prevent guns, especially the most dangerous guns, from falling into
the wrong hands. Pelosi did the same thing. Hillary Clinton chimed in with regard to the end. I re it. It was a bunch people on the right who scalded the left as our planet points out over it, hot air for leaping to have big palace. Fixes. I was one of those people, and I said this is not the time to talk about this. For a couple of reasons. One I dont think did the aftermath of tragedy is the best time is up. Policy, the reason being that passions are high and passions, don't necessarily make for the best policy number to LAS Vegas was actually situation? We didn't know a gun and ideas, we do know how he obtained the gun. We know his motivations, where we didn't know what fixes would actually have stopped. This thing in this particular case, we knew right away right within twenty four hours. You know who the guy is. We know why he did it. We know how we got my country and we know how he obtained is weapon, which is a trap great. We know all of those things so easier to Elisa Policy discussions on that basis, but I still think that it is bad policy. Its bad policy forget that these sort of optics of it, I think it is bad policy
to talk about immigration reform in the aftermath of this thing, because it actually not factually supportable. The reason I say this is because when you create a policy mix and again, I agree with trumps policies right. I agree that from is correct and that ever visa program, I've been in favour of a mere based programme for years. Go watch an interview that european culture two years ago before tromp was even running for office, in which I specifically talk about being the visa lottery programme and all this stuff with it, I told we agree that the idea that we have to have an affirmative action programme for particular countries, is quite foolish, but if you Ending the diversity lottery programme would have stopped this guy from getting in the country. Extreme betting were to stop this guy from getting in the country. That is not certain at all, especially because this happen in two thousand ten, and if you can't blame structure for it that doesn't work either, because, as part of the a bill. The trucks humour was trying to push in two thousand thirteen. It would have gotten rid of their diversity visa programme what is it? What is it would have gotten rid, so Chuck humor is a giant hypocrite, but that
doesn't necessarily mean that the policy of its being proposed by President Trumpets Effects is actually can I talk a little bit more about that again. I agree with terms policy, but I think that we should be careful when we propose a policy that it actually fixes the thing that we say that is going to fix right. The reason that you don't want that adversity visa programme is not because we think that it's going to lessen the risk in any tremendous way of terrorists like this one, because the fact is this guy could come from France to come through Britain rubbing their Muslims who come through each of those countries. The real issue here is the cultural, neither cultural melting pot and whether people should come into the country at all from there are countries if they dont imbibe american culture at the left has a particular idea about immigration. They should have a right to emigrate disorder. The base, for all of these judicial decisions against the travel ban. I think that's nonsense, but does not have much to do at this time. Attack. Not really no one explain that in just a second first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Indo China. So
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Gee crisis began in Europe, so in two thousand ten re known was talking about refugees from the Middle EAST because that wasn't a major issue. Yet is, furthermore, these refugees aren't coming from Uzbekistan, a cunt, in Central Asia, but mainly from Syria and North Africa, mainly Libya right trumpets, proposes travel ban on a set of country that does not include he's back. A stand is better stand, does have a terror problem, but extreme vetting, probably wouldn't stop this guy and he's Becker Stand is not untruths, travel ban list which would suggest that if you actually wants to stop the importation of people who are potential terrorists or who do not job with american culture then we ought to have more broad based travel restrictions, more broad, based immigration restrictions, but again you'll. What traumas propose? Here, it sort of like one Democrats proposed those miss all weapons ban after an assault weapon is not used as a so called. The salt weapon is not used at a map shooting where they did. They ban some sort of unrelated policy rather than a ban. Certain magazine sizes that have nothing to do with the efficacy of mass shooting. If you're going to say they are
was, he solves. The problem it ought to solve the problem and, as Morris points out, the lottery programme still requires the normal. These application process from suspended visa and foreign refugee applications are made countries earlier this year, but whose was not on the list and there's no evidence that Cyprus radicalizing Rebecca and then waited seven years and decided to conduct a truck attack. That's not the m oldest deeper agent but more of a recently radicalized impulse attacker and then our Schiller. Again. I want to be objective as possible, bring out as many facts as possible here. The lottery system in question was part of emigration to ninety ninety signed by George H, W Bush. Ninety ninety twenty years, the foresight entered the? U S that wasn't introduced by by truck tumor, introduced by TAT Kennedy. Who is really to blame for all of this? Sure didn't join the Senate until ninety ninety nine against bipartisan moving. Ninety ninety to create this diversities, a lottery programme. In fact the diversities it'll these lottery programme was a region we designed to make it easier for european,
friends to get in, because the diversities that diversity peace, a lottery programme was designed to allow countries have tons of immigration right. It had handwriting fifty thousand immigrants a year or sixty thousand immigrants ear to the United States to add. But who are emigrating that was designed for place like France Place like ITALY, I wasn't really designed for whose Becker stand and finally, in a statistically speaking, that ever City visa programme and myths about fifty thousand people a year to the United States has almost thirty years, which means that more than a million visas over that period of time have been issued and Cyprus appears to be. The only person whose entered through diversity. Visa lottery programme has committed a terror act. So the idea that this, problem was caused by the diversity. These a lottery seems to me wrong. That's I am against an adversary, abuse the lottery, and this is why I think it is important to have these policy discussions, not in the aftermath of terrorist attacks on everybody's jazzed up because then we devolve into this particular political about a one sided.
