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Ep. 616 - The Anti-Trump Culture War

2018-09-04 | 🔗
As Trump’s tweets gain volume, anti-Trump commentators use John McCain’s funeral to slam the president; plus, Nike rewards Colin Kaepernick for kneeling; and Aretha Franklin’s funeral has some interesting guests. Date: 09-04-2018
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Nike rewards calling Capron for kneeling. Judge Brett cabin has his day before the Senate and as president game gain volume, antitrust, commentators use John Mccain funeral to slam. The president by Ben paralyses the Ben Barroso. While the new cycle just keeps ongoing, doesn't matter you took the weekend off, the news did not take the weakened often so we are back here to review all of it with you, I will go through all of it in just one second, but first let me remind you that our national debt is twenty one trillion dollars and counting. That is good. Than the entire economic output of the United States, if your entire like savings is tied to the US dollar. Should ask yourself this: what happens if the guy what size to inflate its way out of debt, headaches inflation, hedge against uncertainty and instability with precious metals. Gold is indeed a safe haven against uncertainty. My savings plan is diversified in Europe should be as well the company, I trust with precious metals purchases is, as you know,
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who the judicial hearing so this morning, Brett Cavenaugh? Who is the region? who is now being appointed by President Trump to this agreement? of the United States was scheduled to have his opening hearing at disintegrated, Erica many know. All of this is a giant waste of time. It's a giant waste of time and has been for forty years because number one now we actually wants the answers to their questions. Instead, we just go through this rigmarole to pretend that these judges don't already know what they are going to decide on certain cases, and then we ask them and then they lie, and then they go on the court and they do exactly what we all thought there we're gonna do before. I must go we'll get appointed in which it half the cases they do exactly the opposite of what we thought there are going to do before any case. Break havin a is a textual ass. He somebody who the text of the constitution seriously, and that means that the Democrats oppose him We know they oppose while because they said so Sandra Corey Booker has already come out post him set of Kemal Harris from California. She's already come forward and opposed him, but that's not going to stop the demo.
It's from pretending that the real reason they don't want to give a breath cabinet about is because they just don't have enough information on bright Cavanaugh. So they say: need millions of pages of everything that Brett Cabinet has ever written in order for us to determine whether should set on the Supreme Court of the United States again position stupid line, considering they have already come out preemptively and said that they don't support bread cabinet for the Supreme Court of the United States. What once you ve said that what's the point of these hearings, another doubly useless, one even if we're going to pretend that they were useful you're. Not seeking answers from these perspective justices a number two when you already, he said your voting against the guy. Are we supposed to take your products seriously that if you don't get the materials you're not going to vote in favour cabinet, so naturally the whole thing devolved into forest remember. The only reason Republicans can I'm through the justice they want right now is because Harry read the former and it majority leader when he was in power from two thousand to two thousand ten
Harry Red ran through actually was all the way until two thousand and fourteen Harry rammed through a process by which you could through the workings of. Fifty one votes in the Senate you're judicial harmony in votes, the in two thousand thirteen. He invoked the so called nuclear option, which allowed a ruling from the Centre Senate Rules Committee that or the Senate parliamentarian allowed fifty one votes to elevate someone to the Supreme Court or to any federal court, and now Republicans have just reverse that process. Another doing the same thing they hurt and sought to do? This, of course, has the Democrats fighting mad and Lydia really screaming at what I say legitimately screaming I mean like they are actually screaming so this is. It sounded like inside the tent Judiciary Committee when oral Hatch opened the actual process, and things went wildly off the rails. I welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of Mr Herman Red Cavanaugh,
Mr Chairman, to serve as a social justice as chairman. I'd like bring organise Vietnam stand before we proceed your work, Mr Chairman, I'd like to be recognised to ask a question before we proceed, the committee received just last night, less than fifty hours ago, this war, Germany, arousing pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review and if we cannot be recognised and move to adjourn, the american people remain. I move likely chairman, I move. It is all a bunch of nonsense. Truck rashly is the Republican Centre who's in charge that those Kemal Harrison. You heard there who was saying that she received. All these documents, except that, as I mentioned she has, come out against the nomination, Bread Cavanaugh. So what are they? we're gonna do change her A governor, of course, is a bunch of nonsense bunch of nonsense- and then you
have run widen whose jumping in there and you have Senator richer Blumenthal, whose jumping in their a bunch different democratic, senator, saying what we move to adjourn. Guess what buddy? You don't have the vote since a waste of time. What grass we shouldn't on institutional set. Wasn't since you're, making a mockery of this or he's gonna sceptical in voting magnetic we can save everybody a month, I've already a month of time and stupid effort. How will this vote the guy directly out of committee and down to the floor? And then we came about I can be sitting on the Supreme Court by the end of the week, because that's where this is going in dead. We're gonna waste a month with all of this bureaucratic nonsense or Democrats opposed because they have to oppose and Republicans vote for. Him the end of the story, but I do enjoy by doing where the theatrical they kind of Kabuki theatre. Well, that's the real reason is that all of these democratic running President want hearings as they can have their there. There is sort of Ronald Reagan. Nineteen eighty moment in the nineteen eighty primaries there's a dead in his new Hampshire primary debate. There is a point
where Ronald Reagan was debating, George W Bush and he had paid for part the sponsorship of the debate, they try to cut off his making these that I paid for this microphone, Mr Brain and the crowd erupted. It was this big moment all these democratic looking for that, except in the Senate Judiciary Committee there all looking for that moment when, where they get sustainably Brett, you, Sir, are representative of the regime from the handmaid's tale The people were actually being dragged out. I'm not kidding, kicking and screw from the hearing room, a bunch of these eggs on the left to dress up in pussy, hats and handmaid still costumes. They were actually brought out by their hands and feet. The work carried out by their hands and feet because there Swimming about judge breakdown, wait until president from guest, replace Ruth better Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. If you wanna see people burn stop down because there most doing, if a break having not who it should be remembered, is replacing. And Scalia another conservative on the court. It is a replacement, of an original list by
