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Ep. 418 - How Prevalent Is Sexual Harassment?

2017-11-15 | 🔗
From Congress to Huffington Post, sexual harassment is everywhere; the bottom falls out for Roy Moore; and Jeff Sessions heads to the Hill. Date: 11-15-2017
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From Congress to Huffington pose sexual harassment is everywhere. The bottom falls out for Roy more or does it really an Jeff sessions heads to the hill, I'm bench here. This is the venture bureau show that this is a jam pact, chauffeur today we are going to give you a very latest annoy more that is heating up, because it now appears that a lot of his media supporters, moving away from the run more isn't going anywhere. Any is not sinking in the polls. Latest Paul has run more up. Forty nine forty three serves the real possibility that I about whom credible allegations of sexual molestation have been made, will end up being elected to the United States Senate, which of course puts the Republican Party in a very interesting position, will discuss all of that has only just sessions on the hill. Should there be a special council for Henry ships. He did when, when, after some folks on the right for dogma uranium, once I wanted to let you know what strewn what's false about uranium one we'll get you all of those things, but first we say thank you to our sponsors over it. He liked. So I'm on the road
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Ten million dollars in sexual harassment claims that your taxpayer dollars and mine paying off women for guys who can't keep their their grubby hands off. So here's what Jackie Spire had to say now we ve- we do know that there's of about fifteen in dollars. That has been paid out by the house on behalf of harassed in the last ten to fifteen years. Fifteen million dollars has been paid out, over sexual harassment claim so obviously more than one member of Congress. You know how many overtime that is. I know that some of my former members now I dont really now. Ok, it's a lot of money it's a series of antimony, if we're all gonna, go nuts over Bill Reilly alleged thirty, two million dollars element on sexual harassment. Fifty million bucks is a lot of money. This is why Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, is now come out and said that we need to have mandatory harassment. Training in Congress, personal, I'm shocked, didn't have mandatory harassment training before like pretty much every
major company that I've worked yet has had to have some sort of a form of hr training, including a watch on sexual harassment tape. I wonder you dumb tape from the eighties, where they show you that you're not gonna, grab woman's but which you should have known since you're, not a jerk, but in any case Paul Ryan comes out. He says we need men. toy harassment, training it is. Today's hearing was another important step in our efforts to combat sexual harassment and intrusive workplace. I want especially thank my colleagues who shared their stories going for the house will adopt a policy and its Oriente harassment and anti discrimination. Training for all members and staff goal is not only to raise awareness, but also make abundantly clear that harassment in any form has no place in this institution. So I'm not a general found other anti harassment training. I don't think that harassers stop harassing because because of this, harasser stop harassing when they feel their consequences. Markel been suggested that Speaker Ryan and said in a Senator Mitchell Carnal she stepped down from their positions. Have they been covering up sexual harassment, or I think that's a little that much
but why do you think that they should be coming forward with names and naming and shaming sexual harassers? If the allegations are credible seems to me the best of going about alleviating this particular problem, rather than paying my money in yours from our wallets so that some sexually predatory Congress person can get his rocks off is not just in Congress it visit. This is one of the worst cups. Increasing Congress by the way is, is that the amount drunken lechery? That happens in Congress is really quite astonishing. It's been true for pretty much centuries at this point also, the followed in Hollywood continues and more sexual harassment in Hollywood. So John Stewart comes only says, I was just stun stunned, about the revelations about Lucy Carriers, needy estimable, jauntily. What stung I think you know you give your friends the benefit of the doubt. To think of it. In terms of you know, I've had friends who have compulsion dumping gambling or drinking or drugs. We blossom and some of them died in
we find ourselves back to a moment of. Did I miss something? Could have done more are the thing and in this situation we are good We all cut of his way of saying I couldn't of you could have. The answer is yes, John Store. You probably couldn't considering the your ass, the specific question in two thousand sixteen and try from answering it, meanwhile certain harassers in Hollywood, who are continuing to get away with it, George decay. As you recall, he made a statement on how? stern, showing which he openly admitted to grabbing men by their penises men, who were skittish to encourage them in their in their proclivities. and here was Here- was his original ADI. I wanna play that then I want to show you what he said in his statement and people are running off the hook. This river gravity, one by the against their will. now they were different, resolving you never sexually harassed and a boner have you,
oh, my god such abuse here, it's it's Some people that are kind of skittish. Or maybe I am afraid I knew trying to persuade? But you know, do we need to call the police mania, yes, you need to call the police, who was George Decay statement that came out on Monday quote many have concern over a back and forth between Howard, Stern myself will rejoice about me, touching men during my star Trek days. Fifty years ago, first, I didn't sound like that, was your star. Trek days sounds like it's pretty, consisting question out of context. I agree that the joke was you stay, I'm very sorry. He and I made fun out of a serious matter for decades. I've played the part of it audio grandpa when I visit Howard's Joel caricature now regret. But I want to be clear: I've never forced myself upon someone during a date times. My deeds were the initiators. Sometimes I was it was always by mutual consent. I see now that it has come across poorly the awkward sketch. That is