We need to get rid of diversities, a lottery in order to save american lives, and the other side says this: wouldn't you say american lives in the first I'd, say: sides as you don't care enough about saving american lives and then the second sites as well. You don't care enough about immigrants. That seems to me the same reverse of what we join gun, control aftermath, shooting people on the right say: that's not good policy in its, I can help. And left as you don't care enough about people who are shot? I don't like this argument on either side. Again, there is a strong case for the fifth time, there's a strong case that everything from his is saying about immigration is true in general, I sense, but suggesting that this would solve the terrorist problem. I think setting up an expectation that is not accurate, the sort of Fortress America mentality with regard to with regard to protecting the United States. There is some truth to it, but I don't think there's a complete truth to it and again, when you type radicalization or people who are already in the United States, seems to me that the best way that you can actually fight this is my crushing ices
overseas and destroying the the motivation for people to become terrorists. So I think this is really the biggest problem were constantly looking for ending the means. Roman. Looking for stopping bad people from becoming bad people. We're looking for ending the means, I'm not sure that that is necessarily going to to work, so wouldn't kill us many terrorists as possible over there, and we should do that. We should prevent many terrorists as possible for men for entering the country this. Why should have a daring programming and a lot of these visa programs? You don't just on a cultural level, but what's really going to stop terrorist the reason terrorist committee so tat people think they do it out of despair. I deserve lefty trope that the reason that terrorist commit terrorist attacks is out of despair. I dont think the terrorist commit terrorist attacks out of despair having terrorist commit terrorist attacks. Out of hope, they think they're going to win. They think they're gonna go to Heaven. They think they're side is going to be forwarded by these committed them committing these atrocities. Apparently this human, The debris was in the hospital last night bragging about what he done and talking about how wonderful all of it was
I didn t know how is it was just great cause, you disgusting, human being well, the wood, the reason that you didn't have this level of terror attack in before ices rise, because there is no hope nice was going to win crushing ices overseas, demonstrating that the might of islamic terrorism doesnt when you battles it gets you kill. That seems to me the best waited to defeat this particular scored. Now. Is that going to end all terrorist acts? Knowest second nl terror attacks and we should be taking defensive measures the obvious ones is, I don't know I don't have that they should have bike paths that are basically restricted by these cement mediums right. Israel has that has had it for a long time. It prevents these trucks from driving into areas where people are running. That seems to me, like a relatively smart thing to do. You can put it on sidewalks as well. I know their parts in New York City like Times Square, actually has these there. That seems to me like that something that might be worthwhile. But again,
I just want to recommend that we look at this in the cold light of day. If we're going to make a decision about the diversities lottery programme, it should be on the back of this terrorist attack, which again in isolated incidents. Specifically with regard to that programme, we should look at and say: is this good policy or is it bad policy? I think it's bad policy. I think it should go. I have a little talk about extreme betting. Is that good pals you're bad policy, its good policy? I think that we should do it. I can agree with all of terms policies without suggesting that this terrorist act, the leverage point those policies, Trump can win the battle on the merits without getting into the nasty business of trying to suggest that a particular terror tat could have been prevented by this specific policy fix, which I really don't think is accurate. Ok, ornament continue and talk about. This are also going to do some things I like and some things I hate and some Bible talk, but first you're gonna have to go over to daily wired comment subscribe for nine. Ninety nine a month you can subscribe to daily wired outcome. This will allow you to watch the rest of our show on video live. Allow you to watch the rest of the Michael Knolls shall live the light
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in the United States now with all that, That's why I think it's a mistake to use this terror attacks, leverage point for immigration I think it is also important to note that, because Trump does talk about things like culture, because he does talk about things like immigration generally, this is why he's popular in the Democrats are falling into a trap if they decide to fight on this. The Democrats think that they're gonna win the battle every time there is a mass shooting in they talk about gun control. They think they want a public relations. Vow Trump thinks he's gonna win. Immigration bow on this score. He's probably right on a political level is not stupid. What Europe is doing. I think that what, from his going at a political level is actually we now politically advantageous for him and for his agenda? I just don't like it is general matter
