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Ep. 433 - No Moral High Ground, Just Political High Ground

2017-12-08 | 🔗
Democrats dump Franken and move against Trump, Republicans rally around their worst people, and free speech comes under social assault – plus we check the mailbag! Date: 12-08-2017
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A breaking piece of news with regard to Roy more allegations, L, Frank and fall out, plus CNN does its best. To go after Trump on Russia and falls directly on its face, as does the entire media I'll tell you about that, one plus the mailbag, I'm bench fairly, the bench Barroso, so the news coming ass in furious today. If my energy level seems a little, the down is just because I was back from San Francisco. I was there last night doing. Sam Harris's podcast was really entertaining and funds hymns really good guy. And I, while we disagree strenuously on issues regarding religion with a lot of agreement about how arguments are to get probation. So is really entertaining good time that podcast should be up. I think in the next couple of weeks is sometimes you should listen for that about. I want to get to all the latest news particular
a piece of breaking news with regard to Roy Moors Chief accuser, there really chief accusers and therefore more case. One is a woman, ably course ministers when she was fourteen years old, that Roy more attempted to molest her and woman named Beverly young Nelson Hook. Roy more of basically putting our current, almost tempting to rape or when she was sixteen years old, she's, the one of course it came out with the yearbook the sign here, but we'll talk about a breaking piece of news. In that case, the real throws Beverly young Nelson into credibility. Crisis will time, but that in just second but first I want to say thank you to sponsors over at quip. So let me give you a challenge, find a gift: that's affordable, practical, Instagram worthy, and on top of that list I will tell you is quip the electric tube brush that looks like it was designed by apple without the high price, so quip isn't electrocute brushing carry it with the US on the road because doesn't have one. Those expensive in heavy chargers,
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a lot cheaper than it would be if you went to the store and got a more expensive, less good ones who go to get quipped outcome, Slash ban and make sure that your mouth stays clean. Ok, so the breaking piece of news this morning is that Beverly on Nelson, your member her, we played a significant portion of her audio when she first broke. News was sitting do the admirable glory already that she was Julie, molested by Roy, more the Senate republican candidate, now about when she was sixty, years, also always act in nineteen. Seventy seven she claimed that re more had met her at a restaurant was hitting on her wrote her note in her yearbook and then one night when she when, when should have a ride home, he offered to give her. I brought around the back in the car locked the door and then proceeded try, the lustre that was her claim and she trotted out this year book as proof that she knew Roy morgues more said he never marry. You know she was so she trotted out this year book and more said the forgery and she said it's not a forgery and actually lorry already went even further glory. All right said the entire thing, the entire thing is genuine and the entire thing was
by Roy more well a very bad thing. Happen on the way to Beverly young Nelson's credibility, ok, and that the Beverly young Nelson admitted in India We would ABC News that she wrote part of the inscription now shouldn't right, according to her actual moat right, Roy Moors, actual signature, but she did write the dates and the place underneath right now. The reason this problem I'll show you I'll show you what you had to say. The reason this is a problem is because if they just come out of the very beginning- and they said Roma. Wrote this note and then to remind myself where this wise, I wrote the date and the place underneath righteous. Like you, what a photo everybody Oregon. Ok, especially because there's no second note that Roy more wrote a graduation cards a seventeen year old It looks very much like this. No right the signatures look pretty much the same, but because people automatically saying this was a forgery and because glory already refused to turn it over to any sort of impartial third hand, source or secondhand source or refused turn overgrazing. Any sort of handwriting expert. Because of all this
this now throws the entire story in jeopardy. Here's Beverly young Nelson talking about this in admitting that she wrote the little inscription under the note, Jung's proof that you knew more who yearbook with this inscription, but more and his supporters have called into question that inscription, noting the right under the signature appears to be different? Let's look at apparently Nelson. Everybody knows her yearbook is a forgery. Nelson says she did make nose to the inscription, but the message: all really more Beverly, he signed your your book, he did sign it and you made some notes underneath Ok? So how number one does the GM report of his report and is not ask why, when we're than It may well be the specific notes made right. It says the date and the and the and the the place they d, this steak house there that apparently she worked now. Does this throw the entire story into into severe credibility crisis, not quite because remorse He never knew the woman he said at the restaurant didn't exist. The signal
there's again look the same. They should submit it now to an independent handwriting expert. They should have already glory already a hack. It's only ultimately glory already submit this in the first place, but there is tendency to run it too far with the story, sensing headlines, it has a headline from bribe our bombshell she'd met, she forge the signature. No, she did not admit she forced the signature. What you just saw the entirety of the tape by the actual headline over a bright by right now, to make sure that I dont give those dear you bomb on what exactly there headline is bombshell. More accuser admits forging book silence for weeks as evidence of hoax grew right, more admit admits forging yearbook. She did not admit forging me but she admitted to writing a note underneath the signature. So again, this rose or credit things can export ones won. Her credibility can be camps here. Problems now, because you didn't commit this from the start and because glory already openly stated, the entire thing was written by this woman, but
Also, true that you didn't admit to forging the entire note. She specifically said she didn't forged the entire note in this particular element. So I don't know why, People have to lie about what I really don't know why people have to lie about what exactly she admitted in order to throw this woman's credibility into crisis. I don't really understand how how that's the case. It's it's confusing to me, but and it does have a real credibility problem and they're gonna. Be a lot of people. Will hang their hats on this pact now again, she's, not the only accuser against for a more there's. Another accusers says you mustn't countries, fourteen that was the one that was tracked down by the Washington Post, their bunch of other men who say that way more was dating them and trying to kiss Dammit hit on them when they were the age of eighteen there, many of those women there are reports that whose banned from the local food court them all. But all of that said this problem for Beverly on Nelson. It is, but it shows the dishonesty of our politics number one. The glory already didn't admit this stuff up front and number two. The g. I may didn't bother to press the questions and number three that We are now saying this discredits the entirety of this.
