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Ep. 622 - The Dirtiest Trick In The Book

2018-09-14 | 🔗
Democrats pull out a horrendous dirty trick in a last-ditch attempt to stop Kavanaugh; we review the results of last night’s primary elections in New York; and we check the mailbag. Date: 09-14-2018
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Democrats pull a horrendous last minute, dirty trick on Umbra Cavenaugh review the results of last night's primary elections in New York and will check the male bad, I'm Bench bureau. This is the benchmark. Eroshka all right with a lot to get to today a lot of breaking news happening and we will break down everything that happened in New York last night. But first, let's talk about your safety, insecure yeah, I'm somebody obsessed with safety and security, and that is why I use ring dot com at my home ring is the video doorbell company that allows you to see and speak to anyone when they come to your door. Innovation, They sent us actual footage of ring busting crooks in the act. This one is just weird and creepy. Here's what it sounds like Hey, sorry, were in the middle of dinner. Can I help you yet? How are you good? How are you sing? You know? Well, I don't know, I don't know who you are I'm just in, I don't no you just then I met you on camera. Go right now.
You're in the wrong place, but got worse for both got. It turns out there. She did not know just him when he was younger and, in fact just and might have just been increasing trying to break, and we don't know anything about just in other than it's a good thing. This lady had ring, because if she hadn't intromit open their front door and things could have on very very differently, Alot happens front or in that's why you need ring and brings floodlight. Can they ve spot like him as well? They let you being built a ring of security around your entire property. Stop crime before it happen help make your neighborhood safer with rings, have two hundred and fifty bucks on a ring of security kit at rings outcome. Slash Ben ring dot com slashed by again a hundred and fifty bucks off. When you go to ring dot com, Slash Ben go check it right now ring dot com- slash ban for that specialty, alright, the brig news today is that Paul metaphor has apparently cut a deal with the Federal Govern what the Mahler investigation we don't know what that deal encompasses. We know that Paul Paw, that Pollyanna Fort had already been convicted.
It on several felony counts, related to bank and tax fraud charges and then he was to move on to a second trial and any plead guilty in that trial to avoid a a longer sentence. Apparently the corn to New York time then go to Jason's over a plea, deal related to a separate set of seven charges and competent conspiracy, obstruction of justice, money laundering, false statements in violation of a lobbying. Disclosure law is not clear exactly what manner for my plead guilty to apparently he's pleading guilty to a bunch of charges having to do with failing to just as for an agent of the ukrainian government. Back when a schmuck named Vienna Kovac was was running the country, in any case, metaphors trial on sex kind of charges was scheduled to get underway on Monday. But now he has pledged guilty he's going to for an over apparently an enormous amount of property, the federal government. What is more important because who cares about he cares what's more important here? Is the poor man for it is apparently working under cooperation agreement with the mother invested, from which means that prison,
hopefully he's he is on maybe unprecedented- and this is the part word starts to get real dicey for the trumpet fresh, because nobody actually knows what manner. For knows. Nobody knows exactly what manner was doing now again, there's no evidence. That's actually been shown that man, a fort, was actively cooperate with the russian government on behalf of Trump from could still say. Listen I just here this guy metaphorically. This guy metaphor has long standing. High level are unsuitable. Going back legitimately years years, meant ties to top members of our and see financed ties to top political members of the currency. Going back action cycles having several election cycles and trunk adjust it wasn't. I looking for a campaign manager. There wasn't a professional available the hour and suggested that I pick up. Man afford because they knew and I picked up whenever he did on the side of his business, but that doesn't mean that I personally knew anything. The problem is. The trump is made king claims that the term campaign had nothing to do with Russia. If it turns out the man afford ass, his campaign manager was messing about with Russia, then that could lead to
pretty severe consequences. According to a b c, the deal is expected to be announced in court Friday. It remains unclear whether metaphor has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, whereas simply conceding to a guilty play. It now appears that he is indeed cooperating with prosecutors. We don't actually no again what's the information that is going to turn over the prosecutors, what exactly are the getting in return for a reduced sentence of some sort? No, no, the answer to that, and we have to wait for the answer to that, but is not good news for President Trump. Obviously present from your member was tweeting incessantly after the poor. Man afford convictions a couple of weeks ago, which came out on the same day that Michael Cohen plead guilty and said that whose cooperating with federal prosecutors, to your call that president from tweeted out how much he loved metaphor for not flipping on him. Now it is now it's gettin he'll ugly. Now it's really ugly so manifold has indeed agreed to cooperate with the special council in the room.
Your programme July thirty, first man, efforts attorney, had told CBS there is no chance is quite will cooperate with the special council to avoid is first trial, but now he is apparently going to have to cooperate to avoid the second trial. So this could be very ugly for the Trump campaign trump administration- we're going to have to see what this actually means: everybody's jumping to the conclusion that this is the end of Trump again Unless there is something deeply, unless there is something I think deeply indicting in convicting of president from himself, its can be very difficult to make the claim that resident tromp was personally approving any sort of Putin. Manipulation of election, but Y have to see the evidence that Manifold provides, because, after all, could be a metaphor again does have. He does have an incentive, I would say to spill as much of his guts ass. You possibly can president, or to theoretically make things up in order to avoid the consequences of his own corruption.
