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Ep. 733 - The Anti-Semites Are Laughing

2019-03-08 | 🔗

Ilhan Omar laughs it up as a fake anti-hate resolution passes the House, the media try to blame Republicans for anti-Semitism, and we check the mailbag. Date: 3-8-2019

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Representative Ilhan Omar lasted up as a fake anti Semitism resolution passes the house. The media, of course, try to blame the in France, Anti Semitism, and we check the mail that I Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show I've rarely seen a moment is outrageous, as this moment in american pie and I don't mean outrageous. As in hilarious or outstanding, I mean outrageous as in we should all be out. Rage. If you have a shred of morality left in your body, looking at how the Democrats are acting looking at how the media are acting, it is truly a stye She will get all that in just one second, first Talk about saving money on your legal bills. At your business there, five things business owners can count on from Legalzoom first reliability, over two million people have used Legalzoom to start their businesses. Second experience they've been helping all type the business owners for over seventeen years accounts on Legalzoom to help with all the details. I personally been using Legalzoom for years. I am lawyer, and they have great legal resources, number three helpful support.
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Latinos native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other people of color Jews. Muslims into six, the Lgbtq community immigrants and others with verbal attacks, incitement and violence. So who's coming. I believe seventh on that list of people who are who are protected under this resolution, and the resolution specifically calls out the effect of white supremacy. White supremacy, Anti Semitism among other, among other things, that are targeted by white supremists, other groups targeted by white supremacist, Let's remember this resolution that was sponsored in the house yesterday and passed overwhelmingly was a direct response to presented Viljan Omar Democrat Minnesota, who is an open antisemite? Who is apology? play some three times in the last six weeks or quasi apologized or not apologized, for three set openly anti semitic statements, one. She suggested that Israel, the Jews, had hypnotized the world with their due powers, the jewish money lay behind american support for Israel and third that Americans.
Quarters of Israel were in fact boiled to Israel itself, and so these are all three the semitic statements. Not one of them has to do with israeli policy. So what are the Democrats First, they remove Ilhan Omar's name from Anti Semitism resolution. Then they say you know we can't condemn Anti Semitism, 'cause people might between the lines, and so we're talking, battle hymn are so instead we'll do is we'll condemn all bad things and then just make sure that we obfuscate the Chanel, for this whole thing will talk about white supremacy, That's the issue of the last six weeks now recall There was a house resolution past against white supremacy. In January it was voted. Unanimously in the house. So this is nothing new, The only thing that is new here is the Democrats are openly pandering on behalf of Ilhan Omar. They decided that they were. It was more important to Greece light Anti Semitism from members. Their intersectional base and it was for them. Condemn Anti Semitism. It is in fact that simple. It is that easy
it a seven page resolution that is filled with all sorts of randomness, specifically in order to avoid Talking about Ilhan Omar, that's all this was so the sing passes overwhelmingly, because Democrats are passing some that is quote unquote unobjectionable, but there are some people on the right who vote for it? Why? Because they say openly we're not voting for this thing, because it's an open, an obvious attempt to obfuscate the actual issue here. Which is the anti Semitism of a member of the house who is not even being removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee. And so how do the media react to that? This is a look. Republicans are pro anti Semitism I'll explain how this works. So let's begin with the various players talking about this idiotic resolution, which is designed to again cover for Ilhan Omar's Anti Semitism. That is the only reason that this resolution came to the floor. And it's the only reason it is this broad condemning all the things
here's Nancy Pelosi yesterday talking about the resolution right before its passage, I don't. I don't think that that the congresswoman is. Perhaps a priest, it's the same data. How is heard by other people, although I don't Indeed it was intended, and any anti semitic way we're working on something is one resolution I sing these forms of hatred mention her name, because it's not about her. It's about these forms, All hello? She explicitly says it's not about her, except for how this cool thing is about her this whole His battle had a the only reason we're having this discussion is because she keeps saying Anti semitic, stuff she knows what she is saying and she doesn't care because Is an anti semite hello, see open, colleges that this resolution is designed to avoid talking about all of this representative TED Deutch. Maybe the
honest Democrat left in the democratic caucus he gets up on the floor of the house and he talks about how the resolution really should only address Anti Semitism, but his fellow Democrats are too gutless to do that. This is not political. No one should make it political. The use of anti semitic, language and image This can never be tolerated, what's been so difficult for so many people in my community is that people who are fearful when anti semitic tropes are used are being told that they're wrong when a colleague invokes classic anti semitic lies three times, then this body must condemn that anti Anti Semitism Anti, Prism is worthy of being taken seriously on its own. It's worthy of being singularly called out words matter. For generations. They have had dangerous consequences for me, for my family and for my people this shouldn't be
so hard. Ok. That, of course, is exactly right. That's representative TED Deutch, a Democrat from Florida who is saying exactly the right thing now. Deutsch and his colleagues have been attacked by people like Alexandria, Cortez and Ilhan Omar and Rasheeda Telib. For having the audacity to say, truth about Ilhan Omar. They've been they've been attacked, they've they've, been it's been suggested that they're trying to shut down debate and all the twenty. Deleting democratic candidates have come out in, movable him are most strongly of course, Bernie Sanders, which is the most used Members of the left want to claim that this isn't they Bernie Sanders: Bernie Green Lights, Bernie's, jewish, has about as much connection to a to the jewish community as a ham sandwich, meaning he was born jewish. He is in Atheist is radically anti Israel socialist,
like where exactly is his deep connection to Judaism. It doesn't exist, but he is convenient to use because, of course he is ethnically jewish so that allows people use him as cover in any case representative Lee Zeldin, who actually is jewish, is the republican member of the house. Who is jewish he said, I'm not going to vote for this garbage resolution 'cause. This garbage resolution is specifically designed to to cover up, for hello, my, are being an anti. We are here today right now because of anti semitic rhetoric from Member of this chamber said again and again and again if that member was a Republican, that members name would be in this resolution.
