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Ep. 508 - The Media’s Self-Defeating War

2018-04-02 | 🔗
It’s a Hobbesian war of all against all as CNN and Fox News do battle, Trump fulminates over immigration, and Hamas makes its move. Date: 04-02-2018
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It's a hobby and war of all against dollars. Cnn and Fox NEWS do battle Trump fulminate over immigration and come out makes its move. I bench Bureau in this debate we are our right to have a lot to get to today, big show coming up with a talk about the continuing attend, the boycott. Lord Ingram show the blow back that is going to be unleashed on CNN and MSNBC. If this continues we're gonna talk about Trump on deck, we're gonna talk of the media war is apparently Sinclair. Blood broadcasting did something so horribly, egregious the entire media is a twitter over it. We'll talk about all of those things plus later in the show em into an interview with the producer on the new, fantastic film Chappaquiddick, which I have a lot to say, talk about bill but later in the shop. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at upside. So let me ask you this: how many times on a trip and suddenly something goes wrong. You don't know who to turn to you, because you bought through some sort of travel, site and there's no one on the other end of the phone. Well, that will now
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you get a free pair of both headphones on her first business trip. Six hundred dollar minimum purchase required within ninety days see the site for complete details, check it out again. Upside down comes lifespan. They are your mission control for travel all right, so we Today, with the update on everything that has been going on regarding Lord Ingram and the aftermath of package shooting which is now six weeks ago, but the media have been all over it since then pushing the gun control agenda. Our begin. Pointing out that the media's agenda here is absolutely clear, the media is using partly shooting as crotch as a lever in order to pushed on control and in order to attack their political opponents and really it's more than that. The latter than the former Italian about pushing gun control so just castigating anyone, they don't like castigating any with whom they disagree as a bad human being is what the media are into. The media make it seem like if you disagree with them on gun control. This makes you a bad person there, actually not that interested and uncontrolled legislation actually getting past, because if they were
stop browbeaten. People like Marco Rubio Senator from Flora who's been working with bill. Nelson Democrats senator from floor to push legislation that would stop, ripping republicans uncaring, unfeeling monsters with blood on their hands the media, are interested in one thing and one thing only in the aftermath of parliament, and that is pushing the gun control merited specifically, so they can push them more important. Primary narrative, the gun, control narrative is secondary. The primary narrative is that you are a bad person if you, like guns, you're a bad person. If your pro seconds amendment this is their agenda. How can you tell this is their agenda because even left wing agenda points go by the wayside if it doesnt serve the primary agenda. So here's what I mean by that there's a whole group of students over apartment or even further left, then The group of students seen on tv, the emigrants Alice's in the David hogs in the camera, Caskeys there's a whole group of students that are even more to the left but you never see them on tv. Why are you see those leftwing students on tv? After all, the media is full of left us. The answer is because
these students are not serving leftwing agenda of pushing gun control and therefore they are not pushing the broader left, an agenda of making those bus or anti gun control, look like that people. So here are some of the kids who have been talking, but not being heard there, some black stew sobered stolen Douglas, who are being completely ignored by the media. You never seen any these folks on tv. You never heard of any of these people, but here they were in the agenda there pushing it. They don't want more school safety officers in school because they're afraid that's going to need more arrests of black kid. So here is them talking about this. The black live. Madame, Men have been addressing this topic since the murder of trade on Martin in two thousand twelve. Yet we have never seen this kind of support for our cause, and we should we do not feel that the lives or voices of minorities are valued as much as those of our white counterparts. I am here today with my classmates, because we have been thoroughly under represented and, in some cases, misrepresented doktor, Rosalind Osgood as a school board. Member and Brower County she helped these students organise
and help them get. The media's attention and left fan mean them all of making no voice available so that they can be heard in August and stop it there, but that these people were not heard right. You're, not you're, not hearing from any of these students read that this appears maybe a little bit and local media maybe four brief. Secondly nationally and then it goes away. Why? Wouldn't that be the intersection of moment when this be the intersection? Talking point remember: the left ideology is intersection if they believe that you can judge someone's opinion and the value of their opinion simply by looking at the group identity simply by looking at the group to which they
long so these are black students. That means that their opinions should be held in high esteem. Then the white students, like David ha right otherwise you're just exacerbating white privilege, but the media are focusing on these black students. Why aren't they focusing on these black students, because these black students do not serve their agenda? If these black students were out their front and centre calling for gun control and suggesting that everyone who didn't like gun control is bad person, the media would have them on every single day. So this is why, when people say they errands for sexual left, us what they really mean is their leftists first, an intersection second intersection reality that that identity, politics philosophy that philosophy that we can judge you, as is an individual by your group, and your viewpoints Valley by a group identity. That's only important to the left when it serves the purpose of the left eye. Clarence Thomas is intelligent black man according to the left, because his intersectional experience as a black man count because he does not agree with the left on same thing is true of these students. They dont they're not forwarding what hardcore agenda, and that means
the blacks can no longer count in the intersection hierarchy because they're just not that important, which shows you that all the members of that of the entire sexual hierarchy, all the members of this interest, sexual coalition, who are supposedly gonna, get together rip down the system. It's really far less about mutual respect for ethnicity and much more about mobilizing to defeat. The supposed patriot, to defeat the white privilege system and that's why the media can safely ignore these blockades and pretend, like nothing, is happening with them. These doesn't serve their higher agenda. Well, what does over there Our agenda right now it serves their higher agenda, is using gun control to push for a boycott against media figures. They don't So this is a continuation of what happened last week, more Ingram, the Fox NEWS host she was boycotted not even really boycott. There's an aspirin serve the boycott attempt by David hot was a student at stone, Marjorie summoned Douglas and he was present when the shooting happen and he's obviously
