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Ep. 43 - Michael Moore Says We're All Muslims. ISIS Agrees.

2015-12-17 | 🔗
Ben talks about the left's idiotic belief that we're all brothers, no matter our beliefs, as well as the continued dominance of Trump -- plus, meet a 52-year-old man who thinks he's a 6-year-old girl!
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How'd. He. How do we are here on Thursday, two days after the republican debate controversy can used to brew around who exactly will take the nomination, Willoughby Donald Trump Willoughby Job, but also will be talking about bit about tat things I hate later in the segment of course, and Michael more makes a dragon and a gas himself, which is that the only then there's nothing surprised in any part that sense in fact, Michael more gigantic and ass. His triple redundancies. We'll get you all that I'm bench of Euro this is the venture. Bureau, serenity, demonize people ass. I hereby you're feeling already itself let's jump right in with Michael, more Michael, more insight, The troll he's been professional parole for a very long time. If you remember, Michael, more Thee fat guy, who does bad documentaries going all the way back to Roger me, he's not on talented, is the truth. If you watch his documentaries, he knows to put together a fellow who knows how to put together a documentary he's been
of time very early in his career, suggesting socialism was the best now he's moved on to full blown communism his new movie is all about how America keeps invading all these places in the world and it so terrible american invasion create just Alvis blow back well MIKE. more, isn't getting very much attention for his new documentary, and so the He decided to fight that is by going after Donald Trump. Make Trump is the is the or an occupier of all mainstream media. So Today, Michael more who is he's beginning Turkey, he looks either alike there's no to do a Michael, more store without making fun of his legs. There's no way to do it. So we're just to do it. He either looks like toodles from hook proposing that film, or he looks like a seventy five year old grandmother remunerated. Those are. Those are the two things in is beginning to look more like this is timeless, analysing, are homeless, grandmother answer there. He is outside of Trump tower.
holding assignments as we are all muslim right, because he's demonstrating to the world that he stands with Muslims and now it Donald Trump an open letter to Donald Trump that reads as follows: quote Dear Donald Trump, you may remember, you do, after all, have a perfect memory. that we met back in November of ninety. Ninety eight in the green room of talk show where we were both sketch to appear one afternoon, but just for going on? I was pull decide by a producer from the show who said that you were nervous. About being honest with me, she said you did. wanna be ripped apart and he wanted to be reassured. I wouldn't go after you does. He think I'm an attorney call him and put him in a chokehold. I asked bewildered know the british replied. He just seems I'll jittery about you? I've never met the guy no reason for him to be scared. I said I really don't know much about him other than he seems do like his name on stuff I'll talk to him. If you want me to, and so as you may remember, I did is all Michael Moors Letter to Donald Trump. I went been introduced myself to you quote,
producer says you're worried, I might say, and do something you during the show: hey no offense, but I barely know we are I'm from Michigan. Please don't worry we're gonna get along. Just fine, you seem really than we did and said to me. I just didn't want any trouble out there and I just one make sure that you know you and I got along? They won't gonna pick on me, something ridiculous pick on you I thought were. We in third rate I was struck by how you a self described, tough guy from Queens, seemed like such afraid, Iccat, the first of all, I dont believe Michael Moors, photographic memory for conversations that have seventeen years ago, because I don't think anybody has that sort of photographic memory, but Take it for what it's worth is as you and I went on to the shop, nothing on toward happened between us. I didn't on your heads and put them on your seat. What it was was alive remember thinking as I left the set, and now here we are at one. fifteen and, like many other angry white, guys, you're, frightened by a boat. Man who's out to get you bogeyman in your mind. Are all Muslims that bogeyman are all Muslims.