And this resolution would be all about condemning anti Semitism and would be done so forcefully. I apparently I'm giving Rep Omar more credit than the speaker is because I don't believe she is naive. I believe that she knows exactly what she's doing anti Semitism must be condemned unequivocally and emphatically. Support of Israel. Support of Jews standing against Anti Semitism has been bipartisan. In the past, should be bipartisan today and should be by parsing for every moment in the future. Everything that he says is right and, of course, representative Zeldin is jewish and not only jewish. He is pro Israel. His deep connect. With the jewish community, so he votes again, this resolution, as do twenty two other Republicans and those Twenty three Republicans who voted against that resolution voted in of resolution back in January to condemn White Supremist ISM. So this is not about. Then suddenly siding with white supremacy. That's a lie. The reason that begins didn't vote. A few Republicans
and vote for. The resolution yesterday is because they didn't want to grant for two l had it is that simple but that's not how the media played it. That's not how the meat related the way the media played it. They said that the Republicans didn't vote. For this resolution covering for Anti Semitism, because Republicans are the real anti Semites, so notice, insane gaslighting. Here, a democratic representative, a fresh face on the cover. Of Rolling Stone magazine so fresh, so face with AOC with Nancy Pelosi that fresh faces. Blatant, brutal, anti Semite, a Jew, Hater and how's welcome number the House Democrats won't condemn her and then they brought in basic resolution condemning anti Semitism into a wishy washy resolution condemning everything except for apparently local muslim anti semitism- they won't condemn that the only thing they will condemn, is everything
Everything else will be condemned, but they will exempt ahead of mark and then some Republicans hills and I'm not gonna vote for that for that ridiculous resolution you're putting forward that is specifically designed to cover franchise. I'm a telephone- that and the media's take things won't vote for an anti hate resolution, who's hateful. Now, Republicans this is so wildly, intellectually dishonest. It is such an increase. Double gaslighting and the are complicit in it because, because all do honest God, the people are just stenographers for the radical left Michael Barbaro of the New York Times you host the daily he treated out so far. Fourteen house Republicans voted against the bill condemning anti Semitism Anti Muslim, another hatred wow this going to be hard to explain is it I just explained it in less than fifteen seconds. It's really not hard. Lane, when you pass a stupid resolution designed to cover for anti Semites by water. Bring it down until it is anodyne when people against that they're, not voting in favor of Anti Semitism. Their voting
is watering down. Resolutions against Anti Semitism in order to cover for Democrats, but not for my barber of the New York Times will look at the now who's, the antisemite Republicans. It's now is Michael Barbaro, Jake Sherman little tweeted this out, I called them on it, and then he tried to back down. He treated out House Democrats have been under pressure for a week on Anti Semitism, but House Republicans have bailed them out has looking to out on Anti Semitism number three house. Senator Liz Cheney lease then it Louis Gomer vote no Jeff Duncan Present in a sing moment for House GOP, really is an embarrassing moment for Republicans when they refuse to go along with your cover up for Anti Semitism. Go back to that sweet for a second the people he mentions there. Lee Zeldin. A Jew Louie Gohmert, the representative from Texas, is Spylo Semantic. Member of the house. I personally know that's insane representative Liz Cheney herself put out a statement explaining why she voted like this,
quote today's resolution, but was a sham put forward by Democrats? to avoid condemning one of their own and then some violence I Semitism. Well, stand wholeheartedly against discrimination. Outline in this resolution. The language before the house today did not address the issue that is front and center representative Omar Comments were wrong and she's proven multiple times she embodies a vile hate, Phil anti semitic anti Israel bigotry. She deserves to be rebuked by name and removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. So there is no mistake about the values and priorities, but the house stands for for democratic leadership, Cal tells the radical members and refused to offer, let's native language that criticizes representative Omar statements in the strongest possible confirms. What we already knew that their party is controlled by far left extremists, who can't even muster the courage to stand up to blatant anti Semitism, That's why Liz Cheney voted against the resolution, but the media I don't know she did it 'cause really secretly she's the anti Semite, if you don't go along with the cover up, that means you're. The real anti semite
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open, anti semite, and now she saying the people who didn't help her provide that cover are the real anti Semites with real anti Semites. Not you cover step of the way for the Jeremy Corbyn is of your party, you hoo at two weeks ago, you're on the phone with vicious brutal protein. Anti semite Jeremy Corbyn two freaking weeks ago. You have camp with Linda are we're supposed to pretend that you are standing up to Anti Semitism and the people who You are the real anti Semites. This is sheer absolute unmitigated garbage and the media I have been repeating it at every turn, because the media are stenographers for Democrats, end of story, it's shocking. It really is. And for those who believe. That there was a real, genuine effort to fight Anti Semitism. Yesterday by the Democrats, I present to you, Ilhan Omar's response to all this. First of all, Omar actually went out and was hugging people on the house floor yesterday after this resolution passed. Why not? She defeated Nancy Pelosi