Apparently going back years, but the fact that metaphor is slipping is bad news for present in trouble. Meanwhile, democratic or are trying to play every dirty trick. They can, with regard to Brett Cavanaugh, sturdy saw the dirtiest trick of all. This was Diane Feinstein senior Democrat. The Senate, Judiciary Committee. She referred information involving judge, Brett Cavenaugh, President Trump's nominated the Supreme Court's federal investigators on Thursday, but the sender declined to make public what happily. The matter involved to officials, the mill what matters matter. The incident involve possible sexual contact between Judge Cabinet in a woman when they were both in high school tomorrow then go back thirty five years to try and find something that break Cavenaugh allegedly did wrong. Diane Einstein denounced yesterday was just perverse because here's what she now quote: received information from an individual concerning the nomination of bread. Cabin ought to the Supreme Court that individual strongly requested confidentiality declines come for depressed matter further, and I am honoured that decision have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities too, in words
somebody came with information, and I can tell you The information is, I'm not gonna. Tell you where it came from. I referred federal authorities so could be anything it could be worse thing could possibly imagine or it could be, the brick Heaven knows mean to someone back in high school. I'm going to say so, and this is where you start to look at the stubborn say: yeah, there's a pretty dicey stuff. Yeah if Diane fines and really new months ago, Abrek haven't. I had seen rigged somebody Wouldn't you ve been under an obligation to tell federal law enforcement, then why wait until a week or two before the confirmation, and vote on Bread Cavanaugh, except scuttled about simply out of the out of this kind of dirty tricks play, but this is really really journey. South Ronan Pharaoh- has peace over the new Yorker in which he's essentially accusing Brett Cavanaugh of something more dire or leases or she's substantiated the allegation hairs Rowan Pharaoh is writing as well as Jean Mayor over the new Yorker, the woman was ass not to be identified. First approach stomach
lawmakers in July, shortly after Trump Nominate, a cabin or so in other words, Democrats knew about this for months because it is now September, they knew about it in July August and September. They did think about it that referred to the FBI. They waited. Until now, to take a a the allegation. That cabinet has apparently completely denied throw that into the public square, a sort of a red meat thing to stop red cap Those nomination, democratic law makers, didn't do anything about it. The allegation dates back to the early nineteenth eighties. When cabinet was a high school student, Georgetown Prep School in Bethesda Maryland the woman attended, a nearby high school in the letter, the woman allege that during an encounter at a party Cavanaugh held her down and that he attempted to force himself her. She claimed in the letter the cabinet, a classmate of his, both of whom had been drinking turned on me that was playing in the room to conceal the sound of her protests, and they cannot cover her mouth with his head. She was able to free herself The alleged incident took place decades ago and the three hundred jewels involved were minors. The woman
The memory had been a source of ongoing distress for her, and then she had sought psychological treatment. As result in a statement, cabinets end quote I categorically and quickly deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or any time, cameras, class, It set a woman's allegation. I've no recollection of that and the woman decline request for an interview. So how exactly is Diane Feinstein, bringing this up now I get when no evidence other than this woman's allegation, which has been denied by everyone else. Who was there now, maybe she's telling the truth, maybe she's, but native behooved Diane Feinstein to initiate that investigation say in July, when she first received the information I mean this is dirty tricks at its very finest, its dirty tricks all the way down- and this is not the last time- does not most The only time Democrats have tried this routine. They tried the same routine with Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas hearing bringing up allegations that were thoroughly incredible for a variety of reasons about Clarence Thomas opposed
We sexually harassing. I need a hill talking making jokes about pubic hairs on coke cans and such, and this is supposed to Saint Clarence, Thomas they're, trying the same thing here. Republican should ramp. Bread Kavanaugh's nomination right now. The FBI has already declined to investigate it. They announced that yesterday, reverted to the White House for a background check, but that's all because there's a further evidence that this actually happen, Cavenaugh denies the allegations and the democratic Gonna have to do better than that. Instead, their smearing Brett Cavenaugh with an allegation, decades old decades old going, that's what he was seventeen years old when he was a minor, and we are supposed to pretend that this is a legitimate effort to keep what cereal rapist off the Supreme Court that's what Democrats are really doing here is the dirtiest of the dirty stuff. It's just it's just gross. It's the same thing as when Harry Red suggested Mitt Romney had not paid him. Taxes is went out there and set it, and then it Now the Moroni hadn't that pay taxes, but Harry and you know what we got, what we needed to get done done. He wasn't elected president of the United States. This is
grow something even right. People thing politics is a dirty disgusting business. This is why people think politics is a dirty and disgusting business because folks, on every side of the hour, pretty much willing to do anything to take down political opponents and listen I'm on the right. I don't think that my site is immune to this only I'm immune to this, but I think that this is a pretty agreed example. Indeed, over the last couple of weeks or months, inquiry Booker doing this routine, where he is spot guess by revealing documents that were already revealed or Insult Kamala Harris implying that Brett haven't had been corruptly discussing the Mulder Investigation with members of president transform with? No, listen to that whatsoever. Sheldon Whitehouse, proclaiming that he didn't feel subject to the law, because merit garland should be on the Supreme Court, and now, when you have Diane Feinstein dumping into the public, record on sourced allegations of in a lead. Sexual assault, the took place thirty five years ago in order to stop right, Cavenaugh is essential and Supreme Court Ray
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even his confirmation has Senator Feinstein, or anyone raised the spectre of noon formation about him centres. We promised to oppose judge cabinets nomination with everything I have. It appears here delivering this eleventh hour attempt since away the confirmation, so just really Russia does not the only gross allegations had I there's a headline at the New York Times today, going after it He Haley's is the single most popular Republican in the country and, as I said before, on the show my spirit, animal here is the headline from the Euro Times State Department spent fifty two days. Seven hundred and one dollars on curtains for Mickey Haley's residence. So this is an attempt to ain't Magee Hayley as Scott Private casually corrupt officials, who spending enormous quantities of calf pair cash in ordered it of tat spare cash in order to pay her residence. A here's, the peace from the New York Times I'll see you stop me when you think you hear the problem with this new timescale. The state department spent fifty two thousand seven hundred one dollars last year, buying customize mechanized curtains for the picture windows in Haley's official residences, ambassador to the? U N Justice Department,
