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Ep. 518 - The Full Comey

2018-04-16 | 🔗
James Comey gets his 2-hour special, Trump attacks Syria, and Biden’s prepping for 2020. Date: 04-16-2018
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James Comey, get this two hour special president Trump had a taxi area and the march for science takes place. It is massive meeting. No one showed up. I mention your this venture yeah and, as you can tell, I am in fine form this morning, I'm here with a cold and up at five in the since my wife is on rotation, so everything is awesome, but don't worry everything is also awesome in the world of politics. I will describe for you all of the crazy happened over the weekend? No Disneyland or anyone. I think my kids to Disneyland yesterday, if you're a fan of mine- and you were there yesterday- that was strictly forbidden, you're not allowed because obviously I told you not to ruin things over the weekend, as always- and I said there would be- Disneyland for you. If you did continue to run things in yet things have been ruined and I'll discuss. All of those things in just a minute. First, I want to say thanks. Sponsors over and keeps so keeps is the easiest way to keep your hair right. Now. Everything is young buck. I'm not going to lose my hair anytime soon wrong. You are take a look at your boss and the good shot is that you
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go check it out now before it's too late and your hair is gone, and you just sit here. Regretfully thinking about what you just listened and and done what your parents told you to do, that's why I need to go to keep stock com slash bad already, so the Big NEWS over the weekend is: it will two fold number one. There is an attack on Syria, which will discuss in a little bit and take them all James Comey sat down. We, George Stephanopoulos ABC News, so first of all, it is always will get Tory whenever I mention James Comey of it it. Whenever I mention George Stephanopoulos ABC News, I must recall he was the former chief of staff for the Clintons, so this is a guy who is very tied into the democratic network. I mention that not, 'cause. I thought he did a particularly horrible job last night in the interview, but to point out that the media wildly biased in favor of James Comi, who is playing one of the great scams of all time in the guy was largely responsible for Hillary Clinton. Losing the election and now he's going to retire Democrats, who are angry, that Hillary Clinton lost the election so well done. James call me I mean that is a scam for the ages, that is usual suspects type stuff, just incredible stuff,
James, coming to a full two hour interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News: did he have anything brand new shocking to say not It was mainly vindictive and and self gratifying and self justifying, and that's that's what it was. It was James Comey Grand standing at his best. There are a few takeaways from this interview. It was kind of interesting me as an interesting things to say, but I have to say the amount of ego that was pouring off the screen was incredible: the
It's a small between Stephanopoulos in James called me. It is amazing that the world to not implode from simple overload of smog- and I should know I am pretty small- do let me tell you something. James Comey, George Stephanopoulos outclass me by at least a couple of of weight class is pretty impressive James. Let me start out the interview by saying quote: I was never going to write a book, but I decided I had to try to write this one to try to be useful. That was my goal after I was fired to be useful air card immediately. I can be useful by offering of your people, especially young people, about leadership should look like and how to be centered on values. In other words, maybe I should write a book talk about how awesome I am in order to inform all the young people about how awesome I am so they too can one day be awesome like I am or alternate explanation, you're fired anyone make a lot of money. I don't know what that one. You need a giant advance and sell hundreds of thousands of copies of your bitchy book. I'm and pretty much gonna say that. That's probably what James
Please join probably doesn't like you know what I'm out of office now. What do I have to do? You know what I'm going home, I'm going to look over my flower garden. I'm gonna write about leadership, because that's what young people need today leadership now, it's probably the whole selling lots of books, things and then he goes on in the interview to Rippon. President Trump of course says that Trump is a forest fire going to do tremendous damage going to damage important norms, but a forest fire gives healthy things a chance to grow. They had no chance before that fire and the entire interview is just incredibly self serving my favorite metaphor that he used himself is he said that when he went to the White House to talk to President Trump, he said The movie called the sixth sense that I talk about in the book where Bruce Willis doesn't realize, he's dead, that's the way I felt. I felt like I was totally alone that everybody hated me and there wasn't a way out because it was really the right thing to do is talking about now going to the White House to talk to President Obama about revealing the fact ' Hillary Clinton emails have been on Anthony Weiner Server and that, in
I'm really, but that's what I have to do. I had to do it that way what a hero is like Bruce, Willis and six cents guys. It's just amazing he's walking around his daddy does not the entire time spoiler alert James coming to an end and don't worry they'll he doesn't have. The ego is the man who is completely free from ego. What what a wonderful man he is throughout the interview, he praises press into Bama J Johnson, the former Department of Homeland Security secretary. He says that he wishes. Hillary Clinton would read the book so that she would know why he did what he did during the election cycle and then, of course, he dumped on Trump personally, so here was James Comi dumping on President Trump. Personally, this is clip seven. It was the first time you met. Donald Trump was your impression. He had impressively quaffed hair. That looks to be all his. I confess I stared at it pretty closely, and my reaction was must take a lot of time in the morning. Just I was too long as it always is. He looked slightly orange up close with small white
half moons under his eyes, which I assume are from tanning goggles, ok. So this is definitely the kind of image that James Comi wants to project right. He wants to protect lawman image that would allow men would do I mean that's a really if you were if you were, like Jimmy Stewart G Man and you are to give an interview about a president who you thought might be corrupt. The first thing you do is talk about the half moons under his eyes and the length tie that really makes James Comi look real good. Here I mean this is obviously not somebody. He was writing a book about leadership, guys book about leadership for children. That was his goal. It was not to be the center of attention. No, not he not he and then, of course, James Comi like to drop a bunch of it's very lines in the middle of this interview, because there really is nothing new in the book other than him whining about President Trump and talking about President Trump is terrible. Now, whatever you think about Trump, there two separate questions right is trump. Corrupt has trump done things that are ill advised has in Trump interfered and investigation right. These are all legit questions, but
