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2019-01-09 | 🔗

Trump gives his primetime address on the border, Schumer and Pelosi respond by telling you to take out the garbage, and Jim Acosta journalisms all over everyone. Date: 1–9-2019

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President trunk gives his big primetime address on the border, Nancy Policy and trucks. Humor, look like members of the undead and Jim COS Acosta Journalism over everyone, I bench of Euro. This is the venture parachute lot to get to today's of residents of United States. Give a very, very big address. Last night will go through. All of it will go through all the Sponsors from the Democrats will go through the media responses as well. So many things to go. Through today, will get to all of those a second. But first let me ask you a question when you watch some of the responses to the president's address last night and make you want to die well, if you would die, wouldn't that be someone there to pay for your funeral we are family be taken care of. This is why you need policy genius, because here's the truth, eventually, you will plot when you do you're, not gonna. Why leave your family without any sort of economic support? That's why policy genius exists policy. Geniuses created a website that makes it easy for you to compare, quotes, get advising get covered without extra fees or commission sales agents policy, genius,
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President dress, has to be kind of examined in two context. One is for the content, then the others for the presentation. The content was fine. The content basically covered the things that the president needed to come. Although I would say that he focused a little too heavy handedly on the blue and Gore aspects of illegal immigration, as to. What I would have focused on, which is the utter incompetence and foolishness of Democrats who say that no border wall is necessary and that's where We put all my focus. The president talked about it some, but you can talk about it enough and the other place that I would have put a lot of focus is on the minimal cost of the wall. I think the present. You have opened up his speech last night. I said this yesterday on the show I think should have opened up his speech last night, By listing off all the spending priorities for Democrats, they spent a billion on this and has been five billion on that there's been five billion on the national endowment for the arts, where people are paid to smear themselves, with chocolate in front of cameras for art nouveau, but they will have been five billion dollars on a border fence now permanently make
easier, the lives of the border patrol agents or simply trying to enforce the law. That's where I would have put the focus instead, the president, when pray heavy, I think, that's a reflection of Stephen Miller, his speech writer, who writes a lot on these particular issues: in terms of content the overall, it was fine whenever the president sticks to teleprompter he's. Actually more convincing them. He does rally Trump rallied Trump is really good for the base, but teleprompter trumpets actually better for the vast suave American who just need to hear the message that they need to hear the message unfiltered without the media app as an intermediary, the fact of the present ones directly to the people. Something deeply necessary last night, because the media coverage up till now has been the trumpets, intransigent and terrible for not simply signing on to the new budget that the Democrats want to put forward, and that would not include proper funding for the border barrier. That Trump is talking about. Buildings are go around the media over their heads directly to the american people? I think he did that successfully in terms of content last night
in terms of presentation. It was a little lacklustre. The big problem with teleprompter Trump is that it is so obviously different from authentic trip. When you watch Trump authentically he's free willing, he's, basically stand a comedian. The guy responds to audiences he's inherently funny when you get teleprompter trump. It's as though he's been drained of all of his life force, any sort of just reads into camera. Well, that juxtaposition was not great for him last night, specifically because Stephen Miller speeches tend to be filled with all sorts of, as I say, can, of blood and Gore, and pills to the heart and emotional appeals. Well, if you get a speech that is filled with appeals to the heart and motioning appeals- and you seem really an emotional while reading it- it's not a great performance. So let's go through president from speech, then we'll get so the responses, because whenever president from did last night was blown off the front pages by how horrible the opposition was. This is where President Trump is just an insanely. Lucky may have no matter how bad he is his job. The good news is
his opponent so far have been even worse at their jobs and then you will not believe once we get structure more Nancy Pelosi. What that, sound it and look like because my god it was a horror shop, but we with President Trump last night from the office, the president's first oval off, addressed washed by presumably tens of millions of people here is the president leading off from all Americans tonight. I'm here can t you, because there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis and our southern border? Ok- and he started off with the with the talk of the crisis. Again, I think that you should have started off with the government shutdown and then you'll see that this is the difference between how Democrats approaches and how Trump approached it. So trumped talked about the crisis at the board. That was necessitating his action. The truth Is there is no crisis at the border? In the sense of something has happened suddenly, and now we don't have the means to deal with it there has been no Pearl harbor there has been no nine eleven as not what happened here. That's. Why would he really should have said. Is my fellow there
Since we are now in the midst of a government shutdown that government shutdown is not going to end until Democrats give neither funding necessary in order for us to secure our borders and intractable problem. It's been plaguing the nation since forty fifty years ago. Now is the time to solve at all. Democrats have to do a sign, a track, that's how I think he should have let off. Instead, he went off with talk of crisis. The problem with that approach is that it's worth begs a particular question. The question that a bags is okay. Well, this is a crisis. Then, why didn't you do at two years ago? One Republicans were tragic Congress hell. Why did you do it three months ago, when Republicans were in charge of Congress, if this had been a crisis, and you ve known about it for several years, waiting, didn't like a cry systems, will Nancy Pelosi took over the house from continues on any talk about new problems with illegal immigration, strange public, resources and drives down jobs and wages among them hardest hit, our african Americans and Hispanic Americans our southern borders, a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs.
