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Ep. 762 - It’s Mueller Time

2019-04-18 | 🔗

Mueller’s report comes out, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unleashes her next round of Green New Deal propaganda. Date: 4-18-2019

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Its mother tell I'm a bench fair. This is the bench. A bureau show Then there is the shortest intro you'll ever here to the bench. The bureau shall, but we got so much to cover, because only one person in America apparently has read all four hundred pages of the Mulder report. He sitting right here you listening to the sound of his voice right at this moment, we're gonna to go through as much of this as humanly possible. Over the course of the next hour. You're going to know much more than you did when you first started. I will give you my conclusions I'll give you the analysis I'll, give you the text, everything you could possibly want, but first admit it. You think that cybercrime is something that happens to other people. You might think nobody wants your data or that hackers can't grab your passwords or credit card details. You would be wrong stealing data from unsuspecting Blonde public wifi, it's one, the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money. When you leave your internet connection unencrypted, you might as well be writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a giant billboard for the rest of the world. To see. That's why I decided to take action to protect myself from cybercriminals. I use expressed
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with the attorney general of the United States, who held a really random press conference at the beginning of the day. Now this the weird thing to do the reason that it's weird thing to do is because we already have attorney General Bars letter, which his summation of his voice, things regarding the bottom line of the Mulder report. I think the reason that here, surely held. The the press conference was to push two particular points. One point was that he was being as transparent as humanly possible, and the second point was that he was using President Frumps emotional State as his basis for a Jew decaying whether or not the president was guilty obstruction of justice. Those running the two key take so obviously has already said that the term campaign did not conclude here. Already said that this is that he's rejecting is as little as humanly possible. He was also pointing out. I think that the president had
already seen the report, but that that was not illegal. That's clip five him talking about the President's council being given the opportunity to read the report before release. In addition, earlier this week the President's personal council requested give him the opportunity to read a final version of the reductive report before it was publicly released. That request was consistent with the practice. Allowed under the ethics and Government act, which permitted individuals named in a report prepared by an independent council the opportunity to read the report before publication The president's personal lawyers were not permitted to make and did not request any Rebecca. ok, so that was bars taken. I think that's important him saying that the presidency is not here to hide the infirm it's in the report, and it is obvious by them did the president could have it asserted executive privilege at any point in the middle of this report, as will see there's
plenty of information in the report that definitely falls under the rubric of executive privilege of the President of the United States, wanted to asserted toolbars, pointing out that the president was not really hiding a lot, which is true, also bar points out that we have to bear in mind the context of transactions, particularly with regard to obstruction of justice. Now the report breaks down the Miller report breaks down into two sections section. One is about from Russia Collusion, as I suggested before. I didn't think there was going to be a lot of enormous new information about from Russia Collusion and there really isn't it really. is a rehash of stuff. We already knew the most important stuff being that June. Twenty sixteen trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Junior Natalia vessel- that's Gaia, who was a lawyer who is acting a sort of russian front to supposedly pass information about Hillary Clinton to the term campaign? There also buncher bastone rubber, says, but not a lot of regulations in the first half of the report, the stuff that was regulatory, I think to everybody, was the stuff in the second half of the report, the obstruction of justice stuff and there the question becomes. Did the president
struck justice when he repeatedly sounds it off about wanting to get rid of Jeff sessions or when he repeatedly sounded about warning to fire robber Mahler or when he repeatedly reached out to members of his team and inserted padded them on the back when they did things that he wanted and then offered them the stick when they did not. Now that the standard of absurd kind of justice, as laid out in the actual mullah report, is under twenty eight see afar six hundred point for a fellow. Crimes committed in the course of an with intent to interfere with the special councils investigation, such as perjury obstruction of justice, obstruction of evidence and intimidation of witnesses. So they break down several basic elements. The crime in this multi report and some of the elements of a crime include intends to commit obstruction of justice, so important the Miller report itself. Obstruction of justice law reaches all corrupt conduct, capable of producing an effect that