Nature and the note because it doesn't ok. So all of those things can be true once it can also be true that This isn't really change. So some of the underlying other allegations that people are using this too, to dismiss all allegations all the other allegations are now dismissed, because there is this, this problem with Beverly young Nelson's credibility. That seems to me over as well so with all its I'm trying to be the most intellectually honest. Take I can't it's a serious problem for credibility. It series. For glory already, who once again demonstrates to the world that she is terrible, her job and a hack lawyer and and a troll, but it doesn't do it doesn't do, doesn't carry all the heavy weight and I think a lot of people wanted to carry the weight that says that Roy more is now off the hook. I think that's, that's a little better. That's a little- all stretch all that being said Roy more, is gonna win. There's no question the run wars. When this election now he's gonna win the election by its ten points, a user, winning the election, these charges and start to fade in the public, mind memory, and not only
public memory, but in the minds of lot of conservatives, because conservatives have made the concerted effort now the concerted move that they have decided at once. The initial attack on somebody like Roy. More is initially over an issue where the agree with ray more than all further attacks will be attributed two malice add motivations and fraud. The examples are the Roy more secure for Donald Trump, two, when the initial that's an were suggestions that his right. Views made him unpalatable. Then, when there are later suggestions that were of a personal nature, everybody just truck and up to media animals for Donald Trump. The same thing is true of our pilot Arizona is now apparently considering the run for the Senate. He told the daily what the daily bees Then he seriously seriously seriously considering running for the Us Senate to repay, to replace Jeff like he'd, obviously have an upper hand in the primaries eke, specifically because as in other media attacks on him because he had to be pardon. My president from then that means that a lot of people on the right think that he's a martyr to the cause
Did he somebody who is anti illegal immigration? He is somebody who is to dress up his prisoners in pink outfits. We like that sort of since you don't like crime, you don't like illegal immigration and the initial media attacks or on that stuff. Now corruption and Maricopa County Europe's office, which apparently did exist. They pay to three point: five million dollar settlement to local newspaper after trying to arrest newspaper reporters for reporting on a subpoena, but all of that puts it aside, one of the things that unites the sort of feeling for Trump and re more and then, and your pile is this feeling like if the initial attack on them was over there conservatism or over their right wing views than all further attacks must be discredited based on the malice of the media and the media help its own case when it doesn't press Everley, young Nelson, for a better explanation of why they didn't come out with this fact earlier. Why was weeks before they came out with the fact that the last two lines of this thing, at the very least according to Beverly on Nelson, were written by Beverly young Nelson? So I think that
Republicans are are being a little disingenuous if they say that all allocate against jar. Pile are false, because the initial attack on jar pile is wrong or all the allegation furthermore, our fast, because the initial attack on Roy more was wrong over the ten commandments stuff, like the fact is Roy, more says a lot of stuff. That is inappropriate. He says a lot of stuff that is bad, but because again, I think that you basically have ten seconds in the public eye to make people's minds up about what exactly You are then, once their minds been made up, it's almost impossible to change them in this. Actually, with social science. Data tends to suggest that when you walk the street. You make a decision within the first ten seconds of me, someone, whether you like them around and is very difficult to change her opinion. The same is true in politics. The first impression is the lasting impression that people have about you with regard to politics. The first impression about re more is that whose very religious guy who did the ten commandments seriously and wasn't going about a judicial supremacy, and that image has basically carried him through all of the credibility questions about him. It carries him through saying ridiculous.
