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Ep. 612 - The Democratic Platform

2018-08-28 | 🔗
Pelosi talks race, Krugman talks fascism, and President Trump talks NAFTA. Date: 08-28-2018
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just that they are indeed big news. He continued that this morning, when he woke up at five thirty in the morning and decide we wash Lou Dobbs. Yes, that's actually what happened you up with five thirty in the morning and he Tebow's a lot of the shows on Fox news. In fact, business and he decided to watch Lou Dobbs showed doves, is talking about research results over in Google and President Trump decided to treat this out this fourteen. Do a Google search results? Port trump news shows only the viewing reporting of fake new media. In other words, they have it rigged for me and others, so that almost of stories and news is bad. Fake CNN is prominent republican conservative their media is shut out illegal. Ninety six per cent of results and Trump news from national left wing media very dangerous,
Google and others are suppressing voices of concerted and hiding information and news that is good their controlling. What we can and cannot see is a very serious situation will be addressed at while I don't think the president actually Google's things. He apparently doesn't use computer really so the whereabouts information Lou Dabs is talking about search results when it comes to bulldoze industry that the Google NEWS, biased in favour of large media organisations is pretty. Severe, and that does have an actual impact on the kind of news that people consume. And it does mean that they actually consume a fair bit of misinformation that is put out by the mainstream media enough. It's important remember: the one president from says things like big news and means just any news. He doesn't like here was not the originator of the phrase, fake news, the originator of the phrase. Vagueness Trump says that he made it up. He didn't make it up is made up by the left. The left suggested that Hillary Clinton had lost the election. If you recall, due to fake news there, a bunch of false stories put out on Facebook, people believe those fall stories, and then they voted for Donald Trump, instead of heavily Clinton,
president from said, the actual fake news are the members of the mainstream media and, unfortunately, members, the mainstream media seem intent on proving his point almost every day. The latest example comes courtesy of CNN, so President Trump has focused on CNN incessantly and there's a reason for here's. The latest example CNN absolutely botched story claiming the president from new in advance about the June. Twenty sixteen trumped tower meeting between members of the trunk campaign and a russian back lawyers possibly offering turn Jordan. Hillary Clinton, you know, there's been a lot of focus on this take meeting, obviously, because, in the run up to the meeting down from Junior was emailing with an associate of his from Russia, whose Are we saying that the russian government wants to supply the trunk campaign with dirt on Hilary? So why don't you meet with this lawyer and from Junior is like sounds great and then they had the meeting. What one of the questions has been did trump know in advance. About meeting will see and unreported July twenty sixth, two thousand eighteen, claiming that Trump did know in advance about the meaning, what turns out the person
replied that information was Lanni Davis, who's. The Clinton associated wherefore Michael Con, who at the time, was attempting to show The mother investigation that Michael corn had something valuable to offer. Cnn says it stands by the story, but Davis told the Washington, pose this. We quote. I should have been more clear, including with you, and I could not independently confirm what happened. I regret my error, it is also told Anderson, Cooper, Vienna. I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. We were not the source of this Laurie Messina story, originally said Davis offered no comment. It turns out that on background he'd actually provided virtually all of the story. Cnn said what we stand by our story: we are confident now reporting of it. That story rocket and around the media was echoed by NBC News and the Washington Post according to Buzzfeed NEWS, Davis was the confirming source for all of that. Those emissions while another admission from many Davis, Michael Collins lawyer, regarding a claim that president from new beforehand about the hacking of democratic emails by the Russians now David says court. I am not sure
or there is a possibility. That is the case, but I am not sure so. The source for half of the media's news regarding russian collusion and Trump Tower and other What is lacking is the war for Michael Con, who is now gone on record, admitting that he doesn't know what the hell are. You talking about. Cnn stands by the story. Anyway, according to Buzzfeed NEWS quote, the network, in effect, doesn't appear to be we have made a mistake. The story was some inside scene and argue carefully worded to hedge. And those in the Kohen camp changing their tune. In other words, the story reports claim that continent said he was willing to make. Not the underlying truth of those claims, in other words, CNN, says. Listen. We didn't report that Cohen knew that Trump had known about the from town. Waiting an advance notice. Vienna story reported that corn was willing to tell prosecutors that he might have known about that stuff. So we'd carefully caviar. This decision from CNN to continue to stand by the story suggested believe The strength of its other sources outweighs any waffling from Davis according to Buzzfeed, or that the network police Davis was telling them.