thence justice from being duly administered, regardless of the means employed in effort to influence a proceeding, can qualify as an endeavour to obstruct justice, even if the effort was subtle, or a circuitous and however cleverly or with whatever cloaking purpose. It was made an improper motive, can render an actress condoms criminal. Even when the content would otherwise be lawful and within the actors authority. So if President Trump was trying to assert some sort of obstruction against he's trying to get people in his team to corruptly impact the Mulder report, then this would serve as obstruction of justice according to this interpretation of the law. But you do have to have intent You have to have intent, so there asked me a nexus with a current investigation, and this is where things get dicey. There has to be a nexus with the Mueller investigations, in other words, if Trump just decided, I'm firing Robert Mahler, because I don't like the way his tie looks today. That's not obstruction of justice, if from fires, robber mother, because he wants to obstruct the investigation
its obstruction of justice, maybe although he still has the authority to fire Robert Mahler for any reasons, probably more impenetrable than even obstruction of justice, Recording the Mulder report, there must be a nexus with in a current investigation. Then next showing has both subjective an object of components as an objective manner. A defendant must act in a manner that is likely to obstruct justice such but the statute excludes defendants who have an evil purpose, but use means that would only unnaturally and probably be successful. In other words, you have to be effective in your attempts to obstruct justice, or at least the attempt must be somehow within the boundaries of reason. As a subject, matter. The Acta must have contemplated a particular foreseeable proceeding, in other words, again Trump must have in tat. It must have wanted to shut down the Mulder report because he thought that its result would be bad for him. It can't you see that he wants to shut down the Mulder report because he thinks that the Mulder report is just a waste of government money. For example. That's why there is the element of corruptly in the
fraction of justice law, the word corruptly provides the intend to element for obstruction of justice. It means acting knowingly and dishonestly or with an improper motive the requisite showing his made. When a person acted with an attempt to obtain an improper advantage for himself or someone else, inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. That last raises the want of matters in Kansas. But with official duty and the rights of others, as we will see, president from continually tried to interfere, with players surrounding the Miller investigation without any underlying way forcing people to lie, and he did so not because he wanted, in my opinion and in the opinion of attorney general bar, not because he wanted to shut down or obstruct the Miller, instigation but because he found the entire thing embarrassing and he was attempting to avoid press embarrassment for the most part, the most damaging section of the obstruction statute is witness tampering a more specific provision in section fifteen twelve, according to the Mulder report, prohibits tampering with witness that would get a crime who knowingly use intimidation or corruptly, persuade another person or engage
misleading conduct or another person with intent to influence, delay or- when the testimony of any person in an official proceeding to hinder delay or prevent the commission Patients will law enforcement officers, as you will see, there's behaviour that verges on this, but doesn't actually cross over into that bound and finally there is, the question of the attempt- is their attempted obstruction of justice. Mahler says yes, he says that the section includes attempt. So if you try to obstruct justice, but you fail that could theoretically be obstruction of justice. Now the reason that he lays out this interpretation of the law is because trumps activity here could legitimately be interpreted in a couple of different ways. On the one hand, it could be interpreted as president from trying to actively obstructs the Miller investigation because he didn't want criminal activity to be uncovered by the Our investigation possibility. Number two is the Trump is a very frustrated. Guy spends a lot time, doing immoral, bad things and then does more immoral, bad but non criminal things in order to cover up the original things that he did so sort of the stormy, Daniel scandal, in other words, structure, porn star it,
bearing an immoral, is not criminal, and then he does something even more. Embarrassing and immoral banal criminal. He then pays her off to keep silent just before an election. This is the pattern for trumped up. You can interpret his activities in one of two ways. Learning general by rising properly interprets trumps activities in the second way that I name and here Specially does that, in light of the fact that if he had attempted to prosecute Trump under obstruction of justice, you would have to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt. That would not have happened here, whether on the left or the right. You can think the president did something criminal there is. No prosecutor would have taken up this case. Here's a difference between the Hillary Clinton case and Donald Trump case in the Hillary Clinton case. Intent was not an element of the crime If you exposed classified information to public scrutiny by creating a server and putting classified documents on it, that is in and of itself a crime. There is no intent necessary. That's why it was rigid.
