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Ep. 761 - Media Matters’ Burro

2019-04-17 | 🔗

The Washington Post prints an op-ed slandering Ben, Media Matters rushes to join in, and Rolling Stone celebrates Notre Dame burning. Date: 4-17-2019

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The Washington Post printed up at coming. After me, media matters rushes to join in and rolling stone celebrates Notre Dame burning, I'm bench. A pair of this is the ban, the bureau shall alot gets you today is the radical left takes precedence to pretty amazing, but first in two thousand the US national debt was ten trillion buck today. The debt is nearly twenty two trillion dollars and it is rising like a hockey stick. If you don't think that we are sitting on a house of cards or live with your head in the sand, but since you listening to this podcast are obviously smarter than the average bear. So what is your plan? Can you afford? Another hits your retirement. Like the last downturn when the Essen you drop, fifty percent hedge against inflation, hedge against uncertainty and instability with precious metals, gold, Z, safe haven against uncertainty, my settings planets diversified. Yours should be too my company. I trusted precious metal purchases is Birch gold group and right now, thanks to a little known iris tax law, you can even move
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Intaglio then she's, a writer and researcher based in Brooklyn. Used to work for media matters shall cease to work for the new Yorker until she was unceremoniously fired. Why would she fired? Will she fired with, after that, from the new Yorker she's fired a resigned from the new Yorker after sheets suggested that a retired marine was actually a nazi if to go all the way back to well. I think it's not that long though June twenty eighteen, when this happened according to the Tampa Times, Tally Levin, whose tweet about Pascoe veterans tattoo implied that he was a Nazi, has upheld guys to him and resign from her position as a fact checker at the New Yorker magazine, but in another tree, Levin, also lashed out at the federal Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency, saying it unfairly target her in its own sweet about combat wounded, veteran Justin Gardiner is there wild and difficult week, woman said in a tweet, I owe ice age entrusting gardener a sincere apology for us
running a rumour about his tattoo. However, I do not think it is acceptable for a federal agency to target a private citizen for a good faith hastily rectified error. Well, you weren't a private citizen when you said this, your rapporteur, when you suggested that the guy was actually a we've been within tweeted about across shaped tattoo on gardeners, elbow of course, that was just cross symbol of his on marine battalion? Apparently he is he. He was well did, I guess in both legs within tweeted, I had become a weapon used to discredit my colleagues in the vital work they do holding power to account. As a result, I resigned after three years at the new Yorker and then she suggested that I missed lead people about her, she said ice lied about me saying I originated the scrutiny of gardeners tattoo. She says I wasn't the genesis of this rumour. There still tweets up with tens of thousands of lights, explicitly calling the tattoo knotty males who was responsive to extend scrutiny. I deleted it. I should a correction within fifteen minutes long before I could have been aware of it. I was targeted because I was part of a news organization critical of ice, and then she said she was a useful.
Boil a fat jewish feminist with a Harvard education? I said I baseless. We slandered in american hero artificially pitting me against disabled veteran. An engineer the conservative new cycle, in which I was a villain, so she is, A person who is fond of levelling charges against others and then playing victim so naturally shares up working a media matters for Asia, while before I guess she moved on to writing freelance work today, she has a piece in the Washington Post titled how the our rights breadfruit. Politically convenient lies about the Notre Dame Fire since, as the conflagration spread through the ancient timbers, drawdowns cathedral attic on Monday, a parallel fire risks. On social media. This one was wilfully set. A series of conspiracy theories neatly slotted into pre, existing cultural biases and soon enough willing believers
flame with hate. The conspiracy theorizing began almost as soon as the blaze did right when peoples on the shocking Trans fixing, video of the Catholic Cathedrals spire toppling, while french authorities began to assert almost immediately that the fire was apparently accidental. The brief gap between the startling images generation and their explication was enough for far right figures too. White with their own sinister insinuations. That prevailing view was nearly identical and apparently completely false. But the fire was deliberate and was probably set by Muslims, and then she quotes several people who suggests that the fire might not have happened accidentally when there are certain people who suggested that perhaps this was Muslims and then she says this many figures on the right took the opportunity to turn Notre Dame into a mechanism for western civilization as a whole. Intimating that far More than a cathedral was in peril, just as the fire had social media can spirit,
If the wrist and brain supplement salesmen make certain of its tremendously treated, the West has fallen and here's where it gets good shortly thereafter fast talking far right, Pandit Ben Shapiro. That's the only description that they take of me these days, radical conservative, far right economists calls me a radical conservative after falsely labeling me outright, and now this dolt writing in the pages of the Washington Post, suggest that I may far right pundit, but that's not all. She suggests she says shortly thereafter fast talking far right, pundits bench, call called Dame a a monument to western civilization, intraday christian heritage. Now that seems pretty unambiguous and pretty inoffensive right him, and I said that it was a monument western civilization engineer, question christian heritage. Yesterday, podcast, I get fifteen minute segments all about the history of Notre Dame as well as its place with the Judeo Christian River of history, but tat we live in is very upset about the surest shortly thereafter. Far fast talking far right, pundit Ben Shapiro called no tread on a monument FR in civilization and judeo christian Heritage,
