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2019-03-05 | 🔗

Google uncovers some inconvenient data about the wage gap, British women panic about global warming, and the media continue to step on rakes. Date: 3-5-2019

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Elsie jumps on every rake in sight. Google uncover some inconvenient data about the wage gap and british women panic about global warming. I'm bench appear. This is the venture Barroso. I have but there are some days when I have to reject the entire shows schedule because of breaking news in the morning, and this one of those days. I didn't really want to talk about air sea, but now Elsie has decided that she is just going to let all of these silly flow free. Just all of these silly And the man in the animal flow free, we'll talk about it in just one second: first, let's talk about it. National debt in two thousand, eight, the national debt was ten trillion dollars today, but that is twenty two trillion upwards and it is rising like a hockey stick, if you don't think that we're sitting on a bit of a house of cards here, you're living with your head in the sand. But since you listen to my pod cast, that means you are clearly smarter than the average American. So what is your plan? Can you afforded other hits your retirement like last downturn when the Essen Piedra fifty percent hedge against
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Heaven for seven four, seven already so, as I say, the fact is that every evening I put together the schedule for this showed the sort of preliminary scheduled. Then it very often changes in the morning. Rarely does it get completely overhauled. This morning was one of those mornings, because Elsie decides that she is going to be aggressively awful about everything in the world. The same time now listen, I understand that we now live in a political, a political time when, Aggressive ignorance is actually benefit in politics. Aggressive ignorance is here's that the more you know about various issues the more nuanced your thinking tends to be, or at the very least the more you and to understand the ins and outs of the opposing sides. Thinking when you dont know things, you tend to speak in easy bumper stickers, you tend to say things that are Bumpersticker slogans and then people who don't know much sure you on
and the nice thing about easy bumper sticker slogans is that when they are revealed to be aggressively ignorance, then you can always back fill the ignorance. You can always create a nuanced back story to try and back filled. The fact that you didn't know what you are talking about in the first place when you add onto this the benefit of being an intersection leftist, these soft The tree of low expectations that attends being a minority or woman or be around high on the inside sectional scale, people ones what you off the hook. People are willing to attribute tribute aggressive ignorance, two different viewpoint. That makes it pretty easy to be a popular politician like in Elsie she's, getting the benefit of the doubt every which way- and she simply does not deserve it, because she continues to make mistakes. Not just make mistakes say things that are good so we bad aggressively morally bad. So, let's start today with her take on the Afghanistan war. So she
has decided that she is going to defend, obviously element Omar, so you will recall that ill humor is an anti semite that she has repeatedly said anti semitic things over and over and over again she replied apologize no less than three times in the last six weeks for anti semitic remarks, because she is in fact saying things that reflect or under I'm world view, which is that the Jews are nefarious force in the world and particularly in United States politics with regard to support for it. RO will Elsie, who is one of the fresh faces? Incredibly fresh as well as face of the new demo. Congress along with elemental my remember they both appear on the cover of this month's rolling stone, with with Nancy Pelosi, she's decided to come out and defend ill hen Omar against her fellow Democrats by the way, so, for example, represented one Vargas. He said it is disturbing the representative Omar continues to perpetuate hurtful anti semitic stereotypes that misrepresent our jewish community and the
response from Elsie. Was I'm curious if Representative Vargas will further explain his stance here that its unacceptable to even question you s, foreign policy? Now that right off the bat is why he is not saying they can't question America's foreign policy. What he says is that questioning support for the Eu S, Israel relationship on the basis of conspiracy theories about Jews is unacceptable. That's what he is talking about, but Elsie is going to deliberately miss characterize Vargas, two statements, so she can defend their homework, Now, let me real about the Gyllenhammar. As an anti semite Rashid had to leave. The congresswoman from Michigan is an anti Semite and Elsie is perfectly comfortable of Anti Semitism and only the little comfortable I mean obviously, and perfectly comfortable with it. No less than two weeks ago, she tweeted out her joy at speaking with open, anti semite Jeremy, carbon who's, the head of the British Labour Party. So she is fine with Anti Semitism she hangs out with Anti summit, as I so much on a regular basis and defend them on a regular basis. Meanwhile, you see folks on the political left, particularly jewish broke some,
pretty good luck on the on the political left to some of whom they haven't prose rope ringing their hand and clutching their pearls? And, oh, isn't it sad, isn't a terrible that ale see just doesn't know things? This is where aggressive ignorance really helps you before again. This is a matter of aggressive ignorance. She knows what she saying just doesn't care very much what ails you continue. She says plenty of democratic members. Asserted that discussion and debate on this issue is fair and merited. Is this stance a departure from that? No, it isn't your just deliberately miss characterizing viruses statements so that you can ten. This is about free speech when it really is about embrace and anti Semitism, and then she continued and here's where she veers from sense of anti Semites into radically. Wesley ignorant territory, for which you will be excused by the media. She says I remember a time when it was unacceptable to question the Iraq war, all of Congress wrong, including both Jean Pierre De Party and led me our generation into a disastrous and wrong war that virtually all would come to regret, except for the one member who stood up barbarously Barbara Lee was basically a communist
actually stood against the authorization for use of military force in Afghanistan, not Iraq when corrected on her aggressive ignorance, Ale, see then said, or now, even with the disastrous tracing Elliot Abrams at the helm. Man guilty of crimes related to IRAN Contra, including misleading Congress, it still seems like critiquing you This intervention is miss taboo. History shows that making some questions unacceptable is missing egg, which is a hungarian take from Elsie who wants to make all questions? about her green new deal unacceptable right, she's, the boss. She declared it. She is the boss of the green new deal unless somebody else presents a plan that she gets on board with, she won't so she's the Boston few question her your climate denier, but then it gets even better. So she says all this and then she correct yourself about Barbara. We should open the Afghanistan in war. She, the Afghanistan war, was bad. She says, honestly, we shouldn't have been in either and we should end the EU. I'm now well we're at it. That's ridiculous! That is reduced
was we shouldn't have been in the Afghanistan WAR and we should end the aid. You M F now we're out and then she's question about that and people go wait. What hold up? Are you sing it after nine eleven we should not have gone into Afghanistan. Is that your actual contention Elsie and you like, yeah, maybe sure why not I mean? Is it really? It's it's pretty astonishing, so she tweets out following some blow back about this, that what you really means, Jake Tapir, ask her a question about it. Jake Tapir asks her. So Exactly do you mean by this, and she immediately responded by say. Well, perhaps perhaps what we should have done she's are, I think, Our decision to enter eliminate engagements in Afghanistan, particularly through the M ass, a You M F, the authorization for use of military force, an Congresses abdication of power decision making with the passage of the EU, and that was a mistake and just as other options targeting network itself limited engagement and non intervention.