but then she released a statement, and here was her statement. Was released alongside Rasheeda another anti Semite and Andre Carson of India I know who is also a Muslim, but I've no evidence he's an anti summit. They issue The following statement after the House voted overwhelmingly to condemn all kinds of hate quote today is historic on many fronts, it's the First time we voted on a resolution condemning anti muslim bigotry in our nation's history, I'm little crimes have increased. Ninety nine percent from twenty fourteen to twenty. Sixteen are still on the rise. Are you getting this I getting this over to set in These stuff. And today is celebrating a resolution to condemn Islamophobia you're reading. This Then she gets to antisemitism. What did she say? We are tremendously proud be part of the body that is put forth a condemnation of all form is bigotry, including anti Semitism racism and white supremacy at a time, extremism is on the rise. We must explicitly. Announce religious intolerance of all kinds and acknowledge the pain felt by all communities. Our nation is having a difficult con,
station and we believe this is great progress. So this is the code now difficult conversation and, as I say, something blatantly anti semitic, and then we For me, that's that's. That's a conversation, guys That's what a lot of our says and you can tell the tale Honda Mars, real sorry about all of her Anti Semitism yesterday, retweeted a particular tweet by Gunna, Mehdi Hassan, Mehdi Hassan? we something out about Meghan Mccain, so we have to reverse course: Meghan Mccain was on the view does an excellent job on the view of representing decency and conservative So yesterday she was talking about Anti Semitism being glossed over by the Democrats, and she got emotional here's what it sounded like the idea that this is politicize, I'm really not. I was very nervous to talk about this on the show, because I thought it would become politicized and it really shouldn't be on both sides. It should be called out right and just because I don't technically have jewish family that are blood related to
it doesn't mean. I don't take this as seriously and it is very dangerous, very dangerous, and I think we all collectively, as Americans, on both sides and what ill on Omar is saying, is very scary, to me and it's very scary, to a lot of people- and I don't think you have to be jewish- to recognize that, of course she is exactly right so What did Ilhan Omar do no handlebars comments or anti semitic and Anti Semitism is bad. So many the sun is a columnist for Aljazeera is a columnist for the intercept, which is a wild Radical left publication that a supremely anti Israel and is quite friendly with Anti Semitism. All english? He tweeted out quote: Megan's lay father literally, saying bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb IRAN and insisted referring to his vietnamese captors as groups he also lest we forget give the world Sarah Palin. So little less outrage over a former refugee turn. Freshman representative, please. So this Aljazeera hosts host response is not that Ilhan, more, isn't anti semitic, it's that Meghan Mccain
his dad is a bad guys, making Meghan Mccain, shut up about Anti Semitism and who retweeted that oh Ilhan, Omar retweeted, that of course, because she is not in the slightest embarrassed or upset by her Anti Semitism she's quite happy about it Why shouldn't we be happy about it? The entire democratic party just caved and covered for her. Why shouldn't she be overjoyed at the treatment that she has just received. We know in the driver, seat now and it's the anti Semite and by the way, let's not pretend this has nothing to do with with Anti Semitism when it comes to when it comes to Ilhan, handlebars you live valley is another radical left, cartoonist, sometimes, I believe, he's associated with some of the folks at the intercept and Eli Valley put out this cartoon, you should subscribe, so you can actually see what the cartoon looks like. It is straight from the pages of their Schirmer. It is a nazi cartoon, hey Eli Valley puts out a cartoon and it is Meghan Mccain wearing a cross necklace and in one hand she has a box of Matzo Ball soup mix and makes her look, of course, hideous and
overweight and all of this, and in the other hand, she has a jewish star, marked you'd, like you, wouldn't, as in like the Nazi yellow, nnn. She has on the table in front of her a copy of Yentl and Anna Book called jewish race explained and it says the things she said about the holy Land that refugee girls wants to exterminate us Jews. I mean this is straight up. It is straight up Jew hatred and the attempt to suggest that Meghan Mccain doesn't know she's talking about because she's, not jewish, and therefore she shouldn't care about Anti Semitism like it will. Radical left is fine with Anti Semitism they're, not just fine with it they're enthusiastic about Anti Semitism, supremely enthusiastic about Anti Semitism. In fact, and it's obvious that they are they've been tolerating when this our in there miss tolerate celebrating, Linda Sarsour yesterday start store was asked if Israel has a right to exist now, there's a lot of anti Israel criticism. Criticism of Israel policy that is not anti semitic,
in Israel has no right to exist. That's actually aunties lot of anti Israel commentary, not antisemetic. Israel has, right to exist, Anti semitic. That means the wiping out of some six million Jews in the Middle EAST and supplant it with a radical islamic. This dictatorship- and that is what people are going to start to would like to Sarsour was asked to about this and I'll show you her response and there's for body in just a minute, but first, let's talk about hiring hiring challenging, but there's one place you can go, we're hiring is simple fast and smart. For growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. That place is ziprecruiter dot com daily wire, ziprecruiter, send your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards, but they don't stop there with a powerful matching technology, zip recruiter, scans, thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and then invites them to apply. Into your job as applications come in zipper Analyzes, each one, an spotlights the top candidates, so you're, never going to great batch Ziprecruiter, is so effective that eighty percent of employers who posted on zip recruiter, get equality candidate through the site.
