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Ep. 59 - How Much Must Republicans Lie To Get Elected?

2016-01-21 | 🔗
Trump vs. Cruz deathmatch continues, conservatism faces off with populism, and an extra-huge Ben Shapiro Show mailbag!
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Is Donald Trump, our density or others. Here destiny we'll get too that we will also get to Trump versus crews, plus in extra heat. Helping the bench Shapiro show second week me. A bag, and it is really really chock full- will save some extra time for that, I'm bench. A pair of this is the bench appear attentive, humanised people hereby you're feeling so you're, one of the things on the show that I like to say is that I told you so It's one of my favorite things to say, and I got to say it all the time, because I did tell you so because I'm right too often, which is why he was in the show, I bet I told you so I'm right Nate Silver, who is a very, very, very good status. Statistical analysis analysed for four or five thirty. Eight dekom has a peace today about Donald Trump is favoured by the establishment, Mozilla have been saying this for a week now that that, in a fight between Donald Trump and TED crews, the establishment favours Donald Trump Pinnate Silver, who used right,
The New York Times now runs five thirty eight. He says a in the last election. He called all fifty states correctly as far Obama, ceramic he's end quote in an emanation race like the Republican One, you can drop a list. Reasons to be skeptical of any kind. Its chances. He says I used to be sceptical about from the regional. And especially sceptical about Trump, isn't list did above. Nor is it because I expected from two spontaneously combustion national poles in dead. I was sceptical because I assumed that influential Republicans would do if anything they could to prevent him from being nominated, but so far the party isn't doing much to stop Trump. Instead, its making such an effort against TED crews, which is what I have been saying the establishment does not fear Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a creature of the moment. Donald Trump is a creature of Trump Trump all the trunk is about all Donald Trump is about as Donald Trump and all I have to do recent headlines from today, Donald Trump. Today,
set you remember a couple of days ago, Donald Trump of speaking Liberty, university, and he tried to quote the by and instead of saying Second Corinthians, he said to corinthians- remember this. So day. Donald Trump came out. He said, oh thousand, my father's Tony Perkins is fought by the head of the christian group, Tony Perkins, Tony Perkins. When he sent me an email, he wrote to Corinthians writing What that EU? Assuming that you would know them and second Corinthians, be blamed, Tony Perkins for that and then Donald tweeted out the TED cruiser obviously worried about him and then Donald Trump. Also today suggests, did that it was he who urged Sarah Palin to address her sons problem with assault in Alaska. Everything in the world is about Donald Trump. There are zero things that are not about Donald Trump and these we can deal with their establishment is ok with that they can deal with egoist, but they can't deal with is concerned, hardline ideologues. Those are the people who scare them with his why Bob Door has now endorsed Donald Trump overtake crews Bob doll. You know you
like it, I like it, the american people like it that that that Bob don't so, he endorsed Donald Trump Afore falling off a stage, but I thought that the best in the best taken on Dunbar dull who is treading on Twitter came from Iowa HAWK hoo hoo tweeted sees Bob Doll, trending buys wreath sees reason Bob those trending returns wreath. Well, for hackers, caricature of Donald Trump he's been endorsed by Bob Dole. Now Bob Door, he said quote, the party would suffer KEDO Liz, MC wholesale losses of crews was nominee. Donald Trump would fare better but I question his allegiance to the party said this about crews. I don't know how often have heard him say the word republic, and not very often. Instead, he says conservative, which is a bad thing. According to Bob Doll, I also don't say Republican, I like to say, conservative, because Republican is a mechanism, then conservatism is an ideology I find the Republican has just a party that I used to get what I want to go. It is not in fact an ideology,
a name for a group of people who ban behind it. Dull said about cruises extremists, and I don't know how is going to deal with Congress. Nobody likes him, he said trot could we work with Congress because he's got the right, and a personality and he's a deal, make right in the end they support from over crews, as I have been saying, by the way Donald Trump is now making me perfectly establishment case. So for all that from supporters I'm gonna get to the from can win argument the minute and why I think the debts flodden problematic in terms of the general election, but there are two arguments, bring Donald Trump. One of them is the least possible, and one of them is deeply stupid. The passage the possible. What is Donald Trump to better fighter. He has more blue collar appeal, he's more electable than TAT grows. I actually think there is a case for this, although his unpopular numbers are very high, the other arm it is the tunnels from his more conservative than tankers. If you believe this then you are, I Sarah Palin might put it on opium. If you believe this you're out of your damn mind, there is no
There is no measure by which Donald Trump is more conservative, bent and crews, and even trumpets basically admitting this now to Donald Trump. Yesterday he came out. He said the problem with Washington. Is that we don't make enough deals? I thought that trouble pictures that he was tough and going to stand up to people, but now the problem in Washington. There are big enough says, Donald Trump. Make it deals with my life and that's why I'm worth many billions of dollars more than ten billion dollars, because that's what I do I make deals, and you get it done problem with Washington. They don't make deals. It's all gridlock, and did you ever Is it a disguise executive orders because you can get anything done I'll get everybody gather will make great deals for the country will take back, our trade will strengthen military we'll take care of. That said the huge use problem there being taken care of so hardly I mean barely will strengthen it up the borders young women it deals with great deals and politicians don't know how to make great deals like a guy like that
