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Ep. 439 - Is Trump Finally Winning?

2017-12-18 | 🔗
Republicans are on the verge of a breakthrough, Trump finally has a strategy to deal with the Mueller investigation, and Democrats play with fire. Plus, our full and complete breakdown of the new Star Wars! Date: 12-18-2017
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Republicans are finally on the verge of a breakthrough. President Trump has a strategy to deal with Robert Mueller. The Democrats are trying to defend African and I will we full and complete breakdown of star wars complete with spoilers, but don't worry I'll do that here. The initial adventure here this is the bench of erosion yeah. Oh yes, I have so many thoughts on the new star wars, film. I cannot even begin to explain so many thoughts in denial get to all of them. A little bit later in the program will also talk about President Trump and finally, it seems has the Democrats on their heels at the end of the year and Democrats, don't really seem to know quite what to do we'll talk about all that in just a second. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at dot com, so rings mission is to make neighborhoods safer today over a million people, use the amazing ring a video door about we use it in our house. It is great and helps keep my how safe one of the reasons is. Whenever I mean towns humbly rings the doorbell the way People rob homes. Typically, they bring the doorbell, see if your home and then, if you're, not they break it. I can pick up the ring from my thoughts.
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ok. So we begin today with the with the latest on the Mueller investigation. Now here's the robber Mueller, these special investigator into Trump Russia collusion, he's obtain tens of thousands of prompt transition emails. Now you may ask what exactly do the trump transition emails have to do with collusion during the election cycle? There course nothing. But this is sort of the problem for the Mueller investigation, which seems to be falling apart, pretty quickly all the crimes they are now investigating. Half the dude secondary crimes lying to the FBI, maybe transition stuff, but nothing to do with that. Central contention right that Trump and the Russians worked together to rig two thousand and sixteen election against Hillary Clinton. This was the entire motivating factor behind the investigation in twenty. Sixteen in the entire reason Democrats been so animated about it now so special counsel Mueller as a pain, med and tens of thousands of trump transition emails, including emails with Jared Kushner transition,
forces told the axiom Trump officials discover Mueller had the emails, what is prosecutors, use them as the basis for questions two witnesses? The sources said the males included twelve accounts, one of which contained about seven thousand emails. The accounts include the teams, political leadership in foreign policy team. According to the sources. Apparently Mueller did this perfectly legally. He went through the G s aid, the General Services administration. They hosting transition email system and they have capacity to resolve easy males. The transition emails are include, include sensitive exchanges on matters that are good potential appointments, gossip about the views of particular senators involved in the confirmation processes, speculation about vulnerabilities of term nominees, etc. What does that have to do with collusion? The answer is pretty much. And meanwhile, while Mueller is going after Trump over supposed collusion that we have no evidence exists. We now know that the Obama administration was colluding with Russia to help around
so, this is a story out of political european version. Pretty amazing story a report of this over a daily wire today, there is clear evidence that the Obama administration colluded with the russian government to freeing islamic terrorist responsible for the deaths of Americans in order to appease IRAN to pave the way for the Obama administration. Iran nuclear deal is a report from Josh Mire of political. Then, a report that Ali Facade but lebanese arms dealer and quote suspected top Hezbollah Operative whom agents believe reported to russian President Vladimir Putin was captured by the Czechs and twenty fourteen. Why I'd Habitant cited in the? U s now you would expect the Obama administration to move for him to be extradited correct nothing of the sort. Your mom administration did not put the extradition instead by odd, ended up in Lebanon or he's back at his terrorist work, is particularly active in supplying weapons to the barbarous syrian regime. That's not the only thing the Obama administration did on behalf of lebanese terrorists. Accordingly,
Let it go. Administration officials also blocked or undermine their efforts to after other top Hezbollah. Operatives project, Cassandra Agents and other invest it or sought repeatedly to investigate and prosecute I'm the last Sophia Dean fast. As long as envoy to IRAN, whom they considered the linchpin, has blessed colonel network. The Justice Department refuse, in other words the Obama administration, was working with the russian government to make sure that there is no crackdown on, because melodic they're afraid would take off the russian We also know President Obama's offering flexibility to the Russians in the middle of the twenty twelve election, saying that he had flexibility after the elections I go, if put, which is back off all of his concerns about missile defence for the moment, all of which is to say, there's one evidence of actual russian collusion among the Obama administration members than there is among the Trump Administration members at this point, at least with regard to elections and even with regard to policy, because it turns out that even like Flynn was trying to do. I get Russia to not pushy a resolution at the. U N condemning Israel didn't work, so the actual evidence
collusion is basically nil, which means that Trump has the upper hand. Now in the investigation, apparently Trump is, is pretty sanguine about it. There's a report out today. The Trump expect Mueller to basically clear from himself in the very near future, that's right from set over the weekend. Use asked: are you gonna fire Mueller, and here is an answer. The president last night quashed Capitol Hill rumours that he was poised to fire space. Council, Robert Mahler, what else? What are you deprive? Ok, he he's obviously angry the press for saying then he's gonna fire Mueller. As well, he should be any, and I think that he is right when he says you are you surprised, like guys? I know you want me to do it, I'm not going to do it. Why should he do it? Mules investigation has already been compromised by the people who are inside of it. It's already been shown to be, at least in part. Poet
or at least there are those suspicions, there's not evidence that he did anything. So I went fire Miller. Why not just wait it out? It is a question I asked on Friday. Why not just wait the sound and here's the president has come to the same conclusion, especially because it appears the president is now winning on a series of subjects. Tax cuts are supposed to be voted on tomorrow in the house in the Senate, so we will have a tax reform bill before miss their tax reform bill does lower taxes for virtually everyone in the United States, including corporations may have quibbles with the way that it structured. I have quibbles with it too. It is a good bill, It also gets rid of the individual mandate as it currently stands. That means you will not be mandated to buy your crappy Obamacare programme anymore, the what says: that's terrible, because now people Lose their health insurance? Well, people losing their health insurance are people who don't wanna, buy their health insurance according to the king.
