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Ep. 602 - Will The Bill Come Due?

2018-08-14 | 🔗
The Mueller investigation heats up again, Omarosa promises shocking tapes, and Democrats prepare for Election 2018. 08-14-2018
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most solid citizens in our country right, she's long been known as a person that you would trust with your life? If you suicidal she's long been known as somebody we would certain. We believe we should make any and every claim at least that's how the media are treating her. These days in the media that hated morose up until what's he thirty seven seconds ago now they think that she has tons of credibility to speak, about who President trumpets, Lady, who, on tape two years ago, was saying everyone would be forced to bow before president trumped that has not paraphrase that is the requisite he's. Gonna be will be forced to kneel before his odd that lady. Now is saying that she is sorry she was ever part of these odd regime and she feels quite terrible that she flew with Zogg out of the forbidden out of the out of the mirror forbidden zone, and now she is. She is very sorry and wishes abjectly to beg APOLLO. Of you, and to remind you, the president from is in fact a vicious and brutal racist, so she says
He has all sorts of trumpets, and she now says that there is a a production staff member on the apprentice who wants to drop tapes of president from using the inward now. If this sounds like deja vu, that's because it as we have this exact discussion back in twenty. Sixteen, the rumours that there were tapes from the side of the apprentice where Donald Trump was using the inward and none of us ever came forth. There's a lot of talk about whether Mark Burnett who's, the producer of the apprentice was hiding those tapes or whether he was just friends from and didn't want those tapes to get up. Well now, Amargosa is resurfacing. Those rumours and she says that there is indeed a staff member who wants to wait till October to drop those tapes. If those tapes sordid rapid, obviously be a major problem for the president, not because I think is basin support would dissipate. I think people who are boiled from our world a trump through thick and then, but because all of these stuff that people have said is racially charged would suddenly look very different if the present habitually uses the expert, the president habitually uses racist slurs, then all the stuff that feels racially charge for racially tinged. Suddenly
ships over into the category of probably racist, but is that tape there is no evidence that tape actually is out there. Nonetheless, Ambrose is pushing this increase. Matthew harbour very eager to hear about it. In the morning they show Ryanair talk about racism, our Rosa I hate when I loved, because statements about Trump cards Nazism are us go. I believe they're using it for a politically motivated things. In fact, they may- C4 November four November, an end They saw it on the took it upon themselves. To actually document is so that they could actually expose him for it Greece is that it is ok. So now I'm arose who says that he's a racist tissues out there, the entire campaign? So I know what a non racist from was. She gets fired because should a terrible employee and then she leaves the White House and suddenly Trump is a racist of this field. Little bit as though she is turning and wheeling on Trump, because she's mad at him best, because that's exactly what this it's a president trumpets in his own inimitable fashion, takes his letter to respond.
This is the reality. Show we all bargain for. Ok, let's be real about this. This is what you wanted to see. Was it not when you turned into the apprentice? This is what you want Let's see you are getting the show that you took their remote control and decided to table and now you're getting to enjoy it break out. The popcorn break out the jellybean because This is how it's gonna go from here till the end of the administration president from to each other's mirth brunette. Because there are no tapes of the apprentice where you such a terrible and disgusting word as attributed by wacky and arranged Amargosa STAR like every day now? Actually her nickname expands, so she started off as wacky Amargosa should now wacky, and arrange samarova tomorrow be wacky deranged, Insane Ambrose, so it s, sort of like an austrian prince just adds names is time continues. His so from continues. I don't have that word in my view, cavalry and never had she made it up. Look at her. Many recent quotes saying such wonderful and powerful things about me, a true champion of civil rights until she got.
I'm Rosa, had zero credibility with the media. They didn't want interviews when she worked in the White House now, which is bad about me. They will talk to her fake news here, in crumbs, actually write about this. Obviously the media hated Ambrose, so they thought it was a joke choose in the White House, because it was a joke. The Jews in the White House, never should have an iron, because the prison you didn't hear all about people heard Amargosa of all. People in the United States, you entire Ambrose, but when he says that the media, treating ambrosia with a strange nor respect. That, of course, is a hundred percent trope. These is when you get it raised crying low they for break and give her a job at the way has. I guess I just didn't work out good work by General Kelly for firing quickly, firing that dog gave so people today sing all racist, racist, a trumpet call her a dog. Rightly he calls or a crazed crying what life and says he gave her a break. I like that for president from every time he hire somebody it's that he gave them. They're big breakin life, it's a out of the charity of his heart. He hired offer us because such a charitable fellow
President rob? That's that's what he does you just such a nice guy again, but the idea that he's a racist because he called a morose a dog, is just silly here is a mere smattering of the people. He has called the dog in the past on Twitter aloud, it's always in the same context. He loves the phrase fired like a dog which begs the question: how many jobs has he actually fired cause? That's weird like do fire dog? Are dogs known for being fired strange from the phrase, but the president has said this many many times. So here is what you said about data Gregory, formerly of NBC David Gregory got thrown off of tv by NBC Fire like a dog. Now he's Encina being asked you to me, not nice exclamation point Mitt Romney had a chance to meet a failed president, but he choked like a dog
Nobody has again stocks like I'm, not a dog person, but he needs to go over like puppy spot or something and really get to know some dogs, because he's kind of mean raises Loom Miller. I am now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits in finance. You ungrateful, Doug Many says about Sloppy Steve banned in this. My favorite satellites you ban he's jerk is now sloppy. Steve has been dumped like a dog, by almost everyone: men there's go MAR firelock dug and then there's area, Huffington she's, a dog who wrongfully comments on me and then there's reverend right and Brok Obama. He says the Reverend Right was dumped, they could dug and there's Eric Eriksson, who is fired like a dog and others reverend right. Who is also again
