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Ep. 740 - Why We’re All So Angry

2019-03-19 | 🔗

Ben’s new book is released, Beto embraces third trimester abortion, and Vladimir Putin cracks down on the news. Date: 3-19-2019

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Today is the day my brand new book. The right side of history is out plus beta, embraces third trimester, abortion and Vladimir Putin crackdown on the news. Adventure of this is the benchmark. Eroshka ok. So I really want to talk to you about my new book, which I think is you know, I'm biased, I think, is important. I think it's good and I think that you should read it, but again, I M very biased on this subject I get to my new book plus. I want to talk about NATO and only talk about Andrew Yang, who is now making headlines for some The reasons and some not so great reason we'll get you all of that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about the fact that for decades, credit cards have been telling us to buy it now and pay for it later with interest. Despite your best intentions intentions, that interest can get out of control really quickly with London Club, you can consolidate your debt or pay off
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excited about. We ve been talking about it for a while here on the programme, but I wanted to tell you what I think in general. The book is about. It's called the right side of his Rick, don't worry, we're gonna get to the news as well, but this is tied into the news has. The reality is that there is a great question right now in the West, in western civilization and its tearing us apart, and that is what is western civilization? What is it on the one side? You have a bunch, people who say western civilization is terrible, no good, very bad On the other side, you have a bunch of people who say that western civilization is wonderful, but completely miss define it. So I think that here the truth, all of the good things that around you, democracy, liberalism, free speech, prosperity, science, all of these things Are the outgrowth of a civilization in which you live and whose values you have embedded in your system, whether you like it or not, but it's
fascinating to see how people really don't know much about the roots of the civilization that has led them to these critics of the civilization or to a defence and something that is not western civilization. I'll tell you what I mean so The manifesto of the New Zealand shooter is, of course, a deeply evil document, and that is not a shock, because this is a deeply evil white supremacist, but the guy references the west many times throughout this, argument. What exactly did he mean by the west? We meant racial superiority of white people the document which you should not read out- I've not encourage people to read it. The only reason that I even in the document. Now is because I think it is important to rebut what is a widespread perception about what exactly this evil white supremacist thought and with whom he sympathized he's all tat the west a lot in this document and people, unless you see he's just defending western civilization, western civilization, is bad, not that
not the way this works. When this shooter talks about the western racial superiority, superiority of white people, he explicitly derides quote the myth of the individual and the sovereignty of private property. So this is not someone who is standing for life, liberty and proper property and they walk in formation. He spits at democracy. He says the Christianity is weak. He scoffs capital, He tears into conservatism. He says that conservatism had surrendered to the myth of the individual and the sovereignty of private property. Unfortunately, that view of the west that the west is basically a hierarchy of racial power and that we have created all these concepts in order to excuse that racial hierarchy that is not restricted to the views of white supremacist. Unfortunately, there's an intersection theory club and these people believe lotta folks on the political left believe that when we say western civilization, we mean the same thing as this white supremacist. Western civilization is really just way for white people to cram down their power on other folks. This is why you had folks, like Jesse Jackson in the nineties, eighties,
leading chance at you see: Berkeley, hey, hey Ho Ho western sieve has got to go the idea being that west. Civilization was truly just a hierarchy of power established by white supremacist and, on the other hand, your white supremacist, saying that the west is basically a hierarchy of power established by white supremacist. That is not true. That is not true. Western civilization is a set of ideas. It was always a set of ideas now, with those ideas, always perfectly real, of course, not in the same way that the ideas of the declaration of independence were not properly realized and took hundreds of years to come to full fruition. The notion that all men are created, equal and competent people of all different races, for example, that took a century to actually come to fruition to centuries, if you can't Jim Crow, obviously in the fact is that in eternal good principal does not mean that it is properly, it is properly acted upon over the great
kind of time, but the principles that underpin the west are the principles that underpin all of the things that you like. The Iphone in your hand, from the Iphone, in your hand, to the concept of democracy. So what exactly is the west? Well, I think that what the West really is, what the West really is a combination of Judea. Christian values and greek reason, and these two things are intention there always ends. And reason and revelation the idea that there is a God, my God runs the universe and that there is an objective morality. That, of course, is intention with the the part of us that's reasonable. That says: ok! Well, you know, I don't know, this God. Where does his morality come from, and these two things are constantly vying with each other for power. The problem is when you get rid of one of them when you get rid of judeo christian values, for example, you end up with secular tyranny. And when you get rid of secular reason, you end up with religious tyranny
The building of these values a long three thousand year story and because we have lost the values that we share, because we have decided to see each other as you, the representatives of the hierarchy or people fighting against western civilization were. Angrier and each other than ever. We ve lost a sense of common meaning in common purpose. We ve lost a sense of individual meaning. An individual purpose. Polls show that we are angry and each other than we have been a very long time. The average trust in key institutions in the United States is down to thirty two percent: that's not trusting the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. That's trust in your local school. That's trust in your police forces. Only thirty. One percent of Americans today think that most people that they live with can be trusted me that's a shocking statement. Fifty two percent of Americans only say they trust, most or of their neighbours- which means that half the Americans don't trust most or all of their neighbors- then you know their neighbors eighty percent of Americans by polling day see America is more divided today than ever, which of course, is untrue.