we're going deep budget cuts and then frozen hiring the residents in the new building on First Avenue has spectacular views and Miss Hale is the first time ass. It had eleven it for decades for predecessors lived in the Waldorf, Historiae Hotel and after the hotel was purchased by chinese insurance company with the murky ownership structure. The state department decided in two thousand six: to find a new home for its top Newark diplomat, because a security concerns the government lease the apartment just blew from the delegations offices with an option to buy. According to Patrick Kennedy, the top management official at the state depart during the Obama administration, the full floor penthouse with handsome heart. What floors covering large, open spaces. Stretching nearly six thousand square feet was listed at fifty eight thousand dollars per month per month. A spokesman for Miss Hayley said plans to buy the curtains were made in tone. He sixteen during the Obama administration His Hayley had no say in the purchase he said so they have
is Nikki. Hayley is responsible for spending fifty three grand on curtains and then buried in paragraph four of this peace is the actual store What does that? The Obama administration outfitted the place for fifty grand on curtains because they were fully expecting me. You Adam Basle, Ruby, a Democrat. Your illustration was expecting the next person to occupy that penthouse to Ba Democrat, and so they decided to spend inordinate quantities of cash on curtains, but there are trying dependent on Nicky Hayley anyway, so instead is gonna, be there that Nicky Hayley is somehow responsible for all of this, really a tremendous smear, a really massive smear from the New York Times again in an attempt to get top right, black and officials, and then you wonder why folks don't actually trust the media or meanwhile, there are a series of elections in New York last night and theirs. A bizarre split that happened in New York last night, there, a bunch of very, very far left candidates who one sort of local races the most prominent from his job
We Salazar a twenty seven year old, democratic socialist, who is plagued by NATO news coverage in the final weeks of insurgent campaign against incumbent new states under Martin Dylan, for making misleading statements better background. She had claimed that she was the child of colombian jewish immigrants, are they cheat emigrated issues an illegal immigrant who was poor from Colombia and Jewish, not a say, The element of that is true: ok, she's, not from Colombia, she's, an american citizen. Her parents are american citizens. She isn't issues, not poor. Rob middle class to upper middle class. She is not jewish. All of this was false, so she's. Basically, we'll see about just essentially lying about. He elements were background that didn't stop people in this New York district for but from voting for her for the New York State Senate, because this is a small district in the middle of it. Brooklyn and, as we know, Brooklyn is a very, very left area, voters in north Brooklyn is according to the Huffington Post, which live Salazar. Voters in North Brooklyn on Thursday found her preferable to Dylan's close to
as to the real estate lobby. Salazar triumph in the democratic, primarily for the New York State Senate. Eighteenth district, see The voters may also been sending a message of disgust with corruption, scandals that have rocked the state Senate Susan, carrying a leader of the New York City, chapter of the Democratic Socialist of America, which endorsed Salazar and whose it she's an act of despair, Member of the organisation she's Julius. Alzheimer's victory is a testament to how much our policy platform resonated, but the people of North Brooklyn some of the fastest gentrifying communities in New York City, her ball platform of fighting for tenants, rights, immigrants in transit, riders matters, more more than this expensive smear campaign against her, and that shows how important the issues really are. So she she again implied that she was an immigrant she's, not that she was poor. She is not that she graduated from which she said she graduated from coal, university she's, not having a great from Columbia University. She said that she was raised in a jewish in faith. That is untrue and I love than Europe that you haven't imposed coverage. While these things made headlines, there's things
percent not realise that rapid and they are Phibbs Salazar policy platform under the enthusiastic grass roots support of the democratic Socialism America basis you're talking about one area of New York that is far left socialist and keep selecting similar people from Alexandria or Cortez to Cynthia Nixon. But here's where things get weird that seem districts, last night, they voted for Julia Salazar voted basically two to one for Andrew Cuomo. Andrew homo over Cynthia Nixon in democratic gubernatorial primary source. The annex and who was running to the far left. She put out a series of tweets this morning talking about how she was very disappointed that so many people showed up and turned out to vote for Andrew Quota, which is weird thing for a democratic socialist to say, supposedly a power of the people person. She also talked about how true priorities like banning plastic bags. We're not gonna be taken care. By Andrew Quantum can't imagine why she lost, in any case, Cynthia Nixon who did win by the way, one third of the boat being her only qualification for office being extraordinarily radical and power.
Here's what she had to say in the aftermath of or defeat it is about. Bring a vision of the way things could work, if only we have the leadership and the political courage to make it a reality. This race for the democratic nomination may be over, but the fight for the soul of the dead a Craddock Party is just beginning. Here is the part that is actually kind of through about what you're saying in here is, where republicans run into a bit of a pickle Republicans are betting, undemocratic radicalism to save him. The betting on the fact that the Democrats have moved very, very far left to save them in general elections like twenty twenty, President from approval ratings are low because president trouble be hit with another slew of negative headlines regarding Paul Fort, for example, and so the feeling is the only way that
that interim cruises to victory and twenty twenty is because the Democrats are just bad at this. The Democrats are likely to nominate somebody who's. A far left radical, whose easy to pillory I'm not so sure, that's true because where sentient accent is correct, is that her agenda is in fact taking over the democratic party. Mainstream democratic party people on the right are counting on the Julia. Salazar is now it's Andrea, causing Cortez of the world to take over. The party are counting on people who are overtly nuts to take over the root of the Democratic Party. And to a certain extent, that's worked on the grassroots level, but I think that, as we rise and democratic power six, there actually winnowing out the most ridiculous candidates.
