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Ep. 726 - Cohen Of Shame

2019-02-27 | 🔗

Michael Cohen heads to the hill to testify against President Trump, controversy continues over Trump’s national emergency declaration, and Hillary considers a 2020 run. Date: 2-27-2019

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Michael Cohen heads to the hilt, testify against president from controversy continues over trumps national emergency declaration in France in Vietnam to meet with the North Koreans. I'm bench pair of this is the venture Piero show Well it's a big morning, and I understand that there are people who are watching the Kohen testimony light, but were breaking down for you here, because you already pre released all of his money. I don't think there's gonna be a lot new beyond his testimony that he is already released, we're gonna get through all of that this morning we are also going to get into the possibility of new, we were between India and Pakistan, which, like the third biggest orphans, and get to all that in just one second, first, let's talk about how to make your house safer and more secure rings mission is: neighbourhood safer. You might already know about their smart video doorbells in cameras and protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. So if there's a package, delivery or a surprise visitor, you will get an alert and you'll be able to see. here and speak to them all from your phone and thanks to hd that
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Eddie that he's going to speak to tomorrow. That is also behind closed doors. Today is the only public testimony that Michael Cohen will be giving so Is it to say Republicans are very unhappy with Michael calling. Democrats basically have stopped visiting porn hub for that is the common testimony is on live on c span. So there is plenty to much. If you are a Democrat, didn't go through Michael Collins, testimony right now, so he released we pray released is written testimony. This is normal in congressional hearings, you release a written version of the testimony that is given to members of the committees can prepare their questions. I would not expect that the questions are going to elicit much in the way of new information, basically Republicans and then try to impeach. The witness and Democrats are going to try to build up his credibility. That's essentially how the day is going to go on the hill. But here is what Michael Cohen testify, while he began by asking the committee to ensure that his family be protected from presidential threats and that the committee be sensitive to the questions pertaining to ongoing, investigate,
the reason he says this is because over the last several weeks, the president of the United States has tweeted out stuff about my we'll Collins, father in law and then last night MAC adds whose Republican from Florida tweeted something out that is quite wild. He tweeted out that that Michael Cohen, should essentially watches back when it comes to allegations about him and other women gets tweeted out. Hey Michael Cohen, to twelve, that's at Michael Cohen, do your wife and father in law know about your girlfriend's. Maybe tonight would be a good time for chat. I wonder if she women faithful when you're in prison she's about to learn a lot and then weirdly enough MAC gets, went and actually got Frank potentialities brother to sit behind Michael Cohen, in the witness hearing This is not a good look. Ok, it's actually violation of law. You're not allowed to threaten the witness is pretty obvious. This is called threatening. A witness here was here was, that gets then doing the same thing on House war. I guess tomorrow we will find out if there is any.
Michael Cohen, hasn't law too. We already know a law to Congress Where are you know, allied to law enforcement, lied to the IRS, lied to three banks and he's going to prison for his lies in so I guess it will be relevant for us to determine like does he like his own family? Does you lied was finance years doing? What does he lied to us? Financiers who are members of his family and it'll, be one heck of an inquiry for us, because this is someone who has tank such a web of lies that he is not to be believed It is entirely appropriate for any member of this body to challenge the truthfulness and veracity and character for the people have a history of lying in a future that undoubtedly contains nothing but lies, and not to put too fine a point on it. But it's very weird to go after Michael Collins, personal life with regard to his girlfriends, while defending the president of the United States who lives. really has slept with everything. Ok, that's that's! That's the reason that we're having a hearing today is because president from shook the porn star back in two thousand six and then try to pay
for two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. You Michael COM, like this, Very weird line of attack Nancy closely. Then, of course got up and warned Matt gets and suggested at the ethics committee could be looking into all of this. She said I I all members to be mindful that comments made on social media or in the press and adversely affect the ability of house committees to obtain the truthful, incomplete information necessary to fulfil their duties, s up. That was the lead up to Michael Cones, tough. Baloney this morning and is not a good look. Ok, that's not something! Republicans should be engaged in, not only that it means disgusting frankly to be threatening witnesses with by the way, not nudge you may have girlfriends in your wife doesn't know about my come on. Come on. Here is in truth, it is not very difficult to impeach Michael Corners, witness he's a convicted perjurer. He pledged guilty to perjury himself before Congress. If you want to cast doubt on his account. All you have to do is say right. Last time you were here, you are like you're lying to us, Andrew going to jail over it. So I'm gonna go
with no one everything you say unless got some corroborating evidence. Ok, in any case, Michael Cone goes before the committee and he talks about president from them most of what he to say is just simple gossip. Most of it doesn't go to actual crime, its essentially juicy stuff that makes people feel the weight of already felt about trunks of your big trump. Then you're going to dismiss most of this as better grapes from Michael colonists, our red for Michael comment that he essentially is just digging up everything bad he can say about from so that he can rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the media and in the eyes of left. So he can get that strange, new respect that James call me and former FBI acting directly under Mackay I've gotten from the left, and so if you're a Publican, that's basically where you gonna go with this, if you're democratically say right. This is what I always knew about Roma always knew. He was a racist and a liar and a cheat now if you're somebody like me any tenable,
