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Ep. 745 - Donald Trump’s Dreams Come True

2019-03-26 | 🔗

Fallout from the Mueller report continues, Michael Avenatti faces down handcuffs, and Vice President Pence heads to AIPAC. Date: 3-26-2019

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Fallout from the mobile report continues. Michael, I have an id faces down hand cuffs, but not the kind that he likes and vice President Pence heads to a pack I mention here. This is the bench So there's a lot of news to get to today. There's some breaking news about Jussie Smollett that we will try to get to if time permits, lots and lots of stuff happening right. This very instant, before we get to any of that? Let's talk about the fact that our federal government is out of control. It's been out of control for a very long time and it's been out of control, because the federal government has essentially been restructured to run roughshod over the checks and balances that were inherent in the console. Mission of the United States, and this is why I am a big believer in calling a convention of states where we, the people, can propose amendments to the constitution to protect the constitution itself from the predations of the federal government. That means over ridge by the executive branch means overreach by the letter slated branch. It means the legislative branch cooking too much power to the executive and the executive kicking too much power to the Ishari means Congress threatening to undo the
of the judiciary it's time to protect the constitution. That's why I'm a fan of the convention, I'll Can you imagine the look on the faces of members of the I love it when they realized their power has been limited and then suddenly they have to go back to the original founding bargain limited government! Well! This is what a convention of states can help make happen in Convention of states may be the only way to get the job done. There are already three eight million people with us on this more every day so join me and my friend Mark Meckler go to convention of states, dot com, slash bend to sign the petition today, that is, convention of states, dot, com, slash, but let's reentrant constitution, the centromere can live convention of states, dot com. Slash then go sign. The petition today enjoy Mark Meckler and me to help restore constitutional checks and balances convention, states, dot, com, slash bad all right. So yesterday I was not here for our. Afternoon shout for the additional two hours of the show. We kicked it over to the execrable micromoles, who had himself a field day. I am told I'll tell you how my day went zero.
We had an endoscopy scheduled for awhile and it just turned out that it fell yesterday, and so they gave me some profile and they put me under to do this in Da Skippy when I woke up, I saw that Michael Avenatti was being prosecuted. The icebergs in Greenland were growing and I thought to myself: am I still under sedation, and then I saw now end up in president from fever dream. What exactly happened here, because wow like every twenty minutes. There was a piece of news that was breaking for President Trump in favor of president Trump. Most of yesterday, of course, was consumed with you reaction to the William BAR attorney General report. On the Mullah report, it was a four page, so read on the podcast yesterday, all about what exactly Miller found, and it is necessary at this point to point out that the reactions of the people who had overzealously suggested what was in the report are astonishing to watch. It is astonishing to watch people double down on the confirmation bias that got them here.
In the first place, and this is unfortunately a typical human tendency. You're called out on something that debunks the original position and instead of you starting to reconsider, based on the evidence or take the evidence into account. Instead, what you do? Is you simply double down on your original perception of the issue? And you look for excuses as to why this is all somebody elses fault now this does not mean that it is not hilarious. It is indeed hilarious. The most hilarious story of the day comes courtesy of the New York Times. Here's the headline quote is appointed fans of Muller rethink the pedestal they built for him. It would take a heart of stone. Not to laugh at. This quote is by Ask: did Herndon and Richard fauset the sense of morning star to take hold of the weekend. After attorney general, William P bars in the Robert S Miller, the third, the special counsel had not found coordination between President Trump's campaign. The russian government election interference in twenty sixteen over the only two years of the molar investigation, a segment of Rosen activist, built up fervent hopes that would bring mister trump down they elevated
Mister Miller, a former FBI director into an anti trump cultural icon, complete with t shirts, scented candles and holiday theme, songs like we wish you a mother Christmas for some of them. The report felt like a betrayal many others. It was a disappointment. That's a hell of a range of emotional responses. There I mean, from the trail, all the way to disappointment, my goodness, I was hoping the truth would come out said: Sean Foster a forty five year old, music, video and television producer in Nashville, Mister Foss. He had taken to wearing a yellow, pin, showing the top of the special prosecutors had rising like a shark from the sea. Mister Foster said he was wearing the pin on Sunday when Mr Bars, of the report came out Definitely embarrassing, you said it's a drag. Knowing there are people out there who are gloating well, yeah. Also, we've all been laughing you the whole time date. Why is it's not just now, like the whole time we've been laughing at you now. There are some of us who daily wear funny hats on top of our head, because we want to be reminded of
Providence of God in the universe? There are some of us who wear shirts that proclaimed political message in a general political messages, and then there are some bus who Elena they a person that we did not know anything about and who is just the prosecutor into a national icon in the fervent hope that he would be the day Makina who ended the Trump presidency. It's just wonderful, Jennifer, Taobei, Vermont LAW School professor, would become known for punchy, anti trump columns with titles. Like yes collusion now what said there are definitely people who thought that Muller would save us and my little looks back at them and he said no Pretty amazing. The media malfeasance here, of course, has been absolutely agree. Just now are the media heading to their mouth pieces. Of course, they're. Not how many articles since May two thousand and seventeen have been published about Russia and Trump Mower since May two thousand and seventeen is it going to ask. You is five hundred and thirty three thousand web articles
published about Trump and Russia generating two hundred and forty five million interactions, so the media did all of election interference that the Russians didn't do in two thousand, and sixteen apparently is all according to news whip on the network's alone in words alone gave two thousand and two Eighty four minutes to the Russia probe according to Newsbusters, and that's just the networks right. Those people We have like an hour a night to give you the network news. If you go to cable, then you talking, presumably in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of minutes, because has been basically CNN's main programming for the last couple of years, and it's not just that they've been programming the stuff up the wazoo. It's also they've been breaking false bombshells for legitimately years on end the daily caller is a really good piece about this. By Amber Athey, the White House, correspondent, pointing out all of the ways in which the media botched the story. You'll recall that CNN accused Don Junior of Wikileaks collusion. Sure it's last December, CNN's Manu Raju reported that wiki leaks, email, Donald Trump Junior, to give him access to stolen documents. A full
Ten days before they are released to the public, and then it turns out there This gave them the wrong date down junior She didn't email with access to the stolen documents after they've been released publicly. Remember that ABC Tent the stock market with fake MIKE Flynn NEWS these forced to suspend Brian Ross after he falsely reported that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that then candidate Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians. The stock market dropped a few one hundred points at the news, but the news turned out to be fake. Now, here's, the you can take. This is all just a media. Getting it wrong, listen daily wire we've had for retract headlines before we've gotten stories when we published legitimately fifty to seventy stories a day today- and you do that over the course of several years and you're talking about thousands and thousands of stories. The question is: in what direction do all the mistakes get made? So at our sites were conservative site, we openly acknowledge were conservative site CNN Abc these are outlets that pretend to be objective, and yet, oddly every error they ever make cuts in one direction.
