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Ep. 454 - Is #MeToo Falling Apart?

2018-01-16 | 🔗
As accusations become more and more vague, is public support collapsing for #MeToo? Plus, have Democrats and Republicans both painted themselves into corners over Trump’s racial comments? Date: 01-16-2018
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As sexual allegations become more and more vagari, reaching the end of the me too moment, plus president His comments on immigration are polarizing the country, but are Republicans and Democrats both pain them selves into different corners. I'm Benjamin this is the Ben Shapiro Show, and seven one to get today. Apparently, writing the handmaid's tale is not enough to get you off the hook with a feminist. You actually have to be a full, fledged crazy person in order to earn the love of the feminist movement. Talk about that in just a second first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at dollar shave club, So you have heard me talk before of the amazing shave that I get using my dollar shave club razor use it right here under my jawline, because in Judaism you have to use an electric razor above that, but should the razor is just a fantastic and I use their doctor carver. Shea butter as well, I'm here to tell you that my membership will remain no matter. What, because I'm adding a dsc products. To my daily routine. They make products for your hair. Your face, your skin, your shower everything! You know They have me looking smelling incredi
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Now dollar shave, club, dot com, slash, been uses last and say: no. We so you get the best shape possible and get the rest of their great products as well, and also but what's one more time just because it's okay so now well, let's begin with the collapse of, me too movement. So the me too movement is going to continue because it should nobody is in favor of rape or sexual assault. I have yet to see all the people out there marching in the streets in sense of Harry Weinstein, which demonstrates once again that the idea that we live in a rape culture that is fine with rape, is. I would say wildly overstated what we our concern with what we should be concerned with. Is this feeling that more and more people are now being dragged into a dragnet of exaggeration and awkwardness and uncomfortable nahs? The id being that if a woman is uncomfortable or awkward about sex and afterwards, he feels bad about it, because maybe she shouldn't have been there in the first place, then we are suppose. I believe that she was raped or wrong in some way now I believe
I was wrong by her right if you put yourself in a bad situation and then you go forward with something without any indicator to the person that you are having sex with that, you don't to do this and then you feel bad later. You have been wrong by you. Ok, that is your again. I know that there's not victim blaming because you're, not the victim except your own, victim. If you say to a guy going to come back to your apartment and have sex with you, you go through the whole thing and then the next morning you feel bad because it was awkward or it turns out. The guy was jerk and halfway through the sex. You felt like he didn't like it, but you didn't. Let him know that you didn't say no get off of Maine. You just went forward with it because it was too. Hard to say no, you at that point drone victim, you're, not his victim and blaming him for that situation is no more right than blaming at blaming anybody for something for which they are not responsible. If you don't get, the guy can't read minds itself we're talking constantly about Mansplaining things explain something to a woman, a Mansplaining femen explaining is where you explain to me. I was supposed to read your mind based on outward indicators that make no sense. The reason this is coming up now is because, as we discussed yesterday, there's a long article in babe dot com about
Aziz on sorry, this comedian place time preferred on parks and recreation and there's this long, three thousand more piece about this one name grace who went back to his ear. Ansari's apartment engaged in multiple rounds of sexual activity with him and then as she was leaving said she felt uncomfortable an wrong and then he said? Well, I'm sorry. You felt that way, and that was the end of the story, but this treated by a bunch of feminists as actual evidence, Aziz on sorry should have his career ended that he should be finished by this. Now, I'm glad to report That I'm not the only one who sang the story is ridiculous. Berry Weiss over the New York Times sort of very good piece on this over at the Atlantic. There was a very good piece on this, but there are feminists coming out. None the and and suggesting that on sorry should basically be put away in his career, should somehow take a ding, because he, a famous celebrity invited a girl back to his apartment, where she proceeded to get naked with him and then engage in several rounds of sexual activity. This is insipid, let's party, really into it about this? Is it actually undermines the foundations of feminism itself? The entire idea of feminine
is that women have sexual agency? Are the women are supposed to be able to make on choices, but now we're learning that a lot of them and I think that women should not be able to make their own choices that men should be able to make the choice for the woman say. Well, you know what I don't think it's in your best interest to have sex with me right now, so it's not just on men as to whether women have sex. It's it's on men as whether women have a good sexual experience all the way through beginning to end which leads to bizarre stories like this. One. So there is a new app, I'm not kidding. It's called legal fling hey this is it from daily Wire, Emily Zanotti reporting intentional one night stand will turn into a rape allegation because you didn't get proper verbal and written consent from your sexual partner. Well, now, there's an app for that. The new program Wolfling claims to provide couples hook up on the fly, with an easy way to avoid being later accused of taking advantage of one another. An app that couples can use to create legally binding contract, saying that both of them can sense their casual union. So we used something like this called the marriage contract. It actually came along with obligations where you actually were supposed to do.