Things right in just a second I'm to play. You a quote by Roy more himself that if any Democrat set at the right would be going nuts, The right doesn't care, because anything that is used was happening. More is now being seen as as bad faith. Here is a little bit of the detailed there in time by Roy more was asked by the guardian about Ronald Reagan, one saying that the Russians worthy the evil empire and the focus of evil in the modern world- and here is Roy Moors answer. The Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world. Could so the very well by merk good think? Well, we promote a lot of bad things you know like same sex marriage, that's the very argument of anatomy. Putin makes well, then maybe Putin is right, maybe he's more kinda. May then I know Ok, so I have any Democrat said that right that America's the focus Modern EU
in this world, and then they cited say not same sex marriage but by high tech but low taxes, and then they set may be put is right, we lose our minds but remorse, as it is totally fine again, because people have made up their minds about more already. The same is true. There's a quote apparently, and I don't wanna put too much stake in this quote. Read it to you and then I'll tell you why, according to the they times Roy more in September, was asked when he last thought. America was great because he's run very much on they make Amerika great again can have bandwagon and more apparently acknowledged donations ugly stryver, visibly raisin racism. In then he said, I think it was great at the time when families were united, even though we had slavery, they cared for one another, families were strong. Our country had a direction, so the waiter he has run with this is saying that remorse has less Amerika was raised when there are slavery. I don't think that's what really more is saying, but it certainly battle. Articulated it's another one of these cases where, because we just trust
media on the right. We want the entire context. We dont trust them to tell the truth, and this is just another example of why that is so that distrust of the media allows people to take oh hell, I make it into a mountain in the case of Beverly, young, Nelson and all the rest of the users and allows the ability to hang their hat on pegs that are not particularly sturdy again. Does this call Beverly young Nelson herself into Can absolutely does call glory already in the question is absolutely and I will only follow where the evidence leads when when she first can, I said I thought this was very credible. I think it's a lot less credible now that that you have this. This statement that she wrote in the yearbook herself joining completely destroys our credibility not willing to go that far, but as a problem for her. That said, for people said destroys. All of the allegations against Roma is is Overkill, that I think is, is pretty shameless. Before I go any further. A little bit about our frank and first, I want to say thank you tore sponsors. Were you s easier? So right now, do you remember that gun giveaway told about a load of earlier this week. Well, if you on- and you really do
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all of this hubbub over more much more is guilty or innocent and jar pile and trend francs, a french francs set down yesterday. He says he's into step down from Congress, because two former female staffers are now complaining of sexual harassment. Apparently francs said that he and his wife have been struggling to get pregnant and that he had discussed surrogacy with two women in the workplace and caused them to stress I'm confused Why that exactly would be sexual harassment? Unless he said, I want to put a baby anew, in which case it is sexual harassment. But if I was you work here, you seem like a nice girl. Have you ever considered surrogacy? I'm not sure why that sexual harassment per se lay guy, just maybe the power mountains, but that doesn't seem typical sexual harassment and I'm not sure we are getting the entire story and it, while all that breaks down, The republic inside the Democrats are preening. The Democrats are walking around printing. We arch, asked the moral guideposts for the United States. We are the most moral of the moral this, the new stick. The Democrats have been trying out on a regular basis. Yesterday,
L Frank and did a bad job with it right. He tried to grab the moral high ground, but that failed, because African wasn't willing to acknowledge that he done anything wrong hears what Frank and said yesterday evening in saying that he was going to resign. Not any did resign yesterday, but did you do it and is not thrown out of the Senate. I think there is significant possibility that Frank and significant possibility that Frank and actually retract his retirement and says you know what I'm a stick around now, if their power? things are going to clean house and certainly not in a leap over this here's. What more said Esther Frank and said yesterday governor
asked. Today. I am announcing that in the coming weeks I will be resigning. As member of the United States Senate, I of all people. I am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who is bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault, sits in the oval office and a man who is repeatedly preyed on young girls. Campaigns for the Senate will, with the full support of his party, ok so near he there. You just regime also comes from champion for one and instead of the women who are accusing him in then I'll wrongly stepping down anyway, it's hard for me to claim the moral high ground when you're blaming the women right. I thought the whole stick here is that women always have to be believes unless your l, Frank and Anne Frank, in himself, he in a heap.
Is it his accusers are angry, Adam, nothing for good reason, one of the franc, an accuser she comes down. She says: she's, just appalled that frank and more up to one owned up to the situation and is there anything that, for you would be justice, I I have to say that I'm so sad and appalled at his lack of reason. HANS and him owning a baton What he did. I feel that he just keeps he just keeps passing the buck, and making it out to be something that we we took his behave
here the wrong way or we misconstrued something hard for them to grab the moral high ground any case. Well, they are busy giving it away, but there's trying grabbed the moral high ground anyway, rather trying to save the Republicans, don't understand the plight of women, but we Democrats we understand the plight of women, have Azof cynical, pandering to me. What there actually attempting to do is flip description and go after more tromp right. That's the whole bull here is that ok we'll sacrifice one of ours and then we'll use their bodies as a bridge in two in order to climb the ramparts of of Trump and enjoy more that's the whole goal here, Easy Chris Matthews did they the clearest and dumbest version of this so last night, and he shall he got up. They show gonna say it takes about. Denmark has a great people, the entire world, just that a fantastic go to engineer, thoughts about the possibly positive herb, education that the public hearing you can avoid the education is that the worst Democrats is there to pure and that's it.
