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Ep. 742 - The Great Gun-Grab

2019-03-21 | 🔗

New Zealand’s government bans sale of semi-automatic weapons, the Wokescolds come for Jordan Peterson, and President Trump keeps getting in his own way. Date: 3-21-2019

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New Zealand government bans the sale of semi automatic weapons. The wolf schools come for Jordan Petersen and president trunk keeps getting in his own way. I'm bench bear this, is the bench appear or show a lot, a news coming agitated we'll get to all of it. First, let's talk about how you can hedge against inflation and uncertainty in the market. In two thousand? Eight? U S. National debt was ten trillion dollars Today, the debt is nearly twenty two trillion dollars and it is rising like a hockey stick. You don't think that we are sitting on a house of cards, then you should have another thing coming, and this is one of the reasons you should diversify: hedge against inflation and uncertainty. When instability with precious metals gold is a safe haven against uncertainty. My savings plan is diversified. At least a little bit in Europe should be to at least a little bit. Somebody, I trust with precious MEL purchases. Birch gold group right now, thanks to a little or irish tax law, can even more
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according to the Wall Street Journal New Zealand, move to ban military style, semi automatic weapons, assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Whenever folks in military style, they just mean semi automatic weapons, because the only thing that distinguishes a semi automatic military weapon from any other some out amount of weapon is presumed he caliber size, muzzle velocity, maybe, and the look of the gun. Usually one folks on left to military style what they mean as its black, and it has scary grips things that make it look. Scary, even though, doesn't actually affect the functioning of the gun, shooter had held a valid gun licence. They actually applied foreign gotten a gun licence, but the weapons used in the terrorist attack included. Some automatic rifles that had been illegally upgraded with higher capacity magazines to enable thirty bullets or more to be fired without reloading his license restricted his magazine capacity to seven bullets, so obviously, Morgan was will certainly prevent this sort of thing in the future. Considering this guy was already violating current gun laws when he went and shot up a bunch of innocent people also violating current murder laws and
was, and all sorts of other was turns out measures. I care about violating laws. This is one of the things about measures, and this is particularly true when it comes to mass shooters living in court and quote gun restricted societies. The truth is that, if you look statistically at on a per capita basis, which countries have the highest rate of mass shooting ass. The United States is not in the top ten, and that includes industrialized countries. We have a lower rate of mass shooting death, then does France for us has had begun restrictions? This is all bad policy, its emotionally driven Policy and its understandable and emotional level, but it is bad policy because bad policy is rarely good. Policy is rarely taken at a moment's notice. On the back of a tragedy, it's rare that something terrible happens and people immediately snapped and most reasonable makes sense policy. This is true in your own personal life, and this is true when it comes to government policy as well. The prime minister of New Zealand images into our turn said that her government,
would also pay cash to gun owners who surrender their weapons in a nationwide amnesty. She is proposing jail time or fines for people who refuse to turn over those weapons. Here is what the Prime Minister of New Zealand had to say today. I'm announcing that New Zealand will ban all military style semi automatic weapons. We will also ban all assault rifles. We will ban all Kai capacity magazines. We will ban all pats with the ability to convince seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style, semi automatic weapon. We will ban Patsy cause a fire on two June right, semi automatic automatic or close to
automatic gunfire. In short, every semi automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned in this country. This is actually pretty terrible policy. It really is pretty bad, ineffective policy. There one point: two million tonnes in New Zealand there's well over two hundred thousand licence gun odors in New Zealand, New Zealand has one of the lowest murder rate anywhere in the world, according to stuff dot com and New Zealand. The murder rate in You hit a forty year low in June twenty eighteen, then or murders in New Zealand overall in twenty seventeen was thirty five that is rated seven for every million people, every million people and a pair The majority of those murders did not take place with a gun, despite the fact that there are one point: two million guns in circulation estimated in New Zealand, which suggests that the problem here is not guns. The problem here is that an evil white supremacist
violet gum, oz and wit and shot up a mosque. Here is the problem with using outlier statistics like mass shootings, as a rationale for gun policy. They are, in fact outlier statistics. There are statistically rare events. It is very difficult to create good policy on the back of statistically rare event. They don't have an endemic basis to them. When, when you talk about events that you can draw, they can extrapolate from, you have to extract. Two something that makes sense, coral it in in Cortland fashion. So, for example, if you wanted to say the white supremacist ideology is inherently bad and therefore we should crack down on. In non governmental ways, gonna think the government has a role in restricting free speech, but the governments and monitor white supremacist chat boards. For example. I would agree does the number one the ideology is itself evil and, second of all, there's a good correlation, some correlation between violence and evil acts and white supremacy. That is obviously not the case when it comes to go alone
Should the New Zealand, where again hundreds of thousands of people, own guns, thirty five members took place in twenty seventeen and one horrible evil event now means that the New Zealand government is going to criminalize legitimately. Hundreds of thousands people. That's what they're talking about they're talking about now, making criminals out of hundreds of thousands of people and make no mistake. These gun buyback regimes, don't actually work. Australia tried a gun buyback. One third of the guns were actually turned back into the government Australia folks say. Well, you know the number of of murders went down in Australia after that radio should look at the chart of mergers in Australia, there are declining before they can buy back their reclining after the gun buy back. If you let the chart of murders in the United States, as the number of are in circulation in the United States, continue to rapidly increase from the early ninety two now the murder rate, went down at a rate faster than Australia's murder. Wait rate went down on folks it there had then been mass shooting since ninety ninety six in Australia, that's when they implemented this mask on confiscation. Well, there weren't many before them