given the already raging rumours about potential muslim involvement. These tweets evoke the spectre of a war between Islam and the West. That is also part of numerous far right: narratives It was a central threaten the manifesto of the alleged Christchurch New Zealand sure she names and I won't on Tuesday Shapiro called this article. Six, He grows and said he called Notre Dame may monuments, western civilization, because it is not because of malicious intent. She puts this backing in in parentheses. That is a late addition to the article should then juxtaposes me with Richard Spencer, an actual white supremacist and white nationalist. She says Richard Spencer profession. Racist and corner of the term. Alright, openly advocated for such warfare, stating misspelling his hopes that the firewood spur the white men into action to seize power in his country in Europe in the world and declaring such an insurgents a glorious purpose and his Buzzfeed chain little bit linked, lit Venango reported other moral. Bleak figures manage to go even further from provocation in the abstract,
more concrete incitement, Omar under and then she talks about how ill had Omar has been has been slandered and how terrible it is, and then she ends with that shows. By Tuesday morning french authorities had declared the fire extinguished. The structure of Notre Dame is intact, although inspire a nineteenth century addition collapsed, but the conflagration of conspiracy, corruption of the natural human tendency to assign meaning to events rages through our information sphere. Unchecked. It should not take the implications of journalists, forestry, It is dangerous, low misinformation. It is past time that those who still get inflammatory rhetoric, knowing its potential to catalyze racist violence, were made to stop playing with fire before it's too late to control the inferno. So she finishes by calling for censorship. So in other words I say the Notre Dame is Eugenio Christian symbol and assembled western civilization. She suggested calling for war with Muslims based on that extraordinarily anodyne, tweet, and then she suggests that I must be silenced because
and participating in a dangerous flow of misinformation and you blame me for violence so so hilariously enough. She says all of this. I tweet out her dumb. This is because it is perfectly obvious what I meant in my original tweet, I too, about it repeatedly. Nowhere in my original tweed, bread or anywhere else have suggested that most ones were behind the burning of Notre down because the evidence suggests. That is not the case. That is not what the french government has said. Ok all of this prompted media matters The former employer for this, not very nice person, Tal eleven to tweet at me. Why? Well because she, tweeted also that she thanked media matters for gather information, so she could write that column, which just demonstrates by the way, where media matters lies in the sort of information complex for the mainstream media media matters. As a left wing group founded by David Brok, in coordination with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton right before Hillary Clinton ran for the Senate in two thousand. It has long been a fund for cod,
Tunisia, hackers and its main mission is basically to knock right wing people off the air to not conservatives off the air media matters. For years, been funded by members of the GMO added party left and higher echelons. People on the left, specifically to dig up garbage on people on the right and then to try to she'd, fig secondary boycotts against advertisers. They did this to talk or Karlsson, fundamental Lord Ingram devoted to rush limber. They ve done to Sean Hannity. They ve done into a bit five one c three group. They certainly do not act like a five one c, three nonprofit there, a whore herbal organization designed design specifically to smear their own political opponents in the political opponents of people like Hillary Clinton and then to target advertisers who dare to spend their money with those people, even if those, yet, even if those advertisers, even if those advertisers are not actually involved in promoting that show alone. So never advertiser can advertise on Tucker and also Advert hasn't MSNBC media matters targets the advertisers for Tucker media matters by
what is so obviously partisan that after joy, Reed was hit with a bunch of allegations and in fact proof that she had sense and terrible thing in her past media matter said it does. I hit job against joy, read so mean, matters is only job is to create these long giant files of supposedly terrible stuff people on the right side, so tall. Eleven thank media matters on her twitter feed for helping her gap information for crap column, and then I tweeted that her crap column was in fact a crap column and that she was taking a tweet. There was perfectly innocent and historically accurate in and then trying to link me to violence against Muslims on the basis of that which is not only a stretch, it is it is a tearing, apart of any semblance of logic or reason or honesty, so I tweet it out, and media matters tweets back at me from their corporate account. As you and the bureau you wrote in on so first of all, and leave the borough out of it like arrow. The bureau has
do with anything, but you leave the borough out of it. Not him understand, honestly what that what the reference is supposed to be too then media matters tweets this out, trying to justify so start getting ratio, which means people on Twitter point out had done. This is in the media. Matters is garbage organisation because they are by weight as well. It is worthy of note. Media matters is constantly quoted, as a mean a watchdog. That's how it is termed constantly by the left wing media by the mainstream media. They are constantly media matters a media watchdogs, just as they called the Southern Poverty WAR centre. A racism watchdog he's our hard core leftist groups with motivation. Media matters proof Yesterday s you and the bureau, you wrote in on for criticising in opinion columnist in the pages of the Washington Post, for basically throwing out slanderous material.