Everything to save it. That's the worst that you can say about these guys are too high standard for public office. Yet that's clearly the worse than you can say about democratic there to peer, then ideology That's the only examine these preening just so of a grand icing stupidity of this nonsense that the only thing Monica Lewinsky's dress disagrees TED Kennedy sexual assault victims? Disagree that the worst you can say about Democrats that there too, but this is their new ready. Now we have the moral high ground and you can see how cynical this is where democratic representative Catherine Kathleen Rice she comes down. It says you know the guy who's resign here is, of course, Trump from his lunch really go now, although Devil
rats came. Our leadership came to this issue a little late. They did call on the resignations that have happened and we need the Republicans to do the same thing. We need Paul Ryan to stand up and be the leader of his party. I know it's difficult for him to do that when the standard bearer of the Republican Party for right now is the president of the United States, and we know his history with this issue of harassment. So mindful of my call is for Paul Ryan and the republican leadership to get with the program and sort forcing people out. Why shouldn't he resigned today, like Frank, it did if you're bringing Just a for that? I have said before that he should, I don't think, that's gonna happen. It's a cynical move. The Democrats are making, but they are claiming that they have the moral high ground while they're doing it again. Two things can be true that frank and probably should go and also the Democrats are, are using this for cynical reasons, but the printing is a little more training that they did
Democrats proclaiming themselves on loan from God is pretty astonishing. Nancy Pelosi did that as well yesterday, extended it right. Not only are they Nance Pleasures defending L, Frank and until five seconds ago and John Conyers until five seconds ago? Not only does it turned out that the Democrats, direct pipeline to God when it comes to sexual harassment, they also direct pipeline to God. When it comes to legitimizing, the children of illegal immigrants who came here when their kids we're not going to turn this country into reign of terror, of domestic enforcement at jet and have do Dhaka. The dreamers pay that power but the I've am optimistic. I always had been God as well this is our country's great? We know their great Springs from the vitality that new come. Spring to Congo with us to understand theirs, holy now. Don't you see the holiness that they have in getting rid of l, Frank and has no trans? nobody, everything, including jack, I'm the killing of human babies and woman, told a nine month amazing how this has happened before everybody jumps into
I whores and talks about how the Democrats have their added their holy, and now there are, there are wonderful in there to pure, as Chris Matthews is not so much ok, so I won't a little bit about media malfeasance this is an amazing story. So CNN reported this apparent bombshell and gotta totally wrong, explain all of its you in just a second but first I want to say thank you to respond, over it. Man crates. So this is one of my favorites monitors. Men crates dot com is the best gift that you get for any man in your family is a great for dad's is great for sons, it's great for husbands. It's great or any man in your family who is really into anything from whisky, appreciation to grow master to sport, stuff, here's what it is a special basically
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and they say on the right. How could you possibly? How could you possibly not just credit the media with great reporting when they report something it's because within three hours, half of this stuff gets discredit half as much, but certain presented the stuff gets discredit. So, for example, there is a report from CNN and therefore from CNN said that on September forth, there was an email that was sent to the Trump Administration to dial J Trump to channel two Donald Trump Junior too. Members of the administration and that this email we had a key code decryption key for Wikileaks, had not yet been released publicly as a big skin. If it turns out, then that's one step removed from actual collusion and if it turns out that the Wikileaks people, at the behest of the russian government's any decryption key, the Trump administration. The term campaign
and then the trunk campaign used it in order to go in and spy on. Hillary Clinton emails before those things are released publicly. That would look a lot like collusion. Would it not? It turns out every element to the stories: bull crap, every single one, So first of all, the email was not sent on September. Fourth, before the Wikileaks we're late you sent on September, fourteenth after there are in public information needed decryption key for public information. Number two, there is no evidence that Donald from Junior or Donald Trump ever saw this email number three there's no, the email itself is legitimate. Interests come from some spammer, so the way that this originally was run the way the headline was run was something like I want to. I want to find if I can, the actual headline CNN report Trump and from Junior got September, two thousand sixteen email with decryption key right. Here's what David reference yet Twitty, twitted candidate, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Junior and others in the Trump Org received email in September. Twenty sixteen offering decryption key and
site address. Perhaps Wikileaks documents according to email provider, team, rational investigators, right bombshell before any. This is public there being for a special in by Wikileaks Acre the russian government, except again it turns It may not have come from the russian government. There's no evidence trumbull agenda and the email came ten days after the initial CNN report said, which means that the email cannot. After all, the information was public, is Brian Ross level screw up is ass, if massive screw up some needs to get suspended for it at the very least because to Miss report in that dramatic fashion, does it service to the Trump administration. Any wonder why trump runs around shouting fake news. You wonder why Republicans distrust reporting from places like the Washington Post. You wonder why Republicans have now come to the conclusion that nothing can be trusted. Part of it is because their taking the message to form a part of it is because there is a group
of truth, which is that a lot of the media are willing to jump on stories that have not been vetted and are not true in order promulgated particular narrative- and this is just the best example of that democrats- are doing monsieur Representative hooligan Castro, who has presidential aspirations here, comes out, and he says that don't worry, even though there really is no part information connecting Trump in Russia. This point disturbing things will definitely come out. I mean come on Well, as you know, I can't discuss most of that stuff now, but you know I told you months ago in when I set it back Then I think it was considered a little bit brash, but I said I think, an April that I thought that there would be people who would end up in jail and and as I stand here now, I think that they're going to be some things come out. That will be very surprising industry mother, I dare just one read the Cairo right. This is earlier. This was earlier. Yes, I exclusive undisclosed, email follow up after dawn Junior meeting with Russians interim tower, but the follow up did nationally Coming back to that either, there's no evidence
Any follow up was even responded to buy the trump people so everything. That's you and is reporting, and when you watch CNN half their coverage is about Russia stuff there. It now These are no smoking gun. There's no bullet! There's no gun like we don't even know what these stories are supposed to be proving when Are this bad and then they ate? And then again it's amazing and people are wondering how could possibly be? How can possibly be the people? Don't trust the mainstreaming of this? Why people don't trust the mainstreaming seriously. Ok, meanwhile, there's more. Out over the Jerusalem situation so dials from I have to give him credit for this trade, the sweet he gets credit for it. He movie he says of the embassy in Israel Let me now address Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as I have said, in a move of moral bravery encourage and he released this tweet which, as I have said pretty funny, Jerusalem is still the capital of Israel and must remain an undivided sitting.
