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Ep. 421 - WARNING: Category 5 Tweetstorm

2017-11-20 | 🔗
Trump goes off on Twitter, ANOTHER Al Franken accuser comes forward, and Charles Manson finally bites the dust. 
Date: 11-20-2017
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It's a Monday, which means even more sexual harassment, scandals plus president want Trump enters upon a category five tweet storm analytical federalist papers. To mention here the zebra. The bureau shall its thanks We remain it. We're almost there guys we're almost at the end of the year. Thanksgiving is coming up, of course, on thursday- and I know we're doing a video here about things that I am thankful for. Yes, I, your humble hosting, actually thankful for some things. Unbelievably enough, I will tell you about that oh later this week, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over a texture, so particular in this day and age magazines are actually vital. Reading. If you were looking at the new Yorker this this last couple weeks have the new Yorker they expose. The Harvey wines in scandals run in ferris terrific work over there. That did that vanity. Fair, has been doing some very good reporting and there's some very good reporting in the in the recent past from the Atlantic. All these magazines, our very
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the material you want to read, texture, dotcom, slash when you get it free trial and then, if you continue, you get thirty percent off. There was to price nine. Ninety nine a month for two hundred magazines, just pretty amazing, plus the back issues really great stuff. Ok, so we'll begin with the with some breaking news, this from the New York Times so from the New York Times enough. suspended famed reporter Glenn Thrush over, allegations of sexual harassment. So what makes this sort of interesting is that Russia is one of these guys has been virtually signalling about sexual harassment for quite a while. He posted a facebook. No just a couple of weeks ago, blasting political journal, a journalist, Mark Halprin, over allegations of sexual misconduct against young female journalists, you stated quote young people who can into a newsroom deserve to be taught our trade, given our support. Listed in our calling not betray a little men who believe they are bigger than the russian. Only one problem. It turns out that the married thrush apparently has bad habit of
slosh with younger female journalists and then coming onto them in one instance, at twenty something young. The poor results set by such an alleged incident that she told her friend who texted with Russia Reports quote three young women. I interviewed, including the young woman who met russian June, described me a range of similar experiences from unwanted groping and kissing to what cases, out of nowhere to hazy sexual encounters the played out under the influence of alcohol. Each woman describe feeling differently about experiences, scared violated ashamed wheeled out, I was, and am angry details of their story suggest a pattern of blue and their twenties their relatively early in their careers compared to thrash who's, the kind of thing and journalists would be good to know and November with alcohol he made advances afterward. They, as I do that the columnist here is actual people, thrush came onto thought it best to stand the terms, a thrush, whatever their feelings. So there is a lot of this going around in Hollywood in journalism in power, its work, something bad happens and women don't say anything because they're afraid it's gonna ruin their career, they're afraid there is. Then we blow back from inside the IMF, women and that's not a
irrelevant fear. It happened to a lot of women. In Hollywood. It happened to a lot of women. Journalism, the woman in the story, the writer, this parliament law again just five years ago, thrush quote slid into my side of the booth blocking me, and I was wearing a score, and he put his hand on my tie. He started kissing me I put myself together and got out of their shoving him on my way out, apparently thrushes until the entire newsroom them again had come. Unto him not the other around again told her seniors and political. Who apparently did nothing.
Russia. Now says he doesn't drink any more and that he is called done things. I am ashamed of actions. I have brought great hurt to my friends and family. I am working hard to repair the damage that I've done. The New York Times is suspended thrush pending an investigation, their bunch of things that need to be asked here that it then I think, worthwhile asking that the first question that's worth while asking is the entire journalistic community? That's coming down on politicians in Hollywood, how many of them are guilty of the same sort of conduct? It now seems to sort of conduct is common across the board, particularly in high profile industries. I am not sure that it's happening as much in sort of typical business in typical business areas, because you can switch businesses relatively quickly, but if you're in a specialised industry like a journalism or Hollywood, where
matters. Then I feel like the rates of this are much higher, which creates the sense of hypocrisy. All these people claimed we feminist, foregoing out there and sexually harassing or abusing the people who are who are trying to make their way in the world. How Brenda's is the first one, obviously from political and now you Siegel and Russia, who was working over political now at the New York Times pretty astonishing stuff. The other thing that happens is you see some of these accounts and it's hard to put your finger on a where exactly? Can you say the sin has now taken place, the reason being that it seems like a bit of a moving target on thrushes situation. There bunch of stories in this box in this box, peace in which thrush would get drunk with female colleague and then he would go in for a kiss or kiss her, and then she would get a technological is that full on sexual assault? Is that like AL grabbing woman's breasts, while she sleeping? Is that the equivalent of Roy more going after a fourteen year. Old like there seem to be good, nations here that everybody is ignoring in the in the rush to
