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Ep. 524 - When Tyranny Leads To Death

2018-04-24 | 🔗
The Alfie Evans case shocks Americans, Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv is interviewed by police for going to a gun range, and a feminist wants your second-grader to learn about transgenderism. Date: 04-24-2018
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So here we are in. The healthy Evans case continues to take priority in great Britain Parkland Robert, how Kashmir is interviewed by the police for going to a gun range and a feminist wants your. Second, greater toward about transgender ism. Now not joking. This is the Ben Shapiro, so go out to get you today at this healthy Evans in Britain truly astonishing and it is accompanied by British One forcing. Focusing in areas where, let's just say that probably should not be putting it there. Law enforcement focus will get to all of that in just a second first. I want to say thanks for the concert over at wink, so you ve taken a low but a time to bring yourself out over the new years and now you're in the middle of the year. In your thing, yourself boy, I could really use something to relax. Well, that's what wink is for. Also. It is great for what have to go over to a family members house, and you don't know what bottle of wine to bring. You don't know anything about wine. All you know is that you need something better than manischewitz grapes, grape juice with some sort. Coughing syrup inside, and so you need a good. Why? Well that's what wink is for winked makes it.
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the british law enforcement system is cracking down on and then I want to show you something. The british law enforcement system is something They are doing and you'll see the difference railway, so there obviously spent heavy amounts of time right now cracking down on people who violate traffic ordinances. So this become a very popular put. Mobilise the the local police in Britain tweeted out, that this one guy, who was was speeding in violating the law and had a AIDS a laser jammer. I guess there was aimed at a traffic camera where he was flipping off traffic camera, always North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire police they to adapt up top Tipp. If you want to stay out of trouble, don't what this driver did and swear and our mobile safety cameras while driving passed in a car with the laser jammer. Today this guy's beginning eight months in jail for perverting the course of justice, and then they released a video of this of this who is it who's driving with his finger up in the air flipping off the camera? So it's so you know this
well they're putting their folks. Now. It's amazing about this is that obviously there not just met the guy had a laser. However, which apparently is illegal, it promotes the court of justice. The there really upset that he was flipping off the track the camera. So this is where the pudding, having focused other places where the Brits are putting a heavy focus, right now they just gave an eight hundred pound fine to a guy who had his girlfriends pug. Making Nazi salute on Youtube. As I hears the story there there's this guy in Britain who is there the tube kind of laws guy all he does his make funny Youtube videos and he doesn't like his girl for pug dog and so has, counselling going on about you. This punk dog is so while she was out of town, he train the plug Don T give a Nazi salute, every time he said gas, the Jews they. So it's ridiculous its comedy. Maybe it's funny to some not funny to others. The Brits find this. Guy eight hundred pounds he barely escaped to jail sons for training, a pug dog to do a joke. Nazi salute sets of the british authorities are focused on here is what they are not focused on their not focused on re.
Gangs in Britain. According to the UK, independent grooming gangs abuse more than seven hundred women and girls around Newcastle, with arrogant persistence after police appeared to punish victims while letting the perpetrators walk free, a case reviews down the report into the response by authorities to child sexual exploitation, found that before a large scale, police operation was launched and twenty Fourteen officers actions were sending and unhelpful message to perpetrators. Investigators said the abuse could not be stopped. That worked. Stanley profiles, motivations and cultural influences approach? prayers after finding similarities with grooming and raw forum, rocked ale and oh and Oxford and Oxford here is The reason why they ve been so soft on this growing gangs is because these growing gangs are largely muslim men, and so every time there in the press there referred to south Asian, but they were there. The religion is never mentioned or supposed to pretend that unassimilated Radical muslim immigration into various european societies has no but the Brits are not focused on that. No, instead, they are ensuring that a child must die. So the big story out of UK today is
Actually the story of Althea Evans- and this is very similar to the case of a number of Charlie, Charlie guard was a and eleven one Oh baby, who had a degenerative brain condition and the british Courts rule that the hospital could from his parents, wishes parents wanted to bring him to the United States for experimental treatment, and the british court system ruled at the hospital which had testified. That would be against the child's interests. For him to be moved to the United States for the possibility of further treatment they rolled. Instead, the kid had to be removed from life support and the parents had to watch him die well now, their due The same thing to Althea Evans is two years old stuff from an undiagnosed brain condition that has left him in the semi vegetative state and he's been order removed from life support by the british government over the wishes of his parents, whose parents want ship him to ITALY and put him under the care of the Vatican hospital. His parents wanted to move him there to pursue palliative measures british court ruled that would not be an obvious best interest in That will be an obvious best interests to die which is an amazing ruling, by the ruling that it would be better for you today does not seem like aim. Medical ruling? It seems like a values ruling. Is he
