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Ep. 677 - Europe In Crisis

2018-12-11 | 🔗
Brexit hits a massive snag, France’s government parlays with protesters, and we discuss segregated vacation spots. Date: 12–11-2018
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Brexit hits a massive snag, France's government parlays with protesters, and we discussed segregated vacation spots. I Ben Shapiro. This is the bench shop and various and sundry topics to get to today. If that teaser didn't get, you wait until I hear the bizarre news that I've got for the rest of the show before we get to any of that. Let me remind you that we know I don't have one point, two trillion dollar they added to our national debt as of fiscal year, two thousand and eighteen economists at the end, by the end of here will be spending more on the interest of our national debt that we spend on Medicare by two thousand and twenty three more than we spend on the military as balloon payment. Income. Do you need to ask yourself what the impact on the US dollar is going to be? What is the impact on your investments? What is your plan? Can you afford another, He retirement like the last downturn when the S and p dropped. Fifty percent was incredible volatility in the stock market over the last couple of weeks, and this suggests that perhaps you should be diversified in your investments, should hedge against inflation, hedge against uncertainty in and
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What time magazine, which is now announced its person of the year and predictably enough in a time when the media really loves them. Some media, the person of the year are all journalists, because there's nothing that really attracts Americans to journalists as much as journalist patting themselves on the back. The journalist actually run out of enough hands to pat themselves on the back so who exactly is being honored. They call the goal of the guardians and the war on truth? Obviously, president from being the war on drugs and these people being the guardians of the truth, because if there's one group of people, you can trust to tell you the truth without partisan, rancor or fear it's those journalists, all those journalists to agree on everything. Those are the people who we should certainly trust with all of your fact based in needs. So they're, a bunch of different folks were photographed for the cover of time magazine. Jamarcus Shaggy was made the person of the year on the cover of time magazine now, Jamal Khashoggi you'll recall was the saudi citizen.
Who was here on a visa, and then he wants Turkey and went to the saudi consulate for a marriage document and was promptly murdered by the hours of the saudi consulate and then chopped up and sent a bag back to Saudi Arabia This all went wrong. It was very bad for the Trump administration which of course, has been very close with the saudi arabian government, particularly the new, of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin, Salman, that's the reason. The time magazine, selected, Jamarcus, Shaggy in reality was in fact pretty radical, on politics had a long time history of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. He was very much in favor of more radical Islam in the middle not less radical Islam. In the least, you certainly know moderate, but since he was murdered for being a journalist. He is the time magazine person of the year, because people are trying to basically draw a parallel between President Trump's dislike for the media and violence against journalists, so much so that they're on
bring the folks over at the Capital Gazette, which was a newspaper you'll, remember those attacked in Virginia now it turns out that the capital Gazette was not in fact attacked by a trump supporter. It was not attacked by somebody who hated the media because President Trump was not found them. Yeah. It was attacked by somebody got a personal vendetta with paper, so why we on the cover of Time magazine because time, to draw a false line, suggest sing, the journalists all over the world are under assault play because of President Trump is not as though we've had evil murderous govern have been cracking down on journalists for legitimately all of human history. It's that now we have. President Trump in the White House and things have magically changed, I do appreciate how there are no journalists were actually from Turkey or interviewed for these time magazine articles. Turkey, of course, is the country behind all of the revelations about yarmulke shogi. Turkey has arrested literally hundreds of thousands. Dissidents over the past several years, as it moves from democracy into dictatorship. Time magazine has nothing to say about that. Jamal Khashoggi, however, is obviously
worry number like. That doesn't mean we shouldn't worry about the Jamal Khashoggi case. But again, this is the media trying to play itself up. Who else was autor well Maria Ressa, who is an editor, I believe in Russia who was indicted and while loan and cal Soup who reporters who were convicted, so the idea is There is a war on, but one thing in the folks over at the capital Gazette with folks have been targeted by foreign dictatorships seems like a very bizarre. Our thing for time, and you accept that all these journalists wanna see themselves as firefighters were running to put out the fire of the Trump administration. It's very silly. It doesn't make any sense, but that's okay. Next year time, magazine's person of the year will just be Time magazine. I think that's probably what This is going to be a mirror. We actually did that one year. Remember, you were the person of the year for Time magazine that's a great way for to get publicity, they succeeded in getting publicity good for them, but it's just an uh,