In one direction. Only. How strange remember that CNN reported that the mooch was under investigation and the mooch got an apology from CNN. Because the mooch was not under investigation. First of all, that was in the administration for Grant thirty two seconds, I'm not for what he would have done in those thirty two seconds to earn an investigation. Other and being the greatest guest star in the history of Trump. The television show Bloomberg suggested that Deutsch bank was being zeroed in on by Robert Muller Jeff sessions. Jeff sessions, it was reported, had botched protocols. Cnn said that that he had botched protocol when he didn't listen meetings he had with the russian ambassador on security clearance forms, but sessions met with them when he was in the Senate. Me a story after story after story, and yet do the media feel really contrived today. Of course, they don't. I mean people
Pulitzer prizes for this stuff, guys people in the Medium one Pulitzer Prize is the Washington Post and the New York Times won the twenty eighteen Pulitzer Prize size for their national reporting of President Trump's. Alleged collusion with Russia they receive the award, this town hall reporting for Khou deeply sourced relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically further the nation's understanding of russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign. The President Elect's transition team and his eventual administration deeply sourced well, not so much not so much because it turns out that half their stories were sourced incorrectly There's an article, for example, they published on Jared Kushner there or talked about Donald Trump Jr Jared Kushner and Manafort Paul Manafort meeting with we are connected to the Kremlin in re- they met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, who is with fusion GPS. The group behind the fake dossier, the washing
compose did the same thing. You remember it was the Washington Post reporting that Jeff sessions had met with russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, proving laying the collusion was on the menu. It turns out that sessions. That was his because he sat on the Senate Armed Services Committee. The media is malfeasance can be summed up in this one clip from Chris Matthews, Hi Bob has a stake in Chris Matthews. Couple of the show in the middle of the mother investigation could Malleus comes out there so the show Roseanne, and he said you know what I think- aquatic metaphor. Is it aquarium the other day. My wife, Kathleen, at the minute we read much until
thanks for my usual arrangement. I started thinking that is starfish, there's a clam it similar Trump go watching mower and Trump GO added. I'm reminded of biology lab back in my sophomore year at Lasalle College High school. Remember the starfish in the clam. I know we dissected one or the other. Definitely the starfish mower reminds me the starfish, which gets itself tight on the clam and uses all that stuff that we can pry open the clamp. Now this is a battle to the death. As far as the clam is concerned, if the starfish is able to open him even a little bit, he can get. I'm open all the way, and that's it, of course, for the clan he's the star for his lunch, the starvation gone. This is how the media relentlessly reported with deeply sourced reporting on Trump and Russia and not start with the clam guys like high school biology class. I failed by the way, is but it's ok. Now, I'm here run in here my funny chair, my weird hair, yeah
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just Jeff Sucker, who is defending the medias. Either in all of this. It's so funny remember after two thousand and sixteen the New York Times ran editorial in which they said yeah. We sort of got this whole thing wrong. Our coverage we sort of missed a few things. Well now self reflection has become taboo in the media, and so it's no. We did guys with a great. We Great you know it's not that we got a nine hundred under SA ts is that the test is biased. That's what happened here so the New York Times rights today, Weather Report, news, media leaders defend their work by Amy Chozick, there have been tipping points. Inbound, shells walls closing in a turning points and there so so many declarations in the beginning of the end, the John Oliver had recurring satirical. We got him segment on his late night. Hbo show complete with jubilant, marching band and sequin majorettes celebrating President Trump's downfall, this world of reporting and speculation about the 45th president. Nothing is held viewers on the edge of their seats, quite like the special counsel, Robert Muller, the third and his investigation into possible ties between Mister Trump. Two thousand and sixteen
and russian agents the storyline? Had it all cold war era, entry allegation, shadow, we meetings in Moscow and all of the rest the news media got it wrong. Obviously, but are they feeling bad about any of this no, no, no, no, no that's silly Zucker said in an email Sitting presidents own Justice Department investigating his campaign for collusion with a hostile nation. That's not enormous, because the media says so that's enormous, because it's unprecedented well, except if the media coverage help drive the investigation in the first place bill Grueskin a professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, we're all good journalists. Go said. Mother in bar, need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, so we filed charges or don't we journalists don't have that standard? In other words, Pulitzer Prize winning reports of alleged wrongdoing. I need to provide evidence of criminality in order to be factual news. Or the and relevance readers. That's not really the question. The question is whether you blew all of this out of proportion and sub tested it around every corner laid the end of the Trump presidency. Martin Baron
Second editor of the Washington Post said quote the special counsel investigation documented, as we reported extensive russian interference in the twenty sixteen election and widespread deceit on the part of certain advisors to the president about russian contacts. In other matters. Our job is to bring facts to light. Others make determinations about prosecute criminal offenses in the executive. Editor of the times, so we wrote a lot about Russia and I have no regrets. It is not our job to determine whether or not there was illegality, that's right, it isn't, and yet, strangely it seem as though your entire narrative is that the president was about to be impeached. How strange to their two types of bias, there's bias in how you cover a story and then, and then there is a lot russian bias in what you choose to cover an the media demonstrated both here. I'm gonna show you case in point Chris Cuomo over at CNN O case in point Chris Cuomo over at CNN. Here's a flashback is a month ago He said. The president Trump would certainly be under pressure. After the motherboard, this was not editor.
