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Ep. 44 - Why 'The Force' Is Evil, and Why Trump Can Beat Hillary

2015-12-21 | 🔗
Ben talks about "Star Wars," Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and that walking ball of human flatulence, Hillary Clinton. Plus, Steve Harvey screws up "Miss Universe"!
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Here we are at a Monday, and it is the Monday of Christmas week and I have the best Christmas gift ever for you. It's me I'm here, others foolish to talk about we're gonna go over the democratic debate, Donald Trump and George Bush get into it again plus we will talk star wars, spoiler, Free star wars and some stuff. I, like some stuff. I hit a lots to get to hear today. I'm Ben Shapiro this the bench appear: OSHA penitent demonize people care about you feeling already. So here we are in. It is money and will start with a little bit of star wars commentary. Now there will be no spoilers here, because I haven't seen the film, but I do want to talk briefly about something that drives me a little bit insane, which is of course the essence of the Show things that DR maintained, but there is it there's an hour. well. Then I saw about a church. There was holding some event celebrating the force, and I thought to myself. We're finished is a civilization
not only because there are so many people, worship at the altar of star wars of great movies. I love the originals. I grew up on the ridge. No, I love the original so much that when my younger sister was born, my parents got to that. They asked me what I thought her middle name should be because I really wanted to younger brother and sister, and I say that they should make middlemen lay I, which it is right that so much I liked the sawhorse villains, but the morality of the force is really really screwed up. It's really skewed and it's really screwed up of your member, the original star wars, films and is why don't worship at the altar of the morality of star wars, the original star wars, films that based on the idea that hate and rage are the dark side of the force and happy happy do is the lights out of the forest? If you given, I hate to be given to rage than you'll have given into the dark side, which is, of course, why the lights. I'd get his aspect right at the beginning of episode. For the two most powerful people in the universe are a frog that lives in a swamp and an old guy who lives in a cave right. Those are the two.
Was powerful people in terms of the force, except for the emperor right who shoots lightning out of his fingers and Darth Vader, who, as you recall, had all of his limbs chopped off the guy who lives in the cave, where Darth Vader, that I've lost that fight right. That guy Runs entire starships and huge planetary, do machines and the guy who chopped off Oliver, limbs one sweep of his light sabre back. I lives in a cave waiting for Luke Skywalker to walk break, so the bottom line is the idea here. Is that if you use force in defence of good there's something inherently wrong with, it has always been that sort of conflict in star wars that doesn't really work, and that is that really in order to defeat evil, you have to fight it you see this is the end. Returned the Jeddak Jeremy Boring managing editor was a huge star worse than he, and I were discussing this- that return of the jail
The real problem is that Luke, in order to win Luke, has to actually fall prey to the dark side right. The Yoda warns him that you, if you, if you leave intimate empire, strikes backs if you leave, if you don't complete the draining, then you'll you'll lose out thing that you fought for and you'll fall to the dark side and you're supposed to think I'll. Yoda was wrong. I didn't really happen, but the truth is that if you remember back to return of the jet, I if you recall this Luke, actually beats Darth Vader by losing his right. He loses eating. He Darth Vader mentions Layer and Luke loses his black gray and proceeds to beat the living hell of dark better than chop, his hand right and then at that point it is all well. You know I've won and jam agenda. Nazi doesn't kill Darth, Vader right and then the upper is gonna, kill and read. The emperor is electrocuted him and that's when Darth Vader decides that he's gonna pick up the emperor and thrown down a well frozen down shaft, ok! Well, there is a similar solution, which is that Luke could have walked over picked up the emperor and thrown in spent the money tat right at that point, the is the most
More generally, in the universe you just took out Darth Vader pretty easily by knocking him over like way he gets pest and literally within the next five seconds. I figure is done right. This giant, seven foot tall guy dressed in black skeleton, mask that accident, beating the crap out of Luke for three movies at this point at the very end, Luke turns out dark sides wedge and boom. He takes Darth Vader, no problem and not just takes him down. He certain wailing on Reggie, everybody remembers. The scene he's not just is not even a dual wreckage will last for five set. and then he knocked him over many procedures beat the crap out of him until until the Invaders hand widen many chopped off his hand right your memory. Remember this. In other words, the only thing that preserves the rebel alliance is the fact that Luke, actually hates evil right and you're supposed to Haiti will then that the idea of the forces this passive kind of war, we do
