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Ep. 511 - What Was MLK’s Legacy?

2018-04-05 | 🔗
Leftists and conservatives battle over Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s in hot water, and a Comedy Central comedienne says you’re having too many kids. Date: 04-05-2018
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Left us and conservatives battle over EM allocates legacy. Epa. Chief Scott Proof is in hot water, many central comedian. It says you are having too many children. I've been Shapiro. This adventure, grocer, as I said yesterday, mark the anniversary of fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of the of Martin Luther King and we'll be talking about that in just a few minutes. But first I want to thank you for sponsors over at birch gold. So right now in watching the stock market, because it is up and down like a yo yo. It was down seven hundred points earlier this week that was back up and that it was down again. This is how the stock markets been working lately. If this makes you feel a little insecure about your asset base, maybe you ought to be thinking about investing a little bit
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the once you are ready to do so called my friends over a birch gold and they'll happy outbreaks gold that come slash, ban all right. So yesterday marked, as you say, the forty nine fifty none of us or of the war, were preparing to commemorate the fiftyth anniversary of the assassination of reverence Africa with a king and there's a big fight under way over Martin Luther King Jr legacy. Now I have a great book, Brad Meltzer, that I read to my child, about Martin Luther King Jr, and what Martin Luther King Jr did for the United States and what he did for the black community inside the United States from my daughter's favorite books. She's going up with it, because I think that it is important for all children to know about the legacy of doktor king. But one of the things that we tend to do in modern politics is instead of remembering people for the things that they are actually remembered for we go back and we look again. We do have a revisionist history would go back and look again at all the things they didn't their life and then we say well. This is really what we should be remembering so, for example, George Washington, father of our country, great general. First president,
That's what we remember him for, but revisionist historians will go back and they will look at George Washington, they'll, say he's a slave owner which talk about that because that's really his legacy. His real legacy is now who's. This on the same things happened with Thomas Jefferson, his legacy of the declaration of independence and his involvement with the constitutional convention his he's. He s a phenomenal phenomenal legacies. Third, president of the United States, but now there are calls to remove his monument specifically because parts of his legacy nor associated with slavery. Ready was in a law a lifelong slave owner. Can then this sort of logic? applied to everything you said, even with Abraham Lincoln, where there is now an attempt going on to go back and recast apron Wigan as a rapid racist, because in some of his writings he speaks in racist fashion and though he was the great emancipator who ended slavery in the United States through the civil war through the Emancipation proclamation, while Martin Luther King obviously doesn't have anything quite that chequered slave owning or or racism in its path. He does have some things in his task that we have continued
overlooked. Obviously, he was personally kind of a shambles in terms of the treatment of women, for example, but what we really but african for why we celebrate doktor king and I'm I'm bless that I share my birthday with Doktor kings Day, Red Martin Luther King days generously that's my birthday and I've always had a special fondness for four level but doktor king. What we really remember, for it is his message, which was not Malcolm X, his message to understand Martin Luther King message. We have to do it in contrast to Malcolm X, prior to his conversion, to actual Islam and his call for peace before he was assassinated by the the folks over the nation of Islam too, which Democrats still pay homage region an incredible thing. The people who was ass, an added Malcolm X, are still going around claiming they didn't ask me about that, and then heads of the Democratic Party are meeting with their leaders. Like was very kind should show you something about the state of today's modern politics, but Malcolm X. His message was black. Militancy message was black separatism, at least in his early days when you read the autobiography of mouth met and then
honor, he realized. Maybe we should look for a more conciliatory message. Inspectors movie cover some of the scrap. Martin Luther King messengers. Very different. His message was We all have to come together around universal human rights that apply to black people, as well as white people, that the cause of the founding fathers apply to black people, as well as by people like Booker to Washington or or like the or or like Frederick Douglass. The call for Martin Luther king was fully within the american tradition. America I have certain rights, inalienable rights and these extend to black people and to prevent black people from exercising these rights is an act of terrorism and active evil and act of of tyranny This was his basic message and that message: racial, reconciling Asian was why we honoured African if he had been racial separatists like Malcolm. We would not be honouring doktor king, we would be. We will be talking about whether his legacy has helped contribute to the cost Rachel tensions in the country. The reason that Martin Luther King is considered such great figure because
the racial reconciliation. So any will play it, because it is one of the great speeches in american history It was a speech that I have a dream speech from the Washington mall hero here was doktor. King in his most famous adoration. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live up the true meaning of its pre. We all these tools to be self evident. Tat all men are created, a man gave Missus because he spoke in these terms. It was, it was obvious that did Martin Luther king was bare to be an American here. Obviously, assassination was one of the great tragedies in american history because, right on the verge of a civil rights movement that was too
essentially bear him from a tour. He was killed right as he did in its just a horrifying horrifying story. In any case, president from try to pay homage to Doktor Martin Luther king on fiftieth anniversary of his assassination- and he spoke about that- he posted this on his twitter. It yesterday this of course costs a lot of consternation. Fifty years ago, Doktor king, which cruelly take it from this world by an assassins boat, but the promise he fought poor could never be taken away. His words is deeds. They live on forever and the cars for weeks He gave his life only gain strength and force and power with the passage of time on this chairs day, we honour the memory of Reverend King and we dedicate ourselves to a glorious future, where every American, from every walk of life can live, free from fear, liberated from hatred and uplifted by boundless love