indicator that our journalists classes wildly disconnected from the needs and the wants of the american people. Now speaking of folks, who are completely disconnected from the is wants of the american people yet continue to gain credibility everyday with that left wing press. The women's March has now been revealed, for what it is, which was an intersectional scam. That was at least one foot in Anti Semitism at all times up the women's March. Remember. They were nearly made the person of the year last year by Time magazine, because this was the uh. Have women ever was new movement anew winds of women everywhere that never materialized into anything concrete, except for an angry march and was led by Deplorables actual like Tamika, Mallory and Linda are sore when I go over a tablet magazine talking about how deeply rooted the anti Semitism was in the women's March does on November twelve, two thousand and sixteen
with seven women held a meeting in New York. They'd never worked together before. In fact, most of them had never met, but they were brought together by what felt like the shared vision of an emerging mission. There were effectively two different cohorts that say the first one included Brianne Butler Karen Wall talk the NASA Ruble and Maryland Folger and fashion designer turn. I'm tripping over the sideline activist politics would assume the NOM de guerre Bob Land. These former new acquaintances were connected in the days since Donald Trump selection for political networking on social media. Most of them had filtered through the pant suit made and Facebook Group sounds like a party where a woman who I need to reset shock. I days before, floated the idea of a female centred march to protest of the incoming administration. Soon after Well Washington, Dc Native, who found it okay, Africa, a digital media platform dedicated to new african music culture and politics reached out mansion and Michael Skolnik, the subject of the New York Times profile the previous year as an influencer at the nexus of social activism and celebrity it's cold. Like the powerful, though not easily defined role in the world of high profile activist politics,
so we have one person who everyone respects and entertainment or in politics or among the grassroots headband Jones in two thousand and fifteen, but to have one person who is respected by all three. There isn't anyone but Skolnick when Rubel relate her concern that the nascent women's movement had substantively include women of color only told three, and just looking for to meet common present to make Mallory their recommendations that school that could vouch for personally. In effect, he was connecting ruble to the leadership Committee of his own nonprofit group called the gathering for justice, Linda Sarsur. Another from the gathering for justice network was not present for the initial meetings, but soon joined the women's March as CO chair a short time later in advance of the meeting Bland suggested, they convene in Chelsea market in upscale food court in men And when the arrived women managed to find each other, but soon realized There is nowhere in the hectic maze like mall vendors quite enough to sit and talk. Eventually, they were treated to the rooftop of a nearby hotel where less than a week, the idea for the matched sprouted the seven women got acquainted according to several sources. It was there in the first
hours of the first meeting of what would become the women's March that something happened. That was so she Many of those who witnessed it they chose to bury it like a family secret. Almost two years would pass before anyone present would speak about it. It was there As the women were opening up about their backgrounds and personal investments in creating Justin Movement to Trump Red, Mallory, allegedly first asserted that jewish people for a special Collec responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people, and even according to close second hand, source claimed that the Jews or and to have been the leaders of the african view of the american slave trade. These are canards popularized by the secret location, should between blacks and Jews a book, by Lewis, Farah Khan's nation of Islam, the Bible of the new, Anti Semitism, according to Henry Louis Gates, who noted one thousand nine hundred and ninety two among significant sectors of black community. This brief has become a credo of a new philosophy of black self affirmation to just a Mallory, and I any such statements were uttered either at the first
or Mallory's apartment. There was a particular conversation about how white women had censored them. And also around the dynamics of racial justice and why it was essential that Rachel Justice, be apart of the women's right conversation, remember bland, but she had Mallory insisted. It never had anything to do with the Jews none of the other women in attendance would speak openly to tablet. Meeting, but multiple sources with knowledge of what happened confirm the story following an initial thirty minute phone call. Last week with women's March cultures, to make a Mallory about bland tablets emitted a detailed list of follow up questions to the group by email and received a written response. Answers from both exchanges are quoted at length in the This article as the fame grew of the women's March. So the questions about the women's March Origin story, including at first privately. Within the inner circles of the organization's, questions pertaining to the possible anti jewish statement made at that very first meeting and obviously all of the leaders of the very first meeting or many of them shut up about this. But it didn't stop the news from getting out so Anti Semitism was on the table.
