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Ep. 754 - Homeland Insecurity

2019-04-08 | 🔗

Trump dumps his Secretary of Homeland Security, Democrats compete to shore up their woke credentials, and the Israeli election is in the home stretch. Date: 04-08-2019

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President Trump dumps his Secretary of Homeland Security Democrats compete to shore up their woke credentials and the israeli election is in the home stretch. I mention This is the Ben Shapiro show and welcome back. This is the Ben Shapiro sure. Does I'm so excited to be here this week, I mean there's a lot going on this week and there's a lot in the news will get to all of it, thanks by the way for people continue to buy the right side of history, which continues to soar on the best seller. Charts number three on New York Times bestseller chart this. In a second week after being number one in its first week, continues to be at the top of the Amazon charges will go pick up a copy of the right side of history. We're. Do I get all the news and just think there's a lot of news that is breaking first. Let us talk about the fact that you could be healthier. Well, how could you be healthier, but one of the things that you could be doing is making sure that you get your daily dose of vitamins, the stuff that you actually need vitamins and supplements can be confusing. Persona takes the guesswork out of it. Here's how it works. You get three to five minutes I've to find out exactly what you need to get wrecked:
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Carly harsh on the border, but then every time there's a bad story on the border, immediately shies away from the bad story on the border, and that puts people like Christian Nielsen in a really difficult position, because he'll say yeah, I zero tolerance approach on the border and she'll, say alright. So that means that means you know, arrest people and under current law. That means we then have to release the kids to family members, because we can't actually keep the kids in custody under Ninth Circuit Court of appeals ruling we're just not allowed to do that under the floor is settlement, and so President Trump be like. I do it so he'll. Do it and then they're a bunch of stories about family separation and then also you is really bad press. Let's not do that anymore, and this is that really only leaves us with one option which is catch and release. Is it okay to it and there's catch and release for awhile and then there's to blow back from the right time. Why are we just picking these people the border and then releasing them to the interior and then Trump said. Well, I don't like that either. This is bad we need to be harsher at the border? The problem is that there are two serious issues at the border: one is the state of the border law
there are real problems with border law in the sense that right now under the floor settlement, if you arrest a family that is coming across the border at you cannot hold the kids in custody with the parents, and that means that you have to release the parents or you have to separate the parents from the kids. That is a problem that is currently implicit in the law and that can be changed by Congress. That's something that the president should be working with Congress to change either the kids should be kept with the parents or they should be immediately deported right. Those should be. It should not be that we have to release illegal immigrants into the interior of the country to deal with the fact that they have kids This is not a solution for the kids, it's not a solution for the parents. It's not a solution for the country that is problem number one problem two is that do not have sufficient funding to take care of all the people crossing. The border we spoke last week with one of the chiefs of border down in the San Diego sector on a radio show, and he was saying that simply overwhelmed tens of thousands of people crossing the border, there's no place to put them Congress is not allocated the funding.
And that means that they have no choice but to catch and release what President Trump is not famous for the buck, stopping at his desk. Usually the buck stops at everyone else is It's one of the really negative parts about this White House. Is that if you work for Trump, there is a very good shot you get stabbed in the back at some point me not to put too fine a point on it, but the reality is working in this White House is a. Very difficult job. It is an unrewarding job is one where the press will try to savage Kristin Nelson's on her way out now there are, in the press saying she should never be hired again because she worked at very of homeland Security under Donald Trump corporation that hires her is going to be subjected to the rage of the mainstream media People are tweeting this out yesterday that basically her life should be ruined. You've heard them say the same about people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders Huckabee Sanders. Administration at some point or if the administration comes to an end and she should be forbidden from working in the in the public sector, you you see this in the private sector. You see the same thing with people who used to
work for President Trump like Sean Spicer once they are out their persona non grata among the general public and the media do want them anywhere near anything that even remotely approaches power in the private sector unrewarding to work there, because the president is very likely to blame you for stuff that he himself is responsible for 'cause. He has no coherent policy and second, when you're ousted. Then you know it's not like you get the gratitude a nation for having served your country. Instead, it turns into you serve that bad guy trump. I want to make sure you never work again in this town, so you gotTa a little bit bad for Christian Nielsen. Even if you don't like how she is performed as Secretary Homeland security- again I failed see how she has wildly underperformed as secretary of like what she could have done? That should have been done extraordinarily differently without President Trump's approval, the New York Times. Reports Christian Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary resigned on Sunday after meeting with President Trump and it's a mulch tenure in charge, border security agency that it made
the target of the presidents criticism? I've determined that it is the right time for me to beside Nielsen said in a resignation letter. I hope that the next secretary will have this. Congress and the courts in fixing the laws which have our ability to fully secure America's borders and which have contributed to discord in our nations discourse, Nielsen, requested the meeting to plan a way forward at the border in part thinking. She could have a reason conversation with Trump about the role. According to three people familiar with the meeting, she came prepared with a list of things that needed to change to improve the relationship with the president Trump in recent weeks and asked Nilsen to close the ports of entry along the border and stop accepting as asylum seekers, which meals and found ineffective and inappropriate and again, I'm not sure that she is wrong about this. Closing the ports of entry along the border was specifically designed, presumably to re shift, reeks of resources to allocate resources from the ports of entry to the areas between the ports of entry, where ninety percent of people are trying to to cross, but the issue their meals and was saying, is when people cross the border the Batman
of them looking for border patrol agents to turn themselves into, so they can claim asylum to stop. Accepting asylum seekers means that You will actually be encouraging people to avoid border patrol agents and they will simply continue crossing because there's a shortage of the border and they won't turn themselves in to border patrol which means no ankle monitors, know keeping track of them and if you close the ports of entry, it is difficult to do that, and still maintain open commerce? You could do it theoretically, but practically speaking. Apparently, this is quite difficult. Well, thirty minute meeting was cordial trump is determined to ask for nation. After the meeting she submitted it, the move came just two days after Trump, was repeatedly expressed. Anger at arise in migrants at to the southern border, withdrew his nominee to run immigrations and customs enforcement because he wanted the age to go in a tougher direction from his ratcheted up. His aunt immigration message in recent months, as he seeks to galvanized supporters before the twenty, election, shutting down the government and then declaring a national emergency to secure funding, to build a border wall, cutting aid to central american countries and repeatedly,