not just the ones who have killed by all Muslims. Fortunately Donald you and your supporters no longer look like what America actually is today, and this is the left. His triumphal ism, we're not country of angry white guys here, as an institution take that is gonna. Make your hair spin. Eighty one percent of the electorate will pick the present. Next year are either female people of color or young well between the age of eighteen and thirty. Five, in other words, not you and not the people. won't you leading their country now take a pause for just one. Second, eighty one percent of the electorate are female people of color or young people. Ok, first of females already are fifty five percent of the electorate. Ok, so I'm not sure this coming as a shock to anyone. It turns out there just as many women as men in the population and when vote at a higher rate than men do as far as young people being a percentage of the popular? This has also been historically trousseau. This idea that the trump doesn't know this is of course willing, but Michael more continues So in desperation and insanity you call for a ban on Muslims entering this country. I was raised to believe that we are
all each other's brother and sister, regardless of race, creed or color. Their means of want to ban Muslims. Your first going to have to ban me and everyone else we are all Muslim continues just as we are all mexican we're all catholic and jewish and white and black, and every shade in between where children of God or nature, whatever you believe in part of the human family, can you say or do can change that fact, one iota if you don't like living by these american rules. You need go to go to the time out room in one of your towers and sit there and think about what you ve done: and then he asked everybody's had pictures like this one. Presumably all of them are more fully genetic that Michael, more out of focus in for just a second on these couple of paragraphs, because this really is leftism in a nutshell, and it is ignorant and this so stupid. I mean just truly stupid, truly idiotic. like you. You have to have a low like you to believe these things or you have to have been inculcated in a school of thought.
that suggested values are of no consequence whatsoever. He says that this party, and this is really means. Yes, I was raised to believe we are all each other's brother and sister, regardless of race, creed or color. Ok, race, and color. I agree. Creed sore depends on what think right. Are you really brothers with the NEO Nazi next door? Michael more, I we brothers would with any probably as brothers with the communist. But are you really brothers with stolen? Are you brother with the world's worst human beings, are you brothers? Would they? his murderers. Why raping and looting people Is the are these the people who are your brothers and sisters, because this but the left believed they believe in this Brotherhood of Man's back to John Lenin's. Imagine The Brotherhood of man were released? makes no difference and ideology makes no difference in philosophy makes no difference to me. the statement he says if you want to ban Muslims. Your first gonna have to ban me and everyone else. First of all, from hasn't. banning Muslims, not deporting Muslims, were in the United States has talked about
temporary ban on muslim immigration to the United States until we can get better background checks. Now I disagree with the policy as I've said, but you suggested this is reversal. It's not racism, certainly because Islam isn't race, It's not color ism, because Islam is into color its criticism. turns out that America always has had certain Phyllis the just like any country. Has those the gleaming, in fact America's unique in the respect that it was founded on a basic philosophy. it is founded on a basic ideology embodied in the declaration of independence and the costs the of the United States and as soon as you say that a country's founded on a philosophy, it means it wasn't founded on other philosophies. You can't be both a and b you're, either a or your be, but Michael, more raw supposed to pretend that everybody both envy when he says we are a Mexican we're all catholic in jewish we're, not I'm not catholic, I'm no Muslim Catholics aren't jewish Muslim Aren't you, as many Muslims are trying to kill Jews. visit. This weird idea that we're all the same, maybe
all the same in terms of where human beings. That does mean rob the same in terms of how we act as in beings, while you choose to believe as human beings, here's lit the irony of office. You got here Michael more standing outside from tower with his son as we are all Muslim ISIS agrees. Isis fully agrees, We are all muslim you and I mean begging you watching. We are all Muslims. We just have realised it yet and the only way for us to realise it is for a gun to be put to our head and the trigger to be pulled. If we disagree or a knife to be put to our throat and uphold across our windpipe, if we the great because they agree with Michael more? We are all Muslims, higher world is muslim. Let me tell you something: I am not muslim I'm not muslim, because I dont believe in Islam end of story, Does it mean that everything Islam believes is bad? It doesn't mean that the Koran is inherently terrible, does mean any of those things, but it does mean. I'm, not a Muslim, and that there are just sanctions between my philosophy and that philosophy, another with guns is this place? Where
everybody wants to paraphrase JFK now during the during the cold war and the occupation of of Berlin by the Soviets, the the the east to the east. Germans in the Soviets took over EAST Berlin in Berlin was blockaded bed and- F, K famously went to Berlin? He said that he was a Berliner. I also kind of sausages and many before, but he said he was Berliner, and now we do routine every time there's a shooting in France, we are all French, it's funny, the one I never see as we are all Jews. it down and as you, we are all Muslims after Muslims kill a bunch of people right that I from the left whoever Muslims, Jude fourteen people in San Bernardino and by the way, those more when terrorists they were bare today fullest one EC ceremony in islamic cemetery so so much further. Idea that that they're, not islamic mag until you if you were to commit the sort of heinous acts that works did hear. No rabbi would probably let them be buried in English burial ground, like that's it that's an actual issue in english law.
