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Ep. 643 - The Republicans’ Best Friend

2018-10-22 | 🔗
President Trump’s approval rating jumps, migrants approach the southern border, and the Left goes ballistic over the Department of Education’s approach to sex and gender. Date: 10-22-2018
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President from approval ratings, jump migrants, approach, southern border and the left goes ballistic over the Department of Education's approach to sex engender I'm bench. A pair of this is the venture Barroso I hope that you hadn't unavenged uneventful. We can. We hear at the Delaware had an eventful weekend, which means we have to go to political and when our Sunday, that way, but if you must political this weekend we ve got you cover, because subscribers got to watch all daily wire events for free on the website head on over the daily wired outcomes lashed subscribe to enjoy. All the leftist years produced over the weak and enjoy are weak and much more than I did go check. That out now also before we jump into today's news recommend to you that, if you are not the sleep to which you feel entitled. Perhaps you should get a better mattress, while the mattress that you need is available over it. He looks like they ve building sleep question takes too many to complete these the answers to match or body type and sleep preferences, to the perfect mattress whether Europe
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Democrats socket everything. There is a lot of attempts on the right to claim that this is all report. We can know how and suddenly republicans are good at things now. Well it really happening here is that the democratic, ask is often Democrats are garbage and everything, basically when president from the second thing in the news. That is a very good thing for a when he's the fur first thing in the news, its problem so and Democrats spent weeks demonstrating they don't care about you process and that they will railroaded guy simply for political reasons, very good for a when The lead headline is the leading twenty Twenty contender for the Democrats, setting herself on fire over. Dna sample. That's really good for Republicans, when the lead headline is Democrats approaching TED crews. In a restaurant in screaming at him and his wife very good. For Republicans, the best friend of Republicans right How is the insanity of the democrats- and you are seeing that full scale in the is also alleys, using the effect of a very good economy on the Republicans, the margin by which voters trust Republicans,
Democrats on the economy has never been larger in the history of the polling really say. Our plus. Seventeen in this for which amazing also I don't wanna, give no credit to present interim president Trump has done a couple, a very good things number one. He has taken proper economic first that have really benefited the average American. A number two president of the United States does make it feel like he is a change, actor and use we in mid term elections. There is an attempt to vote for change right now. What the poor show is that Republicans are actually seen as the Party of change well being the party in power. That's really unusual, usually the party- out of power is seen as the Party of change, but because Trump is so out of love, field, and so outrageous and so chaotic. The benefit of that is that he feels a change agents, even though he is the guy who is sitting in the seat. That is very good for a public, and so here is what the latest polls show. According to the wall, Street journal voter interest in the mid term, elections has searched records within both parties. Helping to drive up president from approval rating while maintaining the Democrats lead as the party most preferred to Congress
according to a new Wall Street Journal and be seen and produce the findings point energized electorate benefited by dynamic next to bring great uncertainty to the outcome of an election just two weeks away and what the Poles kind show is that everything is narrowing. Nearly two thirds red MR voters Troy high level of interest in the election that is the highest ever worded in a mid term elections since the Journal NBC poll began asking the question in two thousand. Six another reason for that is because largely of the Democrats, then that's we're, always going to be energized to vote against President Trump, but now applicants are really mobilize to vote against the Democrat. I know that my PETE significantly. Thanks to the Democrats, behaviour during the brain, you're during the bread, Cavenaugh saga, and I know that most of the Republicans feel the same- the once large gap between public and voters and Democrats voters, interest in the election has now been clothes. Sixty eight percent of republican voters and seventy two percent of Democrats say that
are very interested in the election that is the highest recorded for either party by the survey in amid from election. Also, president chums trumps job approval right has jumped to forty seven percent according to the Wall Street Journal and NBC report. That is the highest mark, is ever had in office in that whole, here a higher than President Obama's average pull approval rating before the two thousand and elections. Now it is worth noting that President Obama got skunk in the two thousand and elections, but with that said president from his gain significant approval only forty nine percent disapproving. So that's about its close to parity is trump, is ever going to get he's, never going to be a fifty five percent. President he's just? U polarizing the figure, forty seven percent for President Trump. Is a very good number, and that is a real action number. If he gets up to forty seven percent in the public approval ratings, he wins re election and twenty twenty that's an improvement from September. That's when forty four percent approved and fifty two percent approved of his performance, and then Democrats decided it would be a great idea to shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly within our fifteen and now present and from his sword and the approval ratings Democrats,
still do lean on the question of which Party should control Congress among people respondents identified is likely voters. Fifty percent prefer Democrats, forty one percent prefer Republicans, but about the same, as was in last month's pole, the way is now running into a rip tide of uncertainty, according to some certain pulsed certain pollsters. Although Democrats, our preferred and the national pull preferred in the national. Their advantage has here's. The key districts advantage has house districts that matter most in districts ray. It is the most competitive by the non partisan cook political report. The parties are dead, even on the question of which one should control Congress. That means that in California. Democrats really fired up in New York. Democrats are really fired up in a highly now quite ass, much or these four public ins are just as fired up as Democrats are in a high up in last month's pole is an amazing thing. In last month's pole, Democrats led by thirteen percent. Points among registered voters in six points, among likely voters prison. The election is jumped among many groups that tend to favour Democrats, Latinos, African Americans, young people, more than two thirds of
