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Ep. 631 - The Kavanaugh-calypse Approacheth

2018-10-04 | 🔗
A Democrat is arrested for targeting Republicans, the Kavanaugh vote approaches, and a last-ditch attempt to stop Kavanaugh materializes. Date: 10-04-2018
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A Democrat is arrested for targeting Republicans the Cavanaugh vote approaches and a last ditch attempt to stop Cavanaugh Materializes Adventure Bureau. This is the bench bureau show the excitement bills as we approach the cavern of omits. Mcconnell has now file for culture. That means the vote unkind no a likely take place on Saturday, perfect I'll, be off so dont even know what happened? The suspense will kill me on Saturday once again, God coming between me and the news, but that's just the way it works around here bunch of announcements to make up top here before we get into the latest today when we got a lotta material, including the supposition that Brick Cavanaugh committed, Perjury understand on which is the new angle is being taken, will talk about all that, but first I want to announce it.
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to the new, so much Mcconnell Senate Majority Leader has announced that he is invoking closer meaning that we are not going to allow the Democrats to filibuster the Cavanaugh Domini, and that means that by Saturday befalls and it will be voting, Brett, Kavanaugh here was Mitch Mcconnell yesterday announcing that he was going to file cloture on the floor of the Senate. There be plenty of time for members to review and be briefed on the supplemental material before a Friday, cloture vote. So I'm filing cloture on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination this evening. So the process can move forward as I indicated earlier and the process we should move forward. The process should move forward because guess what shocker it turns out that nothing has been done.
And we ve been doing this for another week another week, thanks to sender, Jeff Lake and the idea that FBI investigation was going to quell everyone's years. Clearly, that's happened. Gloomy Democrats are now very satisfied with how this has gone. Everybody has a lot of faith in the FBI. Folks on the left, you really feel like a full investigation. Has been done in their feeling. Pretty satisfied about all those take, for example, Senator Diane Feinstein, who took the results of the FBI inquiry and she saw that it basically said nothing new and then surely you know what Failing this has been settled. I guess now really consider bright, Cavanaugh nomination or, alternatively, it should do what everyone knew, what she would do, and she said: oh no, the investigation is bunch of hooey and it was never meant to be comprehensive and therefore Democrats can vote for Cavanaugh on that basis years. Diane Feinstein, who really has just been- I mean that there is no other word for it in terms of the process which is engaged in an evil in a really has been in evil process in which these engage getting an allegation on July thirtieth holding it for six weeks until just before the vote, releasing it without any corroborating detail.
Maybe releasing it an in order to spur the full release of the story and then grilling. Cavanaugh on suppose it gang rape. All this has been grows here, Centre, Diane Feinstein, continuing her pattern of being rose by saying that the FBI investigation is incomplete and because it incomplete. Therefore, that's really why we should vote on Cavanaugh but what I can say is that the most notable part of this report, is, what's not in it. As we know by the White House, the F B, I did not interview Rat Cavanaugh, we have seen even more press reports of witnesses who wanted to speak with the FBI. But we're not interviewed okay. So I love that she says what most important here is: what's not in it, that's true, but not how she means it. So she says what most important as all the people, the F B, I didn't interview. While that's because the people that she's talking about could provide milk rob
they evidence. What's not in the report is that there is no corroborating evidence for end any of Christine Blasi for delegations, no corroborating evidence, none the GEO percentage Judiciary chaired Chuck rashly. He says there is no hint of misconduct in confidential, F B. I report on Cavenaugh sexual misconduct claims. He says, there's nothing in it that we didn't already know. Susan Collins and Leeson Rakowski, ITALY, Susan funds from from main she's, suggesting that the FBI process has made her feel a little more quiet about this whole thing, maybe that's what you're flake was going for, if so, what with the best possible spent on it, maybe one senator flake called for the FBI. Investigation he's just trying to get Susan Collins on board or provide cover for a couple of Democrats like Joe Mansion and highly height camp to vote for bread, Cavenaugh also the polling did this week has been brutal for Democrats. That means the Joe Mansion and Heidi High Camping North Dakota that the two of them may in fact vote for Cavanaugh just to preserve their Senate seats. It is very likely right now
The Democrats did that their chances before the Cavenaugh thing were not good at a with regard to taken back the center they about one in three shot. According to five thirty, eight modeling of taking back the Senate. Now that's down to about one in four and it looks like Republicans, may actually pickup seats in the Senate. Even the advantage. The Democrats haven't house races has been reduced by half as we talk about yesterday on the show. So this cab, nothing is backfired pretty badly. On Democrats, Whitehouse spokesmen Russia, as the White House, has received the Federal Bureau of Investigation, supplemental background investigation into Judge Cavanaugh. It is being transmitted to the Senate with leader, Mcdonald's, closer filing senators have been given ample time to review the seventh background investigation. This is the last additions and most comprehensive review of a supreme court. Now many in history, which includes extensive hearings, multiple committee interviews over twelve hundred questions for the record and over half a million pages.