for their fellow citizens. Looking to so many people were upset about this right of a lot of people are very upset about about present from putting this out, because folks, I'm left think that President Trump is a racist and they are unhappy with a lot of the racially conflagration. Is things that the trumpets said in the past going all the way back to Charlottesville that, ACT is, though, that what forms actually saying rate separate them the message from managing it. What are you saying here is the great american perception, Martin Luther King, so in a mood of revisionist history. What is absolutely happen? right now is that the left is going back in their working environment for kings, entire legacy and again, Martin Luther King was ECHO meekly Socialist Martin Luther king was somebody who did not really you're stand economics particularly well. Martin Luther king was somebody who was whose focused in on these supposed labour struggles of unions across the country, and so the left broadly has tried to take the the great attach what we have met with the king and extend it to these other causes. So, for example, there's a piece
they buy wondered pits Junior, who is a columnist, syndicated columnists in Miami Harold, where it talks about when we talk about Martin Luther King throughout the assassination is, as fear, purchased. The gun, delusional did it, ignorance, adjusted the site, intolerance pulled the trigger fifty years Those forces killed the man they have sought ever since to kill the memory. Now again, I agree with with what killed the man read them, but that was in individual assassin. In a country that was still replete with racism. We are now fifty years down the road. The idea that we spend if the bearing Martin with retains memory is a bit insulting to all of the history of the United States subsequent to his assassination, but here as well had sazen in this again, I think, is the attempt to recapture the luxury of Martin Luther King and put him in the radical camp. So there can be a call today for more. Radicalism in politics, particularly on the racial side. He says what there's a myth. Some of us cherishing. It goes like this. There used to be racism in his country, a distance in benighted time about which its best not to talk and impolite to even recall, then Martin Luther King
and ass the boycott led to marches and gave a speech about a dream, and ever since, his reign. Ok, that's obviously meant to be Erica turn a straw man. Obviously it's not true. We should be teaching Belgium crawl. We should teach about slavery. We should do teach about the legacy of those things we should teach about the entire civil rights movement. Including the Civil Rights ACT, including Dwight Eyes, narrow setting federal troops down to the south in the MID fifties, including president from integrating the military. We should talk about the long struggle for justice in this country for black folks, we should talk about, Martin Luther King, Anko, Chautauqua, Malcolm X, is complex time with lot of complex figures. We should talk about all those things, but there is no question that racism since Martin Luther King, this ass a nation, has depleted incredibly rapidly than lowest point in certainly american history. As of maybe seventy, eight years ago, before Brok about who was elected and then brought about started, I believe using intersection of power. Ecstasy substitute for unifying policy, but letter pits, as this is a silly myth, because it
where's the reams of evidence and towers of testimony proving that racism continues to stunt, want and take the lives of people of color. Again. This is the point that focus on the left want to make. They want to say that Martin Luther King legacy was a failure assent, where did Martin Luther king did not succeed? It wasn't that he was Moses, who goes up to the top of the mountain and sees the promise when and then parishes it was Martin Luther King Drumtum. A promise and that we have never reach that we are still wandering in the wilderness somewhere out here and Martin Luther King legacy is basically that he says a bunch of things that we have failed to take em up on pits, hesitant offensive myth, because it reduces, came to an anodyne figure, harmless enough to be embraced by consumers, who conveniently forget that, while he was here, stood against everything he stood for first. Well, that's not true. More Republicans and Democrats vote out on a percentage bases in the Congress voted for the civil rights active nineteen. Sixty four than Democrat. Southern Democrats were the ones who are standing in the way of Martin Luther king. During this Almah marches and attempting to bludgeon him, they were imprisoning him. It was not Republicans that was Democrats. So the idea that was a bunch of
conservatives were standing in the way of Martin Luther King is not historically accurate. It was conservatives in many cases, were standing with doktor king. There were let there were liberals, no question David Martin Luther King and the conservatives who stood with Martin Luther King and pretend otherwise that is offensive, and that is rewriting of history. But pits continues the forces that killed use this myth to kill our memory of the provocative, radical, progressive profit and preacher that he was so successful. Had they been the Glen back with a straight face, claim the mantle of king a few years ago, so successful that some people are indignant when it is pointed out to them. They calling cabinet is actually following kings, apple so successful that kings youngest child Bernice recently tweeted. How someone told her that her father didn't defend people I mean maybe he's this child knows Martin Luther King lot. Does you better than like letter pets I might suggest, and using What's happening as it as it is someone akin to Martin Luther king. That's an insult to Martin Luther King legacy. Martin Luther king actually knew of what he talk. Martin Luther king actually had a programme for change, calling Capron it was looking for publicity and he got publicity. I'm not saying that it doesn't have a good heart for what he thinks he is doing, but calling
kneeling for the outcome is something the Martin Luther King never would have done, because Martin Luther king understood that he was standing with America's legacy, not against America's legacy that they be darkness in american history was an obstacle. Was thrown in the way of founding ideology that it was not part and parcel rooted in our dna is brought about most fond of saying by more on this talk about the first known as they thanks to our sponsors over a dip recruiter. So zipper cooler is the place for you to get, best employees, you need great people and you need a better way to find them. Zipper cooler knows there's more waste. They built a platform that finds the region candidates. For you, they learn what you're looking for. They identify people what the right experience and then they invite them to apply to your job, and these invitations have revolutionised how you can find your Newton, your next higher. In fact, eighty percent of employers who posted job Unzip recruiter, get equality cans through the site in just one day and zip preclude does not stop there. They even spot like the strongest applications received. So you never miss a great match them.