Notice for Christians. Do I mean it's been a long time thing in Christianity that if you commit to ITALY, commit suicide ample can you be buried in a christian cemetery can be buried in Consecrated, ground read this is but but in any case this idea we are all muslim. No, we aren't and the only but we think we are left us too are fully insane or who are fully involved needed in stupidity or muslim, We believe that we all should be Muslims in that they get to kill us if we disagree. So it, this sort of left isn't that leads to the rise of Donald Trump, because there are so many people who look at this. They go nowhere, not no we're not, and approved that will not we'll just ban all the way who say that Muslims from coming in the country there's did there's a reactionary streak. Trump support base that you can't, let you can't say too much about because it really does but die did this is reactionary. Leftism reactionary, leftism is much more dangerous than than the reactionary silliness of Donald Trump in this it. This reactionary leftism of the left, which is Muslims, go and kill people, therefore raw muslim
and we ve seen this over and over many want the ironic story of the day. I remember a few weeks ago we talked about the story from Great Britain. The story from Great Britain was kind of him where there is a Muslim die, presumably, who tried to stab to people in the subway? We talked about this last week, writers after San Bernardino, and there was a guy who was walking by shouting you, you ain't, no muslim brothers writing with them Jackson is went viral when it was half tag turns out. The guy had hiding because he's being threatened by wait for it, the Buddhist snow, it was, he is threatened by Muslims so the guys you ain't, no Muslim, there, a bunch Muslims away at a second yeah. We are and we will kill you for saying that so all this all this politically correct nonsense. That kind of stuff, Michael Moors, pushing it's gonna get a lot of who killed ill a lot more people will die because there are people who believe we are all Muslims are the sort of people who went to amass shooter steps into a building with the gun think that they can have a conversation,
If we just have a conversation about Islam versus the last, then maybe all of this will stop it's it's just the height of foolishness. Now I do want to get to sort of the fallen. From the debate that happened a couple of days ago. It seems The poles are showing a lot of people thought like. I thought, the Trump one, the debate, a lotta people thought the TED crews one the debate. The latest tracking poll shows from holding steady as I predicted and crews rising little bit, as I predicted and Rubio, basically being where Rubio is, which I also protected so I'm always right, but basically I'm always right. But the reason that the debate will have some fall out is because of the debate between a Rubio entered crews so If you remember back during the day,
there is a pretty lengthy exchange between market Ruby, on tat, crews on immigration and here's, what it sounded like twenty thirteen. We have never faced a crisis like the syrian refugee crisis. Now, up until that point, a refugee make someone playing oppression, flame communism like it, isn't my community ass far ass tat record, I'm always puzzled by his attack on this issue. Ted you support legalizing people who are in this country, illegally TED accrue supported a five hundred percent increase in the number of each one BBC. The guest workers that are allowed into this country and tat supports doubling the number of green cards. So I think it would support for us to understand, as there is a way forward on this issue, that we can bring our country together on and on what I'm president, I will do it and it will begin by bringing illegal immigration under control and proving it to the american people, data undercurrent, so It's a here's, the thing what Rubio saying here so we so crew says this is true. I've never been in favour of legalization. Well, it's kind of awkward because you go back to twenty thirteen here what TED crews was saying about legalization back and twenty
Fourteen written in twenty thirteen take research Yclept three. If you go back to twenty thirteen TED crews was talking about legal, Nation answer- and he said at the time that he was in favour of legalization but not citizenship. There is a difference, Reagan of a green carbon, not vote. He said here in favour of legalization, but not green card status has Friends now is that he wasn't even in favour of legalization just saying that to try and kill the full amnesty bill, it's not super credible, Amber They are questioned him out at last night, and here is bread they're going after it had crews on us. I dont want emigrate, actually, sorry that reform to pay a lot. I want him,