like a ruling in favour of euthanasia, as opposed to a ruling in favour of the possibility of a medical miracle or in favour of it. Stability. There may be some doctrine, know something that you don't so there item from life support pursuant to the order of a british court and then Elsie continued to breathe on his own for fifteen hours, after being disconnected from life support, they didn't think I was going but they thought he dies in his usual from life support. The hospital still has not reconnected him too. Oxygen machines, even though he has lived for fifteen hours without the oxygen machines is supposed to be another court hearing today I end, out the Evans dad has, it has talked him about all this do you know why? Because I'm still fight and I'm still fight- and it's always alfie- appeared in search of the ambassador of ITALY. If these doctors remove my sins likely to be told that by the Italians A part of prosecution now open to the chief judge. The chief judge will not decide if these amid o my son- and I am confident we will decide on I've been out. We saw that any minute of every day
But more than TAT he was being made my slave of execution stay of execution. What I wanted to speak on a comedy say now, but my son's life wise and everyone's Huns, I as a member of ITALY. My son belongs to ITALY and I'm not stop in this fight and sell the House intelligence, a healthy economy, I love this army of avowedly another place. Ok, there's it so the italian government gave Alfie is healthy and citizenship that they could issue a in efforts to save his life in the European High Court, the United come and try to do that. I believe with Charlie Gard, and it was something I was encouraging. Congress people do is give him honorary citizenship. So they can make a case that you ought to be removed from Britain and it over to the United States. Pope Francis has treated move by the prayers. An immense solidarity shown little Alfie Evans. I renew my appeal at the suffering:
parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted again. All this comes down to is in Britain. They believe that in a conflict between the parents and the hospital in a case of controversy, not knowing Clearly clearly apparent are refusing a lifesaving treatment, for example, treatment the case where the parents want to save the life, the end, the hospitals, what kinda die? There's the hospital still have full range over what exactly should happen to the kid which is just an amazing amazing argument in raising anti life bureaucratic argument, Evil comes at a lot of forms in terms of government. Evil comes in the form of tyranny. Evil comes, the form of communism, evil comes in the form of governments that they take a hands up. Position with regard to murder. Evil so comes in the form of bureaucratic, niceties bureaucrats who sit atop the tat the world in their little offices in Britain and decide whether a child should live or die, because they know more than the parents do because hospital administrators say they know more than the Paris
if government actually had a place, thirty officers around the hospital to prevent protesters from attempting to move the baby there's protesters were attempting to storm the hospital M of the baby about where Father, I believe, under an The natural right has every right to grab that baby and make a break for it. Wish everyone out of his way. It's his baby, it's his kid and he's not I'm going to kill the get used to save the kid the hospital is attempting to kill the kid. It's just an amazing thing. Now, here's my question: is the American left in all of us sitting. American can write you how to save. This can lead now do everything possible to save this. Gives life where's the American left in all this, and the american lack that suggest that abortion is fine as just a cluster of cells once the babies born is no longer just a cluster of cells. Where are they for all of this? American left cheered, I remember- there's movie called John Keeluk came out in two thousand to theirs Denzil Washington, I and the movie was about a black kid who had an enlarged heart and they don't have the money to pay for,
his heart surgery, and so John. You took over the hospital with a gun and tried to hold the doctors hostage to perform surgery on his son, But- and this movie was- was praised in disguise by liberals, because Liberal said, this is what the american health system is like, while this particular case is not about who's paying. For what the parents are asking the british government's pay, for, In this particular case, you gotTa Father, who is trying to remove his son from a hospital to save the sun's life, and the american left is utterly silence when it comes to market Economics and healthcare system in the United States. Then the very upset when it comes to actual bureaucratic murder happening in the UK, then the American left just goes completely I which says to me that this has a lot less to do with how they think they healthcare system should be run in a lot more to do with how they value human life and that, if the baby has some sort of degenerative, a condition that this baby, that is not deserving of life. You can see the shortly. Here too, the eugenics of the left in the early twentieth century. It is not a long leap by any means whatsoever, it really is horrifying. Aunt Shaw
Let us just remember this week the british Royal family Princess Kate and her husband Terry, they they had a baby this week and the entire nation of Britain Celebrated- and this was a beautiful thing, of course- imagine if God forbid God forbid one of the members of the royal family had a child like out the Evans. Do you really think really think the royal family would allow the hospital to kill it I'll be in violation of the will of the parents, do you really think that would happen, or is there a class differentiation? Even this system, where we pretend there is no class differentiation, Is there a difference between royal and rich in Britain and being poor in the clutches of the national health service? The answer is, of course, there is once the government gets say what sort of carry you deserve it. What sort of carry you must be, provided they also get to say what sort of care you don't deserve and what is best for the change? What is best for the child, so their folks say this has now good nationalized healthcare costs, it isn't a question of rationing, but inherently it is. Of how a ration system concern.