It was when James call me that ahead of the FBI said that Hilary had not committed a criminal act because she lacks the requisite intent. There is no requisite intends it's a strict liability crime. There is requisite intends in that section of the law. There is requisite intent when it comes to obstruction of justice. So the reason I'm lying all this fourth is because that's where attorney general bar is going when he says that the President, The president's emotion matter here the reason he invoke. That is because that stuff is in the report, because it is relevant to determining whether he had the requisite intend to commit obstruction of justice generous to the present knowledge. It is most important you say to people on all sides of the Isle of concern to you are trying to protect. Aren't you Statements about his his his sincere beliefs are four are recognized in the report that there was substantial evidence further
so much for what you're bases for saying that I am being generous to president ok, so he is so people are treating bar as the bar is a deeply partisan thing. You're here now, there's a case to be made that bar is partisan insofar as he works for the president of the United States, but I don't see how an objective prosecutor could bring an obstruction of justice case or aortic occlusion case on the basis of the evidence that tree in the middle part sew in a second we're going to get to. All of that will also show you that the media were attempting to preemptively spend this report even before it was out again, I think, was a mistake to hold this press conference in the first place, but I think the since that I led forth are the reasons that parted at one he wanted to show that he was transparent and Trump was transparent and to he wanted to point out that obstruction of justice is an intend crime. Ok, we'll get you more of this ingest. one. Second, first, you ve heard me talk about how ring is reinventing home security with doorbells cameras, even alarm, you can install yourself now they ve reinventing the neighbourhood watch with the new act. They created called neighbours by ring you remember. The neighbourhood watch has been around for a while. I remembered from growing up
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again, even though the President of the United States did not assert executive privilege, even though they were the options are minimal. I've looked at the report. It really only apply in the Rodger Stone Investigation, which is knowing the media, still were claiming that this was some sort of cover up by attorney general bar, which I failed yields a cover up, and I can read The document and you can read the document and everybody can read the document still you saw of illegal, analyse, saying ridiculous things, Neil CAT Ya legal analysed over on CNN. He suggested or MSNBC. Rather he suggested that bar sounded like a spokesperson, rather than the attorney general, I mean I with you the rhetoric care, was extraordinary. It sounded like a spokesman, not an attorney general in the word collusion in a way You're doesn't use that term, because there is no crime of collusion, only Trump use That term until you have the attorney general hurting that But to me there was one bigger thing that I saw, which was what boarding tell us. We know there's one sentence in the Mulder report, which says do not
This does not exonerate Trump. Did we hear a word of that in force whatever fit He ain't minute. Now, summary. There's nothing I've heard about that. Don't eight! While there that is very silly when he says that there bar using the word collusion is some sort of manipulation everyone in the media has been using. The word collusion to describe this for two odd years: what's not pretended that bar invented the word collusion. It really is an absurdity. Now, with all of that said, the case can be made. That bar was coming out to preemptively spin. This thing in favour of his own take on the issue as I say. Maybe that's true. Maybe that's not, but the Mulder report was revealed like an hour and a half later, and it says exactly what it says so but, get to the actual mullah report. Here we go guys and Exploration- let's have a party, so the the Mulder report starts off without a hundred and ninety pages, two hundred twenty pages, something like that on the Trump Russia collusion stuff and the effective findings- are that Trump
Sure collusion did not occur that members from campaign we're getting shouts wiki leaks that there were certain members of the term campaign who are unwittingly acting as kind of near ponds of the Russians harder page George popping up was, for example, but that there is no high level collusion between the drum campaign in Russia, and the really isn't that much more that we didn't know in the Trump Russia pollution are now. I will say that the information that is clear there there to conclusions that are pretty obvious and it should be stated right. The outside here one, is that what the number of Trump Russia contacts that we're happening during the election. For all the talk about how this investigation, the Trump rush investigation, was begun under corrupt auspices. I dont see the evidence of that. I see evidence that the from Russia Investigation became more corrupt. Ass time went on particularly them using the steel dossier, which turns out to be a bunch of crap distilled us. He is only mentioned in this document a couple of times, and that is because the Miller report found virtually nothing
Rob raided any section of the steel dossiers on the fact that the F B, I was using the steel dossier as the basis for large swathes of the investigation, including I warn against Carter. Page is just an absurdity on its face. That does not mean as I said all along that the investigation was this created under improper auspices. It means that it became improper overtime. If anything, it also doesn't look like mother is a political, partisan hacker who simply attempting to do than a ferris work of a fusion Jp S, or something like that. So that is. That is a conclusion that is worth while noting here. The second conclusion that is worth while noting is that again, there is nothing in the actual report that suggest that present in Trump had any deep abiding deal going with the russian government basically, as with all things trump, as I've said again and again from does something embarrassing, then he doesn't want to be embarrassed who he does something else embarrassing. That is the nature of the Trump Russia Collusion stuff. Ok, let's jumpin. So the report begins
talking about the social media campaign in the GDR, you, which is the new fangled KGB of Russia, hacking operations, these those coincided with a series of contacts between trunk campaign officials and individuals with ties to the russian government. The office investigated whether those contacts reflected or resulted in the campaign, in spite during or coordinating with Russia in its election interference activities. Although the investigation established that the russian government perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome and that the campaign expected it benefit elect orally from information stolen and released from russian efforts. The investigation did not establish that members of the term campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government and its election interference activities. In other words, tromp was happy. The Wikileaks was doing what it was doing. Trump was perfectly happy that the russian government seem to hate. Hillary Clinton that was about it. That's the bottom line take away again, I'm reading directly from the the Mulder report. Mullah report also says
The investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the russian government and intervene, those associated with the trunk campaign. The evidence was not sufficient to support criminal charges. Now. That is not to say that not that no criminal behaviour happen. Maybe criminal behaviour happened, but there was not enough evidence to support criminal charges. Among other things, the evidence was not sufficient. the charge any campaign officials as an unregistered agent of the russian government or other russian principle are evidence. at the June. Ninety two thousand sixty meeting and Wikileaks releases of hacked materials was not sufficient to charge a criminal campaign, finance violation. Further the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the trunk conspired with representatives of the russian government to interfere in the twenty sixteen election, so notice that language was not sufficient to charge, not sufficient to charge overrun over not sufficient to charge. That suggests that mothers- still suspects that something the various might have been going on, but there is no evidence to actually fulfil that expectation
and I think, when you read the report is fairly good, good feeling that the term campaign was be about all the stuff, but again there is no evidence to support the idea that they were actively involved with russian collusion or conspiracy under any criminal statue. So the Mulder Report it talks about a variety of matters that investigated they say, for example, the investigation established the interaction between russian Ambassador Surrogate hastily I can from campaign officials both of the candidates April. Twenty sixteen foreign policy speech in Washington DC, and during the week of the currency, were brief public and on substantive remember. These were treated is bombshells. The fact that certain costs lack with people during our and see week. This was treated as a bomb shall, by your times investing and did not establish that one campaign officials efforts to dilute a portion of their Publican party platform on providing assistance to Ukraine were undertaken at the behest of candidate Trump or Russia. in other words there is one campaign official ones.
A better relations with the Russians, and the campaign platform was changed on Ukraine to reflect that, but that was not reflection of Trump. imposing that from above or Russia seeking it in Instigation also did not establish that a meeting between Sir his wagon Jeff sessions in September. Twenty sixteen at sessions Senate office included any more than a passing mention of the presidential campaign. No you'll recall that that meeting was the basis of session, refusing himself from the Mahler investigation will from the trunk. Russia investigations before Mahler from the trunk brush investigation in the first boys. According the Mulder report, the office learned that some of the individuals we interviewed or whose conduct we investigate including some associated with the term campaign deleted eleven communications or communicated during the relevant period using applications that feature encryption or do the or that do not provide for this. from retention of data or communications records. In such cases, the office was not able to fully corroborate witness statements through comparison
two contemporaneous communications or fully question witnesses about statements that appeared in consistent with other known fact, accordingly says the Mulder report, while report embodies factual and legal discrimination that the office believes to be accurate and complete to the greatest extent possible. Given these identified gaps, the office cannot rule out the possibility that the available information which had additional light or cast in a new light. Events described The report, in other words, there are holes in the evidentiary record here and that's not particularly shocking people in public life use encrypted communications. All the time is encrypted communications Alzheimer S. being half so that doesn't necessarily mean corruption. It does mean that their holes in the evidentiary record. And then the Mulder report goes through all of these supposed connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, and most of it, as I say, is about the Trump campaign,
being very excited that Russia is, is stumping in its favour, but no actual collusion, no actual collusion. It's when we get to the obstruction that things get truly interesting and some of the fast towards the obstruction in just one. Second, I think that's where the important stuff in the report lies. I suggested it would before the report. Even came out, so I'm just great that when we get to then just one second first, We, the people holsters, offers custom made holsters all produced in the United States of America to design their own holsters in house. Then these they don't use Any third party mould for their holsters. Instead, it is and every unique mould in LAS Vegas in order to best fit each and every fire imperfectly. They constantly updated lines, adding new designs every month that lets them stabbed to date on the newest models that come out. We, the people holsters and have their own three new design team who measures micro millimeter of their guns to ensure the perfect fit there really awesome. I've got one myself their unique an intuitive clip design allows for you too easily adjust just bought the cat and the right of your holster, so that will fit comfortably and securely at all,
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Ok, so, as I say, the Miller Report has to have half number one about from Russia Collusion not much there that we didn't already know just a lot of talk about. George Papadopoulos and his weird relationship with random Joseph myths should whose maybe a russian front and Carter Page, whose a weirdo who kept travelling to Moscow, but he would file his reports up the chain and nobody seemed to take advance of those reports or care about his reports. So, there's not a lot on the from Russia Collusion front that we didn't already know, but, as I say, the invest, nation. I dont think from this report was begun under evil auspices, although we will find that out when the inspectors general. The deal J Michael Horwitz releases, his own report and from Russia. Now we get to the heart of the report. The heart of the report is the stuff on obstruction of justice, so that stuff unobstructed of justice is the most dangerous for President Trump. Now I will
leading up to this attorney general BAR said: listen if there's no underlying collusion, there's nothing to obstruct. That is true. It is also true that if you order people to lie to the government that still constitutes obstruction of justice, so that is sort of worthy. Mercy. Lies did from over anyone to lie, or did you just sort of imply that he would like people to lie to the press? Was he telling people to lie to the government trying to shut down the Mahler investigation to avoid some sort of criminal criminal charge, or is he doing or was he just saying stuff because he was angry. To my mind, solution for all of us. For President Trump is the dude says a lot of stuff cause he's angry and his anger, in large part, because he feels like his election victory. Is being taken away from him? a media that was determined to suggest that he did not. In fact, when the election on his own merits, but only because of russian interference. In any case, the Mulder Report says first, a traditional persecution or declination decision entails a binary determination to initiate or decline of prosecution.