Then, and not now, but Davis's new statement that he was the source first story. He now refutes raised questions about what action, if any the network might take, we should address Lenny data. His comments and our reporting and be more transparent with our readers about our report and once again in Staffordshire Buzzfeed NEWS. Now I have some personal experience with stories like that. So I remember back in two thousand and thirteen Chicago was nominated for secretary defence by the above, my administration truck Hegel, as, in my opinion, radically anti Israel. He was a. He was a in isolationist on foreign policy and there is big pushed from the right to stop truck cables nomination. While I was supplied information by top sources in the Senate that that truck, go had spoken to you. Some group of friends of commerce was just a rumour and we reported on bright Bart NEWS as rumour the actual title of the peace that we call up. The White House, the White House, basically up on us and the title of peace with something like White House spokesperson, hangs,
about a based on rumours of friends from some of the Gatt is pretty clear in the peace that was a rumour now does correctly reported rumour, because it turns out that the rumour was not true, but should we have reported in the first place? The answer is no- and I said this multiple times since it was a mistake not to attract a story. It was states report the story in the first place. Cnn basically did the same thing here, but they're not backing off the story. The same mainstream media that suggested that sort- it was bad and was largely right- is now suggesting that this story by CNN is kind of ok and then president from complaining about fake news is labelled crazy. If folks media, claiming that there, that the news media are the reliable sources in all of this is hard to give a lot of credibility to new sources that hold a double standard. When it comes to people on the right, they would never hold for people
laughed and the levels to which the media will go in order to disparage and slander. The Trump administration are pretty astonishing, it's mostly astonishing, because if they would just be accurate about the Trump administration, it's not like, I would have nothing to report, but the opinions of the left are so out of the realm of normalcy that it's, it's almost impossible to defend. Take, for example, the column from Joel Philip published this. Isn't this not objective? Newspeak is a column but Joe, Philip of which is a feminist author, and she is the the often a book called the H spot, the feminist pursuit of happiness, which is that the book is completely blank. There is no feminist pursuit of happiness. It's just like Michael Noses book, so Joe Philip Homepage, right to peace, called Stormy Daniels, feminist hero is how far the left is willing to go. Who spends her entire career legitimately catering to the worst in men is now a is now a feminist euro for having sex with a married man once in order to get on the oppression married man taking in order to get on the apprentice and then taking money to taking of
bout it and then reneging on the taking of the money to shut up about it to make a big deal about it. She's a feminist euro. Here's Joe Philippa, which quote let's take a moment for Stormy Daniels on Tuesday Michael Cone, pledge guilty to breaking campaign. Finance was charges stemming from payments made to women. One of them is Daniel with who missed with whom Donald Trump is said to have had an affair. Mr Cohn, a former wherefore, Mr Trump says he made the payments at the direction of president in an effort to influence the twenty sixteen election extraordinary admission, an extraordinary political moment, not just because what it means for Mr Trump in mountain, unanticipated, feminist turning point. Miss Daniels is an adult film stars and, like the president in unapologetic self promoter, hers is not a female archetype that has historically garden much respect, trust her sympathy well yeah, as she would ultimately gets paid to have sex on films that other men can masturbate to it. That is legitimately her career. So yet I wouldn't go with feminist archetype there. Yet here she is an imperfect, entirely self possessed woman, telling first story
With clarity and without shame- and here we are actually listening to her- it must be clearly only reason. Anybody's listening to her is because one percent interest and to she saying crap about a precedent that the left eight. This is why there is so much power in the fact. Miss Daniels does not believe for job or her involvement with MR from or the path is her shame to carry. She wants him and held accountable, and the justice system is actually stepping in she's refusing to slink away, despite being paid to do exactly that in a pattern we seen too many times from influential men seeking to maintain their dominance and avoid responsibility. Did I miss something here? I thought Stormy Daniels was paid to voluntarily go away signed a contract about a fact which she forced into anything here. I missed that part so just to be clear when you violate a contract, that's good and feminist, so long as it hurts Donald Trump Doleful, perpetrates, Miss Daniels Z, sex workers making for the kind of bad.
Woman scorn for her work, whose often not believed when she invites a powerful man. Well, her work is garbage and when she quote indict powerful man, we sort of have to decide whether or not she's credible. Her credibility is not really called into question by the fact that she's, a pornstar she's, not even claiming she was sexually assaulted or harassed she's, claiming that she had sex with a guy once and then we shut up about it before an election right. That's that's legitimately her entire claim, but this makes her a feminist euro in Aceh. And we'll talk about a feminist heroism of a woman who does grew on girls scenes for pay, but perverse. Let's talk about life insurance All of this makes me want to kill yourself, then probably should get some life insurance, because, while less interesting and recover suicide but in any case a better transition, prohibition need life insurance because If you dye your family's going to want money, ran into let's be real about this rotten apply, and when we do, it would be a mistake for not to have life insurance life insurance is really important, it's also really confusing, which is why four out of ten
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The reality is that they're, not white. All that separate the same media sensibility that informs editorial paves the things Joe fell upon, which has relevant things to say about stormy, Daniels, being a feminist Europe. There are the same folks who are pushing bad news over at CNN. They, the hard distinction between opinion and journalism is it really exist? That's why we over the Delaware admit what our biases are, but the objective news media like CN and will not admit that buys instead, they claim their objective truth tellers when in reality, most them Phil feel like joyful, fellow public trust. Anyone Philipovna continues. She says. Miss Daniels is lack of shame about her line of work, has led to a right wing escalation with conservative media outlets hounding her as a prostitute once they reach should we porn star with a shrug. Well, the mean no people are calling for a kind of a prostitute tissues, kind of a prostitute, but I'm in just like having sex on film for pay is not markedly better than having sex, not on film for Bay rooted Giuliani, one of MR trumps worse in June. Although he respects all human beings Miss Daniels,
