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Ep. 596 - An Epic Trump Tweetstorm

2018-08-06 | 🔗
Trump goes off on the Trump Tower meeting, tariffs, and Lebron; the Left continues to defend racism so long as it’s directed against whites; and the press panic over Trump’s war on media. Date: 08-06-2018
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Social media companies. Target Alex Jones Trump goes up off on the Trump Tower Meeting tariffs and the and left continue to defend racism so long as it's directed against white people, I'm bench bear this the venture Barroso and with so much to get to you today. It was a very full weekend of trump tweets and more from tweets and then even more from tweets. After that, I remind you think we're only about a week away from our big live events. If you're gonna go check out those last minute tickets now's the time a daily wired outcome. Slash events go check. Those are also it is imperative, that you think about the quality of the air that your breathing there's this article- and I saw last week about her air pollution and national parks is as bad as the top twenty major cities in the United States. Probably that's: transfer but the reason apparently is because these parks are downwind of air pollution sources like agriculture, industry, major highways in urban areas so based where there is no nowhere in IRAN except inside. We know the indoor air quality is actually worth very often in the air quality
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Believing that there was a there's, a pizza shop in Washington DC that was associated with Hillary Clinton. That was running pedophiles from it or some such he also has suggested that the Sandy Hook massacre was actually a red, a false flag. It was bunch of child the actors, He has suggested that South Rich was murdered by Hillary Clinton. I believe that the EU is involved in the south rich stuff as well. There very few conspiracy theories in which Alex Jones does not engage most famously. He believe he has said in the past that he believes that the government is turning the frogs gay by somehow changing the chemical composition in the water he's most famous for his emotional outbursts, honest shows, I will say that Alex Joneses, wildly entertaining in the same way the W W e rise wildly entertaining and from it the same reasons, he screams any I was any sound somewhat like hall Cauldron and he and he does not have whole Huggins physique, but takes off in short, anyway, and he is he's really just a giant bag lunacy. Well, he has
a very large following because conspiracy theories are in fact extraordinarily popular when people are seeking to place, order on chaos. They look to conspiracy theories. There are a lot of people who are big names or followers valets Jones, most famously the president of the United States used to call and regularly Alice Jones. I Alex Jones as a quasi ally, Alex Jones, claimed that after the election, President Trump was calling him fairly regularly. Jones, as I say, is a toxic personality of the highest order, and I have gotten into it in the past that finally ended with him doing a weird limitation of me, which I will play for you in a few minutes here, but here's what facebook and apple are banks or Facebook. An apple have now banned him their clamping down on him. Suffice it to say that, while I think that Alex Jones is basically a giant dumpster fire of human that he smells like the burning garbage that the error rates, the scent of New York I think that Alex Jones should not be banned from apple and Facebook, simply because the standards that are being,
by the light of these social media companies are extraordinarily vague. Applin Facebook, according to CNBC, have no clamp down on content by Alex Jones Monday. The former pulled five of his podcast. The latter remove four pages, confirm by him, Apple confirmed on Monday had removed five of the six podcast which included Jones in amidst the Alex Jones show as well. Brother, infant wars, audio streams and users, originally reported by Buzzfeed NEWS Jones, of course, is a controversial conspiracy theories to has claimed that the twin while sandy hook, shooting was a hope hoax and he has been hit with other content banned from Youtube, as was Spotify apples movies. Pretty automatically taken down the entire library of info wars. Podcast rather than a select few episodes and apple spokesperson, said: quote: apple does not tolerate hate speech and we have clear guidelines. The creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users. Podcast violate these lines, are removable from a directory magnum no longer searchable or available for download or streaming. We believe,
representing a wide range of views so long as those people are respectful to those with differing opinions. So they say that he has persistently uploaded content in breach of various content guidelines. Facebook says the same in July: Facebook moved for of Joneses videos and had his own personal profile with a thirty day ban of what the firm deemed as elation of its policies on bullying and hate speech, the company itself and wanted to its content. The removal counts as a strike, essentially warning against the person that uploaded it in the first place. In the case of pages, Facebook Senator hold both the page and an administrator who pose content in violation of its rules accountable. They said this is not about big news. They said this is not because of of Jones is tendencies towards conspiracy, ISM inside
it was about hate speech and bullying. There's so much of the discussion around info. Worse has been related to false news, which is a serious issue we are working to address by promoting links marked wrong by fact, checkers and suggesting additional contents. None of the violations that spurred today's removals related to this. So it is again unclear what exactly it was that triggered all of this. They say that it was. It was his threatening language, but again I would need to see the specific threatening language, he was using an I'm somebody. Who's been threatened by Alex Jones me I'll show is legitimately gone on his show and threatened that he would send his by these down to the people who help fun daily wire that he would send those people down there there their ranch in Texas and have them harassed, I mean Alex, shows a bad guy, but the problem is this: Once you start saying that hate speeches, rationale for banning people from social media, you getting some very, very big territory, because, as we know, the left does not have a consistent standard. The day,
