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Ep. 545 - The Kneel Strong-Arm

2018-05-24 | 🔗
Should the NFL have banned kneeling? Plus, we meet the most entitled 30-year-old in America, and bring you the latest in Spygate 2018! Date: 05-24-2018
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President from talks about the NFL New Ban on kneeling during the national anthem, plus we meet the most entitled thirty year old in America and bring you the latest spite gauge twenty eighteen adventure paralyses the bench a show I want to get to you today? we talking about all that first say thanks to our sponsors over at movement. So you see this watch this one right here this magnificent of hardware. This right here is a movement watch and I were at every single day. In fact, I have two movement watches. My wife has movement watch. My mom has movement watch. My father has a movement watch everybody the offices Movement Watch, not just because their sponsors, but because they make great watches and affordable prices. Movement has come pretty far from it, a bunch of crowd, funding kids working out of living room of the past year that not only introduced autonomy watch collections for both men and women, but also expanded to sunglasses in fashion for bracelets for women, and these watches art there their simple and clean. Looking they really look like much more expensive watches. They begin it just ninety five bucks
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I believe, for the Denver Nuggets and he didn't want to stand up the national anthem. He was fine and pretty quickly. He ended up standing for the national anthem. Steve NASH refuse to put hand over his heart for the national anthem, I believe he was fined as well. The engage always had this rule the innovations we should have allowed the politicization of its games. It is a product when your product is politicized, then you take action to prevent that pollute association, but the unofficial wanted to reach out to new audiences, and so not only did they support the political decision they actually boarded the politicization even before the national anthem protests. If you recall of way back to two thousand and thirteen two thousand fourteen during the Ferguson issues in two thousand fourteen there, a bunch of players ran out the in the hands up, don't shoot motion? No fine, but there are people who wanted to wear gear that honoured, the slain Dallas police officers in two thousand fifteen and the NFL threatened find them before the NFL back down. So the ETA El took positions on these issues in the worst and stupidest possible way. Will now the NFL has decided there
They come out and ban the kneeling altogether. He s been reports. The new policy subjects teams to a fine if a player or other team personnel do not show respect for the anthem. That includes any attempt to sit or Neil as dozens of players does, or in the past you seasons. Those teams will also have the option to find any team personnel, including players for the infraction so Roger Good AL, who, I think has been rather not at a fell. Commissioner. Actually he's been the beneficiary of tremendous growth in the event of natural, because Roderick Adele. However, he said this is an all legal. In personnel shall stand, show respect for the flag and the anthem. Personnel choose not to stay the anthem they stay in the locker room until after the outcome has been performed. We believe today's decision will keep our focus on the game, an extraordinary athletes who play it and on our fans who enjoy it. And a thirty two teams agreed to the following requirements: all team and leap personnel on the fields stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem. The game operations manual be revised. Remove the requirement that all players beyond the field for the anthems you can stay in the in the in the locker room personnel issues
stand for me at the May, stand in a locker room or similar location off the field until after the answer has been performed, a call will be fine by the league of its personnel, are on the field and do not stand in show respect for the flag and the anthem. Each club may develop to work rules consistent with the above principles regarding its personnel, who do not stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem the commissioner will impose appropriate discipline on the personnel who do not stand and show respect for a flag and the anthem. Ok, so what is the actual practical effective is going to be about Some people are going to stay in the locker room out of solidarity with people who would meal but were not allowed to said the last year during the actual national anthem controversy by thing it is stupid and counterproductive signal for that. Show them. I think it is disrespectful, but I dont think that players, you anything beyond. If they want to stand with their with their fellows, they should just stand with their fellows. Instead of dealing with their fellows, they should stand there and put their hand on their shoulders. Something like that, and I think what we'll see, is solidarity with these guys and a lot of people now stand. Locker room so gets a rehash. This entire controversy all over again
things will get even worse than what you will see is bunch player, stand locker room and the owners in order to virtue signals left, will decide to pay the fines and that's we're getting from New York jets. Chairman Christopher Johnson, who says he'll take to hit. You said I do not like imposing any club specific rules as such on the jets takes any. That fund will be borne by the organization by me, not the players. I never want to put restrictions on the speech for players, so I prefer that they stand of course, but I understand if they felt the need to protest. There's some big Look at it issues that we're all struggling, whether our players on the front lines. I don't wanna, come down on them like a ton of bricks and I won't there'll be no club. Vines are suspensions or any sort of repercussions. If the team gets fine, that's just then I'll have to bear? I think you're gonna see a lot of other owners follow suit and then always you don't follows you will be called a antagonists of free speech, people who don't support free speech when this controversy will just continue. While president from responded to all of this by the bye bye celebrating this big victory for president from Cultural and because everything in our politics has broken down into stupid conversations over winners and losers, as opposed to what's good for the country. This is turn into a bit
