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Ep. 448 - Oprah For President?

2018-01-08 | 🔗
Oprah takes the Golden Globes, Steve Bannon’s still on the rocks, and President Trump makes clear that he’s a “stable genius.” Date: 01-08-2018
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So Hollywood is full of self righteous hypocrites. Oprah takes the golden globes and wants to run for president and Steve. Bannon is still on the rocks with a very stable genius, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show no Disneyland for anyone, ok this weekend, terrible, it was just terrible, is mostly terrible because Hollywood king in other words, of watching Hollywood. Talk about sexual abuse and sexual harassment is like watching. Nfl executives talk about concussions and then pat themselves on the back for it, it's just absurd but before we get to any of that, first, don't say: thank you, tore sponsors over at blue, prince a blue apron is the leading meal delivery kit service in the stating how many people know what they do. They don't know about the types of meals that you can eat. Well, they have leave us Yes, I know, because every one in the office uses Blue able, they are the number one fresh ingredient in recipe delivery service in the country and their mission is making carbon.
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filled with most self righteous despicable people that you will ever meet in your life? Hollywood has filled people who engage in sexual harassment and abuse. In fact, Hollywood is a town was built on sexual harassment and abuse. I dont mean that figuratively in the I don't mean that an exaggerated fashion I mean that a huge percentage of Hollywood films, a huge percentage Woodstock Outlet got their starts on the Hollywood casting virtually every major producer in town at one time or another has thrown is power around, as well as his genitals, hey. The idea that this is the dominant, the predominant mode of how casting is done in Hollywood has been done for decades. I think It is better to stretch. The fact is: Hollywood is pretty degenerate and always has been matters there. A lot of women who are willing to engage with that, knowing the risk knowing that they're going to come here and be sent to the casting couch, I've showed you in the past films. They make. and jokes about this. All about Eve, there's moping jokes about Marilyn Monroe using the casting couch- and this is not some That is brand new from Hollywood. More Hollywood suddenly get. At Fort and suddenly everyone's very surprised, not only that there are their avert.
Signal its just great there there to come along and sick Do you not only that they are wonderful, left us, but also that they are just shot by it all that what happened in Hollywood they're here to joke about all the terrible things done, as I said at the top of the show. It's like watching. Nfl executives, joke about concussions or pens, it executives joke about pedophilia. You can't do this Ok. Hollywood has an entire event dedicated to padding itself on the back for how much standing up to the sexual harassment scandal that happening in its own industry and to which many of the people who work, who are testifying last night or party in the first place, it will go through. All of this will start myself. Myers. Nobody miles. South Myers begins by having Hollywood. Then, of course, yes is obligatory. Slams against Trump he's too lazy to There are many new jokes about trumps. Instead, he just hijacks jokes that we're told less here by Hugh Laurie, I believe, is the golden gloves about a Hollywood foreign press association. Here is Myers again.
Overrated comedian hoo hoo masquerades political thank our Harry is doing, is opening monologue, Ladys and remaining gentlemen there's a new under way, and I can tell because it's been years since a white man was this nervous and Hollywood, not even the most powerful staff in the room tonight, I remember when he was the guy Megan Travel with North Korea simpler times we're all here tonight, courtesy of the Hollywood foreign press, three, a string of three words that could not have been better designed to infuriate our president
foreign press, the only name they would make it needs all this lazy there there's nothing. There's nothing new here and the idea of looking world and a laugh now about white men being in power? Are gonna laugh now about men being sexist, rather a laugh about how men are on the run in Hollywood, except that half this crowd you're wrong Polanski. Half this crowd, rub ensured Woody Allen when he went to white time achieving a word from the woven building club six years ago in two thousand twelve argument on this day was fitted as a God by Merrill. Streep last night was talking about me too and time's up and is not just. its admires Ivy Deborah messing arrived in and decide that was timed to slam each channel for these so called pay gap, the implication being that it doesn't pay its female enough. Deborah messing multimillionaire whose a terribly first by the way and blocked me on Twitter, not because I just called her a terrible actress, long ago, and she block me because I guess
their unintended you'd councillors and stepped into the new times everything our times it a profile of me that did not. me as racists, because I'm not Deborah messing, decides that now the term to virtue signal about the pay gap. She wasn't it one by the way. What what's the name of the lady em What's the name of the lady from Friday night light icon in Britain writes a kind of Britain. Last night wearing a short that says something like that. something like gum, poverty, a success and poverty is access. The shirt cost three hundred eighty dollars, not a joke for hundred eighty dollars now she's build champagne on it. Then it was worth some hundred dollars. So well done. Conny Britain parties access, but she's, not the only hypocrite. Here's double I think a very, very wealthy woman for being a garbage address on a show that was really about the gay guy and about the about the shrill, high, pitched woman and not about her at all. Here is Deborah messing talking about the pay gap and ie and we want diversity. We want intersects.