if the president has fundamental lack of character, because he does, if you're somebody who looked at this as objectively as possible, there are three baskets into which concept moaning false one is legal problems like legal in peace. Will problems for the president. There's not much in the way of that in this testimony, we'll get to that basket Number two is stuff that is upsetting, but not impossible and number, three stuff that it just funny as hell, I M really there there those three gaps. Or in the testimony all three are here. So, let's go through Michael coins. testimony, organs wouldn't shorter fashion, so you don't actually have to listen to Michael coins, interminable recitation of his own testimony. Because number one I refashion, he doesn't number two, I cut out all the self congratulatory nonsense, Michael Column, let off by saying that many people doubt and attacks its credibility. It is for this reason I have incorporated into this opening statement, documents that are irrefutable and demonstrate that the end
Amazing, you will hear is fruitful and accurate. Now that is true about some of the things he says it is not about others of the things he says. So his most damning claims about president from the only one that is really back baby documentary evidence is stuff. We already knew, like president from signing checks, Michael call into essentially reimburse him for paying off stormy angles in the middle of the election cycle. That stuff has and documentary evidence, but we knew that already. The most damage claims the stuff where he suggests that Trump knew about Wiki, leagues and Julian Assange, which will get you in a second or the stuff where he suggested from new the transfer meeting. There's no documentation of that whatsoever. Not only that, but the language trump even used according to Michael Collins, on recitation of the vat is substantially vague enough that it makes it very difficult to believe that trunk was actively involved, for example, in russian We should, in any case Collins, has never in a million years. Did I imagine, when I accepted a job in two thousand seven to work for President Trump that he would one day,
for president launch a campaign on a platform of hate and intolerance and actually went now. This is Collins pitch for guys. You really should love me. Please love me. This is pitiful, lodger comings and the democratic members of the house love me. I said the presidency racist and these hateful and intolerant love me what we thought all this stuff dude, then Why were you on his campaign as one of his leads on tv? I love the people who live in them, like oh yeah, he was haven intolerance that that was a real problem here with trump you're. Fine with it for years you are violated for a long long time. Nude, like all the way through the camp, and then beyond the campaign, he says I regret the day. I said yes to Mr Trump. I regret all the Bob and support. I gave him along the way he said he's ashamed of. own failings, design, claimed by weakness and misplaced loyalty am ashamed, I chose to take part in concealing MR trumps illicit acts rather than listening to my own conscience
I am ashamed, says Michael Cohen, because I know what Mr Trump is. He is a racist. He is a con man. He is a cheat. That, of course, is gonna, be the punch, line, and that will be the headline in the New York Times from personal attorney. Colon trump racist. Con man she right now, that's gonna be the line, and he knows it. He says microphones The trunk was a presidential candidate who knew the Roger Stone was talking with Julian Assange about Wikileaks drop of Democratic National Committee emails. Now the implication here that it would be illegal Ford from to know about it now there to claims there being a one He knew that Roger Stone was talking to size about the Wikileaks dropped to the claim made by Democrats that tramples actually helping coordinate with Wikileaks. I e the russian government, the drop of the email, nothing, nothing, income count back to claim number to so. There's evidence for claim number one, namely his testimony that stone had told Trump that Wikileaks was going to drop the email. There is nothing to claim number two
that Trump was then telling Wikileaks when and where to release the emails as we'll get to this, maybe yucky, but it is not in fact illegal and in fact it really isn't even atypical in american politics: Collins has I'm providing the committee today with several documents. These include a copy of a check, MR from road from his personal bank, account after he became president to real burn me through the hush money payments made to cover up his affair with an adult film stars and prevent damage to his campaign, copies of financial statements for twenty eleven to twenty thirteen that he gave to such institutions as Deutsche Bank, a cop if an article with MR trumps handwriting on it that put it on the option of a portrait of himself. He arranged for the better out of time and in reimburse the better from the account of his nonprofit charitable foundation, with the picture now hanging in one of his country. Clubs he's under investigate
and by the New York, a g for the misuse of prompt foundation funds, which is why the Trump Foundation has been temporarily shuddered. Copies of letters has come, and I wrote a MR trumps direction that threaten his high schools, colleges and the college Board not release his grades. Recitatives scores of ashes hilarious website like Depart member there, the three by SK. It's illegal bad hilarious that last one kind of falls into hilarious, like trumpets so insecure that he had Michael in sending letters to Wharton, saying tyrannies, my grades guys again debt, but writing into writing into his college to suggest that they may not release his as eighty scores rate, ruined, afford him and said: don't release my lcd score done debt and so brilliant Effingham, just embarrass others if they knew what my essayed he's goes, where its come on. That's funny stuff indictment against two more of Michael Collins testimony why it's important, why it's not important in just one. Second: first, let's talk about you
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and doing it. Policy genius is the easy way to compare and by life insurance policy. Genius dotcom go check them out right now. Policy genius, TAT come make sure get life. Insurance is the responsible way to do adultery. Soap, Michael Collins, testimony continues. He talks about how these are steps along way up way of redemption to him? Now these are the first steps towards the proposal that you will presumably right after he leaves jail, and then he talks about why he lied to Congress. He says that he lied about to Congress about from negotiating Moscow Tower Europe. Now here is the most important line of the entire testimony and the one that will be most likely to be ignored quote Mr Trump did not directly tell me to lie to Congress, that's not how he operates. Well. If he didn't tell you to lie to Congress, and you don't have evidence of him instructing you to commit surgery or obstruction of justice. You got nothing so this is why, when we talk about the basket of legal problems for Trump card, didn't, say anything with regard to Russia or perjury that actually implicates trump, and that's a problem for Democrats, they're gonna, focusing