throw everyone out now, I'm okay with throwing everyone out so long as we have a consistent standards apply to one of the ways that you could tell that Glenn Thrush was a creep and then you can tell if these stories are correct. One of the ways that the old serve traditionalist morality that we could easily say Glenn thrushes, creepers, Glenn thrush is married and Glenn thrushes trying to make out with women, not his wife right daddy. The hard line in nineteen, forty, five the marriage I tried to make out with a woman who is not his wife. Would, although that guy's growth, but now thinks it sexual revolution, or supposed to assume the desk. Thirdly, fine, unless you doesn't consent, but consent is a murky area in the sense that sometimes Did there there's one case where the woman says she went back to her hotel with Glenn Thrush. There are both drunk. She was partially unclothed, she's action, go any further and he laughed and then she says I don't feel like. I was sexually exploited or abused, but their shoes and the story anyway, so that a situate of sexual abuse and exploitation is the powers dynamic. That makes a bad, because we are told that nineteen I needed
there's nothing to the power dynamic stuff when Bill Clinton wish doping a secretary. So what exactly is the thing that makes it bad so it used to be. There are some pretty bright lines to what made things bad. The brightest line, of course, was don't have sex. Until your married right down the brightest line, it was now some people didn't allowed people to keep that line. But I'll tell you what they did. Keep was getting married after the pregnant, so these fascinating sort of historical statistics, even colonial era, America, I think, of a similar one. Third of all, baby born in colonial era, America, or born before nine months to marry couple, meaning that somebody got knocked up then they got married, but because marriage was the standard is meant to We at least had some area where, if you walk past this line, we know that you just did something wrong with some objective. You re, Finally, it doesn't rely on this objective sense of what the people involved are saying now, they're certain cases clearly downright clearly. Rape does not involve a great, nay grey. area right. There's, no grey area with regard to rape, certainly in our guy Walker. neurons ramming his tongue down your throat, that's obviously sexual assault, and that does not
apply a grey area, but weren't you, people are drunken, they start making out and then the girl. says. No and the guy walked away. This is where you get into dicey territory: particularly entitled mine cases on campus, where a guy in a girl get drunk, I ve been told us, be a sexually libidinous as they want to be, and then they go to bed together and then Three days later, the girl says that she was sexually exploited erect. We need are some objective measures does not say RO wasn't sexually exploited right. Maybe she was, but we need some sort of objective measures that we as a society can take a look at and say this is really bad. Later. In this case, more things, it makes a relatively easy that we are still using. We all want to admit to ourselves, but we are still using the old concepts made in our sexually in our sexually per society, we like to pretend that we're not using old concept here, but the fact is of Glenn thrust a single man who are the same age as the women. He was drinking with he being treated very differently than a fifty year old guy who's going after twentysomethings, while his mare
we're still using traditional sexual concepts. Even when you don't want to admit it. That's one of the things that so funny about so much of of leftist perspective on these sorts of issues is that they attempt to break with traditional concepts of sexual moors. They try to say that those things are hackneyed and stupid we need to leave those behind intransigent MIKE Pence, a crazy man for not wanting to dine alone when with women, not his white. How could he it's it's terrible, unlawful and yet As soon as somebody does something like this, we immediately revert back to traditional, sexual moors, they're using my standards right. This is more my stand. Right, look, England, Russian! I say this is grows. How dare he that's my scandal? Ok, I mean famous until I was twenty four years old for as the virgin Ben RUB exists to advocate publicly and still your virginity, until marriage they're holding by my standard now left is now holding by my standard tat. A man should not such a woman unless they are almost there Essentially, then, imagine such a woman unless he has explicit permission from the woman that drunken revelries there go wrong by our bad thing. Never left comes out it from,
the from the angle of radical subjectivity- and this is where we get into dicey territory, because when I say radicals activity. I mean that the situation me exactly the same way as in exactly the same, and if the woman perceives it differently than the man and its reasonable for but either way we have to take the woman's word for her perception as dangerous territory, because what is the man supposed to expect? So what we decided to do instead is become puritanical about sex from the left right this way, you have no means no rules in places like California, on campus, we're basically supposed to assign checklist before every aspect of sex. every single. Can I touch her arm now? Can I touch your leg now, you're supposed actually ask before every single one of these things, which has never happened in the histories, acts the left. It, though, because the left refused to dry and clear lines now. to fall back on drawing new lines that are both unclear and over restrictive now does not set of England's Russia. England, She is obviously sounds like a scumbag, but it is to show that the vagary that the left is created with regard to the sexual revolution has not been of benefit to women.