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been on the receiving end of right wing harassment from the better part of a year now often spurred by spurious attacks on her work, so in other words, I am now inciting violence against her. So what's review the history she attacked a disabled, veteran and called to may not and then deleted it, and when people got uptight than it was in sight, went against her. She attacked me As someone who is supposedly calling for a war between Islam and the West, they are our war and Muslims are blaming Muslims based on Notre Dame Cathedral, a thing that I have not done and then media matters response by suggesting that my criticism of her crap column means that I am now generating harassment against her some context. A great writer who worked with us has been, receiving end of right wing harassment for the better part of a year now often spread by spurious attacks on all of this. By the way is a demonstration of the incitement lie that, though,
keeps telling over and over and over, which is that anybody on the right who says anything at all is involved and incitement. Doesn't stop there, because media matters then continues they keep trying to double down. On this thing, the first rule of holes, of course, is to stop digging, but media matters never stops digging so here's. What media matters swedes then quote some additional relevant context. This is hours later. This is a jerk storage aid from Seinfeld. They they own themselves. They played themselves and now They are desperately trying to spend their way out of their own stupidity, so they say something She'll relevant context, you are indeed the specific Emma Ethics tweet responds Bennett's, drumming up outrage about unbecoming of an unusual for an organization as prestigious as Emma say by the way, So I guess another members of prestige international from step brothers. That's exciting,
when an organization calls itself prestigious, you know they're, not, then they say, but you see it was actually a reference to drum roll bends, own tweet unrelated matter, and then they go and they took up a tweet from a month ago in which I suggested that if you call me all right, you ought to f yourself and if the horse you wrote in on which was right, Did I read it at the time on the air at the economist, because the economist suggested in their headline that I was the all right see. Without the rage which was another. Why so media matters is now trying to dig up times where I have used? The F word online. And then try to claim that they are making a callback reference. Rather than just being partisan Hath pacts, which is what they are buying their incitement, why isn't just restricted to me they were peace today called National review writers distortion, invite harassment of an abortion clinic director a national review. Writer, her name's Alexander De Sanctities, terrific, so she pulled a sweet from hails, is twitter thread, wrongly
flame according to media matters at the clinic director did not believe that infants were legal persons until thirty days after birth. Supposedly supposedly, this is now incitement. So what exactly happened here so sanctifies tweeted out a quote tweeted one of sweet about a North Carolina bill hails his tweet highlighted according to media matter, some of the potentially unconsidered legal implications of the bill, for example, as hails explain while Helsinki born alive. Infant is legal person for purposes that definition appeared to be in conflict with here Is understanding that an infant younger than media cannot be adage, will will in in North Carolina dissenters, said, oh here. A narrow board member opposing a borderline bill in North Carolina in claiming that an infant can't be a legal person, because you can't Adams will will until their three days old. That is true. That is true. Ok, though, The sanctity characterisation is accurate and media matters is now
the debt is incitement to violence. This is the big. Why of the weak, and it's going to be the big lie going forward and the big lie on a daily basis from the left is that if you Chris, I left. You are now involved in incitement against the left. That's a horrible! Why we ve been using it the last couple of weeks about it had all more than if you criticise Ohio, marble for being a rabid, anti semite. Somehow inciting violence against her when Bernie Sanders as the millions will die, because Medicare for all has not been passed, that's not incitement to violence. When Democrats suggested President Trump is a russian agent that is not incitement to violence? When Democrats call me all right or suggest that I am responsible for violent attacks, for which I have no possibility. That is not incitement of violence, but its incitement of violence. For us to point out when the left is wrong, mean that media matters treated so telling the one where they suggest. That means defending myself against a slander is no incitement to violence against the person who attacked me in the first place. It's just
raising and can see how cynical this tactic it all of small are republicanism, is reliant on us being able to have discussions with each other and yes, criticise each other and of bad faith. Criticisms take place. The proper answer to that is to point out that a bad, Its criticism has taken place. It is not to suggest that the person who made the bad faith criticism is somehow involved in incitement to violence. If we reach the point where every critique is now considered and say, and free speech no longer exists. Remember incitement is not covered by the first amendment so that the left moves to the standard where everything that they don't like is now incitement to some form of violence and therefore can be regulated. You end up with the repressive tolerance regime first proposed by her Burma accuse the nineteen sixty zero make love, not war, Frank for school professor, who suggested that true tolerance way in silencing voices from the right, because we allowed those voices to speak, then somehow even the expression of those viewpoints, what
to a targeting of people on the left. And this mentality, unfortunately, which started on a lot of trouble of college campuses, has expanded outward is its expanded outwards? The point of the absurd at the point where even the expression of certain views is considered a form of supremacy that must be shut down. The best example of that today is there's an article from a woman named Sophia along in library journal. In which she suggests that libraries are now repositories of white supremacy, why? Because there are a lot of books by white people at libraries in a peace that was put up yesterday, she said whiteness, as collections I had this interesting many Eureka moment a few weeks ago. I wanted to share for a few reasons one. I don't usually reflect on the connections that help me. Understand how I learn something new or what goes into coming up with some new concept. Most of the time the connections are clear to me too. I, like
