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Ep. 74 - Barack Obama Is A Hypocritical Jackass Reality TV Star Wannabe

2016-02-17 | 🔗
Obama lectures Americans on the Constitution, we discuss who's the biggest liar on the Republican side, and why does Sports Illustrated think putting an attractive woman on its cover is feminism?
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Here we are at is Wednesday in all, shreds of sanity have been lost, on the set, but we'll talk about Why that is maybe, but mostly we'll talk about the presidential race will talk about Donald Trump and TED Cruz, still getting into fights with each other and who is the biggest liar in this race? Is it trump? Is it cruise or is it Marco Rubio? Who is the biggest liar we'll talk about all of those things I am here this is the Ben Shapiro show this like this tend to demonize people who don't care about your feelings, so start with the news. The news is that Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina, is about to endorse Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida in the presidential race, and that's fine, that's fine. I mean I've. I've stated clearly here on the podcast and my first choice for the nomination is cruise. My second choice for the nomination. Rubio. It doesn't make a huge difference to me personally if Nikki Haley endorses Rubio, I've had things that I like
Nikki Haley things I didn't like about Nikki Haley. I thought her response to the state of the union was terrible. I thought that she handled the confederate flag issue in South Carolina badly, but you know that's just me. I don't care It is fine, there's only one problem. I have with the Nikki Haley endorsement, and that is the more complicated this republican race becomes, the more complicated it becomes, the better the shot, but Donald Trump ends up as the nominee and Donald Trump is in fact, a terrible, terrible, terrible liar he's just a he. He he lies on a consistent basis. Today he actually sent a cease and desist letter to TED Cruz, based on an ad to TED Cruz, put out with his historic views on abortion, had tape of trump from two thousand talking about how he was in favor of partial birth abortion and how Trump was not significantly pro life, and so what is Trump do because Trump is a spoiled rich brat. He sends a cease and assist letter to TED Cruz. Like I'm going to sue you, if you don't take down this add twitch crew said fine. Do it you want to me: let's do
ok, I'll depose myself. It will be really fun. I'm looking forward to it and Trump then said you know the only reason that they cruise is doing all of this is he's flailing about, because he's whining and because he's weak in his campaign falling apart And now I finally understand why his camp logo looks the way it does it's a flame. It's because his campaign is going up in flames. Its its truck still playing kind of teenage, bully, provocateur and Cruz, responding by saying you want to you, want to chat jingle, for I think the cruise go stronger in that direction now weaker. Actually, I think Cruz needs to say to him and he sort of did today he said that you spent your entire. I don't like suing people, but he actually needs to call him a spoiled brat used to getting his way. He's never had anybody say no to him an this time somebody's going to say no to him, because somebody to stand up to the bloviating, idiotic bully. That is Donald Trump Man, and I think that at this point He doesn't have a lot to lose on this score. Considering that both Trump Andrew
all have been going very hard at at TED Cruz. Rubio, particularly discussed me. A little bit in this does he saying things that he knows are not true about cruise because he's trying to reinforce the stigma, the stereotype, the idea about cruise the cruises, fire in a manipulator and I'm going to to go through all the supposed lies manipulation of all of the candidates and will actually discuss who's. The liar manipulator, who actually is responsible for the prevarication in this camp, ruby has been saying things about about about cruise. That simply are not true at this point, and that's that's sad I always thought that Rubio was, at the very least a good guy and honorable guy and this is making me a little bit sick to my stomach when cruise it's Rubio over his immigration record? That's their game. Some of the stuff Rubio it in cruise about Israel The dicey, really dicey. So, let's go through it a little bit and then we'll get to President Obama being his jackass self and and all Okay. So, let's start with the accusations that are currently flying around, so you got,
Crews standing over here hitting Donald Trump saying Trump, is a liar about his conservatism. True, you've got Donald Trump name, the TED Cruz liar manipulator, a sleazy campaign, or the biggest liar the biggest liar I've ever seen. In my life, sad sad that will get you second, and then you have Marco Rubio who's trying to avoid the flailing fists of fury of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, heading TED Cruz trying to drag him down so that he can finish second in South Carolina. So let's talk about the lies of each so Donald Trump lies relies alot on Saturday night, for example, we talked about this yesterday. He explicitly said that George W Bush lied us into the war in Iraq. Two days later, we gotta play. Yesterday, two days later, he told MIKE Gallagher. He never even said that, so you lied twice. First, it didn't last indoor rock and second, he did say that he call it was a liar debate after Cruz said that Trump supported Funding planned parenthood, but Trump does support funding planned parenthood. Non abortion-
is, is which is a nonsensical position, since all money, as we said before, is fungible if you send a dollar planned parenthood. So I want you to use this for birth control, but not a planned parenthood will do that then take the money they were going to spend for birth control and shifted over to abortion. During that same debate, claim. The cruise operatives were calling people to tell them. He was dropping out of the race. There's no evidence that this is the case. Everybody sort of just forgot that Trump said this, but Trump actually said this in the debate during the debate Trump said that he had specifically warned over and over that we shouldn't go into Iraq ball. It's not true. There's no evidence of that. No one can find a single statement that that's the case and then his latest was yesterday yesterday. He tweeted out of quote from former Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, very conservative guy, in which he which Coburn supposedly ripped crews without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in DC. Only one problem with this. Coburn never said that she immediately responded. He said it's an absolute fabrication. I've never said that