all gender parity. We want equal pay and I mean you know. I was so sorry to hear that that doesn't believe in paying their their feet cost the same as their male colleagues. I miss CAT, sat learn, and so we stand with her and not something that can change tomorrow. So much heroism so much strength, so much Normandy like bravery, my God, setting out the red carpet wearing a probable it again with probably several thousand dollars talking about the pay gap there sleep, is just brutal for women in IE, whose entire job that consists of standing alongside many, both of whom talk about celebrities all day, went. Let's be real about this. In the entertainment industry in the talents. Ideas Industry are not getting destroyed by sexism because they are. From the sexual harassment and sexual assault. That's a different issue, but in terms of pay gap here the idea that Natalie Portman Jennifer Lawrence are being destroyed by sexism or that the women he couldn't go to their bosses and say: listen
pay more or less, but here's the thing on the free market. You are easily replaceable and I'm sorry to tell you this, but women at e and many are probably pretty, replace a modern seem like particularly tough job. then, maybe you oughta asked for a raise less off rather than more author, maybe you could start in each annul honestly and everybody thirty thousand dollars a year and be staffed up. The Wazir in their people, who are beautiful, working class, We ve been every single day who had died, work for thirty five thousand dollars and copy and paste- maybe it's more than that. But there are people who die to be working. a and b on tv everyday for twenty five thousand dollars etiquette. There's governments complain about that marriage obliged comes out and she says in the new meets a moment. I will kill you if you touch me, but there's something that she doesn't say, which kind of others may hear. Here's marriage oblige all I've had the five. Since I was five years old I haven't. I haven't. Had any body approach me like that, since I've been an amusing business boy, evidence from five to seventeen having gone to hell with sexual harassed
So you know about atomic music business. It was like don't touch me, you'll kill you. We could really so first law. That's that's great. She had that attitudes, horrible what happened or as a child. I would like to hear her name the names, the guys you tried to touch her in the music industry This is the one thing that was so shocking about last night. You watch all of this and what is over and over and over, is that nobody is willing to name any names right. There's willingly, a broad problems, bra american sexism, broad sexual harassment- but no one's willing and eminent edged means all these guys get away with it in the half of them are in the room. I have them on the road Natalie permanent that was more egregious offender last night, just in terms of being of not justly smile, she gets up there talking. The all male directors were nominated, which which in short, a been nominated last year that it doesnt Patty Jenkins for Wonder woman who had been nominated exactly in any case, there's Natalie port. suggesting and winning all male directors. we are honoured to be here to present the award for best director.
And here are the all male nominees midges, ok, really what in the world, and they all my God, how did what bravery stunning, stunning bravery, Natalie Port worth millions and millions of dollars for being not a very good actress, yeah, Natalie, Boardman old man. She struck back against the Patriarchate out time boom roasted Hollywood, is so smug and so irritating me, I'm famous for being Morgan they'll class me by orders of magnitude. Ok. So before I go any further, we'll talk about Oprah, because I have many a thing to say about over Winfrey in her presidential runs. First, I want to say thank you, tore sponsors over at filter by dot com, so the holidays are over, but the winter. just begun. According to studies, that means that you're going to be inside a lot and the air indoors contains up to a hundred times more pollution than the air outside which cause illness
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and who is famous for vacillating in her wait for years and years. That's just great! Firstly, we don't get to complain about reality, tv stars and self made billionaires being president of the United States, because the President of the United States is those things right and then brags about them on Twitter. Don't worry we'll get to that in a little bit, but she was just so incredible. Last night you got up there and she finally spoke truth. sure there are tons of pictures of kissing Harvey ones, ensure there's an actress who, back in November, allege that she felons Harvey Wine Street Harvey one scene strap because she saw Oprah hanging out with her figure- how he must be a good guy shore. Oberlin free existed in this town for thirty years, making orders of cash becoming the most powerful woman and media the queen of all media and never have one word to say, sexual harassment, disarm Hollywood, sure all of that true, but the bravery, the stunning as the stunning. This MC bravery, ah just shocking, just stunning, Reese Witherspoons weeded out in the midst of all this, that Oprah Winfrey that choose now going to date time differently
just what she tweeted what I will now officially to buy time like this everything that happened before her speech, everything that will happen after my God, it's just like Jesus it'll, be bio and ale. Before Oprah and after Oprah, just incredible type, things have changed things. It takes feel the changing their can't, you feel all the men backing away from the sexual harassment of use, because Oprah Winfrey got up and said some vague words. I do, I feel, like everything changed last night, now, to be very open, really good at that's right, operas, actually very good speaker, she's, very talented cheese good actress, she's, very gonna, connecting with audiences, we ve known all this. For years she gets up Christian CNN said you could have heard her giving this speech in Iowa. You can almost imagine her running for President Have we learnt nothing? People, nothing, but the entire media. That region that inexperience is bad. We don't need somebody with no policy that we don't need. Somebody doesn't know the hell they're doing that a government and their liking