Day one at the women's March and no one cared because intersection alley does not care about Jews. Intersection. Aliki is just about the intersectional interests of a group of people so long as that group of people does not include Jews or white people. As long as that is the case, it is fine to move, for. With a march that is openly associate with Anti Semites like Louis Farrakhan. That is totally cool. Now I have a question. This meeting happened two years ago, This meeting happened in December of twenty sixteen or November of twenty sixteen directly after the election. Why did it take two years for our report? our firefighting journalists. You find out about the story. I mean the signs anti Semitism were in Plainview at the women's March, Our store is an open, anti semite to make a Mallory's an open, anti semite. These people are not hiding the ball. These are folks who have repeatedly repeatedly defended association. The most open, anti Semite in America, man who calls Jews, Termites Louis Farrakhan, Did anybody in the media have anything to say about this, and
and they were asked about it. Do they immediately move to defense? If you go and look like the jewish forward, which is it not not even a jewish newspaper, it's a leftist newspaper masquerading as jewish newspaper that that outlet has sought to the Then people like Linda Sarsour, from charges of Anti Semitism, despite the fact that Linda Sarsour is an actual anti semite, was associated not only with boycott divestment, sanctions from Israel but so with actual terrorists. In other words, the left is fine, with with discrimination against particular groups, so long as those particular groups are not members, the intersectional coalition, or as long as they are low, ranking members who are willing to accept their subservience in all of this just a second I'm going to show you how this has infused much of the mainstream left that it's quite insane we'll get to that in just one second, first, I need to talk to
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ran a full story on HBO because again, there's no bias in the media. Folks, HBO only does you know, POD save America LIVE, shows, and vice news tonight Hbo is not biased in any way, they're just profit. Taking that that's all. We know that HBO. In any case, vice news tonight on HBO did a full segment about a group of women of color. It was called what it's like to take a vacation away from white people which again yeah I I I'm always loathe to do these sort of reverse the race and then check it, but reverse the race now check it, what it's like to take a vacation away from black people and see how that goes for you in the public discourse here is a a bit celebrating a bunch of women of color escaping the white people, the bad bad white people. Just like Heaven right now: Alexis Bromley is from Nebraska. She needed a break from white people
in Omaha is very segregated. It's It can be very isolating if your person of color wasn't for one. Second, as one point out, she says that it's very separate did Nebraska, or else it's segregated in your segregated vacation spot. That's where else is very segregated. Apparently that's. It's totally fine to talk about segregation of races. So long as you are a person of color continue the current political climate. It's only me these feelings, worse, so she decided to go on a women of color Healing Retreat in Costa Rica A couple of notes about this woman dollar healing retreat in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is in area that was colonized by the Spanish. It is eighty four percent white or mestizo zero it's, not exactly the most segregated area on planet earth. But apparently it is fine for people to segregate themselves into communities of, yes colors so long as those members are members of the intersectional collision. Otherwise, they'll call you broke your right if your, if you
the jewish community, then your parochial. If you live in a gated community that not through any attempt to exclude people of other races, just happens to be predominately white, then you are obviously in fault in a form of segregation. But if you specifically gold way women of color retreat to avoid the white the white to avoid the black white full of that the bad white folks, then, of course you are, you are doing just fine, the radicalism of the left on full display, but it gets even worse, I have more radicalism for you. Ok, so the left, intersectional ideals in which they get to discard any semblance of normalcy and decency in favor of the most woke standards of social justice, it's getting ever more extreme. Last week we saw that Kevin Hart. The comedian was basically banned from hosting the Oscars ten years ago. He made a joke about how he didn't want his son to be gay, which I have to say. I don't see why that's such a terrible joke. I really do you want your child to be gay
I give her child ends up being a maybe it's not a big deal to you, but it seems to me that if you would opt in the best of all possible worlds, for your child to be straight and you know be able to get married to a person of the opposite sex and have natural born children, and raised that family in a traditional way. I don't see why that is terrible. Why that's so bad? I know that makes making terrible I'm talking about government crackdowns against gay folks or discriminating. Against gay folks or anything like that? But I would prefer that my children be straight I don't see why that should be a controversial statement. In any case, Kevin Hart was ripped up and down for this statement, saying that he wanted his own children to be straight. Oh my god, so terrible by the way, if everyone did not want their own children to be straight and all of their children. In fact we're not trying to be very difficult to project it had to do to create a new generation of humans, but in any case, Kevin Hart now is being targeted. Even more he apologized, and then he was an then he stepped down from the
there's that did not stop Brandy Miller of Huffington Post from suggesting that Kevin Hart needs to go further. She says apparently, being kept Heart means never having to say you're, sorry, just weeks after vehemently defending the controversial cowboys and Indians themed Birthday Party through for his one year old Son on Thanksgiving Day, no less the comedian isn't don't forget another controversy and he refused to apologize for. I love this offend econtra show cowboys and Indians themed Birthday Party or the Indians. All the kids like did the cowboys, run down the Indians and then slaughter them or the party involved in being shepherded into reservations is everybody cheered. If not, there was probably just cops and robbers. That wasn't: Indians and a group of two p2 kids who are shooting each other with nerf gun. Oh no, so terrible but Kevin Hart is a very, very bad man of very bad man says this week: the homophobic tweet, the homophobic tweets from the early two thousand surface, where in Hartville, Lgbtq people through your is is of words and phrases like yeah for no homo or using gay as a derogatory term. This homophobia was not reserve to his twitter account. It is two thousand ten,