scotch. Ok, you're, the audio yourself, but George decay will get away with it. He he like he like Heaven. Spacey is choosing to live as a gay man, yes I'll get away with it. Meanwhile, there's a story from the having imposed that sexual harassment was already on a routine basis over at having to impose this from gives MOTO what they say is Oriana having history, with a form of managing editor whose transfer to launch have posed. India was later revealed to be the result of an age our investigation into whether he had sexually harassed. Multiple young women in New York Office shows that Huffington wasn. really concerned with sexual harassment. The office is Mono region we visited those allegations that not only independently confirm that the investigation was indeed the reason for that managing Andrews transfer, but at having to know that his actions before they are reported to HR. According to a former employee Aaron translated the woman who wrote this peaceful, Melanie Erin crash by turning a blind eye. She bore ultimate responsibility for any issues that arose under her leadership. According to the report having to ensure the
They show that in Jimmy Sony, who's the managing editor of the website and it was commonality around the newsroom end and having to know about it that he was actually harassing the help vice. There's that there's a story about vice today being hit with serious allegations of sexual harassment, so this to say: sexual harassment apparently is out of control, and the question is: why are we just noticing this now there you theories as to why we are just noticing this now fearing number one is the David from there. It is the optimistic theory of human nature, which is Everyone's been sexually they're asking for decades, and only now do we care, because we're better than they were a decade ago. I wouldn't care about letting a decade ago we care about built right now. That's because we're better now and then there's theory number two during number two is that bad men have always sexually harassed women, but did the people only care about now, particularly on the left, because they're trying to get Donald Trump enjoy more. I think that this is the correct hearing. I dont think that left really cares very much about sexual harassment. I think the left has been covering up their their land
care about sexual harassment for years they use a changing sexual standard to basically allow them to let people off the hook. There were let off the hook and you put on the hook. They want to put on the right now. They want to put right more and Donald Trump on the hook and therefore they're gonna pretend to take action, her out, and sexual harassment super seriously when its Anthony Wiener or Bill Clinton, then into completely different The reason that I say this is because there is a peace in vocs dot com from an Ex scribble colonist named Matt Iglesias. Here about a two thousand word, I say about why Bill Clinton should have resigned from off to nineteen. Now I checked my calendar this morning. It turns out is not ninety. Ninety eight two thousand seventeenth is nineteen years later. The party Iglesias admit that at the time you wanted Clinton stays that he was glad to see Clinton prevail and regarded the holes sordid manner, as primarily the fault of congressional republicans. Excessive scandal mongering, but he admits. I think we got it wrong.
What we should have talked about was meant abusing their social and economic power over younger and less powerful limited doesn't talk about one year. Roderick has no more carefully Willie. He talk specifically by Monica Lewinsky. Then here's what he says quote Susan. It was far the most egregious case, I'm workplace sexual misconduct in american history. was unusually high profile the fats we're not in dispute the purpose, a lot of nominal feminist ideological commitment and political leaders who share those Had the power to force him from office had arisen, in shame. We all might have made a collective cultural and political decision that person. Leveraging power over women in ways ought to be fired. Instead, we lost nearly two decades. Yes, yes, we do. So where are your bobbin and does Matt while turns out that he doesn't want Bobby Mendez to step down? And if he had this choice now he really wouldn't one click to step down anyway. He's as the reason and clicking should have stepped down, is because he abused power relationships. Is my favorite part of his
the large glaciers Republicans shouldn't have bothered going after Billiton for perjury. Instead, they should have used them this line. The monocle Wednesday was cudgeled into her affair. They should have sent the Clinton seduction of whisky was called morally bankrupt in contributing meaningful way to serious social problem, the disadvantages millions of women throughout their lives. Now in the work of course, there are ninety ninety eight. I recall that at the time the left was suggesting them. I've always gives a slot who was proposition in bill, not a victimized innocent pressure by most powerful man on earth. If right had suggested that she was an innocent proposition by those powerful man on earth, and this was sexual harassment. The left with the bet accused the right of depriving monocle Wednesday of her agency and being sexist was a beautiful thing about being hard. What you can always find an excuse to attack the people you want to attack and the proof of the pudding, because Glazier says the real reason that Clinton Sherman Ninety nine years, Al Gore was vice president. Nothing would have changed me says. In any case now it's worth while dumping bill over, but I wouldn't while last year is now