originally, it probably will but softer than incidents Galicia, and we're getting all of this, who nanny hot and bother from four what it's really insane. I know that think under article forty seven of the constant vision of the United States, there's a whining clause, it allows them to wine their way into obstructing this, but there is no wait for them to actually obstruct this. So it's all a waste of time is over you signalling nonsense and again, These judicial hearings annoy me in the first place, because if some they were to give an honest answer, would immediately be ruled out of order by the Senate. We know this because robber. Bork gave honest answer back in the nineteen eighties. He was not put on framework for answering honestly questions about. For example, rovers weighed, and this led democrats to cortical bore him. It became a term of art and now cresty this with anybody who tells the actual answers to the questions which we all know as a lawyer as a constitutional lawyer who spent time talking constitutional law where they were a variety of experts on the subject, as some undocumented drop my grades, I'm not gonna drop. My grades from Harvard LAW like a plus in constitutional law, let's just say,
the constitutional law is a thing I am into I, as somebody who has studied it for a very long time, to pretend that job as I said before, these committees don't have extraordinarily set views on the nature of precedent and on the nature of particular cases, just selling We all sit there and we pretend anyway, because supposedly this makes our country better in some way. It doesn't, they should vote in our committee. This is vote. Amount of Supreme Court should recognise this for what it is a partisan exercise and would be, partisan exercise of the Democrats were to do it. Also, the Supreme Court has come a partisan tool because the left made it a partisan told decades ago, and now the writers responding by simply trying to appoint original list to the bench over the who, and howls of insane Democrats. Meanwhile, the culture war continues to polarized be big. Story over the weekend is the Nike in a viral he's marketing decided that it was deeply necessary to reward calling cap So you're meant recalling cap entities that are relevant, backup quarterback from two thousand sixteen who made an for himself by kneeling, let us recall that calling cabinet had already been made
however, can already been made a backup, quarterback sittings, Blaine Gabert in in San Francisco? In other words, he was a garbage quarterback he's when lowest rated Quarterbacks India. I thought he was at the time this bunch thee, lowest rate a quarter back. In the end, a fella gonna throw Did you starting quarterbacks, whose number thirty two and calling cabinet was banished then in the precision of twenty. Sixteen before tromp was president. He started and for the national anthem is all something you remember that calling cabinet he said he was kneeling for the national anthem, to protest, widespread police brutality or some such nonsense, he's the kind of person who is wearing unpractised field socks with pictures of cops as pigs, is legitimately pictures of pigs with cop hats on them. Because this is what he thinks of police officers, this guy, who grew up actually pre privilege. He wasn't. I Did you grow bono at a pretty privileged area of California? It's it's all kind of ridiculous. It's all kind of ridiculous, but calling cabinet was made into a national hero by the left, which thinks that it is, a Mohammed Ali like stands to,
for the national anthem hated. This in two thousand Deanna became a national issue. President from commented on it as a candidate Polarizing most Americans opposed kneeling for the anthem, but there's a heavy segment, particularly the black community, that supported calling cabinet kneeling for national anthem, there's a very big racial gap in the polling numbers annealing for the national anthem. Circling cabinet was offered two thousand seventeen a in two thousand sixteen. He was offered the chance to join the Denver uncle. John Elway announced this into that in eighteen, whose asked about picking up common capron again. He said I said this a while ago: Cullen Haddest has to be here. We offer them a contract and you didn't take it. I was referring to the two thousand. Sixteen season timber tried to trade for cap ethnic was under contract the forty nine hours at a time the quarterback would not agree to a restructure deal with Denver. The Broncos selected a couple of backup quarterbacks and he lost his opportunity. And turned out. Nobody really wanted the headache of calling happening, not just because the publicity, although publicity, is something you have to take into account when you are a national, for Are we team, but also because he's just
not a very than quarterback, because column, cabin make after basically, one spectacular season fell off the map. That's not unusual their bunch of, back in the NFL who had one great season, then fallen off the map, and this has nothing. Do politics, remember our G3 say a quarter back in in Washington for the Redskins had one fantastic season and then he sort of fell off them, and that's not unusual again, once people figure out your sort of tricks quarterback it's difficult to recover and this sort of what happened to capture Nick, overall but captain it played his way out of a starting job and then once you on the bench you started dealing for the national anthem. It is now two years later in this conversation has not ceased, since it is continue to be a thorn in the side of the NFL ever since, because the NFL didn't take strict action against it. We'll talk about. The latest generation of this controversy in just one second, but first, let's talk about food that your shovelling into your face, so blue apron is gonna. Get you better food, a blue apron is going. Get your taste your foot and, more importantly, who apron is going to bring
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Great blue apron is indeed a better way to cook, go check it out, get three meals for free or first real free. A blue aprons outcome. Slash Shapiro so go check that up right now. So the latest adoration of the common cabinet controversy, because it has continued all wait till now, president from ice, I didn't think you should get involved in this. He did as president because he likes this culture war. He thinks it's good culture where to fight he thinks he wins. This culture war and he's likely right. He does the this a little bit at the cost of up wait a little bit more when president from took office, some seventy five percent of Americans thought need for the national anthem was bad. Now, then, number is in the low sixties. Last time I checked out of that has to do with president trumps polarizing personality with. All of that said, the media have watched on to the national anthem controversy and they have not let go since the NFL has done horrible job of killing the controversy, instead of just killing it at the outset, by saying, listen it's an open, the anthem you're fine, your protest on in rafts in your off hours enjoy. They don't get to do and our fields, instead of them doing that they allowed it to happen, then allowed to fester an initiative
