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Ep. 736 - The College Scam

2019-03-13 | 🔗

A college scam ensnares two famous actresses, corruption at the Obama DOJ rears its ugly head, and populists Left and Right battle over the commanding heights of the economy. Date: 3-13-2019

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A college scam ensnares to famous actresses corruption at the Obama Department of Justice, rears its ugly head and Elsie Battle for the commanding heights of the economy. I'm bench of here this is the benchmark Eroshka. I note your asking your saying yourself: how is it that you are ready to do a pod cast the next morning after flying back from Michigan I'll? Tell you how we don't need sleep here. All we need is the intellectual energy of a fervent believing moved or gets. The actual is in just one second, but before we get to that, let me remind you in two thousand: the: U S, national, that was ten trillion dollars today. The debt is nearly twenty two trillion dollars. It is rising like a hockey stick if you don't think we're sitting on a house of cards you're living with your head in the sand, but since you're listening to my podcast, you are clearly smarter than the average bear. So what exactly is your plan? Can you afford? Another hits your retirement. Like the last downturn when the Essen p dropped. Fifty percent, hedge against inflation, hedge against uncertainty and instability with precious metals. Gold is a safe haven against uncertainty. My seventh point-
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LOS Angeles, which was superior school in LOS Angeles, seventies alike and then for law school. I went to Harvard LAW School, so I know a fair bit about higher education, since I've spent an awful lot of time there, Well, I will explain to you why it is that so much of college education is a scam. What college education is actually designed to do why what colleges are designed to do does not mesh with the proposals of the left for paying for tuition for everyone, and We can do all this through the prism of what is a shocking and somewhat amusing story is a story about a bunch of rich people who apparently bribed their kids way. Into top and also meant here colleges. According to the New York Times, a teenage girl who did not play soccer magic. We became a soccer star recruit at Yale close to her parents. One point: two million dollars: schoolboy eager to unroll at university in Southern California, was falsely deemed
having learning disability, so he could take a standardized tasked with the complicit proctor would make sure he got the right score cost to his parents at least fifty grand. with no experience rolling when a spot on the. U S, crew team after a photograph of another person in a boat, was submitted. As evidence of prowess, her parents where to hundred thousand dollars into a special account. Now, ok, let's be sprayed about this for a second, I the one point two million dollars for Yale, real, pretty exclusive. I do not hear that Two hundred thousand dollars for admission to USC in that is really really overpaying. For that happy me or adept in a major ecology. scandal the laid bare the elaborate length some wealthy parents will go to get their children into computer. The american universities federal prosecutors charge fifty people on Tuesday in a brazen scheme to buy spots in the freshmen classes, at Yale, Stanford and other big names schools. Thirty three
he'll parents were charged in the case, including Hollywood celebrities and prominent business leaders. Prosecutor said there could be additional indictments to come, also implicated tap college. Athletic coaches were accused of accepting millions of dollars to help admit undeserving students to a wide variety of colleges from the University of Texas, and often to wake Forest and Georgetown by suggesting that they were top athletes. By the way we should get rid of college S, Lennox Hanno unpopular viewpoint, but if love to watch their college S Lennox yeah. Well, I like to watch Broadway theater. I dont think that schools should give scholarships based on your your a bit We need to do a play that the school races money off of. If you want to go to school, to learn about theatre, that is one thing, but you don't go to school, to learn about sports, you go to school and he joined athletic teams and the school can make money off a view, which is why the ship, their student athletes, or they should have associated teams that don't you actually get college scholarships, but that's disciple of the parents in
did the television start boy waffling and her husband, the fashion designer, will see more generally the actress, felicity movement and will M Junior partner at a private equity, firm, teepee g, according to officials, the scheme, Tuesday was studying in its breath and audacity. It was the Justice Department largest ever college admissions prosecution, a sprawling investigation. They involve two hundred agents nationwide and resulted in charges against fifty people in sixteen the charges also underscored how college admissions had become so cut throat and competitive that some have sought to break the rules. The authorities say the parents of some of the nation's wealthiest and most privileged students sought by spot spots for their children at top universities. not only treating the system but potentially cheating other hardworking students out of a chance at college education
The parents are the prime movers and his frauds and Andrew Lulling, the? U S attorney for the District of Massachusetts. He said those parents use their wealth to create a separate, unfair admissions process for their children or get quick note that separate unfair admissions process for kids has existed in a couple of different ways in the United States for quite a while way number one is through legacy admissions they Jim, I bet my dad went to school. Therefore I should get into the school or my parents gave. a building to the school. Therefore, I should get into the school. In fact, this even comes up in the show the Sopranos, where meadow surprise, oh gets into Colombia, and then her parents are hit up for its donation to the building this sort of stuff has been going on in american public life for a very long time and then there's a second corrupt way that people get into schools, and that is the soft bigotry of low expectation way that we get people into schools through writing stories in their essays. How tough they have it in life, and then we allow people with lower scores and lower GPA to take the spots of people with higher scores and higher gps, predominantly asian, and the cases of place like harbour. The ring
victims, in this case, Sir andred. Well, in the: U S: attorney were the hardworking students display, and the admission process by far less qualified students and their families who simply bought their way in at the centre of the sweeping financial and fraud. as was William singer, the founder of a college prep business, called the edge College in career network, also known as the key apparently MR single use, the key and its nonprofit arm key Worldwide Foundation based in Newport California, to help students cheat on their standardized tests and to pay bribes to coaches, who could get them into college with fake athletic credentials. hey mister thing about twenty five million dollars from twenty eleven until February. Twenty nineteen to bribe coaches and university administrators to designate their kids as recruited athletes which effectively insured their admission. According to the indictment, singer went to court on Thursday afternoon and describes how