So you're talking about going from a rate of maybe to every ten years in Australia to a rate of zero in the past ten years, that's not statistically significant, obviously making bad policy on the back of tragedy is generally a mistake, as say this isn t bad policy, not one of the things that has happened here and it's amazing to watch is members of that. Credit Party of course jumped on this, and they suggested that this demonstrates that action can be taken of people want to take. You know, I'm old enough to remember Democrats were saying they did not want to confiscate your guns. Hillary Clinton used to say this all the time and twenty. Sixteen all those crazier Republicans saying We want to come confiscated as we don't want to confiscate your guns, guys we wouldn't ever wanted you that also we can want to confiscate your guns, so Bernie Sanders tweeted now because he has no brain tumor filter by the way his stick his home state of romance is one of the least restrictive gun ownership states in the nation
also has one of the lowest murder rate, so very weird. The Bernie Sanders would feel this way. He used to be a lot more programme until he decided to run for president. He says this is what real action to stop. Kung violinist looks like we must follow. The seedlings leap become the norm and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States. Say, wants to ban the sale and distribution of every every summer automatic rifle in the United States. Good luck with that burning and, let's see the Democrats run on this. One beta has made similar suggestions in the last few days, suggesting that he wants to ban all air Fifteen's, or am, I said, all semi automatic rifles. Here's the truth about murder rates and gun violence, there localised their localised and they are localised and high costs. Areas. You go to an area like Vermont there. No murders and lots of God go to an area like New Zealand numbers, lots of guns and you go Norland lots of guns, lots of murder, so the suggestion
is not the guns and murder are not linked, they can be, but it depends on the. Human beings who are holding the guns, obviously It is worth noting here, as I said earlier, that statistics that suggest that America is rampant, Lee filled with mass shoot. In a way that other nations are not is simply not true. John Lott has written extensively about this. You write the piece in the New York Post and Michael Weiser talk Whether America leads the world in mass shootings. He says that there is a study that came out and report over forty seven years. There are ninety public masters in the United States in two hundred and two in the rest of the world. This, according to a study by a fellow named criminologists named adamant length for, and this received, all sorts of coverage. What asked him to release the list and length refused to release the list. A new report that was created by John Lot collected cases using the same definition of mass public shootings used by Lampert. Here's what they say we now have no
to discover most of the cases where four people have been shot a death in an incident in F got or many other parts of the world during the sixty seventies, eighties or even ninety nineties, and so we looked at the last fifteen years. Ninety ninety eight to two thousand twelve of the forty seven years that were examined by his study, even when we use the cat, choices most charitable to link for such as excluding any cases of insurgencies or battles over territory has estimate of. U S sheriff should response from thirty one percent to one point: four: three percent: it also accounts for two point: one percent of voters and two point: eight percent. Of their attacks are much less than the United States is four point. Six percent share of the population of the eighty six countries where we have identified mass public shootings, the United States rings fifty six per capita in its rate of attacks and sixty first in mass pub shooting murder rate. Norway fill in Switzerland in Russia all have at least forty five percent higher rates of murder from mass public shootings. Then the United States, where
One possibility here is that it is not guns that enable mass shooters guns also help deter a lot of this stuff from happening. It is also possible that low crime areas tend not to have lots of on crime, and that is for a new Zealand as it is true in Bernie Sanders is home state of Vermont reason. I bring all the stuff up is because there is this implication from the left. That is really gross that, if you do to agree with them on gun policies, because you don't care about dead people? Maybe I do really care dead people and the best way, I think, to protect people from being dead is to arm people outside of, for example, mosques and churches. Synagogues is an argument I made in the wake of the tree of life, shooting that's what the reasons why we have armed guards outside of the synagogue that I attend, and not only that I have personal security. The comes with me to send a duck, and one of the reasons for this is because I dont believe that law enforcement can get there in time. If somebody decides to do something evil its. It seems like an odd contention that you're gonna remove guns
from some two hundred and thirty thousand New Zealand citizens were licensed to carry unlicensed Reggie registered so to own guns. You can remove those guns from people and some hundred cylinders gonna get safer than thirty five murders committed and twenty seventeen I'll, because an australian citizen violated gum was decided to do something completely evil. We'll get some more of this in just one second, first, let's talk about hiring it. Your business hiring challenging, but there is one place you can go or hiring a simple, fast and smart to place were growing businesses connect to qualify candidates that place is zip, recruiter. Dotcom, slash daily work Zeb Progress, injure jobs over one hundred of the webs leading job words. They don't stop there with their powerful matching technology zipper quarters. Thousands of resin maize to find people with the right experience and them invites them to apply to your job as applications,
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It has been on the decline for decades in the United States, despite the increase in the number of guns in circulation in the United States. The principle public safety hazard when it comes to guns in the United States is suicide, not mass shootings, not even homicides suicides. America is relatively safe. This accordingly heritage foundation in this is correct. America is relatively safe and the trend is toward becoming safer and have been true for legitimately years. There have been minor increases in certain types of violent crimes in large metropolitan areas, but those increases are nowhere near those union. The ninety. Ninety, despite the fact that again, there are increasing number of people who have guns in the United States, I'm an absolute level and an increasing number of guns inserted nation in the United States on an absolute level and as we say, crime is local and crime is localised, so targeting an enormous number of people were law. Abiding citizens in the United States as left is now just