It's not really. A legit question is whether James Comi is a politically motivated actor, he's pretty clearly politically motivated actor. That's pretty obvious when he had Is it on camera that when he went to speak with President Trump, you recall he went to see James Comi former FBI director when he was when Trump first was about to take office Coleman to brief him, and he briefed him on the russian dossier. The steel dossier that have been compiled by a british spy named Christopher Steele had been paid for by fusion GPS, which was being paid for it in turn by Hillary Clinton's law. Firm and James Comi did not reveal to President trump that this dossier had been gathered at the behest of Hillary Clintons pay. He admits that and click bait. Did you tell him that the steel dossier had been financed by his political opponents? No, I didn't. I don't even think I used the term Steele dossier. I just talked about additional material, but did you have a right to know that that have been financed by his political opponents that I don't know the answer to that? It wasn't necessary for my goal:
just to alert him that we had this information. Well, who cares what your goal he, the president of the United States? So you owe him that information I mean you work for and where the head of the FBI and the F b I's an executive branch agency. Should you have told her that the steel dossier was by Hillary Clinton that but a little bit important for him to now. But again, the goal here is to is for for James Comey to obviously come off as above the fray, while he didn't come off as above. The fray anywhere in this interview is an enormous amount of sell. Certain material in this interview are, of course, he's giving the press everything spicy they want to is quick, nine available to have, but not I okay. So in that one point during the interview call me is aspen typically about the p tape and here's what he said he said. Then Trump said to me. Another reason: you know it's not true. As I'm a germaphobe there's, no I'd, let people pee on each other around me and that caught me so much by surprise, actually inaudible, laugh because it was just one of those. I was startled by it and I remember thinking well. Should I say that, as
stand. The activities are, doesn't require an overnight stay and given that was allegedly the presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton, I would imagine you could be a safe distance from the activity. All these things are bouncing around my head, but instead of saying it just, let me to think the world's going crazy, but again the goal here for James Comey to sell as many books as humanly possible. They're really three scandals in which James Comi is involved in scandal. Number one is the Hillary Clinton issue right. The Hillary Clinton issue. Scandal two is the rush issue with President Trump and go live with firing, their three separate issues and in each one the story he tells is really not particularly great, so the Hillary handling itself was bad.
Let's get out of the way how much you hate President Trump, the man just hates President Trump. So here are several clips of him. Talking about how much you hate President Trump here is where he compares President Trump to crime family again, I'm not sure why no political adviser set call me down and said James. It might be worthwhile for you to appear not to hate President Trump. If you actually want to go after him, you might want to look as though you're disinterested, rather than that you have a personal animus toward him. Apparently nobody bothered telling him so. Instead he compares trump to a crime family. I had a flashback to my days. Investigating the mafia. La Cosa Nostra is the distinction between a friend of yours and a friend of ours. I felt this effort to make us all. Maybe this wasn't their intention, but it's the way I felt to me to make us all Emeka Nostra. We're all part of the messaging were all part of the effort, the bosses at the head of the table and we're going to figure out
together how to do this? How strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? Well, ok, come on and what kind of question is that George Stephanopoulos Health strangers, if he's doing it on purpose, to sell books, you idiots, but of course, for Stephanopoulos knows that he's not and that was not all that company had to say about President Trump personally, and he talked about Trump is morally unfit to be President says clip. Sixteen is trump This is called me talking about how Trump is just unfit right again. A lot of this is being driven by. Me is angry that from fired him, you write. The president Trump is unethical untethered to the truth. Is Donald Trump unfit to be president? Yes, but not in the way. I often hear people talk about it. I don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent early stages of dementia. He strikes me as a person of above average intelligence, who's tracking conversation
and knows what's going on, I don't think he's medically unfit to be president, I think, is morally unfit to be okay and then continued exactly along these lines. Eight again talking about how Trump has been compromised by the Russians. He says that it's possible the Russians compromise from now. Again, you don't have any evidence of this anything's possible anything's possible. Does George Stephanopoulos follow up by saying does? Did you have evidence that the Russians have compromised trump. No, of course not they just sort of let it hang out there. There's James Comi, saying that it's possible that Trump is compromised by the. Do you think the Russians have something on Donald Trump? I think it's possible. I don't know are more words. I never thought I'd better, better. President United States, but it's possible. That's stunning! You can't say for certain that the present United States is not compromised by the Russians. It is stunning, and I wish I wasn't saying it, but it's just it's the truth. Interviewing there again great interviewing there again by George Stephanopoulos, just reiterate the point that is stunning. What you're saying I'm not going to ask you for any evidence of what you're saying, but it
stunning- that you would even say that mister coming just incredibly starting again the goal here for companies to sell books. The goal here for George Stephanopoulos is this call me into as Baton it or the club president Trump. Okay, that is the goal here now we can talk about in a second exactly. What call me did during the Hillary scandal during the Trump investigation and to get fired, we'll talk about all that in just a second first, I wanna say thanks to our sponsors over at fry's market, so thrive market is the best place to buy your organic food. Okay, it is the best place to get your healthy food. You can shop for thousands of best selling non GMO foods, natural products, always twenty five to fifty percent below traditional retail prices. That's what DR market is force. You're never gonna have to go to whole foods, which is over priced in. You have to get stuck in the tiny parking lots of the Prius as again. Instead, you go to thrive market online. More than seventy percent of the private market. Catalog cannot be found on Amazon, the largest retailer in the country. It tells