don't like a dog and then there is goin back with bird like a dog, and then there is David Axelrod, whose a dog and then there's George well, who is thrown off ABC like a dog and then there's truck Todd who is not quite fired like a dog but trot thought he was going to be like a dog and there's Brent Moselle who came to his office begging for money like a dog, then there's Eric Ericsson, again fired like a dog and then Mubarak whose drop that dog there's ten crews, who scapegoated his capable director of communications, Firelock Doug, and finally, investment of all. Of course, this is a classic dijon required like a dog it I mean it's a whole genre right. If, with blockbuster video still existed, there actually be a full section of dog references by
President Trump, be like fire like a dog one fired like a dog to the revenge days up he's where this is. This is, of course, the best one. This is from October seventeenth, two thousand twelve Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog and would do it again just watch. He can do much better. So before we jump to he's racist, we might want to say here species. Is he doesn't like? Dogs is very, very mean two dogs, you thought Mitt Romney was mean jobs may put a dog on top of this kind around nonstop president Trump every time you something bad to say about a person he lichens that person to a dove. So there's that, but I love that the media are trogool. He called them. Rossiter he's racist because the black woman
They cover it up now. Colored accident, like her and for some reason, he's got this phrase stuck to set more than one of the funny things about meal delving entered from Twitter is whenever you think that he's tweeted, something that is brand new as soon as you delve into his past, you realise that he is set at one thousand times before we ve had the sort of thing with president from before. So I remember when he did this thing, where payment Sergei couple Husky, who was a columnist for the New York Times and remember, he did these hand, motions that made it look like he was mocking disables reformer, and this became a statement repeatedly that whose mocking the disabled reporter not just marking the disabled report but mocking him for the disability age is that he was doing it because he knew couple. Ascii was disabled, and so he started doing his hands in sort of a curled up fashion in order to mock coalesce keys disk of disability, and then it turns
then, if you go back to his tapes of him, marking people he's constantly doing these weird hand motion every time he refers to somebody does like so CE marking, the reporter? Yes, what's he doing it for the disability know? The truth is that one of the reasons people give Trump alot of leeway on him being jerk, because he jerked everybody has. I am surprised that we're still fighting this fight licking he's constantly a jerk to most every part of the president has two categories in life and that when it comes to people who deals with either their wonderful people who say great things about me and therefore deserve jobs, the White House, no matter how bad they are at their job or
They should be fired that dog, because there, the worse people in the world right in everything breakdown days. You categories is that the president has any forty Magda plant that what is most important is not Mr Putin, because Putin and Trump we're on the phone late at night. Making sweet love one another. It wasn't that its Putin has said in the past. You very strong man present in Europe and then from like, like tat guy, it's great and then the minute the Putin does something from doesn't like you should be fine, they dug. That's. That's really it's! Those are the only two poles for precedent. Trump yet and that that is what it is like. Is it my favorite thing now, but are we getting exactly what we bargain for, of course, we're getting exactly what we bargain for ok, but the media are responding to all of this with the predictable outrage that you knew that they would get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that you have a credit card bills are somewhat fact: you have some out standing costs that you want to pay or
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again, it's very easy process. I checked it out myself lending club, dot com, slash ban, go check it out. Right now, borrow up to forty Gran trickery. Two minutes lending club, Dotcom, Slash Ben, go check it out all right, so nonetheless, Omarosa continues to say that she has the goods on president from, unfortunately she actually had a little pen bomb, so she apparently had a little pen. That had in a recording device. Give us is the latest accusation. How is your according to such wasn't using your phone is the accusation by a sharply over at overrun twitters that come he's a reporter, and he suggests that she was carrying run a pen that recorded things. The great irony of this, of course, is that, as we call back during the twenty sixteen election, Corey Lewandowski grabbed Rapporteur, Michel Fields, because she may have had a little pen it turns out that the pen bomb it was actually a pen recording device, and it was carried James Bond like by America into the West Wing, because everything is stupid because all that you see this pen, you never know
You never know gang what's in this, but in any case she claims that she has trump on tape. Doing all sorts of terrible things here is the most damning material. This is. She gave the tape to CBS. Apparently she was talking with Katrina Pearson, who was a once and future member of the Trump team. I an Katrina patients talking about the supposed word tape that was floating around the offices of the apprentice or some such and here is a morose at talking with Katrina Pearson, because our long national, my mirror of people who shouldn't beyond he be never ends here. We go again well think about time that the time is now well that much money, so he got underway, and I told them exactly what you just said on politics and by what are you talking about? I'm he's have one or two just go ahead and put it to bed I looked at. It is ok to introduce, confront a person
Marion, saying he said it. He said the inward and he is embarrassed, ok! Well, we don't. I shall have evidence that any of this was had won. The evidence comes out, then we'll have to talk about the implications for the administration. Let's talk about the implications for a future electoral prospects, the kind of national implications and having a president who has used the word in the last ten years of that ends up being a thing that actually happen, but if the best that amorous it can do is come up with a comment from Katrina Pearson, that's gonna be pretty weak sauce, that's that's pretty weak sauce. Remember! Katrina Pearson is a person who worked for ten crews and work for President Trump and then suggested it was ok when presidential implied that the national mean that, via the national wire, the tuna Pearson had an affair with egg crows. None of these people are real high. I'm a credibility was none of these people really, like you, wouldn't trust them to handle your finances. I room honest to God. I would not trust these people to handle my safety deposit Box and I'm supposed to believe that they have all of the of the goods on on president from or that I'm supposed to trust present from here is my view when I can't