thing is such a mistake for full. You really think it's gonna go while you think that everybody in Texas, going to turn over their gun to the government for a cash by back. The second amendment was protected, was instituted to protect the second amendment, meaning that it was. It was designed so that if people try to take your guns, that you can protect yourself against the people trying to take your guns, higher rates, gun ownership internationally are not associated with higher rates of violent crime. Again industry in the United States. Also there are lots of states in the United States, where there are high levels of gun, ownership and low levels of crime crimes. Driven by gun ownership. Left celebration of this really goes to their attempted character. Assassination of everybody who happens to differ with them on gun control, the suggestion being, if you disagree with us, because you don't care about dead people, and thus New Zealand isn't is about
Will it is not about policy not turns out? A lot of us have pretty good reasons politically. Why we dont want the government seizing our guns, gets more of this in just one second. So let's talk for a second about Australia's gun, buy back so Australia's gun buyback. As that Colombo Rights must really is gun, buyback reduced homicides, but only at the same rate as the United States. Firearm homicides did fall post, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six gun control at exactly the same pace as they were naturally falling before gun control over a similar period. Ninety ninety three to two thousand fourteen gun homer in Amerika were cut by more than half keep in mind the guns per capita increased about fifty percent in America. Over that period and the overall homicide rate fell faster in the United States than it did in Australia. How about gun suicides? Well, there is an American Medical Association study that didn't find any statistically significance. Effect of the nest
firearms ACT in Australia Gun suicide. There is a decline in firearms suicides, but none Non firearms suicides fell at a faster pace than firearm suicides, in other words, be suicide rate. Just tell generally, the notion that you can simply banned guns net will fix. The problem is really is really foolish. It's it's just as foolish to believe that you can ban books and somehow that this is going to cure the problem. There's a story out of New Zealand today, that is just insane, I'm innocent legitimately crazy. This is absolutely crazy. We ve been told it that their firefighters in the media and they rushed to the story. Where the fire fighters and the media over this. You talked about tyranny in the United States and President tramping, a tyrant and a dictator Where are they when it comes to folks in the West legitimately banning books and not even banning why
two premises books, not even banning mine, Comf or something my comp is still banned in Germany, for example. I think that's a bad idea, but at least you can understand that sort of mine com is one the most evil books ever written and inspire people to join the worst movement in the history of the world. Jordan, Peterson's twelve rules for life is now being banned. It is not for sale from a store called wit calls in New Zealand, apparently there these six outlets to one of the bigger book outlets in New Zealand. According to news hub in New Zealand, the controversial canadian professor visited Algeria in February weeks before a gunman killed. Fifty people in you're dozens more at two mosques in Christchurch, although Peterson's book promotes self help rat than violence or racism. He was photographed unusual, embracing a fan wearing a t, shirt emblazoned with the words I'm a proud Islamophobia, along with the various inflammatory accusations about Muslims, the church, the church is the shirt
Just says something like I'm a proud Islamophobia and lists off a bunch of terrible things that it is to is only some proud islamophobia. I'm against pedophilia rape, wife, beating misogyny, etc, etc, etc, etc. I am for the freedom of the individual in Jordan is standing next to this guy in a picture his embracing him he's taking pictures lay the Jordan normally expect should now. I have something to say about this. On a personal level, this is the dumbest reason to ban somebody of all time. Jordan Petersen, I am sure I'm in here he spoke something like a hundred times last year and every time he speaks he's got a couple thousand people there and it takes pictures with hundreds of those people. At this point, Jordan has probably taken legitimately hundreds of thousands of pictures with fans. I speak a lot of places to I've legitimately taken I would imagine two point. Thirty, two. Forty thousand pictures of pan, I don't remember a single damn shirt. Anybody was wearing and unless somebody walked up to me wearing a full on swastika or a full on hammer and sickle,
short for some reason, I'm not examining their short. If it's got a lotta text, I'm not really sure, because that's not my job is Jordan supposed to know screen people's shirts for when the people he takes pictures with. How was it what this is the new public standard through public standard, as if you take a picture with a person who is a fair in Europe, public figure and that Van turns out to be a terrible person. Then somehow your book gets band, That's the case. We're going to need to know why it is that the Orlando pulse, shooter's, father you'll, recall, showed up at a democratic rally. That Democrat was not band right that we do. We didn't say that that guy we said what association does he have this person? If you ve ever been one of these rope lines where you shake the hand of a prominent person you're in the picture for legitimately about three seconds flat.
And so what causes banning Jordan, Peterson's non islamic phobic non white supremacist book on the basis that a person who wore a short that they find offensive, took a picture with him with cool cells and specify the exact reason for dumping Peterson's twelve rules for life, an antidote to chaos, a book that is sold some three million copies. It's probably the biggest best seller of the last fifteen years and the non frictionless. They say that they say that squat. Unfortunately, twelve rules for life is curly unavailable, which is a decision that what What's his maiden light of some extremely disturbing material being circulated prior during and after the Christchurch attacks as a business which makes our responsibilities communities very seriously, we believe be wrong to support the author at this time. Apologies that we're not able to sell it to you, but we approve for your understanding. This is insanity sandy, sheer fighting me,
you're fighting white supremacist by banning books, Jordan is an active fighter against white supremacist. Am I spent time and with toward me, had discussions on this issue. This is patently ridiculous. Play ridiculous, but when you decide that you're going to quash freedom of speech in favour of suppose it safety, this is not going to guarantee safety and in any case, there is no way that banning Jordan Peterson's book from sale in New Zealand is preventing shootings. This is just its utter craziness by the way other books, the continued to be on sale at whistles include my comp, which has to do with white supremacist guys and also a book called it's like Jordan policy by vocs Day in out spoken word supremacist and Milo unit was in all right troll. That book is still on sale, apparently a whistles. So just very, very solid stuff. Here from the left.