range for students as eighty and eighty two results to be falsified by sending them to take the exams in Houston or allay where it bribed to test administrators who described the students is believing they were taking the test legitimately. But he said the test. Proctor would correct their answers. Afterward. He said he would tell the Proctor the exact score. He warned the students who get and then that proctor was great. It doesn't would achieve the score exactly so there's a bunch of their a bunch of celebrities have been caught up in the middle of this obviously, and that is why its drawing so much fire and so much media scrutiny at this point. Some of the celebrities have been caught up in the middle of this, of course, Felicity Hoffman of desperate housewives, shame and Lorry Laughlin, a full house lawful in her husband of allegedly spent five. hundred thousand dollars in bribes to get their two daughters designated recruits for the. U S e crew team. The two daughters were then admitted on that basis, as I say that a lot of money to just get into USC huh men paid fifteen grand as a full charitable donation to the key worldwide founded
since our daughter could be admitted to a top college, the money actually went toward paying a third party to correct your daughter's s. Eighty scores boosting it to a fourteen twenty from mid one, thousands where she had been scoring on her practice as eighty a year earlier, and so we do have a rather hilarious bit of of audio from lorry waffling zone. so, her daughter is in Instagram Model, Olivia, gauges and instagram model. She has something like one: five million Instagram followers. She has another two million Youtube power which does raise the question as to why she cares about going to college in the first place and making more money off of all of that, then ever make by majoring in some random marketing class at USC. In any case, here is lorry law,
when's daughter talking about what she expected out of college and then the whole college saying yes, I'm going living in a doormat with roommate, whose so sweet with work. It's gonna be hard left, my first with the school I'm leaving too, though, to Fiji fur work and then I'll be in New York bunches here for work and travelling TED. country, because I'm creating something with this country and lobster work. So I don't know how much your school I'm going to attend and I'm going to go in and talk to my jeans and everyone and hope that I can try and balance it all. But I do want the experience of like game days partying. I don't really care about school Ok, so everybody is laughing this. She doesnt really care about school, so wider repair care, so much about getting her into school answer. Is that a living Jade is right and yellow are wrong, elevators, correct and you are wrong. What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is that what people think colleges for what people think universities for is not what college and universities are for whenever I speak in colleges and universities- and I speak-
at these universities, regular women at the University of Michigan. Yesterday I always say there is a vast difference between people who are going to colleges in Europe. cities to learn a skill set and people who are going there to not learning skill set. So another The people who are generally in the humanities and the people who are general, we in the sciences wanna put a label on it, you see allay. Does the north campus majors versus South Campus Major South campus majors? Those are the primary folks South campus majors, while the engineering students, all the mathematics, students, all the geology students, you know people who are going to learn skills that they were then going to apply in a job. All the north cap is majors where the political science majors and the history majors and the english majors the people who are pressing. For a career, maybe in academia or teaching, and possibly in going to law, school or business school or in marketing or something all those north campus maidens were not there Lorna Skill set, because the reality is the skill set
he learned. Being a lawyer are not the same as the skills they learn in a power cyclists. You don't learn a skill set in a policy cycle ass. If you dont know how to write by the time you get to college, very low chance are actually going to learn right once you do get to college so then, what exactly are colleges and universities about? And this answers a couple of other questions that the question of asking right now about answer a couple of other questions. So to answer the question, what colleges and universities about we have to answer to other questions specific to this scandal, one, why our rich famous parents shelling out legitimately millions of dollars to get their kids into these prestigious schools. I don't need to their rich and famous. They could just give their. Could a million bucks and say go start a business or they could put it and trust fund there can wouldn't have to worry. So why are they so intends on getting their kids into these topknot schools? That's question we're one we have to answer a question number two. Let's say all these kids get it right. Let's say that that lorry waffling kid gets in and she gets in on the basis
of crappy as eighty scores and bad grades and all the rest wouldn't she fell out and if not, why not? If I got admitted to the MIT Mathematics Programme on the basis of bad scores, I would fail out, but if I got into MIT on the basis of crew Megan MIT Crew and then I majored in history, there's a good shot that I would not fail out, which says something. The quality of these universities and what they are intending to do. What these universities, particularly The humanities are designed to do because they are not career building exercises. There not skills that building exercise. I'll explain in a second what people are getting wrong about college and why the scandal could rip the lid off of what basically as a university scheme in just one. Second, first, let's talk about your genes. Twenty three and me allows you to go beyond ancestry and gain access to access, more personalized insights about you based on your dna with more than a hundred and twenty five genetic reports you can and gain insights about your health traits and more receiving
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twenty three and meet outcomes, Lasher bureau to three and me dotcom, Slash, Shapiro! Ok! So, as I say there, these two questions that need be answer: wire, rich parents paying for their kids to get into these schools and too, even if they did get these kids into the schools. Why article bailing out. had sailing up, because, presumably their unqualified and what we have seen from many affirmative action programmes all over the country is that when people who are not generally qualified to get into a university get into that university drop rates tend to be much higher than the general population, but here's the thing those about Rachel, not universal, this drop out rates are still relatively low. So why aren't these kids getting kicked out for not being up to snuff and too your parents were already over wealthy already underprivileged. Why are they spending five hundred thousand dollars to get their kid into you Bessie and the answer is the colleges are not about training kids for the real world. Colleges are not about teaching them significant modes of thinking or examining timeless truths. This is not what universities are about anymore. They are not what they are
a hundred and fifty years ago, or a hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago. Universities are not about skill set, at least not in the humanities, thereabout, two things and two things: only credential ism and social connections. That is it. That is what universities are very big social. Club now credential is a low. Let's discuss each of these in turn, because this really does have a pretty vast impact on american society and on the bifurcation of american society into these sort of intellectual contingent. The white collar contingent and those dummies who didn't What go that? That's the attitude of the intelligentsia and it's a wrong attitude is not correct. It's a foolish attitude You'd reinforced by the college's themselves, so in our society was sober credentials and first society there's an easy way to be perceived as intellectually meritorious does way being perceived a smart. You point here: degree people don't They got their accused Gore's or there s eighty scores and hate each other with that, but they will take it.