buddy from Goldman Sachs, you buzzed money from Citibank. He doesn't report it on his forms where you have to report it. It's getting a violation at a very significant we should, then he doesn't report was like that. You cannot just say that I bet it sits very sad to see it. So number one. It's not true. Crews did report. Those donations reported them on the wrong form. Number two If you want to say that somebody is beholden to the bank, because they have a loan from that bank, every person I has a mortgage, everyone has to since you loved, besides This makes you in Thrall to the bank, from what you have the load is idiocy mentality has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from there. Does entities that mean that he's beholden to those various banks? Of course not it's silly, but the bigger problem here. The trumpet saying that he's going to be a deal maker? And this is why these I was really him and cruises noting that right now cruises saying it's pretty. Clear. The Washington establishment is behind Donald Trump. Here's groups
I think it very much is becoming man race between me and Donald, any any one of the really strong signs of that is your saying. The Washington establishment dumping their candidates. So, for example, a lot of the establishment had been behind Marco Rubio that they they decided now he doesn't have a path to victory their move into Donald Trump and we're saying that more and more- and you know it's kind of- Yes, Donald is publicly bragging about how all the big establishment player are getting behind him and Anna and his criticism of me is, he said. I went to Washington and actually stood up and fought in Washington and Donald said well that the problem he has with with me is- is that I won't go along to get along in Washington. I won't cut deals and down was promised he'll go to Washington, he'll cut deals, he'll go along to get along to tell you shown you. You know the conservatives across this country. I think the problem with Washington is that we haven't had enough Republicans willing to cut deals with the Democrats. A problem is republican.
It cuts deals every day. With the Democrats like this horrible omnibus bill that funded, a trillion dollars funded all of Obama's big government priority, an end, the establishment seems to have made it determination, Donald I'm so guy they can make a deal with. Who will continue the cronyism and corporate welfare and bail out for big banks and and and I think they were saying- conservatives getting behind us and more say in the Washington establishment, getting behind Donald Trump, and this is exactly right now. What's amazing about all of this is that meanwhile job bushes, big article, let it go today. The jug bushes campaigners toast well welcome to the party gang move in saying this from basically they want the job Bush was going. We toes job Bush made Donald Trump people should understand this job. Bush made him ok Job Bush announced on June fifteenth, if you remember the very next day, Donald Trump announced, for presidency, a name track Bush three separate times in his meant ramblings and at that point said the establishment support
George Bush, that is behind your Bush and then jobs, people not content to boost from. That way decided to have job attacked Trump in the debate, at which point trumps. Armed him repeatedly as we covered on podcast, which boosted trumpet Nepal and then still not contained the job people have now spent. Tens of millions of dollars knocking down Marco Rubio to try and clear these. I wish my lane for Job Bush cannot today The two million dollars have been spent in the last month against. Uncle Rubio an attack at twenty million of those dollars came from job bushes super back. So I just wish clear the field, basically for Donald Trump, but is is right about one thing: he says: if Donald Trump is the nominee Hillary Clinton winds. I think this is probably correct. Here. Is George Bush work problem, entertainer he's gonna be commander in chief or leader of the free world. He's not he's not lead us to a safer and secure and freer America and so to stay the course. The reason why he attacked me is he scared of me he's in secure. He doesn't believe that that he can take
on and while I'm doing worsen him in the polls. The simple fact is: why would he spent his time tearing down someone who so low compared to him. This is this is because we're moving up, and I believe that he believes that, whether where the real orange for his winning the nomination and the tragedy of this is we have a Democrat nominee likely nominee whose, under investigation by the FBI, the only chance that she could become isn't. It is if we nominate a guy like Trump ok? So I want to talk about the electoral chance of trumpet a minute, but I just want to point out one thing: when you watch this cliff, it makes you programme. Bright, it does I mean I think Trump is terrible. I think the trump is a demagogue. I think that Trump is bad in a variety of ways. Every time I watch JEB Bush talk about Trump, I want to vote for Trump and it's because, if you watched Bush talk about? How trumpet eats disconnected the reason trump is attacking him obviously, is because Job Bush is a name bushes connected with the Bush family. He is the estate,
The reason is punching George Bush is because it benefits him not is afraid of the job Bush Gimme a break. What silliness out before I move to the the real substance of the discussion here, which is is Trump electable, because I think it's almost a waste of time. At this point to talk is Trump conservative he's not. We spent a lot of, I'm this week going over his positions on various issues, he's not conservative but there's Are you still to be made that he's the most conservative guy? Who can well known to talk about that before we? Do that a bit of comic relief from John K, sick Oh God, no, not- Yes, John Casing John case it was, An Hewetts show the other day and he explained how he wants to be viewed some things I think. First by the experience and I've had success and I've been a reformer all of my life. You can come from the rocks as you know you and not be a reformer. And I have a message that you know what we do.