but all over the media you'd seen him saying really vile things about people who disagrees with saying their blood on their hands. Saying that Marco Rubeus murderer, who basically took ones, in five cents. From the end, our aver for every floor to students and all the rest. Well, David, a hog he was interviewed by DMZ after visiting some colleges and whose asked how the college mission stuff was going and he said well, you know to be out of the bank on their great, therefore colleges that didn't let me in- and I understand that a lot of people who could fill those slots, but if the college's Wanna help how'd. They can help us out. If they don't want help us out, they don't wanna help us out. Will this prompted Lord Ingram to tweet out that he was? mining about his college emissions. Was that ill advised? Yes, it is something I would have recommended saying no to. I think that we should attack the perspectives that are wrong. Yes, I think we should attack the people expressing those perspectives, not really but Laura says all of this and then hogs responses not well or those kind of jerky thing to say his response is directly from the media matters. Playbook media matters is left wing group cofounded. Essentially
I worry Clinton and that group has been designed for literally a decade and a half to watch astroturf boycott against major right when media figures. But like Russia, Lamborn, Sean Hannity and Bill O Reilly, and now and Lord Ingram Renzo this student David Hog immediately comes forward list. Of the advertisers and more inwards show where within minutes he's got a list. Amazing amazing. How how that work to just incredible and then all of these advertise restart dropping Laura shrubs. I want to blow back because here's the dirty little secret about a lot advertisers there more afraid of the blow back. Then they are interested in experiencing the the. Pleasure of advertising and giving shut when an advert has her advertise on a show. Usually what they're looking for is an outlet to speak to a vast group of people. What they dont want is bad publicity, so
in the mere assign. A bad publicity for a lot of advertisers is toxic and a lot of them run away, and so Lord Ingram apologizes and David houses, I'm not going to accept the apology, I'm silver to push forward the boycott and the media are giddy over this, because finally, they have a kid that they can stand behind, and this kid is unattainable right, you're not supposed to anything bad about him even about his perspective, you're, not even supposed to say he says immoral things, because that would be attacking him. There's this. According to the folks in the media by Brian Cellphone, CNN said he does not ask people like David how questions when they say things that are absolutely not accepted. Because that would be somehow impugning their dignity or honour and then Brian tries. But it goes pretty telling statement given David is being used, as a shield by the media in order they can push the sword at their political enemies, like Fox NEWS and Lord Ingram. So hard, of course, is really. Certain about this, and you can become the boycott leader of the left and let this happen used in this way. He says the corporate Amerika is standing with him, his ears,
in a statement to Allison Camera who, by the way last week, said that what college wouldn't want college. Wouldn't let someone like you in to David Hog? What even? How was What into some of the college's on the West Coast, because a city scores were high enough mean all of his admissions we're done months ago. Before any of this happened and, as I say, scores, apparently, according David Hog, relate to twelve seventy, which the finest eighteen Corbett two hundred points below the average easier lay. So you wouldn't expect to get. Do you see a light in any case here I was in camera and David Hog make it out National TV or her Belize plastering her lips to his, but I think it's great that corporate Amerika standing with me in the rest of my friends, because when you come against any, of us, whether it be me or anybody else, you're coming against all of us- and I think it important that we stand together- is both corporate and civic American to take action against these people and show them that they cannot push us around, especially when we are trying to do here is save lives. Ok, all that
he's trying to forget all things, and he said there are terrible about people calling data Lasher murderer in some way. Doesn't care about it children in saying the same thing about Marco Rubio Ellison Camera just sitting there nodding through this whole thing. Corporate Amerika is not standing with David Hog corporate Amerika standing with non controversy, and this is the truth about corporate Amerika. They don't want currency, which is understandable if you run a business and you are selling asleep made and you are on a show and the show starts to become very controversial and suddenly you're sleeping is popping up in all the ads european. The ball back and so maybe player advertisements. The left knows this and that's why they're pushing it and so David Hug decides to push this even further says. Listen, I interest the Lord Ingram apologize to me and I don't except for apology, but you shouldn't just stop. There should also apologise again on CNN and, of course, on CNN, and then he says you know what else. I would really appreciate. If should apologise, to look James. Why Lebron James K, because, a month before the shooting happened in parkland, she said
Braun translation, sharpened trouble. We call we talk about on the show. It wasn't something that I was fond of her saying. In fact, I criticized for saying it, but David Hog is now going to be the apology police he's the civility police, This guy goes around saying that your blood on your hands. You disagree with him. This is captains Let me now, according to the members and mainstream media, carry is explaining that that more Ingram shrapnel price Lebron, James, two or something or been multiple instances throughout ignorance, professional career, where she's tried calling out people, for example, of Dartmouth University because of their sexual orientation, and she told Lebron James to shut up and dribble. I don't see any apology for those people. I mean why it's just it's really sad. It's disturbingly at the start of whatever, whatever ok that isn't just absurd. Why should she apologized to David Hog? He's not, to accept it and then why is he calling on her to apologize to other people if he says the apologies mean a thing? None of this makes any sense, except in so far as the media are happy to watch David Hog go out there and call for boycotts because they want Fox news. Boycotted there, a competitor
and then they want people the and then they are. They are firmly convinced that you cannot attack anything. The David hogs as again David Huntings August market driven Hog seems like a politically wily player. That doesn't mean everything that he has a moral or reasons. In fact, I think a large percentage. What he says is immoral and indecent. Ok before I go any further and show you what's the real agenda here as first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at zeal, so One of the only thing better than getting massage getting massage inside our own home, whether you're backwards from running after the kids are. Your muscles are sore from working out or your stressed. After a long day, work zeal bring same day in enormous areas, with the best licence invited massage therapist right to your homes, or I've used it. For myself, I ve gotten zeal massages from my wife, My father, my mother, my mother in law, I've gotten zeal massages. For my sister, the reason for this is because it is so convenient. It is so easy it before we The other is misused in my family regularly used and the problems you have to set an appointment with her weeks in advance is really expensive.