and all the bad stuff trump has said and done over the course of his career and let's face it. Is anyone surprised by any of these things by the revelation that from ships, women and then pays them off by the revelation it from says politically incorrect and or racist things in private. Like is anybody shocked by any of these things? Really it but any if those are true right, which we don't know, because the only person testifying is now a convicted perjurer. But if Trump did not instructs college lie to Congress than he is not responsible for Collins perjury. ones as in conversations we had during the campaign. At the same time, I was actively negotiating in Russia for him. He would. Look me in the eye and tell me there's no business in Russia and then go on with the american people by saying the same thing in his way he was telling me to lie okay. Well, It is further trump allied over and over and over about Russia, ongoing business and all of that not perjury, not a crime. Candidates lights, the american people. All the time does mean it's good. as I have said one thousand times in this segment alone, president from a man with a deep lack of character. That is obvious. He is not a good man. President Trump
it need major some good things that you like. You made us The things that I like you may be happy. these president, I'm happy. Hillary Clinton is not president there a lot of things to like about president from, but it is we're going to claim that he is an honest good man, because I dont think that that's the case frankly, but is that criminal is a criminals to not be an honest good man if it were half the president's who have ever been president would would finish because come on how we can get to more of Michael Confess, money here in one second cell Michael Con continued says there are at least a half dozen times between the ILO caucus in January, twenty sixteen and the jewel and from what asked me how's it going in Russia referring to the Moscow Tower Project. You need to know that, Mr his personal where's, reviewed and added my statement to Congress about the timing of them Scots, how negotiations before I gave it to be clear, MR from new Oven, directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout campaign and lied about it. He lied about it because you never expected to win
Watch it hey. This is another really important line from Michael Cohen from lied about this stuff because you never expected when the elections, so the going democratic theory was that Trump made a deal with Russia, for a quid pro quo. You say yes to my Moscow Tower Deal and when I went election I will give you X, Y and Lindsey, but a front never expected to win election. What's the quid pro quo, what is the legal quid pro quo? is it then he said nice things about Vladimir Putin cause it's not illegal, it maybe dumb, but it's not illegal. Does nice things about Vladimir Putin? So if the idea is russian collusion and from didn't expect to win, what's the illegal pro quo, the answer is there wasn't one so far as we can tell from any of the avenue The Michael Courtney releasing Collins has Trump also lied about it because he stood make hundreds of millions of dollars on Moscow, real estate project and so on. I'd about a two, because Mr Trump had made clear to me for his personal statements to me that we, both
no we're false and through his wise to the country that he wanted me to my ok, that's plausible. It is plausible. The trump wanted him to lie, but if he did not instruct you too, or threaten with consequences for telling the truth, then that is not obstruction of justice or Subornation Subornation perjury. over the past few years has Michael Cohen it I've been smeared a rat by the President of the United States. The truth is much different. Let me take a brief moment here: produce myself and that's when Michael calling lays out his whole life any talks about a wonderful guy, he is, he says, he's always try. Live a life of loyalty, friendship, generosity and compassion, and then he drops what I think was most disgusting line of his testimony. Is my father survive the holocaust thanks to the compassion and selfless acts of others who is helped by many who put themselves in harm's way to do what they knew was right. That is why my first instinct has always been to help. Those in need do do not compare herself to people who help save people from the Holocaust like jet come on, don't even go there you're a gross greasy fixer for a
real estate for a real estate swindler for years, don't like come come the hell on, and this is where Michael Collins testimony begins to break down. For me, frankly, is that we all know that he's a convicted liar. We know that he is willing to cheat and cut corners. We know all that stuff, but if he wants us to believe that he has now completely contrite and he's coming clean because he wants to unburden himself, then leading off with I'm. Just like the people who try to like my instincts were shaped by my father's holocaust survivor. Ship give me a break. So Michael com then continues. He says it is painful to admit. I was motivated by ambition at times at times, though, at times it is you more painful to admit that many times I ignored my conscience and active oil to a man when I should not have sitting here today it seems unbelievable. I was so mesmerized by Donald Trump that was willing to do things for him. I knew were absolute we wrong. So what exactly did he know about? Mr from those absolutely wrong, so he says that President Trump is an Enigma. He says he's complicated,
He says he has both good and bad qualities, but his dad out far far away is good. This is the national Enquirer portion of the testimony, the part where it's bad but gossipy. I said they said three buckets illegal, bad hilarious, and this is the stuff that falls into the bad category for President Trump because it will make headlines and it's difficult to refute these claim. Why? Because it did, he said he said situation, Michael Cohen, will claim that Trump said something trouble playing from two say something. People like President Trump will believe trump people who hate Trump will believe Cohen. that easy, so Collins has Donald Trump. His man ran for office to make his brand great not make make our country great. He had no desire or intentions this this nation only to market himself and to build his wealth and power. Trumpet often say the campaign was gonna, be the greatest information infomercial in political history. Do I believe this is true? It probably we expected to win the primary you never expected when the general the campaign was marketing operating again, I think that's probably true as well as any of that illegal. No is a bad thing. Everybody sort of acknowledge this.
