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Ep. 751 - The Roadmap To 2020

2019-04-03 | 🔗

Two state elections last night give some 2020 clues, Trump goes after Biden, and the media take off the mask. Date: 04-03-2019

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To state elections last night gives him twenty twenty clues. President from goes after Joe Biden and media. Take off the mask. Adventure paralyses the bench Hiroshima, oh Mary get to on today's show. But first let me remind you that tonight the late stop I'm a Gull America's foundation speaking. She brings me to what Yola Mary Mount University, where some of the professors are pretty text that I'm coming they speak begins at seven p m, so get their early, bring a friend and has always bring some great questions. It may be sold out if you can't make it tonight no problem. You can also watch the speech online, a yak dot, Org, slash live, it is all material for more information on my tour schedule. Had over two yeah dot, Org, Slash, Shapiro Tour, that's you have tat. Org slash grow to hope to see you they're. Ok, wouldn't get the news in just one second: first, let's talk about safety and security in your community. You heard me talk about how ring is reinventing homes, security with doorbells and care. Was even in alarm. You can install yourself well, they ve now reinventing the neighbourhood watch with a new app they created called neighbours by ring. You remember, the neighbourhood watch
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make your neighborhood safer today with the neighbors app firing, go check it out. Right now, ring dont come forward, Slash Shapiro, that's rings: Icon Ford, slasher, piranha, video of somebody unscrewing, the gas pipeline. Somebody's hasn't train steel, natural gas This is a wise man. Go check it out right now, ringed I come forward. Slash appear. You can check out the where's happened. You dont even have to join ring it to bring that come forward, Slash, Shapiro, okay, so last night there were a couple of local Iowa. And now, as you know, these national shot, we don't tend to put too much stock in local elections or folk Too much on local elections, but in the lead up to twenty twenty every He is looking for early indicators for how things are going a split and it's funny. When we talk about presidential elections, we tend to talk in national terms. Obviously we tend to say that President Trump is gonna win ex per cent of the popular vote or common air ass. If she were the nominated wouldn't ex per cent of the popular vote, the reality is that this affair he's. Gonna come down to about. Three states is going to come down to a Scotsman, Pennsylvania Michigan, that's pretty much it. The assumption is that
then trumpets, gonna, walk away with Ohio. That assumption seems to hold pretty true. Florida is more competitive if he loses Lord of the election is over, so assuming that Trump wins Lord up and anyone's Ohio. Then he still has to win too of the three Michigan Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. In order for him to retain the presidency and the kind of conventional wisdom had been, the trump was going to continue to be competitive Africa and that in Pennsylvania he was still somewhat competitive, but then Wisconsin. Who is starting to fall off. The evidence for this is that the twenty eighteen elections move Wisconsin into more blue territory. Well. Last night there was a special election in Wisconsin. Fourthly, Wisconsin Supreme Court. Now the Wisconsin Supreme Court is not an overtly partisanship. Solly, somebody runs as a republican or Democrat for the actual Wisconsin Supreme Court, but those candidates are backed by conservative groups or liberal groups and last night the conservative one in
Constant. Ensuring at Wisconsin Supreme Court would remain majority conservative for the foreseeable future, because now, instead of things being forty three on that Supreme Court and ready to shift in moment's notice and twenty twenty now concern was how a five to majority on Wisconsin Supreme Court, and not only that turnout was high and what the election showed is that there were certain districts where, from his fallen off a little that, particularly in suburbia in rural areas, who continues to dominate according to the according to Madison dot com. They report that the is winning by a very small margin and may God will automatically come recount, but it was gaunt and Supreme Court raise the liberal, needed. Wind have a shot at taking majority control of the court. Next year appeared headed for recounts, but the conservative candidate declaring Three, while holding a narrowly following tuesdays election. The conservative candidate is up over five thousand votes, a conservative win. Would increase their majority to five to ensure their control over the court, which they ve held since two thousand eight for years to come. There would be a particularly stinging defeat for liberals who are caught
in writing. A wave of winds in twenty eighteen, including picking up a Supreme court seed and ousting republican Governor Scott Walker, conservative bright, and Haggard Osborne who was walkers chief legal counsel for five years, let liberal back at least a new bower by fifty nine hundred votes. Out of one point, two million cast based on the unofficial results that differences about zero point. Four, nine percentage points is close enough for new power to request to recount, but she would actually have to pay for it. So maybe it happens. Maybe doesn't have you during declared victory early Wednesday morning. This is an electoral surprise. Minutes after you declared victory, the numeric pain, sends out a fun reasonably saying that would devote total net connection like we're, headed tweet potential recounts counties will canvas the vote starting next week to determine the official margin of victory the West I'm there was a recounts in Wisconsin Supreme Court race was in two thousand eleven this this the only state why to watch over the years. This is the only bellwether that we have this year and turnout was really strong. In fact, it was a lot stronger than it was in two thousand eighteen Republicans showed up and
doesn't eighteen. They should have been bigger numbers in twenty in twenty nineteen, twenty seven percent turnout for Wisconsin Supreme Court seat. The tight outcome provides more evidence as Madison Dotcom of how you, divided Wisconsin. Is president trump you'll remember carried the state by less than one percent point: Walker lost it by just over one percentage point. This state is basically dead. Even Pakistan's victory in Battleground America sends equal since to all of America that we're ready to keep us guns and read, as we turn our attention to mobilizing for twenty twenty and real acting president trunks had marked Jefferson the executive director of the Scots and Republican Party, so this: is it's a pretty astonishing resolved and when she was heavily favoured, the liberal in this race was heavily favoured to take the seat Eric holder headed it had an outside group that was spending through almost