Suicide. Take office. I will begin the process of moving the United States ambassador to the city. Israel has chosen as its captain I continue to serve at Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel, and I have said before, and I will say it again: Jerusalem will remain in the capital of every must remain under by. We will move the american Embassy to the eternal capital of yours of Jerusalem. Therefore, I have determined that it is time to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Heatwaves YAP. Above this I filled my campaign promise. Others didn't full credit to tramp. This is exactly true. Now, there's a lot of violence that has been breaking out around the world. There
clashes in introducing area and the Gaza Strip become ass, of course, calling for an uprising because their terrorist group that's what they do. One palestinian protesters been shot dead, but to be frank with you levels of terrorism that I've seen so far the levels of violence and I've seen so far have been relatively innocuous. They say that their rallies in Malaysia, Indonesia, IRAN, Syria and even America who people in Syria are angry. O knows you mean people in IRAN are upset. Well, I guess that change them thing because round was our best friend before you mean Muslims. Malaysia are very upset about things. Well, most people are actually getting her. Or killed. I dont really see Zola their protests. Big big freaking, deal there. Just over if you, if you said tomorrow, we're gonna have a day of rage. What we call the knock by right, that did it. Israel is established, the Palestinians Kalvanov, but the disaster we'll have a day of rage on that day, people protesting designed to Jerusalem and has to do with the fact that Israel is not simple so Thursday. Apparently there,
sixteen Palestinians wounded. They said the most of the injuries were frontier gas and rubber bullets and and, of course, you have all of the of the usual left to suspect, saying, there's gonna be the end of the world, it won't be the end of the world. Tromp was right to do it. I don't know, how the media have exacerbated the situation, Sir Richard Angle, the media like to embed the Middle EAST in in places like Gaza, and then they just stand around the cameras and watch people burn their own towns and then they treat Is though, sums to something heroic is taking place. This in Ramallah. Ramallah is completely run by the Palestinian Authority. The Israelis do not run Ramallah and Richard angle over and we see here is yours and reporting. Good morning, as you can probably see, clashes and civil unrest have broken out here in the West Bank we are on the outside. It's of the palestinian city of rural. These protesters have begun setting fires. They're burning tyre to create a smoke screen and they are falling stones and other debris it's difficult to see, but behind
in the smoke are israeli troops and they have been firing volleys of tear gas occasionally to drive the demonstrators back all these roads it is to say they are here for one reason, because Palestinians they say will not give up on their right to Jerusalem. No matter what President Trump says. Ok! Well, let me look the excitement from Richard angle. You can. The media are really turned down about all of us. What would happen? Let them use post, something What would happen if the media minimize the coverage in the same way the media, minimize the coverage of serial killers, but this seems to me very much like the coverage of the right in Ferguson or the Riots in Baltimore, the media love this and they get on and in their surprise, when violence breaks out there that doesn't wash it doesnt wash at all? Ok, so in other news that there are a couple of stories there are a kind of astonishing today, so one is with regard to yours truly So, apparently, I was supposed to speak a courtier college concord. In more headed things, New Hampshire and they had funded it
soon. Governor Association had voted to fund it in November thirtieth. They voted thirteen attend to allocate about seven thousand dollars to Young America's for freedom to fund. One of my appearances and now student leaders voted twenty eight to two against funding its. They would the funding more than a hundred citizens in faculty filled dairy auditorium for an hour long discussion leading up to the vote, the nullified upright The decision to have me and the as J sends an executive email said. Esther first goes to listen to represent an act and the feedback of students- and there will be a motion put forward to rescind the funding you're, welcome to add to the discussion during the meeting some courteously according to the merchant risen funding have asserted that reappears harmfulness. Judges targeting algae BT, Q Q, why a Elsie these and other marginalized identities, indirect oppositions, dedication of Concord, IA and Estuviere support diversity.
The inclusion of all persons, small backgrounds and identities. So this is an appeasement move. It's pretty astonishing and and pretty obvious young merits for freedom can courtier this at bringing bench. Paradox would be a sign from Korea College should they value intellectual and political diversity and they care about the mark, the rising unrepresentative conserved under represented conservative voice on campus, but they're going to do it. They decided that it's not about diversity. Instead is mostly about shutting down people who you dont. Like shutting down folks, they you know like which, of course, we already knew from our experiences in college campuses before speaking of free speech, concerns in a form of free speech concern because absolute concordance, private colleges do whatever they want. It does demonstrate that there are supposed commitment to free speech is joke, but in terms of social censure, for unpopular opinions that are true this is an astonishingly bad story. So there's a woman whose a porn star or was a porn star. Her name was August aims and she's twenty three she's down dead from an apparent suicide.
