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Ep. 668 - Mulling Over Mueller

2018-11-28 | 🔗
Will Trump pardon Manafort? Will Mueller indict Trump’s buddies? Will you drive a car in 10 years?
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Will president from Pardon Paul metaphor, we'll Robert Mahler Indict President from studies. Will you drive a car in ten years? These and other questions will be answered. Adventure Piero, this is the bench Barroso you know tenement owing to patch new cycle, meaning that the new cycle is sort of all over. The place is just as a weird new cycle and there's a lot to talk about in a variety of different topics. We'll get you all of those things. But first, let's talk about the coffee that you need to get yourself going in the morning. Scientists boil the surprised, but if you're getting a gift from me this Christmas, it would be coffee from my favorite coffee company, black rifle coffee I do indeed give Christmas gets to people around the office and they will be shocked when they learn that I'm giving them black rifle, confident we shot and surprised and happy and enlightened, because the coffee really is fantastic. Black rifle is the only coffee company out there that gives a portion of their cells to veterans and first responders as is black rifle coffee, is rose to order a guarantees you fresh, delicious coffee with every single or Iraq
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is like open it up and just handed off to people at the often enough to pay for the gifts, which is the double whammy for maize. Is pretty awesome? Aren't so today's news arrived fine differ the news today, let's do the new city art, so the latest news is with regard to Paul man afford and Donald Trump visit. At least favoured new cycle. Why? Because the truth is we're not gonna, know anything until the Mulder report actually comes out, so everything is speculation. Listen other shows area, get tons of speculation about Trump and mauler at metaphor and its trunk enemy, impeach and his trunk and go to jail and its pollyanna Four can be set on fire by robber, mother after being dumped off the top of the Randy's, will not sign in downtown LOS Angeles. Who knows
no one knows right, and this is why I really dont like talking about these topics so much, because I'm evidence based person, and that means that I like to wait for all the evidence to come out before speculating upon it. However, two things drive me to talk about this one. It's a slow new cycle going to talk about something into. The fact is that the news is now replete with speculation about Mars. So let us debunks some of the speculation, of things right off the top. First, off yesterday, we reported that there is a shock guardian story from the UK guardian talking about Paul metaphor meeting with Julian Assange, the head of the table of Wikileaks, which is a russian front group that pact Hillary Clinton, emails and John. But just as emails and then started releasing them on mass just before the election and the alligator it has been. The president from campaign was working with a sergeant with Wiki links with Russia. Government nor to school election results specifically in order to prevent Hillary Clinton from being elected. So the guardian comes
what does bombshell report, and this would be a big dot to connect right, because now you would have the campaign chairman for president meeting with Julian Assange. The head of Wikileaks in advance of women releasing these emails linen from out publicly saying, I sure hope, Wikileaks will release those emails, wink wink and then the emails. What about collusion well, as it turns out not so fast everyone. Let's hold that back poem an effort has now denied ever meeting with Julian Assange. Not why should we believe all of our will? Maybe we shouldn't really robber mother says that therefore, to wire and lied to him, we'll get to that in just a second but metaphor himself says he is denied. We're meeting aside following report. He had met with the Wikileaks down, or at least three times in previous years, Tuesday, the guardian reported this coordination and CNN come com. The metaphor had secretly met several times with us. Inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, including around the town who's made a top figure in the trunk campaign. The guardians sources. Just sources may not like sources where they are. They
the Ecuador Embassy are they in Mahler, Scamp, just sources and whenever summary says I cite my sources. Let's just remember the president from said that he had good sources, suggesting that President Obama was born in Kenya, so the source don't mean anything anyway. The guardian citing sources, which is to say no one, said man if we had met with a sergeant two thousand thirteen thousand fifteen spring. Two thousand sixteen metaphor responded to the guardians report. He called it totally rules and deliberately libelous, and then he can. It took the lapels on his ostrich. Jacket went with them because, that's awesome metaphor, what I've never met Julian Assange or any one connected to him. I have never been its active by anyone connected Wikileaks, either directly or indirectly. I've never reached out to a social Wikileaks on any matter we are considering all legal actions against the guardian, who proceeded with the story? and after being notified by my representatives that it was false. The newspaper That was unclear. Why metaphor wanted to see a sociable is discussed. It's not manner for saying that this is false. Assange also says that its false, more importantly, there, a bunch of people who deal pretty regularly
with join us origin. They say it is legitimately impossible from an effort to have visited Assange and for not to be recorded. The ecuadorean embassy logs has won the problems, the guardian story, nowhere in the embassy logs upon therefore appear even Gallager is an author, was visited us several times. She says quote: it is impossible. That matter went into the Ecuador Embassy to see us as I was not registered or videotaped. Everyone was no exceptions. I was there many times the security will not friendly toothache, they would have not done any favours and then she questioned sourcing for the Arctic. She said they say: documents from surname, Ecuador's intelligence agency, currently being disbanded because of dubious activities. They fabricated documents before us their agenda, and they are definitely out for us all, because he published some of their secret documents. The daily beast, Betsy Woodruff noted the guardian than one started: stealth, editing their peace, self. Editing me you go and you added a peace without actually note noting the correction. Sometimes it's enough
was in sometimes are actually changing material in the peace without notifying readers, so that you're sort of hiding the Bubu that you made before the guardian, weaken some of its language and the metaphor assigned story so originally, it said it is unclear why metaphor wanted to see a sovereign. What was discussed, they changed it to read. Is unclear. Why metaphor would have wanted to see us and what was discussed by before last apparent meeting as opposed to before, but the last meeting there now weakening. All the language manner forms we say is now threatening lost, against the UK guardian. So all of the hubbub yesterday over this bombshell story that metaphor had met with such it turns out that that may be collapsing in on itself. Meanwhile, there is a story today about Jerome course. He who apparently has a deal with President Trump drone course he is the author and can piracy theorist who had written entire book about why Brok of animals born in Kenya he used to write for world that ailing. Then you now claims in forthcoming book. There is a joint defence agreement with,
drop. It was provided limited immunity during his testimony before a special council robber Mothers grand jury to discuss a cover story. He clingy crafted for from confidant Roger Stone is according to the daily collar course. He has been interviewed six times in the investigation over the course of more than two months and he writes in a new book to be entered into defence agreement with Trump. After being advised, the trumps lawyer, J, secular, was interested in the arrangement that offence agreement would basically involve course, II under investigation talking with Trump seem to inform them of the questions who is being asked by Mahler this. Of course it make Mahler deeply upset and angry because you don't want your witnesses talking to one There are getting their story straight, describing these interactions with especial councils office course he claims granted. What's notice, limited use, immunity for testimony he gave during his September twenty first grand jury appearance regarding conversations with Roger Stone about an August thirty. First, two thousand sixteen memo. He wrote about former Clayton campaign sharing