degree into it all the time? In fact, one thousand Harvard law. This is literally we had a name for this was called the dropping the H bomb middle of a conversation. You would say you drop the age by me say I went to Harvard, even today, When people ask where you want to law. School is like a puff of pride and God went to Harvard Moscow's oh wow. He must be very smart. He went to Harvard LAW School. That's the way everybody thinks of college these days. My business partners, Jeremy Boy went to a music school. He dropped out after a couple of years Germany now makes a lot of money he's very successful guy. You runs a business that is, a hundred employees are just a few years ago using rotation, with a very well known, right wing figure, who is not a good human being, and this this well known, rightwing figure had never met Jeremy before and they were in a bit of a conflict over an option for film industry When figure called up Jeremy and started asking him about his background in winter You said you didn't go to college this person. Who is a jerk, though I know this person said. Jeremy
You mean and Union go to Athens College. You can. You can go to college. Why? Should I respect you? You don't even go to college. That's the attitude among a lot of people who go to college. Why? Because they feel, like colleges, are basically filtration systems that all they are our way of life. During outsmart people and then stamping the imprimatur of university upon them credentials. is the most important thing, and we all do this- where we I'll do this on the basis of where people went to school. So if you meet two people, one went to Yale the other ones. Junior college you're immediately going to assume the person who anti L a smarter than the person who went to Junior College, which in many cases is true, because Yale does have high admission standards and junior college does not. It is not universally drew, nor does it translate over into life success, just as I q is in fact an effective measurement of innate levels of intention. in certain areas, but it does not necessarily translate over into a level of life success. I know this because I went to highly gifted magnet school. When I was in junior high- and you had to have the court uncle John
yes, I'd like you to get it, I got it, but not by a huge now there are people there who had I'd, use twenty point higher knighted, many of us are teaching Jim. Some are in jail, in other words, ability does not always translate over into life. Success or skill set its when the beautiful things about capitalism, your innate in elegance, does not mean that you have provided a good or service to somebody else. It just means that you have the capacity to do certain things so In any case, colleges are designed for thing number one credentials: can brag about where you want to school and then thing number two: they are designed for its social connections. Social institutions in the United States have been fading over I'm it used to be the most of us had our social connections with other people through a couple of different institutions, church and and and work they did most of the people at my office. You hang out with each other in their spare time. Their social connections, their social fabric, is, is created by the
they work with others, but before that predating that going back when they were teenager, most people's social connections came from school or came from their or came from their church as churches decline and ass. Schools became less and less of a binding commitment, particularly public schools. Raspberries became lesson, lessons Does the federal government became more more involve social fabric tended to disappear, and so enough? In essence, what has happened is that colleges have become a rebuilt social fabric, so TIM Corneas, could become alienated America? That is out in the last couple of weeks in which she specifically talks about how it is There is strong social fabric in left wing, white collar upper class communities on the coasts and that that social institutional fabric is created in large part by colleges, people who went to college with each other. They still go out for drinks. They still get jobs from one another. He says that in many cases, college social fabric has become a substitute for church. Social
a break in the rest of the country? We still connect with people who go to church with the beautiful thing about going to church with people or send it out with people is that there is no iq requirement to get in. There's no testing requirements. Get in there is a value, requirements get in and those connections seem to be far more durable and far more meaningful than simply we have. Same iq levels. We went to the same college, but for a group of white collar people, who are not ensconced in other social institutions. Your connections are created by the college that you went to jail. Events who went to Yale LAW School wrote a huge press articles, hillbilly elegy about growing up in in essence, sort of a broken appellation community in Kentucky He says that admission to yell, Moscow, granted and social capital end quote the networks of people and institutions around us. Have real economic value, social value. Obviously we get jobs from friends or from friends of friends, the social circles in which we travel matter. That is true for people work. When rich, as well as those born, bore. In fact, if you look at the areas of the kind
suffering most? Those tend to be the areas the country where there are no effective social institutions where the churches have fallen apart, where there are no PDA meetings and where people are not going to the same college. Here is the problem. Neither of these two things socialism or social institutions, neither of these two things credentials and social fabric actually demands that universities teach anything. but none of that has to do with actual education. The credentials some occurred, the minute then you get in and the social fabric is creed. It simply by virtue of your presence at these universities and that's why parents are willing to pay through the nose to get their kids in, because Felicity Hoffman immoral offline, want to be able to say about their kids that they went to a problem university and they want their kids to be able to call on the resources of the people they went to school with, so they can friends later in life and social connections- that's it This is all about. They want to be able to point at their doors school and say, look she's March as USC. She smart, she's right there
is the goal here and the kids. What to do the same in ever want to be questioned about their intelligence. They wanted to listen. This applies across the aisle when president, it points to his Wharton degree. That is what he is doing. You never hear president from talk about what he learned at Wharton. He says everything that learned. He learned actually running a real estate business, but in point of warden so that he can say this is why I am smart right. Don't sure my into what I would to Wharton this sort of credentials is very important in american life is, however, not the role of the university It's why universities are dry, are a giant giant scam. Then the secondment Tell you a story about my first day at Harvard LAW School. That sort of underscores a lot of these points and then we'll talk about what universities ought to be and what we ought to do to fight all of this, because this is indicative of a broader problem in the university system. First, let us talk about that. Watch, you're wearing! You know that clunky old thing or you wearing one of these watches. That tells you not only the timing many calories you ve burned, and it tells you the anger.