show students and inspiration for new research or scholarly ideas doesn't have to come only from scholarly publications. Three I needed to write it out to fully understand how I came to this conclusion and to really understand what this conclusion means. Marie condo has been in the zinc guys for a while, but especially knowledge has Netflix Series. I saw the first episode a while back and reminded me of having a space clean of clutter and mess really helps the mind, feel clearer. Marie condoms, spiritual approached objects, also made me reflect upon our relationship with objects, and why we feel so much attachment to intimate objects to inanimate things. Why can't we just let those things go? and she goes on, to suggest that why worries themselves are a for me of whiteness, she says in twenty seventeen for a White F conference white as blue. Conference. I shared in urban, be with varying Torrejon an amazing library of Color whose thinking continues to push me and who I respect and admire so much and we really interesting discussions right learned a lot, one of the mind blowing
She shared was this idea of how our library collections, because they are mostly written by straightway men, our physical manifestation of white men, ideas taken up all the space and our library stacks pause here and think about this. So in other words, if there are a lot of books by white people, those are white ideas there taking up too much space in the library, that's white, supremacy so left is now going to label everything right to privacy and white supremacy, of course, as a form of incitement and so burning books hate what the hell throw looks out of library, and why not and went up- and let me come on what are you gonna do you'll want them into the wrong hands. What is more, the stupidity in just one second first, there is a saying most athletes abide by play like your first train, like your and second as a new pact from one reads: called sports wars: you're going to hear what happens when some of the most elite athletes on the planet. Take that phrase to heart and battle their biggest rivals for the chance to go down in history, as one of the great here are some of the match up veteran Brett Farm being challenged for his spot by rookie Rogers. I say Thomas's beef of Michael Jordan after missing out on the dream team Raphael.
They dull and Roger federal battle. For the title of greatest tennis player of all time, I'm a huge sports fan. I recommend support books on the on the show all the time. I am a subscriber to virtually all of the sports services, so I cannot wait to listen to the rest of his pockets very heard. Somebody, it's really great. It sounds pretty awesome subscribes spy its wars on Apple podcast, Spotify, Pandora or wherever. You are listening right now again that sports wars on Apple podcast, Spotify Pandora, or ever your listening at this. Very moment: ok, so back to this stupid idea that libraries are repository of white ideas If you don't already know, says this writer so the along writing for library journal, she's. If you don't already know, whiteness of property is a seminal critical race theory concept first introduced by General Harris in her ninety ninety three Harvard LAW Review article by the same name. She writes slavery as a system of property, facilitated the merger of white identity and property and the formation of-
witnesses, property required, the ratio of native peoples. Basically, white people want to stay being way because of the privilege and protection whiteness affords under the law they created. So I guess the theory of the article according to release a fee along is that property itself is a white people, creation, which is ridiculous, mean truly ridiculous. It is a deep part of judeo christian history. At the very least, Harris makes this really good point. Whiteness and property share a common miss a conceptual nucleus of a right to exclude bam that really hit on the head. If you look at any, U S, library collection, especially those in higher education institutions, most of the collections books, journals, icon, well people's other media etc, are written by white, dude. Writing about white ideas, white things are ideas, people and things they stole from people of color and then claimed as white property with the rights to use and enjoyment that Harris described in her article when most of us collections filled with the so called knowledge, it continues to validate only white voices and perspectives and erased
The voices of people of color collections are representation of what librarians or faculty deem to be authoritative knowledge and, as we know, this field in educational institutions historically and currently have been the sights of whites S. Library collections continue to promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence. Fact their physically taking up space in our libraries, no more collections, stop that stop library, collections, burn the books, they are paid for using money that was usually ill gotten and at the cost of black and brown lies the elite prison industrial complex, the spoils of words Yeah, I'm sure. That's what happened and for the Winter Library at Harvard is built solely on white people, stealing black people's money. That's for sure what happened there and I'm sure that the collections at Winner Library, at Harvard University, where the largest lie, worries on planet earth. I am sure that is all about preserving whiteness, not about you know having lots of books it. We can all peruse why,
worries filled. It mostly white collections indicate the we don't care about what people of color think we don't care to hear it from people of color themselves. We don't consider people of colored, we scholars We don't think people of color as valuable, knowledgeable or as important as white people to return to the Harris quote from above library, collections and spaces have historically kept up black indigenous people or as they were meant to do and continue to do. One only has to look. The most recent incident at the library of my alma Mater Barnard College, where several security guards tried to kick out a black Colombia student for being black that is now accurate. What happened a Barnard? We talk about it on the radio show. What happened at Barnard is that a black student when for free food, Library refused to show idea to police over, and over and over again, one of the officers was black and then after the police said: okay, we will take you outside, then he told everybody turn on their cameras and urge people to distribute. All of this formation I mean this is insanity, but this is unfortunately, the growing wave of Radical left the growing not everybody on the left, but
growing wave within the radical left. All speech we don't like is violence. White supremacy is islands was an eye. Heyward supremacy, I think its evil ways. I was using violence and simply exists, thing is not white supremacy. So here is the train of thought organs. Farmers are nazis. Nazis deserve to be punched punched, the naughty right. All conservatives are far right. All conservatives are far far writers. Incite people therefore regulate them. All white people, our conservative, all consumers- are racist. Alright, system leads to violence, therefore get rid of the white people collections at the libraries. This chain of thought is so perverse and so stupid and so non unifying. It's nearly the astonishing, unfortunately, As I say, it is becoming more and more prominent. In fact, there is a piece. From rolling stone today. Talking about Notre Dame in which rolling stone suggests The burning down Notre Dame was good for Notre Dame they tweeted output.