Realizing. This is objective news application journalism in at the highest level, Chris Cuomo Journalism, journalism ing all over hi everyone, this block of wood, the less smart of the Cuomo brothers, which the hell of a statement it was a month ago saying that President Trump would be done done done done done done under pressure. This is going to be an especially chaotic time is president will be under pressure in all likelihood, like he's, never been before, not because he's gonna be removed in cuffs. Well, because almost certainly is not only things in the report, but get ready. A storm is coming, expect the president and his allies to throw everything they have that you to make as much noise as possible to distract obfuscate and expect those who seek advantage in any negative in for just spend it fast and hard as well. Okay, well, spinning, fast and hard is actually Chris Cuomo's main job at CNN. Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani call him out on this. He said. Maybe you should apologize for coverage and Chris Cuomo's like me, I'm great, I'm the best journalist you've ever seen, I've journalism,
all over everyone everywhere. Here is Chris Cuomo defending his is dumbing us you guys, yes, network. What, if I don't have tortured this man for two years, with collusion and nobody's apologizing there. Before we talk about Abstract, there was apologized for the overreaction solution, not a chain of course you're, not not a chance. I'm not tell you not being fair. No, please! You know better than that. You will. I don't know better. I am outraged by the behavior of these networks, pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution, land, no color, here's! My here's, my here's, my case college. Never here's my k, Never I didn't do anything wrong. These questions are well, I I thought it would be regarded as such reason they needed to be investigated. Oh well, oh well. Chris Soules had nothing to apologize for guys, nothing, their total if you watch CNN you could have come down on either side of the issue. Either Trump was a traitor or he was also a traitor.
Those were the two sides of the issue that you could have come down on. If you regularly watch CNN, I know because it was on at the gym all the time while I was working out. So it's not like I've, never watched CNN. Ok, I watch CNN for two years. Do this routine and yet the media are, are they going to take an introspective look and maybe maybe whether they ought to provided a couple of different perspectives? Maybe weather not taking a breath before they reported that the president was probably in league with Vladimir Putin. Maybe they should have acting overwhelmingly excited every time they appeared on tv with a new piece of bombshell, breaking news, maybe no, no they're not going to do any of those things. The best example of confirmation bias and work with the view yesterday, because the members of the like joy Behar are the bumper sticker version of CNN they're, the sort of people who do where
Muller pens around the office. There is joy Behar beside herself yesterday. She couldn't deal with the fact that the mother report had not been everything that she had hoped that it would be. I have questions about instruction. Why did he? Why did he keep his conversations with with Putin secret those like little questions that sound like a destruction to me, OZ? So I don't buy that he's completely exonerated the way he just said. Well, he says he's completely backing him up on that. I'm reluctant to talk about it at all, because you don't we don't know anything and we have not seen this report, so I think everybody needs to pump the brakes when we talk about this being a huge victory for this administration. Well guys, we don't know anything like to days ago? We know everything. We knew that Trump is a traitor, Now we don't know anything we gotta hold you guys we gotta hold up there. Remember they did the exact same thing with Jesse Smollett. As soon as Jesse Smell, like came out with his story, it was you know this is evidence.
American racism, deep seeded, brutal american racism same thing with Covington High school. This is evidence of deep seated brute american racism and then the fact started to leak out. It was, you know, got hope. Let's, let's wait a minute. Let's, let's hold up, let's make our minds after we see all the evidence. It's always interesting to see when people say: let's wait for the and when people are willing to jump beyond the evidence at hand, always very interesting, because it is a good way of revealing bias. Every human being has a has a toward the stuff. But the media are overwhelmingly biased in one direction. Now I will say that the media's bias is not any shock to me. I think that the the great a shock to me is the continuing malfeasance. I mean true malfeasance of high ranking members of the intelligence community It is severely disquieting to me that so many high ranking members of the Obama intelligence community- these are people who are supposed to be tasked with protecting us from terrorism, protecting us from threats, foreign and domestic, that these folks are so politically
highest that they went on television night after night, proclaiming that the elected president of the United States is a traitor and that he would be proved to be a trader with no evidence now, I mean John Brennan. The former head the CIA, under Barack Obama, he was head of the CIA when the Trump Russia Investigation was initiated He was on MSNBC last night after spending legit only two years, proclaiming that he had secret knowledge that President Trump had committed some nefarious act,
reason he was on MSNBC last night. He said, oh well, you know my mistake. I gas I mean like I just you know. I guess I thought that there was more than there actually was a well one of the receive better information, but I think I suspected that there was more than there actually was, and I I am we leave that to it's been determined that there was not a criminal conspiracy with the russian government over our election. I think that is good news for the country. I still point to things that were done publicly. Your efforts to try to have conversations the Russians that were inappropriate, I'm not all that surprised to that. The high bar of Colonel conspiracy was not met. I want to see the real. You know. You know just that. That's been the last couple of years suggesting from my perch at the top of one of America's foremost intelligence agencies, using the expertise that comes along with that position. Or claiming that the president is a traitor to the United States. I guess just got a little out ahead of myself. You know it's understandable, really to call the president of the elected
in a trader. You know we are investigating during the campaign on the basis of scanty, due to no evidence but sure you know, everybody makes mistakes, guys, it's not just John Brennan, a former FBI official named Chuck Rosenberg was on meet the press and he said the Miller's decision not to come to a conclusion on obstruction. Quote strikes me as a little bit curious because quote prosecutors get paid to make determinations and recommendations, or perhaps you We have the evidence to determine whether or not obstruction took place, but now we, at a former FBI official using the expertise of his position, to proclaim that maybe something nefarious is going on there and it doesn't stop there. I I don't know how we're supposed to trust our intelligence community, when they are so obviously and thoroughly politicized? I'm talking the top level people, it's funny at every major american institution there, the low level people who actually do a lot of the day to day work. Those are the ones who are trying to track down crime, stop terrorism, and then there are the political officials who are appointed and they're supposed to be granted this petina of expertise and legitimacy.