She literally was saying non intervention in the aftermath of nine eleven was another option and then she is limited. Engagement are targeting the network itself. This is aggressively fatuous aggressively fatuous. Because, again you have to be ignorant of history. To say this, you could not do organ Al Qaeda in Afghanistan without entering Afghanistan? In the first place she says: target terrorist networks where she think Al Qaeda was located. I'm old enough to remember nine eleven, so wish by the way and I'm old enough to remember when President Bush asked the Taliban. Turn over Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network and more Omar refused, which led directly to the use of force in Afghanistan. Secondly, she criticized the EU enough she usually has not read the EU enough. It gave the president the power to target terrorist specifically. It does not say a word about engaging of invading Afghanistan and reserves. The powers of Congress under the war power in fact it was not an unlimited, a you enough. Now. Congress
they have later abdicated its responsibility? But the aim will not a math itself was actually lives, and not only that, you may say in the aftermath of the most devastating terrors back in the history of the United States. They would not have authorized the president to take action against terrorists. How does should think that the president actually target, air finance networks it was under. The EU must be able to have one the legal authority for that. So again, this is just her being aggressively stupid pressing aggressively and groupings, but that's no shock, because this is what she does. She's, not just aggressively incorrect and aggressively wrong Afghanistan obviously he's also aggressively defending I summoned, as I mentioned, so she is now engaging in obvious what about him. So what about them is this this term that has come about in the aftermath of President Trump really which Just that when someone says something bad about from peoples, a yellow, what about Hilary and is dumb? It's done because and from TAT something bad it's bad, and when Hilary does something bad, it's bad. Now, what you can
Do is say that that's not what about isn't so if, for example, you say it's bad when from does it and also it was bad when Hillary Clinton did it. That's not what about isn't that is pointing out consistent standards. But Elsie engages in full. What about him with regard to Anti Semitism, essentially suggesting that let ill had Omar off the hook for her Anti Semitism, because in her view, other bigotry has not been excoriated harshly enough and even in the process of making this defence she's aggressively ignorance issue tweets out one of the things that is hurtful about the extent to which reprimand is sought of ill health is that no one seeks this level reprimand when members make statements about meetings and other communities. During the shut down the GEO p member yelled go back to port a regal on the floor not even write about this during the shutdown Republicans yelled. At Democrats go back to Port Rico, not because the Democrats we're puerto rican, but because Democrats were vacationing important Rico during the government shut down.
So she is wrong about this and I'm old enough to remember when the house, including Republicans, voted to censure Steve king on the floor of the house and they stripped him of his house assignments, and yet here using the Doha no margin under, though nothing that is classic what about ism? She says it's not my position to tell people how to feel or that their hurt is invalid, which is, of course, exactly what she was doing, but Incidents like these do beg the question where the resolutions against homophobic statements for anti blackness for xenophobia from Amber saying he ll send Obama home to Kenya initially, I soon he's talking about mark meadows now who send a rally back in two thousand twelve something about this, which no what he even remember knew anything about until now. Basically, but Steve King is the best available comp and she just ignores the fact that seeking was just stripped of all of his committee assignments
she says in this administration and all others. We should actively check Anti Semitism, anti blackness homophobia, racism and all other forms of bigotry and the most productive Engel when we see it is to educate and heal, it's the difference between calling in and calling out. This is where we get into her her minority studies classes at Boston University where she starts lecturing people like a psychologist lecture knows anything about what she's talking about calling out as one of the measures of last resort, not first or second resort. We do it when repeated attempts to call in our disrespected or ignored, and I believe that ill hand in her statement a few weeks ago has demonstrated a willingness to work and listen with impacted communities which is absolute sure, horse. Nonsense, She has legitimate. We dropped three anti semitic slurs in the course of six weeks, and here is eighty say well, you know we just need to educate and that's really words about lady. You needs magic. You're, the one is hanging out german Orban and defending open anti Semitism even bought younger. God was the editor of the far left newspaper. The forward says how exactly