So there are solutions to a mass shooting are to do by the way exactly what the shooter one The sugar says in his manifesto and I've not quoted as manifesto lengthens. They dont wish to give a credibility, but since the left now insists that the manifesto is irrational to ban books, it seems worth while pointing out that the shooter explicitly suggested that this be done. The shooter explicitly said he was attempting to drive a gun debate in the United States. It would cause gun. The station and therefore violence. He says this explicitly in the manifesto and to the left immediately falls for it. Now I got to go to make the case, for my guns ought to be confiscated, make the case, but has to be a logical case, and it can't be based on you. Don't care enough. You disagree with me. That's simple absurdity on a vast scale, not speaking of Jordan, Peterson he's also being banned from Cambridge University, and this does speak to the West's desire to shut down. Anybody who is remotely successful on the non left. Jordan happens to be a real.
Simply conservative guile boy doesn't vote in. U S elections because he's Canadian, but Jordan is now being de platform. Their friend removes book in New Zealand, and now they have removed a fellowship offer at the University of Cambridge, And so the question becomes seriously who, on the non left wing left, accept. Is there. Anybody on the non left at the left will accept as part of a rational conversation No somebody who doesn't just agree with them on everything- and I mean unopposed
basis. I don't mean on a temporary basis, so there's something that happens in rightwing circles where, if you say something that is heterodox with conservatism for just a moment, you get strange new respect. Lots of strange new respect, lots of offers to come on MSNBC and lots of offers to be part of discussions and cocktail hours from people who are very prominent entreated very nicely, and if you do that for long enough, then maybe they'll invite you to a few more cocktail parties. But then, if you do something that snaps back into the reality of conservatism, if you say anything conservative, then they come after you so David from her has mirrored a lot of the left. Preferences on policy, as well as on President from David from, is welcome in left circles until he wrote a column at the Atlantic on immigration and then all of a sudden it turned into that typical rightwing, racist David from and it's the same thing with anybody who is prominent. The left they live shrunk the overturn window, to the point where no one is inside the over to window.
Set people with whom they agree. I challenge left to name somebody on the right who they actually respect or think is not a big it. You don't have to name some people really name them. People calling David French Islamophobia the other day, David French, of national view. Given French is a member of the? U S army. He served in the army in Iraq, fighting to save the wives of Muslims. From radicals, but he's an Islamophobia in Britain. The left will legitimately throw anyone out once they realise that the person is conservative. If they won't have honest conversations, this is not the way to I saw this over the last twenty four forty eight hours with regard to, yeah. So everything is democratic, presidential candidate and I'd, said on my show yesterday that Andrew Yang, I found sort of interesting at least Guy has ideas- I don't agree with a lot of his ideas. But I'd love to have on Sunday special and we can discuss
so immediately. The internet picks this up they're going to have a debate. We are having a debate for having a discussion, which is what rational people do unless it is a set up debate that is designed to be a debate. We like to call this thing discussion and if you watch my Sunday specials, which come out on nowadays. I've had many people who disagree with me on a variety of subjects from Michael Schumacher, SAM Harris on the Sunday special. It happens a lot, and that would be true if Henriette comes onto Andrew Yang, expressed interest in coming on the podcast, and I said, will now be great immediately. He was hit with a wave of how Are you even citadel with Shapiro? How dare you even have a conversation with Shapiro is Thing with my friend, Michael Shermer, Michael and I disagree radically when it comes to religion. It Michael had me on his honest, to discuss my new book, the rights out of history, which, for the record, is no number one on Amazon the number one bustling book on planet earth. He was it with a wave of vitriol how Jerry legit? if you're, ok, namely the right wing or you would legitimize relieve your unless
the Jordan Petersen is out I'm out people. I gave Reuben who's, not even truly conservative, Dave Consumerism alpha classical liberal moral libertarians go he's out even folks who are momentarily beloved, like David from, if they, if they put head above the waterline they get clubbed Kevin Willie. Since out, didn't French's out whose left guys really The answer is nobody's left and that's how much people on the radical left and men increasingly on the mainstream left water. Here's a story about your So Jordan said that he would be a visiting fellow here. Should be a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge Divinity School, which makes perfect sense, is one of the world's leading authorities and one the most popular speakers when it comes to biblical meaning, on planet earth has a series on biblical meaning that has ten million views on you too. That's better than any of the other professors over at Cambridge University on Wednesday, Cambridge is
Ministration announced they rescinded the invitation following a public outcry from students and professors at Cambridge spokespersons hold the UK. Guardian quote: Cambridge is an inclusive environment and we expect our staff and visitors to uphold our principles. There is no place here for anyone who cannot so what principles to Jordan violate well, he violated the principle that you should be forced by the government to use a transgender persons preferred pronouns So if you disagree with the basic idea that we should falsify pronouns than you are no longer welcome to teach at University of Cambridge and so they say that he is not sufficiently woke when it comes to feminism. This is the case that they are making, so they they have renounced their initial offer and deep lad. Joy, their move the offer after realising that his who he has always been. I am against this then what happens on the left controversially argued. The James gun should not be removed from the guardians of the Galaxy Series for a series of bad old tweets jokes about pedophilia
