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Ep. 724 - Tyranny With A Smile

2019-02-25 | 🔗

AOC declares herself the boss, Dianne Feinstein destroys small children, and the Oscars won’t stop the politics. Date: 2-25-2019

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Elsie declares herself the boss, Diane Feinstein, destroy small children and the Oscars won't stop the politics. I'm bench. A pair of this is the bench Barroso, so I know you're asking Ben how much of the Oscars did you watch the answers? Zero minutes live, because why would I waste my life like that? And if you did well, I'm sorry to say that those minutes you wish you had back on your hundreds of I'll. Tell you what you don't wish. You don't wish that you didn't have gold and we need everyone. Its goal, because in two thousand eight years, national that was ten trillion dollars today. That is there twenty two trillion dollars? It is rising like a hockey stick. If you don't think that we are sitting on a house of cards eleven with your head in the sand, but potential listening to my podcast, clearly smarter than the average American. So what is your plan? Can you afford another hits your retirement like Ass downturn, when the US impede drop fifty percent instead, hedge against inflation and hedge against uncertainty and instability with some precious metals gold is a safe haven against uncertainty. My savings plan is diversified in Europe should be as well the company, I trust with precious metal purchases. Birch gold group
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solid, joke everyone. Well done! I appreciate the sense if you ever, but we'll get to the Oscars. Its usual display of stupidity and over the top over the top flashes of wealth that ales and burning will have nothing to say about. In any case, let's begin with the green new deal. Also over the weekend something amusing happen. The amusing thing. Was that Elsie, basically let spill. Unfortunately, what too many folks on the left actually think about the uses of government power now remember, Elsie came into congresses afresh rates, you member so fresh, sulphates, incredible freshness as well as baseness and when she joined she was the voice of the people. She was the tribune. People? She was going to be the new voice of an underclass. It had been under represented for so long, she was certainly not can be someone who tried to centralize power in herself. She was so who only stood with the population she's the person who stood with the downtrodden well. She spoke over the weekend at the New York Hall of Science and there she suggested that she's put forward.
Ass in the green new deal, and if you don't have a better path in the green new deal well, then she should become dictator. Basically here's what if, as he had to say, I just introduced green new deal two weeks ago and its creating all of this conversation. Why? Because no one else has even tried, because no one else has even tried. So people like, oh, is unrealistic. Oh it's vague! Oh it doesn't. It as this little minute thing- and I like you, try you do it right cuz you're, not cuz, you're. Not so until you do it, I'm the boss. How about that? Okay number one! I know a person who says that he's the boss a lot since my two year old son. He says it a lot because I'm the boss, he is not the boss. In point of fact, he is a two year old Also, I love when she says things like people have questions like over this little my new detail or that little minute detail now now, we have some questions about. You know the destruction of the
our economy, the slaughtering of all the cows, the end of air travel, perhaps the retrofitting of destruction of rebuilding the United States. If you wanna classified those as minor questions. I'm sure you could do that. I mean, I guess that's a thing also. I will note that it's sort of whereas when she's like until I got here, nobody ever heard of the environment until I was sittin here, nobody had ever heard of this thing called the earth. It's a big ball, its means in space. It's gotten environments on it I am the only person who over seventy. So if you haven't said anything about the environment, will then I'm Now an editor, Turkey, the sender and of Massachusetts who cosponsor the Green new deal sitting, and I got what I mean while the new Eddie you under five seconds ago. If you really unaware that the Democrats have been pushing when trade for legitimately like a dozen years at this point, but I guess is because she is not a particularly smart person,
we will make this comparison over the weekend. It seems kind of fitting Elsie is basically the cash male side girl from doktor fill. You do it because you cause you're not so until you do, I'm the boss have you heard of here in order to live a life all funny stuff, maybe Orient laugh in our union say that their laugh and so the audience or budget we are bound by day. Well, I guess that we have a new congressperson stands: Exciting Kashmir side girl, our future president, when she's present in twenty sixty, she will probably and global warming and the entire world will will explode because shall start nuclear war, something, but that's that's very exciting step
What was it kind of amazing about this? Is that what you get from eighty is that you number one very irritated by criticism. Anybody who criticise is anything she ever says she cannot take we're too. She really wants the power for a he who again came into Congress on the wave of this populist uprising, She really wants a lot of power. I'm the boss- and if you agree with me, will that I'm the boss She said online sorted same thing. She treated out. Well, if you haven't come up with a more boy, damn ambitious plan and I have then I guess I'm the boss now and I put it back, I met. Wasn't last Friday show. I gave you a bold, ambitious plan. It was to bomb China and India and destroy all of their call facilities and bold, admittedly, not not the best plan, but better. Yours gazette moodily, stop climate change. Prison I believe so. I guess I'm the boss. Now now, let's I'll be
we all know who the real bosses its tony dancer, but if we were all of this is so insane. I wept. Nancy Pelosi just has to be sitting with her head in her hands every day over the fact that this person has somehow grab the headlines from her inevitable, as you by the way is Bain in in dark night rises. She sitting there going do you fear control, said to Elsie, because Elsie actually have No Control ABC actually has no power. Nancy policy is in charge of all the things. Elsie brought up new deal. It didn't get a vote in the house which is controlled by the Democrats. So no, she is not the boss, but it does demonstrate full scale. How, for people like ABC Power is absolutely intoxicating. Incredibly and allocating and won the beautiful things about power means you never have to answer serious question. So there's a piece in the new post about oh see today talking about the fact that its very possible that she does not even live in her neighbourhood, though the one that she suggests she lives in, would wish