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All all mahogany fits about a thousand people, and each class at Harvard is pre beg for walks about five hundred persons from class gathered in historic Sanders, theater and Dean Lena Kagan. Who is now Supreme Court justice? She strides on the stage and she tells us that the competition over. There is no more competition is over. We were in. I remember this vividly she said. Listen, you think this is gonna, be like the paper trace very famous movie bout. Harvard law school from the nineteen seventies, where one professor kings feels really harasses his students using the socratic method and makes them feel terrible about themselves in theirs, competition and people drop out. Nor the rest, she said: that's not real, Harvard law that the game is over. You one you're here she said that that, Basically, we were destined to leave with an agree with a job, and not only that we were destined to rule the universe told us how many alumni of Harvard LAW School were
send it. How many were in Congress? How many were on the Supreme Court? Basically, your life's battle was over upon accept. since to Harvard LAW, what happened next did not matter at all. What is that that's credentials and social fabric? That's it as you. To think she was promising right there. Now. This has significant social ramifications in means that our meritocracy does not actually beginning college, the meritocracy begins long before college. In fact meritocracy very and ends upon admissions who college. That is why by the way you can be admitted, one of these schools and never be kicked out you're, not meritorious once you get through the gate. The meritocracy is done. You're in this is Heaven: it is also. It is also one of the reasons why the failures of the lower educational, the motto boom larger than inability to get into a good school. Because of you failed high school, the chances that you're gonna get into this this privilege to state are very, very low the cells. A significant political ramifications for campus. It means that the
places are kush places where students expect to be treated with kid gloves, because after all, your there as Olivia Jade said to party and have gained night- you're not actually ear veritable social fabric. You're not learn things, Professor Harvey, and yelled at Harvard University he famously graded people as he thought they ought to be great. It's a lot of his students got sees summit these, and then he was treated by the administration and the students, because he was told your running. These kids college experiences and you're driving kids from your class by giving them legitimate grades. Instead, you should be participating in great inflation, so you don't harm these kids future careers and pressure by the administration by students, Mansfield started getting up to grades, one for merit, you'd actually give the real great and then the one that you'd send them.
Destroy which was there fake great there I run a great is one of the things he called it. It also means politically, students expect not to be challenged. They expect to go to college campuses and be ensconced in a safe space in a bubble, or they are never micro rest and where everyone treats them well, because, after all, when you go to church, you don't expect to be micro rest when you grow a pity aim meeting you, expect to be challenged with new ideas. You expect that it's all them we very friendly and very nice. This is social fabric building institutions. What does mean that, if somebody like me is brought to a campus like Berkeley, all hell may break loose, because I have now threaten the social fabric. Comfort, which used to be the hallmark of of educational institutions, discomfort cause, you know and you had to learn things that discomfort has been out it, no more discomfort. It must be thrown away, discomfort, usually a feature of higher education. Now it is a bug. So what does this mean for the Bernie Sanders,
college: for already what means that is completely misguided: if college were really a place where you learned, a skill set in college for all would sound a lot better if we are talking about stipends frankly for people who are going to ask a trade school that would sound better than what Bernie Sanders is talking about, but if the idea is that we have to pay for everybody to get into their local unit, cities, they can major in women studies and build a social fabric actual, isn't gonna work. Why, once you start admitting everyone's universities, then both of the things both of the things they colleges actually do right now are undercut. Credentials. Ms undercut as soon as you have a broad admissions policy, credentials only works so long as there's exclusivity. If it's hard to get to a school. The credentials still hold it very easy to get into a school. This gesture of local community college. No one brag about going to Duco. It's ok, It wasn't, doesn't work if everybody gets it. I want to come to building a social fabric. The same thing holds true: if you
if everybody gets in. All that happens is that now We have new social clicks that are formed inside this broader poor. Basically, turn college into Highschool people build social fabric in high school. They do build social fabric in college because they are sort of lined up like with. Like is the idea, so the college for our plan. Whither is under the scrutiny of why this sort of scandal would happen in the first place, but it does speak too what universities ought to be and how we ought to see them. How are we to see universities? We should have credentials, my don't think has to go away. I think credentials is a somewhat useful phenomenon in the sand. That is an intellectual short cut for us to decide whether somebody has innate ability or not, although it should, be used as the only indicator, but when it comes to buildings, she'll fabric, are social fabric, has to be built outside of colleges and colleges should be places where we learn. Skill sets an educated and are challenged not places where we go for game nights in partying