Your budget office. So there's a big when for Trump, if this happens, it sort of partial repeal of Obamacare included in the tax reform, then Trump obviously very excited. There's report today that the last quarters growth has been revised upwards. Almost four percent of GDP Growth, which is an amazing level of growth, even had in years. There is president from talking about that yesterday, the economy. Now as if we pursue nobody, thought would be anywhere close. I think we can go to poor five and maybe even six ultimately, eight percent its voice in dollars? We are back, we're really gotta start Iraq. We need this, As our final push, I needed to see some numbers that a great but most of
you're going to see great jobs, jobs are gonna come for a fact is. It is really very much ok, so there has been there. There haven't good quarters before there is a good quarter in two three of twenty fourteen, for example, who is amendment five percent, but if from has the same level of growth, he's gonna do Just finally, he's gonna be in better shape, and he knows it. He knows it and that's why you're, seeing all the Republicans come out now and say well at the investigation before it? Who cares just let the investigation do what the investigation is. Gonna, do no Biggie GNP senator length for from families from Oklahoma. He comes foreign. He says, yeah, there's no reason to attend this investigation. This might yet it's very serious really live someone inside what they got into Germany is was a director the investigation one where the other, while he was on the investigation, is something they can go back repair and look and savers ain't gonna buy, sits in it, obviously analysing it the entire process, but it certainly taste tanks that season of an added something should look at with any political invest
nation that he was all the time, and the Good NEWS for President RUB is that even if the investigation was badly for him at this point, it's been so politicized that there's gonna be a bevy of people come out and say this thing is just to political Janine. Piero, of course, will lead the way on Fox NEWS. She says that the FBI agents involved should be jail now. This is over the top, but it's also the angolan people, don't take them at how House investigation. Does it all started when card call me destroyed our FBI with political hacks to set events in motion to destroy the republic because they did like the man we chose to be our president, will it's time to take them out in coughs hook, Pisa, this obviously over the top from Janine Piero, but there will be a lot of people who do who do sort of say this right who move in this direction and from knows it's a trump has the upper hand. Now here's the apprehension policy, it's the end of the year, and it appears that should get some things done. He knows the investigation doesn't seem like it's going anywhere else.
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that you shouldn't. You shouldn't take congressional losses as a referendum on him right. Here's what he said remember Republicans are five unknown congressional raises this year. Amid something else had erases the media. Refused I mention this I said Gillespie and more would lose for very different reasons, and they did. I also pretty it I would win and are no eyes and scare courts there again. The president needs a remedial course on scarecrows. Republicans will do well in twenty eighteen, very well. So in number one, I guess there's a prediction that we can now take the bank because he's good at breaking things as the president, but this idea that congresses jungle welcomes tropical- well, it's not really accurate. That said, France accomplishments this year are greater than they appeared like. There are going to be say three months ago, but not only to have Gore censure that twelve pellet court nominees have been confirmed. We have a tax bill that looks like it's gonna through repeal of the individual mandate on foreign policy, the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem, the kick back against the Iranian Nuclear deal, it did the President
is moving. I mean that there is no question that the trumpet Congress are moving they're moving slower than I would like this in their their first. Real major legislative accomplishment will be this tax reform, but it is a major accomplishment for him and he needs it badly right now. The pole on me on the tax bills are not great right. There's a new mind with pull out today. Show in twenty six percent approve forty seven percent disapprove. Fifty percent the throne taxes will go up verses for ten percent who say down? You know why that is that, because of the media- and this is why, when president from proves the media, I think that would be wonderful. If the present would stick to the facts, because there are so many reasons to dislike how the media cover these things. The media, suggesting that people's tax or can we go up, is insane factually speaking, the vast majority of human beings and the United States. We get attacks, cut the media, keep saying this is skewed towards the wealthy. Well, what do you expect non wealthy people, dont pay taxes in the United States have acted middle class upper class people
so we will pay taxes and by enlarges upper class people who pay taxes, people who don't make a lot of money do not pay income tax in the United States or you think you're gonna get major tax break but always means information does have an impact. But what's amazing about this, the media do not understand why their credibility is going to find out. The media have basically expended their credibility to get from this. The trade they were willing to make there are going to go out on a limb and say untrue things. Plainly untrue things in an effort to stop President Trump and then their surprise, when no one takes them seriously and are angry. That fox continues to dominate the ratings and they continue to call Fox propaganda in our brain cells or on CNN. Yesterday, for example, he says you're fox. They they took my propagandists over Fox Silicon Propaganda network Kurt what is going on here,
think you're, seeing exactly that Fox NEWS is based on become de facto state run propaganda. Its state, controlled state run television. That is beginning excuse directly from the White House. I don't know how anyone could look at what's going on right now and not reach that termination trumpet where use is not as if the White House is literally running box or you saying they are well. If you look at the coverage, it's yours seems like they are. They have gone so far, and I remember the days brain when what you saw on pages like bright boy, were concerned, the fringe it was considered so far beyond the mainstream. Not even Fox NEWS would touch what was on this page is now Fox, has gone almost further than bright Bart, and you have right now at this second there's an ad running, indifferent, Margaret with Fox NEWS, contributor, Tommy, Lauren, advocating and in this. Attacking the Miller investigation. Ok, so you know I like hurt, but when Kurt does this insane and humorous, it did the same pot kennel situation, Hey CNN, suggesting that other networks are involved in propaganda. Let me you
