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Ep. 480 - Lies, Damned Lies, And Media Manipulation

2018-02-21 | 🔗
Trump moves to ban bump stocks, we examine the other gun control proposals on the table, and the Left refuses to let go of Trump-Russia collusion nonsense. Date: 02-21-2018
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Media, malfeasance is out of control. President Trump moves man bump stock and we examine the other gun proposals on the table. Talk about all of it, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show already the lad you get to you today? The media had just been utterly irresponsible in their coverage of the entire parkland situation. They are obviously pushing forward uncontrolled their enemy, specific proposals, but their pushing his heart is only possible for them control, none until about all that, including a smear by the happens, imposed against me personally, a bunch of other Smee. against people who are pro gun rights across the board- and I wanna talk a little bit some people on the right who have made fools of themselves are the last couple of days, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at legacy box. So, if you are in sit in preserving your family's memories, which everyone should be legacy box is the way to do it. I mean when, as you get older, is much when you get one of the things that you spend a lot of time thinking
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one who disagreed with them and uncontrolled was, of course, and asking me now. This is nothing new in a sort of got famous, often saying exactly. This appears. Morgan disappears. Morgan was famous for doing this. I said to him that he was standing on the graves, the kid to sandy hook to pushes agenda, and the media continued to do this tonight. Of course, in any supposed have a big town hall event where they have a bunch of the students from parkland will see if they have any of the students from parliament. One in favour of gun control. Answer is probably not about the media have been using these students in order to push their gun control agenda. Now I have never attempted to smear the students themselves. I've never said that the students don't have a right to speak. I've never insulted the students, pain, I've never insulted what students went through but because I say they ought to have expertise on it. Like. If we're going to take you seriously. This is enough to get you labelled a small error of the students who Huffington posed led the way. Last night they put up a headline that look like this and it's just egregious
it does survivors mirrors with a picture of me personally and as some concerns are trying to discredit outspoken Florida shooting survivors. I have not tried to discredit any issue survivor, I've not smeared any any shooting survivor, that's absurd, its insulting, and it's disgusting. The only thing I have said about, the shooting survivors is the same thing that I set about Jimmy Camel when it came to him. Bringing his son on the show after his son went through an open heart surgery, which has just because you won through suffering, does not make you an expert on a particular topic. This has been my consistent stance on virtually every event of major consequences in the United States. For my entire career is that just because you won through something doesn't mean that you have,
conferred with certain expertise, necessary rode over national review and along piece on it at disgusted on the shelf, but the idea that is disrespect to the students to suggest that perhaps they don't know all the details, what you're talking about or at the very least, they have to show expertise in the topic. For me to take their opinions more seriously, I'm happy to take their opinions on what pain and suffering of people with ones were difficult situation looks like there. They are experts in having gone for a dramatic situation, so I am happy to hear their advice honour what it's like to go through a dramatic situation that I think that steeply important stuff for people to hear But I am not willing to to sacrifice the point of public policy on the basis of I went through something bad because that makes for bad public policy pop good public policy is not based on empathy, The policy is based on reason and logic, but that, of course, enough to get you later A smear of the survivors, according to the mainstream media- and I ve been doing this for days per day ten days and days, they have been doing this promoting lies about gun control, promoting lies about people who oppose gun control, for example, there
Jones? Who I personally know, and I like then he's an opinion has, but he retreated, may a tweet My woman embrace you between common denominators, foremast shooters white males under thirty eight hour, fifteen's republicans, so first of all Maybe everything's, maybe not there, a bunch of other weapons that have been used in these mass shootings, but there is no. the greater the DNS shooters were Republicans. Even if you want to save the parking she was republican because there's a pig Furthermore, in Amerika had bought for this year are lately Last year we had a shooting the congressional baseball game from Bernie Sanders supporter I didn't mean the Bernie Sanders was responsible for the shooting. The congressional but baseball players, that's absurd, but the angel retweeted that anyway, and that's not the only ample of the media covering themselves in glory. Chris Cuomo earlier this morning made a fool of himself by treating something out. There was patently false acquit Chris Cornel tweeted out a story from an account called Cody Data. I guess you s. Aid
Otto dude and the tweets, and what I was able to buy an air fifteen in five minutes. I'm twenty and my ideas expire. Well, there's only one problem that never happen. According to the article articles off go after the sales representative, walk me through the paperwork all five use of it. I told him I changed my mind and wanted to think more before I bought in our fifteen. He told me what and a problem enlisted the store hours. If I wanted to come back and then said, thank you walk back to my car. In other words, he didn't presents an idea, and no one was offered to him, and he said that he wasn't going presented. He left his store down the industry than men across correlates weeded out a lie. He was, offered me our fifteen without photo idea. Now, when he was called on. This question Moreover, it's gonna be block of wood, who attempt resemble a human being over its unit. Chris Como, actually tweeted out, isn't the point that the kids age and lack of idea wasn't it. Turned, and this isn't all gunshots place I bought my shot on basically goes further than law requires mixed judgments. About whom to sell to point is the system should be better? Well why? This is
worker enjoy d done I am wondering, if that they ran a federal background check. If you go to a federal licence firearms dealer in the United States, according to federal law, they must run a federal background. Check for criminal as well as mental health record. By the way, the problem is that these records are not fully transparent. Sometimes the information is not conveyed down to the federal government to the FBI, so Charles Cook, over National review, called called as he said. The point is that they can live about, buying a gun that you didn't know your law Two Cuomo immediately misdirected to an unrelated happens and lying if you're, a fight back against a background check to make the case whether it is common. could. The actors are lying about her. No laws could stop the shootings. That is the best to call out. Ninety. Seven percent of people want better chats. Why fight that? But MR rack. That has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Cuomo and respected objective new source tweeted out something that is objectively false. It is just not true now in a second I'm to talk about the stupidity of people on the right or pushing myths about,
de the about like people, actually, our smearing, the schools, the school shooting survivors by suggesting that one of them Secondly, I am David Hobbes. Seventeen years old is some sort of crisis after that, putting out this video that shows that he was interviewed by view local seabed news in LOS Angeles a few months back over some, where he was a witness and there's a modest shows that he was a child after because he's out most Angeles until he's acting, but he was at the shooting whether he is a child actor or not, makes no difference. I died. No evidence that he is what the hell are you talking about is the suggestion that is being paid for his perspective. We might minor standing is that from a twitter account whose anti gun before this happened is the idea that he's being paid as an actor to pretend that he saw shooting he did not because there's evidence that either in that's a smear and that's a lie. That's number one.