A member of the people or she actually lives right now, as in the Navy art in washing busy one, the most upscale places in Washington DC, paid for by the way, because of a public private project to build Washington Nationals Park. The kind of project that you didn't like with Amazon. In any case, then, Europe puts has a long p saying that they were trying to figure out exactly where she lives. In New York. She even live in her own district and her people refused. To answer where she lived. She says for safety reasons, but there, asking for her home address. All they are asking is she live in the district. She says she lives in and they won't answer the question. The post, impaled o cause Yo Cortez spokesmen Corbett Front four times what specific questions which were all ignored. Saturday. The post reached carbon by phone. We will not be commenting, he said among the queries he refused to answer. Whereas the congresswoman live on Saturday night, a staff were promised a post rapporteur that cause your Cortez would talk to him. After speaking, event in corrode during the event you staffers were seen reading an early edition of the story on their phones come down stew,
as I have to take a picture quick. The congresswoman then told the reporter after the event, instructing him to wait for her twenty minutes later she ducked out a backdoor jumped into a chauffeur suv, zoomed off gone, but don't worry, she's the boss ok. You're Cortez was in New York City last weekend and this weekend with appearances, in queens on boats address it, she was not seen coming or going from her park Chester bad either day her apartments next morning well said she had never seen a casual work. It's it's another name. Was lived down the hall from the Congresswoman Department for the last forty years said she we're seeing her or her boyfriend, Riley Roberts who has claimed the address is his own since last spring. I would have remembered said the neighbour one showed a photograph of Yossi Workers, juries pizzeria less than from her building at the local grocery store should sit, said: she'd, never patronize their businesses and a server and nearby tat. Korea said the congresswoman had only come in to be filled by news crews. A postal workers livers mail to the building so that in the last four ten years he's only seen or cause you Cortez intermittently, and that several men
worth the male regularly accumulates in the mailbox before anyone bothers to collect it. The workers have little cause Cortez We were the only ones getting mail at the address. You said just because there names or on the box doesn't mean they live there than in two thousand and Cassio Cortez, first file paperwork to become a congressional candidate. She didn't even know what districts she lived in mistakenly decay and plans to run for neighbouring district fifteen. Before correcting the day the error days later, her new digs over in the Navy, Ard Feature gold plated amenities like a rooftop infinity pool a cycling studio with a dozen pricey politicians mentioned. And so on, as a golf simulation, lounge button a formal units for low income residents, in spite of a local law that requires them. The new site report that we wash Ing ton examiner reported so so much for all of this apparently once again, no cause you're Cortez, not in clear about her own personal data within His- is she's the boss? Now what's hilarious about
this is what makes for the boss is that she says catastrophic things on a regular basis. That means stuff that is just steeped in catastrophic thinking. So, for example, Elsie talk about climate change and we should talk about climate change is the same way. A small child would talk about climate change. I say the same way as well child talk about climate change, because in just a few minutes, I'm going to play or audio of a small child talking about climate change and its indistinguishable from Yossi indistinguishable, except for the timber of the voice. So see said over the weekend that Republicans won't have to deal with climate change because after all, though, all be dead, which is weird because she's like six years younger than I am- and I speak, regularly to thousands of Republicans or younger than she is, but apparently all the republic.
It will be dead. They will have to deal with climate change. She will have to deal with climate change, I'm twenty nine, and I know that this is gonna, be the world that we're gonna have to deal with that we're gonna have to live in and with all due respect to my colleagues, but especially in like the republic, can party, it's like you're, not gonna have to live with this problem. You're, just I'm sorry I e, I too, oh, I mean no bounds, but seriously. Now, policy and trucks. Humor are one thousand years old. The average democratic leader is older than the average Republican later. So she just say nonsense of this one, but again all of this is catastrophic nonsense. You run a manual whose chief of staff of Barack Obama one said: never let a good prices go to waste so now because our manufacturing massive crises, massive like world shaking end of world, all here when's will die crises so that they can say I'm the boss. That's really what this is about. Elsie is mere The minister of what her party is if we pretend that the problem is so
looming, and so big and so disastrous, but not disastrous enough for us to do anything, practical liking or build nuclear power plants, but so big and so disastrous than we have the entire economy on the shoals of this problem. Well, then, I guess they you'll have to use all the power in that makes me the boss. Doesn't it in a second will That's it that those in these were not even her dumbest statements of the weak and wait until you hear what else she had to say about the green new deal. First, let's talk about stamps dot com. No one really has time to go to the post office you're busy, who has time for the traffic parking lugging all your mail and packages, it's real hassle, which is why you need stamps dot. Com is one of the most popular timesaving tools for small businesses. Stem Stockholm eliminates trips the post office and saves you money with discounts. You cannot even get at the post office stems outcome in all the amazing services of the? U S postal service directly to your computer when you are small office, indian invoices and online sales shipping, our products or even a warehouse. Sending thousands of packages per day stems dot. Com can handle it all with ease. You can simply use your computer to print official. U S, postage twenty four
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all the men were put in barracks and given rations. If this was your ideal for how to build an economy, I would say to you real thinking to do about liberty and freedom, but the bigger you can make the catastrophe the more power your able disease, not amazing, because Democrats will suggest the President Trump is doing this with the border. Those that he's manufacturing the crisis at the border and therefore he sees executive power nor to build a wall. That is nothing compared to what Democrats are trying to do with the green new deal and the issue of climate change in just a second. I want to show you what ails you had to say about this, because it's really insane again. You have to maximize the damage climate change is going to do and the x and in the extreme, of how bad things are going to get and how quickly they're gonna get in orders even grab power in the here and now so here is a yo, see suggesting
We will all thy literally will all die. If we don't passed her green new deal, we're screwed, I'm fine, I'm sorry to break it. To you, if we do nothing, there is no hope there is a global threat to the planet, a global threat, and at this point, will you have to prove it just walk outside in winter in a lot of places, editor way worse than you used to or way warmer they are used to hurricanes storms wildfires, we are dying now we are dying that what what world issue living and to question the additional any history at all the average life expectancy in the United States is eighty years old. Eighty people over the centuries would have killed? You have that life expectancy aromas dying.