because everybody knew about those sweet when he was hired. Why you firing my said, the same exact thing about Sarah Jeong, a bunch of racist tweet, just hired by the New York Times, and they knew about all the racist tweet and then there's a big outcry, and I said you shouldn't be fired. They knew who she was when they hired her. All Jordan doesn't use a secret. Everybody knows this stuff he knows the Jordan holds. These views on transgender programmes is one of the reasons he is very, very Papists, Jordan. Put out a statement about all of this. He says that he began discussions with camera. In November. He enjoyed his conversations and he was looking forward to giving speeches to students about the nature and meaning of the Bible he says. Is now can make much difference to my future? In some sense, I have more opportunities at the moment that I can keep track of, let alone, let's say, capitalize, on a complex and really fortunate position to occupy, and I'm not taking it for granted. But it happens to be true in the fall. Therefore, I will pay
was the lectures I plan to produce an exodus, regardless of whether they are core occur in the UK or Canada or elsewhere, and they will rats whatever audience remains interested, but I think it is deeply unfortunate that the authorities at the divinity schooling, Cambridge decided that kowtowing to an ill, informed ignorance and ideologically addled mob from participating in it, sense of online experiments in mass christian and psychological education. Given the continuing decline of church attendance, the rising atheist, four agnostic sentiment, the increasing the relevance of theological education and the people and the collapse in interest in such matters among young people. Wiser and more profound decisions might have been made. He says he He adds that he says I wish them the continued decline in relevant over the next few decades that they deeply and pro only and diligently work towards and is her, which is exactly right. The vice chancellor, Professor Stephen Tube of University of Cambridge, gave a statement and here's what Jordan quoted from one very specific
a gasp of openness is being inclusive and open university in all its forms, adversity of interests and beliefs of gender, of religion, of sexual identity of earth, s neck necessity and a physical ability. It obviously left does not believe in such diversity. The only diversity they care about is racial. Ethnic diversity, and maybe the diversity of the intersection awoke it's. It's really pathetic, and using a shooting in Christchurch. They had nothing to do with New Zealand De Platform and they had nothing to Jordan Petersen CD platform. Jordan Petersen is truly astonishingly ridiculous. This is that we often say disorder stuff. This is the world left once if this is the world left wants to really ugly world world where books are banned and you don't have a gun to protect yours, some pretty nasty Suffolk it. Meanwhile, in they twenty twenty presidential race, Joe Biden is eyeing a couple of strategies that are designed to help a swedish fears about his age and lack of woke credentials we'll get to that just one. Second. First,
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from some left the outward somebody clearly has not read the book and says the book as Anti Enlightenment, which is obviously untrue. I praise fulsome really enlightenment, the anglo Saxon enlightenment. I praise the scottish british american enlightenment. I think the french enlightenment was mistake, but there the person in red book and then they also suggests that the book is somehow not standing up for racial diversity, which is absurd. Lincoln entire chapter at the end of the book is all about how white supremacy is garbage. But whatever man, if your left- I guess you don't even have to take account of people's actual views as Jordan is letting you go subscribe for nine ninety nine a month- and I know bucks here where the last we are the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting radio
when the nation, already so onto the onto twenty twenty presidential race. Former Vp Joe Biden, is still thinking about jumping into the race, but he's got a couple of strategies he has to consider It is a circus and if you look at how he's rolling out his campaign delaying delaying and laying it and hopes that, if you do is a long enough and he'll be. The nomination by acclamation, but here's the thing that Joe Biden Dude is not competent, he's run for president one thousand times. This point has been a giant fail, every time you remember that when you ran for presidency thousand, eight against Barack Obama would eventually Jusan as Vp Joe Biden said that Barack Obama was clean and articulates if you're gonna do that's pretty racially coated language. That is not really great. That's Joe Biden, Red Joe Biden, is the guy who went with a seven eleven and talked about how everyone who worked at several levels- Indian, because you
Just too many episodes in substance in Joe Biden has adult they will now. Joe Biden has apparently considering a couple of doltish strategies that do say something about the nature of the Democratic party. According to the New York Times, former Vp Joe Biden aware that concerns about his age could way on his candidacy. If he runs for the White House, discuss two steps that could reassure voters about electing a seventy eight year old president next year, Mr Biden and his top it by Others are considering nodding to the rising next generation in democratic politics, and awaiting an air by announced. It running made early well before the nomination is sealed, so that number one would be stupid idea. It was seen as a desperation movements had crews picked car. If you re not in an attempt to win more female votes in the republican primaries, it would look like desperation move now. If I had more to pick a VP candidate before he is even in the race, normally it seen as a sign of strength to wait because you have left and then you get what you want. What's it could be another one of the candidates right of vitamins denomination. He could turn to combat Harris if he does it now.