go panel that was talking about President Trump and misogyny okay. This is out like propaganda to you. Then I don't know what, What do you agree with me that this has helped cursed Angela brand? I do the one piece I disagree with as that president and that this was a one off. That would be one thing, but this is a guy who, as massage Janine is DNA, who ran as a massage nest, I'm sure that wasn't on his bumper sticker, but that was part of who he was and who he ran us. So this is completely in line with that. That's why people heard what they heard from the tweet- Jen, sacking CNN political commentator. Also, the former State Department spokesperson for Barack Obama were but they're, not propaganda network razor up when, for example, overt CNN says of the republican tax plan, is ushering in a bleak future right. The universe gonna end because of republican tax
in the medium and long term, effects of the plan are clear: a massive drop in public investment, which will come on the heels of decades of declining spending as a percentage of GDP on infrastructure, scientific research, skills training and core government agencies. The United States cannot costs on past investments forever and wood this legislation. We are ushering in a bleak future, really we're ushering in a bleak future, because I had to keep more of my money- and I love this idea that we must stop spending where the spending cuts I'm missing. Spending cuts, neither are no spending cuts, is one of the problems with the bill right. I would prefer there be spending cuts. This idea that, although we definitely need more money for for infrastructure, we definitely need more money for for scientific research that that's really where the cuts are happening here. What does he do
about if there are cuts those countries would come in the form of Medicare or Medicaid or Social security right. That's where the real spending is growing is not occurring in the off Bren spending categories. The big spending in the United States sixty six percent of the federal budget. Two thirds of the federal budget is Consumer Medicare, medicate, social security. That's where restructuring needs to take them but you wonder why the media's losing credibility at the same time, their attacking the tax plan as the end of the world, a merit, we have about opinion to this, because the media still has power down. There is one area where I think the right is wrong. The right has been saying for years what we now have the upper Nobody listens to the media anymore. People stop lessons media on their character, descriptions when the media say that Trump is a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic. This stuff, american people largely just ignore because will make their own judgement on that when it comes to the material in bills. American people don't have time to read one thousand page tax bill and they
and to take the talking point this year on the tv. So if you just watch for Jack right, what you would assume is it the Republicans just cut spending by an enormous percentage, as opposed to cutting taxes by an enormous per cent, there's no one in their does for exactly I talk about what actually happens to your taxes. A tax plan is about tax reduction. Spending plan would be about spending reduction. There is nothing about spending in the tax plan. Villages demonstrates again now that the left wants to save, Propaganda, oh was in fact has its land, but the media have their own slant and president from is not wrong to knock the media slant on all of this. The media have been imploding in destroying their own credibility on this stuff for quite a while. So it's not a tremendous shocked to see that President Trump is is surviving and not only will survive and appears appears. Mahler investigation is not really can go anywhere. If that happens, you can watch the media implode.
And this sets up a serious problem for Democrats, a really serious problem for Democrats. It sets up a problem. The Democrats who set up outside the expectations for their own for their own party, I mean entire democratic base believes that from now on the verge of falling over. If you talk to a Democrat, it sounds like from his gloomy impeach tomorrow or Trump is going to resign tomorrow or trumpet going to die tomorrow this how democratic talk Heath Overman's had this when he reside well, My job is yours Don, because it turns out that President Trump he's going to leave right now like that that they're talking this nonsense for web and their living its enemies, though there on the verge of gauging president trumpet the truth is they have no intention of doing any of those things are not going to impeach President Trump, because it would not be politically beneficial for them to impeach President trump if they were to move against President Trump from would actually gave in the polls. The same of the
couldn't get in the polls in nineteen? Ninety eight, when the Republicans move for impeachment, if they were to go after Trump unfairly, there would be a rally round the Trump effect and say it's the opposite of what they want, and some Democrats are not stuck between a rock and a hard place. They've been promising that Trump's agenda is going to fail. It's not they've been promising that President Trump, to leave office and ignominious disgrace. Not that he's not them we re elected, but that he's going to have to resign due to financial impropriety corruption collusion with the Russians, that's not going to happen either, and the Democrats are beginning to sense that they are in serious trouble here. The Democrats are beginning the sense that if they push this thing too hard, there could be a real problem for them. So Doug Jones, the recently elected senator about a Democrat he was asked. Should president from be re, should he resigned over sexual harassment allegations indulgence? Oh there's gonna be blow back to him and other Democrats. If they push this way, so here's Jake, Tapir, rightly pressing him on it and Jones basically saying nobler than at present- is where I am on that right now is that those allegations were made before the election and so people
an opportunity to judge before that election, we need to move on and not get distracted by those issues. Let's get on with the real issues that are facing peoples of this country. Right now and I don't think that the president ought to resign at this point will see how things go, but certainly those allegations are not new and he was elected, where those allegations of front centre and remember now. He came out and said she was not going to support impeachment right now. Major democratic they're, not gonna, support impeachment fag major Democrat Sound, like they want to try and work with Trump, because they know from may not be going anywhere. Ok, the incumbent always has a major advantage going into a presidential election, so Democrats have sold their base a bill of goods and that is going to come home to them in a serious way could seriously in twenty twenty I'll explain why in just a second the first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at dollar shave club to hear me talk about the great shame that I get right here under my Chinny Chin Chin for my dollar shave club razor, especially when I use their Dr Carver's shave butter. Well,