The value of human life is, they do have to make calls as what is best for particular human lives and they We have to decide whether they think a human life is worth living at a particular point and then decide this kid is suffering in their suffering is not worth try. To preserve his life, which isn't there decision in the first place. It really is horrifying. It really is discussed, in its demands for them of the difference in value held between the right and the left when it comes to saving human lives, even even kids, like Althea Evans, just its devastating, is devastating. This kid is the same age as my own kid and the thought dove hospital. Trying to do this to me with might regard may allocate is so horrifying. I can't imagine essential, issue, which I would not bring a gun and try to break my kit out, I'm just because I don't know they held the bright. The hospital has tell. Parents are what is best interest for their trial when it comes to trying to kill the child. Again, it's one thing to say that the kid should be
that that the kid should be allowed to get a treatment in the Paris. I want you to get a treatment. It is another thing to say the kitchen be deprived of life saving support, because the hospital thinks differently in the Paris just unbelievable I've more on this, but for that before we get to that. For someone say thanks to our sponsors over at upside, so The fact is that if you were an astronaut right now, you don't be talking to mission control on a regular basis. Well, when you are travelling I also want to be talking to mission control on a regular basis, or at least one have access to mission control if something should go wrong. While that's what upsides outcome is for upside down? Come the folks it upside. Are your mission? control there looking out for you? Every step of the way handling any problems that my pop up that got a team of specialists working twenty four seven to make sure flight, hotel and car until all go off without a hitch, they monitor your trip around the clock. They proactively keep you posted on everything from it's gonna rain to alternative return. Flight home in case squeeze in one more meeting. Get that levels there were many of these other travels like I know, I've used them upside has the best service. I promise we use here at the office for easy booking compared.
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What exactly did Kyle do that required school security, the armed resource officers, the arm school resource officers to actually sit across from him and grow him? Well. He went The gun range with his dad, which last I checked in America, is not only perfectly legal but highly recommended people should learn with their parents. They should learn issued. They should learn how to use a gun. They should know what a gun safety looks like an Kyle as a kid who has met with a multiplicity there is on both sides of the Isle he's going to the White House in an attempt to push solution. Two gun violence, he was called by administrators down to the office. And then he was grilled for ten to fifteen minutes over this over over pictures of him at a gun. Right better in it out. It was great learning about our inalienable right of second amendment and her properly user gun is my first I never touch it had done in the main we appreciate the constitution, even more by instructor was very informative. I learned a lot. Can remember is important and we need to preserve a second amendment and that, obviously these sounds like the words of
of deeply violent human being right, obviously, Kyle's a threat to public safety. It wasn't a threat to public safety, one thirty times. Thirty times the police were informed about the shooter in parkland and weren't able to remove his guns from him. It wasn't a threat to public safety when the FDA ignore two separate red flag warnings about the shooter in parkland, but Kyle here a threat because he went to a gun rage within instructor and his father and then tweeted about the value of the second amendment under the constitution. It is an unbelievable that the fact is that I, as a hairy, here's what Kyle told me yesterday what he said, he said was: that's quote near the end of that period. My teacher got a call from the office thing I need to go to. As Mr Greenleaf I didn't know, Mister Greeley, but it turned out. He was an armed school resource officer. I went down and found him and he has supported me to his office and a second security officer. Walk in and sat behind me both began questioning me tensely. First, they began to writing my tweet, although neither of them had read it and then get aggressively asking questions about who I went to the range with whose gun we used about my father, etc. Okay, so in a second out to continue with this account from cow catcher, because it really is
just amazing. Here's what he says they are incredibly, descending and rude these officers, then a third officer from the Brower County Sheriff's office, walked and remember, there's the same Brown County sheriff's office that had armed resource officers on the grounds when the shooting was happening and they didn't charge in because supposedly that would have been too dangerous. They let the kids get shot inside what they did. Nothing outside our third officer from the brow counties I walked in and began asking me the same questions again says Kyle. At that point, I asked whether I could record the interview right, which is perfectly within his rights, asked whether he could record the interview- and they said no it is always weird we're always word me when police officer say that you can't record in particular interaction, because this is somehow to be a serious problem. If you're doing your job, you shouldn't be worried about courting interactions in the middle of doing a job that is paid for public dollars. He said ass. If I had done anything wrong again, they answered. No, I asked I was there once it don't get snappy with me. Do not remember what happened here a few months ago I mean obviously not only does,
Remember what happened there, a few months ago, given stumping for legislation by working with bill, Nelson, a Democrat and Marco Rubio Republican instead of Florida, not oh, it is Kyle, know what happened. When the recently went to the range to learn. How to use a gun is because he believes the guns can be used in self defence in defence of others. But the idea, of course here is that now that he's touched a gun begun his infected him with the sickness that cause. What happened at parkland, which is just an insane idea in all these folks, are left to act like touching and gun is the same, is getting bubonic plague is ridiculous. Kyle continues. They continue to question me aggressively that they could say nothing. I done wrong. They kept calling me the pros second amendment kid. I was shocked and honestly scared, but definitely felt they were attempting to intimidate me. I was treated like a criminal, for the reason and haven't gone to the gun range and post it on social media about it. So I talked to Kyle again today. He says that you know the situation at the school is not physically great for him.