Building was so overburdened with, meaning that is burning feels like an act of liberation, current rolling, stone magazine. Why? Because the history of judeo christian values, the history of the west, is in fact burdensome and bad and thus must be torn out at its roots, so Notre Non burns. That's not bad! That's not a bad thing. So here is what this article from Notre Dame Sieve, wrote from rolling stone suggest by e g said faintly, article suggests for some people in France Notre Dame has also served as a deep seated symbol of resentment, a monument to a deeply flawed institution, and an idealized Christian European France that arguably never existed in the first place. You see when symbols burn, that's good, because we have placed meaning in those symbols. The building was so overburdened with meaning that it's burning feels like an act of liberation. This petruchio Del Rio in architectural historian at Harvard University, if nothing else, the cathedral has been good by some as stodgy reminder of the old city, the embodiment of the Paris of stone and faith. Just as the
full tower, exemplifies the pairs of modernity. Jawad of Eve and Change, Michael Kimmel been wrote for the New York Times. Politicians on both sides of the french political spectrum, discouraging people from trying to politicize the noted on fire. It would be a missed Take the view that building is little more than a Paris tourist attraction since John Harwood and architectural historian, and associate professor at the University of Toronto, its literally political monument, all cathedrals our he says for centuries. The cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of the Catholic Church at a time when there is virtually no distinction between church and State no for not acquired even more overtly nationalist symbolism following its rent nation, in the nineteenth century, by by Eugene Emmanuel violated, do whose widely concerned the godfather of modern historical architecture, restoration. His restoration of the church was highly controversial to an extent it still is today is approached. Restoration was not let's fixed the building, as it is and put it in decent structural condition says, sees area, Bertinotti,
system. Professor at this picture, school of architecture, city College of New York. In fact, he acted in a much more inventive and problematic way because he claimed to reestablish or restored the church. An image but it may never have had It was his own reinvention or his own idea of how the church, may have existed at the beginning of the thirteenth century. The rest duration, led to a reappraisal of the gothic style is a kind of ultimate symbol of french architecture. What it means to be French, however, has obviously changed a great deal over the past few centuries, while France is still predominantly christian, the number of cracks and Catholics has fallen year after year from sixty four percent and twenty ten to fifty six percent and twenty twelve forty to one sentence figure. The number of Muslims in France is also growing, comprising more than five percent of the population living right, Two rampant islamophobia: a profoundly income gap has led to the explosion of protests from the yellow, vests. Therefore, for Notre Dame has lost, some of its weight is a total of national identity. It is also, therefore, a burning, not a terrible thing, not a terrible thing. Instead, we should, you know, referred
act on. What France means now and then rebuild this monument, not in its original style, but in line with what France means now, so that this is this is the push from the left and unfortunately, as I say, it is becoming more and more prominent. There's an article in the Washington Post today suggesting that the Judeo christian tradition, even the invocation of that very good. True and historically, accurate phrase is a very bad thing, I'll explain in just one second: first first you're gonna, have to over to daily dailywire dot comments inscribe when you do you get the rest of the show, live and that's pretty Some exotic two additional hours of the show every afternoon also get to be part of our mailbag. Also, you get us they special on Saturdays, also, yet special access to the back stages, also Andrew Craven has a conversation coming up. He has another book coming out called another kingdom it's out now receives has received river views. If having picked up a copy up, you can had on over the Amazon or Barnes ennobled Grabber grab one while you're supplies. Last today, only you can
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they don't like is judeo christian tradition, if you say judeo christian tradition, that is now divisive and as we have learned, divisive language is inciting language and inciting language should be legal. This is the train of thought, so I am not suggesting that that is what Anna Ramallah Boozy is saying: a Washington post. She is not calling for censorship of the term, but the attempt to use issues the Michel and Kevin Douglas Professor of International studies at Stanford. The attempt to take terms like judeo christian tradition and turn them into wedges is pretty astonishing, is pretty astonishing and pretty negative, so she said even as Notre Dame Cathedral was burning. Pundits such as Ben Shapiro began to mourn it as a monument western civilization built on a judeo christian heritage describing the fire and an Katy Hopkins. She links meet together with a with a right wing or in Britain him Katy Hopkins, whose described the fire as symbolic of judeo christian annihilation, which is not something that I actually suggested, and then she says so what is judeo christian tradition she's as many of you will use the term judeo christian tradition to describe a religious and ethical consensus. The phrase commonly referred
the shared religious tax, moral precepts and millennia of shared cultural and historical values, but in Christianity and Judaism, all faiths and from one God prize, the comedy between God in his people and value. The dignity of human life said to be the basis of western civilization. The judeo christian tradition, books, shared values and connected fates. All of that is true, and that is accurate, and that is what most people mean when they use it. But she says that is not real. She says there is no Judea John tradition, she says it is neither as religiously or politically coherent as it sounds: judeo Christian Fuse, together distinct ideologies, few elements of doctrine or believe our shared few elements of adopting a belief. Few elements between Judaism and Christianity Habitant. The first half of Christianity have only the entire old testament. That is pretty share right, their habit, the fact but the vast majority of statements in the new testament Mirror statements in the old testament, that's kind of travel effect. The Jesus was jewish, yes, Christianity and Judy some are not the same religion. I'm aware I am aware, professor, I where'd you have all the time.