turning the NFL in a pretty serious way the ratings for the NFL. Have. Climb for the last two years: it's monsieur is image issue for the NFL fell. All now, Nike is jumping into the Fraser Nike. I did that they are going to do the this. This huge add campaign that is going to focus on common cabinet he is part of the thirtieth anniversary of Nike. Just do it campaign here is what the out looks like it's a picture of cholera cabinet, close up of his in black and white, says believe in something even That means sacrificing everything and then there's the His wishes has just do it myself. There are so many elements of this. There are just fabulously ironic, first of all, this, Social Justice Warrior campaign to sell sneakers pretty Careful areas watching the entire left resonate around a huge entire left accompany around a huge, billion dollar accompany a huge corporation that allegedly exploits child labour in third world countries, because Hey calling cabinet. That's pretty hilarious,
it is also kind of Larry's that the slogan itself believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything is a really dumb slogan. In fact, it's basically fantasies, and from a ventures infinity wars believe in something even if it means sacrificing half of humanity, What you believe is actually the key issues and actually to take that slogan seriously believe in something, even if it means Replacing everything is believing in something it's about. What you believe in the question is Are you believing the right thing is Colin Kaepernick is not he's, never provided just right of data to support his assertion that black people in United States are being disproportionately shot by police because in fact, they're not and then we get to the actual issue of calling cabinet being the face of this particular culture war we get to the bottom wine here- and there is a great irony to it, which, while discussing just a second so calling cabinet,
guess, I believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything over his face for the night. You just do it campaign. I do love the fact that when you hashtag just do it with all the capitals properly utilised, it looks like just dolt, but in any case using calling cabinet he's a poor example of this, because he didn't sacrifice, anything calling cabinet did not sacrifice our thing. If we talk about people who sacrificed in Vienna Well, there are legitimate former military members in the NFL. Pat Tillman died in the line of duty worker, as it has a soldier in in Afghanistan, for the NFL to dinner. I need your campaign around him. Of course they didn't read they. They just do to run around common capron it, and this is for capitalistic reasons. It is to make money Nike Corporation they know, will be talking about it today. They hope the bag by right, wingers talking about it, they will drive more people on the left. To go out and buy sneakers on the basis. We'll, like President Trot, I be frank about this. This is an answer from campaign. This rally first started. The thousand sixteen campaign. If Hillary Clinton Press
right now? Do you think that Nike would actually be this campaign, of course, not of course not calling happening is not sacrifice to anything? Not only did he not sacrifice nothing, he only started doing this when he became a useless backup quarterback for the San Francisco forty nine hours and then after that, he is, his name in the headlines, had been on the cover of sports, illustrated, despite not playing for two years. TIM Tebow's on the cover of sports illustrated every two weeks, because TIM Table isn't in with the social justice warrior crowd, but TIM Tito was in many ways, sort of the equivalence and cabinet, and that he had one can terrific season where he unexpectedly led the Denver Broncos to wines in the play off, and then he fell off the map by calling happening. Your key. He too over four Alex Smith halfway, the refusal of the San Francisco, forty nine is that won the Superbowl he lost, and then he was nothing but made still he's on the cover of sports, illustrated he still champion this. The spot leader, even though not recalling cabinet, has ever had any real. And the reason I say that is because colleague,
but it has never made an articulated of his own position on any of the stuff. People have made our defences on his behalf, but he's ever done. It himself he's not sacrificed anything else He stated to earn legitimately millions of dollars. India branded line off of not being enough what expertise years he's gonna branded line and he is going to get He's gonna make millions of dollars off of need. For the national anthem, so wise Nike doing all this precise. They are hoping that the President of the United States rounds off about it from undoubtedly will sign off on it. I mean he will undoubted only will sign off on it. I mean he will undoubtedly sound off about it on twitter because he thinks again that the culture war worth fighting but there's no question that this is all designed to sell more sneakers and one of the reasons that Nike thinks that they can get away with. This, obviously, is because disproportion amounts of money are spent on clothing and apparel by members of the black community. Many of whom our support as the in this particular controversy. That is not a
she'll supposition, that is, that economics, opposition economists, Kirwin Charles ERA, cursed, Nickolay, roosten off from University of Chicago The study called conspicuous consumption and race, or they found is that blacks and this ban expend a lot more than white with come with comparable incomes visible goods, meaning clothes, cars and jewellery up to an additional thirty percent. There's been a long standing now long standing sort of sociological investigation into why, for example, its that lower income black folks spend more on sneakers, and some of that, what to do with with pride and culture. Some of that has to do with the fact that, like air Jordans were a massive cultural totally in the ninety? Nine is all that is true, but just capitalistic purposes is pretty obvious, then Nike is attempting to appeal to this particular consumer base with a laugh, they'll resonates in support of calling cabinet and its awesome to note that, according to Nielsen African, Europeans are more likely to interactive brands on social media or use social networks to support companies and brands. Forty four percent more likely, so their hoping