From one another beyond getting your rocks off, but now we have to have legal consent forms. Are you to have a one night stand I'm downloading legal fling? You can send requests to potential partners who then have the option of checking off certain boxes like use. Condom photo and video and bdsm? How convenient and I mean does this. Does this same love I mean it says, love to me. I know that Thinking romance, nothing says romance to me, like a legal app like an actual form that you fill out with boxes, to check every time I decide to get romantic with my wife. This is what I do. I walk in the room. I drop a quick contracts, I'm a lawyer, and then I please sign in date on the dotted line, an initial at these particular paragraphs. If you're into this, it works great he loves it and if you later decide you want to revoke your consent, you grab your phone and electronically end. The hook up. You can also, according to the apps website, use the app to write notes about your experience. All of these nodes, contracts and then maintained securely and privately using blockchain. The apps creators believe- they are solving the problem of consent issues, but legal fling still hasn't passed, either apple or Google's approval process. It's also questionable as to whether the contracts,
in fact legally binding. They are not, of course, because, according to the left, consent is a continuous issue, meaning that in the middle of the sex, if the woman says I'm done, then the content, It's been ended, so unless you grab the app in the middle of the actual quitus, then you are going to presumably be accused of violating the woman's consent, even if she signed the contract beforehand now. What's funny, is that the lefties to recognize how prudish and silly this was right. There there's a show called new girl with. The name of the woman who stars in new girl. Thank you. Who's famous for her bangs and She was a and, and the shell, the first couple seasons actually pretty funny. There's one episode of the show well, which the flashback is always prom night when she is looking forward to having sex for the first time in
this is America where this is now. The big thing is that I, your prom night you're supposed to have sex for the first time, not on your wedding night under prom night, with some random from high school quest temples in his ugly. That's that's! Typically how prom night is supposed to go very exciting here in America, where ten traditional sexual Morris have been thrown away. In any case, this is a very funny scene in which dish now, basically, is with a guy and demonstrate the disconnect between what feminists think they want out of sexual experiences and what they actually want out of sexual experience, as a channel's character on the show is a feminist. She is a single woman who is living with a bunch of dudes in the department, but there's a flashback to a prom night, and it demonstrates the stupidity of apps like legal flying. Take up your dress. Do I have your permission, yeah yeah? I can't find the zipper. There is no simple I need the stress of my mom serving and maybe I could try. You know Abda. Malaria is ok that Russia unwind, the maybe
Maybe you could just rip. I no no. I I feel like so safe and like I've, never felt like more save wood, river now I'm doing very unsafe, ok. The reason that's funny is because this is stupid. People! Ok, if this is how you think sexual encounters are supposed to go with it. The sexual encounter in history has gone this way, you're. Out of your mind, that's why Hollywood used to be able to joke about this stuff, but now Hollywood County joke about it, because they think that this is the ideal sexual scenario. The ideal sexual scenario is where you're asking every step of the way for permission. There's not a woman alive who feels like this is sexy, not one. The name of this woman to me the things that this scene is like really hot, then you're I have to you- are going to have to show it to me, because I don't believe you I think you're lying
reality is that women want men to act like men that involves a certain amount of aggressive activity, not rape, obvious, not doing things that women don't want, but if a man is acting like a passive, do nothing in the bedroom. Women are not interested, and it's just it's just a hi. I'm sorry, it's just a lie. If you're acting like like the Jeff Gold Blue, like the not the gentlemen of the lawyer character in Jurassic Park, and that's that's your that's. Your sex come on strategy, you and it's not going anywhere. This is all fictional nonsense that was created by a culture that is refused to make any rules now is backtracking and making new rules to fill in the rules that should have been there in the first place. Absolute stupidity! Ok! Before we go any further, I wanna talk about President Trump and bleep holes, because that's all we can talk about now using our dollar shave club wipes. We can wipe up this bleep. Whole situation will get to all of that in just a second, but first I want to thanks for sponsorsovertripping tripping dot com. Do you need to get away? I do yeah, that's why we need to go to tripping dot com, sotripping dot com is the place to go for your vacation, rentals, so
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I'll, go into that right now in use that slash appear that lets them know that we sent you. As I say, you know you you, you think that the Haitians good fishing at hotel, the true this is much better when you have more room to spread out. It's like home away from home is just fantastic to stay at one of these nice vacation rentals, my wife and I do it every time I go on vacation now and tripping dot com makes that possible and makes it less expensive. Again tripping dot com, Slash, Shapiro use the slash appear. Oh so they know that we sent you ok. So meanwhile, in other news and the Democr what are grilling on the hill today, the Department of Homeland secure Secretary woman in Christian Nelson about President Trump's alleged statements regarding immigrants from Bleep whole countries and they're growing. Her did, he really say bleep all countries, and he really say he fewer people from Billy Paul countries. Okay, we are now in what the six of this controversy Ellen this interminable controversy we're supposed to discuss ad nauseum when the president is a racist or whether he was just making comments that were about which countries we are
prioritize and we're just going to go around in circles on this thing, and everybody is going to make each other each other crazy. One thing I will say when Democrats suggest that they are deeply concerned about the presidents racism for sale and he wants immigrants from Norway over Haiti and reviews of knowledge by the way. The day before the ambassador from now freeway was at. The prime minister of Norway was at the White House, which is probably why Trump was saying Norway and they refuse to acknowledge that Trump said in that same report, the Washington Post report. They want more immigrants from South Korea, which is not exactly indicative of racism, because s Koreans are not weighted. Without maybe maybe is Jeff possible. Trump is talking about a merit based immigration system. Now, maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was saying something racist. Maybe you saying I want fewer black people in the United States or He was saying that you have created system, by which we are supposed to judge a hierarchy of countries that we were supposed to take. Immigrants from and I'd prefer to take immigrants from countries where the countries are closer to the western way of life than countries that are less close to the western way of life.