anybody have to wait for evidence to come out. Otherwise this is just a bunch of media nonsense. There's a reason by the way that morose his book still hasn't reach number one on Amazon is because nobody believes anything she has to say even members. The media are looking at her and saying yeah. This is this is not that this very week stuff like this Braywick stuff, ok, so now. I want to talk in brief about the the Mahler investigation. So this is hysterically. Funny Peter struck, you will recall, is the charming and wonderfully smug fellow who appeared before Congress recently to talk about why he was such a good guy he's such a good guy that Peter struck sent text messages to his lover. Both of them were married to other people at the time about. Why didn't want president from to be president? He said he would stop president from forming president into at that time he was leading boat. They Hillary Clinton, email investigation and the Russia Investigation, which begs the question, or at least it prompts the question as to why there only one and
oh yeah, the FBI like? Could they actually have hired somebody else to do something over their apparently Peter struck with the entire show? In any case, Peter struck was texting about why trumps should be present At the same time, he was investigating both presidential candidates. That it turns out is bad policy while struck was fired yesterday from the FBI has fired because of those texts and because the inspector general of the OJ in his report found that he could not actually credibly clear struck of accusations of biased. He didn't know exactly how trucks bias had affected the investigation and he'd have to investigate that. Further but struck had to go so what instructive struck gets fired and then his lawyer releases statement, saying that this is a political hit here, is struck lawyer from Vancouver Island, apparently doing this, the escape, because only the best and here is on NBC News talking about why this is a political hit
Think that you can rationally reach any conclusion other than it was political, it's difficult to believe, given these steady drumbeat of tat demonizing key from the present and all the calls on Capitol Hill by Republicans repeat to be fired, that that didn't play a role. Ok. The reason you fired is because the idea report said that struck tat school, potentially indicated or created the appearance. Investigative decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations. The idea report also said that struck behaviour was quote not only dick it I've away by a state of mind, but even more seriously implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidates electoral prospects. The report also found that struck decision to prioritize the Russia Investigation over the Hilary investigation could have been biased and said quote. Under these circumstances, we did not have confidence that struck.
Decision to prioritize the russian investigation over following up on the media related Investigative Lee, that's the Hilary relate Investigative led. The winner computer was free from biased report, concluded, strokes activities were quote antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the GEO J hard to claim that that is a political firing when the inspector general of the deal is openly saying that this guy basically destroyed, credibility. He ever had a case of what instruct do after he was fired. The first thing you did because this is the stupid world we live in now Peter struck immediately. When you go fund me, no, I am not getting and then he started a go. Find me to fund for his legal bills, even though he does not actually have legal bills. Within twenty four hours had raised over a coup. Four million dollars for his legal defence fund, because everything is stupid. So I should point out how dumb Democrats and left us who are doing this are in the last two years they ve made heroes out of jail
call me a man who undermine the credibility of the guy and may very well. I've gotten download from black remember was James Commies reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton a week before the election that may have sunk or in the swing states just enough that she loses the election. They made him into a hero right. He is the leader of the resistance now now then in Alma Rosa into or of the resistance movement. Michael Abu naughty, illegitimate presidential candidate, the lawyer free Porn star. They minimum in the presidential candidate, based on the fact that his quiet want heads once had sex with prompt during shark. Weak like that that is legitimately they're, making Michael ever naughty and he's now running for President he's in Iowa right now, organizing cheerfully that an by the way who want to primary. Gave Michael have an audio runs, who, when a primary, because this is what Democrats are now he's a more interesting and exciting candidate and compile a Harris and- and now there are also make me here out of Peter struck, whose complete battery of the trump in Hilary investigations
also probably lead to tramping. Let it remember the only reason that Hillary Clinton investigation was reopened, that close to the election, even though the F b I knew about winners, laptop and late September. Is because Peter struck decided to pray ties the Russia Investigation where the Hilary investigation and then by the and they got around looking. They Hilary suffers wheat before the election they to reopen it. So the Democrats are now raising money for James call me and Peter struck two of the people that Hillary Clinton, I think, has the most right to blame for her gigantic electoral failure. So well done, Democrats, you guys are just your on top of it you're you're, just on top that raising money for Peter struck, I'm sure he will use it to pad his latest love nest with the person he is not very too is just a delight, my goodness. Ok, but don't worry things get even stupider. They get even Stillwater. Just wait. When we talk about. I was too penalty. First, we need to talk about your skill set. So you don't want to be worthy stupid people. You don't want to be one of these people whose chief qualification for being on tv is that you once brought a pen into the West wing. You wanna be somebody who actually has
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As I say, things get even stupider than Peter struck, starting a go. Find me how how could they we get stupor. You ask how I'm so glad you asked here's how they get stupider Roger Stone is now being investigated by the Mullah investigation. So the mother investigation is looking Roger Stone. Why? Because Roger Stone was go between four wikileaks reduce hanging out with Wikileaks. Folks, there a bunch of direct messages between him and Wikileaks. Wikileaks, of course, turns out to be a russian front group coordinating close with the russian government in the release of Hillary Clinton emails. So now the Miller Investigation is looking at whether maybe Roger Stone was working with Wiki leagues to funnel extra information from Hillary Clinton hacked emails to the trunk campaign. That's basically, what they are looking at, the daily collar is reporting that Roger Stone is, is now the target of the witch Hunt and Roger Stone
Who is legitimately just a dummy? I mean really. How do I know the Roger Stone is a dummy. You know the guy with the giant tattoo of Nixon, honest back while there that we can start with the giant active Nixon out of that. But then there is also the fact that he treated out today today a graphic I'm not kidding about this again. I have to ask you Finally, I am not getting because if he had told me this is what politics are gonna be like when I got into it, I definitely I will go on and continue playing string. Cortex like really he treated this out. You actually puts out an instagram. Ok is a picture of Sean Hannity might pence, Sir, how commissioners Roger stuff?