announcing what he believes is a crisis of migrants trying to enter the country tweeted on Sunday night after Nielsen departed, he tweeted quote our country is full. Is in fact a different message than the message that he was saying: in February where he suggested that we wanted to have wide doors for immigration rate is going to be a big wall with big doors is the way that he put it. Nelson, said you plan to stay on as secretary through Wednesday in order to assist with an orderly transition you brought. This was unusual. Dhs, does not have a deputy secretary who would normally take the reins? The president said in it the Kevin Mcaleenan. The commissioner of customs and border protection would take over as acting replacement for by law. The under secretary for management, Clear Grady, is next. In line to be acting secretary, the White House would have to fire to make Mister Mcaleenan acting Secretary people familiar with the transition said. Grady says that she has no intention of resigning. Some of the people who are being yeah for DHS, include KEN Cuccinelli, the former Virginia attorney general, who fits the profile apparent
and Nielsen has been pressured by Trump to be more aggressive in stemming the influx of migrant crossings at the border, her entire I'm in the job, was meant battling back suspicion from the president, even as he told people how he liked her she performed on television and enjoy dealing with her. Personally, apparently, he was skeptical of her because she had served under w and also because she was close to John Kelly, who trump basically got rid the former chief of staff, the president called Nielsen at home early in the morning to demand that she's take action to stop migrants from entering the country. Including doing things that were clearly illegal, such as blocking all migrants from seeking asylum, which you cannot do it. If somebody crosses the border and they find a border patrol agent, they do have. The legal ability to seek asylum. You can't just say sorry, I didn't hear you sorry guys nope nope yeah. What would you like? We do that to people who are crossing the border and seeking asylum? Nor, frankly, do we want that? Because there are people legitimately seeking political asylum in the United States is a long and part both our law and culture and people who are seeking political asylum should at least be heard
repeatedly noted limitations imposed on her apartment by federal laws, court settlement International obligations, apparently this really pissed off from the president's fury erupted in the spring of twenty eighteen as Nelson hesitated for weeks about whether to sign a memo ordering the routine separation of migrant children from their families, so that the parents could be detained. Again choose hesitating because Trump was hesitating. If you don't recall a time, it wasn't like Trump was full scale. Go trump these people out there very often, and then he, let's them, take the bullet, and it's not just secretary of Homeland Security, he did this to his own secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. Just in the last couple of weeks, we discussed it on the show he pushed a budget that include in it. A defunding of the special Olympics and Betsy Devos dutifully did what she was supposed so she went out there and she defended the budget cutting money for the special Olympics. And then Trump decided on the spur. The moment he didn't like the media coverage, and he went public I said you know what we're putting that back in funding for the special Olympics, and there is Betsy device left out there on the end of the branch and Trump
NG and sawing off the branch behind it's very difficult to work for this president and that meeting, surrounded by her peers from castigating her repeatedly leading her graph the resignation letter and to tell colleagues there was no reason for her to lead the department any longer by the end of the week reconsidered and remained in her position becoming an increasingly fierce supporter of his policies, including the family, separations and again, that's her reflecting the boss. Trump was split and then trim not split anymore, and she said. Ok well, if that's their policy, that's policy, apparently Trump and Steven Miller. The President stop immigration Advisor have privately but regularly complain about Nielsen Lou. Dobbs is also encouraged, Trump's negative view of her handling of the migrant crisis according to the New York Times. The lost powerful protector when John Kelly, her mentor was fired at the beginning of the year, multiple White House. If bill said she runs deeply paranoid in recent months after numerous story, better job being on the I should also supported the ice nominee, Ronald video that Trump just withdrew.
Apparently, in early two thousand and nineteen is the number of migrant families from central american countries urged the President Furia Miss Nielsen did too he repeatedly demanded kind of foreign aid to central american countries. The funding was there, possibility of the State Department and she deflected his demands. 'cause she doesn't have the power to do that. One day after Nielsen travel to Honduras to sign a regional compact with officials from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador Trump cut State Department funding for the countries. In recent days, the president made public moves to undercut for author Leaking news you might nominate and immigrations are to assume oversight of the issue at the heart of Nielsen's department. Now the media is trying to suggest that Nielsen had some sort of real difference of mind with President Trump. It's not. That is that Trump has a difference of mine with Trump a truck is all over the place on this issue, it makes it very difficult for his people to honorably in his administration. It's a serious problem, it is a serious problem, will get some more of this in just one second, first warm weather season is basically here. Luckily Tommy John, the most comfortable underwear on the planet has the fabrics you need to stay cool dry adjustment free
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cousins defenders going to the Christian Nielsen was doing something deeply wrong here. He appointed her. This is the same sort of stick. We saw with former attorney General Jeff sessions, Trump appointed Jeff sessions. One of the reasons get points at Jeff sessions is because Jeff sessions was tough on crime and stuff on drugs. It's tough on illegal immigration and then Trump decided he didn't like him and then instead of capping- and he kept him around for a couple of years and then he, let's ends quietly sort of resigned, sort of quit sort of be fired. You see that with this president, he does this all the time he goes after his own subordinates. Well, when you are the leader of a company or a country where the leader of administration, which effectively is just accompany the buck, stops with you. That means you have to make the decisions about whether people are doing there jobs or not, and if you are randomly shifting, if you're driving, if you're careening all over the road like Beto O'Rourke on an off night, then it's going to be very difficult for the people in the back of the car to take credit for what exactly is going on Trump's the guy with his hand on the steering wheel, not Christian Nielsen. So if you don't like the policy that one stops at the top uh huh,
nilsen, never learned how to manage from people familiar with the discussions that he often felt lectured to by Miss Nielsen, which again is difficult because the president, I decades, the president, doesn't know things so he doesn't. He just has got instincts. And sometimes that's okay, because people around him are able to mitigate his harder edges and they're able to boost the stuff about him, that's good, but it means that he is in constant conflict with people around him. It's like a billiard ball just moving around table. Apparently Jr Kushner didn't like Nielsen so I had recently as Kushner had inserted himself into the immigration discussions now, that's kind of odd not a hard liner when it comes to immigration, because Much softer on illegal immigration. Remember is so the first step back. So the fact is that if you really believe, Nielsen, was ousted for being too soft on immigration. What is Kushner or have to do with anything trump, often blamed, for the surgeon migrant crossings, but the truth is that the widespread perception of her is that she was very harsh on illegal immigration.