Which again is not racist, ok and that it may be wrong, because the fact is what I would like is a merit based system where we judge individuals instead of judging the country of origin, but if you're going to judge solely based on country of origin, Of course, you're going to value S Korea over Russia, for example, could S Korea is more westernized country than Russia is yeah? I've used. Russia is the example because there are a lot of Russia. Printer knighted states, you do really well. I mean my great grandparents were russian immigrants to the United States, but in Russia is also placed governed in a very different way, has different culture and different language in South Korea? Everybody virtually knows English, it's taught in schools, I believe, and s South Koreans come to the did stage and have a history of doing incredibly well here. So is it wrong to talk about prioritization of countries if I'm going to talk about prioritization of countries and here's how you know the Democrats, the thing about all of this, so Chuck Schumer was on. Cbs is late. Show last night because we have to have our comedy shows be replete with politics, and here is what he said:
he said. Trump's comments over and over and over again can be described as nothing but racist and obnoxious he says he's not a racist. Well, I have a challenge for Donald Trump. Ok actions speak louder than words. If you and again just begin that Long RD back to proving you're, not a racist you're, not bigoted, support the bipartisan compromise that three Republicans and three Democrats have put on the floor. Everyone gave and get the Dreamer safety here in America. That's what he should do, in other words embrace the policy that Chuck Schumer likes and that's how you can prove that you're, not a racist. And that's. What I was saying yesterday is that it seems to me that a lot of the demo we're doing here, is using the racism club in order to beat Trump into a corner on policy and there's a certain irony to this right. Chuck Schumer is saying: Trump is a racist for saying that people from certain countries are going to assimilate better than people from other countries or that we should prioritize certain countries over other countries and that's racist right but Chuck Schumer's proposal illegal regime guys in certain countries over other countries. If Chuck Schumer really wanted us not to judge people based on their place of origin, he should be in phase
over getting rid of the diversity visa lottery. He should be in favor of getting rid of country based origin based Immig mission systems. He should be in favor of an individual merit based system, which I am told, President Trump wants and present trump says that he wants if you're, really on the same page, we're all anti racism or anti bigotry or anti discrimination based on birth place. Then we system that didn't take into account: birthplace, wouldn't we we have a system that looked early at whether somebody ought to come into the United States or not on an individual level. But democrats don't want that and that's how you can prove that what they're talking about this deep caring about Trump's of races, Trump's, not a racist, it's all a lie: they don't care about that they want their policy priorities. If they really care about racism and immigration, they would be trying to wipe out any semblance of country of origin being the adjudicative factor when it comes to immigration itself, but I think that there's something else going on here too,
I think the Democrats are painting themselves into a corner, so I think they're doing this on shut down talk. So right now, there's talk of a government shutdown, so Republicans, obviously control Congress. President Trump, need immigration. Deal is basically dead. It's going to be unlikely that there's any sort of immigration will cut. With Democrats. Democrats have no interest in giving from any sort of win here, but you could have a government shutdown if the Democrats do not go forward with the republican budget now I highly doubt the Democrats will do that. I think Democrats will probably go forward with the budget. Trump will sign into law. Some big budget, just like he did last year with very few cuts, attach it won't include border funding. It will basically be a clean
Formant funding program the same way it was last year's. I don't think that Trump actually has the intestinal fortitude to have a government shutdown fight with Democrats over Border Wall funding. I think he should, but I don't think you will all that said. Democrats have painted themselves into a bit of a corner by Claire Mccaskill says: welcome to our world. We've got people running for president all trying to find their base, and then you got people from states that are trying to continue to legislate, that we always have my negotiation and never the TWAIN shall meet. In other words, she is saying that there's not a lot of interest and actually coming to an agreement here, but nobody else wants to be blamed for an actual government shutdown, so there's a lot of hub. Obviously, a lot of the senators are fighting with one another, but the chances that we should
now. The government over all of this, I think, are incredibly low. There's another way, though, in which Democrats are painting themselves into a corner, and here is how Hillary Clinton got herself in all sorts of trouble. Hillary Clinton lost the election in large part on the basis of suggesting that the vast majority of Americans, or at least a large swaths of Americans, were deplorables, racists, bigots all writers, or that anyone who supported Trump was a member of this group that anybody who was sanguine about Trump, as president was ignoring his bigotry in order to vote for him that all of these people had to believe the bigotry and is it didn't matter making them racists and bigots, and there are a lot of people. Like you know what Hillary's jerk I'm going to vote against her just because she disdains ordinary Americans Democrats are verging on that when they say that Trump is racist. They're not just saying Trump is a racist, Usually, ok with Democrats are usually saying. Is that all the things that Trump has done are racist right? This is the Chuck Schumer point if you want to prove you're, not a racist who agree with me, but there a lot of people don't agree with Chuck Schumer and who are not racist right. I don't agree with Chuck Schumer, I'm not a racist. I don't agree with Chuck Schumer and in fact I think junction
policies with regard to immigration are kind of bigoted because he wants to benefit certain countries over other countries as opposed to using a merit based system right but Democrats when they suggest that Trump's policies in his rhetoric are all of a piece that everyone agrees with Trump on policy must be a racist. What they're doing is driving away large segments of the american population there making you choose, you can either choose Trump's policies and his racism, or you can choose democratic policies and their non racism. Well, what if I knew to make that choice? What if I say I like a lot of Trump's policies, but I don't like a lot of the things Trump says. Well, Democrats, I'm not allowed to make that choice. They've created this false dichotomy, this false binary and I'm now supposed to fall into that trap. The problem is that alien voters right, if you're, a Democrat and you're saying that you should think twice about saying that you should think twice about saying that