John Podesta course. He says you received immunity for testimony that he and stones developed. The cover story tell explained stones no infamous August twenty first, two thousand sixteen, tweet there would soon be put asked his time in the barrel, according the course he he international plan in of course, he would write a memo about the past as to allow stones cited as the basis for his tweet retroactively, so the implication from stones tweet is that here no in advance about Wikileaks, releasing pilasters emails and then He likes release the email showing that soon have been coordinating with Wikileaks, and presumably if stone was in touch with the term campaign, and this would be the avenue by which russian collusion was taking place course. He supposedly testing is going to do survive that he and stone came up with an arrangement work. He would sort of back fill the story instead of it being met. Stone was working with Wikileaks then he sort of let the cat out of the bag saying that Wikileaks has generally stuff on John Plaster. Now the story was gonna, be the drone course he had come up with a memo, and that was the basis for stones to
the revelation of accurate undercut stones, testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, that opposition research but as two brothers business activities was the catalyst for the tree so vehemently denied course his claim about the origin of the memo to the daily collar on Monday insisted that he in course he discussed the protested brothers activities, and that is true. It was a reference to apple research that would come out on the topic and there a bunch of twitter posts on this particular subjects. Course. He announced the release of his book on Monday and interview. He also claims that prosecutors wanted him to plead guilty to making false statements regarding wikileaks. He rejected the offer saying he would not plead guilty to a crime that he did not commit. And again he says that J Secular Trumps lawyer suggested a mutual defence agreements could be verbal in nature and did not need to be put in writing joint venture women are common in criminal proceedings when multiple witnesses and investigative targets are dealing with the same prosecutors. Trump has won with parliamentary support, for example. So here's where things start to get icy doesn't look like Paul metaphor,
and drawn Corsica and President Trump are coming up with a mutual defence agreement because they are trying to get their stories straight and protect themselves from the from the start. Investigation of Robert Miller, or is it the robber Mahler is actually being predaceous that he has a he's being predatory that he actually is trying to peel off these people, one by one and hit them with false allegations and enforce them to turn on each other and testify Asia about each other falsely, and so you need a mutual defence agreement so that people can coordinate with each other from an offence perspective. The latter for prosecution perspective the former, but doesn't This look particularly good for president from not really when you are coordinating with other witnesses. In a case about you, it looks like you're trying to set up some sort of cover story course. You write one instance in which his where had contact from where he says you wanted his word worn trump. We had to assume the special council We have everything all emails text, messages, written notes, phone records can be obtained by search warrant. I wanted the president,
once in the present war, not to give in person verbal testimony to Mahler under any circumstances, he said expressing concern the prosecutors moving for perjury. Wrap against him for Miss, remembering details about July, twenty, fifty thousand sixteen email that he received from Roger Stone. Email from two thousand. Sixteen, from course to Roger Stone about the Wikileaks email dumps. Nbc news has obtained draft court paper centre coarsely by mothers office, in which course he apparently said Roger Stone Ass, course. He apparently said that Roger Stone asked him the summer of twenty sixteen to get in touch with an organ zation identified by courses, wikileaks about unreleased materials relevant to the presidential campaign, the email from two horsey on July. Twenty fifty thousand sixteen from stone,
apparently says get to assign at equatorial embassy in London and get the pending Wikileaks emails course. He said he declined the requesting. We included a stone than an attempt to contact of Achilles could put them in the investigators crosshairs. According to the draft court documents, mowers team said. That was why, instead of turning down the request course, he in fact passing along to personal and according to the draft court documents shall have to see how all this shakes out. Coursing, meanwhile says I'd into any of the stuff and De Mello. Investigation is simply trying to push me into making false statements about president from within at a prosecution looming over my head, all of which raises another question is present in from going to solve this sort of gordian knot by simply cutting it and ironing command effort- and this is one of the pieces of speculation that is out there today. I think this is high The highly unlikely I ll explain why in just one second, first, let's talk about Georgia, not itself. I was a little disappointed. I have to admit Elizabeth Warren took her genetic tests so that she was one one twenty one thousand.
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legal specialist speculated it was a bit by man afford for a presidential, pardon and here's what we get into the deceased territory, we'll president from simply stop this investigation, pardoning Pollyanna for if Pollyanna, for it is indeed the key to this entire thing, will present interim per se. Listen you guys have trumped up all these charges against Pollyanna, for you never would prosecuted him under any other circumstances, accept that he was involved. My campaign, you don't like me, she went after him for a bunch of foreign affairs stuff that a bunch of lobbyists in Washington do all the time and get away with that you're going out for him now. So I'm just gonna pardon him, and then he got nothing. Then he can't try to leverage him into making false statements about me, or is he trying to pardon manner for in order to obstruct justice right? Is he trying to pardon poem
Therefore, in order to prevent the investigation from going forward, any Mccarthy has a long piece about this in national view. Today he says mothers, prosecutors are laying the groundwork to argue. The poor man afford should not get any credit for pleading guilty and sparing the public the need for a second trial, because, as we learned yesterday, the Mahler team now says them Pollyanna for lights, announce that one revoke its plea agreement and that would kick back in all the possible consequences of severe jail time in the submission. The special council points out the Mann report did not decide to plead guilty until the last minute, so prosecutors court had to get up for trial. Moreover, the prosecutors emphasise they ledge breach, relieves the government of any duty to support manifolds claimed that he has demonstrated acceptance of responsibility, which they standard sentencing reduction. For defending to plead guilty, here's the key for their part metaphor and his words are per. Clearly preparing to argue the metaphor was honest: that mothers rapidly antitrust prosecutors did not like what he had to say I he would not implicate the president misconduct. This would echo of the positive by judge, ts Ellis a metaphor for
Your trial more aggressively pursued metaphor on charges that had nothing to do with Russia's interference in the twenty six feet. Election in order to squeeze manner were into singing or even composing as a witness against the president? And this is where this is where we get into the Pardon issues and just a second amateur, explain to you where the pardon issue comes it so, as Anna Mccarthy continues He says there is a highly unusual twist here. The possibility the president from could part manifold on the theory. The justice, the Justice Department would never have charge man afford for its political, consulting activities in Ukraine. And the lavish income he earned. Enveils report from it and a man of war was charged as a pressure tactic to help Malo try to make collusion case against Trump under circumstances where there is no evidence of a Trump Russia criminal conspiracy. Many will thus detect to play for a pardon in metaphor, its alleged breaching of the police.
