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Ep. 561 - What In The Everloving Hell?

2018-06-15 | 🔗
The Department of Justice Inspector General releases its long-awaited report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary investigation, and we check the mailbag! Date: 06-15-2018
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The Department of Justice Inspector General releases, its long awaited report on the FBI's handling of the Hitler investigation, will break the entire thing down for you and will check the mail bag compare this adventure Barroso. You owe me yesterday, was a boring Newsday until it was not my goodness, a bunch of new features approach in the middle of the afternoon and has continued until the up through today and we'll go through all of it interest. One. Second first, I want to make sure that you know about the conversation we're having episode of the conversation next week on Tuesday June 19th, five hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern two hundred and thirty p dot M Pacific. All of your questions will be answered by yours. Truly Ben Shapiro Twitter foolish across our lives, you and it will be available on Youtube and Facebook for everybody to watch, but only subscribers can actually ask me what and over a daily wired outcome check out the pin comments on this video for more information about how to do that again. Subscribing you can ask me those live questions tuesdays you, nineteen, by
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and his campaign during the campaign. I've been very sceptical of that. I have explained why my scepticism posing the evidence, was not there to support it, and I was very suspicious that the that all the rumours about the FBI attacking president from this we just being overblown payment for partisan reasons, while color me a lot more suspicious today that those rumours are true. Color me a lot more suspicious today that the that the plan- to take down. President drums campaign, may not in fact just because you're paranoid does mean they're not out to get you. I mean it's basically what I'm getting farther garnering from the Department of Justice Inspector General Report, because the key finding from this inspector general. Port is. There were indeed agents at the F B. I who are politically motivated to stop President Trump from being President deeply involved in both the Hilary investigation and the Russia investigation. Now this particular inspector general report was not about the russian investigation. So president from said today, for example that the report prove there is no collusion. It didn't
hey that that is not part of the report will find out whether there was collusion or not so far. No evidence of collusion and the whole thing looks like it's. Him come up empty, but that there can be wrong right, Wolf GO or the evidence takes us, but what this report did come, was the FBI's handling of the Hilary investigation and the key age and in the Hitler investigation was gonna. Peter struck Ray you ve heard of him, because we talk about him before Peter struck. Of course, is the guy was texting with his living luxuries text, LISA page is paramour. Another FBI agent, they're both married so that both just lovely human beings and they were texting with each other throughout the campaign and Peter struck with very antitrust they're allowed. These texts that came out, but the biggest story that came from the inspector general report is that Peter struck was basically texting with his lover that he was going to use his power at the FBI in order to stop president from its very difficult to read his text any other way. So, let's go through The inspector generals report is five hundred and twenty eight pages that report I spent a lot of yesterday reading it I didn't want to give full commented on yesterday, show because it broke in a while. The show was
was happening in a little bit afterward and I really wanted to give the whole thing perusal before I before I jump to conclusions about the report, I have now read the report, and am it's not good for James call me the former head of the FBI. It is certainly not good, for the FBI is a whole. It's terrible Peter struck, and it's bad very Hillary Clinton as well. It is just not good, although around so there are twelve key findings of this money to go through all of them. When we finish I show you are going to know everything you needed to know about the inspector general Report and you too I- It will be a lot more suspicious that the FBI was attempting to do the bidding of the Obama administration. Broken bidding of the Obama administration. Stop president Trump from being president, and also to to sort of kowtow to Hillary Clinton, the great irony, by the way, the FBI that wanted Hillary Clinton? Be president, these these key players in the FBI, unwanted Hillary Clinton, be president in their attempt to make sure that Hillary Clinton was a quarter. What legitimate president, they probably prevented her from becoming president fits. It's really ironic and and
if we re so, let's jump right and first of all, FBI agents. Lisa patron Peter struck texted openly about stopping Trump here, not just we'll like Trump, not just, we think from the schmuck actually about stopping from so struck, texted page that he would stop it it being from election, so that the actual text are pretty incredible. The actual text suggest, let me read it to you. Page text. You struck quote trumps, not ever going to become president right right there's. This is obvious: twenty sixteen and struck rights back now, no, he won't we'll stop it. Who is we? Who is we re so people and what their hanging there had on? Maybe with all Democrats, open, democratic and rise up and stop it? Yes, plausible, as plausible, when my wife says you know it don't tell me No one's gonna pick up the kids and I say: don't worry I'll, stop it. I dont me, like I collectively. Like the nanny I mean like. I will take care of it right, we'll stop. It sounds like we and our official capacity by the way,
inspector general report fail right? The idea report found that the text quote potentially dictated or created the appearance. Investigative decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations. The report added quote: it is not only indicative. By a state of mind, but even more seriously implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidates, electoral prospects, the antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the department. Now your member. Yesterday we talked about this. Is I jus report, the main headline coming up in the mainstream media, which we talk about, was that there was no political bias in the FBI targeting president from or wretched exonerating Hillary Clinton, but the reality is a sound report says what the report basically says is that they can't and evidence of political bias in the decision making itself that the decisions made. Even same way if there were no political bias. But the report also says that struck text do demonstrate a fair amount of political bias at the FBI and, as will see that political bias played into a wide variety of decisions that happened in the course of the election campaign,
The report found that Hilary that the Hitler investigation was not adversely impacted by struck her pages decision making, but this report did not cover the rush investigation right. It did not cover whether struck and people who thought like him were involved in the rush investigations. What then they decided to pervert the Russia Investigation or accelerate thrush investigation because they did not like President Trump personally, ok. The second point from the idea report. James call me concluded that he would lead Hillary Clinton off in spring. Two thousand sixteen, so you recall it was not until July a James coming made his big announcement where he said here. Couldn't is guilty. But when I go to prosecute remember he made that big announcement is big deal because James call me is isn't idiot while tell me, did not announced that decision until July. Twenty sixteen accordingly, for he had already made the decision in spring of twenty sixteen months earlier before, Hillary Clinton even interviewed that Hilary, whose off the hook he also determined that he should pay, an independent announcement in order to protect quote a sense of justice more broadly in the country that things are fair, not fixing their done independently.
