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Ep. 707 - Whoops, They Said It Out Loud

2019-01-31 | 🔗

Democrats embrace infanticide, the attack on wealth-creation continues, and we examine the risks and rewards of American third parties. Date: 1–31-2019

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Democrats embrace, infanticide, the attack on wealth creation continues and we examine the risks and rewards of american third parties on Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show man a lot of news to get to today, president from finally hitting on his two thousand and twenty strategy, which is exactly what I had suggested. It should be I'll explain in just one set And for those who are wondering thank I am doing a little bit better today and my daughter is doing better as well. So I got a lot of emails on that. Just wanted to make that clear and my wife is a trooper she's doing better as well. So thanks for all of the notes before we get to the news, I first want to talk about your sleep quality. So we talk about your mattress. We talk about how your room is whether it's darker right, but the truth is one of the things you never think about is the quality of the sheets upon which you sleep, because you think ok, I'm just going to head down to the local retail outlet pick up. Whichever has the highest thread count: let's not how nice she
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the first set of sheets: that's b, o L, L, M branch, dot com, promo code, then go check them out for the best seats that you'll ever have all right. So the Democrats are now realizing that they have once you far. This is the pattern of this week's news. Democrats say crazy things, because they're trying to appeal to their base. And also because they have made a crucial category error. The category are they have made. Is that if people don't like President Trump, that means that people don't like anything. President Trump agrees so they make a category error in that there's. There's a category error that people make about bad people where they think okay. Well, this bad person did axe. Therefore, x is bad Well, that's not always the Hitler own, a dog doesn't mean owning a dog is bad means. Hitler is bad, owning a dog, not bad. Donald Trump lot of people may not like him, but does not mean that the american people take the opposite position on all of the issues. He espouses in fact, there's a good case to be made Trump's positions are significantly more popular than he is, which is why his approval ratings are Jen
early higher than his personal approval ratings. Well, the fact is that Democrats seem not to be able to grasp this simple concept, and so they continue to maintain that anything that Trump is in favor of must be by nature terrible and they go all the way to the other logical extreme. That is how they end saying that we should get rid of all private health insurance in the company at Senator Kamala Harris said earlier this week. That is why you are seeing states like New York. Virginia and Rhode Island now, considering the full realization of termination of pregnancy killing of the unborn up two points of birth now, what's funny is that it does show the differential priorities of the two parties, the differential priorities of people in the United States. If you listen to folks on the left, they think that the grave threat to humanity lies in things like global warming, so Seth Meyers last night. He was talking about President Trump and suggesting that President trump global warming. This is what we're going to get all of us killed Seth Meyers.
Ahead of the expected polar vortex. This week, President Trump tweeted last night quote what the hell is going on with global warming. Please come back fast. We media once again you're confusing weather with climate. How can I explain this to you? Okay, let's watch a clip of you being a decent person. I will say this about Hillary. He doesn't quit. She doesn't give up. I respect that see. That was whether a quick One time thing this is climate. I move I don't know what I said. I know what you really having their rapists yet don't give Miss code, keep his coat and that's what's going to get us all killed suggestion. Is the global warming is going to get us all killed by the way? I should side note make clear that the media are terrible when it comes to the distinction between weather and climate, so every time Republicans point out that there's been a real cold snap across the entire mid.
They say our global warming, then people on the left correctly. You know that's just weather the weather event. If you wanna look at trendlines, then we can talk about climate every I think it's really hot outside or there's a hurricane. Then people on the left or look at this. This is ever is global warming and then we on the right under no that's whether we have if you want to get climate look at climate, they don't apply this rule consistently. But the main point here is that for Seth Meyers was going to get all of us killed the grave moral. Crisis of our age. Is that it is going to be a little warmer outside over the course of the next one hundred years, and that makes shift c levels over the course again of the next one hundred years the way. The left talks about global warming is the same way that President Trump talks about the so called border Kreis. That's right, it's a slow, rolling problem that we're going to have to deal with folks on the left. To suggest in the same way that President Trump says the national emergency mobilize. The military folks on the left seems to think about global warming that it is going to be like the day after tomorrow, then suddenly, the earth is going to heat up radically twenty degrees and there will be massive tsunami, swamping all of New York City and Dennis Quaid and Jake,
Dylan. How will be running through the wreckage it's just silliness, but in any case, the crisis. That Democrats really see is a crisis of the weather of the climate crisis. That requires a complete destruction of the systems of human freedom, but the systems of human freedom, of free trade and free markets and free enterprise. All that stuff has to stop, because we don't stop that stuff and we are going to be destroyed by the letter. What folks? What what folks on the left refused to recognize that the real crisis for humans typically has been made by people who do evil things. It is not able to turn on your condition, It is evil, however, to kill the unborn. That's an evil thing, killing the unborn, not a good thing, crises of the human heart, significantly more dangerous to other human beings. Then weather events that human beings have had trouble. Scrolling Fort literally the entire history of humanity. So the left will put inordinate focus on climate change, but they will put no focus and the willful attempts to legalize the killing of babies fully formed.