So like the prince of darkness in I I consider myself the prince of White in hope. And I don't and all my time getting people roused up about how bad everything is. I acknowledge that the challenges, but then I say, look come together First, we could solve these problems. The people are hungry for that people. Don't I want to live in the leading up depression. They want to believe that in a man, I got, it would take it all work again and again, I think it's which its work in my work, I been doing this for a while. A last legal heritage is mention the prince of light and help, Has it today his father apparently was not a mailman. His father is God which is exciting of in who knew right, said. Prince of light and hope over by the way. The prince of Whiten hope is now running. Second, in New Hampshire, according to a couple of poles, which means the end of the road from ECHO Rubia. Ok, I want to get to the real point and what I want to talk about today, which is really not reiterate,
How right? I was not from purses crews. Obviously, I'm right you, although it that's, why you listen so here's what I really want to talk about Ruslan bought. The who is, I think, best exporter of concern TIM America for the past thirty years, he he is, he was the guy who made the nineteen eighty four republican revolution happen. He was probably the guy who push George W Bush over the top in two thousand. Is probably one of the main reasons. Republicans did so well in two thousand to two thousand fourteen he's a force, there's no question: he made a state and yesterday that I think is worthy of note, he's talking about the rise of trump and Like a lot of conservatives understand appeal of Trump but is concerned? That Trump is not concern? That Trump is not actually conservative, and she's, trying to explain why trump is so sure fire Popular Weiss, all fire popular and here's. What Russia Limbaugh had to say about it. So what happening here, nationalism dirty word: o people hated populism, even dirtier word nationalism and populism have over.
Taken conservatism terms, appeal, when this has happened, the one and exposes one people in Washington are afraid of, and that is you know all this money. We asked people to send us in all these donations. People have made this movement promote that move. Where is conservatism in Washington various? Where is it Republican party isn't conservative. We resolve these conservative. People than earth contributing the policy being implemented in Congress or in the Senate they don't see, it whether the case Russia's making is is partially right. What he is saying is that conservative has been outflanked by populism and nationalism that, because conservatives in Congress, people who pledge to be conservative or not, it waned popularity announced being replaced by Donald Trump brand of nationalism in populism that I think, is important to define terms for a second, because these are words they get thrown around. What nationalism and populism or not actual coherent ideologies. National
some just says I want whatever is best for the country, but it doesnt defined. What's best for the country could be nationalist, like Google job as right, and you could be thinking that leftism is the best thing for your country and your nationalist breaker Hitler was national issues and national, socialist national doesn't imply right wing and populism also doesn't apply right wing, popular I'm just means they are anti and in any in in sky my group will be led to you think, control things and so you're fighting against those people. That will populism is an their leftist illustrate Bernie Sanders, narrowing populous like Donald Trump. What's been happening, is because conservatism has become a notion of the elites nor to be perceived to be an ocean of the elite is falling away popularity and there, couple of reasons for this one is that all the people who have campaigned as conservatives were basically one
and then they got to Washington and they didn't do any of the things they said they were going to do. They didn't stand up for the little guy that and stand up to the big guy, but there's something deeper here than just the malfeasance of people in work. In DC and the inability of conservatives to stand up for principle, there's something else: thou be too easy to answer, to talk a little bit about something, I talk a little bit about yesterday and I think it's a problem in Madrid and I just before the show we're having this conversation, draughtsman, pudding the heavy emphasis on the early on his podcast on the fact that from supporters are blue collar who may be losing their jobs to China or Baileys field are losing their jobs to China and free trade or technological advancement. But there's group of people out there who feel like you're being left I find in the economy and of the Republican Party the conservatism more specifically isn't doing enough for these people These people are embracing Trump because from says, he'll do something for them. David, french National View, says the same thing. He says that nationalism that, through the reason, the trumps, putting together
coalition, is three There is a sort of three legged stool for trumps supporters that nationalism they don't feel like. They won't be in second place anymore, right, the winning two is- is a sort of abhorrence of the UN. Hard core left extreme social issues pushing so they dont want the political correctness right. That's that's point number two and number three is economic opportunity, but economic opportunity defined in very personal terms, so not in even playing field, not a free economy. More like what will you provide me so that I have what I believe on a personal level is a fair shot. That mirrors Cravens point about the blue collar workers. And one of the problems is what was one republic his do about this because here's the truth, the Republican Party, was basically from the end of the civil war, all the way until after a protectionist? isolationist, anti Immigrant Party at the other Republican Party,