Documents, but this additional information at the White House is fully confident. The Senate will vote to confirm, Judge Cavenaugh to the Supreme Court. President Trump tweeted out this morning, the harsh and unfair treatment of Judge Black Cavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact voters the people get it far better than the politicians. Most importantly, this great lie life cannot be ruined by mean and despicable, Democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations
a hundred percent right on this, even Brett Stevens is expressing gratitude that trumpet president today, which is an amazing thing, regret Stevens, is about his hand. I trump as it's possible to be. He is a true, never Trump Republican and he came out in the New York Times today and said. I am very very pleased that Donald Trump as president and standing by Brett Cabinet now there's a lot of votes on the left. You don't seem to understand why folks on the right are so passionate about this issue. The regional passionate about this issue is because it looks like due process in presumption of innocence have been tossed completely are now a second I'm gonna get to the counter argument is being made by some folks. I think in good faith. Folks, like sand Harris on his podcast friendly with them, and we ve been having a little bit about text back and forth about this, and I am not going any secrets. He said all the stuff publicly on to talk about that just a second, but the way that Republicans are viewing this way conservatives are viewing.
This way, independence are viewing. This is a man was accused after thirty six years of allegedly sexually assaulting a girl back when he was seventeen years old. There is no corroborating evidence and Democrats want to run him out of his life over it, and then the media have decided to latch onto every single rumour, they possibly can in order to prevent Cavanaugh from joining the court. That's what this looks like to anyone, I think of objective. I don't think it's conservatives. Anyone have checked by the process suck
now. There are two separate questions, and this is where I think it's worth while discussing the most intellectually honest version of the leftist case there to several questions: does the process suck and does Brett Cavanaugh deserve to be on the court now these two issues are not completely separate the process and its sucking are one of the reasons why Brett Cavenaugh got himself into a little bit of trouble with regard to his testimony to talk about the trouble he got himself into with regard was testimony and just a second, but these sucking of the process is what most people are concerned with this point, because it feels like whatever complaints are being made about. Brett Kavanaugh are essentially fruit of the poisonous tree and when you accuse a guy of Gangrape- and you start going through his yearbook and then your final case against him, is he fibbed about stuff in his high school yearbook? And that's why he shouldn't be on the Supreme Court. That feels like fruit of the poisonous tree in the worst possible way and in a second I'm gonna, discuss that case. Also, it feels like the media are out to get cabinet because they are Ronan Pharaoh.
Then some really good work on the meeting stuff. Excellent. Some really excellent work on the me to stuff and he completely has undermine its own credibility with regard to break Havana. So you recall that, a week ago, the New York, our enemies by Jane Mire, was not good reporter and Ronan Pharaoh. Who is a good reporter? They put out a piece suggesting that I'm an Endeavour Ramirez back when she was at Yale. Was it a drunken frat party, Abrek, Cavanaugh unzip dispensing exposed himself to her, and that was the accusation. It was at a party. She apparently considered it for six days. Could she wasn't sure that she remembered it correctly or that it was cabinet? And then she came forward and told the story? The Renault corroborating witnesses were last night. The new Yorker decides in order to undermine the credibility of the FBI, investigation they're, going to come forward with new witnesses to double Ramirez estate. It will now be kind of a bomb, shall wouldn't it except that's, not actually. What the report says on Wednesday evening New York runs this investigative peace from my
and rode in Pharaoh. The peace claimed that the FBI investigation into sexual assault claims against Cavanaugh was insufficient. What made the investigation insufficient? Will here's what they said? This quote frustrated potential witnesses who have been unable to speak with the FBI agents. Conducting the investigation into sexual assault. Allegations against Donald Trump Supreme Court How many brought cabinet have been resorting to sending statements unsolicited to the bureau and the senders and hopes that there would be seen before the inquiry concluded? So the FBI investigation is justice. Feinstein said insufficient because they're a bunch of witnesses who have not been interrogated by the FBI and they ve been desperately reaching out to the FBI, trying to tell their vital stories what are their vital stories. Well, the key vital story come from within and Kenneth Apples Kenneth Uphold, according to the new Yorker, was sweetmeat Abrek cabinet at the time of the alleged incident had previously spoken to the new Yorker about Ramirez on condition of anonymity. But he said here
Now willing to be identified because he believes the F B, I must thoroughly investigate her allegation. Apples was the gin tasting Nicholls, professor of reformation, history at Princeton, theological seminary said the first heard out the alleged incident involving Cavanaugh in Romania's either the night it occurred or a day or two later Apple said he was one hundred percent certain that he was told. The cabinet was the male student who exposed himself to a mere us. Well, ok, that's pretty damning stuff right, here's a guy who saying that he heard about Cavanaugh exposing himself at this party, so wise and yet very talking dim. Clearly, the FBI investigation is a ruse clearly it hasn't been done more thoroughly enough and all the rest of it. Well, there's only one problem buried a few paragraphs down there in the story is a little spoiler.