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pretty sure this was right to exist. Why you blocking me, sir, while you block her, You guys are jumping in sure have a we are ignoring the White House, pushing the me. Actually, she said When is the questions she said she would answer questions not like. She will work for Israel. How much do you get paid? How much do you get paid you work for is well. This is a reporter asking when it's our source, you believe the state of Israel should exist. When is our store is very close with Al Hunt on MAR and AOC and the rest of the democratic leadership to campaign for Kirsten Gillibrand. Don't tell me, the Democratic Party isn't comfortable with Anti Semitism there bracing it with both arms, not one arm both arms. It's absolutely by the way and the media again are playing, are playing stenographer for the Democrats. To this point, David Duke came out yesterday and he said that it had a is deeply important. He tweeted out of
of Ilhan Omar, a small a woman, a muslim descent with a love the Emoji saying by defiance to the zionist occupied government Omar is now the most important member of the Us Congress to David Switch out now, I'm old enough to remember when President failure to condemn David Duke in the twenty sixteen election? led to a million headlines how many headline Have there been about Dave, You can bracing l had a mark or Andrew angle in the head of the daily Stormer, the NEO newspaper in racing L had a mark how many, how about. How much is CNN covered that, and I don't here in the David Duke, is now irrelevant. If he's irrelevant now, who is a relevant two years ago, so you're going to have to explain to me why he's not relevant as soon as Democrats get embraced by David, Duke and Richard Spencer, by the love, loves Ilhan Omar. There no hiding the ball here. Everybody knows what is going on, but the media are lying about it and there, Scylla, tating the lie and it's absolute, really horrifying. Now, what exactly is going to be the outcome of all of this? Well, it's pretty obvious that
Democratic Party has been taken over by the radicals as I've been saying for the past several days. The democratic party may not be fully anti semitic, but happy to embrace Anti Semitism if it means that they get to make. Common cause with a radical socialist base. That's what's going That's Bernie Sanders was first out of the gate. L Ilhan that's the stars a president from comes out today and he's talking about this resolution, and he says that if it was disgraceful and they characterize the Democratic Party. I thought yesterday's vote by the house was disgraceful because it's become the Democrats have become an anti Israel party. They become an anti jewish party and I thought that vote was a disgrace, and so does everybody else. If you get an honest answer, if you get it on, is that the real politicians they thought it was a disgrace? The Democrats have become and
hi, Israel Party, they become an anti jewish party and that's true. Ok, there's no question that what he is saying is correct. I mean that is just correct. You can rip on trump all you want, but forget it who sang it is, has a democratic, already anti Israel there's? No question they have, they became, Israel, under the auspices of Barack Obama, who is a radically anti Israel, President Aman, who helped to the american people. Help lie promulgated. Massive lied to the american people in order to push forward Bronzeville that endangers the state of Israel, a man who allowed Anti Israel resolutions to go forward at the Un Security Council, a man who attempted to block defense, the when aid to Israel in the middle of the Gaza WAR in twenty fourteen Barack Obama. Radically anti Israel. His administration was radically anti Israel. And there's just there's no other way to put that as far as the big anti jewish party proved it. Yesterday I mean they proved it on the floor of the house, So everybody is going to say well Trump in Charlottesville and David Duke and also fine sale. That's true see the President
trump said some really bad stuff. A couple of years ago he made common cause with anti or at least the silent toward them or winter, nodded them in two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen and into twenty say all those things the Democratic Party, the approval of Israel inside the Democratic Party is at all time lows. It is well below fifty percent in the Republican Party is up near eighty percent and when it comes to the anti jewish nature of the parties. There is no question which, he full scale embraced an anti jewish perspective, and that is that Credit Party, a front shellacked by the vast majority of elected applicants after Charlottesville. He got killed during the primaries by people like me, I'm waiting to hear Democrats come for. And condemn L handle, they couldn't even do it in a vote. The entire party infrastructure was just taken over by the anti Semite, so forget, whatever you think about Trump, because that's not the question today. The question is what's happening with the democratic
we can condemn Anti Semitism wherever it comes from unless demo, then you only condemn Anti Semitism if it's white supremacists is that woman yesterday, who said he's only scared of right wing, Anti Semitism ask the Jews in the Middle EAST, as the Jews in Europe, as the Jews were being beaten on the streets of Brooklyn, not by what you promises, but by member The intersectional coalition ask them which type of Anti Semitism is dangerous The answer is all, but it is the left that is openly embracing anti Semitism, allowing it to guys itself as just mere anti Israel talk. It's your nonsense. Now. This all has consequences Ilhan Omar completely unrepentant today. She she was profiled by politico. She said: I'm certainly not looking to be comfortable. I don't want everyone, necessarily to feel comfortable around me. I think really most exciting things happen when people are extremely uncomfortable, yes make the Jews, uncomfortable everyday Ilhan Omar, and then you have Anupama reporter for politico saying I've heard
just for more than one freshman Democrat when asked about Omar's comfort comments they use. The word uncomfortable often need for those types of conversations. The Democrats are now saying Anti Semitism. Let's have a conversation, let's have a conversation and then let it go another story out today about how Bernie Sanders raced to support Ilhan Omar. Knowing that a lot people on the left to be very happy with an ethnic Jew. Who's, defending Ilhan, Omar Matt Kahn. And has met continetti. The editor of the Washington Free Beacon has a really good piece out today: he says of Anti Semitism is the price of a Socialist America. So be it. Obviously that is true. Obviously that is for now we'll get to what this means for the future of the Democratic Party in just one. Second, first you're going to have to go over to dailywire dot com and subscribe, subscribe right now for dailywear dot com at the rest of our show, live Ninety nine a month and you can get two hours. Additionally, in the afternoon, we're having on Representative Lee Zeldin a little bit
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get the rest of the show live. Also, we have a great Sunday special coming up this week with Arthur, Brooks and American Enterprise Institute. When you subscribe, you, get that a day early on Saturday we're always upgrading content? We answer questions during the during the breaks. Radio show sometimes it's a lots of stuff going on when you subscribe, go check us out. Also you too bye tunes leave us a review. We always appreciate. We are the largest fastest growing concern for a podcast. And radio show in America. So what are the consequences for plus he having handed over control of her party to a C and L had Omar and retreated to lead and the anti Semites enablers why the fresh faces of the Democratic Congress so fresh so face political, has a piece today: here's what they say they have gathered, in defiance of the freezing temperatures on a late February night scores with him. Twirling Ali flags in one hand and american flags in the other, crowding the arrivals terminal and waiting to welcome one of their own? The vast symbolic community in the twin cities is like one sprawling extended. Family explains Ali.