Be anybody else's running against him. Also under discussion is a possible pledged to serve only one term in framing binds twenty twenty campaign, as a one time rescue mission for a beleaguered country according to multiple party officials, but that, of course, they're going to raise the question of age. Trump is slightly younger than Biden, and this will be Trump's last from the matter. What he's turned out after? His second term, so Joe Biden saying I'm in a run for one term from can look at him and say right, you have to assure people of acts, they're afraid going to kill over. My friend is dumb politics. Such moves would amount to a big play. That would send a signal about the seriousness of the election and could potentially appeal to both liberal activists in general election voters eager to chart the safest route towards the feeding president rub. Abiden is not sold on either approach. Both carry significant risks chiefly, but they could call for their attention to the age of a candidate who turn eighty in the White House. Here's the reality. Donald Trump is how old, right now, the Trump
is seventy five. Seventy two years old snap means that he would presumably turn. Seven children. Seventy eight, while as in the White House, if he wins a second term everybody who is running right now. It's all Bernie Sanders will turn one thousand years old. If he's elected. There is also the risk that Biden could appear. Presumptuous an imperious by choosing a running made before the electorate has a chance to sift the field of candidates. But here is the real issue. The real issue is that what he is discussing is picking Stacy Abrams as his p candidate, you know as any failed Georgia, gubernatorial candidate, who still declares herself the governor of Georgia now Sissy Abrams is charismatic, is very good. Speaker left, she's, she's, apparently considered a presidential run herself. Biden may be telling her that he will run with her she's serve like one term in the House of Representatives,
oh Miss, Daisy Abrams has not exactly that. This is about the same as picking Sarah Palin for your VP running made, because you're obviously attempting to get female boats. It's basically the same thing. She heard her background is that she was minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, so she was not even she never been elected in a federal election, any pickers his vice president. Candidate after losing an election in Georgia and in refusing to acknowledge that you lost an election in Georgia, Armenia guest. Bad news for her she's gonna have to give up the fake governorship of Georgia. Sensation ever lost, but is pretty obvious that this is the fourth the forced long March through the intersection early woke battlefield of the twenty twenty democratic primaries. Joe Biden has in picking Stacy Abraham
Does he thinks that she's the best leaving the BP candidate, if you're, really waiting for the best VP candidate? You assume that he'd go through the primary and then he would choose whoever he thought was the best VP candidate doing it now and picking a woman who is minority in an obvious appealed to train break into the intersection of base of people. I combo Harrison Corey Booker, it's pretty obvious. What he is doing at this point is not doing things. Abrams most qualified is doing early, because the Z political ploy, of course- and anybody who suggests differently- is just not being cynical enough about politics. It thinks it. Joe Biden is looking at America and he's like. Ah, yes, Stacy Abrams showed me the best president. If something should happen to me,
Sure I'm sure it's that and not him trying to win black votes in the south in democratic primaries by picking up a popular black figure by this position, apparently couldn't be learned. They were told about this adviser, but the actual has told about this. By binds advisers binds office has declined to comment. It does so show some lack of confidence among the Biden team about how they are out of touch with the intersection. Early woke base should be a foolish move by by Joe Biden, but then again, Joe Biden is use making foolish most. Meanwhile, the Trump show continues if you're Donald Trump as I've been saying for legitimate
We must at this point, if you are President Trump, then what you ought to be focused on right now is keeping your mouth shut and pointing at the Democrats. Your entire campaign should just be that chief of Donald Sutherland making a face an invasion of the body snatchers as he points at the others as use points, just as that should be trumps campaign. Look at those guys, look how crazy they are, and what a banner guns and their thinking about cracking down on free speech mean that there are a lot of reasons not vote Democrat. Instead, President Trump has decided that it would be. Good idea for him to attack John Mccain. Now again, I was not a John Mccain fan when he was a senator. I thought the drama was all immigration. I thought the John Mccain was deep. Wrong Obamacare. I thought the Mccain's whole sense of the Senate. What a magisterium body nonsense was just that. I was nonsense.
I also think that John Mccain was an american war hero which he was. I think John Mccain was a patriot which he was all of those things can reach will once again be highly critical of John Mccain record in the Senate and also acknowledge the John Mccain was a good american and a great American in many ways a present from had a long going viewed with John Mccain going off. We back to twenty fifteen and peoples well, you know, president from he has the right to fight back against John Mccain. Germany has been dead for six months. I am not sure what you're fighting back against at this point- and this is in defence of Everything John Mccain ever did, but it is pretty indecent to start going after John Mccain, a dead man for how you operated at his funeral. Then that's what president from yesterday it is this sense that Trump is engaging in unstable behaviour that is going to help his opponents. What you want The White House is somebody who you know what he's going
do on a daily basis. The wild vacillations allow a Kansas like Joe Biden, who is indeed a adult to play at being the rock of stability in the time of chaos. That's nonsense, but from pain help in his case when he starts going off in a dead guy six months after his death, or in the Middle EAST that Mccain push so hard. Thousands and thousands of our people have been killed. Millions of people overall and, frankly, with scrutiny that now, but it's been a disaster for our country. We ve spent cement. This wealth, Sir John Mccain left it I endorse them at his request and I guess the kind of funeral that he wanted, which, as president I had to approve, I don't care about this. I didn't get. Thank you. That's ok. We sent him on the way, but I wasn't a fan of John Mccain we send them on the way. But I wasn't a fan of John Mccain. I didn't get a thank you. I soon mean
