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Ep. 475 - Are We About To See War In The Middle East?

2018-02-14 | 🔗
Israel and Syria and the US and Russia are all at war, the White House copes with John Kelly’s nightmare, and Democrats seek an angle to attack Trump. Date: 02-14-2018
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We may be looking at war in the Middle EAST. John Kelly's nightmare is coming true and Elizabeth Warren speaks to a native american group, and it's pretty funny I'll tell you all about it. Ben Shapiro, yeah so speaking in front of a native american group today, sending some serious smoke signals from her wig Wam about her future presidential run. That is not me, mocking native change. By the way that is me marking Elizabeth Warrens pretensions to be a native American. She used that nonsense to essentially become a professor at Harvard LAW, school, apparently and now she's trying to use this native american group as a as a shield, in order to shield herself from stations that she's a liar about that native american heritage will get to all of those things. First, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at birch gold, so sometimes. We run certainly look at the stock market right now you have volatile. The stock market is that's because sometimes the stock markets volatile and that's why We should have some of your assets in precious metals. That is what birch gold is
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Out is that's making a lot of headlines. Elizabeth Warren obviously making headlines, but I want to start today with a story that people are overlooking, and that is we may have like a full scale, war in the Middle EAST and another one in the very near future. We decided that we were to get rid of ISIS. That was a very good thing, but there's been nothing. Build the gap, and so what you're ending up with now is essentially six separate countries. Now involving themselves in the syrian war. She got run. That's involved in Syria, you that Israel, that's in response involved in Syria. You got the syrian government, I lived in Syria. You've got Russia involved in Syria. You've got Turkey involved in Syria. There's a lot of countries involved in a very small space, all of them fighting for a certain level of supremacy. Of course, the United States involved there as as well and all this internecine warfare, it could have serious external a so if you missed it over the last week. There is a major issue in which an israeli playing with shot down, we talked about this and israeli plane was shot down after Israel shot down a drone
from Syria. Is it a rainy in Maine Brown and is real shot? That down is real fluid at sixteen over syrian airspace that was shot down by eight by syrian anti Anti aircraft missile, and then Israel said: hey, you should enter, planes are gonna, do you and they would they? They legitimately proceeded to destroy half of this year in Airforce. A well was on the ground because don't screw with the israeli military, I think, is the is the main message they they went in in an air raid and they destroyed half the syrian air Force on the ground. One of the things that makes clear by the way is just how much of a lion lies. One problem is that there was nothing we could do in Syria to stop, for example, the the gassing of citizens of that country Israel, in legitimately an hour destroyed half the syrian air force. Half of it gave the United States had wanted to under President Obama after the original Bashar Assad, chemical attack would have grounded his entire air force nearly immediately, but that's not the extent of the conflict at that point. This year is basically backed off of Israel and said: ok, we're not interested
in doing this right now, but that's really a proxy war. Syria between Israel and IRAN. Iran is funneling supplies to Hezbollah, a terrorist in Lebanon, three zero and they're moving all the supplies directly through areas that Israel has been hitting? Meanwhile, there's a syrian proxy war heating up between the United States and Russia. So, on Tuesday Bloomberg NEWS reported that USN kurdish forces in Syria had killed two hundred fighters, including a bunch of Russians, so Russia, Russia, has a bunch of contract, mercenary soldiers on the ground over there, and the Russians were fighting on the side of the embattled leader, Bashar, Al Assad. They attacked a military base and then die. Is or region of Syria on February Seventh, now there is no congressional off. Station for american forces to be in Syria, and this is why actually need. As Rand Paul says. We need congressional authorization. If we're going to be there, then we ought to have Congress authorize it. The american people ought to be clear about what exactly are goals are there? Is it to solidify? Is it to preserve the status quo? Why exactly were their wireman,
in in harm's way. What why are we spending our cash there from the Russians, however, actually attacked a? U S run basis. Actually. Is the US force station with syrian democratic force, troops on a base, and the analyst respond with artillery fire and airstrikes, and two hundred three hundred Russians were apparently killed in that assault, any of them were taken back to Moscow and treated now. The Russians are denying that russian forces were involved in the attack, which, at least for the moment, is a good thing right. That's a good thing, because if the Russians were interested in some sort, conflict in Syria they'll be claiming that America had attacked russian soldiers that they want to pretend they're, not there in the first place, so this remains sort of a covert fight. How other major Adrian, ranking Galloway, is a spokesperson for the Us Department of Defense. He said officials believe roughly a People were killed in the raid, though he said he couldn't speculate about their nationality Bloomberg reported, the number dead was closer to two hundred the New York Times. Had dozens of Russians were believed to be killed. Cia director, MIKE Pompeyo, this according box com, also refused to confirm specifics when asked whether the Uso's response