And that is her that that's going to be the perception of her after she leaves. So here is her letter. She issued a letter about all of this upon leaving, and here is here's what she said to president, I hereby resign from the position of secretary of the Us Department of Homeland Security affected April, seventh, two thousand and nineteen, It has been my great honor to lead the men and women of the department, as its sixth secretary I could not Crowder of and more humble by their service dedication and commitment to keep our country safe from all threats and hazards. All Americans and thanking them for their sacrifices and those of their families. I am immensely proud of our says in transforming DHS to keep pace with our enemies and adversaries, whether it is in cyberspace or against emerging threats from new technologies. Despite our progress in reforming homeland security. For a new age, I have determined that it is the right time Let me just step aside. I hope the next secretary will have the full support of Congress. The courts in fixing the laws which have impeded our we need to fully secure America's borders and which have contributed to discord in our nations.
Our country in the men and women of DHS deserve to have all the tools and resources they need to execute the mission entrusted to them. Can say with confidence. Our homeland is safer today than when I joined the administration we have unprecedented actions to protect Americans. We have implemented historic efforts to defend our border bad illegal immigration, obstructing inflow of drugs and uphold our laws and values. We have responded decisively. Breaking natural disasters and helped Americans rebuild. We conclude thank you again for the privilege to serve them people and leave the outstanding men and women of the Department of Homeland Security supporting these patriots have been the owner of a lifetime since Christian Nielsen. Now, as I said, the media are already jumping into should never have another job. It's really disgusting and Kirsten Nielsen. Really not doing anything here to earn the ire of the media. In this way choose enforcing the laws on the books, the laws suck. This is the problem. There are the resources the border necessary, and that is partly due to the media coverage of these issues. It was the media that declared for months and there was no crisis at the border and the government shutdown ends
Suddenly, there's a crisis at the border media paid very little attention when Barack Obama was implementing family separations and then Trump did it? Suddenly, it was Trump's fault when the reality is. It's the floor settlement in the Ninth Circuit's fault. All of this is media malfeasance, Christian Nielsen has very little to do with this. I think she functionary, there's a functionary trying to do the best that you could. She ousted because the best that you could it wasn't good enough, but I fail to see where she was impeding it's agenda in any serious where Trump said do x and she said I'm not doing accents, he said: ok, you're fired. I don't see that Well, here I see a bunch of different statements and policies coming out of the White House. Trump himself doesn't know beyond sort of the broad outlines of what he wants. How he wants to and he's not willing to take the hit when the bad press comes in now again, I think this is aided and abetted by immediate that wish
two polarizing debate? There really should not be polarized. We should all be on the same side of this immigration debate. We want to make sure that the people who are coming here are both treated humanely. Supported if they do not have a legal claim to be here and that should be done expeditiously. It should be done forthwith. Family should not be separated in that process. I think we All have the same basic priorities on all of this but the way the media have played this as well to the polarization of an issue which really should not be polarized. I think there is broad their consensus, that we do not want an open border. I think there is broad american consensus that an open border is a bad idea and, despite woke members of the Democratic Party? I think Mainstream Democrats are not interested in in a an open border will Bernie Sanders is basically saying this right. Bernie Sanders is believed. I want to be or Democrats on the issue of the border. Here is the Senate. Any socialist senator from Vermont and current front runner for the day, Reddit nomination, saying you can't have open borders guys. How would you deal with the social services connected to with opening the borders, such as healthcare care
That medical care, and who do you think, is suggested in opening the borders, well that you're an activist for opening for no, I'm not afraid you make getting your information like. That is not my view. I apologize. Thank you. I think what we need is comprehensive immigration reform. That is not simply you're. Quite right. If your point there's you open the borders of my God, you know there's a lot of poverty in this world and you're going to people from all over the world, and I don't think it's something that we can do at this point. Can't do it. So that is not my position. Ok, so again, that is burning being reasonable, we're all basically on the same page here, but the media have deliberately gone out of their way. To make sure that we are. Not on the same page. I will give you an example. So there's a that went around over the weekend. I some account called mark mobility. I don't know who to help mark mode. Nobody is he suddenly he put out, he put out a video that he cobbled together from C span, and then he,
out Donald Trump on people asking for asylum. These aren't people. These are animals. This video that was retweeted by him currently has fifty five point. Two million views. Fifty five point: two million views here is video that he put out, we have people coming into the country trying to come in we're stopping a lot of, but we're taking people out of the country. You wouldn't believe how bad these people these are people. These are animals and we're taking him out of the country at a level. At a rate, that's never happened before okay, so that is the clip that is fifty five point: two million views and lead people like PETE, but a judge. The mayor of South Bend he's getting his kind of current media bump to tweet out? You do not refer to human beings, animals, you just don't, which is because legitimately, like two weeks ago, Ilhan Omar referred to President Trump is an animal but there's something bigger here and that is that Trump didn't
for two people seeking asylum is animals here for to members of MS thirteen as animals. Here's the entire clip we'll take care of it. Thank you, bye and MS thirteen gang member I know about. If they don't we just special certain threshold. I cannot tell us about the we have people coming into the country of trying to come in we're stopping a lot of 'em but we're taking people out of the country. You wouldn't believe how bad these people are. These are people. These are animals. Ok, that is exactly right. Ok, I'm thirteen. I they're. Their actual motto is what rape kidnap kill mean they legitimately are evil human beings, and this was taken out of context. Deliberate deliberately make it look like Trump is dehumanizing people, normal people who are coming across that border families coming across the border and the problem. Trump then reacts to that sort of slander by in new jerk fashion, knocking off his own officials.