Miss family. I assume you doesn't mean I didn't go to his funeral Why does families request and then they died? I didn't think me. I understand the old Yogi Berra ISM. They should go to everybody else's funeral, so they come to yours. But this is a weird line of attack is a strain, I don't understand the strategy behind it is when I got a lot of males. I said some similar stuff yesterday and people who are big trouble. What are you saying that Trump shouldn't be able to attack John Mccain pals? You know, I'm saying: don't attacked a dead guy funeral like what the hell how's this decent. How is this good? How does this big I even believe that, from a moral human being, I dont understand it same thing holds true of attacks on George Conway. Now George Conway is a self aggrandizing narcissist on twitter there's no way to his back. He spends all his time sniping at press and from an tromp as a human being, has every right to snipe right back at George Conway Kelly, an Georgia's life works for the White House. So you assume that if we can fight back against George Conway you'd say something like you're speaking completely out of turn you're completely unqualified. For discussing my son,
the logical state, you consider taking a position in my administration and now you're better right. All of that is legit. Now is a smart strategy, no its not because now you're in and what is called the troika and affect the stray sound effects is named after barbarous russian arbitration, the famous singer many years ago there was a photographer who took a picture her house. Airily is a picture of the entire area and included her house. Nobody. Ever seen this picture. It was in some sort of a website that was those dedicated to the environment of the coastline where she lives and this person posts in the picture online. She saw the photographer for several million dollars, saying that he'd invaded her privacy. Will this. Created what was called the strikes, an effect where every person on planet earth now went and saw that photo. What is your house exception made a big fuss out of it with George Conway has been slow. It from for a long time, and nobody really cares and then trumped decide to go back at him. So now more people care what George Conway thinks it's really do
In the same way that it's pretty dumb, the Devon Nunez decided to show a twitter account called Devon Newness cow, nobody cared, Devon newness is cow. The twitter account until five minutes ago, when seven deciding you know, be a great idea to sue an account on Twitter called Devon, newness, his cow and believe me, I get a lot of crap I've never thought about suing. The people will give me crap online. It's bizarre. It is bizarre notion, in any case, president from goes after George Conway and, as I say, even if he's going to do that, a bad, strategically fishing, but even if he's going to do that, there is a moral way to go about this in an immoral way to go about this. You know it's not it. Moral thing to do, calling him a quarter. Goat quote husband from Hell. His wife works for you, his wife works for you, how's that a remotely good thing It was in. This should be between Kelly and Conway and George made from it was in whatever issues Kelly and George. Have they ve got four kids by the way, I'm not sure how this place out for their kids. I just I do not understand how a couple can go through the sort of stuff publicly
and allow I'm tellin than then responded by siding with Trump she's headquarters, that alone four months out of respect for me, but you think he shouldn't risk. When somebody, a non medical professional accused him of having a mental disorder, you think you should just take that sitting down, but that is the part of the sweet that is really must operate in the part of the sweetest messed up is calling him a husband from Hell. I tell in that is one whirl employee organ, that none of this is positive for President trumpets, a waste of time. It's a waste of energy and its simply foolish it just doesn't make any sense strategically ended somewhat oh so immoral and foolish is a hell of a combination. Alright, let's do some.
That I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like tonight at let let's talk about a couple of things. One today is poor. Poor was a great holiday. If you ve, never read the jewish Magala, you should know the phrase the whole Magala. It comes from the actual Mickey lobby. They actual meet. You lot, Astaire, which is the the book of Esther, which is a fascinating religious book in never mentions, got anywhere in the book, because there is this belief that God influences the world through natural channels, in the minority and and and domestic view, and that is really evidence in this particular biblical story. The sorry for those no, no they. The quick story of form is that there is a king, whose name is officially irish US, whereas, as translated into English is the king of Persia, and he has an adviser named him in common and Heymann- decides that he wants to take out all the Jews in a hostile us, whereas goes along with it and meanwhile ass. Whereas has executed his wife Vashti and needs a new wife, and so he decides to have.
Simply a beauty contest in the beauty contest. A jewish girl wins Esther. She does not want to be married to us, whereas which is essentially forced to do so, because this an ancient persia and she marries him, and then she uses her influence to awaken the king to the error of commands ways and human is executed. That's these we'll start and then the Jews are allowed to fight back. So it's a good story about why people should be armed in defiance of tyranny, because one of the ways that whether human ones that used to be wiped out is an edict from the king, seeing that the Jews are not allowed to defend themselves against asked pogroms and then the king revises that, and he sends out a second emissary who says the Jews are now allowed to defend themselves and the Jews defend themselves and win. That's the basic story of poor em. It's really worth reading. So if you have time to take over the jewish Miguel and if you see orthodox Jews in some non orthodoxies walking around today, wearing costumes, people think it's the jewish. How will we know me not concern
fully but yeah, we were funding costumes there. There are several amendments that are associated with forum for a little bit of your jewish educational edification. There are few commandments that are associated with bottom. One of them is that we is that we are supposed to have a big meal which relates later today with Sudan, and then we are supposed to also give maternal love, your name, which means we're supposed to give gifts to the poor. So a lot of us give charity last night and today and then we are also supposed to give me slow off my notes. We give gifts from to each other. We get these gifts baskets to each other. That gun put together minds, always parity give basket. I put together some sort of funny letter about politics and we send it out to all of our friends and then your spouse Read the Mozilla twice so well. Last night did one last night was knew at once today, which I will be doing directly after the show, so it's really fun holiday and his consent asking for kids. So there Now you know little bit more jewish culture than you did before forms fantastic. The other things that I like so my friend, Michael Shermer, a man with me