special seriously funny and talking about raising his son Hart said one of my biggest fear. Is my son growing up and being gay, keep in mind? I'm not homophobic, be happy what you want to do, but me as a heterosexual male. If I can prevent my son from being gay, I will then she said: outrage over all the outrage over. This is reasonable, really is, outrage over this reasonable, which is what can people like Kevin Hart or causing Lgbtq kids to commit suicide. How How I mean there's no evidence mistreat his it could work there's, no evidence he would mistreat his own kid. But again, I would prefer that my kid be jewish right, jewish in practice. I would prefer that my kid that my son be straight and marry a woman. I don't know why this preferences such a terrible thing I will again, but it you have to. I guess now be completely indifferent as to whether your child is straight or gay. You have to be completely indifferent to Your child has to undergo the severe strains that are put upon people by
homosexual tendencies or by living in a society that is not as tolerance in certain areas of homosexuality or by the fact that you're not going to be able to genetically produce generation outside of in vitro fertilization or any of the other pressures that come along with being gay? If you want your child, if you hold how does it have to undergo that? Then this makes you a very bad person pretty astonishing stuff and see if that works for the mass majority. I know this is politically incorrect stuff and we're supposed to pretend that as parents we are in different to how our children come out. Now that we are in different to what sort of sexual lives our children late. But I have many preferences as some sort of sexual child that my my children lead put aside post Actuality, I've, I've, many preferences as to whether my child gets married or is living with somebody, I preference as to whether my child is promiscuous or or only have sex of the person a merry. I lots of preferences on this because I'm a parent and I'm allowed to have preferences and that's okay and that's good and speaking of this, the left is basically just
added that it is very bad for parents ever to have preferences about anything surrounding their kids and so Kevin Hart must be made to apologize. It is deeply important that Kevin Hart APOLLO As for this, and then presumably come out and say that he prefers that it could be gay, or that he's completely to whether his kid is home actual or heterosexual it This is truly amazing stuff. As a parent, it is your job to decide which values. You hope that your child holds that's good. That's sort of guidance is what children need. As a father of two kids under five kids need lines: kids need standards, and hopefully those standards are ones that are productive to society and healthy for your children, a society that prevents parents from inculcating standards in their own. Children is a society that is going to be a hell of a lot of psychotherapist in the very very near future will get to the case in point of this in just one second, but first Let's talk about you smelling better, I mean, let's, let's face it, you stick, but if you have ever been a situation where somebody has come up to you and said you smell amazing. What are you wearing whether it's Gucci Prada Versace
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standards for their children when it comes to crucial areas of life like sex, so Kevin Hart is very bad 'cause. He says that he wants his child to be straight, which there are any number of good reasons why you would want your child to be straight like plenty of them that have nothing to do with discriminating against gay folks. If you have a preference for a straight lifestyle over a gay lifestyle that it does not make you a Discrimina, Tori bad person, it makes you a person who has a standard. Hey there for your children, but we're not allowed to have standards of behavior for children, because that would be you imposing your desires upon your child, and we can't do that. Children must run free. Like Russell is a meal. They must run free across the plains. Learning from the what shocks! Learning from the bees and the birds in the monkeys in the beavers they must they must learn from falling down how to now, if you're a parent, I know a lot of parents in the audience right now we're listening this going. That's the dumbest crap I ever heard in my life. You know why 'cause it is the dumbest crap you ever heard. In your life. I would have her son, you know he does full time
full time job like if you be paid for doing this to be a rich young man, my young sons, full time job is trying to kill himself. This is what he does day after day if I was the most dangerous thing that he can do and then he does it he climbs to the top of the couch, and then he tries to jump off the top of the couch. He is all about two feet tall and he tries to jump from a three foot height because he is not a smart. Human is smart for two and a half years old, meaning he can identify the entire alphabet, but it is not capable making wise decisions. Yesterday the nanny came running in cuz he was, my son was crying. I was trying to get out for work and he was crying just bloody murder and I came out and said what happened and then he said he was trying to plug in the hair dryer. And he's crying crying crying, and I looked at him, and I said: if you do that, then you could get burned, there's electricity in there and he looked at his hand and he said, get a boo boo and I said right you get a boob is a fire on my hand, is it right fire on your hand, and he said fun? Ok, that's what kid
so. This idea that you are not supposed to set limits on your children or them through the most perilous parts of the areas of gender and sexual identity and orientation. So unbelievably, stupid in society has done an incredibly poor job of teaching, our kids anything with regard to sex. Morality or values, or the sort of sort of Let's have a place on your own sexuality in order to be happy, and we all place limits on sexuality in be happy! That's what marriage is. It is a big limit on your sexuality that you place on. Self in order to be happy and to commit, to lead a life. That is deeper and more meaningful and not want to give that your child is incredibly stupid. Also, I will point out that I, I think the premise of the Anti Kevin Hart argue
is that you have no say in whether your kid ends up straight or gay, because, because biologically your kid is just going to be what your kid is going to be now, I'm not somebody who believes there's no biological influence on sexual orientation. I believe that there are a lot of people who are biologically driven toward certain sexual attractions, but that doesn't mean that environment doesn't actually do anything. In fact, in twin studies put it right where the dna is exactly identical in twin studies. In fifty percent of cases, only fifty percent of cases are Wenge at at least fifty percent of cases hundred and will be gay and we'll be straight, which suggests environment has something to do with something or the epigenetic has something It was something, but it isn't just pure biology. In any case, the left basically suggests that your kid is biologically driven to be what your kid will be in the words of that great philosopher, Lady Gaga you're, on the right track baby, I was born this way right, so you can guide your child in any. If you try to guide your child, then you are repressive press of parents. The logical extension of this is that you cannot place any limits on your children. You cannot.