people for killing russian contract soldiers in Syria. During hearing on Tuesday, he said we have seen in multiple instances foreign forces using generation battles, they'll begin to approach the United States. So again, in the last week we've seen Israel take out, half of this year in the airforce and was in the United States, kill something like a hundred russian fighters. Apparently so all of this is is heating up in rather rapid fashion. And meanwhile under domestic political scene in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, be in some trouble. The prime minister of Israel has now been indicted on a couple of a couple of counts of bribery. One of those counts essentially suggests that he was accepting gifts from wealthy benefactors in returning for in return for advancing their interests. There's another case that suggests that he was trying to strike a deal that would have given him positive coverage. Any idea how to know which is one of the major newspapers in Israel in exchange for hurting Israel, how young, which is the free rival to you via the hot or not. I know when I find a little
suspicious, since the fact is that Israel, how Elam is a is very pro Netanyahu in the first place, and it is fun by Sheldon. Adelson was an ally of the of the these politically, according to police, in case. One thousand nits in Yahoo received champagne, cigars, jewelry and clothing Manning system and systematically valued a million shekels which about two hundred grand in american dollars, gets he received from the really. American Hollywood producer, Arnon Milchan increase significantly once Netanyahu was elected prime minister, so There is a case to be made against him in the media case. One of problems in that case is the one people testifying against him as a political rival. Who is the former news guy yeah, your luv peed? He is now in the opposition he Yahoo Finance Minister in the past, and he has been testifying against Netanyahu. Bottom line is that in order for Netanyahu to step down is probably gonna have to be convicted unclear whether he actually be convicted in these cases in right now with Israel under fire. It's pretty unlikely that
Who is going to step down in the middle of all this? So what we're seeing right now, in other words, is chaos across the region and the sound is the Jordanians Egyptians. The Israelis are all working hand in hand in order to try and stop the impact. For any influence in the region. Meanwhile, Turkey is trying to flex its muscles places like Syria as well as Kurdistan. It is. It is shocking how the West has abdicated its responsibility, and part of that a huge percentage that most of that is on the Obama administration, which went out of its way too bold in IRAN, which went out of its way not to do anything with Bashar Assad, which one's way to let ISIS run roughshod throughout the Middle EAST, not at least until its latter days the Trump Administration has sent a lot of the right things on the Middle EAST, but they're not actually doing. A lot of the Middle EAST and whenever there's a an uprising in IRAN, for example, we say a lot of stuff, but it's not clear that we're actually doing much of anything in Syria right now we're doing a few things, but not that were actually seriously involved and too much to say that we're not involved at all at a certain point, we're going to have to take a harder position
on what exactly want to see happen in Syria, because otherwise the chances of escalation here are increasingly increasingly likely. It's increasingly likely that this will end up spiraling out of control early in the series the series will hit Israel. Iran will be drawn in Israel, go to war with IRAN original war. That would look a lot like world war. Three, because Russia, It might be drawn in on one side with the United States on the other. All of that would be due to the abomination of foreign policy is the Obama administration. But if the United States doesn't take some pretty clear, active measures right now, then this thing could escalate out of control pretty quickly can. You be dragged into a situation that we really do not want to be involved in in the first place. Okay, so I want to talk a little bit about domestic politics in just a second, but first I want to say thank you to sponsors over at Skillshare. So Skillshare is the best way, for you to increase your as they make a resume that much better right It's a new year. You want to make sure that you are able to move up in The best way to do that is by increasing your skill set and that's what skill share is for right. Skills are, as in
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on regalia she showed up with a head dress. She showed up with the smoking peace pipe the whole deal and again, whenever I say things this is not is a mocking native american cultures because I'm knocking it. Elizabeth Warren for appropriating native american heritage is here's what she said to the native american Conference quote by all accounts. My mother was a beauty I Elizabeth Warren by the way- and she is one of the more obnoxious humans on planet earth by all accounts otherwise beauty she was born in east Oklahoma, on this exact day, Valentine's day in February 14th, one thousand nine hundred and twelve, she grew up in the little of America, the kind of girl who would sit for hours by herself playing the piano and singing my daddy fell head over heels in love with her, but my mother's family was part native American and my daddy's parents were bitterly opposed their relationship, so in one thousand, nine hundred and thirty, two, when my mother was nineteen and daddy, had just turned twenty. They eloped, ok, so she doesn't provide any it by the way that she is a native american heritage at all, like none like zero evidence, and then she says Caroline, I get why some people think there's hay to be made here. You find my family members on any rolls and I'm not enrolled in a tribe