But he was afraid the deal J would look bad if they made the announcement exonerating Hillary Clinton and he thought well. What have I just step up and I take the head and then the f b I looked independent from the deal J. The deejay doesn't look like it was in control everybody's happy, except that wasn't. His role worth noting. This is amazing thing, ok, so that they show what the original call me statement look like and how it was changed before the final draft. There are major chain is made between commies original draft of the statement exonerating Hillary Clinton and colonies. Final draft of the statement on writing Hillary Clinton. What we're some of those changes well what are the changes was that the original statement mentioned that President Obama himself had been in an email exchange with frequent Clinton on her private server. His name was moved an entire piece of information was removed. Why, of course, to protect President Obama, so there They call me was not available at political actor. That, of course, is ridiculous and speaking of that statement, the original draft statement I also said that Hilary had been grossly negligent, which sounds while like lawbreaking. Instead, that was changed to extremely careless. This statement was
change from reasonably likely that Henry had been hacked by hostile actors to possible. And, finally again the original statement mention that President Obama, had been an email exchange with Halloran, whose name was removed. Fourth point here call me as an absolute Perhaps when president trumped said the James call me was a glory how's that is a publicity. Hound now is exactly right, those exact I gems call me love him. Some James call me, and that is absolutely clear from this idea report. So call me had already concluded before the tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton that he was likely to make his own statement on Hillary Clinton. He court acknowledge that he made a conscious decision not to tell department leadership about his plans to make a separate statement because he was concerned. They would instructing not to do another or t wanted to make a public statement. He was afraid the deal J would say Oh, so you just decided not to ask mommy and daddy and just go do at himself in violation of all protocol again. The idea here was to protect the integrity of the FBI. Really what James Homey with super worried about the arduous language is pretty,
I may say we determine their commies decision to make. This statement was the result of his belief that only he had the ability to. Notably in authoritatively convey the rationale for the decision to Nazi charges against Clinton and that he needed told the press conference to protect the FBI and the department from extraordinary harm he believed would have resulted. Hetty failed to do so well found no evidence. That call me statement was the result of biased or effort to influence the election. We did not find his justifications issuing a statement to be reasonable or persuasive, resides plausible to come. It was not attempting to impact the election when he made that state or how he made the statement that he was attempting to protect the FBI, but they did watered down. Walk into. Reality is- and this is the fifth point here- they did, what her down the law, Haiti, I g in the inspector generals Report says the based on President Hilary would have had you have demonstrated a state of mind that was called so gross as to almost suggest deliberate intention. Number one that is not part of the war is not part of one. Second of all, this was not Hillary Clinton using a private email account, for
for business right that this was not that this was Hillary Clinton, specifically setting up a private server at her own home. Ok, there's a lot more technologically advanced than me just having a gmail account. She set up a private server at her own home, too data. The only reason you do. That is because you want to make sure that you can destroy the data effort. That is legitimately the only reason that you would do that. The only can you do? That is that it is not on the government servers. That is the only reason. There is another reason that is deliberate intention now that you have, have deliberate intention to give the material to a foreign source? You have to have deliberate intention to not treat classified material property and she'd obviously had that intention, but they change law to exonerate her six point in this. One is just amazing amazing. So the idea report found that the Avenue leader a case agent had spotted Hilary Gmail on September, twenty six, that two thousand sixteen and inform the New York field officer on September, twenty Eightth, so in other words, by late September,
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The report says quote: we found that by no later than September, twenty ninth FBI executives and the F b I mean your team- had learned virtually every fact that was cited by the FBI and later toper as just vacation for from taking the search warrant for the winter laptop call hilariously he didn't realize that Anthony Wiener was married to whom Avenant so the head of the FBI, no about one of the most famous and under assault marriages in the history of Europe. It states Anthony winner in whom Avenant he's those ignorant person, the whirling runs the damn FBI, and then it gets even better so why is it that they waited a month. It turns out there with your month because they had it turns out varying priorities. They weren't focused on Hillary Clinton, females dappling. Why weren't? They focused on Hillary Clinton males at that point, because there are other things there are focused on what what war? Some of those other things, according to the idea or port, the F B, I was focused on a coma speech that fight back against public perception of July finance men and they are focused on the Russia investigation. The idea reports as core
Moreover, given the FBI's extensive resources, the fact that struck and several other FBI members of the mid, your team mitya- was the name of the investigation to Hell, resembles the fact that struck and several other There are members and mid your team had been assigned to the russian investigation, which was extremely active during the September and October time period was not an excuse for failing to take any action during this time period on the winner laptop in assessing the decision to prioritize the Russia Investigation over follow up on the media. Related investigative led discovered on the winter laptop. We are particularly concerned about the text messages sent by struck in page that potentially indicated or created the appear that investigative decisions they made or impacted by us or improper considerations. Most of the text message raising messages. Raising such considerations pertain to the rush investigation and the implication in some of those messages particularly struck. Augustine tat text message will stop candidate from from being elected with it. Struck might be willing to take official action
impact of presidential candidates electoral prospects. Under these circumstances, we did not have confidence that struck decision to prioritize the russian investigate over following up on the media led investigative. We discovered on the wind up a winner laptop, was free from bias in simpler terms. The idea there is saying Peter struck might have been biased against president from to the extent that he was so focus the rush investigation. He decided to ignore Hilary emails and then, by the time they decide not to ignore Hilary emails. I cover twenty eight So the great irony of that is that his focus on the Trump investigation, because he hated Trump Folks and Hilary, because you artillery led him to leave Hilary alone until Rep before the election and then call me There are blowing up Hilary campaign last week of the action that they are. The irony is just amazing, as we were playing God and they fail dramatically. Don't talk a little bit more about this injustice. Second, so here is here's what that means. Getting here's. What so incredible about bout this. What we just found out right will work.