Time and their their true believers and president trumpet believe that everything the man does. He does for honourable reasons, and then there are people who believe that from is a self motivated actor and has been throughout his career, but does that change what he's dead as president doesn't mean. That is bad. That he's president no calling can is. He says I knew early on in my work for Mr Trump. He would direct me to lie to further his business interests. I am ashamed to say that it was for a real estate mobile in the private sector. I considered it trivial as president. I consider it significant and dangerous. He says the people live on his behalf, etc, etc, then he says that Trump knew about the release of the hacked Dnc emails. Now this is the bucket that should be illegal, but here's the problem. He doesn't actually alleged illegal activity. Collins has, as I stated earlier, MR from new, from Roger Stone in advance about wiki leaks drop of emails in July. Twenty sixteen days before the democratic convention, I was in Mister
from office, when his secretary announced that Roger Stone was on the phone. Mr Trump put MR spoke Stone on the Speaker phone Mr Stone told Mr Trump that he just got off. The phone with in his, and that Mr Assange told Mr Stone that within a couple of days, there'll be a man. have dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton campaign. Mr Trump responded by stating the effect of wouldn't that be great, not illegal, not illegal. If somebody got off the phone with whom they said your political opponents about to be hit with a wave of bad news, the matter where it comes from- and you say- would that be terrific, not illegal, and by the way many demonstrative over the fact that tramples not openly coordinating with Roger stolen or Julian Assange or Wikileaks or the russian government when that be great, is an expression of surprise, as in like now be kind of awesome, if they dropped a bunch of Apple and Hilary. Wouldn't it nothing, frankly, not even anything bad there. What do you suppose?
To do a dab point notify the FBI that he thinks the Julian Assange is going to release wiki leaks emails again like it's going there these two days from now. I guess you can notify the F B. I coordination is coordination. Knowing about something and not doing anything about it, not coordinated about it. If somebody says dude two days from now two days from now, Sir but he's gonna do something bad your business opponent and you're like our dab dab have fun. Does it make great, no make a kind about little does it is any legal that that does not fall into the illegal basket. then Collins, as that Trump is racist, so coins. As MR from his races, the country has seen mister from court white, supremacist and bigots. You have heard him call poorer countries bleep holes up, as far as I'm courting white supremacist in bigots, I was very, very critical of president Trump in twenty sixteen four winking nodding at the all right
fact, one of the reasons that involve for trumpet twenty sixteen was that interview than you did with Jake Tapir, where he suddenly forgot what the KKK wasn't. Who David Duke, was five minutes before the Louisiana primary, so I have been very critical: I repeat, president from a new one after Charlottesville, so I am warm to the idea that President Trump has been too soft on groups of people that he finds benefit him politically, even if they happen to be gross but calling using the bleep holes example as in a as evidence of racism. I never really thought that argument. If you say that a particular area of the world like a particular country, is a bad place to live, because it is run poorly. That does not make it racist, I think a lay frankly is kind of a black hole, and I live here and then has nothing to do with us. there's under the rays of the people who run the Seti merit. Our city is a is a jewel, have to have a telling, I think in private, says Michael Colonies, even worse, and here's where we get to the stuff that is bad for Trump. It doesn't voluntary league. and it doesn't fallen funny. It's just bad. He wants. You asked me if I could name
we run by a black person. There wasn't a people. This is when brow Obama was president of the United States, is what Michael Collins has. While we were On striving for a struggling neighborhood in Chicago, he commented that only black people can live that way, and he told me the black, people would never vote for him because they were too stupid, and yet I continued to work for him, which does raise the question why you continue to work for him, but nonetheless, nonetheless, those are bad. Allegations for president from those will make a lot of headlines and there is no way for trumped review. That other than by saying I didn't say that soap, that's gonna, be He said he said, put that in the bad category, four trump, as opposed to it, illegal or the hilarious category, then there is more, not great stuff for trumpet is not really it's. falls into the hilarious just because we already knew this about Europe, so he says Collins as MR trunk as cheap, as previously stated, I'm giving the committee today three years a president from financial statements from twenty eleven to twenty thirteen, which you gave to Deutsche Bank, to inquire about alone by the Buffalo bills and two forbes it was I experienced the MR from inflated his total assets when it served his purposes such as trying to me
listed among the wealthiest people in Forbes and Deep waited his assets reduces real estate taxes. And then it talks about how he inflated deflated his assets for public purpose. Again, that's mostly hilarious, because again as they get cheap tactic, and we all know the Trump has been doing this for years- The term has been things were ten billion dollar four years. It is absolutely intolerable. and he does that routinely and they probably properly reports his income the government? If not, then the IRA's could simply go after him, presumably and ordered him. He says he's underwater right now, MR from then, then we get something that is in the bag, category and maybe the illegal category that is his use of a private charity to benefit himself self dealing view charity than MR from directed me to find a straw better to purchase a portrait of him ass being auction in art. Hamptons event. The objective was to ensure that his portrait, which was going to be auctioned last, would go for the highest price of any portrait. That afternoon the portrait was purchased by the fig better for sixty grinned. Mr Trump directed the Trump Foundation, which is supposed to be a charitable organisations.