Trump is a racist, not just because it's questionable whether Trump is actually a Richard Spencer type racist, but also because if you were going to say Trump is a racist, you need to say his comments are: what make him a race is not his policies. But Democrats aren't doing that they're just saying that Trump is a racist bully and the implication, and I think that all trump voters are you're reading into that. I think a lot of people who are not even trump voters. I didn't vote for Trump and I'm reading into that. I think they're reading that when people say Trump, the race is what they're really saying is. Anyone who agrees with his immigration policy is racist right that they're using Trump as a proxy for anyone who agrees with Trump policies so in Elizabeth Warren says Trump is a racist, Polly she's? Actually, I think painting Democrats into a dangerous corner, ripping the american population by Proxy Donald Trump is a racist bully and we know how to deal with bullies. We do not back down. We do not shut up, we fight back
and no matter what they throw at us. Nevertheless, we persist. Nevertheless, we person, of course, there's her slogan 'cause. She wants to run for president again the idea that Elizabeth Warren is going to lead the fight against bigotry after using native of false native american heritage, allegedly to gain her job at Harvard law. School is beyond she's, not the only person Democrats are trying out again. If you are going to go out and call Trump a racist, you have to use non racist to call Trump a racist. You can't Al Sharpton and they tried out Sharpton, a guy who is legitimately responsible for helping to incite riots in Crown heights in nineteen, ninety one against Orthodox Jews and then again against Freddy Fashion, Mart in New York it, ended with the burning down to the store in the death of many people who are minorities. Al Sharpton is the worst racist of the last thirty five years, and here is Al Sharpton. Ripping Trump is a racist. You don't have to spray paint. The n word over the oval office can sleep with a KKK hood to be erased. You have racist policies, say racist things operating
erase this man are, you are a racist period in the story. Ok, since that part where he says racist policies, that's fascinating right when he says racist policies, that's the part or Democrats are going to lose everybody if they just said Trump's a bad character. I think a lot of people agree if they said Trump might be borderline racist in terms of his raise in terms of the statements, I think a lot of people would probably agree, or at least give Democrats the benefit of the doubt when they you must agree with us, or your race is just like Trump going to lose the entire population, and now they celebrities to make this case. So in just a second, to explain to you which celebrities are actually making this case appear. Is everybody in the NBA essentially and they're? Not being there not being quiet about this? They don't just believe that Trump is a racist. They believe that anyone who agrees with Donald Trump on policy is racist. The Democrats, I think this is such a major political mistake that are making right now. So, let's start here with Lebron James, so Lebron, who again I don't know why the powerful words in the power forwards in history of the NBA has amazing things to say on matters of
Bration, I wasn't aware that that penetrating the paint has anything to do. Making border policy, but in any case, here's Lebron James saying that Trump has given racism an opportunity to be out again the. What he's really saying here is that, because of Donald Trump, everybody in Donald Trump's base their secret races, but now they're coming out The guy in control has given racism, negative racism, an opportunity to be out now spoken without when I see and that's the fearful thing for us 'cause, it's it's around every day, but he's allow people to come out and you're just feel pattern about doing negative thing. Okay, so he that this idea that Trump has emboldened racist what he is really suggesting. Listen. I said this during the campaign when he was actively appealing to the all right is the term should have done more to tamp down racism?
but what what Lebron is actually saying here, Lebron James, when he says that Trump is given racism, an opportunity to be out of the closet, then he negative racism, as opposed to presumably positive racism. The idea that race Some begins and ends with Donald Trump, I think is an exaggeration Now the Bron says he's not all that awful. I think that you can make the case that Trump did that during the campaign. But what Greg talk. Povitch does is really is awful, and this is where he says that Trump can't even prove to me that he's not a racist there's, no way trump can prove that he's not a racist other than by presumably agree with Greg Popovich. The coach of the San Antonio spurs it's insidious still. I will send that we have to work on every time. I hear somebody say: they're they're, not a racist. You know they are again. This is the logic of the left and Greg Papa I mean so obnoxious. I, like I like, is a coach, but he should really shut up about politics, because this is obnoxious, ridiculous statement
that if somebody says they're, not a racist. Every time I hear somebody say they're, not a racist. You know they are ok, Greg I'll, say you're racist how's that you're racist. Now, how do you respond presently respond by saying? No, I'm not a racist, but according to your check, this now means you're, racist. So now quite a the nays logic problem where the minute somebody accused of being racist there's no way to get out of it right, because if you deny the eracist, then that means you're, racist and, if you say the races, then you're, obviously a racist. So there's no way to avoid being racist and somebody as soon as somebody throws the charge racist at you or all supposed to run for the hills and just assume that that person is racist. And then you don't trump one. You wonder why Trump still has holidays it's, because everyone's attempt to lump together Trump's base with Trump everyone's attempt to one from its policies, together with Trump's rhetoric, everyone's attempt to take Trump's individual and then suggest that is indicative of the broader worldview. I don't know that has a worldview about anything
I mean, I'm not even sure the Donald Trump has a worldview about starburst restore yesterday. By the way, it's pretty great did that staffers at one of the Senate offices were being tasked with going through boxes of starburst and picking out the pink and red starburst as a gift to President Trump, which is J astonishing. I hope, if I ever president one day out force everybody, I would just buy the sour patch of jelly beans out for Senate staffers to go through entire bags of jelly beans and try to determine which one were the sour jelly bellies and then make them give them to maybe like Willy Wonka's factory and make them all into my uncle Lopez. In any case, it's not just the NBA Stars and coaches who are doing this. This silly nonsense bill press right, the famous lefty. He suggests that Trump's base is filled with extreme whacko races. This is where the left is going. Good luck, put this one gang? Good luck with this one remember last week, Steven Cole Bear suggested that America was the real bleep hole right that all these uh countries rapidly America was a bowl because Trump was president. The disdain for Americans who disagree with the left
is really coming out now because they're, using sustained for Trump to the proxy, and I think that this is what so many Trump supporters and Trump voters are basing their support from on, I think, wrongly in some ways. But I think this is what they're basing their support on his every time. They read an attack on Trump. They read an attack on them because every time there's an attack on them, it's an attack on Trump right. Then. What Bill press here says is so uh it a whole world mentality that comes from the left, that everyone can read into the verbiage right when what was press says and then you'll see that people make the connection to what Bill Press said and Hillary Clinton. What Elizabeth Warren is saying today about Trump. I am sick and tired of talking about Donald Trump's base, so he's got thirty five percent of the most extreme whacko racist. I don't know