disagree greatly on religion and the impact of judeo christian ethics, and all of this he had me on his podcast to talk about my new book, the right side of history and last night he tweeted out a couple of sections it from his book the moral arc. How science makes us better? Now make no mistake. I really disagree with Michael Shermer that you can survive values simply from science and reason alone. My book is largely about the idea that divorcing reason from baseline assumptions embedded in the judeo Christian culture is huge mistake with that said, I think you should totally readers book. Things are really well written book and well argued book. The book is the moral arc Michael Shermer read both and then make up your mind, but the Good NEWS is that we are all trying to work within a certain enlightenment tradition. I think that traditions all the way back to sign. I he thinks that the tradition sort of comes into being almost spontaneously at the end of the eighteenth century. That's really were argument lies, and that has implications for how should teach people today we teach them secular humanism, in the hopes that this will make the better people or do we teach them about judeo christian roots in common
agent with secular reason. That's the main argument, if you Michael amid the nice thing, is that we think we are all fighting for in evidence based discussion system. So gloried his book, the moral arc, how science makes us better people go pick them up at Amazon as well? Well, you picked up my book the right side of history, which continues to be the number one book on planet earth as of the moment, ok time for a couple of things I hate the things that I hate today, John PIC and Super is, is a dude deck. I is. It is a human and John Hickey Super is the governor of Colorado he's running for president. Nobody knows him, because why in the world, would you he's been on CNN a lot and he thinks that qualifies him to be president of the United States weird moment in the middle of his of his town hall. Ass night on CNN and which was asked why he saw an x rated movie with his mother. It's a pretty good question
It was John, had been Wilbur explaining in completely non word fashion, why he went and saw a movie that is x rated pornography with his mom. I came home my mother hated to cook. I mean she. She was a strong, powerful woman who got stuck Donner right and I got home and she had a shoot general laid out, and I said I promised you. I promise you that we go to the the movie theater and see this this new movie. You wanna come it's an ex movie. I don't I you know I just then she I was sure that she wouldn't say no. I made a mistake so I'd love to go. Could she didn't want to be left alone in the house again and is a pretty famous movie tat? So I took my mother to see deep throat. While that's thing that happened, I guess we are better work eaten Bert.
John had been loop or taken his mom x. Rated movies, I guess, is gonna, get into dirty ponds and slogans about what he should run on in twenty twenty, we'll just leave it at that because well it meanwhile other things that I hate there's this story today. That is absolutely instead out of the UK. Here is the story parents of a teenage son who has Asperger's in autism or threatened by authorities to have their child placed in foster care after they refused to help facilitate a so called sex change. Boy recalling the horrifying ordeal to the daily mail. The couple. Wish to remain anonymous. Claims in Asia and H S clinic in the UK said there. Then, fourteen year old boy should report on hormone blockers. Since he told them, he thought it was a girl. This is according to amend a prestigious commodiously. Why
The parents, believing their trials autism, played a role in the declaration of gender. Confusion refused to cooperate with the transition, particularly since the blockers can cause irrevocable harm. After moments had pulled. Their son from the gender clinic school officials reported that the parents they airport it appears to child services for emotional abuse due to their objections to the sex change. So parents who have raised their kid from time the kid was born and objects to bud permanent body changes to their child hormone blockers in teenagers for their child, because the kid has autism and they think the damn may be related to the king general confusion that kid was nearly removed from the home. The couple was visited by low oh authorities concerning the complaint desperate to keep their trial that foster care. They allowed the boy to live with a family friend. He was placed on a so called child protection plan, which is the plan drawn up by the local authority. It sets out how the child can be kept safe. How things can be made better for
family and what support they will need. The boys mother told the daily mail I'm absolutely devastated. When I saw the report that Social services wrote about us and saw the words emotional abuse I just broke down, all we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions. My biggest worry as a mom is my child gets pushed down. This route becomes. Woman, goes through surgery and gets to twenty five and says I've made a mistake in other road. The China has been read. These blockers may not be reversible, indirectly long term effects for brain development. The families been placed back together temporarily, but the mother fears that more apparent on parents will be subjected, to such a horrendous to deal with their own kids, and this, of course, is true. It is also true that rapid on its agenda, and as for you, is anything and that there have been reports in Britain that huge levels of kids who reporting tenderness, for you are also ought to stick, and so there may in fact be a relationship between one certain type of condition engendered is for you
this is full scale insanity that has nothing to do with good parenting or decency, and yet the Zog S, something that we are interested in pursuing all right. Well, if you want to come back and have two more hours of the show a low but later today all you have to do subscribe over over daily where'd icon for nine ninety nine a month or night notebooks here- and I remind you once again my new book, the right side of histories on sale at ammo and everywhere bookstores still until New Zealand right. Bandit for some reason, go check. It out right now really appreciate her help and will see a little later, I'm bench so. This is the bench apparel show. This is the bench of Hiroshima, executive, producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Malthus Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam. Sigh of its audio is meant by my car Mina Heron make up by just one Vera production assistant Nick year. The bench Shapiro shows a daily wire production. Copyright daily wire twenty nineteen Everyone is Andrew Claimant, hosted the Andrew Clavering Show why
The leftist presidential candidates are planning to do. Who are the principles of the American Founding Donald Trump's park, the economy, reform, the judiciary, destroy the ISIS Caliphate and given our corrupt media, the kick in the butt it deserves. That's why? When he's petty and rude, I just want to smack him for endangering his possibility of winning a SEC.
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