Grim it, coupled with his public stance that far from lying he's been resisting mothers. Heavy handed attempt to make him why this take on things find support in some president from sweets such as this one from August eighteenth quote, I feel very badly prepared for his wonderful family justice to get twelve Euro tax case. Among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael, could you refuse to break makeup stories nor to get a deer such respect for a brave man? So Mccarthy says he doesn't think that mothers report is forthcoming, but it is possible that president from could simply part manner for risk. Impeachment of the house know that he's not gonna get convicted in the Senate and then see what happens. Writer, and this is the case that has now been made by both Jerome Horsey and Roger stone? Is the mowers, selective prosecution of man? Effort has resulted in an attempt to make him why and that Mahler is now trying to make Of course, you lie entering make Roger Stone Life in order to set up a chain of events that looks like Roger Stone Interim course. He actually go between four wiki links with the term campaign
what's wrong course he was saying yesterday again. Yes, he everything's are on course he says, with a very, very large reign of solvency. Guy wrote an entire boy, about how to Iraq of almost warning, Kenya is not a reliable source. Here is Tucker Karlsson, asking him some questions last night on Fox I've read accounts in the press. Red one in the wash the monthly illiberal magazine saying you deserve to go to prison because you ve press views that they don't like. Do you think that your political views? are playing a role in the decision of the special council to charge me with a felony I think it also by the way they accuse me, a deleting emails that I told of the store they restored the emails I supposedly deleted through the time machine. This is up. Active it, also Roger stones perspective? He says that Roger said, Roger Stone says the germ course he's being browbeaten. Of course, they all have a stake in saying this, because, if they're not being browbeaten than somebody's going to jail, probably her,
as if their not being browbeaten than some, but he's going to jail. Probably here's Roger Stone trying to defend our own coursing August twenty first I posted a tweet. They said the produced his time in the barrel will come. I meant that public scrutiny of the protesters, russian business interests, as I had been briefed about by here of she would be in the media. Now Jerry Corky has been brow be into claiming that that was some kind of a cover story and because I was taking heat for tweet, but that's not even logical Laura, because my tweet wasn't controversial until six weeks later, when we Julian Assange published John Pedestrians emails right, except that it would make sense for the treaty to be uncontroversial. Until then, because you said it critically that It would time if there be time for jump investor in the barrel and then later it was John Press is harming the barrel, which makes it seem like a handsome inside information at all of this is questionable. Willis result in
metaphor being pardoned simply to end this. I really doubt that I think the president from wood would not do that. I think, would be a mistake. I think that you would be impeached automatically by the new Democratic House. I think would have a relatively solid basis for doing so. It would look too much like obstruction for them to avoid doing anything else, and we put Republicans in a terrible position now they either have to say that it's ok for the president to pardon people who are being questioned about his campaign activities. In order to avoid scrutiny, or they have to vote against the President's remaining office. I dont think that president from his going this direction, lending credence to the idea he might go in this direction was the fact yesterday, he was in an interview with somebody, I believe from the Washington Post and he was asked about the possibility of pardoning metaphor. He went off the record and then later what I said they put any of that on the record, and then they went back off the record that suggest that Trump is thinking, thoughts that he doesn't necessarily want. People to you know about again, Mr President, don't do this letter
go forward. If this investigation turns out to be the sham that allowed people think it as if this investigation turns out to be an empty and as its goal seeking as it appears to be, and in many cases, then we will all be here to defend you against false charges. But if you cut this thing short, it's gonna look like you're guilty and it's gonna look like you're Elsie because maybe are guilty so dont do it so dont pardon Pollyanna, for it would be a big. Mistake at this point. President from, however, is busy fulminating on twitter about all this again, I'm not sure how this is helpful to him. He's he's saying the Miller Witch Hunt is a total disgrace there, looking at supposing they stolen crooked, hitherto couldn't email, even though they don't want to look at the DMZ server, but have no interest in the emails that Henry deleted and acid washed after getting a congressional subpoena again, it's true Hilary should have been prosecuted. It is also through that this does not actually mean that you are innocent of things just because somebody else is guilty of a thing. President from then retreated a an account called the Trump train
with a graphic, virtually every Democrat on planet earth behind bars and is now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, ones the trials for treason begin. So all times over on president trumps, twitter account in just a second I wanna get to President Trump. Peers to be formulating more often, then I think, is useful for him again. We com is good and onto our doing this will get to that in just one. Second, first, Let's talk about you getting better investing you don't know all that. Much about investing you wanna practice, investing you want. You want to get more expert with investing or the best way to do. That is by getting Robin Hood. It's an investing apt that lets you buy and sell stocks each yes options encrypt those all commission free they strive to make financial services work for everyone. Not just for rich people is in non intimidating way for stock market newcomers to invest. For the first time with true confidence. They have a cost structure that does not charge portrayed. Instead, you trade stocks and keep all of your profits. They ve easy to understand, charge market data in place, a trade in just four tabs on your smartphone, the Robin Hood website
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Italy is, is in a mood I think he is not happy with. Without would be how the midterms went he shouldn't be, we lost forty sheets Republicans dead in the house. They only picked up. Two seats in the Senate sets fifty three seat majority for Republicans in the Senate. That is not a supremely strong majority, its little stronger and it was obvious The house was a completely wiped out. In the end, it was a blue with people You really are fitting to you. Two thousand six with a blue wave Democrats, one in the House popular vote, not the stupid, sent a popular vote, which means nothing and the House popular vote. Democrats wanted two thousand six by eight points. They want in two thousand eighteen eighteen eight point. One points point: seventy thousand sixteen was two thousand six was way so as to thousand eighteen president trumped not happy about that. Obviously not happy about the media treatment, justifiably obviously unhappy about
We have ones being linked from the Mahler investigation, and this is causing him to do what he does a lot in social media and publicly, which has puffed up his chest and right now be the time to go quite seriously. What president from needs to understand, I think, sometimes gets in some hundred. Doesn't he lets? What is whether he has one half of the equation present from has the capacity to draw spotlights that is a wonderful capacity and a politician present Obama, due to its great, when you're a politician who is capable of drawing spotlights from every angle, it means they can shift topics pretty easily present from like state he's always liked attention. The guy who is on the cover of Playboy magazine back in the 90s in this is somebody who does not trying to tension, but the president, because he has such a capacity to draw attention, also has the capacity to deprive the media