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sources that I need, I have no choice but to implement certain policies such as we are going to. Be. We are going to B using the resources that are necessary to us to hold families together, and if the court and the court tries to intervene, that's just the way that it's going to be Judicial supremacy is not a thing. The court does not get to decide how the executive branch act. This way we're not going start catching and releasing just because the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I'm willing to do this. If, if you say we have to separate families- and I guess that the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals in on that, I so that we can separate families, one led by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision, but we're not going to do catch and release just not going to and don't blame it on me blame that on the court blame it on. The Democrats won't solve this problem, who won't change the law. I not going to release millions of people into the interior of the country. I'm not gonna. Release 10s of thousands of people the interior of the country without knowing where they are. This is not I'll I'm going to pursue and we're. To ensure I'm?
hold on I'm going to visit with the kids of the parents. I want to make sure that they are taken care of. I'm going to go down there and I'm going to stand on the border every day and make this into an issue. I'm going to campaign on that there is a crisis at the southern border and they won't give us funding, but instead because President Trump, doesn't he willing to weather some bad headlines and then use those that headlines as evidence that the Democrats don't know what they're doing and are actively obstructing policies that help the United States said we end up with this information warfare inside the administration, which again I don't know what he thinks- Crisco back she's going to do. If you were suddenly the head of I don't know what he thinks even Miller can do that Kirsten Nielsen. Couldn't I guess now they are discussing: the possibility of renewed child separation policies according to NBC News Trump for months, urged his administration to reinstate large scale separation of migrant families crossing the border from outgoing. When security secretary Christian Nielsen, resisted
and the reason she resisted presumably is because last time this happened turned on his own people and said: why are we doing all of this? According to two of the sources, Nielsen told Trump, that Federal Court- order is prohibited. The department of Homeland Security from reinstate the policy and that he would be reversing his own executive order from June that ended family separations, which of course is true, Oh just confusion. Inside the policy, that is the problem, not consistency of policy. Again, if the present, that's a consistent policy in his own people. Don't follow it, then they should go and they should go. But he's just all over the place all he's doing is demonstrating a chaotic approach to an issue and letting the scratch off the hook, because this one really is on the Democrats. We can solve this thing if we change well provided the funding necessary border patrol. It really good. Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to get their woke girls in order, so over the weekend and the Democrat two thousand and twenty candidates continued to push as are left as humanly possible, led by see Abraham, so Abrams has not declared I'm not sure whether she actually intends to or whether it's just going.
Out there lobbying for the slot, it's pretty Looking for woman, who legitimately losta race in Georgia and her highest office, has been the Georgia House of Representatives to think so highly of herself that she thinks she can run for president and win, but who the hell knows? Maybe We can now she's out there in public saying on MSNBC. That George is abortion law which protects babies in the womb after a heartbeat is detected. She's saying that portion lot is evil. That's how extreme the Democrats are on these issues. I think Georgia have to realize that, while we are enjoying extraordinary boom in the film industry. There's nothing that says it has to stay here and we have to be a state that is not only friendly to business. We've got to be friendly to the women who work these businesses. You should not have to worry about your ability to control your bodily autonomy because of the governor has push such an abominable and evil bill. That is so restrictive. It's not only bad, for morality in our humanity is bad for business. Bad for morality and humanity, I'm for planned parenthood business this. How extreme
rats are on the issue of abortion, abortion till point of birth, and if you pass a bill trying to protect babies after a heartbeat is detected, then this makes you evil, that is a pretty reversed morality, but I guess this is Democratic Party currently is, and then you have Bernie Sanders and Bernie comes out over the weekend, and he says you know what it shouldn't just be that if you are a a prior criminal and you have cleared your record that now you should be able to vote again. You've done your time. They get to vote again, Bernie says felons should be able to vote while they are in prison while they in prison. So you murder somebody you, since I'll, be able to vote. Well, you are in prison. You defrauded the government, you embezzled from the government. You should be able to go well you're in prison. According to Bernie Sanders. We got two million people in jail in this country. Man number of them are in jail for felonies. Our many stay Let's say: ok, we're putting you away for a long period of time, you're going to pay a heavy price for that
but we're also taking away your right to participate in a democratic society. You can't vote anymore. People want felonies should be able to vote, and I strongly supported that in my state. What we do is separate you're, paying a price you committed. A crime you're in jail? That's bad, but you're still living in american society, and you have a right to vote. I believe in that. Yes, I do This is insane, I'm sorry, that's crazy, you're an actual fell and he's saying well you're in jail. You have the right to vote while you're in jail hum yeah, I'm somewhat of a fan of kantian ethics I I do not know how you have the categorical imperative applied here, let's assume that everybody who is a criminal, the criminals got to decide who would actually be in charge of the government, you think they might vote to relax, set for sessions who pledged for relax some of the criminal laws of this is