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and then what I'm saying is that this is do it. President Bush shed cut taxes on the wealthiest, it's gonna leave to growth. Wages are gonna, go up. That in two thousand one two and three that was the the the decade the least amount of growth we ve had since the great depression and what I'm saying is we need to take down dated homes. We need that we need that trillion dollar infrastructure build at the President promise howling name. Are we gonna pay for that? If we're borrowing two trillion dollars from China to do the tightest? Ok, what if Trump comes forward early next year with his giant infrastructure plan or what, if he calls their bluff? What are these as lesson? I spent some attacks. Can tax bill. It's done now you warning or infrastructure, but I'm really give it to you. What Democrats do today embrace him? Did you run away from him? or did they do. A Bernie Sanders does version and to be the only intellectually coherent Democrat. He says going to vote against the tax cuts and then he says, will vote for the infrastructure, but with the knowledge that a democratically take Congress will have to raise taxes. Is that are working plan trump. They have the democratic Supervision
up here, because if he cuts taxes and peoples, you a little bit more money in their in their mailbox and turns other taxes didn't go off. They went down, I might add that more of the few people in America is tax and will go up in all likelihood thanks to the Trump built, but most people will have a tax reduction if you have their tax reduction. Then, from comes along, says? I want the infrastructure Bell and Democrats vote with him on infrastructure that puts them in them. Mission are now having to argue that they want to raise your taxes again. Is that a warning what legal arguments this ethical winning political argument from Bernie Sanders, but a few I'd, say, control or corporate tax is going up. I think gonna take a very hard look at this entire tax bill and make it a tax bill that works for the middle class and working families, not for the top one percent and large multinational
cooperation, but there is no question that that, in order to achieve all of the things you want to, taxes will have to go up and corporations if they're down to twenty one. As a result of this legislation, you can't find the money anywhere. Absolutely yes, so that, in my view, absolutely ok, so amazing rate trump may have them Buxton, because he actually decreased the tax revenue and increase the spending forcing democratic immigrate to embrace the increase spending and also to embrace an increase in taxes. Now here's the plan for Democrats, if their trap this way and if they don't move against from it, they don't try to impeach the president what they do next, where do they go? You can easily see a Democrat in twenty twenty running on a primary ballot where there's been damaged as part of the federalist setting its good one can easily see Democrat going so crazy, the trumpets still it often twenty twenty- that they decide denominated Dennis percentage type, some actual nutcase they decide to dominate somebody so crazy, far left that, though,
hi is plunging the moon and then that person goes crazy during the election cycle and they loosely from again rickety trump winning real action on the back of this now listen. None of this is to say the Trump has the upper hand in twenty eighty here, because the statistics just want back that up. But if Democrats think the Trump is just going to fade into the water they ve got another think coming, especially because the Democrats can't even get their own house in order. There's a story out today that for democratic senders now want to keep out Franklin, two weeks ago and the Democrats were saying that they wanted the moral high ground on sexual harassment in sexual abuse that was predicated on notion that why more was gonna win that sentence he now Obama. He did not win that seventeen Alabama, and so now the Democrats, are left basically with their pants around their feet, because what they do they can have the moral high ground breaking up the Astor Guy and Republicans don't have the moral low around anymore. They didn't embrace more. So what later the Democrats, it is now the Democrats or trying to walk back. The Democrats dont want to be in a position of calling on for number one and number two Democrat
don't actually more lose half their senators because of sexual harassment allegations when the Republicans don't have to do the same. Remember why more lost it doesn't look like the republican support, sexual abuse and harassment is etc. Political win in some ways. For the Republicans. So now there are four separate democratic: nurse or saying they want L to stake, they're afraid of the precedent that this is going to set show once again that, as I said two weeks ago, this is not about the moral high ground. It was about using the political high ground. The Democrats, nothing they dont have the political high ground, so they want Franklin reinstated, Hey Joe Mansion of West Virginia, he said quote what they did to ours, atrocious the Democrats. He said it's the most hypocritical thing. I've ever seen done to a human being and then have enough guts to sit on the floor. Watching him give his speech in over and hugging. That's hypocrisy. At the highest level. I've ever seen my life made me sick pathway. He did not case them. We have from remarked he had called for Frank and to leave. Apparently he secretly told Frank and your grits doing so to other centres. You cited against Frank and have apparently top political. They like see Frank and stay together,
because you're trying to rehabilitate this guy who's photographs, Nearly gravel woman's boobs and has been apparently alleged multiple times grab women by, but neither trying to rehabilitate that guy look rats or unless they're unbelievable enough. Chris Matthews has now been caught up in the sexual harassment scandal. There are allegations that Chris Matthew, so I would say, peace settlement for replay patently what happened the current data car, because many a gap in show when the office just sexist things. The women unbelievable, is what it says what they said over Emma over ANA Nbc. According to NBC News, NBC paid severance to a female staff or in nineteen eighty nine work accused Chris Matthews of sexual harassment. Matthews was making inappropriate, jokes and comments to this. Female staff are in front of us,
people, NBC C News reported that confidentiality agreement could not reveal the amount given to the staff, but the daily collar reported that it Forty thousand dollars and MSNBC spokesperson told NBC News that during that time, when the matter was brought up, Matthews also received a formal reprimand for what he did already so Chris Matthews is in trouble and now turns out that Linda's, our sore shock of shock is in trouble. There's a store Today again the Democrats set the standard because the war, the moral high ground, and they want to political on on sexual harassment. Another gonna have to get rid of it because all of their own people are getting caught in the net. According to the New York Post. Controversial muslim activists and women's March or as a Linda's, our sore bullied and underling to cover up sex abuse allegations in her Brooklyn office. Ass me, Fava, Bab told the daily call. A man repeatedly rubbed his crotch on her while she worked for the association under source or in two thousand nights. But when faithful Bab reported Libya's source or a self proclaimed Feminist