Apparently one exception is then I don't respect. Importance are the way respect a career, women or women of substance or woman was great respect for ourselves, the woman it as a person he said and isn't going to tell her party for sexual exploitation stormy, you ought to bring it. Let me cross examine you. The threat is that, Mr Jimmy, only with due to Miss Daniels what wars have done for centuries to imperfect women and in particular, rape victims. Ok, how is a feminist equating a woman who has sex for money on film for the pleasure of men with a rate victim how's that even a possibility the most anti feminists thing that I've heard today. It is this ok does not any thing. That really Giuliani said is only I'm saying right now. Most anti feminist than you can say is that Stormy Daniels is akin to a rape victim in any way. She's, not a rape one voluntarily has sex for money again. None of this is to let President Trump the hope for stopping women who have sex from what she does, apparently on a fairly regular basis, but the left attempts to paint everyone who is anti trumpet some sort of great hero,
struggle. I don't think it's gonna renounced their benefit in the long run, Philip public says Mister Giuliani contrast Miss Daniels with three beautiful woman class women, women of great substance, Mr Trump, his merry perfectly encapsulating the profoundly massage earnest, virgin whore dichotomy imposed on women, or we can only be perfectly good or tiredly bad, although women can be flawed. But if you choose to do what stormy Daniels. Does that comes along with some character consequences, it's pretty and saying that that this article was considered brilliance enough to make the pages of the New York Times, but this is where we are this. This is where we are so this is this just great stuff, stormy, Daniels Heroin. That's not the only element of stupidity of the pages in the times the New York Times also features today, a piece by Paul Krugman. Who is one of the worthy appointed idiots over than your time? Krugman know something about international currency. He knows nothing about virtually anything else. She has peace today in the New York Times tat talking about how Donald Trump is ushering in the Earl of Fascism says why
happen here we are very close to becoming another Poland or Hungary is as soon after that of the Berlin Wall, a friend of mine and expert on international relations, made a joke now that Eastern Europe free from the alien ideology of communism. It can return to its true historical path. Fascism, even at that I'm his grip had a real edge. As of twenty attained. It hardly seems like a joke at all. What Freedom House, liberalism is on the rise across Eastern Europe. The single Poland and Hungary, both still members the EU in which democracy as we normally understand it, is already dead in both countries. The ruling parties, law and justice in Poland, the dash and Hungary have established regimes that maintain the forms of popular elections, but have destroyed the independence of the judiciary, suppressed freedom of the press, institutionalized large scale, corruption and effectively do de legitimize descent result seems likely to be one party rule for the foreseeable future. This is correct by the way, the sitting. Nation in Hungary and Poland is not a good one. A lot of the move,
toward liberalism in the aftermath of the communist collapse has been replaced by move toward one party rule in quasi fascist mode. Jamie Karadzic has a great book on this called the end of Europe that have recommended on the show before, and he talk specifically about the situation, and in places like Poland and Hungary, but here's recruitment goes right, as it could all too easily happen here. There's time not long ago when people used to say our democratic norms are proud. History of freedom would protect us from such a slide into tyranny. In fact, some people still say that a believing such a thing today requires willful blindness. The fact is that the Republican Party is ready, even eager to become an american version of law and justice or for damage exploiting its current political power to walk in permanent rule. This problem is gonna, look really stupid when and if the Democrats win back the house and twenty eighteen, the Senate and twenty twenty in the presidency and twenty twenty. This idea that
one party rule, is on the horizon here that that's the next thing that's happening is just utterly baseless. There is no evidence whatsoever and chrome and tries to cite a few, a few situations in which Republicans have moved to strip particular public officials of of power, for example North Carolina wherever a Democrat One, the Governorship Republic. And pass legislation stripping the governors Office of power. Ok, that's why they saw the legislature in North Carolina, but in any case he suggests that what's happened is that the Republicans have moved toward fascism. They ve moved towards the Hungary Poland model. Now I will acknowledge that the populism of Donald Trump is a lot more akin to rightwing nationalist parties in Europe than it is to Traditional republic in principles in many ways in terms of his actual governance. However, his actual governance has been small government conservatism, except when it comes to a lot of spending proposals. So trumped talks like a right wing. European nationalist there's, no question about that. When it comes to policy, that's not quite the same thing:
a system of checks and balances in the United States that directly cut against this sort of assumption of power. Also Krugman goes out of his way to ignore a lot of the conditions that led to the rise of those right wing parties in Europe. Kerchief talks about in that book end of Europe wide is that all these right wing parties have risen, and there are a couple of reasons. One of those reasons is the politically correct attempt to rewrite history in certain ways that led to a severe backlash and a lot of these countries and the second is a forcible attempt to impose bars on discussion about things like immigration. So one of the reasons that have seen, for example, the swedish Democrats, which is of a more right wing party in Sweden, starts again. All sorts of power is because there is a forcible attempt in Sweden to quash any serious discussion. And about the influx of immigrants from the Middle EAST, into Sweden, that serious backlash and small fringe party suddenly gaining a lot of prominent. You seen that happened across Europe, in other words, left wing attempt to stifle discussion has actually lead to move towards more authoritarian form of government in in there