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I'm seeing their fitting about why Martin Luther king was a popular figure right. Why? Martin king has a day of his own in the United States, so letterpress again writings, indicated column about real legacy of Martin Luther King, he says all of this is foolishness, but the food this exists because we allow it to because we failed to vote like we could teach it teach organizing agitate like we should so. Fifty years african was killed police, can still get away with murder people working full time job so can feed themselves. We still Agnes S, cities from the masses to give luxuries to the classes are children are still ground up by unnecessary war. African Americans are still last hired, first fired still disproportionately poor sick under educated and killed, where there is a lot to unpack there, but not every disparity as we will see and we'll talk vengeance. The second is due to discrimination in the United States, but Lenin pits saying that, because there is still disparity that
obviously, is a symptom of the same root cause and Martin Luther king was fighting, namely deep american racism and then, of course, letter pits drops what he considered his ultimate rhetorical. Each bomb also Jeff sessions attorney General and Donald Trump President Kate did to call Jeff sessions. Are racist is really a surge of sessions prosecuted members of the KKK Donald Trump. As president, that is a direct response. It really is a great. I don't think that that Trump has been great on rates are really dont, but if I have made that clear in the past- but do you see the Donald Trump is is OZ of racism, rather than in effect of an intersection politics that has now generated a blow back on the other side of the aisle, I think, would be wildly inaccurate. It's not evidence of deep seated american racism, its and then Americans are willing to get tribal if they think the other side of the political I'll gets tribal as well. Leonard pits concludes things are not as often as they once were, but less awful is not a synonym for good. So those of us who believe in social justice, not as abstract, possibility but its critical necessity, must
Clayton lost memory of king and defended with adamantine will from those who had smother it and myth, not just because it inspires, but also because it impels cases We have lingered in the valley for too long again. This is what the left is frank. You they're trying to say that kings vision was never accomplished and the right to saying large swaths of kings vision, war accomplish, which is why, celebrate him imagined in nineteen, sixty nine. If you'd said that white kids across the America across the United States would be celebrating Doktor Martin Luther King, that would be seen there is a great step toward the end. Racism in America certainly be good evidence that racism in America has waned. Left doesn't see it like TAT, because They want to propagate the mathematics is deeply racist place. So now I want to read you an article by Jesse, Jackson's Jesse Jackson was at the assassination of Martin Luther king is one of the folks who was there and he obviously has become a demagogic and terrible. Later. Not only has he engaged in racism of his own, not only has he engaged in Anti Semitism, not only has he personally a mess
Not only has he corrupt beyond measure, but he is still proclaiming that every problem that happens in the United States is a reflection of racism. So this is the question. Is Doctor Martin Luther King legacy of failure, or is it a success? Photon what say? It's a failure, because America failed document with the current. So here is what Jesse Jackson Rights in the New York Times today, as the nation, prepares to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination a Dr Martin Luther King Jr. We should well not merely on how Doktor king died, but also on how he lived. He mobilized mass actions when a public accommodations bill and the right to vote. He led the Montgomery busboy and navigate to police terror in Birmingham. He got us over the bloodstained bridge in summer and survive the rocks and bottles and hatred in Chicago. He globalized our struggle tend to the end of the war in Vietnam. How he lived is why he would it is why he died. Jesse Jackson as he sought to move beyond the segregation and the right to vote to focus his work on economic justice
the militarism and human rights. The system pushed back hard in the last month of his life. He was attacked by the government, the press, former allies in the military industrial complex complex. Even black Democrats turned their backs on him. When you challenge the party support for the war in Vietnam. By the way he was wrong about that. The war in Vietnam was not a bad war. That was the right. War was just fought in absolutely the wrong way and smothered everything the doktor king did in genius and wonder is, I think, also a disservice to the fact that a lot of stuff he said, Controversial Right and the Vietnam WAR is one of those things to the growing number of Americans had a negative view of trafficking in the final years of his life. According to public opinion polls, Amanda Hazy died violently amount of love. He died hated by many America loads marchers, but loves martyrs. The bullet Memphis may doktor King a martyr for the ages. We owe it to doktor king.