CO, founder of the women's marked organisation that came the woman and threatened a blacklist, her from political jobs, woman told me say club you oversaw environment, unsafe and abusive, two women, women, it puts our so on a pedestal for women's rights and empowerment deserve to know how she really treats us. Apparently they, the daily collar, spoke with a bunch of other people about this, and they confirmed it I, so if it appears that women's March organizer and feminist icon Linda's, our sore was involved in all this, so Democrats are not gonna have to go, moral high ground to regain the political high ground, and the irony is just too rich it'll, be hilarious of L, Frank and is the book one well known sexual abuse or in the Senate after Roy more loses his Alabama centre. Raising the Democrats end up with their face for having to re embrace a guy who they threw overboard five seconds ago, while in just a second. I want to talk about the things I like and things I hate but you know I won't actually reverse that today, so the weather and do things today, because because I have such a long take on stock,
work is going to start with our discussion of the federalist paper. So, typically, we do the federalist papers at the the shell, but now and into the Federalist papers a little bit earlier. So I ve been doing a federalist paper every week and we are now up to federalist number AIDS. A federalist number, eight is written by Alexander ammo. Alexander Hamilton in this federalist paper discusses at length how american wars would be, more bloody than european words? This is his excuse for saying that America needs to be. It needs to be one country's opposed to many. So here is what Alexander Hamilton says he says in this, together, reverse. He says that we'd be more bloody than european wars, because in Europe you have a bunch of small standing armies that basically fight one another, but they don't threaten. Civil liberties. Here civil liberties. He says war in America, Blamore Comedy says in this country. The scene would be altogether reverse the jealousy Military establishment would postpone them as long as possible. The want of fortifications leaving the frontiers one state opened another would facilitate inroads. The populace states would, with little difficulty,
run their less populous neighbours, conquests would be as easy to be made as difficult to be retained. War therefore be desultory and predatory. Plunder and devastation of remarks in the train of irregulars. The calamities vandeveer, What would make the principal figure in the events which characterize our military exploits? In other words, he says that if or ever to be wars inside the United States they be supremely bloody. Of course, Alexander Hamilton ended up being right. The bloodiest war in american history is still the civil war he said also that risk of invasion, the possibility to your states can be averted by neighbouring state, would make people less free because we create standing army is now the founders really skeptical of standing army. The founders were were not happy with the idea of a professional army that was a huge percentage of the population there. Understood that there might be a need for a small professional army, but the idea of a standing army that was going to be it will be quartering itself in people's homes or it where there's big draft was not something they were in love with Alexander Hamilton, says the risk of invasion would make people less free to put the violent destruction of life and property in
The war, the continual effort and alarm attendant on a state of continual danger will compel me, in the most attached for liberty to resort for oppose insecurity to institutions which have a tendency to destroy their civil and political rights. Be more save their length- become willing to run the risk of being less free, and he says that while standing armies, our contemplated by the constitution, with the lack of a constitution, they become certain he's as frequency of invasion, will make people less likely to protest lack of liberty. I says: there's a wide difference between military establishments and countries them exposed by its situation to internal invasions and in one in which it is often subject to them and always apprehensive of them. So this is Alexander Hamilton's excuse for why we need one country now many constant war or the threat of constant war would make it very difficult for the United States to survive as a free countries. That's basically Alexander Hamilton's argument there. Okay, so
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This conservative podcasting, the nation, is already so time for some things. I like and then some things that I want to leave a lot of time for things. I like things. I because I have many a thought on star wars, and so I am again going to reverse this. Instead of doing the things I like first and then the things that I hate to do things I hate first and then the things that I like, because I have a sort of like hate about star wars by wanted you that last has if people don't want to spoil different to those this weekend. I want you to have the ability to tune out right before I do my giant star wars review. Ok, I'm not spoil it olive producers have seen it I'm not swelling it for them, then I'll see nets are not spoiling it for all those people, but but to say all the I'll do the entire shown that gets my star wars review and for people want to stick around for that, then you know you won't be threatened by spoilers. Ok, so first the thing that I itself, there's this insane story that has now come out about an entire transgender family to local news.
Nation in Arizona. They run a glowing piece on a family that is in transition as in the whole family. So you got the annual heritage, Father of the family affording one year old, biological female identifies a man, and then there is daughter, Mason and Eleven year old biological female who now identifies as a boy and his son Josh a thirteen year old biological male quantifies girl, Harrods fear It is also transgender, surely often is a biological male described as tall and blue. In Smiley, who claims to be a woman. So in this picture you can see the the One woman is man. The black haired man is a woman. The boy wearing me. Black shirt is a girl and the girl wearing a white shirt, is a boy. This is that this is the case that they are now making ok. So I have my doubts. Let me just suggest I have my doubts that all of this is entirely Janelle. Ok, there's! This argument has been made that everyone who is trench- and there must be some genetic factors- insurance, everyone- transgender, the idea that ever
what in this family is transgender and there's no environmental impacts that apparent deciding the sexes arbitrary and can be changed. That has no impact on kid. It's just insane to me in the same way that the suggestion that sexual orientation is completely genetic I'll admit that I think part of it is genetically idea that all sexual orientation is completely genetic. I find it completely unconvincing, particularly because identical twins are not one hundred percent of the time, either gay or straight it's only about fifty percent of identical twins or both gay or both the where we're both winds a meeting that very often identical twins were biologically identical. One twin is gay, and once when a straight by which means there is an environmental components, this the point here is that if you have people who are preaching to their children, sex is completely malleable. There boy can be a girl in a girl. Can we avoid this might be confusing to children and it might be damaging the children, because each making a child gender just for it make having a try, heightening the chances your child's going to suffer from gender.