Different children, about anything and that's how you end up with this insane story, courtesy of Tick Tock, which is another one of these. Now this type video services focusing on these gay fathers, whatever who have a child again, ok and then here's where it's not ok, they refused to tell the child whether the is a boy or a girl. They said that the child should choose the child's own gender identity. This child, should immediately be removed from these parents, should immediately be removed from this parents. This is child endangerment, not telling your child whether they are a boy or a girl and letting your one year old use whether they are a boy or girl is a recipe for psychological fail. It is a recipe for your child, thing. Screwed up human being limits are what creates good children. Every parent knows this. We have known this for thousands of years. Every psychologist worth their salt will tell you that providing no limits and no guidance for your child is
the way to have a screwed up kid, but this is now being celebrated by our media, because the final essence of the intersectional coalition is that everybody must be celebrated for biology, but not decision making that we can't guide people's decision making it anyway as Aaron and that it would be discriminatory to do so. So here's a little bit of this idiotic video that has been making the rounds. It's always the question is where growth and so often will say to people who we don't know yet now we're waiting for is to tell and we felt like we really want, as best we can to have are not have those stereotypes put on them and our child to have the openness to I fires, whatever gender they want to whenever they feel that's right for them. We are preparing. Or whatever, though might say, and however so my identify at knowing that that might change so there might Time was, though, says I don't feel like it today. I feel like a she or I feel like okay. This is so evil I mean really is evil to use your child. A political prop like this to
gender and biology are completely separate, which is just scientific, a scientific nonsense. It is complete scientific nonsense, and this is the logical outcome. Of the caving of science to political correctness and you've seen it in the scientific psychological community, where people like the American Association of University professors are now engaging with this garbage this absolute, tripe they're engaging with the stuff, and then they are you think there will be in social consequences to a generation of children who would be raised like this gender neutral or we don't. We don't assign a gender to them. Kids have a gender, it is inborn in them. So let me get. This when it comes to sexual orientation, sexual behavior, that is entirely biological, but whether you're, a boy or a girl is not biological. Those are all social constructions. This makes no sense whatsoever on any level, but this is what we're going to push, because in the end, what a lot of folks on the radical left really want is to reduce the amount of influence that a long history of successful civilization has
we are going to start over. We are going to recreate the state of nature that has never existed in biological or human history. This pseudo state of nature, we're going to recreate- and this is somehow going to make a better world except it's not going to make the world is going to create more suffering and children. It is nasty and evil to a child too. Just a one year old or two year old, be allowed to make their own decisions, you would allow your kids it to decide what they eat at night. You your kids will allow your kid to decide what they dress like in the winter. You certainly shouldn't allow your kids to decide how they uh I don't even know what the hell you're talking about. They don't know what you're saying they don't know anything about boys or girls. They are for what they are and then your goal is to channel them in the proper direction. So they can lead a happy and fruitful life. Not so they can live with psychological dissonance and suffering which, by the way, if you are a trans gender,
If you suffer from gender identity disorder, the chances that you are going to suffer from psychological distance and suffering are extraordinarily high. Why you would want to thrust your child into that sort of general. Confusion is absolutely beyond me: It's not only beyond me. I think that it's it's beyond anyone of any rational bands or can't okay in just a second. I want to get to the break down in Europe because I think that all this ties together in the breakdown of fundamental western civilized values and and the lack of a of a shared philosophical intellectual values, history is leading people toward us fracturing whether it comes to parenting or whether it comes to politics we'll get to that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about your online security, so as a public figure constantly worried about being hacked or spied on. I don't want my emails compromised. My credit card number online banking, password stolen, if that happens, to hundreds of millions of people every year. So how can you protect yourself, company. I trust to my online security and privacy is expressed. Vpn Express VPN,
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anyway, you can do. That is when you get a subscription for nine hundred and ninety nine months ago, check it out right now. Subscribing Youtube subscribe at Itunes. Leave us a review. It always helps where the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation. Well, We're getting crazy over here, they're, getting even more crazy in many ways over in Europe, somebody tried, steal the ceremonial mace over a parliament. Hey was it so here is what's going on basically Brexit, which was the attempt by the british public to break away from the European Union, at least with regard to the regulatory structure. Most people in in Britain seem to want to keep the trades structures with Europe, but they do Don't want the free travel, they don't want people being able to just come in and live in the United Kingdom without any sort of immigration restrictions in the UK. They don't want the Easter egg,
