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Ep. 608 - It’s Apocalypse Day!

2018-08-22 | 🔗
Trump’s nightmares come to life via Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort heads for prison, and an illegal immigrant murders a college girl. Date: 08-22-2018
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President from nightmares come to light. The Michael Colin Powell metaphor heads for prints. And an illegal immigrant murders, a college girl, I'm bench apparel. This is the venture parachute yeah o. My Lord yesterday was basically drinking from a fire hose of news for a couple of relatively slow weeks. I say relatively because during the current presidency there is no such thing as an actual slowly relatively slow, just means sort of light from standards, It turns out that all the news happened at exactly the same time yesterday and we will sit through all of it will analyze all of them for you, because some big things happen, today with serious ramifications for the term presidency, but first, let's talk about your underwear, when it comes to comfort down below there is underwear and then there's Tommy John, which is the revolutionary clothing brand. That is wrong. Finding comfort for Americans everywhere, including for folks like me, Tommy challenges doesn't give enough. They give three acts: fabric fit and function. They obsess over. We're little detail instead by using proprietary fabrics that perform like nothing you ve ever worn before
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the minutes, we got verdicts coming in on the whole manner for incitement, Pollyanna Fort was found guilty on eight separate charges as a home jury on the other ten, and we had them call an indictment, they came down, he pledged guilty to a variety of crimes, including, most importantly, crimes regarding campaign finance, let's start with the Kohen stuff, because it's easy to talk about the metaphor itself. Metaphor stuff, basically has nothing to do with the president. There's some ramifications for the presidency a radically, but those are theoretical Michael Cullen. Stuff is a lot more damaging to president tromp. Here is the direct section from the actual Michael Cone indictment says The United States attorney further charges the federal election campaign active nineteen, seventy one as amended title fifty two: U S code, section real one or one regulates the want of money on politics at all times relevant to the information the Election ACT set forth the following limitations, emissions and reporting requirements which, where applicable to Michael Khan, the defendants,
visual one and his campaign, individual one in this case would be. President Trump was, of course, the guy who hired Michael Cohen, is this picture and had him as a personal lawyer for years, because he only the basque people. Here, is what the amendments as individuals provisions to any presidential candidate, including expenditures coordinated with candidate or his political committee or limited to two thousand seven hundred dollars. Protection and present for candidates in their committees or prohibited from accepting contributions from individuals in excess of this limit. So I'm not allowed if three thousand dollars to Donald Trump and he is not allowed to accept three thousand dollars for me. Operations were prohibited from making contributions. Equally, the presidential candidates of certain LLC, and I give money directly to prison from from that LLC I'll see that problem, including expenditures, coordinated with candidates or their committees and candidates, were prohibited from accepting corporate contributions honour about June. Sixteen two thousand fifteen individual one began. His presidential campaign be Trump, while Michael Cone, that offend continued to work at the company and did not have a formal. I, with the campaign yet a campaign
EL address and at various times advise the campaign, including on matters of interest to the press and may tell us and media appearances on behalf of the campaign at all times relevant to this information corpse nation one was media company that owns, among other things, a popular tabloid magazine magazine. One this magazine would be presumably the national Inquirer bitter about August twenty fifteen, the chairman and chief executive corporation one. This would be charity chairman. One this be Woodpecker who's, the head of national enquire in coordination with Michael Column, the defendant and one or more members of the campaign offered to help deal with negative stories about individual ones, relationship with women by, among others, assisting the campaign in identifying such stories, so they can be purchased in their publication. Avoided german one. That's packer agreed to keep code apprised of any such an egg. Stories consistent with the agreement of detail described above now, will enquire advised Michael CO, funded of negative. During the course of the campaign. In common with the assistance of the national, Enquire was able to arrange for the purchase of two stories so as to suppress.