eastern religion, stuff, it's not western, various actually very non western. The truth is that it says writing proverbs right. If you love the Lord, you should hate evil. But the idea of the Bible is that you're not supposed to be passive with regard to evil, you're supposed to hate, evil and you're supposed to fight evil, and yet at the beginning of episode, for the fact is that all Good people are sitting around doing nothing and all the people who know the forest are on the bad side, where the fact, because ITALY, because the most effective parts of the forces any one who watches the movies knows and most effective fire. The force is the dark side of the force. Rhetoric we may keep telling you the lights out of the forest. Is awesome, really is the light side of the force that awesome Mikey. It allows you to to tell a storm trooper that these aren't that Roger looking for that's pretty, the extent of it and also to stand there and get killed by Darth Vader, at which point you turn into a magic ghost awesome or you can. Earl, the entire galaxy and blow a planet so let's see which one is more powerful. This is not an argument, favour the morality of the empire. It isn't
Argument that the picture of this dichotomy kind of every religion has the idea of of dichotomy, good and evil, but good and evil. In the star words, universe is passive, verses, active it hatred, verses, love, go. The fact is, there's no point at which Luke actually learn to love the emperor, and this saves everything right. If you learn to love the emperor than he would have joined aside. Presumably so it's it's very so the truth is that the best plan in all of star wars, the actual best plan and all star wars, and he should have done it is our ticket by Darth Vader in umpire strikes back. Can you imagine how different the galaxy is? Darth Vader as you join me and will rule the galaxy together. His father and son Rebel Take will take control. This tat your giant military apparatus, and then we can do whatever you want. Right where's the outside exactly ass. It turns out, according to the new movie innocent spoiler, there's still fighting people read like forty years later and HANS Super old and carry fishers gotten fat and there's no frightened
People would have been better if, if Luke had signed up with dad, then they taken down the emperor and then they figured out some sort of democracy asian process, for the entire civilization that might have been better needs it instead. disbanding the entire iraqi military than letting it devolving ass? It would have been better if they'd action, we take an advantage of the systems that were in place. But here's the thing you have to understand about STAR Wars, George Lucas, when he made star wars, people don't know this. Historically, George Lucas meant it as a swipe Richard Nixon in Vietnam WAR. Where he's actually said this, my back and nineteen seventy we talked about how you gonna do star wars, and he specifically has said that emperor palpitation says he was a pilot. Mission Richard Nixon was his name right. Poverty was supposed to be Nixon, which is weird since palpitating never got deposed after bugging Darwin.
said also that this was supposed to be the Vietnam WAR he actually supposed. Apparently he said the vehicle we're supposed to be like the Eu Ox, which is a really kind of dismissive view of the vehicles, were considering that they were communist murderers, murder, rap load of people right did that the vehicle we're just that they were like the friendly e walks, we're using the primitive weapons to defeat the storm troopers, which, by the way is the to defeat the storm troopers, which, by the way is the dumbest Pardon Olive star wars. in all of the original STAR Wars Series. The idea that you ve got this massive weaponry on this forest moon and all of a sudden. You have a bunch of peace of little for Ebay, is that are slinging rocks at these giant metal machines, then machine. falling over and killing over, and they have no peripheral visions. He have to log coming in and thin and hey the atm, he just went down. That's crazy. No, that would never happen not in years that stupid crap, so anyway, the bottom line is, as is even for someone low STAR wars like me, but the morality of the star,
The universe is actually the morality of the American laughed. It's the same, morality that you now see in every single movie, every single movie or tv show what somebody fighting evil, there is a scene now and it drives me nuts, there's always a where somebody says to the good guy. But if you kill the bad guy, won't you be just like M, rightly using those red isn't like in every movie now there'll be a pedophile and you'll see the superhero unease about kill the pedophiles ends. If you can't do that, if you can The pedophile then you'll be no better than he is, and myself No, I will be molesting children and this, won't be molesting. Children either could he'll be dead, so no actually turns out there s. Nothing like that. Guy turns out the killing. Hitler doesn't make you like Hitler. It makes you just like the guy who killed Hitler, which is a good remedy. This pacifist notion that, in order to do good things, you have to be a complete pacifist,
Quaker. This means evil people win, and the truth is that at the end of star wars, that the message of star wars is actually counter to the message of star wars. Ride with Lucas actually ends up doing, because this is how the real world works in. This is how they are divorced. You have to fight evil in order to defeat evil, and you have to use blasters and have to use lightsabers and you have to end to use the force, and you have to use dig, you have to use ex wings and you have to use the millennium falcon. You have to blow up time planets full of presumably millions of people may have to do lots of bad stuff in order to win a war, but Georgia Lucas that never occurs him, apparently that this is how all this work. Ok, there's a brief commentary on star wars. Again, I haven't seen a movie. I will see the movie I am. I think I will be disappointed by a because, as I said before, J J Abrams is not my favorite director. I have now heard from multiple people in this office of seeing the STAR Wars film and who are big star wars, fanatics that they were disappointed by it, Jonathan hey, who does all of the other part.