And to our children and grandchildren to commemorate the man and for a radical ecumenical anti war. Pro immigrant and scholarly champion of the poor, who spent much more time marching in going to jail for liberation and justice, then he ever spent dreaming about it, and then he talks about all of the the various things that Martin Luther King Mark, for some of which I think were wonderful, many of which were we're incredible and some of which were socialist and some of which were we're not celebrate. The point here is: what is America now Dears. Let's don't put retrospective. Where is America now? The answer is some of the disparities in America have not been removed, but legal disparities. Legal discrimination is not a thing in the United States. Can we go about laws that discriminate between blacks and whites in the United States? These are illegal in the United States, are barred by federal law and they should have been fired by the Fourteenth Amendment of the constitution is the truth in eighteen, seventy one, eighteen, one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine any case. I took a hundred years for that legacy to be realised to pretend that Martin
working king a failure in order to promote a radical race agenda that suggest that all disparity in the United States is due to discrimination is to do a disservice to the Africans and, more importantly, to do a disservice to the United States that has embraced his memory. So Here is a better article. Unless this year, Bartlett there came a sort of some Jason Riley. Another columnist is black from these black eye. The right for the Wall Street Journal on the editorial board. There is, after Martin Luther King Jr, was shocked at fifty years ago. As you stood on the balcony of motel in Memphis, Tennessee Riots broke out in more than a hundred cities. There are also reports of I was on college campuses and even military bases overseas, where some black soldiers refused report for duty federal troops were sent to Baltimore in Chicago Mayor Richard Daily Order police, you shoot to kill arsonists and shoot to maim looters in Washington, so many fires were set. You couldn't in the? U S: capital, because of all the smoke general, William Westmoreland, who commanded? U S, forces in Vietnam we haven't been Washington in time, said: the unrest had left the nations capital booking worse than Saigon. Did at the height of this, had offensive pray
An l b J responded by convening a meeting of the nation's most prominent black activists, and the invite list is instructive, included a fillip Randolph who lead the fight to desegregate the military, Whitney young head of the National Urbanely Roy Wilkins In the end, a lazy, p and bared Rustin atop adviser to king would help organise the seminal nineteen fifty five busboy caught in Montgomery Alabama and the nineteen sixty three March in Washington. And almost goes without saying that the leading civil rights organisations today can no longer count people of their caliber in their ranks, which may be the clearest indication yet that movement is over and that the right side prevail. If lap, Americans were still faced with legitimate threats to civil rights, such as legal discrimination or voted yes in France has meant. We would see true successors to the king every step forward, not the pretenders in place today who have turned a movement into an industry, if not a racket in just second on reading, the restless Jason really has to savings. I think this is truer to why America celebrates Martin Luther king than anything left is saying about. Martin Luther King today attempting to rally Martin Luther kings support base
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Narrowing in the nineteen forty fifty cent sixties. What expanded seventies, Eightys and Ninetys, which suggests that the disparities that continue today aren't being driven by racism notwithstanding claims to the contrary from liberals in their allies in the media. It also suggests that attitude toward marriage, education, work and the rule of law play much larger role than left wants to acknowledge. More marches won't address out of wedlock trial, Baron more citizens, want more black crime rates or narrow the school achievement gap even electing in appointing more black officials, which has been a major priority for civil rights leaders over the past half century can compensate for these cultural deficiencies, black mayors, police chiefs and school superintendents. In commonplace since the nineteen seventies, including in major cities with large black populations, racially gerrymandered voting districts, have ensured the election of blacks to Congress. Even the election of a black president twice failed to close the divide in many key measures: black white differences in poverty, homeownership and incomes all grew wider under President Obama, discussion of anti social behaviour in poor black communities
let alone the possibility that plays a significant role in regional inequality has become another casualty of the post. Sixty zero rights, Jason Riley, the black columnist over the Wall Street Journal, king and other black leaders at the time, spoke openly about the need for more responsible behaviour in poor black communities. After a marking, disproportionately high intercity crime rate, king told the black congregation and Saint Louis We ve got to do something about our moral standards. He had a quote. We know there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong. The blackmail to we can't on keep blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves. Kings. Sesar is mostly ignore this advice, preferring instead to keep the onus on white working tried, instilling young people, the importance of personal responsibility and self determination notwithstanding racial barriers. His counterparts today spend more time making excuses for counterproductive behaviour and missing criticism of it as racist activists Waller GO abandoned, kings, colorblind standard, which was the basis for a landmark civil rights laws enacted in the nineteen sixties. Tell black youths today that their victims, first and foremost, a generation of blacks, more opportunity than ever
Previous generation are being taught that America offers them little more than trigger happy cops, bigoted teachers and biased employers. It's not only incorrect, but is king in a previous generation of black leaders, understood its also for the reason that I read all this from Jason Riley's, because this is the important part of Africans legacy. The important part is the part that we know it is the part We know it doesn't mean we should study the rest of doktor kings, life and analyze, how he brilliantly use the power of media and brilliant brilliantly use the power of social demonstration nor fruit pushes agenda. We should do all of you. Thanks. I am all for a more well rounded neurons picture of history, but if we are going to say what do we celebrate about document Looking at is a color blind standard that the left today is in the midst of rejecting. Rejecting wholesale The entire sexual ideology of the left fully rejects. All of this.