A thirty nine year old engineer who came to the US two decades ago. As we survey the scene when a prominent member of the family rides, it's customary to greet them this way: Is a congresswoman Omar there waiting for. I ask Rep referencing the freshman Democrat, whose district we're standing in L hand he's miles. Probably now now, if it were L hand, the whole city would be here. Instead, it was just to meet some obscure somali dignitary, but Omar is a rock star in her district in her district also done rolling stones. I guess Democrats are trying to make this an I sent my in actual rockstar Omar was destined to stand out after Congress changed its one hundred and eighty one year olds rule prohibiting headward to accommodate her. She became the first person to wear he job on the house floor but it wasn't her wardrobe or her religion or gripping biography as Congress woman who came of age in a refugee camp that distinguished Omar in her early days on Capitol Hill. Rather, it was her usage and
social media and the uproar that ensued. And then it talks about her anti semitic comments. And then she talks about what exact it that, let's talk about, what exactly her perspective is and her perspective is that they need to make choosing come. And they also need to move in an incredibly socialist direction. Hum Yes, I'm certainly not looking to be comfortable. I don't want to make everyone necessarily feel comfortable around me. I think the most exciting things happen when people are extremely uncomfortable. And then she says this is the best part of it. She starts ripping on Barack Obama. Right. She says that Barack Obama was a problem. She says the hope and change offer by Barack Obama was a mirage recalling the caging of kids at the USA, Mexico Border and the groaning of countries around the world on Obama's watch. She argues that the democratic president operated. Within the same fundamentally broken framework as his republican successor, we can't only be upset with Trump. His policies are bad, but many
the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was Omar, says and that's. We should be looking for anymore. We don't want Anybody to get away with murder, because they're polished, we want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face, and the smile So she is ripping on Barack Obama and she wants a social takeover of the Democratic Congress she I don't believe the tiptoeing is the way to win the hearts and minds of the people. I get sad, by some of my freshman colleagues who can't and that within their districts, the idea of care for all is extremely popular. The green new deal is very popular idea in their districts, making sure that we have a final fixed. Broken immigration system is very popular in their districts. What they pay to option. Two is the rhetoric that says this is a red to blue district. You have to be careful. You can't talk about these policies. Well, in reality, these people are like everyone else. They struggle with the cost of health care. They struggle with our broken infrastructure. Struggle with having a economy that brings them into the 21st century, and we have to be willing to have those conversations
facing another round of denunciations, Omar refused to back down. This is all politico kissing her rear. What ensued was a week of unmitigated chaos within House democratic ranks. Senior Democrats pushed for a vote on a resolution condemning anti Semitism younger demo. Has rally behind Omar and objected Her being singled out and the party's leadership desperate to diffuse the situation. Finally hold on a catchall version of the resolution condemning all forms of hate speech. Against native Americans and Pacific Islanders. It was a clear cut, victory for all and her allies on the left in a preview of her defiance just hours before the video tape comments thrust the Congress, back into the national limelight? Omar told me that Washington should get used to her trouble making as much as other Lauren comfortable. I'm excited about the change in tone that has taken place. That is extremely positive. She says and my ability, I think, to agitate our foreign policy questions in a way that many of my colleagues have been anti intervention. Anti war have been unable to do in the past, so I'm okay with taking the
if it means will ignite conversations that no one was willing to have before I, you see she's just igniting conversations. That's all that's happening. It's not that she's Michael Anti Semite, who is open about her Anti Semitism. She igniting conversations well Nancy Poulos. He gets to own this crap now Nancy owners, you decided to surrender your power to these people. You bought the ticket. Now you take the ride you We wanted to Bernie Sanders led party, you got it lady! You made this happen, you decide this run party to the intersectional socialist mix. And Bernie Sanders decided to surrender his socialism, so the sectional contingent in the hopes that they would support him in the presidential race Bernie. There is no question- is the front runner for the democratic nomination at this point? Why? Because he is willing to pander to the intersectional base while being overtly socialist, there's a isn't a the Bernie Sanders came out. He knows better and decided to openly embrace the anti semitic members of his own contingent and to pretend,
Their anti Semitism was just anti Israel rhetoric. Make no mistake. The democratic left knows exactly what it's doing. And now it's going to get a good and hard they voted for us we're going to get good and hard. If you, I think the american people stand with the Democratic Party in there willingness to embrace Anti Semitism. This way you got another thing coming if you think the american people are interested. In embracing socialism, and rather Anti Semitism and that's going to be your platform yeah another think coming guys and you made Thinking can get away with it. 'cause Trump is unpopular, but here's the important thing to remember, President Trump is going to run against. It's not just going to be a referendum on Trump, it's gonna be a referee. Come on how radical Democrats decide to be the american people Do not agree with the stuff. I still have enough confidence in the american people to believe that they hate Anti Semitism and they're appalled by what they saw yesterday from the Democrats. And they're, appalled by Ilhan Omar statements, they're appalled by the medical socialism, that is being pressed forward with the support of an intersection
coalition rooted in a hatred of America's hierarchical system and that's the contention of Intersectionality America as a hierarchical system, and we know it. We need to band together wreck it. Most Americans don't believe that most Americans are not willing to be separated into groups this way and then targeted by group. If you don't fall inside the intersectional coalition, how would a sad moment for the country seriously? I'm not somebody who puts a lot of faith in the Democratic Party do the right thing is you know, but it's a sad moment for the country. I didn't think it would come to this. I really didn't not this quickly anyway, as an early indicators. Democratic Party was going to move an anti sematic direction. I mean he's tolerating Louis Farrakhan. For years, Barack Obama sent Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years, but the full scale embrace That was something I was not expecting and I don't think many people were alright time for some questions in the mailbag. So, let's see Steven says hey, but my question is something I'm supposed to do for school. I'm supposed to ask multiple people to death.