Floating meth, heroin, cocaine and sentinel, everyone three hundred of our citizens are killed by heroin alone night. Three percent, of which floods across from our southern border, moron, Africans will die from drugs. This year, then were killed. The entire Vietnam WAR, OK Now when you talk about the costs of illegal immigration, I think that that is totally p. Although I do think that the vast majority of costs for me have less to do with crime per se than the economic cost of illegal immigrants constituting a new shooting a new economic underclass in the United States. In straining cultural tensions in the United States. He makes a pretty you arguing about illegal immigration, with which I generally disagree. He talks about how free flow of labour under cutting the the wage base, for particular groups of Americans. Well, that is true. A labour supply of
three moving labour supply in the United States is actually quite good for the economy. A lower prices it makes american business more competitive abroad and all the rest only talks about the problem of illegal drugs flying over the boar he's correct. Now. What the fat trackers and said is that the vast majority many of the drugs that are flowing across the border, are flowing across ports of entry, in other words, somebody's driving up to the port of entry, and I from Tijuana into San Diego area and when they drive across the border, the flap out of their time. Is loaded underneath with math, for example. Well, that has nothing to do with them, the border wall, and so the implication, which is that if we build more border fencing that this is going to introduce all of the drugs that are coming across the board, that's not true and trim seems to be implying that it is true. However, it is true that the flow of drugs will be made more difficult if you actually do have more resources on the board. Bottom line is that the president is now putting the ball in the
of the Democrats to explain why all of this is ok with them. Why they won't just spend the money necessary in order for us to shore up that southern border. However, they seek to do it, because the Democrats really don't have a plan for shoring up the southern borders will discuss in a moment. So when from talks about number of Americans dying from from drug overdose is, for example, all that stuff is. Nothing sorry and useful, because appeals to the hard to beat appeals to the head of this is one of those areas where I almost wish the president had done something like what Ronald Reagan used to do, or even Ross per hour and taken out some charts taken out some pie chart and just explain them in sort of a friendly way. It's amazing how few president's really know how to do the oval office address in which they speak directly to Americans. In any case, the president continues any talks about the problem of key I'm springing from illegal immigration in he's not wrong that illegal immigration does have a crime problem attach would not just the immigration itself now his critics, we'll say that illegal immigrants have a lower crime rate than the general population of the United States. Does not really the question that way.
That is why we should allow anyone in the country who is going to then commit a crime. I assume them Kids in my own house may act worse than random kids, who come to my house, but if random can comes to my house and then tears up the furniture, that's really, my running their random. Can my house, my own kids, are my responsibility. The random could not my responsibility and that that sort of that issue with illegal immigrant crime. Here's the president, talking about a problem that has that is cropped up thanks to illegal immigration over the years thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country. Thousands more lives will be lost. If we don't act right now. Ok and again. This is not wrong, he's correct about all of this, and then he continues by talking about how this is a humanitarian crisis as well. The problem is that the president is not again great at reading off the teleprompter when he talks about a problem of the hard on this Oh, it's raining, hear him say in a second. What you'd really want him to do is look as though he is paid by the humanitarian crisis, the border? Instead, it sort of looks like he's pain.
Having to read from the top of her, but the content of what he says is, of course correct. This is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis. Of the soul last month twenty thousand migrant children were ill will brought into the United States a dramatic increase these children are used as human ponds, by vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs. Now it's me how many Democrats are upset with this line, say I will? How could it? Yet? How can you talk about this Just curious and ruthless gangs is ugly language right, because these are ugly people, the vicious coyotes in the ruthless gangs they do exist and the Fag president is calling them out, does put a moral Son Democrats to explain why they are ok with all of this. Human smuggling
toward a border that is vociferously happening because the United States acts as a giant magnet for people who are looking for a better way of life thanks to jobs, but also thanks to soft immigration policy. In that's been trumps point on a second we're going to discuss president from over appeal for the funding for the border, while why it succeeds or why it fails. We talk about that in just one second, first, let's talk about your sleep. Well, what is so. The fact is that you are an individual within individual need for an individual mattress and yet you're probably buying a mattress. Those built for somebody else, why do that? Why not, instead over to helix sleep, dot com right now, he'll sleep is built sleep was it takes two minutes to complete these the answers to match your body type in sleep preferences the perfect mattress, whether your aside sleeper or a hot sleeper, whether you like a pleasure format with helix, theirs no more guessing it. There's no more confusion I have to do is go to helix sleep, dotcom, slash men, take that two minutes left and they will match you to a mattress that will give you the best sleep of your life for couples. Helix can even split the mattress them the middle, providing individual support, needs and feel preferences for each side. They ve tenure warranty any gets tried out. Four hundred
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Just common sense, and obviously that's true, my favorite troll there is when he says that the request in Denmark, it's be steel barrier rather than a concrete results. These blaming the shift in the nature of while on Democrats yeah, you know I was happy to a concrete wall, but then these Democrats came around and they like steel and I was like ok still shiny boom, so it ok sure, but his pictures correct. Of course the wall is common sense or at least eight. The steel slats, wherever he wants to call them our common sense. Then he talked about the cost and get visibly opportunity for the president. He should have said here here. All things Democrats are willing to spend on. This is how, pressure. Democrats is by proving that they are incompetent and that they are willing to spend money on the stool just random garbage, but they won't spend money where it actually can't you didn't do any of that last night. Instead, he made some pretty. Dubious claims about how the wall, as can be nominally beneficial to the United States, I'm not sure