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on a girl and putting your hand over her mouth, where there are gradations of evil. This one is a little bit low and the other one, but here's the big problems in Europe or story we're getting Europe. Historic says that this is actually what it says in the story quote apple. He said that he initially asked remain anonymous because he hoped to make contact first with a classmate who, to the best of his recollection, told him about the party and was an eye witness the incident he said he had not been able to get any response from that person. Despite multiple attempts to do so. The new Yorker reached the classmate, but he's said he had no memory of the incident, so another one here's. What the New Yorkers reporting has thereby bombshell. This guy heard second hand about a party which Cavanaugh exposed himself without permission to a girl. And this guy said, I'm not coming forward. Until I talked to the guy who told me the story, the new Yorker actually identified that guy, who supposedly witness the event and they want. They talk to him and that guy sad, I dont remember anything about that. Wouldn't that actually be the end of the story, like a normal journalist extended, wouldn't at the end of the story
eyes. If I spoke to somebody in this that I heard a rumour from acts that this happened, he was an eye witness in then I when I spoke to the eye witness and the eyewitness said man. I don't I'm running out that that would be the end of the story. The new Yorker ran with it anyway, because this is the length to which journalist will go to sink break have those nomination and then that report and the new Yorker gets even worse, the New Yorker wrote that sum of Cavenaugh classmates said he was a bully and high school who laughed and other kids. This quote from New York or story in his statement, which is attorney this another witness in his statement, which is attorney also sent to several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday he ascribed cabinet is part of a click of high school athletes, most of whom are on the football team who routinely picked unless visit. We sit or popular students. He said he never witnessed Cavanaugh physically attacking another student, but he recalled him doing nothing to stop the physical and verbal abuse. Instead, he said cabinets
after the victim's, so what so? What is the implication that you shouldn't sit on? The Supreme Court has a jackass in high school, and I mean like in the classic sense that he was a jerk in high school, who is part of the popular kids. Click This coming from a guy who was deeply unpopular high school right. I have no sympathy for guys we're bullies and high school or whose- by while bullying occurred in high school, I have no sympathy facts. I was a brutal victim of bullying when I was in high school, but being a victim of Boeing does not mean that I think that anyone whose bullion Highschool also rape checks, I dont, think It's a bang it. There are a lot of guys in my high school were the worst people. Imagine
in high school. I dont think any of them participate and I have no evidence of any of them participated in sexual assault on girls, but that's the implication from New York. Restoring you wonder why the right is reacting with outrage to all of us. That's why the right is reacting to how rich. Why else? Because the left is now desperately attempting to make a series of claims about Cavanaugh that are unconnected to the original allegation they'll get to that in just one second. So first, we begin with the response from Doktor Christine Blasi Ford to the FBI, investigation, which came up with nothing new, her attorneys, who are democratic. Activists they sent out a statement, it said quote: an FBI supplemental backroom investigation that did not include an interview of Doktor, Christine Blasi forward, nor the witnesses who corroborate her testimony cannot be called an investigation. We are profoundly disappointed that, after the trip
and sacrifice remaining coming forward. Those directing the FBI investigation were not interested in seeking the truth. There are few things one she testified under oath at length. There is no reason for the F B. I talked to her again if she contradicts restoring shipments perjury, there's no, there's really no reason to them. Talk to a second. They talk to all of the way. This says they who gave sworn statement and those witnesses did not back her story when they say that the F B, I didn't talk to the witnesses who corroborate her testimony. There are no witnesses who corroborate her testimony non zero, zip zilch, none I wanna buy, though I have to debunk a talking point. This being used routinely by folks are left with regard to Blasi, for there is talk of one on the left that women would never falsified.
Would never miss. Remember would never lie about allegations of right now. I have tremendous sympathy for people who allege sexual assault. I do I mean of went when she first came forward. I said this is a credible account. I won't wait for corroborating evidence before I make a decision on this. There's no corroborating evidence forthcoming and that's why I'm saying that break have no accounts and on the court I said I don't know if she's telling the truth, you don't know either. Nobody knows, because there's no corroborating evidence and no witnesses with that said, one of the things it's been put out, thereby by folks on the left, is that there is no incentive for women in high profile cases to come forward.
Towards, for you need help. They need a hills, been a hero on the left for the last twenty five years. Hbo media full series about her and, if you think, there's no incentive for women to come forward and shape the course of history. I find that highly doubtful highly doubtful I mean here is time magazines cover this week. The time exit cover this week is of Christine Blasi Ford swearing with her eyes closed and her entire face is made up of words from her testimony. Does that look like somebody who has not benefited at all from the publicity outside the Christine bless? You forced more than most worship figures on the left today, so that's not an implication that she's lying, but to suggest that the incentives are all stacked in one direction is just not correct is just not objective legal act. It is true. The brick avenue has an interest in her story, not being true, but she also has an interest to suggest that women don't have an interesting coming forward in high profile cases, because all they're gonna get is the downside is just it's not accurate is just not accurate. Now again, that doesn't mean she's manufacturing
her case doesn't mean she's lying, but we ought to at least be honest about what the incentive structures here are. Incentive structures are in place for allegations to sometimes be made. If they weren't, then you wouldn't have high profile cases where women come forward and say something, and it turns out that their fitting or making things up so that isn't. That is point number one point number two there, a bunch of people who are now coming forward and making ancillary claims that have nothing to do with Cavenaugh, and this is supposed to be the great the bunker of capital. So there's a piece in USA today that one was promoting on Twitter in which she claimed the brick have no getting angry in front of the Senate is the reason that he shouldn't be the court so remember the original reason he shouldn't beyond the court was that he was a conservative. Then the reason adhesion beyond the court is because he allegedly committed sexual assault? Then when there was no corroborating evidence you shouldn't it on the court, because he was partisan and angry. This USA today says I