Devon, Nunez, Donald Trump and regionally Ani wearing uniforms that look like astronauts, and then it says blood space force in space. No one can hear you why they're all wearing in patches in these uniforms of swastikas swastikas of little rocket and Roger Stone possesses. I love this proud to be in this crew, but the only wise being told our by liberal scumbags. Now why you ask, would Roger stones without a picture of himself wearing the swastika, along with other members of the Trump Administration and John Henry, because he stupid ass the answer answer is because you did Dumdum Roger Stone has an up ad over the daily collar about why he is the target of the witch hunt. One of stones rules he says is the only thing then being talked about is not being talked about. Even I may have taken exception to that rule. Last Friday, only the best people only those people were associated with the term campaign and the reason this is irritating folks, because all of this is easily avoidable
continues to be easily avoidable but we're not going to avoid it wouldn't astir directly into this crap storm is, if you follow, news? Last Friday, you know that my long term for a Christian Davis testified before said the council, Robert Mowers, grand jury. Am I Time is so short and Wingman Andrew Miller was held in contempt for his refusal to testify for the grand jury that a subpoena was dropped on Randy Critical, who, despite public denials, was this. Source who first told me, the Wikileaks had the goods on Hilary inward release them in October it was a deep state. Trifecta Andrew Miller's contempt, citation a bit more complicated. His appeal maybe problematic from all our down. The road Mahler is running a criminally abusive, constitutionally, unaccountable, professionally and politically incestuous conspiracy of ethically conflicted cronies colluding to Violet my fourth, the sixth amendment rights and those almost everyone would any sort of political or personal association with me in the last ten years has conducted a supposedly comprehensive instigation of very narrow and limited issue as an open ended totally limits. Little
Limitless Gran prosecution with absolutely no particular bowl or even identifiable criminal, predicate substantiated as a lawful destination even under ordinary circumstances. Well, I mean they eat it, brag that you were like best friends, wiggling seven. There was that and then you also brag about Heyward tight with trumps. There is that as well again, maybe Miller finds nothing but the the grand prosecution. How dare they target me Roger stone? I am clean as good guess I hear he continued. Just mowers team of partisan prosecutors seeks to prove the improbable that I received. Allegedly hacked emails from the Russians are wikileaks and pass them on to Donald Trump. This threadbare false narrative, his heart on endlessly by slugs, MSNBC and other despicable, fake news outlets. Now because of the accuracy of my tweets, which are merely followed, the tweets of Wikileaks and the many public interviews, Wikileaks publisher.