Video on you too, by the way and it's disgusting anybody whose trafficking trafficking in that should immediately be counted as a decent new source that stupidity their words enough decisions, often how water? Yesterday, because dynamic tweeted, something up about how the there are bunch of kids, were crying when a piece of gun legislation didn't pass in the floor, the legislature and dynamic- tweeted, something out about. How is the worst these kids have suffered since their parents told them that their scaling back their allowance or they can get a summer job. That, of course, is ridiculous. There was literally a shooting in Florida last week. Dinesh got shall act for that as well. He shouldn't and he ended up backing down and apologizing for it, but there's been inordinate media focused placed on that Youtube Video, particularly and on the comments of of folks, like dynamic, every member of the mainstream media that that's all deserve by the women. There should be focused on lies, but the wise extend mainstream media itself and its much more prominent mainstreaming gimmicks, virtually every major hosting the mainstream media are engaging, is engaging in this but why virtually all
or at least selective coverage that is designed to shade your emotions in a particular direction. So, as an example, this last night Anderson Cooper was, was talking about gun violence that shootings involving duns and here's what he had to say. I actually think we don't focus on the reality of what they are. Fifteen does to a child. I mean if anyone has been on a battlefield and you ve seen what a weapon like this does to a soldier. I mean, I think, if people actually saw this and saw the reality of this, I mean it's, it would open people's eyes. I mean we're talking about we're, not time that we also all these children lost their lives. They didn't lose their lives, your lives or ripped out of their bodies. The brains were splatter on the floor. There intestines are hanging out. I mean it's sickening and like we're all talking about it and is Anna Septic Way and we're shock that these kids are angry when they ve been hiding in class,
its and their friends or dead. Let not all fine. Let me know if you want to discuss this in graphic terms. That's fine! I'm not sure that the graphic none of the act actually changes the the logic behind uncontrolled. Because then the whole point here is not a lack of simply to Coopers. Trying to a lot of voting you're trying to do is trying to say look how horrible things are. Therefore, if you don't agree with me on policies, because you think these things are horrible- backwards logic and there's no real There's no reason to it. I will explain more. that and also I have an additional, no four Anderson Cooper injured. Second, first, I want to say thank you for sponsors over at dollar shave club, so dollar shave club is the place to go. If you want the best If you want that clean nice shaven, you want it in less expensive option than having to go to the local Rite aid or cvs, or the best way to do that is withdrawn, shape, wouldn't have everything I mean everything. You need to look smell, failure by shampoo body wash toothpaste and, of course, the best razors that you can use that amazing high.
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that also lets another- we sent you a news, this lifespan, any special deal, the five dollars and you get the yet the travel get including, of course, those one wife Charlie's, which are just astonishingly great said, just check that out dollar shave club that come slash than our so MECCA Anderson Cooper, she heard Anderson Cooper, their talk about the brutality and the vote. Whence and the horrible imagery of kids being shot. Yes, All Americans agree. That's terrible! I will point out the selective coverage of the media when it comes to antiseptic coverage of killings, so I do want one of the videos that I've done that's been seen. The most is a video of me on this show talking in specific terms about what actually happens during an abortion, the dismemberment of bodies in the womb in late stage, abortion, the the cracking open of the skull baby.
and suddenly brains into things. No one in the mainstream media will ever talk about that ever not in one million years there on the Anderson Cooper will never do a thirty second, a thirty second description of what an abortion Ashley's like. Instead, he will just use antiseptic terms to the sky the point here being bet. If the media one get graphic about how they cover crime, if we want to get graphic about how they cover killings and violence, then that's fine with me a graphic about how you cover crimes and killings in violence its. But I have no problem with that. As a general rule, I think that in fact that sometimes useful, if people really are unable to connect what a crime is with the nature of the crime self, but you can't be selective about you can't you say that you can do with regard to shooting victims, but notwithstanding victims, they're going to do with regard to shooting victims been bombing victims. I didn't hear a graphic descriptions. What happens to people on nine eleven. rather than the news media and this as our critical of this news media stopped, showing that they had the video of people who are hurling themselves from the top stories buildings because they didn't want to lead people to two feet.