is Eric of Europe and yet that's exactly what the left seeks to do on a routine basis. Here in the United States, a crook man says that the all the principal of the of the Republican Party are gone and it's just because they lost their principles, is wise. America, the birthplace of democracy, so close following the lead of other countries that recently destroyed it. Don't me about economic anxiety. That's not what happened in Poland, which grew steadily through the financial crisis and its aftermath. Is that what happened here in twenty sixteen study after study has on the racial resentment, not economic distress drove from voters know what those studies actually found is that resentment at a left they castigated people. On the right as cultural outsiders is what drove from to victory hey. This idea that it was purely issues of race Nonsense. What it really was was cultural anxiety about a left. There was chow meaning the idea that America was changing for the better, because all of the people in the middle of the country were being marginalize. The white blue collar workers in Ohio be marginalized and oppressors cheer that on as a grand victory of the West Division
that has driven a lot of people into the arms of a sort of toxic populism. That is, that is quite bad and rhetoric, but the United States is a lot more robust in its defences against sort of things, then Europe is number one in number to the left refuses to acknowledge, don't culpability in helping to bring about the rise of exactly that sort. Populism which, by the way is mirrored by populism on the left from people like Bernie, I'll give you an example of the sort of political correctness that is taking over What is an amazing examples up over a bit, on university? There is a study in theirs. It there, there's a new story about a study rather and that study focused in on what what we'll talk about sorry, Hollan, what I've got to study in just one? Second, first, we need to talk about you upgrade, your business. He said if you need a break, your business need better employees. Let's be real about this, that people have working for their mediocre, robust. You need to get some new people in their new blood. Fresh blood. Zipper quarter is for you zebra. Sends your jobs over one hundred of the webs leading job boards. They don't stop
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Even worse for the country until we ve seen is a in politics that is led by an attempt to quash debate. Not just about Terrible horrible, no good, very bad ideas, but about mainstream ideas and hung about means dream scientific investigation is being forcibly quashed by the forces of and of political correctness on the left. Today's example is particularly insane becomes courtesy of Brown University, so brilliant worsening has now pull down a new story on a study conducted by one of its own researchers. The study focused on what is described as rapid onset gendered is for you the gender is for gender identity, the sword, transgender, isn't that was not present in early youth kiss. It wasn't a kid whose three and said I am a little boy when I was a little girl. Instead, it was generous for that matter first it within days or weeks in teens and young adults, in other words, its become trendy in some areas of the world, for people to declare themselves trends under a new scene, this in statistics. The number of people in Britain have reported themselves to basically institutes that help deal transgender is Miss doubled,
Wasn't one year don't tell me that evolution radically shifted in the course of one year or that there are so many people we're transgender, who, realized it in the last year that they felt this way, since there were three now that they watch it on tv, there finally finally realised that this was happening, as I say when it comes to human behavior, a large opponent of human behaviour is indeed biological and a huge component of human behaviour is biological responses to environment in Ireland does matter when it comes to all sorts of behaviour. It so funny left work knowledge this when it comes to things like. I q that I q is indeed responsive to a certain extent to environment they'll do neither can we can exist with regard to buy a holiday, which is bizarre. Our least I'll make the case that biological studies with regard to I q should not be done because we can't the biology of iq, but we certainly should pretend that all sexual behaviour is neatly biological and therefore, if you have a drive towards sexual behaviour, this means that you were born this, where it is the case. This lady Gaga case about biology
The reality of the the reality is that human behavior is quite malleable, particularly in the sexual arena, and one of the things that happen with regard to transgender, is missing, as it becomes more prominent in the media. There more and more people are being confused or more people who believe that, because they feel like outsiders, this must be in that they actually are outside of their own body, and that's Usually what this study was positing. What did this? The author is woman named LISA Littman, I say but she's on the left, because you worked Brown. I can't imagine that she's not she's an assistant, professor of the practice of Hey Bureau and Social Sciences, a brown school public health and she stated quote this kind of descriptive study is important because it defines a group and raises questions for more research, one of the main conclusions is that more research needs to be done. You can tell, by the way that she doesn't like the conclusions of our own study, which keeps saying more research needs to be just descriptive, studies, randomized control trials. You can't tell causing
that you cancel prevalent. It's gonna take more studies to bring in more information, but this is a start to what exactly was the study? Here's the study found living talk to two hundred and fifty parents of children who suffered from rapid onset, generous forum- a corny science daily among the noteworthy patterns Lippman found in this Are they data twenty one percent of parents report their trials. Had one or more friends become transgender ident fight and around the same time, twenty percent reported an increase, child social media use around the same time is experiencing. Gender is for your symptoms. Forty five percent reported both so in other words, a large large minority of parents who were surveyed about kids, who when the thirteen suddenly realised that they are called in court of the opposite, gender, a huge percentage of those kids were being influenced by their peers. Huge percentage of them were having peers who decided they are trenchant and now can my best friend is french hunters. Maybe it means I'm transgender and a huge percentages. The more on social media, more revelling,
Similarly, in your transgender media coverage, the patter of clusters of teens and friend groups becoming transgender identified, the group dynamics of these friend groups and the types of advice viewed online Lead Whitman's the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs, which is common sense and which is something that Talks on the right have been saying that when you have a society that pushes certain messages about sexuality it actually has an impact on how people have sexually, which we have known for ever. Ok, it's true. With regard to pour in habits, it is true with regard to homosexuality. It is true with regard to transgender ism. It is true, with regard to every sort of type of sexual experimentation, the more exposure, a certain practice, get in the media? The more people are going to try it out and that's not saying, there's not a biological component to transgender ism. Perhaps there is, I assume that they're probably is particularly young. It's not even assuming there's not a biological component to it. Certainly not. There's, not a biological component to homosexuality, particularly when it comes to twins.