the repay the fake better, just by keeping the art for himself, and so that one actually falls in all three categories: it, maybe it legal to sign a check from your foundation to buy a portrait that they let they do then exhibit in your own private holdings in your in your country. Club by that may be illegal. It's also The sensation use charities that ways it doesn't look very good. It's also Larry's in the fact that from such an ego test that he wanted to make sure that the portrait of him was the highest bid item of the evening and who does that legitimately. Who does that is like me, going on Ebay and finding somebody who's auctioning off one my books than me jacking up the bidding simply so that I can say that a bid for like a thousand dollars is itself and so ridiculous, and then Collins suggested trumpets economy and these organs to the stormy, Daniel stuff? He says I'm giving the committee today a copy of the one and thirty thousand dollar wire transfer from me to say, media annual attorney. During the closing days of the presidential campaign, there was demanded by Miss Clifford that Stormy Daniels
to maintain her silence about her affair, with Mr Trump, MR from directed me to use my own personal funds from home equity line of credit to avoid any money being traced back to him. That could negatively impact his campaign. I did that too without bothering to consider whether that was improper, much less, whether it was the right thing to do or how it impact me my family or the public. So a couple of things here Now this is an actual allegation of illegal activity. He suggesting that trumped new campaign law and that Trump was explicitly telling him to avoid campaign disclosures by using his home equity line of credit, so that nothing can be traced back to him that could negatively impact his campaign and those were negatively impact has campaign are also important, because if he had just told Michael Cohen, to pay off this lady having nothing to do with the campaign, it can't be considered. campaign expenditure. Now, as I said yesterday on the programme, it may still not be concerned the campaign expenditure, because are you actually allowed to use campaign funds to pay off your girlfriend's? John Edwards case suggests, maybe not
but in any case, the z list. Illegal allegation like this actually have some legal importance, as exhibit fives my test Only shows, has gone and providing a copy of the thirty five thousand dollar check from personally sign from his personal bank accounts on August. First, twenty seven when he was president of the United States pursuant to the cover up, which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me for the illegal hush money I paid on his behalf again. The idea here is that president from was doing all this to avoid campaign financed law. Maybe that's true made us not the question. Why is probably going to prosecute that? But it's a it's a shaky legal. Theory, it may hold up, is it scummy behaviour yeah. It's a bad behaviour yeah it anything shocking from president from who presumably was paying off women for years I'd be shocked if this is the only time from paid off a woman, in fact, we know it's not heeded the Karen Macdougall to I'd be shocked if Trump, only paid off women during the campaign that doesn't of what we know about from whose apparently using the national inquirer as go between to buy off stories, as early as twenty eleven does. He did it just for
because I believe in twenty eleven and then Collins as the trumpet, and here we get to the hilarious category, he says I'm. talking about a man who declares himself brilliant but directed me to threaten his high school. His colleges and the College Board never release his grades or as a test scores I will admit when I watched gone testify about this. I laughed out loud. That is high weariness, because again it just goes to the bed. That from is a massive ego test, any rights affordable, inhuman, these my grades, I will come after you saw L B, believe about you. I know you are now at you after Wharton Winifred. I know it. I mean honestly, no one noticed, as eighty scores were, if you're threading people naturally stress eighty scores, I'm gonna go if it wasn't to sixteen hundred, maybe just me, but if I d sixteen hundred yes, it is by the way, I believe I gotta fourteen twenty on the authorities. I was also fourteen at the time, but in any case the I'm just putting that out there,
cat. So you know I'm not threatening the S eighty board to not released my ass eighteen course. Now. The presidency and the United States threatening people. Naturally, society is Gore's, is just been tested and then common points that at the time from was talking about Obama and ripping him for not releasing his grades and calling Obama terrible student, which is just again from, has no shame that is obvious. Others one goes in hilarious category and then he says that then yes to the main point here, questions have been raised about whether I know of direct evidence that Mr Trump, where his campaign colluded with Russia, I do not. So why are we here? Why look? Why are you here to testify, Sir, You say that you can provide no evidence that the president actually colluded with Russia. No evidence that the president actively worked with Wiki,
eggs, you're you're saying this himself guarding overmastery, and why about all the campaign? Finance? That's a! What are you doing here and the answer of course is the Democrats want headlines, so they can distract from their own incompetence and garbage legislation and Cohen shifts the headlines it little. That's look, that's their political job. This is what you do when you were a member of a pardon. party you make sure that you humiliate the president of the other party as much as possible, so I'm not gonna blame demo As for doing what Democrats do it's blaming the sun for rising in the morning. None of this is a shock, but if Cohen has nothing about the russian collusion stuff, why are we here? Why are we listening to you? You convicted perjurer, former scumbag, when little? What? What are we doing here. Basically I'll call and can testify to is that you read all over the media and then the summer of twenty seventeen. There been a meeting in Trump Tower in June two thousand and sixteen this would be payments Trump Tower Meeting with Don Jr and and a a cutout lawyer for the Russians,
that there had been led up to the meeting about dirt on Hillary Clinton and Collins has something clicked in my mind I remember being in the room with MR from probably in early June. Twenty six seems we're kinsmen dated when something peculiar happened. Job done, junior came into the room and walked behind his father's desk, which in itself was usual people just didn't, walk behind from start to talk to him really I recall Don Junior leaning over to his father and speaking in a low voice, which I could clearly here and seeing the meeting is I said I remember, MR from thing. Ok, good! Let me know and then he says well that was clearly about the transfer meeting. Is it more in making a bunch of supposition that mean that is some flimsy legal nonsense? So again, is any of this stuff principle really damning for travelling more damaging than anything we knew before. No, it really isn't is going to generate a bunch of bad headlines for president from, of course, is the orange handling this about the work where they possibly can yeah. So it s a huge best, one second, first