Cramming down one size fits all over regular regulations and burdens on the UK, but the brexit referendum that happened a couple of years ago during the twenty sixteen election, actually the brexit referendum, has still not been carried out because it is unclear how exactly will be carried out. If you there is there's what they call hard Brexit, which is we just cut off trade relationships. We cut off immigration, what kind of everything and then we renegotiate everything that you had said. We're not going to do that, and so this would damage the economy and their soft brexit, which is we keep some of the trade stuff, but this leads to some complications, because obviously the United Kingdom is also comprised of eight a bunch of different sort of areas. I of which have different trade relationships with the e or at least right now, they're unified trade relationship with the EU. But this specifically becomes a problem in Ireland where the the people island viral and is divided in half we Northern Ireland, which still part of the United Kingdom,
then you have Ireland, Ireland, which is a separate, independent nation and has a relationship with the EU. So would you actually have that become all it's operated kind of a many ways, but if that happened, that happened, we break it in half so they're all these complicating factors with regard to brexit- and this has resulted in some of the great video of all time. A labor member of parliament was kicked out of the House of Commons yesterday for picking up the ceremonial mace after the Brexit deal vote was delayed after a government. What shot into my in regards to the debate and vote meeting will be held on an unspecified future date. Jeers enter the house, Lloyd, Russell Moyle Oil and went over to the Silver Gilt MACE picked it up walked away as he went away. He was stopped by two female sergeant at arms staff, but no resistance, as he was stopped and hand over the maze. Conservative Mps were screaming, expel him and name him as speaker
Cal rose to his feet and that's what Baltimore arrive in things really went crazy. So here's a little bit of what it looked like when this labor and he decided to steal the silver and guilt mace. It is a lot shorter than that and then that movie with Nicholas Cage where they still the declaration of independence right and like that, there's a real short movie. So we can watch this about fifteen seconds here. I was thinking of the maze. No don't take the base, no he's walking away with the mace and they're stopping him and that's the end of absconding with these ceremonial ways and they're like no. No you can take the base. You gotta love, written men, it's pretty spectacular stuff and they said Let me sapiro and that's when it reappeared, and in any case the brexit deal is basically, the separation is falling apart. Rich Lowry has a piece over in New York Post talking about it. He said Britain is suffering a political meltdown as it's true
close to make good on a historic vote in twenty sixteen to leave the European Union. The decision for a so called Brexit was just earning statement of India. It's self government by the people have defined themselves down the centuries by their stiff neck resistance to anyone. Weather. Overweening we monitor continental tyrants would threaten either That was before London ran up against the bureaucracy of the would be european Super state based in Brussels and before it was led, That's the right word by Tory Prime Minister, Theresa may presiding over a divided party facing a pro, remain british establishment and go with a hostile. You may never had an easy task. Nonetheless, not only failed to rise to the occasion, but has been crushed by it. May is just pulled her back to deal from parliamentary vote, but she was going to lose an embarrassing dropping that might have loosed her increasingly precarious grip on power. It may and the concerned, a party where drop in Britain, the people who could take over I Jeremy Corbyn that absent whack job anti Semite and Labor Party she's, negotiated abysmally, given way leverage right at the start, when she prematurely invoked article fifty beginning the process of Britain's departure with no realistic fall back plan. If talks with the e, U failed, she ended up.
Is an agreement that would effectively leave Britain with in most EU rules with no I'm influencing many more because once you remove yourself from the rules anymore. So if you remain in the EU for all intents and says with regard to these regulations. They can vote on them. Then you are How being it's no tax a is. Regulation without representation. But this would be representation. It would be regulation without representation now humiliated and her credibility in shreds May says she is going to go actually you get more reassurances when the set, it isn't conceding anything else of consequence, and why else should it there's? No? Guarantee making get any tweets deal through parliament. Parliament, regardless larger question, is this Really you ever relinquish nation state once as hooks in it. Its officials have the branch and she shins as an opportunity to teach anyone hoping to follow written out of the E. U a lesson don't dare to try to take back the full. Phone of your sovereignty left to make it as miserable for you as possible. One of the past countries you have voted the wrong way on. Fundamentally you questions as Ireland. France, in the over the years there were