I've heard for when the right thing is done for Jews, just because it wasn't done elsewhere. Shouldn't that mean we work hard to condemn other forms of hurtful speech. Not that refrain when its juice is not a zero sum game. It so disappointing to see a cast as such. Then ass. He says it's not zero sum and we have a serious responsibility to listen to communities when they feel pain. Where I struggle is how we deal with our pain, the how, after the what I also if your brooding resentment, because people of color are always promised, the people work harder without commitment. What in the world did she talk about two? She immediately swiveller back into I'm going to ignore the anti Semitism, because maybe a little upset people of color. What is even talking about or gets more of, ales he's aggressive, aggressive ignorance and, and painful excuse is being made for her and for elements Omar our infrastructure to in just one second. First, let's talk about then we can all agree on saving money. Opinions are like Marvelous everybody has them, but we can all agree that getting the best deal is important when shopping online. You probably heard me talk about honey, it's an
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many dot com, slash, ban honey, the smart chopping assistant that helps you save time and money go check them out right now, ok so Elsie's aggressive ignorance doesn't stop their believe it or not. So she also His aggressively ignorant when it comes to her own policy, so Elsie, for example, suggests that she can then that she's upset when she gets ten plastic bags at the store she's trying to make excuses, The fact that she is a consumer is the way the most Americans are. She says that she gets upset at how many plastic bags whose hands it at the store, be upset that I get ten plastic bags, eggs at the grocery store and then have to toss out my plastic bags, because the recycling per
Given the areas tasks and that's ok, we all of these are not reasons to stop fighting. All of these are reasons to keep fighting, and these are all reasons and pieces of evidence to say, hey. We need to make it easier to recycle. Ok. Well again, you know one solution to people here: new ten plastic. So the grocery not taking them. I know unbelievable right, personal choice. I love that, according to focus on the left, personal choice, at least on the radical left personal choice is not something you engage in the only time. You should make a choices when government forces you to do it so Elsie will continue taking the ten plastic bags and then throwing them away. In the garbage to be flushed away into the ocean and killed the dolphins or something until the government tells her not to do it, but she's gonna stuff for the government to tell her not to do it until then, just won't do any of it. I wouldn't want that. I live in a way in a way don't give you bags unless you ask for the bags, and sometimes they make you pay for the bags, and very often I will say no to the bad. I believe me has the same rules, so I'm not sure
but she's whining about, but none the less Yes, indeed, whining about all that also ales says that we should be talking about investigating president from so adds the to the ignorance and hypocrisy bandwagon frailty. She says the real issue, an american politics right now is that we are not aggressive enough about talking about president from money. So here she is going off on President Trump and his lack of transparency. But he's talking collusion conclusion, I think in oversight we should be talking about taxes, taxes, taxes and his bank account his bank accounts. Banking is financial statements even fatal, and because that's where I think, actually some of the most troubling practices are with direct relevance to the american people under the scope of oversight. All of that is fine and dandy unless it turns out that your chief of staff was following a million dollars in slush funds from the campaign to Elsie is run by him with no actual terms, apparently is where the money once that's going to want a good men over at the
Washington examiner to political action. Committees fell did by agencies top aid for over one million dollars in political donations into two of his own private companies. According to a complaint filed with the efficacy on Monday, the cash transfers from The pact's overseen by psychotic barbarity be freshmen. Socialist Democrats chief of staff, run counter to her pledges to increase transparency and reduce the influence of dark money in politics. Chuckle parties companies appear to have been set up for the sole purpose of obscuring. How political donations were used. The arrangement skirted reporting requirements and may have violated the five. Thousand dollar limit on contributions from federal packs two candidates. According to the complaint filed by the National legal and policy centre, a government watchdog group campaign finance attorneys described the arrangement is really weird and an indication. There is something amiss. They said, there was no way of telling where the political donations when meaning they could have been how can it or used by the company to pay for all the books campaign operations? In other words, what happened is that AOL? campaign, basically funneled or a soup
back, associate with with Elsie funneled a million dollars a million dollars to to shell companies controlled by her chief, death and then no one knows where the money went. And at these lawyers are looking into this now. This may be a violation of law, a dove notices, senior director for the campaign legal centre and a former FCC warrior He said the arrangement was highly unusual and seemed intended to obscure the destination of the fund's. He said This makes any sense. I can't even begin to disentangle that the reader confused they're trying to conceal something he says it does him. There's something amiss. I can only think of really too likely possibilities for this sort of pattern of disbursements. One is a scam pack passive. Already. There really is paying themselves in their concealing it by using the LLC, the others that there actually another recipients that the money has gone into the LLC and then being despair in some other way that they want to conceal it.
