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Ep. 694 - The FBI’s Big Mistake

2019-01-14 | 🔗

The FBI opened an investigation into Trump as a Russian agent, the government shutdown continues, and Democrats move ever further to the Left. Date: 1–14-2019

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The FBI opens investigation into President Trump as a russian agent. The government shutdown continues and Democrats even further to the left, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben and welcome to a brand new week. I know you're excited to be here. I'm excited to be here. It's going to be a long week will be here with you all week, long end of the week. By the way we are going to the March for life, I'm going to be speaking at the march for life or do my podcast live from the market. So here in the DC area or if you're coming for the March for life- and I expect to see you there- I mean we're braving the cold to bring you. This show you should. The least you can do is to be there with us, and then we can all suffer together through the blistering all of Washington DC, I'm from LA, so anything below seventy degrees is super cool, okay, we'll get to all the actual. News of the day in just one second. First, we need to talk about your screen time yeah. I know you spend an awful lot of time with grins and
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trying to make my eyes feel better. Go check em out Felix dot com, Slash been available with prescription strength as well. Felix gray, glasses, com, slash, but okay. So the big story over the weekend is that the FBI was apparently investigating president Trump, as in, like invest getting him during the campaign in twenty sixteen and two thousand and seventeen two thousand and seventeen, they opened an investigation into President Trump concerned that he might be a russian agent and now this is ridiculous. On the face of it. It is ridiculous. The idea that this into the United States was a manchurian candidate that somehow using was being bite with compromised by Vladimir Putin all the activities during the campaign, or just from not what he's doing or being confident that we had to chalk it all up to President Trump was in a back room with Vladimir Putin and they were putting together master plan for taking over the universe, and then he was going to be triggered by some sort of watch word from. Let me put in or something well. This is asinine here's. What the New York Times are.
However, in the days after President Trump fired James B Comey me as FBI, director law enforcement officials, I'm so concerned by the president's behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against american interests. According to former one officials and others familiar with the investigation. It is a wild over by the FBI, and it gives a lot of a lot of credence to the Trump Administration and Trump Ally claim that the FBI and the so called deep state were out to get President Trump. Why? Because what triggered this was not all of the knowledge during the campaign What triggered this was not all of the contacts between Trump campaign officials and russian officials or the Trump Tower meeting of June two thousand and sixteen know what triggered this was firing James Comey. So what this sounds more like is the president fires, the head of the FBI, who was an incompetent boob, and then all the people left over at the FBI say. Well, you know what I'll bet the president fired. Because he's a russian agent and James call himself testified openly before Congress. The trump did not attempt to shut down well investigation or hamper the
our investigation in the wake of James Cummings Fire, in order James Cummings firing. In fact you just irritated the issue, a statement saying that Trump was not under instigation. That's all that happened. Trump said that openly and the reason that I fire James Comey is because I asked call me for a decal version? I was not personally under investigation and called me said he wouldn't do it, and so I fired him. They said that it would take often with regard to Russia, people interpreted. That is that it was as though call was on the verge of nailing Trump russian relationships when in Rio Ali what Trump was saying was. I want call out because call won't just leave me alone about the russian stuff, and I didn't do anything. So I would just leave me alone and the hi in the aftermath of commies firing, which Trump had every legal ability to do every president. Can fire every head of the FBI, the it it. The executive branch is a unitary branch. It's so funny, folks on the left like to rip on the theory of the unitary executive,
constitution is very clear about this. The head of the F B, I work for the President of the United States. Executive branch agencies are answerable to the President of the United States if Trump wanted to fire call me yet every right capacity and constitutional ability to do so, and yet, after call me was fired. The f b I try to open it in isn't whether Trump was a russian agent I'll get a second into all of the defensive claims. By the FBI and its advocates on why they opened this investigation. According to the New York Times, He Kerry explosive implications. Counterintelligence investigators had to consider one of the president's own actions constituted a possible threat to national security agents, also how to determine whether Mr Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow's influence? Again, this is an appropriate stuff. If you don't actually have evidence that the president is being blackmailed. If you don't have evidence that the president is, in fact a russian agents than a
eating. His policies with an eye toward whether he is a russian agent, is just an executive branch agency. Second, guessing the policies of the president, can you imagine if the FBI had open up an investigation against Barack Obama in twenty thirteen on his Syria policy. Remember in two thousand and twelve Barack Obama openly on a MIKE that everyone heard said to Medvedev, who was then the prime Minister or the President of Russia set them at that time. If you get your boss to leave me alone and I'll have more flexibility in with Russia, once I am re elected and then guess what happened, the Russians went into Crimea and Obama did nothing. The Russians went into Syria and Obama handed over control of the Syrian. The syrian situation to the Russians, the FBI opened an investigation is hey, wait, a second, no a mama yeah. This promise he made to the Russians about the election, and then he's soft on the Russians after the election. Maybe he's made russian Asian. Can you imagine if they'd open that investigation
everybody would have said, rightly so- that the FBI has no right and no capacity to go after a president based on public policy simply because they don't like the public policy. The president is pursue this is a massive f b I over reach and is coming from somebody who said we should wait for the results of the Miller investigation, I said all along. Let's wait for the results of Miller Mastication Investigation. Let's wait for all the facts to come out. I believe in the russian collusion Terry. I think that it's hogwash as far as the evidence that I can see so far, but I can see why people would have been suspicious of Carter page. I can see why people would have been since just of various other members of the Trump campaign. I can see why their actions papadopoulos why those actions would have looked suspicious to people. I can see whether from tower meeting look suspicious to people, but that does not mean that the FBI, opening an investigation into the President of the United States and suggesting that the distance, the United States is in fact a russian plant, but that's justified the tuition or otherwise it
and opening it under the counter intelligence rubric by the way, is really kind of gross Andy Mccarthy points this out today. If he's over at Fox NEWS he's been saying for a long time that the FBI, I was using the rubric counter intelligence in order to target President Trump, the case is basically making is. There are two types of investigations that the F b I does, what is counterintelligence, which is them trying to fight off rush an influence and then there's criminal investigation, I'm trying to investigate criminal activity on American. Well, these are not the same thing. The standard of proof for counterintelligence is not the same as the standard of proof for a criminal investigation if they actually wanted to bring some sort of criminal prosecution against someone you have to reach a certain level of counter intelligence is not designed to do that. Counter intelligence is just designed for you to go and see the fact and then fight those facts
round as they exist usually abroad. When a car he's been saying for a long time, is the FBI was going after Trump with counterintelligence that they didn't have to reach the level of proof necessitated by a criminal investigation? Mccarthy writes this today from a a prosecutor. He says, because the FBI did not have solid evidence of a crime they did it under counter. Legends authority rather than criminal authority, calculating that the cover of probing Russia's interference in interference in the twenty sixteen election would enable them to keep investigating. While they tried to tighten up the obstruction case or find some other criminal defense. In other words, the counter intelligence aspect just was just a cover for them to go. After Personally Mccarthy says the investigation was always hoping to find something on Trump. That is why, for sample. One director call me, then, President Elect Trump about the steel dossier. He told trouble only about the salacious allegations involving price prostitutes in a hotel, he did not tell the President Elect either that the main thrust of the dossier was from purported espionage.