it it's unfortunate. He would use my name to say something dishonest. It's a total fabrication. Trump eventually deleted the tweet. No media follow up no media file up. So that's Donald Trump He lies on routine basis and there's never any media follow up like. Wouldn't you expect somebody at that at that debate. Trumpet said before that he warned about the Iraq war we need expect. Somebody say: ok when Donald name it before isn't for you. Never that you're never on record anywhere saying this, but you know that's where the trumpet and gets away with it, because You don't get the sense that he's lying, because Trump is so variable day. Today he was honest when he said that be thought, Bush is a liar. He was honest two days later when he said that he doesn't recall Bush a liar, because when he said the second thing,
Amber same first thing, because he doesn't pay attention to the things he said. Isn't there is sort of confidence and arrogance to to trump the means that he can shift positions on a dime cannot go to cruise the biggest disadvantage the TED Cruz has in this race. Is that he's tigris? What I mean by that is just he was born with that mug there's no other way to put it. People tend to judge each other based in a split second on how they look. It's it's just a sad reality of human life. We have all of these kind of reptilian brains and those retail Brains were designed to help us survive in the wild in, and that meant you made snap decisions about your surroundings. We still make snap decisions about people So if you see somebody either like their look or you don't like their and and the truth is you
change your opinions about this. In fact, they did a scientific study at one point where they took all of the presidential candidates for the last six seven elections and they removed their kind of distinguishing facial features so like George Bush and John Kerry, but they removed some of the features that made them. Look like George W Bush and John Kerry was basically people who looked kind of like them, and then they said: ok, vote for these two people- you don't know anything about them both for them, and it turns out that more often than not significantly more often than not, it's actually statistically significant people vote for the guy who actually won so people tend to base their voting patterns on how people look TED Cruz has an unfortunate face. There's no two ways about it. He he looks like he is as brew his head on his show. He looks like a used car salesman. He looks like in Elmer, gantry type, it almost wouldn't matter how honest TED Cruz was that was going to adhere to him. It was. He was going to glom on to him. And Trump has an uncanny knack for channeling. This particular instinct that part of his reptilian brain works extraordinarily well.
He can look at people and immediately tell what's the vulnerability that people are going to hone in on. So for cruise. It's going to be honest because he looks slick like a used car salesman for Rubio to be these abated these week, because I'm weak for job looks like he's weak right every time trump does. This is always a character attack, right, you're, weak or corrupt. Your sleazy is never a policy attack, but the attack on cruise that he's dishonest it was bound to have more play than it would with, for example, Marco Rubio, because cruise unfortunately, just as he has a face that looks this on. That's just there's no two ways about it and and part of it is the eyes the curve down part is now the curves down in the chair I mean there's just he has videography kind of went out. The the the judgment of head shapes this one out at the end of the last century. The end of the the at the end of the twentieth sent the end of the nineteenth century. Physiognomy really went out of style, but none the less
Yes, people still can have these an informal ties in queues in their mind. So, let's go through what what Cruz has actually been accused of lying about, because I think it's important. I think people need to know where he said the more. He hasn't and he's not totally clean, because politicians are never totally cleans. Let's go through this, so I got from them will be able to increase. Is dishonest yeah trump saying that cruise is the most honest person he's ever met is like more dishonest than him. I mean he's the most days. Most dishonest person he's ever met. So what is cruise light out while Trump says the cruise lied about Ben Carson, dropping out of the race in Iowa. We've dealt with this on the show repeatedly before you can go back and listen to those podcast, The short story is that CNN reported based on information given to them by the Ben Carson campaign that Ben Carson was heading down to Florida and then up to Washington DC instead of campaigning in New Hampshire or Iowa right before the Iowa caucuses. Cnn then played this up as breaking news. Dana bash,
on the on the channel said. If you want to win the presidency, you don't go back down to Florida. It looks to every observer as though this was a suspension of a campaign. The cruise campaign, let all of its precinct captains, know tell people that Carson is probably going to drop out. So, if you're thinking about cruises, your second choice shift your vote over to cruise there's nothing here about that. There's nothing horrible about that cruise later apologized. The reason that he apologized is a political reason. He shouldn't have apology. She didn't do anything wrong. The reason the cruise apologized Ben Carson is because one he figured that Carson was an honorable guy which is now in question. Given the Carson is running a vanity campaign to expand his email list and to he is the only way to continue garnering support from Carson supporters was to apologize to Carson. What Carson and accept allergy and then we'll move on with our lives instead, Carson son, for to Nitti to expand his campaign in the future states, and so he started bashing cruise about the ears over it and show the cynicism of that when Donald Trump literally called Ben Carson, a pedophile Ben,