So I'm a little bit concern about the fact that Andrew Cuomo defeated Cynthia Nixon sobbing sent the inexorable win, because then we actually have the spectre of Cynthia Nixon is new governor. We could point to her Andrew Cuomo is bad enough is actually bad politics, but Andrew Cuomo is in fact a professional politician, and I will explain why. That's important in just one second, but first, let's talk about natural disasters. Can right now there's a natural disaster. Bearing down on the east coast of the United States and there's a solid possibility that a lot of folks are gonna, be cut off from grocery stores, from the ability to get potable water, and the rest, and this is one of the reasons why you really I have some food in your house that is available in case of emergencies when there's no power refrigeration, fail, stores clothes. Then what do you do? Well, I trust my patriot supply for dependable food storage. You should as well person in your household, should have at least a two week. Emergency food supply from my patriots apply this week there offering us special price of only seventy five bucks for a food. Kid that contains
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this happened is mainstream. Members of the Democratic Party had simply move to the left. To co, opt all of the ideas of the hard core left democratic part When Cynthia Nixon says there's war inside the Democratic Party, the war is over and mainstream left lost the mainstream, liberals loss, people who are now in full control of the Democratic Party are, in fact democratic socialists who are basically campaigning that way. They even people like Elizabeth with worn, she's pro capitalism. Yesterday she came out and she said we should break up Amazon, but we should break up J, P, Morgan, I'm not sure. Under what guy shoot well, that Amazon is monopoly that needs to be broken up, but all of this sort of the people was demagogic rhetoric your honor, Miller basis from democratic socialist all across the country, as closely beta Orourke, whose be loved by the democratic base where he spent his time campaigning in Washington DC in New York, he is running very close to TED crews in taxes which An insane in same thing. I tax is a very, very red state of Pedro recorded, pull out there
grace, there's no question who immediately turned around and run for president of the United States here is better Orourke, trying to explain on CBS, because this is what he does- he gets home late nights lot. Better work explains that dreamers should be freed. Deportation by simply granting them full amnesty and citizenship. You don't need walls who can have smart security solutions, and we can free dreamers from the fear of deportation, by making them US citizens today. So they can can due to their maximum capacity for their full potential myself better work again, adopting from the most radical elements of the far left platform here continued by saying that he would not actually trade a wall for the dream at first mop again, let me demonstrate how biased left media is was less time. Ted crews was on I shall answer is never and I won't even have. Apparently, people like nor Mcdonald Unlit show because no Mcdonald's to politically incorrect, but beta arise. Who's going to lose his racist headquarters. In all likelihood, that's a guy.
We now have on the lake show any any Democrat who has higher aspiration we'll get a slot on wage up. But the point here is a little bit broader, which the a work and mainstream Democrats. They have in braced the radical platform of People like Julia Salazar and Cynthia Nixon, but they put more palatable face on a bit or work, is better at this, and Julia Salazar whenever I met Alexander Abkhazia Cortez for President, even if she ran for Senate one, nobody would be talking about it. For that, but better Orourke is pre, smooth polish politician. Then you can see that he's effective input. Exactly the same message and again you can see the radicalism of the Democratic Party at work. Among Means In political figures, who feel the need to adopt that platform, Chelsea Clinton is doing the same things in Chelsea Clinton is the child of the guy. I who said safe, legal and rare should be the standard with regard to abortion. Here she was yes they sang. It would be unchristian unchristian to go back to a time
when abortion was illegal. You we just can't go back to rat like that unconscionable to me and also in sure that this will unleash another wave of hate and my directed, and that is a deeply religious person. It's also unchristian was unchristian. Now is unchristian to prevent the abortion of the unborn as its unchristian wow imprint, pretty amazing stuff there. But again, the point here is is the broader point, what's happening is that the democratic socialist platform is now rising up in democratic party among more palatable figures, including folks, like Andrew Cuomo. The reason it Andrew Cornel beat Cynthia Nixon is because the France between Andrew Como and Cynthia Nixon was simply not broad enough to justify voting for an actress from sex in the city over a sitting governor of the state of New York with a long family history in New York politics. When that happens, then Republicans really should be worried. Republican should be worried that democratically
somebody who is a little bit more publicly palatable, but his mimic. Exactly the same message is a Bernie Sanders. It won't be a crazy old boom bag from Vermont running this time. It will be some whose more attractive, but we somebody who's better. At this, there will be somebody who is who is capable of winning a national election on a far left platform. Now there is some hope, left, ok and the hope stands in the fact that a lot of the Lot of the primary voters on both sides are more motivated by anger, revenge than they are by anything remotely approaching typical politics. This is why, Michael ever naughty, I think still provides an outsize threat on the left. I think that, basically, the two thousand twenty nomination, the Democratic Party at this point How to give out it's here. Elizabeth with worn, is the odds on favorite. Elizabeth WAR is dangerous because she is picking up all of the queues from the, hard left Elizabeth, worn used to be kind of moderate it back in the day she will books about the two parents in the two further the two income trap and we need to build them class by released by removing some regulation and we need to restructure our
our plan of social more is due to benefit marriage. Elizabeth Warm was not a hard core. Radical she's become a hard core radical specifically because she knows that that is what place with the democratic base, and while she is a personally unappealing care, that it in some ways. She can't answer one question that probably lost Hillary Clinton election. Why do you wanna? Be President Hilary loss and twenty six because everybody knew the answer. Was she just wanted a cash felt she was owed it Elizabeth worn, can do the populist routine far better than hitherto Can you can see the media already starting to rally behind Elizabeth Warrant, the Harvard LAW, professor against the the Rube from queens? That's that's the way. They're gonna play this thing, so she still the front runner and then you ve got sort of insurgent candidacy of probably Kampala Harris the democratic candidate from Caliph. When you have the senator out here, she's a terrible senator issues, terrible attorney general, but she is black and she is female and she is radical. She checks intersection, allergy boxes for a lot of folks,