duration, reform, to pass, and so I would urge people of good faith on both sides of the Isle. If the objective is to pass common sense, immigration reform that secures the borders that improves legal immigration and that allows those who are here illegally, commie and out of the shadows, then we should look for areas by partisan agreement and compromise to come together so there is saying exactly what now he said he didn't say in the debate. He said- and I have never back legalization no! You did, and I want to point something out. Your Donald Trump in the hardest line. Position on immigration is Edward, importing all eleven million people. I dont think Donald Trump. Would We support all of million people, because I don't think any of these people would actually deport all eleven million people. In fact, I'm not sure Why you want to do that? Considering that Trump says specifically, he will then bring half of them back, so we could save ourselves plane ticket just by actually screening the people here than in a port and when
screening them. I'm not talking about just criminal screening, I'm talking about. Have you taken any welfare benefit at all over the time that you ve been here. If the answer is yes, your out, if you're some he who is not paying taxes and you ve, taken more out of system than you are capable of providing to the system you're gone. I've always thought that this this whole idea that we treat all eleven million people exactly the same selling mechanism. We don't treat we what. Why would we treat person, who is a low income person who's on welfare, the same as the person who came here illegally and now has their way through university like. Why would you treat those to the same? We should be able to sort of pick and choose. We want, after all, that's what we do when people come in legally. Why should we be able to do the same when you'll come illegal? that's my own position on immigration for a very long time The crews is afraid of being our flanked by Trump and so he's kind of asked himself into a corner by saying he was always anti legalization and he is super. Conservative and super consistent he's put himself in a box that he can't quite escape. The problem is the Rubio and crews are really doing damage to each other here and the person,
who continues do just sail along happiest. Clam is Donald Trump I said this is what was happening during the debate. If you watch the debate, that's what it was, it was Rubio and crews going after each other and ran Paul in Rubio, going after each other and in trouble. little bit going after Rubia and it was based Lee Rubio and crews battling it out most of the night and I've looked at what They had to say, and both of them at times told feds in both of them at times were saying things that were true, but it doesn't matter because the overall impression you get is that these too are battling with each other and here's trump over in the corner. Just doing what trumped as being funny, charming and snapping outage a bush and briefly about the charm of Donald Trump. Another thing to say: drew attention, graven shall neither and in Clayton was comparing trumpet sopranos and I think that's exactly right. I think that that led, the appeal of Donald Trump is the toxic mass salinity of Donald Trump. His Jeremy boring are managing editor likes. To put it this way then the fat lion of him right. The fact is that people are, run to masculinity.
They are drawn to the kind of brutish they can have brutish alpha of Trump. When you look at Marco Rubia the problem for when you look at Rubio, everybody gets a sense of a person just by looking at them. So this is a bend industry for everybody. Everybody assesses everybody else based on a split second calculation, when you look at Arkell Rubio. There is an unsure as to him, a little bit unsettling. Not because I don't. He knows what he's talking about, I do, I think, Rubio very smart guy, but here like Mitt Romney. You look at them and there's a little bit of fear behind the eyes with trumped there's, no, you're behind the eyes of much behind the anything behind the eyes mean trump amenities, guys like a shark lifely size, those eyes on, but that because of that, Trump has an appeal to him and You can see it in his in his interviews with people on the other side. So tromp was with Christmas use right after the debate, and here is trump. Basically, offers Matthews is Chris Matthies goes after him. I don't answer because you
What if I do answered, that's what people want to talk about general actually, you're gonna have to answer to take the of office. That I know that. But I don't answer that question because once again, So the question that I want to talk about the economy that I want to talk about all the interview. We Catholics, believing confession, you you say you were wrong. Any move on. You really believe that, where the rising, I don't want any z Look at the good humour! I don't wanna go to interview. What is why, whatever along Simon and argue Mister Tom, we'll do it again. I will do what I do think that such a blemish, why I think it Originally, you feel what are my uniting our procedure may respect. I understand has other ethnic aspects it. What I don't like it was African American and we're saying is not a real presence. I don't like that. It's not a good thing about whether you're mixed bag- for, I am allowed to say you're makes by I understand dynamic good. Thank you. Thank you to the danish lobby. For now it seventy filters.