vote in recalling Coolidge had the single greatest immigration shut down a twentieth century shut down Basically, all immigration in the nineteen twenty. Because he was afraid of the rabble coming it. Who are the rabble mean kept college was good president, but who are the rabble? The rabbit Produce an Irishman and Germans and Italians, those were the rabble I wasn't next- and it was, he was juice. Is bunch. People were now considered white in the United States right, and I consider part of the White Majority you're back the economic policies of the time Teddy Roosevelt, and William Howard TAT everybody pushing this idea that the government has to get in there and bust up the big businesses I d to break up the biggest regulations on banks going after the big guy favoured the little guy right. These were people who are in favour of protectionism, rehire tariffs on foreign goods, The United States gradually integrated into the world economy, but we had put significant tariffs, all the way through after and which Why this mood Holly tariffs were things White Harbour Hoover who was a Republican infamously pushed this Holly tariffs as a response to the drop in the stock
rocket, which helped create great pressure. So populism draw of Protectionism has always been break. Here's the problem of politics in general. There is a problem of politics in general. The problem of politics in general is that things that you get from the government typically are things people don't want to give up even conservatives or people who consider themselves can serve it most people and when you get a government program like Social Security, social Security is a disaster area it in the right. It's going bankrupt the country. It really is a problem, most people were on social security, however, are not gonna give it up, and politicians know that by campaigning against social security, there are signing the road death warrant. Why? Because we come to somebody like me. I'm thirty, two years old why you say to me: I'm in a reform, social security. I think two things great damage. Get seven percent more. My paycheck, and it also means that I may have a shot at keeping some of my money but then you go to somebody like my grandmother is actually living off of social security, and you say her we're taking away from ninety percent of your monthly income.
Rights going away. Nobody's actually making the case. Social security should go away, but this is why, right through this is the reason why the reason? Why is because socialist, Carry like every other government programme has a very special civic set of beneficiaries and a very diffuse set of peace are harmed by it so I pay a little bit of money into social security every month, but my grandma it's a lot of money out of social security every month, which is, of course, white bankrupt. But that means it's politically. Popular to go after social security, because honestly, social security is not number one on my list of priorities, but for my grandma is number one on our list of priorities same thing is true. Medicare is why Donald from says, I'm not gonna touch social security, I'm not gonna such Medicare between Democrats say that think about it nation? Legal immigration is very good for the economy. Legal immigration, is good for the economy so long as people are taking Walter. Obviously, because if you have a skilled set of people coming in and bring their skill set to bear their bringing better work for cheaper, better for cheaper,
always good for the consumer now, you come to me and say: ok is legal immigration? Gonna say yet it's great, you know it means, I've got a bunch of talented people are coming in producing great product I can buy for cheap sounds autumn as a consumer. It's great means I get better stuff now. The person who just like out of a job because of the go immigrant was brought it. So for me, May have gotten us up slightly better Iphone, but for that lost his job, so internal from campaigns against legal immigration. What he's really saying is I'm campaign for the guy, whose number one priority is keeping his job as against illegal immigrant and all the diffuse benefits those nobody's vote? That's not number one issue. In other words, everyone is basically a single issue. Voter in their single issue is what's good for me. Good for me is almost invariably something that is not good for society as a whole, which is what morality, matters, books, is why religion matters if we're all self interested voters there. In the end, we would end up with with a socialist communist regime, because that which is
What the founders always said, the founders always said. If you can vote. I repeat this is why we have a bill of rights to prevent government from doing this. The founders always believed. If you could vote yourself, other people's property, you would probably do it if you could vote yourself other people's money, you could probably do it and they are right and that's what's happening, and so that becomes a problem, because if we were to get rid of If we were to get rid of a lot of the policies that hurt the country or hurting a specific group of people and helping abroad group of people or helping that broad group of people this much or hurting that specific group of people, this much cats problem. So then the question becomes ok. What do you do to get elected? Because there is no question that if you, why do people you'd get elected, Reverend Democratic Use, light of people? I'm gonna make your life better. I'm gonna give you free education, no such thing as a free healthcare