And prevent them from influencing the election? First, inner about twenty? Six in a model and actors began attempting to sell her story of her allegedly extramarital affair with individual one, its trump that are taking place in two thousand six in two thousand: seven: no the story would be of considerable value because of the election. She then retain turning the stormy Daniels who, in turn cons, the editor in chief of them the scene and offered to sell storming Daniels story to the magazine. The at that point, David Packer and in the end the editor inform Michael column. The of of the story are urging and subject to call promised that the National courts would be reimbursed the editor. Of the national enquire ultimately began negotiating to the purchase of the story runner about August. Fifty thousand sixteen the National enquire entered into an agreement with Stormy Daniels to acquire limited life rights to the story of her relationship any then married man which mean Trump in exchange for a hundred and fifty grand and commitments. For her unto magazine, covers and publish over one hundred magazine articles offered by her, despite the cover article features to the agreement, its principal purpose, as understood by those involved, including Michael COM,
that was the suppressed, stormy, Daniels's story so as to prevent it from influencing the election between in or about late August. Twenty sixteen September, twenty, sixteen Michael corn, agree with the national inquirer to assign the rights to the non disclosure portion of that corporation, remit. The stormy Daniels to calling for a hundred twenty five thousand dollars code that incorporate into Shall entity called resolution consultants LLC for use in the transaction. Both David Peck and code ultimately signed the agreement and a consultant for the national inquirer using his own shall entity provided call with invoice for the payment of a hundred thousand dollars. However, in or about October twenty sixteen the assignment agreement was signed, but before Conan paid the one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars the national inquiry, in in common and told him in substance the deal's off and calling to tap the assignment agreement did not turn up the agreement which was later found during a traditionally authorize search of his office seconds I guess, I'm sorry that was with regard to current to go stormy Daniels. Then we got to these stormy Daniel story. Second honour about our eighth. Twenty sixteen
agent for an adult phone actress, Abbe, Stormy Daniels, informed editor want that that was willing to make public statements and confirm on the record her alleged past affair, with from the chairman and editor in chief the national enquire than contacted Cohen and put him in touch with the attorney for Stormy Daniels over the course of the next few days. Clinical. One hundred thirty thousand dollar agreement. With that need to himself purchase storming yet silence and received a sign, confidential settlement agreement and a separate I letter from that attorney. Michael did not immediately executed agreement, nor did he pay stormy Daniels on the evening of October. Twenty fifth, two thousand, team with no deal was storm. Ingenuous, finalized. The attorney told the Nationalists I worry that Stormy Daniels was closed to completing a deal with another outlet to make the story public, the national inquirer, texted Cohen, that quote, we, have to coordinate something on the matter that the attorney is calling about or could look, We back for everyone the nest. Inquirer then called call into encrypted telephone application. Court agreed to make the payment and then called the
Turning to finalize the deal the next day, Michael calling the defendant emails and incorporating service to obtain the corporate formation entity documents for another shot operation. Essential consultants LLC, which Cohen, had incorporated a few days prior later this afternoon country down. A hundred and thirty thousand dollars from a fraudulently obtained home equity loan from which he had obtained, because here I basically about his income, the next more approximately two hundred and thirty thousand dollars from a central concern thirty thousand dollars from a central consultants to that attorney on the Bang forms a complete the wire cone falsely indicated, the purpose of the wire was a retainer Honor about November one. Twenty. Sixteen clone received from the attorney copies of the final sign confidential criminal side Letter agreement, Michael COM, that are funded and made the payments described here and in order to influence
forty sixteen presidential election. This is the key part, and so all of this basically only matters of this was an attempt to influence the election, in which case it is considered a campaign expenditure. Now this part of the incitement is the controversial part, because their folks who say they are former chair of the F you see has said this. Is we discussed a little bit yesterday? A former chair of the f. You see has stated that this is not actually a campaign contribution, because it's more of a personal contribution, like not everything that has an impact on the campaign, is considered campaign expenditure. So if I go- and I spent a hundred dollars on a haircut. That's not necessarily a campaign expenditure and if I use campaign funding on it, that may actually be campaign fraud. So if I pay off somebody that a campaign expenditure or is it not a campaign expenditure, it's kind of unclear and they affair where to put it in a little unclear there, folks Markleham is made it argument who say that that is not the campaign expenditure there. Folks, like any Mccarthy, say it is a campaign expenditure over national review. In any case The indictment continues, they say in doing so in trying to influence the twenty six unilaterally by paying off these women.
And coordinated with one or more members of the campaigns, and not just tromp, maybe more including through meetings and phone, calls about the fact, nature and timing of the payments as a result of the paper, it. Wasn't it and made by Michael Coronet offended, neither woman one woman who have become Macdougall or story Daniel spoke to the press prior to the election in order. January in parliament, for seventeen, Michael Cohen, exactly Bergmann for election related expenses presented executives of the troll company, with a copy of a bank statement from the essential consultants Bank account which reflected the hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment corn had made so the bank account of Stormy Daniels in advance of the election plus Authority dollar wire be adding in handwriting and additional fifty thousand dollars for basically services that that's Collins can transaction fake. Going out in these amounts to some one hundred? Eighty grand after receiving this document executives of the trunk company grossed up for tax purposes, cones requested percent of a hundred eighty granted three hundred sixty grand, then added in a bonus and sixty grant so called would be paid for twenty thousand dollars in total executives of the company
also determine the four hundred and twenty thousand dollars will be paid. The cone in monthly amount in thirty five grand over the course of twelve bugs and Colin should send invoices for the payment they sent an executive of the Trump company, those monthly invoices. It started. Listening on thirty five gram, for two months throughout twenty seventeen, according to the incitement Michael consent to one or more representatives company, monthly invoices, which stated pursuant to the rules your agreement, kindly remit payment for us This is rendered for the relevant month of twenty seventeen and sought thirty five thousand bucks per month. The company accounted for these payment as legal expenses. In truth, and in fact there is no such retainer, women and the monthly invoices consummated or not in connection with any legal services. He had provided in twenty seven teams are in twenty seventeen pursuant to the invoices described Michael calling the defendant received monthly, thirty five grand reimbursement tracks totalling four hundred and twenty thousand dollars, so that is the charge against Michael Phone call on the part of it. The matters for Cohen is that he said that he did so in coordination and at the direction of the president,