Hilary is out of electoral politics in his emerges- bigger dry, more important political force than her husband, there is no excuse for Democrats not to look back on these events of more objectivity. you wonder what you wonder. Why so many Republicans our backing? Why more is because they're, using precisely the mirror negative of this, the daily Polaroid negative of this particular argument, Glaciers is basically saying the Bob inundation stepped down, because the current governor is Chris Christie. If you wait a few months, any steps down than the governor will be you Democrat, and then everything will be great. He says the bill Clinton should have stepped down, because Al Gore was the vice president, so in other words, isn't really care about sexual harassment, or at least he cares about sexual harassment? Up to the point, it means political sacrifice, then he shies away Many wonders why people in Alabama our backing Roy more, why there are so many Republicans hoboland back, why more? Even thinking meant that these allegations are correct, or at least a or these credit, I want to talk a little bit more about this, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at my patriot supply. So, if you're trying to
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show the world. What gentlemen we are, which is fine and solid question there are. There are basically three ways: the disk angle from here. Ok and two of those ways don't involves depriving yourself of this Is it away? Number one is: is the worst that is more stays on the ballot and split votes and dug Jones ends up in the Senate. That is, that is politically speaking for the Republicans the worse, because a man, fifty one votes in the Senate is very difficult for them to pass legislation with fifty two, let alone fifty want. It means that we support asking John Mccain or Susan Collins, you, John Mccain two centres can basically stymie the rest of the republican agenda for the next couple of years. The very least that's a possibility, and so shying away from our possibilities that leads to other possibilities. One is right in campaign. The problem with the writing campaigners the moors he's not going refugees now Jennifer Holiday, Inn in in dream. Girls right he's telling you he's not going he's just not going to he's gonna cling on there with his fingernails. He will not leave.
These repeating this any looking at the polls and say why should I leave em raising more money than I ever had? He reads like twitter. Fifty thousand dollars yesterday, which is of a sad commentary on the nature of our reactionary politics, the Royal raising way more money in the aftermath of child sex allegations. Then he was before that people hit the media just how much anything its political hit just how much so that he stays in these put devout Doug Jones wins possibility. Number two is that there is a right in candidacy for just Jeff. Just actions sessions be thus taking ninety six percent of unless our centre right, you put Luther strange in the right, and it's going to help both strange in the right in and it's going to be. That can be a serious problem, because Luther Strange can, even when a primary against Roy, more other, been people suggesting the richer bert The current senator of Alabama should step down and then run for the open seat as writing candidate, and then his seat will come up with for special watch. It
that's possibility to, in other words, using some sort of machination to prevent more from being a lot about me. The best, but the most plausible solution Those plausible outcome here is that more actually gets a lot more stays in more won the election, and then Republicans in Congress have a have to decide after make a decision are going to see him or are they not the case for feeding him? Is the people of album have spoken? They heard the allegations that interest them, not our problem, The case for not giving him is credible allegations of channels station I'm in the camp. It says that, if he's a, what did you should not eat him? The reason I say this is me like the founders, I'm not a Democrat, I'm a republican means with small Dinsmore. Are I'm not somebody who believes that the will of the people in its purest form must always be done? I think that the exercise of independent judgement by legislators is important, which live in character is important and legislators. I'm a believer that the electoral colleges created specifically to a dictatorship. I'm a believer that that the institutions of our government were created with the knowledge that there should be people
who, every once in a while, have to do the right thing, even in spite of their constituents, this to me seems in particular case that aspect because in the matter glaziers math, the governor Valid, is a publican who'll than a pointer republican to fill the seat, at least until the nice especial election. So It's interesting to see where everybody is coming down on all of this and is also interesting to see just how how much dirty tricks are being used in Alabama. Not just talking about. in dirty tricks against Roy more credible allegation is a credible allegation, but by people who are so presumably with more so, we don't know who sent this fake robocop, but there is a fake robot. There's going around Alabama, and this Robocop was from a guy who characterized himself as Lenny Lenny Bernstein from the Washington Post, offering money to people to make False allegations against Roy more the suspicion is, of course, that this is someone is associate with the right more campaign and that this is somebody who's attempting to convince people that all the allegations are false. The Washington Post, baby
beloved. Here's. What sounded like. I love these jewish name. For a really nice dog was all their Harry Harry at the audio I thought I was going to find out at any one enters address now between the ages of fifty four fifty seven years old, what guarantees can more or award of between five thousand seven thousand dollars to people in Basque. How will it make a written report? by email, Albert wash your elbows in Washington Post, I got. The purpose of this, of course, is not actually getting. formation, Elbert Washington, Post outcome, apparently doesn't exist. The purpose is to it The robot calls to make people think that this is what the Washington Post is doing, really really grow stuff, very, very unpleasant stuff. So that's happening so as all of this happens, even the conservatives and media