egg win for Trump and from now on he says that it's a big one for drove, because trunk got the NFL to cave in change their policy. But it's a big one for America. Here's President Trump explaining you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. Will you shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there? Maybe you should be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem, and the other alone, as did the right thing, that's what they ve done. Ok, so here is the here's the reality you dont have to stand for the national than in the United States should you stand. Shore is a sign of respect for the nation, yes, and all of the players who are black and who are protesting about suppose it police brutality against black folks. I think that they would be better served by play from the playbook of Frederick Douglass or or from the public, Martin Luther King and say: listen, I'm amateur stand for the anthem, because the anthem is mine too, and then they can come out, they can say- and I don't think we're living up to the the metallic these guys have no platform. They do have a platform. One celebrity speak. People listen but kneeling for
national anthem was a crude method of attempting to draw attention and actually created more of a backlash. Then it was meant to do. I do not think it is appropriate for the President of the United States to be inserted himself in these controversies. Don't I dont think it was appropriate when Obama get it. I dont think its appropriate when President Trump does it. President Obama, administration inserted themselves into controversies like this in North Carolina. When there is an act at the local level and Charlotte to prevent transgender people from using opposite sex bathrooms and there's a boycott of the anti double lay in the entire left supported, they thought it was great Dnc double. I was not going to allow final for games to be played in North Carolina thanks to a local bathroom policy. They thought this was great, but Annabel says we're not going to allow people to kneel. Then it's a huge problem because the NFL is cracking down on free speech Nellis it. I M a free speech, absolutist, but private companies have the ability to take steps to curb free speech. There is a difference between me going in speaking, Uc, Berkeley and mingling, going in speaking at the university when spoken to in university. They threatened to arrest me. They said if you walk on this camp has even though,
I've been invited by student group- is that if you walk on the campus, you will be arrested and I respected that because listen, it is a private university where they wrong, where they stupid sure do they have the right to do it. You bet they do now. There is also a major difference and I dont like the comparisons between. Oh, you conservatives comply about safe spaces on college campuses. But now you want to save space. Edna fell again. There is no compared between a college campuses nfl get there really is not for a simple reason. College campuses are explicitly places for exchange of ideas when I'm invited by a student group. It is not to play football, but I'm invite biased. It would mean I suck at football, but I'm invited by a student group. It is specifically to give my opinion when you go to an end. It fell game. You are purchasing in entertainment, package to watch the NFL and part and parcel of that is the patriotic show signs of the Superbowl last year and the Superbowl was deeply patriotic deeply patriotic for those who have never been to again it's not just the national anthem beforehand, it's the full waving the flag. During the commercials, its
this was in a dome stadium, but usually it's the it's. The blue angels fly over the whole deal. The NFL has always been heavily tied in with a lot of patriotic imagery. That's part of the products that they are owing to the american people is that this is the all american sport or we get together as a community, every Sunday afternoon and we remember the Americas great place and we enjoy howls and just watch some people clock each other as basically what football is all about, and it's not the nfl asphalt if that product is being under but by people on the field, and they say: listen we're not going to withstand the fans who don't want to watch our games. We are not going to withstand the ticket sales loss and we're not can withstand the tv ratings loss. Take them Entire an affair is moving in the direction of whatever the tv rating say and the tv ratings and twenty seven teamwork Jonah for eight percent. That's a significant significant drop, though not all of that is due to the national anthem controversy, but certainly part of it is due to the national anthem controversy when there have been posed,
people who say they are not watching as much nfl, something like fifty percent of them cite the national anthem controversy, because they don't feel solidarity with the players or kneeling for the national anthem. It is not the same thing as a college. Campuses again more, like first of all, I ve outside contract rooms brought in by a student group for that free exchange, ideas, again, college campuses, our for ideas and values, are playing football. Production of aid of a product. It's more like a college campuses had a professor who Engineering and this engineering professor, decided that they are going to talk politics at the beginning of every engine in class and pretty soon it turns out that industry weren't. You learn engineering and their interested in hearing the politics and they I'll drop out of the class. Does the college now have the right away the guy off? In my opinion, the college does have right away, the guy off you speaking outside of his realm of prey is politics is political purview if you're in policy a little bit different story. Mps engineering? Is there to provide an engineering product if the Asian or in product does not need specifications? The college can do what it wants and that's not quite the same thing.