of the United States, then just a candidate, Annie Mccarthy suggests that basically the crime here is not necessarily paying people off. The problem here is how it was done. So any Mccarthy sums up a national view. He says Donald Trump lawfully have made contributions and managers in excess of twenty seven hundred dollars per election? If you just paid Stormy Daniels directly, no problem because of that, and because, unlike one trumpets anomaly or may not a fully appreciated. Pain, finance implications, you'll be tough to prove the present had criminal intent nevertheless, that may not get the president's off the hook says you any Mccarthy, as noted above, it is illegal for a candidate to accept excessive contribution It is also illegal to fail to report contributions and expenditures. So what it looks like is the Donald Trump basically use Michael COIN, as a go between in order to avoid campaign fine its reporting. And then the question is gonna be intent. Colonists has defied the trump had full intent to violate campaign finance law and we'll talk about the consequence that in just one second, what it means for president from what it means for the possibility of impeachment how this fits into past issues with regard to
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today's aim. Although the Democrats been talking about Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, this has nothing to do with Russia that, through its also not sufficient, that's all talk about the level of the alleged crime here and what it actually means. Injustice. Second, but first important to note: The credibility of this entire allegation is based on Michael Cohen, is Michael Cohen, a Mexico, not why it's not helping his case. That is more or less Davis's out their basically trying to whore Michael Cohen, to Robert Mahler and making allegations that Michael is not testify. Do decent. Michael Courtney testified to the fact that president from instructed him to violate campaign finance law, but now will, any Davis is out there trying to basically solve the story, That Michael COIN has information on Russia to so now, Like Michael Corn is just spilling every being, he can find in an attempt to avoid further jail time. That does go to kind of public credibility with road this particular witness who is not is the most honest guy. In the first place, we should probably why transpired and here's Lenny
Davis, Michael Colors attorney on just the crime of directing somebody to commit a crime. As you pointed out in your opening, it was a crime for present and trump to direct, calling to the crime of a campaign financed donation that exceeded the legal limitations, why didn't president, shall do this himself Why didn't he right or shine? The Czech himself was he country because he knew that there was something wrong and what he was doing. So he directed his lawyer to do something. That is in one anybody to know that he did ok. All of that is the dikes and stop it let me give us goes on to that. Maybe Michael calling will reverse his testimony and to adjust press. And from new in advance about the Trump Tower meeting between members of his campaign and the russian government to solicit infirmity about Hillary Clinton or Michael corners already testified before members of Congress. That trunk didn't know about
That so was you. All men are, as you are now. This is one of the problems, for this particular case against president from the second problem is, of course, the question whether this actually amounts to a campaign expenditure which, as I mentioned before, is slightly daisy and then the final. Problem is, if president, was in the habit of signing text women to shut them up, which may in fact be the case as possible been doing it for years and years and years and years. If that's actually the case- and there has been this pipeline- shutting down stories the in national inquirer for years it could easily, not being- pain expenditure. It could just be Trump likes to shut up women, and this is just the latest example of him. Attempting to shut up women, we're gonna, get to the teams response to all of this injustice So here is how President Trump has responded to all this he had a series of tweets about Michael Con as well as Paul Manifold, and here is what he treated. So he We ve got Pollyanna Fort, whose conviction on eight council have nothing to do with russian collusion. It has to do with poor man if we're just being crop upon. Man afford his former campaign manager, didn't testify against trumpet anymore
during this case and trump. Basically, saying that. That's a good things basically saying I'm happy that Paul metaphor shut up, which is not a great thing for the presidency. Between it I mean it's just not smarting eurozone tweeted up feel very badly for parliament effort in his wonderful family justice scarecrows took a twelve euro tax case and among Other things applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Code, you refuse to break makeup stories nor to get a deal such respect for a brave man. So basically, he saying thanks for keeping a mouth Paul I mean that that their little phrase, the races makeup stories in order the deal he sang. That is glad the metaphor didn't wide to get him. For example, or mitigate against him. But it's not great. The president of the United States is basically saying I'm glad Pollyanna fortunes Bill is God's like made. The omega is not something that you actually want. The president of the United States talking up per se, that's really. The only reason that man afford is relevant in any of this metaphor, of course, doesn't
really have anything on president from again, all the allegations against Manafort basically predate the campaign and have nothing to do with the campaign. Then from continues. Defence of metaphor- and this is what we are- and I dont understand why the therefore, it is going to be used either star lying or spill is guts to robber Mahler. None of this makes any sense. He should basically just cut himself lucid man afforded this point say: listen. I know that two robber Mahler. None of this makes any sense. He should basically just cut himself lucid man afforded this point say: listen. I know the guy for three months he's reckon It's me by the agency, which I think is true, and I have campaign turnout is corrupt. I fired him and whatever happens happens, that's the operate the lobbyist marking for trying to do, but instead he's really can imposing up to metaphor whose just convicted of eight crimes raises a large number of counts. Ten could not we decided in the parliamentary court case Witch Hunt pay it's not a witch hunts when the guy was convicted of crimes now de Mulder investigation on russian collusion is intellectuality a witch hunt. I think there is now:
you to be made on that score. I don't think, there's an arguments we made that the prosecution Paul Fort is a witch hunt when he was actually convicted of a crime yesterday and will spend a plentiful amount of time in jail home continued along these lines. He tweeted out also with regard to Michael Cohen, Michael contemplate, guilty to two counts of campaigns: finance violations that are not a crime that is going to the comment meant that if you pay somebody often advancement election, that's really a personal expenditure. It's not a campaign expenditure. The prince, Obama had a big campaign violation and it was easily settled summit to get to the context of these other campaign finance violations and how common this isn't just one second and then Trump concludes bye by basically praising about by basically saying that you never should a hired Michael colonies as if anyone is look for a good lawyer. I would strongly suggest you don't really the services of Michael, which is indeed the understatement of the air, doesn't really Plainly he employed for a dozen years, but I think it is fair to say the president, does not in fact higher the basque people and all agreed between
Admiral semantic Alt and makes when an Michael Cone and see Bannon and parliament for a pretty much everyone else who has worked for the Trump administration or team from he does not higher the basque people. Ok, so what does all this mean in context, while, as I say that offences or President Trump in all. This are going to be a kind of multifaceted so defends number one is not a crime that I paid somebody off. It's a personal expenditure is not a campaign expenditure, so even if Michael contemplate guilty to a crime, because he felt he had to plead guilty in order to mitigate the charges against him, doesn't mean. There's now crime. Here there been an indictment, there's no actual investigation into trumped doing this stuff at this time. So you can't get Trump on something not a crime. That is case number one being made by folks like marketing case number two is that it's just a campaign, finance violation and in this context people have been looking at past campaign, finance violations and suggesting that none of this is a big deal when you compare it to pass campaign finance violations of John Fund,