or maybe vote again until they got the right answer, Britain may yet suffer the same pitiful so it is unclear how Brexit resolves itself. Suffice it to say that chaos is breaking out in Britain over Brexit and has been going on continuously for a couple years is that you tries to remain in charge. Of Britain's regulatory structure. Meanwhile, over in France, things are falling apart. As well Emmanuel Mccrone, the President of France, who is going to leave. The new wave of french french dignitaries into the future. It's going to be France in the future is manual mccrone young, is like thirty nine years old and his fresh faced his brilliant and use a he was into globalization and he was a sophisticated well now it turns out a bunch of writers took over Paris and he's basically balance to their every request. It turns out that not only did French rendered to the Germans every every few decades now surrendered Our own citizens who protest in the streets rather than arresting them actually came out and begged for the rider
give him another chance. With regard to the economic anger that has broken out, I won't forget that there is anger. Is it Anthony assumes neutrino, but if there's any mission, all of us are most of us in France, feel it and then you know your finger was better, not be great. If it's in the Prime minister responded to that by canceling, the gas tax, however, at the end, is the girl. I feel the So now it's I feel the anger and France is going to cave to all these protesters. Again, here is the problem when you have people promise you over and over and over that they will spend until the end of time and then the money runs out or they have to raise taxes on people. People tend to get angry, and this is the problem with populism broad scale. It's so funny folks like to say that Mccrone is fighting back popular. What they mean by that is the populism of the right Micronas fighting back against
populism of the right that suggests that there should be no immigration into France, for example, and that social welfare spending should be increased on the people. Who already live there. It's sort of a far right european nationalism, populous style and he's fighting back against the immigration side of that, but he's never back against the spending side of the mccrone has never been one to really talk now he's going to ratchet down the social spending or restructure that social spending to make it sustainable into the future. He like everybody else in Europe has been promising his citizens for years that they were going to get all the things that they were promised without any sort of repercussions, and there are spending this much money now, maybe it can work for certain periods of time, sample the nordic states, but what it takes for the social full spending. Standards to work in the nordic states are exorbitantly high taxes we talked about this before in Denmark have an enormous, social welfare state people in the United States on the left. They love it, but they won't tell you is that the top tax bracket in Norway Oregon? Denmark, rather is sixty percent and it starts applying it like
eight thousand dollars, imagine that everyone in the United States who made sixty thousand dollars or more, which is pretty much. Everyone in the United States was middle class or, above that, all those people are paying sixty percent of their income to the federal government, and then taking twenty five percent sales tax, which is the vat tax in Denmark, it takes a lot of money to run all this stuff and in France, they've, been lying they've been saying we won't raise. Taxes on you bud will continue to spend and we've been doing the same thing in the United States except to a lesser extent an exorbitant amount of money, which is why we have a ninety two percent debt to GDP ratio in the United States? And it's going to get worse, not better, and it's why? Every time the Republicans lower the taxes without lowering the spending, it's a problem and every time the demo raise the spending, even if they raise the taxes. It's a problem. The problem here is not what the tax rate in the United States is the tax rate in the United States that allows income mobility. It allows businesses to to start it allows businesses to thrive in allows foreign direct investment, all those things the problem in the United States, is that we do not have our spending under control in Europe is finding this out the hard way Anne may
you can sustain with all these problems. If you have a strong social fabric, and a lot of these nordic countries. The social fabric is incredibly strong. These are homogeneous countries with long histories of people have lived together. With one another and shared values and turn family ties and a very small. But that's not true, a multi ethnic democracy, where the ties that bind us are largely ties of success, because it has a philosophy were forcibly expelled decades ago by the by the philosophical left, which says we have nothing in common except we share a country together. It's a real problem and that's what's leading to a lot of the breakdowns in in Europe is leading to the political break down in the United States. We don't have the social fabric. To withstand economic uncertainty and troubled economic times, which is why we should be a lot more worried about the future of the economy in the United States, and we even were a few decades ago in the nineteen thirties. During the great depression people went back to church church. We actually went up in the nineteen thirties. The the crime rates in the nineteen thirties did not escalate dramatically
and they didn't escalate dramatically in part, because there were so many people who were still part of the social fabric, families friend Communities that no longer exists so We are riding the wave of economic growth that has been continuous, largely for the last several decades. If that ever should things are going to get very ugly very quickly and that's why we better rebuild that social fabric and why we must look to economic reform if want to see a continued growth rate without the social collapse that we are now seeing in France. Okay time for a couple of things that I like and then a thing that I hate a couple of things that I hate so things I like today. Well, let's talk a little bit about the moon landing, so I'm always amazed that there's so many folks who think that the moon landing was faked.