a third of a million dollars to more than half a million dollars actually to help New Bower win their a bunch of conservative groups, including Americans, for prosperity that match democratic outside spending. Haggling spent much of his race defending his conservative police. New Bower by contrast, was appointed to the appeals court in two thousand seven by a former democratic governor, the term there is ten years and the retiring justice is eighty five years old and illiberal. So this is a move in the direction of conservatism in Wisconsin. Now, if you actually look at the Wisconsin pulls for twenty twenty four, What you see is president from continuing to run relatively relatively, even with all of the other Democrats. So that is not true, particularly for Joe Biden. I can give you some latest poles from Wisconsin which again, if Trump Water, when Wisconsin the odds anyone's the Electra very good. If you loses Wisconsin than the odds, obviously declined dramatically against Joe Biden
according to Emerson College poor from March seventeenth, two thousand nineteen to a couple of weeks ago, Joe Biden would beat President trump. Fifty four to forty six according to a fire. How strategies Paul from a little bit later couple days later Biden would be Trumpery badly. Fifty three to forty, but if look at him versus the other candidates is pretty much tat, even Trump versus commonly Harris according to Emerson College. That is a fifty fifty vote from Brazil Club Ajar from Minnesota. That is a fifty fifty. Vote. If you look at Trump and beta Orourke, NATO has White Vans, but not much running Emerson, only five thousand one hundred and forty nine. The margin of error is three point: five so effectively that is a dead, even race, Trump versus Bernie Sanders. Fifty two sanders, forty eight trump, but again it's it's kind of far out and is effectively a dead, even raise considering a margin of error of three point: five points with Donald Trump and Elizabeth. Warren runs away with it according to Zogg be, but is only up. Fifty two to forty, eight, according to Emerson so effectively, Trump is still running very calm.
Notably in Wisconsin right now. Unless the Democrats get smart and run somebody who is present even as moderate and has blue collar appeal. Now. That's what makes it so interesting that Democrats have decided to go after Joe Biden, who it's pretty obvious from all. The polls is the most electable Democrat, the twenty twenty rate and that's not in Wisconsin West. There is another, There is another local rates in Pennsylvania and it was well by a Democrat named PAM Aviano Short of Pennsylvania sanity while the reason that you want is because, like Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania, she is a veteran. She is a more blue dog democrat type according to the Post gazette The last time cameo Vienna was subject to a high stakes. Vote, tally with two thousand for, and choose unanimously confirm to lead the department of Veterans, affairs, congressional and legislative affairs offices on Tuesday. Democratic Navy veteran was elected to the Pennsylvania state Senate resting Republican Deronda an especial election Four bruising two month campaign that garnered national attention along the way
during the Rays Yoshino, whose sixty two to voters in the thirty seven district, that her two decades plus in the Navy and subsequent stint in the executive branch, would make her the right fit for the legislature in the district spanning Alleghany counties, western and southern suburbs and Peters Township, a majority of voters in where's that message at the pull the election, which was expected to be closed and possibly decided by a few hundred votes. Was officially decided when Rosh I can see the to Missy. If you know by phone at around nine hundred and thirty p dot m is that for that and votes ahead with ninety four percent of the precincts counted at the time since a big went for Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania? But the point is that she is a lot more conservative than a lot of the Democrats that are being talked about for the twenty twenty election cycle. So she has talked about greater focus on workforce training. For example, she says that she's gonna fight to alleviate the property tax burden by making corporations pay their fair share. She says did she is going to to focus in on taxing natural gas drilling where these are sort of blue dog democrat positions, she didn't focused
on social issues should in focusing on race. Instead, she focused in honour of bread and butter democratic issues, and she won what does this say what the says that Democrats are gaining momentum in some of the suburbs, the president from carried in two thousand sixteen, but only, but only if Democrats are not stupid and run people or perceived as moderate As I mentioned, you have, you noticed a veteran she's commission maybe ensign in eighteen, eighty Schwarzer WEBS lieutenant and then she took over the first female Will it Marine Corps Reserve Centre? She was not made by George W Bush George W Bush to proposed on Capitol Hill. She ran against Conner for the democratic nomination. He went on to win that congressional seat and both of the both of the candidates when, after each other hammer and tongs, but you ve no did not run as a hard core aha
core left Democrat surround us a moderate Democrat, and that is why she one- and this is the point the Democrats seem to have misread the map here they seem to believe that what is popular- and and Francisco is Popular Alleghany County or in Wisconsin. They seem to think that if they run somebody who is really extreme or whose interests on the merits of that person is and suddenly sweep through all the areas. The president from one in twenty twenty, this kind of indicates that you should shift twenty twenty back to toss up. Late that I've been saying for a while that I slightly favour Democrats and twenty twenty does, president from lost, the popular vote by two million and he ran the narrowest gauntlet in presidential history winning three states by combined total of eighty thousand votes in an election against one of the most unpack there are people in the history of american politics, a person whose expected widely to win. I said you can't count on democratic, not showing up again, that's true. It is also true that if Democrats view too far in the left direction, they could easily lose some of these purple states, especially the
blue collar Purple states who are looking at at folks like baino or work or Comma Harris and they're. Saying really like this. This is this is why I decided to put up as it makes it so entertaining the democratic, but seem to believe that this pretty much withered striven by perception of invincibility or or just pure anger what they are doing in the democratic pro right now, I'll explain in just one second. First, let's talk about the best and gifted that you can get somebody this year, I'm talking, of course about Legacybox. Now, I'm a big believer that the thing that matters most in your life, particularly get older, is making sure that you have all your memories preserved and you ve got in your garage all those boxes of old photos that you haven't looked at thirty years and their mouldering out there's some then we're getting water logged in ruined. If God forbid, there were fired some sort of flooding, your house, you have to go out to the garage and slept those boxes into event. Instead of doing all that Why do you just go over to legacy box? Save your family films and photos from degrading or being lost forever. They will give you peace of mind, a great sense of accomplishment. You can send your life,