in many cases it actually been of damage to women, and this is why I think, because these lines are not clear, I think it's it's so is that men are. Will men use the bad men will use the vagueness, the lines in order cross lines that no one would want them to cross admin will use the fact that things are vague to suggest. Well, maybe it wasn't like totally consensual those kind of consensual. Wasn't it I, in that category falls for example, also means an and Brett ran or according to limiting, carry class and colleague carry classing colleagues is a model, and she told me times in a Sunday report that she met Russell Simmons and bread and Brett Ratner casting ninety ninety one, when she was seventeen, should they brought her over seventy house this over a music video they are working on and that's when the music mobile started to pull off her clothes. I looked over bretons had helped me and I ll never forget the look on his face. She said in that moment the realisation fell on me that there are in it together. She says the rustle of Simmons tried to have intercourse
but she resisted any ended up. Forcing oral sex colleague usage try to take a shower because she felt disgusting and their Simmons essentially raped area penetrator without permission. She climbed have told at least three people about this incident these guys should go to jail right. If this is what happened, he said I should go to jail. Obviously the question is what was in Russell Simmons is mine, that he thought that this was okay, so rather than Timmins, Say court, everything that occurred between carry and me was consensual rate everything in so there's two ways of bringing that one is the day just have completely different accounts of the situation. One of them is line, and the other is that their Is this weird grey area that now exist with regard to consent, wherefore guy pushes a girl harden up, and then she says yes for a moment, she feels like she's been violated because has been violated for her point of view, but the guy doesn't feel like he's been violated because he's achieved the cherish, yes, even by using all sorts of exploitation methods. Now again, if you had some clear lines about sexual activity, all this would become obsolete. You'll have to do anything
you'd, say Russell summons and made a seventeen year old girl whose house and and had sex with her or trying to force her into sacks? That's grows not just because the consent issue, but because Russell Simmons, much older guy, there's a did. This is this is just you know, deep down at the zoo, immoral activity, airlock Russia summons married. He might be another answer that but in any case clear lines that the left likes to say that clear lines are over broad, but the problem is that the left lot of electrons its own lines that are over broadsheet whenever comes to wines regarding sexual behaviour, you're going to catch up some people who, You are really not supposed to be in that category. The question is whether there can be any clear conviction that something is wrong or not, We are on the right near traditional morale moralists, we're pretty idea of what's right, much role when it comes to sexual activity. The left has no such ideas. This leads to a fair bit of confusion, and I know that a bunch people, left to listen to the shown there saying. Well, my values consent. The point I am making is that when it comes to sexual activity, there's a lot of vagueness regarding consent. There is adjusted, let's be completely honest about this-
gave. You didn't the notion that when people have Saxon there, nothing normative Lee Normative, we would be great if there are completely. If there is complete ITALY, there is complete transparency with regard to consent, but in the real world of sexual relationships there is not always this clear consent relationship there just isn't the how many times do you see movies, where a guy will be badgering woman and she saying no? No, no, no, no, it turns into yes. Rather this is it that's, not an excuse for the guy to keep pushing it isn't. Does our I'm saying the point that I may It gave a culture. The constantly says that women want it. I mean it's the entire music culture of a movie culture as the women wanted. We have an entire culture of film. it says that half the time on women's they know what they really mean is yes, and we have an entire feminist movement, had spent forty years trying comments. Women there is just as libidinous as men and that consent
can be had under any circumstances. There's a lot of murky area here and now the left is trying to claim that is black and white. While I wanted to be black and white, I have rules. I want to know what the left specific rules are and I want to know what their turn their their specific definition of consent. like so we can all apply and we can determine whether it is correct or not, by the way, I'm on the side of all of these women. By, like you say that they are that they did not consent to these relationships because again, I'm the prude right, I'm the prude. I think it's wrong for guys to ram their tongues down women's throat, I think, is wrong for Glens Russia, though drinking with women and then make out with them. Without there and even if the woman says that she's totally into it for the first five minutes, She says. No, I think it's wrong for him to have initiated this stuff I'm pretty strict on this definite amazing to see the feminist jointly undecided out. Ok, so with all of that said want to. I want to get to the Trump category. Five tweets german, just second, but first I want to say thank you tore sponsors over at zeal, so If you are in need of
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of women. If a woman wants to consent under my rules she can consent. But just to strong, narrowly clear about it right and clear we sometimes comes in the form of you know like a wedding ring like an actual commitment. So I think that these are. These are useful things given mind. When you formulate a rule, you should try to create a rule that is obvious when the rule is broken. When it's not, I think the left has failed her. Ok, so now I want to introduce something new, so it had good from bad from for well over a year on this programme a year and a half on this programme, but now we have to introduce something new and that is sometimes Trump says things, and they are just so magnificent. just so rhetorically, brilliant that we need a new category really good or bad. It's eloquent trump, and we know introduced you eloquent trump.