Not only because the administrators are a relatively unfriendly. What other? There are a lot of other students or programme control who are where very upset with him for speaking out on on these issues, demonstrating once again, the leftist tolerance only extends to people who agree with you, but that the fact that government bureaucracy in the United States government bureaucracy in Britain Government bureaucracy in Canada, the government bureaucracy, has gone so far that basic freedoms are now being ruled out of bounds by bureaucrats who else but seizure and take it for the sake of our safety. So in Britain I was used to cases are now similar, except for the bureaucratic and competence at issue, are the bureaucratic, malice at issue in Britain. You have this case with a kid who is now being left to die by the bureaucrats in the United States. You have bureaucrats from the They county. Sheriff's office were now grilling kid for having exercised his second amendment right up encounter. Of course, here bureaucrats will prosecute you for speech by
patients if you say things that they don't like. We are living in an era when freedom is going by the wayside in favour of particularly approved politically correct views. Those used from guns are bad to a kid doesn't deserve to live, the kiddies is suffering or if the kid is, it hasn't degenerative brain condition to. If I don't like what you say, I simply get to shut down. The sort of bureaucratic overreach is demonstrative of world view that says that expertise resides in a slow few who sit at the top of government. That is a lie. It is untrue, unfortunately, is also the outgrowth of a two hundred and fifty year project in the west to remove decision making powers abilities from the common man and take it up to the top level, They wanted. One amazing things about the enlightenment is what enlightenment set is. Basically, everybody should have a say how the government is run. Everybody should have a say in how society functions, and then there is a counter enlightenment that happened or part of your life
in itself. I wanna call the counter alignment is partly light minutes Alvarez. They the accompanying idea, the August company, an idea that there was a select group of but at the top of a society who knew better than you how society ought to run and those people were more enlightened logical that a more reasonable they knew the social science better and therefore they should get to make. The rules have intelligent, whether it is applied to economics or that it is applied to social life or whether it is applied to speech is a dangerous mentality is mentality that threatens your freedom in an extraordinarily serious way. It threatens your freedom also, because those authorities again are willing to make political compromises. The damage, your rights in every case viable way, they willing to make compromises for their own political betterment, their willing to to say and do things in order to gain votes and gain public credit. That they want to do if it affected their own family. It's
truly in an amazing and insert a horrifying thing honestly that their that their constantly willing to to make these sorts of of decisions at the bureaucratic level that affect your life, going to tell you about some those beer product decisions in just a second we're out of talk about the bureaucrats sessions are about to tell you about, but are they are pretty astonishing? First, I want to say things for sponsors over at Tommy, John, so Tom Patterson wishes to normal dude became so frustrated with the fit in fields undergarments. He decided to do something about it. He went home and sketch cups and smart designs and a tailor so some pilot prototypes and while the revolutionary time John Underwear was born. That was ten years ago and since then Tommy John had sold over five million. Wonder where and more than half a million do to make the switch to Tommy. John, so me tell you, I have time John and where they are spectacular there on my but right now and they are phenomenal. I had several pairs
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Percent of all Tommy time. Limited edition anniversary prince should check that out. Tommy John Dotcom pre spectacular deals their heading out our customers, Tommy Jarvis Economies, Promo code Shapiro for that special deal and to let them know that we sent you as well. Ok, so speaking of bureaucratic incompetence and the effects thereof, I have to talk about this story from Germany, so been german. Europe is is really on the brink here, and you can see that the United States is going to follow if we are not careful it's on Tuesday. I got him Joseph Schuster he's ahead of the central council. Jews in Germany, told german Jews they should avoid wearing keep us on. The straight. Keep is a Yamaka thing. I wear on top my head right here. After an arab Israeli was halted for wearing a Yamaha just days going to social experiments. The arab Israeli walked around here In Germany in Berlin- and He was wearing a yamaha because you didn't believe all the talk about Anti Semitism spreading in Europe again in arab guy, not jewish, whose walking around wearing the abacha. Any got beat up whose hit with a belt buckle. Here the suspect you beat him up was shouting
woody with wings Jew in Arabic. The suspect in the result is a nineteen year old, syrian refugee of palestinian origin, so Joseph Schuster so explained the people should stop what showing themselves openly with the keeper in a big city setting in Germany and we're a baseball cap or something else to cover their head. Instead so it listen as an orthodox. True there are certain times and on travelling, where I will wear a baseball cap specifically because they know that I'm going into more anti semitic area. When I was in France with my wife a few years ago, there I would not wear my keep openly in France because of all the anti Semitism in France there ve been cases of people wearing Yamaha were beaten in the streets in Paris. Those particularly to remember, there's one subway ride that my wife and I had to take two I think, as the nineteenth around this month there, the the nineteenth district- I and my wife- was wearing a necklace at the start of David. On it and ass, we went into the nineteen district. You can see that the population was chain,