on the show he says that it was a six to seven Jeremy said that he sort of felt the same Mathis, for some reason is over the moon about this thing, which I say, and in Jonathan was aimed at the third or fourth time he sees it or will finally hit him. That's a smoky isn't actually a ten, an image of that sort of like seeing a trance. In a bar like the history from four far away, ok and then you get closer than if you have a few too many drinks, presumably according to those who have done this, apparently, is what I hear, but after a few drinks it than you you, then you look around you realize maybe she spot the ninety two java- and this is the basically that that's that's what's happening with star wars, as some people is that you're giving it the benefit of the doubt because they really wanted to be so good, and so there are giving it the benefit of the doubt. Ok, so that's enough about star wars as well as dismissive transgender, jokes up. Ok, let's talk about the democratic debate, which is a joke in and of itself. This debate took place Saturday night, the Saturday night after STAR wars came out, which means no one watched this thing's visit, you're, seeing of it. This is the
and I'm seeing other I didn't want to live at the time, because I have a daughter and a wife and things to do like wash my hair and the end. This thing took place basically in the it will be hard to find a way to say. it will thus were less people would watch. This means was essentially scheduled. Moving subway from the movie. The warriors had three a m on a Sunday morning, its basis and in the moderators her out there with their little slinky bottles, Goin Hilary Bernie come out to bring this took place, moving subway at three o clock in the morning and by the way it was such moving subway that the Hillary Clinton didn't even show up in time. I mean nobody cared a mean a visit, happened when people are watching. It was kind of amazing. There is one point in the debate: were Hilary actually walked into the debate late? She actually wanted this clip too. So he can watch this chemical areas earns terror here on the home front and, as we await Secretary Clinton backstage here, we're going to begin on the economy. We want to turn to the american jobs wages and raises, in this case
free and we believe Secretary Clinton movie coming around the corner any minute, let in the meantime we want to start with his eye opening number and Senator Sanders. This question goes to you first anyway, in nineteen nineteen The media, american household income was fifty two thousand six hundred dollars in today's money. This year is fifty three thousand six hundred that's twenty more years on the job, with just a two percent rate. in a similar timeframe raises procedures. Are also two hundred times bigger unless it looks like some bizarre yours and you are inches sorry and she, Emmy jewels. If you weren't, like a male carpet energy intricate saunters on over shaped like a pair and stands behind that stands behind. That now the reason that she was later the debate when she walked in late to the second is apparently she was off stage going bathroom. I should go baby and and they had plenty of time vertical baby, I'm in it. There isn't a five minute break which is, Radio for a living. Five minutes is a long time you can.