of fire just like going silent, the media would drive and self not every time. President Trump goes out of the country and its rivals round he's busy overtime. His approval ratings, five rise, five points not getting go back and look at the record. The reason for that is because the media have not and you play with lighten the president is going around doing presidential thinks he's not waiting. He doesn't have access to cable tv you just don't around doing what the presidential me doing every time, president from misdirect away from a topical importance, organs the media, a topic to focus on that is not good for him. It is a problem for him. Problem for Republicans, while president from because in a bad mood, though, is now Fulminate he's doing it a lot on twitter again Twitter,
sort of zealot. I got a text from somebody today on the left bank. Do you think President Trump is going on twitter strategically and as like nope, I think he's board and I think that's pretty obvious from his twitter feed this morning. He retreated a tweet from a fake MIKE Pence account. He retreated a bunch from an account called the Trump train. A couple of those tweets are actual factually there's factually wrong, so he retreated. He retreated from twitter train saying illegals can get up to four thousand dollars a month under federal assistance programme, our social security checks on average twelve hundred dollars a month retreat. If your grief were born in the United States, should receive zero dollars of assistance. That last part is true. The other part is based on. Canadian statistics is not actually based on american statistics and then he started. Retreating accounts were treating our old footage of Hillary Clinton? Talking about Eric Holder Inquiry Booker as black people I and we'll gets GM and just a second, but you can tell the president from his bourbon and when president from his burden feeling bad, he tends to sound off about how great he hits
because today ending in why so he didn't interview with thy he didn't interview yesterday. In or at least there is a new book out Tuesday, and the president in this book said that while he he said, he feels that quote I blow Ronald Reagan, away its statement, it stay these, as the amazing thing is they have certain people who are conservative, Republicans that, if my name, where Trump, if it were John Smith, there too and the greatest present in history and I blow rather dragon away I've set before I've The president from has governed more conservatively than Ronald Reagan. I do I think that he is guilty, is governed more conservative within Ronald Reagan. He does not have Ronald Reagan capacity to widen forty nine states or to draw the country together or to be mystic Reagan was a lot more than just as policy, but on policy trumpets and wrongly these quite good, but that was not the best quote the best quote from President Trump. In these various interviews I mean this is like full on Yogi Barrow stuff, it's so good, so president from
in this interview, he didn't interview on Tuesday, with the Washington Post, and he's a law to stuff. So he was asked about that applies on street and gems announcement was laying off fifteen percent of its workforce. President Trump responded by criticising the fatty said, he's not worried about a recession, and then he said quote about the face at their making a mistake, because I have a good and make good has made more sometimes than anybody else's brain can ever tell me,
Strong stuff from stuff, I gotta admit that that's that's solid stuff I haven't got, and they got tells me more sometimes in anybody else's brain can ever told me well depends if you ve had like a burrito lately, really, if God is telling you more than somebody else's brain, could ever tell you my kind has me my than Albert Einstein: pay frontal cortex. Let me tell you something, my bad, that is more intelligent than any number of experts from the American Enterprise Institute. What's funny about this, now you have to know I'm making fun of president from over this brok. Obama was exactly the same way, Broncos exactly the same way he famously during two thousand a campaign said that he was his best campaign manager whose own best speechwriter, whose own bus policy walk. He was his own best everything I brought about a loved him, some Barack Obama May Morocco Bhamo, like President Trump trusted, trusted his god, mainly because you got to know he's got face to face by sticking his head up his own as so often, but
President Obama, I will, when you talk about people who are egotistic again, making fun of president from simply because I think that President Trump would be better served by some receding into the background, letting his policies take before and by the way, he's not wrongly says you get more praise if he acted more presidential roadie, saying first called about how is better than Ronald Reagan. Well, then, why don't you let people, I don't know, look and enjoy your policies opposed to new fulminating online, in any case, as I say when people say that Donald Trump is a wild departure from the present fur for presidential politics, let's just remember he's not the first guy. Loves him. Some! Some president. Here's President Obama, yesterday when we lying about his record on fossil fuels. For example, Barack Obama now takes credit for everything from the economically covering the weakest economic recovery in american history that presided over and growth really be yeah in earnest under a republican Congress. He he lay they he takes credit for that, and now he takes credit for,
oh oil prices is just unbelievable. Somewhere murders were the biggest producer in the biggest good. That was me people just. Why are you so so slow like? We are? Sometimes you go to Wall Street and folks be grumble about. That's our business church where you're starts war. When I came in others where there are now what what are you talking? What are you complain about? It just say: thank you play so here the president for the oil companies in Wall Street now, which is really interesting, because that, if not how the oil companies, though I will, when you take credit for us being the world's biggest oil producer with the leading oil producer. This is honestly. This is sort of like the is sort of like Ralph Branca taking credit for Bobby Thompsons Homerun. I know it's an old reference for people who want baseball fans, but it's like a single bad pitcher saying that he takes
credit for the home run that was hit off of him. Okay, the oil companies had to work around Barack Obama on routine basis. He constantly attempting to prevent people from drilling who's. President Obama was trying to crack down on the fracking industry that made oil and natural gas that much cheaper and now he's taking credit for all of us, there is no point this out is because it is simply not rearing presidential politics for president to take credit for things they have nothing to do with, but that attitude does lead to that policy where they talking Republicans or Democrats, and I gotta get to that bad policy injustice. Second, with regard to general motors, but first, let's talk about what you are going to get your. I've ones for this holiday, you never. You know what does not go out of style, surprising a friend or loved one with a dazzling bouquet from one hundred flowers? I have a habit. The whenever I go out of town, I order my wife mon. Eight hundred flowers dot com what's grab about that is makes my life easy. I can just order. The flowers takes me five seconds to show my wife that I'm thinking about her