when they are looking at hate speech. They don't say that anything that is hateful is banned and then define hateful in extraordinarily specific terms. Don't say. Anything that is offensive is banned, has a lot of things our offensive. Instead, these this term hate speech to simply label stuff. They don't like hate speech. I know this because I've been tar, did not by social media per se, but by a lot of votes on the left. You suggest that I and some sort of provocateur involved in hate speech. What exactly have I said, that is hate speech or their favorite is that I dont use preferred pronouns. So if some buddy, like Caitlin Jenner, says they Caitlin Jenner. Is a woman, I was still say that In general is a man and I will say, Caitlin Generous a he right. This is hate speech according to a lot of votes on the left. Well, what's to prevent apple or or Facebook from moving my content online, simply because I dont abide by their standards. There rumours today that a lot of these so Romania giants are gonna, start banning or restricting content from people who they deem climate change deniers. Not even people who acknowledge that
Climate change is happening, but worry that it may not be happening to the same extent that some on the left say and look like the left solutions. Those people may not be safe from the preparations of social media? Also, so again, what is the exactly? What exactly the terrible, the companies that are removed, Alex Joneses pages for good horrifying violence which violate our graphic violence policy and using humanizing language describe people how transgender muslim immigrants which violates our hate speech policies again. This is where we get into some serious serious issues. What exactly violates I'd hate speech policy. So if I say that transgender people have mental disorders which they you, ok, generous or gender identity disorder is, as you may have noticed, from the term gender identity disorder disorder. If you say that that no hate speech. What if I say that, while not Muslims are terrorists, a disproportionate number of terrorist or Muslim. Is that hate speech, because that is also a fact what if I say that immigrants coming to the United States. You ought to be that, because we don't know whose violent and who is not, is that hate speech
I don't think it has only comes close to hate speech, but one of the problems is that you have too many folks on left to decide that anything there like now, is, is hate speech and they're, not an I'm, not again things that very weird about this is that I really dislike Alex Jones, Brad. I think that Alex Jones is a liar. I think, he's a conspiracy. I think he does a horrible things in April on a regular basis, but there is no consistent standard that you can set. There is no limiting principle to Facebook or apple and their social media guidelines other than trust us and I'm sorry Don't trust you guys out Phronsie S and just to demonstrate again that I am not saying this out of some perverse love for Alex Jones Algerians hates my God, and I think that he is. If I have not made clear a flight big pile of human theses may here is Alex Jones, mocking Miata show like two weeks ago. I think I'll get your business. What happened when I get in people's businesses bore business long son, you like what to do to your daddy back
You really did it to himself. Didn't we told her body one was that weirdo it was threatening me on a show and I'm no defending his show. Clearly, I'm a bad guy. He it's it's just dangerous stuff. I think it's bids deeply dangerous stuff to have so many folks on the left, trying to determine what content constitutes the reason that That is deeply dangerous and the reason I trust them is because there is a mass of double standards when it comes to the left and, for example, racism. So when I suggest that hatred of a particular race is the definition of racism, people on the left will say well depends on them. So, for example, there is an article in the New York Times this week all about why calling white people racist may not actually be the most worthy. The best possible way of curbing racism in this article drew all sorts of hatred from folks. On the pulse, the go left the article was an opinion peace by womanly, Margaret Wrinkle, and what it said was there still live. Southerners who honestly believe that american culture work better for everyone, white and black, like under segregation there still
wait southerners who question how bad slavery really was: one enslaved black persons, health and strict. Are needed to guarantee the slaveholders livelihood. This argument goes: it just wouldn't make sense to what them or starve them, a rhythm of work them to the point of collapse, southerners aren't alone and believing such mendacity, but the south is where slavery and segregation metastasized, maybe more concentrated here. Whatever this insidious delusion takes hold, however, requires it again to an ignorance of history to maintain and there's a lot of ignorance of footmen land right now. More people in Tennessee today have cars bearing license plate its emblazoned with the Confederate battle flag than ever before. A strong Majority of Southerners. Sixty one percent are committed to keeping their confederate monuments on public land exhausted my ability to understand why, deep into the twenty first century, I'm hearing. Otherwise, good hearted people use the same arguments: White Southerners used to discredit Uncle Tom Cabin more than a hundred fifty years ago. It couldn't possibly I've been that bad. Maybe this is what happens when a person's only new sources, the alternative universe and fox and friends, or maybe there are just races, ok, they're indefinitely
racist, opposite very leftist article, but it's coming under fire from left. Why? Because here is the point They don't believe they are, and the problem with writing off. People don't recognize this country's pervasive and enduring culture of white supremacy much The ways in which they themselves benefit from it is simple, being called her. Sister almost never causes a racist wake up being called a racist, almost never causes array to say, oh well, you're right, I get them it's hard, not to scream racist, anti racist. If your white person who wants to be an advocate, both infuriating and demoralizing to know that the people causing all the suffering people who look just like you here's. What is also true prejudices beings, our tribal creatures? We trust the familiar and are drawn to it. We just trust. The Your and our drawn to unfamiliar and keep our distance white people liberalism Serbia has often claim not to notice another person's race, but it's just not true. We are hard wired to recognise difference into view it as an aberration. Noticing difference is not the same. Thing is hating difference, of course, but I am not just talking about this white supremacist here, I'm talking about garden, variety prejudice and the answer that