the inconvenient thing about what a Livia Jades had there is that every word of it is true. People largely go to college, at least for north campus majors, as I say, They largely go to college in order to party up build social. Reckon not learn anything and in that way, com. Those are succeeding at their task there. They need to do so, You shouldn't be surprised when you see rich people doing this sort of thing. Even rich people doing this sort of thing sort of by their kids into the institutional social fabric and credentials, and they feel their kids will need in just a second, I'm gonna get to Tucker Karlsson being beat where the head by media matters and why I now have proof positive that the people who, largely leaning. This drive against Talkin Karlsson are massive hypocrites, we'll get to that in just one second, first, let's talk about an organizations which you should belong, I'm talking about the? U S is easier if you're, the one when it most popular in advance. Nineteen eleven on the market. Listen up. I've teamed up with my good friends over at the. U S, hayseeds give you
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So let's talk for a second about the proof, positive that this bad faith effort to get took a Karlsson is just that a bad faith effort to get Tucker Karlsson. So yesterday there was an attempt to put together a protest over at the Fox NEWS headquarters by media matters. Media matters put out a notice. They wanted people to shop at Fox NEWS and protests the headquarters, because Fox NEWS meeting with its advertisers in preparation for the advice for the next year, and they will you show with a crowd how much people hate Fox NEWS. So a bunch of Non Fox NEWS, watchers we'll go, tell advertisers. Much, they do not like to watch Fox news media. That is putting this together. First of all, let us not pretend that media matters gives to craps about stuff that Tucker Karlsson said thirteen years they do not care in the slightest and yet the pretended offence is so grievous. It's so over the top that it's actually kind of shock so it would say, for example, in the mainstream media are complicit in this because they know carry there. I mean, let's, let's be absolutely
think about this. Chris Cuomo and Solomon do not care at all about anything. Took a thousand said they're, not offended by it. They are not shocked by it. They don't like Tucker Carlsson, and so they see this as a convenient club to beat took across Europe. I am more offended by whatever Karlsson said than they are, because I've never been in favour the stuff I hate, shock Jacques Radio, anything it's yuck. So I more offended by than done women and took her in and Chris Cuomo Nonetheless, your things mainstream news, anchor saying that these old comments resurface by media matters specifically to destroy Tucker Karlsson from thirteen years ago. It's the end of the world. I thought the most humorous clip about it. Last night came courtesy of Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper, who like who's on every new year's eve on CNN it may look oral sex jokes with Cathy Griffin was very deeply offended by two her Karlsson, being a shock. Jock radio show and he brought and SAM Donaldson, presumably from the crept to come and talk about how offended SAM Donaldson is about all of this good user
Matt Lauer or any of the other people. Charlie rose saying, well wait a moment there was just in jest. It was fun of aid, and this is something that was not important. Was it yes, it was important that happened, The girl, but guess it still important. Your character is important and what's happening. As a revolution when it comes to the way men treat women. Well, are you say, but this is not that no, this is vulgarity. This is hate speech. This is homophobic speech. This is the kind of speech if left unchecked will change this country forever, it's just as bad, and it should be punished in the way that the men were punished for what they do
so he sneezing atomic housing should be punished like Matt Lauer, who literally walked women in his office and in sexually abused them, and then he says that if things like this is left unchecked, it's gonna room, the country, a dude. It was left on track for thirteen years. I know what happened: nothing because no one cared, it was stupid. Crap on a shock, jock radio show it was vulgar. That's true, it was gross. That's true did it massively change the country? Of course not. This is all cynical nonsense from badly motivated, cynical nonsense from a lot of these people. I do have Great SAM Donaldson story about away. when he's wealth are in sea. Sam Donaldson showed up as in Tampa Beautiful, Tampa great idea, Mitt Romney and we, did we go to the orange and on radio road there, SAM Donaldson, and so I welcome SAM Donaldson and he is hosting at the time it opinion radio show and it's a left opinion radiations by walked up to- and I said, Mister Donaldson nice to meet you I'm wondering
Why does the EU hosting opinion radio show right now and you are very much on the left. Me said yes, and I said well: did you hold the same opinions back when you were a reporter and he said Yes, as it does not make a wire since you essentially portrayed yourselves and objective news journalist, then, but you held the same opinions. There is pretty obvious. He held the same opinions What you think are better than I am really will frankly I do actually, because I'm pretty opening my biases and state them front and centre he got very. Angry at me. Those eyebrows basically came out, it was it was, it was a moment is mom. In any case, how do we know that these people are pathetic hypocrites or first? Let me show you this pod save America. The pod browse the web. I'm a browser you're going after Tucker, and they were saying that they are helping out media matters, because this is all again a hit job. It is all an attempt to drive people. They don't like off. The air here are the guys from positive America trying to drive advertisers out of the Tucker Karlsson business. This it Obviously this is badly motivated nonsense. I have I have said for a long time that left right and centre average.