member, my angry father, and that's why brick have national on the court? What in the world is that if there was anything, what has acted with anything- That's like me saying I was abused in high school boys break, have knows bullying high school. That means you re to track and therefore I oppose his nomination and it's just it's an absurd claim. If a bad thing happened to me in your life, thanks to a person who is not the person we're talking about, that doesn't mean that the person at Issue ACT We committed a crime against a person who is not you it's legitimately waxing. I have a relative who was murdered. That means that send you committed murder of another person, there's no logic to that, However, first of all, send you get away with it. She's very clever, dastardly in fact, in her cleverness, but it's a nonsense ardent that's an argument has been repeated. We should believe all women, because something happened to me. Because one thing happened to me, I believe Christine Blasi, for I don't understand that line of thinking it all bad. Things have happened to
nobody in their life, terrible things have happened. Many people some more than others- that doesn't mean that third parties are guilty for crimes against fourth parties richest. It's an absurd claim, it's an absurd claim, and then there is this letter from six hundred and fifty law, professors at the Washington Post and we'll talk about that interest Second, but first, let's talk about how you keep your home safe rings mission is to make neighbourhood safer. Today, over a million people use the amazing ring video doorbell to help protect their homes ring those homes. Security begins at the front door, but it doesn't end there now extending that same level of security to the rest of your home, with the ring flood like him. Just like amazing doorbell floodlight comes emotion, activated, camera and floodlight. That connects right to your phone with hd video and Hu, a audio that lets. You know the moment, anyone steps on your property c and speak to visitors even but often alarm right from your phone with rings floodlight camp. The ring floodlight lets you know when things go bump in the night, you're gonna know what it is. We have a ring doorbell
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surely assaulted, and it's you into my memory forever. So I mean I don't mean to be insensitive, but but so why don't you report whose sexually assaulted you and then we can Michael prosecute that guy? But that's not the p says it's as dear Christine Blasi, for I too was sexually assaulted, not thirty six years ago, but about fifty years ago I have kept my dirty little secrets myself silence for five decades. The molester was our trust in family doctor. What made this monster even more reprehensible that he was the very doctor who delivered me on August Twentieth, nineteen, forty six, I'm seventy two now
it was the sixties. I was in college. Am I sure who did it? Oh, yes, a hundred percent, and then she just goes on and on about what exactly happened here and it's pretty terrible right. It's pretty terrible and she says that she was basically molested by the doctor. So what is supposed to be the conclusion of this? I mean I don't know a conclusion supposed to be its Christine. I know the truth as you do. This logic is just as applicable to Crystal Magnum, who is the Duke lacrosse rape, accuser who was lying or I'm a soccer. What's the Columbia University, rape, accuser who was lying or to Jackie the University of Virginia Rapid user who was lying. If the standard is something bad happened to me so you're telling the truth, we have no system of due process, presumption of innocence or justice, and it just an insane claim other insane claims. Seventeen hundred law professors have signed a letter that they say to the New York Times and then sent onto the United States Senate on October forth, and they talk about judicial temperament, so case number, so their several cases now being brought in
Cavenaugh based not on the original allegations, but based on ancillary allegations of case number. One is something bad happened to me, so I believe Ford terrible case. Illogical, makes no sense case number two Red Cavanaugh got mad. If you got angry, you accused him of raping people, and then he got angry, and that means that he's not fit for the court and you used partisanship in order to destroy this man's life. And then your man that he called out. You're partisanship lemmings he's a partisan patients it on the court. You know the reason. No one cares. What a bunch of law professors think, because everyone knows the law professors are Democrats. I went to Harvard LAW School. You know how many Republicans we're on staff Harvard LAW school. As far as I know, one would you
ITALY one. When I was there things professor Manning, he was the only one who gave their there may have been one other, but, like Charles Freed, I believe, is teaching contract law that I'm not even sure he's republican by the time that I took his class, the number of of actual Republicans or conservatives in the halls of law, school, academia, Arneil so basically have a bunch of partisan demo rats, signing letters saying they dont like break, have not because he got mad right which, as I said this is that that argument is so bad. It's like saying that when my job, or takes my little suntan. She foreign happens to an average, takes his hand and she had some in the face with it, and then she says you're heading yourself, and then it gets angry can why getting angry while it's because you hit him in his face with his own hand like that would probably be the reason as I tweet today, it's like the Democrats basically said to break Cavanaugh recognize responsible for the bee shortage and they just released bees in the room, all of which attack Avalon Sting in and then there like. Oh, he screw.
About the Bee attack, that's terrible mode. You too. Temperament pretty much that So this long letter says we are professors who teach research and write about the judicial institutions of this country. The question at issue is painful for anyone, but Judge Cabinet exhibited, exhibited a lack of commitment to judicial inquiry. So when the notorious arbitrary, Ruth, Better Ginsburg rips on Trump and says you shouldn't be president, that's not partisanship. She deserves to sit on the court judge. Cavanaugh gets angry. The people are calling him a gang rape best on open television. Then that obviously reason that he shouldn't beyond the quartet's case. Number two is that Brett Cavanaugh got mad, oh no, he got mad, and that means that he shouldn't beyond the court. That's that's again a pretty astonishing claim. They got angry their fresh and beyond the court that one is nonsense, help That means the Democrats have fallen back on their final case. Ok, their final case, whether there there finally falling back on at the latest is that judge have not committed perjury so there.