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get her anyway right so now he says he should have described how sloppy Clinton was with all of her with all of her email. Server stuff was trying to be honest and clear, with the american people. What she did was really sloppy cases. What you do is really sloppy, but he says that he made a mistake describing how She was with her email scandal because in doing so it made it look like she had violated the law when it hits should not actually violated the law. Then later he says that the reason that he came forward with the letter remember the letter right before the election, which she says that hundreds of this is emails were found on Anthony Weiner's computer and then he is that, he released a letter a few days before the election. Now he says the reason that he did. That is because the polish of Hillary is really far up in the polls and if she won, he didn't want this cloud to be over her presidency. So, it says I came out with that letter just to be completely transparent, and he says that assuming
would have one probably influenced his decision, making remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been 'cause. I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump, and so I'm sure that that was a factor like I said I don't remember, spelling it out, but it had to have been that she's going to be elected president, and if I hide this from the american people, sure we illegitimate the moment, she's elected, so he cell above the fray. Don't you see how, above the fray James called me he's such a nonpolitical actor? What a good guy he is! He wants to exonerate Hillary Clinton before the election or is he wants the american public to know about this stuff so that when she's elected then she'll be clean? But don't worry he's totally above the fray. But you can see how I said he was the Trump was elected because he literally says in this interview. Oh my god did we have some role in this. It is legitimately company, says in the middle of this interview and what part of is thinking I hope select down, a whole, lot of me was thinking. Oh my god
do, we have some role in this the we have some impact on the election. Okay. Well, why would you be thinking that let's say that you actually were the typical g man? What's in the? U to be worthy honorable FBI, guy, the loyal FBI guy that James Comi says he is, wouldn't you just abide by the law There's a all, my god, where we part of this. When you just said listen, the law says I have to do x. This is what I have to do and therefore no you know that had no impact on my decision making. I did what I had to do. That's my job, I'm I'm above have personal, petty grievances, I'm above personal, petty politics. But he had no intention of saying any of that because of course it's not true, but the reality is that James Comi is not above personal, petty politics, as we've seen he doesn't like President Trump. He was very disappointed when Trump One, it's pretty obvious or now he's at least disappointed that he was fired until he's trying to drag out every piece of dirt he can on President Trump is trying to dump in the public view, but he really doesn't have a lot there, and so it's all speculation, maybe Trump obstructed justice. Maybe he's going to be blackmailed by the Russians when there's
they're they're, all you have to do is dump out a bunch of inflammatory material. The media will pick it up and try and run with it. Okay, now, in the meantime, President Trump is firing back to President Trump takes to twitter, and in here are some of the things that President Trump has been tweeting. That James called me quote only drafted the crooked Hillary exoneration long before he talked to her lighting Congress to Cenergy G, and based decision. I'm her poll numbers disgruntled, he became and the others committed many crimes. Okay. So all of this is true. I just don't know why President Trump feels the necessity to go out there and say because again yeah, I I look I I know President Trump is a counter puncher. I know that he has like a call me saying about him, but this is not productive. The president should shut up. All he's doing is driving the president ok, all he's doing is driving the the new cycle he's doing is driving people to buy the book the same way that he drove the fire and fury crap book to the top of the best seller list. Now he's going to help drive James Combies book to top bestseller list. If you can somehow get to attack you and you're on the best and you're you're in the book market. That is the best way to sell books from
it along these lines. You tweet Slippery James Comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack he is not smart. Hi will go down as the worst FBI director in history by far yet again, don't know what useful they will have useful this is. I never have tell me the personal loyalty. I hardly even knew the guy just another, as many lies? His members are self serving an all caps fake, but he's not done yet. He continues call me, throws attorney General Lynch under the bus in quotation marks for The reason why can't we all find out what happened on that, I'm back in the back of the plane, with wild bill and Lynch when she promised to Supreme Court seat or AG to laugh, Hillary, no golf and grandkids talk. Give us all a break hey, but is he done yet note? The president has even more the questions. Income is badly with you book answered like how come he gave up classified information jail. Why did you lie to Congress jail? Why did the Dnc refused to take get server to the FBI? Why didn't they take it? Why the phony meadows became seven hundred thousand dollars and Miller okay, and- and so you know, this is
yeah president from on the war path on Twitter. Obviously, now here's the reality. Everything that I did everything you saying in this weather threat is true. Everything is a call me in this. Twitter thread is true again. The question is not true or not. For the it is useful or not useful. When the president's tax call me and call me attacks, the President Trump is punching down and he's allowing called me to go out there and respond to him is allowing call me to go out there and tell his side of the story with broader public appeal. It's not smarter than residents punch back in this particular way, even though I think that Me is exposing himself for what he is and the few concluded this twitter thread Trump dead by saying I James Comey state the polls were crooked, Hillary was leading a factor in handling stupidly of the Clinton email probe. In other words, he was making decisions based on the fact she thought she was going to win and he wanted the job slime. Okay. So I guess we have slippery James CALL and and Slamball games coming president really going after it on Twitter, really enjoying himself yeah again. He has the right to do whatever he wants. So I think this is highly useful. I do not especially because
com is getting self in hot water with a bunch of people right. Not just focus on the right. He's now got himself in hot water with the Red allege, the former attorney general. It's time to J. It's called me his accused Obama and Loretta Lynch of taking actions that jeopardized the Geojit. It's in the middle of the Hillary Clinton email investigations. What he says is when the Lord alleged got on the plane with Bill Clinton and assesses hated the F b I stepping in and making some sort of argument as to. Why we should or should not be indicted, because, obviously now people are going to think the whole thing was corrupt. Well, now, Loretta Lynch is firing back on. Call me and suggesting that Colombia is terrible. Is, over almost two decades, a federal prosecutor. I aggressively prosecuted drug dealers, federal gangs, but sorry violent gangs, mobsters and money launderers upheld the civil rights of all Americans and fought corruption of all types weather by elected.