Down into two groups- Sean Hannity, whose obviously signalling from the White House last night on his programme Sean talks regularly with president from their very close. Apparently they speak nearly every night. and I and Sean basically later What is more, he said was in you have twenty four hours to figure out later, we Bucky's allegations or if you get out of the race between this interview that I did in the inconsistent answers between him saying I never knew this girl and then that year, but comes out for me judge- has twenty four hours. You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation. for your inconsistencies that I just showed you to remove any doubt. If you can't do this, judge more needs to get out of this race in case it I was. Ultimatum from the White House. Trump of courses remained utterly immovable Andy and silent on this issue, which is amazing, it's amazing, is Trump, is the person who could help solve all of this have trouble jumped and with both beans and warnings to get out and then all of a sudden. The polls show that more base was complete,
eroding. Then you might actually get a writing candidacy, though it be worthwhile cause. Running candidacies are tough, but trumpeting. Out of this raises a real problem from his continue to maintain silence. I hope he doesn't say I think from should know better than that, such as Canada, Tucker I'll send. Who I didn't want you show or Leah this week's. I don't know if he is inclined to to doubt the allegations, but whatever here he was generally as we now Tucker says that more who's been hiding behind Christianity's, but hiding behind a state saying I now they're out to get me just like Jesus candidate Carson says, that's nonsense or more has every right to protest. His innocence, and maybe he is innocent, is not allowed to do, is dragging God into all of tat. God is not accused of trolling for teenagers in shopping malls. This is not about Christianity, it's about really more and it discredits Christian Kennedy when Christians allow more to use his faith as a shield, its offensive to real believers- and this, of course, is exactly correct. Good four hundred thousand
it looks like the bottom is falling out a little bit for four Roy, or accept in his home state. So he does have some media defenders. No rush. Limber was suggesting on his show, a search and destroy more research industry mission against Roy more is really Mitch Mcdonald's. Doing it's really damage Mcconnell that that all these people are jumping on board because they hate Roy, more listen. I had not said they should not vote for any more. I was very uncomfortable with Roy or criticise were more, but I had not openly stay. I think I said that if our in Alabama wooden vote for him- but I also said very similar to what, before any these Nations came out very similar to what I said about Donald Trump, which, as I saw as early understand voting for Roy more to prevent a Democrat from taking the sea. But after these allegations, the idea that this is really about Mcconnell anymore. That's all people of bad faith or seeking to take down Roy more it doesn't really hold the rushes trying to rush was trying to push that yesterday And it has been very front about the objective he has a nasty get Mitch Mcconnell, I'm the Senate, and so I don't think I even
even if all we had was one allegation against judge more this Gonna, be it for judge more. Because this is this- is now being used. The send a message to what a man his group that you just you'd, you think you're gonna get rid of me well You're. Looking what's gonna happen every time you try. Ok, that's that's not really trousseau bit ban and wants to make it about that ban in one to make it about. It's me versus Mcconnell, but it really is not about him verses Mcconnell at all. At this point, is just about the truth or falsity of the allegations abandoned by the way continues to stick by more. The reason it continues to stick by more is because stable themselves. Moors leg is more one, but one primaries and then tried to claim credit that he was used. The chicken and stable day he was the dog that a staple themselves, the chickens led to cross the road and then claim credit for giving the chicken arrived. That's not actually what happened in this particular case by dates, a seductive way
does moving attention off of the actual allegations and toward the politics of the situation. Ok, so before I go any further and talk about people in Alabama horrid continuing to support Roy more including more brooks over the representative from Alabama first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over the US easier. So if you're gonna, can you say with one hundred percent confidence that your family, your home, are safe? One of your forced to pull the trigger? Do you know? What can happen when the police arrive? Well, if you need to know these answers and probably do, then you need the answers from the? U S easier: complete concealed, carry and family defence guide eurobonds, MR chance to get yours completely free. Unless you go where to defend my family, now, dot com right now and register in that died, you'll find out how to detect attackers before they see the safest, most dangerous places sit in a restaurant outer responsibly own and store gun, particularly if you have small child their only offering this my letters for a few days. If you want your free copy, you need to go right now and sign up defend my family now dot com, believing it your bonus homes, events checklist. They can take a look at defend. My family now dad come right now, get that free book
or it's gonna free audio book as well. So you finish the job. You still have a ride home, and now you need to I know you, yes, on the illicit use against defend my family. Now tat come from our good friends over at the? U S concealed, carry association, ok, so it is not just rush. Who is whose basically trying to cast a simple ethical terms, more Brooks thought made. What I thought was maybe most intellectually honest argument here. He basically said: listen, it doesn't really matter what why more has done or not done, she's, not a Jones, and for abortion I believe democratical do great damage to our country. I believe the Democrats will do damage for contract a myriad of issues and he's sprinting away from their borders. Obviously not questions that Millbrook would like too, would like to answer your bad candidates who refuse to get out there. The Remo.