this campaign goes viral, particularly among black audiences and that people on the left will resonate to this as well so in the end, capitalism wins The great irony of this is that the social justice warriors championing this. The really championing the power of capitalism, but is insulting Of course, insulting is designed to slap president from, of course, it's designed to slap president Trump and honestly not for the president from could ask for much more Nike made in kind contribution to the front campaign, because this battle and twenty eighteen and twenty twenty is going to be about me. For the flag. Most Americans are not on board with that most Americans, don't look at college cabinet can see an american hero. Don't even think I have made a lot of sacrifices, Muhammad Ali with the champion of the world who's heavyweight boxing champion of the world when he was suspended from boxing for not volunteering for the draft or not being drafted and for saying things about the Vietcong and all this kind of stuff under the influence of of Elijah Muhammad in the evil nation of Islam. But at least you sacrifice something where they are sacrificed years of his career. He went to jail for this coming Catherine could sacrifice zero things, but apparently sap
basing everything mean signing contract worth Milly. Dollars in order for more promote equitable, globalist, prohibited that is selling sneakers, made it half price off by child labour. That's that's exciting, stuff speaking, of sort of virtue, signalling and the and the backlash to president from the other story over the weekend was obviously the the funeral. Fort John Mccain. We're gonna talk about that in just one second, but first, let's talk about your clothing These new, this jacket that are more where nobody, this magnificent piece of whether this right here is a Peter Mylar jacket, It is spectacular, island, several Peter Miller, publishers because their extraordinarily comfortable in there, Easy, where they look really good at this. The excursion its ways or by what is the name of this actually names. That's how up upscale! This clothing is normal, our polishers offer style, and for they are easy to take care of out of the driver, That's an iron them. There are great for the golf course could even have son protection built into the shirt hidden. Will our five pocket pastoral lightweight highly breathable made from the highest quality, prima cotton and of comfort stretch for ease of movement by the where I live
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into a bit of a m. As, as I have said in the past, they turned tornado. It turned into a bit of craziness and that's because a bunch of speakers decided to get up and bash president from now do I think, the president from treated John Mccain well in life, No, I don't. I think it is ridiculous for president trumped to say the John Mccain was not a work euros per animal gross thing to say: Do I think the John Mccain didn't like president drop? Yes, it seems to me that his peak and his anger at President from led him to make it. Terrible decision when it came to Obamacare and prevent the over Drawing of large portions of Obamacare simply level of personal peak was a huge job. Cain Fan as a politician no, I was not a huge John Mccain Van as a politician, but with that said, was a pity for the
president to not lower the flag to half staff for a week as a sort of normal procedure. Yes, it was petty, didn't look silly, yes, look silly! The president should have shouldn't have engaged that way with that said, using a funeral in order to promote an anti trump agenda is foolish for a couple of reasons. First of all, I think that Mccain's life was about a fair bit more than Donald Trump. I really german is a guy who served since the late nineteenth sixties, boiling that down to an antitrust message, seems to me a real nice on proper evaluation, his role in american history and what he was analysed and his Megan, we can say what you want to know about her father at her father. She just whenever she wants, but we also get to criticise that once we straight into overtly little territory, there, a lotta commentator saying well, there are no overt slaps, a trump, let's, not beans, luxury dishonest, who is very obvious that there are a bunch of overt slaps at President Trump and more than that, I think it was counterproductive. Even if you don't like the way that President from goes about politics, even if you think that president from his uncivil, which I
even if you think the President Trump does not serve his own purposes. Well, when he lashes out at people which I do even if you think the president from says things a cruel and vile out of fairly frequent basis, which I do Is it worth while? Is it useful for a bunch of people to get up a John Mccain funeral? and say all this stuff. Importantly, is a useful to do that from cortical both sides of the Isle, because I think that what that's doing is promulgating amid the truck is actually the response to the myth is that there is a simple politics before from there was not. Can the idea that there is a simple politics before Trump means that you are not watching for twenty thirty four, years, you were not watching in the nineteen sixty two political rights in this country and the nineteen sixty eight cobbled convention there are legitimate riots in the street at the Democratic national convention. There are, Thousands of bombings, political bombings across the United States in the nineteen seventies. During the during the Brok abandoned ministrations, we saw administration, we saw riots in Baltimore. We shall riots in Ferguson,
we saw riots and other places in the United States, and we saw at as an interim rallies during the twenty sixteen campaign from supporters being physically beaten, we saw present from, have to cancel and actual rally in Chicago due to internal, nation outside the events we ve seen over the past several years before from was in office when I went to Berkeley required six hundred police officers to protect me. I remember there isn't theirs in your right when I spoke in Kehl State LOS Angeles Nels before from. Was president, the idea that politics, with some sort of civil game where everybody got along before president from his nonsense and more than that to paper over the serious political divisions in this country with its veneer, civility and makes it look like there's a professional political class in stayed incivility because they actually like each other and Trump is the great outsider, and so we don't like Trump, because he's the great outsider again are legitimate reasons to criticise the president of the United States for his approach to politics. But when you promulgated this absolute this absolute myth that there was a civil politics between Say, Barack Obama,
and John Mccain or Morocco by George W Bush, Morocco are basically called George W Bush will work in back situation, two thousand sentences, two thousand- and this is Obama talking about the situation of Afghanistan. The uncovered in two thousand seven this is this- is Brok Obama. Agnes was in two thousand seven talking about George W Bush is troops there are hidden in the service of troops under George W Bush in Afghanistan. You gotta get the job done there, and that requires us to have. Enough troops that we're not just air rating villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there. Brok, Obama accusing George W Bush presiding effectively of war crimes, but we are supposed to believe that it was Donald Trump unbroken. Politics. This is why I say all this leads to a backlash in favour of president Trump having all of these- these mainstream political figures from both sides of the island of Unite in opposition to Trump. But not on the basis of actual syn.