The one who just have not gone through the birth canal,. It's truly an amazing thing. The same folks will say: people aren't. People are undocumented They're just people and on one side of the border there, people on the other side of the border there, people if there is a border, called the birth canal. There are people on one side and not people on the other. According to the left, the left has the same perspective about human babies that slave owners used to have about black folks in the United States. If those black folks were in Georgia, then they were property and if those black folks were mass choose it, then there were people well borders, don't define whether a person is a person or not. That's absurd. In the same way and it's disgusting morally In the same way, the vaginal canals is not fine, whether a person is a person or not, and yet in Virginia without any controversy Democrats or attempt to push a bill that would have legalized abortion all the way to point of birth. And they were saying this openly now. What's amazing about this, is you are going to play a bunch of clips of Democrats talking about why it's good to be able to kill a baby
fully formed during dilation? I watch my wife in labor with both of our children. That is a baby. You know, I don't I watch the baby come out of her. This is not difficult it, but for folks on the left They believe the during dilation- and this is this- is the position of the Democratic National Committee. This is in the Dnc platform. It has been four years I have been bewildered for legitimately years. Go back and listen to all biomaterial for close to two decades now I have been bewildered why Republican, don't simply hold up a picture of the baby minutes before birth, and this is what, I think it is okay to kill, because it is obvious that this has been and is the standing democratic position these days, which is sick, it's insane and Kathy Tran, whose eight eight state senator in in state assembly, person, in the House of Representatives in Virginia, she full scale defended that, as we talked about yesterday, three
refresh your memory here is what she said when she specifically asked whether for mental health reasons not to save the life of Mentor mother, but for any health reason whatsoever for a temporary can Indians issue. A mother should be allowed to ask a doctor to legally inject a fully formed child as it enters the birth canal. Late in the third trimester. Could a physician perform an abortion if he indicated it would impair the mental health of the of the woman our physical, okay? Okay, I'm I'm talking about the mental health, so I mean through the third trimester. The third trimester goes all the way up to forty weeks, okay, but to the end of the third trimester, I don't think we have a limit in the bill.
So, where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth, she has physical signs of that. She is about to give a birth. Would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified, she's dilating my bill would allow that. Yes, so she says it straight out now: Kathy Tran is backtracking, she's, suggesting she's being taken out of context. We played you a full clip. She answers a specific question. She answers it yes, that is not my fault. That is not your fault, that is Cathy Trance fault, and that is the fault of the Democratic Party that embraces this position, not just in Virginia in New York in Rhode, island across the country this is in, D, N C platform again, the Democratic National Committee platform has no limits on abortion at any time. At any time, not funny there is I I come container, name, Damon Linker, and he was saying. Why is the right picking on this? You know if the right really believes that an abortion is moral Lee's as evil at eight weeks as it is at birth. Then why are they picking on this? The reason that we're picking on this the reason we're pointing this
is that we do agree on the right than abortion at eight weeks at ten weeks. Is just as morally problematic as morally evil as an abortion at point of birth, but what the left is acknowledging is that they the same thing in reverse cable. If that it is just as morally unproblematic too, a baby that is fully formed as it is to kill a baby at eight weeks, which blows Their entire argument Smith rains because their argument has been a baby, is not a baby. That's why you can kill it, but now they're looking at, full grown baby in the woman there going? No, no, that's! Ok! We can kill that too, because it's the same as an eight week old baby in the womb, and so the argument is not an argument that we're making we're demonstrating by pointing out the partial birth abortion insanity of the left or pointing out that there are a lot of folks on the left, who full scale acknowledge that an eight week old fetus in the home has the same moral value's a fully grown baby, namely none right folks on the right side, in eight week old baby in the womb. An eight week old fetus in the womb has the same moral value as a fully grown baby. Therefore you shouldn't kill it folks on the le.