red necks in the country and what I mean all of them. I think for the deplorable. Let me speak for the four of the term for the the thing is that this is fine. He can say whatever he wants because of please. This is basic into whatever he said it best. We could go out on Fifth avenue and shoot somebody and his base would say good for you, Donald Trump will want more than Dale Base. Now I said before that. I think there is some truth to the idea that Donald Trump's base is to attach to Donald Trump. Now. I also think that it is true that one of the reasons that they are so attached to Trump is because they see Trump and the slings Inaros that he takes as a proxy for the slings and arrows that they would take. If you will not there that how the left feels about Donald Trump is exactly how the left feels about Donald Trump Space, and they felt that way about Donald Trump space Donald Trump wasn't. There is why I think I've said this before I think in many ways twenty four broke the country. I think that the attempt to paint Mitt Romney
his supporters in the same exact way and left now tends to make Donald Trump and his supporters is demonstrative of why Donald Trump One, you can only call people racist, sexist, bigot homophobe, for so long before they finally say: listen, whoever they call racist, sexist bigot homophobe must happy one and everybody's full of crap, and whoever stands up to that nonsense is going to be the guy that I back, I think it is it's as simple as that. I think the truck presidency is a backlash. I think the backlash against the entire left. Which suggested that everyone on the right was a deplorable not just when they were voting for Trump, but long before that, I spent my entire life being called a racist, sexist bigot Hole, for by the last. I am not any of those things, and my entire career is proof positive, that I am not those things, but The left suggested that anyway about somebody like me, I did not support trump, but the idea that that now they're going to attack from I think this is what happened. I think that people are making a mistake of logic, but it's understandable mistake of logic, the mistake of logic that they're making is there are there
going into the idea that any attack on Trump is an attack on them. It isn't, but it is true that the Leftists attack on Trump, very often it is sort of an attack on them. Build presses attack on Trump is really not an attack on Trump. It's an attack on everybody on the Right Elizabeth Warrens attacks on Trump. Not just in attack on Trump there in attack on everyone on the right, including people like me, who did not vote for Trump. This is why you see grand and ridiculous disconnect in the leftist media on how they approach. People like me, who back Trump's policies, but don't necessarily think Trump is president or good for the country and a lot of other ways by the way they approach. That is, they say, listen if you really don't like what Trump is saying, you shouldn't support. Any of his policies, which suggests to me at all Terry motive. Your page, yourselves in a corner democrats want to keep doing this. You want to keep on the deplorable stuff. All you have to do is keep saying Trump is a racist and that his bases races for supporting his policies, not just his rhetoric, in just a second, I wanna, I think, Republicans on the other side are actually painted themselves into a corner's.
I think everybody is painting themselves into a corner because they're using Trump is the prison for politics, but first you're going to have go over the dailywire dot com and subscribe for nine hundred and ninety nine a month you get a subscription to dailywire dot com. That means you get the rest of this show live you get the rest of the day. Michael Knowles show live, you get the rest of the Andrew Klavan Show live when I say those deplorable. I don't use meaning supports trump, I mean he's actually deplorable human being, but you get the rest of his show live. Also, you will get to be part of today. Right later today, Andrew Klavan is going to be doing one of our world famous conversations today January 16th, five pm eastern two hundred Pm Pacific is our fifth episode of the conversation feet. Bring Andrew Klavan moderated by host Elisha Krauss Subscribe today to be part of the conversation you can ask, drew live questions which you will answer for everyone to hear, recession streams live on the daily, where Facebook page and the daily, where you tube channel it's free for everyone to watch, but only subscribers can ask the questions to ask questions as a subscriber log into our website. Daily wired dot com head over to the conversation badge watch the live stream after that just
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On the one hand, are seeing in everyone who supports Trump's policy, a mirror of Trump right, everyone, everyone who supports Trump's policies on immigration, for example. All of those people must be the tiny little trump racist dolls like this little Bobble heads We have funny hair and had left his everybody on the right, and the right, meanwhile sees themselves as forced to defend everything that from says, because they feel like an attack on them. They they feel like trump it from his are sure it is our is our shield. Then we must be his sword from his the guys, taking all the slings and arrows into its rg to go out there and defend everything that Trump says. I know there are people who believe this, because there in our office right, I have this conversation pretty much every day with Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, both of whom have suggested that I'm not doing enough to fight back against the slurs against President Trump What I say is when I think it's a slower off my back against it right. I've actually been pretty strong, I'm suggesting there are two possibilities on the on the. We pull comments for its
but when he does something that, I think, is wrong and or stupid. I'm going to call it out, because my job is not to defend from my job is to defend conservative principles, and that includes defining conservative principles in the future. Victory of those principles from president from the from top defies himself for what I'm scared of, and I think, with good reason when you look at the polls is the possibility that I like a lot of Trump's policies and then from stocks to city smears. Those policies can lose the house in twenty eighteen, they lose the Senate in twenty twenty and they lose the lighthouse in twenty twenty. And then you have an era of democratic dominance brought about because nobody, our side had the guts to say I like a lot of what Trump is doing, but I don't like a lot of what Trump is saying and I think it's polarizing and problematic. That's that's. I think the fundamental disconnect and this is why I think Republicans are painting themselves into a corner too so democrats have painted themselves into a corner by alienating forty to forty five percent of entry by suggesting that if you agree with trump policies, then you are there for a racist just like Trump a racist. If that's the democratic problem, they've alienated a huge percentage of population, the problem-