Interests. Actual ideology left fully suggests that you cannot have a colorblind society. The doktor Martin Luther king was in fact wrong. Attacker Martin Luther king was incorrect in his assessment of his dream. His dream it self was a problem and I presented evidence to an article by a by professor them, Kimberly Crenshaw, she's, executive director of the african american policy form and a professor of why Columbia University. She is also the inventor of the concept of intersection, allergy and in the college, or for the Washington Post. If it has a couple years ago, she explained that intersection. Allergy isn't only supposed to be a way of description of describing different experiences basin group identity. It's not just supposed to be the democratic or saying yeah black people have one kind of experiencing why people have an. The kind of experience instead intersection, which is what the Democratic Party pushes is supposed to be a way of promoting leftist political agenda. She writes in the Washington Post quote
Intersection was my attempt to make feminism, antiracist activism and anti discrimination law. Do what I thought they should highlight the multiple avenues its racial engender oppression, who experience so the problems, would be easier to discuss and understand. So what do you mean by this? She means that the legacy America is racist and that there is no way to overcome that white. Privilege means we can never overcome this, even if every white person in America were to acknowledge quantum white privilege and suggest that the system is built for them. They would still not have anything to say because even then there are certain racist bones in white body that cannot be overcome, Katy, that there are literally colleges that are teaching kids, that if they say I am colorblind, this is an element of racism. If you say I don't judge people, some color? This is a micro aggression, I'm not kidding. This is something that has said a universities across the land that is a direct rejection of doktor kings ring. So what is the left doing their say? Well, really, Africans dream wasn't the Colorblind society
about your slogan, hearing for the cameras. What his bream really was was racial separatism and competing interest groups. His real dream was the Bernie Sanders. Socialist agenda that would overcome race with redistribution ISM, he's really class We are rather than a warrior in favour of racial integration. This is not why America celebrates ACT of Martin Luther King, and you pretend otherwise is. I think a bit of nasty revisionist history that hasn't precision consequences for the future of the country. Ok, we'll. Meanwhile, speaking of political polarization pushed by the left, you can see that the left is not interested in the sort of integration in the sort of peaceful,
talking that Martin Luther king was attempting to push what are the people who is supposedly a successor to Reverend King Reverend African is our sharp, and this is just it just demonstrates the far off in the level of political discourse in the level of of racial leadership that AL sharpen is considered anywhere akin to Martin Luther king. It's just insane Al Shopton is a race hustler. I'll sharpen has made himself a fortune by blackmailing companies by calling them racist, Al Sharp and is a guy who has twice helped initiate violence against Jews. Al sharpen is is just the sum of the earth is the scum of the earth. Al Shopton, and yet here he is talking about Martin Luther King and talk about Donald Trump has made racial intolerance.
Vote again, despite the fact that AL sharpen legitimately called white people's White called Jews white interlopers in Harlem and suggested a diamond merchants in New York or responsible for killing black children. Al sharpen is the worst of the worst, and here he is taken. Her trunk is made racial intolerance involved again. They would be really don't understand those those of us that group and the king movement in the generation after king is there. We love the fiftieth anniversary with the challenges that we have a presidency that has made this kind of racial divide and intolerance of intolerance become vulgar here, because when you look at what Donald Trump, whose door and around tat question
The people of color Mexicans, blacks, Muslim. He has reintroduced, would doktor teens life was taken. This takeovers really layers. Ok, so again, the here's, the problem, I'm not fond of a lot of trumps rhetoric. I was very critical of president trumps response to Charlottesville, which I thought was agreed just during the elections I go. I thought that his response to questions about the K, Kate was just awful, I think, president from has a nasty habit of saying things that are that are really inflammatory about race, and that is not a good thing, but to suggest that Trump is the one who is responsible for the racial uptake did the uptake and racial animosity in the country is not too, is not supported by data. It's just not. If you look at moods about race in the United States, there are at an all time high by the ten George W Bush left office, and then, if you look at mood about race with regard to with regard to divide between the races it jumped is units Obama took office in a continued to grow. Well, the president was in office right now trumpets taken often it has.