angry or feel bad, and I said I don't like that media censoring. That's all I don't really improve, with Anderson Cooper. Talking about the effective guns. This is what it's true. This is what a bullet fired at hide. Boa high velocity does read it in malls. The human body destroys the human body; it destroys anything that has shot at. This is why the first rule, literally the first rule of gun training, is Do not point the gun at anything. That you're not willing to destroy literally rule number one when it comes to guns. If you pick up again, then dont pointed anywhere where it is past Will you will destroy something that you care about, and that includes human beings they. This is what the array teachers in every one of its guns, safety courses But the point is that the media are only doing this with regard to shootings now, because the pushing a pull a particular political agenda- and the problem here is that if european opinion, hostages Fine, if you say you're, an objective news hosting. Do it that a completely different story report doing the same routine over on CNN she's, lecturing the Trump administration, suggesting that the trumpet demonstration was hiding somehow from from the media on all of this stuff. Even though that was not the case, they had a press conference yesterday, but here's broke Baldwin when the press conferences,
by staff fifteen minutes saying that that Sarah Huckabee standards in the White House were hiding from the media and uncontrolled memo to the White House, you cannot avoid us stop trying to dodge us. This briefing needs to begin. It was supposed to begin an hour in fifteen minutes ago, and then it was supposed to begin twenty five minutes ago. There is a lot to talk about and we need to see serious Andrews behind the podium, Jeff. Seventy and glory of border are with me, and I think it is entirely fair jobs Eleni to be tough on this White House, because there are so many They need to answer for before the ceremony at the half hour occasions. Is that, unlike objective news coverage, sheer does atomic. We want you out there, so we can really on our preferred agenda with regard to guns and that, of course, what the media continue to do so reporter, was growing share. How commissioners yesterday, suggesting that the president wasn't doing anything now, as we will talk about the president, actually is looking at doing some stuff with regard to guns. It may not be all the things they want.
To do because may he doesn't think those things are going to be particularly effective in stopping mass shootings. One. The big problems with a lot of the gun, control proposals that are being put on the table is that there is no clear link between the gun control proposal. Put on that and the actual lessening of mass shootings the only country. from proposal that the left is really put on. The table to to lessen mass shootings is confiscation, while guns, which is completely unrealistic. It's never going to happen. and then, if you say it's unrealistic, and it's never gonna happen, they accuse you of smearing shooting survivors or some such nonsense or not caring about the kids who died, which again is total crap. Here is what it looks like when the media grills the Obama minute the Trump Administration on Gun control, working hand in hand with both the federal government, as well as state and local law. Official law enforcement officials on what we legally can do unforeseen. We can't just flip a switch, but there is a process that we are a law and order country and the president
trying to do everything that he can under his capacity to address these concerns, and certainly when it comes to mental illness in the middle of media, wouldn't have any of that name, just two they'll just grilling. So how do we centres? How dare you not have a one size fits all solution to the two mass shootings and the answer is nobody. Does I even Obama said that when he was in office news pushing particularly gun control proposals like banning a our fifteen, for example, he would say, in his speeches. This may not stop. All shooting this may not stop any mass shootings. You would say that sort of stuff and media just ignore that which needs a lot of donors to believe hey. While, if that, now you do and then what exactly are you doing here? Not let the media obviously have an agenda here they haven't and how they cover these stories. They have it in the people they choose to interview,
There is a Katy ter over MSNBC interviewed a guy who said that he was going to become a school shooter, but he didn't become a school shooter because he didn't have access the guns. Here's! What that interview? Look like some people blame this violence on the media or video games or music. We call those people morons, but there is one thing that would have made it all different. I didn't have access to an assault rifle I was almost a school shooter. I am not a school shooter because I didn't have access to guns guns. kill people, people kill people, but people with guns kill lots of people needed it, and then there is the guy who says that he was a would be mass shooter. Well, How do we know what would have stopped him or what would not have stopped him or, if you like, is illegal in the state of color I know this from Colorado for him to walk into a gun stored, the age of fifteen by rifle I dont, know them wasn't stated Colorado. I somehow doubt it but doesn't matter. This is the agenda and the agenda must be pushed at all class, regardless of the underlying that's it it's just this
not how the media should be doing their jobs are not doing their jobs. What they're doing is the job of the left, and then they wonder its honey that these around like a trump from attacks. Us that's why our credibility shower the american people. Their credibility was shot long before from in two thousand Newt Gingrich made a lotta hey you wanna couple primaries based on him in in the debate criticising the media. I said time that if anyone wants to win primaries, they should criticise. The media have been saying that for years. Trumpet call me when you get it on a regular basis and he tapped into something that was a pre existing wellspring of distrust of the media. Just specifically, because it is obvious that they are pushing a political. and I see an end to this routine magazine has been the worst of all the networks on this minute. Just been garbage on us. Then, as now pushing an agenda saying that sixteen year old should boat, here's here's, what they tweeted out when they suggested that It's his suit. Should sixteen year old be able devout, responded stone. Douglas High, showing that youth in this country can and should have a significant role in political debate. Rights law, Professor Joshua Douglas the CNN opinion really. Is that what it shows?
because what it seems to me is what it shows that you are willing to use as the media, the most sympathetic person that you can find in order to promulgate your agenda. That's that's what it is saying to me. because here is what the data say to me: the greatest enemy one thousand twenty nine year old are more pro and people who are older- so it's funny there, the media, never parties, poles. Twenty fifteen pew surveyed, split by Laughlin Marcie over Daily, beat down eighteen Ninety nine roads are less likely than older Americans to support a ban on assault weapons. Just forty nine percent assault weapons ban compared with fifty five percent of three thousand two hundred and forty nine year old, sixty one percent of five thousand two hundred and sixty four year olds and sixty three percent of those sixty five and older ten to twenty nine urals, leave the country and support for concealed carry according to a twenty fifteen Gallup Poll, there more likely to support the practice of carrying a hidden firemen public by full ten points at sixty six percent. So the idea that all these kids are sitting around looking to see the guns. No, it's just that you wanna you wanna feature certain children. I thought that you cared a sixteen year old video on sixteen year old about
Are you on sixteen year old still to be treated as children when they commit crimes, but adult when it comes to voting? Doesn't work that way? Your kids are cancer, kids results, it can have it both ways, but obviously the media's agenda here over Alice. That's all! That's all the matters in the end is how the media decides to cover all the stuff. That's just it's just gross it's just gross, because not by providing the american public information by providing them with a fully created. Narrative is going to use to club arrivals into submission. Meanwhile, Lee then did Trump is actually doing stuff. So Trump yesterday said that using a move to ban bump stock, that doesn't make a lot of sense in response to the parkland shooting, but it does make some sense in response. Las Vegas shooting I suggested it at the time bomb stocks are a an addendum. They can put on the back on the butt of rifle that essentially allows the rifle to move back and forth against your shoulder very quickly, and if you hold your finger, steady and the trigger hits your finger.