Thirty, five hundred and fifty years ago, what issues? Even talking about she said In a few sitting in, like a top notch apartment in war, she didn t see slicing squash, putting a blunder on Instagram and talk now we're all going to die in the world is over and when union have to provide all you do is walk outside really You seem comfortable. Their AOL seems like a kind of living. Through this thing I mean what good for you such bravery, such after living through this thing well Instagram, here instant pot, cooking, unbelievable mean who the coolness under fire Ruth S was truly impressive is, then she knows if she walked outside emu dead in a second because of the freezing whole temperatures or because of the massive heatwave global warming. That is happening in the here and now so bad that she says she does not even have to prove that it's going to happen in the future or than her plans we're going to do anything to mitigate it. That's about it is because people are dying. It's all over everybody, freak out
I would, by the way, here's my great recipe for a squash, Google. It it just disingenuous. It's obviously dysentery was, it is clearly an obviously disingenuous and then it gets even better she's Not only are we all going to die? maybe we shouldn't have kids. Well, isn't it see if you want to be the first to start with this, I'm fine with that, frankly, I don't think that everything to indoctrinate your kids into believing that they are on the verge. Large of their doom. Then please, don't like! Please don't I'll leave you! I'm not have kids, because the environment is so scary. There again now is a better time to live than any time in human history. Life expectancy around the world has never been higher. Poverty rates have never been lower. What are you even talking about? What are you
saying, but here's Elsie encouraging young people not to have babies, because it's hot outside or some scientific consensus at the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead. I think young people to have a legitimate question you know should. Is it ok to still have children, and I mean not just financially, because people are graduating twenty thirty, a hundred thousand dollars with a student long tat, so they can afford to have kids in a house play, also just as basic moral question. What do these you and, and even if you dont, have kids, there are still sheltering here in the world and we have a moral obligation to them and to leave a better world for them. Is it ok to still Children of everything, your moral advice, unlike from twenty nine year old bar tender, turn Congresswoman, who is
married in those now kids, if that's that's, where you're gonna get your moral advice, all you man go for it seriously. I hope you do. I hope you do of Europe person? It thinks this is intelligent commentary. May I say that I hope you without all of her prescriptions and don't have kids, because what the hell it's just its name is a name nonsense, but it's no nonsense that is directed at full scale alarm isn't that you grab more power. That's all this is about it's all. It was always about now what Larry's about, as I said earlier, that she speaks like a small child on these issues. I said that advisedly, issues beaks like a small child. I mean literally like a small child. My favorite video of last few days there a bunch of kids from something called the sun. The rise movement and I ve been indoctrinated by their teachers and by their parents to believe that they are on the verge of their own death. They are not ok again. The United States is the safest, most prosperous healthiest country that has ever been, that has ever been The only possible exceptions are in Western Europe, which we prop up with our economy, and yet these
are going to die and fine stands office and trying to lecture her about climate change. Now I tweeted up this clip if this doesn't make you Diane fine sent out an all well I've. I've despise and find sound. Is my centre for years like Our laws relating maybe she's, nice lady are now, but as a senator, I've thought is terrible, years for literally my entire life, because she's been a senator since I was eight years old in the state of california- and I am now thirty, five been around for a long time in the state of California, but with all that said, watch how she and adult with children on climate change and its pretty fantastic, we are trying to ask you to vote yes on the green new deal. Ok I'll tell you
what we have our own green new deal. Scientists we have twelve years to turn this around well, it's like our group chose around ten years ago. We can do. It is worth noting that return around in ten years at the faces of the people who are going to be living with. You got to be one of the people by the people and watch interesting about this group. I've been doing this for thirty years. I know what I'm doing you come in here. You say it has to be my way or the highway. I don't respond to them, I was right. You and adults- ok out, even agree with thy invites than on policy, but thank you for the world God and now please somebody go see, that's Elsie. Somebody goes. It was an I'm. An adult. I've been doing this for a while sit down. You don't know what you're talking about like just stop just stop So when do we want you to do your stupid, Instagram vegetarian
chile cooking. Do whatever you want, but if you're gonna pretend that you're the boss come the hell odd so good. I'm dyin Feinstein owning the small children of the facts and logic. Now, if you will only turned to these, all children within her own party mental, the mental dear relax inside our own party who apparel we have no compunction about saying completely fact lists things are not interested real solutions who simply want to print and pose so they can get on? The cap. Where's magazines and then take more power for themselves so that they can be the boss. Ok, then die Feinstein. Step Nancy Pelosi, Steppin honest to goodness your nature. Party doesn't collapse into the just because I don't think most Americans resonates this at some point. You're gonna have to tell the children to shut up at some point. You know EL, the children that they don't know what they are talking about more than they don't know in fact more than you shut up, let them honestly from republic and what have you from a conservative? One of you keep talking, speak amongst yourselves and in front of the cameras. Please you this. Meanwhile we're gonna get to come a Harris, the democratic presumed front runner. Maybe