For she was bullied and branded a homophobia for refusing to shoot with a man who had sex with men on camera. She made a clear she's, not homophobic, analysed, bisexual or what sexual, but she said that she was gonna. Do it for safety reasons, so long enforcement you said that aims to early Tuesday morning in Korea, she's pronounced dead at the scene or told there is no indication affair. Play or other crime occurring. Toxicology tests are being conducted while the death is investigated. Close Francais should suffer from from depression- and they believe a recent incident with online harassment may have contributed to our death? The backlash was fierce when she took to Twitter, Sunday to warn women had been tapped- replace her too radical acts. That demand should be worked out, that she'd be working with, has films with other men, so, whichever lady performers placing into my offer erotica ex action you're shooting with I wish I gay porn. Just to let you know, BS is all I can say agents really not care about who they representing. I do my homework where my body she's ridicule those homophobic, Shiro, not homophobic, most Well, don't you guys have shot gay porn for safety. That's just how it is with me. I'm not gonna! My body
risk I dont know what they do in their private lives is how I homophobic. If I myself am attracted the women now, warnings have settled gay men is not Father didn't want have sent me either so by ok, that seems to me completely fair, but the point that she's making here is statistically true. One look at the way if Stds in among men who have acted men, are significantly higher than they are among men who have sex with women right cities among men who had sex with men are much much higher. They just are and the idea that a homosexual manner, a man whose had sex with men will is, is going a second, women in increases or risk increases, arrest, pray, pray dramatically. Actually, I'm looking up some of the statistics if I can find them from from some of the more recent cdc statistics. So what's it something really quick here, so gay, bisexual and other men who have had it is promoting CDC gave us
actual other marilla had settled. Men are seventeen times more likely to get anal cancer than heterosexual men, game sexual men are significantly more likely to have other forms of Stds. Did you see, recommend sexually active gain, bisexual men test for HIV at least once a year, Hepatitis C Hepatitis B, Donnerwetter Clytia right did. The rates are just that there higher, because there I mean there's, there's nothing else to say about that, and so the idea that this woman was basically run off twitter and she committed suicide over this? It demonstrates insanity of the social censoring that goes on, and social media like twitter, people digging up tweets. There are ten years old or finding its way. These had yesterday that's completely innocuous, then taken out of context in order her it's it's over. It's it's just overboard. It's all overboard and people need terrain it in there there's a digital Lynch MOB that exists now and it's pretty scary out there. Ok so, but I do want to get to things like things I hate and the mail that will do a nice mailbag today, but for that you're gonna have
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make sure these inscribing had download over there you to please subscribe over there. We have some funding videos coming out. You'll want to be a part of. We are the largest fastest growing concern. Replied cast and the nation is already so, what's your quick thing, I like in a quick thing, I hate, and then we will move mailbags up things. I like to ask a couple of things that I like today so watching all this hubbub over particularly crappy candidates on both sides of the Isle makes it. It reminds me of what we call the best man is not a well remembered movie. That's Henry Fungi and Cliff Robertson. Eighty atoms very good cast the movie was written by Gordon So it is a left, leaning movie, but the basic plot of it is that Henry Fonda is a former secretary of state based on Adelaide Stevenson, whose suppose running for president and Cliff Robertson is pursued based on Richard Nixon he's running for president to Cliff Robertson's, the bad Guy Henry Fund. As the good guy
Basically they are the two leading candidate for president battling it out. The question is who's gonna win and what sort of dirty tricks they'll use it and open convention in order to win? I admit entertaining, is definitely entertaining and it does say something about about what What lengths people are willing to go to for power. This is secretary of State, William Russell candidate for President of the United States. Is he the best man? You have no sense the responsibility, gourd anybody or anything, and that is a tragedy and a man, and it is a disaster, and the president is a senator joke, Cantwell candidate for President of the United States. Is he the best man? You don't understand politics, you don't understand this country. This is our huckster former president of the United States. Will he back the best man? Power is not a toy that we give to the children
on the strong man ACT for a Yoda that to get here, someone will stop at nothing. To itself, is its very entertaining and is all bets. Are the manipulations behind the scenes? It's it's definite a strange movie in the sense that a bunch of sort of wild coincidence, as happened at the same time and there's a lot of scandal going on it's an exaggeration of reality, but it is a bit of fun movie to watch the acting is quite good. Cliff Robertson particularly gives a very good performance and an ok other things that I like so believer, not ceramics, since we did something out there I like yesterday, it was not anything of contents are significance, but whose very funny back and ninety nine its patio bell saying for Christmas and Patty Labelle in Patio Bell was singing some song that I don't know. She too knows on either is the biggest is a bigger problems airs over the video patio about singing and she realizes that she actually does not know any of the words that you
now to say no. Where am I, another maybe
then You did well documented that it goes on for two minutes like this. It's pretty amazing, so thank you. Patio above are giving us all but of cheer in a dark time. Ok time for a quick thing that I hate and though that's mailbag already so thing that I hate today, there's this tweet those going around yesterday. That's just not it's from a family feminists, of course, so I needed at an even need to tell you that it was kind of crazy hurt. She calls of MRS clause, and here's agitated listen guys. Let me clarify something for you. When women spaces say men are welcome, that's not true. We're just go. To tell you know so, just to be clear, no means no, but yeah also means no. So everything means no
much, yes means yes, but it probably means no cause you're scare wondering why men may be slightly confused about what the standards of behaviour ought to be. Its folks, like MRS laws are not making things any easier here, I'll get time for the mailbag, so I went South Robin Roberts as then. What is your view on mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients? The answer is yes. Good stuff. They the reason that you should have mandatory world to drug testing for welfare recipients is because there should be some is attached. If the idea on welfare is to get you back to work, we don't want you drugging out you're free time and then going and getting my taxpayer dollars to sponsor you're drunk. Have matthies as heavy, knowing that Trump has declared Jerusalem, be Israel's capital and promised him of the embassy to regret not voting from last year. We consider voting from for reelection. I personally feel outs which my vote him. So as far as regret my vote, I could only based my vote on the evidence that was in evidence at the time, so I've sent me. I think that I was wrong backdrop
father. I was wrong about him on course, which I think is governed much more conservative. Then the evident suggested that he was going to tat point. I didn't they. Who's gonna do really just in Jerusalem. He did it and have given him. I think more than four points on that. As far as what I consider voting from next, I'm sure I can serve photo from next time now. Look at the since that come up and was your. We are in three years, but yeah, of course, consider voting from next time. I consider voting from last time, so I think that you can only make your decision based on the evidence that was at hand at the time, but he has exceeded MAX max actions in a variety of ways in some areas is not, and I've been clear on that as well Joseph says. I then I believe from a theological on historical perspective, Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, but how do I argue against those who contend that it can't end it after seventy ad, the Jews were evicted through military means, I must have lost their claim to the land Kids are native Americans make the same historical, an ancestral claims about the southwestern United States and the answers the reason being because even after the expulsion of Jews and seventy eighty juice had a continuous presence in the land and theirs ever an independent state of Palestine that existed outside of jewish rule is always part of
Roger Empire. It was never an actual state or land that was run by an independent conglomerate of people that just never happen so the longest lasting group of people. It's more like a native reservation, then it would be like anything else. In this sense, the Jews were, we're always there and maintained a presence there and again. If you look at the original native american treaties in the United States before the trail of tears, now attempt to force Indians off their land in Americans authorizing is good case that those people should be allowed to sound an alarm.