some blame the media and refused to blame trump when it comes to TED Cruz? reporting. What is true, which is that Carson is running, is on the campaign. Then all the sudden Carson is up in arms about it so terms as the cruise line about cars and dropping out of the race. This is this is nonsense. Okay, so other other accusations from said the cruises, liar. For saying that Trump would appoint left his judges can, maybe he would maybe he wouldn't really don't know, because his only record of talking about you, I just happened in the last week before that the only person that Trump has ever suggested he would appoint to the court was his sister who voted in favor of partial birth abortion as a concert all right. Ok, so, based on that, you might say yeah, there's at least a decent shot. That Trump would appoint somebody who's, not conservative, but in the last debate Trump mentioned, a couple of people have been supplied to him by some of the folks in his campaign. Now you mentioned a couple conservative, so you know, let's say five thousand and fifty shot on that one. So true,
It also says the cruise lied when he said that Trump backs Obama. Care Trump says he opposes Obama care that he would defund Obamacare rid of Obamacare, but he also said the government run universal healthcare system so same difference, so that's not really alive by TED Cruz. The truth is that what trump supports could be worse than it than Obamacare. We, we really don't know because he hasn't gotten, yeah Trump says the cruise is lying when when crew says that Trump wants to fund planned parenthood know that true Trump has said in the past. He wants to fund planned parenthood. Now he says he doesn't want to fund planned parenthood so long as they provide abortion services What does that mean as their number one service uh so Trump says the cruise lines when crew says that Trump is pro choice? Trump is kinda. Sorta kinda choice. He says that he believes in the caveats with regard to the pro life position and that abortion isn't murder and until five minutes ago he was in favor of partial birth, abortion and fine. Trump says, the cruise is a liar, because Cruz says that his that that Trump's appointed to the supreme
it will get rid of gun rights and Trump says wonder now, I'm a big fan of the NRA, I'm a member of the NRA, I'm four gun rights. He is for gun rights in or at least he has been for the past couple of years. Again, that's no guarantee that the judge that he would appoint is somebody who would uphold gun rights. That said, that's a whole different question, so suffice it to say that cruises record on Trump is a little bit choppy, but it's not overly false, there's nothing that cruise is saying about Trump. It really is super over the line any worse than any other political campaign. Rubio is also now calling Cruz a liar he's calling cruise a liar for targeting his immigration record. Crubeens wrong. Rubio's wrong cruises, not lying Rubio's immigration records all over the place. We went through it yesterday, all one thousand one hundred and sixty seven positions of Marco Rubio. Yesterday cruise not lying about his immigration position. Rubio says crews a liar because Rubio didn't
Wanna use Congress Congress is constitutional authority to defund planned parenthood. This is what Cruz said. He says that Rubio isn't pro life enough because he didn't want to use Congress. Is constitutional authority to defund planned parenthood? Well, he use by. That is not that Rubio doesn't want to defund planned parenthood, but he's not willing to shut down the government in order to do so. If you remember back to the planned parenthood tobacco a couple of months back what and is that the Republican said yeah we're going to defund planned parenthood, and then they refused to attach a defunding portion of planned parenthood to any budget or procreation bill, so it has to separate bills, and we want to defund planned parenthood. Obama vetoed it. That was that Cruz wanted them to propose appropriations and force Obama to veto it on the basis of funding planned parenthood. Ruby had go along with that? So that's not really an over lie right by cruise. That really is again more of a glass half empty glass, half full kind of thing. So apparently Bruce is also accused, Rubio of being insufficiently anti same sex marriage. He said that room
I believe same sex marriages quote the the settled law of the land. Surrender and move on. This is what Cruz said about Rubio Rubio says this is a lie back when the same sex marriage decision came down from the Supreme Court hears a direct quote from Marco Rubio quote we live in a republic and must abide by the law sounds like settled lot of May. The only difference is that Rubio said we need to appoint judges who would apply the constitution properly. So maybe he means that there will be a future court that overrules it. But again, this is more of a glass half empty glass, half full kind of thing. It certainly isn't chance of life? And then Rubio says cruise was lying about him because Cruz said that Rubio wasn't additionally anti same sex marriage to earn an endorsement from the National Organization for marriage, that's false! According to the National Organization for marriage, they say that they would back Rubio over Hillary Clinton, but but back when that same sex marriage decision came down, the national or
for marriage said that Rubio's opposition to same sex marriage was quote lip service if he can't even get behind a constant amendment that allows the people to decide the issue so again: glass, half empty glass, half full he's not coming from nowhere, so verdict on TED Cruz Birds on TED Cruz is that cruise is a hard, hard edged campaigner that he says things that, if anything are exaggerations of positions for purposes of political campaigning, but there are there no over lies. You there's nothing to turn over a lie happening right here. Everything that he says is is kind of borderline, but it's not over into the black and white area just wrong. Now, let's talk about Marco Rubio and very few people talk about Marco Rubio's honesty, he's he's sort of perceived by conservatives to be here as the driven snow, Marco Rubio is just the the the absolute epitome of on a