Conspiracy with the Kremlin, nor that the FBI had gone to the FISA court to get surveillance warrants based on the dossier. The FBI was The President elect that the allegations were salacious and unverified it at that very moment, they're presenting them to a federal court as information the judges could rely on to authorize spying. So this is pretty dirty stuff and then your times report continues. It says: investigation the FBI open into Mister Trump, also had a criminal aspect which had long been publicly known, weather, firing, a mister Colley constituted obstruction of justice. Now again it did not. It did not constitute obstruction of justice. I've gone through the statutes on the program before it is not struction of justice for the President of the United States to fire his own FBI director. Ok, that's not how this works. There are actual statutes with regard to obstruction of justice there, several statues with regard to obstruction of justice, there's eighteen USC, one thousand five hundred and three. This is the so called omnibus clause under american law and covers correctly by any threatening letter or communication influencing
or impeding or endeavoring to influence, obstruct or impede the due administration of justice, but that requires the pending judicial proceeding, in other words, there's a trial going on, and you try to obstruct justice by intimidating a witness. There is no pending judicial proceeding. This statute does not apply eighteen USC, one thousand five hundred and twelve see this provision. Covers anyone. What struck, influences or Mps an official proceeding or attempts to do so. It is. Clear than FBI investigation is, in fact an official proceeding and in order for you to violate this clause in order for Trump to violate the He would have had to knowingly do so a so. It's not enough. Just fire somebody and that firing ends up impeding something you actually have to have intended to do. So they have no proof of that. Eighteen USC one thousand five hundred and nineteen, and covers destroying evidence related to a federal investigation. There's no allegation, even that Trump destroyed evidence. So when people talk about the FBI, opening an obstruction of justice investigation into Trump over firing someone, he has plenary power to dispense with. That's nonsense. That's non
According to the New York Times, agents and senior FBI officials had grown suspicious of Mr Trump's ties to Russia during the twenty sixteen campaign, but held off on opening an investigation into him. The people said in part because they are certain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude. Well, if you know about all the stuff in twenty sixteen the seven two thousand and seventeen was not worse than the stuff in two thousand and sixteen just objectively speaking, all of the bad stuff that happened. Basically happened in twenty sixteen, by two thousand and seventeen Trump had already fired Michael Flynn by two thousand and seventeen James call me, but that was not obstructing justice is I've, explained plane, there's really no case for opening and invest Asian into Trump's Kremlin agents in twenty seventeen. If you want to make that case, you make about two thousand and sixteen, but they didn't the president's activities before and after Mister,
inspiring in May two thousand and seventeen particularly two instances in which Trump Tide Tacoma dismissal to the Russia Investigation, helped prompt the counter intelligence aspect of the inquiry according to people at the FBI. Again, if your boss gets fired, you open investigation into his firing, I'm going to say that that looks very retaliatory. It doesn't look like this is power. The FBI should have I'll get more into this in just one. Second Let's talk about how you actually frame your pictures, so I have to tell you guys about amazing new service that I know know about its whole frame bridge frame, which makes it really easy and affordable to custom frame, your favorite things from art, prints and posters for the photo sitting on your phone. I have tons of photos on my phone and my kids particular and you're sitting there sitting there digitally and I haven't bothered to go, get frames because frames are super expensive. There really inconvenient frame bridge makes all of this possible. You can frame much more inexpensively and much nicer fashion. Custom framing got a Framebridge bridge, dot com, you upload your photo or they send you packaging to safely mail. In your physical pieces
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special counsel. Robert Muller took over the inquiry into Mr Trump when he was appointed days after FBI. Officials opened it that inquiry is part of Mister Miller's, broader examination of how russian operatives interfered in the twenty sixteen election and whether any Trump associates conspired with them. It is unclear whether her mother is still pursuing the counter intelligence matter, and some our law enforcement officials outside the investigation have questioned whether agents over stepped in opening it. The answer, of course, is yeah. I mean it kind of looks like it. What they're basically claim is that, if Trump fired call me stop the rush investigation, that would be instruction, but you may notice something. What's the calendar say today, that's right. It's January fourteenth two thousand nineteen, the. Investigation open in two thousand. Sixteen. It is now in three years I'm investigating two and a half years of investigating as a stop. In any time now, it's never saw So where exactly is the case for obstruction of justice? Where exactly is the case, that Trump is in fact a russian agent. Rudy Giuliani the president's lawyer, he says the fact that
goes back a year and a half and nothing came of it. They try to breach of NASH. Security means that they found nothing. Trump is rightly very upset about all of this, and he has a right to be if it turns out at the end of this war, the chain of events, the molar mass, the Asian, comes up with basically nothing, and that is going to speak to whether this investigation should have taken so long well. This investigation was appropriately launched in the first place whether this investigation was in fact a political project. Yet from now two things can be for once. You can be sure that the investigation comes up with nothing and that was launched in good faith, but it makes it hard to make that claim. We got members of the FBI, apparently vindictively, launching investigations into whether Trump is a russian asset. In twenty seventeen, when you do people inside the FBI like Peter struck, a motive did Anti Trump guy leading the investigation. If we're not asking these questions, we're not doing our job, now the media are beginning to realize we some members of the media, that the molar investigation may not end the way they wanted to ABC news. Jon