still got. I don't know I Stephen Miller thinks this is a convincing argument, because it really is not a very good argument. But here is president from making that argument. The border wall would very quickly papers the cost of illegal drugs exceeds five hundred billion dollars a year vastly more than the five point, seven billion dollars. We have requested from Congress The war will also be paid for, indirectly by the great new trade deal we have made, with Maxwell game. Isn't that is the line that is just not true when he says that the trade deals gonna pay for the wall aren't even nobody is talking about. No economists knows what he's talking about it's just nonsense when he talks about how, because of illegal drugs is really high and the border wall is going to is going to cut down on those costs. That may be true, but this is not a convinced. Arguments simply because the question is not whether we you're going to save money in the long run. The question is whether this is good policy and whether democratic
wasting money on other random nonsense. Will then the president actually decided it was necessary to take it directly. The democrats- and this, I think, was the best part of his speech. This is when he tried to point Now that the Democrats really have no leg to stand on when they are trying to argue again, The border, while when they are trying to argue against his vision of border security here, is the president of the United States going directly after Senate Minority leader trucks, humor syn, humor, who you will be here, from later tonight has reaped Heatedly supported a physical barriers in the past, along with any other Democrats they change their mind only after I was elected President Democrats in Congress, every seems to acknowledge the crisis, and have refused to provide our brave border agents with the tools they desperately need to protect our anyways and our nation
and then he continues along these lines, slamming chuck tumor and, of course he is exactly right. Chuck humour, was in favour. Of a of wall before he was against the wall and he feeds which, because of I mean that there is no question that he switched his position when it came to border security, not because of changing circumstances are evidence, but simply because he doesn't want to hand president from- a win and from continues lungs light again. He buried the lead right, the lead here, when this that we should have been we're in the middle of a government shut down. That's the only reason this is in the news or in the middle of a gun, shut down. The reason why, in the middle of a government, shutdown is because Democrats won't give me what I need to secure the boar, that's what the speech should have been about from the very beginning, but at least he gets should hear. He goes after the Democrats for failing to reopen the government the federal government remains shut down. For one reason: and one reason. Only because Democrats will not fund border secure My administration is doing everything in our power to help those impacted by the situation,
but the only solution is for Democrats. To pass a spending bill that defends borders and reopens the government. Ok- and this of course, is exactly right from the republican perspective. Every shot down has two sides to a democratic trunk. Unjust, reopen the government with the money and terms as well. We could reopen the government what the money and we decide to choose in that fight is exactly what last night was all president from the dots- and this is the very best section of speech. This was the second of a speech that made the most since it was the section of, speech the personalized and brought the kind of highfalutin rhetoric down to earth from the president? was talking a lot last night about various kind of monetary caused by hundred billion dollars and cost in terms of drug damage, the cost in terms of legal immigration in the economy, but once you personalized the question of barriers of border barriers becomes pretty easy to understand why the Democrats, don't really have
to stand on here here was the best section of what she had to say, and I think it was the most effective section of his speech last night. Some have suggested a barrier the moral, then, why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences and gates around their homes? They don't build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love people on the inside the only thing that is a moral. Is the politicians to do. Nothing continue to allow more innocent people to be so horribly victimize right, there's a populist appeal and its ineffective populist appeal because it happens to be true out of these politicians are very wealthy, eleven gated communities. A lot of these politicians have protection. None of these politicians really have to worry about the problem of illegal immigration affecting where they live in any significant way and when he says no, they can talk as much
wanna how walls are immoral, but these are all people live behind walls. He is exactly right that hypocrisy is telling most american and I think most Americans are gonna resonate too. That message then he gets back into sort of his emotional appeal and again. The big problem here is not necessarily the text what he's reading, but the fact that president from is not a good after I know this is a person it, was not a rebound tromp right, I'm not a good actor either. I can only speak in ways that I think are genuine from has a bit of the same thing. That means that when he is FED, a bunch of lines about weeping mothers and and dead children and all this stuff and he's not feeling an emotionally. It doesn't come off quite awaited that you wanted to go off the last several years. I've met with dozens of them, These, whose love ones were stolen. Illegal immigration. I've all the hands of the weeping mothers and embraced the grief stricken fathers. So sad, so
terrible, I will never forget the pain in their eyes. The tremble and their voices and the sadness gripping theirselves how much more american blood we shared before Congress does its job. Ok and again, I dont think that the point is making here It is bad one, but I do think that these sort of over the top, everyone's gonna die. Illegal immigration is killing townspeople, that's not really the pitch Arnold. Immigration- and this is the problem with declaring elite. Well immigration, a crisis located they slow, rolling serious issue in american life and has been for thirty years, and you it just made that case overstatement. Is not necessarily the most effective way of doing all of this, I understand that in flames, the base for the bazaar, inflamed frumpy is exactly the sort of language right before the twenty eight election. It did not redound to Republicans Bennett In other words, I think that subtlety might have been a better approach here in some ways- and I certainly
the putting the onus on Democrats to explain their spending habits. These are people who binge on spending, but suddenly become penny pinchers when it comes to the boy or security. We need, as recommended by border patrol, seems like plenty forever for trying to set from concluded with a basic moral call, saying it's time for you to call your Congress people, because this basically a question of right and wrong, and in the end this is the only message that matters and that's why, despite my criticisms of of trumps speech, despite my qualms that, despite my feeling that was kind of lack lustre, I think that overall, it was none in effect, Move by the president is a choice between right and wrong justice, an injustice, this is about, whether we fulfil our sacred duty to the american citizens we serve. When I took the oath of office I swore to protect our country, and that is what I will always do so help me.