You should subscribe to the park, as you can see, the cliffs that were showing, because how this sounds in how it plays on tv are two different things. How it sounds like Matthews can assume from around little bit please on TV is from just brushing him off raids. Its matthies hang stuff from just smiling away right through it and cutting damp. Matthews on the hand and in Matthews looking at a solicitous and trumpet brushing him off it's that the people to trump same thing happened. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel, tried to come at Trump also has happened. Night on on one of late years and in here is Kimmel what was came on ABC. I think it was on ABC chemicals on ABC and Kimmel is a is going after Trump. Muslim immigration ban and and here's how that exchange does. Did anyone try to talk to you, out of saying we should temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States. Where the word is temporarily, and I have many, many friends were muslim and their great people they actually some of them are all of us. I will tell you some of our more and so thrilled with what I said, but many of them call
and they said you know that you're right, we have a problem. There is a problem, but in America and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion of a jury. The problem we have people coming into our country that are looking to do tremendous harm. You look at the two look at Paris. Looking happened in Paris. I mean these people, they did not come from. Sweden. Ok, look at what happened in Paris, look at what last week in California, with within a fourteen people dead, other people going to die there so badly injured. When we have a real problem in again, is unapologetic here and you see Kimmel try to go after him and trunk just blows right through it. Where he doesn't hasn't, doesn't bother trying to defend himself. He just goes right, throaty says: look, we have danger and I'm going to handle that sure you can disagree with. I again, I disagree with him, but this is actually he's great on tv he's great on tv he's a profession
tv guy, and what amazing is that he's being able to use that and again? This is not endorsement of trumpets, a candidate and voting for him in the primary, but you have to recognize the qualities that make him you are so that you can imitate them, or so we can fight them depending on what your perspective is in speaking of fighting them. It's coming to the point, we could get a breakdown in the Republican Party anyway. This goes Did you really is coming to that? So, for example,. You're goin back. I really like he was on making Kelly's show and Glenn was asked about. He was a
about Hilary or Trump and here's what Glenn back and say. I know that I won't go to the polls are mobile for Hillary Clinton and I will vote for Donald Trump. I just want to know a lot of people to feel that way. I know there's a lot of people in the GEO P, who are like look he's better than Hillary Clinton. Maybe I don't know I mean the guy last night. I didn't even know what are you know that the even the missile silos and the strategic AIR command with the missiles on the plains and our nuclear submarines? He didn't know what TAT meant. He couldn't even answer that question. It was bizarre, he's, also a giant progressive, so I can vote for progressive. I can vote for Hilary and I can vote for him. I said, probably a year and a half ago that I thought we were entering the times of the wing party that the Republicans we're gonna go the way of the
eggs who they demolished back and Abraham Lincoln Time, and I think that's happening. They have not link, they got our. They said we just have to have the house in the Senate. We got it now they're saying what we have to have the house in the Senate. The White House will wait a minute. We heard that before what George W Bush they're not listening, there not doing what the people of hired them to do if they put Donald Trump and try to put him in an office of that's what the people want, and there you are going to see an end to the Republican Party will just be over. So it's interesting is the actual hearing that argue both sides here. So I agree: with him, we are at the end of the republican Party. It's either now or happen going to happen in four years or eight years, because there is no great unifying factor anymore. taxing amnesty home of trumpets, the nominee there a lot of even more to stay home from isn't denominate there, a lot of you we're going to say if this is somebody like Marco Rubia, whose endorsed by the US
I nowhere go to the polls and one of the reasons they're gonna say that is because, as the debate was happening well, it was happening in Rio. Time. Paul Ryan announced in the middle of the debate that he was put for a one point, six or one point. One trillion dollar package, one one trillion dollar. appropriations bill when its appropriations bill fully President Obama's executive, am it fully funds Obamacare it fully funds plant parenthood, it doesnt fund the building of a border security wall. It doesn't change any any of the laws with regard to how we screen Urien or iraqi rocky refugees. President Obama, everything he wants and it was in it in the middle of the republican debate by the republican speaker of the House and the republican speaker of the house then announced that he would push through the bill with majority Democrats, support he's proposing a bill. A majority of Republicans won't even vote for, but Democrats will. remember, Paul Ryan was the Vp Peck four years ago. Remember Paul Ryan is an establishment favorite in November