As a student group inviting someone for a political conversation and then the college cracking down on it political side. Of that political conversation, heavy the case has been made on campus is that this is a safe space and the people and political points of view in an inherently political area should not be able to speak because being made with regard to the NFL. Is I'm not gonna tune in to watch lectures on police brutality. When I wanna watch football game that is not the same case. That's being made is not about the NFL being a safe space. It is about the NFL not providing what it promised. Consumers and that's why you ve seen so many people drop out now what that said, MIKE Pence tweeted out hashtag winning. I do not think it is appropriate government officials to say that it is willing to pressure a price organization to crack down on members. Its organisation for political reasons, I don't think, that's appropriate. I think that is one thing for
you are for me to SAM turning off the tv. I think, if from said, listen I've been turning off the tv. That's fine! I think the the attempt, the pretty clear attempt governmental attempt to pressure private organisations to do things on free speech basis. I dont like it, and I don't think it's winning by the way. I dont think that you know you're running with your base year when it with your base, but explain why then does actually counterproductive for trump and parents to a certain degree in just one second first say thanks for sponsors over at policy genius, so eighty percent of people think life insurance costs double what it actually costs. Life insurance is not all that x. And there is no excuse for you what so ever. There is no excuse for you whatsoever not to buy life insurance, because if you're plots tomorrow, you gonna leave your family poor, and there is no reason for you to do that when you could go online right now and get yourself a good health life Insurance programme, and then you'll have to worry about it ever again. Healthy thirty five euros can get half a million bucks in coverage for less than thirty bucks a month there is reason that should be EU policy. Genius is the easy way to come
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president of the United States, taking in here the political issue and instead of being circumspect about the issues that are being that are there in play. Going straight to the everybody who disagrees with me should be reported, stop thinking um. I think it's counterproductive. I think it doesn't unify the country and actually has a counterproductive response, because here is the question for Trump. It's all about the political when I get it. Ok politician is about political went, but for the country. What I would like it, more Americans to believe that standing for the national anthem is an inherent good, not fewer Americans. The polls show that before president from got involved in this particular issue, like seventy five percent. Eighty percent of Americans thought that it was. Stupid and wrong to kneel for the national anthem? Now the trumpets gotten himself involved, it's more like fifty five or sixty percent, so to win for Trump, because a majority, public still agrees with him, but it is not a win for America. If twenty percent of the public now believes the other way, simply because they don't, like president trumped up again,
understand. The I understand the gut level response of President Trump, which is what he is, what he does. I understand why that's popular, but I dont think that its productive for the country now with all of that set it was not trumpet politicized the ETA fell. It was the end of all players who politicize the NFL Long before from was even involved with this kid. They were the ones who decided to know from the national anthem. They were the ones who decided to wear socks, column cap connected with the depiction of cops as pigs. That was their decision to make located can't blame people for responding to that decision. Just as I don't blame protesters for protest in my speeches where they are allowed to protest, my speeches- that's fine, I think they're wrong, but that's ok, that's part of a political conversation. Well, this is part of the political conversation two again. I do not think that NFL games are anything like college campuses. I'm not crazy about the idea of the NFL cracked.
Down on players doing this, although I think they should have done so at the beginning. Jonathan last, I thought: how did that suggestion? The NFL should have just come out and say: listen, our consumers, don't want to see what you are doing. Our consumers don't like this. So we're setting rules end of story. Instead they turned it into a sort of principled point and obviously everyone can see through the principal points everyone can see through these so called principled idea here, because it's not really principled, it's much more about the notion that they are going to crack down players in order to make sure that their wallets are still stuffed. So I get all of it was an. I understand the arguments I'm just not in love with it. I know The people on the right are very much in love with the sad to big ones, but I'm not in love with it as much as everybody else, because I see the danger in private organizations seeing political speech as far as a serious problem, although I agree that the NFL products is being seriously compromised by all Ok, meanwhile, speaking of people who need a safe space, but I have to show you this tape there's a thirty year old, whose evicted from his home in a
judicial proceeding so he's a thirty year old unemployed man is assault. Scrapped conservative, whose evicted by his parents, so the host of CNN Brooke Baldwin, had this guy on the skies. Obviously
z person. The guy is named, Michael Return do and it did not go well for him to my understanding. It lived at your parents house, rent free for eight years, and I know you do your own laundry you by your own food, but they asked you five times. Please move out. Why couldn't you guys resolve this without the court? I would consider much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks and what I was I mean: do you live their parents, maybe a little bit longer them than we can we wish? We could please take us if your water, I'm sure, you're. Ok, I'm sure your parents are urged, but you only have one mom and dad, and I and I understand
You are, probably more upset been even your letting on, but but don't you want to reconcile with them? Ok, let me go. Let me point out here that the Bruce Baldwin obviously having this guy on just to humiliate him, and this is this- is not great as it is a television house. You shouldn't, have people on simply to make them look stupid. I think that it's kind of a waste of time and waste every time that said there is another point are to be met so CNN. Is spending an awful lot of time of the scottish public five ten minutes with this guy talking about how he wanted to stay? when he was entitled CNN is very much in mind. Or of the idea that if you occupy somebody, else's dwelling. You should not be affected. Hey there, though Who saying that when banks evict people for non payment of their bills, that this How cruel and terrible people I want to have it both ways they want. A millennium generation is entitled when they act precisely how CNN and MSNBC tell them do, which is your you shouldn't? Java parents. We were told that until we are today six we're staying on our parents, health insurance and we should
withdraw our parents, our parents owe it to us. We were told that we too, I live in the home. There is nothing wrong with that. You should stay. As long as you want shrivelled squash will to live on the street will do whatever you want this guy? Does it and suddenly being castigated for the dubious that here and obviously here's a dubious go to show you how the underlying narrative points that CNN is trying to drive home that are successful for them. In many cases, our conservative points its we ve only when you go to watch movies from Hollywood. Hollywood obviously very left area its place where virtually everybody's Democrat. But if you just watch movies without knowing the politics of the people behind it, and you could avoid Oliver stupid, insertions of politics into the particular movies that you're watching what you would see is actually a very served of narrowed and its drawn out in nearly every movie is usually a good guy and a bad either. The concept of good and evil is usually. Somebody comes into conflict and hast resolve that conflict through a crisis of will, in principle, a very conservative idea.