Mission of what rhetoric is to help for my own. Can you tell me how you would define rhetoric thanks huge fan? Well, I mean rhetoric, I think is argumentative style. It is. It is the choice, of whether to use a motion or logic in a particular argument, how you reach out to people. That's how I would define rhetoric and it can be good. It can be bad, but I think that the way you express arguments is is very clearly links to how convincing those arguments are Christians, says hi Ben I'm eighteen year old with a I want, read books, but whenever I Try to read my mind will linger and I don't We had what I'm reading and or will get very bored very fast. Do you have any for getting in the habit of reading and focusing while reading? Well, you know I will tell you that, for me, listening to audio books sometimes helps me concentrate more. I don't know if you may be more of an an oral learner meeting, a U r, L like a person who learns the listening. If you listen to this podcast, for example, It's basically a firehose of information. You may get the same thing from audio listening to books
or if you really want to slow down and comprehend what you're reading? I would suggest a couple of things one is you can Some of the parts out loud too, is something that I started to do I never used to underline in my books, because I don't like to facing books. I I sort of free books with reverence, but one of things I started to do also because I can do it on Sabbath. Is I get those little tabs that allow you to sort of tab, a certain age little stickies, and I use them when I'm reading that helps me focus in because just the mere action of having focus in on what I wanted. Tab allows me to concentrate a little bit better. This is, do you think the increase in radical left wing activity in the Democratic Party is going to create an increase radical right wing activity as a counter reaction from the Republicans. Well, I I do think that there is always the fact that people in response to bad coalitions tend to form bad coalition, and I think it's one of the reasons that President Trump win tonight and at the all right in twenty sixteen, and so many people were willing to go along with that. I think it was because he was suggesting that the end of the world was nice to Make common cause with the people who are willing to make common
pause with you, no matter how vile so that would not be surprising to me Mens. I think, we've already seen that I think the Democrats, because they are polarized by President Trump- have decided they're going to go as far left as they can and embrace the most radical segments of their own base as we segment ourselves off societally and as see the other side increasingly as the enemy? This this thing turns into a spiral of hatred. That's going to get worse, I think Rachel says: greetings Ben. I have to write a paper for my class for me, an argument either for or against keeping the electoral college, which side would you take and why well I'm in favor of keeping the electoral college because I do think that states matter the entire bargain of the Electoral College was that the popular vote was not sufficient. You don't want the entire presidency being decided by people who live in New York City and LOS Angelus. You would prefer that people in Montana have a say:
I know there are a lot of people who say. Well, you know that's, that's really bad! The Senate is the same thing. We've seen this call from Democrats. Now the Senate is a terrible place because it's non representative, the original bargain of the United States, is a federalist system, not a full on not a full on democracy, not an american democracy, a federalist system where states and the federal government split authority, the states have a share in deciding how federal authority is allocated. That's the argument in favor of the electoral College and then says: if they'll see run for president in twenty twenty four. Would you run for president just to get that debate with her twenty twenty four, it's a c ran for president in twenty. Listen to it. To get me to run for president, I think would be would be a heavy left. It seems like a terrible job in campaigning. All the time seems quite awful, but honestly, if I felt it was the best way to help the country, I would do it. I filled says: hey bent I very much like the idea of a convention of states what amendments would you propose to curb the abuse of power by the federal government? What could be added to protect the constitution from the branches running over it? Rough shod, thanks to a block, I think, first of all, one of the great
who's, better convention of states that reawakens and reinvigorate people's interest in the constitution. In the end, the constitution is a set of parchment barriers The american people are not willing to stand up if the, if the american people are not willing to stand up to violations of the constitution. Then they are going to allow the constitution to be under. Obviously, as far as amendments I would like to see. I've said before I would like to see it amendment that forces all congressional pieces of legislation to shorter than ten pages. In plain language, I would like to see them beyond topics number on the bus packages. I would like to see the the abolition of departments of government from the executive branch, because the executive branch simply has too much power. Administrative government should end That's where I would start. First as where do you see the Democratic Party going with respect to their increased radicalism if they lose to Do you think they'll triple down on the radical views? Love the show thanks yeah, absolutely and once you go radical, you rarely go back. There's really a
Back to moderation after you go completely radical now, if they get shellac to the get destroyed, then you might see sort of a Jimmy Carter response to George Mcgovern from nineteen seventy to nineteen. Seventy six, the Democrats say: listen. We we've gone too far, we've lost in, working people, but given that the american electorate is already so closely divided, I don't think that's going to happen. I think they're going to Increasingly in radical direction, Nathan says: hey Ben I'm a new. Subscriber I've been a big fan of your show for almost two years. How many would you say you owned? We get see a tour of your library also, what are some of your favorite books that you own well. I have last count five thousand books, something like that. Basically, every case in my house is covered with books. In fact, I've been reading Marie Kondo and I'm thinking about going and giving away some of the books that I'm not going to reread, and that makes me sad because I love books so much some of my favorite books. Well, I have some signed copies of books. I have a signed copy of Charles Kraut Hammer's book. I have a signed copy of a Tom Wolf book. I have.