I took the trigger goes like that over and over and over very very quickly using the momentum from the from me. I kick back of the gun to to power that sort of balancing I saw that the sugar in LAS Vegas used to bomb stop. There was not bumstead ban on books trumps as yesterday that he is going to move to a drop regulations to ban on stocks. In addition, after the deadly shooting was erected in turn to clarify whether certain Bob start devices like the one used in LAS Vegas are illegal under current law. That process began in December and just a few moments ago, I signed a memorandum directly, the job to propose regulations, to ban all devices that turn legal web. Ok. So it is not clear by the way that it is actually legal for the deal J to use existing law, nor the ban on stocks might need a separate piece of legislation because at the gun itself
not a machine gun. As an addendum to a Semi automatic weapon. It it's a piece, you add to a semi automatic weapon for those in the meat, You don't understand the difference between a semi, ATO and an auto assembly. Auto means that one every trigger pole is one round that is Chamberton, fired and die. automatic weapon means that the law is lungs, are holding down the trigger. Multiple bullets are being fire as that difference between the two, why has also said that they would look into the possibility of raising the age limit for purchase of our fifteen type rifles again, There are certain inconsistency here. If you're going, raise the age limit for buying rifle. Then you should also raise the age limit, for Emily joining the military, maybe or or voting tomorrow- It is our eighteen year old adulterer they nodded out right now inconsistent view of one people become adults, you're, eighteen, purposes. Voting. They are twenty one for for purposes of drinking, I'm not sure how to words exactly so you can. You can be in military and at eighteen years old, but you can't actually have a beer and so you're. Twenty wanted to sort of weird thing
or you can be in military in eighteen, but you can't leave the military and then go purchase rifle with no you're. Just in the military. There's a little the incoherence there, are not completely opposed to the idea of raising the age limit on the stuff, but I'm not sure that it's gonna have a tremendous effect given the laws around the nation already with regard to two buying a our fifteen there lotta hubbub yesterday after Florida voted down when the salt weapons ban as well. We'll talk about that in just a second first. I want to thank you for sponsors over at filter by so in Dallas. It's eleven agrees, New York's, benign degrees, Minneapolis minus two degrees is really really really could have had a lady is really cold. now for no reason at all, and that means everyone indoors, and that means that Europe, using your you're heating system in all likelihood well instead of sitting there breathing in nerdy air, because you have replaced or filters, and while now you need to go to filter by the Communists, Americans,
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A full on calling for assault weapons ban. It wasn't an assault, weapons ban. That's that's bad media coverage again. Instead, it was Actually, a ban on air fifteen's air Fifteen's are not assault, weapons, gas, Evans are legally dubious definition. There is no clear definition of what constitutes an assault weapon in air. Fifteen is just a high grade rifle. That's all it is, but if you add a few gadgets stood, it becomes an assault weapon if you're like a pistol grip too to a rifle than in. In some cases that becomes an assault weapon, if you add a sight to it, sometimes becomes at us all up and if its painted black hosting Brown. Sometimes that's an assault weapon. In any case, this made a lot of media bought a dead guy garnered alot of media attention, because the bunch of the students from artery stolen, what Highschool went to Florida, lawmakers and Tallahassee and asked for it full ban on the our fifteen final motion. But was thirty six to seventy one is overwhelmingly voted down the democratic representative Qian Mickey.