Committed by president from on the basis of he's, just not nice enough, and look we get along with George W Bush and bill couldn't get along. Look how George W Bush Brok Obama get along. I dont like that part of politics, but there's this there's. This sense in exports so as a sports fan, there used to be something called Manfredi of Frederick cessation rules and sports, where it was like. The New York Yankees blame the Boston Red Saxon. You weren't allowed to go out to dinner with members of the opposing team after the game, because you felt that sort of sacrificed the competitive edge, but if you're too close with your competitors, then this act, or vice versa, how did a badge, and so there are all these owners who basically said, do not a lot of fraternize with members of the opposition team and as a fan that makes sense to me because I don't want to see my favorite player, who has to face that better tomorrow. I want to know that their best friends doesn't it doesn't help, because I want a room for my team and would against the other two more in politics that rooting actually has real stakes. I dont want George W Bush to be best. Friends have brought about what George W Bush to be best
a billion. I want them to be civil. I want them to recognise that they should be demagogic issues. That's where you can criticise president trump. But when you act like your best friends, your buddy, buddy and world part of this big group loves each other and then there's that that Trump guy, although ends up doing, is driving people in president, for I mean ironically, helps President Trump because people like me, look at this and they go I'm sorry. But if politics is how nice George W Bush, Michelle Obama, by handing her candy, I'm not all interested, because the the things They do have real stakes than the politics that they embraced have actual stakes and you think, I'm somebody who is warm toward the argument that President Trump has not been good for american politics. In a wide variety of ways, but when you push this, this lie
The politics is really about George W Bush and Michelle Obama being besties and there's no consequences to any of this. I don't care what the George W Bush, like Michelle Obama, I don't care whether George HW and built in are friends. I don't want them to be friends, because I don't think that that is reflective of deep underlying political differences. That exist in this country. I want them to be battling to the nail if they We friends in battle to the knell? That's one thing, but I don't think that there are battling to the now. I think that there is a feeling in this country that the elites in both parties are actually backpacking each other and are to friendly. Further, go to the country and what we actually need in some ways is more political George W Bush his hand, which Obama Candy Listen, is advised that here his handiwork. Any sure I am not going to pretend that I think you should reject the candy: listen I find that he's handiwork any short. I cannot pretend that I think you should reject the candy I only nation hand, Michelle Obama Candy, but by the same token, people. Celebrate Missus Selwyn! Isn't this what american politics is really about? George W Bush anyway, Le Biomechanics notes
It's me what american politics is really about is Barack Obama slandering George W Bush is a war criminal for eight years and then run on the back of that's, become president of the United States in Prague and push policies that actively create policies that are targeted at people. Like me, regret like in that waiting to blame me, particularly religious conservatives. That's the part I care about you about them, handing candy to each other. People, the others to politics. That is a lie, and this this all was part of the veneer of politics that was alive economic trade. The clips of these various speakers who are engaging, Let me show you why people think this is a lie, but first, let's talk about your life. Insurance. So if you do not have life, insurance is because you don't you need life. Insurance gave the reality as you're going to die at some point. When you do your mail, the family is taken care of, and that is why we need to talk to my friends over policy genius, forty percent of Americans. Don't have it the younger. You are less likely to have life insurance that stupid, because rates are much better when your elder and also Rachel,
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behind the scenes and then expect us to take seriously their conflict on the actual field of peace. So here I personally, what's the America Johnny pain is generous and welcoming and bored is resourceful, confident the secure She made her responsibilities. She speaks quietly she is strong. America does not both because she has no need to the America John Mccain has no need to be made great again, because Amerika was always his great, who pays no bed, the slogan hearing about the America of John Mccain. What was always great, obviously its direct slap at present in from I know make him again. I think the mega Mccain's a lot of smart and good things. I think that this was a things up politically inept move, and it was a politically and up, move, and she said you want her to have someone who's in the coffin, but still too I have to analyze this politically too. I think it was effective or not in making the country a better place, bring her
bring the country around John Mccain Brenda politics- I I don't think so. Here's George W Bush and some of it he respected the dignity, inherent in every life dick. Indeed, that does not stop at borders and cannot be erased by dictators, perhaps above all, John detested, the abuse of power, Ok. So again, people took this is an implicit rebuke of prayer. From then Brok Obama gets up in Brok. Obama, of course, is somebody who abuse power quite frequently right. George, W Bush critique and abuse of power. His brow about a man who basically weapon ice against the political opposition doing the same, retain part of what makes our country great is. Then membership is based not on our bloodline, what we look like what our last name are based on, where a pair answer grandparents came from or how recently they arrived, but on
parents to a common creep that all of us Did it again. This idea that Barack Obama in George W Bush are on the same political side in town from on the other political side. I think it's a big mistake. Because the reality is the Brok Obama was pushing things Brok, Obama was was put, being erased based politics, particularly in twenty twelve and beyond, in which you say things like Craven. Martin could have been my son, suggesting police departments across the country, or racist here is why people are taken seriously here. Is my people look at this and they get a little on the right and they feel comfortable, and yet this coming from somebody who blasted president from last week over his mistreatment of John Mccain. I mean I blasted him last week. If you recall back that far. I still think this was not only. Probate. I think it was politically dishonest because when you, or to have left side of the Isle tradespeople. The left side does not treat people of civility the left side treated John Mccain white trash, while he was alive until he turned towards their side, at which point you became a hero. That's have left, always tradespeople. How do I know this?