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shape of water was probably gonna win the year before. Why did I know that, because I'm very simple algorithm that I use for the Oscars, these simple algorithm that I used for the Oscars is, is simply I just look at the pc metric on particular the intersection metric on particular movie, so last night nominated for Oscars in ITALY best picture categories or bohemian rhapsody. It movie about a gay guy, the favorite movie about an old lesbian black Panther, a movie about black folks black clansmen, a movie about black folks vice movie about Dick which was gonna go nowhere. Star is born a movie about straight people. Go nowhere, Roma, a story about a latina woman and green book. A story about a black gay guy obvious, what's gonna win right, I think not so common Harrison basically doing the same thing, but in twenty twenty democratic primary she's, basically saying listen. There's there's like women in its primary and there's some black people miss primary, but you have a black woman in this, primary, and if the answer is no well honey, I've got you
for you right here, that's common heritage campaign and she is basically saying it out loud. That's what so astonishing. So she came out yesterday and she says you know, people keep could complain about this identity, politics, stuff, she's, referring to burnings. Bernie, who said that identity politics is, is a bad idea generally, that we should judge candidates based on their merits, not based on their race or their sex. Calmly. Harris has to fight back against them, because that's basically the only reason she is in the race she's a first term senator from California she's not done a thing anything the only reason anyone is discussing her rover say even Amy. Clobber char is because come over here, as happens to be a black woman, so she has to somehow fight back on the idea that identity politics is bad. So here she is explaining identity. Politics is actually good. This term identity politics people will use. That term is like people is talk about the race car
and they ll bring this term up when you talk about issues that are about race, about sexual orientation, about religion, they'll bring it up. When we're talking about civil rights issues, as a way to marginalize the issue as a way to frankly try to silence you are shut. You were ok, I love there's so much, because what identity politics itself is a way to silence and shut up as an obvious identity. Politics is bad! Then you are the person. Shutting people up here is why identity politics shuts people up the way identity politics works is it makes central claim they central claim that it makes. Is that you- and I cannot understand each other if we are members of different racial groups or different ethnic groups or different sexual groups- that if I I'm, a white man. I can therefore not understand what you, a black woman, are saying. Come awareness there's no meeting of minds, there's no actual logic that allows us, to speak beyond our own personal identity, and thus, if you
say something I say: listen, that's wrong! You say: listen, that's my truth and you don't have the capacity to challenge my truth. All I can do is appeal to my own in group and if you don't respect- that. My in group has authority on this issue than you are not respecting identity. Politics are not respecting my identity. In fact, if you disagree with my politics, then you are disagreeing with my identity. It makes you bad your racist. This is how you get from I disagree with common Harris too. I'm a racist right. That's how you get one of the other, the idea being that calmly, Harris's politics, are rooted in her identity. If I disagree with her politics, I therefore don't your stand or I'm afraid of her identity and therefore have attacked our identity and therefore I am discriminating against her simply by virtue of disagreeing identity politics as a way of destroying common conversation. That's what it is western civilization was built on the notion, we're all individuals freely cape, full of using a reason to communicate with one another? All of liberal republicanism is based on this
like a liberal republic, they free republic. All of it is based on the idea that we are able to overcome our own membership in particular groups. And speak to each other as individuals capable of using human reason, identity. Politics cuts directly against that. But come Harris wants to be able to run on the basis of identity. Politics are now. She says that if I called out her identity politics, if, for example, I say that she's pan bring on particular issues because she's trying to pander to particular political proves that she things will benefit her when she says that she's work, for example, slavery, reparations when I say that this is obviously a move to train gain black votes in the democratic primaries and twenty twenty, that's the only group in America that overwhelmingly support slavery, reparations, and so that is an aspect of her invoking politics of identity in order to garner certain votes. Back. If I say that, then that's me attempting to shut her up,
now that silly, because I am more than willing to have a conversation about the relative merits and demerits of of slavery reparations. We did it twice last week on the show, but her point is that if you challenge anything, she has to then you are by nature, challenging her identity and that's the only way she's gonna get through these primary know. Maybe it works to any democratic bought into this, but It is an ugly way of doing politics and once again demonstrates that common heritage biggest selling point is in fact identity and not actually our capacity to be a good senator or to do anything of used this should be obvious from another answer she gave yesterday in this same interview, shoes, ass, pacifically, about the cost of all of her various programmes on MSNBC with Joy red who, by the way, how does read so have a show question. How does one reads so have a show didn't show like a bunch of old homophobic posts, and then she pretended that you didn't write them and then she was hacked and their website in some areas saws, job believers, Emerson, Ralph, northern stalls job anyway, Harris's making the rounds should enjoy Reed, and then it s results
on CNN, with John King and she was asked specifically about how she was gonna pay for all of her bizarre world Medicare for all free college, for all everything free for everybody propose Those and she gave the same answer that ale see gave witches, were money grows on trees and I'm boss to report. It course we can afford to have three times and ass a year for Medicare for all by some studies into detail which portions of the green new deal you pick to do. First, that's money that you know what the republic is going to say: TAT can spend liberals pie in the sky one of the things that I admire and respect is the measurement that is captured and three letters are alive. What's the return on the investment people in the private sector? Understand this really well decide about. A cost is about an investment, and then the question should be. Is it worth the cost in