Soon yeah, I Churchill books. Obviously I have an old set of his history of world war. Two I and then just in terms of books that I love the federalist papers are for too often, obviously Alexis De Tocqueville I refer to quite often I have the full papers of Abraham Lincoln. For that a lot, and then, of course, I have my my jewish, both my farm as that would be the ten off the the Torah and the profits and the writings are for that. A lot I I have a lot of, books, and I love all of them honestly. I feel more comfortable, surrounded by books when I was in law school and I was lonely, I went out to book stores and I bought books and I surrounded myself with books and honest It made me feel emotionally better to be surrounded by great thinkers and be able to essentially converse with them across the centuries. David says: do you think an increasingly anti semitic platform from the Democratic Party may lead to an increase of american jewish immigration to Israel in the near future? Well, yeah I mean I do. I think that you've seen this in Europe. I think that what you see in europe- anti Semitism is increased. People are leaving France
sing a year over year decrease in the jewish population, because so many fan police are leaving and moving to Israel if it turns Mountain America moves in the same direction. Why exactly? What american Jews stay in danger? and not move somewhere else. If it turns out, they have nowhere else to go so yeah. I did you'll, see more she's making aliyah, let's see Chris, says Dear Ben I've always had the personal goal of attending an Ivy league school based on. Experiences. Is it both Harvard and UCLA? Is there a major difference, I mean the two with regard to opportunity, I feel as if the sure fire way to have significant influence in academia, politics, etc. To one of these schools. Thank you. Well, there's no question Credentialing matters an awful lot's of folks, because we're not allowed to take iq test publicly and we're not allowed to to grade people on the basis of those sorts test, and so what people tend to do is they use degree as a stand in for intelligence of someone grabbed from Harvard, then we sort of assume smarter than somebody who graduated from the local junior college, for example, which sometimes
throw, and sometimes it's not actually and in terms of practical knowledge. Very often is not with that said yeah. I believe that that going to Harvard is a significant advantage, does create social networks that allow you to to take advantage of people that you know there's a great book by what what is in Jedi Vance Hellbilly elegy, where he talked about moving from sort of Appalachia to Yale LAW School and how that changed, his life, there's no question social networks Matter and Jesse says: hey Ben. What are your thoughts on the massive Bryce Harper Manny, Machado contracts? I know the White Sox, or at least in on me during the off season. Well, I mean my thought is that they got what they thought they could get in the market. I wouldn't sign a contract for that. Much of these guys, particularly not Machado, made at least Bryce Harper, has it has a track record of production and He doesn't have as much of an attitude problem, but she didn't even run out ground balls with the Dodgers, to me is a massive red flag. Clinton says dear future, president
real, as of today, I'm now yearlong subscriber, partly because I wanted to post this question to you in light of recent involving anti Semitism in fresh faces can help Claire as to why there are so many people out there who believe Israel is land stolen from Palestinians. Additionally, can you point to it needs more evidence, see how or why Palestine is linked to terror organizations that push to press the jewish admittedly I don't know much about the conflict in Israel or their origins, and I think this so for everyday Americans, that's making it difficult for them to condemn Recent anti Semitism, especially with the media, muddying the waters. Thanks for all you do. A lot of believe Israel's land stolen from Palestinians, because they don't know their history. Israel is storage homeland, the only reason anyone cares about it- is because the Jews were there. First, there's been continuous jewish in Israel, legitimately three millennia and the. Ocean that Israel stole land that have been living on forever is abs we asinine and ridiculous. The british and a limited jewish immigration into british Palestine? They tried to prevent you from moving in
Jews were discriminated against and massacred in places like Hebron in nineteen twenty nine long before there was a jewish state there. There has never been an independent palestinian, state in that region. Ever it was under the proceeds. The Ottoman empire it was under the auspices of the british mandate. It was never there was there just wasn't. There was not dependent palestinian state in that region, are lots of other states. In fact, the term Palestinian used to refer to Jew Easter Furniture, because every Palestinian is, if you go back three generations, syrian or egyptian or jordanian. Seventy percent of Jordan is ethnically palestinian, so There is a palestinian state already existing Jordan. If you want another, two state solution, one that was rejected by the Palestinians in and all the arab nations by the way in one thousand, nine hundred and forty eight seven, forty eight. If you want uh one you're going to have to have a government that actually wants to negotiate and create a peaceful situation. Instead, Palestinians have decided the only solution is the complete wholesale destruction of the state of Israel, that is part of the Palestinian,
thirty mandate, as part of their charter is part of the Hamas charter. The government stance of Israel. Integration negotiating partners is that Israel ought to be destroyed. That's not negotiating partner. Israel's been willing to make territorial tions repeatedly and has done so repeatedly and it's weird because the Palestine Liberation Organization, supposedly created to liberate Palestine, was formed in nineteen. Sixty four in sixty four guess who control the West Bank in the Gaza Strip, Egypt Control the Gaza Strip, Jordan, controlled the West Bank, the so called West Bank engineer in some area. So. Why would you need to liberate Palestine if it already controlled by muslim countries? The answer what they mean by Palestine, Liberation Organization is exactly what Mark Lamont Hill has said from the river to the sea. Palestine I'll free, no state of Israel destroyed the place, kill, kill as many Jews as possible in the process: okay, time and if you want a good resource on this, there's a really good book by Eli barred, called Mick Myths, in fact, that in