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a massage de l, dot com, promo code then go ahead and check it out. Ok, so, as I say, a lot of the, media are very excited about the boycott against Ingram. You can see this on. A CNN panel rights are CNN, says that there they have a panel, and all of these people agree. How is it even possible that WAR Ingram has a show? How is it possible, Nor has it up or she has a show, because there a lot of people who want to listen to her. But this is the real goal here right. The real goal here is knocking Ingram Mafia so the real goal, was knocking Sean off the air and knocking rush off the air and knocking all of these various folks off a Fox news. The entire goal of the left here is to pretend that something truly agreed just happens. Even nothing truly egregious habits now sometimes Something truly Greece has happen. Sometimes multi million dollar sexual harassment settlement, for example, against a particular host, an average, you don't want to associate with that, but that's a genuine. Move by advertisers right here. What we have and intimidation campaign by left. When media sources propping up a parkland survivor for political gain, and then using that kid as a club to wield against their own little
opponents, it's really stomach, turning stuff, here's, the CNN saying they can't believe Ingram as show they wandered deprived of the show. Obviously, we so self see, people acknowledged they did something wrong. She did. She said she said the chief she wished she hadn't done it so Jake I stood on. I can't believe Lord Ingram actually has a show so like I'm kind of at a point where I am there, she apologized, let you know in with free speech in this country, also comes consequence. You have the right to say anything, you want to say, but it also consequences to those actions, and so those advertisers are pulling out, and I think rightfully so and I dont think she'll be back on tv after this pipeline vacation ok, let's be clear about that. She has a vacations which you will be back on tv, because this is not going to stand Fox news. Viewers are not gonna, be cool with Loring rooming ousted of what is by twitter standards, a very, very mild tweet. It's not something. I tweeted
His answer me was a good idea, but come on, I'm gonna end somebody's tv career over that good luck with that. Good luck with that and again, I think the media's infer a rude awakening because things are gonna, get really ugly. On the other end of this, the maids get like, for example, adding CNN beginning to realise this. Let's take, let's take a quick example: what's begin with Joan Wall, so Joan launches a contributor on CNN and she says a lot of egregious things on a fairly regular basis, she's featured very often in the things I hate segment, so Joan Lush, tweeted out a series of attacks on Kyle Cash, you ve been Kyle Cash, you is the is, is one of the parkland survivors and there are a bunch of people who decided to attack cash. You on twitter, among was for a good and bird whose daughter was killed in the attack. Kyle had tweed that something like this entire thing has become really politicizing is no longer about saving lives and forgotten. Burgers daughter died in the attacks it's all about saving lives. While he's was like wasn't talking to him, talking to David Hog in the rest of the parkland survivors who have been on tv,
routinely pushing gun control using that the astroturf, the boy against. Lord Ingram is not about saving lives is obviously about political gain. Well, Joan Wash liked all of these sweet Rigel unwashed liked. All of these we can then Kyle Catherine responded just so everyone knows CNN would never take aside, and then he tweeted, your actual wash and whilst responded by insulting in saying good luck handling your stress. So, what's left standard here for a second right, let's ITALY, he said well how cash very really policing, I really policing the likes of agreeing Parkland Father who lost his daughter. The luck handling is Fresco. That's what Joan Walsh tweeted out. Can you imagine if this reverse? For? Second imagine if I tweeted at David, how good luck handling your stress, David boycotts and given it right, I mean this would be this be an attack on well now you have shown Washington contributor, whose attacking Kyle Cash and nothing no boycotts. No, nothing! Well so Kara List
The union's advertisers- you aren't, play this game. If people really wanna play the game, we can play this game, but we can boycotts. Unions advertisers there. Therefore, everyone to see we can see all of the various advertisers hither top advertisers in February, two thousand eighteen or Tesla T Mobile Geico Progressive Human. A neutral system, Bmw, Nord Vps, eighty anti and good good our acts and those were their top advertisers, so surely boycott all of us. I'm not saying we shall. I don't think we should, I think, really bad for discourse in America, when we astroturf boycotts against the advertisers based on a fake outrage had begun a basic level of outrage that is completely disproportionate to the crew it has been committed to. I think the Joan washes terrible horrible crime years, really so terrible and horrible. No, I don't think so. Losses of noxious Think CNN advertisers ought to pay monetarily for something Joan while send its dominant. What are now I dont and she hasn't even apologize killer, NGO apologized and people on the left are,
still trying to push up what's really grows. Brain cells are good for him. He acknowledged this yesterday, He essentially acknowledge that we cannot have a functional media system, functional media ecosystem if, rather than a boycott, each other's advertisers based on basic political disagreements, David's Eric are an boycotts. The right answer here on personally pretty wary of this. I think it's dangerous to see these out boycott attempts happening a more and more coherent, more more often in this country. My view is the thought shutdown anyone's right to speak. Lets me their comments. More speech, let's try to try to to respond that way. What is your view of these out boycotts? Ok, so that that that's the point that ceremony only the rest of us, but what stellar says there is exactly right when stealthily says: listen, if you don't like what
Ingram saying you have a very simple solution: put off your tv, if you don't like what price seltzer saying very simple solution, turn off your tv, they control the washing turn off your tv turn off your twitter. It's really unfollow her blocker. He can do all of these things in a free country. Uses of your have the capacity to choose what it is. You want to watch their very few instances when in advertising it deserves to be had for advertising on a programme, usually it's when something so blatantly, egregious an awful is done or said that the advertiser themself would pull out anyway, because the ratings would drop anyway. I'm not a big fan of secondary boycotts, especially because they are easily astroturf, because advertisers our four the controversy and folks who are politically motivated, know that so, if the left wants to play the get this game at the right can play this game too, and will see if CNN likes it as walls MSNBC Elsie of both of them like it as well as Fox NEWS, because otherwise what we are watching here is a pure political hit done by certain networks against other networks for a political purpose. That's all that's happening here, and it's pretty incredible it. Meanwhile, speaking of pure political hit, there's a lot of weird