You Julian Assange Mauler and is hit men seek to frames and ludicrous charge of defrauding the United States. This, of course, is based on a false and unproven assumption that scientists, russian agent Wikileaks, is a russian front, neither of which has been proven in a court of law. Okay. So if his defence, that Wikileaks is not a russian front, good luck with that one! Good luck without one, because it turns out the high level of coordination between Wikileaks and the russian government is obvious to anyone was than any time. Looking at this issue again, he maintains that that Wikileaks as some sort of independent agency now- maybe all this comes to nothing. But the fact that Roger Stone is now being dragged into all of this demonstrates that the campaign had serious problems from the very start. Now should any of this really impact the presidency should any of this really be of of any. Or of consequence to the term presidency. I don't think so. I really don't think that any of this ends up being a big deal in the end. That said, I do think that things have become so stupid on every side that it's difficult to tell what is
from what is not only stupid on every side, I mean that that the left's perception of this case is just a stupid, so the Washington Post at a total board, for example, they say the only way for us to really believe that anyone is innocent in this case is far from to talk directly with Robert Model, and they write this whole editorializing. There's no need to fear Mahler. Mr President, if you have nothing to hide, of course, not true. As a lawyer. That's not true. The first rule of wiring is too inclined to shut his face. Grew that is the first rule of any sort of criminal wiring shut, your head, don't talk ok, if it doesnt matter of your innocent, does metaphor guilty, do not talk to the cops is actually the first rule of wearing. If they see was potential defendant is all you can do is give them evidence that is going to either read them down the path toward prosecuting you or is going to lead them to look into more closely. The fact is that, if you want to convey something
the police. You can always do so through a lawyer, but if the police, I bring you in for an investigation, the chances that they're going to be asking a bunch of questions to exonerate. You is probably close to no religion it's pretty low and that's particularly showing you are talking about a political, politically oriented prosecution like Mahler. This idea that Trump should go the room with Robert Mahler and that he has no risk at all. If you just tells the truth. First of all, from has a pathological problem with telling the straight truth ready guy exaggerates on a regular basis and having being Where means taking things both literally and seriously. The case has been made for Trump. Is that you're supposed to take? being seriously, but not literally I'll get us there Kay soon, as you know, has made an ably the idea that went from says stuff, we'll just gonna go is exaggerating, but we know what he means right, but we know what you mean In lawyer land, but we know what he means is not natural defence in lawyer, land what you said
is literally what you say and we taken at face value, and that means that they be fools to actually put from in a room with rubber Mahler, but the Washington Post really wants to see this silly game has gone on far too long. The country was attacked. Mr Miller is trying to determine what happened. The present should be eager to help the country born and move on. Instead, his lawyers are spent the summer having an hung about the right circumstances for interview. I remember the same sort of the same sort of middle getting feelings from the Washington Post with regard to President Trump testifying to say this summer has brought increasingly die reminders that Russia interfered with twenty sixteen election and that it intends to continue meddling in the country's democracy. If you're from has done nothing wrong intends to tell the truth. He should welcome Mr Miller's questioning and do everything possible to hasten. The special council's final report gives the same argument that if you have nothing to hide from the police mission, we ll put a camera in your house. If you have nothing to worry about criminally. There's no reason you shouldn't allow that the police to simply searcher premises at any time. The whole point of restricting authority is that authority can be a
used, and we don't necessarily have to what we do. Essentially it have to assume guilds in order to assume that that authority can be used to go after folks. That's generally been true. Ok, just a second. Only talk about why exactly be foolish for the president to actually get in front of Mahler, with some examples of president from being president from because it continues to be President Trump, which has upsides and it has downsides, but first you're going to have to go to daily wired icon. First, let me announce, let me remind you it's here, it's come. The time has finally come for me to take my ipod cast to live audiences, so tomorrow, Dallas Texas, Wednesday August fifteenth in Phoenix Arizona, Thursday. The sixteenth search bench appearance. He don't miss it and we're going between life hard cash from doing a culinary, its can be a blast. Thousands of fellow Ben Shapiro show listeners are gonna, be there plus. I will be there as well, because otherwise we would be there so go check that out over at centres are gonna, be there plus. I will be there as well, because otherwise we will be there so go check that out over at live nation, dot, com or Ticketmaster outcome. Also, when you subscribe daily work,
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Sunday special coming up next on the special is just awesome. You're in Borneo, subscriber check that up where the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting the nation, so that the presence of the United States is everything feels chaotic is because everything just feels chaotic and its its highly Eurytanians got us I've. None of it is very helpful. The president has new cycles from here to the end of time that are, there are quite good for him. I think the economy is well. We don't have any major foreign crises. These. It is one of the things I can emphasising. If the president would just stay out of the news, everything would be better every time the present goes abroad and the media doesn't have anything to do but full minute over over nothing. His approval ratings go up instead, the President, as a nasty habit of allowing his id, dominate, how he approaches politics, and that makes it very hard for his fellow Congress, the Republican Congress people to get elected. I talk to Republicans were running and races across the country on a routine base,
and the biggest single problem they have is that every election is no longer a referendum on them. Its referendum on President trumpet president from is not popular in a lot of swing. Districts of rather talk about from being litmus test for Republicans lot, Republicans are enthusiastic about that, because Trump one in twenty sixteen twenty, sixteen you may notice on the calendar is not the same date as twenty eighteen. Nor is it the same. It is twenty twenty. What the president does actually matters, and so, when the president is petty or in the president, gets into twitter spats with Amargosa or when the president is just musing about straw can page and all the rest of the stuff is any this stuff dramatically hopeful? No, it's not an example. Yesterday of just just how unhelpful this is, so President Trump, he was announcing a win for him. Ok, it is the John Mccain National Defence authorization acted as a massive increase in defence spending. That is a good thing. That is a win in something that he has town for a very long time. All he has to do for the headline to be good is just be a normal human
like a normal, decent human, John Mccain as much as president from doesn't like John Mccain, is indeed an american hero. Hey John Mccain underwent torture by the Vietcong for years at a time, and then, when he was offered his release, he referred, use, his release on the grounds that he didn't want to leave his guys behind. For that, oh and John Mccain Museum is an American here. Forget olives and it's almost forget what you think about politics at that was heroic stuff and he's always. Been a strong advocate for the National defence community. There's bill is called the John Ass Mccain National Defence authorization here was President Trump announcing the bill. You'll notice, something missing in this announcement in a few moments in honour of that sacred obligation, I will put my signature on the National Defence Authorization ACT. This authorization we'll give America's.