white voters showed high interest in the election. That's up from fifty seven percent in the average of poles taken from January through September We are also seeing a massive increase, a massive increase among white voters, Republican voters. Older voters, its consistent, so We do not know what the cases here, but there is a massive gender gap in this massive gender gap is again the result of two things. President from his toxic to women and Democrats are toxic element. There's the gender gap is not one factor. It's not that reply what is other men, love, Republicans and Love President Trump, because they hate women or anything like that. It's that President Trump is uniquely off putting too many women particularly suburban bombs and the Democrats, are soup really off putting two men, and this is why your seeing the Poles close the gender gap that has actually are. Europe wide in the last month is not between women kind of the normal electorates in men and the normal electorate manner. Favouring Republicans in heavy numbers. This profound democratic lopsided advantage among female voters
for the second month in rural women in this survey say they prefer a Democrat controlled Congress by twenty five percentage point fifty seven to thirty two which they massive Male voters, however, want Republicans to lead Congress by fourteen point margin. Fifty two percent republican thirty eight percent democrats Ben competitive swing districts are mostly in suburban areas. Urban vote a Democratic Control Congress by thirty six percent margin. Rural voters Where the GNP, by thirty one points, among suburban residence, the parties are virtually tied. Forty four percent favour GEO control. Forty five percent favour a democratic congress. Now Why? Because voters continued to trust the Republicans on economy on trade issues Republicans are preferred by seventeen point margin. That's up from eight percent. In August the issue has been in the spotlight because president trouble is actually able to close, and, after the also all of the talk about tariffs and trade wars, that is basically receded into the background. So all of this is good news for a public does Republicans hold. The house is still more
unlikely that not but this upsurge. It is pretty amazing stuff for Republicans in the lead up to image from election and again, a lot of that has to do with the fact that the Democrats are just terrible at everything raising their terrible at everything. I mean there completely off putting on the most basic basic issues. Not what we are seeing that is the story of today's politics is, is how off putting the Democrats are Mitch. Mcconnell, for example, they cocaine Mitch, as we are fond of calling it cocaine Mitch, was eating at a restaurant whose confronted by proto If this thing becomes consistent, it is not good for the country, and it is certainly not good for the Democratic Party which seems to be embracing it in a way. The republican party is not now Nancy. Those who was also confronted over the weekend and protest shouted to her. The differences high level republicans condemned that Level Democrats are not doing a great job of condemning. What's going on here, look at these protesters confront cocaine, Mitch Lynch other eating at a restaurant- and I mean frankly there just lucky that cocaine Mitch didn't go ballistic. On them and tell them to say hello to his little friend many
I don't know why you want to go up against cocaine mentioned Alain, shall it will climb out your eyes and feed you to the Ravens, but this is what these protesters decided to do. Israel, a bizarre unites Kentucky waving in others is Kentucky, is the protesters show up and they start shouting, cocaine Mitch and all the patrons? get the hell out of here. Nobody likes you leave this. Light so funny. I I've been asked before if anybody has ever confronted me at a restaurant or try to make trouble at a restaurant and like no, I kosher. Those are my friends. Are you coming to a close, a restaurant, and you try to confront me. These are all my buddies. My security read the Jew crew as we all we will fight you off, but cocaine, which basically has that in Kentucky as well. So he just activated his his goons to basically fight back against these gushed by sitting there
who were collected turtle, gonna love it. A meanwhile Democrats determined to show that They are just as many as you think they are in other ways as well. They ve decided. That beta or work is most important person on planet earth. His deeply important, why they're trying to say that he sort of like Barack Obama, except without half, charm or the without half the charm or the racial appeal, but There are still trying to manufacture this, this kind of quality enthusiasm for better or work, and there is a report. Maybe see news that really fond over him last night, but the best stuff the best from these campaigns. That was true for President Trump, and it's a thing I despise most about Politics generally is for four Obama and from anybody who has any less. Of political. Notoriety has Certain number of bands are completely crazy and those fans do completely crazy things in public I don't mean Weren, t, shirts or lining up pretty exciting in wanting to show you in just a second, because its astonishingly bad and really embarrassing,
and you got to imagine that these folks, the day after the election they wake up illegal. What was I thinking? What we really was, this what I want is to do with my life when I was when I was twelve. Was this the image that I wanted to projected the world we'll get to all that in just a second? First, let's talk about Lou apron. Ok, you need food delivered to your house in pre packaged ingredients, the free your best ingredients, gourmet recipes, it'll, come directly to you and then can cope with your family. I love cooking with my kids folks around the office are using Blue apron on a routine basis, because the food is great and also the great idea, everytime you go to the grocery store and you go with a shopping list, personal, nothing more annoying than that, my wife. I have a rule. I asked her before I go to the grocery store, ingredient. She wants me to forget, because that will forget one, so she made A the ingredients I'm going to forget with blue Abraham not to worry about, that everything is coming to your door in the pre packaged portions Gina we're getting too much and not going to cost go buying like eighty three pounds of two Merrick instead
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now. Democrats are have gone even beyond that. Here is a bunch of NATO or work. Supporters are no. I doing why I'm CIA, but be eighty o in unison. It's not good now. What I love about this most is the the moon that was made by democratic debate on Iraq draws an incredibly diverse crowd. If you can't see this, this is all old white people and a small.
Girl. That's really what it is all a bunch of old why people can barely move. It looks like work out night at the local old age home made. It looks, because when you actually go down to the lions yea and you see the people who are sixty in the water doing physical therapy except their doing be eighty over Senate a strong, but that was not the strongest entry in the NATO worship, hymnal and the strongest entry com. Courtesy and some crazy Ladys who decided to cut the wheel this video I've seen in this election cycle. What I can say that we have seen some new we're very business electorate cycle I get, but this one is pretty astonishing. Here we go I don't even know what this is, but listen. If you can bear to an attack free Yes by the way where you see. How did you get the ground there were superbly,
Maybe we can t laid back and broad areas. How come you want? I have not heard you have made. These are actual NATO's rising, I know, but knowing it appears that I heard mesmerizing be as good as new rising. We bad, I feel so much better now.