talk over the weekend about something that happened on Sinclair Broadcasting, so Sinclair Broadcasting has bought up all these local affiliates all over the country. They are like a hundred and seventy three local affiliates all over the country and some of these affiliates all of these affiliates had their anchors read the same message and the second. I want to tell you what are the messages that does affiliates were reading, because the left one totally crazy, this medium went totally nuts over at first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors. Over at legacy backs up This service legacy box. I think it's really one and most important things that you can do. We done it in my family and it's really meaningful and it's really worthwhile here's what it is legacy, boxy, simple and affordable way to get your accorded moments, digitally press on dvd or thumb drive, so you load your legacy box with your old tapes, films, pictures audio recordings, and then you send it back to them and in a couple of weeks We get all the back on dvd or some drives. Instead, we haven't you box is full of old pictures, they're mouldering in the garage. Instead, now you ve got it right next to your computer. You can puppet and look at those pictures any I'm dvd on yourself. It's accessible, it's easy if got rid, there's a flutter of fire
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what they perceive as the let the right when media by any means necessary. We ve talked about how this happened via Facebook. We talked about how that's been happening with regard to this boycott against Lord Ingram, that is being fostered and pushed on by people over it, CNN and MSNBC. When the latest generation of this is the pushed by the left again Sinclair Broadcasting, so Sinclair is a right wing company and its own by people who are on the right and our trunks. Borders and Sinclair has bought up a hundred and seventy three local affiliates all over the country and these local affiliates all over the country have local news, Channel Red local new stations, fine great well, over the last couple of weeks, they have had all of their local news. Anchors read the same message: I speak the same message. China play the message and I will explain to you why left went nuts over this. I am Foxen Antonios, Jessica Headway.
And I'm Ryan Wolf our anyway. This France, military is just sort of our treasure Valley. Communities deal pass illustrious communities eastern, I what communities mid mission in communities. We are extremely proud of the Quality balance journalism that serious warning, produces, but they are very plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all comment on social media. More alarming. Some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking fact. First, the sharing of biased and Paul news has all too common of its all. Hardly here, because the way this is cut its cut from dead spent and the way that its cut, they are trying to show you how all these Ankara's are saying. The same thing- and this must be super nefarious, who all the anchor saying the same thing, this means that its from beginning plot to take over the media, all its role.
Well run scare are ok, so here's are, they actually say they say hi, I'm blank. I read its responsibilities to serve our local communities where extremely proud of the quality balanced journalism that this station provides were concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible. One sided news stories plaguing our country, the sharing of biased and false news has become all common and social media more alarming. Some media outlets publish these same big story stories. They just our true without checking fact. First Fortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal, biased and agenda to control exactly what people think this strongly dangerous to a democracy at our station is our responsibility to pursue an report. The truth, we understand truth is neither politically left nor write. Our commitments. Factual reporting, is the foundation of our credibility. Now more than ever, it's a Sinclair had all of their local news anchors hey this message: does that sound terrible to you was
thing in their name. Anything in their say, we support from all news is fake news. Was there anything in there about you, shouldn't watch CNN, you shouldn't watches and we see because all of its fake news you shouldn't get in your time. None of that is in there now Jimmy Camel, of course, the late night Pope I ask, as Guy Benson likes, to call him, I issued this twitter encyclical is and what is extremely dangerous to our democracy. And, of course, what he's mocking there is the law. In the in the actual statement by all these include broadcasting hosts that all of this, the bad news is extremely dangerous to democracy, but the left one nuts over this just shows that Sinclair Broadcasting is owned, lock, stock and barrel by trumpets now a White House outlet and they are forcing their ankara to say programme things. There is only one problem I
read you the entire message. I was ready. The whole thing. Ok, and there is nothing in the message in this matter from prism. Nothing. In fact, if you had Brian Seltzer on CNN or Jake Tapir or anyone else, Anderson, Cooper, CNN, Rina message, people on the right would assume that message is a slap at Trump and a slap Fox news. That message has no political orientation whatsoever, but the left is firmly convinced that, because Sinclair Broadcasting is a right wing outlet. That means that what they were doing here was shilling for drop, and it just goes to show you. Information bias, can really atto your brain because of you, look at that message in you say this is being spades. Its trump is being weighed down our throats forcibly. There's no way to avoid it then you're you're misreading the message
your cribbing views to those anchors that don't just Ellison. There are companies, I know of them. I've worked for some of them because there are companies that have a particular view on Trump and that require that you mirror that view on Trump. Hey, that's bad! I don't think that's a good thing. I don't think that, like at Delaware, we have a wide spare any of opinion with regard to the president's performance on various and sundry issues. At the outset that I run but number one, it's our outlet number two
doesnt what's going on here, I mean there's no evidence that was happening. Sinclair broadcasting didn't stop the left from going nuts over it anyway, because the left will go nuts over anything that President trumps, that president from does, speaking of, which left is going nuts over president from because president from he's going nuts over the fact that there is this. This DAS cadre of illegal immigrants who have been attempting to march into the United States, according to the Washington Examiner mexican officials, have aided a wholly weak caravan of over a thousand migrants headed to the. U S. Boards demand Easter asylum. According to reports mostly hondurans. They posted celebration, videos on Facebook enchanted. We are migrants, we are not criminals, we are workers accord
into an account from the centre for immigration studies. Mexican authorities have allowed the migrants to drive north with relative ease researcher kosher, Luna, added that the group pueblo in front errors which aids immigrants brag about speeding into MAX coincide. On Monday, Primrose Sin Frontier us posted a video with the captain, the refugee caravan knocking down borders. Yesterday in a quick return, immigration agents celebre abandoned the post when they saw us coming. The people celebrate this first. Small victory locals have provided supplies along the way, so Trump, I think rightly, is upset with the mexican government for fostering illegal immigration into the United States. This would be a clear case where there government is not doing its job. The mexican government has very very stringent border policies on the southern border unless it thinks that removing right along threw up to the United States. In that case, they seem to be perfectly ok with people crossing the border where the boar laws in Macao.