For a civil war in this country- and we also had the nineteen sixty most divisive time in modern american history, suicide rates are up, the opium Emmett epidemic is taking additional lives. We had the first downturn in life expectancy in the United States in decades, and that is due to a crisis of meaning so where's that crisis of meaning come from. So some people on sort of the populist right and the populace left suggests that the beef crisis of meaning is coming from economics that we ve had a wife related economy since the nineteen eighties and since the nineteen seventies and the rise of globalization has created a to two years. System in the United States, but the truth is the poverty spans politics there there, a bunch of people who live in the sticks in Ohio, we're not voting the same way as people living in the inner cities, in LOS angeles- and this is not about the one percent versus the ninety nine percent and just to be accurate about this. The fact is that nine, since the nineteen Seventys the upper middle classes and the fastest growing
sector of the american population and overall we are all living better economically than we were in the nineteen seventeen, because prices have gone down and we get more stuff for our dollar Does that mean that everybody has the same kind of job they had in nineteen? Fifty, when you are working on a construction, you're working on a on some sort of assembly line for thirty years and then getting a gold watch again. No, it doesn't. But the truth is you wouldn't want to work those jobs? The fact is that those jobs are better done by machines. We have the most blooming economy in american history at this point, more people employed than any time in american history, and yet we are still at each other's throats, no other folks who think that its racial divides, but why exactly and racial divides have cropped up again now. The fact is that we are more racially equal than any society in human history. In nineteen. Fifty eight, only four percent of Americans said that they were fine with black white intermarriage. That's that was eighty seven percent by two thousand and thirteen Azan two thousand and thirteen seventy two percent of White America
sixty six percent of black American about race relations in the United States were good. As of July, two thousand and sixteen before from selection, that number was down to fifty three percent of american Overall Why is this happening? Why reversing course when it comes to racial politics, about technology, so some people say social media, that's making things worse. I agree that social media is making things worse. It does feed and outrage cycle. You look for stories that that fulfil your confirmation by us, but that is a means, not a reason, meaning it amplifies, but the rationale for the simplification in the first place, social media
rate way of spreading misinformation and vision, but there has to be a desire to do that in the first place. We're not happy as a society, or least our level of happiness has radically decreased in the freest most civilised society in human history. So what exactly can restore happiness? First, we have to go back to the original definition of happiness. What is it that makes us happy? In the first place, we ve mixed up temporary joy for happiness. We mix up sensory experience for happiness. We ve mixed up the idea of material prosperity for happiness. These are not happiness. All of the ancients, whether you try my judeo christian values or or greek philosophers. All of them believe that happiness had to do with the sense of moral purpose in the Bible did the word for happiness is similar in the in the hebrew Bible and similar essentially means right action in accordance with God's will, because God actually commands people to be basilica to actually be happy. Or how can I command you to be happy? How can I command you to an emotion, the idea
Criticism is that you cultivate the emotion by action by right action in accordance with virtue. By doing that, you cultivate a lifestyle where you live basilica in happiness, in accordance with what God, once of you- and this is true in Christianity as well. True happiness lies in doing what God wants a view in Greek fear there's something very similar going on Aristotle's pneumonia being active in accord with complete virtue, redefines acts, be it being happy, is acting in accordance with right reason over the course of your life, so acting with purpose, acting with meaning acting with reason. So what do we need to achieve that kind of purpose and and happiness. What do we need you to make society and ourselves happier? I think we need for things. I think we need four things and one second I'll play? What are the four things I think you need? A lot of this is in my book the right side of history out today. First, let's talk about how you can make your business better
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posting on one thousand job words: the possible employees come to you check them out right now for free at zipper corridor, dot com, slash daily wire, the smartest wave to hire ok. So what do we need to achieve happiness? I think therefore elements individual purpose, individual capacity, communal purpose, communal capacity see we as human beings exist on two points once I, where individuals we want to be alone, with our families, want be left alone to make our own decisions. And, on the other hand, beings are naturally political and social creatures. We want to be with other people. We want to build a social fabric want to build something together. Now if you move too far in one direction in the individual direction than the social fabric crumbles, and you end up with a sort of dog eat. Dog. Individual wisdom or are not helping each other out where we don't care about. Each other
and then usually people ask for some sort of overarching government in order to force people to care for each other and that's bad. On the other hand, if you stretch too far in the communal direction- and you forget about the individual than the individual gets crushed, because the idea is that the interests of the community outweigh the First of the individual, this sort, the french revolutionary idea that right spring from government and therefore government can activate as a as he bought. Moving in the community interest to crush the individual, so we need both to recognise that when beings exist simultaneously as individuals and also as members of a society as members of a polish as members of a city. So we have to have things that fulfil us both as individuals and ask them the community. We need, first of all, individual moral purpose We need to believe that we have meaning as individuals the we here have an identity as individuals that is, meaningful and that our action in the world is meaningful. This comes from the a biblical idea that we are all made in God's image, meaning that we all