No such thing, I'm going to give you free this and free that, basically, the democratic debates have been gone. What that's Hillary Clinton has free education, for everybody in the burning centres is free healthcare for everybody, and then Hillary Clinton has free crap for everybody and then pillar. Once as free crap for everybody infinity and that's their pitch and that's a good pitch. It took a pitch and down in our got. We know it's not true, but its appealing and Donald Trump is making sort of the same pitch. So what would Andrew Clayton has suggested is, if you want to appeal to those blue collar voters, the region. Donald Trump is getting people jazzed up is because he may be wrong on legal immigration may be wrong on free trade. You may be wrong. I'm government crony capitalism, but he's appealing to that group of people, so a Craven says, is well, instead of arguing sort of the Donald Trump protectionism should feel what, if we start to argue for job training programmes, and I said,
Clayton. What that their only there's a problem. There's not a government job training programme in the world that actually works there they're all failures. That's not the way the economy works. When somebody lose their jobs, GM they don't another job because they went to a governor. Funded job training programme held the people and government only the know how to do jobs. It's why they work for the government, the way people get jobs. Is they looked through the classifieds and they find a job or they go driver Ober they find private industry. That's not a pitch. The question becomes, what lies are you willing to table in order to get elected? What lies are you willing to tell in order to get a wet it, because any time you say that the government is going to be able to help you? You are basically why the government is not capable of helping individuals without stealing money from other individuals, and when it does your money from other individuals, that's immoral, so What compromise are you willing to make in order to get elected is a serious question,
serious, moral question that we should all consider now. My way of dealing with this, I think in political terms, is that Republican ought single out that they should understand how actions actually were. Elections don't take place on the basis of policy apart policy they take place on the basis of storing, and so it's not about the story of the guy who's blue collar living in Ohio. Its whether you are better for that guy than Hillary Clinton and that guy's priorities are not only a priori size of I need to keep my job because priorities include. I don't want my kid indoctrinated by the government to believe in gay marriage. I don't want Hillary Clinton coming in here and mandating that
and though in my daughter's restroom, I dont want Hillary Clinton coming in here, enforcing her priorities and values down on me. In other words, you dont have to bribe people with government. You just have to focus on the fact that the Democrats want to oppress their is that there is an issue of emphasis here. I dont think that the way Republicans end up winning blue collar voters back is supplied them about the glories of protectionism and a lot of people on the right seem to think it is. I think the problem is that, once you give people the go ahead on the premise, once you give, people go ahead on the premise that conceal other people's money. In order to enrich yourself, then you're. Basically, Democrat is just a matter of time until he got there, it may take longer, but it's only a matter of time until he got there. So I offering no hope, I'm not saying Republicans can never win because Clayton, I would claim was Saint Freedom is unpopular. I dont think freedom is is quite is unpopular in. I think
I think freedom is unpopular in the sense that people want free crap. I do think people not free crap, but I think that there are certain aspects of freedom that for everyone from their desire for free crap, as this would be a free country, you have to find out what are those aspects of freedom for each individual and tailor your message of freedom to that individual solely to miss it. It's a mistake to go into a blue collar area and start talking about the glories of free trade, stupid. Like you'd, be a mistake to going to Iowa and make your central pitch arrogant. Rid of ethanol subsidies, but you can go and I, like you can say, Hillary Clinton wants to take your money and she wants to spend it on stupid garbage and she wants to restrict your religious practice and she wants to destroy your livelihood. In other words, you have to campaign on all the things that the establishment,
wait a campaign on the reason why the situation were the reason. Blue collar workers have been left aside his because the establishment in Sis, the Republicans not talk about social policy, the Republicans not talk about basic issues of religious freedom, for example the Republicans not talk too much about foreign policy, real security. The reality is the only reason America went. Free trade in the first place is because, after all, were too we had to be free trade for national security.