and Carl made a stunning admission yesterday on this week on ABC News. Here's what he had to say this is all: building up to the mall report and raising expectations of a bombshell report and been expectations have been building, of course, over a year on this, but people who are closest to what has been doing all the interacting with the special counsel. Caution me, this report is almost certain the anti climatic. If you look at what the FBI was investigating in that New York Times, report, look at what investing in smaller did not go anywhere with that investigation. Okay, so what is this all going to be? The answer may come up with nothing. That's that's been. My prediction for a long time is that we come up with some nasty indicators that members of from steam, or talk with the Russians like Donald Trump Junior for example, or that members of Trump's team were unwittingly working with Russians who are connected to the russian government. Something like that. The idea that Trump was sitting behind the curtain waving his wand and making the magic cap? I just don't think that there's any evidence of that whatsoever. If that, if that changes, then I'll change my opinion
based on the evidence. So far you got to be asking what exactly prompted the FBI to open an investigation for Trump is a russian agent. The guys were most prominent people in american public life for the last four decades. What is did they target him backwards on the cover of Playboy, in like one thousand nine hundred and ninety back. When he's doing the apprentice in the MID two thousand and one the Russians decide, you know what let's get back the reality tv show star and make him into a full blown russian agent. That's see three nonsense of that's with the F B, I was investigating Lindsey, Graham Senator from South Carolina says as much is exactly right. I'm going to ask the FBI director was there: a counterintelligence investigation opened up regarding the press, as being a potential agent. Russians. I find it astonishing to me. It tells me what about the people running the FBI, okay, man, that crowd. I don't trust him as far as I throw in so this really did happen, things to know about it, and I and what I want: do is make sure. How could the FBI do that
kind of checks and balances? Are there now? Listen, I want to believe in the veracity of the up yeah. I know a lot about the agents. I think the vast majority of FBI agents are wonderful. Folks are doing a really great job keeping Americans safe. I want to leave in law enforcement institutions when the lead ship of those law enforcement institutions are people like Peter struck and LISA page makes it kind of hard and when they're making claims that Trump is a russian agent, not just that they were going to investigate Russia ties and then see where those lead, but instead the was himself deeply involved to come come on, I mean I'm gonna need some evidence for that other than Trump has a big mouth. First of all. If Trump were really a russian agent, do you think you can keep his mouth shut about it? You can't keep his mouth shut about. Anything from would be out there. Actually speaking Russian, if you rush agent right from, would be out there singing the Soviet national anthem like the characters in the hunt for Red October, I mean the press doesn't he's not known for his capacity for secrecy. The president isn't exactly known for his subtlety, but if you're going to pick a person to be a russian plant or a russian spy,
really Donald Trump, really that's, where we're going to go with like Trump go out there in the middle of the campaign be like you know who I love not under eleven, then Riperton he's the real president he's great he's going to like when I'm president, I'm going to talk to him every day, we're going to read each other mash notes can be unbelievable. Babe. I think that's what it would have been it come on come on, so the Democrats are desperately trying to defend the FBI's activity here, TIM, the senator from Virginia. He says well the F B, I one after from because they good reason to do so here: here's the excuse making from people who say the I had a reason to consider Trump a russian plant. They get the last yeah the I overreact. I think the question is this: they had to have a very deep level of concern about this president to take this step and that's again why we need to protect the Mahler investigation and I think,
that's going to be a critical issue in the Judiciary Committee hearings about the attorney general nominee when you guarantee to protect this investigation You make sure that the american public and Congress get the results of it. So here this really is the key question, though the real key question is the one that came as mentioning here. How deep does the F b I's level of suspicion have to run for them to launch an investigation? If there's a lot for his russian agent. My suspicion is not all that deep if they could just take flyers on investigations which does raise systemic questions about the FBI, not just about the Trump investigation, but what kind of summation is necessary for them to actually open an investigation. Targeting american citizens, it makes you really disquieted about nature of american power about law enforcement. Power makes into sort of a reason, calm, libertarian. Looking at sort of stuff and going holed. The f can is launching the based on a couple of people who don't like Trump, not like many fire. James call me and they can open a full on counterintelligence investigation into President. That's the thanks. I get Democrats
five minutes ago hated the FBI now love the FBI. They they love this stuff to Mark Warner from West Virginia. He says the FBI went out President Trump for good reason? Also, I think we're seeing these independent actions, even independent of mother, which is the lead up and some of the rationale about why this investigation started and why so many Americans, like myself, concern for so long there, the not so concerned that the Senate Intelligence Committee in a bipartisan fashion, the House, intelligence committee and a Lee last bipartisan fashion launched, invest occasions. Our investigation is almost it's not quite two years in we have literally spoken to hundreds of witnesses. We may have spoken even more witnesses and Mahler and having a very important story to tell to the american public. Ok, then, you could just tell that story to the american public instead of just telling us how important the stories are going to tell you about one thousand trailers for this movie. At what point do we actually get to see the movie
when one of our investigation comes out? It better be public. We need full. Transparency is always seen as narrative from both sides. John Solomon has a piece all right. The hell specifically talking about all of these allegations that there were too many there there too much smoke for the F B. I not to investigate he points out. There is a presidential candidate in twenty sixteen, which has been traveled to Moscow collected a five hundred thousand dollars. Speaking to you free from letter put across while she was still serving as Secretary of state negotiating with the Russians, there was a candidate in twenty six rent, a cabinet agency that authorized the sale of a large swath of strategic american Rainy assets to Putin. We served in administration the help the Rangers approve billions of dollars in nuclear fuel contract. For my, Scout American Nuclear American Nuclear, a just a short while before Putin invaded Ukraine. Chairman campaign chairman the board, the board clean energy company that received thirty five million bucks from Russia, while she was secretary of State who's, prominent fundraiser, subject, we came under investigation for possible illegal lobbying activities involving Paul Manafort and rushing back to Ukraine Politician