That is because there is a biological component, although the idea that it's completely biological is belied by the fact that even in twin studies about fifty percent of twins are our disparate meaning. If you have, genetically identical twins. Only about fifty percent of them are both gay rights. Ones gave near the one half the time, a straight, which would suggest is not completely biological, since they have the same dna, samples. So what are they believed that are being promulgated by media? Examples include the belief that non specific symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in their own skins or feeling like they don't fit in, which could be part of normal puberty were associated with trauma should be perceived as gender. This forum- in other words the media and friends, constantly saying you feel uncomfortable IRAN, Sudan, skin or your God, forbid, raped something terrible happen. You and now you feel uncomfortable sexually. Maybe it's because you are actually a member of the opposite gender and what other police, the belief that Only path to happiness is transition, which is something that the media push. Nonstop nonstop media push. This idea that if Europe
people in your own skin. The only possible solution is hormone treatment and mutilate. You're genitals, the belief that one disagrees with the keenest transfer back and should be cut out of their life it is another one of the areas that, if you are a if you're, a eighteen and you go to your parents, music mom, I'm actually boy in your girl, your parents, a note sweetheart. You know I know they're having a tough time right now. Let's go talk to a psychologist. That just means your parent is transphobic and hate you and something push all. That is what the study said. All the parents who provided information about their child's friendship group about one slash, three responded and more than half of the kids in the friendship group became transgender identified more than one slash, two kids in a particular transgender became friends. Gender identified, in other words, there is a certain psychological contagion that that pertains to sexual experimentation, engender experimentation, which is exactly what you would figure because clicks have existed in schools for a very long time, any trend, any trend that exists in a publics
in any school setting is going to bring people with a neck like a housing to get kids to dress like an idiot. All you have to do is get a couple of kids dressed like they did. Goffman all the friends dress like an idiot ass, it did. The same thing, hopeful of a media that is glorifying Caitlin, generous woman of the year. A group with fifty percent of its members becoming transgender identified represents a rate that is seventy times the expected problems for young adults seventy times according to Whitman, hey? Is the brown University researchers Additionally, sixty two percent of parents report thirteen or young adult had one. Words I of psychiatric disorder or neuro developmental disability before the onset of gender is for you to another words. We already know about cool morbidity between two.
Russian engendered is for you. The idea here is that it's possible that other mental conditions are translating themselves over generous for your thanks to peers in the group who are suggesting that this is probably the solution to it ever difficulty that you're having in life forty eight percent report, their trials had experienced a traumatic or stressful than prior to the onset of generous forty unclean being bullied. Sexual assaults are having the parents get divorced, so in other words, when you have troubled kids, they are more likely to experience what this researcher calls rapid onset gendered is for you. So what are the left do with this study did they say: okay? Well, let's look at the data maybe should rolled down. Maybe we should go ahead and, and you further research on this, maybe we should take a look at the fact that rates of generous for you are rapidly multiplying across the West, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, the United States happening everywhere. Why is this happening? Is it a sudden biological shift human of or that brown possible? buyer mental and social conditions actually make a difference with regard to sexual behaviour and identification.
Instead of doing that Brown University had a different solution, a different solution to tell you about that solution in just one. Second, first you're gonna have to go over to daily wires of daily wire, get nine ninety nine month you get the get the rest of the show. You threaten Andrew Clay, and show you get the rest and Michael malls show. Yet all of those things ninety nine a month. You also get the the wonderful mug right this this here, mug right here, this left cheers hot or cold tumble for ninety nine dollars a year, and so the annual subscription, also please go and subscribing to Youtube were Itunes. That means that you will get our Sunday special this Sunday we have on a fantastic us who by dont, know who does yet, but it will be sent asking because they're all great, we only have on good guess so go check. That out is what we're largest fastest Conservative podcast innovation. Ok, so, so what'd Brown University do with all this. What it brown do with all this. What what grounds id with all of this is? They bury the study and buried the study and they decide
In that the study had we pulled down so Brown University couldn't stand the actual study. They caved unity. He pulled down a news article about the study. Realistically, brow in the journal in which the original content was published, plus one turn against the study, because it offended politically correct sensibilities about transgender ISM Round School of public health team, Marcus, even issued a letter to the entire community. Here is what the letter said quote independent of the universities, removal of the article because of concerns about research methodology. The school of public health has heard from Brown community members expressed and concerns that the can Conclusions of the study could be used to discredit efforts to support transgender youth and invalidate the perspectives of members of the transgender community. You're reading me here Brown University. A researcher university pulled down one of its own studies because they said that it could hurt people. They don't want to hurt. How?
same as that would get. Basically there saying that science is now take their openly saying this right. They are saying that science is taking a back seat, that science is taking a back seat. To the realities of political correctness. To read that sends again, because this is insane the school of public health has heard from. Rail community members expressing concerns that the conclusions of the study could be used to discredit efforts port, transgender youth and invalidate the perspectives of members of the transgender community could be that is being used is not that it is not that not is used could be used. Okay. So if the scientific data doesn't back your preferred political position, we're just gonna pull down the study and then Brown just assembles. They said university in school have always affirmed the importance of academic free and the value of rigorous debate informed by research. Her the merits of all research should be debated vigorously, because that is the process by which knowledge, ultimately advances, often through tentative findings that are and over or corrected in subsequent higher quality research. There's them saying