national View, for example, talks about the campaign finance violations that were committed by the Clinton administration back during the ninety. Ninety six presidential campaign of something called China Gate, in which actual members of the train governor following money to the Clinton camp, At the same time, Clint was declassified certain nuclear secrets, and so the was there was this quid pro quo that was never prove in a court of law. Clinton basically ended up getting off Scot free is also a case with regard to John Edward who was an irrational, was tried, but as a Hungarian who is not convicted, and then there is talk about President Obama's campaign. They paid three hundred. Seventy five thousand dollars, the largest campaign finance violation of the time in two thousand eight. They were paid. They will find that much money because they had accepted a bunch of money and not reported it down, will explain in just a second differences between Trump and those campaign financed violations. Then we'll talk about it of the broader ramifications of all this, but first, let's talk about your bathroom. Have it so, no matter what you do,
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What what does that mean for impeachment? For example, let's talk about the legal consequences for president trumpet and we'll talk about the political consequences now impeachment fits under the political consequences. Not the legal consequences. Impeachment is has basically said. Look I can't be incited. That's probably true. The president of the United States is probably impervious to federal indictment. Look I can't be incited. That's probably true, the present of the United States is probably impervious to federal indictment because is the head of the executive branch. The department of Justice exists. Under the executive branch, and it's very doubtful that the Department of Justice can try. President of the United States because the present can just fire whoever it is that is trying him and the president made have the power to pardon himself. It's a hole in the constitution, which is why impeachment was originally intended by the founders to be widely applied. The notion then people is only going to be applied in the United States, a three it twice In american history, Clayton Dixon wasn't impede few reside in advance and hatred was only plot against energy
and after the civil war, when radical reconstruction is decided, didn't warm as president, basically and then it was applied against Bill Clinton in ninety ninety eight those only told two times in american history, a president has ever been impeach in the House of Representatives. Neither of them were convicted in the Senate. The party, the idea the founders within impeachment, is going to be broadly used in the best of all possible worlds. We use impeachment honest early regular basis is the truth, because, when President commit crimes. You'd want Congress to track those crimes by impeaching. The present or punishing him in some way. Unfortunately, the ledge later in the United States, is basically become of this digital organ of government. They really do anything they just ass, all power over the executive branch, and then they expect that make the present I'll be indicted or something residents, not gonna, be indicted. The deal J has rules in place. The basically say the president is not to be indicted. Now the president could still be subpoenaed. So you could have a southern districts of New York in investigation against President Trump and they could subpoena him in order to get him
testify that nightmare scenario for the present, because then he ends up in exactly the same position. The bill Clinton ended up in in the civil trial, apologize or hands of committing perjury, and that is the basis for impeachment. Now, let's get to the impeachment question, so their folks or immediately saying that impeachment is on the table: bread Stevens over than your times, who, of course, is no fan of the President's he treated out. The trumps should immediately be impeached based on these allegations means has been sceptical about the wisdom and merit of impeachment Collins guilty plea changes that the president is clearly guilty of high crimson misdemeanour. He should resign his office or be impeached or and removed from office there's a luxury? You have people again Mccarthy, and he says that is really not enough people offence because it doesn't rise. The level of high misdemeanours, it's just a campaign violation. He says that too, to rise some level of high crimson misdemeanours- it's not quite perjury, so he
Some think that arises that level. Here's what he said her dainty Mccarthy's case, a national view. It says the further than this and with regard to the cliff impeach when he says the further removed, Miss Connell Is from the core responsibilities of the President, the West political support there will be for the presidential mobile from office. This is critical his impeachment as a political remedy, not illegal ones or in other words, if the President of the United, It uses the IRA to target political opponents. That is much more indicative of a president who deserve to be impeached. Then a president who camp who committed a campaign. Finance violation, aspires given the fact that campaign financed laws, I think on their face are basically unconstitutional. Mccarthy's, as this is critic, because impeachment patriotism, political remedy, not illegal one, the way the free. Where's designed the process, which requires just a simple house majority to file articles and impeachment. But a two thirds Senate Superman Forty four removal no present ever be removed from office. Absent misconduct egregious enough to spur consensus for a mobile that cuts across party lines. Such myths contact with surely have to involve either a and abuse power involving core presidential powers or be
extremely serious crime and Mccarthy, says the conduct is not of an egregious nature that rises to high crimson misdemeanours. It is an infraction committed by many political candidates and often not even prosecuted? More to the point, it is remote from the core responsibilities of the presidency: implicate pre election actions to conceal alleged indiscretions that accorded decade earlier and while the It has an idea indiscretions. It is not The allegations come as any surprise to the public who are well aware of his flaws. Elected Donald Trump. Nevertheless, that said, if the democratic, the house, there is no question that this will be the basis for some sort of impeachment claim against the President of the United we do have to ask the question: what distinguishes Bill Clinton, perjury charges from this particular case, what distinguishes campaign finance violation from perjury? Well, when you make the argument that the perjurers committed well Clint was president and all this activity took place before Trump was president that he basically committed the campaign violation before you as President now is president, he hasn't actually misused the powers of the
as an anti. In order to do any of this stuff tightening its a semi their argument. There is also the case to be made that committing a crime in finance. Violation is not the same thing as lying under oath, which from has not done at this point, which is the reasons why you could see a situation where trumpet subpoenaed is cotton, perjury trap, and then you have exactly the same situation as Billiton, which is why this is sort of There are scenario for four trump all the people who voted for Bill Clinton impeach. What would then be forced to explain why champion? Perjury is different from condoning perjury They say that there is less underline crime. Here is our role. Crime, whereas Clinton was trying to cover up programme, but he committed perjury regarding article Linsky now. The flip side is also true. Remember every single Democrat in send it voted not to convict President Clinton Ninety ninety eight because their case as everybody lies about sex, what your case?