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there is indeed the smartest way to hire. Don't hire duds like apparently our intelligence community heads were instead go hire, somebody competent but is ziprecruiter dot com, daily Wire and try it out for freeze a dot com slash daily Ok. So it is not just John Brennan, of course it is, James Clapper, the former head, the former director of national intelligence under Barack Obama, who had spent two years proclaiming loudly and proud that doom was impending for President Trump that we were moments away from the end of the Trump administration, here? He was yesterday saying no regerts, no Regerts guys here he was. Do you regret anything? You have said in terms of raising questions about the president's behavior or some of the things that is said. No, I don't and I have put that in writing. In my book, as well as I have had concerns in as
others, and I have tried to be factual, intemperate modern about it. But but I do have concerns and no, I don't have any regrets. He has no regards he's getting a tattoo right across this his neck. That has no regrets. It is very good stuff there from from James Clapper people who use that legitimacy as former heads of our intelligence agencies to proclaim nonsense for two years. It should make us ask questions about whether the heads of our intelligence agencies ought to be trusted. I'm I'm a fan of a lot of fun to the FBI. I have friends who are in the FBI, I'm fan of a lot of folks at the CIA. I think they're doing really important and good. Work, but it makes me question the competence of the heads of these intelligence agencies when they spend two years being only political and we're supposed to pretend that they were political when they were Obama, administration, appointees and when they were working Obama. They were absolutely apolitical. They were not politicizing, the intelligence agencies they headed, and then they spend the next two years, just spouting absolute bullcrap on national tv,
and then they did their apologize for now. You know we're just misinformed. We're just misinformed and Democrats have been doing the same routine. Now Many of the Democrats are trying to kind of quietly brush past us using Nancy Pelosi, say: listen. I think we're done here, but there's no there's no more to see here many of the democratic twenty four twenty cans are just remaining silent on this entire issue. Meanwhile, their back up plan is to proclaim that they don't have the full model report, so they can't make a judgment on any this stuff six democratic committee chairs in the house, according to NBC News, sent a letter to turning general, William Barr on Monday, requesting that he submit the full report from special counsel. Robert where is Russia Investigation to Congress by April second, which would be the beginning of next? they say his summary is not sufficient for Congress. That's true, but he's going to have to redact. Presumably some material from thousands of page
under federal criminal regulations, there's criminal procedure, federal civil procedure rules and under criminal procedure federal procedure rules. Six is the one that was cited by by William BAR in his letter. He has to redact information because otherwise it's illegal, otherwise he could be committing a criminal violation, and so the Republicans voted down a proposal to force at least the entire report. Fourth, with he's going to release this stuff, it's going to confirm all the stuff that we already know. It will talk about the Trump Tower meeting and I'll talk about connections between MIKE Flynn and members of the russian government when he was the Incoming NSA it'll. Be all the stuff that we already know, and then it will be the conclusion that bar has laid forth. This thing is over okay: it is There is some very bombshell that I think Miller probably would like by now considering how much play this is gotten. This thing is over and Democrats can't accept it.
The dumbest center in the democratic caucus, is making her own from ally whose proved herself to be absolutely feckless and terrible over the past few years. She says you know who's happy, like Letter Putin is happy today the is pootie poot he's got his man in the White House and mower missed it. How does she know that may zero, no gum shoes, sleuth she's, Encyclopedia Brown of the Senate, just because there was not enough evidence for a criminal charge of conspiracy does not mean that there's a very cozy relationship that Donald Trump pass with lab were putting who, by the way, must be really happy that this came about that this kind of close relationship. That is not good for our country in that is not
we'll continue. Okay, yeah, I'm sure. That's it. I'm sure that that Blatter Putin is is secretly now working with from that's what it is. The doubling down is really astonishing. Sheldon White House, the Senator from Delaware. He said the same thing. He says you know: Muller just didn't have enough power, that's the real problem here is Miller. Didn't have enough power. Do you think it makes sense for Bob always spends two years trying to discern the truth in the justice here to turn it over to a guy who just got appointed attorney general to make a ruling on the final ruling on the issue of of obstruction of justice? No, because the whole purpose of special counsel is to have somebody make prosecutor decisions outside of politics so to take the prosecutor. Diss and and hand it back to the top political appointee in the office defeats. The whole purpose of being special counsel is that what it is Sheldon Whitehouse by the way from Rhode Island, not Delaware, there he is on.