As with all of the other countries, the Soviet Union was trying to woo idea was that if we trade with them now become rich will become democratic and they will want to deal with the Soviet Union, but that was a pitch on foreign policy grounds, not on prosperity grounds. The prosperity just came, afterward Republicans need to understand. The message of freedom is the right message. The messenger bribery isn't, and so compromising with populism is just a recognition that you don't emphasise the parts of the economic conservative agenda that are actually problematic for people who are more in that small minority of people who are hit by the economic policy. Ok, time for some things that I like in time for some things that I hate there's a great book called tragedy and comedy by Walter Kerr. It's really good. One of the great questions in in drama is: what's the difference between a tragedy and a comedy? What's the difference between a tragedy, many because most need, because what makes you laugh What makes you cry are very often very similar things, Walter
is the area and have been a great book called tragedy, comedies. Basically, that life is both tragedian comedy and the reason is because tragedy is hamlet, aiming for the stars. Understanding, the he's gonna end up like Yorick right, it's it's the factory capable of reaching out to God and reaching out to the stars, but there were always fall short. There were always going to die, you did it and comedy. Is we reject, the stars, but we fart right into the same argument is just the issues that one sees it as ok, it's it's kind of its kind of whole areas that we ve got this immortal spirit trapped in this ridiculous bought and tragedy is: isn't it horrible that we have this immoral spirit and is trapped in this ridiculous by Is it two ways of doing the same point? So that's that's interesting. I- and I was going to talk a little bit of Sondheim, but will save some time for things that I like next time. I catch you out to eat on time on Monday is something I like and a thing I hate and I'll explain why just remind alright so
promised some some letters from the mail bag and thank you for your letters got lots and lots of mail. This times will go through as many as we can don't get too it folks that, just because we litter they got? Hundreds of of inputs mean and blown away actual so Chris right good morning personal, I want to say I love you shall listen to a daily daily. Where has become a must treat. So a couple of course got Bernie Sanders one if Bernie winds democratic nomination? How do you think that affects the GNP chances? Are So I think we're seeing very swing the Democratic Party further to the left, but if you want, action that will move Democrats. What will just me Move Democrats further did laughed. Howard effect, blue states. What's up areas when the red, because they can't go that far left? Ok, number, I think Bernie Sanders is actually or dangerous candidate than Hillary Clinton, because Hilary is gravity bound Bernie is often the air somewhere reburnishing, not Jha Bernice just flying up in the air, and
an adventure yesterday he actually proposed at the Post office should open a bank pay the most bankrupting, detention. American government should do banking, yes, the grand idea Bernie Sanders, but because of that he's got ideological purity he's got passion. Hilary is I urge is an old crone. No one likes her she's nasty, Bernie. Sanders is slightly scarier candid than Hilary, because at least he appears sincere as far as In pushing people to the right, if I thought that, push people to the right, I'd be in favour of his nomination. I think he pushed peoples have left, because here his ideologically coherent, and I think that we I have yet to see how far the american left is willing to push, and I think that their willing to push even further aright letters, were to this from a guy named dumb, He said he wrote me a while back today. Something happened here. It was kind of surprising you want some advice. He says some friend now, we're talking about one of the black is at our school is well known for being a white black it by this. I mean he does things that are typically associated with what white people do they
the gold membership to Starbucks. For God's sakes anyway, is proud to say he's white blackened. So by calling him it's not a negative connotations. We're talking about. We, so is the widest black. It you'll ever seen you'll ever ever met at this comment. Of the black girls who said to my table, snapped at me and started, calling me a racist, the girls a while the advocate, to say the least for the rights of black people. Did you right to be upset with me? Am I the one in the wrong? Ok, so number one I don't believe it. Obviously a joke. As a joke. People say this kind of stuff. All the time, and people on the left usually say when they mean that a black person isn't liberal enough. They'll say that his White Stacy Dash yesterday made a comment about black history month and left as such, black enough, so no, they have no ground to stand on their far as using that kind of language. It's only language, their rich black people is Colin Powell, more white because he's wretch. No is black. Guy is key, the rice any less blackened. She was when she was a girl growing up in Birmingham. Well, why people are bombing churches? No, she just
black to sing. Somebody is a white black. It is really just a way of saying there are rich blackened and it goes to a pathetic dignity. In our society, which is the the assumption really not even by white people, that by black people largely then it is not black to be prosperous and successful in american society for all the evil things bill causeways on personally one of the nice things about Cosby show. Is it actually set out the vision the black people can be middle class? They can doctors. They can be lawyers, they me dentists. They can do all sorts of wonderful things. I think it's a mistake to say somebody's a white black? It does. He goes to Starbucks he's the black eyed, those who start, but I know why people who are lower you don't go to start, but its race has nothing to with behaviour- and this is one of the things we have to explore all right now- another letter here. Somebody asked what tactics. Would you used to talk to people who are on the left and are personally close to you? Could because talk very often about how you talk to people on the left or not. If you destroyed left us in debate, there are easier