None of this is very good for a but here's the thing none of it matters for agency, because in the end the Democratic Party is going to continue to defend its fresh faces. Why do they continue to defend the fresh faces? Because the higher ups in politics understand that at this point in time it is better to have a bunch of aggressively ignorant but attractive face, Is it the head of your party? Then it is to have somebody who knows what the hell they're talking about. Nancy policy is happy to have a Elsie out there pushing the envelope broadening overturn window raising the issues, even if it means that she's gonna damn thing's every once in a while, because the Democrats are fully. Where they can walk this stuff back. This is one of the benefits to having a media that is willing to cover for any knowledge of insanity on your side of the political I'll media bias that allows Democrats to get away with legitimately. Everything is pretty amazing. It's really truly amazing. So, for example, the Democrats right now have been engaging
in a cover up of of open anti Semitism and political is covering for them, political has an article today as House Dems, we'll take floor, action to confront or Mars latest Israel comments, and their big question here is not whether ill had Omar should be put slowly called out, of course, because we can't personally Colorado Junta MAR the same way that Steve King was personally censured, the floor of the house. Eleven Omar shouldn't be personally called out the real issue here according to the poor, according to political, as the GNP leaders have begun to pounce, it's the GNP leaders pouncing not just political, the New York Times headlines about all of this ill Hanno Mars. This raises the question: is a pact too powerful? What in the living. How does that headline so her answer, some it isn't did not raise? The question is where Anti Semitism correct, when Steve Kings and what you said about white nationalism. The New York Times did not ask the question Steve Kings comments raise the question: is white nationalism stigma
eyes what what in the hell are they talking about? The answer is the New York Times is fine with me hiding over into Anti Semitism, because they are so radically anti Israel. They don't even see the wine and here's the fruit you can criticise Israel. Of course you can criticise, APEC I've criticized APEC. I thought about it, a garbage job when it came to something hence the IRAN zeal in criticising State of Israel have criticised a bunch of administrations, including babies it. But there is distinction between that and claiming that general support for Israel is pushed by jewish money and jewish dual loyalty, which is what ill home are actually said. It's an ill humor after it must be beautiful to have the media on your side. To this extent, it must make life so incredibly, easy. What it does we do when the media are constantly parroting talking points as these awkward moments, when reality breaks through. Let me get to that in just one second: first, let's talk about how you protect your online activity, admit it. You think cybercrime is something that happens to other,
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get three months for free at Express gps dot com, slash ban, that's ex pr. Yes, as Europeans outcomes lifespan for three months, free with the one you're package visit, expressive, gps, dot, com, Slash Ben to learn more, whereas I say the media willingness to cover for virtually He left wing narrative benefits the left not only in allowing them to defend against the insane things that so many folks on the radical website, but it also pushes narrative the better, left a narrative of impending doom and crisis. A narrative, TAT, Americans, a terrible place that requires deep seated change in that nature of the american bargain in order for justice to be done, and every so often this media experience runs up against reality. First convinces alot of people. You want to know what are the reasons why politics feel so ethical. Today, you wonder one of the reasons why people are so polarized. It's because Migdol as light up every time. There's a headline, because the media make a lot of money off crisis. Thinking off the idea that this is the end,
the world that being alive is, in essence, a dangerous bargain, and none of that is true. So the impact of media coverage and stuff like this is a constant feeling of crisis, which of course, would require constant government intervention, bigger government intervention, more cover for people like Ale, he who, after all, are just trying to do the right thing in the end that offence that the media make people. I give him our and Elsie unrelated to leave an Jeremy Corbett that offence that they are constantly making of these folks. Is heavily reliant on the fact that they think that if you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, you break a few eggs to make an omelette, because the world is in harold- and this leads millions of people into a certain crisis mentality about the state of the world. That simply is not accurate, so indicator of that crisis. Mentality is amazing, video from the BBC of this crazy group of women who are now suggesting that they are not going to have children because of the danger of global warming, and to the rhetoric. These women are spouting in the BBC, humoring it putting them on the head, basically suggesting
Maybe they're right, Elsie has said the same thing we're Elsie said last week. Maybe people shouldn't have kids because of climate change. Now this has become a thing in Britain, women pledging not to have children because of climate change. Our planet is in a kind of collapse. The natural world is collapsing around us and thus actually happening right now and I'm so disappointed by the response by the authorities to this crisis and so freaked out by it everything I've read that I've I've. Basically last year I came to the decision. I couldn't bring a child into that, wherein the situation now in even since my parents had may we ve destroyed sixty percent of of life on this planet. What would that be like when my child slideshow? Let me ten percent laugh ok, this is this is just sheer craziness
yes, she's suggesting humanity's wiped out sixty percent of animal population since nineteen, seventy- that is according to a particular environmental report. It is very questionable as to whether this Actually true at young over at the Atlantic says that that that finding has been widely miscarriage I, the team behind living Planet index relied on previous studies in which researchers estimated the size of different animal populations, whether through direct counts, camera, trap, satellites or proxies like the presence of nests or tracks. The teams collected such estimates for sixteen thousand seven hundred populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish across four thousand species. That covers just six point: four percent of the sixty three thousand or so species of vertebrates. That is backbone, animals that are thought to exist, and then they calculated that the size of vertebrae populations has declined by sixty percent on average, which does not mean that humans have called sixty percent of animals in the report itself says: that's not true, but the media covered it as those sixty percent of animals were dying
That is simply not the case. The media have an interest in promoting the idea that the World is in grave danger so that we have more power over too ignorant people who pledged to fix everything, because the media agrees. With their general agenda, here's the reality about the world we live in is a pretty unbelievable place. It's a truly incredible place here is an article from the New York You wanna know about the ingenuity of humankind urine You want to know about the incredible innovative, this and adaptive this of human beings There's an unbelievable story. This from the New York Times today today, and this will get a lot like less coverage than the idea that we are on the verge of a meltdown in terms of human life, and that we must give all control of government did to government because of great
quality and burgeoning civil war analysed. It's just not true a poor VA, Mandeville reporting HIV reported cured in a second patient scientists have long tried to duplicate the procedure that led to the first long term remission twelve years ago with the so called London patient. They seem to have succeeded for the second time since the global epidemic began, a patient appears to have been cured of infection. Is HIV the virus that causes aids? The news comes nearly twelve years to the day after the first patient known to be cured a feat. The researchers have long tried and failed to duplicate. The surprise. Success now confirms that a cure for HIV infection is possible. If difficult researchers said publicly, the scientists are describing the cases alone from long term in interviews. Most experts are calling it a cure, but the caviar. Then it is hard to know how to define the word when there are only two known instances. We live in a time when we are developing toward cures.
