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Ep. 429 - A Scandal About Lying To The FBI About…A Nothingburger?

2017-12-04 | 🔗
The media think Trump is going down…but is he? Trump takes to Twitter, Republicans pass a tax cut, and we ask whether the Bible mandates high taxes. Date: 12-04-2017
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All right. While the media thing trump is gone his way out, but is he Trump takes to Twitter to fight back the Republicans? Finally passed a taxpayer plus the president of the United States sounds off on re more and we'll go through all of the biblical allusions to taxes. Yes, really I mention here this is the benchmark so much coming up. Lemme give you an intellectually honest look at whether President Trump is really in trouble over this home MIKE Flynn Indictment thing. What might flint indictment thing actually means. I dont think it means nearly as much the media are making it out to me. I think the media are our way out in front of what the news is actually showing. In fact, it seems to me that the Flint indictment inside
always actually shows that the mother investigation is not going to end with anything except for a political prosecution of the President of the United States by democratic gonna. Get to all of that. I also want to get to a huge Supreme court case that is going to be discussed tomorrow by the tax bill. We'll talk about all those things, but first I want to say thank you tore sponsors over at my pay. Creates apply. So you look around and you see their natural disasters on a regular basis right there, earthquakes in California, apparently there's been a swarm of small earthquakes in California. That are supposed to be leading up to the big one. Perhaps we can all hope not, but artless, whether it happens or not. You should be prepared for any disaster that may arise whether it is man made or whether it is natural is what the governments who just this is what a prudent people do. This is why should govern my patriot supply and you should get there. One hundred and two serving emergency food get for just ninety nine box. The experts in food stores say it can last your home up to twenty five years, a hundred to serving of emergency food for ninety nine dollars. You basically spend a hundred bucks and now save your family is safe from the
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number two is that this is basically all the F b I had, and now the F b I M going to charge a bunch of people for lying to the FBI and the absence of any crime. Remember what Michael in the former national security adviser was charged with was lines the FBI about him, making phone calls to the russian ambassador asserted kiss lack and December twenty. Second, what What did he say in those phone calls that was so all fired? Terrible? Apparently he called up- and he said, President Obama on his way out, is attempting to create these new sanctions. He wants to demonstrate that that Hillary Clinton lost because we need in the election. Don't worry about it the same. These are never really gonna be taken effect and not damage. You just hold your fire and Putin said: ok, guys, that's really nothing special Ok, it's a transition team. He was about to enter offices the National security adviser three weeks later, the people who are saying
Logan ACT violation. The logging that you from basically making your own foreign policy but is not clear that the Logan acts even constitutional, is passed into law in seventeen. Ninety nine, it has never convicted anyone in two hundred and eighteen years. It is not convicted a person, not one. So the idea that suddenly it's gonna be applied for the Trump administration is absurd. Using Many democratic apply their own foreign policy. Well, Republicans weren't office, while their Democrats were in office for that. For that matter it Jimmy Carter basically ran north korean foreign policy, while Bill Clinton was in office teddy. Any kind to over the USSR and then make a deal with the USSR said they would help affect the Eighty four election cycles that he could get in my butt, Barack Obama, was conducting calls with other members of foreign governments long before he took office in two thousand nine All this has been happening routinely to the idea that make friends at anything deeply wrong by contact with the russian ambassador is absurd. Also, apparently, he asked the russian ambassador to help stymie
your resolution, the Brok Obama was trying to push in his final days to slap Israel over so called settlements and and took hastily act was called by Flynn, presumably at the behest of shared cushions and cushions said. If you get back off that Nice again, I don't see anything wrong with any of this. I really don't see anything terrible about this, but he delighted the FBI. So now what looks like the robber Mahler is putting together a bunch of charges based on wide to the FBI of this turns out to be a bunch of people who, like the FBI about none criminal activity. As I said last week, the sounds a lot like Scooter Libby scooter. Libya's eureka was an aid to Vice President DE change during the W administration, and there is a sin: we're going around that someone in the White House had leaked the person information Valerie playing a CIA agents in order to get revenge. Her husband, Joe Wilson, Control Wilson, had written along a bed in the Washington Post about how the Bush administration had to run about WMD in Iraq, eternal, There is Richard Armitage over the State Department who had lived, Valerie claims name but Scooter, Libby sort of
got a conversation wrong or lied about a conversation to the FBI. He was prosecuted, use, put in jail and Bush communities ends The sounds a lot like that red scooter. Let didn't actually commit any crime. Other than lying to the FBI lines. The affair is a crime, but it there's no under I and crime is not Watergate. Watergate was a bunch of lies about an actual Krajina breakin at the Watergate hotel that was designed to put bugs in the Democratic national headquarters. Nothing like that is happy here, there's no evidence of any actual crowned by anyone in the Trump Administration with regard to collusion with regard to working with the russian government, no charges of zero. Crime? In all the rumours that makes Lynne was gonna, be charged with corrupt ties to turkey order. Russia, that materialised. Any Mccarthy over at National Review he's really fascinating peace in which discusses at length. The idea that there should be some sort of deal cut where Flint only gets prosecuted with the smallest possible crimes and he's like on the bigger ones in order to deal with. Mrs, that's not the way it works with prosecutors and the Mccarthy former federal prosecutor, who says what you do.