Go are extraordinarily harsh, like if you're an illegal immigrant Mexico, they will support. You immediately ordeal you much harsher than the structures in the United States. So president from started twinning about this and of course, though, the left thinks that he's won't even be outraged about this at all, I think that somebody says you're not factually correct, but he's not wrong, be outraged. Geometrical for allowing this to happen is it bore. Patrol agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because predicted Liberal democrat laws, like catching release, getting more dangerous caravans coming Republicans, must go to nuclear option to pass tough laws. Now no more jacket deal. Ok. So I agree with the president that the that these care of it
You have to stop. Obviously is weighed in Mexico is doing very little, if not nothing stopping people from flowing into Mexico through their southern border and then into the? U S, eleven are dumb integration was they must stop the big drug and people flows rival, stop their cash cow NAFTA need Wall came again, is about half right in what he says about the mexican government. Doing very little to stop people from flowing into the United States is basically correct. Then he says these big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of data. They want it on the act. Here's where there's a whole in trumps logic, the whole is this: it was Trump who decided that he's not going to just a porno these folks right trump. Has the executive authority already to report all of these people. He does an undercurrent immigration law. If you, to just enforce current immigration law. All these people can be deported data is not the state of law he's already revoked Jack up, so that really has nothing to do with this particular move by people crossing the border illegally. Right, in fact, yard your vote that programme.
So any send money to build the wall. You know the president was elected to do just that right now. If you want to do, he could presumably shift fund from defence measures over to building the wall along those lines. When he says he's going to do something about NAFTA, because that is best goes cash cow again. I dont really appreciated the president's first move on all this stuff is always to tariffs. Based first moves, always we need tariffs and that that will solve all, problems. Killing NAFTA would actually be really bad for a lot of manufacturers in the United States, but where the media's wrong is when they're wrong, when they suggest the Trump is, is being too harsh with Mexico on their facilitation of illegal immigration, they are right when they say that he's obviously
not speaking in in any sort of reason, language about Jack, because again, death is on the president. That's an executive policy from wants to get rid of data has ever ability to do so then talk a little bit more about that in just a second. But first I want to say thank you to our brand new sponsors, the folks over the movie chappaquiddick. Now it is a real pleasure, really I'm very excited that the folks who made Chappaquiddick r r advertising with us, because Chappaquiddick, which opens up on in theatres process is just a fantastic will be a really really good movie. I've had a chess screen it a little bit later in the show how many have on one of the producers of the film so that we can actually talk about what how Chappaquiddick was made, because it sort of an astonishing thing it was made in the first place. Chappaquiddick is, of course, the story of Kennedy who drove a woman off bridge and left her to drown in the car. Really she suffocated in the car and the movie does not solve peddled us in the movie. Is it's not
right wing screed, it doesn't go along with it doesn't try to go beyond what the evidence shows her friend sample, there's nothing in the movie that suggested that TED Kennedy and Mary, Jo Kopechne, will clearly have an affair that you was pregnant because there's no evidence to support that but it does stick to the evidence in the evidence is damning enough. It is an amazing thing that this this film got made, and it's amazing thing that is Why releases all the performances are universally great and TAT Kennedy does not come, well in this movie as well. He should not it is. It took fifty years for this movie made and it is worth every minute of the film It is just if your conservative and you worry about Hollywood skewing left if you're somebody who said in the last couple of weeks, I'm watching
since our show, however, that my my voice counts, show Hollywood your voice counts, go see, Chappaquiddick, take your family to see Chappaquiddick, it's important to know how the Democrat machine worked in Chap Aquatic half the stories about Kennedy, family had Kennedy. Family does not come off well. A lot of the stories about the democratic infrastructure in law enforcement in Massachusetts at the time does not come off well again, really well written, beautifully films beautifully acted, Entrap, acquitted, tells the story the the left media has wanted to ignore for fifty years. Remember after Chappaquiddick Teddy Kennedy still ran for president in nineteen eighty and he almost defeated Jimmy Carter, the incumbent taken. We wanted to run a nineteen eighty four it did not in his career pay. This movie shows you. I should have ended his career, indeed able you're not one must historic and Chappaquiddick in theatres everywhere in April, sex disease We have a moral obligation to go, see the film ok, so I have a lot more coming up, but for that you're gonna have to subscribe over there