the indecency on the campaign trail. This is not true. Hey Ruby on crews are basically in the same boat. They attack each other on the fringes. They're they're kind of about is as edgy as it gets, without moving into overtly nasty horrible territory. So, let's talk about some of the Rubio has said so. Rubio has now unleashed ads, claiming the cruise one. Input mass legalization of illegal immigrants. That's not true! It's not true! So crew voted against the gang of eight bill. That would do exactly that co, sponsored by Rubio what Ruby resting on his he's resting on an amendment that cruise brought. That said that he would provide, legalization for illegal. Friends, but never citizenship that amendment cruise. As was designed to basically be a poison pill to sink the bill, Rubio says no It was really really wanted to build a pass in any case all that really matters is the boat, so no cruise never backed mass utilization of illegal immigrants, if he had he would have voted for the gang of eight. Then yesterday, Trey Gowdy, who is a Repub
from South Carolina is on the Benghazi Committee very well liked. In conservative circles he suggested that the cruise campaign was responsible for a facebook page that went up yesterday. There's this facebook page yesterday, claiming that Trey Gowdy, who long ago endorse Marco Rubio had withdrawn his support for Rubio and given it to cruise crew, said we didn't put up that Facebook page has nothing Do with us, you have no evidence has anything to do with us and it doesn't have anything to do with us. It would be terrible if we did this. Suffice it is about is about as bf of denial as you can make that It's stop guarantee from releasing a statement saying the cruise campaign quote may not place same value on waging a contest based on truth. In fact, we have seen systematic effort by sender, cruise and his allies to spread false information and outright lies in the hopes of winning votes by appealing to our lowest common denominator. Okay, again check out as a prosecutor. If you want to accuse somebody of putting up a facebook page with an outright lie on it, you might actually want to
find evidence that the person put up the facebook page. The only evidence we have so far is crew, saying he didn't do it. So that's pretty dicey, stuff is kind of gross. The Rubio campaign and sent out a list of supposed cruise lies. They said that there is the Facebook post. That's false! That's not a cruise lie. It's it's actually ruby ally anti reveal immigration ads again. The is the ads are basically accurate. The cruise Plantarum had accusations if we discussed before the NAM controversy, the National Organization for marriage controversy, which we discussed before that they cues crews, are using these terrible South Carolina push polls who cares, views push polls push polls are of very often used political tool. It depends on what the push polls are actually Asking and then there's the Carson accusations. They said it was great because the car's in thing in Iowa, again it's be asked, and finally, the Rubio campaign attacked the the cruise campaign for what they called a soft core porn ad. There is no soft core porn at
it's an outright lie, there was no s core porn at. There was an ad that had a lady in it who had no. Thing to do with born in the ad, but had previously starred in some softcore porn play the talking put it on his show, I didn't I talked about this, so I didn't care about it. I thought it was silly. I thought they should've kept the add up. Who cares that she was in softcore porn like not my cup of tea? Not something, I think, is great for society, but I think you should hire people based on merit, and I didn't know that it's our job now to police all of the actors in various videos or movies. It's bizarre to me so bottom line here? Is that Cruz and Rubio are campaigning right on the edge of decency and Trump is way beyond it? So now you've heard all of the lies
heard all of the myriad lies have been put out there. Did you hear anything there that was truly egregious from either Cruz or Rubio? Anything that is truly egregious the closest it comes to agree just to Maine is Trey Gowdy, suggesting that cruise is putting out a false facebook page without any evidence of that. Being true, that seems, like the closest things went out. Right lie to me. Everything else, kind of normal campaigning, except for everything Trump does trump lies about his own positions. He lies about the positions of others who makes false character accusations. So that's where we are in this race does any of this make any difference, not sure that it does if Cruz and Rubio continued to tear each other down the only thing that really matters is that Trump is going to continue to soar, because if this field is not window and window quickly, we're going to get down to the Scc States from starts winning there. It's too late for anybody to do anything. Ok, so yesterday, yeah well, all of this was going
President Obama was doing what he does best. President Obama has now taken off the mask in underneath he's one of those sad trans gender trolls over at salon, dot com, yeah that that's that's what President Obama has now become he's he's one of these people who talked about sister gender, and why privilege and he just unfolds roll. So President Obama knows how much he angers people when he just outright lies about things but he did it anyway yesterday and that's why he does it. He does it specifically because it angers the right and he likes poking them, he and Trump, we have similarly authoritarian personalities or there's something where they really enjoy kind of poking the beast. So here. Is President Obama yesterday going after Donald Trump Believe me, I don't want to run for president, but but about to hear Mama says absolutely maddening. Here we go uh I'll leave to you to speculate on how this whole race is going to go. I continue to believe MR top trouble not be present.