but she's openly admitting that she's not enrolled in a tribe that you won't be able to find any of her family members on the native american roles. Remember the record Bing for native american heritage is extremely good. It is very in depth, which is why you can have situations where legitimately the government will come and take somebody who's, a quarter native American out of their foster home and bring them back to a reservation. Because of how good the roles are right. But this is the best part she says quote. Our stories are deeply woven into the fabric of who we are the stories of immigrants and slaves of explorers and refugees have shaped and reshaped our country right up to the present day. For far too long, your story has been pushed aside to be trotted out. Only in cartoons and commercials, so I'm today to make a promise each time someone brings up my family story, I'm going to use it to lift up the story of your families in your communities, in that last line there, as Alex Griswold, says at Free Beacon
it's called using the native american community as your political human shield. Every time someone calls her focus on just every time, President Trump boxers it and culture Pocahontas. Every time that happens, you simply going to shift and say native Americans are so important native american heritage so but never mind the fact. We call her Pocahontas, because she's been lying about her native american heritage. I mean she native American is Shaun. King is black apparently, and the idea that John came by the way his father was white. His mother was wet on the birth certificate. Is that his mom had an affair. There's no evidence that any of this is true. Thing is true of Elizabeth Warren. She that she is native American. There is no evidence that at all that Elizabeth Warren is native American, how much of a joke is her native american heritage. It's such a joke that Elizabeth Lauren used as evidence of her native american heritage. The fact that she had submitted a recipe to a cookbook called. I kid you not pow wow chow. It was the name of the book and the recipe that she actually submitted was a recipe for crab Bisque, in which it turns out she actually copied from a copy of good
Housekeeping or something it turns out. The crab bisque is not actually native american heritage thing, because crabs are not wandering, across the fruited plains of Oklahoma, which is where his rum so and she's a joke, but this is what Democrats are going, do Do the intersectionality pyramid all the way to the bottom, which is just insane and so they're struggling Democrats are struggling right now, There's a poll out right now: shocking fall from the political morning. Consul survey right: this is not a survey that is by a starter, publicans and Republican. It shows it generic polls right now among registered voters. Thirty nine percent said they would back and you'll be candid in their district, thirty eight percent say when they said they would support a Democrat. Twenty three percent are undecided. The Democrats still have a pretty solid advantage across a variety of polls according to CNBC an average Engineer. Dallas has Democrats in about a seven point, lead one real, clear politics, but that was thirteen point to the end of last year the following at least six points, and there are a couple of outlier polls now that show that the Republicans
actually in the lead or even, and so that is a that is a big piece of news. Also, the political console pole should morning console it shows a forty seven percent approval rating for President Trump has about as good as it's going to get for Trump Trump, never going back fifty, but forty seven percent is a very that approval rating for President Trump. So, despite the attempts to beat him down over the rob, porter situation or the Bleep whole countries remark. It's! As I said, everything is baked into the cake, except the evidence of how the economy is doing. That is not baked into the cake. All of the character stuff is baked into the cake, from so, for example, there's a story out today that Michael Kohn, who is Trump's lawyer, did in fact a stormy, Daniel. Gay Porn star one hundred and thirty thousand dollars out of his own pocket, supposedly out of the goodness of his heart, that Cohen, says, quote the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction. This Miss Clifford that that's stormy Daniels
remembers me from my payment, either directly or indirectly so the payment to Miss Clifford, was lawful and was not a campaign contribution or campaign expenditure by anyone. He was asked by the way why it was that he had actually just signed a six figure check to a porn star with whom he had not had personal relations, and he refused to answer those questions it was just out of charity in just like poor start that much and feels that bad for me signs random checks days before the election, the amount of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Of course that's joke. Of course. It's ridiculous Cohen is saying this in response to a complaint one group filed with the fec regarding the payment right he's not confirmed or denied anything with regard to the payment itself, but is this hurting from anyway? Now, of course, the Stormy Daniels stuff happen to we? No, no one cared. Everybody immediately brushed off the fact that the President of the United States, when he was married and his wife had just given birth, was having an affair, with a pornstar and then dropped one hundred and thirty granddaughter days before the election to keep it quiet, or at least his lawyer did out of the goodness. I mean I gotta get me one of those lawyers. I get me one of them.
There's actually signs my gas bill and then the lawyer who, just as I love my clients, so Is that a good? It's my own heart? I just pay people off so that doesn't have any impact on from into Democrats are struggling because the character attacks are doing a lot of good for them. They're gonna continue to leverage them, of course, but they're still in sconce, in the identity politics of what they do, but they're having some serious trouble translating that into political victory, and so they have to sort of tell fence. Now the best thing attack here would be the President President Trump doesn't care about you and President Trump. This is always the gap for a public ends. It's a gap for President Trump, the President Trump doesn't care about. People like you he's not really trying to help people like you he's just trying to help his corporate buddies. But you know the Bernie Sanders Routine is shocking to hear that these words are going to come out of my mouth. That Bernie Sanders has the best angle of attack on President Trump. Cannot Kamala Harris, not Corebook?