refusing to get out because he believes you can win in the polls show that he can win, and this demonstrates why the voters need to stop thinking in binary terms in terms of personnel, binary terms and in moral terms, are good binary terms in terms of personality are not good, so it's not a binary choice between Steve Ban, an image. What kind of binary choice between Roy more? and indulgence, especially not now, if you would, through support from Roy more, you can eat we get a writing candidate and you can fix this problem. In a much more in a much more is, but people don't want me, by immoral choice. Instead, they swivel to binary personality choices. Do I do I like that? Jones, or do I like growing, more joy like see, bandinage or like much maligned There's only one minor choice here. Do you think it is important enough not to have an alleged minister sitting in the Senate do not vote for him and vote for someone else, and I'm not I'm not voting for De Jones in time of voting for a right in candidate orgy hate the media so much any Spectre media so much. I think the whole thing's reg
you're willing to take the risk that you're putting somebody in the Senate who is an utter piece of of human debris. So these are questions that I think we ought to ask ourselves in all honesty. Well, that's not even close to the all the news that we have to get you to know we're going to get you just sessions on the hill in just a moment, but for that you're gonna have to over Unsubscribe, daily weren't icon. Ninety nine a month means that you can get a subscription to daily, and I can see the rest of our show on video alive, see the rest Michael knows, shall live on videos you, the recipe and reclaim ensure live on video later when you download the shaken do without ads and also when you get the annual subscription. You can get the our greatest in all beverage vessels. It was so precious to me, then I could even bring it on the plane with me. I couldn't even I couldn't even brain on a plane because I didn't want to risk losing its tat precious to me by the leftist years, hot or cold tumblr is very high We are all across the country and get that free, nine nine dollar subscription. Plus you get all the other benefits as well. If you're gonna listen later governed Could you please subscribed to channel? We have all sorts of great videos that come out over there. You can also go over it.
Itunes or sound cloud and download the show their by subscribing leanness review. We always We show that we are the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting. The nation is so meanwhile just session On the whole, the attorney general was on the hell yesterday to answer questions about of right, the issues ranging from leaks inside the Trump administration, some possibility of setting up a special council for Hillary Clinton. Now I want to start this discussion about the special council for Hillary Clinton by discussing what is up in special council before so. There are two separate questions that are really come out in the car, next of why we, we might need a special council and really is more, why we need an investigation, not necessarily special council. So those are two separate questions too. So number one question: do we need a special council number two question for what so as to the second question? First, what is therefore what why wouldn't need special council? So why would you need investigations? The reason the union investigation into Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton, hired fusion GPS, Russian connected firm
or to dig up to and Donald Trump, and then it appears that that that material was used as the basis for a Pfizer request from the FBI. Other questions is whether the F B, I actually continue to pay for this dossier, some of which has been discredited, and so the question is really whether Hillary Clinton did anything illegal, been using a russian connected source in order to promote our promote ahead on Donald Trump, we don't know the answers to that. I think there's some unfilled gaps in that suspicion. I think that we have to figure out that Hilary number one knew that she was getting information directly from the russian government that you pay the russian government. For that information. There is some exchange that actually took place or didn't take place, some sort of favour that was being done. We have to find out what the story is there not a story number, story. Number two is the uranium ones can also. The left has been going crazy. Why are we even talking about uranium one? to learn the people who spend some time, cortical debunking moraines
One scandal yesterday was chaps match up. Psmith of courses is a left, leaning host on Fox NEWS and he spent a significant amount of time on his show yesterday debunking what he thought was the foolishness of looking at the uranium one scandal to begin with. There was his description uranium. One is the name of a South Africa based mining Company back in two thousand seven, it merge with Eurasia Energy based in Canada and in twenty ten, the mining arm of the Russian Nuclear Agency Rasa Tom bought controlling interest in the company, among other places that mining, company had operations in Wyoming that amounted to the nuclear regulatory commissions or the end our sea said, was at the time about twenty percent of uranium production capacity in the U S today in our sea says it's about ten percent. Now,