Diseases that have wiped thousands of people in Africa, tens of thousands of people off planet earth we live in a time when we have wiped out from the gravest diseases that have ever threatened mankind. We live in a time with more prosperity. More freedom than any time in human history and we're being or by the media, at every turn that everything is a crisis in November There is a crisis and we look for an the solution any easier. She comes in the form of a bumper sticker. The truth is, there are very few easy solutions. The only easy solution is to let people live, to leave people alone to wet innovative new sprout too, to treat other people with a generalised level of tolerance. Even if you disagree with them, That's the actual solution, but when the media are constantly promoting the idea of doom and gloom at the end of the world, we're all gonna die the natural Instinct is to turn to people who share radical solutions and that aggressive ignorance again is not only promoted by media. Anybody who cuts against the aggressive ignorance. Anybody who cuts against our narrative is deemed not sufficiently woke.
So, for example, best story the day along these lines, Google has done a study is studied their own pay and here's what the study found they found that men were being systematically underpaid as compared with women. Why does that matter? Because then, Google trades walk back the results of its own studies, so as to agree with the generalised narrative that America Sexist, including Google. It's unbelievable woken is this in its belief that America is naturally bad that the west is naturally filled with inequality and poverty and cruelty. And malice and that the earth is dying because of the west. This belief has been so income faded into the media and by the media, and we are willing the by sheer nonsense from politicians who mirror that believe, even as they say, crazy things on every other score. And worldwide and were willing to overlook all the worse things. They say because after all there, Morally, right, as Elsie said before, factually wrong, doesn't matter only morally right matters in Aceh,
Allow me to tell you more about this Google study, which again we have known this stuff for years. There is nothing new here whim. Are treated unbelievably well in the United States. Women actually have the upper hand when it comes to college degrees. Women have an upper hand when it comes to many lives. Voices seriously in the United States, it less opera. And that women are a victim class in United States, they simply are not. They simply want to say that aren't individual victimized women, of course there are, but that is not the same as saying that Males represent a majority of the voting population and a majority of college degree to people are a victim class in the United States. That's it it's ridiculous contention, but we can say that if we say that were under cutting the narrative of cataclysmic horror, that apparent is it over running me there I can buy them, will talk about that in just a second to talk about how the media have convinced themselves. That reporting fiction is more important than reporting back simply to maintain. He woke bargain in just a second first, let's talk about how you can get out of that kind of car.
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those curing disease the world over. I can actually make that clear, maybe curing disease the world over go check that out right now. Also we have Sunday specials coming up that are just gonna, be awesome, have a couple of Sunday specials that are coming up. I know it s our, but you don't, but you will, if you subscribe, any get this Sunday special today early our mail bag. I answer questions more subscribers during breaks on the radio every afternoon. Sea can be part of that, as we have so many goodies for you go check. It out over there also subscribe over Youtube or Itunes leave us review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest fastest, Lauren, conservative, podcast and radio show in America so, as I say, the victory up, but like Ale Seal Hunt, Omar Rashid, to leave and to certain extent trump relies on the media, pushing this notion of crisis that we are constantly in and that notion of crisis, and simply true and when reality, but up against that that narrative of crisis. You mean, don't know what to do
Neither do our big tech overlords who want to push that narrative, so good has been pushing the nerve that women are victimized in american society. Then it turns out. They conducted a study to determine whether company was underpin women and members of minority groups. Instead, Google found to the surprise of just about everyone: the men were paid less money then women for doing similar work. The study is done ever here, but the latest findings arrived. Is Google and other companies in Silicon Valley face increasing pressure to deal with gender issues in the workplace, from sexual harassment to wage discrimination where's that pressure coming from to a large extent that pressure is coming outside woke groups that are interested in promulgating, a narrative that counters the fat. Women are treated better in western civilization. And, yes, in places like Silicon Valley, then pretty much anywhere else on earth. That again does not mean that there are not evil men who do evil things. It does not mean Their individual women were not deeply mistreated and preyed upon by men. It does me If we are going to say that generally women Arvid amazing american society, that is a load of crap, it is a lie.