They are now saying a fully grown baby has the same. Moral value is an eight week, eight week old, fetus in the womb. Therefore, you should kill it. It's fully crazy. A couple of weeks ago. There's a big controversy on the show, because I suggested that pro life people that pro life people are not for killing babies, even in circumstances where killing the baby theoretically would prevent a future harm, and I I use the oft cited internet example of kill maybe Hitler right by the way, an example so commonly used on the internet that Tom Hanks commented on it in like two thousand and fifteen. Is an article in the New York Times about it. In twenty fifteen I said pro life people would not kill baby Hitler because we don't kill babies according to left. Every baby is potentially baby, Hitler, so kill it, which one these is morally more reprehensible it's wild, and then it gets even worse. We're going to play for the clip of Ralph Northam again, because I think it is important to analyze what he says and whether he is lying or not about what he said in just a second. First, let's talk about
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and in order to justify a late term abortion, they strip that language out, they said any harm at all mental or physical would justify a late term abortion, even if it's temporary, hey that removes all limitations. Now what the bill does say is the bill says: that the conditions for late term abortion for legalization of late term abortion is that there must be life saving features that are available if the product of the, if the product of the abortion is born alive, an if there is evidence of viability of the fetus so the idea there is that, if you are in the process of an abortion, a baby, the baby comes out by accident, while you're trying to kill the baby in the womb and it comes out and it lives, if as evidence of viability. Then there shall be some sort of life saving measures available to take care of the kids. In other words, no one fansite, you can't actually kill the kid. That's it that's in the act sure Bill Governor Ralph, Northam of Virginia went even further yesterday, he might even further so Governor Northam. He
we're going to play his clip and then we're going to say we're going to talk about what he says he said and then we're going to talk about what he actually said and the distinction between the two so Ralph them is the supposedly moderate governor of Virginia. Now. Let me remind folks that Ralph nor them ran against it, ran against. I believe it was. Was it n glaspie emerging? Is that go must be in Virginia, and there are a lot of folks who are angry at Ed Gillespie because they felt that Ed Gillespie had been too Loosey goosey with the right and they said well vote for Ralph Northam, there are a lot of folks that please moderate is moderate. I have long suggested that in cases where there are candidates who are morally une pray, who are the in the Republican Party. I never made that case by the way there. There are a lot of folks who the case that if there's a bad Republican should vote for the Democrat, you can't in good conscience vote for people who do things like this here is Ralph nor them. Yesterday I want to play the full clip because he says he's being taken out of context: use aspen cynically about Kathy TRANSCOM,
that you should be able to kill a baby all the way up to point of birth? And here is Ralph Northam's answer you'll hear the questioner from Wtop Radio in Virginia and she was pressed by republican delegate about whether her bill would permit an abortion, even as a woman is essentially dilate getting ready to give birth and she answered that it would permit an abortion at that stage of labor. Do you support her measure and explain her answer, yeah You know I wasn't there Julie and I certainly can't speak for Delegate Tran, but I will tell you one of the first thing I would say this is why decisions such as this should be made by providers of physicians and the mothers and fathers that that are involved there you know it when we talk about third trimester abortions. These are done with the consent of obviously see that the mother, with the consent.
Of the physicians more than one position by the way, and it's done and cases where there may be severe deformities. There may be a fetus, that's non viable. So in this particular example, If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. Infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother in the family desired and then a discussion within so between the physicians and the mother. So so I think this was really blown out of proportion. Stop it there, but it's something that he goes on to talk about, why women should be the ones who make these decisions and no one else now the way that Northam says this clip is being taken out of context. Is he says, I'm talking about cases in which a baby is born with, for example, Enso, Opathy, the baby's birth and open skull, for example, maybe is not going to survive and to the late term abortion has,
been provided because the baby is going to die anyway, and so what we're really talking about here is end of life care. The problem is that the bill doesn't talk about that right, the bill let's not talk about what happens if you give birth to a baby, that is, that is, has a severe harmony. That's not what the bill is about. The bill was designed to broaden the scope of abortion, also the way that northern phrases uses two independent clauses. He says in case where there is a severe deformity in cases where the baby is not viable now you could read it as though he is saying that in cases baby is not viable, then we have end of life care discussion. Because do you have to is life measures on a baby that is non viable after it's born that's his case, but that's not It sounds like he's saying here right he's talking about something different. He is talking about because the bill goes beyond that. The bill says you should be able to have a late term abortion for any reason that you could possibly want. Basically, that's what the says, as long as you get a doctor to attest that there's a health issue at all any health issue, then you should be
able to abort for any reason whatsoever. He is conflating that dishonestly with cases in which there is a severe abnormality to the point of non viability is going. That is simply not true, the vast majority of late term abortions in the United States, are not perform for reasons of non by viability of the fetus or to save the life of the mother. According to the Guttmacher Institute, which is a pro abortion group is just not true, it's a lot of it's being told by Democrats. Secondly, I conflating the two. He is making an excuse for people who have a baby accident only during the process of abortion. So what would he do with a baby that is born alive when heat treated the same way that he is treating a baby with and supple off of the the open skulls and a? What do you is he treating at the exact same way? It's pretty unclear from that clip is unclear, but here's the bottom line, even if you think that Ralph Northam is taken out of context, he is endorsing a bill that says that he fully formed healthy baby killed as long as it doesn't exit that birth canal, it's pretty amazing stuff
and when he says severe deformity by the way is he talk not only severe deformity like he's actually going further than the bill, the bill is mention says that if the baby, is born in his viable. Then you have to provide life saving care to the baby, but what if the baby is is viable and has a severe deformity, he says here to formally what if the baby is born without a leg, for example, or let's say that the baby is born with some syndrome that really affects the face. Sevier abnormality, the babies born down syndrome, is talking about a eugenics program. A little clarity here would be useful because I don't know And you don't know you know- I don't know when you don't know, because it is very obvious that the Democratic Party across the country does not value the life of fully deformed babies in the womb. So why would we assume that they suddenly value the lives of fully formed babies, one minute after birth? I don't think that's a fair assumption by the way: doesn't singers Peter bioethicist believe a bioethicist, believe it or not? University and he's making the case that there is no logical distinction between before birth and after birth and therefore you should be able to
really kill? You should be able to engage in infanticide? I think we're about five minutes away from the Democrats actually embracing that position. When I say maybe five hundred and ten years going to start really embracing that position, because that's how radical the Democratic Party has become bottom line. Is this read their own words. Watch the tape and decide for yourself I understand that one thing is obvious, and that is their actual position on abortion. It should be available on demand to point of birth at the very earliest right. That should be the restriction. So all these other lies that they're telling you about how they're trying to save the lives of children or they're, trying to care for children. That's a kid. And again, the reason that we are bringing this up is because the left recognizes note. Distinction between a nine month old baby in the womb and a two day old embryo. They have the same moral values and left that is the destruction of the value of human life.