have a godly mission, and God cares about this and that we are endowed with both rights and duties. Our individual moral purpose lies in using our reason to individually live up to what God expect of us or what reason would have us do, which in the religious vision is the same thing. We have to have meaning individuals, apart from society's demands, are alone on a desert island. What do you do with your life the religious answer is you live in accordance with God's will and the aristotelian answers you live in accordance with reason, and this is what makes you a virtuous person who is capable of happiness. We also have to have individual capacity and a second and get to what individual capacity means. So individual capacity means that we have the capacity for reason that we have to have the ability to pursue our goals with some degree of success. This means we have to have free will. We have the ability to choose otherwise, and it means that we also have to be able to exercise some. The magical and mystical called a reasonable instinct to overcome our own natural.
Inclinations the founders, we're all self help specialists in they believed in our capacity to better ourselves. Religion is all about this idea that we have to better ourselves. Viktor Frankl, the Holocaust, fiber wrote in the book man search for meaning about living through the Holocaust court. Every day, every hour offered the opportunity to make a decision, a decision which, term and whether you would or would not submit to those powers which threatened to rob. You have your very self, your inner freedom, which determine whether or not you would become the plaything of circumstance, renouncing freedom and dignity to become moulded into the form of the typical inmate. In other words, it was the capacity to choose they gave us. I mean it. You have that you have to believe that you're here for a region and also that you have the ability to fulfil that reason hey that's as an individual, then we have to have a communal moral purpose. We need a social fabric. We single predictor of lifelong happiness. According to Longitude, no studies from places like Harvard is the existence of close relationships, social capital shared priorities. This is what binds us together now, there's been a lot of time.
About diversity. Diversity is great so long as we are all looking in the same direction. Diversity is not great so long as we are all pulling each other a park this. What Robert Putnam discovered in writing his but bowling alone Harvard sociologist. He said that the only two Things that go up along with the diversity of a census tracked is tv watching in protest marches, so the and yet diversity is our strength. He said is not true, except when there is a shared semblance of purpose or inside a church, for example, where everybody shares a purpose to worship God and commute with God. Then diversity can be a great boon, because people different experiences but they're all in the right direction. The same thing is true in the army, where you see mean you speak to people who have been in the military, they have a shared sense of purpose and all of their individual differences are secondary to their communal. She sense of shared purpose. We as a country have to have that too. We as a nation have to have that, and finally, we have to have communal capacity we have to have strong social institutions, because that allows us to be free as individuals without empower
The government's run roughshod over US elections to total talks about this at length in democracy in America. He says what makes America different is that America has these strong social institutions. He meant mostly churches and all the founders believe this even the ones who are ds, stick or even atheist. It believed that you required a strong social fabric rooted intraday christian values in order to build a communal capacity, the ability for all of us to come together and do the things we need to do while still protecting each other as individuals. So, what built, what built our civilization such that we can fulfil individual purpose? Indeed, Joel Capacity, communal purpose and communal capacity, the balance between between judeo Christian ethics and greek reason, Jerusalem in Athens and the typical formation Jerusalem. The idea of judeo christian values brought us the idea that a master plan stands behind everything in the that we are capable as human beings of trying to understand that master plan. The idea that
is moral and demands of us, a morality that we're not supposed to we make up our own morality. That gives us a shared sense of meaning and purpose that history progresses and that we have a share in building that history. The story of the Bible is God taking a nation from slavery to freedom and God caring about the progression of history. The Bible provides us. The judeo christian ethic provides us with the idea of free choice that you can choose other wise. Ok, that's all important stuff for building a civilization, but it's not enough. You also have to have Athens. You have to have reason. You have to believe that there is a purpose, in nature that we can determine the meaning of things by looking at them that we can figure out what is true, by studying the universe. This does required idea of a designer, which is why two mystic thought is really a merger between risk detailing in thought and Christianity, try, modernity and most minorities has thought is very much in the same vein. The sort of merger between Greek reason intraday christian ethics-
because there's the thing, if you think that you got all your values from God, why why you re? in it all reason becomes something superfluous, but what Aquinas Stablemen oddities did this had no reason brings you to the same place, the judeo christian ethics. Do Provide you the impetus for action? Not only that reason allows you to build science, because you have to study the universe in order to understand what is true and what is good. It brings you. The birth of democracy. The state is in existence in order to forward this quest for reason, an order forward. What's the reason you actually have to respect the rights of the individual is life Sarah was writing about. True law is right, reason in again met with nature, they can act against natural law. This is the this is what Thomas Jefferson Rights in the declaration opponents when he's talking about natural, always as nature and nature? Is God what he is talking about? Is the natural law. The idea that you can look universe around you and discover Telos purpose in nature.