All, the same thing happens on CNN right here so CNN. If this were a story about the parents evicting their son, that's it then come out from the other angle is a story that parents rang get where there's on. There's a look: how cruel these parents are these parents are so cool, so terrible, but because they decided to take the conservative angle is much more compelling tv, which is. Why are you so your parents to stay in their home again, it's is to see so many folks on the left or saying you should be independent. You should get out of your parents home. Why are you bothering parents then, at the same time their say? Well, you know what you really should be deeply pendant on the government, be dependent on the government, dependence on everyone else. There is nothing wrong with taking a government check theirs. Nothing wrong we're takin, a handout, there's nothing wrong with demanding a hand up, and they said, as self described can certainly but ejaculate Bernie Sanders. Lefty is Bernie Sanders Lefties, who say that I here. Therefore, you owe me stuff precisely the angle that this guy's taking and CNN in, for it said somewhere like them to aspiration what this guided wrong? I think really funny. I think
this guy on with Bernie Sanders, and they could aspirants Anders if the guy is doing something truly awful because he's paying is ran right. I mean he's he's doing it supposed to do presently. Bernie Sanders would stand up for him, but CNN is not static, for him, because even they understand that there is nothing good happening there in terms of of the useful ok. So before I go any further, I would talk about in and Trumpet North Korea, because you made a very major move on North Korea. This morning, first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at puppy spot, so the best place to find the perfect copy is puppy, spot dot com, listen, I'm not a daughter, I'm not a warm and cuddly person, but this I do know. If you are going to get a puppy, then this puppy has to be valid, Is I've seen too many cases my grandmother went to the polish pickup adopted ordinarily bitter I mean it's. It's really like this sort of some, happens a lot. This is why, if you're trying to find a perfect puppy, you need to go to puppy spot tat com. It's a trusted service connecting the nations top readers to carrying responsible individuals and families can puppy spot is more than a service there.
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great, wants to actually give something up. There's no deal, that's gonna get done here and there is a far better show that the United States will make a bad move, that the bad move will involve, pulling troops off the peninsula. Or scaling down military drills or making some sort of promise finance way to him, John, on which I do not support. Well, President Trump did the right thing. So, a few days ago North Korea threatened nuclear showdown with the United States, so this was just a few couple days ago, North Korea, according to have him in has escalated. It's war of words with the US repeating a threat on Thursday to call off the planned June. Twelve summit with press. Donald Trump warning that a nuclear showdown could instead be on the table in a statement published by North Korea's official career. Central NEWS Agency, the North vice minister of Public Affairs chosen, who claimed reckless remarks made by top Ios officials as the reason behind Pyongyang's second thoughts showed, took aim at VP, my pence in particular, and called him a political dummy North Korea is unbridled and imprudent comments and impeding comments, rather peasant warranted a Fox news interview, the people.
And could follow the Libya model of Kim Genuine does make a deal which was a deal were more market off. He met a brutal and, after his decision to de nuclear eyes, North Korea has long expressed his Stacy comparisons with Libya. They don't want to look like a week country. They gave their nuclear weaponry and all the rest, so they were ripping. On my pants and they were suggesting that they were going to pull out of the June twelve summit, and so came out and he wrote a letter in his letter. Basically said Vine stay home. I don't care, which is exactly right. That's exactly right in the United States is not the country in trouble here. The country in trouble here is North Korea and let's face the reality, North Korea is in trouble They blew up their own nuclear mountain at collapse in on them weeks ago. They do not have a nuclear testing site inside North Korea because they had a physical problem with their nuclear testing site it broke. What can it be their own testing site, which is an amazing thing and present from was just sitting there and then there like. Can we have some toxic, absolutely cats and dogs and then, in order to say
face there make no sort of noises about nuclear war. So president from this is where president trumps habit of being just a blow, the aiding hammer of a human being. It really comes in handy. So here is what he wrote at. You have to love this. It's so good. He writes. Do MR chairman, we create I appreciate your time, patience and effort with respect to our recent negotiations and discussions relative to a summit alongside by both parties, which was scheduled to take place in June. Twelve in Singapore. We're inform the meeting was requested by North Korea, but that to us is totally irrelevant. I was very much looking forward to being there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate at this time tat. This long planned meeting, therefore pleased that this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place. You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful. Did I pray to God? They were met.