for procedural move. That would have allowed it to consider the ban the bill to ban cortisol rifles in large capacity magazines. The bill had been assigned to three committees but was not scheduled for a hearing. I said the house will determine what Are they choose to do that or not? Obviously, media ran with her the photos of the weeping students because they want to generate sympathy for the anti gun agenda. This does in this didn't you be marked, as is the national yesterday. Obviously I understand that kid have really strong feeling. about everyone is very strong feelings about these issues and these kids just went through a trauma. That's why I'm not in favor of what I think is media exploitation of people who just went through a tragedy in order to have sympathy for a particular gender. I think that did the media only does this again with particular circumstances. They didn't do it after the Boston bomb, and have big town halls with victims. The Boston bombing talking about immigration policy, for example, but they do this time. There is a gun in an issue of gun violence that crops up by the way, worth, while noting here that some of the status
there have been going around with regard to mass shootings in the United States are just that wrong. As I have explained before, it is just not true, it is it is. It is a falsity that there were eighty mass shootings in the United States in January. It's not true. It was more like two, that's horrible, but it's not eighteen. Also, it's been from made by the media that the United States, the only advanced country in which mass violence occurs, the mass shootings occur. That is not true. If you actually look per capita. If you looked per capita mass shootings, the United States actually comes an eleventh, so the widow calculate that this is the Crime Prevention Research Centre, headed by economists John Lot, whose famously the offer of more guns, less crime, which has been true in the unit, dates for, while the done the begun murder rate has been declining rapidly in the United States who s twenty years, even though the number of guns, late in the United States has been rising rapidly. For the last twenty years, a drama says that the? U S is not lead the world, the mass shootings, in fact it doesn't even make the top ten. When you measured death rate per million population from mass public shootings. Now
the fair, there's, a fair margin of error here, because mass shootings everywhere are pretty rare. When you have a country of Greenland, thirty million people Emma two hundred people a year are killed the mass shootings, which is very high- that's not high that numbers a lot higher than actually isn't the United States that that receives into margin of error territory. But if you look at two thousand and four two thousand fifteen reveal that the top death rate per million, from our ablishunists goes: Norway, Serbia, France, Macedonia, Albania, Slovakia's Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic and then the United States also as far as frequency- and that is also not true- yes, ranks twelve compared to european countries in terms of frequency per capita per capita matters, because the United States see very large country with a lot of people and you're going to have to measure the rate of violence in the United States deposed to Rachel
per capita in other european countries. I so don't buy into the notion that the United States is replete with mass shootings, their happening every day and every corner. Does that mean that there's nothing we can do to stop and, of course it doesn't mean that have suggested on this programme. Multiple things we can do ranging from. better security in school situations to the gun, violence, restraining order is provided by in French over National Review, in which family members can apply to the court to have your capacity. By donor, Odin, temporarily removed from you. If you are a danger to yourself or others, but that's not enough. The left just wants to shout about how everybody who does not agree with them. Is that person and they're not going to stop until that happens? This is this is a fool's Aaron for for the White House. Further this of the White House is, is gonna hold a listening session with students, according to Sarah Huckabee scanners, at this, because medium a lot of pressure on the White House in you're, not listening to the victim's you're, not listening to the victim's. Again, I don't remember
but in doing this with Brok Obama and, for example, the victims in Benghazi. I don't remember that in doing this with the victims of the Boston Bonnie, I don't remember the arab member family of of the d be headed by ices, doing this with Brok Obama. But I guess we have to do this with with president transfer. How to be Santer, says trumpets actually gonna get around with a lot of the students and presumably take it from them. Trumpets actually go to. This will be good for Trump politically, with the aftermath probably won't be having on legislation, but it smart of him politically get aroma these kids, because Trump, contrary to popular opinion, does have a capacity for sympathy, one useless
the people. One on one is virtually everyone who dealt with in one on. One will tell you here, Sir Huckelby Sanders announcing this tomorrow will be a hosting parents, teachers and students, here at the White House, to discuss efforts to ensure safety at our schools. Members of the parkland community will be attending this listening session, as will individuals who were impacted by past school shootings, including the columbine and sandy Hook, tragedies on Thursday. We will be hosting local officials, including members of the law enforcement community, to continue that conversation, as the president has said many times, it is the right of air. the american child to grow up in a safe community that begins in America's neighborhoods. Ok, soap need this is, I think, a smart move by the Trump administration to demonstrate that there is no lack of sympathy, even if there is a lack of agreement on public policy some of the agreement on public policy, the lack of agreement coming from the fact that votes on left refused to even consider possibilities that they haven't thought about Rights Jones, the Centre of Alabama he was asked about.
the possibility of arming teachers, and I said that I think the teachers who are trained and qualified should be able to carry firearms, Dont Jones is already on it. We should learn teachers and lighting and consider it coming teachers and schools and at an idea that representative, Bradley Barn and Senator Doug Jones have different opinions about. There are some future so that they could be appropriately armed with the trade in their view, constable doing it. I would certainly when one choir them to do it, but they don't feel comfortable with it has demonstrated the of ever her think he's crazy. You don't arm America in order to stop this Melick actually do need to arm Americans in order to stop mass uterus, because it's always the police, you stop mass shooters, but again this in this they did so dishonest and it's so yucky and really it turns your guts, because there are so many people who are well we're not willing to when the other side the credibility of hearing up their their proposals. willing to acknowledge the people on the other side of the issue, may in fact care about children being killed, ok, self,