comes of the investment potential. Are we gonna get back more than we put in? Ok if she is really suggesting that there is in our own eye, a return on investment? That's the term we use in the private sector for what she's talking for small she's, not invite they earn dollar she's investing my dollars and your our second of all. There is our ally on what she is talking about. Writing, there's an hour lie on the dollars that I personally spend on my health care? How do I know best, I'm paying for it? What The IRA, why, on her grabbing two to three trillion dollar out of the american economy in allocating from government resources. Whenever somebody's. If somebody ever asked in how much is this going to cost close this? You don't don't worry about it. Just look at the benefits, the upside, their selling, you something she selling something and what she selling it at any rate it will work. Discuss more on common Harris plus we have to get to Venice lower Democrats are still struggling to condemn the and the Oscars where we have a lot to get you today, but we have to go trick us out a daily wire dotcom also make sure to join us tonight for Delaware, backstage or will be talking about everyone's favorite award. Show that's cynical. I hope,
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in the afternoons I'll be back later, I spent my entire day slaving away at the strawberry people, so make sure the ego subscribe right now, daily Wired outcome go check out where the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation the so called lawyers look. Maybe she went on the intersection of appeal. Maybe she does, but I don't think, there's a lot their other than the intersection of appeal because other than that she's based we'll just doing a warmed over Bernie routine. I her strongest case from I should be nominated issues? We need someone to prosecute the case against Trump. You really think. There's any shortage people in the Democratic Party willing to say bad things about Trump. This freedom all they having commited. This boy here is commonly Harris, though, suggesting that she's gonna prosecutor and properly we're gonna need somebody who knows how to prosecute the case against this present. Ok, I just don't know why that's enough appeal
like, as opposed to every other democratic, wants to prosecute the case against the president are right. Then I guess. Meanwhile, things have come just over in Venezuela, where it looks like open turmoil is, is the latest situation. This has not stopped some Democrats from coming out in defence of the current venezuelan regime or at least in lukewarm fashion, for the venezuelan regime. As an amazing tweet threat from Chris Murphy, who is believe it or not and actual United States senator from from Connecticut heat We did out over the weekend. Democrats need to be careful about a potential trapping set by Trump at all in Venezuela. Ok, we'll stop right there for a second first of all the potential trapping set by Trump? If you look in Venezuela and you think the problem is trompe got another thing coming. The problem and his whaler is a socialist government run by a socialist dictator who is in fully social. Fashion, murdering his people and preventing human aid from getting it. Preventing any sort of food or water from getting it through particular borders. Chris Murphy's is cheering humanitarian Conway sounds like the right thing to do, but what, if it's not about the aid,
So now is arguing for United States. Senator is arguing against humanitarian convoys for people who are eating dogs, children are dying in Venezuela and we're being told by Christmas we should worry about. Rob is as one of the real gender is laying a pretext for war. Follow my logic for a second first, so secret trump has been talking up war of mature. Since twenty seventeen, when he repeatedly asked my master for a plan to overthrow Maduro, Numa Cable, confirms now Trump says: all options are on the table and Rubio objects to send a resolution that forbids war. Well, you know you to say all options are on the table a lot, a present in Barack Obama, You said with regard to IRAN, with whom he was secretly, attempting to cut a nuclear deal. Leaving IRAN in control of more weaponry and more money. So that's all he's been part of american policy. The idea that behind developed glove, lays an iron fist from the possibility thereof. That's nothing new, but do you really think from wants to go to war in Venezuela. You think that's really something trumped up for Chris Murphy continues, though he says I want aid gets Venezuelans, but, let's be honest, Venezuela didn't just lurch insecure
are in crisis. The aid is being sent there now is part of regime change strategy. Menu. Hoping that it will be the match: the lights, a civil war against Maduro, the civil war hence materials already taking place you there are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, some are being shot by the active military, their Frederick with the military. Over their own side, I guess being democrat means. They are more worried about Donald Trump. Then you are about Nicholas Maduro, an amazing thing, Murphy's seven Ruby a rush to tweet out reports. Today, a Maduro allies firing into colombian territory, warning that the United States will help Colombia confront any aggression them, Venezuela order colombian diplomats out in twenty four hours, ramping up the crisis way, Rubio also pointed out the two expatriate members of the Venice way The national assembly were poisoned in Colombia yesterday, presumably by the by the Maduro government. Maduro evil final, I this sixty tweet, five Monroe's evil and the United States should pursue a strategy to undermine him and prompt new elections. But no one can no one
event, but what he has done in Venezuela. That's quite a different thing for the: U S: to incite a civil war with no real plan for how it ends sound, familiar well it does sound familiar. Did your boss? Do that? Didn't Barack Obama do that back during the libyan war, when some of us were saying on bad idea, it s needed it. During the arab spring, when some of us were saying That idea Murphy concludes. Finally, perhaps most importantly, go look up Nineteen, forty, seven real treaty, it's a western hemisphere, Mutual The first treaty and may not require war declaration if, from his legitimately coming to the defence of Colombia, dont think the Venezuela hawks don't know this again. Donald Trump- does not want to go to war in Venezuela. He does not want to be expanding american blood and treasure in Venezuela, but we are going to support the venezuelan people every way short of war. If we can, and will support Colombia with presumably military aid if they needed against the venezuelan government. If you're a democrat- and your chief worry today is about- America has war in and about Trump, and bilaterally is and not the fact that Maduro is doing
we have again there's been no indicator from the front administration, their interest in going to war. None none and and once again, administration signal routinely every single one democratic republic, and they are always signalling that they are willing to go to the ultimate if they have to but has been no indicator that tromp actually wants to do that, and it's amazing to watch Democrats come out of the woodwork to train, defend Maduro in effect, even as they pretended really like winter. A very much hope. Meanwhile, the Oscars took place last night and it was exactly what you would think it was. It was a. It was a liberal self pleasure in fast. Was ridiculous in every possible way for small nobody had seen any of these movies, except for, but he made rhapsody and black panthers so to the movies people sought, but in reality. What a bunch rewards, including for best film editing, which has just made, as I said earlier on the show solid, prank everyone, It is for those who actually saw bohemian rhapsody or eclipse from both