Of nonsense. Gender in it is a radioactive topic. A Google says the New York Times, yet no. Why? Because the New York Times will rip Google, if Google even suggests that gender inequality is not a massive problem at Google critics say the result of the pace tat, he could give a false impression. Yahoo are those critics. Presumably the experts at the our times company officials acknowledged it did not addressed whether women were hired at a lower pay great than men with similar qualifications. Ok, well, then, how about some proof habits improve as opposed to simply the suggest. But again a result that finds that women are not discriminated against. His very upsetting to people on the Wolf schooled left here is the truth. Here is the truth as early as two thousand ten, there is a study reported in Time magazine and it found that in one hundred and forty seven out of the one hundred and fifty biggest cities in the United States, the media full time salaries of young women were eight percent higher than of guys in their peer group in a
more than forty seven out of a hundred and fifty of the biggest cities in the United States and that figure by the way has not budged, you're, the guy. Is huge and place like New York, city away and San Diego seventeen percent twelve percent fifteen percent. As of two thousand ten, that applies to unmarried trial this women under thirty who live in cities right because women they have children and of having other obligations. Women who get married tend to change their priorities. That is not the fault of employers, but to point out, these tat is too under is to undercut the consensus, woke view of the world that cannot be allowed by the media. I'll, give you a great example of this, so Robin Roberts of Good Morning, America did just a ridiculous interview. You will recall, with Jesse smaller Jesse, small, of course, with the star of Empire who now has been charged They racial hoped he claims that you went out two a m in Chicago and was accosted by too much I got headed from fans who then who then
Garrard at him with a news poor bleach on him. I'll shouting this Magda country again, it's way, I'm in the middle of a polar vortex in the city of Chicago those words it was story on its face. Everybody took it seriously, putting Robin Roberts, who did a full interview with Justice Mallette. Or should basically allowed smaller to claim that half the country at least was racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic and then Robin Roberts was asked about this. Sir Robin Roberts Interview- and this shows you where the media's heads are add for the media. The Woke narrative must trump everything else. It must from everything else and if the Woke narrative does trump everything else. That means it trumps, ignorance. It means it from stupidity, it means it from the fact that people don't know what you're talking about very often because as long as the narratives preserved, nothing else matters in there Right now, when it comes to Congress, is that the fresh faces of the Democratic Party have something new annex fighting to say that they are the leaders who are going to change the future, that America's a deep dark, terrible place, that the west is a deep dark, terrible racist, bigoted place and that we need rash newcomers.
Even if there are, but on the Jew, hating side. We need those brash newcomers to come forth and lead us to a better future. So here's Robin Roberts, unjustly somewhat you'll notice that what she said As its truly amazing says, it was a no win situation during the interview she's. What she says is quote I'll, be completely honest. I was like I don't know if I want to do the interviewer, not I I don't wanna sit down with him. If he's where up and then I was told he wants to speak with you, because he was outraged by people making us I'm about whether it had happened or not, and then she finally agreed to do the interview she said after being told she'd, be, should be able to ask Mallette about all that flags that we're surrounding his story and perhaps shed some light with new information. She said she was being from a neutral, but as a gay black woman interviewing a gay black man, she felt like she was put in a tight spot. Here is the key wine: he's saying: there's hate crime, so I'm too hard, then my algae BT community is going to say you don't believe. Brother, if I'm too late on him, it's like all, because you are in the community you're giving in the past. It was in no one situation for me. How is that
oh win situation for Robin Roberts she's a journalist. It is our job to ask them strange, but she is admitting openly. Then, if you too hard on Jesse's Mallette, she was afraid of the blow back she's going to get from her own community for not being woke enough. The media are invested in these narrative, these narratives of social inequality and tremendous american injustice and tremendous american bigotry so invested that their over their willing to overlook lately fall stories their willing to overlook the anti semitism of some of the members of their own caucus, because in the end, the only thing matters is the preservation of the narrative. That's all that matters, that's all that matters is vile and it's why the most aggressively ignorance and bigoted among us are probably gonna. The upper hand in politics for some time to come, he speaking of which coming up and talk in a second about that sort of aggressive ignorance So Cynthia Nixon I'll, give you another example that Cynthia Nixon is inaccurate. Cash and for governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo International ACT. Now, when you get beat by Andrew Cuomo, like a rug
like a run by Andrew Como them? Is your bad politician means people, don't like what you have to say. I mean Eric. Imo has about his charisma as a stump, a tree stump and Cynthia Nixon she lost to him, but now she pressure Joe Biden. So here is an illusion woke. Narrative suggests that people on the other side of the Isle are inherently bad. There inheritance Had four disagreeing about mainstream political issues. It's not bad in anti semite, if you're on the right side of the world, but if you're on the wrong side of the world- is very bad to take political positions like say, traditional marriage is a good thing and the traditional marriages superior on the social level to same sex marriage to take such a position, which was officially the position of the Democratic Party until what six years ago to take that position, makes you a vile bad Human being so Cynthia Narrative, Cynthia Nixon when, after Joe Biden Wagons, Joe Biden said that my pencil of decency
and then she was like known. My pants is not a decent human because he disagrees with me on energy, Bt Issues and Joe Biden. Even to the woke schooled in May. ITALY, surrender and said you're right. You know what I did. I changed my mind. I changed my mind. It turns out there MIKE. Pence is no longer a decent human being because he disagrees with me right. So Cynthia Nixon Duke lost MIKE pants, so they didn't do classed as a verb, meaning too cowardly stab somebody in the back. We have no relationship. Do it was coined after March plots and after directed to this end, may he said I was a decent guy. Online people attacked him. It's agendas tweet and then suggested that I was a racist, sexist, bigot homophobic. He had run a foul of the Woke school. It's so Cynthia Nixon is then given space in the Washington Post, Tsar Media, the Washington Post to sit Tutsi sort of blow up, proclaimed two to fully claim
My pants is actually a big it and in the process of recalling the Washington Post, she makes a variety of false claims about my pants personally, this up at the Washington she says that pence was insidious and just why is about pensions record Has he signed a religious freedom bill that would have allowed algae, beating you discrimination? That is false. He actually called for changes to the bill. That quote, make it clear discrimination will be allowed. That might be Court refused to lift the ban on needle exchange program until preventable HIV outbreak reached epidemic level. That is all getting false. You should an executive order in March, two thousand and fifteen, allowing distribution of while also acknowledging that there are serious public health concerns about needle exchanges. She said he suggested support, for so called can and therapy? Again, that is a lie. There is no mention of conversion therapy on his website, the one that she sighed. She says that How much do nautical urgent business is not to hire gay people? That's utterly false out right. Just made all these false claims. In the pages of the Washington Post totally fine, you can lie about the vice president of the United States because it supports,
narrative and then Europe will continue to be supported because it is on falsified, or is the beautiful thing about the walk, narrative If you say hey what it's like you? Don't you don't have any evidence that MIKE Pence, the biggest you don't, have evidence that America is a terribly bigger than homophobic race, excess place. You don't have any evidence that America is a terrible placed or that it requires the solutions. A foreign socialists then levels. I will ask, because you you, your your eyes, have not been opened because you don't see the truth, but once you see the truth, you can't unseen the truth, and this is how you end up with the ridiculous spectacle, the ridiculous insane spectacle of real arson, an actress who does not know things. Speaking at the women in film festival about her new movie captain Marble now the exact over Disney have just got to be beside themselves.