to do it in go pick up my pamphlet, unlighted Amazon. It's called eleven waste. Ought to leftist or how to destroy leftist in debate there, a bunch of pamphlets have written on this. How to destroy. Leftist in debate is probably these historic need the words the question, and I this one. A lot is I'd several family members that subscribe to leftism, including my wife. Good luck. You, my friend, I'm looking for a softer way to argue the facts with them, but it's difficult since their close to me. Ok, so there's my my preliminary answer and then there's my actual answer. My preliminary answer is: you should not associate with people on the left, because their generally terrible- and in what I mean by this is not the ale. Family members or on the left, I have acquaintances we're on the left. I don't liked like to surround myself with people with whom I have worked, The different values in this doesn't mean people who just happened to be on the left. I'm talking about ardent what its people really believe, this stuff most people on after I just sort of thereby pry they're, just thereby habit? So, let's talk about those people
so. If you talk to those people the number one thing you have to do. Is you have to make clear that you understand their position? Even if you don't positions really stupid. You have to make clear you understand their position, they you understand. Whether coming from they just don't have their facts straight. You have to get into the wrestling circle with them. I understand where you're coming from, but have you considered that this may not actually benefit this person or that made actually be a moral point of view. If the game your level of argument to the level of argument on the other sites. If they come in, they say you know, I've been having real trouble, understanding, TED cruises tax proposal, isn't it more beneficial for the wealthy, where that's different question than ten crews hates portrait all right, if the person comes in a level three, you can come into level three and you can say well, you know, I think, that your misconstruing cruises tax proposal and I think that We should really talk about how the economy works for you on a personal level if they come into, they should take hey poor people who sell Jack ass an and in you don't know how economics works, cause your ignorant
it's a defence on the level at which the the conversation is initiated and body. If you married the latter good luck to you, I mean those a personal choice that you: outside unsolicited dating advice for everyone, don't date people of opposite values. It Always a mistake but if you're already in the relationship do about aren't so ok, Dylan right, Hey ban, big fan for the last couple years. I'm curious about your thoughts on the orange cancelling the debate hosted by embassies. There was a debate, no spoke be hosted by NBC, the Orange cancelled it. So there are two things happening. What good? I'm glad CNBC ran a crap shoulder debate, its good that that debate didn't go forward to the orange really cancelled the dangers. Until the NBC debate. They also cancel the second debate in this. Why don't trust the currency? Europe cancel the second debate was supposed to be moderated by Sean Hannity indisposed The conservatives only debate we're gonna have Conservative asking questions to these candidates and they cancel it
because that's how you aren rules, so I can both like yours. Should I be sea and not trust them? Ok,. I have a let's. Do you some coffee books up. I got a lot of low back on comics, because earlier this week I critique convicts- and I said that back stories- for emphasising the comic books in that most back stories of of comics are crappy, maybe audacious statement that the only two good back stories in comics our supermarkets and bad about man, because his angst an interior part of him that to he isn't he have to explain where the onyx comes from an Superman because he's legitimately an alien. She have to explain your how he got here. Makes me want to be a representative of the american way while he hasn't limited powers right. Ok, so someone says: NED, they want me to marry them. The ends and not not like actually married to them. Like duper, the marriage ceremony, but secondly,
spider, man and its origins are pretty late. Daredevil happens to be silent. I got this. The Solana got a lot of dared. Have one people saying they like the daredevil backstory, so low talk about the daredevil backstory for a second, so the daredevil backstory First valley His powers is a completely ridiculous again just mission. It's it's is a ridiculous intervention by the author right. He gets it by toxic waste, which is what the easiest way What's he gonna put superpowers that are not cancerous, so the real daredevil backstory. The part this fund is that he added dad the real daredevil backstory. The part that's fun is that he had a dad who was killed, Does his dad was a boxer and didn't give in to the mob right? That's that's the story so basically he's batman in the marble universe, so he's gotta go back story because you copy back backstory medicine, go on an agnostic copy bans backstory? Why it apparent? EL the now he has angst about fighting crime, the other! That's it's! It's! It's fine!
Ok, I just I'm not I'm not deep in love with it? I get another question from It seems almost asking you questions. I wanted to ask you if you had a limited funding to study a specific topic anywhere in the world. What would it be, and why does it is pretty good question I mean honestly, there is. I have friends there. There's a guy deal with every single day. Every morning actually end. He is constantly saying that he he's he's very overweight and not healthy and is constantly saying that he doesn't stand why anyone would want to live forever, and I get this from people. Are you here this a lot right? People say: oh, I wouldn't want to live forever for some religion, people it's their way of explaining death. For some nonreligious religious people, it's the way of explaining why back like idiots, but there, people who say it? I don't want to live forever, there's so much cool stuff in the world. How much stuff that I want to warn, there's so much stuff there. There there's just not enough time. In the day honestly I love learning is my favorite thing in the entire reading? Is my favorite thing to the point where my wife has to make sure
that she has my attention when she's talking to me she's she's, I have a book everywhere. I dont think like right now I have to go to my backpack article anywhere without box. I mean if I, if I had a look the time an unlimited energy to study everything but math, and then even then, Probably now I mean it's just I love learning so much so Yeah, I have never understood the people who say that they wouldn't want to live forever. If I could be healthy, forever. Who'd want to live forever. There's too much fuller, there's too much cool stuff that God put here and there were still discovering, so it's ok. I know it's a cop out, but that's honestly, I feel that the other certain aspects like I'm lucky I get this- the stuff I like, every single Daggett to study politics and human behaviour and fascinating social science. I think human beings are fascinating. I do and I think that studying human beings, their Campi, something more interesting than the human mind, is just utterly rubbing are at this one was about Islam and in the question, is