Not all the people who insist on being offended being offended by Trump plays into his shtick. If you are offended by Trump from his one- and you said that Trump doesn't care about people like you, that is always the most fruitful line of attack against Republicans. But Democrats don't seem to care about that, and so they are continuing on with this intersectional nonsense. So, for example, Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey he's going on and on about how Trump doesn't care about immigrants, and we shouldn't use Mmhm chain migration in this intersectional mountains. Now, for I find it obscene the phrase chain, migration, it is incredibly cruel to those whose ancestors were brought to this country in chains and slavery. It is a de humanizing element of what is in essence, family reunification, which has been the core of american immigration principle for over a century. The belief that when we have families to get
that, ultimately, they strengthen not only themselves and help each other, but they help build communities and help build our nation, ok. So this is absolutely idiotic. Obviously, the term chain migration has nothing to do with slavery. It was coined the MID 50S leave in a bit or since before then it has nothing to do with slavery whatsoever. The idea is that chain: migration like a day dj, like you're bringing people in in a chain right, like you actually Many in chains that is, if Democrats are trying this of course, they're going to fail to giant fell in there. Trying also, the angle that Trump doesn't get. That Trump is is in call to Russia. So there's a congressperson names wall while I and he is it- pratt- and he is claiming that Trump is enthralled to Russia. Good luck with that. We just killed one hundred Russians on the battlefield in Syria. I think the simplest answer is the correct one, which is that he likes the Russians. He's told us that throughout the campaign he said, wouldn't it be nice if we could be friends with them, and so when we need him for the sake of our democracy, to confront them he's incapable so leadership
at the top ok. So this, of course, is not true at all the suggestion that President Trump is enthralled to Russia. The american people are to discern the fact that Trump refuses to say the Russians are for the election, because he feels that it is a blot on his victory. They're able to distinguish that from the idea that he is pro Russian, because obviously his policy has been significantly more hawkish and Russia. Then, for example, the Obama Ministration, which pledge flexibility to Dmitry Medvedev and, let me put into thousand twelve and then gave them exactly that flexibility and I like the idea that they try. Is somehow avoiding sanctions because he loves Russia and that's not even true. It's not even technically true. According to not Robin is no allied. The administration over Commentary Magazine quote the Trump Administration, was acquired by the countering America's adversaries through sanctions act to give Congress, but the classified and unclassified list of Putin allies in old arts they could be targeted for potential sent sanctions and they did. They also require the administration to provide a report. Detailing the impact of sanctions on Russia's sovereign debt, which they did the wall, provided the
station one hundred and twenty day grace period for imposition of new sanctions on end specified targets. If the president can claim those targets have already substantially reduced their business activities in the russian defense and intelligence sectors, Apartments cleared, the foreign governments have abandoned planter, announced purchases of several billion hours in russian defense acquisitions, therefore satisfying that requirement. So the idea the Obama admin and that the Trump administration rather has been deliberately avoiding imposing sanctions is just not true, but the Democrats continue to write this stuff out, and this is why they continue to lose This is why they have a serious problem on their hands in just a second, I wanna to talk about another serious problem. Democrats, and that is full on disdain, for religion will discuss that in just a second first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at wink. So I know that you were getting over the new year. I know that you got all your drinking done in the latter half of the of the twenty seventeen December and now you've run yourself out. Well okay time, relax a little bit not only that it about big dinner parties come out. Tonight is Valentine's day. It's tonight is Valentine's.
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say my Jesus talks to you, I'm not correct voices. Okay, so just to be straight about how the left views religious people, if you say that you heard the voice of God what you mean. Usually, ok. Let me just explain on behalf of religious people everywhere when you say you got a message from God, you don't actually mean that God sent you an email is not Bruce. Almighty is not, God picks up the phone and calls you it's not Joan of arc you're hearing actual godly voice is what you get is a feeling that perhaps you're acting in consonance with your meaning in the universe, ok, you're, acting in consonance with what God to view as you can decipher it in his word and that's what we mean is religious people, we don't mean or sitting around and Jesus starts talking to us hi. This is Jesus. Okay, they don't that's, not what we me my pound away as southern accent either, but the idea,
that MIKE Pence is sitting around in in the v p office, waiting for Jesus to give him or is it in step in? I also point out that joy Behar would be a first person to say men who say they are women, do not have a mental list Superman and you say: you're a woman you're not mentally ill. If you're, a woman- and you say you're a man you're not mentally ill, but if you're, a religious person, and you say that you are trying to believe. According to the dictates of Jesus, and that you feel that you've gotten messages from Christ in your life that this means you're a full on net cell, it's that sort of for religion that is driving millions of people in the United States, away from people like joy, Beyhar. It's not just joy Beyhar, one of the people who have been most irritate, about the Olympics. Is an ice skater named Adam Rippon, he's gay, which would make a difference except he's made this the entirety of his identity, and when I say I mean, like he's, made it his entire public,
persona, not that he's great, I skater, which apparently is, but he is gay and he hates my pants, so he apparently was ripping on pence from being at the Olympics in the first place, suggesting that MIKE Pence was for gay conversion therapy. We talked about this a couple of weeks ago. This is not true. There is no evidence to support it whatsoever. Doesn't matter you tried that out and then went and said you know what that's not true about me. I'd love to sit down with you Rippon said I'll, never meet with you, so obviously very tolerant, dude. Well, yesterday he came out, he says. Listen, I don't want my olympic experience. To be about my pen. So let's get this straight. You punch MIKE Pence in the face rhetorically and then you run screaming from the room we don't want your lympics experienced about my pants because you implied that religious all over the United States hate gay folks here is Adam
upon doing the same routine. I have no problem talking about. You know what what I've said, because I stand by it, but I think right now the Olympics are about olympic Competition and the athletes involved, and I talked you know I talk to you about how I felt before the games, and you know it's brought a lot of attention it. You know and questions to my other teammates and I don't want to distract from their olympic experience, and I don't want my olympic experience to be about my pens. Well, it's a little late for that. It's a little late for that you rip MIKE Pence is a religious bigot and then you come out say why don't want my olympic experience to be like? Maybe you should've thought about that before you decided to rip MIKE Pence, is a religious bigot and, by extension all of the people in America evangelical Christians is religious biggest. It's not just that. Ok, the culture wars that the left launch bra