Because it turns out that a lot of the people who like to go watch comic book movies are young man and Captain Marvel was already a little bit outside the box in the sense that it is a female. We're here now young men will go see a female superheroes. They will wonder. Woman made a boat mode of money at the office at the Box office, but Bree Larsson suggests that America is a sexist, bigoted, terrible homophobic place, and then she goes even further. She says that she doesn't care if white people go to see her movies cause. She's not gonna, take criticism from white people. She is a white woman here she is going off again backing the Woke narrative and what this is really meant to do seriously with this is meant to do is provide cover, because for people who are at least half clever. If they understand the media is willing to provide cover. For. Anyone who echoes the Woke narrative than the best thing to do is to echo the Woke narrative right, that wave your movies, a bomb it sucks and they can
blame all of those terrible, no good, very bad boys. It's all those! It's all those boys wouldn't go see the move because they were sexist and sought the or moving this garbage. It's that these evil terrible boys. What is it you remember? We did this with the whip. With Lady ghostbusters. Lady Ghostbusters is not a good movie. I'm not here Finally, the original Ghostbusters Lady Ghostbusters is not a good movie, but because it was made with women because it didn't you well at the box office, it turned into its it's, not on success was not a referendum on the filmmakers is a referendum on America's deep sexism. Aubrey Larsson is playing read into that. Here is very large and actively alienating her chief audience so that I guess later she can claim
it's not your fault when the movie with, if and when it will be bonds. Our industry has gone through a major growth. We are expanding to make films that better reflect the people that by movie tickets, but they are not allowed enough chances to republic discourse on these films by the people that these films were made. For I do not need a forty year old. Why do to tell me what didn't work for him about a winkle in time? It wasn't me for him. I wanted to women of color to by racial women, to tee women of color, to tease that our by racial, a really who shouldn't buys tickets in this country. Does she think that the entire then they went Disney sunk, a hundred million dollars into a wrinkle in time that they were looking to actively. We need a forty year old men who, by the way, policing, is bringing their daughters to these movies. It tables a forty year old guys it when I'm forty, my daughter is going to be ten.
Hey, I'm gonna be the one bringing her two movies with people like re Larsson, though she action, I think that alienating people like me is going to be big box office. Of course not. She knows that. Do not completely dumb but she also knows that the media are now going to lay the groundwork for the failure of her film. So for film falls, apart of is just a mediocrity. It's gonna turn into America's deeply terrible place now what's hilariously unfollow viable about this, is that a black panther does unbelievable business. That is not proved that America is not racist. America still racist, even of black Panther. Doesn't the Julian at the Box office and gets nominated for best picture, despite being, in my opinion, the fourth best comic movie of last year? America still racist, even a black panther, does well but of captain marble fails it'll, be because of american sexism for we need more women. Empowerment. Therefore, ale see that's how this math works. It's ridiculous, its insipid America's a pretty wonderful place. An ignorance is no should not be excused simply because
The ignorant tend to support the Woke narrative, ok, temper, some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like, I had heard a lot about this Marie Condo thing. I actually went out and got her book. The life changing magic of tidying and I have been going through it- and I will admit I like this thing- I do now- I know it's a little its little touchy feeling there's a lot of stuff in their about thinking, objects before you throw them out, but contrary to popular opinion. I actually do have feelings, particularly about the stuff in my house, and she is not wrong. That thanking objects before throwing them away, for example, is not about the object, obviously taking account of your feelings, but it is
out you recognising the your memories. Regatta remain, even if you throw away a particular item of clothing, they haven't worn for thirty years, there's a lot of good advice in this book really, and I hate listen, I've, young kids. That means my house is constantly ass, like all the time because they take out their toys. I tell them put them away. They argue with me. They put away three quarters of the toys and then the other quarter of the toys are left until I have time to actually put them away, but she is correct it going through one large spate of cleaning your house is significantly better than constantly cleaning. I just went through my wardrobe a couple of days ago and I gave way like half the stuff in there to good. Well, my cut my my closet is cleaner. I feel better about it. So, given a dry seriously, I know really off brand right but go check it out the wave changing magic of tidying up by Marie Condo Kind of a fun book. Ok other things that I like. So I have to acknowledge that we have more time at the Woke media and the Wolf narrative, their certain questions that the woke media can ask, and nobody else is allowed to ask, because these questions are actually racist. So Bernie said
I was asked by Charlemagne, the God on one of these podcast about Chauvelin the goddess. What wrapper? Yes, ok, thank you so Bernie Sanders the leading democratic presidential candidate in a near octogenarian socialist, who has never done a productive thing in his life, he was asked about whether America needs another white president. No, let us stop there for a second. Wildly and insanely inappropriate. That is why wouldn't America, need another white president. Can you imagine what is a lesson we have Barack Obama do suck? Do we really need another black president baby ridiculous? It On whom the black person it, I said, what oh was elected. I didn't want Obama to be president because I wanted a better qualified lack person, because I wanted to better quality. Fight person. I wanted someone who agreed with my principles. I didn't care about his race. I am more than fine with having a black president. I would just like that black president, to agree with all of my principles on politics, while photon left open for them. That's another asking Bernie Sanders, whether he is to white to be President Borrell,