I answer eloquent from so on this date. Yesterday, yesterday, on this date in eighteen, sixty three Abraham Lincoln gave a very famous speech. He gave a speech that we all know as the Gettysburg address this place on this date, this specific date near November, nineteenth eighteen, sixty three so yesterday and in it he declared that we as a union we're going to have to stand together and that the better angel of them the better nature angels of our nature, are going to bring the country together and that we cannot. We have two not sacrifice. We have to prove these. People should not have sacrificed their lives in vain. That has been matched only by Donald Trump. Donald Trump says he can be most presidential president outside of Abraham Lincoln anything. You prove that yesterday, when he
we did this about Lamar Balls. Remember of our brawl, live our balls. Sunlit Angelo Y know what that what the obsession is in the family with life. Laval, Angelo and what will end? What's the name of the kid in any case law. The letter Ellsberg there bar has suddenly Angelo was arrested in China for shoplifting and, as recalled from got him out of prison and then demanded a thank you to which the sun Acquiesced- and I said at the time like this kind of babyish, that the president wants to. Thank you for getting an american citizen out of prison in China, But in any case you know, the son said thank you: will men they asked Lamar about it. I'm a virus, and I'm not going to thank President Trump, I'm not gonna. Thank him Lamar is also a member of higher intelligence? He obviously is, I argue guy in What he said is from didn is it. My son in prison he got em out, so you proud, I should say thank you, but then eloquent Trump showed up so eloquent from treated yesterday. Now that the three basketball
players are out of China and save from years in jail, love our ball, other of Angelo is unacceptable of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal I should have left them in jail, exclamation point, eloquent trump do of the south No, you shouldn't left him in jail. Just cause. Daddy was grateful to you. That's not the way the presidency works eminent, otherwise important, just a second, but these pre epic Trump yesterday and you just wonder, was he super born yesterday and liked to football like what was going on with him yesterday, whose back from his trip- and he had a lot to get off his just that was not the only eloquent trump yesterday. He also treated further away of ball. He tweeted shoplifting is very big deal in China as it should be five to ten years in jail, but not to father. Laval should have gotten us. During my next trip to China instead, China told them why they were released very ungrateful, exclamation, point socially left them in for a few more months goes daddy was mean to trump ok, so one
here so, though, on people who are from supporters find this stuff absolutely, whereas it is hilarious, but it's hilarious and also tragic, because again yesterday was the anniversary of the Gettysburg address eloquent Trump. Now the lowest obviously goes goes crazy whenever trumped as any other sort of stuff. So Brian stouter on CNN says something ridiculous. He says this is re spending think about this he's just recently, where the NFL kneeling controversies, artists, subside sort fade away and now areas calling out these players and the families again. I think it's immature best fraud, but it's really raised baiting at worst. That's going to be debated, that's gonna be argued about, but I want to put it on the table. It show her looks like race baiting to a lot of people and by the way, the reason why these tweets are important. It's because they are a serious look he's its rays. Baiting refers not our streets and restating so more elegant.
from the very outset. Yesterday me parent is corvette. He rubbed his pipe. He see he fired up the handle and he ended up twinning out this one to others. What about Jeff Flake suggests like, of course, is the senator Arizona is now running for re election. He said that he thinks the trumpets, basically the end of the Republican Party and here's, what he treated more eloquent Trump Centre: Jeff Flake E Euro Flaky, but a euro flaky, but the wise and prevent he's whose unelectable, in the great state of Arizona quit race, anime poles was caught purposely on MIKE Mike expelled, MIT, saying bad things about Europe for president he'll be a no on tax cuts, because his political career anyway is corn, quote toast, there's so much that is glorious about just wait first of all the revolutionary use of the scarecrow out No, why toasters? Why toast quotes make us in scarecrows. How do I make a spelled MIT is oppose you am I see I don't know why Jeff Flake was on top of some dude named MIKE. That's weird, I don't know why. Jeff like was on top that dude named MIKE
same bad things about my favorite present, Abraham Lincoln. No, I just Who's running on Abraham Lincoln. Had you of the term calls himself, your favorite president? He has the lowest pulled numbers of any president's in american history at this point in his presidency, astonishingly, grant favorite current president extra thing you asked in its true he's better that he is my favorite current president. I don't know of any other current presidency, so there is trump on Jeff, like so lots of eloquence happening yesterday, the reason that I'm bringing all of this up is because one people on there This is why trump winds he wins because of these tweets, winning winning epoch, winning Mag Amanda Underwater upside down three hundred sixty five degree, one hundred nine thousand I q underwater sit down hungry Hungary have posed chess is, are they say? Has Europe
talking about today, our iranian talking about today. That's true Europe. I will talk about the President of the United States says. The reason why this is a problem. Votes is for two reasons, one and this autumn of more conservative point of view. One is before the country, when the president of the United States is threatening to leave american citizens overseas and chinese custody, because daddy was made them as the great thing if obama- we'd, although not, and rightly so, number two Donald Trump is trying to make the last ditch push for a tax cut right now for serious tax cut legislation before Thanksgiving or before Christmas. One of little she's going to need is the vote of censure, Jeff Lake and now he's saying the Jeff like is going to vote against the tax cuts, giving him full ability to vote against the tax cuts like this. If you want legislation to pass. You no help if the President of the United States, weren't jog from up or the dog from up chasing every single squirrel, his clothes. argument on health care. If you recall, was that just sessions was a puppy head.