You actually prosecute the biggest crimes, and then you say in the plea agreement that he's going to get off on lesser years for bigger crimes. Unless you worked with us, because the problem is once you file charges, the charges are fine Rachel if other filing charges honour the lesser charges, there's not much of a threat to MIKE Flynn. So all this talk about how inevitably that it must be the main Something really terrible on blending affluent is gonna, say something really terrible about Trump, not a lot of evidence to suggest that in any case, so President Trump responds over the weekend. It's not really bright. The president of the United States really should keep his mouth shut on this stuff, or he should send out his lawyers to say something but the present and always feels the need to sound off himself, and in doing so he gets himself in a low but a hot water here president from defending my plan. While I feel badly for journal, I feel very badly he's laddie very strong life and I feel very badly John. I will say this: Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI, nothing happens, you're,
wooden lied and destroyed his life. I think it's a shame. Hillary Clinton, on the fourth of July weekend, when Sylvia the eyes not under of who is the most incredible thing anyone's ever see she lied many times. Nothing happens, you're playing lie at it like that. Like most incredible thing anyone has ever seen in history, is what Hell Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton. What will always be the go to for president but Trump is not wrong when he says that Hillary Clinton apparently lighted F B. I think TAT S probably true, and she got away with it might Flynn, like the FBI and now looks like their pilloried. Him is lines the FDA. Ok, of course not. He committed a crime, and if it committed a crime, then you should pay the price for that crime. But the idea that Michael Flynn was actually trying to cover up for something more nefarious is not for now. Here's what trump really gets himself in trouble, or at least we have the evidence that yet here's where Trump really gets himself in trouble so Trump
tweets out this over the weekend he tweets cop I had to fire General Flint, because you lied to the vice president and the FBI he's pledge guilty to those lies. It is a shame because action during the transition will lawful. There is nothing to her. Oh he's a he's basically saying what I'm saying here is that Flynn lie to the FBI, but there is no underline crime. The problem here is that what the president is actually saying that he fired Flynn knowing it then Flynn lied to the FBI. So there's not a lot of people to suggest that this was obstruction of justice, for the reason that it sounds like obstruction of justice is because James call me if you recall, had testified that president I'm told him to let Flynn go and then he apparently fired Flynn, because he had lied to the offensive to the implication of this treaty. Is that Trump knew that flitted lighted FBI when he fired him, not just like the vice president's. If he knew that Flynn lighted the FBI, and then you want to call me and told call me than the head of the FBI to let Flynn go, why do people on left claiming that this is absurd
injustice. It isn't I'll explain why legally, but here is the here is the flash back of James call me and the reason I keep saying his words is: I took it ass, a direction that means the present United States. We may alone saying I hope this. I took it as this is what he wants me to do now. I didn't obey that, but that's where took you may have taken in this direction, but that's not what he set correct. I that's what I said. He said. I hope those exact words correct you don't know of any one. Its ever been charged for hoping something inside a first date. I dont, as I sit here. Thank you. Thank you Mr Rachel Lobby bond letting well. You know that is that right, dear that's, obstruction of justice. Well, Diane finds only saying this right to influence and the senator from California. She says this looks like obstruction of justice as you know, I'm ranking on judiciary and the judiciary Mary has an investigation going as well.
And it involves obstruction of justice, and I think what were beginning to see is the pudding together case of obstruction of justice. I think we see this in the indictment before indictments and please that has just taken place in some of the comments that are being made. I see and they hyper phonetic frenetic attitude? White House comments every day, the continual tweets and I see it most importantly, in what happened with the ring of director call me and it My belief that that is directly because he did not agree to lift the cloud of the russian vested geishas. Ok, the problem here is that there is no clear cut obstruction of John. This. Even if he fired call me less a worst case scenario, he fired call me because you want and call me too
investigating Flynn, there's no clear cut investigation, obstruction of justice, because the president does have the power to fire the FBI director. For any reason he sees fit. I've actually looked at the statutes and we go through the statutes rights net right now. If you want obstruction of justice as to whether obstruction of justice actually took place, not are legally and obstruction. Justice has taken place by the way. The idea that from shut down the investigation is obviously untrue. I'm in a special council has gone forward from has the power to fire the special prosecutor rather more. He has not in fact done any of that. So before I get to whether this structure of justice. Even if the Democrats worse suspicions are confirmed. First, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at saucy, so yeah. They, the new cycle, move so fast life is full of stress at night. You want to unwind, you want relax, you want some Well, that's why you need saucy saucy. Is the alcohol delivery app they deliver your fever, wine, beer liquor right to your door on demanded, is lift or offer for our house of your in l, a separate This go Chicago San, Diego Sacramento. You,
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Ok. So as far as obstruction of justice, the Democrats are basically claiming now that from fire. James call me in order to obstruct justice. This doesn't wash for a couple of reasons. One. The special council has continued his investigation into russian collusion and has found nothing collusion, is not a crime and now look at the actual statutes and obstruction of justice. So there are three separate federal laws that cover obstruction of justice. There's, eighteen? U S coat fifteen o three. This is called the omnibus clause. It covers quote corruptly or by any threatening letter or communication influencing or impeding or endeavouring to influence, obstructs or impede the Dew Administration of justice. But this clause, there's a pending judicial proceedings and there is no pending judicial proceedings because Flint had not been indicted. Yet now it from port to go to Mahler now and say to him cut it out, let Flynn go
now it actually be obstruction of justice, but doesn't have to do that. You pardon Flynn ravaged not obstruction of justice, because you, the president and that's within his purview, there's eighteen USC, fifteenth well see this provision of law covers anyone who called obstructs, influences or impedes inefficient, proceeding or attempts to do so. It is not clear that an FBI investigation is actually an official proceeding and hard. To prove intend, in any case its end and by the way, is not enough to show intend to violate the sub section, gets sick, a substantial step towards the accomplishment of that goal. So again, there's no substantial step taken towards her and finally, there is eighty new S coat. Fifteen nineteen and this provision covers destroying evidence there. No accusations that president trumped destroyed evidence in any of this. So is there obstruction of justice? No she's wrong. Does tromp have the capacity to fire call me for any reason, the answer is yes call me works for him, so there's no instruction he could fire commie. Does that mean that its mark for the present? if the United States to go out there and start saying that he knew that Flim lied to the FBI and then he fired the FBI director. No, that is not smart of the President of the United States. It gets you in all sorts of water.