what we need. Oprah yeah, solid, move. Okay, so she give this speech, and everyone is just over the moon about this speeches. Just great should get up. There should finally says enough: she Oprah the queen of all media finally says Enough is enough now joining that anything special. Now, because I was under the impression that we all felt this way right, I mean everybody showed up to the golden globes last night. Wearing black is your golden globes only had years there wasn't people dress. Like me, gotta breaking out of an exit, the golden glows rag carpet. Everybody just look like it was the nineteen fifty than there were in black dress is actually of embryo can glassy. Maybe they should be going rule there from now on, but but every shows up in their home at times up and me too, and everybody's trying to bear the way, slowly from from anyone who is we associated from harm you, Einstein and and Kevin Spacey, and and
so I am not sure what so groundbreaking about all this, except that people who went over to one for run for present their time. That's back in March and I'll go through in a few minutes whether Oprah could actually win win. She runs for present, but first I want to go through the speech because it's been treated as just Gran inglorious, but she finally stood up for all the victimized women throughout history and overtime, Oberlin, free, so stunning, so brave hearing issue there. If you promise she starts off by talking about how she, is exactly the same. Sidney point. Eight nineteen sixty four right sinew point here want to golden Globe. I guess in eighteen, sixty four and and she said she washer on tv or short you and asking us in sixty four, maybe four in the heat of the night. In any case, she she says this, just I've club line there. Eighty two Sydney received. This is really no word right here, the golden globes- and it is not lost on me that at this moment
There is some little girls watching, as I become the first black woman to be given this. reward name them name seriously name the wives and little black girls whose lives were changed because they saw Oprah Winfrey when this award, not by open one for making we billion dollars over the course of our career, not by overwintering, become powerful woman in media over the past thirty years, not by Michelle Obama, being First lady or Susan, rising national security adviser lurid alleging attorney general or kind of these rights being Secretary of state, not by any of those things. Re not not buy it. Now by any of these famous black women in positions of power sphere, not by the fact that the music industry is dominated by powerful black women, not by the answer, not by the fact that the the entertainment, History is dominated by beautiful black women and powerful black women, not by the fact women, dumb black women, dominate sport by Venus Williams, Rita Williams, not by any of those people. It was
winning a golden globe. Last night they changed everything people it changed everything they. Let me tell you black girls were watching tv. They are in exactly the same situation as she was in eighteen. Sixty four watching Sidney Point yea and his white tie in black skin is her words, get up and say what he says at the at the Oscars or the golden gloves. Right there, that is its exactly the same issue: is sixty four thousand eighteen. Exactly the same now I hate this kind of virtue signal I really do because two thousand a team to pretend this is exactly the same- is not remotely true. It's stupid, it's overblown and to pretend that some sort of groundbreaking moment is just sheer crappy. It's just nonsense. It's just stupidity! I haven't you, didn't stop it
air right in her inert effort to garner support for twenty twenty run. Then she thanked the Hollywood foreign press, and I love this. This still frame of of barbarous dry sand, I think, is pretty fitting. Actually some images leave that, but there is, there is barbarous rice end with I guess who's. That is that James, brilliant, not your who, that guy is maybe not James Relet now in any case here is here, is over Winfrey talk about the Hollywood foreign Press in the power of the press has special the press as they are so special people. Let Oprah tell you about it, I'd like to think the Hollywood for Press association, because we all know that the press is under siege these days, but we also know that it is the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption. And to injustice rage. I pray to tyrants and victims and secrets and lies.
I want to say that I value the press more than ever before, as we try to navigate these complicated times? Yes, just yes, promoting and people cheering. Yes, the press are located. Blame you, something that the form, the Hollywood Foreign Press, Association, Howard, Foreign Press Association, is ninety international report. As you know, they do all that the report on Hollywood is what they do is what the Hollywood Foreign Press association it. You know what might have been a good story about Hollywood in over, like the past Eighty years. Anytime anywhere, you Norman a good story for them to report on the ramp. sexual abuse and harassment that took place in Hollywood for decades by the most powerful men in the business. That might have a good thing. Did they speak to the power? Did they uncover the secret
and the wise and the victims in the tyrants did they do that. She wants to thank the House for press for speaking up for truth, good job, guys, you're, just you're, just brilliant ears, fantastic work wonderful job. I am so impressed legitimately the only members, the press. We did anything about the about the ramp in Hollywood, abuse for people like Ronan Pharaoh, right people over there Where did some great work on this? But the hallowed foreign press associated nothing, Romania idea there being fatalism. Some great truth, tellers in a world of lies, is just ridiculous. Also, I will knowledge that the entire left focus on the power of the media and the power of the press. Aside from when they can rip on the catholic Church, like they praise the press for going after the catholic Church for its So these scandals- I don't remember them being quite till over the moon- about the power and necessary necessary wonder of the press during your boss. administration. Now we get movies like the post, which I gotta say. I have no desire to see this movie because that, if the, if the paler is that
then she and I'm not sure. I cannot imagine that the movie is going to be any better than that. I mean it is the most of noxious trailer in human history Merrill St Malo. You just watch me as I take on are the brutal men in the government and Tom Hanks rubbing her shoulders while she does, it just looks like a terrible, maybe I'll, have to watch and tell you how terrible, because now I've have committed self, in any case that wasn't the end of over one break in her glorious grand bravery, ridden speech here she talks about speaking. Your truth my least favoured phrase in all of human history. Speaking your truth, Aragon. What I, for sure, is that speaking, your truth is the most powerful tool we all have an eye was surely proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up in June on our. So I want tonight to express great, two to all the women who have endured