This is not actually a parody of NATO's importers from what I understand so good stuff there from the beta supporters really dumb in stating that they don't care too much about a guy driving over media lie being supervised crashing into a drunken then fleeing, and also the I mean I can see why they don't care that much about drunkenness concern. You would have to be drunk to think that was a good idea, but there you are so I and imagine why Republicans are responding the way that they are except for Democrats again. The theme of today show Democrats terrible at everything continue with that. The Mai, the woman we have chosen to cat colony routine basis. Alexandria, Rio Cortez, the future congresswoman from Brooklyn over the weekend, you will again you wonder why. Folks in United, states are not taking Democrats, maybe a seriously as they should. As they don't deserve to be taken seriously here, as Alexander O cause your court has over the weekend. Saying that we should fight global warming. The same way we fought the Nazis well I dont, see really had bombing. The Germans is gonna help, but I'm
Try if she is nerves, Alexandria, cause. Your court has suggesting that I guess we're supposed to do no invade Normandy to stop global warming or something here she is the most intelligent advocate for her position. The left can present. These days general cause Cortez is very difficult to hear what she says that when we talk about existential residence, dockworkers is very difficult to hear this when we walk about existential threats. The last time we had a really major existential threat to the country was around World war two. So she knows nothing about history. An entire cold war that existed for several decades after world war? Two, as it turns out.
She said we ve been here before me- have a blueprint of doing this before right when we found the Germans don't don't stop or she's rolling. Just now, these things are new ideas. What we have an existential threat in the context of a war we have direct access, I shall start with another nation. This imo. Germany and access was it? We made the United States as an enemy as an enemy history. Lessons with Alexander Cause, you're hurt, has, or some of my favorite history. Lessons then it's erects existential threat with another nation. This time it was Nazi Germany and Access not act bodies break. Ok, you mean the access powers. That's what you mean said and what we did was. We chose to mobilise our entire economy and industrialized our entire economy, but we put hundreds of thousands If that millions of people to work in defending our shores in defending this country, have to do the same thing in order to get us to a hundred percent renewable energy, and that's just the truth of it. So we need to draw asked every mail of military age have them. In barracks. For four years, the overseas put women. Factories and rest
in the butter good idea. Gook yeah don't see how that's gonna go wrong. Why don't we take them seriously? I just don't understand, speaking of not taking them seriously a very serious issue. Right now is cropping up America's southern border. So, as folks know, Pretty libertarian when it comes to immigration, We who believes that there should be free movement of labour, not citizenship. You should be able to come in the United States become a citizen and boat. You should be able to get taxpayer dollars, but if you come here at work? I really don't have a huge problem with it, but even I libertarian immigration believe that we ought to have actual borders in the United States mean indefensible borders. You don't just gets across our borders because you want to cross our boy as a country without borders is not actually a country. This Karen An issue is a serious issue. This once the Associated Press this morning, a girl caravan of honduran migrants stream,
southern Mexico on Sunday heading toward the United States after making an end run around mexican agents briefly block them at the watermelon border. They receive help at every turn for a sympathetic, Mexicans, Wofford, food, water and clothing, hundreds of local striving pick ups vans and cargo troops stop them to. Let them clamber aboard Bessie sharply Lopez of the hundred and city of San Pedro Sula Harry to stop Polar Bear in winter cap that seem to out of place in the tropical here. It's the favourite and only twelve, her two daughters for Europe Victoria and three or Elizabeth, who trudging beside her gleaming with sweat as an ice sympathy for folks, want to escape crappy places too for a better life that doesn't mean the United States has an obligation to taken anyone who wants to get in without any sort of vetting procedures or determination is whether this person is going to help the country or not. That's not the way. This works. We live in a different time than we did in nineteen o seven, when there was no vast welfare state for people to take advantage of when the structure of the economy will substantially different again. I'm the free movement of labour, but you have to control your borders.
She says my goal is to find work for a better future for my daughter's I've. Sympathy for that go claim asylum or try to apply from illegal immigration means you don't just get to March crossed the United States is southern border, and yet the left has claimed that's exactly what should happen. President Trump has taken to twitter. Sponsor of this, we'll get to that and here's what he says is a you know we'll get to that in just one second part, interim, corresponds to the migrant crisis and the democratic response to the migrant crisis, but first. Let's talk about your homes, security, so rings com does an amazing job of ensuring your home security, eventually sent us some footage of ring bus.
In crossing the act. This one is pretty frightening loses have to watch it. Well, hey leave my for calling the police, ok, what you need to do a hand my have stopped now, I'm calling the police. Why would you tell me that, because you're trying to push my door in leave now about what I'm called the police, okay, I'm the police. Needless to say, he was not in fact, police alot, happens air front or get a ring. Video doorbell you'll, never miss a visitor and, more importantly, you can make sure what is your front door before you open up with your home or way you can see speak to visitors on your smartphone from anywhere even share video clips to neighbours, use the ring. App go check it out right now and you get rings.