That's why the president's law came forward and said I wrote that sweet. It wasn't trump, the idea being that it doesn't established from knowledge, that Flynn lie to the FBI. If the lawyer wrote the tweet now what's interesting, is it when you watch the completion of two separate narratives from the Democrats? Diane fine sign, I believe, is a lawyer, so she knows enough to know but you can't make charges of collusion without evidence or you shouldn't or then that the the MIKE Flynn charges don't show that there is an actual cheat in the election between Russia and the Trump campaign. Joy, However, the more she doesn't know that's a job I enjoyed they. However, the view she completely misconstrued, they report from my flinty he'll, hear the crew cheers they think they finally got trump or breaking news. Abc news. Brian Raw says reporting Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the mother team and is prepared to testify that as a candidate Donald Trump during
to make contact with Russia and the crowd those wild news. That happened because he never happen sooner. On Friday, the brain Ross inside the Sun ABC one problem Brian Ross was wrong. So lets it. Let's get you trump fighting back against. All of this trump is not a guy who's who sits down when when he feels that there is a need to stand, the president is a counter puncher as the vice president's us, and the idea that the President of the United States is gonna. Take a back seat to anyone on this stuff is not true of the president. I mean we goes out front and start famous, so he starts by slamming the FBI itself. So he here
on twitter and he says report answer Trump FBI agent, led Clinton, email Prob. Now it all starts to make sense is seen as a witch hunt that the FBI, what that that the Clinton probe was led by a bunch of biased people and that the people who are now going after him from the FBI are biased as well. Now it is certainly certainly the case. The James call me was biased, favorite Hillary clinton- there is no doubt whatsoever You actually violated the line, he let her off the hook preemptively and it's not a surprise that an anti Trump FBI agent was was helping illogical and now the idea that the FBI is he not The body is not true. The affair has always been somewhat of a political body. That does not mean that local FBI agents are doing their jobs, but Trump, wrong about this by the way it is. It is important. Question asked this question in fact has still not been answered This FBI agent story here, is that there is an FBI agent who texted some nasty things about Trump and Robert Mahler fired him. The question is however Miller fat found out about it. So if Robert Mahler found out about it and fired him, then Robert
or is it not by us right now be evidence. The robber Mahler is trying to do the right thing if you found out about because the media reports on it in any fired him. Then it might be that similar investigation is inherently buys. Mother is necessarily biased against Trump. I think that this is what special prosecutor zoo they dig in. They dig in, they dig in they dig into line a crime and if they can't find a crime than they get a bunch, people in there to talk to the FBI and then they use that to create crimes. And I'm not saying that my excellent was entrap MIKE flimsy and intelligent guy should have been there with lawyer. You don't lie to the FBI, but it is also true, that the FBI likes to charge lines, the FBI you'd when there's no underlying crimes from slams the FBI and then continues along these lines. He also tweets this tainted. No very dishonest FBI agents role, including probe under review, led cleanin, email, Prob, clean money going to wife of another FBI agent in charge. So here is Trump going after the FBI. Now you know, there's something dangerous battling after the entire institution of the FBI, but to suggest that there is by as in the Hilary in the Hilary investigation. I think, as is understating the case, as I said,
at the time, the idea that model did not indict Hillary Clinton earliest recommend her indictment is, is pretty astonishing. Ok, so there is that anyone directly after James call me so call me: why call me a stone? The news is really beyond me. I guess just because call me that this suggestion is that truck adjusted by firing coming but Trump says I never asked coming stop investigating Flynn, just more fake news covering another call me lie so call me his lonely testify to that. Trump is now saying that he never told comity stop investigating Flynn the evidence on trust. On this is that call me didn't actually stop investigating Flynn and even Africa, who fired the investigation into Flint. Leslie didn't stop, so it's possible that from said, I wish that you would see your way clear to letting Flynn go he's, not he's not a bad guy. By the same token, that doesn't really count is telling Flynn to stop investigate, telling communist up investigating Flynn means We have the capacity to make that stop and he didn't have any continued along. Smacking call me