trump it. When I say this is how we got trump. This is how we got Trump gotta bunch of people in America who feel like they are constantly being set upon and torn to shreds for simply being religious people simply being right right in some cases, based on the intersection of politics, the left or simply for being in a midwestern state and they're. All these groups that the that the left is seen as great oppressors in american life white folks males are religious people and then left sense upon those people in those people say. Well, you know what I'm going to vote for that guy, who at least doesn't crap on me all the time, but this is what democratic party does. This is what people on the left one routine basis you want to reach out to folks. You want to win elections, Maybe you want to stop trying to alienate them with most with incredibly radical language. Maybe you ought to stop with the fawning media coverage for social issues that are at best deeply controversial CNN, for example, has a piece today about this tragic case where parents want
city of their seventeen year old, but their seventeen year old girl, and it wasn't a house in and cover this here's the story. Okay, I'll tell you the story: it's a seventeen year old girl. She thinks she's, a boy just transgender, and so she wants hormone treatment and she, when she got some doctors who say that you should have hormone treatment and then she tried to have. Custody handed over to the grand parents, the parents of listen you're, going to be a team when you're eighteen. We can't do anything to stop you when you're seventeen, not on our watch I watch you're not going to have surgeries and you let your genitals you're not going to have surgeries to mutilate your breast we're not going to allow you to have on treatment, mutilate your body something that we're going to allow you to do, because we don't think that is the best treatment. We don't think that the scientific evidence is there. Ok, the scientific on this stuff evidence on this is at best mixed. It is at best mixed studies that suggest that suicidality, the the suicide attempt rate goes down for people who attempt transgender surgery. There is also some evidence that suggests that, after a certain period of time, the suicide rate goes back up. I said the and the evidence is, is just not
say it's not perfect in any direction. This is not a cure all by any stretch of the imagination, but here is how this is going down. Cnn writes, quote and Ohio Court will decide the fate of transgender teen. Who is in what the judge described as a? wrenching situation. The seventeen year old identifies the boy. Neither he nor his family can be named according to court instructions to notice already how CNN starts calling this girl. He is a biological woman in CNN is already calling this girl he in order to bias the case, because if the parents won't acknowledge it CNN, well, the teens parents want cord authoritie, stop their child from getting the treatment and therapy it was recommended by his medical team and what it characterizes a possible life or death situation makes it a life or death situation Apparently the teen is suicidal and there's suggesting that the here for the suicidality is hormone treatment and or genital disfigurement, and that is what this team of medical experts suggest.
Well, maybe there's another human medical experts that suggest differently and the parents could consult a variety of medical experts, but now quarts in the United States are going to talk about. This is going to be the next step. Now talk about culture, wars. This is the culture war. The next step is going to be. You have a five year old, Child and your child says that she is a he and you say: sweetheart, no you're, not you're, going to outgrow this. You go we'll talk to somebody about this, but you are at your girl and we're going to try and get through this together in the best most healthy possible way. Courts will be sent in by the left to take your child away from This is the next step. It's already happening in Canada under Bill C. Sixteen, and this is what they're going to do. According to CNN, the team was hospitalised in two thousand and sixteen had bins. Those depression and anxiety disorder in gender dysphoria according to court records. This is the key by the way This is the reason why the APS evidenced lasry evidence was classification of gender disorder gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria, actually matters so gender identity disorder suggests that
I did when you are disordered right when your mail, who believes that you're a female disorder associate. That disorder, act, depression and upset right and then the It is a disorder that must be treated head on gender dysphoria. They say, that's perfectly normal, your man of leisure woman. The only thing is problematic because if it crosses over with depression and no actual delusion, you're? Actually, man his body, but it's only a problem if you're depressed. So the idea is, if you treat depression, then you will, the alleviating the gender dysphoria. The evidence for this is no. It does not exist. The idea that, if you the v. Eight. All of the all of the life forces that the suicide rate goes down to normal non disordered levels is just not true right. There's, no evidence that the that the suicide attempt rate- in the transgender community post surgery or with everybody calls you by your preferred pronoun goes down to the normal rate of a normal man or a normal woman who does not believe their member of the opposite sex doesn't matter. The court is probably going to die, and take away this kid and give the kids the grandparents,
apparently I go along with the treatment and there the apparently hi with the attorney for the family says the parents maintain they love their child and said the child's mother said. The child has nothing to fear from her and she wants to have a relationship with her child. She also knowledge that if the parents are granted custody, they want the child to continue to live with the maternal grandparents, not an effort to avoid parenting there shall, but because they believe that the current living arrangements is in teams best interest but basic. Miss kid is not cable make a life altering decision right now. The court is gonna. Disagree and they're gonna say that if they call the kid by the kids normally if they say that the the she is she and the kid is going to commit suicide. That means that it's on the parents is a very dangerous precedent. That's being said is the reason why we're the middle of the brutal Culture war and it is in their political aspects to this that are really that there really a problem they're a serious problem. Okay, just a second, I'm a give you the update on the rob, Porter fall out because it looks like it's getting worse, not better for the White House. First, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at tracker. Okay, so,
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bit of Rob Porter the White House staff Secretary, who resigned last week and what White House officials knew about domestic abuse allegations against him. So Gowdy said you can call it official. You can call it unofficial, I'm going to write questions to the FBI that I expect them to answer, and if they don't answer them, then I go and then I'm going to expect a really good reason. Why senior White House officials and struggling to come up with an answer for exactly how they allowed Rob Porter to get so high up in the administration. Despite all of the allegations about as spousal abuse is two separate ex wives, who alleged spousal abuse, Paul Ryan said the White House has to work to we're betting system. I don't know how exactly they'll do that. I will leave that to them, but Chairman Gowdy is doing his proper job, an oversight and yes, he did give us a heads up. One of the big problems yesterday is that the FBI director Chris Wray, came out, and he said that the timeline that was presented by the White House with regard to Rob Porter was just not true.