We really hope this study isn't true will be really bad of this study or true things. It might suggest that not everybody who identifies as transgender is suffering from a biological disorder like gender identity disorder, it's possible that they're just mistaking their own feelings. We can't say that's what's. Let's hope that this study is to vote in the meantime, Opel them study, because we're a bunch of keys words. They say the spirit of free and gray and scholarly debate is central to academic excellence. At the same time who here it is at the same time we believe family. It is unclear went on public health researchers to listen to multiple perspectives and to recognise and articulate the limitations of the work by the way. As I say these, the author of the study specifically said the z, descriptive stuff requiring further research, but that wasn't good enough Brown pulled down. This process includes acknowledging and considering the perspectives. Who criticise our research methods inclusions and working to improve future research to address these limitations and better serve public health? And then I love this isn't the best part there is added obligation for vigilance in Rio
design and analysis any time there implications for the health of the community's at the centre of research and study. So in other words, we need to be rigorous, but we'd be super duper rigorous. If we are talking about stuff, the left us like one, though that's actually not the requirement of science, the requirement of science is that you're supposed to be super duper, rigorous, all the way, through the requirement of sight, It is not dependent on whether the left likes the result, and then you wonder I folks on the right. Don't trust a lot of the scientific results that seem to be pushed by the left. You honestly, I think that global warming is taking place because the data suggest that global warming is taking place. I accept the reality that a certain percentage of that global warming is created by man driven activities, but for folks on the right who look at the way that the left punishes people for spring from the established consensus and sometimes have left punishes people for strengthening from a consensus that is not even scientifically established that is politically established. Do you wonder why
folks on the right, don't trust, folks on the left when it comes to their scientific research as an excuse for people ignoring science and their people, right electrode, nor science, about vaccines, for example, because it benefits their own position. It creates a confirmation by, but that's, not This is what we are watching here is reversed confirmation by us. You dont, like the results of a study, so Brown will pull down because it might offend people. It's just insane. The commitment of the school to diversity and inclusion is central to our missions. Has brown we pride ourselves on building a community that fully recognising affirms the full diversity of gender and sexual identity and its members. These commitments are an unshakeable part of our core values as a community. So here's what they're going to do in an effort to support robust research constructive dialogue on gender identity in adolescents and youth the school be organizing a panel of experts panel of experts. We can actually just present the study and then have critiques of the methodology of the study will present a panel of experts,
We a bunch of people who agree with the prevailing politically correct view of gender identity disorder and the silence everybody else and we'll get LISA Lippman and non tenured. Professor fired, that's what's gonna happen: Ok, LISA Lippman will never work again at a major research innovation. It that's what's going to happen, a route to lease lemon juice then go exactly the same way as brought Weinstein's. Who is a biologist over at a socialist over Evergreen University Heather Hieing, whose wife lived there, Will they will go after anyone? They will go after anyone who does not follow the basic leftist consensus on Power It will destroy sides, nor do so and they will sensor people. This is this is what creates the anti political correctness backlash on the that right, Jesse singled Newark magazine who has no right when he says the honest here is noteworthy. Researchers can publish findings that support the born. This way storyline
all day long with no problems. Anything else will be carefully picked apart for signs of harmfulness. He says this could be used as justification to discredit just about any interesting social science study, and that is exactly right, but that is what the left is dedicated to. These left is dedicated to one way of thinking and is the only way of thinking and there will be no other ways of thinking, speaking of which the left is also cracking down on catholic charities. That's awesome, so is not just important to scrub kids when it comes to Issues like transgender isn't by failing to acknowledge their ears and environmental components, to how kids feel about their own gender and sexuality instead pushing forward the left a social agenda, its now very deeply deeply important that they shut down catholic charities that are involved in adoption in the latest: blowguns religious Americans, the Catholic Cherries, Buffalo or forced to shut down their adoption, foster services thanks to state rules that prohibit any adoption or foster agency from refusing to send kids a same sex partners. So I'm, let's have a single mom
and I gave up my kid to a catholic cherry trees and also Catholic and I'd like you to be raised Catholic. The state of New York says that that catholic charity cannot participate in foster care or adoption services anymore if to shut down, because the calf Germany will not hand the kid over to a gay couple. Instead, we want to give preference to strike, but not now to do that under New York, state law and so catholic charities instead will send those kids, presumably back into the state system so well done last well done. Life will make sure that those kids get stuck in some sort of foster home as opposed to a straight parents, because we have to make sure they gay parents are privileged In the same way the stray parents are even though a child needs a mother and a father. That's not a religious argument by the way. What is a gnat a law reason based argument, Mommy and dad our different anyone who tells you front is a liar. Mommy's and daddy's are different. If you believe me think about your own mommy and daddy, and ask which one of them you'd replace with a member of the opposite sex and how much that would change your life. You pretend otherwise is idiotic. The same left the talks about the value of diversity when it comes to race and talks about the special value of women
when it comes to feminism and considers people like Stormy Daniels. Evidence of feminism says that motherhood is not an integral component of a child's life instead to fathers can do the exact same job as a father and a mother. It's AB we'll crap, and now they will imbedded in war and shut down catholic charities, who simply maintain that a child deserves a mother and father. The catholic cherries of Buffalo is just the latest has already happened in Boston and also happen in Illinois in two thousand and seven, but it doesn't matter because left gets what it wants, which is the ability to preside over a hard left move in all social areas, Zack Ford, who is an expert equable human being over at thing progress? He writes you'd get over it, you lost a desert. Note the kids lost the kids lost, because these kids I have been able to get a home through a catholic charting, be raised in the way that their parents wanted them to be raised, and instead there are going to be shunted back into whatever state system that would the left wants them shunted into.