after years of call me what the phoney this honest, Clint Investigation and more running the FBI, its reputation is in tatters worst in history, but fear not we'll be bring, it back to greatness, say is attacking the FBI's. Another institution under attack now commies on helping his case economy goes out himself and decides that it is worthwhile to tweet so now economies on twitter, Digital. We need everyone on Twitter and James Commie, tweets, unto pictures of people in Africa coats saying I want the people to know this truth. The FBI's honesty up there is strong and the FBI is and always will be. Independent me Junot. Two thousand seventeen. There is an account of entropy reports. I do retreated, but I dont actually quote myself guy, don't. I am not sure that I've ever actually quoted myself like on Twitter, like that James call me is your trunk call them grandstand or basically inattention, whore James call me as those things so Trump goes Africa me as well. Then those after the media he's not wrong to go after bias in the FBI, he's not wrong to go after comment by the way and he's not wrong
F immediately start slamming the media to particularly because of this retracted report from Brian Ross the actual brain Ross Report, so Brian Ross originally reported this about MIKE Flynn and and President Trump he's preferred to testify. We have told by a government against President Trump against members of from family and others in the White House. Going to testify the President Trump as a candidate. Donald Trump ordered him directed into make contact with the Russians, which contradicts all that Donald Trump has said at this point as well as hell. Made the decision to cooperate only in the last twenty four hours that he is distraught about the decision, but feels is doing the right thing for his country and he was facing huge legal bills and more than a million dollars and there he said that. Finally, had to go ahead and do this without reason he accepts it. Put his house on the market he is facing. Serious financial problems arose has been in.
A few other times for getting the story completely wrong. Here we got the story completely wrong. It turns out that Flynn had not was not going to find a candidate from told them to contact the Russians, but that President Elect Trump had told them the contact, the Russians that makes a huge difference. President Elect Tromp, telling him to contact the Russians. It's not a big deal. It doesn't go to the question of whether the trunk campaign was working with the Russians in the first place, so Brian Ross is forced to retract this. Here he is returned Seeing this just over the weekend, he was then suspended for a month for getting this report wrong and over the clarification to learn something one of wounds. Confidence told us when we reported earlier today. He said the president Vaseful into contact Russia during the campaign he's now clarifying that saying, according to plan candidate from bascombe during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hot spots and then after the election, the President Elect ask him too, hold him to contact rush on issues including working together to fight ISIS David before and after and in the meantime brine. We do have a statement from Michael Flint tonight. He said I accept,
responsibility for my actions. That's right, then, friends, confidence as flints, extremely angry at the White House tonight that he was going broke with crippling legal fees. Ok is meeting with resistance, translators. Trunk goes after Brien Ross and the media. I will get it out in just one seconds: a trumpet rushing out at every one in part. I think justifiably in part, he's making things worse for himself when he lashes out this way. It makes him look like he has something to hide even though he doesn't I've said from the very beginning from the literal the outside of this- that when he fired call me It seems to me that the best possible explanation for what from does is in competence, not malice. They usually it's about, president from being angry. Some, That's going on firing, somebody not about him just deciding that he wants to cover up some sort of nefarious crime. I'll get all that! And second first I say thank you to our sponsors over at? U S Ccs Hogan lovers, I've a huge announcement for you how those a free gun sound. Well, you are in luck because
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and you get the chance to win when you just have to do. Is governed register defend my family now, one dotcom may trees that digit one defend my family now digit one dot com, ok, so so Trump slams Brian Rossi after him. Here too, he's not wrongs. Lambro generosity he's right, Brien Ross was wrong here again, I'm not sure it's worth the president getting his hands dirty, because when the president does this, it gives off an air of desperation that I dont think is actually warranted here. He says people lost money. One stock market went down three hundred fifty points based on the false and dishonest reporting, the Brien Rosson. Abc news has been suspended sitter hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages. This bad reporting has come many millions of dollars. I don't really think he wants to go here. The fact is, the president of the United States has momentarily tanks various stocks over his presidency by naming companies and ask them if they can sue over trumped. Doing that, then we are, they can also serve O Brien Ross. I suppose from continues along these lines and he says, goes after media. He goes out o Brien Ross, not a shock.