Natural law theory is the foundation of the notion that you have rights that are independent of government and the government in create those rights out of nothing the tension between Jerusalem in Athens, the interplay that is, what built the west? That is what built the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. You abandoned judeo christian values, you abandoned free. Will you abandoned purpose What you end up with is reversion to tribalism, reversion to let's all, get together and traps and be the crap out of each other, a reversion to Rome Anti national as mocha. We as a broader society, will run roughshod over other societies. Euins up at communism. We will construct a theory of morals completely independent of our judeo christian roots and then we will suggest that that system of morals can run roughshod over the individual forget about the idea that all end visuals are made in the image of God. All individuals are cogs in a machine Yonah but fascism. The idea that, if you want to forward these social compact, that means destruction of the week,
And finally went up where we are right now you end up with subjective ism the idea that happiness champion Is any of these other means that we ve been talking about instead, true happiness is simply self esteem and if you threaten myself esteem, your threatening my identity and therefore I have no reason to use that their reason doesn't play a part here anyway, You say that I disagree with is not a a reason discussion. It's about you attacking me that's what happens when you a religion when you abandon reason: you end up with theocracy. You end up with what We ve seen historically in christian countries the thousand years ago. You end up with what we see. In Pakistan right now, or Afghanistan, theocratic systems where human rights go by the wayside. We have revisit these routes if we want to rebuild our civilization ass. For my new book is all about the right side of history. Its on sale today. So go check it out right now. I speaking about all of this at the regular
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late term, abortion, a position that is only held by some thirteen percent of the american public. Only thirteen percent of Americans are in favour of keeping abortion legal pass. The twentieth weak They is one of them, because the Democratic Party has decided to whole scale embrace abortion at every turn and turn it into an identity. Politics issue that if you dont support abortion up to point of birth. Somehow your anti woman beta did this routine. He's got this real, weird habit. Nato does of going into various institutions, public establishments and then standing on the counters as though it's dead poets society, and maybe he thinks that it makes him seem romantic. Maybe there people who find the sort of thing romantic issues, kind of weird and and puts me off shore, but then again, I'm not a big fan of the of the ersatz. Authenticity of a bit of work here is better work. Explaining why it's ok to kill babies late in in the term are you were against third tremor
The question is about abortion and reproductive rights, and in my answer to you is that should be a decision that the woman makes. Knows his lines, and he knows what he is supposed to say. This is a radical position and Democrats continue to maintain this radical position, even in opposition to their own base, because when every issue boils down to an identity, politics issue when it's not about reasonable conversation about the nature of human life and what is happening inside the womb when it turns into an attack on a political principle, I wish were true is an attack on me. It's very you to get people to clap for you like seals, this is what beta doing minute just warmed over o bomber ism, with aside dose of HOPI changing us there's a piece in the Washington Post about NATO Rock tonight. There's somebody pieces like this. Beta works early campaign upbeat sentiments absent men. Specifics. So are they just now noticing the guy has? No specifics is funny, nor that when he was running against head crews, but now
then suddenly noticing all look beta. He doesn't know things the former congressmen from El Paso quickly, did a few issues when you speaking to a group of women they afternoon and was asked to share his vision for America, and then he detailed his vision for the campaign. You ready, since his vision for the campaign beta, Orourke Hogan, going everywhere. Writing nobody off taking. No one for granted could care less what party you belong to to whom you pray or whether you pray and all who you love, how many generations you ve been here whether you just got here yesterday, we're going to find ourselves by our aspirations are ambitious. And the ability to bring this country together, the hell does that mean that helps that how we can bring the country together around H around a set of shared nothing around a set of shared. I mean literally just said you don't care about nobody's identity, which is fine, but then they have to be united by something They are not united by something. Then they will be divided by everything. That is the way
ever works. If you're, not united by something, you are divided by everything else, even the Washington Post you never got to articulating a clear vision for America and he continues to maintain this position that he doesn't actually have to define what exactly he's talking to people fall for this garbage the Sanchez? Seventy who drove more than two hours on Saturday from the Jammu suburb to Waterloo to seal work, speak said, he's just so positive. That's what I like. He's not seeing straight Democrat he's not sing independent he's, not saying just progressive he's, not saying no to Republican, that's just it includes everyone. I'm offer inclusive. Any of this sounds very much like your bonnet campaign. Circa, two thousand eight we're not read slicked we're, not blue, strict or the United States, also wish we're all blue lights, or, Work continues to act like he has going. He seriously talks about how he wants the public to shape him. Ok