Suggesting that, in his testimony, Judge Cavanaugh committed a bunch of wise you, like a bunch of time. So, first of all, let us define what perjury is in the elements of the law. It is a false statement that is material to the proceedings. That is the definition of perjury. Okay. This is the United States Department, Justice Department of Justice. Standard for perjury section, one thousand, seven hundred and forty eight elements of perjury materiality. The false statement must be material to the preceding. A false statement is material if it has a natural tendency to or is capable of influencing the decision of the decision making body to which it was addressed. The testimony not have actually influence misled or impeded the proceedings. So, if you like
I too impede a grand juries line of inquiry, then that would be a violation of perjury charges. If your president clinton- and you suggest you did not in fact have sex with that woman- that is legitimate perjury, but that is not the same thing. As you know, you're asked a question about whether it snowed under particular day. You know it's no be say it rained and that has no actual material impacts on the course of the investigation. That's portrait, though, that's not how we're so what are the wise, the brick Cavanaugh supposedly told. First of all, it is important to note that all his testimony was given in the context of
in being accused of a gang rape by a bunch of Democrats, and then there were digging through his yearbook. So every claim that has been made about his wise has been that supposedly he downplayed his drinking or lies about his high school, your book or lies about its high school Europe. Now I'm not gonna defend lying. I'm not gonna pretend that of bread. Cavanaugh lied about things. I think that makes an squeaky clean, but let's go for a list of these supposed lies that break have not told us from blowing boy. Ok, boys, they far left site, and so this means there are going to give about as comprehensive of view words, it's actually from media matters, which is comprehensive using come up with of bread, Cavanaugh lies. So what are these supposed lies? Haven't said he did not travel in the same social circles as forward, but he did and then they said, while he travelled in the same social circles. Well, what's the evidence that some of the people she says we're at a party with her we're on his calendar? That's not the same social circles, that's it,
degrees of cabin baggage, that its light. That's that's like saying that I travel and same social circle, Estonia and therefore send your friends are in my social circle. That's not the same thing at all. Also they say that he lied when he attempted to fabricate now by suggesting he did not drink on weekdays. That's not true. He said he rarely drink on weekdays and his own calendar and in fact you referred openly in his testimony to his calendar said on this day. I probably drank how do I know I probably drinks it says so on my calendar. Haven't said he had no connection to yell university prior to attending undergrad in law school there, but he was a legacy of admitting. That is not true. He's not a legacy. Admitting hey his grandfather, when to Yale in nineteen o eight hundred and eight not in jail. That's that's! Not! That's! Not actually a thing Well said he why? Supposedly he lied about blacking out from drinking, but here
How about that? There's no evidence that he actually did black out from drinking now. The Democrats kept using black out from drinking because what their trumped up they are attempting to establish is that he actually tried to rape Christine Blasi Ford, interesting, remember the incident, it that's what there is something to which you say, but there's no actual evidence of that, so there's! No! Why there either now? What you could say is that he was playing his his drinking in the most favourable possible light. I think that's fair, but that's not the same thing as as perjury yourself as lying openly will go through a couple. More of these supposed lies there. A cab not told which Lauer has good rebuttal to this over political as well. But first, let's talk about your habits in the bathroom, no matter what you do in the bathroom to get ready dollar shave club has everything you need to look feel and many of us. I love dollar five club products. They really are awesome their amber, let their body closure they'll. Sadly, a sage and black pepper shampoo. It's really good and really smells terrific Dave, amazing, shower stuff, hair, styling products, toothbrushes, toothpaste and razors and shape
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Sexual assault on it, and then they said we can't nominated, because other women have been raped by other people who are not brought cabinet met, and then they said well. We can't nominate him because he got angry and finally, they came up with well, he committed perjury. He committed perjury, isn't one problem
evidently commit perjury shop. Some of the other accusations. They say that Cavanaugh cited Marilyn's drinking age in explaining his behaviour, even though he was too young to legally drink. In any case, the only thing is that he said in his testimony. He was too young to legally drink. They said the drinking age Maryland was eighteen, so that in assessing moaning- and then they got to the booth thing right, so they suggest that it's a lie. He committed perjury when in the charging, with perjury, for saying that, in his yearbook, when he was seventeen, he used the word booth to mean farts and what it actually means is anal sex, I'm not getting. This is what they actually are saying that, where that everyone knows that boosting is Anal Saxo got another booting was. Was that that's weird also, it turns out that there are a lot of different ways. The people use. The word booth also something I didn't know, but there has been substantial research on the booming and it turns out that there's no way to substantiate