Not right now, according to the edgy Peter struck, was texting that he would stop from from. Being President Peter struck may very well have made Donald Trump President, how Peter Shop, was in charge of the investigation into Hilary emails, use high, ranking members that investigation he found out in late September that he was going to that There were more Hilary emails on the computer on the avenue in your computer. He did nothing about it for a full month because he figured it was no big deal. But you know it was a big deal. Russia gate he was spending all his time, investigating Russia Gate and then near the end of the election cycle. Finally, call me take a look at this and goes oh well. This kind of bad- probably I should say something about now here- is the part that amazing so point eight no going through the twelve points of this of besides you report that are really vital. To no point, eight call me then reveal that the re, the reopening of the investigation, had to happen, he reveal that Congress because he thought that Hilary was going to win and he wanted to preserve our legitimacy. So
The irony here is stunning: red struck holds often the hell we're investigation because you ve more focused on trumped because he wants to get from and then can we find out about it and because he thinks Hilary is going to win He comes forward with the letter. In other words, we thought Hilary is no lose. He wouldn't come forward with the letter. He wouldn't gone out in October twenty Eightth and said that Hilary investigation been reopened if the election had been dead. Even at that point, which was not right of if she had not had a poet then he would help off on it, but knowing that Hilary had a figure, She would win and wanting to legitimize Hillary Clinton. Jens combing came or with the letter to Congress that point and that blue her up right, yeah Napoleon at that point to pull. Disappearance of the election. Here is what the report explicitly said quote. We found that combings decision was the result of several interrelated factors. There can did you his concern that failing to send a letter, would harm the FBI and his ability to lead it and is near the Canada. Clinton was going to win the presidency and the EU perceived to be an illegitimate president if the public first learn of the information
after the election. In other words, he thought: how are we gonna win? Any one make her feel good, wandered, feel agenda, and so he decided to release the water and then she lost, which is how areas get its awesome and hilarious. Ninth point to know about the site. You report five separate agents who are working on these cases, sent Pro Clinton antitrust text, many of which implied using official authority to target President Trump. Hey turns out. Not only did five agents discuss their support for Clinton, they court appeared to mix political opinions with discussions about the meteor investigation. One agent, texted quote no one is going to prosecute Hillary Clinton, even if we find unique classified material after the discovery of Anthony winners, Laptop LISA, page text, it about the possibility of interviewing quit with your agents in the rooms and quote she might be our next president, which struck agreed page text and struck quote
maybe your men to stay where you are because your meant to protect the country from that menace, meaning trump to which struck responded, quote I'll. Try and approaches that way. I can protect our country at many levels, not sure. If that helps struck, texted page will stop at the aid being from selection, struck, texted page about insurance policy against the term victory then excuse it by That huge is pushing for a quicker investigation. Another FBI attorney, who we don't know yet texted Vive LA resistance after the election after the election struck texted. Regarding the special council investigation, he's asked me where the Miller negation quote for me, and this case I personally have a sense of unfinished business, and none of this speaks of an FBI that its interest in law enforcement. It speaks of a bunch of members and the FBI, who really are not now. Does that mean that every decision, the F b I made here, was police?
click rub. Nobody does mean that we ought to look at every single thing that struck had an impact on in terms of decision making. We should be looking at every single thing. These other agents had an impact on in terms of decision making now they're a couple ironic points that are that are worth noting. Here too, it turns out. They call me struck an page all use personal email to conduct FBI business as illegal acts of violence. Your procedure may be the reason they decided to let Hillary Clinton off the hook, because they are all doing something similar to what Hillary Clinton was doing. In an unrelated but damning point this amazing to, according to the idea report quote, we identified numerous FBI employees all levels of the organization and with no official reasons be in contact with the media, were nevertheless in frequent contact with words, FBI agents receive benefits. Borders as well, including golf outing, strengthen meals. So in president from said, this place has a lot of weeks. Your online tons and tons of leaks from the so called deep state right from people who work in the FBI and they are basically been bribed by journalists a final point here. The former attorney assistant journey assistant attorney general neglecting Peter Kajak. He should have accused himself accords the aid,
Well, Hilary was under investigation. This former assistant attorney general try to get his son age, job on Hilary campaign and sent an email to John pressed ahead of wouldn't campaign, which included the schedule of the release of kittens emails in Ethel. I write freedom of Information ACT litigation. So that's a lot to unpack the idea report, but to take ways are pretty There are many agents of the FBI who hated Trump and wanted to stop from and there a lot of decision decisions that were made there made on a political basis, the area where they should not have been a so in a second. I want to talk about all of the in a second I'm going to talk about some of the reaction to all this first owners, who thinks you're sponsors over at zeal, so distressful period for us all is stressful time for us all. That is why you need a massage, and this is what seal does better than any one. So zeal can bring a massage triggered or the entire thing right, the massage table, but also the scented candles, the music, the whole thing. They bring it right to you and when they bring it right to you, your life becomes better
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Go down as the worst leader by far in the history of the FBI. But I've been met, his leaders in history, the FBI, but he will be one of the worst. Certainly I did a great service to the people in firing him true good instincts, but beyond the brethren from Pats himself back Christopher RE will probably bring about We'll talk about Chris re injustice. Second was hung about Chris RE, an ingesting the head of the FBI, and whether you actually is going to bring back the FBI, but president from then this morning decided. You know what Foxen friends don't online. My friends over Fox in France Great, well I'm on it. I think he there, over on the lawn or on the white, has allowed one finds Papa down there and just don't talk, my friends, that's exactly what he did. He pop down there when you said a few things, so he he really when after a but he really went after the FBI, which I think is, is pretty much appropriate. I said on the Department of justice I would stay on involves now. I may get involved at some point. If it gets worse, I say I'm staying and evolved, I'm letting this report go through. I did nothing wrong. There was no collusion, no obstruction,
So they president from says that he's gonna, let the report say what it says when he says there is no collusion. There is no obstruction and that's not and therefore to he actually said that there are exonerated him of obstruction that that's not actually true. Now it is true that I don't think it's fucked it. I don't think that there was collusion either, but that's all, this report sets it just to be perfectly exact and objective about this five out of twenty eight hedge report. There's nothing in there about the rush investigation per se, but he's not wrong when he ripped into the FBI. Clearly now what's Larry us is that the Democrats are suggesting that all of this is all of this was actually the FDA attempting to help president. As our how commissioners? Yes, she cannot yesterday, and she said that all of this reaffirms president from suspicions about the FBI, and she is not wrong. The present was briefed on the idea report earlier today, and it reaffirms the president's suspicions about commies conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the FBI, and that there is totally fair.