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Lasher Para go check it out. I want to talk about General motors and President trumps war with General motors and just a second but you're gonna have to go over to daily wire dot com and check it out for nine ninety nine a month. You can get a subscription to daily wire. When you do the thrust of the show either Michael Moses shall address Van reclaims show live, I mean these are all great chosen. Supper. Michael malls, you're gonna want to be part of them and you get all sorts of gray goodies. I get to see all of our answers when we do this on special, like there's a final answer, the final ass we get I guess on this special you'll, get that monsieur subscribers. For example, this week's under special features my good friend, David Limber, who, I've known for seventeen years, but only met in person. Yesterday, David is, can we on Sunday special talking about As I mentioned yesterday, our upcoming pre Christmas series, who can convert bench of Europe is a new book called Jesus. When we talk about religion and politics and all the rest is limited. Review I'm David limbo. I would encourage you to tune in this week to the been Shapiro Show, the Sunday special. Was gracious after. Interview may and we talk about my book Jesus.
Reason. We talk about tramp and christianity, church and State founding fathers and whether they were christian. I think we have a good, wholesome discussion at least been Travis very well- I was sitting here. Listen they ingo check that out this Sunday, when you subscribe also subscribe, overt Itunes or Youtube leave us all of you. I won't get the annual subscription for ninety nine dollars. You get us the very greatest in beverage vessels. Now, as I say, everyone, my family has been ill. I have not- and I am not going to pretend that it's because of this tumblr- me just say that without this tumblr I don't know what would happen to you may, who knows, could have indifferent last circumstances in life and every every point is an inflection pointer. Who knows if I had not taken us from this, perhaps right now be definite oh, I can't. I can't give you any more of a guaranteed that I'm sorry, but you get all that ninety nine dollars. Here again, we are the largest fastest growing concern apart ass in ok. So it's there
pollination president Trump is very, very upset. At General Motors General Motors has just decided that they are going to outsource a bunch of jobs. They are going to but a bunch of factories in the United States. None of this is particularly shocking, but presidential is very, very angry at it. The reason is angry out. It is because General motors basically signalled months ago that the steel tariffs, the President Trump, was now putting on we're going to damage its business. So at a rally in young sound Ohio last year, he talk about how we were gonna lose any automotive jobs. Jim has estimated that the tariff support and put on steel and aluminium have cost the complete hundreds of millions of dollars. They said that this was not the sole reason for the cuts
Ford announced last month, and I would make an unspecified number of cuts as part of redesign of the company. They say that the tariffs have cost the company one billion dollars so far, and Robert Scott senior economist of the Economic Policy Institute, left leaning, said despite gems assertions to the contrary, the company is likely to protect itself to against a future economic downturn, since they can read the crystal ball they see what's coming. This is chickens coming home to roost on the broader trump economic policies. Of course, is the leftist saying so. But this has got president from very angry, because President Trump likes Otto jobs. He likes manufacturing jobs and is upset with GM. This has caused president Trump to get very angry at GM and bless them saying that they better put jobs back in or gonna kill us subsidies to GM. So, just to get this straight, the- U S, government never should have been subsidizing we should have allowed GM go bankrupt back in two thousand eight. If we go back, go and bankrupt back in two thousand and eight it would have been scrapped and sold off parts or
more likely. The brain would have been maintained and bought up by other investors for pennies on the dollar, at which point they would have created new efficiencies and new class of scale you efficiencies of scale. It made the company better and stronger, and there would have been more competitive international footing. Instead, we subsidized it with hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States Treasury and when we did that we took an ownership staking GM and resolve the ownership. Can GM and all the rest, when we did that we put them. Basically, the governmental and this cause president Trump to say: ok! Well, if you ship jobs overseas, then we're going to remove your subsidies, which, by the way, will actually involve Gmos in more jobs, so taking more money out of gems pocket, doesn't make them more likely to bring the jobs back in May the more likely to cut more jobs here as president tromp, however, saying that he wants to punish GM for making an economically feasible decision thanks in part to his tariffs,
The general motors you'd better get back there soon that so I know you'd better get back there soon. So we have a lot of pressure on them. You have senators, you have a lot of other people, a lot of pressure. They say the shipping crews is not selling well, I say well, then get somebody get a car that is selling well put it back is ok. Well, thank you for that information on running a car company president drop there's a chubby cruises and selling well, maybe we'll out about. Maybe we ought to use a different car and put it back it. That's what they're doing, but the shoving crews of May
manufactured in the United States and a lot of their other cars there s you! These are manufactured overseas or at least in part, oversees. Also, it's really silly to talk about where these cars are manufactured, as though the Chevy crews manufacture, two hundred percent America does not have any of this works their supply chains that extend all across the world. When you raise tariffs on products and ATO inputs, it raises the price it makes you less competitive, so pouted president Trump respond to all of this by more interference in the economy. This is why I dont like, when President's take soul, credit for economic winds or economic losses. As though they are responsible for creating jobs, Obama was not responsible for creating jobs. Private industry was responsible for creating jobs and create a bit
this climate. That is friendlier for job creation, but you, the President of the United States, are not responsible for creating jobs, because you do not have the capacity to do anything other than take money that does not belong to you spend it on people who are then going to be in your political pocket. So what exactly does president from doing so? I put in the steel tariffs this damage the car companies now in response months to get more involved in the economy. He wants to go after GM by removing their subsidies, which we should never have given them in the first place, and then he wants to raise tariffs on car imports to create it protects this kind of placid swimming pool for GM. He says the reason that the small truck business and new us is such a goat. You favorite is that for many years, tariffs of twenty five percent have been put on small trucks coming into our country. It is called the chicken tax if we did, that with cars coming in many more cars would be built here. And she would not be closing their plants in Ohio, Michigan Marilyn get Smart Congress. Also. The countries that send us cars have taken advantage of the US for decades. The present has great power on this issue, because