And you wonder why people are not dumping trunk. The reason why people and dumping tromp is because the left is so insane, because this is the agenda. What is pushing, the agenda. The left is pushing his stormy. Daniels is a Huron instruments, angles and hero in sex work is exactly the same. Women working as a partner to offer or the Stormy Daniels, is equivalent that talking bout, the best from the angels equivalent to making her rape victims. This joyful publishes perspective. The left is suggesting that scientific research studies be shut down if they don't reach the proper conclusions and their suggesting the catholic charities be shut down, because we have to make for the kids, can be adopted by gay couples at the same rate as straight couples, because mommy and daddy are unnecessary to Mommy's or to Daddy's their exactly the same thing. You think that I make it you things It's just a case that I am exaggerating here: here's Nancy Pelosi, you ve, probably ones and probable future speaker of the House of Representatives, saying that the new twenty eighteen campaign is going to be about fear. Hooligans have so many women. That's why we're publishers? afraid unless why, President Ciampi so afraid, he's afraid of
the women people of color activity cute numbers at? Will. The added to the ranks and the democratic which is already a majority of women of color and contributing to buy it. Is it's going to be larger number have had a coalition is based on this right. The demographic coalition is not based on fundamental principles about freedom. It is based on which interest groups can we cater to and allow dominance in american politics to dominate other interest groups in american politics. That is what the left is about, though, the same. What those declare my prince a theocratic is in its in its sole theocratic about government itself. Is God they are that they are the great moral arbiters of the planet and therefore they get to determine what sort of science we pursue. What sort of adoption strategies are pursued by religious people and by people of good faith around the country? They are the ones get to determine our social lives, and then they are rounded suggest, that war, the fascist and then they wonder why people are resonating for populist rhetoric. That says that the left needs to be stopped then wondering why can
members are moving ass. I left, I don't think, there's an excuse for conservatives, abandon their own fundamental principles of morality, decency and limited government. In order to slap. The last I don't think Anti left is the same thing as conservative, but to ignore the temptation that is being presented for moving toward a populist right wing anti leftism, because the left has decided that they want to challenge the existence of freethought in american society is four left to paint a rather sell flattering picture of exactly how politics in the United It works at this point in time for some things that I like and then we'll do some things that I hate so this week, I'm doing some you'll Simon stuff, because Neil Simon passed away over the weekend, Neil Salmon, incredibly talented writer- This is one of my favorite comedies college goodbye grow, I think, have recommended on the show before, but will go back to his pride two years ago or three years ago. In any case, Simons, goodbye girl with Richard Dreyfus and Marcia Mason, Richard ravished trends, and I think, a career best performance and goodbye rural he's really funny. The basic plot is that
He is that this this woman and her young sign she gets divorced guns waters. Are she and wish she gets divorced in? She needs a room, basically stand her apartment and richer. Dreyfus is an actor and he moves in, and it's very funny and very cute. It's it's gotten. Real momentary. Here's some of the trailer say hello to the good bye girl, make it fast pie. Think there's been some kind of mistake, I sublet this apartment for this, not only technically that appointment belongs to me now, like some disgusts me What do I storm the place and the warning five minutes? The only practical right, so Hamilton Richard Drivers, and get your bags together. Small bed, when travel right, say hello to richer Dreyfus, say hello
the Marshal mace and the best part of this and say hello reduction of rhetoric that are an Richard that Richard low production me. The die is hysterically funny because the director of the production being alive. This suggests that Richard Third should be played as a homosexual. There were two thirds lately homosexual, but he's he also insist that Richard drivers play it as openly as possible and the production is extraordinarily bunnies. Don't check out the good bye girl, it's well worth the watch. It's it's quite enjoyable, ok, other things that I like so finally, president from came out and issued a statement about John Mccain. That was sitting and useful. It only took him a day and a bunch of pressure the statements and, despite our differences on policy in politics, I respect Senator John Mccain Service to our country, and in his honour, at sign of proclamation, to fly the flag of the United States at half mast until the thieves interment, which is sort of normal policy? I've asked vice president military, pallbearers and ban support and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the. U S name
family, I've also authorize. Military transportation of Senator Mccain remains from Arizona to Washington, DC military pallbearers and ban support and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the. U S: name Academy, and then he asked also Kelly and Madison. Bolton's represent administration at the services. This we should have on regionally and then we could have avoided this entire solely controversy, but at least from got it right if a little be late. Lay ok, other things that I, like, the president is cutting a trade deal that he suggests is really a bilateral trade deal between the United States in Mexico. It is not its mostly a revision of NAFTA. He wants to re title it because Trump enjoys retailing things he likes rebranding, that's fine! The actual trade deal may be better. We have to see the details fully hash out. It may not be better, but from rhetoric is one of disconnected from what is actually going on he's suggesting that scrapping in NAFTA altogether and renegotiating from scratch. That's not true. It's really he's negotiating changes with Mexico and Canada and that's basically, all that's happening, but if those changes are good
Then by re here's what CNN reports this is actually true is actually real. Cnn reporting, there's no formal free trade deal between us in Mexico. Only an agreement between the two countries on how to resolve the issues in their trade relationship as part of the NAFTA talks, but this led the presidency to triumphantly state that he had fixed all of our trade problems by scrapping NAFTA again. That may not be true, but it led to this kind of funny moment when he called up and Rick opinion. Yet we still apply as an into Mexico and try to use speaker phone in a moment directly from deep. The president is on the phone Enrique. You can come up hello You want a word but that this round rose so yeah, salad, stuff there,
from the president and somebody on his team, probably gotta, chewing out for a little bit of the other things that I like. So I have to acknowledge that I think the bad liberating our eggs ordinarily hilarious there really really funny, and they did it bad, liberating of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and members of the media at a white house. Press conference will show a couple seconds of its pretty funny. I need a drink. Ok idiots. Are you ready? I just can't stand the faces of people, but that that dead questioning as dummies don't matter credo. What happens one eye scratch your horse rather followed my face. Now I would you do this job like honest graded somewhere, you don't matter mangy my beard issues pretty exists because we're bugs you have literally