Is closing argument on the second round of healthcare reform. Is that the NFL players and start kneeling? and now is posing argument on tax reform is, then you should have left a bath. while player in China under custody and then a particular Senate senator should should be he'll Ravenna particular sender and tell him to vote no on tax cuts because he's mean to him like I just don't like Y Y, and that was in it. Then he went from March on Wednesday, so Marshall Knowledge is fully fledged adult. I mean Marshall Lunch that run for the Oakland raiders used to play with gentle Seahawks Acer, do show up in Seattle. so we followed Marshall munch closely. Marshall Lynch is the stupid or members of the human race is a very, very dumb individual and martian ledge, famous for this for a long time and before anyone, says that this is something Rachel. I say it like. I say that people are dumb cross racially all the time. Our challenge is just objective. Speaking Dumdum and Martian Lynch yesterday sat during the United States national anthem and then stood for the Mexican national anthem.
which makes no sense at all. Ok, whatever you say about the American National Anthem, Mexico is a garbage garbage government. I mean the government. There has been disaster for years and years and years and years mean that the death rate in Mexico City is higher than in any other industrialized city in the world? I mean it's it's astonishing, but he's standing for the magic national anthem or some other reason. Since a genius, a trump feels the need to treat about their rights are. Is translating about that. So Trump tweeted about Marshall Tis Marshall, Lynch, the NFL Oakland Raiders, stands for the mexican anthem and sits there. To boost our national anthem. Great disrespect next time how should suspend him for remainder of season attendance ratings way down. Thank you, president. Trampling I know that is if you wanna, keep fighting as you think, it's a political winner for you. The reason that I'm upset about this is not just because the time to make a final legislative push its because he has forty three million twitter followers. Forty three million is the president of the United States. Has the ability to gather
tat to gather the media flies like a lamp remains an amazing thing and when he uses his twitter for good, then that is a wonderful thing. I will show you him using his twitter for good. So yesterday, there's a border patrol agent who was murdered in an attack on the border on this. According to NBC Vfw. They set off where these are searching. Texas, big bend area for potential suspects and witnesses after yours, customs and border protection, nature was fatally injured, responding to activity their border patrol official said the agents were patrol and Culbertson County in the big, been sectoral. Excess border. A general helium Martinez died Sunday morning as a result of India. is he, in his partner, sustained after responding to activity, while on patrol uninteresting and your van horn. According to a statement from border patrol, it wasn't immediately clear when the incident occurred. Okay, so here's what from tweeted about this- and this is good- he treated
a patrol offs are killed in southern border, another badly. Her will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will and must build the wall. Imagine if all of his tweet or on the news imagine if all of his tweets were directed at. You know, policy and legislation, and you can still say inflammatory he's an inflammatory thing to say he can still say that, and I will cheer that because he is correct one of the region. that you need a physical barrier in some of these areas is to prevent the drug cartels from crossing over and hurting border patrol. agents are illegal immigrants. From doing the same, it's important to have methods of defence. It would it again that's right. He treated as well with regard to the border patrol agents did. This is the actually so he treated on policy. Also, yesterday, not just on the border patrol republican senators are working very hard to get tax cuts in tax reform proved. Hopefully it will not be lost and they do not want to disappoint the american public. Ok, imagine if you only twitter about tax reform in the wall with them, better than saying Laval. Sancho remain in jail in China. Yes would be better than alien.
meeting a sitting. Member of the United States Senate, whose vote you're gonna need on both the wall and the tax reform. Yes, yes, it would, and yet that is not what President Trump was doing yesterday it just its foolish foolish. So in so much for four eloquent trump I will say I do love the dead. The tweets gimme some ensure about you so funny. I saw some Magda folk saying that danish disuse prose membranes with Danish said something like you know: the media once tried to stop tweeting. They want from to stop treating if he so ineffective. Why they want to stop treating the media. Dont want trumped to stop doing. Are you crazy what do you think it's raising MSNBC, Cencian and ratings it from Sars tweeting stops. Tweeting, though to treat him like a normal president. Does the scariest thing in the world for them they want to treat him the waited there. Treating him. I want Stop treating these. I don't think that its useful to his agenda, ok, so before go any further. I want to talk about Roy more and the latest fall out from that and now frank and another alligator
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and then, once you do talk to my friends over at Brcko, get your no class, no obligation kit, Brcko that comes lifespan and birch gold, dotcom, slash, bandits lifespan! Let's, and no though say you as well. Ok, so over the weekend, has basically made clear that they're not gonna, get rid of Minnesota Centre? L, Frank and that, despite allegations that L, Frank and grabbed the boobs of a sleeping woman Leon, Sweden is a talk, show host out in LOS Angeles, they said. Don't worry, I can get rid. We will never get rid of l, Frank and offering able apologize and hill he'll go home and reflect yeah, I'm sure, I'm sure Well now I second woman has come out and alleged that African is doing. Some booty grabbing so here is a woman. A woman has said this currency and am that African inappropriately touched her twenty turn telling you any grabber buttocks while taking a photo of Minnesota State Fair. You know that I got it. I get the feeling, it's really fascinating. I do get the feeling that there is a generation gap with