As everybody lies about sex. What exactly do you think Trump was doing here right? The entire case is that is that Donald Trump was basically lying about sex, so what we have seen is almost a platonic inversion of the natural consequence. Is of actions. If, as it happens, a Democrat Republicans would be crying impeachment if Republicans head, if this have so republican Democrats, what will cry for impeachment? The truth is we have to come up with some sort of objective standards. Twont impeachment is appropriate. I am not sure that we have reached that standard. Yet, given the fat that Michael Corn is not the most reliable witness, given the fact that we are not sure whether or not this is a crime in totality and most of all, given the fact that, even if this was a crime, we're not sure whether arises to level of high crimes and misdemeanours at this That's not stopping the Democrats from celebrating inordinately Cathy Griffin was out there celebrating it most bizarre possible fashion, sure released a video of herself dancing topless in front of a window honestly, when I first saw this Cathy Griffin walk me long ago on twitter to my great fortune very happy about that
I was wondering why there is a video of carrot, top dancing in front of a window, and then it turns out is just a clown. It's actually Cathy Griffin dancing Topless, as they announced of the charges in the Michael Cohen situation, now, houses actually and breakdown it could break down in a couple of different ways, so it could breakdown in the in the way that the Democrats take the house and now because of the bases of all this, they are forced to sort of file charges of impeachment. It clears the house. It goes to this end. Dies in the Senate as most likely scenario, and then we get to find out whether an impeachment trial actually hurts and incumbent president in twenty twenty, for example, its also possible that the Trump base is so driven not by all of this talk that they shop on mass and twenty attained its also possible that this sort of takes the heart out of the outer the republican base, because there is a feeling of incipient doom that sort of keeps people home in twenty eight, ten and twenty twenty,
My guess is that it is the latter. My guess is that, as allegations of corruption, Mount people are starting get tired and the president is not doing a very good job of calling that sort of thing elation and also there is a feeling that ok, if the House Democrats that control the impeachment can it happen anywhere the sentence, and I can do anything about em attaka little bit more about what this means for twenty, a teen plus another case that It is really damaging Republicans a very bad day for Republicans. Yesterday we'll talk about why in just a second first going to have to go to wired icon for nine ninety nine a month, you can get a subscription to daily. Why you get there my, shall I get the rest of Andrew claimants. You're like the rest of Michael Moses shall live. We spend ninety nine dollars year. You get this the leftist years, hot or cold tumblr. That means that you get it cheaper than monthly subscription. Any gets me part of our male bad, what we are doing on Friday. I still can't believe it's not Friday. This week is so long. Yesterday was eight days long, but What part of our mail bag on Friday then get the annual subscription also subscribe at Youtube in Itunes. That means that gets. You are Sunday special and listen to our Sunday special this week we have on
Travis. These sports hope to become very controversial for his statement that he likes the first amendment as well as breasts, indeed quite trappist on Sundays. Shall am Clay, Travis Fox Boards, radio and I'll kick the coverage. I'm gonna be on the bench appear, Shapiro show Sunday special tune into here been, and I talk about how to make sport it's great again, and why everything? he's gone insane and the world of sports, and beyond. All that should be a lot of fine hope. You guys are coming with us here on the Sunday special is We got episode if you're into sports enter into sports media you're wondering what's wrong with kind of sporting culture. We talk about with Clay Travis and check that out where the largest fastest growing conservative I cast in the nation, so what are the electoral consequences of all this? Well, every additional scandal from the republic inside just drive down the the enthusiasm of the republican side for getting out there to vote and drive up the enthusiasm of the democratic side. The proof in the pudding is two thousand six, when Republicans
behind Democrats fairly generically for a while and then There is a scandal involving involving mark folly, whose Republican Congress person from Florida who it turns out, had been getting it on with the pages which is not great at that We blew up and Democrats one like sixty feet. Well now it turns out that Duncan Hunter, another Republican has been caught up in a campaign: finance violation. These ones are actually, I think, worse than than the allegations about president from according to Amber Philips over the Washington post. Federal prosecutors allege that Duncan hundreds white still two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in campaign funds. Do things like take their family too. Am and a three piece luggage set for by their kids, school lunches, treat family and friends to hotel rooms and wine and golf and fly a family members pet to Washington DC for vacation. These allegations are really ugly. Apparently, when Hunter and his wife chatted with each other about how they were able to get cash from the campaign to spend on daily life, there
Urgently said quote: it was great. Margaret Hunter allegedly spent two hundred bucks antennas she's, a dick sporting goods, which you then claimed as being for an annual dove hunting event for wounded warriors. One hundred horses waiting used by my Hawaii shorts venues out of money, she allegedly told him to buy from a golf pro shop, so he could claim. There were actually golf ball for wounded warriors. When the warring utility companies tend to turn off the water market. Hunter allegedly spend three hundred bucks in campaign funds to pay the bill, and then she allegedly spent a hundred fifty two bucks on make up at north from and told the campaign. It was a gift basket item for the boys and girls. Clubs of San Diego, not good stuff in any way and Duncan Hunter of course, is one of the first com people to endorse present interim for the presidency? None of this is going to benefit Republicans going into the election. And the overwhelming feeling of of corruption and dirt that this is the swamp. It's not gonna be good for the presidency Now it now. Is this really gonna move president from approval ratings one way or another? No, as I say, His approval ratings are basically stagnant. Everybody.