Have to be used about Lessons- is so drunk it so Trump and it's so great their minutes, like Donald Trump brag about his generals and his nuclear capabilities. In exactly the same when they're so massive and powerful, I pray to God, they would never have to be spectacular, it's so good brightly lit. It is the president of the United States telling North Koreans guys, like let's be real here, you're pretending that this is a partnership of Co. Equal, they were going to sit down across the table and we're going to pretend like North Korea is a real country and not a crazy dictatorship. For you, and in a gulag hundreds of thousands of people and then test be level. Nuclear weapons are to pretend that, but let's be real, we're massive were used. You may say- and they continue I felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that dialogue that matters someday look very much forward to meeting you in the meantime. I would thank you for the release of the hostages we're home with their families. Beautiful gesture and was very much appreciated witches in reminding them. You guys are made concessions made.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You idiots you! Let out the hostages, and now and I can do meeting and I'm in a laugh about how a nuclear weapons are better than yours. You get all of this is kind of hilarious. There must be real kind of funny does chant. Does it increase the chances of nuclear war? No because the north? green regime does not want to get into nuclear war with the United States. We would turn his palace into an of glass in thirty seconds flat. This is not happening. Ok, there's knock em your war between North Korea and the United States, because Kim Jong IL is not suicidal and all of the coins since he was prepared to make or not going to be made because Donald Trump Sweet talk, as inevitable, without Donald Trump being able to cut a better you'll than anyone else or anything like that. Pay, the art of Nego Nation does not lie in you, giving somebody a pat on the head and a shoulder rob. That's not how negotiation ort the way it works is from is ready to walk away from the table. Ok? This is true for your salary negotiations at your own company. It is true for everyone you have to your own head. What is your walk away point? What is the point where you say? Listen! This is not worth it for me. I'm out Trump knew that is walkway point was pretty much anything
their North Korea decided to make trouble here, just gonna say fine, throw it enjoy your poverty, stricken country wore out, and if you make trouble what guess, our military threat is still on the table It continues along these lines. If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or right. The world. North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prospects. And while this missed opportunity is a truly said moment in history, sincerely oarsmen, it's the biggest signature ever like you must have seen the signature. It's like the entire page. Like President Ramos, like you know, I just so so Kim Jong IL doesn't need to use his reading glasses he's good at using going to sign this huge spiky signature, the Donald from signature. That's, ok! You can hate Donald Trump as much as you want. That's pretty great stuff. This is what he is supposed to do. What to Larry is folks on the left or take. How could Donald Trump do this? How good look just shows how Journal
crumple it now here's where Donald Trump went wrong. You should have been running around talking about how he was gonna win the Nobel Prize for meeting with Kim Jong IL beforehand, but that's trumps thing. Ok, we gotta pretend for half a second here that president from isn't the guy who walks around bragging about everything. Have you met him? Have you seen him, of course, as units people started saying about rise. He was gonna go around talking about how he was about to win eight Nobel prizes in physics in literature, all of them right. He was gonna like that was going to happen, but here's the right that that was trapping him in a situation where he was going to have more stake in having the meeting then in getting something good out of meeting. That obviously does not troops. If I sound relieved, it's because I am President Obama was not like this. President Obama was willing to grant every shred of credibility. He could to a terrorist regime in IRAN. Just so, he could say that
a deal and whose great peacemaker he was not willing to walk away from the table because his interest was in the deal itself. President trumps interest- I was sceptical about this, but it is, is in making a good deal. It is making a better deal, I'm very much heartened by president from its willingness to walk away from the table with can download because don't think that was smart for him to put it out there, that we're are going to meet with him drunk without preconditions. In the first place I dont think it was Martin into a room, not knowing what we wanted from Kim Jong own. I am very happy that he said listen. My walk like what was right here. You passed it we're out good good Namibia's. Preemptive to be sceptic menus preemptive, maybe he figured the North Koreans we're gonna castle. He wandered council first, it was more of you can't you can fire me I quit. Maybe was that maybe that's what was going on, but whatever it was at least Trump was willing to say that any gotta love the to re got above the attitude, because the attitude is just spectacular, it is indeed high. Where is it