Heather, says Hiven, I'm a big fan of greater respect, your values. Politically and personally, my question is religiously base. I'm a critical care registered nurse. I've had some emotionally taxing events at work. Recently, I've never considered myself religious person. Lately I felt a desire for spiritual guidance who do not belong to a church. Nor does my family giving advice on how should begin what. I think that you have to decide whether what you're looking for is a community experience you're. Just looking for a comforting religious thought or deep religious thought, I think that good beginning religious thought Cs Louis. I like a lot of cs. Louis's work should go check out his religious thought. I have recommended many of his books, including the abolition of man and a mere Christianity microeconomic Joe. I think, there's a lot more Christianity pretty when the first third before it gets to the super christian part that I agree with, and so that is, that is worth checking out as far as the community. They are looking for our check out. Some churches, see where you feel welcome, see where you feel like you find people who think
along the same lines of your questions, does the pastor is our or preacher some or warp priest? Somebody who is ins answering these questions in a fair and honest fashion. Morgan's has been. How do you know you want to marry your wife and how long it takes me to propose. I knew I want to marry her for a couple reasons. So I think that here is the typical pathway for men. Deciding they want to get married first, there has to be physical attacks ok, it's just the reality. When men are our first attracted a woman is because there is a physical attraction deployments. My wife happens, be smoking hot. So this definitely was the was the initial draw, but the. In the first date I mean I did a lot of women one time and decide on one day anymore, because they were not either intellectually stimulating or have the same values not only that there is more than just a spark. There is what I'm saying it's easy to find. I think a certain level of chemistry prickly sexual chemistry with people. I don't think that's the hardest thing in the world by what is
Finally, somebody who shares your values and my wife and I on our first date for three hours, discussed, free will and determinism and how many kids we, wanted to have, and we were waiting for marriage I, and so you have to do it- you d, not sitting so that with the checklist, but you do have to have a group of things in your head that you want out of a spouse, and I don't mean like they're, going to shine your shoes or make dinner for you, I mean things like what kind of what do they want to build on what kind of values they hold dear because that stuff you gonna be able to build a future on Jonathan Height has a chapter in the happiness hypothesis about love, and one of things he points out is that when you first meet your potential mate, then the level of passion, passionate love is, I think, was a passionate loving. Canada, love. Comparing passionate love is like here on the scale and companion, love, meaning how well you know the person how much you love them for who they are. As a companion is down here, and this falls off from around six months. Passionate love falls off within six months or a year a couple years. The most
mean that doesn't exist anymore, but it just is different. Ok, I can tell you somebody's Mary for ten years, the feeling they have your spouse predicted. The kind of the kind of firing need that you have for your spouse at the very beginning. I is not. The same fight is not the same. Burning need that you have your spouse throughout your life and the companion, a love tensor, I so passionate love declines. Companion love rises. Desolation. Happen because companion loves more important when you're building life in building a family who you want to have sex with his is a pretty arbitrary decision to a certain extent Ok so Tanner says I then have a quick question. My older brother got a girl pregnant. He has only been dating from eighty a month and a half does not know what to do. He was seldom get married with the girl. Take responsibility for the kid she's unwilling, I'm married and take responsibility for the kid transport the kid up for adoption of members, which my brother does not want to do. I want to give him some helpful advice. What should he do? Well, here's my feeling, if he, if, if she's, not gonna, take care of the kid and he is not going to get married and up the can have a spouse. Adopting
or if your parents are not available to adopt children, children need a mother and a father, a single father, now that solution. A single mother, is not a good solution. If, though, the only two solutions on the table, but take it up for adoption. Give put them in a loving to parent family would be of benefit to the child is do you know? I did that the best outcome biological, mother and father bring up child on average, not for every family, but on average, but it is more important. Is the child grow up into two parent family, a solitary parent families, and that your brother, be with his own child, have been active tremendous self sacrifice by our brother actual, I think too, to put the child and the best living scenario. Unless your parents are willing to adopt the kids. The kid Joseph says you think trumps become more conservative since first ain't office. Why are we not it's hard for me to say whether from himself has become more conservative, I'll say that this policy has become more conservative? Is policy unless we can a half last few weeks have been as conservatives anything I've ever seen more conservative than than outside the Reagan administration. Last couple weeks, medicine
I am personally, I never get into business of reading what's going on in down from side, because I think that that's a risky business Genesis Heaven after years, warnings learned the violent I finally caught up the money about my first violent I've been taking lessons for a few months now, but I'm curious as to what advice would be one we're into play or is the most important thing to remember one playing while I mean it's a different based on their skill levels. So when you become as good as I am aware, when and when you ve been playing for fifteen years and better be good debt pointers or quit when you when you ve, played I've been playing since I was five years old. So what you think about then, is making sure that there's musicality to what your plane they are actually thinking about what you want things to sound like when you are at beginning stages. It is really practice practice practice. Make sure that all the muscle, memories and Place Metro NOME is your friend. People tend to lose tempo. Intonation is your friend. If you have somebody who can play the piano that would definitely help, because otherwise, you end up with us or bizarre relative patch Tyler's is what individual in american history has caused the most damage to the country. This is a good question
there. There. There are many individuals who caused tremendous damage to the country. I would say, there's very solid case for women. Only slight slaveholders dad put Woodrow Wilson up there.