Specials from both sides of the aisle or within organizations like Phi Phi. That's the soccer organization through it all I've, never hesitated to make the hard decisions guided by the Department of Justice, his core principles of integrity, independence and, above all, always doing the right thing. The Justice Department's handling of the Clinton email investigation under my leadership wasn't no exception any suggestion. I invoked this bedrock policy for any reason. Is simply false throughout the process? I do. I always you rise above my politics and uphold the law. Does anyone really believe Loretta Lynch rose above her politics to uphold the law? Is anyone truly believe that well neither did James Comi and you wonder why people don't trust the so called deep state at this point is because it's filled with people who are political appointees, and these political appointees have actual access to grind, and so you know, what's the best way for you to appear above the law by being above the law.
By being above the law by acting as though you are above, or rather by being above politics, you want to appear as though you're about politics. All you have to do is be above politics, but none of these people are- and that is eminently obvious at this point in time- will just a second I'm going to the area plus the march for science happening over the weekend. But first I want to say thanks for sponsors over at skill their cell phones, are moving jobs pretty routinely in this market, which is a good thing, and it means that you're going for a raise or getting a better job in order for you get that raise or that better job. You need to make your stay will get better and that's where skills share. It comes in it's an on line learning platform with over eighteen thousand classes in design, business technology and more. You can take classes and crap design social media marketing. Illustration, mobile, photography, they've got classes in pretty much everything there. These forty five minute classes taught by experts over the office we've taken search engine innovation, we've taken social media marketing, I've taken a course in watercolor painting, believe it or not, gotta calm down after the day. That's what Skillshare is therefore
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slash. They know that we, so you okay, so meanwhile, the March for science happened over the weekend and the march for science is stupid. Okay, the reason I say the march for science, a stupid is because it is not a march for actual science because, as Dave Burge over Iowa, how put it that's like saying I'm going to go dance for architecture right? What does that even mean March for science dance for architecture each for mathematics? But what are you? What are you even talking about? There's no such thing as a march for science. Does everyone that I know? Is pro science like, if you want your anti flat earth like there's three people who still believe in the flat earth or let's say that you want to say you're going to March for cap and cap and trade? That's an actual policy in marching, for one of the things, Drive me most crazy is when you name your march, something that is universally applicable and then claim that anyone who opposes your marches against those things when you say March for our lives right. This is the pro gun, Control March, there's a pro gun control March and they call it March for life. Why don't? They just call it March for gun control,
Is then we'd all be able to be pro or against it when they say March for our lives. The implication is that suppose your agenda. I want you to die, which of course, is not true. Well now, the same thing with science they have their march for science. If you say listen, this march is really done because you're reaching here is nonscientific stuff, then they say well known because you hate science, that's the real issue. You hate science. First of all, I would just point out: the media coverage of the March for science was glowing. Much more going to the March for life ever is the March, for life is always under covered. The march for life, of course, is the pro life march that happens in Washington DC each and every year, and the march for science was way down in attendance. Last year a bunch of people showed up to March, because in twenty seventeen you can get people to march for virtually anything because they're angry about Trump. She said Mark for chicken and people would be out in the streets going. We hate trump. We had millions of people in the streets marching for chicken. Well now people are not showing up for the march for science 'cause they better things to do, but listen to how CNN describes the March for science, it's pretty incredible
quote: saturdays crowds were notably smaller than those that showed up for the first March and April two thousand and seventeen, but attendees expressed as much optimism and hope is they did last year. Really is that news coverage nobody showed up, but they expressed just as much hope and optimism as they did last year compared scientific measure, its amounts for science. Can we have a scientific measure of the hope and optimism? Please? So we know by what specific percentage, the hope and optimism, or up or down over the last year, real scientific writing there. In the march for Science, CNN sure half the people showed up, but let me tell Their spirit is what counted it was their heart that mattered. It was that so much enthusiasm so much optimism. So did they actually talk about science and they get up there and lecture about physics? Did they start doing Bernoulli's formula like well? Is there thing? No, that's not what they did. Instead, they talked about racial city amongst scientists quote: the challenges are real for underrepresented students in science and Corey Welch, director of the stem scholars program and state university. We have to overcome the reality that few or no
faculty, share our identities or fully understand our situation. Campus, and now we have to relate back to our communities. The diversity research clearly demonstrates bringing all people to the table to the scientific table. I don't know what the scientific table is there, like the table of elements, leads to better ideas, kinder, more ethical solutions and always a more informed public policy. This is what Welch says. The query watched the director of science technology and math at at Iowa State University. Okay, does any of that sound scientific? Do you, or does that sound like a bunch of garbled nonsense, because let me tell you something: it isn't? Scientific studies do not show, in fact that did that racial diversity
it's better ideas, kinds are more ethical solutions or a more informed public policy. This is untrue. Robert Putnam of Harvard University, who is a leftist says, quote the only two things that go up as the diversity of your senses track goes up. Our protest, marches and television watching. So, if we're going to pretend that like because we have a couple of black scientists in the room, they have black answers to scientific questions. That sounds suspiciously like idiotic, eugenic policy in the early a century. Like really I didn't again. I felt under it you want a lesson that is wildly anti scientific. It is the idea that racial diversity has anything to do with scientific discovery. That's ridiculous! Yeah ideas have to do a scientific discovery. They're great black scientist, the Red White scientists, the blackness and whiteness have nothing to do with their with their quality as scientists, nothing zero things. You know why, because is verifiable or non verifiable, and your race has nothing to So whether your scientific experiment is there, a verifiable
verifiable science is perfectly objective, or at least it should be- and yet we're being told that the March for science, that one of their chief goals is to ensure that there are more black people in the sciences. What does that have to do with marching for science? You understand smart for affirmative action, find at least honest. But how are you going to say? That's a march for science and, of course, is not a march for science is incredibly stupid nazi policy. By the way is that there was such a thing as jewish science. Jewish science was that weird einsteinian stuff, you know the stuff that actually led to the creation of the clear bomb that ended world war. Two, if the honestly, if the Nazis had an anti jewish and they had been able to harness the intellectual firepower of all the Jews living in their society. There's a good shot. The Nazis have had a nuclear weapon before the United States did all of world. History would have changed. Thank God they were a bunch of horrible racist pieces of human filth and therefore they thought there was such a thing as jewish versus non jewish science and they throw all the Jews out. It turns out there isn't such a thing as jewish. Non jewish science there's just science. Well again, the people who are in the