here's, the accusation, nine people involved in the deal made donations to the Clinton Foundation totalling more than a hundred forty million dollars in exchange Secretary of State Clinton, approve the sale to the Russians. A quid pro quo, ok and then shepherds method gone to Egypt That's right, shepherds methods may well should approve this elder, the Russians who was approved by a bunch of agencies and wasn't a hundred forty billion dollars and wonder people who was accused of giving all this money to Hillary Clinton had left rather Tom by the time this happen. All of this is true, but it's not whole story. Somebody tell you the whole story of what exactly happened with uranium. One, there's not going to me this wanting to have two sources like bullet. In fact, and in your time, so here is what we know is infringing extra. Ok, French extra was a close conference of the Clinton's he owned company that you hurt chaps, mention. There called Eurasia was sold. Uranium wanted two thousand seven justice, as he divested is personal stake in the company that time
but he shareholders on sixty percent of the company and there's no way to confirm the truth of his claim in two thousand ten Ross Tom try to by fifty one percent of the company. This rose to the level of the government, because this look like a scary problem, not because they're gonna ship all of uranium from the United States, Russia and make nukes, but because it actually deprived knighted state of a strategic nuclear asset that was required for our military because we had a uranium shortage in two thousand. thirteen Russia bought the entirety of uranium, one with the approval of the committee on Foreign, I spent in United States see if I u S, as well as the US nuclear regulatory commissions in Utah agencies, the State Department had to sign off because the state pirate was part of this year. U S? Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with green, letting this she didn't, stop it from going through. So again the accusation that justify had divested himself at this point, so all of his donations to declare foundation had nothing to do with with uranium on and in reality it was just about four million dollars that was donated to the Clinton Foundation from people associated with your
one. This is a little simplistic. So here is the full story. This courtesy of the New York Times into two thousand fifteen peace. They report the uranium one it's acquisition. Actually sort of began in two thousand five, when just are still on the company quote with Mr Clinton at his side. According to the times, the two men had flown aboard, MR just private jet to Amity cows extend or they joined with the authoritarian president, nor Sultan Nazarbayev. Mr Clinton handed the kazakh President Propaganda Colony Express support, from his arms bid to have an international election monitoring group undercutting american foreign policy and criticism of calves, extends poor human rights record by, among others, his wife was then a senator within days of the visit. Stars. Fledgling company Eurasia Energy signed a preliminary deal, giving it Dixon three uranium mines. Control by the state run. Uranium agency has item prom you're Eurasia, which is just as company owns a bunch of assets in cows. Extend this by the way is one of the reasons the Russians wanted to buy the company this this? U S based company they wanted by the company because they just want the holding
in the United States they really will more one of the holdings in cows extent, Eurasia, into the aid that this company and two thousand seven merged with uranium one at that point now is when just for us as it he divested himself, but the new company was robot Eurasia investors, including I mean Intel for a Canadian who became chairman just from about forty five million bucks off the deal and an he sold his stake, but he given money who claims that in itself is, is an element of corruption? Although Hitler is not yet secretary of state uranium. One is all according to the New York Times right, not going to me you're anymore, began to snap, but he's with the assets in the United States in April. Two thousand seven about Urania those in Utah it binding. Why homing it by in Texas and then the times published an article showing be two thousand five from linked to the the Kazakh stand mind your between the cliff and the end your anyone and just raw just four had Johnny did thirty one point: three million dollars to two Clinton's foundation: ok and isn't in the Clinton's we're still involved after just raw dropped out to the idea here from ships methods.
people on the left is ones just four was gone when you writing about here is the answer. Mr tell her right: who's, the new head of uranium, one gave undisclosed donations of somewhere between one point: three million in five point: six million dollars in contributions. There reported from a constellation of people with eyes, uranium, one or Eurasia without those assets, the Russians would have had no interest in the deal. The Kazi gas, as there are no interest in the deals, and it wasn't just that wasn't just that. Apparently early on in the Obama administration, it looked like uranium and was not gonna be able to get what they needed from cassock standards. They went to the Clinton's insane. Can you help Whether Hilary had anything to do with it or not. State department intervene amid this lots of uranium one connected money. England was invited to speak Moscow in June, two thousand ten, the same month, Rostov struck it still for a majority stake in anymore. It was his single highest fee is of half a million dollar fee for builtin paid by Renaissance Capital, investment Bank with ties to the Kremlin they. So it is not at all clear that Hilary had nothing to do with it.