An opinion on Trump. Your opinion set, I think we're gonna get a bunch of shot. Headlines on Friday, all trumps approval rating is the same. More rose, you points or something Everybody knows they see. It had no effect on President Rob. That's not how politics works. It's not just about the approval rating for president basically set in stone. It is also about whether people go out and vote in two thousand and ten in order to save present. From Yale these, these approval ratings poles do not measure public enthusiasm there, there's a sort of crime this mentality that I think people are trying to drive and Republicans that if they dont stands up with Trump right now than trample be impeached, but it's hard to make there At the same time that a lot of the Republican Congress people are being swept up in corruption, allegations But I don't know how motivator Republicans out get out to vote there. There. A lot of folks love president from poor motivated, but I think that in the middle are not now. It's important, remember folks, when this latter publican should still glad to vote that all of politics does not add. In fact, revolver and president from that of Democrats, take the House of representatives they're going to pass a bunch of horrible horrible. Let's
later the relaunch investigations, not only in the president, trumpet into a lot of clauses you hold dear they're, going to attempt to crack down on religious freedom. There going said Tom to blow out the spending there go to attempt to reverse all of the anti regulatory policies of the of the Trump administration. Losing the house to the Democrats on the basis of these allegations with regard to president from has ramifications that far exceed the impact on President trap, which is why Republicans should still go out to vote. But there is no question that all this is depressing for publicans and will have to see all the place out. It's also possible. The mother drops his full report before the election in November. There is the reports that are coming out today: the who's going to drop his full report in October and the pale what's in there that can depressed turn out still further. When there are wages to a president who surrounds himself of people who are not good, Michael coneys of the past Ambrose manacled now the person Michael Flynn involved in a lot of bad stuff pollyanna for involved in a lot of bad stuff, he's around yourself with pigs,
I wouldn't be surprised when you get a load of dirty president from his for a very long time that does have some serious electoral consequences, some legal consequences to boot. To see how all this goes me, that's the when I say hold often wait it's because we still don't have, all the information on where this goes next. Does this investigation proceed into a separate investigation? Is president from Subpoenaed does Michael Holmes try to spill the beans and other stuff or make stuff up, but suffice it to this is going to lead to at least a year along new cycle that is not beneficial to the president, completely separate from the Russia stuff. Talking to some folks who work with the White House yesterday and the attitude of the White House is not one of confidence, it is one of the cat there. There know where the next she was gonna drop. Now that a lot of folks on there forcing witch hunt literally everything is which some of us may indeed be a witch hunt. Some of this, indeed be overstepping of boundaries by the Mahler investigation is also true that if you shut up, if you stop a porn star, and then
hey her a hundred and thirty thousand dollars through an election by funding at three or corrupt fixer. That's probably your own fault. That's probably end! If you in there is no, there is no, there's no honor among among the corrupt, and that is certainly true with regard to Michael gone now. Meanwhile, the Democrats, then this just shows why elections have consequences in why Republican should so get out about the most horrible. Story of the day yesterday actually had nothing to do with the with the President of the United States or Michael Cone or poor man of war most horrible. Sorry that I had to do with Molly, timid, Somali Tippit was a a young woman who was missing. I guess in Iowa she was abducted. In in around the nineteen hundred block of three hurts. Eighty fifth avenue over in over in Iowa, and it turns out the person who abducted her emerge. Her was apparently an illegal immigrant. Here's the story from the joint register. They say in it augmented emigrants in custody, charged with first remoter in the volatility investigation. Christian
but he twenty four has been in the area for forty seven years, charges were fine. The police at county court, is being held on one million dollar cash bond. Tippets is reported in July, nineteen, accordingly criminal came a complaint shortly afterwards, parents. Investigators collected video footage from the east side of Brooklyn. The evening of July eighteen, the video should it's running around boundary and middle streets outside of Brooklyn when a black chevy malady, drove in the area around seven forty five p m July, eighteen, the foot it shows the vehicle riven by Ribeiro going back and forth any area according to the criminal complaint, answers pulled this illegal immigrants. In for questioning Monday when he admitted to making cars to the female running in Brooklyn and then he pursued. To an area east of town in, but we should county according to the criminal complaint, Rovera told efficiency exited his view and started running behind her and alongside her tippets, then grabbed her phone. She's going to call the police. He then told officials who got mad panicked and blocked his memory, which happens when he gets very upset according to the criminal, can play he then abducted her and apparently murdered her. He told officials meeting