right is that, by defending everything from says, were also alienating a huge percentage of the population. What I said is that Trump deserves the the and every president deserves the ability of the of the commentary it to judge each individual action or comment on its own merits. Right, obviously take character into account. During the during the last administration, I thought the Obama administration, as a Jew, hating administration, at least in terms of their policies toward Israel right and that's very much like a love to just in the trump is Race is the difference. Is that if somebody on the right, I think is Jew hating person like Pat Buchanan, then I will say so and have said so for many many years, and people on the left won't that with regard to their own, but with regards President Trump and labeling him a racist, you can take your view of Trump and his race some separate that, off from a particular policy, determine whether the policy mode rated by animus, or whether
people who support the policy are not motivated by animus. That's, I think my critique for people on the left. It's also my critique from people on the right just because Trump says something doesn't mean that we have to defend it. In fact, sometimes it's better for Trump, if you're trying to convince him to stop doing these things, if you want Trump to do better than what you would really like from President Trump continue with the policies that you like, but not to have to fight a week long battle over he means that people from Haiti should not be allowed to immigrate to the country, because quote unquote. All Haitians have aids and it's not a battle that you want to fight because, let's be real spent my entire career fighting for conservatism. That believes, in suppose about immigration, merit based immigration. I have nothing to do with those sorts of nasty comments or alleged nasty comments and here's the trap Republicans fall into. They think that every defensive trump is defensive from policies. It is not even from doesn't believe that so Anthony Scaramucci. You write, the mooch is back on tv in his girl by Katy TUR on MSNBC, asked about the Bleep whole comments.
I think the reason the media likes doing this by the way is because the media at just enjoy singly poll on Television- hey. Let's, let's be sure about this, and again I mentioned last week that the folks in the media I had no problem, bleeping out President Obama or or Joe Biden and there's another and by the way they came to mind, there was a. There is a story by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic. Talking about Barack Obama's comments about Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister of Israel and Obama called that Yahoo. That article, a chicken bleep. It is the exact same bleep as the believe. All right. Okay, it's full bright is the s word. I called my chicken sh and that's that's what he did then was that reported to them, for just my call is like you know if you say that about an ally of the United States, the prime minister of ally of the United States, the maybe that's newsworthy, so we'll just say it's a hundred and ninety five times in a day is united. No, of course not. I think that they they did look. They just want to drop the idea to try his older, in a way that Obama is not. I don't think that that's actually true, at least when it comes to the language used anyway, the which, on MSNBC S, N, b C him and you'll, see the mature
I have a lot of really good defenses. Okay, let's for this conversation, let's see multiple people. Lindsey Graham side. A lot stipulate for this conversation that he said it seven Oct or about whether we, I don't know if he said it, but tips for this car. Beijing is. I want to make a broader point if you, or in a private conversation in the White House, with a group of people that you're trying to get a deal done and more prone to New York style, rhetorical flourishes, which unfortunately I also happen to be prone to. Why do that to the guy he is there are there were both were both assuming that he said it as you just say, but why do people from Norway? Why do they have more merit to come here? Then people from outside what the having known the president for a long period of time. I don't really think that's what he meant. I'm not going
corporate would he makes I don't understand his mind entirely. Ok. So this is the problem. If republicans are going to do I'll defend Trump, but I don't know his mind. I think Jonah Goldberg got this right. He said that if you're spending all of your time saying here's what the president meant, the president needs to do better how's that house, if I have to explain everything the president saying if I have to be the Trump translator, if it's my job, to be his magical star Trek like translator, In I understand alien languages, then he's not doing his job correctly. President is especially for a guy who's supposed to be this grand communicator and great brander. I should better than this, and when you do this, it makes it allows the Democrats to play this game where they get to lay you a racist, particularly if you're a person in a position of prominence or power and then as alienate again another group. So I think there two american they're alienating each other, and the question is: who is it
getting more people in the middle, and I think that that's an open question, but here's the thing one of these things can be solved very easily and in fact, solving one of these things sort of solves both of these things. If President Trump doesn't make controversial and silly comments, and if he doesn't make comments that could be interpreted as racist, then Republicans don't have to defend him and Democrats, don't have the too to attack him or his base right. So, in the end, the president shouldn't say this stuff, but the various interpretations by the right and everything, and by the left to attack him and all of his supporters on policy? Both of these things are deeply polarizing. They pre existed from by the way. I think it during the Obama administration to the best approach here is what Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and urban development had to say. He was asked about what the president said on this and say: here's what he said, and you know I'm not a member of this administration, and I don't agree with the press
about everything today, chair or or of how it said. If the way you say things is so inflammatory that people can't hear your message, it's not help on. That's why I don't do the. Anymore, okay and good for Ben Carson right. This is what needs to happen at Haley. I know has done some of the same stuff. It doesn't hurt from by the way to do this. I think that a lot on the right who believe all it hurts trump it just. It really hurts trump. You say you disagree with his rhetoric. You're undermining trump Trump is not on the ballot until two thousand and twenty he's not on the ballot. Republicans are this year, hey, there's an election this year, there's an election in two thousand and twenty as well, but Trump can take it man, I mean I've, never seen anybody take as much abuse as Trump took during the last select cycle some fair, some unfair. He thirty one right to this idea. That Trump is this delicate
snowflake that we all have to protect from the ramifications in his own verbiage that He says something we all have to rally around him and we must defend the leader must defend the flag, Trump's perfectly capable of defending himself. I mean this is why he won't get off twitter supposedly, is because he's fully capable of texting himself and again do I think this will do any long term damage to Trump. I think, would be a fool to believe that these comments will do long term damage to Trump. Nothing else has mean they hit with a brick during the last election they've been hitting the brakes ever since the Democrats haven't stopped talking about a rush.