The same people up our I love Marco Rubeus. What you ve got on the one hand now this. Why thing? That's the only way to save the party right now is for the establishment to get behind crews on the one You ve got to people in the establishment who are saying we won't show up. If Donald Trump is the nominee job wish that he may not back Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the norm, which is amazing because, as you recall, there is a huge deal made, would trump endorse, whoever the republican nominee was. If it wasn't him- and he said yes, now. For some reason, it's ok for job to say no, it's okay for forever these other candidates. John case it has said this: do it's ok for him to say no, but if trumpet said who had been the under the world, so gears deal The establishment says they won't show for Trump the tree. people say they won't show up for the establishment, the only person who can bring the gap, maybe is TED crews and tell his hated so much by the establishment that there are. Leading to undermine him with Rubio So this is all looks very bad. It's all going in the wrong direction in terms the chaos inside the Republican Party and meanwhile there's Hillary Clinton just over their running her rays and by late she
popular nobody likes Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a disaster area to watch is bad anti. Vichy corrupt is all hell. She's, not entertaining she'd borings annoying only bad things about Hillary Clinton, but the Republicans get their act together because they don't know what they believe and how they want to fight they dont report. Kids just think. Ok, if we put Rubio in their the establishment, if we get Rubio in there and he wins and we'll be fine people on the people on the other side as well, yeah but Rubio's, the guy who put he proposed amnesty, I mean it truly is amazing. You have to understand this about the resistance the establishment in the Republican Party. Let me to find establishment for a moment. Establishment are the p. On the coasts with the money it out of establishment is the establishment of professional politic, and who are running the aren't right now, but mostly when people say establishment, they mean the people on the coasts with money. That's who are talking about. I met the coke brothers our establishment, guys the libertarian in their soft on social policy and again Establishment is not a slur, it's just a description,
of a certain set of values that led to a certain set of candidates. Will you ve got people on the coastline cope brothers? people like Sheldon Addison, whose an establishment guy who does believe in social policy policies at all and assorted are all these people Sort of the same perspective on religious people in the middle of the country, which a sort of who are these guys, why are we supposed to care about them, and the same thing is true of dough. in New York, in LOS Angeles, there's a real separation between the money and the grass roots in the Republican Party, and that hasn't dire ramifications because he asked move forward and the money separate from the grass roots. That's an unworkable party and that's what's happening in the region trumpets filling the gap is because he doesn't need the money and he's perfectly happy just catering directly to the grass roots now the left to saying that that, of course, by the way, speaking people who won't endorse? It won't endorse Trump joy. Bush didn't interview right after the debate in which he in which you, whenever Donald Trump and jobs jobs, I think a good voice for what the establishment is, the establishment.
It is a sort of Bush in their orientation big government not to hawkish on on foreign policy, somewhat hawkish, we're not to auction foreign policy Georgiana doubly bushes, or whether at here is here, is jet blush talking about Donald Trump and in the case of Donald Trump, he's a bully. Look having you guys interview him all the time I mean he. He has his way and to push up the post up against a little bit and pushed back. You get a sense of he's not not quite all in command and and and as he says, that in as he continues to undermine the candidacy of Donald Don't you have to remember what what the end goal here? What's the end game in the end game is, I mean right now, there's only three candidates who could win and two of those candidates definitely splintering party. So it's it's! It's I don't I don't mean to be the bearer of bad tidings here by, but this is this is a problem with having a party that has not had any unifying force for years and years and years
and the reason I M a unifying forces that unifying force exists in opposition. People always suggest that unifying forces come together around someone we need. Just all we need is action. information figure, no, the transformational figure- takes advantage of the burgeoning unity right Hitler a transformational figure in Germany, not because people just rallied round Hitler, but because people are rallying round Hitler's Anti jus anti capitalist anticommunist agenda right? That was his agenda and people rallied around at his anti establishment agenda. Actually, in Germany, I ve Republic agenda people rallied around it and he was just the focal point of that. We did the same thing, but people are reacting to book and then Obama came into, let's unify around me in opposition to Bush in opposition to the Republicans the Republicans don't understand the only person was even trying to do. This really is trump, and he that's. Why he's the only person who is exceeding okay, so it's time for some things that I first something that I like. If you ve, never read the book have you ever? Does anyone know of a read the book day of the Jackal they made a move.