king I became a very heavily young muslim male population and for safety reasons for risk assessment reasons. My wife took her necklace and stuffed inside or short that mean the Jews being racist. No because the climate, and Jews in particular areas of France is much higher than in other areas. You have to make a basic workers risk assessment, and that is not discrimination that is used the data that is available to you to make a risk assessment in any case, Schuster explain that people should sap showing themselves to keep. It are baseball cap accordingly Associated Press she starts in just three years ago: juice should not where skullcaps in the areas of large muslim populations. Ok, so here's the thing this is. One of things are not allowed to talk about. So if you are a member of the bureaucracy in Europe, you're supposed to pretend that the large increase in muslim immigration into Europe has had no cultural impact, this is obviously untrue. Jamie cartridge has written about it in his book. The end of Europe, Douglas Murray, has written about this in his book
that boosts called the death of Europe. The change in the in the culture in Europe, thanks to muslim immigration, is obvious. It is obvious that this is not suggesting that almost immigrants into Europe are bad people or anti semite. It is suggesting that percentage of people who are emigrating to Europe from Muslim lands where anti Semite is higher than in the natural. Population, and I'm not I'm not saying this on the basis of no evidence, hey Joe, your highness do instead of the University of Oslo Rights, quote in June, two thousand seven study stood two thousand seventeen study, rather quote Available. Data on perpetrators suggests that individuals, muslim background stands out. Among perpetrators of Anti semitic, violence in western Europe attitude surveys corroborate this picture. In so far as anti semitic attitudes are far more widespread among Muslims and among the general population. In western Europe. In Poland, the Newton wrote in the New York
times last year, quote today, entering a synagogue anywhere in Sweden usually requires going through security checks, including airport, like questioning at times of highly police officers of machine guns, guard jewish schools, children of jewish kindergarten, Mama play behind bulletproof glass, not even funerals, are safe from her harassment, spokesmen from almost jewish community. Put the situation starkly, you quote, dont want to display the star of David around your neck. He said I just like my wife or as spokesman for the Gothenburg synagogue put. It is a constant battle to live a normal life and not to give in to the threats, but still be able to feel safe. According to this writer in the New York Times fully fifty one percent of all anti semitic attacks and Sweden were perpetrated by Muslims as opposed to five per and perpetrated by what right wing extremists and twenty five percent perpetrated by left wing extremists it. Let's be real about this. The threat to Jews in Europe right now is highest from muslim immigrants to Europe. End of story
not coming from these homegrown right wing groups: hey there's some their problems there, I'm not a fan of a lot of these far right nationalist groups, but let's not pretend that those far right nationalist groups representing the same level of risk and threats, jewish cities of Europe as new muslim immigrants are, if you're talking about just the group data again, this does not mean individual muslim emigrating to Europe as an anti Semite was a danger. It does mean that the end raised muslim immigration, unbounded from areas like Syria is going to have a market impact on how Jews are traded on, how gay people printed on how non muslim citizens are treated in Europe, which is why your things to blow back in terms of of Europe in reacting to Angela Merkel important so many folks from these is in Europe. These are serious cultural questions that have to be tackled and when you have an entire society that has decided that assimilation is a mistake. This is what you get in all these folks who keep claiming diversity and tolerance and diversity. Intolerance are fine so far as they go, but it can't be tolerance for bad behaviour.
We tolerance for violent behaviour or for Anti Semitism, for example. It's amazing, but the bureaucrats in Europe have made Hey over this multi cultural issue for years now. It's hilarious that every so often even the same officials who pushed the multicultural ethos are forced to admit that it's not working Angela Merkel. A few years back said, multiculturalism was not working, those about the time she decided to import hundreds of thousands of more people from an area of the world that had a very poor history of assimilation, and this is David Cameron, the former prime Minister of Great Britain. He did a whole speech a few years back where how multiculturalism and failed in Britain it, but all these authorities all these bureaucrats believe they know better than you. They believe no better than their own citizenry and they believe that they can change society simply by wishing that it would be so- and this is a serious problem and ignoring this problem is not gonna make it go away. What one of the kickbacks from the multicultural left on this is that, if you talk about the problem, you are somehow exacerbating violence. So it's
I hesitate even dimension it because it's a stupid, but there's a shooter named Alexander personnel who is up in, candidates in toronto- and this was in two thousand and seventeen Ben. I announced that his name, now's Airbus and who had shot up mask. I did that there is no mention. His name is because he's been convicted and because its relevance in particular story I took generally don't mention the names of measures on the programme, regardless of who they are in this particular case. It matters little, but because the left is trying to claim that I am responsible for the shootings left. Claiming I'm responsible for the shooting, become particularly one rapporteur for far left publication in Toronto, because this human piece of garbage, sharp mosque had viewed some of my videos. Apparently they are here. You watched my twitter now what's funny about this, is that he watched a lot of Twitter account. I he apparently had retreated or lights. Ninety three of the posts on my twitter account. I dont know what those postwar. I know that to do with feminism outer nor they headed with economics. I'm not aware that