Collusion scandal that has yet to materialize, based on what you're supposedly stole the election. With the help of, let me put in, but all of that said like the idea that the I'll tell you what can take it. What cannot take it and what I mean by it is, is critics of racism and suggestions that bet your bad people, the people who can't take it are not trump in people they can't they're gonna pay the price for that. Our people in the Republican Party Trump is Trump. He stands on his own. He said against a lot of the Republican Party itself against the republican establishment and he won a very powerful figure, and not only is he a very powerful figure in many ways he's he's kind of Teflon. It doesn't mean that he can't lose. It doesn't mean that you won't be down to thirty five percent, but Trump there's a way, as we saw in the last election cycle of dragging people down in the mud. Here's what I don't understand! You can't have it both ways. If you are a big trump supporter, a magna magna magna for D genius guy, you can't suggest that he's such a genius requires my help to help him out of the situation and also that he dug himself. This bleep hole stuck himself in an hour,
where's me to pull him out with her up either. Is such a genius put himself there knowing that it was a win for him or he needs my, but not both, not both by the way, I think, there's actually a third a possibility, which is that he's? Not a super genius who put in so there on purpose. He ended up there and he also doesn't need my help is fully capable of crawling out of that hole in self again, man can take an inordinate amount of abuse and his immense I will survive going anywhere and when we get twenty, twenty will get. Twenty twenty so it doesn't come up during the last election cycle. For God's sake, I mean the man said during the last election cycle. He didn't know who David Duke was in the middle of an election cycle and the guy said at a mexican judge was incapable of judging his fraud case in the middle of the election cycle that he won. So the idea that he can that needs our defense, I don't think, is right. I'll tell you what can happen if the entire republican Party rushes to the defensive, bad comments that does have ramifications, not only in the now but down the line for how young people think of the Republican Party
like after it- let's put it this way after you who do you feel warmer, who makes you feel warmer to the public and party, the mooch or Ben Carson in those two contrast in clips to you feel warmer toward the Republican ran toward conservatism, the mooch or Ben Carson. Thank you, the test anything. It's not rush access. Now there may be some from supporters who see the entire political scene as a reflection of Trump, who think that the move, which is, is better the Republican Party than Ben Carson. In this two contrasting clips. I would argue ultimately the opposite that what you need are more people like doing what Ben Carson's. I saying I like the see I don't always like. What's being said and fewer people doing what the in there, which is you know, those already just talks like a new Yorker, an even if it sounds super bad. That means that I just have to defend it all the more again things that are defensible, are worth defending and I'll do that, but I think it's steak for everybody on the right to paint themselves into a corner by depending everything, Trump does on the basis that Trump did it time for some,
as I like, and then some things that I hate. So let's jump right into things I like so over the weekend. It was indeed my birthday and my wife and I went and had a delicious dinner as the one of the great kosher steakhouses in town, and then we went to see the darkest hour with Gary Oldman so that that's wife, we take you to see a world war, two drama on the on on your birthday, so the it is Gary Oldman. First of all, performance by Gary Oldman in here he should win an Oscar there's, no question that he should win best actor. Oscar is a phenomenal performance. It's a different church! All that I think most people see a lot of people are upset with it, because it kind of portrays church all: is sort of a colorful bomb learn from lower a little bit. Where is it? Where is Churchill actually was a genius? I mean if you read anything the Churchill and wrote the man was a genius, no question, but it does point out something: a lot of people in the right level, instant Churchill and the Winston Churchill is the constant in a world of political vacillations, and the fact is that, if you had to, if you had to sort of like in
Rachel to any personality on the american scene, Churchill was actually, I would say, less like Ronald Reagan and more like John Mccain and the reason I say that is because Churchill started off in the conservative party. Then you moved to LA a party they move, moved back to the conservative party he'd been responsible for a number of masters, including Gallipoli, which comes up in the movie I in the in World WAR one he wanted to do an operation for Turkey to try and defeat the Germans by by creating another front. By going to Turkey and with the death of twenty five thousand british soldiers and globally, he was the Secretary Lord Admiral of the Navy, at first First general, that first Lord, the Navy. Sorry I at the time I and first Lord of the admiralty, remember the official title. In any case, the movie itself is quite good. Now they're. The problems I have the movie are the same problems. Everybody has is historically inaccurate. Once Churchill to go
there is very little consideration of actual negotiation with the hind as you like to call them very little talking negotiation with it off Heller from May. Twenty. Fourth, May twenty eighth of nineteen forty there's some talk of negotiation, but it ended by the time the June fourth came around by the time done. Kirk was was actually launched, an and the idea that that Churchill himself was divided on this, like he had any moral considerations about whether to negotiate with Germans is largely exaggerated, but also one scene here that is pure Hollywood cheese. Is it just him being that that journal sort of had to have his spine reinforced by the british people at the british people? Like I it's like the Germans. We don't want to go. She Asians, that's not true. Churchill had long been the guy saying you cannot negotiate with Hitler. He was continuously one saying you cannot negotiate with Hitler, but it does show, I think, was about Churchill and about the the fate of the british and the mood of Britain was at the time. The idea of what do you do when