Ok, so that's it back again is pitch. Is by immunity. Fine pitch, I dont think that whose massively overwhelming I dont, think that had changed tons of hearts and minds, but it What was necessary pushed the Balfour and it put the ball in the court of the Democrats, and the Democrats then just fell completely on their faces. Honest to God. I've never seen anything quite like this. I'm critical of the presidency his last night in the sense that it was the president just in the oval office talking to reckon the camera for eight minutes. It was not really. Tv or anything, but at least it wasn't this horrors so, what's whatsoever is about what the Democrats did in response is that they should just picked a random member of their Caucasus, a random random member of their caucus to give the response, or they should just ignore it. They shouldn't. You said because the president fulminating he got himself into a problem with the government shut down. He can't get out of the problem with the government shutdown sure just let him rant and then be done instead, because senators in Congress will because they love the cameras,
I mean they are camera hogs like nobody's business, and these are the people who go to church with selfie. Stick I mean he's our folks who, just love being on camera. It is their favorite thing in the world. The sad part, though, is that as much as they love the camera, it is an unrequited love. The camera does not love them that is obviously true per cent of minority leader trucks. Humor unanswerable, they couldn't win, decide which one of them would give the response, so they decided to give it jointly and wow. So sure were, and policy are standing next to each other. For folks who are listening and not watching sit, shimmering Pelosi our standing directly next to each other, flanked by a bunch of flags in the background, and it is just a horrifying work. It's just a horrifying look. People on twitter we're going nuts over this look yesterday, because number one there make up is just terrible. So we have to make
artist who works here, a daily wire named dress and just as very good it make up and makes me look more natural. That's what make up is supposed to do it supposed make him look more natural on camera. They look like policy instrument. Look like members of the undead. We may they they honest to God, look like when you go to a funeral and it's an open, casket funeral, and then people say you know: how does the person in the coffin look? You say they look so that they look like they're sleeping. They look like they're alive. That's what this make, the books like is mega opaque. They look like they're alive, but you actually know. They're dead re looks like madam to so's, Wax museum come to life and Chuck humor, sir adding their glaring, like SAM, the eagle from the muppets into the camera. Well, Nancy Pelosi, looking like that bizarre creature in return, of the Jedi, who, like since their laughs next, the job of the hut that that is the juxtaposition is why wild, so people going crazy on Twitter last night with the means of this particular image because it wasn't like both of them need to be there,
one spoke for two and a half minutes, then the other spoke for two inhabitants. Will get to the content of what they said and justice? But the means for things like what your parents look like. When you come home at three o clock in the morning it was, it was still, they look like a paint. They look like american gothic Nouveau. No, the painting of the the farmer and his wife glaring at they at the painter, that is it. That is what they look like. They look like. I mean trucks humor throughout this whole thing, Nancy, mosey, was like the annoying person who saying that at a restaurant you want to speak to the manager and husbands. Of sitting there glaringly doesn't want to be there that that's that's! Basically what this was there. We can read and Kitty foreman from that seven. I shall leave the means, we're just spectacular their very own. This is when you hear some folks shooting out things like this is what Her parents look like when you come home and you gotta see in math That really is that this is what it is and their standing there glaring at the camera, and it's just hysterically funding and the fact that nobody in politics, because they're all nine thousand years
They don't understand anything like what camera optics are supposed to look like you or why Alexander Abkhazia Cortez Popular, because she knows what a camera is and what it does raise. With that really that's all it is. I don't know what it is about. All politicians, but older politicians, for some odd reason, think that Camera work should be done. The way that it was for Sarah Bernhardt in early film from Thomas Edison, in like one thousand nine hundred and sixteen film the stage play or something this is why, when you get camera of of Elizabeth Warren, instead, Graham it's her kind of glaring into the camera, whilst you awkwardly drinks a beer well between that and Kemal Harris trying to awkward, we danced to offset Yossi and now trucks, humor Nancy Pelosi glaring into camera. Look on. My first reaction when I saw the picture of policy and tumor standing next to each other, was that there are a couple of pop culture. References to jump to mine the first, one was and we'd have gotten away with it to everyone for EU meddling, kids and the sector
the scope and a reference for those, MR and then the other one that captains mine was no. Mr Bonde, we expect you to die because that's what are we building? bond villains loosely, shows a club from from Russia with love and he's like Robert Rides, it's just fantastic, so they're sitting next to each other, and it's just great because they're supposed to look supercilious when everyone is just laughing at them, every one is just laughing at them. So president from has been blessed with the most incompetent opponents on planet earth and it's just fantastic, so Nancy Pelosi, dentures em when she leads off by talking about the government shutdown. Oh here's where the Democrats we're good, but what they would the Democrats did last night was they talked a lot about the government shutdown. The reason that this was smart is because that's the only reason we're talking about this topic great now ripe. We all know that the government shutdown is the reason that we're talking about this, not because there is a crisis on the border. That necessitated. The governments are down, but because we are in the middle of a government shutdown. That is what created the urgency. It wasn't