A root level in a second I wanna, get to Howard Schultz was just being hit with every club in the democratic Arsenal for the crime of not running as a Democrat and not paving the way for the sjw crowd to take over the Democratic Party in the country will get to that in just a second. First, I need to tell you about a brand new podcast. That is just awesome. So have you ever been interested in the existence of extraterrestrial life? I think it's a fascinating question. People who claim to have had encounters believe what they saw, but what, The evidence actually show every week to park cast network has a new podcast called extraterrestrial, examines these stories with a critical eye and analyzes possible scientific explanations, and it is what really may have happened. So I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories when it comes to folks who say that they've seen extraterrestrials, I tend to disbelieve it so what's great about this show is that it is a myth. Busting show extraterrestrial takes a deep dive into both close encounter. And potential government cover ups looking to answer whether or not we are really alone in the universe. You can listen to the first episode of Extraterrestrial on the abduction of Barney,
Benny Hill right now and then they're going to have episodes on the Roswell cover up in the Us Air Force Project blue book at a secret committee formed by President true, and to facilitate recovery of alien spacecraft called majestic to have all this stuff is just fascinating and interesting. New episodes come out every Tuesday search and subscribe to x, structure eh. Whatever you listen to podcasts again, that is e x, T r, a t, e, r, r e S, T r, I a l, extraterrestrial or visit part cast dot com, slash extraterrestrial, to start listening right now, it's fun stuff. It's definitely a nice break from politics. So go give it a listen. Meanwhile, Howard Schultz being clocked up and down my left, he can be tolerated any can't be tolerated because it turns out that his story is actually pretty inspiring. One Howard Schultz grew up in the projects and then he became captain of industry is the founder and creator of Starbucks one thousand eight hundred and eighty four billion dollar corporation. Well, Schultz has been ripped from being a billionaire, and it does demonstrate this communistic hatred on the left for anyone who makes it big and happens to be white so
A friend of mine who has been she was on my she was on my show on Fox NEWS during the last election cycle. Bridger fantasy is not on the right she's a centrist, I think it's fair to say, bridge tweet it out. I don't understand why it is that on the left. People like Howard Schultz, are despised revival for their wealth, called evil billionaires. How about open information, also an evil billionaire if you're running, wouldn't it be a rags to riches stories about how you can make it in America They don't like Schultz and so now, they're going to rip on his wealth. Well, yesterday's Shoulds kinda video defending him. Background and talking about how he was really the story of the american dream, and we talk about why it is that somebody in the left can't can't deal with us. I grew up in Brooklyn New York in Canarsie in federally subsidized housing. The projects when I was seven years old, my father, who is a labor, came home and had a serious accident. He was dismissed from his job. We lost our health insurance. I witnessed the for
fracturing of the american dream. I started with nothing and I made it in America because of the aspiration, the magnetism and the Spirit of our country okay! This is really bad, though he's not allowed to say this of Oprah said the same words we'll be to out she's, so inspiring she's. So inspiring. Look at that rags to riches story in America. It is the story of America is about the ability to speak, fire to something greater. The ability be born into poverty and then to make something of yourself. And yes, of course, there people along the way, who give you a hand up there, people along the way, who help you out their communities to try to help you, but that does change the fact in America is in fact a land of opportunity. The problem is that Howard Schultz happens to be a white guy who is not running as a Democrat? That's all this he's a white guy who's not running as a democrat end of story, because, Howard Schultz, a white guy who is not running as a Democrat. This means that he is very and he is actually been a child of privilege,
This is where the intersectional ideology that suggests that all human experience can be reduced to group. Identity completely falls flat, so, for example, Alexandra because Cortez yesterday, when after Howard chills and suggested well he's a billionaire yeah. How would he know what it's like to to bring himself up from nothing, even though he legitimately brought himself up from nothing? Despite that fact, how are chilled is is not seen as that, because he is not he. He was privileged. Not to be a member of any of these other victim groups. So if he's not a member of a victim group, it doesn't matter if he grew up as a victim of circumstance, himself He is not a member of a victim group that has historically been victimized in the United States and therefore he has to be. He has to be. Other Schultz is boring. It shows the jewish by the way. Is it but again, according to the left, Jews are just other. It's another from white, people, according to people on the left, going people on the left if you're a Jew, you're, no longer a member of a minority group, because Jews are successful minorities and just like on the left, eight
increasingly are being seen, as quote unquote, white, because they're too successful fiscal, economically and educationally, and so they can be, they can be. They can be to out at places like Harvard University, so shorts is being ripped up and down for his own back round and it's it is pretty amazing to watch. I mean that is simply simply an element of how radical the Democratic Party has become, how radical is What party everybody is supposed to acknowledge their privilege unless they are the most non privileged group in the world like for? I I mention Ocasio Cortez, the Alexandria has to Alexander she says, but even she Alex from the Bronx. Even she a hispanic woman, even she is a privilege woman. Why? Because she isn't a member of the least privileged group, which would be transgender.