What like can their spot like eminent? You build a ring of security around your entire property, save of two hundred and fifty bucks on a ring of security kit at ring that slash ban that is ring. Dot com, slashed gonna, get two hundred and fifty dollars off when you go to ring dot com. Slash ban, so President Trump has responded to this rolling caravan of migrants that have left Latin America, removing uproar. Mexico, latin central American moving up their Mexico and towards the United States border he has responded. I think proper by pointing out a couple of things one: we need more security to the kind is that are allowing them to do this are doing so with the intention of creating a pie, four situation on our southern border. Why should we can Government funding going to are going to continue creating over the If the honduran government is going to allow folks to simply walk over the border to Mexico with the intent of going to the United States, why exactly would we be funding that government same thing is true of the mexican government. Same thing is true of the south Dorian government. There is no reason for us to back governments that are going to create pressure
is on our southern border without actively working with us on the immigration issue present from says full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our southern bore. People have to apply for Asylum in Mexico. First, and if they fail to do that, the US will turn them away. The courts are asking you to do things that are not doable. That's correct, that's correct! We do have procedures One of the problems here is that you can actually show up at a point of entry, and you can apply for asylum, that's the legal way to do this. That's not what these caravans are doing some these caravans are simply finding places that are open in the United States border and crossing there from says the caravan are disgrace to the Democratic Party change the imo, racial laws. Now now, I'm not sure why, Immigration laws wants change. Specifically we actually just have to enforce. The laws that are already on the books are not allowed to illegally entered the country. We are allowed to poor people We can streamline that process, maybe those laws he wants change, but it is true that the Democratic Party has been
using the immigration issue is a club against Republican, suggesting the Republicans don't care about latino folks, because they want to defend America's borders, That argument isn't working very well specifically, because alive of Latinos in the United States are also interested in living in a country with borders. There not interested in living in a country where one can go and come as they see fit. For the great wise of the media is everyone agrees with an open borders agenda, virtually no one in the United States actually agrees with an and borders agenda- and it's pretty obvious that there is an with to this caravan, its organised, not only organize its organised for the cameras, the AP reports, hundreds of migrants applied for refugee status, Mexico in the southern city of showed that Hidalgo Sunday evening. The interior department reported receive more than a thousand requests, but most of we're doing this. A far bigger group supported this yeah River from Guatemala to the mexican side individually and dozens at a time and resume the truck at first light, marching
and impressed on the highway see support though they chanted in Spanish. Yes, we did well. We don't have what those people crossed the border. The throng grew even larger. When the migrants arrived at the border bridge swelling overnight to five thousand, it was not immediately clear where the additional travellers came from since about two thousand. Gathered on the mexican side. Saturday night. Presumably some of those folks are from Mexico they're, not necessarily from countries to the south, the Mexican up their destination on Sunday with city of tap a truly in the Chiapas state. Blazing son small groups of twenty to thirty paused to rest in the shop. Freeze on the side of the road. By afternoon the caravan had evolved into long lines, Walker straggling four miles. Basically, what this looks very much like is the Middle eastern migration that has swamped a lot of Europe. That's what this looks like just visually now the numbers are not the same, obviously as your seeing from immigration from North Africa and the Middle EAST into islands off the coast of ITALY, but the image the image raised, the same. It's it's a group of folks or trying to escape
but worse life and simply crossed the border illegally into the United States. Again, the United States is a sovereign nation. We can't afford simply taken everybody that we want to take in out of economic society or out of out of some sort of of sympathy for the folks crossing the war, you cannot have a country that is the strongest economy on planet earth, taking in thousand and those of people illegally, without batting them and without any sort of skill set. That does not make for a good economy. This is one of the reasons why it so funny, folks on the left. They love Norway. They love Denmark and Sweden. The immigration restrictions have been winning in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. You cannot actually Have a foreign socialist state in terms of redistribution of wealth, when you have an underclass that is coming, but does not have a skill set one up One of the things about about those nor in the nordic countries scandinavian countries is that they basically bands immigration, while the United States, the left, in the United States wants to both ways. They want fallen.
Open immigration at the same time that they want to re social spending to heights. Never before seen in human history. That is not a recipe for victory, and that's why President Trump, the Republicans are gonna win on this. Even Linsey, Graham, was a real debate. Immigration rate Linsey, Graham famously one of the gang of eight, along with John MC in a big fan of immigration from even he said. Listen. This is not something it can do Nancy blow. We would welcome. These comments are not happened, Linsey, Graham, whether he bumped his head or something but Linz, the ground to point out. The reset is really good and here's Lindsey Gram Senator from South Carolina, saying Nancy As you will welcome these caravans. They ought to be the country. People running up and down the hall and spit on you. Or do you want to be a country of of republic, Hence, who can actually deliver for work and families out there that will put good judges on the core their will stand up to two, the enemies of this country, Nancy Pole. I also welcome the caravans here. Donald Trump and the rest of us will stop them. Ok, well, that that is exactly right and that's not
of lack of sympathy and its because a country that has a rule of law must abide by that rule of law. Democratic, continue to push this issue are going to lose its funding, because Democrats are so ensconced in their own bubbles. What poll shows that Democrats have far fewer republican friends than Republicans have them? crap. France, because Democrats who live in blue areas actually see Republicans as nasty evil human beings, and so they won't even talk to them. I really believe that its mainstream view that people should be able to flood the country actually built that is a mainstream view, that gender Sex are completely separate and not only that that if a man called himself, a woman that that man then a woman. The waiters Devon. This is an eminent amazing story, the way the media are covering an attempt by the Department of Education to define what title nine actually says. So here is the headline from the New York Times today it says Transgender could be defined out of existence under Trump administration. Now, when you that headline. What does that sound? Like you? It sounds like the term
administration, saying there's no such thing as transgender people or people who suffer from gender, as for your gender identity disorder. That's what it was. From that had one? Is that what is actually happening? No, that's not what is actually happening because that's idiotic and nobody is saying that aren't people who are transgender, what the trumpet minister nation is saying is that under the war was that have to do with sex discrimination are specifically focused on biological sex there. Focused on you thinking. You were a member of a different sex cell. The civil Rights ACT was written and included language about men and women and sex discrimination. It did not mean that it is sex discrimination for you, to say that a man who shows up in a classroom a fifth grade, classroom dressed as a woman- and you say, That'S- not cool we're, not gonna- do that. That's not the same thing as a woman can work in the classroom. That's not sex discrimination. That's that's what the true administration is saying, they're saying that behaviour by men is not the same as being female. That's the actual!