because what, while they're calling for stability civility and while people are George W Bush are our calling? Stability and saying we ought to treat with the other side and not just calling for civility but calling for compromise and moderation. Here's what is actually happening. Sort of what this tells us we have to do is is skip over the Orissa Franklin Funeral, which also happened over the weekend, where L sharpen an actual open, Anti Semite was speaking and ripping into play. Hidden from within What an sitting right there in the audience you know about the sunbeams must show our misspell respect and a lotta yo. Lotta. Your corrected me. Now want y'all to help be correct, president trunk, to teach him what it means ok and there's everybody cheering and President Clinton. Right there. Here's a picture of President Clinton on stage with three a great racists yours it's in Crown heights and led to the in his language, helps inside a riot and lose their economies called the Jews
use devils and white people devils and there's Billiton standing there grinning alongside them, see you're telling me that our power icon was called the Jews, devils and white people devils and theirs, couldn't standing there grinning alongside them, see you're telling me that our politics is about Bill Clinton being friends of George W Bush button is ours. Bill Clinton gets to hang out with people who are essential We, the equivalence of David, Duke Boost Farrakhan, is the equivalent of David, Duke and theirs. Bill Clinton standing on stage with them hang out with them their best friends, everything's, Grey, and then there were gonna get lectures about civility. This is higher. From because there's a hypocritical sense that all of these elites are happy to back slap each other and go to the same clubs and smoke cigar. With one another, and then they pretend for the cameras. They play this kabuki theatre again everything about Kabuki Theatre, they're out there playing this game where they pretend to dislike each other and oppose each other, and politics they can oppose each other on politics and still be civil to one another. I think that you can rip. President of the United States, when he's being not only uncivil but vile in particular cases, I've done it myself many times. Do I think that using a funeral as
opportunity to show by partisan support for the for the anti trump Ifixit is that is that a worthwhile thing, nothing? It strikes people. It strikes a false note and strikes a false note for people and makes people think it's from versus the establishment, which again is the battle trump. Actually, once the battle trump, once its Trump versus the establishment, because people don't actually like the establishment. Very much is that feeling of Buddy Buddy, Summary there's never seen being civil and being best friends the difference between being civil and pretend but the other guys political point of view is in some way. The same his mind, that's what is happening there, George George W Bush and Morocco Moors we have common american vision, but they do not share Barack Obama's vision of the United States and George W Bush decision of the United States are not the same, and there a lot of folks organ proceed. That of George W Bush is vision of the United States and Morocco by My vision of the United States are more closely tied together than Donald Trump and George W Bush is an For some reason down from is implementing conservative policies in the same way Bush what I've done then some
thing has gone wrong and the real up here as a cultural gap, not really little gap at all gay. Meanwhile, I do have to say this is from a Franklin sphere of the same group of people or opinions, Donald Trump. For being your uncivil, an awful and terrible and and garbage with regard to women, again, some of which I think is justified. These are the same, but who are hanging out with with bill frickin flooding. George W Bush, who plays Buddy Buddy with Bill Clinton, here's bill, Clinton, anatomy. The Franklin funeral checking out area Grant Marianna grandes, but Our Grundy forethought was actually sixteen years old, there's Bill Clinton who looks like the the old trail molester from family guy. Just sit behind oriented brandy and legitimately can see him stare her up and down, and that's the kind of class that our politics is supposed to stand for now built when he understands the american vision, but Donald Trump doesn't understand the american vision. What what a bunch of absolute horror, crap or scrap so much of trumps power, so much is persona, is dead
and by the fact that it feels like he's, ripping away curtains that there's a veil of of pretend that he just tears apart, and contributing to Miss Vale of pretend is not useful. America is built on a creed America is built on the idea that we are brothers and not enemies. All of that it's true and when president from does things that are terrible. We ought to comment on it, but to pretend that they are not serious differences between left and right in a country that real differences between the civil and the uncivil is, I think, ignorant of the reality of the situation. Now, speaking of areas where the presidency, there is criticism, the president, The weak and decided to take the twitter as he is fond of doing a tweeted are a bunch of dick and bizarre things retreated up two long running a bummer era. Investigations of two very popular republican congressmen were brought to a well, but this has charged just ahead of the maid terms by the Jap sessions just his department to easy winds. Now in that, because there is not enough time, good job Jeff, the Democrats,
none of whom voted for Jeff sessions must love him now say then with gems coming the tens, hit him wandered about until he was disgusting until fire him I'll gaps, immediately giving him a wonderful man, a state like figure in fact really sick. So the part of his nets troubling is now the stuff that James call me, which has just done the part that that's really troubling is enough. Sweet here when he says the Jeff sessions in the delegation not prosecute actual corruption in government. Because it might endanger congressional seats in its most it's not a good thing. That is a bad thing and it was a bad thing. What Obama The rule of law come secondary to the police, local degree of your own party. It's not a good thing that is a bad bang- and it was a bad thing- what Obama was doing it and is a bad thing when President Trump is doing to bad thing, when the attorney general is the President's wingman and ignoring crime, presidencies using executive privilege to shield particular figures, which is what Brok Obama didn't it's a bad