Speaking of media buys, let's talk a little bit about a new Paul, that's out with regard to the GNP tax cuts, theirs in brandy pulled it out, and it shows that the GNP tax got is up to fifty one percent support overall from thirty seven percent in December eighty nine percent, among Republicans and nineteen percent. Among Democrats K. That is a massive growth. In the in the level of support for the tax cuts in one of the reasons is because people are finally starting to see the tax cuts at their pay attracted their February paycheck and the tax cuts were present in the patriarch and so suddenly is more popular, it also goes to show you? The level of media lies malfeasance on the tax cuts, and you can see that in time I talked about this. While there are passing the tax cut, you could actually see in the polls the vast majority of the american public thought they would not receive a tax cuts. Still only thirty five percent American Public believes that there are going to receive attacks, cut it closer to a ninety percent of the american public and then the meat I wonder why we dont trust them why we think they're biased on these issues. They are based on these issues I'll show you how, by as they are also in the trunk, Russia stuff in just a second, the first
you have to go over to daily wired icon and subscribe for nine ninety nine a month you can get a subscription to daily wired outcome. When you do you get the rest of our shall lie to get the recipe and requirements. like the rest of Michael moles shall live. Thank you. By the way all those boats are over subscribing it Andrew Clayton shop. He was up to the top ten, I believe are close to the top ten on Itunes overnight I, which has just fantastic. He shows definitely worth the lesson of work. The subscribe. Worship by also subscribe a daily wired accompany ninety nine month, Inga his entire shall lively part of his mail back. If you want all of that, plus the world famous leftist years, hot or cold tumblr. Check that out over deal word I come. The annual subscription gets you. Ninety ninety nine ten bucks a year, instead, nine ninety nine months, if twenty bucks off the regular subscription price and you get that fabulous beverage vessel, I wasn't later govern Itunes, sound cloud, Laplace teacher, any of the places you get your podcasting get. The bench bureau shall subscribe to this review. We always appreciated where largess, fastest growing conservative casting the nation S speaking up from Russia Collusion
there's another robber, Mueller Investigation into When somebody is plead guilty again, it has nothing to do with actual collusion between the Trump administration in Russia and the like. Few weeks have not been good for people who have been pushing the lie at the Trump administration. Was clearly colluding with Russia. Now, maybe there will be no evidence that emerges maybe we'll find out later at the Trump Administration was working hand in glove with Lattimer beaten to swivel. The election was and maybe that's what will find out but I haven't seen evidence that using the evidence that, because nobody in the evidence that, but that is not actually stopping members, undemocratic part- in the media from pushing that lie. Anyway, I came Jeffreys Democratic Representative he came out yesterday said the Trump did collude to steal the election that, but we also have to stay focused their on what the problem is. It seems that the trunk campaign conspired what russian spies to sell out our democracy, and now you have members closely affiliated with the Trump administration and possibly the president or engaged in a cover up
the problem and we should just allow the Mahler investigation to run its course. Ok, I am in favour of allowing the mother investigation run its course, but it seems like you're, jumping to conclusions there came in there. You are you're, suggesting something that is just not David, ensure assuming facts not in evidence. So yesterday, president from tweeted out that he would that he had been much tougher on russian and President Obama had been factual, The media ran with most bizarre headline to look at this from sin, and this is a club. Seventeen look at this from CNN, yeah headline that they put up rotate the one on what is true has been tougher on Russia in in then did Obama was in eight. There he's been tougher and Russia in India in one year than about who wasn't eight and then it says in parentheses, rather fact checking in Cairo in France's does know he has it and attach a bird friend who covers media as Sienna not pulling any punches tonight. That's not only them not pulling punch it that some line from has been tough
Russia in one year than the Obama administration, wasn't. I love this idea. Suddenly the Obama administration was tough on Russia in two thousand twelve President Obama running for reelection sent directly to Dmitri Medvedev that he should come that he should tell Vladimir Putin that there be more flexible. Eddie after the election of the Russians backed up is it then. open might he said, but miss me, who's, calling Russia? The number one geopolitical threat: nineteen, he's called them under foreign policy. Back many handed over leadership of the syrian situation to the Russians and the Russians have continued to prop up a regime that is engaging in massive human rights violation. Certain right violation, so masses of EU and literally put out a resolution. I think two days ago saying that we have no more words to condemn. What is happening in Syria is what the resolution actually sat, and yet we are now being told that Obama was tougher on Russia. Then tromp was about wasn't even in tough on Russia interfering in the election by Obama from his appoint here. He does have a point when he says If Russia was interfering the election so much, whereas Obama well they during the election and where was Obama and the answer
is that Obama didn't want to piss off the Russians, because he thinks that the Russians were valley most strategic ally on IRAN deal. That's the reality of why he didn't want take off the Russians who thinks that the Russians should have a leadership role in the Middle EAST The CNN is lying about that too, when they set up Then Obama was tougher on Russia than trumpet It's just a joke. It's not true Jonah Goldberg, another person who is not programme. I am not by any Should the imagination of these animals into the show a president Trump lackey. Neither is Jonah Goldberger National Review. I want the either one of us voted for president from the back. I know neither one of us get here is what he writes. He says: there's one unfortunate thing with the Trump tweet Trump has Point Barack Obama sold out our eastern european allies and missile defence. He slow walked. Aids. Ukraine, as opposed to tromp, was actually provided material aid. You it is little more than shrug. Crimea was annexed. He said never mind on his own redline in Syria and turn a blind eye to Putin's intervention there in large part, because sessions of getting around you, the russian
linking our elections started on a bomb, his watch and not just our elections, but those of many of our allies. When Romney famously said rush was our number one. Geopolitical foe Obama mocked him for it as it countless liberal journalists were now converts, Cantab Russia Hopper. Meanwhile, the trumpet ministries has made life harder for Russia, diplomatically and economically thing wrapping up our oil and gas production. It hasn't been as tough as I'm, including me, would like, but it's been tougher than the Obama administration orally it's not unreasonable the reason is that the media Our mocking trump on this stuff is because who says so many nice things about Putin, because he seems to lend a lot of credibility. To put MRS another case there. So many cases in the Trump Administration, where good policy is at odds with bad rhetoric where Troms policy is actually pretty good, decent in He's is great and then it goes any says something Domini undermine policy, but the meeting our line when they say to you that Obama was tough on Russia and Trump he's, not tough on Russia. It's just not true. It is not actually accurate me you will live out in any way Jim Shooter over it's over. It's