And finally, he hits the Justice Department still angry, disown Justice Department for not going after Hillary Clinton and really he's manager sessions in the Justice Department for not protecting him from what he feels is a witch hunt here's retweeted many people in our country are asking what the Justice Department Justice in scarecrows is going to do about the fact that totally crooked Hilary after This evening, a subpoena from the United States Congress deleted and acid wash thirty. Three thousand emails, no justice, and then he treated along these lines. Again he went after his the OJ, so general them lies to the FBI. His life is destroyed. Crooked Hillary Clinton on the now famous the eye holiday interrogation, with no swearing in a no recording lies many times and nothing happens or rigged system are just a double standard again, I ll things wrong on all this. I just think that the louder trump gets, the more it looks as though he has something to hide and that's a problem. Him! The best thing you could uranos, hey, listen and investigation should go forward. I didn't lie, might flimsy Do me a favor is about in underline crime that doesn't exist and then
down the road when all this, when all the comes out is that it's a bunch of lied to the FBI, charges with no underline crime, he can We do a scooter. Let me just commute everybody sense to me. That seems like the best possible solution, but what's happening Here is, I think, from getting so upset about this. The nice thing about firing, robber, Mahler, the special council ones. You fire the special council, then all hell breaks, is because people are going to assume, rightly or wrongly, that you really do have something to hide. So whoever is around president from should be encouraging him today not to fire. Mahler ought to be encouraging MIKE Flynn, that is we nevertheless everyday in jail for lying, the f B. I doubt something for which there is no underline crime. Chris Ruddy he's a friend to President Trump says that Mahler is an existential threat to the term presidency at this. That's true in the sense that the more of his builds up. The more Democrats may try to impeach him, but let me put it this way. If the Democrats tried to impeach Trump over my clinic, to the FBI over no underline crime? I would oppose the impeachment, I think so. Would most Americans here's Chris Ruddy those saying that trumpets feeling really threatened?
you know at the end of the day, my view is that Robert Mahler poses an existential threat to the term presidency. He's gotten for major to convictions to play agreements speed again, something that pose an existential threat to the term presidency? Unless you think that Trump ACT really has something to hide it from does have something to hide. Then it was Trump. They pose an existential threat to the term presidency, not Mahler. That said, this is not look like this in a political investigation. By any stretch of the imagination, it looks like an investigation designed to elicit charges of lied to the FBI that it's not design. To elicit actual underline crimes. We were told this investigation was all about collusion with the Russians. Has there been any evidence of that As my words, I did anyone for any of that, not that I can really see anywhere. Here I mean George Papadopoulos should be the closest thing to it, and even that- is is unclear as far as actual collusion. Ok, so I have a lot more talk about on talk about tax reform. I wanna talk about it. I will talk about a big Supreme court case that is coming up tomorrow. We still have to do
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Flynn. News has swarmed what is the biggest accomplishment so far of the term presidency outside of the Gorse Ich pack for the Supreme Court, and that is the passage of tax reform and Senate, discuss sort of the merits of the text. Ill before. I think it is a meritorious bell, I think, there's a lot that is good too at the Democrats are suggesting that it is just the worst thing ever Patent Oswald, the insufferable comedian, who was also the voice of the rat Rennie In reality he turned out. Is there any going back after this tax bill scam to America? Does it matter now of trumpets, impeach, there's, no America now not the one. We knew sorry feeling real despair this morning. Wait like we cut. I get to keep more of my own money and that ends America, that's like the end of it like we're done done so turn out. The lights finished Bonito Benito Mussolini by what what, in that, what in the world its
Ok, so after the Obamacare decision can now from the Supreme Court, I say that America has been fundamentally changed. The reason I said that is because a basic principle of Americanism had been ripped away. That principle was the government cannot force you to buy things right did until then they do. The government you to buy an entirely optional problems with no externalities on any one else. Does a brand new concept and that fundamentally change things had violated my liberty. It installed a new tent poles a tyranny in the United States. I can force you to not buy anything I want. I can foresee to buy anything. I want that's full on control of my life. Pen Oswald. Whoever thinks that, if I get to keep more my own money This is the end of America. There's no America! Now now! Listen you like the process by how this bill is passed, are not real fond of it. It was crammed through it was. It was done with handwritten notes in the in the margins. When it's out his rare as it seems that many bunch Congress people who have done that before that out Frank Bell, had handwritten notes in the margins. All of that said it was
rush through without proper evaluation or debate that was done because centres in one blow back, but is it is a pretty typical republican bell. I mean that Islamic there's anything groundbreaking here. The biggest problem with the bill is that blood is that it doesn't make it doesnt cut expenditure, which is really what I wish Republicans would focus on right now, Republic and inflate the deficit by cutting taxes, even though the tax revenues in the long run grow it may not make up for the tax revenues that are lost in the short run, meaning the government takes them less money Democrat blood budget by increasing spending. Even if they raise taxes. I dont think Republicans shouldn't lower taxes. I just think they need a pair that, with some actual cut. Which I highly doubt they will do, and so we continue to kick the can now the road on our debt, but the idea that is this. The of America demonstrates that for the left they truly believe. I mean they really do believe that it is the governments job to control your life. In anything, the government doesn't do to control your life is bad for America,