And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the american people and I They recognize that Bing. President is a serious job. It's not hosting a talk, show or a reality show it's not promotion. It's not marketing. It's hard. And a lot of people count on us getting it right and it's not a matter of pandering and doing whatever will get you in the news on a given day, and sometimes it requires you making hard decisions. Even when people don't like it. Okay, we it out there so you hear present Obama said his confidence in the american people, except all you bitter clinger, racist, sexist, homophobic who are out there and and randomly attacking blacks and gays and transgenders, and such all you, people you're terrible, but the american people,
it is among the truly trust, trust you so much. He wants you to give him complete powers that he can tell you what to do with their lives. That's that's how much you trust to by the way. I don't trust the american people when it comes to like an elected this do for twice. So no, I don't but Then the part of that it's so shocking is he says you know that it's a serious drop series drop for serious people. You know this is a very serious drop. First, there is people you know like. I would not be able to just on television that reality. Tv shows. That's not something, that's important. No, it's not for pandering! Certainly the pandering. I white black people must wake up. You should not ban right. Let me tell you so President Obama, who who all of this. Two days ago, dos days ago, he showed up in my city LOS Angeles, and he did this when it does. This sound, like like teach tv show,
or maybe like some pandering, maybe like he's with the president of the United States and Ellen Degeneres, who has significantly more testosterone than Obama. Here we go. I cannot Well, you are thank you enough for what you have done for the gay community. So one of the things I'm proudest of, because my whole political has been based on the idea that we constantly want to include people and not explode. How do we bring more more people into opportunity and success and okay can not thank you. This is really a he's. An inclusive president he's he's just super inclusive, except probably christian. I conservatives and only people own guns. In your view, people your terrible, but a hero is present. In the I mean he just said, he just said that it's not for pandering. And there is talking about pandering to Ellen and the rest of the gay community. By the way, I love how Ellen
everybody else totally going to give them the benefit of the doubt on the fact that, when he ran into he was anti same sex marriage and then you just flipped just in time for the twenty twelve election, in order to win the vote, I mean it's just. It is incredible, so, ok so he's not doing that this president of the United States, he's doing interviews like, for example, this one with Glozell. So you know this is not. It is not a president of the United States who panders or who's a reality. Tv star or who appears all the time in commercials or who MAX up everything at the super bowl or the Grammys or the Emmys or the Oscars or any other show that has more than three viewers Glozell Youtube STAR whose most famous for bathing in fruit loops seriously and there's president of the United States, doing the hard work of being president making those decisions. Decisions like I put my hand on the hand of the woman with the green lipstick is that those really hard decisions or, for example- you know like when he made the hard decision to appear with Jack Califa Nacas on between two ferns
and this is serious job- is a very serious job with serious people making SIRI decisions we can't have a reality star like Donald Trump. We can't have you know somebody who goes on stupid shows with Hollywood stars to push Obamacare. We can't can't do that. Let's, let's be real. Let's be serious! Now this very second and we need serious people, serious people who handle our national security threats like, for example, you know the kind of people will know how to handle IRAN and won't let her on become a national security threat. In fact, make sure the run is less of an National Security threat, like what Ash Carter said, that the Secretary of mens. President Obama's Secretary of Defense who had this to say about what's going on in IRAN right now, remember around this this this nation, that President Obama just signed a nuclear deal with basically gave nuclear weapons in ten years and opened their economy, now made the hard call and it had great impact, here's Ash Carter Secretary of Defense everybody in that region, who's looking around and wondering It's all over
and if they're all asking themselves this chart in Charlie when the what's the chessboard going to look like when the Ijssel Peace is gone, and they all need to understand that will remember, then 'cause we're going to be, the winning side will remember who contributed and who didn't, and we aren't out to do. People favors here and we're not asking for anybody to do us favors either, but need to act in their own long term interest in you to home what who's on the sidelines. Who needs to get in the game you need to get in the game. That's why? Brussels and overwhelmingly people. Behind that and to the Russians in the Iranians who are not contributing or and are actually causing more problems in the region that's going to come back and get them. Ok, the Iranians are causing more problems in the region, amazed
but don't worry about, makes all the right calls the smart, because he's not a reality, tv star with Glozell and Ellen and Zach Galifianakis he's not somebody who Interviews before the super bowl, where he talks about what kind of dip he likes with his chips, he's not that kind of guy, and this is what makes people vote for Trump seriously. Well most people vote for Trump is the reaction to this because you're, not human. If you haven't lived through eight years of Obama and you look at this pandering reality, tv, star, wannabe and say to yourself go yourself. I mean seriously just go: perform anatomically impossible acts by yourself, because it's just It's gross, and if I fine to you, don't want us to nominate Trump screw, you damage from just as say, if you will do it just to tell screw yourself will do it from talking about Obama's Comment- President Obama at asian leaders summit in California at a press conference, he had something to say about
So I want to read- and I don't think you're going to be able to Christmas card list. If you don't mind I've already, let me read you what President Obama said Joplin. Let me read what President Obama said in a get your response, I'm quoting President Obama. I continue to believe Mister Trump will not be president and the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the american people and I think they recognize. That, being president is a serious job. It's not hosting a talk, show reality show is not promotion is not marketing. It's hard! That's from President Obama. He has done search, Alousi job as president you looking
Where is terra ball, we're going to terminate it we're going to absolutely terminate and replace it? I mean you look at every you are borders are like swiss cheese. This man has done such a bad job. You set us back so far and for him to say that actually is a great compliment. If you want another through is it is from knows what he's doing on this kind of stuff get it doesn't get in the fight with with Trump, and this is what Trump is really good at. So and again, as I said yesterday, all that's happening here is that everyone feels emasculated by Obama, and so they want the guy who's got the biggest swing in pair to walk into the room, and that's what people think Trump is now what's really tragic about, and Trump is good. At this I mean like here's Trump on Hillary, for example, he went after Hillary Clinton in the What is dad
I turned out last night. I'm sure you saw it I'm watching television and I see her barking like a dog right now. She's barking, like a dog, but everyone says I wasn't that wonderful. Wasn't! That wonderful is that cute is not great. If I ever did that, I would be ridiculed or another place, I won't do it. I'm not going to imitate her but she's barking like a dog and it said wonderful trump. Does it believe me you'd read about it what's wrong with Trump, so there will be no barking. And meanwhile you know, the rest of the republican field is beating each other up, as I mentioned, you got Rubio and Cruz going after each other and JEB is just sitting in the corner going what has happened to my life, I mean this is, Jeff is basically just sitting around thinking to himself. How could this be? How could how could all of this be going down in real life to me, JEB Mick Bush? How could this possibly happen?