lady says is maybe yelling raises. Two people is not actually a good idea, because when you you'll raises two people, all your doing is alienating people the issue that this author says take a breath when you and count a person who believes he's nearly honouring his ancestors by driving a car with an image of the Confederate battle flag on the tag. What a Facebook friends announces its disrespectful to taken during the national anthem when you sit down next to someone at a church, picnic could genuinely loves and respects the black people they know, but who consistently both for politicians with overtly racist policy. Stopped for a moment and take a breath before you say a single word. Think of all the time you made an assumption about a stranger that proved to be untrue. Think of the times you found self feeling uneasy in the company of strangers of another race? Is that not only a reasonable articles and far left article right. It's just that all of these. Our elements of racism but the best way to fight. All of that is not a yellow races to people. The left says that this is a huge mistake by the west. As that, if you you'll racist and a bunch of non racist white people, that's totally fine, but if you say anything racist about
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shall offer includes up to fifty five bucks, a free postage, a digital scale plus that for weak trial. The services the post office right there at your desk makes it really really simple: again: stamps dot com, promo code, Shapiro stamped out conflict on their radio microphone at the top of the page and use Morocco Shapiro, ok, so there's this article in the New York Times in which it says, maybe not wanna, call way. People racists and the left go mad. Why shouldn't? We call all right people all white people racists? Instead, we should we should point out, when people are racist, their racist kazoo, here's an article from Linda Terrain, over the daily business assassinations. Poverty doesn't make you racist. It's more that the exhaustion strips you have the ability to dissembled for So if your inclined to racism already, it shows a life lived close to tears of sheer fatigue and stress is not one in which you can expand energy, to stop yourself spouting you're resentment or wielding your fears as a weapon. So in other words, some people choose racism, poverty doesn't clause racism, but individuals.
Responsible for their own racism. So why would you go easy on white? Racist has an opinion with which I have some sympathy. The problem is the left has. Then climate, Sarah Jong who's, this new member of the New York Times editorial work, who has literally dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of anti white hate tweet on her feet. Right she's been left alone by the left left. As that, her brain racism is just fine there. How do you know What does a double standard on this? Because this is where is Canada's Owens, whose black or at a black woman? She? look, olives, aerodromes, tweets, are some of them and to replace the word white with black treated them out and twitter band. Her for that I gittin sergeant stolen twitter can sullens was tossed from twitter for a day. Twitter called it a mistake when it's pretty obvious that there is a double standard and how exactly left approaches these issues. So when we talk about Alex Jones whether Alex Jones Automobile by Facebook grapple no matter how much you dislike, Alex Jones, the reality
he's left is never going to consistently apply their standards, which suggest that if we have to choose between inconsistently applied standard in those standards, no standard might actually be the better move here, which is a scary place to be because the left is so damn dishonest about their social standards on the sort of stuff. Ok, meanwhile, over the weekend, it was busy we can for the President of the United States. Particular only he decided to tweet a lot a lot, a lot, many of the tweets, so many tweet, so the present in the United States and decided for some reason that he's gonna tweet out about the transfer meeting. Now, as you recall, the trunk tower meeting what happened in June of twenty sixteen at this meeting between Donald Trump Junior and some other members of the trunk campaign and a woman and named Natalia vessel night sky of Russian where and that meeting has basically been prepped by a russian source, writing to Donald from Junior saying we have information or the russian government may have information on Hillary Clinton. Would you like to get to
There was an emissary of the russian government to hear this. Dart and Donald Trump Junior was like yeah. Let's do it yeah, so they had the meeting. And just to recall the timeline after they had the meeting the President of the United States dictated a statement to download from Junior in which dial frontrunners, at the meeting was originally about adoptions. That was really about adoption policy and russian. Wanting to change adoption policy, so they had the meeting, and then it turned out that the meeting was not about action policy was in fact about dirt. Getting dirt on Hillary Clinton and the residents lawyer said that from didn't know any of us that trunk was not involved in the drafting of the statement at all that it turned out tromp was indeed involved in the drafting of the statement, in fact dictated the statement essentially word for word, and then yesterday The president of the United States treated this up, so he treated our quote fake news reporting a complete fabrication that I am concerned about the meeting, my wonderful son, Donald hadn't, from tower this was a meeting to get information on an opponent
legal and on all the time in politics and it went nowhere- I did not know about it, so the entire world does not because now President Trump, who once claimed that this meeting was about adoptions and that he had nothing to do with writing statements has now announced, then he wrote the statement and also that the meeting was not about adoptions. The meeting was actually about getting information on Hillary Clinton. Now people are point now that the media is overwrought on this, considering the trumps, we did the same thing with a year ago, I hears a flashback tweets from July. Twenty seventeen most politicians would gone to a meeting like the ones on junior attended in order to get in fine and opponent- that's politics are there, he was you're a thou, essentially implicitly acknowledging that the meeting was in fact about gathering in foreign. Hillary Clinton go back to the other, treat the this wheat from yesterday. However, I think does a little bit more right into full admission that the meeting was to get information on an opponent and does raise. The question is whether Trump knew about it in advance. He said, he did not know about it, but he speaking like you knows exactly what happened.