his, whose family charitable empire accepted support from a lobbying public relations firm working for russian nuclear giant I'll, be Hillary Clinton. So never people say there's a lot of smoke. Yeah welcome to politics where smoke is the way that this stuff works in a second will get to President Trump's response to all of these allegations and will get the government shutdown as well. First, let me remind you that this year it is your obligation to make your business better. You can make your business well. I upgrading your employees on fire. People need to add some great folks over at ziprecruiter dot com, ziprecruiter dot com, daily wire is the best way to hire the right people, unlike other job site, zipper to find qualified candidates for you, it's powerful, technology scans, thousands of resumes identify people with the right skills, education experience. It actively invites them to apply to your job. To get qualified candidates which is why Ziprecruiter is rated number one by employers in the United States. This rating from hiring sites on trust pilot with over a thousand reviews. Right now, my listeners can try as a broker for free as zip recorder, dot coms
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read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing but that they, a line of that article, is called the failing New York Times for a reason. They've got me wrong for three years. I've actually got me run for many years before that, okay, so what was funny about this? Is you can't trust Trump just denies it openly read from his listen. This is our the story, the media people and Maggie Haberman at the New York Times reporter. Who does some good work? Okay, but she she tweeted out from does not deny that was the headline in the media ran with so Judge Jeanine ask, are you a russian agent and goes it's the most ridiculous question? I've ever heard it's insulting. And the run with well didn't deny it come on come on. You think that any Democrat answer that same question the same way the headline would have been. He didn't deny it. Of course he denied it because it's stupid, it's a stupid theory again, even if you think that Trump was in Cahoots with Russia, the best available theory, would have been the guys that do it would have been the guys who paid to agents of the Russians or involved in comp
or something again, there's no evidence for any of this stuff. At this point, then, the media's attempts to go after Trump Every angle is pretty astonishing. The Washington Post has a piece today about how Trump concealed details of his face to face. Encounters with from senior officials in the administration and members of his own administration, or denying folks in Secretary of State MIKE Pompeyo's office. They know we know everything had to boot and we know what he said, but, according to the Washington, President Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with russian President Vladimir Putin including at least one occasion, taking possession of the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the what's not to discuss what had transpired Other administration officials, current and former US officials said Trump did so after meeting with Putin two thousand and seventeen it Hamburg also was also attended by then Secretary of State Rex, Tillerson officials learned from tions what White House advisor and Senior State Department official sought information from interpreter beyond a readout shared by Tillerson. The constraints that Trump impose are part of a broader pattern.
By the president of shielding his communications with Putin from public scrutiny. Even high ranking officials in his own administration from fully knowing what he is told. One of the United States is made adversaries. As a result, US officials said, according to the Washington Post, there is no detailed record even in classified files from face to face interactions with I putin such a gap would be unusual in any presidency, let alone one that Russia. So install throughout what US intelligence agencies have described as an unprecedented campaign of election interference. Now I have a possible alternative explanation as to why President Trump was seizing the notes of his interpreters. Okay, here's my theory, my theory is that everything inside this administration gets leaked, and so President Trump does not want those notes leaked I mean it really that that's my theory and that theory is back to a certain extent by the fact that
not only does everything week, but if I, if I recall correctly, there was an actual article written by an interpreter in the Trump administration who talked about how she had it, who talked about how she had left the administration right. There's an article in July July, nineteenth two thousand teen about the interpreter is call is from the New York Times and who heard what Trump said to put in only one other american Marina grows. The only other American in the room during President Trump's meeting on Monday of let me put in Russia, was the interpreter for Laura Bush at the russian resort of Sochi, in two thousand eight and interpreted for former Secretary of State Rex tellers and in Moscow into that she appears to live in an apartment in Arlington Virginia, isn't for years, the State Department and is unsurprisingly fluent in Russia, but little is known about, Miss grows, her white pad of notes, visible in photographs from summit meeting are probably useless. Experience government interpreter said dictated her personal shorthand that be illegible to anyone else and, if you
say what exactly transpired should violating ethics code of confidentiality similar to lawyer, client privilege or the silence of a priest during confession. So, there are already reporting on who the lady was right, that the media were already targeting, who the tram later was. I do have full articles that Marina grows the translator during the trump during the Trump meeting, and then they Why trouble trying to seize the notes like to we're trying to take pictures of her notes? This is wild. Stop I mean it really is amazing. So from is apparently to blame. Trump is the worst right for Trump is to blame for the fact that he didn't want his stuff leaking. It's it. I just I I find this. I find this to be a kind of absurd contention by the and that Trump is and Trump is doing something deeply wrong again. This is all privileged material in the first place and people side. His own administration say that they've heard the conversations do. What do you think Trump is telling Putin behind closed doors you think he's actually selling out the democracy.