when the president of the United States is bizarrely going on Twitter to rip the attorney general who worked for him for prosecuting actual crime and crime, rest, so there is that The president also decided to tweet out about the FBI According to the failing, at times the F B, I started a major effort to flip Putin Loyalist in twenty fourteen to twenty. Sixteen, it wasn't it. From it wasn't even close to a candidate, yet rigged witch hunt. I'm so confused. Those tweet I can't even expressed- is he Ripping the FBI for trying to go after Putin Loyalist before he was even running for office, is that the point is making made me charitable. I guess maybe the point that he's making is maybe that this investigation proceeded anything having to do with Donald Trump and that he's been calves up investigation has nothing to do with him, but he's not make an that particularly clear in their plenty of Graham I wish to criticise the president of the United States, claiming that the what then the right on the same page and trump is not the trumpet something foreign politics. When we
well. The trump was deceiving underbelly of politics for at least two decades in this country is just historically ignorant and also incredibly stupid again, also that in the tower does so tolerant that they are now this inviting people than the new Yorker. I love this invited Steve ban it to do that see them. As the former White House she strategist, I made a long time critic of sea bed and who, I think, has a flaming garbage heap of a human being The new Yorker should have invited him he's been irrelevance. Politics as president from fired him, enabled him sloppy Steve, but they invited him and then a bunch of lefties dropped out and they they decided ok. Well, we will just invite him. You shouldn't by people in this invite them. If you're right he bowed and don't invite him if he doesn't bite him because pressure from your mailroom, then I would suggest that you guys lack a little bit of courage in regard to your your devotion to open conversation. Obviously, ok, for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things I like today,
last night I had the opportunity to go see: operation finale without Oscar Isaac and an dumb Ben Kingsley. Ben Kingsley is one of the best living actors. Banking, sleep is just tremendous in everything and is predictably excellence. In this he placed enough I've men, the nazi mastermind of of logistics, during the Holocaust, and Oscar Isaac plays in israeli agent was tasked with tracking him down only tracking down, but also part of the movie, the movie is effective and very effective, not only as an effective, I was. I am always pleased when there's no soccer punches whenever I see a movie that set up like this, I always think. Ok, here comes the sucker. Puncture comes these. Not always an effective. I was. I am always pleased when there's no soccer punches. Whenever I see a movie that set up like this, I always think. Ok, here comes the sucker. Puncture comes these Steven Spielberg Munich, like soccer punch where learn that the Israelis are really the Nazis or the Israelis are really the great oppressors in Munich. That's what Spielberg did he get tariff there? palestinian terrorist murdered israeli athletes at the Olympics and somehow Stevens
the Aubert drew immoral equivalence between those people and israeli agents, tracking them down, which is an amazing amazing feat of of of intellectual gymnastics. Immoral gymnastics in this particular movie, however, there are no soccer punches. Israel is perceived as good because it is a good country filled with people who are trying to survive in the face of article Anti Semitism across the world and the knots These are bad. Also the movie takes some serious issues with regard to the banality of evil Oh honey, rent, very, very famous writer, with the outcome If our left leaning on politics, she wrote an entire. Buckled Eichmann in Jerusalem about Omens trial, because I've been was in fact brought back to Israel for trial. He was put inside a glass booth, actually to prevent him from being assassinated, and he and he was then hang hung around. Didn't entire book on him and basically she made the claim that Eichmann was just ineffective. The banality of evil trade, She is the banality. People now have some fondness toward the idea that human beings are programmes, look the other way when they're in group is threatened, the when you're in group is threatened. They eat
and to go along with evil, but for you to be an architect of evil, requires a little bit more seems that later research, a sort of shown, Hunt, erentz banality of evil point as applied to eighty five men to be kind of ridiculous and off I've been, was in fact a rabid, anti semite who hated Jews and was willing you use any method at his disposal to kill them in large numbers are, but the movie really does cope with with some of those issues. Here is a little bit of the previous operation finale You have no interest in what I have to say unless it confirms what you think. You already know. Chop. A simple save the country from being destroyed, showed up and indifferent. The movie is quite good. I have again it's it's. I think it doesnt soccer punch anybody. Does demonstrate the want one thing
it is shocking. Is the virulence of anti Semitism under the pearl? regime in in Argentina They have to have a bunch of people on the left and somehow still have fondness for the fairness in in Argentina, which is kind of shocking, but the the prone regime, was indeed an evil regime, and they shielded rapporteur of Nazis, who are attempting to escape justice after World war. Two check it out operations, knowledge in theatres right now. It is well worth the watch. It's it's definitely disturbing by Israel, serving as a movie about the Holocaust in the aftermath of Holocaust. Go check it out right now, operation, finale, gay other things that I like so speaking, of american flag controversies. Last week we talked at length about this new movie. First man for they mean she's out honestly, very sad that inches Ellesmere controversy? I think he's one of the best directors working today I think Lala a land for its laws is very good movie and I think the whiplash is a terrific will be one of the best moves. The last ten years while his Nemo you first man about Neil Armstrong, doesn't contain Americans play in the flat anemone, we don't. We all know why. It's because he's afraid that it's going to kill the Box office in China, but Ryan