had to do with Muslims in particular. But in any case, the idea here is that, because I say that a higher percentage of the muslim population is radicalized than France Apple, a percentage of the christian population or the european percentage large at this is somehow Odin violence against Muslims. This is insane ok. This is insane. You have to recognise facts on the ground in order to talk about the best way that we can all live together in a society, but those that have to be fat, ok and your citing fat does not mean that your promoting violence, if you go out should a Muslim. You're, worried about the impact of rats Islam on the world, Europe piece of crap you're, a bad human being has said this one thousand times. I've said in this particular round about the impact of muslim immigration in Europe that I am not talking about individual Muslims and whether their anti semitic or not. I am talking about the data it is being demonstrated in Europe and what that means for government policy. But what the left has decided to do is if you mentioned these factories, they don't like these facts being mentioned, because it cuts against their world view, which that there are no such thing as western values
that everyone from anywhere should be important to any country, with no impact on how the prevailing culture operates. They believe that if you mention these tax should be cast out of polite society or should be blamed for violence, and I've been incredibly consistent on this particular point. If you say something, if you make a political argument and we're not calling for violence, if somebody does violence in your name, you are not responsible for that violence. I said this about Bernie Sanders in the congressional baseball, shooting go and look it up. I talked about this with regard to present Obama's rhetoric with regard to cops before the Dallas police shooting. I said this with regard to blacklist manners. Had their arguments are bad, their arguments are creating more conflict with police officers, but at no point did I suggest that, the President of the United States, Obama, was responsible for the shooting of Dallas cops because he did not call for the shooting of cops and the same thing is true here, but the left fails to make that connect deliberately because with the left wants to do is shut down speech. Their whole goal here is the shutdown speech is to prevent rights
because they believe that the citizens exercise of the citizens rights is more radiation in the bureaucrats, shutdown of the citizen's right. It's an amazing thing. It's an amazing things. They prefer to shut down free speech and blame free speech for the sins of evil human beings, rather than make arguments against the arguments that are making or make arguments against the arguments that Karl Cash is making with regard to guns or make arguments with regard to the arguments that are being made about the value of life in Britain better to shuttle that down, but not to have the conversation about better to ignore it better pretend none of this is happening. So I want to talk about the the expansion of the bureaucracy in the United States of America Economics in just a second first, you gonna have to go back to daily wired our common subscribes for nine ninety nine a month. You can get it
corruption to daily- why are when you do you get the rest of our show? You get the rest of Andrew eleven July. We get the rest of Michael Knolls, show live and if you get the aerial subscription, yet this the very greatest nor beverage vessels leftist years hot or cold tumblr, I you know I think I may be running out to get one of these. He should probably do it right now, so go and check it out. Right now, at the angle subscription ninety nine dollars, you are cheaper than our monthly subscription. If you want to leave, if you just want to listen later for free over to Youtube, governs sound cloud over too I can subscribe and leave us review. We always oppression, we are the largest fastest growth in terms of broadcast in the nation. Just speaking of the growing bureaucracy and united. This an amazing story, Bernard Bernard Sanders, Bernie Sanders. He so was Vermont Loon bag He has now announced his new plan, his new planning. Every American a job. Apparently, after reading some marks smoking some dope eating a put. CUP. While watching movie Dave, he decided that we would now give every american and job. So what is his plan? I love this. The Washington Post reports quote centre.
These matters will announce a plan for the federal government to guarantee a job. Hang fifty dollars now in healthcare benefits to every american worker who wants or needs one embracing. The kind of large scale government works project, the democratic shied away from in recent decades, so it He rightly just give everybody a job and other similar change, anything adding a mask wait or government bureaucracy to just hand, people jobs, you make work projects, he'll, dig a hole filled all back in like after it won't do any damage. Sure exactly the kind of policy led to a lengthening of the great depression by seven years. According to economists from see ally, but if we do it now will make any difference. I mean come on. We'll just tell people will go out on the street. If you want a job coming european fifteen bucks an hour for doing something completely useless and it'll just be awesome. It'll just be terrific. From the best part of the Washington Post report, I do love this line quote a representative from Sanders. His office said they had not yet done a coup SK for the plan or decided how it would be funded saying they were still crossing the proposal. Of course. Of course, they hadn't done cost estimate for the plan
because if you are hiring tens of millions of american workers, it's going to cost a fortune in Europe the money for that I love that they stay. They haven't aside, How do you find it they knowledge can be funded, is gonna be funded by taxing crap? people actually earned the private sector, so we can pay for an ever growing ever present public sector, if full employment or the easy. The Soviet Union would have in a paradise the Washington Post, I loved, as they show for the plan, even though Bernie Sanders he has no way to pay for it and has no idea how much money it's gonna cost, but it's a great plan. Let me take the best plan, all of the best plans of offenders Venice guaranteed by an amount of money. I will not tell you about paid for by people who might be you, but I will pretend not for purposes of this conversations. We can pretend that I am full of charity and Lodge S. So here's how the Washington Post pushes the stupid bland quote, job guarantee advocates, say their plan would drive up way.