Chris Matthews. Making that idiotic point you know the Doj is charged with prosecution. Mother gets to decide whether he feels that there is enough evidence to warrant a process. Mission or not. He said he didn't really have a judgment when it came to obstruction of justice. 'cause Trump had said a lot of things and then the AG has to decide whether to prosecute or not. That's normally the way that this works illegal. The legal imbecility of Sheldon Whitehouse's comments there pretty obvious Elizabeth Warren
it's just become like again. I knew Senator Warren when she was a professor at Harvard LAW School, not well, but we had a couple of interactions. Everybody at the at the law school knew about her. She was actually an interesting person back then now she is basically just become Bernie Sanders with native american background. So here she was explaining that the real problem here, as attorney General Barr, I'm Stephen Cole, Bear who, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I mean he's just looking- hopefully into Elizabeth Warren's eyes- they as they lock eyes and dream of the day that Robert Muller comes back, come and they're like the kid. At the end of shame, I'm plaintively out to the plane, Shane come back Robert. Come back here, is called bear and more in doing that routine. Do you trust bars judgment on obstruction here? No, no Anne! I shouldn't you shouldn't have to ask me if I trust it, we should see the whole report when we see the whole report
will know what the basis is for the district. Yeah, there's still hope guys were going to impeach him based on obstruction, but the entire day cratic leadership, Pelosi Schumer like yeah, we're, probably not going to do any That stuff now are any of the Democrats. Backing down from their overwrought points now Cory met Booker Spartacus make face over here. He was asked whether he would correct his claims that there is Trump Russia collusion. He says many correct claims. No, no real collusion going on you said. Do you now have to revise that to say not chargeable collusion again, when I have a tourney general who, in my opinion, the suspect, filtering a report that I have not seen, I'm not willing to conclude anything yet based upon a letter that he wrote. Okay, so that that that's
He he's not gonna rest retract. Anything not at all, not at all. That's team from has reacted to all of us and they reacted with the proper outrage and Kellyanne Conway called on Adam chef, who has set up an actual pup tent inside the CNN headquarters. He's now been forced to if like a homeless person under Rudy Giuliani in Times Square, shift is now living on the streets once more walking around with a sign that says the end is near, Illusion collusion so play says about Adam Schiff yeah. That guy should resign from the intelligence committees joke. This is correct, then you have Adam Schiff talk about an oxymoron. This man had the intelligence committee in the house. He said quote: he believes that the scandal was of a size in a scope, probably bigger than Watergate and there's plenty of evidence of collusion, he had to resign today, you're saying that we did not win fairly and squarely you. In fact, running around. Judging your jolly out and saying, I'm worried about the effect on the institutions. You were disparaging the institutions
you were demeaning and a riding our great democracy. The presidency of the United States, Adam Schiff, should resign. She is correct with this, and, as you know, I've been very critical of Kellyanne Conway for being an over the top lackey for the Trump administration. Well, she is not wrong on this one. In a second we're going to talk about Trump's day got even better. There was a cherry on top of the ice cream. That was, I did by a man named Michael, have not even turned out to be just the best thing that ever happened. Donald Trump, we'll talk about it in just one. Second, first are gonna have go for daily dailywire dot com and subscribe for nine in a month, you can get a subscription to daily wire. You know what you get with that. First of all, if you, nine dollars a year, the yearly annual subscription you get this, the very greatest in beverage vessels. The leftist here is hot or cold tumblr. It was overflowing continuously. Yesterday, flooding places around the nation, you can have one these for ninety nine dollars a year and that comes with all sorts of goodies means means you get access to two additional hours of happiness and joy every afternoon, because we are here every afternoon with you for two hours I'll answer your questions in the mailbag and also during the brakes on my show
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So much winning, and we would beg him to stop the winning well, yes today was his winning a state. Now I do have to note that when we say it was his winning a stag, not politically right, not in terms of conservative priorities but in terms of the Chardon Freud of watching the entire left collapse in on itself, like a dying star yesterday was pretty spectacular. So the truth is Trump was elected to spit in the eye of the radical left and he's done that repeatedly and that's been very satisfying for a lot of members of his base. If you're a member of Trump's base yesterday was pretty much the best day. You've had since your first child was born, is pretty spectacular because not only was from cleared on the collusion stuff, not only to the media have to look them in the mirror and then ignore what they saw, but also Michael Avenatti. A man champion is a possible two thousand and twenty cans in the lawyer, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels. He was a fighter hashtag bus to Michael Avenatti Man, who appeared on the view and said that he was
to see. President Trump marched out in handcuffs, not only that he said his sexual fantasies included handcuffs, always here's what he had to say on the view all of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs and looks like she's just vomit all over him. The proper response there from Meghan Mccain, it turns out that he's going to enjoy his sexual fantasies for a while here, because they have Aug, marching somebody out eight from Michael Avenatti, best story that I so good. So, He was arrested. He was arrested because he tried to extort Nike stand. Something even if it means going to jail for extortion, solid stuff there. A federal magistrate judge the New York order to have an Audi released on three hundred thousand dollars bond in cases alleging that he embezzled money from a client and tried to extort millions of dollars from Nike
and then he claims no. No. He was just standing up with the people also implicated just to make this even better was Mark Garagos market the celebrity attorney for Jussie Smollett was named as a co conspirator in a case, accusing lawyer, Michael Avenatti, of trying to extort Nike. Both of these guys were CNN, tribute to remember when the media didn't have anything to apologize for, Avanade appeared fifty nine lines in one month during one period, a couple of like a year ago, there, there picture of him with Don Lemon celebrate yukking it up, and Chris Cuomo and the whole gang over at CNN, Michael Avenatti, who is the guy? He was. He was, he was going to fight president from to the end, and now Michael I'm not. He is before all bubbly going to jail, he's, probably going to jail because he's an idiot it turns out. I honestly I I didn't come up with this, but it is the best description. Michael I have an id is the Jacob Wall of Michael Collins. It's just spectacular, my
you have an id turns out to be the most incompetent doofus, maybe in legal history. So here's what he tried to do. He tried to go to Nike and then blackmail. Them with information about how a representative of Nike had been paying off, recruits to use their shoes or something, but he was not quite that discreet about it. First, he went to them He went to Nike and he said that he represented in Aau coach, whose team it previously had a contract. No relationship with Nike but whose contract Mikey had recently I did not renew want to have a naughty. His client had evidence that one or more Nike employees had authorized and funded payments to the families of top high school basketball players and their families and attempted to conceal those payments similar to conduct involving a rival company that had recently been the subject of a criminal prosecution. Avenatti said he plans to hold a press conference the following day to publicize the asserted misconduct. At night? He he said he'd approach like you now, because he knew that the NC double a turn. It was about to begin. I knew that there