Minority little people or something here, is a see trying to explain why she too is privilege, because she's cisgender, almost every single person, this country, can acknowledge some privilege of some type of some type right. I I am assist gendered one man. I will never know the trauma of feeling like I'm not born in the right body, and that that is a privilege that I have no matter how poor I my family was when I was born. Okay, now, what's what's beautiful about this Ex he's making- because that's really what it is this excuse making- is that what it allows is people to simply rip on anyone who is successful as actually a beneficiary of privilege, rather than a beneficiary of the ultimate privilege, which is live in a free and open America. Howard Schultz was not a privilege kit. He did have one privilege. He grew up in a two parent family. Apparently well, you too privileges. He grew up in a two parent family and he grew up in the freest country in the history of the world. Those would be the two major privilege to privileges the first prevalent. He can't control the second privilege we can also
control, and that is the system under which we live. But the problem is for the left. They don't want to acknowledge the ultimate privilege which is living a free and open system like the United States is system. So what they say is that your other privileges are the reason you're successful. So the reason Howard Schultz is successful is because he had privileges being white, Slash, jewish right and therefore we discount his story of rags to riches, whereas for Oprah Winfrey we can't discount her story of rags to riches, because she didn't have that privilege. That's how they make the distinction between billionaires intersectionality allows you to destroy the accomplishments of other people based on suppose a privilege that they experience. Even if you have no evidence of them experiencing that privilege which allows- for you to draw a narrative line, however, you wanna draw it so AOC can point to herself as an example of somebody who pulled herself up by her boots, and then she can point at Howard Schultz, a guy who went from poor than AOC to much more successful than AOC and say that wasn't him pulling him up by his bootstraps, that was his privilege in operation
This is how the left uses intersectionality and social justice warrior. Group identity in order to terror. Down individuals who succeed and avoid same for individuals who make bad decisions. You can it's a get out of jail The card intersection Alley is too often used, as as I get out of jail free card now. Is there a an argument that people experience life differently based on the groups of which they are art in the absence of other information, maybe, but once we know about their individual life, you can't make decades. So if you were to put in front of me a black woman and say, did this person have a different experience than a white man in life? I would say: yeah based on no other information. Sure, of course, probably ok, but once I know who the person is once we know who the individual is, if you are still using the group identity instead of your knowledge about the individual. In order to make a judgment about the individual, now you're operating off of racism and sexism. So if you just put Howard Schultz next to Oprah Winfrey and said these, two people have different experiences. You say
yeah? I'm sure they did every every person has different experiences, but based on the identities he's a white male she's, a black female. Probably they had different life experiences that sort of the the theory of intersection Aliki. But once we know how our children's personal story, you can't keep claiming that he is eight eight privilege beneficiary, when his story does not reek of privilege, and yet this is precisely what the left continues to do: in terms of this is why should should certainly not run inside the Democratic Party should be enough to do so in a second. I want to talk about the continuing attack on shells which I find fascinating, like it's making me like Schultz, more frankly I'll talk about it in just a second first, let's talk about how you send your packages this year. So you want to make your business more efficient. Well, I have an easy way to do it really, no time no effort, stamps dot com with just calm. You say five cents off every first class stamp and up to forty percent off priority mail, and you don't have to schlep all your packages down to the post office and you have,
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advantage inside the Democratic party. They also understand that if they were to move outside the Democratic Party that end up in the Green Party, Looney tunes land of Jill Stein Well, Howard Schultz is, I think, I think he scares the daylights out of Democrats frankly, and I think that he ought to scare the daylights out of Democrats. You can see how afraid they are by the way the media are reacting to it. Howard Schultz Schultz is pointing out guys. You know the Democrats are moving toward socialism and it's not gonna, be pretty. A lot of people are interested in this Herschel saying this on CNN yesterday. If the Democrats are proposing anything close to a seventy percent level of income tax, how many core democrats are going to be supportive of a move toward socialism? Not very many. President Trump will get reelected. Okay, so that that is a statement that scares the day.