years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams, to pursue, ok offers greater this energy and I'm sure she's really emotional about this, and I will explain why, because I'm not captain emotion, it always get suspicious of emotion on cue, I'm sure she's, really emotional mother. She had a really rough childhood, did Oberlin free, I'm sure that her mother endured a lot of stuff. All that said that phrase speaking or put this obnoxious incentives and then say: speed, your truth and have a shot of Merrill Sweep Merrill Street like her. Once again as a God, Merrill's rape, that's that's how the prostrate this. There's no such thing as your truth. I've sent us a thousand times. There's no such thing as your truth. There is the truth and your opinion, and we say speaking your truth. That requires evidence ok, evidence would be a good thing now. I believe women who make these allegations. General rule I do, but I have to. way. The evidence after way
when will the women are half way, whether their repeat allocations. I have repeated after a view the nature of the man. I actually have to look at the evidence on all of these accusations, but this phrase speaking your truth needs to die and needs to die slowly and a horribly in the torture chamber used in the princess bride for Wesley, ok, he's to die that phrase speaking your truth is just garbage. Even people on the left are re. Recognising that an undermines their arguments is ok, but that's not the end of opera is operas silly. Ok there there is for and again there is a lot in this speech like there is. I mean, like sexual harassment, bad right on the side of that. If I have not been clear about that, I've been saying this for months ok and for years and for decades, like literally might paragraph but I'm gonna, get to what I think was the worst injustice that that she did last night Oberlin free in this speech in just a second first, don't say. Thank you to our sponsors,
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twenty golden web hosts admires jokes, it maybe in the cards Oprah Winfrey triumphs of black raped golden globes, I mean just we're out young girls and says he'll, be de Mille award speech just so much heroism. So much air was speaking in a room full of other rich people who are We too agree with her by the new cycle about everything, because they don't than a long queues them sexual abuse or being complicit in it. I mean in the thing that, speaking to the powers it, it would be good to do that when there's actual risk involved, was the most powerful person in the media for the last twenty years. She did not say a thing about this happening in Hollywood, a thing and now she is being used. As the point person on this she's, the queen bravery, he's like Roger Good Housing is taking the lead on concussions. I keep using that because it's the best example. I can think of its like. The president depends, they saying, is taking the lead on child sexual abuse, can you can't do that? It's just ridiculous. Antipathetic wandered
It was and again I agree with everything she sang. I agree, but where why she, six months ago, and not, even though all of them here here that this is the part that really drive nippewa. So she asked compares women who are being victimized in Hollywood to a woman who was raped by six men. Six white men in nineteen. Forty, four black woman raped in Alabama than the guys we're not prosecuted for it here is here she's talking about it in nice, In forty four recede, Taylor was a young wife and mother. She was just walking home from the church service she'd attended an ever built Alabama when she was abducted by six armed white men raked enough blindfolded, by the side of the road. For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men but there
time is up, and I just because he says- and I just hope that greasy Taylor died. Knowing that hurt truth, like the truth, if someone the women, who were tormented in those years and even now, tormented goes marching and it was somewhere in Rosa Parks as hard almost eleven years later, when she made the decision to stay seated on that bus in Montgomery, and it's here with every woman who chooses to say He too, and every man, every man chooses to listen of so much. Social Lecture, Us Hollywood lecture us on this right. Lecture us because not like You are the scandal why
you up. For me, oh bro, you up for me, I wasn't the one was whining and dining with you no party lines in five seconds ago. Neither the hypocrisy of just rise, never walk. Listen, I'm glad that how finally owning up to the issue, so I think there can be any material change and how it would by the way now I think of them died down in six months and things will go back right to what they were before because no saving names. Does so brave, rolodex, All these guys got anything to say about any of them, our name, one about that did that the part to transmit wall here is the implication that America in nineteen forty four is the same as America in twenty eight team with regard to allegations of rape, particularly cross cross across racial rape, if a group of white men, rightly black woman, not only would be from story across the nation, the president would sound off every person a mirror, I would be calling for those guys we strolled up. How do I know because I was a national scandal when AL sharpened claimed to want Bradley falsely was raped by a bunch of white men general scandal when the Duke lacrosse guys we're falsely accused of raped Crystal Manga, whose those black stripper in induce
and when one when it, and when that actually happens, we want those as you will wait forever to pretend society now. Society then, are in any way similar. The major movement is what changed that guess what the medium! didn't change that everyone was against rape and everyone still against rape. We war against rate. We are against red. We will be against rape for my entire lifetime. In this pretend nonsense. The nineteen forty four is the same as now or that requires the same kind of bravery. No one. Compare Recy Taylor to Oprah, Winfrey Nobody should be comparing Rosa Parks to Merrill Streep, if you argue your mind, you're out of your mind, into Britain to compare America certain Alabama, Sorkin, nineteen, forty four with America circuits eighteen in Hollywood. Repository of all the sexual abuse is just vomit Tricia's, it's just a bag of vomit. Hey now, there's lots of my opera should run for president off the base its I've just because so because again, what courage, what unbelievable charged by the way- I did note this last night