we were happy essentially the way that that film was edited is that they had several cameras running on the same scene, and then they had a monkey with toggle switch, who just toggle between reaction shots. That meant nothing. It's one of the worst edited films of all time, one best film editing, because guess what people and how they would do nor anything about movies, all these quality of movies. In any case, the Oscars are always a back padding fastening, there's always a large helping of irony when the folks who are most concerned about income in a car Lady Anne or cheering Bernie Sanders and Comma Harris walk in with thirty million dollar diamonds around their neck. I'm not kidding lady Gaga, we're a thirty million dollar one hundred and twenty eight Kara diamonds, the Oscars last night. She cares about the people, guys she's, really in touch with the people we find it amazing. How ale see find time to rip on draft basis was created, would generally hundreds of thousands of jobs, but now finds anytime at all to go after you know some of the sea. The major celebrities form walking around whirring ten thousand
or gowns they will they will where once and then discard on the charity. Bile is pretty credible, the most celebrated gown of the evening by the way was war. Somebody named Billy Porter, I don't know Hell Billy Porter, as have had any has ever heard of any more. I never heard this guy's, so this was just inattention gathering thing. So this is this guy walks onto the onto the red carpet, the wearing a tuxedo gown like a fool, on ballroom gown with a: u it a hoopskirt willing, a trail and people at all, oh so brave brave and Stunning, stunning, and brave bravery. Stunned. The lot. It's just like Normandy, the bravery ah magnificent. Now, for Jimmy, but dunes, wearing gowns on adroit run on a carpet on a red carpet. Maybe I missed it, maybe missing the great joy that is to be had from dudes wearing
gowns on a red carpet. But honestly, I actually think it's an actual issue for the country not because it is very important only is very important, but I do think that the attempt by the media to conflate mail with female and to pretend that males thing in stereotypically female ways does not have any impact on children and that gender confusion is actually a good thing and that all of this is merely a that all gender distinction in dress and in manner and in behavior and in what they were that all of these are simply social, constructive, no serious import. If that's true, then you're gonna have to declare my virtually every culture in the history of the planet has had separate dress for men and women. Very few cultures- men, women, dresser, address identically because men and women are different and the attempt to say oh well so brave the here's, this guy who's willing to dress
like a woman question, why is it cultural appropriation when a white check, where is a kimono, but it is not cultural appropriation when a black male? Where is a stereotypically female dress? In historically female dress, there is no answer to this because it makes no sense. Of course, this was, of course not the only silly thing that happened at the Oscars. There was a lot of thus at the Oscars or at the very beginning, president from got knocked over the walk. Now I will note there were a couple of names we're not mention the entire Oscars telecast. So far as I know, one the name's Brian singer leads erected of Bohemia rhapsodies amazing one Oscar after Oscar in a bunch of categories, the director is kind of responsible for that one person thank Brian singer because he's under suspicion of having statutorily raped under age boys. So nobody was willing dimension brain centres- that's one, namely didn't get mention the other name that didn't get joke about Jesse smaller, it's only the leading story in America and its about an or, in Hollywood faking a hoax crime. Vigna hate crime. Not what,
mentioned at the Oscars last night, but plenty of mentions of front because brave stunning, stunning, brave, brave mixed. And studying the bravery, if you think that it is brave for people in Hollywood to get in front of other people in Hollywood and make jokes about Donald Trump. Let me introduce you to like any one who is brave on planet earth, because any one of those people is braver than what just happened last night. So here all these women dumping like legitimate, bad, jokes from free and about going after Trump every president can be made fun of except Obama we domain for them, but all the other president's we can make fun of, and that's fine I'm just wondering why this is a funny joke. So here are the leading women of Hollywood, China Faye and Amy Polar, and I can ever then my router. Thank you making jokes about from a great day for everybody in case your confuse two. There is no house tonight, there won't be a popular movie category
in Mexico is not paying for the war little book. That way, Joe. How I was anyone close to a joke: there's just She could have made the same joke this way. She could have said just a quick up tat in case you, in future. There is no hosts tonight, there won't be a popular movie category and we all hey Republicans up up up up up so much so much talent in that room. My goodness, then a heavier burden got up and condemn borders and walls. He did this in Spanish, so nobody in America who doesn't speak Spanish get undressed Harry was doing that last night, since there are? No you wonder walls they can read strain. Ingenuity and talent, and firms like windows. They sent him any region of any country of any continent. There always great stories that it is not just going to school. Ok, but not just delivered almost like tonight. We sell it the excellent and importance of the cultures and languages indifferent in disgust language, but in this category as fine, that's all
love, is there no borders and walls restrain ingenuity and talent. Habit is alligator mode check. This check this out. It's like Indiana Jones in the Temple of doom, unbelievable it so tiring, honestly it so tired of it. Higher some more than tiring its tiresome and then chef, Jose underwrites gets up and he says we owe compassion to the invisible people. The invisible people like immigrants, emigrants, not invisible in the United States. We all know many of them. My wife is an immigrant like to stop just stop your boring in Roma Alfonso court on percent anonymous than vital portrait of the Mexico City of these childhood, a place full of contrast and contradictions. But love is where everyone meets on bees. Beautiful intimate film one that gives a voice to the boys loose reminds us of the UN.