A simple fashion goes through a lot of the frequently asked questions about the Israel palestinian conflict, alright time for some things that I like so things I like today, there great new book out by TIM, Carney of the Washington Examiner and the American Enterprise Institute? It's called the Alienated America, my some places thrive while others collapse and in it Timothy Carney talks about. Why certain areas in the United States seems to be doing well, while others seem to be doing very poorly and you without the areas in the United States that have the least social cohesion tend to be, ones, that voted heavily for President Trump in, for example, the republican primaries that people who feel dispossessed people who feel that they that America is not what it used to be that those people voted for President Trump, because President Trump was was, as to their message, their messaging there resonating to his. So what exactly is going on in these areas. Sympathy card goes through factor by factor he talks about the economic effect. Of trade in certain areas, as opposed to? Overall he talks about the economic effects of
robot is of of massive industries, but mostly we talk about is the fact that all of the units of social cohesion that used to exist family church social institutions have collapsed, a lot of areas of the country and then, if you actually want to revitalize those areas of the country, it doesn't actually start at the factory per say. It's not a matter of economics alone. Certainly It is more a matter of rebuilding these social institutions and rebuilding the social fabric. It's a terrific, book Alien in America. Should it right now it actually echoes a lot of same themes that I hit in my new book that is coming out in just about a week and a half here. The right side of history you should go check out my book as well, but Alienated America is a really fantastic by Timothy Carney. It's It's an easy read! Well written, go check it out. Okay, other things that I like, so I have Note a thing that I really like in person that I really like so my produce Sonya, unfortunately, is moving on and she is wonderful. She is just terrific. I can't say enough. Wonderful things.
Send you choose a kind generous human being. She deals with all of my foibles on a daily basis, but more than that, she is warm soul and I am so appreciative of the time that she spent with us here at the daily wired on Ben Shapiro, show she's just a terrific person a and I I feel like we've become good friends, and so I just which are the best 'cause. This is her last day of work here, so she's liberated she gets to go and do something fun, but we're definitely going to send you a is: is the chief thing, human that I like today, okay time for a quick thing that I hate. Okay, so the thing that I hate today I talked about a little bit yesterday on my radio show, but I am Presley is another one of the fresh face of Congress Use from Massachusetts: she's not gotten anywhere near the attention of the other fresh faces. Nonetheless, she made in saying ridiculous and silly proposal. Yesterday she suggest,
that we lowered the voting age to sixteen. Since the days of abolitionists suffragists and civil rights activists, young people have been pushing the wheels of progress forward. These youth our young people who will inherit the nation we design here by virtue of our policies or by default of our policies. Authority. These very saying, young people should also have a say in who represents them your consideration, amendment number one hundred and twenty seven, which would or the minimum voting age in federal elections from eighteen to sixteen years of age, ok, yeah, good luck with my favorite thing about this is that you went on to explain why sixteen year old should vote because many of them have jobs. Is that going to be requirement? Now we have a job to vote. If that's the case, I'm fine with abolishing all limits on age. If you just have a job, have to have a job to vote man. This is not going to go great for Democrats, honestly, but that's not really what she means, which means that we should continue to expand the voter base to a bunch of people to
Then government largess when you're sixteen years old, you are still in a publicly run high school, and that means that your teachers and your peers, going to hear you had about all of this is absolutely silly. Worlds are less mature than they ever have been at any time in human history. Four hundred years ago, sixteen year olds were expected to move out of, the house and be married already really an even one? Hundred and fifty years ago, sixteen year olds were getting ready. To move out there already oppressing themselves, they're already getting jobs. There are getting ready to start a family. The average age of first marriage in the United States even fifty years ago is about twenty for both men and women. Now the average age of marriage is about seventy three in the United States if you are at twenty six or still on your parents, health insurance program. If anything, we should be using the voting age and speaking as someone who qualified development of sixteen. Since I was already in college, I would gladly gladly have raised the voting age when I was twenty five to prevent other people who twenty five, from voting, particularly if they're still living at home.
And reliance on Mommy and daddy's health insurance plan alrighty. Well, we will be back in two more hours will be joined by Representative Lee Zeldin of New York. He's one of the Republicans who voted against the supposed foe anti hate resolution from the Democrats will stop by to explain why you should stop by too that's why you should subscribe, so you can actually listen to those two hours. If not, we will see you here for the Sunday special, if your subscriber this A special then we'll see you here again on Monday, I mention here. This is the Ben Shapiro, show and The Ben Shapiro Show is produced by sending a Villarreal executive producer. Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan, hey are supervising producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is mixed by my car. Amina hair and makeup is by Jessica over a production assistant. Nick Sheehan, the Ben Shapiro Show is a daily wire produc,
copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen hey guys over on that Wall show today we're going to talk about the Democrats and their reluctance to condemn Anti Semitism. Why are they so were locked in? Well? It has to do with the lefts victimization flow chart. Their equation of victimization very complicated will try to sort through it today. Also AOC, Alexandria, Keiser Cortez thrives on false narratives than she was pushing another false narrative. Yesterday, a pretty absurd one will discuss. Finally I'll answer: some interesting listener submitted emails today as well over on that Wall Show.
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