and then says it's delusional to say the trunks been facing down. Russia. Listen, you can argue with the fair criticism, decided the Obama Administration ACT quickly or strong enough strongly enough with Russia. That's a criticism we ve heard from both Democrats and Republicans, but when you compare the trap administration responsibly, this president response in the Obama administration responds Monsieur centres. It is actually really delusional territory there? No, it's not a case of the USA. The deal the Trump Administration response, irrational intermeddling, has been lack lustre at best. I agree, and yours either from administration. Responsive should generally bigger than the Obama administration. That is just not true and its volition. Again. You wonder why people don't trust the media, because you keep lying because people in the media keep why. I think the truth on all sides would be the thing. I've criticise President trump when I think that is not telling the truth and I have criticised medium and I think they are not telling the truth right now. The me You are doing themselves no favours, especially because they
being the business of pushing agenda prompts agenda, isn't tell truth from suggest pushed from its agenda and from agenda very oftenest pushed from well, I mean sometimes can be dishonest, just like other politicians are dishonest in some cases morceau, but CNN the agenda was supposed to be objective truth, which they are not providing on any level. At this point there coverage in the last couple of which has been really disheartening, people who say an apple, is an apple, not a banana when stop creating apples Let us move these in calling them apples, because it's just ridiculous. Just regos help Have your mission. I didn't take a minute to note the death of the world's best known evangelist, Reverend Telegram on Wednesday, he was ninety nine years old when he is responsible for an enormous amount. He was used, everybody who is responsible for an enormous number of converge an enormous number of celebrities came to came to Christianity through Billy. Graham, Milligram was not the media trying to portray him in many cases. The sort of this sort of odd this odd homework Africa,
does not the milligram was never was in any milligrams lectures it was. He was deeply, not only religious, stop it stop. That self sacrificing stuff that responsibility milligram had a great impact on the world. This is why, when people talk about her, religion has had a nasty impact in the world. The followers of Billy, Graham and ask my followers of Billy Graham, have made their lives better because of the five because they followed milligram theirs in the aftermath of tragedy. There is- easy swing towards atheists, agnosticism the idea that you be better off, if you believe in God, better Well, don't believe in God. It somehow The world would be better if it ISM were to rule the rules before this from the thinkers I respect include SAM Harrison and even pink or in the last couple of days. But this is not true for the vast majority of individuals round planet earth people who become atheists dick are less likely to engaging communal activities. People who become atheists dick are less likely to give to charity
People who become atheistic are less likely to to engage in a sort of social fabric, building that's necessary, nor for a thriving society to survive, and that's not even a case for the veracity of Christianity. Or Judaism, and I'm making is a case for the social utility of Christianity, your Judaism, all the folks who are living in. free and open, and good country can think people like Billy Gram returning lives round of people. Many people who would otherwise have led terrible lives in their there. People who were hell bent on bad lives and Billy Graham instrumental in preventing them from happening as are so many other religious leaders not in their religion, is always a force for good. Of course not it doesn't mean that religion always makes me what better thou be silly? It does mean that religion when used properly can be a solution to a lot of people's life problems and it can be an encouragement to do better because there is someone who expect something more of you and it's not just your friends or family as not even
you at a higher power that expects you to make something of your life and discover a purpose having the death of God and american society has been a contributing factor to the sort of political fractious. Now that we ve seen here, we used at least, hold it in common? Not only the we're all men gods image, but that if we all help common values, in common, we knew our neighbours cared about the dead kids in sandy hook or or care at the murder. Children in parliament by we took that for me, because these are the same people that we saw a church every week is the same people were given the same charities that we were, but because we ve lost like me, aerospace. It's a lot easier to sit in your house and go on Twitter, Facebook and malign people. Who, I've never met because you ve never met your neighbors. How many of us actually met our neighbours known California, become really uncommon. I know that there are still places country, where you know your neighbours, particularly in small town, America, I grew up. In LOS Angeles know. Your neighbours was not a programme. One of the things that you see when you drive through different areas and countries really fascinating is which areas have fences between yards in which don't so we go over to Dallas.
example big city, but if you drive around suburban Dallas there, no fences between the actual yards and all the arts are basically connected. There may be some driveways, but they're, not big fences. If you drive through the valley, which is day which is where I have lived most. My life you drive through the San Fernando Valley or you'll, see is that most of the yards are not connected. Most of the odds are separated by walls, most the odds are separated by fences, their fenced off. There's nothing wrong with, while there's nothing wrong with events. It is indicative of the fact that community is less common in big city then it is in small towns and is less it's less common in urban. Is that it is in rural areas and is common in nonreligious areas than it is in religious areas, business Seen in the last few years, the rising atheist get together. They ve been trying to create almost an atheistic religious get together where you have community friends and other assets, and it hasn't been working, because why should atheists get together to talk about why? God doesn't exist?
seems like a rather uninspiring vision of the world. Why would you get together with people who also don't believe God exists, that free you d find any purpose in life supposedly, but you're gonna end up with a lot of different purposes in a lot of those purposes, are going to be working at cross purposes with one another. So Billy Milligrams death is removed. that building social fabric is one of the chief roles of religion, particularly american religion. Milligrams life is pretty facing every year since nineteen fifty five grandma's on gallops list of most my men and women are going to hang bearing over daily wire is fierce hatred of segregation. Men churches had to integrate for his rivals as far back as nineteen fifty three when, in a revival in Jackson, Mississippi Usher set up ropes, segregate the races gram asked for the ropes be removed when the Usher refused granted them down self, hold all the people to sit where they wanted Madison Square Revival. In nineteen fifty seven, he invited Martin Luther king to preach together as kings Airport,