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solve the dac. A problem gave you have illegal immigrants crossing the border and you're not supporting them. That has nothing to do with data that has to do with your enforcement regiment to President Trump owes it to his supporters, who actually support to people who are coming across the border is actually a great. It could be a great moment for him right here is from talking about MAX in wanting to take advantage on data gotta help us said the boy, not good. I was at the border very sad thing. You max you guys got down at the border and a lot of people are coming it because they want to take advantage of doktor. We're gonna have to really say that a great chance. I regret that a great great chance, but will have to take them up with Mexico, is gonna help us at the border right through Mexico. They sent it can happen that way, you can add that doesn't make any sense with regard to death, but again the presidencies have the authority to stop this and he's right that it has to be stopped. This could be a good moment from to stand up for american sovereignty and say
just because people want to enter the country illegally does not mean that we have to let people enter the country illegally. Ok, in other news, meanwhile, there's a big term well brewing over in Israel, where Palestinian sponsored by Hamas. The terrorist group have decided. Try to walk across is really border or to break down the physical barriers. The Gaza Strip and Israel proper in the media, of course, are lying about this entire situation. There suggesting that Israel is indiscriminately firing into crowds and trying to kill random people. Obviously this is untrue. There are tens of thousands of people who started. Camp along network border, Israel killed virtually none of them. Ok, Israel, shot into crowds of people were throwing molotov cocktails. Enrolling tyres that we're fire at israeli soldiers and throwing stones at those israeli soldiers were attacking israeli soldiers. How do we know this? Because only fifteen people have been killed and ten of them? people have been killed in that border riot are active members of terrorist groups. Active members of terrorist groups Israel really indiscriminately firing into the crowds, then there would be hundreds of people dead, not fifteen people dead and
Israel really attack an entire group people, maybe using their f. Sixteen to presumably straight the tens of thousands of people who are there not fire in very discriminate fashion. At the people who are attempting to break down the border. Now Haiti's rail, of course, shall Bernie Sanders says he doesn't believe Israel story is Bernie Sanders is a rabid, anti Israel extremists? No, I don't, I think, from what my understanding is. Is you have tens and tens of thousands of people who are engaged in a non violent protest? I believe now fifteen or twenty people Palestinians have been killed and many many others have been wounded. So I think it's a difficult situation but my assessment is that Israel of reactor on that and, of course, the quartet's his assessment, because there's never been an assessment by Bernie Sanders where Israel didn't overreact. When, when terrorists are firing, rockets into the centre of Israel, then Israel is still presumably not overreacting, became
he'll overreacting does Israel is always in the wrong according to Bernie Sanders, because he's a socialist first rather than a defender of western civilization here, is according to the Jerusalem Post as they were on hundreds of palestinian youths ignored calls from the organizers and the israeli military to stay away from the frontier, whereas israeli soldiers across the border kept watch from dirt mounds embankments, the military at. Its troops had only use live fire against people trying to sabotage the border security fence. Some of them rolling burning too airs and throwing rocks and that at least two of the dead or come ass. Operatives It is also worth noting here how much money we must spend on this little demonstration has been fifteen
million dollars on this demonstration. Fifteen million dollars right now, Hammas, is in a state of complete economic collapse. The Gaza Strip is in a state of complete economic collapse and yet come off spending fifteen million dollar for this protest, specifically because they want to miss direct from the fact that they are a terrorist group. Eta, like an actual states, was apartment sponsor terrorist group. That is now sponsoring acts of additional terror against Israel. That is the goal here, and Israel ought to be doing a better job on its pr. But again is demonstrative of the fact that when it comes to this particular conflict, the media only seem to care about israeli killing Palestinians, even if the Palestinians are terrorist worth noting that I think in the last month, something like twenty five thirty Palestinians were killed in Syria over the course of the syrian conflict. Almost four thousand syrian Palestinians living in Syria have been killed. That's completely undermined by Muslims, killer Muslims. It's not a new story when Jews and Muslims to new story, but Muslims Jews in it
is not really a new story. It's amazing how that works and that, because of the soft bigotry of low expectations that the media have attached to Muslims all over the world. So when Muslims commit violent, acts of media basically ignores it, pretends that it's the effect of some sort of some sort of inequality. Or nastiness on the part of western civilization when in reality, Muslims should be held all over the world in the same exact moral standards as Jews and his questions, which is you, don't get to kill people and get away with it unless you're killing people in self defence, which is actually what's going on in the Gaza Strip. Despite all of the rapidly anti Israel media coverage no shock, there, ok time for some things I like and then we'll do some things I hate will do a quick federalist paper, so things that I like today, I had the actually brethren Friday. I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the producers for Chappaquiddick. They say the movie is just spectacular and in here's what it sounded like when we sat down together. So here we already have the opportunity to sit down with marked charity, he's the producer of the brand new flick chappaquiddick.