codes, it doesn't matter what race they are so long as they are actually pursuing. Science, but the march for science has nothing to do with. Science is kinda Adam best who's, a left winger on Twitter. He tweeted quote: hey conservatives mocking March for science, log out of twitter, get off your phone or computer power down AC refrigerators and tv's flip off the lights, stop taking medication or supplements pee and poop outside no driving cars either show science who's, boss, Miraka, ok. This is ridiculous again the reason to oppose the March for science because it had nothing to do with science it has to do with science, but science is not the same as science gets. A science is just like. You know verifiable data and you do experiments. I prophecies in there either and there there should be correct. The hypotheses or not sirens, however, is just a bunch of left wing terminology right. It's it's cap and trade and diverse a racial diversity. Above all and again a bunch of assumptions. I make my policy that may may not be true, but certainly are not verified by any sort of hard scientific research. If this it
Adam best can show me what a mark for science has to do with creating a cell phone, and I'm happy put down my cell phone, but it has nothing to that just by I hate to break it to the folks on the left, but the march for science was never about so in the first place and is the extremism of the left that is so galling today with the march for science. There's a piece by Jonathan over New York magazine- it's amazing left, has so little self awareness. I menace lack of self awareness, Jonathan Chait wrote piece in New York magazine today, asking why so many Republicans had not jumped to the Democratic Party after President Trump was elected, the piece was called, the GOP is never trumpers are really just never Democrats and then criticize David Brooks of the New York Times, who suggested that Democrats are to reach out to Republicans and shaped road instead quote Perhaps the republican base, as currently constituted, is hopelessly immune to reason and a reasonable person such as Brooke, should instead refocus his political energies on curtailing its political.
So his take is that if you're, really a good republican you'd be a Democrat, if you are really a good conservative who didn't like President Trump enough, you would just voted for Hillary Clinton. Here's what state rights abandoning the Republican Party, because it is authoritarian and toxically anti intellectual was apparently as unfathomable, unfathomable to David, Brooks a fish in a polluted river deciding to live on land, if you want to and wine event large and potentially cataclysmic as the election of Donald Trump has not yet scrambled long trench warfare stalemate between Blue America. This dynamic is a good place. To start is trying to figure out why it is that people didn't jump from not supporting trump. To supporting Democrats, I can give a very simple answer: Democrats are extreme leftists, that's and I would never have voted for Hillary Clinton, even though I did not vote for President Trump have never voted for Hillary Clinton, because Hillary Clinton's a while- but this would not only disagrees with me on policy- she thinks I'm a horrible human being for believing the babies before birth.
Server right to life and believing that my church or synagogue ought to be able to do whatever it damn well pleases. If you think I'm a bad person for thinking that, why would I possibly vote for Hillary Clinton? I think her viewpoint is Anti american. Why would I possibly vote for just because I didn't approve of President Trump's comments about grabbing women by the bleep? It's ridiculous! It's ridiculous argument. Changes making here is the extremism of the left, that is driving people to the right and it's a major factor, but in just a second I'm going to little bit more his first you're going to have to go over the dailywire dot com and subscribe for nine hundred and ninety nine a month. You can get a subscription to daily wire when you do. The rest of this show live, get the rest of Andrew Klavan Show live yet Michael Knowles show live. You also get extra segments
I show. Occasionally, plus you get to be part of the mail that what you'll be doing on Friday a little bit later in the week. So if you subscribe now, you actually get to ask questions and have them Lansing and have them answered, live on air also with the annual subscription. You get this the leftist years, hot or cold tumblr, and I will demonstrate full scale this week. How this thing can cure the common cold yeah. I got a cold you'll see by the end of the week. Michael will be gone because of this, because I I was a correlation equals causation, but it might it might okay, so just check that out nine nine dollars a year you get the annual subscription which comes along with the leftist here's, hot or cold tumblr check that out you wanna listen later freak over to Itunes, Soundcloud Youtube Download. Our show please subscribe. Please leave a sort of we are the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation. So back to Jonathan traits piece at the at the New York magazine, so he's arguing again, the Republicans should have become Democrats if they didn't, like President Trump enough, then like President Trump, so they should have just voted
Clinton he says quote the idea of abandoning the republican party. Is it because it is authoritarian task? We anti intellectual, was unfathomable. Imagine being one of those moderate republicans of some consequence. Looking around what sixteen months of President Trump has wrought watching fox and friends, refreshing the news site for the latest national security to buckle. Would you decide each morning from eight in the Republican Party, the absence of a pop? can moderates among both elected officials and intellectuals, associate with the party willing to openly join our work with the Democratic party suggests. The power of partisanship remains overwhelming, even among those republicans who profess the strongest version of partisanship. Well, I am a anti eight part is in in the sense that I'm not going to need your vote for Republican. Just because the Republicans, I am a conservative, you have to back my values. That's the way this works, but that's the point. I am a conservative and I don't support leftist values where to go hang out with Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi, just because I think that President Trump's record with women is abominable. Why would I
Do that? How does that make any sense at all? My whole point is that I don't think Trump is conservative in his personal life. I don't think that he's conservative enough, I'm certain social issues, so my solution is to go to the party that says you should stab a baby in the head and second brains out one day before it's born. That's my solution: how, in the Hell that a solution, see here's the thing. Democrats don't understand this folks on the left. Don't understand this, you know there's this really interesting chart that's been done for years by Gallup and it shows the overlap and ideas between the two parties and what it looks like is. Basically, to sort of mountains that are Chris and that that overlap a little bit right. So you have the one this the Republican out and then they'll have the democratic mountain, and you see that the the shape of the mountain chain which is a little bit overtime, because it flattens out in certain places and it rises in certain places, the reason being that the views inside the parties change well, since two thousand and ten the right has basically been stagnant. The right has had the same ideas now that it had in two thousand and ten. The leftover has moved dramatically to the left.