he. He actually says that he wants the public to help him shape himself. Help me help you better work. The fact that he's taken seriously demonstrates this lack of good ideas in the end they left base the idea, leader in the left based right now the person keeps throwing out ideas to no avail is was with war, and she did a big town hall event on CNN last night and in the town hall event you just kept throwing up more and more radical proposals. She suggested, for example, that it is time to abolish the electoral college, which obviously is a great idea colors
man. One of the things that you love about Elizabeth Worn is that she says that she is for America's institutions being durable enough to contain President Trump, and yet you most robustly electoral college. Here she was yesterday talking about abolishing the electoral College, Residential Canada's don't come to places like Mississippi Valley. They also come to places like California Massachusetts right because we're not the battle grounds. States? Will my view is that every vote matters and the way we can make that happen is that women have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college there's something mildly, opportunistic about this. There are arguments for going. One of the electoral college actually hear those are
I think that a reasonable arguments for, but the argument can't be Trump one and added fortunately, is the democratic argument on this score. Electoral college has served America pretty well, and the fact is that if we are to have a straight popular vote, there is no question the people who live in the rural areas would certainly feel good. It or divide from people who live in the cities, because the fact is that the cities within dominate our electoral politics, nobody would get campaign to and be everybody Campaigning and away, and New York and Washington, DC and Chicago, and doubtless all of which was an all great cities, I'm living Why I've been a city boy, all my life, but the fact is, if you want to help world divides, be overcome, that's probably not The way to do it that wasn't the only Radical Elizabeth, worn proposal. She also said that she would think about eliminating private insurance. I like how democratic just like here I'll think about this proposal to eliminate a hundred and sixty five million healthcare plan. It's worth considering well. Maybe you should have considered it before. You entered a presidential race, lady. You are co, sponsor of Senator Birdie Islanders Medicare for for all bill, and I understand there are lots of different paths to universal coverage, but his bill that you ve got
sponsored what essentially eliminate private insurance. Is that something you could support he's gotta run way for that? I think we get everybody together and that's. Why did he has will decide? We start with our values, will get to the right place to fear radically, though there could be a role for private insurance company under president, there must be there to be a temporary world. It's a big and complex system, and we ve got to make sure that we land this in a way that doesn't do any harm. Everybody has got to say covered its critical ok. So she has no solutions, but she is saying all the words that people want to hear. This is Elizabeth worst actually trying to steal. Bernie Sanders is based. I dont think that it is going to go where she was, it to go. There is one area where she believes that she can make some and that is on the intersection of fury area. She believes that she can move into Koala Harris's base if she panthers hard enough and social. Been pushing slavery, reparations the impact of discrimination handed down from one to the net.
This means that today in America, because housing discrimination because employment discrimination We live in a world where the average white family has a hundred dollars. The average black family has about five dollars. So I believe it's I'm just start the national full blown conversation about rapporteur, patients, I mean come on, come on new, it's how you start the national, but she will not explain what exactly does reparation should be. Should America collectively be sorry for the fervour slavery? Of course it was a historic. Should I be sorry for slavery? Should you be sorry for slavery? Why didn't enslave anybody and nobody? I know, enslave anybody anybody and on my ancestors, enslaved anybody and I have not benefited from slavery. So I'm having a hard time with the I'm supposed to pay out of my own pocket to somebody who may not even be the descendants of slaves of this is simply raced base as opposed to history,
is an again. Slavery ended in the United States and eighty sixty five. If there is a case for operations, the best case reparations is that people were systemically harmed by Jim Crow and that the people who specifically damage them should pay them reparations. But the case for slavery, reparations is obvious political, pandering by Elizabeth, worn and all the other Democrats, or pushing this sort of stuff again focusing on what divides us as opposed to what unites us, because nobody actually wants to talk about what unites us, because, unfortunately, for a lot of people on the left and on the populist right, what divides us is more important than what unites us. Ok, so we're gonna talk a little bit more about the democratic presidential candidates, all of whom are proposing vast institutional changes. The nature of american government, but first, we'll have to go to daily wired. Our common subscribe for nine, Ninety nine, a month, you can get a subscription to daily wired outcome. When you do you not only get this show, you also get the rest of the show later to additional hours of the bankruptcy Russia, so go check that out. Right now. I think that you are going to enjoy it. We answer question sometimes during the actual breaks, so you can interact with me and from