Really terrible move with Bruce well US lucid, where they attempted to do this in a just and awful film there there's that now bad filled with Edward Fox, daily Jackal from seventy, but the day the jackals asked ruler ever written if you're into a kind of action thrillers it is brilliant. It is club It's not going to buy the numbers, it's not the same. Hero appearing in every book, TAT Tom Clancy, it's a one off and it is a fantastic birthday. The jackal she got pick it up by Frederick Forsyth, terrific, terrific work. Ok, things that I hate so in my little debate with patent Oswald yesterday, which apparently it always takes two days for these things, to go viral on the internet. To now it's starting to go viral and of course you got the left wing website saying he was clearly the winner because he's patent Oswald and you ve got the right. Website saying that I was clearly the winner, because I mean I I You think I was the winner, because I think that now is not that smart of a guy. To be frank with you, I think that he is a knee jerk leftist who doesn't know very much about politics. I think that he's a comedian who whose YO he thinks he's very
when form because he's an atheist, and so he has the arrogance that many atheists have to them, which is, I must be brilliant because I don't believe in God, and so he thinks that he knows politics, he doesn't. He backs Bernie Anders, even though, according to the inter, they said, yesterday's were forty million dollars. I thought the most I I have to say the lack of self awareness on the part of so many folks and left truly is astonishing. I mean really really astonishing and as an example. I will give you this this tweet I'm trying to find here here. It is though I missed this one yesterday in our exchange, because what happened is that we are tweeting, then I got my car, but some are not the car. He was treating me. Why haven't you responded to me in the last half hour, The car you douche, but in any case he he treated at me there I had did at him. How much money do you have you know what is your while you're socialist? What is your e1 about income inequality all day long? What is your wealth and how much of it you give the charity- and he writes, backed me- forty per cent of go f yourself, you snivelling creep question mark and I tweeted backed him funny.
That's exactly what I say. The socialists like you, Rick is what I say is what business is it of of yours? How much money I make or how much money He goes to the government or how much what I do with my money. It's my business! That's it you don't get to you, don't get to be a capitalist when it comes to your own money, but yet to be a socialist when it comes to everybody else's. That is One thing that I have won, the other things that came up in this exchange is Patent Oswald, suggesting that science magically turn men and women and women and men, which was always me I like hearing under educated comedians, talk about how science makes chromosomes magically change, because people think subjectively that there that they are of so I thought that we should place and video about the transgender icon and I'm not talk about some of the people who get heavily made up to go on tv. I'm not talking about that. That man who think he's a woman whose on oranges, the new black- and I can remember this person's them Laverne caught the Laverne Consummate I've met that now Cuba, Eddie Redmain in the danish girl, with all the lighting and all of the make up to make him look at me,
like a woman is humanly possible. Not gonna. Talk about that. I want to talk about this choice coming charming six year old girl. And we have a video the six year old girl was Britain. video this issue, stopping Trans relief, that, to me, stopping Trans is something I could do it be like telling me that stopping you know six were too early I was who I was, I was
as before we married, I was a trance parent for twenty three years. Floored being scared me because I didn't know how to not be Trans, Stephanie, Walsh, welcome to daily extra. You are one of the people profile than the transgender project web Series and as well the tv show and my boy or girl. Why did you decide to go so public with your story, I paid a pretty heavy price for transitioning and set a certain point, I thought have already lost everything. Eliza raising happened so ok. First of all, I should point out the spelling here not just enough that you, it Stephanie Wash right. Here is how they spelled for four people can see the video this and if you can see the video you're missing half of the fund, because Stephanie Wash is a fifty two year old fat dude, whose wearing a wig and address and is