Remember in twenty ten Barack Obama still endorsed traditional marriage and that only came later the same sex marriage it was only eight years ago, not only that Barack Obama never in two thousand and ten would have talked about the idea of forcing churches to perform same sex ceremonies or forcing bakers to cater same sex weddings you certainly Barack Obama probably would have used language in abortion of safe, legal and rare democratic party. Doesn't do any of these things? All pro lifers have been forcibly excluded from the Democratic Party at this point and then on the left are wondering why republicans don't join them, even if they don't like what Trump is doing, because they still like what Trump is doing have a lot better in what you're doing. Ok Trump, still a lot closer to the values that I profess than Hillary Clinton or Biden or Chuck Schumer or any of the rest of these, while leftist, if Democrats want Why it is that President Trump can alienate so many members of his own party and still get away with it. One of the reasons
because the left has been so overtly nasty to people who are conservative, so virtually overtly crappy to people with conservative bent again. Why, in the world, what I pay attention to a party who spokesman Joe Biden is saying that Republicans don't want black people voting. Ok, Joe Biden actually came out and said that over the weekend, he's going into the way back machine all the way back to twenty twelve, when he suggested that Mitt Romney could not be president of the United States, because Republicans Wanna put y'all back in chains. Now Joe Biden is using that same exact sort of nasty language, and then you wonder, why would never vote for Joe Biden? This is why I would never Joe Biden right here, you realize just this past year in twenty four states b, ministrations allies of it have have introduced. Sixty pieces of legislation are maybe seventy piece of legislation to curtail the franchise. Because of these guys are all about MID year, your public
Please don't want working class people vote. They don't want black folks voting. Ok, he's saying this to Al Sharpton, one of the worst race baiters in the modern history of the United States. And then you wonder why conservatives aren't going to back Joe Biden or Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton was a democratic presidential candidate as late as two thousand and four, of course, we're not going back. Party, of course, not so Jonathan Chait. You want to know why it is, or ignoring your call to join you, because the party that you purport to represent has no interest in representing people like me. They hate people like Maine, they've, temporarily forgotten that hate for five seconds when I've been critical of president Trump, and I think he deserved it, but that hate still exists. I know it does so. Does everybody on the right? Everybody on the right note Joe Biden feels about them. Everybody who's mildly right of center. Know that you're about knows that Joe Biden thinks they're Rubes, it's just it's, so it's so gross that all these folks on the left. Their suggestion is that the only way to forestall their anger, the only way to prove your moral metal is to
when the party that espouses everything you disagree with. Yes, the people in the right time is by so we weird you never see people on the writing things like you know you guys really didn't like Hillary Clinton Lighting give President Trump. I mean I assume that you didn't like Hillary Clinton, because she was cropped and because soft put in, but I don't assume that you agree with with my principles even voting Democrat, your whole life, but here's the point folks on the last thing, the folks on the right only vote for the right, because they are morally. Efficient and they can't understand why, if there are people who didn't vote for Trump, which they think is morally praiseworthy, those people aren't automatically Democrats. They see every question of politics as a question of character. We don't on the right. We see certain questions of characters. Questions of character in certain questions in politics is questions in politics, ok Meanwhile, obviously, over the weekend, the other big story is that war broke out once again in Syria, the United States, Some missiles into into Syria, backed by the UK, as well as France,
According to CNBC, the Pentagon claims Saturday, the US led attack on Syria set back the reason Chemical weapons program for years, but experts contend those search may be exaggerated on Friday forces from France, Britain and the US launch combined strikes on three military targets assoc with syrian President Bashar Al Assad's Chemical weapons program, including a research and development facility outside Damascus, but defense analyst suggested that some of the danger Cheryl is probably still available, are relatively easy to reproduce. The damage assessment is specially quick, said: Anthony Cordesman, a former Pentagon official who's, an analyst at the center for strategic and international studies, which is a Washington DC, think tank. Well, President Trump, for his part, was very excited about the strikes, which happened for a late Friday night after Shabbat was just begin to start on the West Coast. Here it was a present from sweet. Quote a perfectly executed struck last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their find military could not have had a better result. Mission accomplished. Okay, says the mission
accomplish, they got a little bit of trouble. He then had to tweet out his explanation for why mission accomplished and his tweet was quote this year in red was so perfectly carried out with such precision. The only way by the fake news media could mean was, by my use of the term mission, a cop, I knew they would seize on this, but felt it is such a great military term. It should be brought back use, often exclamation, ok, alright sure and the reason people were upset with the mission accomplished is because, of course, George W Bush is mission accomplished banner after the original operation, iraqi Freedom, the original invasion in three weeks toppled the Hussein regime and put mission accomplished for his people did on an aircraft carrier apparently was members of the aircraft carrier. He did it and he was ripped for that for years now, Trump is purposefully. Using that phrase, I don't think he did it because he's historically knowledgeable. I think he did it because, historically just but honestly, who cares? The question is was: is the mission accomplished
and the answer is we don't know, because the actual mission here is to stop by Shahzad from using chemical weapons. Ok, we're not going to know the answer. You would have said mission accomplished in April two thousand and seventeen and then make sure outside use chemical weapons. Again here is the major problem. The United States and the people of the United States do not know what we want our role in the world to be. We want our world our role in the world to be global policeman. Do we want to be operating under the auspices of the old british Empire, where we're making sure the bad things don't happen around the world as much as we possibly can? What is our direct interest in stopping chemical weapons used in Sierra? I don't actually buy the argument. That's been pushed by some. Or in favor of a larger syrian intervention. They use of chemical weapons in Syria is somehow a threat to the United States, because now will be more commonly used on the United States. Anybody knows they fire on US troops. We will go to with you and we'll finish you hey. If the United States want to take up a shy side like finishes regime, the United States, if we wanted to exert the full brunt of our military, United States could take up a shot.