the behaviour of men. I sort of get this feeling that there is a lot of men over the age of sixty who have grabbed woman's ass without permission and that there are fewer men under the age of forty. Have grabbed woman's asked apparition. Maybe I'm getting this completely wrong, but if I'm not now, it explain a few things as far as our politicians and as far as some of our producers and the idea that our Franklin, just goes in Minnesota State Bearing grabs this lady, but apparently frames Lindsey Man, she's thirty, three Chanel isn't Fresco taxes so back when this happened just twenty sex. She said she wanted to show an uncomfortable interaction that helped her feet. They left her feeling gross. According to men's, she turned the Minnesota Sate Fair with her husband and father in the summer of twenty turn. Almost two years after Frank and was elected to the Senate, her father small business respond
local radio boots. You spent in a meeting various elected officials. Political candidates and celebrities thing photos with them as they stopped by the booth when Frank and walked in mention her husband, who also spoke with CNN. So they recognize him right away. Men said she had a brief and cordial exchange with the centre. That is her husband held up. Her funding are ready to snap a photo of the two of them frank and put me in really close like awkward and, as my husband took my took the picture, he put his hand full fledged on my rear. Men said it was totally wrapped around my budget it wasn't around my waist. He wasn't Roma hamper side. It was definitely on my by she, so less three or four second she's like my God, what is happening, her husband's any kind of risk. around her and pulled her into him. He pulled her in and pushed his head against her head. It was over pretty quick and you can see the picture in the picture. Her head is right. Next to her had apparently she turned her husband's any totally grabbed my butt, and then she posted on Facebook that same day that the centre groped her. You can't see the lower for their body in these photos. She said her sister said sorry, but you two bibles with apart end and men's than responded
l, Frank and totally molested me creeper, is that that exchange is available on Facebook. Only laugh because the Ladys Funny, apparently she says that she is not she's, not painting her story in the same light, Leslie Sweden's. She says that she will assure say something, as someone said sees that I said something maybe would give them the courage to say something to Frank and has not has not made any other statement. He said he respects women and doesn't respect men who doubt ok. I take pictures with literally thousand the people and in their thousands of students, including many young college women, with whom I take pictures, I can say, with full confidence. Never at any point have I ever grasped the ass of a woman with whom I am taking a picture. Never ever ever ever. The only, but I have ever touched is that of my wife. Ok, the idea that this idea,
you're gonna go in public debt, so wild they could occur to you that you can go. Take a picture that somebody and you're just gonna grab, but by its astonishing, is truly astonishing. So Yes, this is this is really common. Apparently is common at work among even among men, are getting something like forty percent of women's. Had it been sexually harassed at work nights it some really high number. and among men they say twenty five percent say I ve been sexually harassed at work, so people are garbage that is the bottom line here. Is that what's funny going back to these are for she'll sexual mores for just a second the. What what traditional conservatives the recently driver restrict is as we think that man is inherently incapable of sin that man is not good
not bad either, but it is very capable of sin and particularly in sexual matters, he's capable of in that's what we draw all these lines around man. It's one of the reasons why we have all these rules the left hand. All those rules were stupid, got rid of other roles in their surprise, when the fall out is bad for women. Look at the Democrats here it's pretty astonishing, so I want to show the hypocrisy Democrats, a joy read over MSNBC. She says that Dutch. He is very disturbed by the fact that many people are still supporting Roy. More, the Senate, Alabama republican candidate, has been credibly accused of of our station or lease of a feeble Philly elegies, the malice station of worth of girls would hit puberty but who are still little girl. The fourteen year old girls Droid says that she finds the fact that people still support more disturbing we're talking about something of sex, the different degree you don't you talked about all of the past. Can those who talk about the Monocle Lewinsky situation, which was, as you know, in a clearly and proper relationship or talk? Let children we're talking about money
double allegations of the abuse of children and the fact that its even a question I think, speaks to that that the position of the Republican Party finds it Morally, this should not be a question and the fact that people are struggling with whether or not they should continue to support Roy more for reasons of party, or in tribe is increasing. We disturbing ok, so I actually agree on a basic level with joy ray. The problem is that hurt party. Colleagues, don't agree with her now Frankenstein here's Bernie Sanders desperately spending away. from answering whether, if L Frank and should resign over what is now obviously clear conduct. Do you think that Africans should resign or think out of the session for our frightened and the people of the state of Minnesota by understanding? Is that our is a very popular senator people in Minnesota think that he is doing a good job and his political future will rest with
people of Minnesota, ok, so thank you. Bernie Sanders for demonstrating at this stuff is political all the way around and if People are drawing lines for political reasons, to include Donald Trump Roy more, but not to include a frank and that's seminary, The lines never had any any sort of reality. In the first place, I have condemned Nina when, when there are allegations against Trump, I condemn Trump credible allegations Trump. I condemn froze behaviour when there are stable trump talking about the stuff I condemned from when it was Clinton like an important one for a more open and more and more L, Frank and I condemn L, Frank and one thing. I don't think you can accuse me of his inconsistency on these particular matters, because my standard has never change, will understand or changes. You do have to ask yourself why, and the obvious answer is that African, as a d by his name? Ok, I have things I like things. I hated federalist papers coming up what you gonna have to subscribe for. That's for nine ninety nine a month you can get a subscription to daily Wire Doc, In doing so, you get the rest of my life. You also get the rest of Michael Moses. Shall I recommend reclaiming show live on video
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things that I like and some things that I hate so things that I like so over the weekend. Netflix, really. Can and will be attentive, interesting netflix models and other releasing movies on Netflix for subscribers, but also in theatres. You can't you see this movie in theatres. You know it doesn't demand seen in data, but it is a. It is a good movie is an interesting moving. Norway is called mud bound by a guy named de Risa, Download, Ie Reese, but his work, but the movie itself is is good. There's some problems that I have with the film more and the plodding level than on the than on the patrol level