and his delusional Stephanie is old S, T F, o n K and E Stefan knee it's not just in Zurich. I guess there. The perversion of sex is not enough. The perversion spelling has to be added. So here's the part about Steffani Wall right that it really is astonishing. So it's not just Steffani Walsh things that Stephanie washed is a woman ok and he is in New York this guy. By the way, it is deeply moral. He left his family right. He left his kids said he could go with this lifestyle, the lifestyle that he is living, is not really do The lifestyle that he's living is not just a woman into a six year old girl, It was six year old girl and I think he talks about it here- how he actually deep down inside he's, not fifty two year old. What it is six year old girl in his head and none of, can judge right. That's it signed according to Patent Oswald in company science says, but the man looking at the fifty two year old man, you're looking at according to Patton Oswalt, Walden Razor, asked land jumped and also
another raising Aztlan really was to tell you the truth. I thought it was just the king of Narnia, but it turns out that he's a commentator, but in any case they all say that science dictate that Stefan Knee Washed is in fact a six year old girl, not a fifty two year old man. Wasn't it Stephanie Key washed talk about his six year old girl miss be me and I am sure other people that it's ok to be feminine for a guy and so by coming completely out of the closet. Just liberated me to the point where let's do this, let's talk about it and let people know that this ok, two thousand and seven when I actually step forward and started getting myself educated as to. Why wasn't what this was? I was pretty naive, but that may have a tea would quickly come to a crashing.
At age, forty, six after twenty three years of marriage and seven kids Stephanie realized she wasn't across dresser. She was transgender a person whose gender is different than the sex they were assigned at birth. I'm gender queer queer where so having said that, what have you heard from people lot of feedback is a lot of positive feedback. There's a lot more people, that are trans. Like a lot of people come up to me, I get guys that you wouldn't think that are one away that like cops and bikers, and it gets very playful because you look at people- and you think you understand what they're all about
You know, when you see a guy, that's three hundred pounds would go to your poles in Harley. Am is going through my clothes and think I wear this dress, or can I kiss you and I'm weighing the dress, you don't expect it. That's right! Stephanie has moved on getting that. She will never be so enough of this, but the uncut version of this it is the cut version. The UN's what version of this interview quote, it's called play: therapy, no medication, no suicide thoughts. I just get to play even in jail where he said, nine days in solitary confinement this according to the independence. They say she spent nine days in solitary confinement, but does not explain what, for she played you made the seller kingdom and sang songs there and would not be an adult. So so she said they could not hurt her thing. If I'm six years old, I dont have to think about adult stuff The six year old girl you're, looking at here, a six old girl, you're looking at
as she was, never allowed to be a girl. She feel she's feeling that tank full of little girl experiences and loves the fact that she has access to really pretty close and doesn't have to accurate age by not adding my age. I don't have to deal with the reality of my past because it hurt it. First of all that again, this person has was seven children So much that I was not aware that biological females can impregnate another woman to the tune of seven children. But beyond that, you will give his person Think this person is totally mentally stable. The reason for this things that I hate. Second, is not because I hate Stephanie Wash. I don't care about. Seventy wash particularly much impact of your kind of terrible for this person, because I feel terrible for mentally ill people mentally ill. People need to be taken care of and they should not be humored what I hate as a society that pretends that science suggests that what you're looking out on your screen is a six year old girl. It's absurd is absurd, don't ask all society to lie and do in fact get rid of the basic differences between men and women on behalf of people who are mentally ill. It doesn't help
lemon doesn't help society impaired, as well as in all these other idiot or out there talking about so. transforming men into women it just its dick waiting to manage degrading to women and degrading to mentally ill people, because the truth is that, if we achieve our job is now to humor every fantasy and delusion of them, we held. A society is going to go downhill in quite a hurry, and it seems like it already is. Well and then happy no, do you have Wonderful again- and we will be back next week with I'm sure, More news plus will talk more about. Christmas holiday and Because oversight can say to you now as Jus miracles, this everybody. I'm Ben, the bureau. This is the venture Barroso.
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