That is a lie also the term devils triangle. So their suggestion is the brake. Abner was using a pornographic reference about to deeds and one girl in a threesome again. He says that that was a drinking aim. It seems a pretty weird way to obscure your past drunkenness to term devils triangle a drinking game, but again there a bunch of people on Twitter who have said that they have heard of that as well, so that there is a bunch people who say no, we ve actually meant that now, let's, let's remember wise any of this material, it's only material, because the suggestion by Democrats is that he put a bunch of. Actual references, honest facebook page. That means you sexually assaulted, a girl when he was seventeen that in and of itself as an insane light of inquiry, it's an insane lent have never read a facebook page how many people have been in high school. I went to an all boys, jewish high school. They might Europe
page was clean. I can say the same for all my friends right. There are references that people didn't necessarily understand in the year, but pages at an orthodox jewish day school. I have a feeling that most high schools round the country are replete with such references dress and send you you guys want high school. Were there any obscure, weird sexual references in your yearbook by dude yeah? That's right too. Many to count is precisely the right answer. Because of course. Have you ever met a teenage boy? I love all these senators work drunken louts going really are well. When you are seventeen, you wrote near yearbook about drinking and making sexual references. Ok, if you're a seventeen year old boy, I've ever again have you met a seventeen year. Boy. There's not a seventeen year old boy on earth doesn't make sexual references, none, zero, zip zilch, but if Brett Cavanaugh downplayed that in his testimony this means he was a perjurer who can
sit on the Supreme Court now that he is sixty years old. I had a so here is that that fires have finally they narrowed down, so violently narrowed down. So what is this that they also suggest that he lied when he says that he had a week. Stomachs are used to throw up a lot. Well, maybe here we stomach and he threw up because of alcohol in or spicy I also have a weak stomach. I throw up a lot too. That could happen from drinking I've never thrown up because of drinking actually because I actually drink, but but the and each of its thank you out, no, no, no, I'm not I'm not desperate enough to drink manischewitz! That's that's! It thou be just terrible, but it's it's so. Finally, they come down to they, they ve narrowed in on one thing, one thing said the boomerang: the Devil's trying all the stuff, but it just a bunch of nonsense. Narrow down to one thing, and one thing: only there is their only credible claimed. In my opinion, there only credible claim that break have not lied in his testimony. There only credible claimed is that there is a reference on fourteen of the boys yearbook pages about a woman,
aimed relate dolphin, who is an attendee of local, all girls Highschool, now a few things you might need to know about Renee Dolphin before we actually get to these supposedly Renee Dolphin was good enough friends of brick I'm, not that originally she signed a letter in support of the idea that he was very good to girls when he was in high school shoes. On that letter Friends with him for many many years She signed that letter. There's no accusation that you had sex them in high school. There's no accusation that sexually assaulted, her fiscal there's, not translation that he touched her in high school none. So what exactly is the claim? The claim is that, on fourteen boys yearbook pages, there is a reference to relate alumnus, referring to her and other references suggest that the that she will
is that this was a joke about among a month ago, among a bunch of thy suggesting that they were alumni of her genitals, essentially the day that this bunch of guys who had sex with her cabinet was asked about this. He said that this was an attempt, a clumsy attempt at affection among his friends right. That's that's what he said in his in his actual testimony, and I wanted to see if I can grab the actual text of the testimony so that I can find exactly what it is they that he was that he was claiming, but the the basic suggestion of of bright Cavanaugh is that this was not in fact a a reference to sex with renewed alumnus. The related lemnius was not a reference to sex with renewed dolphin. Then Europe Times had of peace where they said that it was horrible and hurtful and here's what then your time said. They said that two of judge, cabinets, classmates dimensions, Renee were part of the football players unsubstantiated boasting about their conquests and Cavenaugh suggested. That was a clumsy attempt. Read that it was. It was a clumsy attempt at affection
now, maybe that's true, and maybe that's not, but there's no way to substantiate perjury. First of all, its not material. I ready the materiality provision in the FBI May in the deal J Manual and second of all, it is fair to say that a clumsy clumsily, here's how he phrase it quote. One thing together. We are sad about one of our good one of our good female friends. We would admire and want to dance with heroin,
used on our yearbook page with the term alumnus. That term was clumsily used to show affection to show she was one of us. There is no way to substantiate anything differently, except theoretically they couldn't go on and asked one of the other thirteen guys. We use your name on the pages. If that's what that meant, they didn't, because you know what they can find anyone to testify. What it meant is. We all had sex with renewed Renee Dolphin so based on him being vague about a yearbook phrase towards long from one who is seventeen? That means he can't sit on the Supreme Court. Yeah go at that straw, strong response, Democrats there! That's that's! Definitely where I think that that you're going to catch him itself. It's it's pretty obvious at this point that the Democrats will do anything to stop to stop right Cavenaugh and it's pretty gross. Now, speaking of doing anything to stop a cabinet there. Last, ditch attempt was on Wednesday suggests that a democratic released the latest an absurd spate of democratic letters, then released a bunch of letters directed at Republicans asking for more information. Bernie Sanders wanted more info.