They are now proposing that we lowered the voting age to sixteen and let all the criminals vote. I can't imagine how this will go wrong, guys all going be great man. Bernie Sanders that guys the front runner for the democratic nomination. While even the so called moderates in the Democratic Party are not in fact, moderates TIM Ryan. Who is a congress? from Ohio from an extraordinarily blue collar district He should be running on the principle that he's going to be a pragmatist and a centrist and he's going to be able to bring everybody together in the name of blue collar folks everywhere. Instead he's out there mirroring Bernie Sanders Medicare for all routine. I've been a supporter of single payer, but I think if we could not afford the affordable care act, I did because that was moving the ball down the field that was but providing more health care for more people, making it more affordable, see. Also if week, I'm sorry you want both. I
How does that work? Well, when you're sitting there and negotiate, I can't negotiate with you right now with the House and the Senate and the White House, but I want more people to have more affordable coverage. I want there to be some kind of public option where middle class people who work hard and play by the rules can get some help so they're not getting squeezed by the pharmaceutical company. In the health care companies. That's what I want. I do love the TIM Ryan is now openly admitting it. I'm old enough to remember when the proponents of Obamacare said no, this isn't the first steps or nationalized healthcare and we're like yeah. You guys are lying well turns out there like lying another sort of admitting that they were now now. I will say that the worst statement of again was not even made by Bernie Sanders, who says felons should be able to vote while they are in prison or Stacey Abrams who says that abortion laws that protect the unborn are evil. The worst in the weekend in its own weight was people judge the the mayor of South Bend to I've found to be an interesting candidate with interesting ideas. We've invited him on the Sunday special he he initially expressed interest in
and he started again in the polls and now it's like well, I won't touch people across the out with a ten foot pole. In any case, I have to show you what the budget, because it is a Verizon statement that I think will be largely ignored, we'll get to that in just a second first. You have to go over to dailywire dot com and subscribe. When you subscribe to get so many goodies, I mean we work our fingers to the bone over here, for you are subscribe, for nine hundred and ninety nine a month you get not only the rest of this show live. You also get an additional two hours of the show every single afternoon yet to ask us questions not only in the mailbag Sometimes it during the show we take live questions during the breaks. Also, you get are special on Saturday, so you could have seen- are fantastic Sunday, special with Andrew Yang two thousand and twenty democratic and You could have seen that on Saturday and seen the material and they wall I mean. There's all sorts of great that happens when you subscribe and for ninety nine dollars hear year. You also get this the very greatest Grayson beverage vessels look at it that left tears, hot cold tumblr feel the power course through you. When you actually hold the leftist tears hot or
tumblr. Anyone who has one can tell you how wonderful it is, how it is their most prized possession how some of traded their kidneys for this sort of thing? Well, you don't All you have to do is pay ninety nine dollars a year which is cheaper than the monthly subscription and go check that out right now we have all sorts of great stuff that is coming for you like additional benefits for subscribers that we're working on can't tell them. Tell you about them. Yet I can tell you they're awesome All of that is coming soon to go. Subscribe. Also go check us out at you to go check this out. I didn't make sure the download our Sunday specials. Those are really really good. We have some great ones that are coming up in the very near future to go check all that stuff out. We are the largest fastest growing concern captain, radio show nation. Immigration with immigration, there's a tendency right now in politics to generate false, false polarization that doesn't really exist based on castigation of people's character. So President Trump is obviously an evil man because he wants to shut down the border. This is the perspective
left that he doesn't want illegal immigration. This means he's mean and cruel and terrible, where is Barack? Obama was wonderful and open minded when he was keeping kids in cages. As folks on the left like to say about President Trump Wellpet Buddy Judge has been a some a more attractive candidate than a lot of the democratic candidates, specifically because he hasn't done this because he the people in the middle of the country we don't buy into the far left agenda, may not be monsters, because he is said yeah, you know, I disagree with the founder of Chick fil a but I'll still eat their chicken and that at the most same thing anyone has said in this entire presidential election cycle? Well, he basically threw that over yesterday, is talking about evangelical Christians and he said any evangelical Christian who votes for Trump is violating their religion which is somewhat rich. Coming from a guy who believes in abortion until point of birth right is Somebody who believes in the idea that man and it is in is not a man and a woman is not a woman. He believes in the in the sort of transition right to Jenna, but a judge is, is not exactly famous for believing in
traditional judeo christian moral standards when it comes to things like abortion. Here he was talk. Thing about his own life and f castigating evangelicals as being bad Christians, which he's been doing the last couple of weeks, even suggest that event locals have an outsized hatred of buddy. The judge, because he's gay, which is third I've seen none of this from the right, like legitimately nine, but here is going after my and attributing motives to MIKE Pence that do not exist on talk about this. For a second 'cause, I think it's important when I was younger, I would have done anything. Do not be gay. If you had offered me a pill to make me straight, I would've swallowed it before you had time to give me a sip of water. Thank God. There was no pill thing. I wish them Patches of the world would understand, but if you got a problem with who I am your problem is not with Maine. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator. Ok, so this is just. It's such a way to malign MIKE Pence MIKE Pence has been dealing with gay people like his entire career yeah that makes sense it's around at night and thinks about the bad game.