situation in the border that created the urgency. It was shut down itself that has created this false sense of urgency, where nobody, they feel that urgent about it is the truth, and so the Democrats focused heavily on the shutdown from focused heavily and immigration This is why I think that from should have let off with the shutdown and taken that, but Tom directly out of the Democrats, hands in Dead, Nancy Pelosi says: listen! We're in the middle of a shot out. I have to do, is sign the track and then run, and we can have this illegal immigration conversation in five minutes there's nothing urgent that necessitates us having this conversation right now. That was Nancy policies case ass. She spoke from the grave. I mean honestly this in this whole video should have led off with the door opening like tales from the crept in just First day of this Congress House Democrats pass Senate republican legislation to read open government and fun smart, effective border security solutions, but the president is rejected.
These bipartisan bills, which would reopen government over. His obsession with fortune, forcing american taxpayers to waste Billy of dollars on an expensive and ineffective war. A war He always promised Mexico would pay for riveting stuff therefrom Nancy Policy as much as I was critical of president from delivery Nancy Pelosi, my goodness, it's like we found the compendium of the most boring people on earth that put them in front of Catholics. But what she saying there again from the democratic perspective is not untrue, which is that true Mexico is gonna pay for the wall. He could just have this debate in five seconds. He doesn't want to he's forcing a crisis. That's that's the problem because he continued along these lines and again it was hammering away at the idea that the governments are banished from solve all he to do is sign off on our budget. Then we can have this conversation ten minutes from now, while people are still getting paid. Why using goblet workers as right. This is policies case. He promised to keep government shut down for months here's my only hurt that
explain long the fact is we all agree. We need to secure. Our borders are ongoing our values. We can build the info. Structure, roads at our ports of entry. We can install new technology, day to scan cars and trucks for drugs. To our nation. Within her the personnel we need to facilitate trade and immigration, at the border find more innovation to detect unauthorized class. So why would you do all of those things in a council of four drop honestly? What are they? come back at present from that speaker policy. That does not all that is hard not to laugh, while watching chuck humorous any behind her glaring at the camera, as she sped up of these things, is We have one of those old Warner brothers cartoons where bugs Bunny is talking, and then the camera slowly pans back in theirs. That giant red fuzzy monster standing directly by somebody needs to cut a video of police. You speak you! Then you pull back at its.
Chuck Schuman looming over her shoulder glaring at the camera just spectacular stuff in a second we can get He checked, shimmers responds and then we will get to all of the rest of the democratic responses which demonstrate two things: the rest of the democratic responses, one. The Democrats, our unbelievably radical on illegal immigration- and this is where Trump lens and two younger Democrats know how a camera works. I will show you in jail. One. Second, first you're gonna have to go and subscribe over a daily wire, dotcom, all sorts of goodies. First, I I need mentioned before we get to the subscription pitch. I have a new book. It is this book right here the rights. Of history. How reason and moral purpose made the West great it details the crisis of purpose that has happened. Right now in western civilization. Earlier this week I talked about token Carlson's monologue in which he discussed the problem of sewage I'd. Opiate overdose, the problem of unhappiness that spreading through the country road entire book on the subject. If you want to know how we got here, what made us prosperous? Why we're blowing it? How we
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Sunday to the bench. Shapiro show Sunday Special, where I talk with bare and about intersection, allocate the ruthlessly competitive, told him. Hola victimhood on college campuses and off policing, criminal justice reform immigration ben, and I disagree about that to a certain extent. But amicably and the Trump administration, so all sorts of goodies for you, when you subtract go to Youtube and Itunes, make sure that you subscribe their leave us a review as well always helps with the rank and we're the largest fastest growing conservative, podcast and radio show in the nation yeah. Ok? So it wasn't just Nancy blowsy speaking my favorite part of the Nancy Pelosi truck tumor speeches, the part where its Nancy close. He says, Senate minority, neither humour because thank you, Speaker Pelosi, and then he She's your hands, the podium him and then stands there awkwardly it's like a bad Oscars hand off like they played her off with the music and are waiting for the giant hope to come out just gonna be anchor of screening the vaudeville hook. Instead,
How'd you get now, she's gonna stand there and glaring you. While he talks to you like now. Listen to your father. I have said a lot of things. I want you to listen to your father, Chuck tell our child. Why you should not we found it. We found pot Your socks. Are you using your father? Now? He has some strong words to say to you go my fellow Americans. We address you tonight for one reason: only the President of the United States, having failed to get Mexico to pay for his ineffective, unnecessary border wall and unable to convince the Congress or the American p to foot the bill has shut down the government. So again the Democrats focusing heavily on the shut down the government point at no point in their speeches. Did they ever explained the border while is ineffective and unnecessary, not one point nothing and that's why trumps focus on the wall is actually quite good