Density disorders not make their life easier, makes it significantly worse and harder. The reality is that maybe these kids are gay right. Sixteen ninety percent of all kids identifies transgender grow out of it and most of them identify as gay or lesbian in the future. But the idea that this entire families, genetically gay I mean- or Russia, rather just genetically transgender- I find very hard to to credit, if that were the case. Transgender, as my I assume, would be a much wider phenomenon and it is not statistically speaking, Josh says he was sick, seven when he knew was a girl. I am why'd. You wonder at what point Josh found out that that his that his mother was, in fact his father and Daniel, says that she knew she was true and what was your Josh? I want to join the girl scout despite being raised boy, that's when Daniels introduced or where you never heard before. Transgender. If I looked it up, I realized oh, my gosh
air, France, and I know it's true because I am too- and it's been my whole life amazing- how never cards you until it turns out that other people in your family did that interest in it. This is not confusing children is, is cruel. Confusing children is evil, pretending that sex is completely malleable, is evil and to subject showrooms. This sort of activity is, is risky at best and harmful at worst. Ok, so time for some things that I like so careless folks your spoiler morning, ok, we ve done your spoil the warning. You have been warned and there's nothing. I can do about it now. If you decide to go ass far North ass, there s a way, so here's the preface here's a little bit of the preview four STAR wars last July, and then I have many a thought. Many a thought. Indeed,
something special beside me. He's always been ok. So when we first let when we last less left off our saw them just to recap, we left off the force, awakens things tat, the privy their lilienthal and we left the force awakens Ray had randomly been amazing and everything shows the ultimate Mary Sue in science fiction literature. She literally came out of no
and was incredible with light Sabre so such that Cairo Rehn, who is supposed to be a guy train in his youth, for about the force trained in using a lifesaver. It gets defeated by her at a later rattle. The first time she literally ever picked up a lifesaver which is I'm stupid. Ok and then they defeated the star killer base, which was the new debt Starbucks. Every item of we have to have a new death star, because no one has a practical new idea in star wars, universe barrel in, and so we start off this movie and basically it's there fortunately, can never happened. Essentially, the first order is still extraordinarily powerful roads in the new empire. There still extraordinarily powerful, invented them at all that their death star got blown up, nothing matters and the rebel alliances is on the run. So it's like returned the jet. I and it's like entire sour series never happened right, the emperor was never defeated were basically starting from these acts input we started in episode for where the empire is in fraud, and they literally it is the beginning of a star wars. Episode for right, I mean they're. The empire ship is chasing, the first ownership is chasing this
transport vessel is literally beginning of episode. Four okay. So I'm going to go through some of my minor problems with this and then I will go through some major problem. So I'll go through my my bad things about smoking that my good things about this again. First bad thing is the force awakens apparently never happen I'll be fine. With that I didn't like the force awakens. I thought that it was a cheese, recasting my biggest problem, with the entire series, what they they can't decide in star wars, land, whether they wanted to benefit from the stall Jha where they want to make it a new style, just centric series or then one wants something new, and so they decided to do both and what they ended up doing. The process was killing all of the old things in written in preparation for the new and this nasty through my trial to it. Ok, I come for the soldiers because I thought that the first thing you know that the new episodes that your Lucas made were terrible the stuff. I like his episode, four five, six right: Stop that everybody likes is is new, hope, empire strikes back returned the shot. I couldn't care less about phantom menace or revenge of the south are any that crap four five and six, where tat cell.
I grew up with HANS. Oh, I grew up with Luke Skywalker. I grew up with Princess Leia in back most There's middle name: what are my sisters AIDS is lay a because I was such a big star wars Ban, because my parents asked me what I thought her middle name should be, and I picked liquor because those Big STAR Wars Van ok, so I have a huge star wars, not In the last movie, they killed off answerable for no reason they turn HANS Allah. Who is one of the poorest most roguish figures who becomes herbal in thin film more, they turn into a loser single dad who can't hold this crap together and gets killed by his wife Brad son for no reason at all. I hate you like Well, I'm a relieving the theatre from the forest awakens unthinking other, wasn't so bad than the more I thought about. The more made me want to tear my own teeth out. It was just did so. If the Where's awakens had never really happened to be much happier. Camper. Also HUN would be alive, which would be a lot better. Ok, so it starts with that. Then it's then the force awakens again ends with the idea that the first order might
finally be on the run a low, but they are not at all. So, ok number two. These are minor problems, but there are some like basic and a whole paddles. It starts offer these bombers ready bombers, the bomb a dread not end. The bombers apparently had gravity applies in space, which is we're like they actually are. Rob bombs onto the dread, not in space. So much, there's an actual gravitational field which I assume will be pulling me the bombers toward the dread, not which they're, not. I don't understand how the bombs fall down onto the onto the dreadnought. It doesn't make any sense to me. That is one problem that the problem is also accompanied by another problem. That is logistical one near the end of the film and one of the good people more return in a bizarre. Her decides that she is going to run a transport vessel, through a star destroyer using light speed, it's cool image. Why has no one ever thought of this in the history of star wars, especially because of Eureka,
returned the jet, I there is an actual scene where a star destroy goes down, because someone does kamikaze run right on the star destroyer. Remember this, the furniture I wanted, the ships can eyes out of control. Boom goes right through the control tower, and down goes the entire star destroy. Why is no never thought to use start to use light speed as a weapon? You could just get rid of the entire for or if they knew the light speed was useful as weapon. Why would they sacrifice a couple of medical ships right? There's a point in earlier in the film where a couple of ships are they, they basically run out of gas and are blown apart by the first war. If they know they have. This tactic available, wanted to turn what other ships around and run. Leg. Speed right from the star destroyer does the ultimate weapon in the universe you could take down. The deaths start this way, but apparently the never occurred to any one until Lord Darlin, her purple here. Ok, another problem smoke occasionally makes no got to be the big body in the force awakens and it may be eggs that he's the big bad he's. The scary guy he's the new emperor and soap.
Careful and the borders that he can turn Cairo rent from a fiery, never be meets. Cairo run any turns Carlo run away from Luke. That's how powerful is, and this film they should The super powerful because raise superpower from the forest and he's throwing around like nothing ready to stop, sir from doing anything very day. He he's super duper powerful. You never find out who he is never find out. What motivates him never find out where it came from any gets held, lay that right. He had killed as like a literally a hot life going for butter. I did it He literally gets killed with a little trick by Carlo read that is so cheesy and silly that it makes very little sense. It makes sense in return of agenda reticent. They haven't exact, returned the jet. I seen where you have the good guy and the bad guy in the both in front of the emperor. Now in return, I make sense. The emperor says to Luke. Take up your yard. Take up your light sabre.