a bunch of people got mad at me for saying so, but you how many times IRAN mentioned last night I didn't see mention once did anybody else. I don't watch the whole programme because I rather gouged got my eyes of sport, but If you actually we're watching this thing was IRAN mentioned guy elegant. She says we saw women all over the world that would have been a time to talk about many places around the world where women are being routine, We victimized not just in the United States and opened by the way there's about things happening around the world: she found it a school for girls and South Africa. Wretched cares about stuff happening outside the United States would now, but a good time. speech to say not just women here, but women in IRAN and women in Saudi Arabia and women in Egypt and women and in right couldn't have just listed those off in the middle of it. But because Hollywood is is deeply invested in Hollywood itself and then they to show that they are leading the fight against themselves, which of course, is not true ok so would operate free win. A presidential election when the person hardest hit last night is Joe Biden because over free would the primaries over Winfrey would
We usually when the primaries I Joe Biden, we'll get, shall act by Oprah Winfrey, not just because over Winfrey is black, because Oprah Winfrey is deeply talent. and she spent thirty years building up our stock of goodwill with the american people and particularly with women, So I started more about the general election because I think that if overran should almost Shortly when the democratic primary nomination process could she beat Donald Trump, so here's what she's got going for they're about five arguments in favour and five arguments against? First she's, most famous, what the history of mankind. That's not really an exaggeration famous woman in media. She is. This is a time when people have access to information about other people at a rate, never before known by man, she's more famous person ever Rachel. Payments, the Donald Trump spent years praising or in April two thousand, while what an opera will end up doing just fine network. She knows how to win made two thousand fourteen the grass discovery of all times that a person can change this. nature by merely changing his attitude. Oprah Winfrey rides ISA
he is so so yeah she there. There bunch of arguments here in favour of opera she's, unite or not divide or write. Her whole brand is, I bring people together are unite people I make people happy righteousness. She's the warm and fuzzy, whereas trans whole brand is firing. People enacting tough, so open there never be bigger gender gap in opera versus Trump right. There the gender gap, will be enormous billing. Ninety ten for women for Oprah, ninety ten, four men for Trump, It would be an enormous enormous gender gap and they those on here, I'm an amateur continue in just a second talking about what exactly what it, what exactly her qualifications jobs are or other qualifications. Here. Third qualification, she It's a rift, personal story, rights issue. Her personal stories really good, unlike trumpet grub super duper wealthy and then became super duper more wealthy, largely through branding power. She was born legitimately dirt, poor, Mississippi to a single mom, raising setting Milwaukee molested is a child pregnant and fourteen. She apparently missed
large gotten a radio at nineteen and made herself worth three billion dollars. It's our personal stories, terrific. She definitely checks the left's intersection reality boxes and she gets a woman black overrun. Well, that's what the left wants. The Dnc yesterday tweeted out what will qualify women for office? What would qualify woman for what would qualify as our well qualified someone for us tat? We need to elect more and then its head a whole list: jewish women, asian women, black women, lesbians and just all. Oh transgender women, like our whole lessons that we need more women. So when it comes to the left, a view of what qualifies a person for office operas high on the list, black and woman. She also has come. So for appeal in a way that, for example, how, for example, Hillary Clinton didn't write Heller, it was a woman, but other women didn't like our operas woman, Other women really like a lot. She pulls, while also by the way in as a march, twenty five
The upshot of forty nine thirty three favourable rating honest. I am shocked that her favourable rating is that love, I think, would be closer in the fifties. She led trump naturally pulled her against Trump and she leads Trump right now. Forty seven, forty in the polls, which is not a blow out by the way, that's more like Hillary Clinton numbers than Anything else. So here are the drawbacks. Here's why opera would probably not win if she ran one she's, wildly inexperience. Now that doesn't hold the lot of stock anymore in the last two per, didn't have had no experience, basically entering high office down from legitimately no experience entrant high office operas runner. Business, an electron past can be hard for me to say you have no experience when he had no experience. She is far left her politics will become an issue here, she wants to run as great unite or I'm the person who everybody agrees is emotionally connected that that doesn't hold once you start running Once you start running, you become a polarizing political figure pretty quickly and she is pretty far left she endorsed amendment? Ninety thousand primaries probably helped him when the primaries over Hillary Clinton. She travelled to Denmark into
thousand nine and openly praise socialism. She's compare trail on Martin to Emmett till there, which is again just insane she's approach. We advocate she's, made statements, and, ass, like their been millions of lynchings in the United States, which of course, is in true about four thousand lynchings. As far as I am aware, which of course is terrible, but then she has suggested a connection between the time, a lynchings and and now read by comparing Emmett till to travel. Martin, nobody thinks Roper's political, but those politics will will jump to the fore pretty quickly ass soon ass she starts running. She also is kind of cookie I mean people say the trumpets conspiracy, theorist opera is kind of a coup me. I know everybody wants to bury that, but, aside from various weight loss theories, she hosted. Gentlemen. the on vaccines. Numerous times she pushed if you're calling wage silliness of the secret, which was this idea that, through the power of positive thinking, you could hear yourself then it became a national scandal. One one woman who had cancer said I may use the power of positive thinking to kill my cancer. It did not work, it was a fail right. You went out and defended the frost or James Fray. As you recall, those major scandal.