Nation and Senate Senator Chuck rashly responded him by saying. Are you actually considering voting for Cavanaugh? As you said the day after he was nominated? Wouldn't then, Chris Coon's writ wrote a letter asking for in afghan investigation into a non verified, an unbelievable allegation of sexual misconduct, while this time what happened late last night centres, Dick Turban, Diane, Feinstein, Pat, lay he Sheldon White House. Richard Blumenthal, amazing rodeo Corey Book or in Kampala Harris wrote a letter suggesting that the confidential background investigation of Judge Cavanaugh from the FBI prior to the hearings, not the new, show there was information related in some way to inappropriate sexual behaviour or alcohol abuse, say we're too vague letter saying that there is some intimation of inappropriate sexual behaviour or alcohol abuse in his prior FBI background checks is only one problem. He wasn't just a single question at his original confirmation hearing about inappropriate sexual behaviour or alcohol abuse and by using the phrase by phrasing such that the Democrats were saying that in the past F B, I background checks. There was
Evidence of quote inappropriate sexual behaviour or alcohol abuse that somehow the Democrats knew something they weren't telling us. What turns out didn't know anything it turns out there just muddy the waters, which is completely unsurprising, because that's where we are at this point in time. No wonder the Republicans are united on this Lindsey, Graham, who has turned into something kind, awesome like Lindsey. Gram to point out is so much better than Lindsey Grand one point: oh it's not it's not even close, like the new software update is just fantastic. So Lindsey ground. The senator from South Carolina ripped into Diane Feinstein for four ripping into Cavanaugh on his suppose. It anger on Fox NEWS years, Linsey ground I like Dan Feinstein early. She leaked dog reports named in the media, but somebody around or may have, if you saw this man is yelling saw a man who was offended. Those core defended good name took it to the people are trying to do. Troy's, family,
What would you do have in that situation? Do not let these people do what they do. The judge, cabinet and reward them buses. It is no longer fit book. He's in the world's worse position of defending himself against a bunch of garbage from people who don't care about fairness, ok, that's exactly right. Tender Graham, was even better when he did it some sort of public about with the Atlantic. He said that how cabin has been freed is despicable and the audience started Billingham. He went directly after the audience, which was just spectacular I don't like what the president said last night: This person to say I want from Doktor forward. I thought she was handled respectfully The cabinet was treated like crap Yeah, we'll move yourself good for him
Lindsey Grand just drop in the hammer, gotta love that sort of stuff, and I and the hypocrisy of many members and left on asylum members left many members left on. This is just astonishing people who are saying. Oh, it's just a job interview, really this assembly justly job interview. I know when I interview somebody for a job. The first thing I do is throw uncorroborated allegations of sex. Was all the them. As the first thing that I do, when we interviewed send you, she came in here now like Sonia, so I heard that you raped a chicken Then we just started from there and then, if you got matters like sorry, we can't have you here, I'm sorry, that's it! Then we will run people through the gauntlet around here and our job interviews so that that's that's always a very, very strode. Send you get hit hard cash in the room, but it did. I would say the same about Bout Mathis. One math is first came in here as like so math. Is you strangle cats in your backyard? Those are opening question in its in Indiana himself. Well, and that's why he's been able to rise to company all job interviews go like Dat around here. I know
The democrat hypocrisy on this stuff is really astonishing from a lot of folks doesn't say, every Democrat is being dishonest, but some certainly are one. It is clearly a little mulatto who says that she is filled with rage at the GEO, paying here she was and what why zealous mulatto a thing I just I don't know why. She's on charmed now she's a thing back here. She wasn't MSNBC explaining how much she hates that the GEO P Suddenly, tolerance of supposed sexual assault, I mean I'm not sure if you were to have a real conversation with any American. Whether they be Democratic Republic, in that they would that they wouldn't side with this kind of behavior. Where were we, we re A lower were actually mocking people an end their stories of of of of hurt and of pain. Who
are we who do we want to be as a country? What are we trying to project Malone clear in this area is very upset about all of this self set about all the subs at the back and twenty twelve. She wrote this on twitter. This is a less MILAN was tweet on Twitter Bill Clinton. I love you so much like crazy amounts of love. Clearly these are people who take very seriously allegations of sexual assault, so yeah, I'm I'm I'm definitely, there's no poet politicking here at all. None ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate sell things that I like I've started watching these show vikings. It is in its fun, show its fun show what kind of honest to watch this and there's another show called the last kingdom. That's on about sort of the the other side of vikings, so vikings about toward the Viking invasion of England and the show
The last kingdom is about the british attempt to stop the Viking invasion of England since Gonna find a watch. Those two shows back to back and see that they can of differences in similarities. Acres opened the preview. Did you see goods desire, you did they could withdraw boot.
The laws of work like some sort of finnish grace- I guess that's, that's very much my standard if there's a show that has people fighting with swords them pretty much, and I don't have high standards when it comes to that sort of stuff up yeah. It's it's definitely worth. Why didn't like three or four episodes in and so far I think it's it's quite good. It has its history, channel, try and get rating, so it has a few HBO touches. But, aside from that, I think that it's it's a pretty solid show for the most part, ok other things that I liked it so cognate West, as I have said many times, Conyers lived by the Congo, die by the colony right. You you get the good, along with the bad, so sometimes his implying that Abraham Lincoln might have been a black eye, but she did today- and that was weird- and sometimes he is saying that calling cap ethnic should reach out to president trumpeters reaching out common cap, and I would like you to speak with the president to tell him your experience.