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useful legacy box. Dotcom slash ban is, as I say, I am not sure whether Democrats right now are driven by hope or whether they are driven by fear. So here is the argument for hope. The argument for hope is that president trumpet so deeply unpopular that they can push as far left as they possibly want and wooden election. That can reconstitute the Obama two thousand and twelve coalition that intersectional coalition and sweep to victory by ignoring all the people who voted for President Trump and then they can push on with the Medicare for all high tax high spend slavery reparations agenda. That is it. This is the push that they can make because they ve misread the room and they think the trunk is inherently so unpopular that they can lodge Emily, throw crap against the wall and see what sticks that has passed ability number one possibility. We're is the day Vivian been driven so mad by president from that they are sort of way, republican Circuit, twenty. Sixteen we want to nominate the person who can get to the stage and club president Trump we want. The person is going to the most aggressive on a stage with President Trump know if that
the case, then you would sort of assume that Elizabeth WAR would, doing better because she's, probably the most aggressive Democrat in the field when it comes to yelling at President Trump. Some of the other democratic who are doing well right now, young people like like Joe Biden, that's really not his bag, you seen it from Bernie Sanders a little bit, but it seems that. If I had to put my money on it, I would think the Democrats have just Miss read the unpopularity of from they think because he's at forty two percent in the polls. When it comes popularity rating at this somehow mean that he's only going to win forty two percent of the vote come twenty slash twenty, and that, of course, is deeply in at and as we are seeing in Wisconsin as we are seeing, it Albania Republics Our slogan of Republican, the great- why of twenty? Sixteen, is that Donald Trump wildly outperform republican expectations. That is not true. He performed almost exactly in line with how George W Bush performed in all of the swing states almost exactly like
how Mitt Romney performed in all of the swing states, including Wisconsin, we're Romney one more absolute votes than Donald Trump did. Just nobody showed up to vote for Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen, so Trump is going to continue to perform like generic Republican. The question is: does Democrat perform like generic Democrat orders, Democrat perform, like Barack Obama, was in fact, they statistical outlier Democrat, seem to believe that the world shifted on to access when Obama was elected and that there was a permanent majority created for them forever. Trumped disabuse them of that notion if they rely on that permanent majority and simply swings left in the belief that they ve got this thing locked up there making an awful awful mistake. I think that's one of the things lying behind the attacks on Joe Biden. So, let's move onto to Joe Biden, so Joe Biden continues to fall, under brutal attack from members of his own party apparently to more women are now coming forward in time talking about how Joe Biden is a bit of creeper, again. It is amazing to me to watch the Democrats
We discover something that has been in plain sight. We were making fun of this for years. The idea of hands you Joe Biden Uncle, Joe creepy uncle Joe, this was a meme on the right, for I can you not least at least the last six to seven years. There is nothing new here mean Joe Biden was famous for. Into dinars and putting women on his lap. He was famous for me that I can't tell you how many we have that photo of him, leaning over to his little girl and little girl, shying away now there are several women who are coming foreign and saying he made them feel uncomfortable according to Emerson dot com. No prominent Democrat has suggested that by not run, women come any about him, if not clean sexual harassment or assault, other women have stepped forward to say Mr Barton's touch is welcome, but the accusations lodged against Biden have raised questions about what
Textile politician crosses the wine into inappropriate in us. That's the Washington Post description. I love that he's attack tile politician. You mean he crippling touches people in a way that he should not. If you were not a creepy person and overly physical with people. Textile politician, gonna love that Nancy, the said that you didn't think it was disqualifying, but she also recommended that he used the straight arm. This radar system warriors Steinem said, politicians need to set the parameters the way out, simple, our bodies and our voices belong to us. That should be the first step in democracy just ask before hugging, which, by the way I dont think, is wrong, but I'm finding funny that now Democrats are discovering all of this. After ripping on my pants for basically saying I, like to remove myself from possibly fraud situations in general oppressed. In trouble and after Joe Biden, because he understands there's vulnerability, here's a here's trump last night at the inner cc, apparently speaking in front of this
Bush in which Homer Simpson deciding here as President Trump going after Joe Biden, I mean Trump as standard comedian is, is pretty solid trump. I should general curricula I felt like Joe Biden, our former vice president- is I've call I don't know well as good as a welcome to the world Joe. You have a good time Joe. I have any a good. Ok! Well, then, that last line, thereby by Trump is not unearned. Joe Biden has been one of the chief and one of the chief pushers. Of the idea that an accusation is tantamount to a conviction. The fact is that that Biden has been doing this sort of self with regard to harassment for a very long time ago, turning to Casey Johnson over at the new post, according to the standards of culpability that by whereas articulated and similarly conflicted situations. All of this is