Where have you push nonsense about the meat industry that had the meat industry actually suing her so much trouble? the conspiracy. There are still a lot of ways, but the difference is that Trump is already so filled. Maude Reddy's covered with bodies of mud monster that throwing more modern trump doesn't do have any damage. Oprah considered this sort of angelic character, and that means that if you throw modern angel you're more likely day, this bottom likely to show on the dress writer then there also sandals that are going to hit her as well. So every person has scandals in their past. Oprah has some pretty bad one. The worst one was in two thousand and nine her school that she runs in their Johannesburg. South Africa, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for girls. It was hit with the sex scandal, a sexual, Can we actually two of them in two years? So in two thousand and nine, there is a series of students who are sexually abused by other students the year before, there's a matron, allegedly sexually abused fifteen girls right. She actually fought back by firing the had mistress another matrons in giving the girls here phone number, but there will be digging into how much did you know where she fully aware of it at the time the story
We went away because she took the right measures, but scandals heard every one. her Mitt Romney. They certainly hurt Oprah Winfrey, finally, Oprah verses trump abroad and of school alarming trump. A lot I shouldn't have done a lot of what Hillary Clinton did. She then standing there going tat putting him for his for his baseness in his cruelty. It didn't work well for fur Hilary now Oprah doing it might be more successful, but I'm not sure school arming, works against Trump in any case, help before it gets over the moon about Hilary for President. I just, I think, there's some real holes in that particular theory. I also think that the Democrats are probably denominate somebody who is more akin to Joe Biden. Ok, meanwhile, putting aside the golden globes now, let's talk about president from sweet. So over the weekend, President Trump, had a lot to say about this book rights over the weekend. There is that there is a lot to say for President Trump about the the with this. This Wolf Michael Wolf Book Fire, theory, we'll talk about you, not local together, just secondly, for this. For us,
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they won't see anywhere else attract our Youtube channel. We are the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting. The nation is already so. The big controversy over the weekend is that the Michael Wolf Book about dialogue, was making the rounds, the regional is making the rounds. The new case against Trump is not that he's a russian polluter. Is that he's not job? Now, let's be frank about this This has been a case against from for at least several years. Donald Trump is not most mentally stable human and, if his twitter feed, I'm not going to lie to you, he doesn't look like he is emotionally centered. Shall I put it that way, but he's not exactly a practitioner of the out of the Tao he's, not somebody who, with a buddhist sense of passivity and Donald Trump, It sounds off alive, he's very volatile and everybody knows this, and there is a lot of talk in this Michael Woolfolk about how Trump is actually a crazy person re. How is actually mentally unstable Trump decided to fight back
says in the most stable possible way. He went on Twitter mouthed off about it. Here's what he said quote now. The russian collusion after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hopes on the american public. The Democrats, in their laptops, the fake news, mainstream media, are taking out the Ode Reynolds Reagan Playbook in screaming mental instability and intelligence, and it continues along these lines says actually throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart. The leg is actually and are not making it up.
it's as being comma, like comma release mark. Could Hillary Clinton also play these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames? I went from a very successful business, then to tap tv star, and then he continues to president of the United States in print these. On my first try technically, not as first try ran for their foreign party nomination. I believe in two thousand I said I think that would qualify as not smart, the genius and a very stable genius at that care. A few comments on this. If you're trying to demonstrate that you are a very stable genius, you should not we'd like this. You should not the funniest thing I saw about this. Was it somebody tweet out a picture of MR add with the caption, stable genius? I like
and solid, solid work, but here's a problem. If you want to show that you're smart and you deserve respect, you should not go full Fredo in Godfather to and demand respect Yeah and that sort of everybody's reaction, chemicals reaction- there is pretty much the reaction trap for everybody effort from tweets. All of that now you can talk about whether you think he's stable mean talk about whether you think he's called. Madam president, you can talk about all the good things that have happened under under Trump, and I agree with all the good things have happened under Trump. I've been if I have not been cleared that I really like the last eight weeks policy, particularly, but if you want to show that you are actually a very stable genius, do not channel Fredo, it's just not a bright thing to do like advice to president from pleas for the love of God put down the phone, put it down
you know what would convey that you're, a very stable genius putting down the phone putting down like now put it down I feel like I'm talking about a year and a half year old Son, put down the pony, but because it upon put down the pony, ok just stop more. When he does It is not helpful. The reason it is particularly unhelpful is because right now, he's francs fight back all of these allegations and not just that and there a lot of people on I signed the owl on the consumer. Reside will say, listen who cares how he acts all? Who cares what gets done? The reason people are considering over Winfrey for President is because of how she act, not because what they think she's going to get. The reality is what we perceive the presidential election to be. We perceive the present to be is what from what from evidences in his tweets, not what he does in this policy. We can just nice presidency to ourselves by talking about all things housing policy and that's great, that's how I see the presidency in my dreams, the presidency should be about the policies that propagate, but that's not what exactly people see the presidency as they see the presidency is