but that's not the same thing is saying that what he's doing stupid, I dont think that stupid, I know Trump is, is, is sort of reference level got response to all of this stuff, and I think that that is- and I think that's why he's popular right these popular, because people feel like it's only political. It's only political correctness that prevents people from speaking about the cultural problems inherent in all of this way. There's there's some unites that you conversations we have had today the conversation about radical Islam and its relationship to normal Islam and the and the conversation about immigration, and that, as these are topics that people are afraid to talk about, because they are afraid that they are going to be undercut by the general media atmosphere, and this is why Trump one where there is a point yesterday that from from Cato Institute, have whole basically showed- is that a huge percentage of Americans hate political correctness and find it to be stifling. In fact, I think it's seventy one point
of Americans say that they hate political correctness and feel that they can actually speak out on issues of serious concern. They did that that same percentage of people basically feel like they have to silence themselves on all of this, and I think that that exactly is. That is the reason why trump one the reason why Trump one there is my trumpets, gonna continually popular, is because, instead of the left, responding as I have and saying, listen you're the policy prescriptions. They are talking about the debate about that, but I dont think that this is either the time or the matter upon which, due to use that rhetoric, which is what I said about the uncontrolled instead, they decided. So we can never discuss this. The only reason you discuss this is because there is Lama phobic. The only reason you discuss this is because you hate Muslims Kay. The response to that is what drove Trump that Cato Institute poll shows in living collar. Why trump one seventy one percent of Americans according to the poor, believe that political, correct
has done more to silence important discussions. Our society needs to have that's. Why Trump explicitly reference political correctness in his series of tweets. Only twenty eight percent of Americans think political correctness has better society, and that shows why the left is losing seventy percent of Americans Republicans rather say that they are more likely to keep their views to themselves. Fifty eight percent of independent say the same thing they feel silenced Trump gives them voice, so even went from using his voice in ways that I don't particularly think are appropriate. He still doing something the left refuses to do, because the left doesn't see any time when we should have this discussion. I am happy to have a gun control. Discussion. Anytime left wants to accept right after a national tragedy when their exploiting that for political gain. I think we should have those discussions, but what I really objectives set. I said during the gun, control debate them saying it now. I dont, like the association between tragedian policy. I think it makes our policy right. I think the Department of Homeland Security, which is a bad policy decision, was formed in the aftermath of nine eleven and has done very little to keep the country safer. I think that if we had one less aid,
and say one must department. We would just be. It had been part of the Department of Defense, for example, we have been just to save, there's a lot of bad policy decisions that are made on the basis of emotional response to bad things happening. I just don't like that is general matter, but Trump is willing to talk about these things and is constantly willing to talk about these things, and it's the less willingness to shut down the debate that is driving support for President Trump Right did. This is this is why I think that this pole is sort of telling ok time for some good things. Like some things, I hate them will do a little bit of Bible talks of things that I like today, so we ve been doing baby books books. You should read as it is: a young parents there's a there's, a good book, a brain rules for baby by it. I M John Medina how to raise a smart and happy child from zero to five and Germany to talk about sort of all of the topic state that you are that you would think you need to know about like. Should you allow your kid to watch tv, how you handle temper tantrums? This is its deeds. How to teach them impulse
control the best of the best predictors of academic performance. Now all of these things are in the book. It's really good way of looking at how to parent your child and highly recommended again the book, his brain rules for baby by John Medina well worth reading. Ok, other things that I, like so Bernie Sanders shockingly said something that I, like extra. So a lot of people over the last couple of days have been spending in an awful lot of time and effort, particularly in the media. Talking about russian collusion right, it's the conclusion. We have to talk about whether trumpets colluding with Russia. Bernie Sanders has a better handle on what Americans want to hear about than most of the Democratic Party, which is why averting action