the acting is quite good. Its carry mulligan and Jason Clark, injuries and Mitchell in marriage. Obliged makes in appearance and she's she's, quite good. Chechnya underplay the part, and I get a headline is the is come of the main character. I guess, but in any case the the film is is about these two guys who go after world war, two one of whom is a one of whom is a white guy, any in one of whom is a black eye and they both live in rural Mississippi and though the White guy comes back and black eye comes back. Amazingly, the black guy who's been out fighting for his country. He is treated exactly as you imagine in nineteen forty six Mississippi and it's really graphic some very difficult to watch at times, but it does paint a picture of what life
must have been like for a lot of black folks living in rural Mississippi in the nineteen. Forty reminds us what racism really look like in that time and place. It also is about readjustment coming back for more, it's about really class a lot of its about class, because it demonstrates how poor white people were a lot of them used raises an excuse to look down on black people who really of their same class and though their lot things about some that are really fascinating there. A couple pro I have some here's a quick, spoiler alert. There is a relationship that has engaged in between the guarantee, hoodlum character and the carry mulligan character line of thinking. utterly unnecessary, actually undercuts the plot low, but I think that it actually does a disservice to some of the characters in the movie, but there are a lot of the movie is quite good. You can check it out here over the previous rounds. How did you Please fire shocking hands, these things
I was never easy. My mind I held his heart beat him all the time he was gone. Crazy or level rain of industries waiting, sometimes misery. Me too You will. Stuck in the only way to get up and look. I won't be long when you come back what they let you do over you, but you would now you use the magdal. What's going on
What it looks like from the film is that you know all the way people are bad. Another black people are good, and this not the case in the film and giving stop the preview. That's it! That's! That's me. That's not that story to tell the story. The sums that there are some that it takes good. Why people to stand up to bad? Why people their allotted by people who are attempting with honour to live their lives in a horrifying play, so are there in the film is definitely worth watching. Ok, other things they like to Charles Manson's dad's, that's good Charles Manson should have died young forty years ago. He was on death row and then California suspended the death penalty. There's a supreme court decision nationally, that's spent or at the California Supreme Court level that support that suspended the death penalty and everybody who is on death row at the time had their sentence commuted to life in prison and instead, instead Charlie Manson end of living out his legends at age. Eighty three, which has just horrifying considering the Charlie Manson Charles Manson, was a was just the worst human being ever I mean there's a guy who is responsible for dozens of murders whose response
support for the murder of Sharon's hate, then the wife of Roman Polanski, just twenty years, almost eight and a half months pregnant just about to give birth, and I he sent his called members into her compounds and and murdered. Her merge the baby just in absolute piece of human debris. People talk about whether whose insane or not- and he was soon enough to end and sociopath enough- to lead a called movement and do what. What is it what's important to remember is that there are people on the left, and this is not exaggerating, haze, the rule generally people on the left, who are praising Charles Manson, like visited Charles Manson, was a was was praised by
members of the radical, that's, including Bernard Indoor and so remember, Bernard endorses. The wife of bill airs. Bill heirs, of course, was weatherman Underground Salzburg, unseen Doorn. Well after Charles Manson was his people, murder, people and right pig on the walls. Brigantine torn praised him. Bernardino torn actually said that she dig did that she dug it right, so that its it's really quite horrifying there. There were a few people on the marxist left, who suggested this is just a form of class warfare and in praise of it she. What here's? What brigantine publicly announced in nineteen sixty I burned endorse it, often those rich pigs with their own fortune eyes and in eating a meal in the same room. Far out the weatherman dig, Charlie Manson in this guy was a cold
you're not just on among his call members but to certain extreme members and left now, can we burning and how they Judy's and doesn't believe in the idea of an eternal how, but if it does exist, he will certainly be burning there as well. He should evil evil human being darbyshire may ok, other things that I like aside from Charles Manson's death. So I have to admit that this is really really funny, so Dunham, whose made a career out of pretending to be a feminist, well undermining of sound and well undermining women. Everywhere I mean really by doing things like levelling false rape. Allegations adds at a guy who she names and then has retract the name. and animals and Emmy she's, just a bad person lindorm all the way around saying in Tibet, in her memoir about pleasure in herself next to her young, sister in bad image really a gross person. In any case she was,
snap down by Lindsey Clemency, Clemens electors who happens to be black, so it is time for women of color black women, in particular to divest from Lena Dunham, a writer from women's item and training. Connor's Lenny letter has accused the former of hipster racism says it's time for women of color to divest from Lena Dunham is back in college. I avoided those people like the play, because the well known races- I called her straight hipster racism, which typically uses sarcasm as a cover and in the end it looks a lot like gas lighting. It's just a joke. Why are you overreacting? She says the one female in Lena circles Let's go known to use the n conversation in order, be provocative and she's ever call them should say it's just a joke, in the same room with her, but I never spoke to her only wash her from afar and anxiety and horror. She said she side to leave Lenny letter after Dunham expressed her support for the gear, the those writer Murray Miller was accused of sexual assault by it a roar. Apparently Clemens wrote that one of my best friends is victimizing.