It is a phenomenal movie. I had the opportunity to screen the low, but early and markets. It's it's really passing. Firstly, have tat, how did this thing had done in the first place? Sumptuary getting this from everybody on the right. How did a movie about said Kennedy leaving the woman to drown under German? We didn't set out to make a political statement. The mover came to me from a friend is a manager representatives, these two young writers they had her this word Chappaquiddick knew nothing about it, so they started doing research. They got so transfixed today started to pull all kinds of material. The inquest most of you lose their research and they just wrote a scrap. This spect the script, wrote it and friend sat down and we had a lunch together and he said I get the script he goes. I have no idea how how the Hollywood is. Gonna. U know responded is, but he said is really good, so we read it loved it and we require,
and then set, and we had no idea, we can make it the obstacle to get a directorate in a star and cast, but everyone responded incredibly well. Maybe it was just such a kind of page turning thriller that in a history lesson as well, this fascinating. Do you getting push back in town on on making it? Different actors turned down rather than there were a couple actors that really love discrepancies felt, like maybe it'll tricky in a politically. So we kind of thought Like me, we get an austrian or or UK director actor in and Jason Quickest, australian and you know it's it's a brave twist, but the role so good and he so good in it- and if you can execute, was what was on the page when you we'd have something and then there's only great actors and fell from cape marketplace. Marriage at the back then does it with the US just from. It is very simple things you don't really here is a full fledged character and placing the film too. You have a couple of comments or playing Canada sidekicks, it said Kennedy and really is an amazing. You ask your drawn kroner directed at you know with the cast he felt like the movie so serious and
and it was a tragedy involved that he wanted to have- I wouldn't say lightness- but to them- moments. When you're in the war room there there, there there's moments of levity of of kind of absurd nestled in where at Helms and Jim gaff again can kind of mine those you get laughs in the movie, believe it or not. Some are uncomfortable, but some are just like absurd and Germany have that timing it if it helps those guys retricked tremendous tourism for five seconds and he's just really power, terrific, terrific enough. It will. I think, one of the reasons that the movie is gonna not only do well. I think that the critics will be ok with it is because you actually stuck really as much as you could in fact mean there's no rumour mongering in this. It also has some are studied this from the time that our younger as a conservative or does the big thing writer, but there's all the speculation about, was TAT Kennedy sleeping with marriage, OPEC, nay, what she pregnant you all for the various things that people speculate, because there are so many unanswered questions, but the movie really stick to what you know,
which I think has won the strength of the film with that that was the purpose going. It you know did not take to go right down the centre. Just tell the facts, and you know it's an indictment. No, no doubt, and kick it around that but I think, there's more new wants to the film, and that was the intent and yet it could. Critics are responding in, and people on, both sides of the isle of it. We did three screenings and mortars vineyard that were there were incredible and, and people just appreciated that the care we took with it you know you brought a merger Konecny someone in her voice through this through fifty years, their family it reached out before we made the movie, had made brief contact and I didn't want to be swayed in any way a kind of putting what we had down. You know in into the film, and so when the movie was finished, we connected again and we set up a screening for the family and in they were incredibly appreciative is very difficult to watch obsolete, but what they loved is that she's retraced smart money and ambitious and in just you know a real person, not just,
a picture associated with you, know a name Chappaquiddick and then that entire sequins about what happens to her is so heartbreaking. An end just really, if used the rest of the movie, because, instead of just being ok had Kennedy, the last little Lamb meal with his family, you realize that a person died and at that keeps coming up throughout the rest of its own. Obviously, that's the thing you go back and forth with you know I wouldn't citizen some sympathy for TED, but you know they're dead, there's some understanding and in an emotion too, to all the characters in it. It was a and so few you know again, but have a little nuance with the film you know it it. It is it'll, keep you going both ways. He has a chance to do the right thing and then he doesn't. Then he does something. Maybe that he's then you shouldn't say you gotta go back and forth through the whole movie. They really is a tremendous fell from his chappaquiddick can, of course, talk with various my party, and I and thank him so much for joining as new work and I'm excited live even out their destroyed. It has need, be told for half a century later. Does it have this on my own behalf. If this had happened to a republic-
This would have been movie within thirty seconds of actually occurring. So if academic half a century for to happen about Hetty Kennedy, one most famous men in history of american politics, pretty incredible I will say, thank you and end. You know, would love to have all our audience to support it, but especially concerted generally. They they talk that Hollywood. Never does these movies and weed and it's not a partisan movie at All- and I think it's enjoyed by both sides- but that certainly conservative audiences should should support this. In its almost a moral obligation for conservative audiences because see this if they're going to talk about how much Hollywood is by as they leave me to go, support things that are not biased in favour of the left in their good, solid takes on the facts. Like movies What it thinks of much for stopping by everybody, go see the fillets terrific pressure, so that was a pleasure to sit down with my charge of the movie again is fantastic recommended highly enough, and you have an obligation as a conservative, to go see movies that are not overtly
left wing and tell the truth about folks on the left, so go out and see the movie until all your friends to see the movie is well ok time for some things that I hate. So we ve been told that the youth shall lead us that the youth are the greatest among us that the youth are the wisest among us. Well, I have a story that puts the lie to this. There is something called the teenage snorting condom fad. I'm not joking the z, real actual thing can, according to this action Toby. It sounds like an April fool's joke, but educators are warning about a condom challenge being spread online by Youtube videos and social media, also known as the snorting condom, challenge or condoms. Snorting challenge the fat actually day. Back several years, but recently as Goin viral again educators. They now you ask yourself: hey, listen back when I was a teenager, it was just cocaine, but no now they're, snorting, actual physical objects that have mass in size, their knows. Why? Because no one really understand so the challenge involves according to this apple,
and shall be snorting an unwrapped prophylactic up, one nostril than pulling it out from the throat through the mouth. According to a news, weak story participants then post a video of the completed challenge too Youtube and the challenge has gone viral. Ok, it is not new. This first apparently started with Youtube STAR Savannah Strong in two thousand and thirteen apparently Youtube is moving These stories and videos for for a long while, but it is now good idea. It turns out because you could never one choke on it and also because you are putting a condom up your nose. You idiots, what could you possibly be thinking? Why are you stupid hey. This is the same generation. We had just warn against eating tied pods, which is an actual cleaning products. Okay, so don't eat ipods and also don't put condoms up your nose, comprehensive sex. That is just not going the way that people on what thought it was going to go you and they were breaking out there. The prophylactic said the bananas back into our great. They figured that they are trying to explain one thing: it turns out that people are just trying to figure out a way that they can get the condom into. Facial bodily orifices is just one