turn droves, the entrance of the old pulled into driveway drove into a cornfield. He then realize yet earpieces in his lap, which made him realized habits was in the trunk. He would. They would not confirm whether the woman was was alive or dead, which was inside the trunk Rovera told officials. He pulled her out of the trunk and blot on the side of her head. He then drag tippets to secluded location in the corner. Old, he told officials he put her over his shoulder, took her twenty metres in a cornfield and covered her with some corn stocks and then left her, and all of this is deeply deeply horrifying stuff. She was twenty years old and murdered well jogging, and this, of course, is becoming nationally story Because the person who did it was an illegal immigrant who apparently passing verified track because you can pass you verify by using a fake social security number president from was speaking in a rally. And this is why he still has the loyalty of lot of his base, because when it comes to issues like the legal immigration, the president takes that stuff seriously. We're Democrats do not argue shown what happened to the incredible beautiful young woman
should it never happened. Legally in our country. We ve had a huge impact, but Laws are so bad. The immigration such a disgrace, we're getting change, but we have to get more republicans. We have again, a Molly islands who is the is not Molly islands. Rather the there were Elizabeth, worn was talking to Molly, timid, and Elizabeth worn responded to the Mollie tippets situation basically by saying that we need more, it's for documents, immigrants and other stuff. Nevada happened. My I'm so sorry for family here and I know this is hard not only for the family but for the people in her community. The people throughout Iowa, but one of the thing. We have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective. That focuses on where real problems are. I think
need immigration, laws that focus on people who pose a real threat, and I dont think Mama's and babies are the place that we should be spending resources. Separating Amano from a baby does not make this country safe at what is happening. With anything is beyond me, but this is why people take precedence I'm serious than illegal immigration that do not take Democrat seriously on illegal immigration and when Democrats express a lot of sympathy for victims of illegal immigrants It's it's a rarity of failures in MSNBC Guess yesterday, you're talking about Fox NEWS will only pay attention to this. Is because in an illegal immigrant, nobody really cares about it. The Fox news is talking about a girl and I were and not this right, and tomorrow morning, when you wake up- and we consider you know this march- the reputation of Michael No one and all the people around him really go back to Mahler, and this is obviously an boil down to Hillary Clinton in Barack Obama. Theirs is talking about some girl and I was that's not important and why were they possibly
How about some girl- and I will the answer- is because it does go to whether we ought to enforce the laws of our country now that applies across the board and that's why we ought to be taken, ah breaking seriously, no matter who is participating in it, even if we think that the walk with regard of campaign finance reform silly. As I say, more information is going to come out and will be able to make further judgments when that information comes out. A lot of talk today is a little bit premature. It was a bad day for the President of the United States. Yes, but underlying issues still matter in this country, and that's why the president is still a viable president. Despite the fact that day, he's now been implicated by his own former personal attorney ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things I like. I just started watching the show billions I end it is it's on Showtime, I guess they just completed season. Three have only seen the first couple of episodes, but it's really juicy and it's really purple, and it's really it's really great. Its policy, Ahmadi and Damien Louis, and basically,
trying out act, one another basically paltry Almaty plays a sort of Elliot Spencer figure. A go, get her attorney. District attorney in New York was attempting to get an insider trader, Damien Louis, a charismatic inside trader, and it's it's really fun. The watchers here is a link. But the trailer will. We do, has consequences and unintended the decisions. We make the actions we bring, have wait. Gonna work every day and they just and strong in the actions, your brain and don't waiver. When trying to succeed in this Nigerian, everyone has access to information which is no analyzing, better, spotted suspect trading patterns. Like every day, all three firms have links to Bobby. Ok, so they say it's great. It's fast pace. It's really well written
and a lot of fun to watch it's really over the tops of that sort of thing go for it. There's the don't pay attention really the first thirty seconds they show like the opening of the show is basically in Essen M seen and I have to say it doesn't I knew that people are super weird it may they. Basically, the shall opens with a p tape, and you wonder why any I just have like I understand gonna whatever floats about, but I just wondered why something slow people's boat, just like one why? Why? Why? Why is Europe no knows? In any case, I can check out that show it's fun to watch it with water and a time for a couple of things that I hate There's a church in California that is now being promoted by a now this and now this will basically promote any fringe phenomenon they can find there. Is it there's a church that apply We combine Sunday worship with beers on tap talks about how Jesus was apparently a person of color which real weird and also talks about why they are going to donate proceeds to plan pair
so is not really a church. It's more of just a bunch of atheists getting together in pretending that they care about their own version of Jesus who didn't exist historically does not exist in the Bible, but now the celebrates this, because this is the diversity of legend or some such we are opening a burning. Jimmy did you we are nonetheless, then I believe Jesus was too. We are environment list which I believe that's electoral mandate of of the children were gathered together, when at the way we all know enjoy, but we are Anti war which I believe Jesus was too. We are offering where social justice which Jesus was a palestinian Jewish rather a person. Color there was killed by white supremacist. We usually making every effort to be on the front lines for racial justice. So then what sets us, apart from any american judge, found an awesome spot, consequently have to be right below play Santa Cruz, which door and support them.