Then the Democrats get involved so trucks humorous as really what the idea report shows is that Hillary Clinton lost the elections because a political bias. Well, if you, if you really believe that combing lost the election for her at the very end, she didn't lose because committed like Hillary Clinton. It turns out that she lost because call me like for too much and that's the hysterical part. I call me had a little dove in his hand and that dog was the Hillary Clinton campaign and he was trying to guard it and keep it and petted, and we firmly to it because he knew that one day that dove would fly free and become president and he wanted that does have the strongest wings possible and so well who's petting, just sort of you just or a swift it, and then the campaign is a rip that off the budget their genes coming back and about the Democrats are
Making this report in the stupidest possible way, which is theirs. They know what this shows. The affair was biased, gets Hillary Clinton, yeah sure was Trump benefited from all these mistakes, so would hardly reflects deep state or bias against at the end of the day. The actions reviewed in this report help Donald Trump when the election, not the other around ok bit yes by accident by accidents. The great clearest irony of all of us, the FBI agents like struck, were so desperate to stop from. They actually made him president That's the problem, really hilarious, olives and really is really it's really frightened funny. It's is really fun now. What is it so funny is the fact that this is really bad for the FBI and the GEO J read. These are institutions that we ought to trust as Americans, but we already knew that the deal jade become Obama tool well about most, president of the United States and the F B. I am not particularly surprised that all this is coming. The hell? We're investigation was obviously a battery from the very beginning, and it was botched all the way through and political bias obviously means, in my opinion,
they depart, even though the inspector general found that it was. It was plausible how they treat the investigation to say that no political bias came into play its like when people say that there is no political bias university campuses, because people aren't overtly discriminating against conservatives as well. Yeah why's that every time something that happens, it's too a conservative but on this particular election cycle, everything that the F b I did that was that was bad for someone on purpose was directed at present and trumpet everything good that was directed at summits. Purpose was Hillary Clinton, except for that last letter, which again it turns out combing, was trying to do something good for Hillary Clinton. He just an idiot stupidity of our public officials cannot be overstated. It is extraordinary, so called so call me tweeted about it. Coming then tweeted that he was happy with the idea of course, and I respect the GEO Georgi Office, which is why them to do this review. The conclusions are reasonable, even though I disagree with some people of good faith can see an unprecedented situation differently. I pray no direct or face it again. Thanks to the irish people for hard work. Ok, while they said yourself,
and as an idiot who basically destroyed the election cycle so yeah. I think that you should probably sit down now and then Hillary Clinton got involved. She then tweeted out this street out, but my emails makers, Kyle Cheney, is reported to adapt. The idea found that combing used a personal gmail account to conduct official usb FBI business and ensure a button email. So a couple of things about by my emails. Yes, your emails, you ve made a private server and then you stored was classified information on the private server. Yes, your emails, the whole point of the idea. Dipping into call me is the committed something wrong too, but how are we going aids. Everybody else's fault that Hillary Clinton lost the most winnable watching in american history. Obviously it did. The only person to blame is: is James Commie, so that's pretty extraordinary interest to second guess the FBI response all that. First honestly, thanks to say, sponsors, overt express vps. So with all this news nowadays about how your personal information is being exposed to online everytime, you go to a public wifi, your risk of exposing your personal information about all of these companies that
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casting the nation is already so. The FBI response to all of this has been lack lustre at best and have been particularly lacklustre, because, let's make one thing very clear, there's one huge question that has yet to be answered by the Deirdre. The FBI that really crucial tax that struck sent a page loads has will stop. Maybe we'll stop the term campaign that was not handed over to Congress, there's only handed over the inspector general. Why didn't Congress have a right to take a look at that? Why did we not know about that? Europe make something look conspiratorial cover up, don't handed over to the american people, don't hand over to our elected representatives, hand over the idea. Instead, there's really suspicious stop sending Christopher Ray. Is the new head of the FBI he's trumps head of the FBI and he gives oppressor in which he talks about the future of the FBI
suffice it to say. I am not saying what about the future of the FBI. We accept the findings of the report and the recommendations we go in a number of things in that regard. First, we issued a new media policy. That's much stricter and much more clear than what had been in place before. Second we're gonna be doing intensive training on exactly those issues. Things like the one that you alluded to, that includes contacts with the media for we're gonna, make painfully clear to everybody that we won't tolerate non compliance and then last I've asked r o p r. To take a hard look at whether or not they think the penalties that exist right now are sufficient to deal with that kind of color. I can go until we're going to heighten the penalties and education re education. People just like one Starbucks, is caught in the middle of a biased situation. There now going to shut down the breeze. They shut
the FBI, re, educating, oblation, leaked to the media and be politically biased. Good luck with that. Good luck with that we'll see, will see how that works. For you I am. I am not particularly enthused by the response that we have seen here from Christopher Rage is not just a big, nothing burger full of nuts and then my favorite part. As Chris re came out. So that nothing in the report impugns the integrity of the FBI or the workforce. You mean aside from that part where it said that half the FBI agents are being brought by journalists to talk to them or you Talkin about part where five different FBI agents were texting to each other, about how much they hate Trump and wish that he would die basically wit, which part that didn't impunity. I've got exactly. Who is Chris RE? Nothing! Nothing in this report, impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or the FBI as an institution? Oh, I was had it ok. Well, I guess the magazine solves everything. I mean