The meeting meetings this raise. The second question did he know exactly what happened at the meeting when he wrote this statement that was false to the press. Now you do not run into a couple of questions. The big question here is so what exactly? What exactly is illegal you're my what exactly is illegal and is not fully clear, what do you think about any of this? One back asked me a question on twitter yesterday very good question. What he asked was if it's illegal for Donald Trump Junior, to get information on an opponent from a source that is not EU citizen. How can the Clinton campaign Infusion Fusion GPS gather information using a former british spy without violation? some a reasonable question right. How is it that you're saying its criminal for Donald Trump Junior to go? Get information from the Russians about Hillary Clinton, but it's not illegal for Hillary Clinton to pay fusion gps to go to a british by name, Christopher Steel, who will then go to Russia and then obtain apple information on Donald Trump, my house, when illegal, but the other is not illegal and the answers
or any of it, is actually illegal. Eugene Balikh, who is a brilliant, brilliant lawyer authorities they usually school of lost up. He has a peace over the Washington Post talking about whether it is key. I'm too do opposition research using foreign nationals, and he essentially concludes that it probably is not and there is nothing in law that prevent you from going in talking to a chinese citizens about these sins of your political opponents or he gives this example is what happens if a turkish to censor knows that there is a corrupt relationship between President Obama and the turkish government and decides to tell the opposition in presidential election better just post to ignore that information. I supposed to pretend that the person didn't say it. Comes down on the side of know that none of this is illegal. To download frontrunner meeting with the Russians was not in fact illegal that getting information from the Russians probably was not illegal. I think that that is plausible, and I think it's probably right. I think it's difficult to imagine how exactly it's illegal for Donald Trump, Junior or even Donald Trump senior
Actually, it's illegal for Donald Trump, Junior or even Donald Trump Senior right even from himself to actually go and talk with where more potent and get information directly now is it good? Is it smart is right, is a politically viable. No, I don't think that it is there a couple of other areas: in which illegality could in fact be implicated. I'm to talk about those just a second first, I gotta tell you about Peter MILAN, okay, so the clothes from normal, our just first as you know, I've been working up in my style game and give my closet to make over and Peter MILAN is making all of that happened. It's easily most comfortable clothing. Ever what I mean this stuff is just supremely comfortable here. Will our pollution, which I love, they offer comfort and sell their easy to take care of that right out of the driver enough put an iron to them than grid for the golf course they can have some protection built into the shirt hit him alive five pocket. Pants are lightweight their highly breathable. That's really hot summers. You want people, our stuff is made from the highest quality pemmican. If comforts threat for ease of movement, they felt like your favorite,
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Well, not unless there was coordination regarding underline crime, so let's say the Donald from Junior or Donald Trump Senior met with russian wares, and then they decided that they were going to tat the Dnc and coordinate about that will happen with the UN's he's illegal. So, if you are conspiracy, if your midst of a conspiracy to hack the DMZ that's illegal activity, there is no evidence that this is exactly what happened: other possible areas of illegality, unreported campaign expenditures. So what say that the Trump Administration or the term campaign rather paid the Russians for the information and reported to the efficacy of that, would be a violation of campaign finance. The theory that they're using most often here, though, is illegal in kind contributions, unreported from foreign sources, so in other words, you ve got the russian government that is donating information to the Trump campaign and that act as an illegal in kind contract. Again, though, I am unsure. That's the way that the law to be applied in the region, Say that again you have.
Situation where you find out that the President of the United States is in bed with the turkish government Turkish to censor goes to the opposition in the United States and gives that information is any legal income contribution hard to imagine that counts is illegal in kind contribution. People do stuff for campaigns. Daily basis. Does not necessarily illegal in kind contribution in the bar is a little bit higher than that, and it should be higher than that, because the fact is the free flow of information during the campaign actually a good thing. We want to know more about the candidates for whom we are voting. So what is the distinction? Theoretically, between Hillary Clinton, hiring fusion junior to hire a foreign? There go, get be too on Trump and could be working with made there could be a radically be too distinctions. First, distinction could be that Hilary may not have known infusion would use a foreign source for Trump Junior directly met with one and second Hilary paid fusion GPS and apparently reported to the efficacy.