of the GM event. It is being studied. Now he threat, as they did steel tariffs, which the car industry. Now he says what, if I protect the car industry, the non tariff. Well, what will that effect that will affect everyone? Who, eyes, a car in the United States will now be more expensive to buy a car or a truck in the United States, which has downstream economic effects on other businesses. Because now you're, not and be able spend that dollar they were going to spend on something else. On that thing, now going to have to spend it on this car because president trumped decided to raise the tariff rates. This is the thing about policies like tariffs that have a small number of beneficiaries, but diffuse numbers of people who are hurt river hurts me a hundred bucks worth, but somebody gets to keep a job a gm, it's very obvious to the person who keeps the job GM, but their job is due to the tariff. It's not clear to me that my hundred dollar increase in price outweighs that person's job. What if its millions of people
paying a hundred dollars extra. All of this is not economically efficient. Is simple redistribution of wealth? That's all that's happening here, does not for national security reasons. President Trump as a deep and abiding love for terrorists his abiding one for tariffs is going to be extraordinarily economically damaging has a very, very strong economy. The economy was probably artificially boost and last quarter Because so many companies in the United States decided to import products now, as opposed to waiting for president trumps tariffs to kick in right now. A lot of american companies that are exports are seen retaliatory tariff from other countries. In particular, the soybean industry in the United States is about to collapse entirely soybean exports, which, from the outset,
states mainly go to China have decreased by ninety eight percent going into January. Apparently, is that good for the economy? You may say that we ought to fight China. That's fine! I was not pretend that is economically beneficial for us to do so. That's that silly, but President Trump again, when you think that the job of the president is run things to run the economy to run things, then you get yourself in All sorts of hot water here also all of this stuff is, is simply not feasible. In the long run, I will explain why, in a second all these subsidies and tariffs and trying to protect certain industries of its feasible in the long run. Now the reason that none of this stuff is feasible. In the long run, the reason that tariff policy that protectionism that control from the top downwards by Trump or but whether its Obama on oil and gas order this Trump on cars. The reason none of this is feasible in the long run is the technological advances outpace the capacity of governments to control those technological advances. President Obama tried to shut down oil drilling What did they do in artificially raise the price of oil? By doing so? It provided in
for businesses to create racking those This. Is then lowered the price of gas, natural gas undercutting the coil of the coal industry and also ensuring a cheap supply of natural gas for the future as President Obama was restricting oil supply. In the same thing, happened in the car industry Aubrey CEO says, and I think is entirely right about this that, in ten years, Nobody is going to own a car. Here is what Bresil Dara Crash, or she may have pronounced said that in it gave nobody's gonna own a car, and I think this is probably correct. You won't on car, you essentially come to us and we will give you the choice of do. You wanna, take regular Gruber you wanna pool with someone, but were also than to show you. This is a bust out. That's not to you in a bus is going to be coming in six minutes from now. You can take the best day where you can take an electric bike of school, Today as well, we want to give you every single choice: ok, so the car industry. I totally agree despite a wedding
The car industry in the United States is going to completely collapse. In a matter of and in ten, as I think In twenty years, automated driving, combined with Goober technology, is going to allow you to not on a car. I basically you're, just gonna pull up an app on your phone. If we even have apps on phones by then we're going to be able to simply to open up our phone puncher button and then a car with the requisite number of seats will arrive to take you to your destination. It won't be worth its own. A car you just gonna, buy a subscription from a company like Goober repay a hundred bucks a month to buy that subscription from Ober and you're gonna pay that hundred dollars month, instead of paying for an individual rights, and you can use many cars, you want and that's how the car industry is going or how exactly do crackdown on that people like Tucker Carlson and said I'm not on the show, actually that they would prevent automatic driving from happening to protect jobs. Let you know what's going to happen, then I was going to happen. Then his other economies are going to take advantage of those technologies and those other.
These are going grow faster than the United States economy. You want to know why America's economy is the dominant world economy, because it does not prevent innovation, because it does not freeze the economy and attempt to redistribution. It does not see. Innovation is a threat, it sees it as a benefit and for all those people who think. Well we're gonna kill too many jobs, all the stuff. We have literally said this about every technological advance of the last two hundred years for two hundred years, people have been doing saying that every technological advance was going to end with a massive unemployment. It has not happened. There are people who will be unemployed for a short period of time and then he'll get jobs in other industries that older people are retrain for other jobs. Should we ease their way sure that's what social fabric is for? That's where social institutions come in, but this idea that, from the top on your simply going to redistribute jobs, two particular areas you needs when in a presidential election. This says that the federal government is simply too powerful. This hasn't federal government is involving crap that it should not be involved in in the
his place, and that is true. What are you talking about oil drilling under Brok Obama or whether you talk about car industry stuff under under Donald Trump? This is not the business of the federal government is not the business of the President of the United States absence a national security need now. Meanwhile, I will say that present from continue popularity has very little to do. I think they're there's been an attempt to link his popularity, among Republicans with Gm Blue Collar rust belt. Chemist I'll thing. That's reality. I think that president from remains popular because he has got level has got, is right on this kinda has he got level patriotism for the United States? Unfortunately, he's got level criticism for the United States is not being reflected by millennials there's a new study out that shows that millennials half of them think that America is in and think the Brok Obama was more important than George Washington. A new pole conducted the foundation for Liberty and american greatness found, a huge percentage of younger Americans are expressing their
Spain for american ideals, almost half believe America's in great roughly twenty percent think the american flag as a sign of intolerance and hatred. Twenty nine percent we're ok with burning the american flag, whether some serious crises, american conscience, that cropping up with younger Americans and in the near future. That's why, when president from says you better than Ronald Reagan, if he wants to be better than Ronald Reagan, it can't just be that he's cutting regulation. It has to be that he's. Affirmative case for America as a great free country, and why you should join that adventure rather than sitting on the sidelines screaming about how miracle is terrible. Otherwise, we will see the end of America, no matter how good the economy is. People are driven by ideas. People are driven by passion. People are not necessarily driven simply by the pocket book, and that is particularly true when you're talk but I like tonight is the second vote by Jesse Normative recommended in in a couple of months, I recommended his biography of Adam Smith. His first biography was of Edmund Burke one of these.