if I'd only known that Chris re was going to respond this wagon, I feel so much better about everything. Now the Chris RE has intervened. Look. What we have here is a typical government agency. I want suggested, there's joint conspiracy going on there, a bunch of aid. In a room together deciding how do we stopped from or anything like that? What you have here is a soft biased that manifests itself in particular decision making- and this was with the IRS when, when about most president, it is true with regard to Hollywood, for example, why all of Hollywood materials left, because you have a bunch of people who agree on stuff, that's an echo chamber and this impacts decision making political bias does not actually have to manifest itself an obvious political decision making. Sometimes it manifests itself in bias in action. That is Emily. An eminently obvious. Anyone is observing. So when you look at the media- and it turns out that restore the wrongs aunt, I trump, maybe they're, not the stories roll on purpose many many times, but you have to start saying. Well, maybe the reason they are getting these stories wrong overtime about trumpet. They never got a story wrong about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or at least not nearly as often maybe the rest
is because they like Hilary and they liked Obama, and so even unconsciously there more likely to believe things. About about front than they are likely to believe things that are bad about Hillary Clinton or Brok. Obama right, I think, the same sort of tax I think the same sort of logic plays into what the F b I was doing here, have a ton of FBI agents who hated Trump and who are in top positions and saw stopping Trump as a priority I mean that there is an actual plan that was snapped into place at the first available opportunity. We don't know. Maybe there was find out when the when the inspector general report comes out on the russian investigation. Presumably, but was there a motive shore and was there an opportunity? sure and was their means, turns out. Yes, they just bought the job. Only if it wasn't it was a hit on trumpet was an attempted head because obviously didn't succeed. It's a damning report is a damning report and the FBI is gonna need a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. I'm not sure how you clean anymore. Or agency is the true unless you set up a bunch of checks and balances eternal internally, I'm not sure, but maybe you have somebody whose sole job it is to check all the.
Agents text messages to make sure that their not using their their phones for this sort of of communication, whatever it is that something has to be done. The Czech unbalanced this branch of government, because it's just out of control, it's real, out of control, ok time for the mail bag, and then I have a lot of things I like in a lot of things that I hate today, so we have a lot left to do in the shouts of mail bag. It met Chris S, Ben. I was having a conversation with what am I good friends recently? And he said that he agrees with the formative action. Is a tradition liberal meets a libertarian, not left left us. He agrees with affirmative action, though he's korean because he said data suggests
that without affirmative action, most colleges would be predominantly white and then folks of color, even with comparable or better scores, wouldn't get in Libya responses argument I well that argument is completely wrong. Ok, the fact is that, without affirmative action, it is possible that a disproportionate number of people would be white most likely a disproportionate number of people would be asian, but that is not because of inherent discrimination in the system is because, on the average black students for applying to college of lower scores than white students, duration, students or applying to college mean that's not. Racism is just a fact, and so, when you just take the objective measures, the people with higher scores, ten, do not be members of certain minority groups. Now that doesn't explain why that happens as something we have to try and cure, but the solution is not to say the people were unqualified, for particular college. Go to that polish over other people. This is particularly true with regard to agents. So this is the amazing thing. Your friend, you say a friend is korean press. Well, let me point out there's report today: in the New York Times Harvard rated asian American applicants lower on personnel
they traits lawsuits ass, quote harbour consistently rated asian american applicants lower than the other rates on personal trades, like positive personality, like ability, courage, kindness and being widely respected according to an analysis of more than a hundred and sixty thousand soon records filed Friday and federal court in Austin by group representing asian american students, in a lawsuit against the universities, American everywhere, sport higher than applicants of any other racial or ethnic group on admissions measures like test scores, grades and extracurricular activities, according to analysis commissioned by a group that opposes all raced base admissions criteria with a suit, personal ratings significantly dragged down their chance of being admitted the analysis down. This is institutional discrimination. This is institutional racism, because what happened years, a bunch admissions officers had jamais Asians, are getting in some said, will just say: they're, not personable or they're, not going from qualities are not likeable, so basically will in order to achieve our perfect ethnic blend in order to achieve the light roast ethnic one. In order to do that
We have to do really is put the right ingredients in it. We can't have too many these Asians right, these Asians. If we have too many just then the campus becomes to Asia and the best way to stop that is we'll just indications or marks when it is really what this law, such as it turns out that the suspicion, evasion, american alumni students and applicants right. How long is the group students for fair admissions harboured today engaged in the same kind of risk, The nation and stereotyping used to justify quotas on jewish applicants. In the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirty's harboured zone researchers cited a bicycle asian american applicants in a series of internal reports in twenty thirteen at Harvard ignored the findings of court paper said, I never publicly released them. Okay, so you probably got to tell your friend that is not white people who are or the beneficiary of lack of affirmative action. It's it's asian people! I am beyond that again. Colleges, are discriminating in favour of particular races and against other races in affirmative action. They are not doing so in the absence of affirmative action. Brian's is Heaven back during the Obama administration
the President Obama not giving legitimacy twice by calling them J and refusing to call the radical islamic terrorist theirs. Ices gained power, destabilize the regional kilowatt, more people house president. From supposed to solve the problem, North we're without legitimizing buttering upcoming saloon. After all, the worst, during the negotiation is humiliating either party. Thanks up, I don't think that casting humility The other party during the negotiation, this vital the president should be directly involved in the negotiation, so I'll give an example. Today the president of the United States was asked about this situation in North Korea and he's had a couple of things that are not really great right, so he said this is clip seventeen he's the head of a country, and I mean he's the stronger. Let anyone think anything different He speaks and his people set up at attention. I want my people to do the same as they once he wants his own staff.