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Wednesday morning. According to law and crime, dot com that President Donald Trump may not block critics on twitter, so many of those critics must now be unblock For those Rhonda Hutch when it works the way it works that you send off your MRS into cyberspace, and anyone can see them unless that person. The in which case you have the ability to do one of two things. You can either mute them. She can't see their responses to you. This is my preferred method, because I just an amused by the idea that there are people who are so upset about what I'm saying that they are firing back tweet after treated me, and I can't hear them at all rights, the equivalence of me, putting new romanian these green or sticking my thumbs in my ears. I don't So we need to listen to you and you still think you're talking to me. So I think that's really funny, but there is also block or get a block function. Is You can't even see my tweets, I dont believe actually used the black button on anyone on Twitter. If I have one or two people, maybe the president from has over the years blocked a lot of people, and there are lots of legislators Have I blocked by a number of Hollywood celebrities. A number of Democrats of Black
me as well. That is not a shock because they don't want you seeing their tweets and then mocking the Red particularly got big following because One point: four million followers on twitter, and so that gives me the ability to have someone to eat something stupid tweet out about their tweed and then it's not good for them. So in any case, there is a lawsuit filed against Trump for blocking people on Twitter. Here's my this is done. First of all, you can still view any of Donald Trump tweets simply by going to Twitter to come and not logging in If you don't log in ages view his twitter feed. You can do that without actually having the count on Twitter. Second, are we really suggesting the media dont cover trunks, twitter, feed, is this suggestion here they have no access to what Donald Trump said. If your, if you are not on blocked by President Trump and Twitter, is not a public utility right twitter is immense. Then for distribution. So this would seem to suggest that if the President of the United States gives an interview, one outlet must give an interim
at what you can give an exclusive anymore. In said, every outlet must be welcome, welcomed into the White House Press office. Every time from has a press conference. Lobbies is stupid and seventy five page order. You is this judge. I owe me rice, Buchwald concisely began her lengthy analysis with the following emphatic. Finding of law this case require us requires us to consider whether a public official may consistent with the first minute lock a person from his twitter account in response to the political views that person has expressed and whether the analysis difference, because that book officials. The president of the United States, in the answer to both questions is no and says we hold that portions the real Donald Trump accounts, the interactive space, where twitter users may directly engaged with the content of the president's tweets opera, barely analyzed under the public Forum doctrines set forth by the Supreme Court and at such spaces designated public forum that the blocking of the plaintiffs, based on their political speech constitutes viewpoint. Discrimination that violates the first amendment well, Twitter owns trumps account. Twitter could shut down his account tomorrow.
He doesn't own twitter. Can Twitter is not a public forum? Doesn't pay tax dollars to twitter again? This is This is completely idiotic, and if this is the case, then presumably I should soon epidemics, legislators who have been blocking me but antipathy for thee, antipathy for the the Trump Administration has led the judiciary just to the stupidest possible conclusions, like really really dumb conclusions. What they say is that, under Supreme Court jurisprudence, there are three types of public forums for traditional designated men limited and closed, so they found There's a designated public form because anyone can viewed from sweet because anyone with a twitter account can followed from sweet. Because anyone is not blossoms what it can interact with from sweet the social media directly said social media director at that White House. Dance Colino said twitter is hadron communicates with you. The american people again, twitter is a private company. Twitter is not a public forum, but this how stupid these
Jerry has become no speaking of twitter and stupidity. Michael Avenue, I remember him is the lawyer for Stormy Daniels and he is the great leader of the Democratic Party. Now he is the great white hope to take down President Trump Trump will fall thanks to the bravery and Supreme leadership of my gloves, naughty and stormy Daniel should cast her spells from the witches of breastwork and president Trump will immediately be cast out of office. Will now it turns out there. Eleven out. He is a coward, so he is now made. His account on Twitter Box is locked. It has made it a private account, The has six hundred thousand followers on twitter any blocked entire counterparts, We can see my gloves naughty since this is the gets out information, and I can make the claim that MIKE Lava Naughty is not able to block me, because Twitter is a public forum such as mobile phone, just like in a public park. He can't force me to be removed from a public park canning. He says I purposely lock my account to the following. Due to the following. Bought, abusive, trolls and we'll be releasing some sensitive info in the coming weeks, and I want to somewhat controllable.