Narrow, and that's not a shock because again, when one side embraces the idea, the colorblind dream is no longer a dream, but nightmare. Then you end up with racially polarized society. This sort polar is. Asian, unfortunately, has broken out across the spectrum. It's not just with regard to race, for example, it so bad that that even normal politicians are being attacked as inhuman just because we disagree with them. Ten crews and friendly with centre across and Tender crews enter from Texas. We was campaigning in taxes. The left is celebrating this, and this just demonstrates how far our politics have gone through. This woman walked up to ten crews and asked him if he is actually a human being. It's really. It's really quite amazing woman
then, why not counting be now and of survivors? I put my individual problems have been hearing here. Don't highway rank or regular medical personally in ITALY, and I can assure you I'm not. The only guy might lead commit dna, great respect and its greatest, both by central grows. You stop it there, but that question we take a dna has to prove their human. Air of political polarisation was just note that this is not coming just from Donald
we're just from one side of sound good, what it does come from Trump I've ripped it when it comes from from, but it's coming from both sides in the proceeds president from presidency, by a long way. Speaking of that political polarisation in just two seconds, I mean you get to the worst political polarisation of the day, and I want to talk a little bit about these scandals, suppose it scandal surrounding a Phd Scarborough at first I would say thank you to our sponsors over a chap aquatic. So, as I have said before, their sponsoring us to talk about chap acquitted on this programme, it would not matter. I would We talk about chap acquitted on this programme. You must go see Chappaquiddick, it is in the interest to Morrow. You have a moral obligation. My listeners goes each applicant it. The reason for this is because it took fifty years five zero years. Make a movie about a sitting, senator of the United States, the scion of most famous family, his ribs american politics, who literally left a woman to drown in negligent.
Recital fashion left for not even the drowned, but you die suffocating in arable. Those still presence at the top of your car, always dues, walk fifty feet, pick up a phone and call the cops instead afraid of the blow back. He left her to die at the bottom of the river hate, and this this movie actually handles the issue, but it handles the issue with great so that the movie does not suggest, for example, that the said Kennedy was having an affair with Mary Joke, apparently because there's not the evidence to prove that it doesn't suggest that choose pregnant because there's not to prove it. They stick to the actual facts of the case when they make Chappaquiddick. There is also really nuance. Well rounded picture of who TED Kennedy was, so it's not a right wing had job, but it is also not an ode to ten Kennedy by any stretch of the imagination and the man comes off pretty horribly as well. He said when you leave a woman to die at the bottom of river Chappaquiddick. The movie is out tomorrow, go check it out. Please it's well acted, Jason Car came
add Helms Jim gaff again, Brewster Terrific cast you're, not gonna one business untold story of how one of the one of the most covered up crimes in american history saved the career of the of the sender in Massachusetts, Chappaquiddick in theatres, everywhere April sick at the sixth get the true legacy of TED Kennedy. By going and seeing it all right, so don't talk a little bit more about the political polarisation between right and left in some insane Comments from a Hollywood director in just second but you're gonna have to go to daily where'd our common subscribe for ninety nine a month. You can get the subscription to daily wired outcome. When you do that, you get the rest of the show. Live. You get the rest of Andrew Clayton July. They get the rest of Michael moles issue alive. You also get the the conversation, so the conversation
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and make sure we can bring into everyday. I get an annual subscription to help us get lots of letters asking how we can help us out. That's weaken us out is by subscribing really appreciate it. We are the largest fastest growing conservative shown the nation are now speaking of political polarisation. Just Sweden is director has not made the movie in a little while I know that everybody loves the avenger. Is I'm not I'm not a huge, and in any case just Sweden treated this out yesterday, too, shows you wear Hollywood's had his yacht quote. Donald Trump is killing this country some of the quickly some slowly, but he spoils and destroys everything he touches. He emboldens monsters, wielding guns, governmental power, just smug, doublespeak or Russia. My hate and sadness, our exhausting I done just quietly die they. So I assume that secret service will be paying a visit to just weakens house, because that is not mentally healthy activity. But it is amazing how trumps assent really driven. The left out of their ever loved
I mean really is an incredible thing and again demonstrates that. I think a lot of this was looking over the surface. I think there is a crisis of meaning that happened in this country. I think the civil rights move, it was the culmination of a great american moral move toward decency, and I think that there's a solid case to be made that, since about one thousand nine hundred and nineteen and one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, for the United States, been heading indirectly the wrong direction morally, and has been in a continual downward spiral punctuated by bursts of bursts of white every sovereign immediately after nine eleven, for example, but the level of political polarisation in our society has grown. Such tremendous extremes are not sure that you it is even possible marked with their kings dream. Wasn't just a multiracial. Unity in the United States was of american unity towards a common goal, and we may disagree on some goals, particularly economics, but we certainly didn't disagree on the goals of a common system. In which we share certain inalienable rights. I think that has grown by them.