You have any evidence of that now, they're going to subpoena the translator, find subpoenaed the translator and then you know, do he can claim executive privilege, because that is executive, privilege and the President walking in front of a translator, she does not get to be subpoenaed by Congress. It's amazing! Can you imagine anybody doing this for the bomb I can like. Really I I I don't like using the can you imagine The Obama routine, but is literally impossible to imagine the media going along with anything like this about Barack Obama Rocco. I had back channel negotiations with the iranian government. With the government actual enemies of the United States Farm, more so than the Russians in the Russians are enemies of the United States. There's your political foes would be a better way of putting it you're bringing The enemies of the United States in Obama was having open conversations with them any of those details, and everybody assumed that's what the president gets to do because he's the president just because you don't like The president of the United States doesn't mean you get to shrink either the executive power or that you get to pretend that normal exercise of executive power is somehow now barred
is wild. So now Democrats are claiming that they're going to probe trumps meetings with Putin as though that as though he was having. I don't know what kind of spy novels the reading honestly my name okay. Meanwhile, meanwhile, the continuing the continuing government shutdown down has not ended it. Moves forward. Talk about that in just one second first you're going to have to go over dailywire dot com and subscribe. When you do you get the rest of this, show we get the rest of the Andrew Klavan show live the rest of my on this issue. Alive are now beginning. Last week you get two additional hours per day of the show we do a live radio show it is available in one hundred and fifty markets across the United States, but You can actually listen to it on demand. You can't watch it on demand unless you want to rubber over daily dailywire dot com? so go over there and subscribe right now. What are you doing every day has become significant three times as hard for us, so ask SEN, so you ought to subscribe and make sure that Sonia is well compensated for her efforts. Go over there right now and make sure that it happens daily. Why
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Now people all look at Trump's approval ratings are down to thirty seven percent one disaster. You know why, because there's no moment and in a presidential race, Trump's approval ratings, even when he's running against Hillary Clinton never came close to cracking fifty percent, and then he anyway, it turns out that most people see presidential elections is binary in every election. So all the people who are agonizing over Trump's approval ratings are so low. This is why Trump should say: ok! Well, if I have to take the hit, I take the hit I will give you the evidence that this is sort of what he should do. So here is the pole. The pole is from CNN. I'm going to find is that Trump is being blamed by a majority of Americans now for the government shutdown from the brutal rating in the poll is down to thirty seven percent, as opposed to fifty seven percent. Disapprove and disapproval has risen five points since December, which is not a shock since he's been the subject of unending bad media coverage and also because the president can't keep his fingers away if
on the twitter buttons, the the increase in disapproval for the president, comes primarily among whites without college degrees, forty five percent of them approved and forty seven percent. Just that's a really interesting stat, because what that suggests is again. This has more to do with media coverage than policy. If you think that whites without college degree, these are really probably illegal immigration. I I evidence for that in December, approval rating with whites would not receive four year college degree stood at fifty four percent, so he's dropped pretty precipitously among people who don't have a college degree among White hold college degrees. Trump's ratings are largely unchanged and their remain sharply negative. Sixty four percent disapprove. Thirty two percent approve now what the Statistics show. Is that what you do not have college degrees remain in favor of a wall along the border with Mexico. Fifty one percent in favor forty six percent oppose, but they told for blaming President Trump for the government shutdown I get a lot of that is the media coverage. The public say that fifty five percent say that Trump is more responsible for the
down. There are Democrats in Congress. Thirty two percent of the blame rests mostly with the Democrats. Another nine percent say both are responsible That's our more unified in the blame for Trump Republicans are kind of not unified at all rank and file. Republicans blame Democrats by sixty five percent to twenty three percent to blame President Trump for the shot. Down now. If Trump can't sell the shut down to his own base, that's a trump problem. That's not really a shutdown problem. That's a trump problem. This constraint on ash TV and said I loan, the shutdown, brilliant strategizing and communications from the president. Independence are more apt to blame from forty eight to thirty four and are most likely to say. Both sides are so because independence are the only people who apparently have not lost their minds again. If they say both sides are responsible, it means forty. Eight percent of independence say that Democrats at least hold some responsibility for all of us. Now. Here's the part of the pole that is actually more telling suggests that Trump should take a little bit of short term payment in order to reach some long term gain
Mort. Well, more than half Americans are not winning trump for the government shut down. The wall itself has become more popular. There, it is this new poll said: support, had increased for the wall from thirty four percent to forty two percent. The CNN poll had a going up to thirty five percent to thirty nine percent. In other words, Trump's pitch for the wall is go. Well, his pitch for himself is not an that should be ok right, he's the president. He doesn't he's not up for reelection for another two years, so people who are hitting the panic button and saying well Trump should therefore sign some sort of deal right now, which do you think is going to be more important. Come November of twenty twenty Trump's approval rating in January of twenty nineteen or Americans long lasting feelings about a wall that he has pushing for for years. My bet is that the issue itself is going to be. Important than the approval rating over the government. Shutdown government shutdowns have no long lasting pull effects like none right engine.