but the Democrats are going to focus on that they're gonna say we ought to have this debate apart from the from from holding the government hostage right. This is again why trumps you have let off at the government. Shutdown stuff shimmer continues to wine about this. Now that there are some great irony to this right, he says he says that Trump is basically having a temperate hand from the oval office. Here, here's shimmers take again it's it What was amazing about this joint speeches that, whichever one is talking, is not the one that you're watching so you sort of like you, your eyes are met. Medical drawn to Nancy policy frowning at you and she attempts to keep her dentures in her face. There is truck shimmer talking while Nancy Blowsy struggles with her dental work. American democracy doesn't work that way. We dont governed by temper tantrum. Now president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the government shuts down. Hurting millions of Americans who are treated as leverage
I love when Democrat suddenly declare that is very bad. For the presidency governed by temper Tantrum Barack Obama literally said I have a pen and phone Barack Obama governed by temper tantrum all the time. It's all he d, it, was just that he wasn't his loud about his temper tantrums like I've, two kids and they throw temper tantrums in very different ways. My son throws classic temper tantrums and he gets down on the floor. He would what it's actually really funny. You lie down on the floor and he pounds his little fists and he takes his little feet and then he just yells and he arches back when he's having a temperature monkey screams to the sky. It's really. It's really cute my daughter. She should glitters it. You re Madonna takes after me, she glares at you, and then she says I don't want to be your friend and then she walks away my daughter a lot more. Like Obama, haste, genetic heading, two layers at you, and I don't want to be your friend trump. A lot more like my son were rights, but that doesn't mean that their important pretend firms they are brought about the use to throw good governing temper tantrums on a regular basis.
Finish off by talking about how walls or bad was a really bad. The really really super bad was, you know how we know walls or about because the bad, the symbol of America should be the statue of liberty, not a thirty foot war. So our suggestion is a simple one: Mr President, reopen the government, and we can work to resolve our differences over border security, but end this shut down. Now again, then I like the slow pan out by the camera. It's just which echoes a flash rapporteur. Chuck tumor, who really hates walls. Destruction were back in two thousand nine because of all fritz in Congress are border is far more secure. Today, It was when we began debating comprehensive reform in two thousand five between two thousand five and two thousand nine. A vast amount of progress has been made on our borders in ports of entry. The progress includes nigh
Thousand new border patrol feel eight field agents in the last four years. Construct action. A six hundred thirty mile border fence- or hundred thirty miles of border fence that create a sick difficult barrier to illegal immigration on our southern land border. Ok, so now things have changed what changed its trump sad? What changed? As that Trump became president and then the Democrats changed their minds now be best responses to trumps, address, we're not given by shimmer and play. The best responses were given by the new fangled Democrats and what I want to show you now is how radical new fangled Democrats, our number one in number, two, how much better they aren't camera, which is a bad combo. It's a bad combo, because what you'd prefer is that articles are terrible on camera. The moderates are good on camera attends that that's not the case. So the most radical response came courtesy of a brand new freshmen Congresswoman Alexander, causing horse has featured on Rachel Madhouse, show last night saying insipid things, but doing so with a lot of charisma, which is her brand at her brain
is that she's very charismatic, and then she says dumb things on a regular basis, and so we have to talk about them because she says them, terrible is Alex Andrew Cause, your Cortez saying that illegal Grants are more american than law enforcement officials sent to stop them, but the women and children that border that are. Trying to seek refuge and seek opportunity in the United States of America with nothing, but the shirt on their backs are acting more american than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be ok, so bored patrol agents, not american, illegal immigrants trying to get into the country American, but that is an open borders that is an open borders, call and she is making right there and even if you say, that's a misinterpretation, You say what she's really talking about is people who don't want more illegal immigration, on American you're. Gonna have to explain that one white is that if I say that I want the border police I will make sure that we know who is coming into the country and its people should legally enter the country, and I tend to be
the libertarian on immigration. I want a lot more people in not fewer people. I fail to see how people who are more borders. Breakfast are less american, then, but were illegally attempting to sneak over the border mean if that's gonna, be the new democratic picture. That is a radical pitch trump wines that pitch that's ed. Alexandria, cause your courts as much better on camera. Much live much more cares, attic than any of the old guard. But again she is extraordinarily radical, and this is a word from can win. All he has to do is keep pushing on the democratic radicalism, on all the soap elsie than continues as the trumpet should actually defined ice. That's what we need to do and when all is said and done, we too have from defined border patrol completely day of Christmas,
A child died in ice custody. The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights. The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all. Well, this is the approach should never stop cutting commercials per, because this is just a gift to president job. It's a gift, Republicans her saying that border patrol committing systematic, human rights violations on the border, whose bore a patrol that try to save that little girl who died. It was her father who brought her like a thousand miles and give her any food or water as an sanity, its craziness? What buzz. Asking is more funding for border control, so they can take better care of the people are coming to the border. The Democrats are radical that many of them are open borders. Alex and Elsie is apparently one of those people. So that was one of the responses from the Democrats. Another response from that