As it should be allowed to advertise on every programme. I would never call for a boycott against pod. Save America, I would never comparable I got against positive America's advertisers Everett it should take note by the way, that the folks at positive America are willing to use them as tools there. Won't you use Miss tools to achieve their political agenda, and maybe they think about whether they want to be associated with that. But I am not calling for advertisers to just Socio from positive America, they should feel free to advertise in a wide variety of programmes, makes the country a better place. Positive America, though, has activated, defence of media matters trying to not took across and off the effort stuff. It does not offend. The policy of America rose in the slightest they're having a protest outside a fox. his headquarters on Wednesday at eleven, a M in New York because foxes having emergency meeting with their advertisers. So if you want to send a message- and you want people to actually care There- let the
advertisers noack. That's the only reason that Billow Riley's in the law, like the people. I learned that six years it's only has worked. Tucker Karlsson is their most popular host in their most popular time. Slot a pizza if America brows very happy was going after advertisers and secondary boycotts. Let me just say this: every show is susceptible to this. Every shows susceptible to this, as I have said before this, can we weapon eyes it's in bad faith. Everybody knows it's in bad faith here as ever this in bad faith. Leading the charge on this is media matters execrable president annual parasols, the council has a long track record of saying nest the terrible things on social media for years, for example, in November two thousand five. According to the Daily Collar NEWS Foundation, he posted a lengthy I had on his website about. Bangladeshi man who was robbed by a gang of friends vested said that is a quote from kerosene. Harrison was so offended, but the gang was described as attractive in an article quote. Did you notice the word attractive? What the effort
Doing in there is a right or a tranny lover to is the leader of media matters or perhaps he's trying to justify how those tranies kick this Bangladeshi in the first place. Look man. We don't need to know whether or not they were attractive. The thing I was Bangladeshi and well we're What the hell is he doing with seventy three hundred bucks worth stuff, the guy's Bangladeshi as the head of media matters, also, he tried the police for not. eyes in the public to stay away from Franny Bars, dont think kiss a transvestite don't bring a group of friends, s dates back to your room, etc. The title of the post cranny paradise also there's another post in which he uses an ethnic slur for japanese people and another post in which he suggested that his boyfriend, who is jewish, he said to quote. Despite his jewelry, you know, he's adorable and he said that he would accept. As a consequence, he said that he's come to accept,
the different politics of his boyfriend as a as a fact of life as a consequence of his possession of several bags of jewish gold. so when his annual Harrison actual cars on call for a boycott against actual kerosene answers or because the Zol cynical nonsense, it's all garbage, it's always been garbage and everybody knows that its garbage, but well suppose to pretend that it since It is not sincere. I'm not gonna pretend good faith were bad. Faith is obvious in bad faith is perfectly obvious Europe I'll get meanwhile Elsie making the rounds. Man One of the beautiful things about eighty see is that when, when Representative Alexander Cause, you cartels Democrat of New York and fresh thinks of the Democratic Party, incredibly fresh endlessly face when she has her hearings on Capitol Hill with full sincerity. She plays aware half well on tv. She doesn't really know what she's talking about, and so she gets caught in these weird situations. Where should I ask a question? The person doesn't give an answer that she likes and then she doesn't
What to say next. That happened in along exchange with the ceo of Wells. Fargo she'd called this guy on the carpet presume oblige you grill him about all of these companies to which Wells Fargo has lent money. In the past, the walls Pharmacy named Timothy Sloan as a house natural services, committee hearing and lead the hero, s title holding mega banks accountable and examination of wells cargoes pattern of consumer abuses? Sloan was the first megabits. chief executive waters summoned to appear by the way it is insane insane. axiom waters presides over the House Financial Services Committee she's, one of the most corrupt members in the history of modern Congress. There there is fair, we solid evidence that she was directed as member of the House Financial Services Committee, the Jews helpings direct money to a bank associate with her husband for years, the one United Bank. In any case, Elsie used her time to go after the wells. Fargo see
oh for lending money to ice and got real awkward for her because she doesn't know what you're talking about Mr Sloan, why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the catching of children? To begin with? I dont know how to use your question because we worked so in fact view you were financing involved in debt financing, of course, civic and geography, cracked. For for a period of time we were involved in financial. One of the firms were not anymore and the other are not familiar with the specific assertion that you're making, but we weren't directly involved and there okay, so these companies run and private detention facilities run by ice.