stop you say and from pursuing silly silly things and not just that, he then activate Stephen. God on CNN now, Stephen Miller had some words to say about ski ban, and I agree with all of his words. He calls the abandoned grotesque agree because you ve been in it was agreed right- and I know Steve Miller Rhinos, even though I think Stephen is a very knowledgeable diabetic allowed immigration, but on tv he is just television poison. He is just bad anti, If you want Stephen Miller to basically go after seabed and a statement from steel mill or a public statement from Stephen Miller least is a video would have been much better. Instead, Ngos had it with Jake Tapir and hears from when I agree, what you're saying I'm still criticising. you're saying it. It might be a problem of how you're saying it Stephen Miller goes out tapir, and here, if you just answer any simple questions which he could write. I couldn't get a better rob on banning this interview, then Miller does Miller goes out there, and instead he just as votes twelve minutes to making a fool of himself and it's just not useful. It's just not good and many ends up being sick s
and from the CNN headquarters by security. If you're trying to evidence that you guys are all very stable geniuses now, which is now here's some is, and I know that add Trump pointed out that he loves this. I knowed truncated out that lady thinks that this was just a great performance by Stephen Miller. It was not a hero. I will show you with respect to the Trump Tower, meaning that he's talking about. He wasn't even there when in this went down, so is not really a remotely credible source on any that. It reads like an angry vindictive person spouting off to a highly discreditable Arthur. The book is best understood as a work of very poor. They written infection, and I also say that the author is garbage author of a garbage book. A phenomenon was happening that you didn't see. A phenomenon was happening that the rest of the political class didn't see all these so called political geniuses in Washington, whether it be the big lobbying firms.
or the only reason, those northern another genes and last week, as the present have been that made you big, as happens to be a true statement. Ok is self made billionaire who revolutionise reality tv and ensures that Hungary has just want to say that the book and just a grotesque if you're interested the book inspection, that's fine, but this whole gotta go on tv and we got to treat the president like he's, can draw on our common goal. worshipping were actually gonna, get out a prayer Rog Unjust, bow down to. He is a gene. He's the only one who has a genius he made seventeen other and in his bubble, Ackerman ogling. If you think this is helpful to trumps prospects and twenty twenty, you got another thing coming: ok in a second we're going to get to some things I like and some things that I don't. U knowledge is doing. Ok, some time for things like some things I hate and then we'll do some federalist papers so things I like over the weekend I got to see Jumanji, it is fine. Ok is our citizen. Kane is I'm entities
in case it is very funny. I was actually kind of shock been used, the rock in more comedic ways the people were actually funny in this in this film are Jack lacking Kevin, hard, Jack lack is very funny. He basically that the basic premise of the film is it there, these fourteen it yours who entered the gain Jumanji. If you remember the original Jumanji was the opposite right. It was. It was Robin Wins pops out of the game and so all the animals and forget kids- and I remember it- was pitched of kid: Friendly filled the original Jumanji and when I saw it- and I was like eight if freak living crap out of me raise its actual, very freaky thumb. There's one is obviously pitching to people who are like sixteen years old fifteen in an opposite, it did is page thirteen and it should be peachy. Thirteen. So in any case here is that over the preview Mr Patten Fridge Martha you're all here for a reason why you should be thinking about you and we want to be you'll have plenty of time to figure that out, while you're cleaning out the basement
are you gonna help for you too? Pretty I'm pretty girl. This again for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind Jumanji character, that person and again, which would offer on other matters, are much more well, better, be reaching US smoulder Braves, yes and Ruby round her horse NEA needs. It thus boiling anything. But then the funny thing is that the characters they habits of the big black football player and are being given my tiny and inert and are being being the Dwayne Iraq Johnson and then, of course, the big surprise that the the hot blonde check these are being Jack black right into the entire film jack lack is basically channeling a teenage girl and its, and it is quite funny so the more
really enjoyable. I saw my wife. It's it's a good way to lose a couple of hours. It is it is it's got his moments. It definitely has its moments, yeah? I feel I always deals with comedies its variety accommodate. I feel like the current down a little bit more from it, but you get enough from the ear that you're pretty pleased with it. So it's pretty is pretty funny so check it out, Jumanji worth seeing Dwayne, the rock Johnson only makes films that are. There are funny and an interesting actually azure after I become a big fan of the rock hey. I will even want central intelligence and think that's a good movie, because I think that when there are Johnson is very funny human, ok so check that out. Ok, other things! You know what I want spend some time on the Federalist papers here, so I'm going to skip right over things. I hate guess what too bad. Ok! So, what's up federals papers, the regional Defence Minister time today is because this is one of the more important
those papers. Every week we do a federalist paper today, we're in federal is number ten. This is one of the most famous. This one is by James Madison. This has already talked about how the organization of the Constitution of the United States helps defeat the power of faction, so what he says, by affection. I understand the number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or minority of the whole, or I didn't actually ended by some common impulse of passion or interest adverse to the rights of other citizens or to the permanent abrogate interests of the community. So what he says, basically, if action is any political group of people, organizing against another group of people or organizing against a future interest. He says there are two methods of curing the mistress of fashion. The one faction, the one by removing its causes, the other by controlling its fast, there again to methods of removing the causes of factions the one bite, Liberty, which is essential to its existence, the other by giving to every citizen the same opinions, the same passions in the sand? Interesting here's what he says this is basically, if you want to stop factions from tyranny society, apart from stop majority, hurting the minority or minority from hurting majority. There only two ways of doing