But we determined not to make a traditional prosecutor. Moral judgment remembered Mullah report did not recommend that trompe prosecuted or not prosecuted, instead the just presented the evidence to bar and are. These are in general, said: I'm not gonna prosecute the officer legal counsel, issued an opinion finding that the indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting president What impermissible undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitution really assigned functions. They disagree. They say a federal criminal again, but accusation against sitting president would place burdens on the president's capacity to govern, but in their later analysis. They say well, we would still not allow that to prevent us from recommending a prosecution. They say while the LLC opinion concludes a sitting. President may not be prosecuted and recognises that occur. Middle investigation during the president's term, is permissible Elsie opinion also recognises that the president does not have immunity after he leads office if individuals other than the president committed an obstruction of offence, they may be prosecuted at this time, and then they say we considered whether,
to evaluate the content we investigated under the justice Manual standards governing prosecution and declination decisions we determined not to apply an approach that could potentially result in a judgment that the president committed crimes, so in other words, me the committee crime. Maybe you didn't, but we're not willing to go there. That's basically Mahler found. They said if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts. at the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice. We would so state based on the facts and the applicable legal standards we are unable to that judgment. In other words, this is a judgment call. This is it. This is a question as to whether the President, safe at home or whether he was out at home, and we are not in a play up. We're instead. Gonna leave that up to these very general, and what bar says is that there is not evidence sufficient to establish a prosecutor. Prosecution for obstruction of just which after reading, therefore, I think is probably the fair way to come down on this way. Then we get into the actual meat of the matter, so their ports just during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign, questions rose,
the russian government's apparent support for candidate Trump after Wikileaks, released politically ensuring democratic party emails that were reported to have been hacked by Russia from publicly expressed criticism that Russia, was responsible for the hacks from also not having any business in, or connections to Russia, even those this twenty. Sixteen, the Trump Organization, was in fact pursuing tromp tower in Moscow after the election. The president's expressed concerns who advisers their reports of Russia's election interference might lead the public too question the legitimacy of his election. Ok, none of that is obstruction of justice. That's all public facing from being embarrassed. The report says that there is conflict involving FBI. Director call me and my When we talk about how, in mid January twenty seventeen Michael Flynn, the National security adviser falsely denied to the vice president, other administration, officials and FBI agent, Then he had taught you russian Ambassador, Sergei Kisyak, and then the day after the president
wasted villains, resignation, the president told them outside adviser. Now that we fired Flynn, Russia thing is over. That does not obstruction of justice. He did not tell Flynn to lie to the FBI. Later that afternoon the present cleared the oval office. We know this already from lodgings call me has said and then asked. If call me could see his way clear to letting this go, but he didn't actually do anything about that. He didn't fire. Call me when call me decided not to what thing goes. So that's really not obstruction of justice either saying a thing is not obstruction, and then they talk in the report about the president's. reaction to the continuing Russia investigation in February twenty seventeen attorney general just sessions began to assess whether he had refused himself campaign related investigations because of his role in the trunk campaign in early March, the President told them, White House Council Don began to stop sessions from accusing after sessions announced this refusal in March. Second, the president's expressed anger at the decision and told advisers who should have that he should have an attorney general would protect him.