Strike me down, you'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine Luke. Does it and Darth Vader stopped him right? That's cool and its dramatic here, Kyler and basically to activate it with his mind. Somebody quipped, if only they had Light Sabre trigger control. This never would have happened. If only I had not some four four for no gun locks on the on the White Sabres than than smoke would still be alive. But the big problem is, of course, can build up a big body like that in the not how a man who can tell us, who is why he's there. Or from Tyler, and who is now the only interesting character left in the star wars? Universe because they ve killed every one is not intimidating. There's not a problem with this. Film is a problem with the force awakens in the force awakens remember: it takes Darth Vader three films, three to lose a battle or to be convertible today, I think, I'm three films, the first thing you see the Darth Vader. Is him literally blowing up in the door and strangling somebody pick him up off the ground and strangling him. Then he dispatches Luke, the most powerful jedi in history, Edispatches Luke
Chopping off his head and beating the crap out of him in umpire strikes back right. Is basically beating woke in return. Until Luke, basically taps into the dark side of the force, so it takes them three movies to get their Carlo run in the first five minutes of the force. Awakens we find out is conflicted, and then it turns out rested by re, the ultimate Mary Sue, which means he's not scary. If you can ask someone scary heading up the first or that person can be defeated by a girl who just picked up a lifesaver for the first time ever, learn said the girl train in it. Fine between trade and just picked up, and she found has to get it. Why exactly this point in the film? It is one of the serious washing the rubble lines. We word Lakota, nor legal for episode, nine. Why should they be worried, raised significant more powerful than Kyler. We notice we seen it so where's the competition now no clue my general huts is not exactly terrifyingly general huckses, not the emperor. Ok, another problem raised back story is terrible, now
I understand what you are trying to do their friend to make up for the fact that this movie, I feel they have written Johnson, the director and the writer, because I feel like he's trying to make up for flaws in the other movies, so in this movie, with Ray you're, basically trying to cure one of the problems that is created by George Lucas with his stupid, ass, mere chlorine. Nonsense said. George, look at this whole thing about you that the forest runs in your blood line, and this is how we know that your powerful with the force and all this kind of stuff is. Always done well. The problem here is that they made a big deal out of last movie. What who is rate? Where did you come from and it seems like for some reason she knows Han there's this weird kind of relationship will remember. This fascinating seems like she knows how to force awakens. It seems, like everybody sort of knows who she is, but then it turns out that she's, just some girl middle of nowhere? We could have been fine if you build it up like there was something interesting about her background, so you pickle literally the least interesting background for her that you can find and then- and I understand what you're trying to do
to make it that everyone can be participants in the forest. We're trying to get out of Platos Republic where there are gradations of human and into the democratic the democratic society where everyone can be a jedi. I got it, I get it, but it's not dramatic and an heroic, ok, another another problem, I didn't mean that entire scene of Luke like milking, to seek out now just weird by age, the images weird and grows- and I wasn't I was bigger, but a bigger problem of look as Luke happens to be an incredibly crappy too you're. So Luke actually is made that point the jet I do suck it everything. Ok, the jet. I were involved in the original creation of the empire, the jet. I did failed to stop the Sith they basically emboldened the Sith, the jet. I were not particularly successful at maintaining the republic, so they stuck at everything so Lukas right about this, but is also about each right. Re comes and she he says eminent offer you three lessons. The first lesson is.
The force exists. The second lesson is feel this rock, and there is no third lesson: fretted, not a good teacher there. That guy gets a bad review on college professors, Dotcom, Mackay and also Yoda showing up. I was me: ok, Another problem celebrity cameos, as I mentioned before, Lauren with purple hair. No and beneath shows Toro, my God man, but get which brings us to that entire storyline? No, no the entire story, like no ok, that's an entire. Stupid, storyline lords earns character, could have just hold programmer and guess what we're gonna send a bunch of transports of random planet? Could they not just on that? Instead, she pretend like she doesn't like. She has no plan it's kind of evil, and then what happens is that pole comes up with some stupid plan to go to to go to like Intergalactic, Monte, Carlo with weird creatures. Tat looks like this from Harry Potter, and their weird dog rabbits that run around camel horses that run round. Also we can get a bunch of social justice Warrior crap about income inequality and animal
There is a line movie so bad that I legitimately was thinking about walking out of the theatre There's a line in this movie where, after fin was useless, ready, is useless and rose. Who is double useless? They go to this stupid plan and then they free, the animals have been abused or the selling of the rebels are good guys, don't like animals being abused right, so far cry by the way from empire strikes backward where literally cuts opened the belly of a a of what is it over time time? Thank you and stuff solutions. But now we have to make sure that all of the rights of the animals are are upheld, because this is deeply what listen I'm for animal rights, but what in star wars have to do the animal rights like what the hell and they end and thin turns to rose, and he says: well, I guess it was worth that you mean losing. The entire galaxy was worth you going there free a few camel horses that will be recaptured five seconds from now. Was that the thing that,
worth it and then the worst line in the film rose turned stems, takes a saddle off the camel horse dog and she goes now. It's worth it. What it's not like it's not a get. Your whole job here is to get this girl that this this hacker dashing go back to fake death star and have them No! No! No! No! No, no also issued a killed, then. Ok, when riding at the end directly towards that that giant last or weapon toward the battering ram. You should just died you they should a kill them of the enforced awakens to add some gravitas. This is my biggest problem. They will not kill any of the new characters because they're trying to preserve the new characters. Instead, they kill all of the old cool characters. Why actually like I don't like it, He's boring, I don't care about, rose, she's, boring ray is only not boring because she has interactions of Cairo run. He ever
one is boring in the new sit in the new scenario in their killing off all of the cool characters who made this thing into a legacy in the first place, which brings me to rose. Don't you get me started? No, no, no! No! No! Ok, fine I'll get Captain Fatima. Also like what she's post me a thing. Why get cause? She wasn't a thing: TAT, captain fast Mullahs like she's there for five seconds she's dressed up as as its breed of Ptarth addressed as Bubba he's. Was we so cool? thin. The janitor takes her out fail. I and a few more criticism that no that's good stuff. Ok, so the critical one went to prison, but look better. Moment in the movie aside from the Cairo Wren than the Cairo ran re team up, which is the best part of the movie. Aside from that the best moments the movie is the part where Luke strides out of the of the cave and Cairo ran, has every eighty eighty fire on him and then look