quarterly earnings, call was scheduled for March Twenty first, thus maximizing the potential financial and reputational damage his press conference good cause to Nike. He said that he would let it go if Nike paid his client one point five. I million dollars and then hire avenatti to conduct an intern investigation of Nike with the provision. Nike hired another firm to conduct such an internal investigation. Nike would still be Where did they have an idea at least twice the fees of any other hired so then the attorney for Nike called up the cops and they said okay Let's have a meeting, let's have a meeting So I have a naughty showed up to the meeting and then re did all of this in front of law. Enforcement apparently is the allegation, and this is what he did. Is he such a he's, such an thought. I'm not he reiterated threats made during the previous in person meeting. I guess he does over the phone along this demand for a multi million dollar retainer and said he wanted to be paid at least ten million dollars bag of money in the parking lot
avenue? He stated quote: I'm not effing around with this and I'm not I'm going to play games. You guys know enough now to know you've got a serious problem and it's worth more and exposure to me to just below the on this thing. A few million dollars doesn't move the needle. For me, I'm just being really frank with you. So if you, if that's what, if that's, what it's being contemplated, the let's just say it was good to meet you when we're done and I'll proceed. My pro conference tomorrow. I'm not effing around with this thing anymore. So, if you guys think you know you're going to negotiate a million five you're going to hire us to do an internal investigation, but it's going to be capped at three or five or seven million dollars. Let's just be done, I'll go and I'll take ten billion dollars off your clients, market cap, I'm not effing around and then he said he had the best and then he said another meeting were apparently he said the exact same thing at one point he suggested and that he would quote Unquote cut cut off their their balls. This is a quote from Michael. Have not he's he's so wonderful, Michael, I'm not a. They said all of this in front of, while he's being recorded, apparently by law enforcement. So it's all going great for my collab, not it was so
yeah Stormy Daniels dumped on him and not like that guys, Stormy Daniels. Put out a statement quote knowing what I know about Michael I have not and saddened, but not shocked by news reports. He's made it clear that he has been criminally charged today. Well, when Stormy Daniels is now dumping on her own, where a person she called Angelo of the legal, Michelangelo, the legal profession. You know things have gone bad self great day for President Trump and Michael, have an id remains a a he he's got a problem. He's got he's gonna get to fulfill all his sexual fetishes. Soon enough in prison. The reality show we didn't know we needed is Michael, have an id taking Jack what law school in prison? Okay. Meanwhile, breaking news prosecutors have dropped charges against a Jussie Smollett. The empire actor is supposed to forfeit ten thousand dollars bond payment and have the records in the case sealed sealed just over a month after he was charged. Does that sound like privilege
to you. That sounds like privilege to me now. I've been told that the only privilege that matters in America is white privilege, but it turns out that if you fake a hit I don't remember the Jesse Small, let faked a hate crime. He pretended that he was guaranteed by a couple of Trump supporting Mag. I had it idiots in the middle of Chicago at three hundred am who were shouting this snag. A country in the middle of the all vortex. The news was he never lost his subway sandwich was holding on to that subway sandwich forever. It turns out the entire thing was a hoax: it costs probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to Chicago PD, too invested, this stuff, hundreds of man, hours that could have been spent on you, know actual crimes. Is it going to be start with anything. Nope they've dropped all the charges. They say he already did community service. According to this millet defense team, The community service was done prior for something not related to this case. Just stupid, garbage stupid garbage from the prosecutors. I mean honestly the in the federal The federal prosecutors ought to go after him and nail him to the wall.
This is insane. According to the Cook County prosecutors office, who apparently their report that they were interfering even in the CD investigation at the Cook county prosecutors. We're deeply afraid this is going to go out eventually went they put out a statement quote after reviewing all of the facts and circumstances. The case, including Mister small lots, volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the city of Chicago. We believe this outcome is a just a disposition and appropriate resolution. Absolute crap, absolute nonsense. His record has been white, to clean wipe, clean they're, not even gonna, have a record of him pleading guilty to something like this their statement. Today, all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped. His record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic, a complaint against them. This is the statement of his defense. Attorneys Jesse was attacked by two people he was in
able to identify on January 29th, he was a victim who is vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator as a result of false and inappropriate remarks made to the public, causing an inappropriate rush to judgment, we'll see and many others were hurt by the unfair and unwarranted actions. This entire situation is reminder. There should never be an attempt to prove the case in the court of public opinion. That is wrong does not was not a victim. You thanks bye every piece of evidence, a hate crime. This is absurdity at the highest highest level. Just amazing and just growth- don't worry guys. The Justice Department in Chicago is is doing its best that the criminal justice of it I mean, if you are the CPT had you have just got to be in rage right if you are a, if you are the head of the Chicago police to the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department came out with all the evidence. You've got to be fighting
add today. Small light continues to insist that he was innocent. That statement from his attorneys is, of course, a lie smell that was originally indicted on sixteen felony counts. For falsely reporting a hate crime by a grand jury and the charge as were summarily drop, because the guy is a celebrity and because he has connections inside the prosecutor's office is the best possible gas here. Federal prosecutors should now move forward full scale with prosecuting him. That should be. The next move will bring you more information as a bridge meanwhile over at Apac. It's really interesting. App is breaking out in the Democratic Party, so MIKE Pence, the vice president of the United States spoke at the american Israel Public Affairs conference. This happens every year. It's a huge event. 10S of thousands of people show up on people from synagogues all around the country because a pack The pro is a pro Israel lobbying organization. They don't spend their give money to candidates or anything, but they do a spin off a lot of time talking to various members of Congress and
MIKE Pence ones. Rectally after representative Ilhan Omar and the burgeoning anti Semitism inside the Democratic Party, Anti Semitism has no place in the Congress of the United States of America and Adam Minimum. Anyone who slanders those who support this historic alliance between the United States and Israel should never have a seat on the phone Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives, and, of course, all of that is true. When it was hilarious. Members of the media, pretending like Ilhan Omar, had never done any of this stuff and saying oh look at pence. Getting all getting all partisan about this. I'm on the Foreign Affairs Committee is an open, antisemite she's, a Democrat. The Democrats decided to cover for it wasn't like pence made this partisan, it wasn't Bibi Netanyahu made this partisan was Democrats who made this person now. I do have to give props today to signing Hoyer. The house, majority whip. He came out. Essentially by name blasted Ilhan Omar. This takes some spine
find the Nancy Polo C doesn't have here was so tiny. What you're doing the right thing and coming after all, how to. Sadly, you have done this. What was up for debate in the house, didn't then, but at least he's doing it now better late than never. Someone accuses american supporters of dual loyalty, I say accused Maine, so let's have debates on policy instead of impugning the loyalty of Israel's supporters. That is why I oppose those who pushed for boycotts the vestments and sanctions against Israel. By the way there are sixty two freshman Park rapids you hear Maine Sixty two, not three and good. For him, I mean that's him calling out Ilhan Omar he's the House Majority leader, sorry, not the web. That was a far rice Nancy Pelosi, who, speaking at a Pax, said generally she's against Anti Semitism. No specific words with regards