The President, also accessions aside at an event, an unclear and urged him to unlock use later in March, call me disclosed in congressional hearing the f B. I wasn't ass to getting the russian government's efforts to interfere in the twenty sixteen per the general election, including any links or Gordon Asian between the russian government and the term campaign in the following days. The present reached out to the DNA Record National intelligence JANET and the leaders of the CIA and the National Security Agency to ask them what they could do to publicly dispel the suggest the president, had any connections to the russian election, interference effort. The president also called call me twice directly, notwithstanding I'd and from his own White House Council down again to avoid direct contact with the Department of Justice again. Does that constitute obstruction of justice? The answer is no, the president did not obstruct justice by asking people to tell the truth, which is that he was not involved in Trump Russia Collusion and then the Miller Report discusses the termination of coming. They say within days of Comey, testifying to congressional hearing about whether the President
personally under investigation the president decided to terminate combing the president fired combing Then he told russian officials had faced great pressure because of Russia and that had been taken off by commies firing, but that is not the same thing as the President of the United States, saying that he fired call me so call me, would not find already material about Russia. He was just frustrated with call me which were already because you said that a national tv. the really dicey material for trumpets all the stuff. Once we get to the appointment of Robert Mugabe, It seems that once Robert Mahler was actually appointed, then the presidency, to became even more belligerent and his activity included activity that looks more akin to obstruction of justice than his other activity. Now. Does it shade over into provable obstruction of justice? The answer is no
What is it bad, immoral behaviour? Yes, and was he stopped from doing stuff that certainly could have been construed as obstruction of justice by the people around him yeah? He definitely was it's not a great thing to work for the president, because if you save him from himself, he ends a painting you for it, but that is from this report. What probably happened here? Can we get to more of this injustice? Second, train is objective about the report as possible. Give you all the information and then opinion, but first you need to go check out zipper quarter, so hiring is important and that's why zip recruiter its outcome? Slash daily, where is your place from prove your business? Zip recruiter, sends your job to over one hundred of the website leading job words. We use recruiter here at the daily, where offices it makes our hiring fast and simple. They don't just up with posting your job with their powerful matching technologies, recruiter skins, thousands of red maize, to find people with the right experience and then invite them to apply to your job as applications come in zip recruiter, analyzed each one in spotlights the top candidates, so you never miss a great match. Zip recruit so effective at four out of five
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in saying all this stuff was to prevent public embarrassment, not criminal indictment. That's why you're here bark coming back to the point that was no collusion here for the president to protect himself against This was all him being embarrassed by press reports, and so it was telling people hey. Maybe you should just go out there in light of the press, which, by the way, is also not obstruction of justice. Lying in the press is not instruction of justice up here's. What the Mulder Report says, on May seventeenth, twenty seventeen, the acting attorney general, for the Russia Investigation appointed a special council to conduct the investigation, and related matters. The present reacted too that news by telling advisers it was the what a good end of his presidency and demanding the justice since resign, because you wanted to put a new attorney general humbly, who rain and Mahler so and submitted his resignation. The president ultimately did not accept it. The present and told the AIDS that the special council had conflict of interest and suggested that the special council therefore not serve the president's advisers, told him the asserted conflict will merit less and had already beacons been considered by the G o J
on June, seventeen two, seventeen, the President called Don Mcgahn, his White House counsel and directed him to call the acting attorney general and say that the special council had conflict of interest and must be removed, Mcgann did not carry out the direction however, deciding who would rather resign than trigger what he regarded as potential Saturday night massacre related invocation of the Nixon firing of Attorney General Archibald Cox, or these special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, so all of this is not necessarily obstruction of justice, but verges on it. From the point of view that says, the Trump was doing. All this stuff out of frustration that people are going to uncover his crimes again intends is an element of the climate keep coming back to that because intent is an element of the crime. Of this restrict liability. Crime from could be guilty. It is not a strict liability crime. You have to show that he had intent to corruptly, impede official proceedings. That is not prove here, one or the other efforts to create
special councils investigation, two days after directing again to have the special council removed, the president made another attempt to affect the course of the Russia Investigation on June nineteen. Twenty seventeen, president met one on one in the oval office with former campaign manager and Corey Lewandowski and dictated message for Lewandowski to deliver two sessions. Message said, that sessions should publicly announced not with standing his refusal from the Russia investigation that the investigation was very unfair to the president that the president had nothing wrong and that sessions plan to meet with the special council and let him of war with investigating election meddling for future elections. go and ask you said he understood what the president wanted sessions to do. This is the thing that comes close to obstruction and as the president trying to tell Jeff sessions that he was going to change the nature of the special councils purview now, even that is not necessarily obstruction in the sense that The president does have authority over the special council. This is the case now Dershowitz is made. Is that the special council does work for the executive branch from