Standing and compassion that we all. Oh today, invisible people in our lives, immigrants, women, I just have to look at that, point out right here. Roma is so boring. I know not really on topic I mean, is a little dimension. Roma Roma is death on wheels and I watch the first twenty five minutes and I thought to myself. There was a four minute establishing shot of water running over cobblestones. Stop it just stop. SL. The Oscars did what the Oscars do and they do the same thing every year and they are always equally irritating people out of work you irritated by the Oscars. Well, because you put out a programme that supposed to be the best of one of America's seminal domestic industries, and all you can come up with is the latest pc films that nobody saw and then make fun of whatever Republicans happen to be in office. Well, feeding wherever Democrats happen to be in office, you ought to do something
If the Oscars wanted you something different, they should have a republican host them. Then it would actually be entertaining and fun like roast Hollywood. Does it by the way they used to do this even Bob hope when he was hosting the Oscars for years and years and years he would always start by roasting Hollywood, because we all love Hollywood, we all like going to the movies, but these people deserve to be roasted a little bit. Don't they tell the ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that like today. Over the weekend I was reading a book by Michael Denton, who is in fact a biologist, called evolution, still a fury in crisis. The the book does not suggest that evolution does not take place. Of course, the book is basically about how micro evolution takes place, but he makes the point that the notion that natural selection, combined with genetic mutations, the idea that this is provided for all change in human history and that macro evolution, meaning the jump from species to species that that is simply Result of natural selective pressure combined with mutations. There is just not enough evidence for that's a macro evolution. It MIKE Revolution might actually run along different lines and you be
price of learning? How many major biologists and scientists agree with them? People, including books, like Stephen Jay, Gould, that the notion that evolution is a continuous slow process of incremental change and the debt has taken us from species to species. That's not really accurate is biologically speaking, then, there's evolution within she's there's evolution over time, but the notion that you can move from one to the other without some sort of different factor making the change happen, as opposed to just random natural selection, natural selection and reputation. That's essentially what the book is about its highly technical there's a lot in there, this second goal, but the book as well we're Threed, Michael deadens evolution, still a fury in crisis. Ok time for some things that I hate Ok, so thing that I hate him once a Nike ran a commercial last night and everybody was falling over this commercial. Oh look at this camera. It's all about how women are victimized in our society number one. There are some women Horvitz Meissner
side. You know they aren't prominent athletes. Prominent female athletes and our society, not victims, there are millions and millions of dollars to play a sport that silly. Also, if we're going to talk about people who are victimized in our society women are not high on the list. Women are now living free or better lives than any people ever on planet earth in history. At any time. This is this is just it's ridiculous! Is ridiculous contention? in the same way as ridiculous when Elsie says we're moments away from death. It is ridiculous when Nike contends that women are sorely put upon the I did states, it is simple. Pandering people like to be told that they are a victim of american society. Most people in the United States are not victims of american society. Listen to this, this silly Nike commercial. When we stand for something we're unhinged when we're too good, there's something wrong with us
and then get angry, we're hysteria. Ok, we pause for a second look at when they say when we when we are when we and for something than we are unhinged really Margaret Thatcher did people call for unhinged for standing for something didn't Conny rights to people call her unhinge for standing for something women in your life when they stand strong for something worthwhile, do we call them unhinged? No, we don't, and then they say we when we outperform there's something wrong with us, an overall picture of women in so so many actually has a genetic disorder which means that she as a child and as an adult, has received essentially male levels of testosterone throughout her life, and that means that you ve been able to out compete. Other women on the base of this was an actual olympic controversies. Let's not pretend that there, was no genetic abnormality with Somalia. There was a genetic abnormalities menu, which is why she was dominating women in competition always say when we get angry, then were then work consider hysterical
Well, no women get angry on a fairly regular basis and are not considered hysterical when you're hysterical. We consider you hysterical just like when men are hysterical. We consider that the minister, what what this whole making women are so put upon, but they can overcome by this crappy sneaker made by child slaves in Bangladesh. It's ok, I'm not making actual formal allegations that these child slavery in Bangladesh, just a rumour guys. One of our producers, often said that Nike really should change their slogan. That's just do it, but now not all of our shoes explode which seems about right after what happened in the Duke North Carolina Basketball game anyway, I say this commercial is similarly, so I will just be crazy, a woman running a marathon. This crazy officials, a woman competing in the job changing her sport landing a double court and eighty or winning twenty three grand slams having it