two Ilhan Omar, because again she is a coward. Signing. Horror apparently, is not heard Howard however, rules the day in the Democratic Party this the full house came together, can do them the anti Semitic, myth of dual loyalty and all forms of bigotry with the resolution. That quote rejects the perpetuation of anti semitic stereotypes in the United States and around the world, including the pernicious method, dual loyalty and following the legions especially in the context of support for the United States. Israel alliance have any of the guts to actually come out again still had a mar in any of this, and now would be a very good time. It turns out to be in Israel supporter, considering that Hamas is randomly firing rockets into the middle of civilian centers in Israel, and Hamas is an evil disgusting vicious terrorist group, as in interested in wiping every Jew out of the Middle EAST, if not I'll, across the face of the world, and
Democrats couldn't condemn Ilhan Omar. They could not do it. That is not the foot. By the way to be Netanyahu spoke at a pack, as well, and he went after Al Hunt on my directly here's what he had to say on this, Benjamin, it's not about the benjamins. The reason the people of America is not because they want our money. It's because they share our values. They just don't get it it's because America and Israel share a love of freedom and democracy and, of course, that's true l Hunter, my probably to the back- and it's now well you're under indictment for corruption. So obviously it is about the management that the words of a woman who is truly contrite about her Anti Semitism. Again, it wasn't the right that made Israel a partisan issue. Is the Democrats decided to break with Israel. At least I anywhere and some Democrats are now saying the right things, even if they're too cowardly to do so in public when it actually counts time. For some things I like and then we'll do some things that I hate so things that I like today
a new movie. That is how the on demand. That is, actually it's a good movie. It's a really good movie, the the it's called dragged across concrete and the guy who directed it. I'm trying to remember his name, I believe dollar, and he has made some really kind of weird and interesting movies. As Craig Alec, he made a bone tomahawk which they weird and interesting movie. This this movie is essentially about two cops who are booted from the force there suspended from the police force for not racism, a kind of excessive force and they're called racist in the process, even though they were not being racist at the time and then they decide
they're going to rob a criminal they're going to rob a criminal to make money so that they can support themselves. The movie has been characterized as reactionary. It probably is in the same vein as death. Wish it's worth watching. It doesn't move very fast, but it is. It is very powerful. It's good! It's good stuff, there's a reason. I'm sitting behind this desk running things and you're out there with a partner. That's twenty years younger than you Anthony's got a mouth with his own ancient, but he's solid and thinking about the kind of future I can offer my girlfriend. Pops is a yesterday
worth words, from heavens, praise be to him. Your absence was a wait upon us. Thank you, mister. I don't like doing things with so many question marks everywhere. Ok, the movie is extraordinarily brutal, but it's got a couple of. It's got a couple of notes that are super conservative that are pretty astonishing, so go check it out dragged across concrete's available on Amazon Prime Video on demand. It's really the MEL Gibson is terrific in it. He really is a minute apart. That fits in Vince. Vaughn is very good in it as well, so go check out, dragged across concrete well worth the watch. Ok, other is it that I like today, so this is just hilarious quote a major Greenland glacier that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on earth is growing again. A new NASA study finds this according to NBC News, the Jack, I'm Sean Glacier around two thousand and twelve is retreating about one point: eight miles and thinning nearly one hundred and thirty feet annually. Start started growing again at about the same rate two years according to a study, in mondays at nature, geoscience study authors,
outside scientists think this is temporary. That was kind of a surprise. I used to run away system said geological survey of Denmark and Greenland ICE and climate scientist Jason Box. The good this? Is it's a reminder that is not necessarily going that fast, but it is going so they keep suggesting that it is continuing to go, but they were surprised by all of this. Wasn't, maybe in the long term there are estimates continue to be correct, but it is weird how climate scientists keep getting surprised by the data. Every so often now, I'm not saying this is somebody who denies the climate changes taking place. I've said many times before the I p c c estimates when it comes to climate change, I'm fine with accepting those. I don't have a general problem with all of that. However, when your computer modeling is wrong, so often you might need to think about your predictive capacity, because the I p c c report does have a range of possibilities that it offers and the I p c c report has consistently overestimated the amount of global warming they thought was going to take place, particularly the upper and
if that estimate, ok time for a couple of things that I hate so in the aftermath of proving that president as a russian tool. Now the New York and the answer proving that God doesn't exist, that's exciting. They have an opinion piece by a philosophy professor named Peter Adderton. He is a professor of philosophy at San, Diego State University. So his credentials are well in line. Has a piece today called a God problem, perfect, all knowing all powerful. The idea of the deity most Westerners accept is actually not coherent, and then he proceeds to lay out about eight hundred and fifty words a sophomoric argument that ignores you know probably three thousand years of Western Lhasa, think there is a professor of philosophy and he doesn't know the most basic domestic arguments about the existence of God or my money. Dian arguments about the existence of God, in other words, he's a dilettante when it comes to religious philosophy, which is true for a lot of
well. We think that they know what they're writing about when it comes to religious philosophy. For those of us who spend a lot of our time studying religious philosophy just as religious human beings, his complaints are nothing new. It's funny when you hear people have spent. No time salmon religious philosophy go well, you know. If, God knows everything that's going to happen then do you have free, will and say: oh my god, you're right, you, thought you hit upon it. No one in the three of philosophy is thought of these questions not going back to Augustine not moving forward through. Maimonides. Nobody ever thought about these problems. You yourself have hit upon it now now you're right. If we had just thought about these questions when they say how couldn't all good God allow bad things to happen, you're right, it's the first time anyone's ever asked this question kudos to you. It's so lazy. Now in my book, the right side of history, I do discuss these questions and I give some very basic answers that virtually all western philosophers, particularly in Dale christian tradition agree upon, but this this this is basically he legitimately raises the question. I'm not kidding you
legitimately raises the. Can God make a rock so large that he can't pick it up? Question which is introduced in theology classes in like sophomore year of high school for the record, there are two particular perspectives on this perspective. Number one is, God can do anything so he can even violate the laws of ' project and then there's the general judeo Christian View, the domestic view, and then I'm an Indian, which is the God cannot violate the rules of logic 'cause. He created the rules of logic, so God cannot be both something and not something that God cannot be both a square and circle, which is one of the reasons why my mind at ease is constantly suggesting you can't affirmatively describe guide. You can only describe got in terms of what you can't beat it's a god does not take physical form according to Maimonides, because that would actually contradict the rules of his existence. In any case, this article is just more proof that the New York Times for for them this constitutes deep philosophy. It's so dumb, then, in this article is really silly, so he talked about he.