environed, for whatever reason he want. That's not obstruction. That may be the grounds for an impeachment, but that is not necessarily criminal obstruction. One month later in another private meeting for Lewandowski. On July nineteen, twenty seventeen, the president, asked about the status of his message for sessions to limit the special council investigation to future election interference. Lewandowski, told the president. The message would be delivered soon after that meeting the President publicly criticised sessions in an interview with the New York Times and then issue a series of tweets making it clear that sessions is job was in jeopardy, Lewandowski did not want to deliver the president's meshes message: personal So yeah, Signor, Whitehouse official Redeemer, born to deliver its sessions. Job was uncomfortable to task and did not end up following through sessions never received. This message has advised me: advisers prevented what could have been construed as obstruction of justice right there, and then there are a bunch of accusations that the president made efforts
to prevent public disclosure of evidence, but public disclosure of evidence is not in fact a criminal offence, and if I tell somebody to lie to the press, that is not criminal and maybe bad but trouble. I suppress all the time so again, baked into the So when the mother investigations as says that in summer twenty seventeen, the president, instructed Donald Trump Junior to delete, allow from his statement about the Trump Tower meeting to the press. That is not actually obstruction of justice. That's just him being bad it. When Michael Cohen, repeatedly deny did the President plainly Roland from you, your statement that was lying to the public, that's bad! That does not criminal. Finally, the Miller investigations as in earlier we're twenty seventeen, the president called sessions at home and again asked him to reverse, is refused, from the rush investigation sessions, did not reverses refusal, and I Three hundred and seventeen, the president met privately with sections in the oval office and ask him to take a look at investigating Clinton and sit in December two thousand and seventeen shortly after Flynn plead guilty. Pursuant to a cooperation agreement, the president met with sessions
oval office and suggested according to notes taken by a senior adviser that obsessions unrecognised and took back super. vision of the Russia investigation. He would be a hero sessions, of course, did not unrepealed. Then the Miller investigation went forward as, as stated says, we say the question as to whether the president did stuff that was cortical criminal here is not provable is not approval question, which is probably the reason the Miller left it up in the air, and I think attorney general bar looked at this and said: there's no way that I can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt him going to various advisers and fuming about Jeff sessions and then not doing anything, especially when he has the full authority, just fire whom every wants it wants to fire just sessions. He can fire just sessions. If he wants to fire robber Weller, he can fire robber. dollar if he wants to ordered invents when events in anyone investigation, the president can even do that red he can even or the entrance to invest
nation, without necessarily being criminal obstruction of justice, since he is in fact the president of the United States that maybe be impossible. It is not necessarily criminal in a second we'll get to more on the Miller Report, so the Miller report continues by talking about. Whether the President ordered people to lie. So apparently, in early twenty eighteen, the press reported that president from had directed Don began to have the special counts. removed in June. Twenty seventeen and them again had threatened to resign and rather than carry out the order. The present reacted to the news stories directing Whitehouse officials to tell them again to dispute the store free and create a record stating that he had not in order to have the special council removed began, told those officials that the media reports were accurate in stating that the present had directed began to have the special council removed. So again, this is the president telling his
friends who tell Megan to publicly dispute the story. That is not necessarily the president telling people to lie to legal investigator. Now, if you want a broadly read the statute in a lot of this world lies in front of legalese is going to probably read the statute just suggested. The president was corruptly intending to interfere with a pending investigation by publicly tweeting thing. I don't think that that actually works legal speaking. If the president tweet something publicly cases like I hate robber, mower and then the charge is you tried to corruptly, impede the investigation that doesn't work. You told them again. Go in light of the press, that is also a terrible thing to do is not a criminal thing to do. The same thing holds true with regard to MIKE Flynn and Paul Manafort the suggestion that the present was publicly going around saying about Flynn and man afford and Michael Cohen, where praising them and in whose criticising them based on whether they were talking to the government. He was doing all of that in public red who's, calling Michael calling a rat is that obstruction of justice I mean
probably not given that the president can sound off on his opinion as much as you want, you can run to serious first amendment issues if you called it obstruction of justice for the president to issue His opinion that Michael Cohen, was a rat. So here's what the Mullah reports as they say although the series of events we investigate it involve discreet acts. The overall pattern of the president's conduct towards the investigations can shed light on the nature of the presidency acts and the inference is that can be drawn about his intent. In particular, the actions we investigated can be divided into two phases, reflecting a possible shift in the president's motives. The first phase covers the period from the president's first interactions with call me through the president's
hiring of combing. During that time, the president had been repeatedly told you is not personally under investigation soon. After the firing of call me and the reappoint and the appointment of the special council. However, the president became aware that his own conduct was being investigated in an obstruction of justice inquiry. At that point, the president engaged in a second phase of conduct involving public attacks on the investigations non public efforts to control it and efforts in both public and private to encourage witness is not to cooperate with the investigation. Now here's the thing you would think that that sense alone under the under the broadest standard of obstruction would fall under obstruction right. In their accusing him point blank of non public efforts to control the nature of the investigation, but that doesn't again actually mean obstruction of justice. Unless he's doing so with corrupt intent and that's trumps best argument. I am angry now that this investigation was going forward, I'm pissed off in general, and so I was sound love to my people, saying in a what was shut. This thing down cause, I'm angry that I'm I'm not being exonerated just exonerate me.