here is JEB, saying he Trump's a bully and and he's by the way everything is about to say the first time. I've said this about grab everything that JEB Bush is about to say is true. Here we it feel like you've, gotten your sea legs you're, not you're, not afraid to punch back now and and and call out Donald Trump her. The way you see it what's changed it in terms of the way you're acting and behaving in the face of all of this. Well, it's hard to, with a guy who talks over you who sure you who shouts profanity, and in debates. It's not it's, not the normal candidacy, I'm running, because I believe that we can grow the economy at four percent rather than two percent to live people's incomes and to keep us safe and secure in terms of foreign policy. So this is a phenomenon. That's that that I've had to adjust to to be honest with you, but the reality is he's a bully and if you don't can
run a bully. You get the same result where he just pushes people around, and I find it amazing that most candidates keep sought. Quiet. Marco Rubio keeps totally quiet on this and in in cruise, until he got attacked directly, did the same. It's important for us to nominate a conservative in the conservative party or we will just get wiped out in November. You get the saddest thing in the world. The saddest thing in the world, the no one in that republican state is capable of taking down from capable of doing it. They don't have the the masculinity to actually do it, because this is now masculinity fights aggression, fight JEB Bush is so when, when Trump says he's weak, he is not. That is we can policy. It's that. This is a man whose entire reason for running for president is to raise the the national growth rate from two percent to four percent. I mean wonderful goal, but what does that even mean? Does anybody know what that means and he's a and then he says things like nobody else is attacking Trump and you
even the way he complains about. Trump is amazing when you're dealing with a man who curses on stage and who's mean to people and throws in salt- and I just wasn't ready for that week week- take alright, let's move on from the depressing republican race to the even more depressing Supreme Court nomination so President Obama. Yesterday he he did this press conference and he said yeah. No, I'm definitely going to nominate somebody which of course, is his prerogative. He can. As I said yesterday, I think Republicans should hold up. Not just anyone Obama, dominate, but anybody Hillary nominates anybody Sanders nominated everyday. Crap nominee who doesn't believe what Scalia believed or Justice Thomas believes should not be confirmed. End of story, republican or Democrat who nominates But here is President Obama telling us that he is just appalled that the Republicans are not following the constitution of the United States seriously. The constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now
when there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court. The President of United States. Is to nominate someone. The Senate is too That nomination and. Either they disappear proof of that nominee or nominee is elevated to the Supreme Court. Historic This has not been viewed as a question There's no unwritten law that says that it. Only be done on off years. That's not in the constitutional text. I'm in when I hear people who claim to be strict, interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it a whole. There is a provisions that are not there. The
is more than enough time for the Senate to consider in a thoughtful way the record of a nominee that I present and to make a decision. Okay. So if you truly care about the constitutional, let him run roughshod over at burn it and stuff it down a toilet. That's that's! That's! What he's saying the constitution says you must. Let me have my way. You must listen to me. No, no! No! No. I mean there have been multiple times in american history, in which presidents had their nominees rejected, or not even heard John Tyler, for example, he had a had a justice die on him in December of eighteen. Forty three replacement for that justice wasn't approved until February of one thousand eight hundred and forty five so well over a. Here in this is not unusual. This is not unusual and there's there's another nominee under Tyler where Tyler the guy died in one thousand. Eight hundred and forty four wasn't replaced until one thousand eight hundred and forty six. Rejected nine Supreme Court nominations from Tyler, but
don't worry, don't worry! President Obama he's really unified the nation in such a way I mean He really has unified the nation in a magnificent way. First of all, point out President Obama, whenever he talks about the constitution, this is the equivalent of Bernie made off talking about financial accuracy, This? Is President Obama hates the constitution, despises it it's an obstacle to his goals. This is a man who is destroyed, the constitution crapped all over. I mean, for example, just take one example, among literally dozens of examples, the president of the United States. He said that he, his executive amnesty didn't have the power to do it. I have the power to use the power of the presidency to push forward the legalization of eleven million or five million, or three million illegal immigrants. In fact, he said twenty two times that it was unconstitutional for him to do. That here. Is President Obama saying
lunch all twenty two. What we're dealing with is a president who is ignored the people zig nor the constitution and even his own past statements. In fact, I'm not least twenty two occasions he said he did not have the authority to do what he has done and we can pull the tape of all the twenty two times and let it go, but it's but it's bad, because we don't wanna, hear more from John Banner for people drive off the road and burst into flame, but but we ended, but Obama did say some twenty two times that he didn't have the authority for give them the state, then he went ahead and did it anyway, but don't worry, you have to listen to his interpretation of the constitution now the way that Obama has divided the country is truly egregious. You know he's on Ellen saying that he's a uniter is saying that the president is a hard job. It's not just about reality, tv theatrics, He said that he wants more racial unity in the country he wants a more unified country and then sounds out of surrogate to say over,