Where are you getting this? Would Where are you getting this, and it's always confusing to me when purportedly religious people and especially secular people, somehow put it on Religious people that religious people sit around all the time, Fulminate ing about the gays. That's not the case. That's simply not the case. The argument by the judges making there by the way is an irreligious argument. The argument that he is making in there is does he has a biological drive to be get? Which is something that I fully accept by the way that the the Not homosexual orientation is largely, if not ereli genetic until totally fine with that idea, I don't think that the science proves that Is entirely genetic, it is a combination of environmental factors and biological factors. Twin studies tend to show that if one identical twin is gay only about fifty percent of the time is the other twin gay, which suggests that there is a genetic component, but it is not entirely genetic. In all cases, there's probably a spectrum, that's fine doesn't matter from a religious perspective. The religious perspective on homosexual activity is the same as the religious perspective on adulterous act.
The religious perspective on premarital sexual activity. The perspective is that you have a biological drive to do x does not mean that you can do exit in a moral non, sinful sense that is not a judgment of, but a judge that has nothing to do with the button judges, a human being and the argument that if I think that homosexual activity is a sin that somehow I am anti. God is such a bizarre argument. Perhaps do all those things all the time like every man has an evolutionary biological drive every straight men as an evolutionary biological drive to impress as many women as possible If I say I don't want you to impregnate as many women as possible, my now anti God, because God also made that drive. That's a bizarre argument, but the more bizarre When is the one that first in judges making which Mike Pence is sitting around thinking about him. I guarantee you but judge, It's more time. Thinking about what MIKE Pence thinks about, but a judge, then MIKE Pence spends time thinking about by the judge.
This is one of the weirder things in our modern american politics everything's on Joe Rogan show the other day and Joe, and I and Joe and Joe, and I were talking about same sex marriage. I'm libertarian on this issue, I don't think the government should be involved at all on same sex marriage. I don't think the government involved the marriage at all period, I'm a religious person, my religious, search matters to me. I don't care what the states standard of marriages, because, frankly, who the hell the state to legitimize my marriage or not legitimize my marriage. I don't care. I think that the state should be relevant in this, which would put on the same page in terms of policy as most people on the left when it comes to same, I don't think the should be involved in this stuff and then Joe Start asking about my moral views on homosexual activity, so I told him and all I could think of The interview was: why does anyone care like if you care about view. I'm happy to tell you about my moral view, but why is it relevant to your life, I'm not telling, but a judge what he can and cannot. Do, I'm not saying the gun.
Women should do anything about a judge, and the same thing is true events, you think pence is never met a gay guy, but the left needs to castigate people with disagrees as morally inferior as bad as ungodly. I've never heard my say one word about people to judge or suggest the budget is ungodly or unchristian, and that's exactly what I've heard from people to judge about a bunch of people on the right who happened to be christian about people who happen to be religious and disagree with him about this on this or non sinfulness a particular activity? It seems but a judge in a lot of folks on the left are a lot more judgmental about religious people and religious people are even judge are judgmental about sin, especially because religious people all know that we all sin. We all know that, and we understand that sin does not mean that the person who sends a bad person- I said all the time, so do you so does everybody else. But the idea of using my religious views of sin, way to polarize you from me, as I'm sitting in judgment on you all the time. It's such a delay brightness read of what it means to be a religious human being all that can be attributed
is ignorance or malice. That's really all that they can. I have no other answer. You Well, there's something that happened over the weekend. That I thought was was quite interesting, we'll get to the israeli election in just a second, because I think that that is happening today. It's it's quite fascinating, but I want to discuss a comment made by Barack Obama abroad, so Barack Obama has kind of been DIS by the Democratic Party. To a certain extent is the dirty little secret of the Democratic Party is that they saw Obama as to Aleatory they saw. Obama is to incremental a lot of Democrat. And so now they're trying to disconnect from the Obama era, which is why you are seeing the socialist left rip into Joe Biden. That's the dirty little secret as to what is happening here, and the reason that is happening is because the far left is recognize using something that many of the mainstream left or not recognizing, and that is there's a hole at the heart of western civilization. The far left is trying to with socialism and political rage. The right is, I think, trying to do the correct thing and build social fabric in response to this hole in the heart brown
Obama, doesn't even seem to acknowledge that whole exists. Here's Barack Obama talking about. Europe in two thousand and nineteen Europe in twenty nineteen in some ways, has achieved the pinnacle of human well, being maybe collectively in Europe right now, on average, you probably see the highest standards of living, of any group of people in the history of the planet. Ok- and that is absolutely true- the question is, then, why is Europe falling prey to complete political polarization? Why are they falling prey to right wing governments elected, in some cases, more authoritarian, leaning, governments being elected in Europe Why is all this happening? Why are protests bringing up and Barack Obama has no answer for this, because, according to Obama, this should be Utopia, now the answer on the right is because there's a spiritual whole that government cannot fill the answer on the left,
because you need more government, but this is the My brock about my is being left behind. It's the reason why the left is seeking a polarization, as I've said before in the pursuit of utopia. Everybody is either a tool or an obstacle. Obama used to be a tool now he's an obstacle. Everybody on the right is an obstacle rather than a tool. Ok, meanwhile, the israeli election is supposed to be taking place right now, basically and Israelis are getting ready to go to the polls on Tuesday. So that means that they are, I believe, ten hours ahead of us, we're on the West Coast of the United States. That means there are ten hours ahead of tomorrow morning and late afternoon, our time the polls open and it'll be interesting to see what happens. So I haven't the israeli election Alexa, I don't tend to cover for elections very much because we're Americans there's that, but it has become a hot button issue in the United States, because the left has decided that they must be involved in this election now, it is fascinating to me the same folks on the left, who are fighting mad, rightly so about the Russians getting involved the russian government getting involved in the
Eric. Can election didn't My very much when Brock about deliberately involved himself in the israeli elections? He legitimately did this. He looked deployed his own people over to Israel to try knock off Benjamin Netanyahu who, ironically, about living him politically speaking. And it's me who has been in office for well over a decade at this point is the he I believe, he's about to become the longest serving israeli Prime Minister in history and his change in the polls in recent weeks. Basically, there are two main parties in Israel. One has been called the blue and White Party and it's essentially a unity party between a Center right party and kind of centrist party and the other is Likud, the way that the israeli parliamentary system works. Is you then have to cobble together a majority of the delegates in CAN in order to formulate a government so one hundred and twenty members of Knesset you need sixty one members, none of these parties ever gets close to sixty the biggest part will have something on the order of thirty or thirty five seats in Knesset. That's what we could, I believe has now, and then there are a bunch of SEP.