So is the FCC knew what was going on, whereas trumped Junior didn't pay for anything or a poor fatalities. This bizarre situation, where, if you pay a foreign source for on your opponents, that's better than just getting it on a voluntary basis from a foreign source, so in other words its not cleared, the Trump Junior actually committed a crime. In any event, so all of the talk about trumped junior and trump admitting that this whole thing was designed to get up a research on Hillary Clinton, not clear that any of that is criminal, even if it is true now. Is it politically good? No impeachment is a political crime. It is not a crime crime is the president of the United States may not even be able to be tried and criminal court that's actually very unclear. Under the constitution of the it states. What is pretty clear, however, is that if the President of the United States knew that the russian government was attempting to work with him to take down Hillary Clinton and he decided to operate in those fears, that Democrats would would attempt impeachment. They would claim that this was enough to go after president from this is why you are seeing the Trump team say: collusion is not a crime, saying, ok, action
the crime in order to impeach enable crasser just going to impede for whatever reason they can get behind nap, whereas the actual criminal activity well Donald from China did testify. I believe, under under oath that down from sinners did not know about from tower meeting if it turns out. That is false. That's what we call a perjury trap and now Donald from Junior is in danger of perjury. They could try to flip him against his dad's heroically. That could be serious crime, but Trump has never testified. So none of this actually affects trunk personally, wait! There's! No! Unless Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians to actually commit a crime, and not just there were giving him in for internet Hillary Clinton that they were hacking Hilary and they were doing it with crumbs, express coordination that would be a crime anything else years. Probably not a crime, now, this does raise another issue, and that is obstruction. So the mother investigation is now focusing in an obstruction of justice there. They are trying to suggest that president from trying to obstruct the investigation and therefore he has committed a crime in that sphere, will obstruction of justice would actually require?
air him to shut down the investigation or sat the investigation in some way. There's no evidence that he has done any of that whatsoever yet, and it does not in fact obstruction of justice if the president does not decide to speak with Robber Mahler into serious legal question right now as to whether president, from its subpoenaed by Robert Mahler, actually has to open the Sabena. There's a case against Richard Nixon enrich Richard Nixon was forced to give up evidence against himself whose forced by a court to give up the Watergate tapes but is not clear per se. The Supreme Court ruled, but
a clear exactly whether Nixon would have had to testify infernal Congress if they had called him or if a special investigator had called the president, whether the president would be compelled to testify not clear at all J secular who still on the president's legal team. He says the President trumpets knocking obey subpoenas, a proverb: Robber Mahler decides to go after him. He may just ignore it. Supremely forwards, called a motion to quash that will be argued that the district court, then it would go to the court of appeals, then it would go to the Supreme Court of the United States from the Supreme Court States goes back down to the lower court, should give a subpoena live. Testimony has never been tested in court as to a present of the United States and there's a lot of language articles and president against that. I can say that this this is gonna, be augmented from eggs. Now is the strongest? and he has politically that none of this is a crime. No, the strong argument has politically is that you didn't know about any of it. He didn't involving self in any of it. There was no actual collusion in any legal or real sense. If, however,
now that there was in fact collusion it's possible? The collusion is not a crime. Then we have to determine whether the President of the United States gets tried in natural criminal court or whether the proper approaches impeachment. It seems to me the constitutionally. The proper approach is indeed impeachment. That was the system the founder set up, if you could just remove president's by having a criminal case brought against him. This would happen virtually every president, because it's not too hard to come up with a situation in which the President committed a crime. I wrote entirely. About why? Theoretically, you should be able to prosecute a president, or is it called the case against Barack Obama? It was about Barack Obama's. Various crimes is violations of the statutory law. The suggestion that I made is that law might have to be changed to allow for the prosecution of presidents, but I think that the constitution itself really designed for that. You may actually need a constitutional amendment, although all of this is a really murky area of the law. Because
They have really happen. Very often, only two presidents to ever have been impeached in the house. Andrew Johnson was impeached in the house. I am bill. Clinton was impeached in the house that neither of them were actually convicted and sent it to both of them ended up retaining their office, obviously, with all of the sudden there is, is the president of the United States in bad shape, because I don't think so until the Mulder report comes out again, this is a political, but it doesn't behoove the president to be treating about all of us. The fact that he is tweeting out that this meeting between from Junior and the Russians was actually about Ghana. Gathering up on Hillary Clinton is, smart, I don't know what's possessing him to do this, I think, is board over the weekend he decided he's gonna tweed out, just often as we will see, these are the sort of stream of consciousness twitter threats from the president. If you want him to be successful folks, you got you got room for him to stop, because
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hands and you shall experienced the glory that is so nine dollars. You're gets you that plus Oversubscribed Youtube or Itunes, and you can be part of our Sunday special. We just had David Mammon on Sunday Special last. We can. We have a bunch of awesome guests coming up in the next few weeks as well go check that out where the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting, the nation is already so. Let's, let's talk about the rest of president from Twitter, so you didn't just tweet about how the trunk tower meeting, which is now two years old, have had from terror meeting, was actually about colluding with the Russians rate interest rate about that. He also decided to tweet about Lebron James he's very angry, because last week, Lebron James said that president from polarized sports, as I said last week, I felt this was a foolish statement. I dont think that its true sport has been polarized for long time in this country is polarized under Brok Obama, I'm old enough to remember, one players were coming out on the field in the inner fell and doing hands up, don't shoot, and when calling cabinet was kneeling for the anthem before from was pressed,