but in tat case perhaps no major american political figure has so consistently chair, beyond the erosion of due process for those accused of sexual misconduct. He's champion this approach for accused college students, as the Obama administration used title mine to impose guilt, tilting procedures on the nations campuses until twenty succeed here, thinking. Administration officials consistently refused to provide much if any explanation and why they imposed a proper hundreds of evidence standard as opposed to a beyond reasonable doubt standard. When it came to convicting men of sexual harassment. Biden has been the most spoken senior Obama official to defend these policies. Twenty seventeen he framed campus sexual assault as a problem consisting solely of male attackers and female victims, using We ve seen vote to give a hypothetical addressed. You fraternity, members quote: if you see a brother taking a drunk freshmen covered up the stairs to his room and you do nothing you're a coward. You know that
not able to give consent. He responded with SIRI to Secretary of education. Betsy Devos has attempts to create their procedures for judicata. Ng campus sexual assault claims. He called people like the boss of culturally Neanderthals is Joe Biden. This is not less but where it is not uncalled for. The Joe Biden is now being held to a standard that he has his pervade against others. Would that said, the Democrats coming out of the woodwork to attack and are generally not doing so. In my opinion, out of pure worry for the women Apparently there a couple other women who now say that Biden made them feel uncomfortable Caitlin crews, is a former college student in sexual assault survivor. She said, Biden rested his hand on her thigh, even ass, she scorned and need to show her discomfort and hundred just a little bit more. An event on sexual assault at the University that'll LAS Vegas Shoes, nineteen crews,
now twenty two said. She talk chalked up the encountered, the time to have an act. I didn't say anything publicly. She said it was particularly on well because she had just shared your own story of sexual assault and had expected Biden to understand the importance of physical boundaries It doesn't even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like dad. She said these are supposed to be people. You can trust another woman four DJ hill. Fifty nine, a writer who are called meeting Biden in twenty twelve fundraising event: Minneapolis she's Then, when she and her husband, Robert stepped up to take their photographic vp, he put hand on her shoulder and then started, dropping it down her back, which made her very uncomfortable. Her husband, seeing movement, put his hand on Mr Batten shoulder and interrupted with joke. Hell does not say anything at the time and she did not know what binds intention was or whether he was wherever discomfort only. He knows he's in his intent. She said norms are changing now she said, and if something makes you feel uncomfortable you have to be able. Now, of course, other women have come out and defended. Joe Biden out include Stephanie Carter, the wife of Ash Carter, whose saying all of this
But what is undergoing a lot of this is that the more radical members of the Democratic Party want Biden gone and more moderate members want Biden to stay, there's a lot of politics to the situation so job agent was one of the more moderate Democrats, presumably will be widened supporter. If he declares the senator. Virginia. He says I've never seen anyone actually offended by naming come on. I can tell you: I've been round. Yo bind for many many years. I've been in many political events with Joe Biden. I have never seen Joe Biden intentionally make anybody uncomfortable anything. He goes out of his way, trying to make people comfortable. He thinks that might be in a difficult situation that might have had some concerns and has a lot on I've. Seen that compassion and Joe now what you have said- and I accept that the same as I hope everyone does if he's made anybody uncomfortable, is extremely sorry for that
I would hope they would accept that. Ok, so this this sort of gap, you can see it between the older guard members in the Democratic Party who wish to preserve the candidacy of Joe Biden and the newer guard, who are looking to get him out this week, will include representative her keen Jeffreys one, the younger members of Congress here him out- and he said these are very serious allegations, even though, let's be real about this, the allegations are not either unexpected or particularly serious will be the serious and obligations they ve been raised by serious individuals, and they deserve a serious evaluation as to how Joe Biden should proceed, but that's it isn't that he needs to make on his own okay. So it is all of the younger members. The Democratic Party are trying to push Joe Biden out and its fascinating. How they're doing this is fascinating. Hitherto this again is in overreached. This them over reading overeating the results of twenty twelve, rather than looking at the nature of politics, we'll get some more of that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that its already April time,
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Go check them out over a policy genius, dot com and compare those courts. Policy genius spend less time comparing life insurance and save yourself, some money, process. Ok, so, as I say, there is a gap between the Old Guard Democrats and the new car Democrats. The new car Democrats want Biden out, and it is obvious that they want by now as they are using the same tactics that requests have been using on Republicans against Joe Biden the war on women name has now been extended to Joe Biden. The revolution eats its own and it is fascinating to watch. Democrats have been trying since two thousand and sixteen and even before, in twenty twelve, right it with Mitt Romney to suggest the Mitt Romney was fighting a war on women, so Mitt Romney said that he had binders full of women so that he could seek female employees to give them better job opportunities. The left jumped on that to proclaim that Mitt Romney most anodyne mill, toast human being was ever walked. This earth was actually a terrible, terrible sexist and then, of course, they have more cereals go with with president from say what, without president from two's war on women
war on women me and was pushed by the media over and over and over. You can always tell HU the enemy of the progressive left is by who are using the war on women to target, and this is You're seeing now been used against Joe Biden. Hilarious. Silly enough. After eight years of ignoring the fact that the guy gets hands, he was pretty much everybody. So there's a piece. By women and Jennifer Senor in the New York Times and is called what we're not talking about. When we talk about Joe Biden and you're seeing the Democrats, the left extend the definition of the word women from actual harm to women to stuff that could be perceived as harm to women because their broadening the world women specifically to take our political opponents. Here's what Jennifer! Here's, what Jenny First Senor said she says this weakens Joe Biden stir in the major barrel and, like many Gmos some toward about what to think the allegations by Sea floor, as that in Sweden, fourteen when she was running for lieutenant governor of Nevada, the VP touched her shoulders and kissed. The back of your head cannot exactly MRS, not liar even than another, we need to later and multiple photo month?