Sickly. The White House had known for months, maybe years about Rob porters allegations. They did nothing about it, get into the content of what was a brief tour. Don't what aren't? What I've? What I can tell you is that the FBI submitted a partial report on the investigation in question in March and then a completed background investigation in late July. That is soon thereafter. We received requests for follow up inquiry and we did the follow up and provided that information in November, and then we administrative, we close the file
well in January, and then earlier this month we received some additional information and we pass that on as well. So it is pretty obvious that the FBI was continuously updating. The White House in the White House did nothing about it. This is all on John Kelly. There have been serious rumors inside and outside the White House. That John Kelly is on his way out. The general who was supposed to have brought order to the White House has instead exacerbated the disorder, particularly with regard to this rob order. Fallout there was talk yesterday, they Gary Cohn as Bright Bart column. The globalists Gary Cohn take over as Trump's chief of staff, if that were the case, there's even some rumors going around that he might bring back the mooch, which would be the greatest thing on planet earth. Please bring back the movies. We need a season. Two I mean come on: cameo is the most beloved guest star in season two of we're now in season three of Trump bring back the mooch come on. So if the mooch come back, then things will become wildly more entertaining and you can expect that we will get
just I mean I want. I wanted him to bang for my buck. We're gonna go through all this, at least better, be entertaining the White House. I tried to suggest that the FBI director was not contradicting them on their story. This, of course, is not really true here. Sarah Huckabee Sanders trying to make that case yesterday, look around. We explain the process extensively. Last week the White House Personnel Security Office staff by career officials received information last year and what they consider to be the final background investigation report in November, but they had not made a final recommendation for education to the White House, because the process was still on going when Rob Porter resigned in the view of personnel security office. The F b I's to our report required significant additional investigatory filled. Work before personnel security office could begin to evaluate the information for Judy Cason. As directory said, the information was still coming to the White House Personnel Security Office in February
now. The truth is that the chief of staff's job is essentially to keep the president in line, and unfortunately, it's become a sort of babysitting jobs to a certain extent, making sure that Trump is not talked to by some of the worst people. Keeping bad influences away from the oval office and Kelly had been doing a good job of that until the whole Rob scandal happen. You do have to ask yourself why it was the Kelly stuck by him. Maybe it's We all as human beings have an individual tendency to pretend that folks that we know aren't really bad people. I think the people in your life and think of they've done are all of them universally the people. I know some people in my life. If I, if I heard about their stories- and I heard about them- secondhand, I think what I has a jerk- and I can I can seem like a bad But you make provisions for people that you know in your personal life. The problem is when you're working on a governmental level, you don't have the ability to do that. You don't have the capacity for forgiveness, particularly in a case like this, where you really shouldn't have a capacity for forgiveness. In any case, when the guys and asking for forgiveness, where parents, where it's apparent that he was fibbing about knocking around women,
that's pretty bad, so here's how it's breaking down at the White House, according to Vanity Fair, apparently in recent days, Trump has floated. A couple of names. White House The director Mick Mulvaney a long time friend Tom Verica real estate developer for White House chief of staff. That's just what we need is somebody with no experience in government coming in I'm trying to run the White House, Mulvaney would at least would would know what he's doing. I'm not sure the Barack would Barack has already said that he's not in particularly interested there apparently other fat. Things that are looking to bring in a new chief of staff, apparently Gerard Vanka Trump wants to bring in Gary Cohn. So last night, three Republicans said that Trump had offered the job to cone then Trump told Sean Hannity that had not chosen Khan and that's because cone is not a career republican right. Cone is actually kind of Democrat. Apparently Sean Hannity was pushing somebody else and he was pushing maybe house leader, Kevin Mccarthy, perhaps
perhaps Wayne Berman who I I've never even heard of Wayne Berman. I believe that he is a senior adviser to Blackstone. I see the idea is that he has ties to to Capitol Hill, so there is, there is talk about him being close with Mitch. Mcconnell are there a bunch of people who are close to ban in who have been trying to push for? Mark meadows is G the staff meadows is chief of staff, certainly would make the administration more conservative, I'm not sure that it would do I'm not sure that would balance a lot of the competing interests inside the White House. Mccarthy, apparently is sort of interested in today. He refused to suggest that he would not take the job if you were offered at Republican has has said that Mccarthy's going around saying, the president needs better messaging, which is obviously true. I so little bit CASS inside the White House, leave the president on made sure last week that Kelly at her that they called rights. Previous for advice, I would was a way to alienate Kelly and maybe get Kelly to quit. So all of this is a mass on the mass comes from the top