more than common, just control, your life, the better it is for America I'll show you the proof so Larry Summers and for the President of Harvard former Clinton Treasury Secretary and keep predict ten thousand people would die per year because of tax reform to dance CNBC. There's pretty clear evidence looking across different states looking when health insurance has been phased in and out when people lose health insurance, there are less likely to get preventive care. They're more likely did the fur health care they need and ultimately, there more likely to die and very hard to quantify precisely. My peace explains why an estimate that thousands will die
as a consequence of this bill is actually a very conservative estimate. The reason he says it is because the bill ass, he gets rid of the individual mandated, doesn't force you to my health insurance, but the idea here is that if the government doesn't force you to my health insurance- and you are not to that- is the same as the government killing you that's insane. Ok, that means that the government didn't force me this morning to get up and wrap myself and bubble rap where the government didn't get wake me this morning, so you have to eat healthy today. That means the government is killing me. I'm not telling me what to do. The government is killing me. This is precisely the reverse of the notions of american Liberty enshrined in the constitution of the United States and the declaration of independence. But it goes further than this there's a bunch of commentators who are out there saying that is irreligious. All these religious Christians The tax reform bill. The hell is wrong with these people, so others getting Jonathan Martin and show our James Martin. Rather, who is a whose a Jesuit priest- and he treated this out the? U S will soon face the consequences of a tax bill that takes money from the poor to give to the rich. This is false money that
does not take money from the border gives to the rich and allows rich people to keep their own money and, alas, poor people to keep their own money since those who voted for it will face consequences later when they are judged hair done, tum Tum Don t. Do you Jesus his words about being judged on how we care for the poor don't apply. Think again, and then he brings the hammer boom It is not the only person who speaking religious sophistry there's a female rabbi name Daniel Burton Burg, and she tweeted something out like the Bible is so against. Systemic solutions to poverty lies a jubilee year. Declare that release his people from debt to alleviate insurgents. She'll poverty. What is like, it should pay and master if not, tax has meant create a safety net for those in need in a second amateur, go through. Actually what the Bible says about taxes, but I have first one point something out: the Bible never says that it's the government's job to provide for the poor. It says that it is your job to provide for the poor. This is why religious people give significantly more charity than irreligious people. It's why conservatives give allow
or personal charity than none conservative people. So all the people who are generous with everybody else's money by using the government is a cramp down mechanism for welfare. All those people are happy my money in the ways they see fit, but they are willing to actually dip into their own pocket to make it happen. The reason that what are you I mean Jesus worthy, I met there, the old testament all the religious sources in judeo christian history have been talking not about the state, should do, but no out what you should do, how you have a religious obligation to help out the poor and, needy and the widow and the orphan nominate actually go through the Bible, so their lunch people who complain before about. Well, you know you're, a religious person Ben you worry Monica, and yet there are bunch of things in the Bible to talk about taking care of the poor They never go through that. I'm just show you what sort of taxes the Bible is talking about to take care of the poor. Ok number one: the Bible talks about taxes explicitly twice and talking here about the economically. The old testament talk to use the hebrew word, which is mass mass means tax.
In Hebrew ate. It only use it twice in the entirety of the of the Torah in the profits and in the writings. Ok use it with regard to the king raw bomb right was Solomon. Son Solomon raise taxes and, in his son, raise taxes in the actual effect of that is that the kingdom, Israel split into his tasks or too high talks about that a little bit later in the in the profits in an office viros ass, whereas in the poorer story raise taxes at the end of the story demonstrating his mastery over the far flung domains. Neither in neither context are the tax is seen as something good the torment, especially rips, into the tax of our hush, viros. Ok, now, but somewhat other biblical forms of tax. First, there's timing: knowing talks tiding she's time, specifically son meant something in Hebrew. The schoolmaster, shaming, do not want to get too abstruse here with the biblical teaching, but since I actually jury, Bible in the original hebrew money you some, he returns, your master Cheney is tithing. That's the teething that we always talk about for the poor, but here's what the Bible
actually says about that in due dorani cater for the original. There there's actually two sets of timing in the Torah there's Marser there's mouser, shiny monster, literally means ones, have so monsieur and search. Any master is for the light master shiny is for the poor and the orphans in the widows. Ok, it only applies in the third, in sixty years of the sabbatical cycle and its ten percent of produce. Guess that's ten percent tax. Every third and said Therefore the widow in the orphan, hey, then there's something called she thought when you forget a sheaf in the field of Zol centred around me, you're supposed to leave it for the widow an hour you're walking around and you leave one or two sheets for the widow and orphan hey, that's pretty diminish K. Then there is a legit and pay off. A reference in Leviticus. Nineteen like it is referring to years of corn if we get on the grounds that sort of thing you're, you're gleaning, your crop, arrogant, ear of corn on the ground, leave it there for the poor. And then there is payer which refers to leaving a quarter of your field for the poor and the widow right.