seventy two hours later and that multiple photo montages online suggest a similar pattern, and so we have another debate about male decency and respect. Trying to a creeping against over exuberance affection, has units glad handing all the while, remembering that this is Joe Biden, we're talking about a retail politics guy from another era known for arm grabs and bear hugs. He is by nature a physically expressive, fellow house or not familiar to him, grey zone. Allegations are of course still worth examining, but they are because there are solutions because their embodied, because we can see them. I wonder if we spend more time discussing them than another grey zone problem. That, in my view, is far more pervasive and often easily solved a sharp rebuke or complaints, a human resources not being taken seriously and here's where we got that if you are a male and you side with Joe Biden here, because you're not taking women seriously or if you are male, who is not participated in any form of sexual harassment. If you're my pants, you are guilty of not take Women seriously. The warrant woman has now been extended outward to include not to
women seriously now what does she mean by not taking women seriously? Basically, any time a woman feels like she's not being taken seriously. We're supposed to see more supposed to believe that this is based on sexism. The subjective perception of the of the alleged victim is all that matters when you're not being too can seriously now, as a human being. There are many times when I have been not taken seriously. My employees, I'm sure feel routinely not taken seriously. Sorry guys. But the fact is that that's not in their not being taken seriously war that that's a crime or that sexism in some way Jennifer Senor says here is the truth. Some of the women I know have meat you stories, but the women. I know have stories about feeling dismissed, invisible and less, then ok, but how are they mistreated, what are they talking about? They're talking about seeing their ideas gain traction in meeting only after him and has said them or being told for they asserted themselves in a meeting that they dominated it or at least talked too much. Now we don't need the contacts we don't know what
it's possible that a woman in a meeting just didn't express radius forcefully enough, or maybe she was too forceful. It turns out people dont, like men too, many meetings have been in where the guy is just a jerk, where the guy is obnoxious. That's not sexism, but sometimes people are annoying. And yet there is a full article in the New York Times now broadening this, hope of the enquiry about Joe Biden from his hands. He and physically aggressive with people too. Sometimes women feel disrespected purse, really that's? Has this columnist, I've been mansplain about my own book. Mansplain is one of the dumber phrases in human history. Mansplain this this this pseudo term of art. When is it just explaining something to a human. And what does it matter explaining? Why, have to assume bad motives on the part of somebody who's explaining something like legitimately. I spend a lot of my time explaining politics to people that is not man's blending. That is me explaining, explain things to my kids. Sometimes
explain things to my wife oftentimes. My wife explains things to me like: why didn't you take out the garbage and also get up out of bed and take out the garbage like people get explained to a lot, but the attempt to one out, victimhood from originally sexual assault to now, you're being nozzle by a weirdo to exuberant politician too? I feel Mansplain too, is a pretty radical move that is intended to provide Americans and it's not just this silly column that suggest that women are constantly victimized in soft ways On society, as I meant done yesterday, show there's a certain a ghost hunting that happens on the left, where, if you feel something as happened, we're supposed to describe it to some ghost in the machines in some weird societal force that we can't peg down to particular actions, but that make you feel bad big evident stands. So this is not one of my favorite things and you're, seeing them do this. With regard to statistics, as well constantly shifting the statistics, so yesterday, for example, there is an
dollars is equal pay day, which is a statistical, why it does not take until April seconds the FAO following year for women to earn the same his men, women earn effectively the same man because they are because they make different decisions about their careers. Equal pay day is based on aggregate statistics without taking into account job choice time out of the workforce. Motherhood time spent at the office? How often you ask for a raise their lot of factors when it comes to the stuff, but women are effect, the earning as much as men and accordingly studies in major cities, particularly women, who are fresh out of college in the same degrees, is men who are single and don't have kids are earning more than men according to ones, magazine article from twenty turn a lot more than men. Actually, so now the left is shifting the goalposts because in order to divide Americans from Americans, we have to shift the goalposts and suggest that discrimination is still a deeply active factor in every aspect.
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lights out to every democratic candidate. Some, like may repeat Buddha Judge had suggested that they be happy to come on, then no follow up so there's a shocker, but I would love to have money as see from this Sunday special, it is cordial. I think it's great exchange of ideas- it is not meant to be. A bench- appeared, destroys figure this out with the Sunday special. Is it really is just a way for people to discuss issues at a high level so check that out. It really is a lot of fun, also go subscribe over Youtube or Itunes and get a lot of our country. They are free and when you do leave us review, it always helps us in the rankings where the largest fastest growing conservative, podcasting radio show a nation already. So let's talk about the expansion of definitions so as to rule out the old school left, I talked yesterday about the attempt by the left, to move beyond the Obama era. Obama is the old and in with the new we need a policy. We need Bernie Sanders, we need extremism