Efforts when giving hope here I love it now. This always plays is kind of in full guitar music under people saying the stupidest possible nonsense. They can possibly find really spectacular stuff. So few things about Jesus, you, jewish he was not a quorum call Palestinian. He was you wish, because everybody who has called a palestinian those days was jewish, because it was Roman, Palestine and the The word paulsen there's never been an independent state in the region and nobody palace. In the region. There only been jewish state and there's been area brought by the Romans or the Ottoman Turks this historically speaking, he was not killed because of white supremacy. That's really dumb hey! He was not that that wasn't like a thing, then again it is that ok and Jesus was not. It turns out a feminist in these terms
is that feminist would use. Now, a Jesus did believe in the idea that women were valuable. If you read the new testament, but there are also some pretty awkward things for new testament for four sort of these feminist scholars about Jesus talking about how relationships are supposed to work. Inside of marriage Jesus talking about what women are supposed to do in their role in the world, at its did suggest that he's like a bird wait. That third way feminist is weird and then to suggest that Jesus. What very big on the abortions is also particularly where, but it's so funny folks on the left hate religion when they actually look at the Bible, but they like to cite religion falsely in order prior to push their their particular point of view, which is which is always very. Other things that I hate up. Somebody sent me this this video yesterday, which is just an absurd. Video Riley Dennis is due to think she's waiting here he's a transgender woman, which is to say a biological mail
and kind of any oh inoffensive, Alexandria, Abkhazia, Cortez, who requires white lighting, apparently because I challenged Oconto Cortez to debate from from the left, can't let this go. It's really astonishing they. They keep. Coming back to the idea that I did something deeply wrong in offering a discussion on the Sunday special or debate to Alexandria. Abkhazia court has As I have said, many times already say was not not interested. That would mean the end of it pretty much. Instead, you decided to call me a sexist Riley Dentist Right, Riley Dennis who is I think it's fair to say that it might be more sexes to adopt all of the stereotypically feminine attributes. Call yourself a woman you say to a woman. Can we have a discussion about politics? Riley Dennis says that it was me engaging and sexism He would know as a woman. The reason we're talking about this is because recently some conservatives on the internet demanded that Alexandria, o Cassio Cortez debate have apparently I'm allowed to just demand that politicians debate me now. I guess that's how it works. All of a sudden, you bought a resort hands. If so, the answer is yes, you can do.
At any time you want it's a free country. If you want people to debate you and ask them to debate. They also have the right say now. Apparently it's a crime? Ok, so let's continue at this foolishness. Do you ever see anyone disagree with you, even if their incredibly busy public figures or politicians, you are entitled to a debate with them if they ignore you request for a debate thorough coward? Do you see how ridiculous that zooms? Imagine if I now went on a twitter tirade and published, but of articles demanding that someone debate me like it would just be ridiculous. It would clearly be more for show that it would be for discussing any sort of actual issue. Ok, except that I actually invited oaks, your Cortez on my showed to answer questions and she turned it down by calling me a sexist. So there is that it is amazing the links to which left will go to suggest that even asking for. So. If I dont ask for conversations because I'm dismissive, if I do ask for conversations some success and present telling me I'm a sexist it.
A biological man who believes he is a woman awesome. I can't imagine my people don't take the left superciliously these days in terms of their ideology. Ok, time for earthquakes, himself after watching all that anti biblical nonsense from that fake church, let's go through some I was made me feel all the better to do this The shop maybe The signs are very meaningful in a time when everything seems chaotic, some six weeks going through one week as for the director of music with string instruments, according to Schmidt, about some of even more do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline. We in Europe have mercy on me Lord, for I am faint he'll me Lord from bones are an agony. My soul is in deep anguish how long Lord, how long term and deliver me save me because of your unfailing love among the dead known for when's, your name, who praises you from the grave I'm worn out My groaning all night long, I my bed with weeping and rinse my couch with tears. My eyes grow weakness. They fail me because of all my foes. For me all. You do evil. For the Lord has heard my weeping. Lord has heard my cry for mercy. The Lord accepts my prayer, all my enemies
over one, the shaman anguish, they will turn back and suddenly be put to shame. The part of this that's interesting is the idea that you have to demonstrate vulnerability before God, it's very difficult for people who tend to be pride for I'm one of them too, to demonstrate vulnerability forgot to ask things of God and when you do ass things of guide, what you're, basically doing is your accepting his authority or accepting that you are not in charge of the world, and I got is in charge of the world supporting your name before him isn't self indulgent, it's actually a recognition that God is the source of of all things and so to recognise. That is the first step towards making yourself better. I think that much of prayer is not even dedicated towards. You know what changing gods mine it's much more dedicated. Toward changing you and your attitude toward God. Damn it Vulnerability torn God, is the same as as demonstrating vote melody toward anyone else in doing so, you are your opening yourself up to being hurt, but if you do that, with God than you're, demonstrating a full fulsome trust in him That is well worth while unwarranted. Ok,
echo to Morrow with all the latest, I'm bench appearances, the bunch of Hiroshima, the bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Ingo Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron makeup is by just one over the bench. A bureau show is a daily wire Ford, publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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