runs in twenty twenty. He will present a serious threat to both the Democratic Party and to President Trump in his re election effort. I'm serious about that. Burma is a crazy old man. Is a luneburg loves, putting all that's true, but Bernie Sanders has better handle on what the american people care about, and most and mainstream media look. How upset set Myers is asking Bernie Sanders about the Russia stuff in hand in hand. Haven't burning basically, should it down a militant, we ve got to work in two ways: number one we have got to take on trumps attacks against the environment, against women, against Latinos, in blacks and people, the gay community. We ve gotta fight back every day on those issues, but equally important or more input. We have got the focus on the bread and butter issues that mean so much to ordinary Americans. Americans are not staying up everyday, worrying about Russians, Russia's interference and our elections. There wondering how they can be able to send their kids the college their worried about how they got baby
to pay the rent their worrying about whether they can afford healthcare. They worried about whether their income they make is enough to put food on the table. Ok, so in. I think that this is at the beginning of any thing, of course, is stupid, but the very end when he says that people aren't that concern about Russia he's correct about this, and this is why he is more likely to to resonate with more american than the Democratic Party which is constantly focused on Russia, mostly because as they are focused on mostly because they want to justify why Hillary Clinton could possibly have lost the selection and other things that I like this just breaking now, and I think this is pretty spectacular. Trump is trying to create a name for the tax cut acts that he's trying to pass. This is a scoop you ready, for. This is amazing. Trump wants in the taxpayer. Did you not be cut cut cut act, that's really what he wants to call the cut cut, cut act. Apparently house he'll leaders disagree now! Listen! I think that the cut cut cut act
I mean frankly, sounds more like a brisk militants. Monica circumcision ceremony than it does like an attack. Skype thing by somebody was suggesting the tax cutting cut, face, act, misreading thousands and, having that's pretty oh Jack, you're missing from as a better idea for branding than the than there are bubble. In party, I'm in they'll call it something like the revitalize the economy, in a great way. Accurate, then it'll be some sort of crazy acronym that will end up being you know, revitalize, but every one of those letters will have its own will have its own word, it'll, be the revitalize the economy in virulent and I'm not going through the end I would have revitalized landlord Vanessa. They would use a sort of like the cut cut, cut act. Although I do think it does sound like a rabbit director trying desperately to prevent a scene from going off the rails. The cut cut, cut, Axa well done, President Trump, ok time for some things that I hate
Georgia is a little bit yesterday, apparently John Kelly's erases. The left has had enough of John Kelly. The reason I ve had enough of John Kelly's because John Kelly actually came out and defended president Trump they're fine with Kelly when he just looked very exercised and disappointed, and President Trump Charlottesville bite When he's actually other defending trumps agenda, then the very angry colleague so Kelly's had a couple of things. In an interview with Lord Ingram that were controversial first, he said that the civil war was fought because there is a lack of compromise and he said that there are a lot of people on the southern side who were honourable people and Second, he said some things about China. Now. What amazing to me is that the stuff we set about China for me is way worse than the stuff. You said about civil war we set about China is that China,
seems to be a regime that represents what people want, which is just insane amidst a communist regime that represses in oppresses its people, but the thing that the left arm sign that what the greens, without they left like China, so instead the left jumped on the civil war stuff. So now you ve got CNN Chris Cuomo, basically saying that Kelly ignored and rationalize bigotry by saying that the civil war wasn't about slavery. Kelly is a risk did die, how he leads men and women, how he is organised his attention to duty. That's all true. I've checked at ten ways from Sunday it's true, but giving him credit for a political larger lading ethos is, is false. That's always been false. The idea that he would control the president's political and to play towards them vision was always an empty promise, and this is the proof: listen what he sang and listen where we ve heard it before you ve, heard it come out of the president's Mouth Kelly