Out of the left, which ones to embrace, as I say, this full scale, hardcore far left positioning and chill reminding remind them guys, just because you don't like Trump doesn't mean that everybody is going to resonate to your cost. The left is going nuts over this because they want to provide the stark dichotomy. They want you to have to choose between President Trump and socialism and they hope that, if you hate President Trump enough you'll resonates socialism and suddenly hersholt saying you don't have to choose Trump and you don't have to choose socialism and tell pretty good too a lot of Americans. I know that a lot of trump supporters who listen to this show but understand his popularity ratings, are not all that high right there, a lot of folks who are not going to vote for President Trump in the next election cycle, the possibility that show cars into that vote. By saying I don't like Trump, and also I'm not a crazy person, not an insignificant possibility, listen to the panic from the media. Over this I mean, let's, let's face it. How bad are the Democrats at this Howard? Schultz is a threat to them. This guy is utterly charisma for
he is in his doll as deaf as this water, and he really is you watch him speaking like wow this really, I okay, I yes, nobody is looking at how our children are not he captures my imagination. All he is is a return to normalcy. He feels like Warren G Harding in nineteen twenty, that was the Warren G Harding Okay Slogan in nineteen twenty. After the insanity of the Woodrow Wilson Administration was a return to normalcy. Howard Schultz should make his slogan honestly, because he feels like return to normalcy for a lot of folks, and this is scaring the death of Democrats. Media really want the a The wing of the Democratic Party to be ascended, the Bernie Sanders Wing of the Democratic Party. So listen to MSNBC is Nicole Wallace freaking out just losing her mind on Steve Schmidt was an adviser to Howard Schultz. People are terrified. And people are terrified that you one of the most visible trump critics are now behind someone that they feel like could take away the Democrats best chance of toppling Donald Trump. Nobody is voting.
The election is okay, yes, it was in she's, so scared. She says there is a solution, don't be crazy. You had one job Democrats, one and yes suck at it. Jon Favreau who's on the Obama team. He says it's just it's an off thing to do is get a role in the world role in the world. The pod brothers, explaining why Howard Schultz is the scariest person in the world. These two people brought his ears and MIKE Bloomberg. I'm very different ends of the spectrum are both thinking yeah. We could both run in the democratic primary, we'll just see if, if anyone likes her ideas, Howard Schultz, things that he doesn't have to do that that he gets to just run on his own as an independent and do it that way, even if it means hurting the democratic, can't help in a real like trump, and that's that's just the awful thing to do it is I mean it was. People should be restricted to running inside the Democratic Party where we, the pod brothers, can determine whether they ought to even receive the votes of the general public.
I love that that the people who suggest the Donald Trump is a force against democracy are suggesting that third party candidate should now be banned. Let's be real about this. A third party candidate is not a guarantee that Trump wins reelection. It's not even a guarantee that all of the votes for Howard Schultz come from the Democratic Party. It is quite possible that he draws away a bunch of suburban Republicans, would normally vote for Trump, and now they see Schultz, as some sort of moderate at is relying on. Apparently some interior polling data is what Josh crash our over national journal was tweeting. Yesterday he says Schultz
and several ballots has over the past two months. I found that centrist in the polls between twenty five low to to to low thirties between twenty five and low thirties President Trump, consistently at twenty nine to thirty percent Elizabeth Warren between twenty six and thirty percent. In other words, the vote splits exactly three ways with worn on the ballot they found about. Twenty four percent of Democrats defected to the generic centrist, independent alternative and twenty percent of Trump Republicans polling, found that trumps support was strong with Republicans around. Seventy percent Now, let's be real about this. Generic centrist India option would lead to a higher percentage, then, if any other cans that were name like Schultz is not going to draw all of that. These interest in the option care about forty percent of independence on average, in the surveys that show is conducted in reality, this probably is probably he probably wouldn't ten to fifteen percent of the vote, but there's no guarantee that that ten percent to fifteen percent of the vote comes universally from folks on the left. It is quite possible that folks in the Republican Party, see somebody like shoulders return to normalcy, also, which is presumably
President Trump was was ripping on uncials the other day, but what's amazing is that for a group of people who are fully convinced that their ideas are so wildly popular. Why this is scared of Howard Shoulds? I'm not scared, Howard Schultz, I'm not! I don't think Republicans should be scared, Howard Schultz, because I don't the republican platform, is looney. I think the democratic platform is looney, I think the real hole for the Republicans has never been their platform with President Trump. It's been President Trump's personal foibles, which is why I think it's very good that President Trump today started tweeting out what should be his two thousand and twenty campaign. It's very simple: it's very simple, his two thousand and twenty campaign right. His two thousand and twenty campaign is what he tweeted out this morning. Heat weeded out and I wanna find the exact quote, because he should just keep saying this over and over Democrats are becoming the party of late term abortion, high taxes open.