Get in January of two thousand and thirteen there was a government shutdown. Republicans then want a sweeping victory in November of twenty fourteen. No one cares about government shutdowns five minutes after their own The only thing that people care about is the long lasting impression of Republicans in twenty fourteen most Americans. The Republicans wanted to end Obamacare Obamacare was deeply unpopular and Republicans took back the House of Representatives and the Senate are they took both of them that they have to write it? They took back the Senate. So why exactly? Why is that what we think that there's gonna be long lasting impact on the government shutdown. Now all the folks on the right, who are King and saying we need to end the shut down right now, it's really hurting from really hurting front. It's a proven ratings never been high. When runs going to be running against someone he's not going to against the government shut down. The more important statistic: there's not from personal approval rating or lemerre, can blame for the shutdown the shut down all and everything will go back to normal. People get paid? The real issue is how people feel about the wall. If your political strategist, that's what you
more about and that's why Lindsey Graham came to Trump. He said open, Roman temporarily and nope not going to do that, not interested, and he is correct about all of this is Democrats are being increasingly forced to deal with the consequences of their own intransigence and they look bad doing this. I mean there's a piece in the in the Washington examiner today, all about all about the Democrats during the government shutdown, according to the Washington Some thirty democratic lawmakers left the government shutdown behind on Friday on a chartered flight to Puerto Rico. For a winter with one hundred and nine lobbyists and corporate executives during which they plan to see the hit. Broadway show Hamel, ten and a ten three parties, including one with the show's cast, is it just me or I thought that Porter Regal just hit by hurricane right right? So if there have, I heard Kay how much money are the Democrats Bunions retreat? And if you don't a little bit that to the people who are suffering,
importer Rico. If this is their thank those attending the congressional hispanic caucus, bold pack, winter retreat and son, one plan to meet with key officials to discuss cleanup. After Hurricane Maria, at a roundtable on Saturday, but the weekend is packed with free time for the members and their families on a trip Apparently some one hundred and nine lobbyists and corporate executives are named in the memo at a rate of three point: six lobbyists for every member and isn't some of the biggest lobbyists in the country. Senator Bob Menendez was sure it was on the beach in Porter Rico. Talking to some blonde lady on the on the beach. She looks thank God over age. That's good for Robin and as all of this is to suggest the Democrats, those sort of objects are not gonna play well. For for Democrats, I think the panic button being hit by Republicans is a little bit premature at this point. Okay. Well, meanwhile, Republicans have been struggling for an answer with regard to Steve. Can we talk about this? Last week, Representative Steve came from Iowa, who was quoted by the New York Times in an interview that he did not
and I saying that there was nothing wrong with the terms white nationalism in white supremacy, which is insane, and I called for him to be immediately primary and maxed out for his opponents. Actually, in that primary Kevin Mccarthy, the Senate, the House Minority leader, he came forward and said there will be consequences for Steve King from the republican Caucus I watch on the other side that they do not take action when their members say some act, that action will be taken I'm having a serious conversation with congressman, Steve King, on his future and role in this Republican Party, what is not as a leader. There is other things. You'll see that is taking place, but I will not stand. Back as a leader of this party, believing in this nation that all are created equal that that stands are continues to stand. It had any role with us, okay, so the Is the exact right perspective? The Mccarthy is articulating right here. Senator TIM Scott from South Carolina, the only black senator in the republican caucus. He says that he's some in our party wonder why Republicans are constantly accused of racism. It's because our silence when things like this are said. Immigration is a perfect example
which somehow our affection for the rule of law has become conflated with the perceived racism against black and brown people. He says king's comments are not conservative views but separate views that should be ridiculed at every turn. Possible conservative principles mean equal opportunity for all to succeed, regardless of what you look like or where you are from It is maddening to see so many folks who believe this and have only good intentions in their hearts tarnished by these radical perspectives, which is why silence is no longer acceptable TIM. Scott is right about this. The difference is the members of the republican clock is many of them are not being silent about Steve King, whereas when it comes to bigotry by Democrats, the entire caucus is completely silent about bigotry by Democrats. Let me give you an example: receipt it's lab is one of the new fresh faces of the Democratic Party. I always say that, because you certainly trademark, for how often that is used in the media are constantly saying things about the fresh faces in the Democratic Party, and it's always the same three fresh faces right. It's always receipt. It's Lib Ilhan Omar Alexander Ocasio Cortez, and they are fresh not because they're.
The new Congress people, but because two of them are muslim and one of them was a former bartender and is kind of pretty that's really why the media are paying attention to these folks. Well, they're going pay attention, but not enough to actually question the bigotry among these actual members, particularly the anti semitism of these actual members, so receded celeb was sworn in to office. And and a few years ago, and he or she was I I she was sworn in in Detroit and I invited a guy named a boss Hamida, and he gave her a painting of herself in front of the Us Capitol wearing the Keffiyeh around her neck wearing the kind of palestinian I palestinian wearing the palestinian ceremonial kind of scarf that you see very often, and he did- I was honored to be a congresswoman Rashid. It's laid swearing in ceremony in Detroit and private dinner, afterward with the entire family, friends and activists across the country. Hashtag, Palestine, Hash tag tweet your thoughts, but none of that means Hash tag or should a celeb okay, it turns out that Abbas Amida,
is like an actual terrorist sympathizer. Here's what he tweeted out November, 19th two thousand and sixteen israel- does not have a right to exist. The terrorist entity is illegal and has no just to exist other than a delusional ISIS like ideology about time it has for for an is called for solidarity with Hamas. He was at her swearing in and attended a private dinner with her. Remember that time that Steve King said something super racist and then most members of the republican caucus said something about it. Most republican commentators, most conservative commentators came out and condemned him in a strong language as humanly possible. Some of us gave money to him. I remember that it was like three days ago remember how many democrats have been asked about reshoots Lib, how many they're all asked about her calling the president, a mother effort? How many were asked about the fact that she's, an anti how many were asked about research about about Ilhan Omar was a similar record of anti semitic statements. How many? it's not about Alexander Ocasio, Cortez Cortez's, bizarre take on domestic policy
What about her association with people like when it's our sewer any how many men Aston offend their comments? Zero, hey, which just goes to show you the when it comes to who is being held accountable for the nasty evil comments within their own caucus. The only people ever held responsible are Republicans and Republicans, I think, hold themselves respond. Senator TIM Scott is pointing out. And we try to do better. The Democrats don't try to do that. Not only do they not do better. They then claim that if you questioned them about these things, that is in evidence of some sort of bias, the people were complaining that receipt. It was funny I'll, say it out, because you Cortez was complaining that the media were reporting much more on what she did to lay calling President Trump a mother effort than they were on Steve kings. White supremacist comments. I agree, that's balance. That ought be noted. I'll tell you an imbalance. That also ought to be noted. The complete absence of any
one making note of the fact that open anti Semites now sit in the democratic caucus, so get endless coverage about Steve King. That coverage justified, I think, but no coverage of Democrats who have been making nice with anti semite and racist from the other side of the aisle for years. Like no coverage at all. And the media are cowed into silence by people like AOC, claiming that they are insufficiently leftist. It's truly incredible. Ok, oh seated, against Josh crash our reporter for hotline they were a. She went after him because she was it because I guess crash our had had pointed out that she was saying something dumb and she complained about the reporters and then he said well, the reporters are just reporting on you and she said well, they're insufficiently racially diverse, and then he said well why Are you calling for a quota among reporters and said I'm not calling for a quota? This is a direct quote from AOC. I've never called for strict quotas just having
presentation of one of the most fundamental voting blocks in the american electorate, which is called the quota and the media cheer her they cheer her being It means never having to say you're. Sorry, it means never having to be asked about the extremists in your own coalition. It means having to answer for the disastrously bigoted. Use of your own membership. It's amazing how left is allowed to get away with by the media and themselves minute. They're they're are supposed to be the the reminders of the morality of America. These are the people who are supposed to be the reminders of tolerance and diversity. Yes, I'm thinking vice from machine to lab about racism and anti Semitism, yeah. I'm I'm really going listen reporters who won't to let a question a question but are going to be Brittany. Mulling over Steve can lower publicans come out of the woodwork to denounce him truly amazing, stuff, okay time for some things I like and then some things that I hate cell things I like this week.