What are already the actual article it doesn't, it doesn't ban transgender people, that's not what they are doing The media is so dishonest with regard to how they cover transgender issues, because there are few to even acknowledge the fact that there is such a thing as biological sex, it's utterly self defeating whether what the left suggests is the gender and sex are exactly separate, but gender is sex. I so generous acts are completely separate from your man, but your gender. Is female and male makes you a biological female that makes you an actual woman. This how they want to read the law. It makes no sense under any circumstances. I will speak in just one. Second, they things winning issue. I mean it's just it's insane, it's insane. First, let's talk about that thing that clunky awful thing you're wearing rounder restaurants, unless you want something that looks like us, military real checked out that watches and nice watch me. That's a nice clean, looking watch, classy well designed, but what you need is a movement watch movement has come pretty far from being crowd, funded, kids working out of the living room in the past year, if not only
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be defined out of existence? Hundred Trump administration, we're just gonna disappear, the transgender is now no. That is not what they're doing here is what they're doing quote the Trump administration. And is considering narrowly defining gender as biological immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most rest, the move yet in a government wide effort to roll back recognition and protection of transgender people under federal civil rights law. Well, because gender is biological and immutable and it is delivered at birth, now what the left has said. Is they ve redefined? The terms? One of the great areas of confusion in the transgender debate is what the hell everyone's talking about. Really I mean that, because Sometimes when people on. What's a gender, what they mean is expressed feminine or masculine qualities, and sometime, what they mean is actual sex and it is impossible to tell which, unless they actually specify- and then they shift the definition based on what they want their point to be. So, if you say ok, I accept that there is such a thing in a feminist man, because there are men who are of eminent ok and they say no them is there a female is in order,
that doesn't mean that their biological female discipline means they are a female gender. So well, now. It means that they are in a family man, a man with feminine qualities as a walk, but they're they're, thousands of genders, Here's the problem of defining gender as the expression of a feminist or masculinity, This means that there are literally six point eight bill. In general, seven point three billion generous. However many people there are the planet, that's how many genders there are, because we each have in individual amount of feminine or masculine characters, characteristics right well on individual amounts of masculinity of testosterone and estrogen, we're all created differently based on genetics and environment. So, if you're going to say that there are only that the The left is really they won, making the case that only two genders they're saying that if you're a feminine manner actually woman- and if your masculine woman you're, actually, a man. If you wanted Fine gender has just expressed characteristics of femininity or masculinity. There are seven point: three billion Andrews on Planet earth, which means is meaningless. The means nothing! if you want to say that gender has to do with biology
now you have to separate it. Intersects sex is based on. Why chromosomes an ex chromosomes, neither intersects people. Is a very, very small percentage of the population. That is not the argument being made transgender advocates their arguing that you can be. Foley genetically mail and still female? All of this makes no logical sense. It's completely confusing because it makes no and there is no internal consistency or logic and friendship civil rights movement they can't even to find their terms. If they simply want to say people should be treated well, I'm with you. If they when I say that I have to pretend that a man who says he is woman is woman. The Caitlin gender is just This much woman is my wife, give me a freaking break and everyone with Half a brain on planet earth knows this it, but here's what then your time says a series of decisions by the Obama administration loosen the legal concept of under in federal programmes, including an education and health care, rising gender, largely as an individual's choice and not determined by the sex, assigned a birth personal sex assigned at birth is the dumbest in what was a gender assigned at birth. At least now.
Inconsistent with the terminology, but even that sentence can see the terminology shifting right. There's gender and then their sex assigned birth. You old assign a sex at birth babies, are born, they are what they are: women, girl was born. She was a girl. I didn't sign her girl you know what I'm her girl, Genetics, God that was sort of baked in you know, I know cause she's a girl, my God, people and the same thing with my son when he was born, You know, I know he was a boy I looked at him wow. This is difficult and it turns out. He is in fact a boy amazing that the coincidence they comes out and has all male characteristics and he's oh boy, unreal, just amazing, almost scientific, anticipate, a so what they say. The policy prompted fight over bathroom was doormat For a single sex programmes and other arenas where gender was once seen as a simple concept: conservatives actually evangelical Christians were incensed. I love the New York Times. Conservatives, especially evangelical Christians were incense
This is the way slandering religious people's bigots ray. It's, not people who actually, We use their brain and recognise that there are men and women, and these are two separate categories and that and the same thing for bathrooms know. It must be that there it's those crazy people who believe in the Jesus thing for many groups and the same thing for bathrooms know. It must be that there is this crazy people who believe in the Jesus. It's those be. The people have a weren't for those crazies, believing the Jesus, then it would than ever what we find, that we all acknowledge that men and women are exactly the same, except for a little bit of it. Down below, but here's a than you are times has now so here's the bad stuff. Ok, what's the bad thing that Trump Administration did now that apply health and human services is spearheading an effort, establish a legal definition of sex under title mine the federal civil rights. While the bans, gender discrimination and education programmes now received women, financial assistance. According to a memo obtained by the New York Times, the department argues in its memory that key government, agencies needed to adopt an explicit and uniform deafened
gender as determined on biological basis, that is you're grounded in science, objective and administrative. All the agencies propose definition would define sexes, either male or female, unchangeable and determined by the genitals? A person is born with, according to a draft reviewed by the times, any dispute about one sex would have to be clarified using genetic testing, how worlds, that not just basic rationality. If you claim your woman, I should be able to have simply tell whether your woman or not it shouldn't, be up to get to you to decide and it's amazing to me that the same left that has I'll come around to Elizabeth Worn is not of native American because not Well, if you sessions in an american wizened, she need American. She should be why not She more more american American than Caitlin, generous woman. So what exactly is problem here, it's truly amazing, so got you, you wonder why the right doesn't trust the media. You wonder why people are resonating to the right. It's because the left insists that we absolutely frontal lobotomies ourselves on basic comments.