You're gonna have to go over Unsubscribe nine. Ninety nine a month you get the rest of this show for for free later. Once you subscribe up, I guess not for free, they get to hear the rest of the show later, also there to additional our so we're gonna bring you up dates throughout the day on Michael consisted only and the fall out. If there are new bottom, shall revelations in go check that out over it? ITALY, where I come for ninety nine dollars year, you also get this the very greatest and beverage vessels go check it out right now, the leftist years, hot or cold tumblr I'll get so many more goodies right later in the in the day when we haven't unrepresentative, Annie, begs member of the freedom clock is to talk about the resolution to block president from Emergency declaration we're having unrepresentative teddy oho he's member of the house on foreign relations he's here to talk about the crime, this in Venezuela and the north korean summits a lot to get to a little later on This is why you should subscribe, should also subscribe, so they can be part of our Sunday special. but you will get on Saturday when you're subscriber this week, the fantastic down Crenshaw stopped by for a full our chat. It was to risk his wheel, but of what it sounds like
hi, I'm congressmen Dan Crenshaw here on the bench a Pierrot show where we talked about my personal history. My future in politics campaign finance the climate just about everything tuning, so go check that out. It's a lot of fun. Also, though, later today, if you, if you're a doctor, Phil Water, I am on doktor, fills show we talk about Jesse, Smollett, erase crime, hoaxes and I'm on with Andy know, as well as as well Sally Cone. There are some fireworks sitting and I want to watch that. Go check that, Thanks for listening in thanks for watching believe US review Youtube bride tunes when you subscribe and always helps, we are the largest fastest growing conservative pod cast in radio show in the nation She says I Nothing that Collins has in the end is gonna, be severely damaging to trim, none of it is great for Trump, because when people get up in public and say bad things about you, that's never wonderful for four trump, That's never this I'm great for Trump, but it is also true that the art
See has handled this in the worst possible way. The currency has become quite trompe. The problem is that strategic punch back would be good. All you have to say about Michael Colonies, the guy's, a convicted perjurer, who is self interested in all of this testimony. He now has an incentive to me things up about from you as an incentive to remember every bad thing in the worst possible light for President Trump, because that's how he's getting a plea to you that's all you have to say. Instead, aren't you actually cut commercial saying, have fun in prison to Michael Cohen, which is just delightful. Words should be used to describe Mr Schwab, generous he's going to do everything that he promised he's gonna, bring success can it make Amerika great compassion principle. Donald Trump speaks from the heart and pathetic kind. He's gonna stay true to whom he is he's. Gonna an amazing president. Honourable honest, genuine. Mr trumps memory is fantastic and I've never
come across the situation when there's two trumpets, there's something that's that's not accurate. Donald Trump wants to do is create its own geography and sorry, the currencies incompetent had such a self own. She cut an entire, commercial about about this guy. You say so I or sing nice things about from that is your proof that he is a liar guys. Do better I mean hello premium is meddling, calling his also testified. He would not call anything regarding President Trump and Russia actual collusion. So why are we here? What are we talking about? What are we talking about? Also Republicans, are doing the job representative, Jordan was on the programme. Last week we talked a little bit about Michael Cohen, appearing before the House Oversight Committee. He pointed out that Michael Cohen is not just a liar with regard to President Trump or from terror. Meeting that Michael Colony is indeed a very bad way. I mean he's going to jail, not only because of its activities with regard to president tromp or Blind Congress,
it's going to jail because he was involved in a taxi. Medallion fraud scheme in the guy is a gross human he's, a bad human again. None of that means that trumpets clean, but it does mean that if you're gonna find a witness to go after President Trump Democrats, you may want to do better than that. It's it's really! You ok! So with all of that controversy continues to rage over president trumps visit to North Korea. The president of the United States in Vietnam right now and apparently he is watching all of this from afar we'll get to that in just one second. So when the president is in Vietnam, I it is unclear that anything of worth is going to happen in Vietnam, highly doubtful that anything of worth will happen. Apparently he said up all night to watch cones. Testimony which, again, the fact that that's been leaked is not great for the president. You actually do not want it known that you are so
bothered about what Michael Colony is going to say that you're staying up all night watching it, a proper responses is, why would I cannot Michael Cohen, has to say? Did you liar is going to jail for perjury, so not losing one wink of sleep over Michael Cohen, none the less The president, apparently, is watching that from a far. I would not expect big things from the from the Vietnam contingent over from from the Vietnam meetings that are happening, right now, simply because North Korea has lied often continuously all the time about making a deal with the United States, and they never have really done so right now, according to the sea, then president from departed dinner with North Korea is controlling the Metropole hotel Trump left the hotel one hour and forty two minutes after the dinner began that you are supposed to me tomorrow, standard bilateral meetings before president, from departs in the EU name for Washington. Also there will be a from a press conference per trumpet, even there waiting on the official schedule with timing. Meanwhile, Hawaii Obviously enough, the prospect of nuclear war is,