Last night she could, theoretically drought, minority basin away Elizabeth worn may not be able to, and she is good at playing the prosecutor. Many have the real dark horse the race and that our course in the I gladly nodding so michael- have a naughty. This is what Republicans or banking on the democratic base will be driven. So nuts by tromp pages decide go get the angriest sky on television, and so, while the rest of the country is in the air its particularly are laughing and Michael Avenue Bodies pretensions to glory. They also have to Donald Trump pretensions to go all the way until he was president of the United States, Michael Avenues untouched, Karlsson last night, and I have to say in a Tucker, I thought- did A did a pretty funny job handling and is clearly plan that this thing was going to be just a rocket soccer. Robots punching match between Tucker I'll, send and microeconomic it benefits, have an outing, it's good for Avenant, it's good for Tucker Tube ratings are good and because Tucker is being good with dinner views. But Avenue ADI clearly likes these sorts of situations. He goes
to the lions den in that's gonna be his pitch. His picture is gonna, be I'm the guy who punches hardest and you can see exactly how this work last night to Tucker benefited from the fact that he was smacking, and have a naughty avenue. Only benefited from the factories punching right back at Tucker. This sort of oppositional politics is Republicans best hope for somebody like anxiety to get the nominees, so tuckers Trolling avenue body with all sorts of hull- areas Kai, runs last night, the Cairo Robert Fox NEWS gets arrays than they do. The Cairo said things like creepy porn, where toying with twenty twenty run. I have an idea, of course, is the lawyer first Stormy, Daniels and Tucker take on creepy porn. Where- and I was pretty yes, I therefrom from Tucker Karlsson Avenue, did get into it with Karlsson for calling Mccrae porn where he says. Why? Don't you call from the crippling president? This is the kind of thing where Abonati earns earns points. The the base right, he's gonna, try and run a hard left. I fight president from campaign, and theoretically he could do more damage than I think I will give him credit for
Is it that you don't call Donald Trump Creepy Porn president he's the one that had sex with a four month old son at home case my client now without a condom, ok site, but you want. I acknowledge that you don't want to acknowledge that acknowledge it. Ok, do you believe that he had such a guy? I've said that other people's lives at www gas dealing a majority of people in Europe. What is that? What you think? It's? Ok, if the present lies anymore, settled down. Ok, so it well this rather naughty. Avenant comes out of this. Looking good for his based Tucker comes out this looking good for his based. I will say the funniest moments interviews whenever naughty asked Tucker. If you watch porn and took her, got off pretty good line here If you ve got that big only fly, do you ever think of me? I didn't fun at last sidelines when's! The last time you saw porn. Oh you busted me. Actually many formulation porn! That's! Why watch you on CNN about winds last Wednesday? I leave you pretty good line their front from Tucker, but again this sort of oppositional pay. It's funny.
Everybody in the elites things people are watching the Elizabeth warn of it. All things are watching the Kampala Harris of it are more people will watch the clips of takeovers as ever naughty. Then we'll see that Elizabeth Word has ever said anything about antitrust? This is that this is the best hope Republicans. The best hope Republicans is that they control the Democrats It's an denominating. Somebody like Michael, have a naughty the worst nightmare for Republicans that somebody who's a credible candidate comes along. It was even remotely likeable and hijacks Cynthia Nixon's platform and uses that all the way to the presidency, that is, that the worst nightmare for Republicans they should take that under environment. We shouldn't be quite so sanguine about the possibility that democratic me, to the left is inevitably going to lead to failure on their part gets the mail bag and just a second. But first I want to talk about your second men, but right now, as you know, I am sure that you know in a problem or of the? U S easier and the big Second amendment supporter there on a mission to protect response we armed Americans, like you and me, and right now there smack We have in the middle of one of their biggest gun, given he's ever. They want to give you ten free chances to win the gun of your dream cell, which
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when you do that. Get the rest of the show. Libras Michael Knowles, show address Andrew Klavan show address of Matt. Wallace's show live by the way, all of those things when you subscribe, plus it's almost time for the next episode of the conversation today, five hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern two hundred and thirty p dot m are we taking your questions and answering them to the best of my ability so make the questions. Good, Ilusha Kraus will be hosting and making sure that animals is nowhere inside. Thank God. As always, this episode will be free for everyone to watch on Facebook and Youtube. Only subscribers can ask the questions so subscribe to get your questions answered by yours truly today, five thirty pm eastern to third Pm Pacific joined the conversation and going at the annual subscription. Yet all that plus You have to steers hot or cold. Tumblr is spectacular. Nine nine dollars a year cheaper than the monthly subscription go check it out right now and you get access for Sunday special we have and Stephen crowded this week we have a bunch of great Sunday specials coming up. They really. The guest list is pretty tremendous. Go check all that we are the largest fastest growing concern in Pakistan. The nation is already so you know what
get to some mailbag here. So, let's, let's jump right in Jackson's has haven. I know there. The huge hurricane coming for me, and I still say why should the gun may be compelled to help me during the storm I mean? The answer is that the government should put yourself in a bad situation, doesn't mean that the government isn't compelled to try to help you out right, I mean if you, if you walk through a heavily crime, ridden neighborhood in the middle of the night and get mugged. The police are still supposed to show If you stay in the area, we are not supposed to be, the the FEMA rescuers are still supposed to shop. I do think that you ought to bear a higher financial costs for doing that, I think that you should actually have to pay more money for doing that. The government should find people staying in areas where they are expected, not to pick up the costs, even if their house gets
what'd by water. John says: honourable teach us a Shapiro many years from that. How do you think this year of politics and roughly twenty twelve to today and I will be turned education, you think there's any chance. The left, leaning education systems will fail at some point in change perspective What is the most significant example? You can think of our histories taught in a completely wrong and twist manner to american students. Do you in jail, where four continue inspiration. Well, the house Inversion of history is taught routinely in the United States. They, his book people's history of the United States, is sold over two million copies, basically attributing every individual evil to America and every individual good to the world civilization at large. There's something loves to do slavery, uniquely american sexism, uniquely american racism, uniquely american landing man on the moon, world, achievement and world war. Two world achievement ending sexism, ending slavery, ending racism, world achievements. All of that is absolute nonsense and there is no basis for that whatsoever.