This in this case the mass comes from Kelly, but the fact that Trump governs by chaos is not a it. Not a a good thing right. Kelly really should do this just come out. You apologize. You should have come clean from beginning you should have said. We made a mistake, gave the benefit of the doubt to somebody who match four by a lot of top figures. That was a mistake. We should never have done it oops if you've done that, all this would have blown over now. Instead, we are in week two week three of all this. That is not good stuff at all right. The administration is going to have to do something to cure the perception that they are serious chaos breaking out inside the administration and meanwhile, by the way now there are new estimates on Trump's military parade, which is just another distraction. Apparently Mick Mulvaney said it would cost between ten million dollars in thirty million dollars. Now I understand why I'm not into idea of a military parade and civilian streets. That's not celebrating in an actual military victory. The last military parade we had the United States was after the Gulf WAR, but I don't understand why
left is the anti military? It seems like n korean military parades in awful lot, so I'm not sure why they are so opposed to an american military parade. So this Is that so so that apparently, is still on the table now does any of this actually effect from in the long run? The answer is no, as I suggested before, and the Democrats have been unable to capitalize on Trump's unpopularity again he's hitting his high water point now and that's forty seven percent, which is not super high, is he They they, in order for the Democrats to capitalize on his own popularity, they're gonna, have to connect his suppose a lack of passion for the american people with their passion for the american people, but that would force them to abandon their intersection out and actually have to say. Listen. We, like Americans, more than trump. Does that's a hard call when you're sending the entire media out to talk about the glory North Korea and the stupidity of MIKE Pence is just not a brilliant move. Now, if the economy, tanks could Republicans really pay sure, is it possible? The polls are overstated, that's possible to yesterday there was another
There is another republican seat that flipped it was in Florida. Another republican Senate Seat State Tennessee at thirty six legend receipts, that Republicans and lost since Trump took office, and that doesn't have them. Kings of a wave yet, but it certainly should be Whiting note for a lot of members of the Stration, who seemed to suggest nothing terrible is going on. Everything is going to be. Ok, we just don't know at this point, but Democrats are struggling for a message there, also by the way, barring Bill Clinton. So, according to politico Democrats, looking to embrace the me too moment in Raleigh Women's push back on Trump in the midterms good luck with that they tried it with Hillary and they don't want to build. In anywhere near it. They're scared of Bill Clinton now so making mistake, they always made their suggesting that Hillary Clinton was translate than Bill Clinton. They cannot they're just addicted to the victim politics. They're are addicted to the identity politics. It is going try, the Democratic Party is really a giant failure on their part, Bill Clinton is still still. Tremendously much more popular than Hillary Clinton ever was right in trying to take advantage.
Me, too. Mel meant by suggesting that the Trump Administration is me to women, and John Kelly is made. Women and Trump is mean women. All this. That's not how you get people out to the polls get people out to the polls by suggesting that the other side is not just morally bad but effectively. Bad and Democrats haven't done the in any in any real serious way. So this is none of this. None of this is that, by the way, when the White House, the story on on Porter, I continues to to just fall. Apart late late late Yesterday, there's a port that, even after they were the news of the Rob Porter giving his Ex wife black, I had come out that he had sat down for an off the record me with four reporters brokered by the White House and the reporters present for the ME which included the New York Times, Maggie Haberman Washington, Post Josh, douse the access Jonathan's one, and what's your journals, Michael Bender Press for to explain the picture of his wife, a black eye, and he told the any told them what he told his colleagues vacation in Venice, the two had quarreled over venetian glass vase and that his then wife had accident
Brewster. I in the course of that altercation, which happens all the time the nation's, reaches out and touches somebody in the eye. I said so: that's always a big win for them. I need the administration ought to get past this by Democrats. You're not gonna, be able to take advantage if they keep doing the the identity, politics routine. Okay time for some things I like and then at some things that I hate so Let's begin with that with, I think that I, like I've, been playing for my daughter. She loves classical music, show only listen to classical music, because I have mold in her and I've shaped her, and now She is elitist, which is exactly what I want her to be when it comes to her musical tastes. I one of the pieces that you really like is the the young person's guide to the orchestra by Benjamin Britten, and this piece is a. The reason is how the person's guide to the orchestra is basically goes through all of the instruments of the orchestra and they each play into Julie throughout the course of the peace, and so she's got really good at naming all of the various pieces in the orchestra. She she knows, the
but we know better soon, which is pretty sophisticated for a just turned four year old. In any case, here is Benjamin Britten's young person's guide to the orchestra bills to tremendous conclusion? It's it's a really fun piece. So go check that out. It's a great way to educate your kids about the instrument in the orchestra, which at at least My daughter is any indicator. They really enjoy other things that I like so Bill Murray. Who is not one of my favorite actors? I said something. I