Inside inside of a week like legitimately inside of a week, it would take awhile to do cleanup right years to clean up, but if we wanted to, we could. But the fact is that we're not sure that we want to- and we have this weird bipolar personality disorder. When it comes to foreign policy, we don't care what happens in Syria until there's a picture on our tv have a kid choking to death and then all of a sudden, we care what happens in Syria, we're going to have to figure out pretty quickly what it is that we think our role in the world is. If we want to stop chemical weapons usage, then probably the strike is not going to do. It probably gonna need a larger effort to counter russian and iranian influence in the region, and there has to be the possibility of deposing Assad or at least crippling his capacity to expand. His is growing Tom. It's inside Syria. He basically won the syrian civil war. At this point, it was a mistake for us to pull out of rock in twenty ten twenty eleven that led to the rise of ISIS. That also led by try side to have the excuse to attack syrian rebels. None of the
it's been good, but the question is where we go from here is the definition of one? What do we want America to do in the world if the goal here is to stop him from using chemical weapons, the threat against him and Russia and IRAN has to be great enough that he doesn't do it again, I'm not sure a couple of years, they're going to do it and if we want to ensure that people aren't being gassed on mask, then we're going to actually have to select northern Syria a place where certain progress actually has been made in the face of the Assad regime and despite intervention of the Turks as well, so it's important for us to define what exactly our mission is before we declare mission accomplished. Unfortunately, I don't think the Trump Administration has actually done that. I think they say mission accomplished every time they fire a missile. I think the left complaining about it is similarly ridiculous. They were the ones talking bout pinprick strikes five seconds ago, when Obama was president, ok time for some things that I like and then some things that I hate. So I have an awful lot of things that I hate today, but have a couple of things that I like to start so first
I, like Jonah Goldberg. This new book is gonna, be coming out very shortly. I believe it comes out later this week I comes out April. Twenty fourth, so comes out the week after I it comes out a week from tomorrow. I it is well worth the pre by it's called suicide of the west. How the rebirth of tribalism, populism, nationalism and identity politics is destroying America. Boxing, so I have some significant quibbles with Jonah about his book, but his book is indeed a really good defense of Enlightenment philosophy. But there's a lot of this going around lately. Steven Pinker has won the defensive lineman philosophy of recommended on the show. Jonah Goldberg is defending in lightning philosophy. Daughters book really is less about defense of the lightning philosophy and more about what happens if we allow that light men philosophy to fall apart now the quibbles that I have a John I'm save for my own book, which I'm I'm in the middle of writing right now about two thirds the way through it I and it covers all over the same room, mostly not the same ground as Jonas. My big quibble with a lot of the enlightenment thinking right now
is that it seems to assume the history sort of started in one thousand, seven hundred and fifty for no reason that suddenly out of nowhere sprang the enlightenment- and I just don't think that's true- I try to trace the roots back into history, trying to figure out where it came from and why it is that it's important that we keep those roots intact. Jonah is Jonas main contention. Here is really not about that contention here is that we're looking at the forcible and willing suicide of a civil station. That was a brief, unique moment in time and if we don't preserve those values and we're going to lose it I can tell you without it, which I wholly agree check out suicide less by going to go, but that is that is worth checking out. Okay, other things that I like so I'd today. Our last night. I guess there was a capitals fan, who was A little girl who's, waiting right behind the glass and you're going to see one of the players here ensure that she got the puck
apparently she's not given the and two of the boys around her are and then finally just keeps coming back until she finally get stuck. It's really cute. Look at this adorable little girl banging on the glass Brett Connolly saw her just figured I'm going to make this girls night right. Look! Here's the problem with being the shortest kid around that kid grab. The first part from are now look at look at her face. Look at this is that the saddest look at her she's devastated, so kindly comes back and now that kid steals about from what are we doing here very raising gentlemen, are watching how Conley's gotta go back then uh turd bucket. He could rip that pane of glass out and just hand it to her. He would which would have been nice because I yeah what are we doing? Conley finally, catch
hey that Father orchestrated that, because only the cute little girl was gonna, get he made sure all three of his kids got. Apoc Bray says good good for Connelly. It is. It is true by the way, there's no question that that that that kid that dad knows okay, said the dad getting a lot of flack today, actually because the dad gave the pucks to the other two boys first before I give to the girl the only to see he sexist you sexist or maybe he's gonna. Waiting right, maybe the dad there is grabbing the puck cities, making sure that all three of his kids actually get pucks, and he knows that while girl is really excited about it in two years, he's not going to care about hockey in all likelihood, but the boys will and it will make their lives he's going to ensure they get pucks. Even though, even though kindly want it's a little girl good for Connelly. In any case, he's a real gentleman and- and you like to see when people treat people well,
that way: ok time for some quick things that I hate so bill, Maher on HBO. He came out over the weekend and he said that if President Trump was president in one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight, he would have loved Hitler and Mussolini and brother where he was being paid. This was one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight. What do you think Donald Trump Donald Trump is president in nineteen. Thirty, eight before we know about the death camp, Ok I'll, give him that what do you think he would have been saying about Hitler in muscle in America, facts, wrong leaders, strong leader who strong leaders very strong, but he would smell it. Yes, he would love them. He be saying America first, which is what the Nazis in the United States were saying in the 1930s. Ok, so let me point something out: the people who are actually Castanza Mussolini Hitler at the very beginning, we focus on the left. There are a lot of folks on the left were big fans of fascism, hd well and Hg Wells in BR.