Exacting whereby someone Lenny Lena Circle. It was never dressed. He continues to move in the circle and has a powerful job, so pretty pretty hilarious that the left is now eating itself and no one could deserve more than the extra Billina Dunham. Ok time for some things I hate already so a couple of and I hate number one- there bunch people on the right to pass this stuff around, like it's really glorious. There is a scene and broadcast yesterday from Alabama, and somebody ran up in the background and start shouting. Here's what it looked like the day. They are pretty much endorsing the democratic challenger Doug Jones. You see this bold headline here, and this is what they say and part of it there at its oral saint quote: do not make your voting decision based on who effect on a national stage vote based on who will effect in your hometown. There's only one candidate left in this race who has proven worthy of the task
presenting Alabama he is Jug Jones knows. I make an excellent idea or van shouting fake news vagueness stagnant. This does not do anyone on the right any favours when we suggest that this sort of behaviour is is useful, the reason that is, useful is not because he and doesn't sometimes put fake news. Sometimes they do push fake news. The reason this behaviour is not useful is because you ought to actually focusing on the fake news that they tell instead of just labeling things broadly faking Is it I still believe in things like true and false? I still believe those concepts. I think the majority of Americans do and simply telling me things in an ever broadcasters. Big news is a lie. It is not true it just as when the left- Is everything daily wire says it's fake news, not true get to say what That is wrong and what what exactly that is, and then we can talk about whether was fake news or not. Ok, other things that I hate, so that there are certain statements they get to make any it states if you're, not a white person, that if your first there it would be utterly out of bounds, there's never let panel as to yesterday was talking about threats to America
and it must remain a burly she's. The founder of General, I not just autumn and in here is what she had to say about threats to marry This is nothing new. What is interesting now is that white men continue to be that pose the biggest threat to Americans every single day. It's me documented amber verify that they are more likely to burn down churches more likely to commit mass murders and mass shootings and so Jeffson. in reality and his assessment on on these people. I think, as both lacking in an facts and both reality so one the reason this is coming up is because there is an FBI report on some members of black lives matter, supposedly or at least what they're calling black Identity, extreme as people who are sort of people who were
sort of black radicals who are involved in violence that does exist. It happens and is something that the FBI has been focused on issues as the white men are the greatest threat. White men are not statistically the greatest threat when it comes to merge, but the idea that linkage that the race, the racial linkage is the one that matters can you imagine if somebody tat black men are the greatest threat to America is just insane black men are the greatest threats human beings across the United States like what in the world, but you can say about white guys, knighted statistically drove me every time, a murder rate and were talking about groups of people who are disproportionately likely to murder, or rather disproportionately involved in murder cases. Let's put it that way, who do who are just represent a disproportionate share of murderers? It is not why people actually, but that does not mean that black people are more likely to murder as like individuals, or that why people are less likely to mirror as individuals because of race that silly, and if the white people set any
like tat. They would be accused of racism. Msnbc paneless can save a sort of stuff, no problem in everybody, just sort of shrugs, ok time for a quick, reviewed, federalist paper. So every we go through new federalist papers it happens to be not one of the most stirring federalist papers. One is federalist number four by John Jay. Again, the federalist papers begins with this series of papers about why we should inform separate country which has some relevant now that it seems like half the country wants to form separate countries, but idea in this federalist paper. Is we can't have a bunch of different elements of the United States? We can have a bunch of different regions that they have their own foreign policy, because our nations or pit one region of the United States against another, Sir John Jay rights. This is whatever may be our situation. What, firmly united under one national government or split into a number of confederacies certain it is that for nations will know and viewed exactly as it is, and they will act taught us accordingly. If they see that Government is efficient and well administered. Our trade prudently, regulated are militia properly. Organised and discipline are
resources and finances discreetly manage our credit. Reestablished our people, free, contented and united they'll be much more disposed to cultivate. Our friendship are, then, provoke our resentment, ok. So the reason- and this is still important today is not because we have a bunch of regions its because it is true that when the United States is internally divided on key issues, when we don't even have the same definition of what freedom oxen or what vision we have for the country, then our opponents overseas are going to see that you are going to exploit it. This was most obviously true. the Vietnam WAR when a huge percentage of the country was attempting to actively undermine presence in the Vietnam WAR and Coachman knew that full well and felt like if he held out long enough, we we'd pull out, which is exactly what happened obviously terrorist felt the same way about the war in Iraq when the United States is internally divided on key issues. The rest of the world knows it is not the case for bad unity. Right dissent is fine, but we should nice, that there is well motivated disunity, well motivated descent and then there's just to send for the sake of political union to send for the sake of political gain, ends up diamond
training to our foreign adversaries that we can be had and right now, I'm seeing a lot of that politically and is very disturbing. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow without the latest news. On this thanks given weak, I mentioned here. This is the bench of Morocco
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