The minimum amount for pay is one sixtieth of your field. So at best we are talking about a biblically mandated eleven point. Seven percent of your produce every third and sixth year can that's what the buyer. Says it time to talk about the Bible is saying: well, you have to give a hundred percent of Europe's everything to charity its nonsense. In fact, in Judaism, once you hit a certain once, you gotta believe it's, Ninety percent of your of your money to charity you're supposed to think Syria
say about whether you get more than that, because you actually undermining our own ability to take care of her family Democrats are talking about maintaining tax rates of above fifty percent tokay. So don't talk to me about what the Bible says about taxes. Can they talk about a two further biblical provisions? There is some intelligent sabbatical year. Every seventh year you leave land fallow. The idea there was that the land is going to recover and then there's your well. Ok you're, those every fifty eight year, all of land sales have been made in the prior. Fifty years revert back to their original owner Otho these we're supposed to get rid of loans. One of the problems that happen is that it turns out people stopped giving loans at all. So what did the rabbis do? The Tom? It says that they design something called a principle was a basic legal word or legal work around. So you could continue to lead his lending ground to a halt. Also, the purpose of having overland revert back to its original owners in the fifty year was not to cry some sort of socialist system. We can't sell land or aggregate wealth. The purpose was they didn't want tribal land. Moving from one tribe to another, Yo Vel does
ply the jubilee year does not apply when all the tribes don't live in Israel and are separated by tribe. Ok. So there is our basic biblical breakdown and other more specific and most people would want. But the idea that the Bible man, it's the you're supposed to give enormous amounts of charity. Visa government compulsion is just not true. It's not true in the slightest. Ok other big story today. Finally, storing that'll get some things. I like things, I hate and the and the and the federalist papers. The other big stories that tomorrow there's big case of the Supreme Court, is called a masterpiece cake shop case. So we talk about this before the masterpiece. Cake shop case is a seminal one for both religious liberty and Freedom of association. Basically, there's a guy named Jack. Philips Jack is a baker in Colorado. He makes he decorate cakes. You will make a cake for anyone. Gay couple stray couple. Green couple doesn't matter who make a keg, even fear gay wedding. What he won't do is decorated in for you're. Styles he's not gonna use his artistic skill in order to, in order to make a wedding cake for gay wedding. So he's not going to decorate a cake that says Happy Gay wedding, John and by
reason can actually take one of those Kate tapirs with two dude and stick it on top of the cake. Someone a jack is not going to do so. The left is adequate a lot of civil Rights Commission said the Jack has to be forced to violate his own religious beliefs, as a result of their own ruling. He lost forty percent of his business. More than half of his employees, all by offer abiding by his biblical believes the left says. The government should be able to force Jack to decorate the cake for the gay couple for their wedding, hey this is vert. This is viscerally anti religion, it also anti Freedom of Association and Sarah Jones leftist colonists in the new republic. Here's what you where's, what she says, and I think this is right. She's. What Philips want is for the law to wait his personal beliefs about a person's intrinsic identity above that person's right to access a business. I guess that's fair. What Phillips wants is, for his personal believes, to be able to be invoked in his bosom
ceilings as we all would like right. I don't think that if you are left his radio host, you should be forced to have me on your show. I don't think that, if you are left to, speechwriters should be forced to work for President Trump and user artistry to that effect. I don't think that if you're a gay business owner, you should be forced to make me a cake that says on it: Leviticus, eighteen, twenty two, I dont think you need to do any of those things, because I'm for freedom, freedom only exists. The spaces where we acknowledge that we have no right to someone else's labour or approval journey grows when you refuse to approve those spaces. This is about. Germany is not even about religion is about do the freedom to act in ways you see fit, even if others don't like it, and even if it means that others can take advantage of your services.
The answer is wasn't always will be constitutionally. Yes. That is why I believe fully that you are able to turn away from everyone from your business and, yes, that includes for bad people right. Racist can turn away. People anti Semites can turn away Jews. In all happen, a walk across the street raises concern. We black people in all happen, though across the street and those races will go bankrupt. As I said in a thousand speeches at this point, the fact is, the capitalism doesn't care about color, it doesn't care a creed all cares about is cash and, if you're turning away advanced bevy of clientele, your undermining our own business, ok time for things like things, I hated that will go through a federalist paper really quickly so things I like so over the weekend, I had a chance to reach him Elmore Leonard actually read his stuff and watch a little bit of the series justified. If you watch that's. Your is based on a short story. Called fire in the hall Elmer Leonard is a crime. Writer he's really quite good eye
enjoy. His ring is very straightforward, he's not deliberately obscure. So I've read a couple of really good crime writers in the past couple of weeks done Winslow, whose early stuff I read one of his books that I didn't like very much, though the legend likened death Bobby's. It wasn't very good, but his book on the cartel was great, and fire in the hall is another very, very good book of short crime stories, there's a reason that are more letters, bustling author check it out, Elmore Leonard Fire in the whole kind of old, it's kinda westerns is basically westerns, pretty great, ok time for some things that I hate always a thing that hate today is that the present has endorsed Roy more the president came out and tweeted that he supported Roy more and that you should support remorse He then called up Roy more personally and lent. His support has any change from one. These allegations originally made about Roy more for child molestation. The answer is no, nothing has changed. It is certainly possible. The president of the United States could go around saying, don't vote Doug Jones right, don't Volga Jones Wanna vote right in whatever your vote for Roy more are right, but don't Volta Jones. You couldn't
that, renders made into a lesser of two evils: choice by overtly endorsing Roy more. It is very difficult to escape the public perception they are pulling. The actual child molestation allegations now demo I have no leg to stand on here since they're gonna, let L Frank Incident, assented Africa patriotism trying to grub woman's brass. While she sleeping Democrats, don't have much of a leg to stand on so long as John Conyers in Congress Songs, Bill Clinton, stolen honoured member of their society. That said, is this good for the country? No, it's not good for the country when you're going to have an alleged child molesters sitting in the Senate, if you'd, probably gonna win, and I think that he'll be seated. I think that the idea that the Senate is going to not see him is, is foolish. Having now novelty to know it, Africanist staying you'll be seated, and you see that Macao was making those moves to hear which Mcconnell in Alabama saying will lead to people Obama decide whether he ought to be seated well. I think we're going to let the people of Alabama decide