bags, I think is mainly better you gotta go way is about. The boat other videos are really funding, go check out the bad, liberating bugs they. They do. A breed, spectacular jump, ok time for a couple of put things that aid I said, begins with the Lissom Olano, who I dont know why she's investing herself so much in politics. Lately she has every right to do so. I always say that because people take it when I criticise a celebrity for speaking, They taken Islam, criticising the celebrity for speaking as opposed to what the celebrities saying so Alyssa Milano did this little video for now this, which is just one of the dumbest sites on the internet. Now this is basically make me videos about french folks and then suggesting mainstream, and she did a video about stopping Brett, Kavanaugh who's. President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, who will be confirmed and she decided that she was going to read out
suppose it accounts from supposed victims as though she was the victim. I got real weird. We have the power to stop right cabin. I know we but we have to call our senators it's not. Yet a done deal, so we have the bang down their doors and share or stories, because We are all Jane DOE, We are all working, Oliver, we're all Laura Packard, and so many more of us are vulnerable if bread Cavanaugh, in the majority on the highest court of the land of the crisis quality. Oh, no, we can't have an original list on the guard. Don't do it up. I just at the level of drama the Democrats bring to politics pretty astonishing. Let listen! That's ok, we're all prone to this. When will bomb was president I get over dramatic from time to time, but they d, the level of panic about some really break. Havana is pretty insipid, given the fact that it is the left that has used the court as a club against legislatures across the
country. It is left at his use the constitution as a weapon to wield against traditional american values over and over and over again from Roby Wade to abolish, fell and the idea that the brick Cavenaugh for written constitution in its properly appointed judicial role that he's the threat pretty while decay of are things that I hate. So, yes, paean is dying in the ratings. I can't imagine why actual I can't imagine why they won't shut up about politics and just cover sports, so I can get a damn base. While highlight on sports and or any more, but I can certainly get half of the SBA staff yelling at Tiger woods and actual black person over his suppose it racism for not ripping president Trump. We get MAX Kellerman whose, as wide as I am talking about evils of Tiger woods. The really bothers me I do. I am angry at what Tiger Woods set and because it is it is, it is a thought, less statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement and in the EU. Holds in contempt of the intelligence of the people who hear it or else Just a stupid thing to say already
him saying we have to respect the office. The present I don't wanna get into politics is stupid thing to say and MAX Helen moving. No because he is actually the king of stupid things to say you once was the duke, but has now been elevated to actual royalty which impressive he was. Second in line who was once a prince, the father of the stupidity died at some point and made him the king. So the king of saying, stupid things MAX Kellerman, who has just bad at his job here he tiger? What is bad, but is not the only one, there's entire ESPN segment about Tiger Woods in which Tiger Woods was labeled, not really black, which was just I want more. We don't know what toggle would believe he's combination these, not black. When he got arrested, he was blue. He was listed as black on a report. So let's understand that Tiger Woods, that's the issued at the African American community has always had because August from an historical perspective. You know if we Third of you. When you have a dhaka, he would dog pigmentation. You know the bottom line is you are black and it is that simple you you get it and one? Third, I'm just glad. So what so? What? Since? How does not black anymore
Where does seem to me that the entire media was very focused on his color one, he was winning majors because it was actually a breakthrough for black offers. I mean I was there for that entire time and those like those good thing, but now a black anymore, because you didn't want anything bad about tromp, so Stephen Psmith really sound. Often the most intelligent possible way. I think the dumbest story of the week. However, with regard to sport, wasn't even the Tiger Woods stuff, it was the the Serena Williams body suits issue wanted to a cat suit, a basically at the French Open and the French Open banned the cats you'd because it was not in keeping with their fashioned requirements, their actual fashion requirements. At these various places, that's why you don't see the players wearing basically like sweatsuit out there. Praxis anyway, Michel Beetle says that it is racist to ban. Serena Williams is cats who, because of the new dress code, and so she explains that racism, racism,
we will raise it doesn't matter by the way that Serena Williams is, by far the most praised female tennis player of all time and the best female tennis player of all time. The lasting the french open wants to do is offend Serena Williams, no, must be racism because everybody is a racist, racist, everybody racist. This is not a good look for the french open or the French, and specifically the gentlemen. He said you must restore. The game. I think there's a, I think, there's a racial card being played here, because it is Rina Williams. The booty wishes come and he sounds like the beginning of the out, my god, like he's just offended. There's no reason to ban the outfit, because you're right is, if there are many other uniforms that show so much skin and that doesn't seem to be a problem whatsoever. So I think she's, has been marked for this. I think the entire thing is a bad look for all of them. Okay, so the the one of the cases has been made for this and that you needed help with her blood clots in this in this helped create circulations. But the french Federation, President Tennis Federation,
and Bernard GEO. The he said, I think, sometimes have gone too far. He said will no longer be setting one must respect the game and the place. Well, I mean it is a skin body suit and what's remember that this is not the first time that a person has been banned from wearing skintight body suit and a major hey, there's a woman named an white her name. I betrayed her color as well a white woman in nineteen. Eighty five. She tried to wear a white body suit overdue, Wimbledon and women. Bandit as she was wearing a white one piece like robotics in attracted a lot of attention and the crowd and photographers, and then play was stopped for the day. An Ellen mills. The umpire told you, where more appropriate clothing the next day. She did So- and you asked the third set- and she said it wasn't her age no eyes controversial, but like thirty years ago, they were saying that this was an issue. So I guess it's not racist, but its racist, because racism, races, and that's all you spend cares about. I wonder why nobody wants to watch sports on european, or maybe it's because they're even do sports on European anymore. Ok, we'll
back to Morrow with all of the latest? I'm bench paralyses the venture grocer, the bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Ingo Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron makeup is by just one other. The bench a bureau show is a daily wire Ford, publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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