Like what is a woman and what is a man and we're supposed to pretend to great evil when the Trump administrations as gender describe Nature means discriminating against women, not scream against men who believe they are women. It's an amazing thing. Honest way more in just one second, so title of the Civil Rights ACT was specifically written with discrimination. Against women in mind. This is Title mine of the civil rights activist right title, my boss, discrimination under the Civil Rights ACT. That is what it is for pay it says this is what hadn't mindsets. Ok quote from the education apartment. No person in the United States share on the basis of sex be excluded from her. Participation in be denied the benefits of or be subject to discrimination under any education. Programmer activity receiving federal financial assistance now notice. The word that is used there. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex of sex, Not of gender now, even if it had said on the base,
of gender in nineteen. Seventy two that still would not have meant gender, as he transgender laughed wants to explain gender. Now in nineteen, seventy two. Nobody was foolish enough to believe that a man who said he was woman was actually woman. Nobody, ok, there's not a thing and so to redefine, so that their they're doing a twice which here gave me they're doing a linguistic and legal twice, which here, what they're saying is number one that provision of title mine does it refer to sex. It refers to gender and John is just expressed: feminine or more killing characteristics, then they are saying that by June, Are we actually mean sex? So woman who says she's a man is actually a man. So, just to get the straight title mine, which was designed protect women from male discrimination now is designed to protect men who believe they are women from discrimination on the basis discrimination against women now No, I'm sorry. This is like just now
there's nothing in the law that suggest any of this and from left to go It's over. This are suggest. Transgender people are being defined out of existence. No, but this is saying is there needs to be an objective measure of male or female. Before we can determine whether someone is being discriminated against on the basis of their sex As opposed to the basis of their behavior, now you can still outlaw discrimination on the basis of behaviour If you really think, is an important thing, why don't you just try to pass a law? This is this work by the left and actually do what they wanted. It left actually did what they say. They want to do what they do is they would pass in anti discrimination law. That would say no school can fire any man who shows up dressed as a woman at work right? This is it does what they would say. No school can take any action against one based on perceived gender identity. Can actually do this, but instead because the left wants to hijack the waters, what the Obama administration in there, forcibly rewriting regulations in order to carve the heart out of laws and interpret them in exactly the reverse of what they are meant to be.
If the let's get when elections they'll do at the regulation, they did the same thing with regard to carbon emissions. They tried to use the Clean AIR Act in order to regulate carbon emissions, there's nothing in the clean air. What Iraq that suggests! carbon emissions can be regulated by the EPA. Women election dies, You aren't you the stuff when an election and then pass legislation. You think the american people like, and then we can answer as to whether we think oh right or wrong, but they don't want to actual do that. Instead, they just want to sit outside and shout and scream like small children. Ok me out this historic that I just have to touch on, because I think that it is important and obvious we forgotten all the obvious things in our society. Obviously I mean it's basically with this today shows about global warming is not nazis and we can respond in the same way. Also, America has borders, we have to enforce them,
also met our men, women are women. Men who believe they are. Women are not, in fact women and trying to define gender and sex as the same things sometimes and find them is completely separate. Other times leads to linguistic and terminal logical confusion, but these are obvious things other obvious things you're going to be happier in your life. If you have lest sex partners before you get married in the Atlantic, now has reported on Study over the Institute for family studies, Nicholas Wolf. Hunger is a sociologist at the University of Utah. He's found that Americans, who have only ever slept at their spouses, are the most likely to report being in a very happy marriage me. While the lowest odds of marital happiness, about thirteen percentage points lower than a one. Woman partner belong to women who have had six to ten sexual partners in their lives for men also a dip in marital satisfaction after one partner, but it's never low as it gets four women. This is what the graph shows. Why, because marriage is a very good institution, and it turns out that when you reserve yourself for marriage- and you may
sex special in connected to a level of emotional and spiritual intimacy, your likelier to lead a happier wife. I speak as someone who has led this life. My wife also lead this life. Thank my parents led this life. I think that is a good life and the promise of the sexual revolution that free sex all round is going to make everyone happier is a bunch of crap. It is not true, it has never been true. It is a false promise act. Morally, you will have a happier life attach herself to one human being and recognise that sex is more than just getting Iraq's off, you will leave you will need a happy life and by the way or sex life will be happier to it all they should have been obvious, but we as a civilization of discards, decided to discard the obvious in favour of the attractive, and that, of course, is a huge mistake. Ok time for a couple of things I like and then some things I hate will do a federalist paper, so things that I like over the weekend Andrew Craven, who is not quite as Ex Cripple
Michaelmas, he he gave me some reading recommendations. One things I love about having drew in the office is that we are constantly talking books and literature and look back and forth recommending books to each other. There. There is great mean that I saw today you have you seen that that a meme from what what's the show where the guys are throwing the chair at each other? What's it we have a roomful humans. You know that you know that the name of the guys shouting each other than one picks up a chair and throws the chart the other guy is a bounty hunters- I'm pray remember in any case, it's dead. There is a failure. It's a very famous meme online, in which these two guys are arguing one picks up a chair and throws the chair at the other guy and people of sort of patient intact. So the meme shows One of the guys saying to the other guy was saying to the other guy your, We have enough books noticing. No, I want to go to the bookstore and the guy says the first guy says read the books. You already have a second guys like, but I want new books. Many throws chair. That's me to myself every day, so drew his costly recommending new box my book, but my book
While around my bed is now, I believe forty five deep and it just continues to grow. But I knocked out a couple over the way: its american chopper So it is okay, self, in any case, one of the books they drew recommends it, and it was a quick and easy read. Is the book submission by Michel we look back which obviously mispronouncing this book was a massive bestseller in France is translated into English. What delirious about this book is because we're back is a very famous offer. The left in the United States has to be taken seriously, even though he is obviously supremely right. One, It is a very, very rightwing book, it's not right wing, for the reason that a lot of people think it is. The basic plot line is that the muslim population in France has grown to such an extent. The Muslim Brotherhood has a party in France that wins twenty one percent of the boat. They get into a run off with the national front. By Marine Lappin and they form a coalition with the socialists in our.