Oh baby, you can even to number two like there's plenty of time to do whatever you, please Hilary. The reason this and according to the Boston Club is goes one Martineau Mally staffers also had to go baby, and so they went to the bathroom and the and the staffer was inside, going keeping and apparently there are multiple toilets and is bathroom. Wasn't like there's one bad, there's one toilet me entire building their multiple stalls, but Hilary didn't want to go in there. While there is someone else in their, she has to be in the room alone. Red princess Hilary has to be in the room alone. No one can hear her fly. Children's, presumably, and so she has to be in the room alone when she really when she really what's lose. Even She is a walking ball of gas, but she she in. Finally, she comes back entering Clint. Eastwood was right all along, except that he was right about Hilary not about Obama. When he said the empty chair, it's actually empty podium utilities, William, so Hilary Benn walked back out in this debate continues, and no one cares, of course, because pay. Why would they Hilary did drop a line that was kind of amazing thither? A couple things that happened?
or the in this debate, one was the Bernie Sanders, really slap till around on foreign policy and berries. Yonder Who is the sender from Loon? He? He is What would he says, you're about Hilary, more policies, exactly correct, actually which a sort of shocking so here is clip one Bernie Sanders smacking Hilary around on her foreign policy while waving his arms like Larry David, worry too much that secretary
is too much into regime change and a little bit too aggressive without knowing what the unintended consequences might be. We, yes, we could get rid of Saddam Hussein, but that these stabilize the entire region. Yes, we could get rid of Gaddafi a terrible dictator, but that created a vacuum for ISIS. Yes, we could get rid of Assad tomorrow, but that would create a not a political vacuum that would benefit. I saw, I think, yeah regime change is easy. Getting rid of dictators is easy, but before you do that, you gotta think about what happens the day after, in my view, what we need to do is put together Roy coalitions to understand that we're not going to have a political vacuum filled by terrorists that, in fact, we are gonna, move steadily Navy slowly towards democratic societies in terms of asylum, a terrible dictator,
I think in Syria, the primary focus now, but the on destroying ices and working over the years to get rid of a site. That's the secondary, issued against his he's, actually exactly right about this everything that Bernie Sanders just sent me. I've never said this before everything the Bernie Sanders said right. There is exactly right now, it's weird about this, for the Republican, which is who can actually say this in a debate with Hilary. why? Because you actually need to take this perspective, it won't be Rubio. Rubio voted. for the war in Libya, reveals in favour of regime change yeah. He and Hilary are actually sort of on the same page in terms of their power in Syria. In Libya, which were two of Hitler's biggest foreign policy, boons idols and mistakes, Donald Trump can take the opposing points. You TED crews can take the opposing point of you get to that in a second, because the republican side of the ILO is now in complete chaos fleet, Mass, because of the opposition to Trump but Bernie Sanders hitting Hilary was noteworthy
a moment and then it was effective and they should tell people on the republican side of the Isle that he George, W Bush regime change in favour of democracy. Ideal has been put to the side now, because even people like me, who are who are very harsh on foreign policy, wants you very. effective and powerful american military. Looking Bernie Sanders saying there we say well, there's there's more truth. It out and Hilary is, let's just knock out Gaddafi and short about it. Well, ices takes power in the country the other moments debate. That was telling was Hillary Clinton, and one point said: the Donald Trump was led recruiter for ICES Harris Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, wearing. What has this has Lindsey you're a girl. This is the ugliest jacket I mean I'm not in the fashion, but the even I can tell what it looks like you are. We, bring my grandmother's carpet from nineteen. Seventy three in her yet shows that obtained, which is actually weren't potatoes act right, it looks to the Berlin sat, cut a hole in it and then stuck it over her head, which I mean honest, that she had caught a holiday in just left it over had that would improve the apparent forever
one involved, but here's Hillary Clinton talking about her Donald Trump is the lead. Isis recruiter, one of the best things that was done and George W Bush did this and I him credit was to reach out to most Americans and say we're in this together, You are not our adversary, you are our partner and we also need to make sure that the real discriminatory messages that tromp is sending around the world. Don't fall unreceptive ears he is becoming. Ices is best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of dire trot, insulting and Muslims recruit more radical jihadist self. I want to explain why this is not in America's interest to react with this kind of fear and respond to this sort of bigotry secretary, so so personal Hillary Clinton has apparently picked up