Let us have a dialogue. Not a diatribe seems Gunnar, reasonable, she's gonna, reasonable. I like they can is actually going out of his way to say the people can think differently. Now does not mean that all of these different thoughts are good thoughts now, but it means that some of that at least he is open to having conversations which is nice. Talking to a report from the Washington Post Yesterday- and I am one of my chief irritants in life- is the fact that I had strenuous disagreements with a lot of votes on the left. I'm willing to have a conversation
pretty much anybody on the left and my Fox NEWS shall last Sunday had on aerial bold. I think she's wrong about pretty much everything. I was happy to have a conversation with her. I think she's wrong, like dead wrong about everything happened, have a conversation with her I've had on SAM Harris on the show, I'm having a conversation with votes on the left. I've invited tiny pc coats, he will not come, have invited the guys from positive America. They will not come. There are so many people on the left who refused to show up simply because they think that this is giving credibility to people on the right. Why is it that half the people who I am having voted on the show out a significant percentage of people and left Ivan bite and on the show, our people who don't have a platform as big as the platform? I can give them. So it's not just about them. Legitimizing meta, it's about them,
feeling that they are legitimizing an evil point of view by even having a conversation with me and when Congress as well call not just go talk trump, it seems like a little more that's what a conversation would be kind of good for the country. Ok time for a couple of things that I hate, ok, so thing number one that I hate there's an amazing video. So a dude round House kicked a pro life woman who is covering an anti anti life March, a pro abortion march. This guy is clearly a member of society's elite end and he gets an angry and unjustified surround house kick her and then I love his excuse. Every run. Huskies you're gonna hear him yell about how he only meant to catch her phone, which is really that excuse, hey discharging of private property vs aloud. He gets raped by somebody and there like Sixteen year old I can have is keeping its the baby
If someone is raging, she gave birth and she decided to go for a three year old child solid arguments class at what a decent fellow. What does that nice guy do? Does that? That's that's excellent, that the idea that the left is non violence is insane but were hearing today at USC by the way the left is there so funny. So there is only one group of people who are protesting in upset that I'm coming or those of the people who are on the left on the hard left when they ve been making claims that I'm going to be cause of violence. Not a single speech of mine has ever resulted in any violence ever by. Anyone who supports me, none, ok and yet and there's been plenty of violence it. At my speeches, like Hell State, I lay there are some violence. Others, there ve been many attempts to disruptors. Obviously, violence when it came to Berkeley. No,
people are my folks. Ok to people who are actually engaging and violence are a lot of folks on left and I love the implication that they may itself only. The police were like. While we were expecting some things. My happening you see tonight and student groups are saying things like well, you know is, if it does happen, will come from the other side, really really cause the police at your loud protests like in this area. That will not sure we can stay in this area. Is violence might break out really spontaneously amazing amazing how it's going to happen, again, I hope everything is peaceful tonight, but the suggestion that focus on the left are inherently nonviolence is insane, it's all,
insane in light of the story that broke yesterday. That is getting wildly and recover that a democratic, congressional staffer was arrested by capital police yesterday suspected in the dock sing of some republican senators. Last week, personal information for Lindsey Grand MIKE Leonora Hatch was posted on Wikipedia the day of the bread Cavanaugh hearing and gives MOTO reported at the time that the capital police have been notified. It turns out the guy who did it allegedly was Jackson cost go a twenty seven year old who works for representative Sheila Jackson Lee and was a staff for Maggie Hassan and Barbara Boxer, both democratic centres. Now imagine if Republican Senate staffer had leaked the location of a bunch of Democrats, would that be front? Page news, yeah, Ruby front page news is a front page news. When a Democrats, as it were not quite
not quite so solid stuff, as always from the from the unbiased media final thing that I hate so Jimmy Kimmel. It had on stormy jails. A couple months old, I think stormy, Daniels, Annie added Sarah Paulson and Sarah pulsing sitting there giggling through stormy tangles his description of president trumps, genitals and I'll, be honest with you. Is it funny how she describes president from generals? Yet pretty it's pretty funny? I mean she's talking about Mario Carter Characters in the context of the president's genitals issue, some sort of feminist heroin. No, would they be laughing the same way if this were a democratic president, one hundred percent, not what should be hosted on national television for having had a consensual affair with a guy twelve years ago, when he was in President no with Jimmy Kimmel of all people being be upholding himself
that some sort of pope of Sexual purity- I think not, but here's what it looked like, I'm not on Jimmy Camels, Sean ABC you or the door to the hotel opens a word is Donald Trump wearing silky pajamas and there were black budget right and you made love what's wrong with you. I mean I lay there and prayed for their rights Is this the case? he brought out from proposing, can't see he brought out a tableful mushrooms. Can she said that trumps genitals? Look like a mushroom around a table,
firms and have identified these on your. I remember when all the late night comics to the exact same thing with Paul Jones, I remember that that was. That was really an amazing thing, except that never happened right. So it's pretty pretty incredible. Jimmy Kimmel, a guy who go back and look demand, show was not exactly pure in his treatment of women. Now sitting with the woman who consensually had sex with them. I love. I love that she's allowed to make this excuse now. He says you made love and shows no, I prayed the later and wished for death. Really you. There are voluntarily, and then you voluntarily had sex with him and then he voluntarily cup in correspondence and you're a victim got it all things. Absurd is just absurd, but this is the world we heard. This is the business we ve chosen. So this is a world in which we live. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow with all of the latest, plus the mailbox it'll be a Friday. If we come now to you ass, he will
see you there tonight. It should be a lot of fun. I'm bench, brothers is the entropy Russia. The bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron, make up is by just one over the bench of Euro Show is a daily wire for publishing production. Copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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