The only reason you would oppose him is not because he's a radical idea ideologue, but only because he's black here is Juan Williams. Fox news, saying: being absolutely execrable about this. It is an outrage and it's not just limited to the judiciary. It extends into the ambassadorships, which is something that's been of concern to me that we have so many countries in crisis in terms of the relationships in terms of what's going on with ISIS, no attention coming from the Republicans because they have such scorn. For this president, I think it raises questions. Why do they treat this present? so badly. I mean just outrageous mayor race, question I've prayer that race has something to do with it, but I'm going to, let me guess: you're right, you're, right one! It's because it's 'cause he's black! That's why John Tyler was so black that they held up his judicial nominees. We what a black dude that was John Quincy Adams, when I think black dudes John Quincy Adams comes to mind now this crazy old hair, like John
in Seattle, but he's not the only one saying that he got joy Reid over at MSNBC doing the same routine, we could make use of a piece with what you've seen over the course of the last eight years. Which is the invention of new norms and pretend precedents not grounded in our history, not ground in the constitution, but they only apply uniquely this president, that there are norms that never applied before the previous presidents. Suddenly, this president shouldn't be doing executive orders. That's tyranny this President shouldn't be getting to nominate to the judiciary, not just that this is a Preme court, but even at lower levels of digits right. He shouldn't be allowed to do that. This president is not been allowed to essentially be president in the full sense, because Republicans believe he shouldn't be, he doesn't have some. He specially doesn't have a right to be, and so I think, applying those norms to the Supreme Court and saying we're going to invent a new normal, which is that only Barack Obama, unique of all the presidents is not allowed, because we've invented this supposed precedent that in the eighth year they don't get it tonight.
Well, you know what Ronald Reagan did you know what Lyndon Johnson and he had already announced he wasn't going to run for reelection and he nominated Abe Fortis so quickly they say it's because he is unprecedented. I think so. I think that you've seen a unique opposition to this president has been called a liar from the floor of the Senate that still sticks in the craw of a lot of african Americans in liberal voters, they've seen him treated in a way that is different than every previous present. And you really got to wonder why high speed but his black rise, we send the black, the black guy. May I say to me black and red black to make real black people, don't get to nominate justice and that's what is all about it's all because he's black Each time is halfway to set a black black. You know we would have glass, half empty, said glass, half full, then we totally different says the man who comes his hair with a shoe every morning so Joy Ann Reid, one Williams, no, it's not because Obama is black again. This is happened. Over and over and over in american history was
CALL Reagan so black and that's why they rejected Robert Bork and uh Ginsburg, what absolute absolute silly towns so will it at okay, very, very quickly, because we have had artificial. Time constraints placed upon us will now do a quick round of things that I like and things that I hate very quick. Okay, things that like I just started watching Jessica Jones so far so good it does. It does perpetuate the myth of the hot lesbian, but, aside from that, it is it isn't. It is a well made, show okay, a quick thing that I hate Early feminists are very, very ticked off at Adele and, as you know, I don't like it at all. I think that Adele is why the overrated. I mocked her just yesterday on this very program. The New York Times has now pushed out a tweet about Adele describing her as a twenty seven year old, mother and there's a picture of her from vote. And it says Adele stuns for vogue admits having her son gave her purpose slate tweeted I tell
tells VOA. Motherhood gave her purpose. Yes as slaves, Alyssa Strauss, she said you know this is terrible. There's a bull, pollute, potentially controversial statement for celebrity mom at my wife is a doctor she's doing something significantly more useful than any of these idiots. There's, a natural doctrine like caring for people. I can tell you if you ask her: what is what is what gives meaning to your life? The first thing she would say is our baby, absolute first name by the way, Don't know mom alive, who wouldn't say that unless they're really crappy mom, and I think this is also true for fathers. I think it's more true for mothers and fathers, but I think most fathers, the other. What gives them that life, meaning is their children and one of the great distant disasters of our age, is the fact that less people have kids and they never feel a responsibility to next generation. It's all about me. It's what can I do today? What am I going to party with tonight? What am I doing? What can government do it's never about. What do I do for this child? What do I do for the next generation? It did