Miss Saunders his hand, motions, is actually change meant seriously. She's Hillary Clinton has a problem, which is that you, such a calculated politician, but she unconsciously stand in she desperately want. Liked, so she unconsciously mirrors the stuff that everyone around her. Does this? Why, when she goes down south and she speaking at a black church, suddenly starts dropping the blackout, she's watching Bernie Sanders, get big applause, and so she turns the Santer city centres. when the crazy hands right every ever. Every word has a hand connected with it, and you know nobody's gonna do, but the hands are moving all the time. down in an Hillary Clinton. Yet she she does the same thing there, but It's amazing, so she's lying there. Ok, there are no ices videos, none were they use, Donald Trump, recruit. There are, however, ices videos where these bill to recruit actually, and if we didn't talk about recruitment tactics for ISIS polemics, Iraq would be a good one. Hilary syrian policy would be another that one America's failures to keep our commitments in the Middle EAST. That would be a really good one ever the idea that that Hillary Clinton has some advantage over Donald Trump in his ear
it is ass- ninety lied about that. Clearly right about that, but the way that it will for the media is that when Hilary lies its basically ok, when Donald Trump does something similar, then it's not ok. It also heard campaign came out and they said She didn't mean there are videos with regard to ices. She just meant social media with regard to ices and the media and archive I seem to remember a month of controversy over Donald Trump saying that there is very little of thousands of Muslim celebrating a new Jersey where we talked about like three weeks ago, and I remember that there is controversy over call if you re not talking about plan parenthood- videos rather Goma, the controversy over that. But Hilary says an outright lie here and it's totally fine, because that's how the media or it will meanwhile, on the republican side of the Isle. One of the reasons people are interested in seeing Donald Trump in a debate with Hillary Clinton is because they feel at Donald Trump, we'll just reached down into his merry poppins bad of of hammers, basically and just pull out a Roger rabbit, mallet and hid Hillary Clinton with it, and that's because of stuff like
use Donald Trump. Talking about Hillary Clinton says yeah Hilary tends to lie about pretty much everything I wanna play. One particular quote that Hillary Clinton said last night and get you to respond to it here it is, he is becoming. Ices is bad. Recruiter they are going to people showing videos of Donald insulting Islam in order more radical jihadis. Now I know about to say no fact, checker has been able to back up her claim on that. The correct. I was going to say that exactly correct right. Nobody has been able to back up its none France is just another Hilary lies. He lies like crazy about everything, whether its trips, where she was being gun down analogous there or are there. applying she said,
irish everybody knows that I may know, but she just made this up in thin air. Any visualize bet everything the thing that people like about from his they held to say that righteous lies all the time and we all know that she lies office huh. What's amazing about the question, though, as you can see Doesn't don't want him to answer it ready, says TAT you can see here. You can see that she says this value. I know what you're gonna say once less happy hunting if you say that in interviewer say that one's less Amazon Interview with Hillary Clinton, where they ask a question about one for a pound- slandering or- and this it- I know what you're going to say, but but they do a trump right good for transfer. Jumping in cutting off truck taught to answer that question no, with the would be good from comes the bad from Trump over the weekend was basically endorsed by Vladimir Putin and, and he said, that. He was asked by Jo Scarborough on MSNBC about Vladimir Putin, killing journalists. There is proof they Vladimir Putin has been connected with the killing of journalists and so Donald Trump. On ABC News with Jew, who is this disease Jake Tapir? I can remember this is in any case step a novelist. That's right! Yeah there they declined.
And in his asked specifically about Vladimir Putin in here, is Donald Trump at his worse. Just Armitage Bass know about seem at its worst As far as the report is concerned, obviously I dont want that to happen. I think, if honourable, but in all fairness to boot- and you say he killed. People haven't seen that I dont know that he has had you been able to prove that you know the names of the reporters that he's killed because I've been. You know you ve been hearing this, but I haven't seen the name now. I think it would be despicable of it. The place, but I haven't seen at the evidence that he killed anybody in terms of reporters. Here's one hears what Mitt Romney tweeted about that he said is an important distinction here: son Food and kills journals and opponents, our presence, kill terrorist, an enemy does he know for a fact that he kills. The report is, I don't know, I don't think everybody knows that it's possible, that he does, but I dont think has been proven. Has anybody proven that he's killed reporter?