To actually win the presidency of France in the process. They decide to privatized a lot of the education system and create an islamic education system. The main character is professor in that education system, who basically has to decide whether to convert to Islam to maintain his job or not. Now a lot of people have taken. This is lay offs in islamic phobic, novel and saying that the evils of Islam. Now it does talk at length about the evils of radical Islam. Re talked about the fact that Islam is patriarch all and in Okays Polygamy and is ok with the mistreatment of young women and all the rest of it. But what the book is really about more than any of that is the emptiness of the west. How the west has completely completely ripped away the heart of its own content that the original appeal of West was based on eternal truth,
wages, values and those values have been completely subsumed under the rubric of an empty humanism that gives people no reason to actually live with meaning. Basically, we had set ourselves that we can substitute hedonism, sacks a nice happy feeling about others for actual DR toward doing some. Worthwhile with your life, and so the main character in the novel basically goes around in this kind of empty post Christian Europe feel, like he's, got nothing to keep him going and having promiscuous sex with as many people as he basically wants. And eventually he realizes that he's got nothing going for him. I want to convey the ending the book. Suffice it to say that the book is really more critique of western Europe and it is of Islam. It's much more of a critique of what the Europeans have done. You take away their reason for existing
that this is leading to the complete, how willing, out of of one of the great civilizations and world history its well worth reading. Now it is x rated we'll back as a sort of famous for his sections. I will say they are incredibly Roger. You can send them. So that's the Good NEWS about children, forty page book or cut out about seventy pages, the book of just kept the sex here. So it becomes lot shorter, read, but it is it's worth its worth. Reading MRS take on what western civilization has become is I think what is is worthwhile. The nonfiction version of this book, not about Islam, but about the emptiness of what happened in the west is my book, which is coming out next year. We have the cover for it, it looks it looks really gotta can't wait to bring it out, is really exciting. Alright time for some things that I hate myself I'm late last week, a couple of actresses decided that fairytales were bad. Kristen Bell was probably maybe half joking but
Is this talk by Christine Balin care nightly that princesses don't need to be saved? We don't need to read stories, four daughters about princesses, being save here's the reality. Princesses do need to be saved and princes need to be saved. Many women women need men, we save each other. This is what fairy tales largely about, but even if you read the fairy tale a proposal at the that, at the very end of a puzzle, the guy carves his way through a thicket NASH. Sleeping beauty, the actual isn't which one it does. He go blind there in the original fairytale. There's one we're gonna have to carve his way through a thicket of Florence. I believed sleeping beauty and an he end and he's exe blinded in the process, and only when the princess cries into his eyes is he reawakened? I can live with that proposal or sleeping between the original version. I'm sure our employers will tell us hundreds of them in any case the idea that fairy tales are all about female submissive ness and men. Sexually abusing women is just ridiculous. So that didn't stop. Of course Amnesty international from suggests
sing. That sleeping beauty and snow white are completely evil, because women have have its proposal as I thought that women have fallen into these spells and now they must be awakened with the kiss of true love. There's no consent, though guys there's no consent, so Amnesty International, this absurd little video there has nothing to do with the actual fairytale, and then they suggested that this was what the fairy tale is. What does he can't see it to approaching sleeping princess in and he goes into the case, and decides that he's instead going to sexually abused women, my putting his hand between her legs
happens in a fairy tale, I was it and then it seriously yet do seriously. What is not, and I call on the prince she's princess, we were gonna, we, MR out of the parties, so we just pick it up where we left off, but the issue and do it now she told me earlier: she wants to be from the peak from the p yeah them. Does me, the prince, the p M the be here the prince, but they generate a contract or somethin. No, but I mean did you ask her if she wants to well, I guess not really has no precise, no fairytale. So apparently it's Alabama favorite mean that came from us, was somebody took these sleeping beauty
like the Disney sleeping beauty and showed the prince, bending and leaning into kissed the princess, and then he gets very close and then his and then he says, wait she hasn't consented and then the next picture is just a skeleton sleeping beauty cause she's dead. The whole point of view of the fairy tale is that she dies if you don't kiss her. So if the question is Can you give someone CPR to wake them up without their consent? The answer is yes, you can lifesaving situations. If you'd, like it was there any guy who actually saw the movie slipping guineas like a man emigrant parson rape checks I was there any wanted that was there. Anyone watch snow white, like all that was. Did you see the hardness of that non consent with all the warm sitting around We really was that that was their thing. Man, All the forest animals watching this is hot. It's just it's just absurd, but this is the point that we have reached the you anything will teach a boy, apparently be a rapist and a girl to submit
ray because that's our culture, there there's a great irony in that's what he's sleeping beauty came out and I believe nineteen fifty four nineteen fifty six, since Ella came out around the same time. All these came out in in the fifties and Sixtys all of the women who watched these movies growing up ended up being part of the Sixtys and Seventys most empowered group of women in human history but what happened in they watch sleeping beauty and Cinderella. Yes, they did, and you know what it didn't teach them that they ought to. Let themselves be raped. My goodness, you thought okay, Sup things Thy Bernie Sanders is, is We usually attempting to set of himself for a twenty twenty run, which is just great? When will the boomers leave us alone when, when go away guys just retire, Bernie Sanders the octogenarian, crazy, loom bag from Vermont he's been most of his life being completely useless, slash, counterproductive and now has emerged to be useless. Encounter. The directive on a national scale, european president from his as president from
setting a terrible example for our children right yeah- I gotta, do I know I know, but your socialist crazy person. I don't understand how that the solution to president from setting a bad example for our children. Seven bridge recent events- honest Tree all people with respect and with what kind of signal regarding the movie you used to be honest, What kind of does this person has given. I mean, he's just teaching children all the wrong turns, unlike Bill Clinton, who received oral sex in the oval office, unlike TAT Kennedy who told they women into a river and that either.