turkey area in the news is the third thing in the news: there is a massive possibility, escalation of conflict in Pakistan and India to nuclear armed powers, according to Fox news, dot com tension between two of the world's nuclear powers, were raised dramatically on Wednesday after Pakistan's airforce force, to shot down to indian warplanes across the disputed Kashmir border and captured each of the aircraft, pilots and theirs or video of people on the ground in Pakistan, beating up one of the indian pilots, which does not seem like a complies with the Geneva convey police officials in any unoccupied Kashmir told riders the two indian pilots and civilian on the ground died when the plane crash, the officials did not confirm the planes were shot down by pakistani forces. One of the pilots nimble, Wing Commander Abbe Non done. Vitamin was subsequently in a video India's governments and objected to Pakistan's vulgar too. play. He was seen until videos, one where he appeared, blindfolded and bloodied but then a second one showing him in custody with the blindfold remove appeal? visibly more relaxed even complementing his captors on a fantastic cup of tea, ravished Kumar is
spokesperson for India's Ministry of External Affairs also claimed in indian shot down a pakistani jet fighter, although Pakistan's denied any of its threats have been hit and photographic evidence had yet to emerge. Obviously this is just another example tensions being raised, are in real danger of nuclear war. Here highly highly doubtful, given the fact that these tests- Hence our raised on a fairly regular basis with that said, is that but of a big story. Yeah, it's a bit of a big story in smaller news in smaller is up. Early Elsie is very upset today. Why? Because someone took a photograph of one of her staff, is eating a hamburger, so somebody actually took a picture of her sitting with whatever staffers. and pointed out that her staffers eating a hamburgers and in Abkhazia Cortez of Course, has said that her staffers should not in fact hamburgers that that people should not eat hamburgers. It's a very bad thing to eat him, workers, Elsie than fought back by saying it so mean that people are taking pictures of me. She said tonight a dude was critically and obviously taking a picture of me while pretending he wasn't. I,
break his imaginary forth once a high I'm a person. This is weird they so just to get this straight. The media, who dutifully repeat her talking, point dutifully. be that talking point is of the same people who are fine but TED crews and his wife being attacked in a restaurant by a bunch of protesters. But if you take a picture of her chief of staff, eating a giant hamburger, like a day after Elsie says we should need hamburgers, and that is very bad. That's how we know that that things are bad. We know that things are back somewhat to the picture of agency, very, very terrible stuff, so that is the latest from ass. He also a holistic, a story from Elsie, then Washington Examiner is saying that was whose bragging about raising her lowest wages the office to fifty two thousand dollars? You're actually did this because it allowed members of staff to avoid financial disk. Measures according to the Washington examiner, Elsie decision to cap her office salaries at eighty grin let her chief of staff in senior employees avoid public. And apparently laws that would require them for veal outside income gifts and stop trading activity. Linear
Democrat announced last week, shooting in short, a living wage in her office thanks d members a minimum of fifty two thousand a year and a maximum of eighty thousand a year federal LAW congressional employ he's, your more than a hundred and twenty six thousand a year, which includes most recent staff, must submit public financial disclosure forms detail outside income. They earn stock investments, debt gifts or hey drips. They are given by outside sources, of course, her chief of staff to get him psych at Chakra Party, and he would be shielded from public discourse. Disclosure laws because he's not going to be paid enough up, is that the real reason that she is doing all of us who the hell knows, but it is sort of weird that the average salary for chief of staff in the house. Was it a hundred forty seven thousand dollars and twenty fifteen, but oh cause you Cortez going to cap or senior staff salaries at eighty thousand dollars now they'll be able to earn outside income without public. revealing the amount or the source so good stuff. From the very non swampy, very fresh, faced Elsie
by the way. Are you in wonder why the Democrats are so eager to push on Michael Corn and push the top of? Maybe it's, because they can't stop their own congress. People from saying inane things for example, Representative Mary Gay Scanlon said yesterday said yesterday. in committee hearing that the border agents for the United States are akin to nazi collaborators? I've been struck a couple times by the denial of humanity of many of these families and children. When the issue is framed as an invasion by aliens, and when are we referred children as, U S, seas, it's easier to pretend they're, not human or all worthy of compassion. this hearing is a recognition and in insistence that, on that humanity, a recognition The floor is decision also addressed recognition that just following orders is no more and exciting today than it was back in Germany Door,
Democrats are not extreme at all there, just comparing ice agents to nazi collaborators, yet there not extreme it all? I wonder why there are getting Michael calling to testify that the only crazy statement a study by the way, there's another democratic congressmen who suggested that the ability to hang Thompson, who suggested that the only way to prevent all gun violence is to take away every gun every day. A hundred and seventy felons and fifty domestic abusers are stopped from buying a gun. At licence dealers, because of the background check it works, we know it works. There's a lot of evidence out there that suggest that that clarifies the fact that it works and as far as anybody who says will this bill wouldn't have solved this. This incident, the only
thing that will solve every one is to do away with guns. So, are you telling me that the critics of my bill want to do away with all guns on ok? So this is wild stuff. That's my Thomson by the way, a representative from Caliph, I'll get time for some things. I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like last night, I went to a private screening for a movie called. We die young now not a perfect movie, is coming out video on demand on Friday. I it is also available and select theatres across the country, its work, the watch, the reason that's worth, while just because it is an actual taken. Amis thirteen's, you ve, heard president from talk about the dangers of M thirteen. What they do, how brutal they are. The depiction of Emma thirteen in this movie