and I'm not drivers being only round motions that he was behind the allowances. Are our nations you're sure there are allegations? I've read those allegations over the years, but nobody's proof when that he's killed anybody. As far as I'm concerned, he has killed reporters than what was happening and how United George excuse me, let me finish if he has killed report, that's terrible, but this isn't like somebody did stood with a gun at each Euro. Taken the blame worries admitted that he's killed, he's always denied it he's. Never it's never been proven. killed anybody show. You know you supposed. the innocent until proven guilty, at least in our country. He has not been proven that he's killed reporters but with them. As you said, I think our country there's plenty of killing two. What killing are you talking about their ordered by the United States government, we'll take a look at what we are doing in the Middle EAST. We went into a rack we shouldn't. Have you know that I was opposed to going into a rat of many
years ago, internal unity ended the part about trumpets bad is it from everything? Is personal he's actually very much like President Obama this way, and so, if somebody says he likes Trump than that person trouble now defence ale defend Vladimir Putin was legitimately one of the poorest people on planet earth. Vladimir Putin is a bad bad guy. Vladimir Putin does have political opponents kill, Lattimer Putin does apparently have journalists killed. The allegations are extraordinarily credible that his regime has killed journalists. So the fact that the trumpets defending him- it's not a good moment for Trump. The reason, however, that Europe is doing well. The reason that Trump is doing well is because of people like George Bush and the establishments are here jab jab talking about Donald Trump and that they're there a couple of things that we need to watch a job here. So JEB Bush was completely a non factor in the race. Now he's been, forty million dollars gets like two or three percent and the national polling, its most ineffective political campaign. Probably ever a given amount of money that he spent job is now making excuses for himself. He say.
didn't like devil front runner thing anyway. Here is the lie of the weekend George Bush saying in six months, yet he could only people thought you were the front runner. Your campaign is not that you hated being for, I feel much better better. Why do you need being from well? Because I've always thought that there was going to be a high expectation for me, and I totally get it because, because I have a brother that was present father that was present and that higher expectation what it was important to realise, and so then the former made me feel like the people going to begin to say will in the gas is dancer right through this. I have to go on it. I have higher expectations on me than people have made, so it doesn't bother me a bit that things now this weakling and he is comes off his weak. This is why this is why Donald Trump is is doing well, because you compare him to this and what our says- and this has really dumb and terrible things- JEB Blush for goodness, gracious.
I was the front runner in a really hated it. Yet. Second of powerful leadership that we're looking for is, I was winning, but We would prefer not to win, I prefer to lose so that people don't have expectations of May yet at somebody, who's really gonna stand tall in the face of of true adversity, but do but then jab attacks trump and it again it's the attacks on tromp by people like job that are driving from tat front of the pack. Your is job talking about Trump. I'm trying to point out that he's not a serious candidate. His answer about the Nigger triumph, for example, my more coming, not having any knowledge about what the subject is. Where you have this exclusive responsibility of the president, I states as commander in chief of the forces to to no women how to use our nuclear deterrent, and he has no knowledge about this stuff. He thought our common saying that Putin is a strong man and a great guy when he's trying to destabilize our relationship with our allies
he's not Asturias candidate he's not a serious Canada, but you are job sitting there in your little sweater. Talkative happened it looking like Jimmy, Moreover, there talking now have you never wanted to be the front runner, so you're, serious, but Trump is not now get Trump may not be serious. I think that a lot of things about from that aren't serious, but I think we're beyond the point of seriousness, being a qualified for high office when President Obama has been there for seven years as president of the Knighted stated a deeply on serious man. President Obama over the weekend said the real reason people are afraid of. Ices is because He hasn't done enough in speaking to the american people, about the threat of ices dont. What for Obama? All shortcomings are because we just don't understand him. Well enough is Africa's. You doesn't understand us because we don't understand him if only we would understand, and into bomb a better. Then all would be well with the world and all of his creed, of the critiques of him of the criticism of him says. President Obama is because of races.