Just by significantly increasing competition for workers, ensuring the corporations have to offer more generous salaries and benefits if they want to keep their employees from working for the governments of logic. Here, apparently, is that the government will offer you a job. You get paid more than you and the private sector and the private sector has to pay you more to compete that will drive up wages. It will also create massive unemployment, because what happens when the businesses can't afford to compete either they go out of business or they have to fire their workers, you stupid idiots, that's exactly what happened during the great depression quote is from that usually study, three years following the implementation of our policies. Wages in eleven can
history is the average twenty five percent higher than the otherwise would have done. The economist calculate. Would that be great according to Bernie Sanders, but unemployment was also twenty five percent higher than it should have been given gains in productivity. Meanwhile, prices across nineteen industries average twenty three percent above what they should have been given the state of the economy, because when you drive up the cost of labour, you also drive up because of the product with goods and services, that much harder for consumers to afford demand stalled and the gross national flounder to twenty seven percent below or otherwise might have been so apparently Bernie. Sanders idea is: let's copy that I was awesome. Also the Washington Post as it Bernie Sanders plan will reduce racial inequality because black workers face unemployment, it about twice the rates of white workers as well as gender inequality, because men
Innovations of the plant cover the expansion of federal child care work. So again, this is the soft bigotry of low expectations of you think that black workers can't compete with white workers because their color or women can compete with men because of their female hood. This is stupid. It's stupid is the soft bigotry of low expectations and it's a welfare programme for particular segments of the population that are politically powerful. But again, this is all about growing. The governments at the expense of the private citizen, because remember the private citizen is going to have to pay for all of this. Bernie Sanders has more dimension apart as chocolate, actually mention they have to pay for all this. Then people might put back on the idea that everything in the world is very no Corey Book or increased. Angela brand of both embraced Bernie Sanders is planning is Bernie Sanders. No one's the democratic party. Whatever you think of the of the chaos inside Europe working party at any given point, at least they not proposing full employment plans from the movie Dave. At least there are not thinking of Bernie Sanders volume. I gotta do I wonder if he has to brain cells to rub together
in the meanwhile but lead the French are visiting the United States, and things are weird so apparently, President Trump and and the Prime Minister of of France, the President of France, rather Emmanuel Mccrone, they they planted a tree together in a really kind of pathetic trade they planted together over the White House. I end em it made for some we're pictures. So here here is here's what that sounded like we are actually going to plant a tree to tree W a french president brought over to the White House, european civil or a tree from France. Three comes from the abyla would, in France the sight of a world worked one battle, so that's where
Then the French are really scale back their gifts, basely of us, the statue of liberty. Now they give us a branch. So thanks for that, guy's assets is that's. Pretty amazing and pictures are pretty hilarious, but the really one of the reasons the French are over here is because they want to make the case that Donald Trump should maintain the horrible, awful know that very bad around deals with IRAN's, of course, assigned signed by President Obama and the Europeans and essentially gave a crap load of money to the Iranians in exchange for a promise that they would not go nuclear for tat. Here's they presumably have been using all that money for terrorism and throughout the Middle EAST. In Syria and Lebanon. They ve been having some that money to the two moss and they have been expanding their reach all across the Middle EAST, with the money handed to them by the Europeans and by President Obama. Meanwhile, they ve been developing the products for nuclear technology and after ten years they can go nuclear any time they want. John Oliver, for some reason, was was making the case on HBO. Iran deal should remain in place. I'm not sure why John Oliver is seen as something
of political know it all considering the amount who knows about politics can fit inside a shoe box, but here he is trying to explain why and you should say he makes his gotta cases. Anyone in the Democratic Party, unless Congress or a european allies figure out something they can sell to trump. As a fix. It seems that Trump is going to re, impose sanctions on my twelve and if he does that these deal could collapse and the damage of that would be long term and potentially irreversible. To set aside the fact that you would only light a whole generation of younger iranian who support this deal, just think about what this would do for Americans credibility. Why would North Korea consent assigning a nuclear agreement with us if we just broke the agreement we signed only three years ago with IRAN, and if these deal dies and IRAN resumes its nuclear weapons programme, it could then start a nuclear arms race in the Middle EAST, and the problem here is
don't offer you much hope that there is not really. I write your congressmen solution to these. We could be in serious trouble. Ok, this is so stupid. Person on the younger generation of Europeans are not in favour of the around here, because they don't like the mullahs. They want anything to get rid of them all, as they may be in favour of a little bit more economic growth at around there. Certainly not in in Thrall to demolish the same the American left seem to bear. The british left seem to be. The european left seem to be pretty incredible argument, The argument that it shreds our credibility when we signed a nuclear deal with IRAN. If we get rid of the nuclear deal, no, it actually reimpose our credibility, given the fact that we know that they're going to develop nuclear weapons and were putting the threat of sanctions and military force back on the table. That would be us. To the North Koreans lesson guys we're not gonna sign of fake deal with you. We're not gonna, do with you what we did with RON. We're, not gonna pay you off, so you can go and cheat again but again the left is so in favour of anything that that President Obama didn't so against anything trunk. Does that unwilling to ignore the fact that surrounds it was garbage the start in the same left its complaining about human rights atrocities and
Syria, funded with iranian dollars, is now complaining that we show that we can pull out of a deal that prevent that giving those dollars to IRAN to go to a sad to be used for genocide against people in Syria. An amazing amazing thing, so the French are over here. Making that case, I dont think that case is going to go particularly well. Thank goodness president Trump has around him a very good national security team. At this point on Bolton its national security adviser, obviously he's got his new secretary of state, my palm pale or soon to be secretary of state. My palmdale, so all of that is is is really good. The left's hysteria Guy to everything from style is, is so overwhelming its leading them into this box canyon of politics, where the suddenly on the same side as the mullahs, which is just an amazing thing, but just goes to show that there are too many folks on the left who are more willing to make common cause in some of the worst people on earth. Rather than acknowledging that fighting wars, people on earth might force them make common cause and people like President Trump from time to time, ok time for some things, I like
some things that I hate, so the things that I like so over the weekend I wash them will be hostels is one of those thumbs where it looks good the owners, but I knew I was unable to go see it in the theatres, because my wife, we never see this movie with me look day. It's it's a bloody western with christian bail and Roseman Pike. Who is really a fantastic actress? It's it's! I had. She may be the best actress out there right now. I anthem did the movie. I think I is probably the best western since unforgiving. I think that's fair to say it's. It's really dark. It is also a kind of hopeful about the nature of the human condition. I it's very honest about what happened between NATO arrogance and and White Americans in the West and its honest about the treatment of native Americans and Tal so honest about the brutality of native Americans toward white settlers. In the lesson in this, this movie opens with Roseman Pikes entire family being slaughtered by native Americans, who raid her her house and then kill her husband to over daughters or baby, I'm in here
he's very brutal stuff, but again it doesn't go easy on the cowboys either. So here is a little bit of radio Seeing over other things you might feel after all, captain, you do know she feel apart. The army wants to be certain of the chief disarmed Montana safely without incident. To get along. Just fine of kills It is good that you have no idea what poor Deston war bag of reasons. This will be done and it will be done by you for it over climate change.