And I'm takin off jewish holidays next week, I'm pretty aware of the history of christian persecution and they of Jews I am very well aware of the differences between Catholicism and protestantism and their differences with Judaism. Very well aware of that, but she suggested there. Is no such thing as judeo christian history in the west is simply. Asinine. She says there is not much a history We have shared fates here on earth in the name of defending some communities, european rulers and clerics promulgated, the blood libel forest use to convert and had jewish parents taken away jewish children taken away from their parents, historically ghettos, pogroms, expulsions, restrictions on jobs in education, the toleration of knowledge and prejudice directed against Jews. In the name of Christian Integra they all belie. The notion of shared fates must let much less shared moral principles. Well, no all of those evils were indeed evil and, as the West Programme, it made more room for Jews to pretend that Judaism and Christianity,
They don't have. A shared route of the tree, however, is simply silly that silly and the attempt to turn what is a uniting term into a divisive term is demonstrative of how little people actually like thoroughly, because in order to divide Judaism from Christianity, intraday Christianity, all you have to do is focused on the evils the Christianity has perpetrated, rather than the great good. The Christianity has perpetrated. By the way on behalf of Jews, as well as many other people around the world. But using mainstream, uniting terms to divide and then suggesting that those terms are inherently divisive, pretty pretty ugly stuff. So what We have your way of historians who are denigrating history, librarians or denigrating libraries and pop, we learnt magazines, suggesting it's good when great sum well like Notre Dame burn. Yes, we may have a price we here in the West, as I've said- and I said in my book rights out of history as I said many times, there are two visions of what western civilization constitutes an we're watching that play out in real time,
version number one- is the western civilization- is good western civilization, in fact, is the best civilization was funny. Some left yesterday suggested you're Shapiro with his tweets implies that western civilization is the best civilization are not applying. It abstained. It openly western civilization, is the best civilization. If you disagree, why in those vaccines? All your technology, democracy, free speech and human rights, in turn those in a door? If you don't think the western civilization is the best civilization? rights gay rights, all those things tournament at door. Western civilization is the best, as I posit in my book, because western civilization is a fusion between share judeo christian values, values shared between Jews and Christians springing back dishonour and moving forward through the sermon on them out and greek reason. That is the thesis of my book.
And their people who see that is good, and then there are people who see western civilization is inherently evil and racist and predatory and for those people, even the invocation of judeo christian tradition or western civilization. These things are a great. Why promulgated, nor to hide the evils, western civilization, but to me those are not a and if you are living in the greatest time, in the history of planet earth in great comfort and safety. I would suggest that you don't actually believe that the prince Both western civilization are a lie either or if you do we're being dishonest with yourself. Already. Meanwhile, the twenty twenty democratic rights continues to heat up and I will, in the level of incompetence and democratic race, is pretty
establishing, which is one of the reasons that you're seeing the rise of Peabody Judge, who happens to be the least incompetent person in the field right now other than maybe Bernie Sanders. So president from is pretty much trying to forecast who is going to run against he treated out yesterday, Amity it'll be crazy. Bernie Sanders business sleeping here that as the two finally to run against maybe the best economy in the history of our country and many other great things. I look forward to facing whoever it maybe may God rest there's all others you got to enjoy competitive from because I meet them on and you can either continue to to spend time being depressed over the fact that these standards are the presidency have dropped or you can embrace the shock and just enjoy the fact that the present it is actually a very funny human, so crazy berries aren't always going with sleepy Joe Biden. Why not creepy Joe Biden? Wouldn't that be the way to go I haven't you sleeping before. I feel like he's. U sleepy on, but is so he is I energy, but job,
is there anyway? I see you here saying that is gonna be Sanders versus Biden. That's probably correct and all the other Democrats are trying to via for attention beta Orourke is desperately trying to, via for attention better still answer on the campaign trail trying to I'd himself, and so he was asked about from any says. You know what terms the worst man from so terrible he's he's like the guy who, one time stole my part from the glove depart compartment. That was just the worst and I was forced to you now vapor instead, brat, here's beta going on Trump you raised is encouraged, worse, ok, so that is his pitch. Is that trumpets mean yeah? Good luck with that? Nato is truly incompetence of this. The reason that I say that he is really incompetent he was ass last night the town hall. The University of Virginia by his student her sister, a recent college graduate makes much
less money than he does, but his donated more charity than the amount he reported honest. Twenty seventeen tax return. He donated like a couple, a grand out of three hundred and seventeen thousand dollars or something here was his response. Quote: I've served in public office since two thousand five. I do my best to contribute to the success of my community of my state and now of my country their ways I do this that are measurable their ways. I do this that are immeasurable, like where there are charities that we do day too, that we recorded in itemised others. We ve donated to that. We have not, but I will tell you, I'm spinning everything I'm doing everything I can right now. Spending this time with you not with market is not back home in elbow because I want to sacrifice everything to make sure that we meet this moment of truth with everything we ve got wow. Is that a garbage answer Oh we mostly as he bad at this. I love that