It is not at all clear. The uranium one was completely clean and I think that the most the most stretched allegation is the idea that uranium one- I was Greenland by Hillary Clinton personally, but the idea the day intervene in today's ninety thousand ten, then state farm intervened a little bit to help with cassock issues for uranium, that's not out of bounds. It's weird that the entire Obama administration would sign off on all this, knowing they Urania donations we're going to the Clinton Foundation. All of this is worth investigations that answer number one. Yes, this worthy sagacious, no, its not quite clear cut his ship Psmith wanted to make it ok question number two: does this deserve a special council? So this is a different question. Special council suggested the people who are in charge of investigating, namely just sessions he's not capable of doing a full investigation. Remember Those are people that we hire right. Jeff sessions, a guy we already paid into these investigation. The reason we have a special counsel now is because of Donald Trump Jeff sessions originally refuse himself because he testified wrongly that he had never met with anybody from Russia. This, of course, was not true entire accuse himself in the rush investigation, but then
Can the total was not. The special council is run Rosen steam. The reason roses. Seen refuse himself and appointed a special council is because Trump try to use, run rose and seen as rationale for firing. James call me that Force Rosen's, essential points The council's are now you're saying that on the hell are you stuff sessions is incapable of investigating arrows. He? Why he's down the Hilary stuff that Rosans Dean is a bold investigating. I dont really see why I'm not sure why special council is necessary, as opposed to a normal d. J investigation. Just such as has just been bandied about by both sides in Congress. The Democrats are bashing sessions about by suggesting he's dishonest. Then he lied about his russian ties. I find that very hard to believe then the people on the right are bashing him about, for not appointing a special council is Donald Trump, obviously wants to cortical lock her up. My
some of these are largely just sessions here so start with just sessions talking to TED Lou, the the egregiously down California, Congressperson he's is currently running against the guy that I have endorsed in in his rights and TED Lou when after sessions and said that he was basically a liar about Russia. Can recessions response yesterday to help our repeated Mister chairman, but I hope that colleagues will know in our ball of you know that my answer to that question I did not meet with the Russians was explicitly responding to the shocking suggestion that I, as a circuit, was meeting on a continuing basis with russian officials, and the application was the impact. The campaign in some sort of nefarious way, and all I did was made in my office with the ambassador, which we didn't discuss. Anything like that. So I just stop one side
I appreciate the Congress and right- I guess he concise free speech- gave a suit here. So I start my response is basically there session saying you know if I could see you, I would, but there is eighty parliamentary immunity every one of the four Congress sessions. Then it was asked by try Gouty and engines and M Jim Jordan from Ohio. Why he was not setting up what is actually council again. I dont think sessions is doing the wrong thing here. I think that, just because Eric Holder politicized their patent of justice and use it as a political weapon on behalf of broccoli, just ass. He called himself Obama's wingman and than one out did like it doesn't mean that the GEO J can afford to have returning general be uses a baton by the administration. sessions is saying something true here here he was asked. Why he's not setting up a special council for Hilary Harris's answer? Well, John, is no longer the directive. They appear again. We have an excellent man of integrity and ability and Chris right and I think, he's going through an outstanding
John and I am very happy to be able to enjoy our desire. I'm are not asking for a time, and a gentleman, I would say, looks like is not enough bases to appoint a special counts. Ok, and that is the problem. Legal standard. Just sessions is just doing his job. It is an enormous amount of crap for it, but sessions on this particular issue, while a Democrat everything him for being unfair sessions. on who basically appointed a special council, investigated the twenties external action, and it was sessions who right I was saying: listen, I need a legal standard in our for me meet legal standard. Otherwise its Alex In doing his job in session said yesterday that they are in full investigation mode against twenty seven separate leaks outside of the Trump administration does what he had to say on that. We are about to open investigations. classified leaks in the last three years. We have twenty seven investigations opened today Dan to get to the bottom of these lakes out. Thank it reached has reached epidemic proportions.
cannot be allowed to continue and we will do our best efforts to ensure that it does not continue and is one of the things that people don't get about. The Trump administration is a bunch of Democrats we're going around central could be impeached Bob Corker. Today we should remove the ability for trying to launch nuclear weapons outside of what from says and the fact that no major legislation has been passed when Trump leaves his department heads alone. What they do is within not only within the normal bounds of of political conduct is typically quite got. Just sessions has been fine, as these are in general all the crap you tend to take in order to do. That is, I think, a foolish mistake on the part of of people on the right and the left, ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like this week. I ve been encouraged
bye, bye, Andrew Clayton and by Michael Knolls. The Ex group Michaelmas, sorry is, as actual woman cradle to read this book poetic diction by Owen BAR field. It is a supremely pretentious book, but it does have a lot of interesting things to say about what it is that makes Poetry, reach us and how human language has changed over time. It really how human understanding of the world has changed over time and has signed dangerously enriched. Are they the variety of language? Well undercutting the innate richness of word so that the sort of idea, the sort of these is buying poetic, diction, isn't along some time ago. When you look at words like rule off in the Bible. Reel off means means both wind in spirit, and so we have towards the Nairobi of wine and spirits. When you read old, ancient books- and you read the word rocket- has a difference.