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show in the nation states, not just Elizabeth WAR in trying to push harder than left in order to shore up the the end sectional base, as well as me, Bernie Sanders Bass with cut into it. It's also Cory Booker who's, the odd man out in the presidential cycle. He is just not pulling and that's because you look at Cory Booker and you think this guy is overproduced he's just overproduced like an early Michael Bay. Film is everything is overdone it into transformers flick and you can see all the gears moving just like in a trance Mars flag. Here is Corey Booker yesterday, claiming that he wants term limits for Supreme Court. Justice is weird. You didn't want that five minutes ago, but now that President Trump has appointed to Supreme Court Justice is now he wants term limits said he can turn out. People like Clarence Thomas obviously could really to fix this quarter. They stole the Supreme Court Sea. Can we keep it at nine? Should we give it? I think I would like to sort exploring a lot of options that we should have a national conversation term limits for Supreme Court. Justices might be one thing:
every president two billion choose three people holding onto those seats in ways that I think is necessary healthy. So I want to say that limit look. I think we term limits might be a better way of saying. Ok, so here sang term limits, obviously, and that of course, is politically driven. He wasn't talking about term limits until five seconds ago, I've said that Supreme Court Justice, let me turn limits are a good idea, so that for a very long time, actually I used to say that back all the way in law school, but all this new found institutional change. The Democrats are in favour of it's weird that it coincides with president from ruling. That's weird there that president from the President of the United States suddenly has changed their view of our key institutions, or there are a couple of other. Can That is why our coming out of the woodwork bill the Plaza, still contain. Used to run around suggesting that he is a presidential candidate and it really is kind of sad we actually hasn't seen em songs for, for we have a theme song for four build. A blogger we haven't primarily at me
yet nobody likes. Otherwise, you also using conquer New Hampshire according to their european mere building. Was yours, ongoing tiers of a presidential run, didn't exactly Poland, the crowds during a campaign events in the granite state. Only twenty people showed up sat Sunday to hear the leader of America's largest city hold a round table on mental health, including the fourteen people on the panel. So six people showed up, if the half dozen I mean, maybe they knew that meeting with the Groundhog killer was actually a dangerous proposition. There are also six reporters on hand. I do love how the media operate. There is a report for every member of the crowd for building plaza to blow the Opel they well worn page from his May oral campaign, and he put lady should but First lady, she lay Mccrae Centre stage and what was his second day touring the crucial primary battleground state the day before but the blog. Your locrian shouting her under scrutiny. One billion dollar mental health initiative thrive at New York City to blossom said she's my partner and everything I do, and that is a phrase we,
every opening a have said for years, they feel hearing her humanity. And they feel her compassion. I've never truly understood why it is that first, ladies, are considered political figures. This makes no sense to me. They are not elected. If you want to elect, shall Mccrae, then you know you can do is elect, surely Mccrae, but why you should get a package deal with the wife's political priorities when you elect the husband or the other way around is right, really bizarre to me. It's really deserve it in any case, build a blogger has no actual support for his run. That's not stopping them anyway, because everybody is interested in in running. At this point, in one second, we'll get you another one of emu, The democratic candidate, this one in no names is beginning to pick up a little bit of steam, we'll get to that in just one second. So there are a couple of no names in this presidential race who have picked up a little bit esteem. Obviously, PETE judge from from South in Indiana has picked up at least a little bit of me, your courage and picked up any popular steam, the other guy who's picked up
steam is Andrew Gang who seems to have a lot of millennial appeal. He also has positions on every possible issue. If you go to his website andrea- and it is just filled with positions, more positions than the commissary trips positions on every possible issue. We do have a theme song for Andrew Yang actually, when you stressed that the only reason that we are using the song is because he does have an unfortunate habit of sounding off on weird issues. These weird issue from Andrew Yang. He has taken a strong public stance against circumcision, because this is what we need. Our presidential candidate sounding off about is circumcision and now listen as an orthodox. Do I have a vested interest in the continuation the availability of circumcision. I will say that I find it very odd that Democrats, many Democrats, okay with chopping a baby's head off in the womb Nano with chopping a little bit off the Tipp of the penis rain, none.