which I, which is involved in encouraging children, but our move on. Ok, so the case that she is making, if a bank ones to a a customer and then their customer goes and does something bad with money. The bank is now responsible for that. So, in other words, if the bank gives you a carload and you got- you buy a car which has happened to millions of people in United States, get get some sort of loan from a bank gonna buy a car. Then you take that car and you drive broken crash it. That is the bank's fault. According to age, so I guess that the people who manufactured the microphone into which Elsie is speaking are responsible for her stupidity. I guess that's the way this works now, any any body who is involved in the chain of events, leading to a bad thing happening is now responsible for that bad thing happening because well have magical godlike powers. She tried to say
routine. With regard to the Dakota Access pipeline, she tried to ask these ceo of Wells Fargo if he is responsible for an oil spill by a pipeline, whilst Fargo was also an investor in major investor. In Dakota Access pipeline, the Keystone exile pipelines, as should well Spargo, be held responsible for the damage is incurred by climate change due to the financing of fossil fuels and and these projects- I don't know how you calculate- Comes- will have saved from spills or when we have to reinvest in infrastructure building, see walls from the erosion of from the erosion of infrastructure or cleanups wildfires, etc. Why should a well Spargo pay for the clean up of it if, since it paid for the construction of the pipeline itself, because we don't operate department, I did well as far go financed this pipeline when it was widely seen to be environmentally
stable, because our team reviewed the environmental impact and we concluded that it was, it was a risk that we will willing to take. What I love about her case right here is that she is saying that, whilst firewall is responsible for every downstream effect of a business that had funds including effects on climate change, yet The lady who just said the other day that she is living in the world's if she is not responsible for using goober and blowing carbon emissions into the atmosphere Agnes at an exorbitant right, she's, not responsible for that which she does directly, but some well, Fargo is responsible for doing something. Lesser amazing stuff. And again demonstrative of the fact that this is a bad faith attempt to go after big business. This a bad faith attempt to go after people who fun business in the United States. I would love to see a world where Elsie's logic prevailed legally, where people are responsible for every action downstream taken with any
products that they manufacture. All business in United States would be immediately bankrupt, which might be the point because the only folks you never have to responsible for anything are the folks in the federal government voting the federal would never have to be responsible for anything. They can promote programmes that destroy the social fabric of the country. They can promote programmes that make people poor. Destroy. Businesses, they can do all of those things and they will never be held to account, the government never goes bankrupt because no individual is individually responsible for those evils. Pretty amazing stuff. Meanwhile, quick update, quick update on the Bernie Sanders campaign. Remember that time that the entire democratic, he decided to Lincoln, not Anti Semitism. Well turns That goes a little bit more than skin deep over. The Bernie Sanders campaign in aid was forced to apologize to you for questioning American Jews dual allegiance to Israel, a spokeswoman for burning Andrews is presidential campaign apologized on Tuesday, after questioning that the american jewish community has a dual allegiance to the state of Israel and a conversation on.
Spoke. I used some language that I now see was insensitive issues of legions and loyalty to one's country come with painful history, said: Balin, Caesar Centres, Deputy national press secretary at a time when so many communities in our country feel under attack by the president and his allies, I Absalom We recognise we need to address these issues. Oh, oh, we don't feel under attack by you or by Johan Omar or by Bernie Sanders or by the democratic candidate who defended Johannaeum are we feel under attack by Trump and that's why you're apologizing for being a blatant anti semite got? It sees his comments were added to politico. Jewish political leaders criticized remark before she saw deleted them I totally disagree with that. It's ridiculous and she's wrongs had represented Lowest Franklin Jewish Democrat from Florida. Doesn't matter? Is this person going to lose their job? No, of course it now because the truth is that a lot of members of the Democratic Party are fine with the sort of stuff there absolutely fine. With with a lot of this sort of nonsense,
solid stuff from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Ok time for some things I like and then we'll get you some things that I hate so things that I like. I was on a plane that meant it was time to watch a movie, the movie that I shows was bad times at the Arroyo. Now this thing had mixed reviews going it. It is not great movie. It is very well made movie it's it's fun to look at its it's it's incredibly stylish and serve an old school nineteen. Sixty charade style. The acting is quite good. Across the board. It couldn't really decide whether it wants to be serving Agatha Christie, murder, mystery or whether it wanted to be a a meditation on the nature of life and redemption. It's got moments that that's all say about it. It's gotten it is a little bit of the preview first only around you have the option to stay in either California, that I want to stay in honeymoon, even all, not only on honeymoon
what are you doing here. I got a job singing arenas, more something up and better and the thing this is not a place for a freeze, they should be quite near me, really It has all the performances are, are quite good. The performance That really stands out just because I've never seen heard anything before things. Her first major partners is Cynthia Revoke. Who plays the the black lady, who is a singer and she's a terrific singer. She sings throughout the film. She really can sing them movie in quite hold together, but again it's movie of moments. Jeff Bridges is terrific in it, and John HAM is quite good. and it's got a really big Castro's hems worth is, is terrific and its up. It's worth. Checking is worth to watch for the rent are witnessing in the theater, and I didn't, but it's worth the rent, ok time for a couple of things that I hate
ok, so thing that I hate number one there's a peace that I saw linked over at the Washington Post from a publication called the lily, and it says I am weary of dating in the church. A devout Christian lets us into her dating life by joy, Beth Smith, and it's an interview with this committed Christian, and the entire articles about how bad it is. Today is a Christian and it just says, hey how corrupt our society is, that we think that it is very bad data's religious person. I did. It is religious person, as I've said, for my entire adult life, I think dating for marriage the only type of data that is worthwhile, I think dating for fun. It's a waste of time. I think it is counterproductive. I think it prevents you from fighting someone you want to spend the rest of your life with I'm a goal oriented person. I think people should be goal oriented and relationships whatsoever. about this article is then an unintentionally exposes how great it is to date as religious person. So here's what the article says it's an interview. So this woman ask your committee christian? What's your experience been like dating and it's about religious setting exhausting?