Orders and crime. Just say that over and over and over and over that's all shut up. Just say that over and over make this election into generic Republican versus Cookie Democrat do that, maybe then Republicans will have a shot. Meanwhile, Democrats are are counting on the growth of this I'm a graphically diverse base is really kind of fascinating. So, as we mentioned Intersection Aliki this. This philosophy that everybody is a beneficiary of certain types of group privilege and we can discount their personal experience on the basis of their group privilege. This is taken over the Democratic Party and its leading them to misread the nature of the electorate. It's kind of fascinating, so the demographics of 'em are clearly changing in in interesting ways in two thousand and twenty, there will be more hispanic and black voters and White star declining to sixty six percent
the vote now. A lot of folks on the right have said well. This is scary for Republicans, because, as the hispanic vote percentage increases as minority vote percentage increases in the United States, that's obviously bad for Republicans, not necessarily true look at Texas, where republicans continue to win somewhere between forty and fifty percent of the hispanic vote in Texas and California. That number is, ten to twenty percent. Maybe so it really depends on how the party handles the demographic shift, but the Democrats seem to have the same perspective, which is that as democrat shift. Everybody will naturally move to the left. This is not actually true, so here is AOC. Making that case yesterday suggesting that the real driving force in the Democratic Party right now is minorities inside the democratic party. This is not actually, the case of color are usually much further to the left than white liberals, because
racism colonialism are, we understand through lived experience in a way that many don't understand that these are issues that are part of a cap, hyper capitalist framework. Okay, that is just not true. Okay, when she suggests that minority groups in the United States are further left and white Democrats, I statistical data. This is false. What Democrats are actually further left and black Democrats, because the white members of Democratic Party have changed their now? All college educated hipsters who go to coffee shops in Seattle ' but that's his members of the sjw crowd is universally rich and universally white. That is who Jw crowd is a lot of the folks in minority communities who are on the left are actually not by nature, particularly left. When it comes to government policy, a lot of them are left 'cause? They have a false perception of Republicans as racially insensitive and that's why DEM crafts run on the intersectionality stuff, as opposed to running on the Bernie Sanders platform. The problem is the Democrats
now assuming the support of those groups and that's a hell of an assumption to make, assuming that all blacks and Hispanics are going to vote for you, because you have sufficiently cast Republicans as racist. That's only last so long. This is why Bernie Bernie Sanders did not do well among minority groups in the democratic primaries in twenty sixteen. He didn't Hillary Clinton overperformed him Hillary Clinton was not popular among minority groups in two thousand and eight ' 'cause. They actually had an intersectional and and Barack Obama on the ballot in two thousand and sixteen Hillary Clinton over formed with minority groups when compared to Bernie Sanders what happened? The minority groups? Why weren't they further? but the General Electric in the Democratic Party is AOC suggests. The answer is they aren't, The answer is a lot of Hispanics in this country are not in fact, as left as mainstream, eight members of the Democratic Party was skewed fired left, which is why a centrist candidate, who is not perceived in the way the Donald Trump is perceived, could do some damage to the Democratic Party. All of this is, of course, I think, really really interesting.
And frankly, I have always been a fan of the idea that there should be more than two parties in the country that are viable. I know that the system tends toward two party dominance. It tends to because its first past the post system, it's a majoritarian system that mean that and there's no secondary voting, and it's no proportional representation that tends toward well organized two party systems, but, frankly, I like the idea of there being a lot of options on the ballot. I don't think that it's a problem. I think it's a very good thing and I think the Democrats trying to The down demonstrates. They know that their own agenda is too radical for I mean how radical is. Is the is the agenda of the left when they they they've gone in one so far, left that the rules? any for the rules for the committee on natural resources in the Us House of Representatives Democrats were trying to propose. That they actually removed from the from the oath of office so help me, God They should actually remove that now. It is not mandatory that you say so help me God, but is pro forma the reason being that
pretty much. Everyone in the United States, even people who aren't quasi I'm I believe in the existence of a higher power, the United States is a far more religious country. Generally then, folks in Europe are Democrats want to remove that agenda? You think that agenda is in line with Catholics, Catholic Hispanics, particularly that is, is in line with a lot of black folks in the United States. What black church going folks in the United States there is an actual disconnect. The Republicans have yet to exploit between the radical left socialist polish These are people like Bernie Sanders, Anti religion, anti family policies of people like Bernie Sanders Pro abortion policies of people like Bernie Sanders, and really which communities particularly minority religious communities, all those Catholics, all those Catholic Hispanics who are voting day look at in the state of California because they have a perception of the republican Party? There are still going to church, where they're being preached to every week about the evils of abortion. Why republicans aren't sing on that. Why they haven't reached out to minority communities is beyond,
especially in an era where it secular White Democrats rule the roost inside the Democratic Party. In your seeing the Democrats increase, like the Democrats have to bank on minority already candidates in order to demonstrates the for minorities, they hope will lead to electoral victory, but I'm not sure that if Bernie Sanders the candidate or Elizabeth Warren is the candidate count on the kind of minority support that they are counting on. Hillary Clinton made that mistake in twenty sixteen. By the way she thought she was. Want to perform the same with minorities is Barack, Obama did and she didn't she didn't, which proves that it, the demo a platform drawing minorities. Really it is personality and that's why the Democrats have to use intersectional politics in order to excise people like how in order to excise people like Bernie Sanders and even Elizabeth Warren, is why Kamala Harris has a significant advantage in the primaries. It's why? If the democratic party superstructure is smart,