earlier- and I talked- I talked a little bit about the fact that this is actually a large mistake by Democrats that have Democrats believe that they are going to win swings states by swinging wildly left the wrong, but Democrats are trying to recapitulate Obama's twenty twelve when not his twenty, away, went in twenty await. Obama ran on the platform that we are all others and sisters. There's no red states, there's no move, but there is the United States, and that was attractive in then in twenty twelve Obama said well turns up out wrong. There are some red spots and there are some blue strict and mostly there's a lot of action groups, and if we get those people together and then vote for me, well that's a door go and that turned out to be the democratic model will now they're trying to rebuild that coalition along the lines of a that is certainly not in evidence, particularly with regard to sex. So they have continued to push this world women me and suggested suburban women should vote for them because they recognise the problems of women and so there now
can you Joe Biden in saying this guy's old school he's bad with women. Bad with women. He's been this way, his entire career, guys and dumb it ain't that badly. Let us be frank about this behaviour is not all that terrible. Is it something that I would? no. I am not a physically forward person the way the Joe Biden as I have boundaries. Joe Biden has none, but are we gonna pretend the were unaware of all of this for years with Joe Biden and now they expanded definition out from he's not actually know these women alleged sexual harassment by the way so they're they're nuts even sexually harass them they're saying they felt uncomfortable because of something they did and now you have an article in the Washington Post. Suggesting is not just that we felt uncomfortable it's that we feel disrespected by a variety of issues, and now you have the Washington Post doing this on the economic front, suggesting that the problem is not equal pay because
Will they basically exists? Now it is unequal wealth, so they are now shifting the standards to pretend that America still systemically discriminating against women for purposes of suggesting that people, like Joe Biden, are too old school, say of people like Dennis traveler and Robert Right writing articles to the Washington Post, called America doesn't just have a gender pay gap. It has engender wealth gap. This April seconds is equal pay day. It reminds employees everywhere how much progress remains to close the gender pay gap. Ok, first of all, that is a lie that is simply a lie. Women are now earning dramatically less than men, but then they expand the definition, because they understand secretly a lot of members in the media that equal pay day is a bunch of crap. Since then the expanded definition you seen this happen also with regard to wealth differentials among communities, racial communities. So, instead of talking about income mobility and the possibility of income mobility. If you make, decisions in your life. Instead, what the media will talk about is the wealth gap
This is what they are doing with women now they're saying it's not just the pay gap that should concern women. It is also the wealth gap on average women in the United States on a mere thirty two cents to dollar owned by men. Now, first of all, if women are married men, they have sites in community properties days they on precisely the same amount of dollars as men. Do they ve exactly the same. Wolves met my wife and I have the same wealth. My earning power is a lot higher than my wife's earning power. It doesn't matter. We have exactly the amount of wealth, its community property state with joint bank account. We own our house jointly. This is this is silly this silly, but beyond that, what this is really an attempt to do. It suggests that, because women were historically discriminated against, therefore they are currently discriminated against. That is not an argument. That is a leap in logic. Just because some bad, was true. Fifty years ago does not mean that same bad thing is true today, even if the impact of the bad thing fifty years ago is still felt today when things like racial wealth gaps or sexual wealth gaps, but there is an attempt to paint America is deeply unjust as deeply unequal.
Requires radical solutions. This is the direction the Democratic Party wishes to move their they're looking for their looking for soft ways that they can sense discrimination, soft ways that they can create victim classes mean all the way down to leggings. There's an article in the New York Times in full going to sail section of the New York Times about why are men and in some women so upset about people wearing leggings in public must be sexism or, alternatively, they're, just not a huge fan of people wearing clothing that is effectively tight in public because that doesn't seem either model four prudent. They are we supposed to pretend that if you just walked round naked in broad daylight that there would be the same thing, is you or burka in broad daylight clothing does seem to matter a little bit and how we perceive people, which is why police officers and doctors wear uniforms. But all of this is supposed to be a soft form of sexism. The continued breaking down of Americans? Individual groups is one of the chief core tenant of the modern Democratic Party.
Which is why, for example, I think that the in trouble he bought a judge who A gay man in America does not make a point of him being a victim. He doesn't and try to say I'm a victim in America, his book, which is actually pretty interesting. He does make a huge deal out of this idea that I'm gay, therefore I'm a massive victim of discrimination in the United States is the mayor of South Bend. Indiana reminiscent exactly great evidence that people hate you that the person who is just elected the the mayor of Chicago is a black lesbian and is not a country where discrimination is is a wildly prevalent every day deep seated occurrence that is causing mass disparity is possible. The disparities are caused by other factors, but the Democratic Party is banking on a feeling of dispossession in order for them to regain power. Now, listen President Trump do this in reverse and twenty sixteen he suggested there's a vast swathe of people across the country feeling just possessed with the current political system who have been effectively ignored.
Disparaged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton been called deplorable, been told that they are somehow inferior or lesser or they are racist, Beck's, bigot, sexist homophobia and and all the rest and those are the people, I'm speak to all democrats- are doing the same thing and have been doing the same thing for years, trying to identify victim groups and then broadening the definition of victimhood. In order to make excuses for why, obviously non victim group are actually victim groups and then suggesting that candidates they don't like are the victim eyes ears. Joe Biden has found itself in the crosshairs because of this he does not match with the current priorities of the Democratic Party and thus using the victims.