Donald probably do meekly bad uniquely uniquely bad. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna hear from people who are completely silent about the sort of bad activity from people on their own soil. I've been very consistent, calling up president from bad behaviour and those consisting in calling out tat, Kennedys Behaviour and Oakland's behaviour, their behaviors bad behavior, but the partisan weapon zation of bad behaviour that I find com almost completely useless, if you're not gonna, call it out on one side, we can call it out on the other. Honestly, you have to be consistent in the in the attempt to uphold virtue, and I don't from there to people who are willing to let Donald trump off the hook for his personal behaviour, but ribbons had Kennedy and Bill Clinton dumb work that way there ok time for like federalist papers. Every week we go through a federalist paper. We are all aware to federalist Forty eight, making steady progress this one written by James Madison in this one matter continues to discuss separation of powers and federalist forty seven. He began that discussion. He asked how the branches can protect themselves again,
usurpations by the other branches of government. How can the executive protect itself against the legislature? How can the judiciary protect itself against both? He points out that there is that he thinks that the real danger is legislative usurpation. This just now, strange that the modern form of government that we have in the United States is very very far from what we are really Lily had we did not have a regulatory state when the United States was first created. Madison was not greatly fearful of the executive branch user. Power or the judicial branch usurping power, because he believed the legislature could simply defined the executive branch or restrict the jurisdiction of the additional branch, both of which it has the power to do but now in today's government it seems in many cases the legislative branches become almost a vestigial organ of government, except when it comes to massive spending programmes, like Obama but here is Madison's original case. He says the legislative department derives superiority and our government from other circumstances, its constitute tional powers being at once more extensive and less susceptible of precise limits. They can, with later facility mask underclass?
allocating an indirect measures, the encroachments which it makes on the coordinate departments, in other words, because the legislature has power and give more power under the constitution. That gives it more ability to usurp power from the other branches argues that usurpations by the executive and judiciary are unlikely. Why? Because he says, as the largest department alone has access to the pockets of the people and hasn't some constitutions, full discretion and at all, prevailing influence over the pecuniary rewards of those who feel the other departments at dependencies, dusk, created in the latter, which can still greater facility to encroachments of the former. In other words, the legislature has the power to take where money from the other branches restrict or a section we shouldn't. The worry about usurpations. Now there is one problem the founding vision for how the government was supposed to balance itself. The main problem is the perception by the founders that the big I was gonna, be ambition right where they set. His ambition was gonna, counteract ambition, as is also send the Federalist papers that the Peters, we're going be ambitious; they want
stand for the executive, encroaching on their power, the executive is gonna, be ambitious. The executive wasn't gonna stay and stand for encroachments on on his or her power, something in the judiciary. The problem is the legislature, because these the regulatory state actually is not ambitious enough. The legislature now has an incentive to kick every tough question over to either judiciary or executive. If it's a tough constitutional question, they dont feel the necessity to argue whether its constitutional or not they just that will pass what we want, what the judiciary decide what it wants to do and they want to pay. Laws that are highly non it that highly nonspecific, the more nonspecific, the better, because view pass a law that says I want the executive branch to do good stuff and then the executive branch gets to fill. All the blanks and the executive branch fills in bad stuff? Is eight? That's what I passed. I said I wanted them to do good stuff. You see this with environmental legislation, environmental levies, nation is very often not detailed enough. It gets kicked over the EPA. The EPA. Does tens thousands of pages of regulations- and then
was ones against the regulations. It gave the EPA the authority to pass the regulatory state completely undercuts the bargain between the branches. The same thing is true of the judicial area. In other words, what we need is is a legislature that attempts to grab back its power, whether we're talking in the context of war powers on the content, of environmental regulation across the board. The legislature was designed to be the first among equals, not the president and not the judiciary. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow with more updates on the migrant caravan and all the rest. Spare this adventure, OSHA, the bench of Euro, show, is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Ngora. Audio is mixed by my car. Mina Heron. Make up is by just one over the bench of Euro Show is a daily wire Ford, publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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