so Trump is not wrong. The Leubronn is wrong, but from them treated this Lebron James, just interviewed by dumbest men and television done lemon. He made the brown look smart, which is an easy to do. I like make all right, so he he is basically Collins on women, dumb, which, frankly, he calls everybody and medium like all the time it happens all the time. And then he says that Lebron is actually done as well, and then he said, he likes Michael Jordan, which is pretty hysterical since we're gonna get into a full on greatest of all time. Conversation between Lebron, James and Michael Jordan, led by Donald Trump, which is in the by the way I will take Jordan. Narrowly calibre has definitely climbing the rankings. In any case, is this is the smart? Is this good? Well, probably, not, however, is a racist knowest,
racist. It's not racist, took over the presidency called on women dumb or the project's dumb or Maxine waters dumb. No, that's our racist, because a complete list of all the people that president from his call dumb numbers into the millions seriously there are fewer people. The president from has not called down than has called down on planet earth right now, and yet the media decides that all of this is just It is of president trumps races. Now. Is this a fight that trumped needed to picture? We really need to have a Donald Trump personal abroad. James fight is the president of the United States is really worthwhile, plus Lebron James, not the worst guy rattle branch and free, clean living duties married to the mother of his couple of kids, he married her lately married her. He he's building a charter school in Cleveland by all accounts of pretty awesome. Is this really the best move? Probably not, but is it racist no it's our reason is just demonstrates how media, by overreach, make trumps case for him that they are biased against him here is here is an Navarro. Titular Republican on CNN she's, made a new
down career out of bashing President Trump, which is really just seller. She, she I'm not sure what makes our public anymore since she's, embrace virtually every lefty policy proposal. In any case, she treated out from called down lemon Lebron James National Waters. Dump one is from the south. What quickly. When one is from ally. What is in the NBA, one is on tv. One is in Congress mood. I wonder what they could possibly having common, oh wait and then a black hand. Then she she said this on CNN. If you don't say that as racist. I would ask you to please go get your vision checked when it comes to African Americans when it comes to black people, He seems to go to the low I Q Damas person in the world attack. Why often it is his go too when it comes to african Americans that they are done, ok or, alternatively, he calls everyone down, because the President of the United States has itself
Everyone from Chuck tied to the two job Bush I mean legitimately there is in its he calls he calls every single person done right here. He asked if he could have in IQ comparison with his own secretary of State Rex till arson. Does everybody down like there there's there's a huge list of insults there? Four hundred and eighty seven people the prison has insulted on Twitter and I dont think that that's been updated was published in January. Twenty. Sixteen president does is all. All the time he's called make a bridging ski low iq, make a british ski black, of course not, but the media always have to jump to their favorite insults, and that means that the President of the United States races now again is it worth. While for the present of the United States to be attacking Lebron James and talking about Michael Jordan. No, but we know that the president is pure island is twitter, account In fact, the media feel the necessity to overreach on all these issues is particularly stupid,
speaking of media over each on all these particular issues in president from tweeted versus the press. He knows that the way to get his base out is to attack the press consistently and openly. Here was president Trump tweeting out against the press. He treated the fake news hates me because they are the enemy of the paper only because they know it's true. I am providing a great service by explaining this to the american paper, purposely cause great division and distrust. They can also cause why or they are very dangerous and sick Mackay? So number one I'm not sure which war he saying that the american media cause the last time the american media caused war was probably the cuban war. Probably spanish american WAR in which Teddy Roosevelt was rough. Riders has been probably a hundred twenty years since the media legitimately caused war in the United States. However, the fact that the trumpets attack in the media as the enemy of the people, the reason he does this- is because he's a troll he's a twitter trawl. Ok is a guy who trolls the comments and the left falls for every time. So here's truck Todd saying this right
analyzes violence. When you call a group of people you, otherwise them the waste trying to do at the press, calling I'm sick and sorted dehumanizing, it makes violence against the press easier to rationalize, for some are really. It may be that that's the big deal, the violence against the precedent we rationalize. Where are all the cases of violence against the press by Trump supporters? I'm just wondering really, I'm wondering because, like this morning, Candice Ellen's entirely correct over a tv USA, they were sitting in a restaurant over in Philadelphia, and a bunch of anti for members saw them decided to run in side and then harass them out of restaurant, where they started dumping water on them? Here is what that looked like and sounded like they theirs and they're trying to scream just geniuses over here,
I do have to earn their pouring water on Charlie, which, yes, I am sure that the media have much to fear, but those on the right. It's understand it's only trump that has made this climate. It's only trumpeters made this climate Charlie Working Camisole, is by the way you're going to be hard pressed to find any to bigger from support, in Amerika and they are the ones who have water. Poor on them for the sin of sitting at a restaurant in Philadelphia, Sandra Bullock, trumped knows how to troll the press in the press fall for it. Every time still should the precedents. Should the president be calling the press, the enemy of the people know, is it? Is it something they like Abraham, Lincoln sitting around eighteen sixty one calling the press, the enemy, the people not really also various Abraham Lincoln suspended the rights of habeas corpus and jail journalist worth noting that as well although he was in the middle of a civil war at the time, so this is appropriate, not particularly ok. So meanwhile, the President of the United States, twitter rage didn't and there he also decided to go off on tariffs. Now, there's been a great debate that has broken out amongst folks on the right is too