He said this over the weekend. So don't talk to me about seriousness when Hillary Clinton is your democratic front, runner, pathological, liar corrupt, beyond recognition, Hillary Clinton is your front runner and you're secondary front runner in the democratic parties. Bernie Lonville Sanders. Don't talk to me about serious when those where your people are the credit side of the island. Don't talk to me about serious on the right side of the Isle, when the people who you're offering is the establishment pigs are people like JEB Bush, who is supposed to be great beyond all sit near and sweater talking about how he never wanted to be the front. Runner really did you know wanna be the front runner. Or did you really want to be the front room and you just think it this is that a possibility and it's kind of a it's- that kind of pansy attitude,
Job Bush where people say I can only vote you in the ring with Hilary, but here's the problem. Kate Trump could win the nomination. If he does it's going to be because of people who are out there saying this. Ok, so here this is amazing. Tonight, ok bill Crystal who's. The editor in chief of the weekly standard, I, like the weekly standard, I generally like bill crystallizing He'S- has lots of smart things. I think everything that he says he's smart, there's some people who saw worship at the altar of Bill Crystal I'm, not one of those people. I think that he's right. Some of the time, I think that is wrong some time, but it is certainly a smart guy bill Crystal today. Tweeted out quote crowd sourcing name of the new party will have to start if trump wins. The GEO pollination suggestions. Welcome an editor, a weekly standard dotcom, so he's talking openly about a third party, from the left of Trump right, somebody from the establishment GEO Pe running against Trump, which of course would guarantee Hilary becomes. President of the United States right. If you split the party, this was the argument originally about from. The argument generally about drugs. Is that if Trump decided one
the party he hands denomination Hillary Clinton hands the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Now the establishment of saying we hate trumped so much from me, so crazy, if he runs we're. Gonna start a third party to run against Trump, and this isn't just listen just Bill Crystal Jeff Greenfield over political road over the weekend quote if the operatives I talked with our right trump running as a Republican could well face. A third party run from the Republicans themselves. If you want to see most sulphurous assaults on trumped like sulphur dont, look to the editorial page of the New York Times or the comments of MSNBC personalities looking steady, the most prominent media voices in the conservative World National Review, the weekly standard commentary on the columns of George Well and others, and then he goes on to talk about how the Republicans really could run somebody third Party against Donald Trump, which of course would guarantee the presidency to Hillary Clinton, rather have Hilary President's then Donald
from and here's the sad thing would rather that Hilary President and had crews, because poles today, ten crews up forty, two thirty one over Trump in Iowa crews, is gaining in the national poet trumpets too well, I had a national Poland, but cruises accrues is running. Second and crews has a better shot of consolidating support in South Carolina in throughout the South and in New Hampshire by the way, because the only has to pick up on Carson support, he has a better shot of of doing serious damage to Trump. Then Marco Rubio, but there's still backing Marco Rubio all the way to the end, so that sort of corruption in the Republican Party. Well, you know working yell at the conservatives the conservatives have to join our party and, if in, if they decide to go elsewhere, there traders, but if they nominate somebody daylight, then we're gonna run at the first available opportunity. It's kind of pathetic, better, that's the first time this has happened by the way people tend to forget. this, but nineteen, eighty one Ronald Reagan, one the republican nomination. There was another Republican in the race and it was John Anderson and Jan Anderson actually ran third Party against
Ronald Reagan. He was in some of the debates, the early debate with Jimmy Carter. He ended up winning something like four to six percent Reagan, one walking away anyway, but the fact is that the establishment of Reagan was so crazy. They had run run somebody. The other example of this is stay the Duke running for governor in Louisiana and the Republican Party decided to put up a former governor. Just knock off David do, but Trump is not like David, Duke trying to train compared from to David. Duke is a bit absurd, so that if the Republican Party wants to guarantee Trump denomination, all they have to do is keep going with all of this term. is the worst trump, is terrible and would rather have Hillary Clinton and Trump, because now I really don't trust you to pick my home Nicky. I really really don't trust you to pick my dominate. Ok, it's Amphora all bit of stuff I like, and then we will get to stuff that I hate here on a Monday couple of things stuff. I liked to some funny things that happen. over the weekend? So our know how many you saw this. It's gone viral on the internet, Miss Universe, unanimous universe, contest, Steve Harvey was the hosting this universe. This
competition is really gone, downhill in a significant way since Donald from soul that he treated this. How today it we'd be out there that six months ago in this, never would have happened under him? What wouldn't it I've been Watch Steve, Harvey not be able to read English This actually happens very antigonus. He missed Colombia and Miss Philippines, both standing there trying to say Who's gonna, win this universe contest. This is awkward television. Folks, here we go, I have to apologise. given its Miss Colombia rage wearing the crown really is