countries under attack you negotiate and try to bite off the bad guys in the hope of little temporary security. Or do you stand tall even at the risk of losing thousands and thousands of men, and it does go into the mind of somebody who's having to make those difficult decisions? So here's a little bit of a preview. It's really worth watching the cast is universally tremendous. I to an old man, I don't know how to do the prosthetics, because the U watches like where is Gary Oldman and that's Gary Oldman, he's just amazing. Here's a look at radio leave us most select my success and attending one man. There was, will accept. E stands for one thing, and one thing only himself, why have I been forced to send for church of his record is a catastrophe E. Let me see what true qualities that you lack of an in my Lagan wheel, sense of humor, your majesty. It is my duty to invite you to take up the position of Prime Minister,
this United Kingdom. I speak to you for the first. I was trying minister incredible performance by by Oldman. It really is great and the truth is that Churchill was kind of a hammy character like the idea that Churchill was this kind of stalwarts, not camera friendly guy. The I want to be prime Minister and they they say it is in the movie news it's right since, since the cradle I mean he his his. He thought his father had been Prime Minister, his father easily. I end up having mental illness a lot of hours because of syphilis, but he spent his entire life trying to live up to his dad and there's a lot to that with regard to it with regard to church. But I want things really cool about this by the way is that if you ever go to London, you can actually go to the church Museum and when you go to Church Museum, they take me down into the war bunkers. So my wife and I've been there. So it's kind of neat to it to see a movie. That's based
Klay made in a replica of of the of the bunkers, I did it. The two people get a little over ideal in this movie are novel Chamberlain I and Lord Halifax who's the who's, the foreign secretary. But the main points, I think, are, I think it's a very good movie. I I do I. I know that that's controversial in conservative circles. I think that the movie is is quite good, okay time for a couple things that I hate. Okay. So the first thing that I hate is that there is a speech that the palestinian Quasi dictator Manuel Basket he's a terrorist he's in Holocaust nine terrorists who signs checks to other terrorist murder Jews. He gave a speech over the weekend in which he ripped into President Trump said we told Trump. Will it not accept his project, the deal of the century, which is become the slap of the century, but we will slap back and then he said. Shame on you this about Trump and may God demolish your house
about about President Trump. So this is Israel's peace partner and suppose a person were supposed to be sending hundreds of millions of dollars in checks. To he also suggested quote: resistance is our path to force out the occupation from our land. In other words, there will be no peace talks instead, it'll just be us committing acts of terror, and then he suggested that any The criticism go to hell. He said about Nikki. Haley quote: she threatens to hit people who hurt Israel at the heel of her shoe and the response to her speech will be harsher and then not that there's any connection between the jewish people in the land of Israel, which is just historically inaccurate and asinine jewish connection to the land of Israel. Is Islam, the Foundation of Islam by a salt one thousand and a half years? It's absurd, but he said they wanted to bring Jews here from Europe to maintain european interest in the region. They asked HOLLAND, which had the largest navy in the world to transfer the Jews. Israel Clonia project had nothing to do with the Jews. Ok, these are Israel's peace partners. You don't tell me that Israel is intransigent and won't make concessions to people,
refuse to acknowledge any jewish claim to Israel at all suggest that Trump's house should basically be destroyed and then threaten Nikki Haley. Give me a freaking break the the the soft bigotry of low expectations, prettiest, okay, one more thing that I hate so there's an Iowa lawsuit list of Iowa is now caught up in a legal fight, because there's a conservative christian student group that denied a leadership positions with student who's gay. So the university has a policy that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and there's a ten member group, the business leaders in Christ. Well, the group says its membership is open to everyone, but leaders must affirm a state.
The fate that rejects Homosexuality University says it respects the rights of students, faculty and staff to practice religion, but does not tolerate discrimination of any kind of trying to shut down the group. This demonstrates full scale once again that the tolerance of the left it does not extend to people who do not agree with the left. Imagine if this were muslim group- and they said, listen- we're not going to allow anybody to take a leadership position in our muslim group who doesn't profess allegiance to allow. Do you think that the university of I would shut them down say this is discrimination. This is discrimination based on religion. Highly highly doubt it. This is anti christian discrimination pretty clearly and openly, and if the government rules against the student group and suggests that the university gets to make the rules for the student group on the basis of of you, know their anti discrimination policy. The anti discrimination policy Trump's right to association freedom of religion. Then we really have reached the end of the road for both Freedom of Association and frame of religion in the United States, and that seems to be the direction, unfortunately, that everything is moving. All we will be back here tomorrow, will have a recap of everything that happen:
on the hill, where the Secretary of Homeland Security is being grilled by Democrats about bleep holes, because that's our new world, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro yeah. The Ben Shapiro show produced by Mathis, Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan hey are technical, producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Alex in Garo. Audio is mixed by MIKE Karmina, hair and makeup is by Jessica Alvera. The Ben Shapiro Show is a daily wire
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