As far as how do I think this year of politics will be taught. Why think if people regain sanity, they're gonna look at twenty twelve as the election that broke the country, I think twenty twelve really made country worsen of writing. What, like imagine right now if Mitt Romney were in his second term He'd want been running for reelection in twenty twenty, as opposed to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump eating. Country might be better in a lot of ways. I didn't country. Lot better in a lot of ways of Ababa, had not want a second term in twenty twelve and used his identity politics in order to in order to seize victory. I think that would have been very that having at that It was horrible for the country having told the right into your insanity, and I think that in turn is told the left in dinner insanity. It is polarized. Politics in dramatic, weighs two thousand aids and break the country, but I think twenty twelve really did serious damage to the country. Adam says in others, general saying about men falling in love or marrying a woman similar mothers and women with their fathers. You think there's truths That is your wife, anything like your own mother and how thanks for the UN
and insight what you mean. I think that you are driven to imitate people that you love and if You are, if you like your mom, then you're gonna, look for somebody who is like him in a lot of ways, so that the ways that my wife is like, my mom, they have it's always funny. Every so often There will be some weird commonality between my mom in my wife, a while just start laughing about it. So my wife has a tendency to mix up movies and most bizarre ways. My mom is the same thing. My wife will forget about the plot of movies, extraordinarily quickly, in the same way that my mom will they. They have a lot of commonalities and sort of weird Corky ways there very Similarly practical, my mama's career women, my wife is rewarded and because I admire my mom, a lot my wife, is similar, my mom and those with their ways in which my wife is different. There things about my mom that now I like less than I like about my wife and I looked specifically for ways in which my wife would be different from my mom. I think that one of the things that can help you pick a good spouse is making a serious objective and Alice
as of what you like and dislike about your parents, because that allows you to get a load of distance instead of sort of falling instinct, surely into the pattern of marrying somebody who's, exactly like your parents. Are parents are models for your life's, of course, you're gonna marry somebody who seems to be like a parents and a lot of ways but trying to analyze what it is that drives. You, nuts, about your parents, also a good way to avoid marrying somebody who exhibits those same characteristics. Andrews has haven. I'm a spanish professor. I want students to join my major, but I also want my students to make money after college. What should the role of humanity's in college related to be related to yesterday's? Come but what was- and I think that the humanities education was originally designed to inculcate things, like virtue and american values and a certain level of background knowledge about your civilization. But since no longer do that. Obviously things should be job related. Now. I think that being a spanish major is actually pretty useful island, the state Alfred. Last night, my wife and I spent half an hour with Rosetta stone, specifically because we're trying to Prince, and so I think that your maid
there is actually a useful major when it comes to english majors. However, it seems to me that the only thing that trade should be as an english teacher in English, professor, because the number of successful writers in the United States is extraordinarily low, was a percentage that doesn't mean people shouldn't. Adrian English enjoy English. I love English. I took a lot of english courses in college. I enjoyed them tremendously, but I think that if you are looking at the job of a college, we have to determine what is the risk reward benefit? What is it what what is the opportunity cost if you could of measured in something that was going? Any more money would have that. Would that have been the best possible use of your time as opposed to majoring in something that you may be enjoyed more college is essential: income assorting mechanism for grad school. That's all colleges at this point doesn't almost matter where you went to college matters. A lot more wary ones, grad school, it doesn't matter. So once you see, let matters a lot more went to Harvard law. School has Harvard law prepared me for an actual job. Lakes has been when planning for a marriage proposal is more important to get debt and financed.
In order first, or is there more or less consider? I should consider. I think that it is important to be able to support family, obviously, but I think that the first thing that you should be considering is whether you are capable of living sponsible lifestyle, generally entreating, your wife or or husband, with the most appropriate level of respect and dignity, necessary trick them as an individual human being not as a tool for gratification of your emotional desires that, if that is the biggest thing cousinly working on yourself, is what makes marriage better constantly working on your spouse. What makes marriage worse, yadda yadda, when your marriage, your knowing your relationship, knit pick your spouse but make sure, by the way that you find a spouse who is capable of changing when when they are called on something that is worthy of change, Rachel, Has he been wiser called single pair health care when everyone pays thanks? will. The reason is because the single parents, the government, but it's really just a euphemism, it makes it sound better. The nationalized self car, which is what single pair is, is really funny Cynthia Dixon said earlier today that we need a democratic party that
braces single pair health cards, like every major democratic candidate, has now embraced the Medicare for all plan that there's some folks. Why respect and health Their policies, while embracing Medicare for all, doesn't necessarily mean its single pair. No, it means is the first step towards single parent. Once you have a government option, the government can simply undercut everybody else. The government does not cost you anything you by private, supplemental insurance. If the government is going to cover it anyway, maybe do that, but the government is then gonna have to restrict your access to that insurance in order to prevent every doktor from simply taken that insurance and rejecting Medicare, so heavily regulating creating a public option, does create an enormous number of problems in the private market and, in fact, does lead more toward a single pair system, although obviously there hybrid systems, like Australia, where a huge number of people by supplemental health insurance Marcel says Haven, could you explain how evolution is compatible with creationism? Thanks love the show fan from Hungary? There is a great book by a Gerald Schroeder called the genesis in the big
that's really worth reading I've recommended it. Many times are basically the idea of Evelyn and being crowed consonant with creationism is there is a force that stands behind evolution God has to. He's a mechanism. That mechanism is evolution. I actually find it puzzling that folks have a very tough time rectifying the balance between the two, I understand why felt by led Wanna take the Bible literally because they say if you're gonna take this part metaphorically and take this part literally. How do we know what's metaphorical and what's literal and the answer to that is sort of the Thomas Aquinas answer, which is what science tells us is also the presence of God and the universe so science. The Bible cannot be in conflict you're, either misinterpreting the double or you're, gettin signs were one of the two has to be wrong if you're, a true Jew or Christian, but creationism is fully continent.