That is the second, but by just you, Norman, I have recommended in in a couple of months, I recommended his biography of Adam Smith. His first biography was of Edmund Burke one of the first real conservatives, Edmund Burke's conservatism was of a brand that suggested that basically, western civilization had been the product of a fabric created over thousands of years and hundreds of generations that fabric had to be preserved And then, if we are going to change the fabric, then we had best consider what it was we removing before placing it is women. Work was not a fan of the fresh evolution, but he was a man of the American Revolution which he saw as Americans simply seeking to defend their rights as Englishmen, and he saw the french revolution as people who are seeking to overthrow the fundamental institutions of society. The book is really good.
Just you Norman, Edmund Burke, the first conservative. This is not the only biography of of Edmund Burke. That's good. Russell Kirk has one that's quite good if you are actually interested in conservatism the history of conservative thought and not merely tax rates than its incumbent on you to read some Edmund Burke, who really is too like an amazing right about very readable, even though he was writing in the late eighteenth century. So go check that out right now. Ok, other things that I like today. Well, I have to admit that do actually like this story from a sigh writer who says that the oars from Lord of the rings: racist, I'm not kidding our discussion on fancy. He says it's hard to miss the repeated notion in token that some races arduous worse than others, or that some people are just worse than others and the scene. Seldom Duncan was discussing Lord of the rings as part of a wider discussion on fancy. He says it's hard to miss the repeated notion in token that some races arduous worse than others, or that some people are just
worse than others, and this seems to me in the long term, if you embrace this too much, it has dire consequences for yourself and for society. A couple of things one Lord of the rings was written with the Nazis and mine are some people worse than others. Yes, yes, they are are, you know how you could tell sometimes when they were swastika on their arm. That's pretty indicator- that's not a good person. So this is insane in Britain, but again for votes on the left, who believe that that everybody is of equal moral value and their every choices of equal moral value. This is this is silliness also the idea that its its discriminatory, because it leads to the idea that biologically there are no good It's a fantasy book. You dope, and not always in a fancy book. Nowhere in that book is there a suggestion that habits themselves are genetically good regiment. Not did not spoil our alert from eighty years ago, but smuggle was once a habit right, so the
is that smuggle turn bad eternity smuggle it did. This whole thing is is just the way yes, silliness in the end they woke cipher community has become a thing, which is why I think cipher literature is getting worse and worse. He says we should allow the order to explain themselves, so they did that's it. Yeah. They they, they mainly do. It seems like them want to eat people, though that's that's there. That's ok, ok time for a couple of things that I hate. Ok, so things that I hate the they're all these stories that often go viral, and this is a and it's really absurd why these things will viral here is one example: there's a team who graduated from a catholic High school and when he spoke at this Catholic High school he was met for it with a standing ovation. Why? Because he came out as gay in front of the high school, and here is what he had to say.
Announcing adults and welders pretty terrifying because of the well doesn't like you. I decided that it was finally time to tell someone the truth. It wasn't easy, but when I said is, I felt this energy pass through May, and I felt that was the first time I'd really been proud of who I was so everybody is allow and celebrate that so wonderful, first of all, bravery requires risk, not short. The risk is here- and this is a guide- is nothing feature on the news for saying keys of a particular sexual orientation in front row crowd. Second, I went to an orthodox church highschool Standard, the orthodox jewish high school. There are standards on a lot of things on Sabbath observance, on kosher observance and yes on sexual proclivities and sexual practices to go to it. You go into a place where everyone knows the standard of fronts and twin role in that place.
The agreement that you're going to abide by those rules and then to get up and then say that the rules are bad, as you graduate is not really an act of respect, It is not really an act even of self respect. It is an act of rebellion against the school that you basically lied to. If you want to come out about do whatever you want man, it's a free society died by really don't care, but if you are going to go to take my example jewish day school and then. Regulation you're going to announce. You know what I hate. Sabbath Sabbath is not for me. Sabbath is dumb, and I think this whole thing has been a sham is that bravery is just you being kind of it No I'm not saying that being gaze and brings Europe. Obviously not he, as I just said. If he wants to come out, let him come out, but you take the advantage of a catholic school graduation and then to say at the Catholic I will by the way your entire moral stand with regard to sexuality is wrong and you should take yet because I'm gay is really not an act of humility or
decency, it's really an act of of self aggrandizement that I dont think is really worthy of celebration. Again for the one thousand time in the second, do whatever you want, but if the idea here is that you are doing so. Then grand and good bye challenging the status quo at a school that you apparently accepted the morals, hundreds of women we're going. There seems to be a slap in the face to the religious upbringing from whence you came and the school to which you call your leave the school and then ripped the school for its policies. Fine, you and take advantage of their platform to talk about how you hate everything they say: and four on this particular issue, because it makes you feel good and for the fifteen hundred people, not cool, Now, if you are inherent anything if the school approve this, we should scores. Call that then so much. Our house because that's going to school, approves of it. So this is an act of aggrandizement or it's not a lot of bravery. Bravery would be if you want to come out and then challenge back.