Some the movies, really effective, and I think, Does it again a really good job of trying to draw on all sides of the of the conflict? Here I ended. It does generate a fair bit of sympathy for for everyone involved and does demonstrate there is bad what on every side, bad people on every side in this particular conflict, which is which is well worth remembering that people do bad things, but sometimes to overcome the bad things they ve done up again, I really like the movie. I thought the movie is really really good. I'm surprised that it didn't get more play in the press, but I guess that anytime, you make a movie that is the answers with walls about native Americans, where it turns out that the white guys are universally bad in the native Americans, are universally good. Then I guess that you get a lot of lack for that, so check out the movie. It's really! It's really interesting watch. I think, ok time for a couple of things that I hate.
So the radicalism of the Democrats is on full display Kemal Harris, my senator from California. She is now making statements like assault weapons need to be banned across the country, but she says this is probably the least the least articulate way that I've heard in quite a while to address the fact again. Another foes twice am in favour of the second, the men- and I also monk months mark and safety laws. Saw webpage and be walk in the streets of a civilised country, number one is all weapons aren't walking the streets because people have to be carrying them. Second of all, you generally can't care rival around in public and in third, when she says that she's in favour. The second mended recording it s all weapons should be banned. Everybody acknowledges that when she died,
When people talk about banning assault weapons, they really mean removing virtually all operative rifles in the United States. Its really amazing that the left keeps they're they're, just being dishonest, ok, they're, just being source at this point, what the left really wants to full gunnbiorn. They should just to argue for a full gun ban, because it's actually what they want. That's what they think would be effective, and so that's the thing would be. Back then, what have that conversation, but not willing to have that conversation? Instead, they want to have these little ancillary conversations around the edges. It will have. No, act and gun violence and will simply be the predicate for further encroachment on american liberties. That's really what's going on You know I people on the right, you folks, unless listen to the shop. You want to know why people on the right think that you're going forgone grab because the conversationally starts off like this photon. Let's say we don't want your guns, they say well, you kind of. Do they say what we just want like assault weapon. You say well you know a solomons are ill defined. What do you mean by that is also out of adequate than you? So what's virtually every weapon in circulation in the United States- and I said well, you
It's ok. You know we can take the ones that will make it harder for people to get them. You say well what about ones already in circulation than they show up, we'll have to probably take some of the ones away from you, people in the end anyway, because we have to get them out of circulation. They show what about revolvers because those basically operate. The same way that you don't automatically load the next round in the chamber and well yeah revolvers programme. No two and, by the end of the conversation you ve come around the idea, therefore, before Gunnbiorn, because they believe it In the end, they believe that guns are responsible for the violence. They dont believe that some types of guns are more responsible than other type. Guns, because there's no data to support that anyway, so pointing out the stupidity here. But the radicalism of the Democrats is, of course, a feature not above, for so many on the left to sharpen says that he wants to endorse Kemal Harris Shock of shocks. Are they the the demonstrative intersection? Reality of the left continues every single day I'll, sharpen, illegitimate piece of debris I mean elsewhere, but a bad bad guy. When there's a guy who is participating, racial hoaxes. This is a person who has helped.
Intimately incite violence, and when we talk about speech inciting violence is a guy who went in front of a crowd and accused people of murder who had not committed murder in, and people in, the crowd were calling for violence, and it was our sharply. Bad bad human eye, and here he is endorsing Kemal Harris. Just crazy. I've felt the real passion Roma Camel hours about really fighting for issues like criminal justice, well as the economy and other things, and we made it clear that she was a prosecutor. We may not agree on everything right, but Then she really wanted that audience whose, from around the country so rise, Agnew's up great trapped in Kampala, Harrison one wing of the party and the radicalism He is only being united by their hatred for president from it's one of the reasons why the Democrats law selection after election, although at the point where Trump, when the presidency will find out whether uniting around hatred for Trump, is strong enough to actually create solidarity within the parting. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow to Morrow, I will
speaking Lynch in Lynchburg Virginia at Liberty, university convocation, really looking for that. Looking for a single the students, there should be a blast, but we'll see you here. Again tomorrow. I'm bench bear this adventure Barrow show. The bench of Euro shows produced by math is whether executive producer, Jeremy boring senior producer. Jonathan, hey our technical producers, often Stevens edited by outside gharra audio books by like a car meta Heron make up his by just while there are eventually Eurostar,
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