This deal. It's like the smell of means also obliged to tee I know how to take the crown of the other and the queen is dead wrong with their literally take the crown of the other girls and give it to see where the brothers must lobby is getting a worrying. and there is no peace, economic history tat. Will you hear galleon? I met one I just handed over
and you ve hardly stand in their way just because I'm like this not equate the triumphant music and the standards of super state no danish is not to do. This is critical, People are actually saying with such great television without making sure they gotta taking the crown of one and giving it to the other Aragon. It's ok in Other women comes out to number one he's going to take responsibility for this but the right to ok, so that's dazzling light. Today we got off their fits with bitter likes it because it's just to Larry although I will say that my faith in the veracity of
well feud outcomes has now been shaken or have her. because you knows who actually made what the lightning around here is another thing that I like the case of people, that there is there such a politics, there's so much about politics. That really is surface level and people don't like to recognise this but it really is true. So a lot of the scorn for Donald Trump comes from the fact that Donald Trump speaks like Donald Trump. A lot of the scorn for Sarah Palin came from the fact that European speaks like Sarah Palin, so somebody cut a video of Donald Trump and very spectacular of Donald Trump talking on Fox NEWS, except they dubbed over. It sophisticated sounding british man and look how all of a sudden it looks like Donald Trump IQ, just jump about thirty. Six point Is this really? Is it it's kind of fascinating, because this is how our politics works now vote you can see. This is actually it's down from talking and then a voice dubbed over Donald Trump talking about muslim immigration. Pressure got where last power copper thousands of respect
They love me. I love it. I think I'm gonna do great with women one of the reasons and we can integrate Women- is that I'm elite, symbolic, Hillary Clinton, she's gonna strength, just gonna, say everything she does? Is like fascicles Donald Trump research. Rare is actually it's sort of interesting. She said last night, Donald Trump Limbs actually practices in front of a mirror for two hours Journal Tram said, I think, he's dangerous and dangerous she's the one caused all this problem with her stupid policies hit you look at what she did with Libya look at each other with each set out here that it is the point: doesn't he he does he see more sophisticated right. Vote for him right Alison. He looks like a sophisticate because we slept the british accident on him, so folks, semi. Here. Somebody speak with the british action: don't fall for the play women particular Lay in a bar two guys big with british accident, does
mean he's smart or sophisticated or kind of decent just means. He comes from Britain. Spot It just shows yeah servers. Our politics is ok now something that I hate. Let's talk about a little bit the budget deal that happened last week, so Paul Ryan last week, signed off in a one point. One five trillion dollar budget deals an omnibus budget package that keeps the government funded for for at least the next five minutes and ensigns. Often all President Obama's priorities, plant parenthood gets funded, climate change gets funded, the executive, Amnesty gets funded, every single thing gets funded and then all right and whose the great white hope of the conservative establishment power I goes are national tv and here's. What Paul Ryan has to say about the deal that he just cut
you'll so good for President Obama, that Obama called him to wish you a happy holidays and Paul Ryan said right. Back at here is Paul Ryan on and be seen used with Chuck Todd speaker. I just heard the criticism I sat down with them on Friday and he said in deal with plan parenthood in the new year and that the conservatives need to accept that he had to make compromises to get a deal done. Let me first say this: divided government and in divine and government you dont get everything you want, so we fought for as much as we could get. We advance our priorities and principles, not everything one of them, but many of them, and then we're gonna pick up next year and and pick up where we left off and keep going from all. I wanted, for example, from bearding Mc Lumberjack telling us, There were that. We are that we are doing the best that we can invite a government lecture me about divided governmental, just lecture me, How divided government works you I understand how divided government works, but guess what you didn't do your job. Yet the fact is that the house has one power: the power of the persons who already ruled impeachment off the table. Barack Obama could strangling
a child, a national television and you guys have already say, you'll, never impeach himself. That means you have one power and one power only and that power is the power of the purse and you won't use it because you're afraid that Obama will then not signed the budget and the government will shut down and you will be blamed booth Freaking, who k turns out. That's your job my job to represent his side and, if you're, going to make, if the republican parties idea is that our job is basically to just sit there and do nothing. until we get the presidency is coming along hundred years gangs. It could.
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