I, like him journalist, is that necessary to prevent war, so president from says, yes, I present from cases that you have to flatter Kim into not nuclear illustrated that he actually said. That's right so here is here, is clear: nineteen and the same wrap your family. Now him towns, human rights record. How can you do you know? Why? Because I don't want to see a nuclear weapon, destroy you and good luck. Ok, so that that's ridiculous, I'm sorry! That's ridiculous! Kim Jong is not going to nuke United States, because Donald Trump doesn't call him a good guy for three, years, we're going and bad guy we're, not gonna nuke up the tale pipe be from from comes younger than you know. Why is the real reason Kendra alone is not attacking us is because we will wipe him out. He will be vaporized within ten seconds of firing. A missile of the United States administration
We have military superiority over the North Koreans. Ok, we could wipe them literally in three hours that war would be over three hours. We cannot three days not three weeks to just three. We take us an almost everything s three hours to finish off the north korean regime if they decided to go to war with us here. That's why they're not gonna nuke us not because president from decides to be nice now the reason I say this because Ronald Reagan did not stop talking about how the Soviet Union was a human rights violators in the middle of negotiations of the Soviet Union. He was saying as our human rights violators your terrible country winter, I come deal with you anyway for that in the interests of mutual security, but you do in old and bad guys when you say that but they are wonderful and nice. I've never seen a situation ever negotiation we flatter someone is, doing something in doing what you want not in the international sphere anyway may work and personal relationships it doesn't. Congestion is not going to disarm because trump his nice them is going to happen. Countries have interests, those interests do not change just because President Trump is is being very nice to control
right now, the worst thing to do during the negotiations not to humiliate the other party. The worst thing to do during a negotiation is a flatter the other party and to flatter yours and believing that the other party is credible when it is not the worst. Negotiation of all time was Munich doors negotiations you'd, have to name you negotiation. That failed, because one party was humiliated. Ass, really not how negotiations fail. Typically, Austin says Ben you'd. Fellow the show I live in the democratic State of California, within the warm Republican Orange County bubble. I know I want to know your thoughts on the possible positive and negative effects of the California three way split on the November ballot. The first of all, it's not going to happen because, in order for California become three states that has to be approved by constant, it has to be approved by belief, two thirds of the state. That's enough. To happen. It would add another for democratic senators, because just when the demographics breakdown, the northern Kaliko, It would be Democrat Central California, we Democrat and kind of in southern California Democrat, so I think that it is, it is foolish politically, but the answer to the Failures-
California, stay government is that it should be smaller and we should involve more authority, bats localities courts as out of all the founding fathers. Is there when you look up to the most or have a deep respect for than the others, it so love to hear thought. I am big Adam spam. I love John Adams writing debate between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson over nature of government and the extent of government is, is the most intelligent. Hiding ever done, go by a copy of the atom Jefferson letters to one another. If you want to read some of the most brilliant writing ever done, and these amazing you have to greatest greatest minds of the millennia probably sitting there. Talking to one another in Africa Window undermine its pretty amazing, I'm also pretty fond of James Madison as well. For obvious reasons, Wesley's has happened, What are we thought about space travel and, if you think NASA should be involved in a future tripped Mars? Should this be the goal for the federal government or should be left entirely in private companies like Spacex? Well, I'm not averse to private companies. Taking the lead on all this depends on whether you think that a future of Mars is a security consideration, whether it actually benefits the United States. To get to my first, I would say
well! Yes, I do. I think that it benefited the United States to have sovereignty over the moon. Basically, they meant that there are other countries that are not attempt to do that and leading up to private industry to exploit the resources of Mars. Then it seems, like we'd, be better off the having a sort of collective. Control at least in terms of american government at the outset over over Mars, because otherwise it could turn into a corporate competition. But I guess you arguments the other ways. While I'm I'm kinda torn on it honestly honest burdensome basis, Zachary says dreadfully. I miss the fathers APEC guess what I realise that MR frantically trying to well. Don't ask the following question and twenty three years old, a few weeks ago, my father has a history of drunkenness, got drunk in farming eighteen year old brother situation ended up with him holding a guns, my mom in him spending the weekend in jail in the pathway of pot. We have fought, and this isn't the first time there been domestic issues. What is the first time that is involved the gun, after speaking, within Africa, to Jelly similarly tries to reflect and shifted
as my mom little brother, I could try to forgive him if you hold himself accountable for his actions but doesn't seem like he is going to as a result, and I haven't spoken for closer month. Usually we talk two to three times a week what do I do. I find that feeling cable for giving him unless he expects responsibility. Should I forgive them because it is the right thing to do well now. I know you don't forget people unless they won't be forgiven. It is not your job to forgive some like in your own heart. You can understand his flaws right so that you can live with yourself You do not have to go out of the way to pretend that he's asked for forgiveness when he has not more to grant him repentance when he is not whether the the jewish version of repentance requires actual repentance right. Your support to repent aspect from point me because, more familiar with the christian point of view, Christianity, obviously
has a whole different philosophy with regard to repentance and Jesus repenting versions, whether you want to or not, but Judaism suggests that you must do individual individual repentant several times a day right we'd. We actually have a paragraph in what we call the shipowner s ray what you repent at least three times a day, which is a lot of hunting, but human beings do a lot of setting in order for you to be forgiven, you have to repent, interfere data from you in our freedom, forgive your dad in in the sense that you're going to grant matter credibility again. He's the need to do some real to supervise the wording in Hebrew. Bobby's haven we'll have met first children She's gonna be a boy. What congratulations that is awesome sauce by eleven I've heard from many parents who should by the trial the tablets, watches and play games on the go by question is what's a good way to us both the child's technology, without it being a babysitter or replacement for social interaction, I'm afraid to let my child even haven't right with them other young, on the opposite side that I don't want him to be behind on texts. I'd thinks about it. First of all, and he says
things got an m Benjamin. Well, thank you. I assume that's after me, not after Franklin, but I'll. Take it anyway. I, in any case children under the age of two, this with social science and yes, should not be using electronics of any sort they they they can use. You know that the toys, the hidden Electra travellers, prohibition have tablet time or screen time. Our son don't watch tv until he was too tv excellent drug, and then you can. You can t with kids when you read to them their active in their involved when they watch tv very often adjust zone out acts like a parent and even with older kids. You have to have that mines which are our daughter. We restrict the amount of tv You can watch very regular. That doesn't mean that were responsible all the time at their times, and we have to do something inside. Ok, we don't have time for you right now sit in front of you. They re just like every other aren't we have our. We have our are wrong moments, but that doesn't mean that nation can a regular part of of their watching live. That's how I think the tv can be wonderful. I think that the technology can be wonderful. Kids are adapted figuring this stuff out.