We're fighters the fire power, they need to win any conflict quickly and decisively olive, that's fine, except for him completely ignoring the name The act re has completely ignores the name of the act until people jumped on this as well. They should because it's kind of a garbage thing to do. A John Mccain was one of the forces behind this act and then later he mocked Mccain in front of a well basically signing bill of judge come and we get rid of the individual mandate, which is the most. I would have gotten rid of every day, but, as you know, one of our one of our one of us do said thumbs down at two o clock in the morning. Various mocking became the same day. Wasn't it's fine about Mccain for little activity, but ignoring his
in the defence authorization Bell is kind of a it's kind of a crappy move in this is the biggest problem for president from really he doesn't know his friends from his enemies. He doesn't know the people who want him to succeed from the people who don't want him to succeed, but the fact is that he may not like John Mccain, but when it comes to smacking John Mccain, is that really an important thing for him to be doing, or should it be saving his fire power for people who actually does it's a thousand bad from here some good trump? Here's president, from going after Andrew Quota Andrew Cuomo, deserves every bit of scorn. The president can can utilise against him if president from real leverage is fire against Andrew Cuomo. That is a valid use of time. So here is the president doing the right thing by attacking somebody who ought to be attacked. I want to take away your second amendment now. He called me and he said I'll, never run for president against you, but maybe he wants to go please
what did it? Maybe maybe even the one thing we know they do say anybody that runs against Trump suffers. Maybe this is the part of Trump that's actual personal. It's very funny, but second of all this is the part of from its actually useful him. Attacking Democrats is useful, have attacking people who are actively trying to run against and that's a useful thing. What is not a useful thing is of the distraction is all the foolishness with with Amr Rosa yeah. There's been this taken on President Trump, all long. They get the good along with the bad and that works until it doesn't until it doesn't people say, will help them went into thousands exceed it did open when in two thousand sixteen. But you know what he wants: the popular vote by three million and he barely won the election and the Electoral College, where he won three states by eighty thousand combined votes and if you think that the same
formula is necessarily going to allow you to win in twenty twenty, even as you double down on all the qualities that maybe unpopular in the first place. I am sceptical. I'm just skeptical now maybe tramples outright is very good at pulling his opponents down into, but this is what he is best at and that's valid and that's useful, but if the present get even a little bit more discipline. He have a much better shot of maintaining congressman, didn't send it maintaining the presidency if we lose the Congress to send in the presidency by two thousand and twenty people going to look back and say well, maybe all of that the good comes along with stuff. Maybe it would be better if we just got in the good and not gotten a lot of the bad. I don't see why That's out the role of possibility or why that is being hypercritical the president. I really don't think that it is now speaking of of Cuomo, you stink crystal homo on CNN made a statement yesterday, that is just astonishing. So, as you been following, we talk about it yesterday
his old, alright rally and trial, which, though twenty five people showed up and then antivirus showed up by the hundreds and proceeded to attack. Some members voted for proceeded to attack the police. There is walking around chanting. I know no borders, no wall, no use at all, really really just wonderful, wonderful felt, transceiver, going all the way back to twenty six seen before front was president the De Hs. The department of Homeland Security was suggesting that anti foe was actually a threat to security across the country at events across the country, yet the media have been propping them up and for all the talk about how the right needs to dissociate from the all right, are the right needs to basically disassociate from folks like Corey Stuart in Virginia, and I think there's a lot of validity to that. I think are restored, has been race baiting for for no reason other than political gain and its grows in Virginia for all the talk about how the right needs to get rid of the Steve Bans and the need to get rid of the the
all right soft players in the in the rightly movement. The left has embraced anti fetching far more of an extent than the right. Curly embraces the alright there's. Just no question about this in the latest. Proof of this is Chris Cuomo, who legitimately cannot bring himself to condemn Antigua. A violent terrorist group in the United States. Here is clear as Chris Cuomo, who is minutes, it's unbelievable said is because the less bright Cuomo I Didn'T- I didn't know that was possible, adheres Chris Cuomo, actually say on CNN, that there is no moral equivalency between the Nazis and, people between the outright and Antigua here's, the argument, if you're punk, who comes to start trouble in a mask and hurt people, you you're not about any virtuous cause you just somebody- who's gonna be held to the standard of doing something wrong. But when someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally wrong?