walk right out of it right super cool. They then destroy the coolness of this moment by having it be Basically, a hologram writings using Astral projection frogs. You still back it's stupid planet. Why would you do that? Was you that entire coolness of it is that he's actually there stopping the blasters, it's not cool. If they're, just shooting a hologram could holograms. Abby damage. We all know that. Why would you do that? So in one case, we know the forest used in two ways in this field that we ve never seen it used before and will never see it used again. One and apparently protection from space death, so Princess its blown out into space. You never used the fourth at all that we ve seen some for one time when she used her mind tat, take reach out to lose sight of the enemy, fire, and now she can suddenly rescue herself from space and fly, which is a cool thing. I guess, like I didn't notice, was a thing. Also, if that we're thing why, when the emperor use it to the empire at the end of return agenda, I look
Darth Vader literally takes the emperor and throws them down a wormholes, Andrea, frozen down the Shap, my shaff right. Why wouldn't, if he can flow, I would need to float I'm so confused by this ok. So that is one fourth thing that we no about a second force than we do know that the actual projection nonsense it so much cooler. If look is actually there and win and there's president for right, you could actually build added because an fire. You recall, there's a point, HANS, although is invited by land or to dine with Darth Vader, and he takes his blaster and he shoots Darth Vader in our vehicles like this and stops the blaster. Remember this so Luke is is inevitably more powerful than Darth how much more powerful? we would find out if you're actually there and he stopped a bunch of eight eighty barrage, I d be amazing. I was there. I will tell you that enforce awakens. How does stop a blast reinforce awakens that's correct. He stopped in the air right, then he started so Carlo can do it
Luke has to be a hologram. Why? Why? Why ok, finally visit the biggest problem? Kyler should have sided with Ray they. If you're gonna do something new, you cannot just redo the original trilogy. By having Cairo be Dorothy, he's just like an again. He was conflicted and now he's bad and raise always good, and you can't do that. You are building up for this to write like there's a point. We're Luke explicitly says that re does not resisted. Outside and here's what we're where he says that eating ok? Well, maybe the outside the lights and are actually won force right did there's this theory and ended in star wars, universe and then there's the great moment or Carlo and and RE team up and you think this is changing the entire nature of the star wars, universe, where you never seen this before the only human. Never seen is when Darth Vader makes a final decision right before he dies to toss the emperor down the mind. That's the only time you ve seen this in star wars, universe and its super cool,
But when I was in the theatres Pact theatre on Saturday night and the audience burst into applause by the audience started plotting. Everyone is blown away by that ain't right. It's great seen all the way up when including the whole thing where, where re tossing the light, savouring goes, do and activate a right through the guy's face right down. The whole scene is great, and then you immediately blow it in you immediately because there's no real motivation for Cairo to say what the transports I'll be wiped out. Still, there's no motivation there, who cares five seconds before this, he refused to fire on his mother five seconds, but he's not want a blue princess lay on the space you refused to do it's. Why does she want to color now now? What kill the mechanisms. So that's all the criticism. Here's what's right with the phone Number one is better than the force awakens. Ok, the force awakens for me was was just a disaster all the way through. The reason being that again, they took counsel and made him uncle Luke. Doesn't it upon coolness? In this thing he look at school. I just think that his death is a little wasted. Second, the Cairo,
connection really works? This was something I didn't expect going into the belt. I thought how angry, but the Cairo reconnection actually have some chemistry. On screen and every scene where their basically skyping in to each other? Although scenes really work and the scene in the throne room really works the scene, whether working together, that's the coolest part, and that's why you don't want it to end in that? it doesn't your annoyed because they just went back to same old. Same old. Light Sabre battle. Also works right now Tabor battle is one of the really that scene is one of the best scenes in all of STAR Wars Cannon: that one scene announcing the movie, I'm saying that one scene is one of the best things in all of STAR wars: Cannon where, where Carlo turns and suddenly he in rare on the same side, it's really cathartic and it's really cool can. Finally, The final thing that works is looks. Final fade out works just because a throwback when he gets it he actually get to death. That, I guess is, is deserving a lot better than Han Right, Hundredg, its scabbard a billion thrown down another one of these incessant mine, Shasta seem to be everywhere in star wars.
But look actually gets to do the final tattoo into sons, right, gazing off into the distance thing and that works in its emotionally resident. I just wish you won't dad, because I think that there is a wasted death. They should have ended the film probably after the Cairo raising, and they should have made the entire vital part that movie the third movie. That's that's probably what they should have an ok. So is it worth seeing what you watch this far? You ve already seen it because you ve heard office boilers, but my biggest problem now is that I actually think this idea the star Wars universe. I think this is actually, whereas I think that this is the end of we're star. Wars can go because now all the old characters are dead. We reach the end of the Skywalker family, essentially like Ben Solos, a thing I guess, but Tyler is his own sort of character and organ he'll Kyle, on that I for sure. So why would I show up to watch a movie without Luke where's right in real life tariff issues that they'd Hahn is dead. What What is that, where they go from here? That's not just gonna, be more typical, Whiteside versus dark sides stuff. They were on the
we're doing something. So great is what annoys me: they were so close to doing something unprecedented right. Let's say they re, actually that Carlos, as you know, what you're right now cause off the attack racist, we're their role. The galaxy together and that's the end of the film and you don't know what's going to happen, has laid and responded is how loose can respond to this, especially since Cairo As I recall just tell Han right, wouldn't they like, where would go it's a Bali's possibilities. Instead were thrust back into this binary universe, we're ok, guess podium. Neuron is gonna, take over the carry fisheries, the head of the as the head of the rebellion and and ray is gonna, be the new Lou can cause can be the new Darth, and so I guess this is the sort of ends the cannon, but it did have some moments. It did have some ok. So there is my full take. I think, as pre fulsome take on star best answer? If you have thoughts on that you're, always free to email me or treat me and tell me that I am wrong, but we'll be back here tomorrow. The Republicans are set to vote on taxes tomorrow. So that will be interesting. Will give you all the details,
adventure, perilous adventure browser, I D been Shapiro, show is produced by math. Is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Zangara Audio. My core Mina Heron make up is by just one.
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