Ok, we're getting rid of the forest in which, by the way, does not inhibit sexual function in any way as an orthodox drew uncircumcised. I have never did Ever since I was eight days old and you know what everything's workin just fine got two kids intent on making more it's pretty fine everything's good this is shown by the way for the vast majority of american men. The majority of american men are circles Andrea wants to stop all that. He said in a little notice, tweet last week that he was against the ritual lies practice of cutting a newborns force. Can he said that, in an interview with the daily beast, you would incorporate that view into public policy, mainly by pushing initiatives men to inform parents? They don't need to have their infant circumcised for health reasons, while that, of course, is controversial. It does lower rates of, for example, penile cancer and the and the I believe it is also lower rates of of certain std transmission, but it's really funny all of it and regain cuz. You want the top down take on the medical availability of circumcision. I thought that what White can that be a decision between the parents in there
So it's a decision to woman and her doktor when she wants to kill a baby, the womb. It is not a decision between a woman and her doktor when she decides whether to circumcised baby, which has no significance after effects on children in any way so well done. Andrew Yang, In fact, though, he has picked up a fair bit of support. I have a lot of emails about having Andrea the programme be happy to have Andrew again on the Sunday special it we have. These special have invited, I believe, every major democratic presidential candidate I invited Peabody Judge on the on the actual. Now on Twitter on another Sunday special, he said, he'd be interested, never got back to us honestly. If people ever watched the Sunday special, you will see that I treat everybody on all sides of the Isle with, I think, a fair bit of of generosity of the same, would be true of Andrew Yang I'd love to have Andrew on the on the Sunday special we can discuss all of this stuff. Nonetheless, he is developing a coat following. He is proposing One thousand dollars of freedom dividend to every adult in America
freedom. Dividend, presumably, is, is not going to be paid out as opposed to welfare. It'll be Population of welfare policies plus one. Thousand dollar month, freedom dividend if you were to propose a universal basic income that was a replacement for the welfare system, I think there is a strong argument, for that looks a lot like the the negative income tax proposed by Milton Friedman three decades ago for decades ago, but if you are proposing in addition to the current welfare system we have in the United States, then all you're doing is just in more money on top of an already failing system, so his drawing major crowds hee hee, outlined his idea to a crowd of mostly millennials an outdoor soccer field line with food trucks. Apparently some three thousand people showed up to one of his recent rallies more than six six thousand dollars have contributed over three hundred fifty thousand dollars to the campaign. This month. Only one percent of democratic voters have expressed support for him, but he is available for the debates so be interesting to see what he has to say when he
on that debate stage again, I will say that at least Andrea has ideas, as opposed to abate. Oracle apparently has no ideas at all. He wants to eliminate Robo calling must increase public funding for the arts and local newspapers. He would like to protect children from smartphones, presumably with legislation it wants to pay college athletes, which I agree with. He argues that the best way to ensure wealthy people pay their fair share of taxes is to impose a value added tax, while that obviously is a national sales tax as opposed to an income tax, I am in favour of. He understands it is possible to have a bus federal government that has not overly wasteful or staff by bureaucratic lay about this. According to the weak. All that sounds better than what the other Democrats are talking about. So we may make fun a little bit. Love tap Andrea, but the fact is that at least yang- has some ideas, as opposed to some of these other Democrats or trotting out a bunch of nonsense. As I've said before
as Democrats, but Erosion Yang are most interesting to me. There are also people who have one percent of support, so maybe there's a correlation their. Meanwhile, there there's a lot of hubbub too over president from going after Kelly on Conway's husband. This has been a long simmering debate and feud between George Conway who's, the warrior husband you Kelly and Conway, and president from finally fired back at George Car makers, George Conway was treating out. The president. Trump is not sobers. Ochres, and so president from tweeted back Loser today, so rough day for Kelly and Conway Recently born, George Conway did in a series of tweets and re tweets that trumps erratic. Luminous social media activity was a sign that mental condition, was getting worse. Pelion had said that she does ensure those concerns with her husband. I have said before guys that I think that you do have to share some political priorities, not only with their neighbours but presumably with your spouse. It's gotta be kind of uncomfortable right to be colleague Conway at this point and have your boss, going after your husband
openly on social media not now go by the way, not to look for the President of the United States, don't punch down the George Conway you'd, just on necessary, unnecessary people who think you're, nuts already think or not, and you going after George Conway is not doing you any favours on on this score, so again met. Mr President, please just to stop it. I'm happy to cover the Democrats day in and day out, but you're gonna have to stop with this with the silly crap honestly it it makes you less popular, not more popular. I know you think that that people bought the ticket to ride the train, while the train it is gonna, have a short stop and twenty twenty. If you cut the sort of. Nonsense out. First of all, they at least at least you can say that these firing back George Conway him going after John Mccain over the weekend, was just a moral, so there's that are at time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like Today there is a new movie on Netflix and this movie is just chock full of stars. It's been a flag Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hoodlum current headland, whose a shockingly good actor. Actually