Out put after our up there. I would put L b j up there. Their number of demagogues, I think, have driven public opinion the wrong direction. I it's hard to name one person, but the outdated did. The levels of the legacy of slavery continues to continues to cruelly diviner politics, even though we all agree that slavery is bad now Danny says, I'm a cradle catholic. I take my faith extremely seriously. However. In the past few years I felt extremely drawn a Judaism, which is where my christian faith has roots. This attraction is gone ever stronger eve through my own research and also because of your inspiration. I wonder what your opinion was unchristian celebrating Conniston pays off, so the whole offered opinion is the Christians they the kind of the jewish law opinions. The Christian should celebrate these things. I will you know out a bit of heresy here. I think that is fine for Christians to celebrate these things. I think anything that connects you to the God of the judeo Christian by religion is a good thing and Jesus celebrated pass over. So I dont really see the problem with this per se, so
The the in fact my family has invited non Jews over to pass over four years and for Hanukkah parties. So if you wanna go forego for it, whatever, whatever makes you feel closer to got Christophe says, can I believe your understanding of abortion be somewhat flawed or at least there's one part of your position. You ve not been clear about this pertains when you define light to begin to introduce what I mean, let me pause very practical question and one very applicable to good hearted couples that want to have children for having difficulty doing so. You support in vitro fertilisation. This procedure always results in the destruction of several embryos are couples. Pursued this method of fertility killing humans in the process, so they are ending a human potential incipient human life IVF I have always said that if you have the money to use every fertilized eggs, that's how I believe should be performed. In fact, I have said this, and there is a member of my synagogue who his wife had gotten in vitro and she had frozen.
The left over egg and they're gonna, throw it away, and his wife said. I dont think that that's moral named planted the egg and they had a baby, and this baby is now their child. I think that every every fertilized eggs ought to be treated with the respect due to, at the very least, potential human life, and so, if you are going to treat in vitro animals moral possible way, you don't creates fertilized eggs just for destruction. Instead, You implant, the number fertilized eggs that you're willing to bear to fruition Michael spend. What is your thought on the amount of money we spend on a military? We spend it it's less about amount than what we spend the military money on and, in some cases were spending and on frivolous nonsense. In systems. We don't need no that, but I don't really have problem with our spending enormous amount of money on the military, I think, is one of the only decent functions of the Government Party Nicholas.
How did then, what you thought on the Rockefeller Cardigan Vanderbilt monopolies also gi, while we're going back to like eighteen, eighty years great I. What do you think the government? Would you think the dominoes right to break up the standard oil trust ensure the government of broken up other monopolies? So I think that the government was not right to break up the trust. I think a lot. Press. Busting was based on a fallacious assumption about how my lot monopolies actually operated a lot of those monopolies, we're not actual monopolies, and I think that allowed the trust. Busting was basic class warfare that was taking place at the time to speak, to specific trust, our dash after two or more research on that. So I will do that. Let's see ok, final and Philip says, as a small, limited government proponent. What suggestions would you have to rationalize? desire to finance at a historic highs and literally sheet for the stars on the outer space science exploration. I get the lower earth orbit launched in deliveries to the I s are best suited to pray. Entities, but there seems to be very little motivational reward for private entity like space x, to explore for the sake of exploration, why things have to talk about two Elon musk about that,
because I believe that the only mosque is actually talked about doing deep space exploration, I if its privately funded will, I think, be great. The only purpose for actual government funding a deep, deep space exploration would be for defence purposes or for the possibility of creating. You know. New cures disease or something creating new inventions. But as a general rule, I think that NASA funding Non connected to defences is mistaken, should be best left in private hands. I do think private funding will fill in the gaps there. S space exercise, ok, we'll be back here on Monday, have a wonderful can I much brothers dimension Barroso, Debenture Bureau show is produced by math? Is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer? Jonathan hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Zangara Audio missed by my core Mina Heron make up is by just one of era. The bench of Euro show is
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