Andrews. His answer is pretty much spot on here, so Bernie. Forty four to forty five presidents in his country have been way men. Do you think we need another? What did you do this one look? We are living in an unprecedented time. We have the most dangerous precedent in modern history. This country, somebody who is. A pathological liar of fraud, races, the sexes, the homophobic Arizona called Anna cheat now you'll get warmed up. You know this is a bad news. Guy in the most important thing that has got to happen is that this dangerous precedent is feed. It ok, so his rip on Trump is obviously inane and its and sort of typical road. He just has the list in his head: he flipped through the rolodex. That's not the good part of the answer, the part of the answer. That is good, as he says. Listen if you just look at me as a candidate, a sub looking at my race now this is pissed off the woke left. The woke left his upset about this because, in their view, Bernie Sanders
to post racial. You need someone who's going to back the idea that we need a black president to fix a country that is historically racist, even though we just had a black president for eight years and the country actually got more racially polarized as result of his deliberate stoking of racial flames good for standards, sunrise and I think the Bernie Sanders. His views on class are actually less dangerous to the country view on race, then then commonly Harris's views on. And I think the Bernie Sanders. His views on class are actually less dangerous to the country and commonly Harris's views on race, because America is now can be divided by class. We will there's too much income mobility in the United States, the vast majority of people who or an inside the one percent this year will not an inside the one percent in ten years and have not learned inside the one percent hen. Yours before class distinction that in the United States, are largely artificial race that the attempt to tribal eyes, people by races, much more dangerous for me,
in politics that's what I like about Bernie inside the Democratic Party. So our concern for a couple of things that I hate There comes a point with the wealth when you're so woke that your brains fall out. One of these incidents comes Kurt, c of the daily mirror that I'm so they get. The daily mirror is a newspaper in London, and here is the title of their peace. Married less be a couple are now husband and wife. After one became a man. Minutes as tie and an eye a Kennedy from Florida say they don't care about gender as they are madly in love. I may go with that's not what happened there married lesbian couple are now husband and wife. After one became a man, I'm fairly certain that the husband is still a woman but it's gonna, make things real awkward for the left. If they continue along these lines because they are going to have to decide whether sex is innate
Or whether sexual orientation is is is innate, they can't have it both ways if sex is not innate and you can simply change your sex well in sexual orientation is also malleable, and you can actually just change or sexual orientation in. This is the first line of the article childhood sweethearts tie in an iron Kennedy we're both females when they started dating five years ago, but they now identified. Husband and wife in a straight relationship after tat, then to undergo the transitioning process to become a man. So it was funny votes on the left for trying to get out of this rather illogical conundrum by suggesting that they're both bisexual but then consider themselves bisexual the girl. Apparently, though, the one who actually stayed a woman according to the left logic became straight, she said me, don't argue with her about her sexual orientation have at a man would apparently her sexual orientation was malleable, which has not allowed, but sex was also malleable, which is allowed
or it could be that male and female our innate categories and sexual orientation, is not nearly as malleable, because a lot of this stuff is innate. Maybe all of that is true, but again the left so confused. They don't even know how to characterize the stuff anymore, so well done. Votes on the left in this always been puzzling. We need the kind of grouping together of algae. Bt has always been kind of weird, because the truth is that t tends to overrule elegy, be one to obliterate. The distinction between the sexes and, what's the need for categories like algae, be any more sexuality simply becomes fluid. You dont need was being ism. The idea that you prefer women, two men, why would that exactly be a category if women can be men and men can be women? Obviously there are some rather deep a logic here, but the left doesn't allow All they need is a narrative. Alright, we'll be back her little bit later today, Adam Corolla will be stopping by will have much more to talk about so this. Why should subscribe?
being at two hours Marshall later today, Commercial free GO check us out. Then, if not, will see a better tomorrow I mentioned here. This is the bench bureau show The bend severe I show is produced by sending a very real executive producer. Jeremy boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producer is math is Glover, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam. Sigh of its audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron make up is by just one o vera prejudices that Nick she had been Shapiro shows a daily wire production. Copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen, I Michael Knolls, hosted the Michael notion was seamen. Panel of democratic voters confirms my twenty twenty predictions. The party is moving left of linen it's, not the economy and the sun monsters stupid Liz, worn continues to botch identity. Politics, masturbation is a sexual orientation and Marty Raw leads us to lunch economic daily word. I come.
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