That's right a different sense of richness to it, then neither we nor Spear really does justice to because includes both the reason for that is Barville these, because people perceived more mean we associate with the physical world, then they necessarily received. We associate with the physical world today, and so we ve been more specific with our language, but that also that speed That specificity means that when we read the word wins now, it doesnt have impact is when we read older poetry, when you read Homer, it feels replete with certain meaning, the modern poetry just can't maginnis, because the language itself of the time was richer in content. If not a variety of that sort of the basic idea is its bits in interesting book. I think that it has some really good insights about how languages used in how the use of it evolves, overtime, ok time for some things that I ate Alright, something that I hate number one said Joe Biden obviously wants run for president again, I will be.
To see if there is any widespread media investigation of allegations that have been made by former secret service agents that he mistreated female secret service agents? Those have been there's been alleged in a couple of places that I've seen all these. again, I believe should be should be hunted down and research to the fullest extent, but by an obviously wants run for president again he's making the rounds. You think he would have one last time. There's a pull out today. That shows that bind would be. Donald Trump of the election were held at eight forty six to thirty four something along those lines in aid in a sort of normal democratic versus trump election. It would be somewhat forty, eight thirty four in any case by and is making the rules and he was ass, pacifically about the shooting in taxes that recent church shooting in taxes, and he was asked. Why would you want to remove the gun from the hands of the guy? Who stopped the church should a right? That is, the Stephen will offer there? They are a former gun instructor hero who shot the bad guy, and here was binds response, which is truly insane.
Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried you shouldn't be carried sought weapons are, I wrote the first Why series current control law, the river written, was law for ten years, and about Lord or sought weapons out long weapons with magazines a whole lot of bullets and sheep. A whole lot of people a lot more quickly. Number one number two is just rational to say: certain people shouldn't have guns. Now the fact that some people guns are legally able to acquire a gun and they turn to be crazy. After the fact. That's that's life, there's nothing you can do about that can save a lot of lives and we start tens of thousands of far from getting guns. You shouldn't have guns my including presumably the guy who shot the bad guys out there Nobody knows lessen our guns than virtual. Anyone else is a guy who said that you should shoot through the front door of your house have started with a shotgun where she got on your balcony asian. You should blow a couple.
And it s just the ease ridiculous. But do you wonder why people think that the democratic known grabbers it because it s a useful that the question that the four without, though, that preceded this answer was specifically about whether the shooter of the bad guy I've had a gun and that with Biden, specific answer, pretty amazing and other things that I hate to Shannon Sharp who has become a frequent contributor to things I hate. I appreciate his presence: IRAN Fox ports, one he says, he's praising calling cabinets. A common cabinet was named the geek you person of the year a citizen of the year, which makes perfect sense. You didn't vote, I he doesn't speak publicly. I know much to say when he wore socks that had cops depicted as pigs.
Obviously, that is the citizen of the year by chairmanships, as the capital will go down in history as a mythical civil rights figure. Maybe comic opera Nick we'll never get the respect that he deserved. Would he be it, but I believe we must all said and done in history of written thirty. Forty years from now, calling cabinet will be looked upon, some of these mythical figure of the doktor king, the Mohammed, at least in the rose apart. First of all, to compare uncommon cabinet to Martin Luther king is utterly abjectly insane. Martin Luther king, not only provided digital inspired millions of people losing uniting message to compare him there. The parts is also insane Rosa parts helped organise with the end of LGBT legal Protect, for ending legalise segregation in United States. Nothing like that. Amerika Mohammed Ali, however, is a little different, comparing them Mohammed Ali actually is is
not too far off, because if you go back and look what Muhammad Ali was saying during the sixties and early seventies, a lot- it was quite extreme- a lot of was quite anti american rewriting of Mohammed Ali Histories- how is it possible that thirty years from now the level of rewritten calling cabinet into some sort of gentlemen hero is only a possibility, but thou just demonstrated history can be rewritten in a myriad of false ways. Ok, so I was gonna. Do some Bible talked this week, but actually did some Bible top last some extra babble talking in last week's mailbags? If you want Bible, talk, go back and listen to that, but we have to break so that I can get on plain and come back home and you may show from the studio tomorrow thanks again to the folks over Fox NEWS for limited use. The studio really appreciate it, and we will see you tomorrow and then Shapiro. This adventure Arusha
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