You don't eat or four year old how to use a tablet when they could seven billion to learn how to use a tablet. That's the way it works, My two year old son is already learning how to manipulate my phone David's has dear button from your perspective. How well do you think human intellect and understand God, the ancient greek seem to believe human and was the key to understanding got if God is beyond understanding intellectual tools. What, tools can be used to understand gotten God's work. So I'm writing an entire book about this right. Not in my view of this is that the is that it is our job to use reason to try and understand the universe that God built in order to understand gods I believe in this sort of greek teleology that the universe was design with certain purposes in mind, and it is our job to try and find those purposes. That's ed. God operates different ways so trying to understand that the mind of God completely is never going to have I think that the most beautiful exposition of this happens in the book of accidents. When, when Moses asked to see gods face I and what the council,
closer when most ass she got face. What is really asking is, can I understand the universe? And God says you can't look at my face? If you look at my face, then you will die, but I will let you see my back right and he puts Mozart Cleft in the rock and then he goes by Moses. When all this is is anthropic, perfect, just because human beings can't understand completely spiritual imagery and the end. My dad has a very nice kind of what we called vartos on this. He has a very nice sort of experts exposition and what does mean what he says is that people that you know the people who live in that You can recognize him from behind right. If I saw my wife, I could recognizer from behind. If I saw my kids, I could recognize them from behind, but I can't tell what's on their faces. I dont know what their thinking, because I can see what's on her face, but I certainly can tell that they are there and that's. I think The internet can comprehend insight. Can comprehend the God is there we can see sort of shadows of what God wants from us. The Rev later. I think we can see more than shadows, but just through pure intellect for pure reason. I think that we can gather a couple of things. I think that we can go
either the idea that there is a God. I think they're good arguments forgot the idea that there is a god who is the creator of heaven and earth. I think that we can pick up on answer interaction between man and man. They do that that don't even require believe in God the ceremony to lodge yourself out too, but as far as understanding what God wants from us. I think that that selling and take you so far. I think that you can you can get to the arrest of chilean logic. Of God wants us to use reason that wants to act in accordance with real right reason, which amounts to virtue. But that is relatively vague. Aristotle did as well as anybody you narrow saddles philosophy, has flaws and in how it brings out virgin. Ok, Jacob says how bout you very instrumental to me and rediscovering my belief in God. I love your approach to faith announced fundamental to creating a system of morality. Our friend of mine holds this out the belief that we can create a system of morality based on the ones that suffering exist and therefore we should try to reduce it wherever possible jubilee.
This concept would have any believe in God can create a stable society. I love everything you do what this was an enlightening project rights since Thomas Hobbes there's been a project going on saying that human beings are that that our rights derived not from God, they don't derived from nature, but what our rights really are based on. Is this idea that we are trying to avoid pay suffering and to maximize pleasure, and we can build an entire system of morality around this fundamental basis. I dont think that that's correct the resettled thing that's correct, because we all the fine suffering differently. Right there. There many decisions. We make an life where we choose to suffer with the knowledge that their something on the other end or we choose to suffer because something means more to in terms of a group identity. Then our personal suffering means to us how, for example, if you're trying to say that your minimizing suffering for example, how do you build a system? soldier sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They it very difficult to explain that right, altruism, difficult to explain along lines of personal minimization of suffering and personal maximization of pleasure, and this has been an ongoing struggle
from right of contents golden rule on the one hand- and then you also have Jeremy Bentham logic of veto, terrorism on the other, in both of these claim that they are designed to minimize humor suffering and maximize human pleasure basically, but those are the very different rounds of thought. Marxism thought that was designed to maximize human pleasure amendment. Human suffering and that ended in the death of a hundred million people. So I dont believe that particular reason can get you there. I dont think that, without a God, without a certain teleology to the universe, without trying to find out what does that nature wants a view, and what it is that the universe is. Is demanding of you and what is the God is demanding of you from intraday christian ethic? I don't think Therefore, morality, the founders bleed, the same. Even even count is based on the basic ideas of judeo christian morality, he's just backdoors them into his own logic. Ok, so a couple of things I like and then we'll do. I think that I hate and then we'll be out of here, so things that I like tonight so there's the show is not for the kiddies, I'm not even sure, for the dolls, honest late spring
dirty show animal kingdom Anti Anti. If they can cut out all the Saxons it'll be a lot shorter. It also be better, in my opinion, because a mean Frank, Lando, fine, sexy, insolvent, interesting because it very much the same every time, but in any case the show itself is, if you like, breaking bad. If you're into sort of crime families. Animal kingdom is about this mother and her for sons and her grandson, who are basically a crime syndicates, and it is its compelling. It certainly compelling to wash it has very purple rights over the top by its side, but as well acted in its when it's well scripted. Here is what it looks like hearing this evening. You be seen things things that need to stay in the cash my voice sounded. The show itself is, I is,
very compelling stuff. It's again, it's it's. It's almost like a short form so Barbara end, but it is. It is not something that instills a grand sense of morality. Rippling. These people are all scum so to show about coming peoples of you're kind of thing, then than you'll enjoy the job. Ok, other thing and I like the actual thing that I, like so Steve's gullies, who you remember a year that was shot. I dont we forgot about with a bunch of Congress, people getting shot, but those three horrifying right I mean that's kind of bad end We sort of forgot about all that anyway, Steve's gullies, the first page of the congressional baseball game he's back now and you can watch it, make a play for this reason, I think I'd seeds. Police is is healthy again as a pretty amazing thing. So we should be grateful for that. Ok time for a couple of things, and I hate