excellent movies called we'd Ionians, Jean Claude Vandam, but then downplaying kind of a different part. It's not vandam kicking people in the face. Vandam plays an Ex marine who was wounded in combat, and now he has to help out a couple of kids who are being victimized by the Amis thirteen cartel there's. Some of the performances in this are really sent ass, David Costume Nata, who plays the leader of the unless thirteen it is really terrific. It's worth a watch. So, if you're looking for something to do on a Friday night- and you want a realistic taken, Amis thirteen go check out, we die young, definitely work. The watch go, give it a look. Ok. Other thing that I, like so Megan Mccain, is the only anything left about the view. Since the lever have me on and Megan Mccain yesterday went on an absolute tear against her co host. Talking about how Democrats refuse to vote in favour. Of federally penalizing infanticide, leaving babies to die, who are born after botched abortions. Here is Mega Mccain, just dumping on her fellow hosts, rightfully so
The Democrats want to win an election going forward. Are you going to be the party of late term abortion I've got a bit of infanticide. Let me finish: police are you. Why is this the problem you're going to have because you're talking about children and you're talking about being pro life. This is well out of the mainstream awareness. our kids are at isolating think a baby born at the Lahti summit. Our sins should be put this outside, or to make hundreds and open minded approach deactivating. This is waning in France aside. If it is not those who would have thought that medical care or a borderless islands are, I think that to have a larger artist, ok in any keep hearing people trying to making, uses for not voting for the bill. There is no excuse for not voting for the Bell yesterday on the radio version the programme, the additional two hours we do later in the day that you can get only if you subscribe, Senator Ben SAS stopped by from Nebraska is one of the co sponsors of the spell he explained
What the bill does the bill does not in any way violate a woman's quoting report. Right to choose it doesn't have to do with abortion is of a baby is born after an attempted abortion, you have to transfer them into the hospital and give it the same care you'd give any other infant penalizes. Doctors who fail to do so or who leave the baby on the table to die. That's all the builders and Democrats opposed it, which is insane It is fully insane in there's no excuse for and trying to paint it as approach pro issue is beyond crazy. Ok, so good for Meda Mackay time for a couple of things that I hate it is thing that I hate number one: the Hollywood porter. Isn't you knew this was coming? You know, just a matter of time until the left openly started, defending Jesse Small at The recently you knew this is because they were already on the verge of doing this when it came out that it was a hoax. The whole thing was a hoax. Now, as I say, if you want to
you're my fuller take on this. I was on doktor fills show that is airing today with Andy no of quality, as well as Sally Cohen, whose a left contributor foreseen and I believe- and we talked about hey crime, hoaxes and we started- went through all of the various issues surrounding, hate, crime, hoaxes and hate crimes more generally. Well, the Hollywood reporter is now headline in Hollywood hoax and then their suggestion is. I can you not the reason that Jesse's Mallette was doing all of this is because he was famous like this is their actual contention. They are trying to suggest that being famous causes you their fame, causes you to actually participate in race. Crime taxes, but on their cover it says: Jesse's, molasses he's the victim of a heinous hate crime, but career pressure and selected an addictive fame may have driven, The main driven him to do all this, it's what so being Superman,
as its has just as much as is the victim of a heinous hate crime, but career pressure and addictive fame have driven the empire, started. Do something desperate, really addictive fame? So I You ve just certain level below two righty. I know I wake up every morning. I think not. I should probably do claim a hate crime just out of nowhere do it. I want you actually get away with it right, I good progress, go out there and we, like you know I was walking down the street two o clock in the morning. Come back from my kosher hotdog stand and I was beat up by a couple of people who were screaming at me. Damn you. HU. I got the every morning. I have to convince myself too idea, because I'm famous it's the fame, the makes me do it. It's the addictions of faith. They make me hope, taken what what so now he's a victim he's, a victim of its own fame, absolute, sheer garbage there wasn't even the worst take on Jesse Small, the other one is from the Hollywood reporter, but it comes courtesy of Ellen page who is really whose active vilely with regard to the stuff.
Really acted: vilely went on national television blamed like pens for a fake hate crime and then suggested that might pensive perspective on the sinfulness of homosexuality, is responsible for vast wilds of hate crimes happening across the country. So shows an entire column today that is called hate. Violence is not a hoax In other words, I got the hate crime hopes wrong, but the general point which they hate crimes accord. That's not wrong. You'll see. This is something that folks on the Left- one, that's not the story. We all acknowledge that there are such things as hatred, although they are exceedingly rare, the number of actual federal hate crimes, prosecuted and twenty seven and twenty eighteen by the federal government is fifty is a country of three hundred and thirty seven million people, and we pretending that around every quarter lurks a mega headed racist, seeking to be up a black eye against that's not true, isn't insanely tower wonderful country, and I am speaking as You who hire security to go from place to place because I get death threats. Ok, so I am saying this
wonderful, incredible, tolerant country. You know why, because it is in this notion, Well, you know it was at least at least Jesse smell. It was a pathway to conversation illicit. What does he want shows is not that Americans don't take hate crime seriously enough. It's that we take a cry so seriously. We are even worse to grant credibility to some of the flimsiest garbage highest stories ever told by people like Jesse Small at that's. How seriously we take a crimes. Is that the mark of a country that is deeply evil and deeply terrible and deeply hateful. I really don't think so. I really don't think so. Ok, so, as I say, tuning later today, we have two more hours will be covering more of Michael Collins testimony, I am sure, plus go check out Doktor Phil today, because I think there is some spicy. Stuff in that episode and will either see her later today. If you subscribe or will see here tomorrow, I bench appear this adventure Barroso,
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