from is legitimately a fan of tariffs or whether he is not. The answer is legitimately event of terrorists. The president's legs choose signal, on the one hand that he wants to lower all tariffs and, on the other hand, that he likes tariffs, we lower tariffs is Your argument is actually not one coming from president from heart. The reason I know this is because, if you look at President's from Frederick over last legitimately thirty five years, he has always been in favour of high trade barriers and protectionism. He's a fan of high trade barriers and protectionism. Any tweeted out his falsehood for tariffs over the weekend to Egypt. Tariffs are working bigtime. Every country on earth wants to take wealth out of the: U S, always to our detriment. I say, as they come tax them. If they don't want to be taxed, let them or build the product in the? U S in either that it means jobs and great wealth. They continued along these lines because of the tariffs will be able to start paying down large amounts of the twenty one trillion dollars in debt that has been accumulated much by the Obama administration, while at the same time reducing taxes for our paper at minimum will make much better
It is for our country. Ok, there are so many things wrong with these tweets just on an economic level that it's hard to describe all of them. Let's begin with the idea that the quota import tariffs are working big time, there's no evidence, tat, are working big time. The only thing they are doing is actually directing american business out of the country. He says that every country on earth wants to take wealth out of the United States, always a me buying a product from a foreign company at a cheaper price is not me being victimized by that company. That is silly towns. And that company has to reinvest in the United States, which is why some of the biggest automakers in the United States our toy Oda and Honda, as well as being w by the way, and then he says he says as they come tax them. If they don't want to be taxed, let them or build the product in U S in either event a means, jobs and great wealth. No, it does not. It does not jobs in great wealth to tax the american people by charging them higher higher prices for the goods that they wish to buy, and then he continues with the false. It's I mean just this does not even economically
delighted May. In order for that to be true, what he basically asked me say is the amount taxes that we take off of foreign products right by by raising the price, and then we tax products as it comes in we're gonna, take all that money and willing to pay it back to pay to the debt problem, and when we tackle product as it comes in we're gonna take all that money and willing to pay it back to page on the deck. The problem is, of course, that when you lowered the economic growth in a society which is what tariffs also do you taken less income tax and less sales tax? So there is no evidence that tariffs are going to outweigh the economic impact of the terrorists in terms of paying down that also worth noting president comes blown out the deficit another world supposed to pretend there's been a fiscal, irresponsible administration. This has not been a fiscal, irresponsible administration. I like a lot. Their monetary policy. I like a lot like the tax cuts. I like the regulatory policy. They are blowing out the spending the deficit is actually increasing at a higher rate than it did in the last years of Obama is so that this talk about Donald Trump being some sort of does it hawk is just ridiculous and when you finally says that this reduces taxes for our people
tariffs are literally attacks. It does not reduce taxes on Americans to make them pay more for products. Tariffs are literally attacks on the american people, so no This makes any sense at all and again it betrays what the presentation thanks now their peoples that, while this is going to come out in favour, because the fact that we speak so warmly of tariffs that other countries are going be afraid that he will use them that's necessary nor to lower their Harris, in fact, well, if they best you get other countries to lower their tariffs, is to lower your own terrorists, because when you lower your necessary, nor to get other countries to lower their Harris. In fact, one of the best ways to get other countries to lower their tears the lower your own terrorist. Because when you lower your own parents, what you are actually doing is you are making it easier for your own companies to produce advanced products with the importation of cheaper products from abroad. So what did we lower our tariffs against foreign steel? Yes, it hurts the domestic steel industry, but it sure, as Hell, helps the american car industry an american car industry, becomes a global leader because suddenly a lot cheaper and produce that car when you import cheap products into the United States, I now,
Hey Buddy that I can use to invest in workers here at the daily wire right. That sort of thing is how economics works. The fact of President Trump is tweeting about all of this. It's just not particularly it is it's not that stuff again, Mr President, if you would just go to a basement for two years and turn off your phone and watch, just replace of shark week. All the time you would be at fifty five percent. The approval you in route we would win reelection easily when I dont like, is the fact that all this is happening. It's obvious, having an impact on down ballot, races, if Congress goes a long way in twenty eight, and we hear the revisionist history about how it's the fault of the media or about how it had nothing to do with Trump or about how it was Democrat, lies or all the rest of the settlers, and there are a few factors that are always consistent and american politics. The media are left in democratic life. All of this is true, but the one factor that
change and that is undermining alot of popularity for Republicans and swing districts is the fact that the president creates this feeling of chaos, and then you tweet out silly things at a ridiculous rate that needs to stop. If you really want the presidency do well, you should be room for him to stop all this ok time for some things I like, and something I hated and will do a federalist paper, so things that I like so I've been very critical of president from today, but one of the things the makes president from very popular obviously is the fact that he has in a neat sense of of nationalistic patriotism, and that was on full display. Yesterday the motorcade was passing a bunch of firefighters, Andy and he decided to get out of the motorcade and discuss it. Thank you to the firefighters. It's pretty awesome Thank you.