Side, because everybody views their political opponents is evil. I dont think just Sweden is evil. I think our Sweden is stupid thing. Just Sweden is consumed with his hatred for people, on the other side of the ILO in this is just the latest evidence of that. Ok. Meanwhile, speaking of of what looks to be kind of scandal that that is being drawn up Scott prove it is, it is. The head of the EPA is enjoying a very effective job over the EPA. Getting rid of burdensome environmental regulations left really despises, scarp wrote in a major way and Sarah. How can we Sanders is depressing? Theater was grilled about Skype poet. The left is calling for him to be fired because of what they are. Calling sweetheart deals I'll explain to you why
charges are at the very least overblown until we have all of the evidence here is our how commissioners grilling sky being ruled by the press on and promote the happier. My question to you, though, has to deal with another sweetheart. You that's the fifty dollars and I came it appears ministries are spent through. It pays to paid to a lobbyist duties with the easier, as you know, since president promised to train swung his behaviour. Recession seem swamp life. Why is the president? Ok with his presence out we're reviewing the situation, We have had the chance of a deeper dive on it will let you know the outcomes of that, but were currently reviewing that here at the White House. Confidence in the EPA administrator at this point, the president thinks that he's done a good job, particularly on the deregulation fright. But again we take this seriously and we're looking into will. Let you know if I may so, this battle,
Instead, this point, because not all the information has come out. Apparently the White House is somewhat unhappy with broad because of all these supposed scandals that are in the making one of those scandals. That he supposedly ended around the process. To give a couple of his employees pay raises and in Scott Proof he didn't know about those Peres's until yesterday he changed it. Suffice it to say that a lot of this is being somewhat overblown Molly Hemingway has very good piece over the federalist talking about our various things. That's got. Promote was supposedly supposed to have done wrong here. It is, shall we say rather unclear that anything wrong actually happened here, so he rented room and whose approved for the room by an eighteen year, career ethics person at the EPA, so no evidence of wrong doing yet, and then apparently broad supposedly bypass the White House to get raises for a couple of his top AIDS who came to Deasey from Oklahoma, get White House approval. He says that you need to know about it. So maybe that's true and then apparently he flew first class because of security threats, which would not be a shock. I first class, sometimes because of security,
all of this is supposed to be a rip on Scott Pruitt? Let's just say: let's wait for the oven in Scott Pruitt as one of the top members of the administration on the left hit list, there's a reason that he's being targeted, okay, so The second I want to get to some things I like and some things that I hate the fact that you know what, let's just jump right into it, show time for some things I like in time for some things so things I like in honour of Martin Luther kings did the assassination of trafficking. I want to talk a little bit about uncle Times cabin, so this is a classic novel. People have taken it in all the wrong ways in their interpretation of it over the last century. Then suggested that even the term Uncle Tom has become a term of derision about black people who are supposedly to conciliatory with white people. Wait: Larry Elders, well then Uncle Tom Jason Riley. My red earlier has been called an uncle Tom Clarence Thomas had been called an uncle Tom. If you read the book, the point of uncle Times character is that he is a crisis like figure. The whole point is the he suffers, so he can help other black folks be free, and then he suffers to bring people too.
That is, the entire purpose of his character is to better everyone around him. When you read the book and oftentimes cabin, this book was very, very instrumental. Enlarging the civil war has written in eighteen. Fifty two is a massive best seller in the first year. Finally, volatile publication it it was three hundred thousand copies were sold in a time when they weren't that many people in the United States pretty amazing number, and this book was the bible of the abolitionist movement. May it was used as the Bible the abolitionist moving out their bunch folks now, criticising because their characters who determine a or pickaninny people who were they. There were their versions that were staged vocal times cabin. There are much more derogatory to our black people, then uncle Times cabin actually is, but you fail to recognize what Uncle Tom Cabin did in its time as a movement for black freedom that it made a in unclear, moral statement, that slavery was a grand in great evil perpetrated by evil folks and that the way to kill yourself that evil was by freeing your site
and ending slavery itself. That was the message of the book and to read a book me and you have your own opinion. I have for sure I recognise that in the historical time and place it was written, it was an abolitionist statement of grand design and had a massive impact on the mind literally millions of people across the United States. Ok time for a couple of things that I hate all right itself. A couple of things that are Pretty amazing that we need to talk about so first thing that we need to talk about is comedian. So there's a woman, a female comedian who I never heard of until she said.