long as the big it they are fighting. I argue no occasion he argues that anti, but is not as bad as the all writers, ignoring the fact that anti for water and shouting about how all cops are racist and yet how the system has to be torn down about how the United States should not exist. Ok, it is exactly this perspective on the part of the mainstream left that will lead to increased violence. Really it will leads. The belief that the mainstreaming of violence is ok, you label your opponents nazis, and then you go out new protest them. How do I know because anti for actually tried to do the same thing at an actual speech that I was Ok, I was the number one target of the all right and twenty. Sixteen there is no There has been no more vocal voice against the all right in the United States. May I've been doing this for years, ripping on them consistently and yet Antigua was there at Berkeley trying shut down my speech for increased Cuomo? There's nice people right, there's just trying to fight fascism. The reality is that anti virus, an anarchist communist group, is only an arc of communists and they ve been pushing their radical,
politics for a while using violence going all the way back really to the sort of the World Trade Organization. Protests in the nineties there's a long, lasting movement that spares from W Tito through Occupy Wall Street and now for twenty four is all part of a broader wave on the left and the fact that the left still sees these people as fighting on the beaches of Normandy is astonishing request. Almost the same idiot who went antifraud actually got Ireland tweeted out a picture of the beaches in Normandy of our guys getting off the beaches. Enormity and said here is another group of anti fascist fighting group of fascists and is like wait a second, so suggestion is that number one american citizens exercising their right to free speech in the wrong cause is the same as Nazis. We generally invaded several countries and perpetrated the Holocaust got a problem with that as well law enforcement United States to prevent bad stuff from happening. Second of all, if you really think that the idiot anarchists for throwing bottles cops are the same thing as american soldiers getting off the boat at norm,
indeed to fight noughties you're. Out of your mind, there were no white supremacist. You showed up two days ago, a twenty of them, but there are hundreds of anti for members who are getting violent, shouting ridiculous things, and yet the media are defending them, because the media has embraced full scale, the reactionary politics that makes this country ugly, they embraced it, and this is what we are I see, and we are seeing politics ping pong. Fourth back and forth between two reactionary points of view. You want to know how things actually get violent you're, no, how a peaceful country or a country that has a functioning democracy devolves into violence and sectarianism. The way it happens is you feel that your group is threatened by an out group, and so you start pursuing ever more radical methods of fighting that our group and in response, the out group feels threatened by you and me
stop pursuing ever more radical politics and violence is well, that's how things spiral out of control and Chris Cuomo and folks, like him, more pushing Antigua, are only promoting that their only helping that case, it's really dangerous, they're playing with fire here their play if they had any sense and actually look back at the history of Nazi Germany and Pre Nazi Germany. But they would have to recognise is that one of the things that led to the rise of the Nazis was the fact there are actual near daily Street fight between Communists and brown shirts on the streets of pre, Nazi Germany on the fruits of the Weimar Republic, that led to the rise of the nazi
from it that that there really is a key part of the history the media wish to ignore, simply because they want to claim that everybody on the right is evil or anyone tangentially associate with the right is is nazi, but everybody on the left is actually good, a noble and virtuous. Ok time for some things I like and then we'll do some things that I hate so things that I like Gregg, got felt as a great job over on the five and he's a brand new book called the gut felt monologues has an essay at the very beginning. That's really telling because got felt the same position. I didn't twenty sixteen election in vote for either of the candidates, and he talks about why that was what his change, what his views on president from and then what he does. He takes a lot of his old monologues. Any does something that's really worthwhile something. I think that most commentators actually should do. It takes a lot of old writings. Then critiques is on his own writings. This is something that I did recently on the daily wire. When I was young
size for some stuff. I've written in the past, I felt like ok. Well, you know it won't go back and actually see that stuff was better of whose good and turns out some. That was bad and some those good- and I was here the vast majority of wherever and over the course of my career and proud of. But there are certain things that I've written there just garbage and got fell. Does the same thing in the gut fell bottlenecks it's worth reading its fun reed, I think, was number five on the Wall Street Journal bustle. Unless this week's a go check it out, the gunwale monologues with by Gregg got felled Greg's. Also really good guy, so go check that out really really nice guy. Ok time, for let's do some. Let's do a bunch of stuff that I like a lot of it so this is just amazing and also amusing I do know that I like his rather ahead this and it's sort of deconstruction of the culture. So, There is a new show on sea, w about bat woman. That woman right now back or about woman Becquerel is. Is commissioner, Gordon Solder. That woman is the is a police officer. I guess, like a foreign police, have some fun
number backstory who ends up fighting crime alongside Batman in the new fifty two comments which were released one last decade or so in the new fifty two series they made her lesbian because what launch new. Fifty two they decided there are gonna, go broad scale. Diverse everybody was going the muslim or black or gay, because they wanted a broader spectrum of characters who are not all white straight people that that's their creative decision. I would suggest that that creativity was drawn was was pushed less by character necessity than it was by a desire to be politically correct if a riddle out of the new fifty two comments have been critical of them for years, because they ve attempted to leverage left politics into comic books in matters ranging from immigration to sexuality they had full comic books were Superman is, is fighting the is basically a member of anti for fighting the police or member black lives matter. Then, in fifty two has become very, very much left.