Hassling went out there and suggested that it was because it was an intern. I shall achieve in a world that you ve meant put a man on the moon, not american achievement, which of course, is much nonsense. Buzz Aldrin who was part of the APOLLO eleven mission. He also tweeted out a picture of them, putting up the flag on moon and any treaty hashtag proud to be an american hashtag tax rate tried honor. Hasta LA nation, Hashtag July, nineteen, sixty nine. Half tidal power, Levin hashtag roads were Paolo. Fifty, like yes, ok, yes, this is not a difficult one. The facts that the that America's put the flag on moon is an amazing achievement, especially given the fact that essentially using flock slide rules. It's it's amazing thing. It is an american achievement because America has been the world power and the single dominant hegemony over the globe for ever since, world war, two and probably before world war. Two, although we really we began to take more of an active role in world affairs during after world war. Did ok time for a of things that I hate
They ve heard all this stuff about how the swedish healthcare system is just the best healthcare system, how nationalize healthcare systems they have no cost. Everything is fantastic. Nationalize healthcare systems, while Sweden is not a hugely populous country, that it is country where people are taxed at more than half their income. The total population of Sweden is that night point nine million, which is about size, Watts, Angelus County. What we are told that if we just applied swedish solutions for healthcare, everything would be all better there's an article in shawls fronts. Press today. All about the swedish healthcare system in here is what they find. So AIDS are frustrated over their universal health care of them in pillars of their cherished welfare state. With long queue is due to a shortage of nurses and available doctors in some areas. No, you mean a Manon market based system generates shortages. I can't believe it just like in every other product, inhuman story when you have a non market based system in price and supply do not match. I could no demand supply cars. Actually, what
what I thought of you declared something right than the water supply and demand no longer apply if you're, stupid, so sweet. On average pay more than half of their income in tat. She access to healthcare, most important issue in the september- Ninth General Election poll. Prime minister seven law for lost then social demo That's largest party are on course reckon most score there instead losing to the fire? right. Sweden Democrats, I believe, started off with actual actual NEO nazi roots. If I'm not mistaken, I so they, the far right is gaining. Because Sweden have not taken immigration seriously and because All of these social welfare promises of the swedish state, experiencing some difficulty. Then we too I was in sixteen nationwide meaning and wait for prostate cancer was a hundred and twenty days, but two and seventy one days in the northern county, a vaster bottom of official figures show Swedes complain about not being able to see their own regular general practitioner as a growing number of doctors and nurses are temporary hires employed by staffing companies, some eighty percent of the hell, care sector is in need of nurses. According to official data, which means that's underestimating our minds. Are
so where patients you doctor, be a webcam have mushroomed as well everything is going spectacularly and it's starting to spend their way out of the crisis. We will see if that works eventually the bill. Three billion kronor to hire more healthcare staff. If reelected starting to spend their way out of the crisis, we will see if that works eventually the bills. Was due for all of that. So it is worth noting that whenever you hear about the wonders in glories of nationalist healthcare systems, again is not an offence of the affair: healthcare system which is almost the worst of both worlds, heavily regulated and then free market with massive subsidies and The american Healthcare Systems of Mass, but the solution is not a nationalized healthcare system, at least not the way the Swedes. Do it. Ok, so meanwhile, Pope Francis on Monday, said site, once and prayer were the answer to those seeking scandal. Indonesian amid a barrage of attacks from ultra conservative Catholics. Personally, love how Yahoo NEWS in the F p call it attacks from ultra conservative Catholics, as opposed to you, know, Catholics. You don't like seeing little boys molested by priests,
Neither ultra conservative, so back in two thousand three windows was the spotlight scandal. Then it was every but hardly person wanting to stop the abuse of children now its ultra conservative Catholics. I can't believe press is taking this line, but this is how much they loved their leftist Pope Francis the Pope has so far of you To respond to allegations made last month that he for years covered up sexual abuse allegations against a prominent. U S, cardinal! Frances Centre. Person said Saint Mark at Saint Martha's with people who lack goodwill with people who see go We scandal whose only divisions economy, destruction within the family. There is nothing silence and prayer or, theoretically, you could fire everyone. Who was abusing a trial, turn them over to civil authorities and have been prosecuted or theoretically, you could reveal all of your records to the general public. So we know who exactly was covering up what or I guess you could stay site. And pretend it's big deal a little boy get raped. You could do that, an honest to God. It's just its astonishing is astonishing to watch the press cover for pop Francis. If Benedict had done the same thing, if John Paul to a done the same thing
and this sort of scandal had broken. The present would be ripping them up and down endlessly ceaselessly with no break. It is put. Francis was a leftist on a bunch of issues from it economics to the environment and therefore he will be defended with the heart the core defence possible by the left wing media whenever they say that they actually care about children You should remember this particular thing because it pretty pretty astonishing, ok, so we'll be back here tomorrow with all of the latest, welcome back to the work we gang. I others We are also the bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Ngora. Audio is mixed by my car. Mina Heron. Make up is by just one over the bench of Euro Show is a daily wire Ford, publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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