Parties who join up in a coalition government, so every government is a coalition government, and they're deciding up in June. Two yahoo he's been hit with a wave of bad press. There are a couple of prosecutions, that were initiated against Netanyahu. In my opinion, these were specious prosecutions from what I saw on our radio. We had Alan Dershowitz to discuss them. They seem essentially, like medical hit jobs to Maine, and now you're seeing the American left fighting mad they're trying to get rid of Netanyahu. Now you wonder why exactly is the American left subset in Yahoo? and it's still hasn't done anything particularly crazy and it's to know defendant. In fact, he's acted with. I think, far too much restraint with regard to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which is consistently firing missiles into the center of Israel or at least rockets into the center of Israel building terror tunnels, shooting its own citizens, and it's basically allow the government to continue operating if the? If the Israelis want to end that government, they could do it legitimately any day, but the left is fighting mad and yeah. Why? Because they want a more can
four israeli government know what the left in the United States does not understand is that when it comes to the Palestinians, there is no more conciliatory government. The net at the gun, AVA Blue and White Party, led by John Saint David a former general in the in the IDF and your Pete is the son of a far left guy who's. No more moderate. He was an anchor on television for awhile. They form they unity, Party Unity Party, Foreign policy they're, not gonna, be any different, and it's now has been the only that might be a little different, as you won't see them close up quite as much to Trump, but they are not going to suddenly start cutting deals with the terrorist government in the Gaza Strip or the government internet and Samaria nonetheless you're seeing far less just like Beto O'Rourke, who, by the way so far, left that he voted against funding of Israel's iron dome a system that allows Israel to shoot down. Rockets that are flying over tell the Bell Road voted against funding, because he's a full on a comma when it comes to Israel, here's Beto, O'Rourke Why? Because bit because the skateboarding doofus
things that he knows anything about israeli politics. The USA. Israel relationship is one of the most important relationships that we have on the planet and that relationship, if it is to be successful, must transcend partisanship in United States and it must be able to trans, send a prime minister. Who is racist, as he warns about Arabs coming to the polls, who wants to defy any prospects for peace as he threatens to annex the West Bank are in. U S sided with a far right, racists party. In order to maintain his hold on power. I don't think that Benjamin Netanyahu represents the true will of the Israeli, people. I love this crap from Beto, O'Rourke Netanyahu doesn't the true will of the israeli people he's been elected a bunch of times. They have a democracy over there, so Don't tell me, doesn't represent the true it doesn't represent. The true will of Texans Beto O'Rourke who no longer holds in office. So there's that what a bunch
crap, also by the way when it's in Yahoo is talking about Arabs coming to the polls. He was specifically talking about arab parties, which, in Israel have called for the explicit end of this, if Israel is a jewish state. So there's that, but it is. It is amazing, yeah the fact that the left is perfectly willing to involve itself in israeli elections in a way that the american right does not is pretty telling is pretty telling not listen so I think that Yahoo, I think it's in Yahoo, is a terrific prime minister, overall he's in an excellent job in Israel. If I were an israeli citizen and vibe voted in Israel. Then maybe then I would probably vote for Yahoo over dance in Joes 'cause. Just I don't know anything about constantly and I don't think that they have themselves decide what their platform is. But american citizen, and that means that, and I care about because this is my country. Israel is not my country, so that means that, maybe he's really should decide for themselves whom best to elect, not Beto, Fricking O'Rourke, a guy who, knowledge of the Middle EAST, is about the same as his knowledge of
legitimately any issue which is the same near minimal, okay time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that like over the weekend, I was able to take my wife to a movie. Yes, I know it's like this is these? Are the small victories you win when you have small children and your wife is finishing up? we went, we saw Shazam the movie just delightful. It really is delightful. It's I think it was in. As you know, I a DC over Marvel Guy, I think DC is better than Marvel. I think the most of the the movies that everybody hates are better than most of the Marvel movies that everybody loves. I will continue to defend. Despite all of the detractors Batman V Superman, I will continue to defend that. Will no one can if I Justice League, no rational human being can defend Justice League, but I'll continue to defend Batman. V. Superman shows them is just wonderful and has one of the best comedic sequences in any of these comic book movies. Ever but it's clever and it's a movie with
heart exactly by is, is a real movie star man he's he's terrific in this film and it's it's just great. Did the the one who's who's? Really terrific is one of the kids. Not kid plays Billy Batson for for those? No! No! This is SAM story. Basically it's it's. This ridiculous promise been around since having the forties in which a kid basically turns into Superman every time he says the word shows them as Billy Batson, and so it's. Basically, the movie big rate. The kid is like a fourteen year old, who suddenly inhabiting the body of the super hero. Hey here's a little bit of that trailer. You run from foster homes in six counties. I can take care of myself when you're eighteen give these people
because that's what they're giving you this is Billy Batson thanks for making feel at home. They seem nice, don't buy it's real game of thrones around here. Do you? Just restaurant Dark, disabled foster, kid you've got it all. That is the best thing. And the movie really is it really is fun? It's it's there, a bunch of kind of time. Into the rest of the DC universe. It's great, I think, you'll enjoy it rather media has has a really good. Take it it as well go check check that out too things that I like zero in Hollywood, if you're, even remotely right wing there's a good chance that you get excised Pablo has said some things that are obviously quasi conservative made a joke about Alisa which are not allowed to do if you're in Hollywood. Also, he made the mistake of mocking the avocado