The thing I hate number one wrote Baldwin. I dig a hole. Do you not see, and and yesterday about female athletes making less money than men and here's what it's like? What do serene? Oh, I m standing of address ones, Yvonne Rhonda, rousing and Maria Europe over all have in common, the all bad ass women and not on the list of be one hundred highest paid athletes in the world. In fact, not a single woman is on that list, not one. We need to start speaking up this we need to stand up for what were worth I'll get that stupid, and I will tell you why that is stupid. The reason that a stupid is because the reason they are not on the top hundred list is because none of the sports in which they play have as high income as the comparative sports format. Not a single woman is on their list because, as it turns out, Danica Patrick, who made ten point three million dollars as possible, Hamiltons fifty one
or Serena Williams, eighteen million to Roger Federal, seventy seven million. Ok, the reality is that all of these leagues earn less for women hey, so the Ostrich Yahoo sports reports of male viewer shouted the australian open, eclipsed female of Europe by twenty five percent and in general the men's ATP World tour events generate significantly larger audiences. According to statistics compiled by BBC this, according to a man's prestige, Giacomo over a daily wire according to according to Yahoo sports statistics compiled by the BBC. The ATP that's men's, tore through nine hundred seventy three million viewers and twenty fifteen compared to the job, three hundred. Ninety five million be what turns I've already tried, get paid less. They ve already tour, you paid less, and this is true in soccer right. Nobody It is women soccer in Non olympic years and even during olympic gears, men's soccer gets much higher ratings and also the women Shit, their own deals. So the point here is not there mention repaid lots of money for sports. The point is that if you are just looking at Danica, Patrick Verses, Louis Hands,
whenever I followed ask our if you're just looking at the meeting men's drivers being women's driver. Well, that's because The leading men's driver is in collect one less money because she's in the same sport engine and when, as many raises like not sure what the big problem was there and serene ones numbering as much money, because fewer people watch women's Tennyson Watchmen Status, which is fine people from you watch what they want. But then this is all very silly again. This comes down to the leftist belief that all disparity equals discrimination, and that is, of course, ridiculous meanwhile one more thing that I hate. So the Democrats continued fraud forth this narrative that Donald Trump is forcibly separating families at the border. The reason again, the tunnel separating families in the border is because, when you arrest people at the border, there is a law on the books that has been ensconced by the nine Circuit Court of Appeals. Says that children are not allowed to stay in detention, even if their parents are there. The Nevada in detention for longer than twenty days. And so, if you wish to arrest the parents and children have to be placed somewhere else. It is not the Donald Trump just why
these kids. You goin out their people and his administration of said dumb things like John Kelly said this should be a way of discouraging illegal immigration is a separate kids from their parents. What kind of gross I mean? There's plenty of wasted, discouraging illegal immigration. It seems to me punishing show It is not the best way to do that, but the law itself is pretty clear on this. You are not allowed to keep children in custody with their parents, so you wanna, get the parents in custody have to separate out the kids, while the Democrats, of course, if you have suggested that from his forcibly doing this because he hates children or some such the media just parenting. The Democrats does the same thing here is Nancy Pelosi, saying that there should be uprisings over family separations, doing away with children being with their money. This is I just. I know why there aren't uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realise that this is a policy that they defend its a horrible thing. Ok, so then media immediately picks up on all this, because the media are basically, I told the Democratic Party, they decide that they're going to repeat the same question over and over
who cares Brian Carom Asia? the porter going after Sarah Huckabee Chanters, basically using ass. It was you language killed. You have any Sarah Europe parent, don't you have any sympathy for what these people are going to have less dry guy settle down is trying to be serious, barriers are going to have you oughta furnish lies in law and in the half that these people have nothing they ran. I know you I get some more tv savages I want to recognize it go ahead. It is an absolutely about every time it is absolutely about tv time, which is why he's ranting and raving on tv right that the white has there's a good case. You made that the White House Press Corps should submit questions in writing or that at the very least that they should not televised these things live. Because you just have to many CNN reporters in two hundred and strides we're looking for there. We looking for payday basically by ribbon.
The San Donaldson routine. Why grilled? The press, secretaries and I am not sure how much information even comes from these press conferences in the first place. They, you seem like a side showed me frankly, because it is the job of the press. Secretary to lie is often has passed. Will the media and the job of the media to get on tv as often as possible, and none of it seems actually be conducive to the truth in any serious way, which is light went up with situations like this? I have to admit I laughed Gemma Costa, whose just awful at sea and in their White House reporter who also goes after sir, how can be Sanders end and she's finally had enough, I can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law that is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible. However, this hold on Jim, I feel of it again, I'm not going to comment on specific comments that I haven't seen from the Bible, not what I said- and I know it's hard Frida understand even short sentences. I guess, but please don't take my words out of context, but the separation,
you family alien families, is the product of the same legal loopholes that Democrats refuse to close these laws or the same that have been on the books for over a decade. The president is simply enforcing them. Jim accosted deserves that one. Ok, just ass good for Sarah, we Sandridge him across the men, the grandstanding from the podium from people like accosted, really egregious ok, so we backer next. We have. We have a lot to talk about, then also make sure that turn into. Sunday show as well, because we have Michael Shermer, It's a really great conversation. I think it really enjoy it. If you like, all the talk about God and free will end and reason, then please check it out. We are the wee wee. Love having it, we love having you subscribe. So please do that as well and we'll see
on on Sunday and then we'll see her. On Monday, I mentioned this adventure Bianca, the bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer, Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora Audio is mixed by my car Mina Heron make up is by just while Vera
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