Nowadays, the character of of that woman has been a lesbian in new fifty two for probably a decade closer decade and now they're, making a series on Sea W about that woman, and so she is a lesbian. Of course. Now will see how that plays on network television. Whether people are all that interested in watching a character who is a lesbian full time? Maybe s baby? No, who knows whatever not a huge deal. However, it was a huge children left. Why was it a huge children left because they, insisted on the left that you needed a lesbian to play a lesbian. In the same way, they need a transgender person, a play transgender person and a catwoman to play. Catwoman woman is a cat. You need to play an actual catwoman. You also need a lesbian to play a lesbian. Seeds up trying to home in on that deciding Why are we cast? Ruby rose, Ruby rose, you'll, remember maybe, from the latest John Wick Movie
and a lot of stuff but she's, a decent actress. Shrieking should play stolid really. Well, I end she is bisexual, so she is not a full scale. Lesbian she's cultures of gender fluid, so she is male. Some hills, male Sundays, introduce feels female others, injuries, bisexual and she's, transsexual and all this kind of stuff, but here's the problem. Nobody in the right cares about this stuff right. Nobody on the right is like: oh it s just terrible. How did everyone on the left wing? Not she had it what twitter, why did you quit Twitter, because hilariously enough left decided she was not lesbian enough shoes, bisexual, not a full scale lesbian, and that meant she was just not enough of a lesbian for her to play the sainted character of bat woman. According to the Washington Post, some quarters twittered instagram. Criticising actors have been cast a plague, characters on screen leading one of them to abandon a platform. Over the weekend, australian actress, Ruby rose, quit twitter and shut down public. Commenting on her instagram account after receiving backlash over her being cast that woman from
romantic series of air over shows on seed only by the way, I believe credibility is gay as well. So it's not like the guy doesn't have an interest in attribute the issues. Part of the fear is centred on representation of Deasey Comic Superhero, whose lesbian and the atmosphere where on earth did Ruby is not a lesbian. Therefore, she can't be bad woman come from has to be the funniest most ridiculous thing. I've ever read. I came out at twelve and have for the past five years had to deal with these she's to gay. How do you flip it like that? because I didn't change how we should all support each other in our journeys. She says that she has identified as gender fluid and she's, I guess also on orange- is the new black and white gentlemen. I came out in her favour. I guess you, nobody is also was beaten by sexual and I can remember her sexuality because I frankly dont care at all, but what I love is the fact that she is gender fluids should not be enough.
Also the characters jewish but Roby, Ruby rose and Jewish. So I guess that you can't play jewish person. I guessed Sheldon Cooper can no longer play a stray pursing the character, the guy who play Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang theories, actually guy right, so he can play a stray person. I guess that day Eric tone straight who plays cam on modern family is actually a strike. He can no longer play a gay guy. Nobody can play anything they are not, actors have to be the actual parts, every tv, and asked me reality. Shop Superman actually has to be able to fly, so it's gonna make casting really really difficult there. A lot of people who wanted to see actually plots get the role. I guess because she's a lesbian, so I guess it more lesbians in our having lesbian competitions I will say that I may put this in things that I like, because I really am enjoying I really am enjoying a lot left eating its own. It's pretty it's pretty spectacular watching what I think that it is not leftist enough, so that that's pretty great, ok,
The thing that I hate, so political has an article from stevedores uncle, because this is the thing that we're gonna do now. We're gonna go find every relative who doesn't like you and have them right up ads Stephen Miller, is, of course, the very anti immigration both illegal and legal immigration died and the Trump administration he was the top legislative aid to Jeff sessions. You serve his top strata, yes, I remember being at the dinner within culture and even Miller and just sessions in which they discussed immigration for like three hours. Well, everyone else is born out of their skull, so this had been Stephen Miller's bag for a very long time will now his uncle is getting on the act. You write a piece for political in which he talks about how Stephen Miller is just wrong about says. Let me tell you a story about Stephen Miller and chain migration. It begins at the turn of the twentieth century in the dirt floor, Shack in the village of Anti Paul, a shuttle of subsistence farmers in what is now Belarus beset by violence, has high jewish pogroms, forest childhood conscription and Tsars army.
Patriarch of the shack, woefully Glasser flight, a village where his forebears had lived for centuries and took his chances in America. He set foot in L, a silent on January, seventh, nineteen o three with eight bucks to his name. The floods in polish, russian and Yiddish understood no English in eldest son Nathan, soon followed by street corner peddling in sweat, shops will Wolf, Lieber Nathan, sense enough money home to path debts and by the immediate families passage of America in nineteen O. Six in these would, of course, be the eventual great grandparents of Stephenville, great great grandparents and similar so easy
Austria's maternal grandfather, Siemens, mother Miriam is my sister I have watched with dismay in increasing horror is my nephew and educated man was well aware of this heritage has become the architect of immigration policies that repudiate the very foundation of our families, life in this country. Okay, so here's the part about settled like you're, making immigration argument. Fine, you wanna suggest that our immigration policies are too restrictive on legal immigration. I'm actually interested in hearing that arguments. I think that there are good arguments on both sides of that particular issue. If you want to make the case that relatives of politically popular figures are now authorities on what those politically popular figure should be saying. I got a problem with that, like our we get to our family off limits are family. Not off limits in this area is question, because what we have heard for years that Chelsea Clint was off limits until she wasn't off limits and now she's off limits,
again, I guess because Hilary is no longer politically active when our relatives affluence like when they decide to be off limits or when they don't decided we implement and beyond that. I dont know why we care what Stephen Miller's uncle has to say about things, and why would that possibly matter? I have lots of relatives. I disagree with the vast majority of them. Are politics I'm a Jew? That means most of my relatives are left. Does that mean that my uncles and ends have some sort of deeply valuable perspective on my heritage that I do not know, because I have parents who are part of that heritage as well? I ve done all this incredibly stupid, but the left has no rules when it comes to attacking folks on the right and so we're gonna take up random relatives to go after people. All of that is incredibly dumb. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow and we will be broadcasting from Dallas go check out our event if you're in Dallas, I believe there are few tickets left over live nation or take it master and get few of the remaining tickets. If you're in Phoenix, then the following day we are going to be broadcasting from. There is also go check that out. I mention here. This is the main Shapiro,
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