Policy right in and you wanna challenge of bad policy, but if you want to go to a religious while he went to and then then ripped the school, I just think that that's I think it's an active of true arrogance in certain respects and again holding this kid thinks of it like that women, but I am doing the media have to celebrate the shortest up either. Ok, other things that I hate today, so there's this story about this America. Christian missionary who was killed when I tried to contact a hostile hunter gatherer tribe. An isolated island in the Indian Ocean, so some see John Chow symbol of western arrogance- is, according to the Washington Post, a reckless evangelist to attempted to supplant a call thousands of years old when he broke indian law and set forth set foot on the north, sensible island, some Christian seem as a martyr if, if perhaps misguided, one, who recognise no exceptions to the Eba evangelist mission. When he tried to take the Bible to a people known to kill outside hers on site,
Rob but only one person gleaned from chest laying a model for national immigration policy that there's a piece in Australia about how the natives had a great immigration policy, but in any case the they hear. Here's where I think all this goes wrong. So I want to talk about the perspective that the tribe was okay, killing this guy. Why? Just why legal, Ireland? I don't understand the tongue about these off bigotry of logs petition. So if you come to my house with a book in a western civilisation- missionaries come to my house all the time because people, my hundred or and they want to talk about the Book of Mormon read they want to talk about, though I talk about the latter day, saints or, though, is how about some day adventurism or something what they did that I went into my gun safe. I took out pistol and shot them to death. On my doorstep, this will make me a fairly crappy human being and one safer
crappy I mean in irredeemably crappy human being ratified. Just if somebody came to me and said I like to talk to about Jesus, like I did my Sunday conversation with David Lombardy, said I'd like to talk about my book. Jesus risen and I took this tumblr and beat him to death with it. This would make me a very, very bad person remaining guilty of murder. I would probably be executed if I were not in the state of California instead of California. If you kill question then. Basically they they actually make a saint. I think instead of California but it. But if we want and not a normal state, then then this would make me a bad person. I dont understand that become why, if you live in a primitive tribe It's ok to kill somebody who shows up on your island with book. Why is it because the more innocent is noble savage routine of other they're, just noble while not really you kill somebody showing up again of your christian missionary, showing up there with a gun to train converter. People had soared point. That's one thing: if you're somebody who showing up to talk to somebody about God and the actual I don't understand why we should celebrate a pagan tribe for doing that when we would rightly in western civilization excoriated. Anybody
who did something similar to anyone of any particular religious act. I'm atavism is still primitive, even one practiced by primitive people. Again, these are, and when I say primitive, that's I meant as an insult. These are people are literal hunter gatherers. Living like loincloth is like an actual description: they're, not sophisticates. There are cultural sophisticates, gettin out. Building cars GEO, has no plans on this island so it's I don't understand why it is that we in the West are so sanguine about the the evil activities, and it is evil to murder people. Industry be controversial, evil activities of people who are not from western societies really like. I would expect better behaviour from my four and a half year old, marijuana half an hour
because he's a monster- and I guess, was it: let's talk about a federalist paper, so we're all we have to federalist fifty one. One of my favorite federalist papers were really like that it was fifty one one of the more famous federalist papers in what most oft quoted for reason is by James Madison, spot checks and balances. Why we need checks and balances in the government in how to achieve that, so their several fundamental principles he talks about and Federalist fifty one he says. First, every department must be separate and have little impact on appointment to other branches. He can have members of the executive branch appointing members of the legislative branch or basically the legislator branch would be in control of the executive branch you can have members of the legislator, branch, appoint members, thieves, executive branch or the executive branch will be in the control of legislative branch. This is one of the reasons why the idea of bureaucratic government in such a problem, because bureaucratic government, you basically have bureaucracies their created by the exactly
branch and are given tremendously way by the legislature to create regulations that belong inside the legislature. The founders never would have thought that there should be such a thing as a two million person executive branch. It's insane. Two branches must be able to avoid encroachments by other branch, and so you want the branches to fight with each other and defend their own priorities and power from one another. So Madison says this, and this is again one most often cited parts The federalist papers for raising his ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It maybe a reflection on human nature. That's device. It should be necessary to control the abuses of government, but what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature. If men were angels. This is the most important single line in the Federalist papers, right here, if men were angels, no government would be necessary if angels, were the government, neither external or internal, calls on the government would be necessary in framing a government which is which is to be administered by men Overman. The great difficulty lies in the
We must first enable the government to control the govern in the next place, oblige it to control itself a dependence. The people is no doubt the primary control in the government, but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions, so saying, as people are angels, people aren't devils if people were doubled, government could control them. If people are angels, you would need a government to control them. So what you need is a government that can protect people from depredations of others and at the same time, is capable of stopping its own probations. How do you do that? you do that by creating a multiplicity of interest and putting them against one another. So only in overwhelming consensus on an issue allows anything to get on. This is to protect the rights of minorities, so he says quote: it is of great important in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part. Different interests necessarily exists in different classes of citizens. If a majority be united, a common interest, the rights of minors you will be in secure. Therefore, what you really need he says is that the site society itself will be broken into so many parts, interesting classes of citizens,
the rights of individuals or of the minority, will be a little danger from interested combinations of the majority. It is no less certain than it is important, notwithstanding the contrary, opinions which have been entertained that the larger the society- provided a lie within a practical sphere, more Julie, capable it will be of self government and happily, for the republican cause. The practicable sphere may be carried to a very great extent by a judicious modification and mixture of the federal principle. So we want the states to check the federal government what legislature to have two branches that will shed tattoo chambers that will check each other. What legislature to check the executive, the executive to check the judicial, the judicial to check both. We all of these things to happen really want that, because we don't actually want lots of things to get on to this is the great lie about that they get from every president. Why can't we get more Don politics has broken. Why can't we get more, that we don't want things to get on getting things done as a threat to Europe
The only way things should get done as if we were to have an enormous if we are to have an enormous consensus on an issue, an overwhelming consensus on an issue if we were to have that overwhelming consensus on an issue that we get things done, you make a constitutional moment, you pass a piece of legislation, but if and we should be very wary of doing things with the power of the ring right- that the power of government has the power of the one ring better- that it should be wielded by no one and then it should be wielded by one person who gets things Why don't I pragmatism politically, and this is why I am not in favour of people who think we're just run roughshod and break all the things in order. Done what I wanna get done, has guess what that sort can be turned against you tomorrow, already we'll be back here tomorrow with olive latest adventure Para. This is
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