and for the Ministry of my good friends after Billy ground. My work in the civil rights movement would not have been successful. Eta has, as it has been removed and paid the bill. The bail and finds the king received when he was in jail is again. One of the lies about the civil rights movement is pushed by about re. Theorist is put by a bunch of religiously Doktor Martin Luther king was irreverent. Reverend telegram was irreverent, use born of number seventy in eighteen, the oldest afford children born to Morrow, Coffee and William Franklin, senior, he grubbin a dairy farm, your Charlotte North Carolina as it allows you to read books. I answer in nineteen thirty, three, his father for, him, in his sister to drink beer until they got sick, which prompted both children, s, wife, all a hall and drugs for the rest of their lives- children, race differently, back in nineteen, thirty, three, the next year, having seen the evangelist mortify ham, he was converted by him. He went about Jones College in Tennessee or whose almost expelled, but Jones told him quote. At best, all you could amount would be a poor country, Baptist preacher, some around the sticks. You have a voice, the Poles, God can use that voice of yours. You can use it mightily and so gram transfer to Florida, Bible, Institute
his first sermon basket Baptist Church in eighteen, thirty, seven, making an actual figure in eighteen, forty, nine, when he held a series of arrivals in away and had circumstance erected in the parking lot which lead to national media coverage in hosted tv, of course, from nineteen forty seven until two thousand five, it's worth while paying honour to a man who did a lot more good than he did bad in this world, built Reverend Milligram. Ok time for some thing I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like I've started the show long Myra, which recommended me on Netflix. Is it the passionate? Now. I have only seen the pilot episode. I tend to like a tender like less episodic, shows where wrap up the plot in one episode, but it is well written. I end it is kind of tasks, from western. I love westerns, you put on a cowboy hat, and you and you have a guy speaking in short phrases with with photophone profundity and do it! So that's what long Meyer is a check out long where his mother, the preview,
matter a few in this city or the country crime. Don't change here, always suspects the girl nor ass. A folks like you captain, I asked you a very simple question and our two types- people like kill from a distance cowards and broke there are always victims, frayed ass, very bad news, Ok, so is that kind of shall write me if you like had a voice you like going to show its breeds impulse in check out long Meyer over at Netflix, where it is now available. Other thing that I, like so Nicky Hayley. I gave a speech yesterday you when the Mahmoud Abbas, the palestinian dictator, because he is now in the what ass seventeen you, what he had in his allotted two thousand I've, so he is now in the thirteenth. on the four year tenure sites excited, I had told Nicky Hayley. Are you an shut up? She cannot yesterday firing again Nicky
Let the EU and is my spirit. Animal security, as I said here today, offering the outstretched hand of the United States to the palestinian people in the cause of peace. We are fully prepared to look to the future of prosperity and co existence. We welcome you as the leader of the palestinian people here today, but I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, save Erika. I will not shut up, rather our respectfully speak some hard fruits, ok, Lovett Nicky Hayley do in humans. Covered. You answer that Israel has to stuff Nicky Hayley is the better get a quick thing that I hate so always mulatto came out. Andy tweeted about the second amendment and what you treated about the second amendment was particularly stupid thing, so what she tweeted out was, it said, also passion
also popular in seventeen ninety one year. The second amendment was adopted and then it's a list of things slavery. The three fifths compromise blood. lead paint being literally owned by her husband, cholera smallpox type is dying in childbirth, alot using chamber pots. planetary, surgical procedures travelling by wars or foot dying at the age of forty things, change all we can do better than I wasn't aware that small houses every popular in seventeen ninety one as a people had smallpox parties. They got together and they said oh yeah, their hats, mall passing. I managed him small box dying in childbirth, also not aware that that was supremely popular in one thousand seven hundred and ninety one, and then people saw that is bad in one thousand seven hundred and ninety one even slavery, which was popular in Turkey. so the United States in seventeen. Anyone was certainly not popular in certain other parts of the United States. In some can anyone, but if you're gonna talk about things that are in the constitution of the United States, which seems to me closer than smallpox two resemblance in certain member states, the first man, yes mother, things that were part. Seventy ninety one freedom of religion, freedom of speech, no quartering of troops- no illegal surgeon, seizures,
to a jury, trial, arrayed against alright against torture, These are things that were pretty we learn seventy ninety wanted turns out there in that same document you stupid idiot. So then again there is there's a notion on the left, but all of time began with their birth. I remember there Brok. Obama said something about how bill airs what Billiards did before he met. The layers was irrelevant because bill airspace, we didn't exist as a human ability in all the stuff, and I was a kid ok. So what so The world didn't start. Turning when you were born, a photon left seem to start seem to think that all of the good things in life began just spent. aimlessly when they were born or discovered them, and they never pre existed that I d Ology the same philosophy, the brought you freedom of speech and freedom of religion brought you the rights keeping their arms. There are part and parcel of the same philosophy as far as the notion that three fifths compound I was some sort of ideological, was simple
ideological commitment to the non people had a black people. That's idiocy! If you look at the actual negotiations over the three facts, compromise, which is a bad provision of the constitution, the reason that it is in the constitution is because it was there to prevent a worst provision of the constitution, which would have been counting black people as full people for purposes of voting, but using them as property for purposes of not being able to actually vote or do anything. That's it. The south along the south wanted slaveowners wanted that, if they're a bunch of folks we're living in slavery in South Carolina for purposes of representation in the Congress for South Carolina black folks would be counted as people, but they would not be the well known still be considered property in the north. To know we're not going to do that, you don't get to count black people as for people to use me because its who's the representative sample. If the north, it came to TAT, said sure black people are full people for purposes of representation, but not people for purposes of property, guess what slavery lasted longer, because the south would have had more votes in the Congress, but again knowledge and historical.
An historical learning are apparently somehow their rightful somewhat were allergic to them. They kill one of the narratives d love so much already so we'll be back here tomorrow from the path I am speaking at sea pack, and I will have I promised notes and see that, but I, rather than again today, I have to note on Sea Patsy back apparently quick note just ban which got rid of Jim Half, as one of the speakers are a gateway upon it, because Jim hearts have been tweeting out stupidities about these school shooting victims in parkland, that is perfectly appropriate. As far as Marian Le Pen has been invited, I'm not sure why Marian Le Pen is representative conservatism. I didn't Booker, I wouldn't of butter That said, I am more than happy to speak to the thousands of students are going to hear about some real conservatism and as an opportunity. I look forward to having tomorrow at sea pack, so at sea, back in Washington, DC area show up and I'll see you there, I'm bench peerless Benjamin!
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