in fact it feminists are angry to delve for saying that her kid gives her meeting is absolutely absurd, because here's the truth of it, ok, especially for women, it's rare, The women are going to find more meaning in their career. Then they find in in in having a child. Ronda Rousey, hey who's, that this fire engine come very famous. Now she posed nude in in sports, illustrated with the body paint and all this stuff, and I guess we'll left push that one off again tomorrow, because there is they they had an overweight lady is that as the cover model on sports illustrated Actually, you know, let's that, with that real, fast, quick thought on Rhonda Rowsey to finish that Ronda Rousey she
browse he said, is that she, after she lost to Holly home in the last fight she thought about committing suicide. She thought about killing herself the reason that she felt. That is because she doesn't have anything else going on in her life. Do you think if I had a child at home that you would actually be thinking that way? The answer is: no, because children give your life, meaning they give your life an additional sense of meaning. The fact that the left wants to rip that away from women is actually despicable. The women is what women are put on earth to do, and then they put on earth to sire children as well and they're both parameters to marry each other and bring up kids. That's what they're designed to do and when you rip that away from men when you rip away from men, defending their wives and their children and you rip away from women child bearing and child rearing all together your destroying purpose of life, and- and this is why you're seeing suicide rates rise in the last among some of the richest most privileged people on the face of the planet? Okay, final note did the sports also, because I don't wanna push until tomorrow. The sports illustrated plus size models, but this up. Okay, so here is the the rookie bomb Shell Ashley, Graham, is he there showing and
the plus size. Miles is a big big deal like literally a big deal, and she is yeah. This is supposed to be just amazing and, and it's it's amazing- the they have. Three covers. One is a Rhonda Rowsey who know particularly want to see naked. One is of an actual swimsuit model who's, not plus sized, which is the one that all the seventeen year old boys will be buying, and then there's this one right. Ok, a couple of things about it's one. I don't know what, when women say that this is a breakthrough for women men, if there's a break women men everywhere? Looking for such breakthroughs from women in his a breakthrough for women let me tell you something they say: she's a plus size model and to breakthrough for bigger body, women. Okay, this is not a break. For two hundred women: this is still a woman who has a curvy figure. I mean she still attractive, she's not like. If you're, not Reno I mean, if they really wanted to have a breakthrough for women, get JANET Reno up there I get JANET. Show up there in a bathing suit, thank you for women. They can be as ugly as they want to be in mental still be attracted to them. That's number one, second of all who do they think they're changing to this?
The men are now more likely to be attracted to this because they see it. They think that they're changing men's biology. All the sudden, a bunch of men, are like all boy hadn't thought about women. That way pretty turns turn men, think about women. All that way pretty much. Just a hundred and seventy three percent of the time men think about women. That way, so the This is making any sort of massive change for women. I love how things that would would have been degrading to women fifty years ago are now considered empowering to women. Some other teaching men lesson by putting a half naked babe with big boobs on the cover of the magazine men everywhere! Thank you. I mean really. This is this is so silly? I'm also I don't know the messages. The message also that obesity is supposed to be like being overweight is supposed to be a positive good like a a again. If this is her, natural figure find his her natural, healthy weight. Okay, but are we supposed to know pretend that being healthy has nothing to do with what that'll be sitting in the middle of an obesity epidemic. At the same time, the left is pushing obesity, epidemic, meme, they're, saying on the other side that there's no bc
the epidemic mean that it's really just about fat shaming. You can't have it both ways if you're obesity, It means by nature fat, shaming. If you care about the obesity epidemic, then you care about fat, shaming mean because that's just the way that you are participating in fat, shaming, in fact, if you care about people's weight, so it's all nonsensical, but it's supposed to give women some vague feeling of empowerment. Lindsey. Do you feel much more empowered today? Having seen this discover? No, she doesn't feel that much more empowered today, yes, it will have to come back next year with an even fatter model, a and and then the fat of the model, more empowered, the the women feel again. Ladies honestly, men are pretty much. Men are attracted to women period like end of story, and so long as you like, actually do your hair in the morning and don't gain three hundred pound after married men are going to basically be happy with you and we don't ask all that much better, very simple creatures, the idea that men are complex or that you can convince me that beauty is.
Total social construct, not a partial social construct, but there's never been any culture in history where again, JANET Palatine or JANET are considered the standard of female beauty. Yeah utter utter silliness. Ok! Well, tomorrow, we're going to come back and we're going to do a not full mailbag got tons of mail. This weeks, maybe will do most of the show as the mail bags. I want to get as many of your questions as possible, plus who knows Donna Trump and TED Cruz may get into an actual honest to God, fist fight, which I would watch. Wouldn't you I'm Ben Shapiro? This is the Ben Shapiro show
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