by what he was ass. Ok, so you have like any record of the charities that you gave to that. You didn't itemised no answer from the road to the press. My favorite thing there as he says. Listen I give water cherry pot. True charity is that I'm here with you right now, because what a charitable dude I'm we had to sit together and I'm spending my precious time talking with you and we're talking about like life, in the universe and from being a racist, that's share, a bra. Oh ok. Now the proper answer to this question by the way is your totally right. I should have given more charity. I look forward to give more charity in the future. Everybody is a sitter and I've been remiss we can all get more charity, I'm one of the people who should have done better that such an easy answer. It such an easy answer, and yet better work can't do it. I mean that all its doing is expressing gratitude for people who do give more charity than you I've, seven on the programme before that, I should give more chair
Eddie, and I've been really attempting to do so. Yesterday gave a bunch of charity, I'm looking for giving more charity as I earn more money, that's a good thing, and in the past, I should have given more charity. We should all have given more charity and I'm one of the all. I feel the same thing about but who do military service? They undertook a sacrifice that I did not so bad. I was asked to widen. You actually serve in the military when people Ip Buddha judged at his answer should be. Some people have undertaken sacrifices far greater than anything that I have undertaken. Instead, I think what you gotta do is serving in Afghanistan really that much better than me like standing on the stable right here in a dairy queen in Iowa. He so bad at this incredible speaking of really
out of this Corey Booker also really bad. This, the senator from New Jersey yesterday, he was asked about later on abortion here, as is done answer. There's this recent bill about their costs. A lot of controversy, workpeople from church communities like frequent say to me, did you vote against this thing that allows us to kill babies when their born and unlike that is a company that is a crime that that cannot under any more? This was something that was put forward to try to further create schisms and differences between us. You cannot kill a child after birth in this country, is against the law. Ok, but you can't let a child die after birth in this country in a botched abortion in some states. So there is that, and also, if you don't actually like the bill, then you're gonna have to explain why it's bad raven, two weeks before the partial birth abortion bill came up again before the the protection of unborn, paying capable unborn children act before that
came up before backing up Corey Booker voted for an ant, a federal, anti lynching law. Lynching is legal in every state in America is murder? It's illegal everywhere. Corey Booker voted for it because he said it's good for the federal government's put its employment or of disapproval on this. So why? Exactly as you fighting back against this good luck, delay he just bad at this now here's the problem, PETE Buddha Judge- is getting worse at this, as Buddha Judge moves into the mainstream. He also feels the necessity to push left so instead of pushing as these sort of
moderate candidate, who kind of legs capitalism instead, booty judges pushing through the Bernie Sanders less hoping to steal some of that vote. Good luck with that duties has capitalism is not a lot of people down to reason. We're having this argument over socialism in capitalism is that capitalism has led a lot of people down. I guess what I'm not there to say is that it doesn't have to be so, I believe in democratic capitalism, but the democratic parties extremely important. At the end of the day, we prioritize democracy and having that framework of rule of law, of fairness is actually what a ticket from our work. Ok, no, that is not What it takes for markets to work. The idea that that people can vote to stifle markets is a violation of fundamental human freedom to control the the the labour that you create. If you can control your labour because other people vote they are not allowed to do that. That is not capitalism at work. Nor does that help. Capitalism, ok time for some things that I like and then some things that I hate sell things that I like theirs:
fantastic series on Netflix has only made aware of this in the past couple of weeks. Time friend, Jason ran up in Seattle. The show is called broad church and its with Libya Coleman, who has just terrific and David tenant. The acting is fantastic, the acting, although through this year is now it does handbag you a little bit at the end, but with that said, it's it's really really well, it's murder mystery about an eleven year old boy, who's been killed, and these two police officers that you detectives have to look into it and it's the small town and everybody's got a secret, so the premise is pretty common, but the execution is first rate, there's a little bit of the trailer. This morning, the body of an eleven year old child was fined on Harbor Cliff Beach at Broadchurch
Ok, so you are treating it's really good. The acting is really good. The pacing is a little slow, but that's ok, because it does truly build, go check out broad church. I haven't seen any of the other seasons, but I finished season one this morning and it is excellent, so go check that up ok, other things that I like so yeah, Charlie, who is an independent reporter, and he does a lot of really good work early, also started pushing a crowd funding campaign yesterday for three fire ravaged black churches in Louisiana so yeah Charley was the one who started pushing this really hard. I sought, among others, I gave money Hillary Clinton gave money. Jake Tapir from CNN gave money a lot of folks left right and centre gave money. Have raised well over a million dollars in the last forty eight hours to rebuild these three fire ravaged black churches that were burned down by a white supremacist in. Louisiana, so pretty amazing, amazing stuff, and it just