We want to propose a terrific retail politician and he does have a got level loyalty to cops in fire fighters and soldiers, and that is a far cry from the former presidents of the nose is Barack Obama, who is constantly ripping on police officers, particularly he's, ok, with fighters who, in great with soldiers either Trump, has an innate level of of love for these guys and it comes across. That's why he stopped the car, and that is really good for him. Obviously different I mean that's, that's, I think how all of our politicians should behave when it comes to cops, firefighters and soldiers. Ok time for some things that I hate. So over the weekend on waters. World on Fox NEWS shown which have appeared does get em turns Williams black Eye, and he was talking about Sarah Sean's horizontal. We discussed last week in a little bit earlier on. The show is, of course, the newest member of the New York Times Editorial Board, and she is egregious right she's. She talked incessantly
now why white people are ruining the world? She is a racist against white folks, it's very difficult to reach, which we do not come away. Then impression is not one isolated tweet. It is legitimate dozens and dozens and dozens of them I and turns Williams, goes unjustly. Waters is show- and he launches into what can only be described as racist attacks on nations, which has just great- and I am glad that we have decided to do this now further saying oh yeah, something Well said some racist after so then she said racist stuff back to imitate them. Does that even make any sense? Oh my, that I'll make no I don't know. No, no! No! No! It's up the wrong with them fortune cookies lingering is eaten very easy. This our parents, I think you got yourself in trouble, okay, so what was fun?
about there's the only thing that's funny about this at all, because the jokes not funny the jokes, terrible. The only thing that is funny about this at all is it the left got really offended at this after spending all of last week to explaining that racism by people of color is not a thing that black people can be racist, but I guess why people can be racist translations, but only under certain circumstances. This is the problem of the intersection hierarchy. When you suggest that there is there that we can judge by the However, your skin, whether you are capable of bad behaviour or not first thoughts, unbelievably paternalistic, second of all, its incredibly insulting to two black folks, an asian folks, people of every race, to suggest that bad behaviour cannot be attributed to individual choices. It can instead be it for me to whether you are a member of the victimized minority group. I will say There is something ironic that the left getting very, very upset about, turns William, saying this sort of stuff where they would be fully.
I was Sir John saying the same thing about white folks. She sitting on the New York Times editorial bored, I don't think turns Williams invitation- is in the mail anytime soon other things that I hate to german carbon, whose legitimately just an awful human being, has now apologised for the hurt caused by Labour Party's Anti Semitism. In Britain. The Labour party is a far left anti semitic party that is basically embraced Hamas and Hezbollah. German carbon has explicitly done so but he was caught on video in two thousand ten, showing him at a pro palestinian rally and referring to Hamas terrorists as his friends and comparing the destruction in Gaza. To that effect, Alan Grattan Leningrad during World WAR, two areas pretending that labour part, the Labour Party is not anti semitic. I'm sorry! For the hook, the spoon caused, many jewish people. We have been too slow in processing disciplinary cases of mostly online anti semitic. Abuse by party members were acting to speed this process up people who hold anti semitic.
Views have no place in the labour people. All their medical views have no place in Labour Party, except in their top leadership, because Jeremy, carbon is in fact a brutal anti semite and the fact that he is considered not so is just a demonstration that, if you're leftist you can get away with legitimately anything on planet earth. It truly is an incredible incredible thing: ok, time for a quick federalist paper, so every we could go through a federalist paper where all the way up to federalist number, forty. So in this Federalist, we're James Madison is still attempting to defend the fact that the constitutional convention went beyond its original mandate to alter the articles and confederation. So if you remember history, there is something called the articles who, confederation, that was the first attempt to form an american government. It was too weak because the centralized government didn't actually have the power to tax relief or gather an army or protect the country, and so there is a a on articles and convention meeting in articles and federation convention, rather in which people are supposed to get Heather and change the articles of the confederation. Instead, they went beyond then to scrap the entire thing:
and here's Madison suggesting why that was okay says. Let them declare whether was most important to the happiness of the people of Amerika. The articles of confederation should be disregarded and inadequate, government, be provided and the union preserved, or that inadequate And should be omitted and the articles confederation preserves sounds a lot like the ends justify the means, the argument that the medicine is made here which, as you sent us here, is one thing we decided to do another thing: the products good to deal with it. I dont, like this logic, very much from James Madison. I think that when you are sent for particular purpose that you ought to fulfil that particular purpose there delegates they are not there to two completely surpass that. However, this is the difference between a republican democracy. In a democracy, the people get to vote on every speech policy and our public, your point, people to do what they see fit essentially and then there's a referendum on what they get to do. So what is the final level of approval for the constitution? It's not that they didn't you syrup move beyond their mandate. They did you serpent, move beyond their mandate, but the final judgment is the american people. Deciding
whether something is good or not, and this is why you have to have everybody when it comes to the constitution itself. After the establishment of the constitution, every branch has to feel in independent need, to justify its own behaviour along constitutional lines and the american people have to hold our representatives account along those same lines rather than just suggesting that whatever they decide to do is, is totally fine, where you have to constantly beholding yourself to a higher standard, I dont think they did actually when they form the constitution of the United States in this case, maybe the UN's did justify the means, but as a general rule of thumb, I think that the Anti Federalist who argued this were probably on better footing. Then James Madison was ok, we'll be back
tomorrow without latest adventure. Pair of this- is the venture Barroso. The bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math squalor and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron, make up is by just one over the bench Bureau show is a daily wire Ford, publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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