A lot of members. The Roosevelt administration were big fans of Stalin, big fans of Heller. I like that. I like that done Marge sort of leaves out Stalin right there, because the left, of course, was sponsoring Stalin. The big the big fans of Stalin Mussolini Hitler read liberal fascism by Goldberg his other great book, an what you will see is that the left was very much in sconce with it. They love the idea of a centralized power structure that was going to restructure all of civilization and therefore change the nature of man. Muscling in hell were very, very, very popular with the American left really popular and there a Rea isn't that Hitler was labeled Times man of the year, I believe in nineteen thirty eight. So again, this is this. A mystery of history no. But from what I thought about Mussolini and Hitler in nineteen thirty eight, there are a lot of decent people who thought Mussolini and Hitler weren't that bad in nineteen thirty eight, because they didn't know the first thing about politics and they didn't care about fascism, and it was before the death camps. There's this revision history that we'd back in history of the entire left hated, Mussolini and Hitler. Stalin had a treaty with Hitler at this time in nineteen. Thirty, eight.
Mussolini had a treaty with Hitler? All these people were allied with one another and the left kind of liked. It not kind of strongly like these folks, is only after Hitler launched war in nineteen, thirty, eight one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine that the left began to come around. But that's while so this is revisionist history at its finest okay, other things that I other things that I hate so not over the weekend and there's a party calling Cabernet, because the the former quarterback for the San Francisco forty Niners that he had not been offered actually ate the ability to to try out for the Seattle Seahawks and he had not been offered that ability, because he still wants to kneel for the national anthem now listen, that is his choice. Also the choice of the Seattle Seahawks, whether they want to deal with the fallout from that this year or whether they actually want fans in the stands to be able to come in here, sunny Hostin, who is one of the hosts over at the view. She says that Capper Nick is the greatest of all time and it's just great what he's doing at most hated prodigy
I can do is exercise our constitutional right, the new but I'll leave he is the go. He has put everything on the line for what he believes in and that's what a true american my feeling is that there's a lawsuit? Let's remember: there's a lawsuit the Colin Capper Nick has filed with the assistance of my friend Mark Garagos, and he is as follows was saying that the NFL owners have colluded to keep him from and that is exactly what they've done. There have been deposition and seven cities this week, all around the country and the NFL is going to have to pay Colin Capper Nick I'm going to make that prediction right now, because they are keeping him walking, you don't get it or no. Ok, it's not they're, not keeping him off the field, he's keeping himself off the field because he's the one who's deciding exactly how he wants to act on the field that is calling capper Nick choice. Now, maybe like what he's doing? Maybe you don't? I don't. I think it's stupid. I think it's counter productive and I want to point out that Colin Capper, Nick only
the kneeling routine after routine was After we made it back up, he's made a non star, and then he decided to make a name for himself by kneeling now, maybe maybe it's not quite as cynical as all that maybe please what he's doing. Maybe that's possible, although I will point out the man is worn. Socks depicting cops as pigs on them and that's or by the entire left, but this idea that Colin Capper in some sort of civil rights hero because used millions and millions and millions of dollars, and then he and then he decided He was going to kneel when he became less popular. I just find that a little bit hard to believe I'm, maybe I'm just being too cynical a final thing that I hate. So there is a night and There is this girl, Lizzy Martinez, who is by school officials, play river hi to cover her nipples with band AIDS, because you showed up to school wearing a bra, and I suggested, maybe if your son, a girl- and you show up to school, wearing a loose shirt with no bra and your nipples are
enter the short the you might know exactly what you're doing with regard to dudes hi. That's not a justification, bad male behavior, but it is to suggest that we have dress codes in school for reason. Well, now, she's holding a Brock caught with fellow students on Monday participating girls can forgo their bras and participating boys replace bandages over their shirts. Apparently, this is now a civil rights issue. She said it's a form of silent protest that speaks not only to what happened at the school, but also what happens around the country shows. Besides the incidents on I think it's been an ongoing issue that women have the standards they have to supposedly live up to, even with the women's rights March. The me too movement, I think it's all very relevant. Okay, you are not part of the me too movement you're, not sexually, harassed or assaulted. You weren't, I'm sorry! You went to school dressed inappropriately, give me the, ask you not to dress, inappropriately end of story. That is perfectly within their rights. If you showed up no shirt at all and the ministry said you know what that might be a problem with that also be part of me, too movement. So unbelievably stupid, so unbelievably stupid. But, of course all we have to be
about everything, including the dumbest things on on planet earth. We just it is. If, if we're not outraged about things and then I guess that you know what what else are we gonna do with our allies? If we're not outrage about dumb, Things like seventeen year old girls trying to not wear bras to school and then claiming their victims when the teacher say put abroad. Okay, so go back in tomorrow. We didn't have time for federalist Paper today, but hopefully will tomorrow I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show the Ben Shapiro Show is produced by Mathis, Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan hey are technical, producer is Austin, Stevens edited by Alex and Garro Audio is mixed by MIKE Karmina, hair and makeup is by Jeshua. Alvera
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