at the one is to get rid of the causes of fashion to make everybody think the same way the others by controlling it that if we want to get rid of everybody thinking differently, the only way to do that is by rid of liberty on the one hand, or by giving every citizen the same opinions, the same passions, the same interests through training. He says that the the getting rid of the causes is a fool's errand. He says you destroy liberty, that's worse than the disease, has liberties to faction what areas to fire in ailment without which it instantly expires. He says that getting rid of of liberty is like getting rid of air because you want to get rid of bad animals, get rid of all animal, He says that also having everybody agree is unwise. He says, as long as the reason of man continues, fallible and his liberty to exercise a different opinions will be formed and as long as the connection subsist, when his reason and his while his opinion and his passions lovers because influence on one another and the former will be obvious, which latter will attach themselves. In other words, what he's saying is, even if could try to reason everybody in the proper solutions. Peoples are actually not driven,
reason their driven by passionate and they make excuses for the passions that they seek in politics. He also points out faction is not gonna be cured, basically without fascism. He actually dramatically forces smart. He says that there will always be material and equality in a free society, because people have different abilities is of the diversity in the faculties of men from which the rights of property originate is not less and insuperable obstacle to unit many of interest. He says we're always gonna fall into mutual animosities based on our varying viewpoints and different abilities, and he says legislation means that we're judges, our own case right and judge between the rich poor, you really can't haven't just vote on and because now you're a judge in your own case. So what we have to do that leaves us with the second: pollution and that, as we have to control its effects So if we have a minority seeking to impose on the majority, we have a problem. Rags minority cannot impose on the majority, but what, if majority wants symposium on a minority. Then we have a serious problem and he says no informal checks and balances will suffice. He says either the Exists
of the same passion or interest in a majority at the same time must be prevented or the majority having such coexist in passionate interest. Be rendered by number and local situation unable to concert and carry into effect schemes repression. So he would. He says if you have a big republic with lots of bearing interests it's hard to actually motivate a majority to curb the rights of others. He says pure democracy is gonna fail because in appeared about as you can just have the majority all over the place vote for one policy, but a republic is better right and then he differential between democracy and our public. This is very, very important in the region is important because you'll hear people say stupid things like America, Cinema America is not a democracy, its republic or there's no difference between American. Democracy and an american republic. There are two major too as announced and spells them out clearly is first the delegation. Of the government in the latvian Republic to a small number, Citizens elected by the rest. Secondly, The greater number of citizens and greater sphere of country over which the latter may be extended to can have a bigger republic, then and have a democracy very hard to have democracy of three hundred million
three hundred million people vote on any topic is gonna fail a tart even get people to vote for local dog catcher. So what he says is as far as the number of legislators. First, it can't have too many, and you can't have too few of you have too few begins to become oligarchy. If you have too many it's hard to get anything done and then he says also a larger, What means that it will be difficult to coordinate interests in a small republic. You could have a majority that elects a couple of politicians and they become dictators, but in a large majority in a larger public, it's hard to get all of the interest to coordinated, says the smaller the society. The fewer probably will be the distinct parties and interest composing it the fewer the distinct partisan interests. The more frequently will majority be found of the same part and the smaller the number number of individuals composing that majority, the smaller the compass within which they are placed such easy to become oppressive. Instead, he says we need localism anonymous. Levels by broader republicanism for the big stuff he says the influence of faction leaders may candle flame within particular states, but will be unable to
Brennan General complicate conflagration through the through the other state. A religious sects may degenerate into a political faction and part of the confederacy, but the variety of sex dispersed over the entire face of it must secure the national council's against any danger from that source. You won't have catholic ruler, Mormon Ruler, jewish rule or protestant role in the United States, because there's too much diversity has any bad policy should basically be cancelled out. Any present policy should be cancelled out now, This was largely true in the United States, except for the massive injustice of slavery in which federalism prevented the position of a better policy on the states right. The issues, It was a two edged sword. If there is bad policy AIDS. The federal government in really have the capacity to stop it, but if there was bad policy the states in some other ways than that government also didn't become that policy right. The federal government was never dominated by slaveholders. It was dominated by people who are in favour of the state,
in their own policy on it, which is not quite the same thing. In effect it is but in practice, but in in theory it is not in any case. The whole point here is that the diversity of viewpoints makes a large republic, a more liberty, oriented system, right, you're, you're, not getting rid of faction, precise, and when people lament faction itself that silly you can't get rid of fashion, but you can control its effects. That's what federalist number ten is about, and mass and very clearly, is that why ok, so we will be back we'll be back here tomorrow with all of the latest news, and we look forward to seeing that adventure bear this adventure the bench appear or show is produced by math, is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex's Ngora audio missed by my core Mina Heron make up is by just one of error. The bench
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