they want somebody like Connelly, harassed, because if they can signal sympathy via the race of the candidates, and they don't actually have to determine what it is that a lot of minority voters might want in terms of policy. Does minority voters may be more sympathetic to democratic policies. The republican policies that certainly possible but not to the extent that they damn Bernie Sanders crazy at a higher rate than the normal White Democrat. Does okay in just a second I'll get some things I like and then we'll get to some things that I hate so things I like today, so my wife and I have jumped into a new show on f like to this call travelers and it's kind of fun show. The basic premise of the show is that, sometime in the future, hundreds of years in the future there's been some horrible environmental disaster caused by an asteroid, hitting the earth and now they've discovered in the future away for people from the future to basically inhabit the bodies of people in the present. So what they do is they wait until somebody is about to die so that they're not actually killing anyone. And then, in the moment where there are
die because they know the history they can inhabit the bodies of those people and try and prevent future catastrophe. The show just find it and it shows interesting, I'm really enjoying it with my wife. Here's a little bit of the trailer we last improvements Val to undo the heirs of our sentence to make the earth hole, lost and lost. A pair of thirty seconds. In the future. We develop the technology to protect Hodges mine, the it it's fun, it's a fun show, and it's and it's worth the watch, and it's like PD thirty, maybe so it's it's there. There there's not a lot there that supervisor superheroes, so you can watch it with. I would say, mid teenagers. We would be fair so that the show is, is a kick so check that out, okay time for a couple of things that I hate
and the thing number one I'm supposed to speak at Loyola, Marymount University, I in the next couple of months and loyal I had put out, I guess the statement to Young America's foundation. They wanted a bunch of questions answered about my politics, whether my politics were acceptable became a bit of a national scandal and then Ellen you said: listen we're not trying to obstruct Ben from speaking. What a let him speak. Well, this let doctor Nina and rose on now, who, I guess, is a queer studies, professor, I believe, that's her biography, so she tweeted out Ben Shapiro, espouses hate speech and is linked to numerous hate groups. Okay, I I'd challenger name. I hate group I like to like one: no, not numerous
one as an Ellen. You, professor, I will be organizing protests and learning the media of Ellen. His decision to support hate speech, which is completely antithetical to our university mission, now know that I believe Angela Davis spoke there. She's, like an actual former wanted terrorist by the FBI, says that you know that's completely antithetical to our university mission as opposed to it's a Jesuit school. You know, as opposed to the radical left social agenda, which is apparently not answer
medical to Lm Use, Jesuit mission. I guess now with this funny, so she says I'm going to common, promote hate speech, so I tweeted back well, see you there or not 'cause, I don't really care and she said that she wanted to get the word out to the media. Well, she has like a fagor. I have about two million followers, so once I retweeted that seems like that would have drawn some media attention will let you she blocked everybody. She made her account private, which is so. I guess she didn't want that much media attention. Oh so sad, amazing how people run for cover the minute that their radicalism is exposed? Ok, other things that I hate, so this Jesse smaller case just continues to develop in real time. We still don't know what happened last night, the Schick. Google p d, put out a picture of two people who had says they were looking for and it's just insane to me. The picture is basically of two rand: does you can't see their faces? They look like two shapes walking that I'd like these people may be witnesses to something and they're just humans like that's all you can Tell from the picture great. What we do know is that Jesse,
what is original story order call is that he was walking on the streets of Chicago at two, a dot m and he was accosted by two white guys and what his people told TMZ is accosted by two white guy who tossed a noose around his neck, pour bleach on him and shouted. This is mega country in the middle of Chicago. At two hundred, am in sixty under wind chill and then they broke his rib supposedly and for some reason the police were not called to the scene. He walked back into his lobby, passed the doorman, still forty minutes later, wearing the noose around his neck Apparently, there's no tape of the incident. There's tape from at the subway, leaving the subway and then there's tape of mentoring lobby. Now, with the noose around his Like that he was still wearing it was wearing when the police arrived his agent. I guess said that they, or on the phone together when this happened. So he heard all of this, but then Jesse Smollett says he would not turn
this over the police police. They they even verify that that is the reality, so he refuses to allow Chicago Chicago to access his phone in order to to independently verify his managers claim that he heard the Magna country attack while they were talking, so we will see whether any of this ends up what exactly happened here but suffice it to say it is not ridiculous to have your doubts about this story. The story itself is one of those stories where, for a certain segments of the population pushing a particular narrative about Trump supporters, it's too good to be true, so everybody jumps on it, but we can wait for all the facts to come out and then we can talk about it or we can do what the media seems to have done and forget about come this thing all the way until it's the bunker which, by the all, I guess between that one up so we'll cover the initial accusation, nothing in between and then when it. If it is the fundamental, if it turns out to be a hoax and they'll, be like a couple of stories about how I guess the I guess was out to and that's the way all of
this works already. So we will be back here a little bit later in the day and will have much to speak about. Then we have two live hours later in the day, which is why you should subscribe to subscribe now at daily wire enjoy this a little bit later, because we'll be here. So so, should you otherwise we'll see her tomorrow and then you go. This is the bench the Ben Shapiro show just by sending a Valerie all executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam silence. Audio was mixed by my car Meena Hair and make up is by just will all their
production assistant Nick Sheehan, the Ben Shapiro Show, is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen hi everybody. I'm Andrew the the host of the Andrew Klavan show the left is pushing a psychopathic, infanticidal culture of death and pseudo virtuous dishonesty, and if you think the polls are against them, if you think the majority is against them, I just want to tell you it doesn't matter: majorities, don't win. Culture wins we'll talk about that on the Andrew Klavan Show I'm Andrew Klavan.
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