Talk about the question of evil. He says it. If, God is morally perfect, it is difficult to see why he wouldn't have created a morally perfect world. So why didn't he? He says the standard defenses the evil is necessary for free will. However, this does not explain so called physical E suffering caused by non human causes like famines, earthquakes, etc. Well, yeah. Actually, it does because if it turned out that the universe actually just reacted in positive, you doing good things that wouldn't be free well, in other words, there has to be the patina of chaos. In order for you to make free, we will the decisions again very, very basic stuff, very basic stuff in judeo christian philosophy, there's a what about on missions. Philosophically this presents us with no less of a can on leaving aside the highly implausible idea that, God knows all the facts in the universe. They just say that it's implausible. Why is it implausible? Because this philosopher says so
If, God knows all there is to know that he knows at least as much as we know, but if he knows what we know- and this would appear to detract from his perfection now why? Why would that? Why would perfect knowledge detract from his perfection because if they were known to God, that would make him a center. Is 'cause. If, God knows, all that is noble, God must know things that we do like lust and envy, but one cannot know- Boston and the unless one has experienced them. Well, no, that's that's idiotic! You can know what lust and envy are without quote unquote experiencing them, and the experience or lost of Andy does not necessarily come no evil. If you created the experiences them so elves than whites. The I mean that's what that doesn't. Even that doesn't even match up. Also there is the notion that virgin the again. This is domestic notion that God created everything with an innate level of perfection, and then human beings and free will have detracted from that. So, for example, lost started off as helpful sexual desire for members of the opposite sex and when we
and when we are not perfect, when we exercise our will in bad ways or desires in bad ways, and that turns into last. I said: what about malice God, not malice is like and still retain, his divine goodness. That all of this is so sophomoric, but unfortunately, sophomoric religious philosophy is stock in trade for the New York Times. Speaking of sophomoric, San Antonio has now barred chick fil, a from their airport, because Chick Fil A is owned by people who are pro traditional marriage and that's very bad chick fil, a sells chicken sandwiches. If you didn't know that's what they do, I wasn't aware that the chickens were gay or straight. I wasn't aware that they barred gay people from buying
chicken sandwiches. In fact, I didn't do any of that stuff. You'll recall that chick fil, a open on a Sunday which they don't normally do in the middle of the Orlando pulse, shooting to help take care of people who are doing rescue and clean up and protesting, and all that sort of stuff, but chick fil, a very, very bad, and so they must be shut down. People who don't know basic religious philosophy make assumptions about religious people that are simply false and religious people are malicious. Their religious people think that if you sin, then this makes you an inherently bad human being in a way different from people who are religious, that religious people believe that only religious people can be good, which is obviously false. It's so funny my new book, the right side of history. I've been asked about it a few times on left wing. Podcast. There's one from the economist the other day when they ask me this and that the first question people always ask is so what you're saying is that religious people are the only good people said, no, I'm not say being that read the book, of course, I'm not saying that there are lots of great atheists and there are lots of bad religious people. What I'm saying is you can't build a civilized foundation on the basis of pure scientific materialism? That's
case that I'm making in any case so it is about religion, is under guard in part of the attack on the west and that's a problem. Alright, we'll we will be back in for two more hours later today will have updates. We have great guest today, like I'm, very excited about our guest. Today, showing up a little bit later. Today, Thomas Sowell will be stopping by to discuss his book disparities and discrimination. Will talk about racism and disparities in various areas, american life. We'll also talk with need it now as a philosopher and reform at Muslim. He will be stopping by to talk about the problem of all Islam. Among other issues. Also, we should be having on a for. Why go from Chicago from ABC seven in Chicago to talk about the the justice my case, a lots of good stuff happened this afternoon. Please go and, and make sure
that you you subscribe. Nine nine bucks you're got your subscription, we'll see a little bit later today or we'll see her tomorrow. I mention this is Ben Shapiro Show, and this is the Ben Shapiro show executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam silence. Audio was mixed by my car Meena Hair and make up by just what old era production assistant Nick Sheehan, the Ben Shapiro Show, is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen, I'm Michael Knowles, hosted the Michael Knowles show Democrats already in the throes of their worst week, since one thousand, eight hundred and sixty five now suffer refer indignity. A federal court has invalidated Obamacare in its entirety. The Doj agrees it just keeps getting better better go to dailywire dot com to check it out
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