crap game, courtesy of beta Orourke, who is now called bureau. Org is decided that he is going to grow a beard under the bizarre misimpression that everyone looks better with a beard. Now he just looks even more hipster than he did before, so that kind of charming young fresh face of beethorpe. Now he just looks like he lost an election headed, work in a coffee shop that sells vinyl records behind the counter so years beta Orourke on Instagram talking about how we don't have fences are walls in El Paso worth noting. One of the reasons that have fences are walls in El Paso in El Paso is pretty safe, worrying border patrols headquarters. Really, where do you think the else the El Paso sector of Border Controls- headquartered, maybe its headquarters in? I don't know El Paso it. Maybe they have pretty good, broken could patrol over in El Paso there is NATO rocks or of ignoring that, were literally on the border. You don't have a wall or a fence around your house. The president mentioned that is, remarks are setting a lotta high pollutant politicians have walls and fences around the house You don't have a waller fence around your house most of the home.
In this neighborhood literally right on the border. Don't have walls or fences, ok, his point being what his point that we don't you wall or fence on the unguarded parts of the border, is that's what trump is really talking about here again this? pretty radical stuff. The most radical response came, of course, Bernie Sanders. Who is just an old school? Not bad so here's Bernie Sanders trying to its in that. The real issue here is climate change. Why who the hell knows because Bernie Sanders now, like crazy stuff, roman around that brain has and burnt centres like well, we could talk about the border, but instead let us talk about cut, was very warm outside and I will admit I had of significant amount a flop swept, and this seems to me much more pressing than the issue of illegal immigration itself. Climate change could spoil my pudding early before the expiration date, Goeben LISA,
does go beers. The biggest crisis of all the scientific community has made it very clear in telling us that climate change is real and its core, in devastating home to our country and the entire planet, and they have told us in no uncertain terms that if we do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, our nation and our plan and the planet we will be leaving to death insane just insane. So we're not going to talk about the border issue. Ted talk about climate change. Democrats really think that's a big winner for them than Trump is going to win this thing. Now, where is this going to go from here? In all likelihood, the president is going to, I think now he doesn't get any movement from the Democratic declares, a national emergency, which I think is a wrong move things in a moral move. I think it's not legal I think he will do that. I think the way for a court to strike down the move, and then he will complain about the courts and the Democrats. The government gets funded and we all move on with our lives, but he has signalled to is based. Aid cares about the issue. I think that some
likely cynical outcome. What should he do? You should stick to his guns and forced Democrats to explain really why they do. What any sort of borders secure wall. Why, then allow Any sort of barrier on the border by force, therefore have no other people say. Well it cynical. Why didn't from to these two years ago? You're right? It is cynical doesn't mean, is wrong to things can be true at once. It is cynical move it can also be a politically valuable move and also a policy valuable move, a policy winter for the President of the United States. Ok in just a second, I want to get to the media response to all of this, because the media responsible- this is almost as insane as the democratic response to all of this. First, we take a look at the folks in the media or not actual members of the media, Stormy Daniels who we were assured just wanted to go back to her well earned obscurity. She decided tat. She was going to distract from the president's speech by doing her laundry and her underwear, This is, and this was pressed for by the media, because this is the world we now live in, so here's some video of her doing law,
in her underwear- don't worry, it is safe for for work, although at an inn- surprisingly, not fantastic. A case here, she is holding her laundry. Our know how many people actually watch that, as this one That was one response from the media and other response from the media. Can courtesy of South Myers whose less funny then then he used to be a one points have Myers is probably funny person. You're not happen to him. He treated out last night during from speech. Is this oval office s view because front was talking about the victims of illegal immigration beyond its great wishes mock all the people who are killed by illegal immigrants so funny so much funds in the media were already prepared to rip into press no matter what he did here, because this is all he truly that they care about. Rabbit is ripping in the president. Trump is their favorite thing to do. Anderson Cooper was actually he he gave me. This is amazing. Anderson Cooper is supposed to be. I thought
to new host on CNN right. I don't think he's supposed to be one of their opinion house, but Anderson Cooper gave the pre bottle the pre bottle. Did he ever do this with a bomb of once, of course, not the pre bottle so before from even gave his speech, he was giving the pre bottle talking about how President Trump is a liar, and you should pay attention to anything. He has to say the mere active asking networks to make time forward telegraph the gravity of at least the house until now in the past, ass, with only where exceptions, you might disagree with what the president said from the oval office without wondering if you were straight up being misled or lied to given a loner. Sadly, that's not the case tonight. Now it's not our job to advocate for or against a given policy its our job to call out the dishonest pursuit of it. So if we wait for the president to speak about what he calls the crisis on the border, we're starting with the crisis, credibility he's grave himself and yet weirdly enough. You are in fact common