to show you that people do want to help each other up in there there's this idea that runs through leftist thought that innately human beings dont want to help each other out and that any government to step in and do something about it. There's this idea that runs through, yesterday, a christian values Mullay in muslim communities as well many religious communities that the social fabric requires you to take care of each other, and this is a perfect example of how judeo christian country goes out of its way to help people that you don't know, because you feel, like their institutions, important to building a social fabric. Originally, the goal was six hundred thousand dollars. They triple the number to one point: eight million dollars it looks like tat will be hit within the next forty eight hours, so good stuff there, and if you have low but extra money, the zero
good cause rebuilding these churches in Saint Landry in Louisiana. So you go check that out right now and you Charlie, does this kind of stuff all the time online. Pushing charitable clauses? Stew twitters is a flaming garbage, cheap, but sometimes twitter comes through. Sometimes Twitter actually provide some some good stuff our time for some things that I hate such thing of crackdown on judeo christian values can Courtier University in Canada had invited Harvard University Professor Harvey Mansfield, to give these spring commencement address for its liberal arts college. That makes perfect sense, because Mansfield is one of the great scholars in the western tradition. Mansfield has done translations of Plato. Mansfield has done this translations of two Tocqueville. Mansfield is first rate really good the college's soon studied great books and Western thought Mansfield teachers. These subjects is what most prominent scholars of it in the west, but then the university rescinded its invitation principle Mark Russell said.
Man's heal, the weasels letter expressing regret the faculty and alumni were unable to reach consensus as what we wanted to achieve with this event is, according to reason, TAT come Russell lamented that this election committee acted in good faith, but their precipitously when it invited him in the first place, Mansfield discovered the true explanation. He relates this in his Wall Street Journal up at what had taken place. I learned not from the principle A faculty meeting prompted by a letter from twelve alumni that demanded a reversal of the committee's invitation, because scholarly and public corpus heavily traffic's and damaging and discredited philosophies of gender and culture promoting the primacy of masculinity, apparently around prince to my book, manliness attracted their ire, but was to speak on great books, not gender. This trafficking, as if in harmful drugs disqualified me without any need to specify further such sloppy. Inaccurate accusation was enough, to move a covey of professors to flutter in alarm man's hills. Politically. Conservatives also an advocate of natural law. Natural law is conservative on matters of gender because it turns out
the nature also happens to be rather conservatives and matter of gender Mansvelt speech is not an alternative to power, but a form of power, political power and political powers, nothing, but the power to oppress according to people who are targeting him a professor, like me, might trick gullible students and lower them to the wrong side. So it is quite acceptable to exclude speakers from the other side. Supremacy of the wrong side must be prevented by supremacy of the right side in Mansfield. Has this programme on pretty much spot on so Harvey Mansfield? Great scholar now has been basically thrown out of a commenced Went it pretty incredible, incredible stuff! Ok, one more thing that I hate self. There was a guy who, but eighty five thousand There's on Tiger woods, something like twelve to one odds and made a million bucks on Tiger Woods, winning the masters and pretty good story right well, not for long. The media then went after this guy, so the media decided to look
to him, and they found that he wanted the guy who won one point: two million dollars. Betting on Tiger Woods has a lengthy criminal record, including domestic violence, conviction it. Why are the media digging into a guy? Who just wants money I was a winning the money, the crime you we're, leaving him alone until now, now he wants money and we're supposed to all be upset about this, because he has a criminal history. If you want to say that he was unjustly free because of that criminal history. That's a story. It is not a story to randomly dig into the past of people. We're in the news for another reason, simply because you feel like it that day, our Media, don't worry folks, they are not actually attacking harmless civilians, then they're, not attacking people who are just doing stuff randomly and then trying to dig up their past waited Joe the plumber there actually doing humans work? This is deeply important media digging right here and again, that's out of defence of the guys criminal history, but a client. I mean that the media have anything better to do these days. Doesn't democracy
die in darkness. Ok, we'll be back a little bit later with two additional hours. We have some big guess coming up for you today on the radio show you're gonna want to subscribe daily where'd outcome go check it out. Right now, I've been Shapiro. This is the bench Russia. This is the bench. A bureau shall executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising producer is math is Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is mixed by my car Mina Heron make up. By just one vera, prejudices did Nick she and the bench Shapiro shows a daily wire production. Copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen, everyone's Andrew Cleveland, hosted the Andrew Clave ensure the Mulder report is scheduled to be released to moral pressure Democrats, I repeat myself her already spinning that every which way, but the one way the tells the truth ass on the Andrew Clavering, show on and reclaim
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