I just think it's ok, millennials, you'll survive and now people are mad at him, but he is correct. He is correct. Here's Rob Lowe making fun of the avocado shortage in avocado shortage click trump voters, the border, how are Californians gotta deal with no avocados, that would be attacked, daughter graduate, and so we say well yeah. What else would you put on your toes? And he said his jersey? Starting about that? Have live aid for the hipsters. I'm sure he'll get a bunch of crap for it, because we're not allowed to make fun of the hipsters or or the millennials are so incredibly woke, but don't understand how privileged they are. Okay time for some quick things that I hate, The thing that I hate number one again, the media coverage with this with regard to this israeli election is ridiculous because again the media in the United States, particularly in your time, your
Times legitimately anti Israel newspaper. They have been for a very very long time time. They ran an entire eleven thousand piece by an active anti Israel advocate in the pay of Qatar, a country that stands behind Hamas and they didn't. Guys preferences I mean it's like, for a five one c, three that Qatar. Donate enormous sums of money till we talked about it a little bit a couple of weeks ago, but now the New York Times is trying to manipulate against Netanyahu. By suggesting that it's in Yahoo is supporting annexation. Isn't it in Yahoo. Supporting annexation of Judea and Samaria know what he is talked about is applying sovereignty, sovereignty over jewish areas of Judea and Samaria. That is that is but in reality on the ground. That is what is going to happen with your left government, alright, government or a central government. If anybody thinks that F rot is suddenly going, being a palestinian state is absolute nonsense. Every Prime Minister, including a who Barack including who owner, has talked about the sure israeli settlements, being part of israeli territory, because this is
pretty little secret Israel, one slash. Five of its citizens are muslim there, will be zero Jews living a palestinian state because it will be. In fact, you want talk about a racist apartheid state that will be the palestinian state because it is right now a racist apartheid state in which they teach their kids about the murder of Jews on a regular basis. It's really astonishing. The media continue to claim that it's all about Israel, greater territorial ambitions, open Yahoo. You will recall in the late 90s and the Wye River Chords, which get which gave control of a significant chunk of the Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian. Authority the palestinian and you use that chunk of territory to launch the second intifada in the early part of the two thousand. When he taught witnessing how talks about an Xing jewish territory, air, is much there. Jewish settlements that has been part of You're very very long time and as far as just an exciting part or all Judea and Samaria. If you
exit, and then you allow self rule in parts of Judea and Samaria for Palestinians that is no different than what the United States effectively does with Puerto Rico. In the United States, you Puerto rican, citizen, you're american, but you do not vote in America's national elections. Yeah self rule. This is not unprecedented in any way at the New York Times is trying to proclaim that the better solution is presumably continuation of a terror group in control of all of its own borders that hasn't worked out badly anywhere in the world. Obviously, the other things that I hate to Kim Fox the the state's attorney over in in Chicago who is now under fire for having let Jesse Smollett off the hook here to Rainbow push coalition event with Jessie J and who legitimately is one of the worst people in the last half of the 20th century, and there she proclaimed that the reason she's being criticized is wait for it, because everybody's racist ever said, I've had a criminal just this reform that were once celebrated by many in this county that are now being attacked because of one case
and one celebrity, I think we have to ask ourselves what is this really about but when we get in these positions that somehow goals post change We know that somehow, when you do the best and that you put our offer, it's a national standards. There are people doing what we're doing in Cook, county, around criminal justice reform and yet and yet, and yet full of it The reason people are upset is because she obviously let someone off for political reasons and who's racist here, the head of the Chicago PD any Johnson, the head of the Chicago PD superintendent, black guy, he's racist, or maybe it's the new mayor who is a black lesbian who's, also saying that this is a bunch of crap, it's all about race is not what one all purpose excuse that has become it just, I'm sure their time, things when there is something happening that is racist? This is not one of those times. Ok
I don't think that I hate. So there is this journalistic critic and David Zurawik we issued what I thought was one of the dumbest critiques of the Trump administration in recent history on CNN. He suggested that what fascists do is exhaust the media. So Trump is a fascist, oh yeah. Here it is, he likes to be transgressive, because he knows he can drive the civic conversation when he does it. We have to report it the other thing Ryan. Is he drives us to exhaustion if we quit fact checking him. If we accept this, he wins. That's the way dictators win They drive the free press almost to exhaustion with this on. No, that's! That's not how dictators, when there's one by jailing their opponents and telling their opponents in doing what, for example, everyone or putting it down. That's that's indicators. Do about read a book good old. This whole trump is Hitler routine? You can just like Trump Trump and Hitler in calls from what everyone he dictator, I mean the guy
ties on shoes inside his administration. This is silliness, but again If you want to this much overboard, you can just look like a fool. Doing so, ok will I care a little bit later today with two additional hours plus, if you want to something a little bit later. I'm on Dave Rubin showed too, because we're generating hours and hours of content for you folks also go pick up a copy national best seller the right side of history. Check that out right now, we'll see here a little bit later. Today I mentioned here: this is the Ben Shapiro Show, and this is the Ben Shapiro show executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam silence. Audio was mixed by my car Meena Hair and make up in I just went over a production assistant Nick Sheehan, the Ben Shapiro Show is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen everybody Andrew Clay host of the Andrew Klavan show everything's going great in America and everyone's unhappy.
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