The idea of evolution because again that the order of creation suggests that God created living material on than he created plants, and then he created in animals and then he created and then creating human beings. There is there's nothing there that says by what mechanism God actually did. All of that Stevens has happened. Who's your favorite founding father thanks and I love the show you'd have to almost you have to say Washington. Just guess he's the greatest man in american history, and this is a person who was capable of uniting a country that was divided about virtually every issue and then seeding power. As soon as he could do so. Legally, there's an amazing things. It did the amount, the the conference that you have to have to say, I'm walking away from power. Now, I'm in a handed to somebody who I don't necessarily even trust, like John Adams, I ain't gonna handed to that guy just walk away. It's pretty tremendous houses been what legal authority to public universities have to deny students their second amendment rights go up
linking the from my understanding, have the same authority as local cities and in local, Anne and localities counties which, as they can make regulations that that prevail on their particular swaths of territory as long as those who violate the constitution with regard to the second amendment, so that really hasn't been litigated too much. You haven't seen a lot of cases with regard to the second amendment. Frankly, but what's the state of Texas were to pass a law saying that the that concealing carries long land and then the University of taxes said no it's hard to see how that could from the state LAW of Texas. Actually Betty Finn says Dear Lord later. How do you think we should pay for the border? While I think we should just take all the money we spend on straws and use that to build the wall was frankly, I think that we have money to pay for the border wall. It is in pretty much every attempted defence appropriations bill.
The border while is beyond oh by the way. I don't. I am in favour of a border Walter. I think it's the chief mechanism for curbing illegal. Migration? I dont think the chief method for curbing illegal immigration is deportation and that needs arise with regard specifically to people have overstated visas, but it is a serious problem that we have have avoided paying our freight on a variety of issues in the border wall included Mexico's not gonna pay for it by the way that just that, so it Jesus Hiven, I'm a programme. In Seattle, Washington, I'm going growing increasingly fearful of the homeless problem has got much worse in the past years with tense popping up all over the place. We multiple, brush fires that have been started along five human face, he's literally one in the sidewalks trash is everywhere. What do you think is the source of this recent uptake and homelessness, and what do you think local governments can do to solve the issue the long term cause of homelessness- is the dramatic rise of drug use and mental illness on our streets so used to be that folks were forced
really institutionalized when they are a danger to themselves or others in living on the street in mentally ill state is not actually a healthy thing, but the left his basically decided that you have the freedom to live on the street as promulgated the lie that most people living on the street are people who are simply victims of economic circumstance, which is not true the huge swathes of the folks were living on. The streets have serious mental illness, and or our drug addicts and have serious problems beyond just their poor are their homeless shelter. Available and allow these thoughts not saying a homeless shelter is because they want to live outdoors. We don't have a right to do that. The way to fix the homeless problem is to jail people if they will, if they are devastating on public land, it is too it is to take away
the stuff that they have on the street and put them in jail. Rutulian needs at this time square. He cleanup times square. It is only the localities have decided that they are not going to do anything about the homeless problem. The homeless problem remains a major problem in cities, like LOS Angeles, we have sixty thousand homeless people last count in Seattle, where the attempts to build ten cities that are reminiscent of hoovervilles reveals has continued unabated for the past several years, turning the Emerald City, a worse shade of of Poop Brown LISA, then, as a former left, leaning millennial turned right. Leaning do you think millennials over time, will become more conservative or remain the same thanks. I think that the evidence is that they will turn we're right, leaning? But the question is how many and right now there's a pretty durable polarization and american politics of the myth that a bunch p We call on the left when they're eighteen are gonna, be on the right by the time there. Forty, I don't think that's true. Fewer of them are getting A few of them are having children. Most of them are pretty ensconced in a media world that suggest that all consumers are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobia. This is why I am deeply troubled by
present trumps rhetoric a lot of the time I think he's driving away future generations from the Republican Party and the Polar bear out. My point of view on this. I dont think that this is a simple. This is simple. As people get older, they pay tax than they turn Republican. I just I don't think that's that case. Unfortunately, culture war seem to matter a lot more than economic ones. Ok final question: here: let's see this kind of an interesting one at sea, then this would Sonya. I love your show its basically part, my lunch routine. At this point, not really politics by wanted to ask for your opinion on a purely cosmetic sort I don't have any real convictions, one way or the other, although I heavily against them following the hold their unnatural in a waste argument. Isn't it civilly my case mostly because our parents have been hounding me for about a year to get some sort of nose job. I know a lot of you. But from my ethnicity and getting one at some point. Thanks persons, Armenian, I guess, The thanks again love the show, and they say there are many in the Sami making Rachel's there
at this point, the money isn't a factor in the decision. The only thing keeping this from happening is me thanks man again of the show so actually like the jewish perspective on this, which is that you should not seek optional surgery. Optional surgery puts you at risk and seems ungrateful for what it is that God Gay You, unless you can't get? It should also be in the jewish world. That means they, unless it's by preventing you from getting married. If it's actually providing you significant hardship in your life, have you no ship? The way it is, then is, it seems to me not abnormal to go, get a nose, job bounding, that's the end of the world. By any stretch of the imagination there there are cases in which plastic surgery that is optional, I think, is, is still fully warranted. So, for example, there are many women who, after they have a double mastectomy for breast cancer, will have breast reconstruction surgery. There would have to do it for health reasons they wanted to, because it makes them feel better makes them feel more beautiful. I don't see any problem with that at all, however, if