This weekend I had the opportunity to see spider man into the spider verse, it's great, it's fantastic. The script is really clever. The voice work is grey. More importantly, the art of it is just astonishingly beautiful. It is art in a very different way, like opera man Apple and that the CG I is great here, spider man- is done differently than anything else. I've ever seen so what's fascinating is that Sony owns the animated rights to spider man, but Marvel meeting this He owns the live action, spider man. I will tell you what I am much more interested in seeing more animated movies like spider man into the spider verse, then the time HOLLAND, spider man that we've seen in the avengers I kind of like Tom HOLLAND in the Avengers this this movies into the spider. Verse is one of the most beautifully anime. Films I have ever seen in my entire life. Isn't it's amazing? It's amazing artistic accomplishment. Basically, it looks like a moving comic book. If you can't act, We see the trailer will show a little bit of the trailer right now they combine all these different. All these different styles, it's great.
There's another universe, it looks and sounds like your, but it's not my name is mom. I like me around the. I know it's complicated what happened to you, I can teach you to be spider man a little bird Fogel Lucien, one of the best burgers I've ever had you have money right, I'm not very liquid right. I think you're going to be a bad teacher. Is it movies are really good and it's it's all about, basically that the basic premise is that there's a portal that opens and all the spider man from the mall hammers are sucked into this one portal. Now people are comic book fans all have their favorite spider man, I'm still
Parker fan. I know the younger generation like MILES Morales, I'm fine with MILES Morales, like I think it's fine, He makes a lot more likeable than he is in the comics and more interesting than is in the comics is the center of the film. The movie is really good. Jake Johnson does great voice work as Peter Parker from a different multiverse were spider man's kind of a loser like his divorce from Mary, Jane and he's kind of falling apart as human. It's that the movie is is really I can't speak highly enough of this movie is really good. You should take your kids to see it. It is it's not appropriate for kids, probably under the age, maybe seven or eight. I think it's ten. It could easily see this movie. It's not scary in in any sense. Beyond that again. The animation is just incredible and it's got a bunch it like John Mullaney comes in for a bit. That's great NIC cage comes in as spider man noir, which is my favorite bit of the film, is that one of the Multiverse spider man, is spider. Man, water sees like from the 1930s and his Nick cage being that cage, so it's great
it's like him coming into being like a spider man and I punch Nazis it it's it's, go, go see the film if you haven't yet, if it doesn't win the Oscar for best animation or best art direction or something then the Oscars are irrevocably broken, which they already. We are know that but working okay time for some things that I hate I guess thing that I hate number one there's a director named Duncan Jones. He made a movie called mode which have recommended on the show before talented guy this out yesterday and I just find this obnoxious. He out. I have two kids two and a half years and nine months old, respectively. I'll tell you something I never see anyone admit, they're, exhausting frustrating in life destabilizing, they are rarely fun. Smiles are great house are lovely, but it's hard and not obviously good choice in life. This is where people feel compelled to. I wouldn't change it for the world, but you know, of course, I'd reconsider. It's exhausting its, but now it's like looking after your dog, you can't house, for.
What it is is that it is in their mind. Hopefully they turn out. Okay, first of all, just to go back to the first part of that tweet where he says. I never hear people talk about how exhausting an horrifying children are, how frustrating and life destabilizing there is he like. Does he have actual mental problems? this. You have eyes or ears. This is the number one topic among all. Parents forever is how your kids drive you up a wall they lit literally. You can ask folks, the office. How often do I talk about how my kids are driving me crazy, you're, not listen to the show, like I am talking about my kids drive me crazy. It is also true that they are the best thing that has ever happened to me and when Duncan says. Well, you don't have to add that you know they're, not a great, no they're, not a great choice there, not obviously the choice in life when he says you know I might reconsider. I can imagine how kids are going to feel ten years from now reading those tweets when he says I wouldn't change it for the world. Of course, I'd reconsider.