We in this room is Nikki Glaser and she treated something out that you surely thought was clever and snarking Donald Trump and his ex wife. So the couple was recently divorced, but they appeared at the White House Eastern Hunt with their five kids and Nicky. Laser responded like this quote: Don Junior and his wife have five kids all caps. Five, no one should be having five kids. Why are people still allowed to have five kids? So President Trump is the fascist, not the left by the left? Actually tweeting out things like. Why are people still allowed to have five kids? That's totally fine, not a problem after being called out on it. Of course, Nikki Glaser deleted, but they're a bunch of folks on the left who actually think this and talk about Amanda, Marcotte, Amanda, Marquez, feminist, author and she wrote poems. Imagine if someone was like here. Are my eleven catch? Is talking about the brain, remember which, which family she's talking about? There's a fellow who treated at Joe Philipovna, another feminist jovial of habitual sweetie, quote: haven't
children is one of the worst things you can do for the planet. Have one lesson: conserve: resources, feminists, authors really doing their best to make themselves popular and Patrick, dread? Who is a catholic radio, hostess weeded out? Dear geothermal polish, my wife and I have eleven healthy, happy and successful children which one of them is. The word is one of the worst things for the planet, and this prompted Amanda Markets, a tweet quote. Imagine if some woman was like here my love and cast when we think her saying Praiser generosity nope, we would be disturbed well number one. Children are not cats, no matter how much feminist wish they would be that that cat is not a child, and that just you, if you have eleven catcher loser, if you have eleven children decent shot, you're pretty decent life successor will mean a religious community. I know that
rabbi, who taught me for my Bermuda, had fifteen children virtually all of his fifteen children, had fifteen children can literally hundreds of grandchildren and ticked off the left to to know at, but here's one of things, that's amazing. So there seems to be this feeling among the folks leftist feminist circles, that if a woman chooses to have lots of kids she's undermining our own happened that they see this picture in their head of a woman out on the prairie, with a bunch of blue urchins plucking at her garments and she's there taking the cloth, diapers and washing them in the scrubbing been re. That's that's what she does every day: hey, that's, not the actual truth. You not polls show is head of amazing thing. What poles actually show is that large families aren't you find their awesome. The survey of marital generosity found that parents of large families are actually happier than parents of small families is an amazing. For they found is either don't have any kids or have lots of kids. I don't have. One could have like four kids right on which you will
we intend under went on having at least for children and just to take off the feminist. I may make it five so that, and again my wife is fine with that cheap, more feminists than any of these feminists. As I have said, you may know she's a doctor, so my wife is perfectly fine with working. She likes working and she's also intends on having lots of kids, which is a wonderful thing, but the left despises the creation of children, because they feel that children in slave women to their reproductive organs. In the reality of the situation is that children are the greatest thing on planet earth they are amazing and women being able to have children is like a superpower. Super power, you generate another human being out of your body than you feed it with your body and then the baby grows up into a giant human as like an amazing amazing thing, and for all of these feminist to be taking the thing that is most unique about the female body right, which has the ability to produce children to take that into cast that out as something bad seems to be perfect
the anti feminine! Isn't it seems you profoundly anti female. Having lots of kids is just fine. Ok, if you can take carrier kids and I'm nothing carrier, kids go for it. And this is my feeling about kids. If you can afford you can have as many as you want and k other stupid things that the left has been doing since pretty made The creator of willing grace, which is the most overrated, show in the history of television and never was a top ten show it was. It was never a massive rating success, but has boosted by the critics, because about gay folks. Well, the creator of willing grace is no one to stick it to vice president, my pants by donating John Oliver's mean spirited gay bunny book to Indiana Schools. The John Oliver wrote this book, though, supposed to rip my pens, his daughter right brought my pencil Charlotte wrote a children's book about their bunny. I would just called Marlon Bundo. That's the name of the painting, and they were the book about that John Oliver than wrote a book about a gay bonnie to try and slap ends. So naturally, the creator of will grace is now going to send the
about the gay body to Indiana Schools, because that's just what children need to be reading about. It is about bunnies with particular sexual proclivities. Just amazing how insane the left as they feel like school children, need to be reading about homosexual animals. That's that's! That's really really the thing that kid's needed not reading, writing, reading, arithmetic decent social values. What they really need below Think about is where gay bunnies liked to put their penises, like I'm just I'm so confused by all of this. But I guess that's the way the left is. Is thinking now go back to my little king leftists. Please look at what he did to unify the country and worry that maybe you're not using the same tactics. Ok, so we will be back here tomorrow and we have met. Things to discuss tomorrow, some breaking news on Stormy, Daniels's lawyer. We also are going to give you some news about the Mahler investigation, but we'll see you then adventure
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