Her class and you're starting to see this from the left about, but a judge, a yet Mobutu judge, it's it's pretty amazing, he's appease hardly victimized class to now person has been able to escape. All of this, of course, is Bernie Sanders he's not part of victimize class. Why? Because, despite the fact that the burning brows were not exactly great with the Ladys and despite the fact that Bernie Sanders has had some racial issues in some of the statements Bernie, is wildly perceived and widely perceived as an extreme us is so that means that we can rule him in as opposed to ruling him out. It is pretty impressive to watch the Democrats for parachute themselves in the feet, providing the impetus for President Trump's, two thousand and twenty campaign. This is all President Trump wants for his birthday. Man is for the Democrats to do exactly this today, president from spoke at the embassy, and you can see this is going to be as angle and twenty twenty as well. It should be here as president from going for the green new deal in pointing out. If you was to this, he deserves to lose the green new deal done by a young bartender, torn
nine years of a young bartender, wonderful young woman, the green new deal here, but As you know the first ever heard of this equation that you have said it is that of professionals that you guys know that have been there for a long time, white hair. Everything perfect and their steadily behind your their shaking their petrified over, we support the green new deal. Ok, he is really right about all this, of course, and you know he he's getting it flat for saying. Oh, my god, she he's demeaning her as a bartender noticing judge, doesn't have any expertise in the area in which she professors, expertise, which is obviously true and then trump in actual coherent fashion goes, after so Lisbon, the Democratic Party there, making it easier for him. It's amazing I've never seen a party own itself so hard. As that
cats are doing currently, don't underestimate the power of socialism to get a boat. It's what happens over a ten year when the country is destroyed, but they don't care about that when they say we're going to give you a free education, we're going to give you free healthcare, we're going to not have you pay alone for college. We're gonna, give you free everything. Everything is free. It's very seductive two people, it's not here to be so easy, like you, now in ten years? It's gotta be easy. When the country go to Hell, so we have to work. We can never take it for granted. We have to explain how bad really is- and he is not wrong about any of this undemocratic finding him room to run because there either delusional, delusional hopeful or delusional early angry Now they do have one hope, and that is that the media will somehow save them, because the media have done the work on behalf of Democrats for legitimately years. The best example of this
yesterday, when CNN Zealand's, Christine I'm on poor but for some reason, is considered an objective journalist. Size to journalism all over all over James COM. Here she is explaining that lock. Her up is hate speech, and maybe the FBI investigated and jailed people over it. Of course, lock. Her up was a feature of the twenty sixteen trump campaign. Do you in retrospect wish that people like you Self ahead of the FBI, I mean the people in charge of law and order had shut down that language that it was dangerous, potentially that it could have created violence that it's kind of hate speech should not have been allowed. That's not a role for government the play the beauty of this country is people can say what they want, even if its misleading and and its demagoguery the people should have shut it down, were Republicans point is not James Commies response here, which is basically correct. It is the fact that yeah, I'm on poor, is considered some sort of objective journalist or have a delay.
Of the view who ripped on Meda me hang yesterday Mega Mccain said? Yeah Obama had some scandals and all the ladys of the viewer like he never had a scandal. He was the best Obama he was so great innovation scandal at all. It must be great to be a Democrat honestly. None of this happened gently by rivers, but people save this was Obama. Nothing like this even remotely close ever happened in administration. Scandals, for I think this scandal it can. You read mammoths gay idols, but I do want to do this would be this morning. I think the problem is when you put the Obama administration up. Is this this prestige scandal free, perfect administration? The never did anything wrong for conservatism. Republicans there are a lot of politics have operated at least three, but I'm saying there's a lot policies put into place. The rational conservatives disagree with it. I think part of the problem is hills very judgmental. If you didn't like The Obama administration and you have a problem with the around deal. That's all you got trop and she is right about this. It is also true that they were not scandal free. What then, living hell the IRA,
under Barack Obama. Targeted opposing I have a one c- three groups, Eric holder was held in contempt by Congress over fast and fear, is an Barack Obama assorted executive privilege to protect him. Barack Obama said openly an open MIKE to the to the Russians that he would provide them flex billowy after the election, if they would lay off before the election, Barack Obama scandal free It is so highly irritating to hear that nonsense over and over from our great protectors the fire fighters who protect us. Have a good morning, Amerika there doing the same thing, they invite on Valerie Jarrett, who presided over the scandal, old Obama administration to talk about how terrible trump was immunity in an open, invite Valerie, jerks, abashed trump, I think
Local landscape today, in some ways, is depressing. I think told us start at the top. We look to the president, and I have states to be the leader to be a role. Model was equally for young people when I think of some of the rhetoric has been profoundly disappointing and troubling to me. He was very much a part of the Berger controversy. What would be the driving force behind the Bertha controversy? I think it's unconscionable and I think it inside and hatred and I think that put President Obama and his family and arms way. Ok, so I get it. Is it s fun to watch the media simply play defence for every Democrat there's a reason. All the top Democrats in Virginia are still holding their office.
It also amazing that the media continue to pretend that objective when there obviously not deem the cat who's the publisher of the New York Times. He said yesterday that we are happy to publish all sorts of perspectives like they literally published a full on twelve thousand words screen on why Israel should be boycotted by somebody who is paid in part by the government of Qatar, a terror supporting state that was fine, but they will Reprint, apparently any opinion that questions the science behind global warming, despite the fact that a lot of the modeling has been incorrectly far- and this is coming from somebody by the way who is not- global warming sceptic. I think that anthropogenic global warming is a thing. I think that you activity has an effect on the climate, but I am happy to hear more about various
sides of the debate, but according to the New York Times, you're not allowed to even published that stuff. But these are the objective journalists, I'm not sure both cider ism is the is the right approach and is not the approach. I believe him, I don't think that's become sort of us stalking horse for fairness, fairness, me, fairness and open mindedness and the sense of inquiry. That means journalism. That does not mean if you we do not go out to make sure we quote twenty five people, let's say there's. No man did not contribute to the changing climate. That would be ridiculous. That's not what most people believe there's a debate. The only debated What should be done about it? I don't believe in that I believe in open, mindedness, open minded inquiry open minded antiquaries what he believes in, not anyone who disagrees with him on fundamental issues that that's that's your. You're right there. I love that we believe in, but at an if, if you say well, maybe you should get another opinion. What's both sides, tourism open minded