As initial access to it, you're not gonna control, who has an equal access to a duty of six hundred thousand followers on twitter and a lot of those people presumably are going to distribute that information is it heads. Rainless Ed CNN rightly said this is ridiculous. He rightly said this hypocritical. How can you say that he's a champion of the press when, at the same time his blocking the poorest or covering him, after the real mildly, critical tweets, but again hypocrisy, thy name be leftism and there the hypocrisy of the left is on full display throughout all of this just silliness, and in this this twitter spat is really particularly stupid. I'm in the fact that that from tweets things out and the people look at those does not mean that you have direct access to president trumps, every thought anytime, regardless as to who you are, or they have no access to trumpet. You can follow me on Twitter. I promise you. People are pretty aware of what president from his doom these days, but it shows the perversion of these visionary and the fact that the judges, the president, trumpets letting our deeply important because
once the judiciary monopolized by the left. Then they will use that judiciary cram somewhat out of dot whenever dumb policy they see fit to cram down that day. Ok, meanwhile, the the Mahler investigation continues to move forward. The latest on that is that Mahler is planning and Sentencing George Papadopoulos. Remember. George Papadopoulos is a former trumped campaign aid, the case that was being made the Obama administration, the FBI, the GEO J under Obama, is that it was scrutiny of George Papadopoulos that led to the opening of the term. Seclusion investigation, because Papadopoulos had met with a professor in London who had said that that that he had access two Hilary Glens emails, the russian hacking and Papadopoulos had gone bragging about it. This is what led to the opening of the investigation according to the FBI. Well, now a pair we according to see it in a porter Schuman project. He says that the the Mahler office has asked the course begin. The sentencing process. He says it signals now. There, dumb with George Papadopoulos in its cooperation, has been
fighting them information for months now, cooperating with them within the last hour and special councils Office filed a status report saying they are ready for to be sons and they are already so. This is not. The ghost and indicators to what exactly he knew or when he knew it or what this means for present interim, but among our investigation continues apace now. What do you think that's where is about all this is that it is quite plausible, is quite plausible impossible. The mother investigation comes up with nothing. The latest indicator that they could come up with nothing is jarred. Closure is adjourned. Culture, as a recall, is president from Son in law is also a top adviser to president trompe is run his Middle EAST policy and is China policy at his toilet replacement policy and pretty much every other policy. A lot of the policy considerations go through pushers office. I think some of the
beyond his brief, but he's done a good job on the Middle EAST. So I'm happy with that. In any case, Jirga Kosher, he has been very cooperative with Robert Mother, and you recall that, just a few months ago, his put his clearances Topsecret security clearance was revoked by John Kelly was the way our chief of staff, because yet a temporary tap security clearance and that was revoked after there is a staffer who was ousted from the White House for having allegedly abused his Ex wife and an ex girlfriend. You remember that whole story, while after that John Kelly revoked the temporary topsecret clearances, a bunch of people including journey cushions and a bunch of people in the press. This must be because pushers, corrupt, it must be because kosher is crap, well now kosher has his Topsecret security clearance back so so much for the whole he so corrupt. He can't get topsecret clearance back routine he's got his Topsecret clears back, not only that he was given his topsecret clearance back after he's been in you by Robert Mahler, twice for seven hours. Here's questioners lawyer explaining I dont know than anybody could be cooperating more. He is slow,
to them when asked, is provided them with tons of documents that reflect what is provided Congress and what else they have asked for. He sat down in the fall when they wanted to ask questions about General Flynn and he was very happy to spend almost an entire work day when they asked again. So I would say it's the definition of corporations idiotic the assumption on the part of the left is that jarred cushion was gonna go to jail, but there is too much corruption, who's gonna go to jail. That's why you couldn't have as topsecret clearance. That obviously was false and not only those that falls cushioned has sat down with robber mode. I'm more than one occasion, and everything is fine for him. So I think that a lot of the left narrative about mowers going to get trump at all going to fall. Apart from, I think, a lot of that is falling apart. What that said, I still am skeptical of president from story that unfairly targeted by the FBI, beginning of twenty. Sixteen, I'm still very sceptical of this. I don't
seen why, if he was targeted by the FBI, he doesn't just declassified the documents demonstrating this. The president of the United States has plenary power to declassed by anything he wants under FBI auspices. So that means tonight he could just get rid of the of the classification status for the fine words on car page. He could just get rid of the classification status on all the information about the informant against his campaign. And again I am sure that can we have to be very specific in our language when president from says that he was spied on. His campaign was spied on members of his campaign had an informant against them. That's not the same thing as saying that the trump himself was spied on or cushions spied on or banned it was spied on or any of the tap members of his campaign at any point: low level people who, when discussing the possibility of working with Russia, it seems to me or the targets of the informant region being Well, here is just I want to go with the evidence leads. The evidence ends up leading to spy gates. Twenty eighteen, fine, fine, if that's, where leads, I'm happy to go there but so far I have not seen the Evidence- and I won't be very specific.