Really. Would you reconsider that? Maybe you should not be apparent seriously and also it's just it's so self centered. If kids screw up your priorities because you're right these are screwed your priority? Is your kids. You know many times. I've had to ditch things that I want to go to, because I gotta take care of my kids or shift my schedule around, because I have to do some with my kids and then you know how awesome it is that I was with my kids, as I said, I said this a thousand times in person and on the show this one. I think life is all about the highs and the lows. And basically here's how it works. When you're single you're high It's like a seven and your love is like a two and this clinically depressed or something. Then you get married and you're high as a ten, because you have a partner in life and that partner in life when you're with them it makes it makes life just that much better and your love is like a zero, because when something bad happens to the person you're with then it's worse than something bad happening. My wife is sick. It is much worse for me than when I'm sick, and then you have kids and all, Foundries on the upper and lower thresholds disappear completely the best things that per happen. Your life will happen with their kids and the worst things that ever
and your life will happen with your kids. There's nothing better, nothing in the world better than hanging out with my daughter and teaching her things and having her say funny, things or me being in the car and partying with the kids in the back and gravy. My kids like to sit in the back of the car that, with two car seats in the back, I one is five and one almost five it in a few weeks here and one who two and a half and I turn on Elvis and their parting it out the back and it's a blast. Nothing is better than that and then something terrible happens. Turkey, when your kid is throwing up in the middle of the night and you're cleaning up trying to make them feel better or when God forbid your kid as a surge. Or something which I've been through with my daughter and all that happens, that's the worst thing that ever happened to you in your life. Is that something that you would trade away? I don't know, would you trade away seeing the world in call Would you trade away? It's like the wizard of OZ. It really is before and after having kids, I don't remember not having. This is how it works at stage of life, there's a point where you remember what happened before after you get married. You don't remember what it was like to be single, it's very difficult to remember what it was like to be single, because now you have someone you are attached to and then you have kids and you
I don't remember what it was like not have kids, which is why you see so many couples struggling empty nest syndrome after the kids leave, because your life totally shift around that it's like in the wizard of OZ, the original wizard of OZ, where everything is in black and white, and then the house lands in OZ and suddenly the door. And everything is in color. That's what it's like having kids. So maybe you would prefer to go back to black and white. Maybe it was safer and nicer for you. There guess what that's, because there's something wrong with your eyes. It's because If, if you, if you look at your kids, and you only see the same black and white you saw before you had kids, then I would suggest that you have some sort of vision and just because you got a problem, your problem, okay, other things that I hate, as I said before, the entire goal of western civilization is to protect innocence, that that is what western civilization is about is about. Income is about curbing the worst instincts humanity, whether they're, masculine or feminine, whether they come from one group of people or another group of people, western civilization, is about the idea that everyone can be civilized to be a good person, and all of that is designed to protect innocent people. We, as a society, are failing
the history of western civilization, where failing we're failing, because we no longer care about protecting innocent people. They protecting innocent, has become secondary to our own subjective pleasure, and that means that parents tossing a parent abusing their kids is it this. This case is just sickening intrinsic in you to your stomach. We've talked a little bit before about this ten year old dragon. Kid, okay, there's that there's another drag, can as in their their couple of different Dragway kids. These drag kids our ten year old, eleven year olds, who have been sure in the media and they're supposed to be the heroes of our new society right it is. It is heroic to bring your children your male children, to dress up as female children as street in in a sexualized. Fashion. On Monday, a ten year old Canadian, when a new, Miss Quinn along come Golden, was featured a troubling Huck magazine he's highlighting life. The so called child drag Queen young Nina's who's drag name is queen. Lactatia does
okay about this good. Now I mean what I mean like I care about him, this kids parents do really I think that it's fair to say, and how do I know that, because what I'm about to tell you was shot by photographer Jonathan, Frederick Turton for the spread in one of the shots that did not make the magazine name is in full drag make up and black dresses, posing for a photo with the season. Seven winner of Rupaul's drag race, violet checked key, a shocking photo pilot is wearing. Nothing but a pair of heels in a small piece of fabric covering his genitals, as seen in this screenshot interviewed in photographs, Queen lactation, for Hug magazine about life as a child drag queen. Posted Turton turn has shot from mainstream outlets like the BBC, Adidas Dazed, and confused the discovery channel. At the Huck magazine piece by the way called me out personally for over sexualizing drag kids, I'm the bad guy for pointing out that it is a bad thing to take ten year old boys dress them as girls and then put them in the presence of naked men. Pretending to be women.
I'm the bad guy name is his mother, Jessica, Malancon conceded. The drag, has a sexual component and is own apologetic about her young son wearing sexually suggesting clothing. If it makes him feel beautiful, is it going to Amanda Press to drop well over a daily wire. She said he's an adult and that's where people question our judgment. So we have to censor I think he knows their adult aspects of drag that he's not allowed to apply to his show. We would never tried to overtly sexualized child, but you wear something to make him feel beautiful. What right do I have to stop him wearing that dress, because it might cause people to think things they shouldn't be thinking. It's a sir our problem? No, it is not a circular problem, your damaging your tracks, your bleep you're, a bad mother, you're, a terrible mother, okay, child protective services should be at your house to day to day It's disgusting to violate the innocence of a child like that and pretend you're doing it for the child's own sake. Will your could not use vegetables? You want your kid to school. You want your kid prostituting myself and yet you are. You are acting as his pimp to put in a photo like that you're acting as pimp is, it is endangerment of children. It's
two thousand seven name is appeared on stage with popular drag queen Bianca Del Rio. Drag, show mother brought him to the clip of the two on stage together in the queen repeatedly used. The word be with the b word and drop. An F bomb quickly went viral. I'm going to just go drags. How Nina's chooses to express himself he's just a kid playing yeah, but you know better, don't you, you know what this says. You know it's interesting. Could You know that there are people who are going to victimize your child that know that you are victimizing your child. This idea that you're supposed to substitute one judgment of your children for your own judgment as an adult it is one of the aspects of our civilization, is going to completely awry the idea of being a civilized human being. Is that you don't know crap when you're a kid and then you get older and you know crap, and you try to stop your kids from having to experience in the stem garbage that you experienced. We now
a society we're supposed to supplant our own judgment. Without our children, let the children roam. Free in a world of adults, some for predators, genius, stuff genius, stop. This has nothing to do with the welfare of the kid it has everything to do with the subjective self satisfaction, I'm a terrible mother. I rarely read parents like this, but this pair deserves every bit of ripping and I am dead serious when I say that child protective services should shop, this person's house that is horrifying, garbage, okay? Well, that's that we'll be back in tomorrow will break down all the latest news for you. Then I will be back here later today. So if your subscriber, we have two more hours of great content coming up later today, be there or be. I swear Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show
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