We literally left a mirror up there, so that we can gauge the distance between the earth and the moon, and we use that mirror in order so that we can make scientific measurements, but Seth Curry, apparently has now come out and says he thinks that the moon landing is fake, stuff, curry the star of the golden state warriors. So things are going great. Here's here's what he had to say. We've been to the moon; no, no, they don't come get us. I'm sorry! Yeah David on the moon. You don't think so, yeah I could do a research on standings or Stanley Kubrick big Batman. We took something to the moon, I don't think so what so? Why do I like this? Because I just liked it? America is full of people with crazy opinions. You know I'm one of these people who think that no matter how crazy your opinion is, you should get to express it even if you're a cuckoo, believes the moon landing never actually happen or, if you're, a cuckoo believes that vaccines
cause autism, which is based on scientific nonsense and and gobbledygook, I think you should be able to express your hands. I'm grateful that I live in a country where people can express stupid opinions like the moon, landing was faked and never happened. Hey I just I like that. I want to point out that, while social media wants to quash I do love that focus on the left who are who are willing to. Steph curry on the moon. Landing was faked. Some of those same people are going to say. Well, if you question, The reality of man made climate change, destroying the earth, then you are anti science denier or if you believe, are biological genders. Then you are a science denier as well pretty amazing, stuff, okay time for a couple of things that I hate don't forget this. One could be in things I hate or could be the things I like. The Oscars is now considering the possibility of having a host free Oscars, so they want a bunch of celebs kind of SNL style without a host
I guess it would just be a bunch of skits and people. Kind of run on and off would be more variety show style. I guess maybe there be a gong or something which would be kinda great. So the thing I hate about this is that instead of Hollywood, basically acknowledging because it really they need to acknowledge now, everyone has bad tweets. Every single person in Hollywood has bad sweets and there's a tweet that came out from Sarah Silverman in the last week in which she was using the which was using gay slurs, their tweets from Chelsea Handler in which uses gay slurs. There's a tweet from Jack Dorsey in which he talks about transvestites, or I mean like everyone in Hollywood and in social media, has tweeted bad stuff, and yet these that we have set in Hollywood is that if you're Kevin Hart, then you can no longer work at the Oscars, because once we did a thing, so Hollywood instead of saying you know what guys, maybe better throttle back on the social media puritanism. Instead, they've decided. No we're not going to all instead will have It's like a vending machine, somebody just walk up and pop zero dollars, and seventy five cents in the vending machine hit the button and Lala. And will come out and then you'll realize after you open up the wall and bottle
really wasn't wilander was moonlight. The moonlight weird be this weird actually how the Oscars are going to work. Now the left is so tight in the how the left is so tied in to its social media. Cracked sounds that they're unwilling even to acknowledge that those social media crackdowns will end with the destruction of but in Hollywood I do love that folks, in Hollywood are so puritan when it comes to social standards, considering that by and large the folks in Hollywood are some of the worst living people in America by any sort of traditional standard. Virtue, other things that I hate? So would you say that was a news story. If somebody who was an ISIS advocate was arrested with a plot to attack a jewish synagogue I would say, that's a news story. The times of Israel is now reporting that, according to the FBI on Monday, they arrested a guy who is an ISIS sympathizer Damon Joseph a plan to carry out a mass shooting during Shabbat services, on behalf of the Islamic state in Toledo, Ohio. According to the power of Justice, Damon Joseph was arrested on Friday after purchasing to a fifteen rifles and talking with killing
many people, including a rabbi, the affidavit filed in Us District Court in Toledo, said Joseph, was inspired by the Spring Synagogue shooting attack in October, which killed eleven jewish worshippers. He also said that he was identifying synagogues in the Toledo area to carry out a mass shooting attack in the name of the islamic state. He said I admire what the guy with the shooting. Actually I can see myself carrying out this type of operation in they. It wouldn't even expect an attack. In my area. Now I have a question: why was this only reported really by the times of Israel? Why is it that this ISIS sympathizer, who was trying to attack synagogue in Toledo was really not reported widely. I have a theory. My theory is that no one cares about the story unless the person happens to be in some tangential way associated with the cause. The president Trump pushes. It turns out that as always anti Ism is only a story when folks on the left think it's a story that they can use to people on the right. So when ISIS Sympathizer wants to shoot a shoal, then no big deal, but when it's a white supreme
just, doesn't like immigration who shoots up ashore in Pitts Burg. Then it's all about Trump, and it's all about it's all about the evil of the right just as time magazine again giving an award at its time magazine people dear to a newspaper that was attacked, it had nothing to do with Trump. In order to claim that President Trump's climate of hate is leading to this sort of stuff yeah, you need to check This is a bad thing is only bad according to you, because it allows you to target the other. You're, not doing your jobs and moral human bad things are bad weather or not. It helps you politically and the fact that on both right and left, we seem to have forgotten this basic truth that bad things are bad, whether or not it helps or harms you. It's pretty amazing and speaks to our loss of basic virtue and disability, because the truth is the only time that people really about that is when they are at war. At war, people tend to think okay. Well, the ends justify the means of you. Think about that all the time, then you are getting western civilization wrong and not only that you're contributing to its breakup. Alright, all we'll be back here
with all of the latest news, there's supposed to be some news about the Russia Investigation, which continues apace, will bring So all the latest tomorrow, I'm Ben Shapiro, this is Ben Shapiro, show the Ben Shapiro Show is produced by Sonia Villarreal executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Alex and Garro Audio is mixed by MIKE Karmina, hair and makeup is by Jeshua Alvera. The Ben Shapiro Show is a daily wire forward. Publishing production copyright forward publishing two thousand and eighteen on Michael Knowles of the Michael Knowles, show today time reports the fakest news of the year. The Oscars may not have any host at all and Chuck and Nancy make a huge mistake. During an explosive oval office meeting we will discuss it all: go to dailywire dot com to hear it.
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