Restart, slandering the entire FBI and suggesting the F B. I was out to get trumpet March twenty sixteen before he had even one. The nomination is up. Let such these specific and our accusations. Ok, I think that the time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so may think that I like today, so I've been watching this so stars series egg, it's an old star surgeon. Two thousand thirteen thousand fourteen with Rebecca Hamilton has become a relatively major sorry in life with regular hall, I shouldn't a bunch of others have now as well. I end the leave this many series, the White Queen and the White Queen is about the period in english history. This, like fourteen, seventy fourteen eightys, the parent, english history, british history, in which there is the war of the roses are. This is the period covering Edward, the fourth Richard, the third who you will recall from your expert classes in high school. If you actually went with decent Highschool eye and then the period
immediately, following with the restoration of Henry the fourth, so yes and reform, so that that is the sixth. In any case, the series is quite good it's really well produced its stars. That means there is a little bit of booby for no apparent reason, so just be more about that. If that something to bother you but the, but the production quality is excellent. I it is, it is real I was watching and the portrayal Richard. The third is really interesting because it is exactly counter to the shakespearian portrayal of Richard. The third to remember that Richard, the third was the last of the Plantagenet and at the time the Shakespeare was writing, which is too ten years after the well. Let's see when we Shakespeare writing, no nominatives check it out Shakespeare. Was writing within the next century right Shakespeare, in writing in the late fifteen hundred about a hundred years later and he's writing after this and the current regime in Britain, its Elizabeth Elizabeth England. Elizabeth in England is a sport. Of the line that followed Richard. The third right so remember,
that the the House of Lancaster has recovered its predominance by the time that Shakespeare is writing and the and Richard two thirds family. His entire family was the the wood. Was the m? Not do you not the way it was last Plantagenet so as it was, the Lancaster is first, the orange says. The York families in New York family was fighting the plea for fighting Ass, her for a predominant, the Lancaster send of winning Shakespeare's writing underline Castra Queen Queen Elizabeth, and what this resulted in his work is real. Biased against for the third version that there is an evil guy who killed his nephews and and all the rest. I would have to recommend a book probably next time on Richard. That sort of the boxes, but the series of debunks it as well. So here's lobe of the province of white Wine and Lady Elizabeth Gray Eyes has done what he should not. He is married from another house and a commoner at that. Many wishing asked for making it son more like a battle in a marriage is a battle.
She could never be Roy she's. My queen of choices can easily be undone monitoring, ten thousand men from the south. We will crush Queen Elizabeth Good, ok, so there, then, the series actually really well shaded. You don't get me yet at any one of these people is like the great hero, although richer. The third is treated very sympathetically poaching quality. Very, very high is Henry the saddened by the way who was the man who is the successor to Should the third. Obviously you remember from Shakespeare Class, my horse, my horse, my kingdom, for a horse that comes from Richard, the third that last battle. That is what the series approaches near the end, but it's really well done. The acting is quite good. The scripting is quite good well worth watching. Very sympathetic, taken on virtually all of the characters are definitely worth checking out. Ok, a now time for a quick thing that I
ok. So here is the thing that I hate today. The thing that I hate is that there is freedom of information request at request. That was reported by the Baltimore Post about Brok, Obama and his top advisers after the tragedy at sandy hook. Ok right after the tragedy at sandy hook after the active evil at sandy hook, in which twenty children were shot and six staffers were shot as well, To death, the the top members of the Obama administration immediately began discussing how to use this as a political weapon before the bodies were even called he's a two days after the massacre left twenty six dead. There's a text exchange between Chica Murayama manual, former chief of staff for President Obama and education. Terry aren't Duncan about what to do, and they were discussing so dumb What are your thoughts in the subject? Wine city shooting a mangles, had go for a vote this week, a sap afford fades tap people's emotion, make it simple assault, weapons. Yep thanks reply,
the education secretary and then a manual robot when I did Brady Bill and assault weapons for Clinton. We always make it simple criminals or war weapons and then Duncan asked about so called gunshot loopholes. He's a gunshot loophole database, calculable. It's too complicated set a manual cop killer, maybe answered Emmanuel, the other no got it Duncan agreed so already trading ideas on how exactly to take advantage of this entire thing media polarization, immediate politicization the attempt to turn it into a rallying cry for gun control. Tap people's emotions is, we know, listen, that's politics, but one is exposed to public view. It is a little bit gross. It is a little bit grows in. I think everybody see that the supposed sincerity of the Obama administration and pushing legislation connected with gun control was largely, tapping into people's emotions, which you can tell certainly at the time. Ok will be back here tomorrow with mailbox after going to subscribe. Now is the day to do it, because this means that you got to be part of our mail bag tomorrow
check it out and over a daily wire and if we want to join our vent in Phoenix or Dallas go to daily, where Dotcom slash events check this out as well an apple news. We always appreciated we'll see you here tomorrow and then prepare this eventually Russia, the bench of Euro, show, is produced by sending a villa real executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora. Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron, makeup is by just one over the bench Bureau show is a daily wire.
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