Pedro Pascal, who your recall from game of thrones and also from narcos he's a terrific actor. The movie is about a bunch of soldiers who decided they're going to essentially rob a drug cartel leader in South America. It's really good. Is it's a tight movie? It's got a lot of moral ambiguity to it, which is really interesting in go check it out right now. It's called triple frontier on Netflix. Here is a little bit of the preview, never had a feeling. Pure a proud has completed a measure. All you everything we started. Seventeen trying to make a difference, but we never took a turn using south five stars for your country. You can't even afford to send you kissed a college about a job for you retire, I need a pilot baby now. This contains you in that they deserve
forever. We finally get users costs for our own benefit story, and it's pretty intense and very stressful. I it's definitely worth the watch there. There's some really good stuff about it. It's it's really well shall go check it out triple frontier over a netflix like a time for a couple of things that I hate something that I hate number one. They always do these poor people always do these poles. Were they ask people if they want higher taxes on the rich people and better welfare, and we'll shockingly like yeah, you know them great, more free stuff for me and tax. You, you know they say that, because its funded tax, other people and then take their crap, that's that's actually really easy- and this is one of the reasons why I think that we had better get back into the mode of you, don't get to take other people's money. The motor of every individual's made the image of God. That means you do not have a right to other people's property, but it's was amusing to me when people who are on the left then site these poles as evidence that people are in favour of a more social system
The other in favour of it until they realized the cost of it is very easy to believe that all of the rich people have giant Scrooge, make money bins in the backyard and then, if you just take those money, bins, they'll continued work just as hard and they will continue to employ just as many people it's obvious nonsense it just not true. If you want to know how Singapore which is legitimately a rock like there's, no actual natural resources and Singapore has become a powerful economy its because they don't actually leave in tackling the living hell out of everybody who is wealthy. The same thing was true in Hong Kong when it was run by the British, basically any safe haven for wealth ends up being a wealthy country, this is true in Switzerland as well. Nonetheless, they they cite these poles as evidence that this is what the people want yeah. You know the people, then don't expected you're going to have to hide the middle class taxes. It turns out the rich people, don't have enough money to pay everyone else: their salary and also pay for everybody else's welfare programmes. Not people set in
poll of twenty one OECD countries, the industrialized countries that they are not getting their fair share, given what they paid into the system. We're on average, particularly concerned about access to good quality, affordable long term care for the elderly, housing and health services. Weird, because all of these Trees are the ones that we are emulating. So you're telling me all the OECD countries that we emulate want even more welfare they're, not even satisfied with what they have now and in places like Denmark, they're paying sixty percent taxes, if your middle class, if you're barely middle class, the great lie about redistribution. Is that the redistribution stops when you, when you get to the upper income levels, it is just not true, it is just not real. Somebody's gonna have to pay for all this crap and is going You get meanwhile other things that I hate so represent. Have Devon. Nunez Republican of California has now dude Twitter to Anonymous Twitter account and political consult unless Mayer for more than two hundred, and fifty million dollars is alleging. The a engaged and negligence defamation per se insulting words and civil conspiracy
I'm not sure that insulting words is a is a cause of action in the sooner accuses twitter of having a political agenda by allowing to anonymous accounts. Devon unit his mom and Avenue MRS cow endless mayor to attack defaming famous mean him Masood alleges that the two twitter account engage in a vicious defamation campaign against Nunez that lasted for over a year and claims that merit relent. Lastly, smearing defamed him by by filling stunts at his DC office, accusing him a multiple crimes and filing fraudulent ethics. Complaints against him was it also claims that Twitter shadow ban newness, which restricted his free speech and amplified the abusive and hateful content. Now I think that this lawsuit is probably improperly filed. I think it is difficult to win defamation lawsuit as a public figure generally, and you just have to take an enormously crap, I mean as a public figure. We have presumably more public than seven and I take an enormous amount of abuse and and garbage on social media district good. That just goes along with the territory, have never once thought about suing. My detractors on twitter, for example, would that said?
the loud, the loud outcry and amusement of people at Nunez from people on the left, people saying well, you know why is. He saw funded by twitter. These are the exact same people who say that Russian Botz got Trump elected using twitter, which of course, either is there something wrong going to have to live with, and you just have to deal with it or twitter is innately, insanely powerful, in which case you should be able to see people. You got to pick one guys. You don't get to pick both so we're going to be back here a little bit later today, with much more of a couple of guests on later today, I know David French National Review is stopping by to discuss gun manufacturer lawsuit that hit that must be taken up by the Supreme Court. Basically, a lower court just ruled
that gun manufacturers can be held liable for the misuse of funds, which is an insane insane ruling will discuss it with the French. A little bit later today, on the show plus will have all the updates for you later today in listening to venture Piero show. This is the bench: a bureau show executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam side of its audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron make up is by just one overall production assistant. Nick she had, the bench appear show is a daily wire production. Copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen, I Michael Knolls, hosted the Michael Knoll Show is Alex Andrea, Casio Cortez, an actress, that's the new conspiracy theory floating around in its entirely correct, but not for the reasons. Many think check it out of daily wired outcome.
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