that is exactly right and it is a note for the Democrats. He was talking about identity, politics and here's what he had to say. Make. Everyone laugh she's, not thinking about being political, she's thinking about what resonates in what is common to all of us. I think that that's harder and harder to do because who are trying to come in or try to win their point of view. As opposed to saying I want. If I spoke to everyone, from my friend, who is a great comedy writer, Jim Downey he's a q is being right, wing writer, a comedy writer. If there is such a thing serve, and he says no, no, I just think the way that the Democrats Hamilton is poor there, where they try to pick out. Little pieces of a population. Well, we represent the Hispanics. We represent it LGBT or something and they're, not speaking to everyone at once, and it's almost a meaning to say: I'm choosing you because you're a splinter a certain minority group,
is almost a resentment that somehow you're separated again by a politician. You're my people, your I'm in control of you, and I represent you instead of thinking that each each citizen has a right to be respected, as a citizen for someone under the laws of the country hey. This is exactly right. Bill Murray not a rabid, right, Wingers Bill Murray is not a republican bill. Murray is a Democrat or the idea that Bill Murray is suggesting to Democrats. They to abandoned identity politics they don't wish to alienate. The vast majority of the country is, of course exactly right. Now. Will Democrats listen to him, of course, not because they're, incompetent speaking of which time for some things I hate alrighty, so things I hate today, Greg Popovitch has become so obnoxious so. The coach of the San Antonio spurs and suddenly the great arbiter of american morality here is what he had to say yesterday:
about America and how racist America is, which is incredible, considering that all of the players who play for him more black and making millions and millions and millions of dollars for playing a game, there's great population on let's talk about what a terrible place America as well, I think it's pretty obvious. I believe his made up is the a lot of black guys and also how to order that you understand it is pretty simplistic. How would you ignore that? But, more importantly, we live in a racist country that hasn't figured it out yet, and it's always important to bring attention to it. Even if it angers some people know. The point is that you have to keep it in front of everybody's nose. You understand it still hasn't been taken care of, and we have work to do so, this is some of the great pop that you actually believes and he's a he doesn't understand the nature of America. He doesn't understand. The nature of Americans are showing
millions of dollars a year to go. Watch a bunch of black guys play basketball in Popovich's words. That's not because they're a bunch of racists, hey the reason that you know, that is because, for a long time, the NBA was not integrated braided for many years when racism was much more I went to the country was a rarity for their actually black basketball players. Adolph Rupp Themes, college basketball, Coach University of Kentucky would not allow black players on this team, and that, obviously, is not the case in the NBA is a growing concern if you were to buy it that team in any sport right now. Best investment probably be in the NBA, because Americans are not afraid of black folks. Americans are very much in sconce in in black culture in in parts of culture that that are influenced by by powerful black people. I think that's a good thing. I think black folks contribute enormous amounts of a culture, and a white folks contribute enormous amounts of a culture, but The fact that they suggest that America is a deeply racist place immediately. After saying the entire NBA is black, and these folks are making millions of dollars there's a pretty strong, disconnect there. Okay, so quick by
not, since it is indeed a Wednesday women's and Bible Bible study in a little while. So I wanted to point this out with regard to preemptive so you're talking about war in the Middle EAST and the possibility of preemptive war in Middle EAST Israel striking around, for example, or the United States, taking out russian mercenaries there's this idea that that a lot of religious people are sort of uncomfortable with preemptive war. That is that's somewhat silly in exodus. Twenty two one. It specifically talked about the fact that preemptive war I is is necessary in preemptive. Killing can sometimes be necessary if you can discern the persons that rationale for attacking you. So here's what it says is if well breaking in a thief is discovered in his truck and dies. It is is if he has no blood that the is it in the responsibility for his own math is on his head and so Rashi, who is the most famous of jewish commentators. He comments on this and he says this. Because it is not considered murder. It is, though, the thief was considered dead from the start. Here are the Torah? Teaches you the lesson? If someone comes to kill him, you to kill you, you kill him
verse, and this is come to kill you, because he knows that no one can hold himself back and remain silent when he sees people taking his money there for the thief has come with the the that the the of the property where to stand up against him, the the owner would kill meaning that someone breaks into your house at night with the clear intent to steal stuff from you and harm you. Then you have the ability to kill them that or actually makes a distinction in accidents between if you are robbed during the day and and rob during the night, but but the next, the Verse says: if the sun shone upon him, then he has and he shall surely pay if he has no money, he shall be sold for his nuts. In other words, you can't kill him. You have to capture him if he comes during the day. Why? Because now she says, there's this is nothing but a metaphor, meaning if the matter is clear to you that the thief is peaceably disposed Tordue similar to the sun, which peace in the world, so it is obvious that he is not come to kill you. In other words, if it's obvious that someone is coming to kill, you should kill them first, if it's not, then you should try to find a better way. Obviously this is true, so for all the people who think that the Bible is a pacifist document, the answer is no. Alright will be back here,
within all of the updates, we'll see you, then Ben Shapiro mention here I'll, show the mention. Zero shows produced by Mathis Blur executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan, hey our technical producers, Austin Stevens, edited by Alex in Garo Audios Mix by Myke Carmina her make up is by just what all their
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