Korea is where I interview people will agree with me and we just disagree about how strongly to agree with me, your media, in a nutshell, Democrat over the New York Times. Ok time for aid then that I like so there is, as I Hey I've been signing a lot of books lately and because I sign a lot of books. That means that I am watching tv while I sign those books, while there some movies that have become available on Amazon for rent, that kind of fell through the cracks and are pretty good. There's a movie called prospect with, Pedro Pascal, who has become one of my favorite actors. He's really terrific is in trouble, frontier, you'll walls. Member him from game of thrones. Here is quite versatile and a girl named Sophie Thatcher, it essentially is a space western I believe that this this I'm pretty certain that the people who wrote the movie prospect were basing it on Treasure island because its it pretty much follows all the beach of treasure island, but the movie is a good I like our in three, our forty minute movie and it's about
little girl who lands of the father on this a on this planet, where there is a natural resource that people are seeking to extract anxious, confronted by effectively a pirate name whose play by Pedro Pascal there's nobody the preview. Twenty seven. Forty two requests, release I the vocation of a mass of deposit of warlike, the coils layer, by my estimation, is the largest anyone's ever seen This approach, Where are you from a poetic? The greens, ok, so that in the movies
movie is good again, it's very tight movies. Only ninety seven minutes, which I said yesterday that I am a big fan of shorter movies. It's not a special effects base. I find movie it's it's a space. Western kind of in the movie is, is worth watchings. He can go check that out. I believe it to be blood Amazon for rent right now and the movies call prospect. Ok of some things that I hate. I think that I hate number one. Why is it that online is where we find all of the weird quasi solutions to people's problems? I say solutions, I mean no one in their right. Mind would do these things, but we are supposed to pretend that, like they're, a thing of vodka is apparently one of the places you go from for this sort of stuff. And they have a story today about adults who want to be swallowed in a fake womb to be comforted. I I have nothing for you here. If you can't see the video its legitimately
people who are being tied to this. Japanese therapy is supposed to beat stress by taking you back to the womb they legitimately rap. People like Frodo is wrapped in spider web. At the end of return of the king, it's supposed to recreate safety of the womb. Babies feel when their being swallowed. Ok, quick, note, never swim. A baby by putting a blanket over the baby's head. You don't it mean, did this waddle is supposed to go apparently over the entire adults. I remembered wasn't this tried by the way in the United States. There was this theory that this would be tried in psychiatry sounds a couple. People have died because of it. If I'm not mistaken, they tried. This is like a weird therapy thing and people would actually like suffocate in the blanket and all of us people are, people are dumb. Does humanity deserve to survive, open question and other things that I that
hey today. So there's an amazing story today from the BBC just broke couple hours ago, and it talks about a cortical magic bullet, carbon solution to climate change There is the article on technology. There are moves. Carbon dioxide from the air has received significant backing from major fossil fuel companies. British Columbia based carbon engineering has shown it can extract seo too in a cost effective way. It has now been boosted by sixty eight million dollars in new investment from Chevron, Occident, accidental and coal giant php campaign climate campaigners are worried that the technology will be used to extract even more oil. Why? Because if we can suck these the carbon emissions out of the air Then we might continue to use oil, but then why are you running about us using the oil if they're no carbon emissions, because we're sucking it out of the air and confused the quest for technology for when dioxide removal from the air received significant science endorsement last year with the publication of the IPCC report, on keeping the rising global temperatures? One point five degrees celsius this century in the summary for policymakers. The scientists said all pathways that limit global warming should be pursued effectively
carbon engineering says that its direct air capture process is now able to capture the gas for under one? hundred dollars, a ton with its new funding. The company plans to build its first commercial facilities these instead industrial sky. Plants could capture of two one million tonnes of co2 from the air each year, so how's that this works. Well, apparently, the comparatively low concentrations of co2 in the air, make it difficult to design efficient met machines. Remove the gas but carbon engineering has applied says that sucks in the air but then exposed what chemicals solution? That concept It's the ceo to further refinement. That the gas can be purified in a form that can be stored or utilised as liquid fuel is basically complicated. Chemistry and thereby making a liquid fuel directly from co2. So, instead of having these massive emissions, you are instead using the using the carbon dioxide to make new fuel, so they take fuel. Did they they take the carbon emissions in the air they suck it out of the air and then their recycle
the carbon emissions effectively speaking. Their of their investing in this process because they don't want to be regulated, presumably because this is called they market solution and the left as opposed to it, environmentalists are angry? Why well, they think that its summer worthy think that is good, but but because their word that it will prolong the fossil fuel Europe again. Why are you upset about the fossil fuel era of its not actually going to Word that old, prolong the fossil fuel Europe again, why are you upset about the fossil fuel era of its not actually going to wreck the earth anymore? So in its just that there is an ulterior motive. That is the thing I hate, not technology, which is great thing. I hate it. Ulterior motive. If I give you technology that will help you solve the climate change issue, say nuclear technology or sucking the carbon out of the air, then why accept Would you oppose it unless you have some sort of ulterior motive which does suggest that there something else going on for a lot of climate change forward. Thinking, politicians that has more to do with economic redistribution. Ism then has to do with actually solving a problem
alright well we'll be back here a little bit later today for two additional hours. Also, I'm on Honcho Rogan showed TAT. She might wanna go check that out because that's a lot of fun and, in the meantime, go by my book, the right side of history, which number three on Amazon and non fiction, this we can never three Barnes and noble as well. This week continues to sell like hotcakes. You can be part of the movement check it out the right side of history. We'll see here the later today you subscribe or tomorrow, if not see, then I'm mention here. This is the benchmark Oh sure this is the bench. A bureau show executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Malthus Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is meant by my car Mina Heron make up
by just one. O vera prejudices that next year the bench Shapiro shows a daily wire production. Copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen everybody's Andrew Cleveland host of the Andrew Clavering show the russian collusion hoax has collapsed. The economy is doing well, but don't trumps. Approval ratings are stuck. Why can't president? The Donald.
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