just a dude and you want to wake, have wash born absolute just go, get my perception because remain. That seems to me like a waste and in a bit of foolishness, ok time for some things I like and then we'll get to a thing that I hate so things that I like today, we are doing so more bread, Meltzer books are bred. Melter. Has this great series of children's books they're, just terrific, my daughter, loves them at the latest. In a series I am Neil Armstrong in which presumably you'll learn from doesn't he plans to flag on the moon, unlike in first man, these books, our great they basically portray? All of these characterised as kind of kid versions of themselves in they tell their whole story, there's one about Abraham, Lincoln. That's great! Does what about George Washington? That's just terrific. My daughter loves these books, loves them and the illustration by Christian, had by Christopher Ellie Apple. Us are really tremendous, really isn't this if you want or how to educate, weakens the cigarette. Would educator kids there's a lot of great stuff in these books? and Brad who have intervened on the programme before does a great job with them. Ok time for a couple of things that I hate,
gay, so thing number one that I hate. So yes, last night Fox for put out this sweet fox endows put out the sweet, developing search warrant, marijuana found in bath and genes apartment after deadly shooting and this tweet rightly got ratio to disguise bath and Jane. If you missed it, I discussed it a couple of days ago. Boffin gene is Blackfellow lived interest in Dallas. I guess he was a rap for pharmaceutical company or something I can remember what is jobless, and these insurance maybe, and he was in his own apartment, a police officer who live downstairs walked into his apartment. She thought it was her own apartment is her case, and then she said a black eye hoping around for permanent shot him in this it s. Basically what she says does that sound racial? Maybe does it soon really bad. In any case, absolutely ok. And there is no excuse for walking into some. How else is apartment in shooting them to death. It that's what happened with lady because she's, a cop, it seems like the police department, is doing its damnedest to try and justify the shooting
and so they ve now issued a search warrant against his apartment and they found pot there if you think that being shot in your own, a pirate If this guy had a hydra lab in his apartment, I don't care if he was Bacon Crystal Meth in his apartment. If he was in his apartment- and he wasn't doing anything, and what is it wasn't do anything he wasn't threatening anyone else. You cannot go into his apartment and shoot him, particularly if there's search warrant like one thing, if they ask Bacon Crystal Meth in his apartment and the cops come to rate as parliament, and he resisted arrest in some way goes to the cops gonna get shot That's that's one thing, but if he's literally just in his apartment making some tea, and, in the other, room use bacon crystal Meth, and you may have second wandered into his pocket and shot him in over, it just happens to be got crystal meth bathtub. What exactly does that have to do with the shooting in the medical marijuana, certainly as nothing. So what so that hell? What but really-
what would this be the headline back? And you know nineteen twenty eight during prohibition, somebody accidentally got trodden their carbon bottle of gin found on the night stand, so so what this idea that that police officers have to be given this above and beyond level of exemption. For me, That is clearly criminal seems to me absolutely absurd, and that needs to stop as soon as possible. We want to restore trust between the police and in the but one of the ways to do that is actually prosecute police when they do bad things and not to do obscure these facts with with silliness about marijuana being found until people dying is so far, we haven't really had a lot of evidence that people die because of global warming, but we have seen is evidence that global warming may be happening over a period of time that human lying and so far we have really had a lot of evidence that people die because of global warming. What we have seen is evidence that warming- may be happening over a period of time that human impact has some effect.
On the on the environment, that, even if you make the case that storms are more severe, of this that doesn't necessarily link the death toll to the severity of the storm right. There are a lot of intervening factors like how well, as this house built in people of accurate, where there are a lot of things that are that are linked that, but what we are now seeing from CNN is the attempt to use this current hurricane Florence that is threatening these coasts as a club instruction Now, if John, I want on CNN claiming that president trumps policies could lead to eighty thousand excess deaths per decade, dismantling the clean power plant and opening nearly all our course coastline to offshore drilling. It's so bad that, according to to Harvard scientists, trumps environmental policies could lead to an additional eighty thousand unnecessary. It does every decade. Why? What I am so glad that
have now linked policies to debt, so how many excess doubts would affordable care active led to based on shortages in doctors, how many excess doubts have been created by the National health service? Heavenly excess that, like all these calculations, are based on the kind of modelling that you do and the modeling doesn't take into account market changes. It doesn't take into account migration. It doesn't take into account future technological changes. It's very easy to say that your boat, the policies of your opponent, are going to cause death. That seems like an extreme case. That's pretty extreme if you actually want to make the case against press drums policies instead of saying it's gonna clause death, which is just off putting in so we say, president terms, policies are irresponsible with regard to the environment and they are going to cause an upsurge in bad weather that has significant impact on the economy and that may result in additional danger to populations. If, for example, storms get worse, don't train forecast humbly peel gonna die because from didn't pick up in a bomb at your regulation is just it's silly to
and it's an exaggeration. Most people can detect. Ok, we'll be back on Monday with all its latest. I've been here. This is the venture grocer. The bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer, Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron, make up is by just one over the bench of Euro Show is a daily wire for publishing production. Copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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