weary updating of the church going up as a conservative southern Baptist. I was condition to believe that the purpose of dating from I you only date when you are ready and able to be married, and you only day people whom you consider marrying. This of course presents all kinds of problems. How do you know what you're ready for marriage and has anyone really ready for marriage. Ok, the answer is that yes, there comes a your life when you are ready to make a commitment settle down and you're? Not ready to do? That? then you shouldn't be leaning. Anybody else on. We all know in this point does and pray. and that you don't really know when you're ready for marriage, saying you know you're ready to get a job you ready yet who travelled assigned to get a job? You read you get married when it's time you get married. Are you ready at the end of college after your brain envelops or maybe once you're, financially stable in your fertility, is starting to decrease at an alarming rate. No, it is when you are personally capable of having a fulfilling lifelong commitment default. This mentality also teaches you to assess every guy as a prospective spouse before seeing him as a person. I only know that means I would definitely don't know. That means. If I see somebody is a prospective spouse, so I know
We see them as a human being, in fact, I see them as the ultimate human being, a person with whom I might want to spend the rest of my how how's it demeaning anyone to evaluate whether more to spend the rest of your life with them. That seems like maybe the best way to determine whether that person is a person worth your time. But this lady says this creates a culture of commodified, nation and dehumanization that only com stating inherent frustrations. Ok, let me ask you this, which do you think it's more dehumanization income modification dating for sex waiting for marriage which using more dehumanizing hey, there's a hot person, I'd like to screw them or hey, there's a human being. I might like to settle down and marry that person they seem attractive on the surface. Maybe we should sit down and talk but their values, their aspirations goals in dreams, which one is to in commodified this lady says it seem like you're only as valuable as you are marriageable well in the context of relationships. Yes, that's exactly what it means It means that maybe you're not marriageable. You should start thinking about
Your self more marriageable, because in order to be marriageable. That means that you have to be found worthwhile by another person voluntarily stop railing against reality and start thinking about how you improve life, anything that detract from your marriage potential like a Corky personality, sick, where thick size or who had decreases or value as a person. No, it doesn't decrease or value as a person, it's a curse, Is your values, a marriage partner, but only to people who value those things, because again it's a voluntary lifelong commitment in the orbit of a church culture that highly prices the nuclear family unit, I'm unable to fully participate or create that family structure? For my spell for myself, despite my best efforts was an, I know it's hard to be single. It sucks to be single is no fun to be single, but to substitute in ersatz relationship for something real and true to stop. Seeking the good in favour of mediocre too bad is not only a waste of your time. It is a waste of your soul,. This lady says it makes sense that the churches we're out, find someone who chairs my values and is like minded on many issues, but I don't know how to
what the single men seem to be looking for and its painful to continually put yourself in a market where there are no takers again. That is true. It is difficult to date dating socks, its. It was my least favorite time of life I hated dating. I thought it was This is why, after I found my wife and we started dating within three and a half months, we are engaged in the Mona got engaged. I turned my wife and I said basically, I remembered the dates is no vessel think of two thousand and two american, two thousand eight, so woman November, fifteen thousand seven and fine I turn to my wife, and I said I love you and then for a month she did not say I love you back for a full month. She did not say I love you back, and this was very troubling. It is very difficult everytime. I finish a phone call. I say I love you and she would say: ok, bye, It was great, then December fifteenth. She finally realise that, in fact, she did love me and she said I love you too,
and the reason she hadn't that I love you is because she knew the minute that she said. I love you. This is what was going to happen next, because it did. I said: ok, let's get married, you love me. I love you. We share the same values were ready to get married. What's the problem, let's do this thing and my wife, I remember saying You know why? Don't we just take our time and enjoy the dating an essential because I'm not enjoying the dating? I'm enjoying being with you but dating always holds over its head. Possibility that we break up, and I don't like that. It's uncomfortable to me: I don't know break up with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so why don't we just get thing formalised, and let's get this done, and it took my wife We too come around and then we were engaged on December. Twenty. Second, two thousand. Seventeen that's out by the welfare state, was of temper fifth, so that that is the needs, the entire time line of hearth of our dating experience, and it was great Why? Because it was always done it with an attitude toward commitment directed toward commitment. Don't waste your time, don't waste your life. doesn't mean that this is gonna, be easy. It doesnt mean that the that the timeline is going to be quick
it superpower listen. I know a lot, a single people, a lot of them and its painful. member being single it was. I was twenty foreigners married. It's no fun at all: it's no fun at all, but that does not mean They should lower your site or settle for well. You know it be better if I just randomly had sex with people or I would just have relationship- or I know it's not going anywhere but better to be together than be alone, your ear emptying your soul and into private yourself of the possibility of something better, ok, you're willing. after a little bit later, with two more hours of Ben Shapiro sharing and want to be Plus we have Delaware backstage. Also, I would remind you my new book. The right side of history comes out. next week, soaring up the best seller charts as we speak. The audio book is now available. Or its available next week. I Why do the audio read on its? If you love this voice, get six and a half more hours of it simply by going and buying the audio books. Otherwise, we'll see you here later this afternoon or tomorrow, I'm bench. Carelessness of entropy
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