in the world- and these are the people these are. The youth shall lead them again. This is not to say, the young people can't have some interesting things to say, but interesting sometimes mean stupid, apparently, and also when you're young, hey just in terms of brain development. Your brain is not really stop developing into that. Doesnt reach its full developmental stage until you're about twenty five twenty six years old. When you are seventeen sixteen fifty years old, you are the kind of person who does them stuff like this, because you haven't migdol over your emotional response centre, which is doing virtually all the heavy lifting your prefrontal cortex is under developed as compared to your magdal s. That means you do lots of dumb crap when you're a teenager, you'll lot done stuff on your teenager, and yet the left is now saying why we move the lower the voting age to sixteen. Why don't we suggest that twelve year olds, an abortion without parental consent. Why don't we say that three year olds can change their gender. You know just because there three amicable and there, the most innocent and beautiful among us, why should we put, our societal valleys and then because you're, an adult kids, our kids,
Speaking as someone was a syndicated columnist at age, seventeen I didn't know as much stuff at seventeen as I do now, myself. Control was not as great at seven. In as it is now- and I are pretty good self control when I was seventeen and still I have had more self control now than then so before we hear all about how the youth shall lead us, perhaps they should learn where particular, where particular prophylactic are designed to be used. Ok, it's not the knows what in the world so big job, everybody speaking of people who appear to have snorted a condom and left it just in their brain, embedded their Chelsea handler twitted, something out really insane about the second amendment, the other day. Here's what it looked like, she's, real, my arm guards aren't killing children and don't have semi automatic weapons, because she was asked about being ignorance of the constitution and not knowing anything about how the constitution works, so somebody tweeted get rid of your armed guards and then you can talk to middle class about feeling safe and should my armed guards aren't killing children and don't have some automatic weapons
first of all, I would guarantee that her arm guards have somehow automatic weapons and she doesn't notice him out. Medic weapon is that's number one, because every armed guard, I've ever worked with this amount of weapon. You know why, because virtually every pistol in the United States is a semi automatic weapon unless they're carrying a revolver unless they're carrying like an old style dirty Harry COLT. Forty five, it's a semi automatic weapons, second of all, guess who doesn't killing children, anyone else who has a semi automatic weapon in the United States and is not the shooter in parkland it. So it's all funding gain for Chelsea Handler has, I guess, only her on her arm Garza. Apparently, the only people in the United States have some out matter, weapons we're not we're going children. Apparently the amazing. I make good for her that she found the five guys in America with some out amount of weapons, weren't shooting children when emit what using feet is on their millions of Americans once amount of weapons and use them to defend them. Children and not to shoot children know it's a Chelsea handlers. People are just the basque people there, just doublespeak. I, and then they wonder why we don't trust them on second amendment issues they want
when they ve got spokespeople, I shall see handler condoms, condom, sorting, teenagers not suggest the kids at parkland are doing that, but there are, but again the Youth of America there's some questions to be asked. That's all I'm saying! Ok, so federalist paper. So every week we go through a federalist However, we are not too federalist. Twenty two by Alexander Hamilton, road, federalist number, twenty two and this federalist paper continues with the laws of the current the articles of confederation. There is replaced by the constitution of the United States. He makes several criticisms of the articles and confederation in this particular in this particular capitalist paper first, he says we need a system that does not allow internal tariffs or allow various parts of the country to a future but refused to abide by foreign tariff rules. In other words, we need a federal government that can set tariff policy the end and you can have states that override it. Otherwise, none of the tariff policies that you actually impose we're going to be workable. If you work-
a deal with Great Britain to lower your trade barriers and in South Carolina, says we're gonna set up our own tariff. Well, then, why exactly what Britain negotiate with the United States, as opposed to just negotiating with each individual state, thereby separating them off from the mother country cases, also plunder the articles of confederation, the way the army with sovereign? Some? was by going to particular states in requesting that they sent men. This actually did not work well during the American Revolution, and he says this actually created a system of bidding or particular states knowing submit. A certain number of men would actually just put out a price, a wage price for particular soldiers and people their home state and go to the other state, because they knew that they were going to be able to be called up there and get paid. A higher price, also Hamilton says that we can have a system of that's completely like the. U S and it works equal representation for everyone eight and then a two thirds majority to decide things because then nothing will get on. Instead, he says that we need a majority at least one house, this house representatives where population is represented in the number of representatives and then finally, he suggests that we were
Cindy the judiciary capable of interpreting the laws entreaties and he says that if we don't have a judiciary that is going to interpret those laws pretty from the federal level than again that allow state courts to basically stand as an obstacle to federal policy. The most important thing that happens in this Federalist. We're federalist wages when he says that the various when he says that the constitution of the United States is to be approved by the people themselves? That is why we, the people, is the beginning of the constitution, the United States and the reason for that and the reason this is important, because one of the arguments in the civil war was that, once the federal government had violated the sovereignty of particular states, those states are signatories to the constitution and therefore they no longer have to abide by it. Read the contract against the states have been violated in some states, had the ability and the right to pull out that this is what they called compact theory that the constitution was a compact between the states is not actually a compact of the people Hamilton for seeing this problem in one thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine is already running back into the possibility of a question of this nature.
The necessity of laying the foundations of our national government deeper than in the mere sanction of delegated authority. The fabric of American Empire ought to rest on the solid basis of the consent of the people. I'll caps. The streams of national power ought to flow immediately from that pure original fountain of all legitimate authority. So this is why there are specific constitutional conventions called in each state in order to approve the constitution idea. The idea here was that it was the people themselves who are going to approve the constitution, and so the compact of the constitution is between all of the people, not just the various states who have their various interests at play. Ok, so we'll be back here tomorrow with all of the latest news adventure peerless, eventually, Russia, the venture Bureau shows produced by math, is lover: executive, producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our technical producers, often Stevens edited by allocating Arrow Adios missed by, like Carmona Harem, make up his by just while Vera
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