What rhetorical bombshell should I have dropped when somebody said in class members of groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda have little to no understanding of Islam. If they understood Islam, they wouldn't be terrorist. The rhetorical bombshell you should have dropped is who knows more about the Koran. You Orban Lawton my destiny. Or Gabon. Chile should have dropped. Who knows more about Koran you or about daddy? You don't know Everybody. Invariably people who say that ISIS I don't understand. Islam know nothing about Islam, a legitimately nothing about his on its eyes, ikebana, who studied the car I briefly one whose Indonesia or George Bush used to say that it was like George Bush is there a question just whether George Bush could read English, let alone Arabic, like the idea. The George Bush was some sort of Karadzic expert is absolutely absurd. Its absolute lives, all right. That's why should I will write? Edward One, try move through these quickly thought well right. When it comes your political stances and one and found on the right, your arm from a set of morals from Judeo Christian thought. When you
about abortion, your fortuitous baby, killing, which I agree with you on what about? defending marriage politicians like tat whose believe in defining traditional marriage on a federal level. But isn't it Sk Crimination to the gay community how'd, you go that marriage issue was upset the programme- I don't think government should be involved in marriage at all. Your eye Think, actually that there is, I believe, traditional marriage, not because a veto, christian values, but because I'm a sane and rational human being. The fact is that, Heterosexual. Marriage has benefits for society. Homosexual marriage has no benefits, for society, benefit from benefits for the people involved, but one Is anybody else benefit from two dude stopping each other? No one has yet discovered this right. The fact is that marriage benefits a male female, stopping each other, because if they stop each other and they happen to get pregnant which, up until birthday, became prevalent was the way things were done right. The fair! If that happened, people happening get pregnant, it was good. It did. The kid be raised in a stable to parent family were the people were bound to each other as the purpose of me it was good for society and the breakdown of men
It has destroyed society. Single motherhood has been aid absolute disaster area for both the black and white community of robbery, community non racially speaking, so I don't think you have to be judeo Christian Advocate to be in favour of traditional marriage. Already, let's see what else we have here. Ok, another another kind, but one day will will do a couple more and that will be done in these are both be three comic book once enabled you will do a couple more com, book ones, but will summarize them ok, Mitchell Right, Mr here are a representation of comets was a little off Batman the master raises actually right wing. If you read into the dialogue in duration, Batman, the master raises actually right wing. If you read into the dialogue, induration frankness, is very right wing in his written the best Batman Comics period. Awkward, has a great origin story. Wonder woman's origin is completely intertwined with greek mythology. Green arrow beside the fact he's, a loving liberal on power with Bernie Sanders has great origin story. Marvel is going to have
is going to have crap origins because of the time period its characters were created to cut them some slacks, some slack. Ok. So let's he says that that I should stop reciting Batman. I should criticise greener, oh yeah, greener actually made into basically a communist. The show green arrow he's not a communist, so much at least not as much as he has met. Comics as far as Superman being a Moses ripping out Jesus Rep so obvious. We, the idea of the parents being under assault and then having to put their kid into a basket and followed him down the river right. That's that that is the beginning of the Superman Origin story, but once you get your his Jesus, they ones it once you remain gets here. He is Superman suffering on the day he Superman suffering on the cross. I mean: there's, there's no way to read it. Otherwise they God in human form right that's what he is so I disagree on that Batman as a right wing figure. Yes, the original Batman is a right wing figure. Friend, Miller's ban is a deeply rowing figure and then for Miller went off the rails recently in his second Batman instalment he turns Batman is like a full fledged fascist.
Basically says democracy doesn't work, Superman, you're, the guy. You run off all stuff, it's kind of energy one woman's origin story is not good. I disagree an awkward man does have in ok. Origin story, but you don't really need it. I mean he s already unique because he's actually agree. Gotta Minois Command is Greek God. So, as I mentioned last time, comics are pagan and so you're in pagan universe. You just retelling Greek met with pictures, one last question What is your next book coming out in any word? What did what it will be about? Ok so I have two books that are coming out actually have one that can be about political correctness and in conversations with publishers right now, they'll probably come out early next year, and I have a fiction book actually that can be coming out a little bit later this year, probably in September, and it is I ran ask action thriller about the collapse of the United States, and what that's going to look like and how it happens, and it is some I wrote. Like a year and a half ago, and as always, my favorite forward
I told you so by everything that I wrote in this a year ago is now happening. It's pretty amazing, so it's it's a really good, fast pace. Novel the beginning of series. So I'm looking forward to talking with more about it is that happen. Also. Sorry last question Spiderman Peter Parker doesn't have it back story right. That's what I said he does no good backstory used by spider and his uncle died yeah good night. We're done. I hope we have a wonderful weekend. I hope that you can you can sleep through some of them more the Trump card this debate and we will be back here next Monday with more things I like plus. I promise we will talk. Stevenson Humphrey Few die hard right, wingers love, musical tear her I'm edge of it. This is the bench of erosion.
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