a week from Tuesday, do they want to send to the Senate and will address the matter appropriately. I've already said in the past that I thought this is a matter that would have to be considered by the committee. Alternately be up to them to make that decision and they'll make it depending upon whether a judgment. The upcoming summit. Do you believe the judge more should be in the Senate? Let the people of Alabama make the gall to malign automobile colonel in the wrong direction. So as you, these politicians, basically fighting over these allegations first year, Nancy Pelosi defending John Conyers. Now you have much Mcconnell basis. Defending right, more everything is getting some words on this score, because no one is willing to take a moral stand and take a temporary lost. You do wondering back and ninety ninety three, I think it was David, Duke ran for Senate Louisiana and the Republican said we rather you vote for the Democratic David Duke you do under today. If the Republican Party would do that or of the Democratic Party would do that if the case or reverse, we may be so partisan that we're beyond saving here. Ok, so quick, Russians
last week, even during my corrections, I screwed up a correction. So now I'm going to correct another thing, as I try to make clear folks, I'm frying that when I make a mistake at least I try to fix it. Ok, So Teresa may, I said, was selected on the basis of her of her being programme. That is not true. She didn't. Actually, I have a position on the referendum she had been. I guess this sort of the anti bricks it, but then, when she came in she plunged the Jews going to enforce breaks it. I had gained enriched who wrote to me, and he says Home Secretary Teresa, may, took the position of the UK government and endorsed remained, but what made her position sufficiently ambiguous yet herself, selected by both sides of the conservative party, was that the pact was the fact you didn't take an active part in campaigning for remain. Ok. I hope I have corrected this to everyone's satisfaction. Now, ok, now, medical briefly through Federalist papers, federalist number sex, so we are gradually making their way through the federalist papers. The federalist papers are very long. There are eighty five of them. We are now from number six. We are gradually make Norway Federalist. The first five federalist papers are at least three. Those five were basically
but it's why America should be one country now we're going to talk about the possible conflict between the states and we need a stronger, centralized government than the articles of confederation could provide in order prevent conflict between the states. So what's really fascinating. In this one Alexander Hamilton rise of Hamilton is of the three guys. Writing the best writer hamiltons, very lucid and powerful writer and Hamilton makes the case against the idea that the states will be at peace without a strong central government
how much people said? Why do we need strong central government? Our states will get along what in doing so, he actually debunks a couple. A very popular twentieth and twenty first century notions. The idea of democratic peace theory that democratic countries don't fight each other and the idea that countries that you commerce, don't fight each other. So you debunks both of these, which is really interesting. As I agree with Hamilton, he says the genius of republics say they say his opponents is Pacific, meaning that they are peaceful. The Spirit of Commerce has a tendency to soften the manners of men and to extinguish those inflammable humours, which have so often kindled into wars. Commercial republics like ours, will never be disposed to waste themselves and ruinous can contentions with each other meaning. This is this is what they have often called the Mcdonald's arches theory of diplomacy that countries that have been towns and for commerce are less likely to go to war with one another. He says they will be governed by mutual interests will cultivate a spirit of mutual Amity and Concord, but then he says have republics in practice
Let's addicted to war than monarchies are not the former administered by men as well as the latter. The tenders are constantly focusing in on human frailty human weakness in human flaw, and that's why the constitutional such grand document are there not aversions predilections, rivalship desires of unjust acquisitions that affect nations is walls kings. In other words, democracy is not a cure. All for war, which is obviously true. We seem democracies go to war with one another. Hitler was elected. Official ended. The Soviet Union originally was a popular movement. It was a minority popular movement, but was popular of most, as I said before, virtually all fascist nations in the West started off under democratic auspices, before power was either seized or democratic means were used to elevate a bad guy to power. Sparta, Athens, Rome, Carthage, we're all republic, says Hem and to have them Athens and Carthage of the commercial kind yet where they as often engaged in wars, offensive and defensive, as the neighboring monarchies of the same times, meaning they being a commercial public, I can say to you, and then he says from this summary of what is taking place in other countries whose situations have borne the nearest
In short, on what reason can we have to confide in those reveries which seduce us into an expectation of peace and cordiality between members of the present confederacy in a state of separation. In other words, if we don't have a strong centralize government, the states are currently fighting each other, five seconds. Have we not already seen enough of the fallacy, an extravagance of those idle theories which have amuse us with promises of an exemption from the imperfections weaknesses in evils? Incidents, eighteen every shape he says, there's always can be conflict, that's why we need a band together against all outside us, instead of banding together against each other. He says it's time to wait for the deceitful dream of a golden age. I love the realism and to adopt as a practical matters for the direction of our political concept that we, as was the inhabitants of the globe, are yet remote from the happy empire of perfect wisdom and perfect virtue in this is so different from have left thinks that human beings are capable of something. That is what we have to have a world government. This is why, if every man were left to imagine and John Lennon Sell, everything would be all better. The founders were ultimate
realists, and that's why they're words are still important, because, while we may have different notions of how government artwork they were more correct and we because our notions of human nature are worse than theirs. Ok, so now we we have reached today show there'll be a lot more to discuss tomorrow. As always, adventure paralyses the bench of Hiroshima, Debenture Piero Show is produced by math, is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex's Ngora audio missed by my core Mina Heron. Make up is by just one of error. The bench of Euro show is aid.
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