we will not be long. Both your eyes, crisis of conscience, think about the monuments in a different way. Maybe than these people want to take him down its bigotry being ignored. And rationalize and Kelly is not gonna, make it better he's making it the same or worse, The attacks on Kelly, of course, are now growing in size and scope, because they democrats no and immediate, noted that Kelly's and effective spokesperson for sort of trumpets and philosophy, it is insane to suggest that Kelly is a racist, because he said the lack of ability to compromise leather civil war, first of all union sandwich side right that it was the old South refusal to compromise that led to the civil war. There are multiple attempts to compromise. There is the Missouri compromise. There is an attempt to that. There is the fugitives lay back there. Are there a bunch of attempts to compromise on the part of Congress, all of which would be compromise with the incredible evil of slavery? And I will say that in historical context, I think that is important to note that there is this. The sort of binary view that has now prevailed
among people of today, because we almost slavery, is evil. Other sort of binary view that that says that anyone who wanted to try and compromise with the South monitor uphold slavery. That's not true! There are a lot of people who wanted to try and create compromise with the south, hoping that slavery it would eventually die out. The real reason this civil war happened is because the United States was extent. The western. There are serious concerns about whether slavery was expand into the western states the civil in the end turned out to be about abolishing slavery. South amazing Dixon line as well, but originally remember this. War was not about abolishing slavery in South Carolina. It really about abolishing slavery in places like Kansas in Nebraska right it did. The on ground was fighting wars out in Kansas and to try and stop slavery from from entering Kansas I think there is little more complexity, this civil war than than boiling it down to simply pro slavery, anti slavery, although
Is he a good shorthand? I don't think that's the entirety of of their up the matters to discuss in the civil war zones states, rights, verses, national prerogatives was definitely on the table and pretend that wasn't nothin tables to be ignorant. Even if the states rights were being used and offensive something evil like slavery, ok time for a little bit of Bible talks in cities, ones day so absorbed in picking and choosing from the biblical can and to talk about, issues of the universe and the the Adam and Eve Story damage the cane enable story. So I thought this is perfectly appropriate for Halloween, so believe it or not. The king naval stories about cultural appropriation, yes
so believe it or not. The king naval story is about cultural appropriation. Yes, really it's about cultural appropriations. Why is that? If you look back in the Bible, what happens in the case of naval story is about Kane enable decide they are going to commit sacrifices to God, rightly want to sacrifice a god, and so able chooses from the fact of his flock and cane chooses from just AEGIS, chooses some battles and dozens age has the best ones. He's a farmer, and so he just chose whatever was what he was sort of left over. Any sacrifices got accepts, able sacrifice, but it doesn't except Kane Sacrifice now, Kane has a choice, came. Can you there look at that and say what Can I learned from able what did able to write that I did wrong. How do I fix this or he can get angry? That able sacrifice was accepted in his was not he can justify himself. The God is unfair that the universe is unfair
and it can anger him so much that he ends of killing able, because how dear able hold a different standard. The reason this cultural appropriation is because the whole idea behind most cultural appropriation is not about marking the culture that your attempting to appropriate is about. Looking at the cool things that other cultures do, this is a good thing I want you imitated. Imitation is how society gets better. Tell your child learns whenever three or the way that you're, three or old your two euro learns is my imitating your behavior. That's what you have to model good behaviour. We as adults should be doing the same thing, and so the idea, the culture. Preparation is a great evil, because I like in your girl and you like hearings, anything they're, cool and pretty and see where them and is, sort of insult no load you, rather than did the prison hate who bearings cause they're beautiful, but they can't have them. It's really stupidity. So the idea of a proper. Doing good things that other people do that, how civilizations get better! That's how civilizations girl? What destroys civilizations is the refusal to acknowledge that somebody did something in a way that was better than your way,
and instead to get angry at you. Attempt to destroy that way, and- and that's really can enable story- is about us about how willing costumes, not narrow but but kind of case movie backer tomorrow with much much more and will bring you. The latest updates on this horrific terror, tat in New York city- I mention here. This is the bunch of Russia
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