and then coming back for more crazy, crazy, crazy and crazy savage every second really. No one said that it was crazy for Serena Williams to compete coming back from a child, no, not a human, really, no one said it was crazy for her to wins twenty three grand slams, except that it's crazy in the sense that you are making what she does she's the narrative of this by the way, literally, no one says that it is crazy for Simone Byles to compete or for a woman's compete in a huge job or for women to change. Sports are fundamental, flip twice on snowboarder, some No one says that what are they talking about? I like that. You shifted the notion of crazy, so crazy meal, as, unlike the colloquial sense, while that's while the depth, that's incredible, the person did that has now been shifted to be the same. As they they were doubted who doubted Serena Williams, three women, most I wanna player on women's tenders for two decades who doubted Simone Biles, anybody, Who saw her knew what kind of technology at this is just is just asinine and is the sort of and then what's even more
Sakhalin and sickening is all the men on Twitter, like all when a beautiful commercial or what an incredible calmer, listen guy I know that you want the ladies to think that you love that your finger, sensitive and kind but come on, come on. It's a silly commercial, it's a silly commercial. We all want women to be strong. We all want women to be independent. We all want women to be free. We all want the same things for women. Who is this man curious. Other was telling women you can't play tennis new can't compete in a heat like who is doing this. I hate the creation of false enemy, simply so that you can declare their self the hero which in fact maybe the view of the shell remedies what ails you doesn't global warming and now but Serena Williams and Nike are doing. With this add. There's a group of nefarious met with in the shadows telling Serena Williams, she can't play tennis anymore. Who are they? They don't exist, but if they did, they would be telling you not to buy Nike shoes so by Nike he's just do it. What absolute silliness, ok final thing,
that I hate that Belma said a very, very silly thing over the weekend. It is amazing how people in blue states like to pretend very often blue stay folks. They liked to pretend that they are all for people in red states. The downtrodden there. Therefore, people who earn less economically for lower income, there's an enormous male to scorn for people in red states, from blue states, people in red states, tenacity, I've been in a lot of red state has been a lot of time. Their people and red states do not spend a lot of time. Thinking about people in blue states. They really don't like people intact, I don't care about California, they just all in California, coming to Texas people in power, Bull in Indiana, don't spend a lot of time. Thinking about New York. It really don't like. Have their own lives. They have that they have their own things. That they're doing. Votes in Tennessee, not worried about what's happening. Massachusetts. People in Massachusetts are deeply worried about what's happening in Tennessee. People in California are deeply worried about what's happening in taxes. They are deeply concerned about
the evil people in Texas doing what they want to do, and they have to somehow justified themselves why it is that they're paying twice what other people pay for. Living where they live, and why it is that people in Texas seem pretty happy without any of the government restrictions or social values that folks on the left want them They have, and so you end up with his bill, MAR here saying that red states are jealous of blue states that Ruth is the other way around. People in blue states are very, are very often jealous of people in red stage, because people in red states don't think about people in blue states. All that much here's Bill MAR, though just sneering and people in red states. There are true America's and it seemed like one is where all the key jobs are. Where people drive test lose eat our trees, no ice cream. We have orchestration theatre. Just Dixon World Class shopping? We have chef Wolfgang Puck, they have chef boy, r, D, wow. Well, ok, first of all what else we have now I M from Symphonies bulgarian, or else we have seventy thousand.
People on the streets, needles in the open people, cramping on street corners, speed, bumps everywhere for now Buffy billboards all around our schools, language. There are some problems: Theirs problems. I don't get me wrong. I, like I, have lived my entire life in a way, but to pretend that all the good things are have you really think that, like Nashville doesn't have any symphony orchestra euros in Dallas? Now a symphony orchestra, you think there's no theatre in Dallas, yet here Really the people on the coast are living under rocks there. They are living in their own bubbles and have created a picture of the rest of American. It simply is not true, also worth noting really nasty, titty chef boy, our d. The truth is that chef biology, was founded by an italian immigrants in Ohio in nineteen twenty aids. I guess it's red State, America, as it was a tall boy, r D in nineteen, twenty four. He opened his first restaurant in Cleveland and peoples. Asking him about his spaghetti sauce, and then he opened a factory and move production to Milton Pennsylvania. The US military
mission, the company during World WAR, two for the production of army ration. So if you are a bunch of wired Eagle format, rebounded a great american company founded by an emigrant all you you do. You blew states already.
We'll be back a little bit later to more hours of the bench appear. I shall later today to go subscribe over a daily wire. Otherwise we will see you here tomorrow, I'm bench. A pair of this is the venture Barroso. The bench of Euro show is produced by setting Valerio executive producer, Jeremy boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producer is math is Glover, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam. Sigh of its audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron make up is by just one: o vera prejudices that next year the bench a bureau shows a daily wire production copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen, hey everybody is Andrew Craven host of the Andrew Craven Show, as we were met me notice, that all the movies that got nominated for Oscars were about old stuff, either took place in the seventies or the sixties were remakes of films made. We way before that. That's because the left has nothing new to say will take a look at it on the Andrew Clayburn. True, I'm Andrew clean.
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