hang on the underlying crisis, because when you guys decide that you're not going to focus on the government, shutdown or the border wall or the policy itself, and instead you decide that you're gonna focus on all of the phibbs. The president's hold before the president gives a speech. Obviously you are weighing in on whether you agree with the president or not a hundred, I mean, obviously, are removed. If somebody were to give a policy speech, instead of me talking about their policy, I worded sit there. One person is wide this many times about their policy before they even give the speech? I'm? What do you think? I'm for their policy unjust against dishonesty who thinks that about is anyone think that CNN is non is undecided on drugs policy is just that they are that deeply concerned about dishonesty anyone but he thinks that ok, so immediately after the speech they decide to have on GMO carcinogenic Costa is the worst reporter in America he's an awful awful report. Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta gimmick Hasta, as I said yesterday on my radio, show, has mirrors Jim Acosta. He walk into his apartment
I assume that all the walls were mirrors there can just be an infinite. Plenitude of GMO cost is everywhere that he loves, and I mean he literally took a picture in his twitter profile. Pic of him in a mirror sets picture of him human Amir, but it's a picture of them, and that was his profile pic for a long time that you loves him. Some Jim Acosta. So here is talking to block of Wood Chris Cuomo, it obviously planned out his line before he said it. Ain't that visit so much he just journalism is all over. There were. There were a number of claims that the president made in that speech. I just are not going to stand up for the fact Chris Cuomo awkwardly trying to laugh. It's like when your parents tell a joke. That is really bad where there are a number of claims that the president made in that speech not just are not going to stand up to the fact Chris Cuomo awkwardly trying to laugh. It's like when your parents tell a joke. That is really bad and kind of embarrassing, and then you just sort of make a face, because what is supposed to do with it said Jim Acosta says that and then-
and then obviously Chris Quotas, and not to do that, but it just shows you where the media are on all this. It is. It is well worth noting here by the way the gym accosted got his destroyed. Yesterday, my colleague Conway meetings as destroyed him. She was pre viewing the speech, and he asked her about from wise and carrying Conway. Basically ripped is had often fed its lies on national tv programmes with the president tonight. Will you tell the truth getting any promise that you well? I will hold you do nothing about the transparency of God. Are you really get backing? Territories is you're such a smart? The time- and I know you want this to a viral while these people- don't like you, don't you put it back in my face for all the corrections that your network niece issue, I was on your network, twenty five or twenty six times in two thousand eighteen and one of the last people here who even bother to go on and the district back that? You showed me personally are just some past Honey Mamsie make it out Jamaica
to getting what he so richly deserved notoriety in his own stupidity. Ok! Well, we hadn't, although belongs there's so much news today, so we are going to skip directly over the things I like and we'll do one quick thing. I hate on our way up It seems that we now live in the environment in which people basically tried to point each other and end a poison themselves from accosted just being the latest example of this. Well, I think that if we could have an avatar of that media environment, that avatar would be this guy there's a prowling suspect who was caught going around looking doorbells. Is according to the having to post a family in Salinas, California might be ready to deliver a tongue lashing, so the prowler for their security camera caught looking there doorbell for three hours, Sylvia. Long into local station K. I o n tv over weaken the security system, alerted the family to strange movement in the early morning of a boy, a lot of traffic angle, five and morning by something at home till six, who the hell is that it was even more shock when she, what
the video hours of a male trespasser licking the doorbell. I thought, oh boy, that is just we're. You didn't stop, apparently He then went urinate it on the front lines. He had himself a good old time. The suspect Albert Jangle, a royal thirty three could face. Misdemeanor charges for petty theft and prowling is still at large a pair We, the family, spent the rest of the week sanitizing their doorbells as Jonah Goldberg said. You know, think about that, like he's ninety minutes into working. That's our bodies. They can men The shift doesnt end for another. Ninety minutes just have to keep looking Storwell so that this is basically, if you gave you get some of our media moment and one in one humanist. This gap where the meanest stand around licking doorbells in then telling you they're heroes for it. So Jim accosted, the is the media equivalent journalistic equivalence of the
Doorbell liquor of California bedtimes, alright, we'll be back here. A little bit later today will have much more to break down, go check it out over a daily where it comes subscribe for ninety nine month. Ninety nine bucks here we'll see you then I venture pair of this is the venture parish up. The bench Piero Show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producer is math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam, say: what's audio is mixed by Micro, Mina, hair and make up is by just one overall production assistant Nick. She hid. The bench of Euro Show is a daily wire for publishing production. Copyright for publishing twenty nineteen everybody on Andrew Clayton host of the Andrea Clavering Show is a time to build a wall, Roman hadn't, to keep the media inside and prevent them from distorting the debate. Yes, it is about that more on the end reclaiming show I'm Andrew Claim
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