Eddie. What the hell is this stuff, that is from best defence, it always was trumps best defense, Judgments about the nature of the president's motives during each phase would be informed by the totality of the evidence. Now, what that sentences basically saying that mothers suspects from actually wanted to shut down the investigation, but there is now of evidence to prove that the president, to shut down the investigation for corrupt purposes. They said because we ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutor your judgement. We did not draw conclusions about the president's conduct, the evidence we obtained about President's actions and intent. Intent presents difficult issues. that would need to be resolved if we were making a traditional prosecutor moral judgement. At the same time, if we had confidence for a thorough investigation of the fact that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state based on the facts in the applicable, Those standards we are unable to reach that judgment accordingly. While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime
it also does not exonerate him. A bottom line is this is all about intent. How'd, you read the president's intense or people, don't like the president. Turning to read it, as of the president's intent was to quash the investigate out of guilt again, there's no underlying crime and people or more fond of the president and, frankly people. I think we're more objective. Look at this and they say there is no underlying crime. The president is a temperamental person at best the president says a lot of dumb crap to his advice those adviser shut him down on a regular basis and stopped him from doing things that would border on the criminal beer into the criminal and thus well here done bad, immoral things. Your well he's exerted pressure in certain areas that does not amount to obstruction of justice with corrupt intent and then seeing to be the nature of a lot of this stuff. So, for example, so, for example, when the president was upset about make friends firing Catalan
with Chris Christie according to Christie. At one point, during the lunch from said now, we fired Flynn, the Russia thing is over and Chrissy laughed in responded no way. The president asked Christie, monument and the present Christie told the president not to talk about the investigation, even if he was frustrated. for the end of the line, the president brought up James call me whose then FBI Directorate Active Christie was so friendly with him said he was the president told Christie to call me and tell him that the president really likes him. Tell me, as part of the team, at the end of the lunch present repeated his request that Christie reach out to call me crazy. I had no intention of complying with the President's requested contact Ptolemy. He thought the president's request was nonsensical. Christie do not want to put come call me in a position of having to receive such a phone call it again. This is Trump lashing out being mad at the investigation, saying one club Kim's coming and say they were best friends increase Chrissy going nuts dumb and that's the end of it. Is that obstruction and think that amounts to obstruction, and most of the cases in here are just like that. Most of the cases in here are very much akin to some.
like that again when it comes to just sessions on March, third, the deaf recessions refused to him again was called into the oval office. Other advisers were, they including previous, and sit right previous than the chief of staff. Since you ve been in the president open because the by saying I dont, have a lawyer expressed anger and began about the refusal he brought up right. Cone saying he wished cone was his attorney. He suggested that Georgia that attorney General Robert Kennedy and Eric hold. It would not have allowed this sort of thing, and then he pushed back on policy suggesting he should not make that he should not make contact with Jeff sessions. Or with any one else in the GEO J there We can sessions and began flew to logger me with the President sessions recalled the president pulled him I to speak to him alone, suggested concessions in on use from the rush investigation, which he did not do and from did not fire him. So again, is that obstruction of justice, or is that from just being a dummy? So much of this falls hundred Trump was frustrated and I think justifiably, frustrated about the nature of the investigation. The intrusiveness of the investigation. Does this count
obstructive activity, it sort of a matter of art rather than law, but is it provable absurd Can I think under no circumstances, could you call this stuff provable obstruction, ok time for equipping that I like and then a thing that I hate so things that I like now, I like to recall times in american politics that were a little bit higher minded when people had discussions about ideas of your interested that sort of stuff go pick up a copy of the Lincoln Douglas debates. The best version of this comes from Lincoln studies centre is edited by Rodney Davis and Douglas Wilson. It's a revision of the original text because their several re original text they serve, compile what they think is the best version. really does raise issues not only about the nature of the american constitution in founding principles. Douglas basically claim that slavery was, it was protected by the constitution. Lincoln said that the constitution and declaration installed immutable principles that cut against slavery itself, and thus you could not create laws that would effectually the addition of slavery, traditional territories,
has stuck to say about the nature of the american founding about the nature of America. When we're getting rid of slavery about the nature of of questions like abortion, where people very often take the Stephen Douglas Bourgeois just leave it to each individual state, the Lincoln position would be protection of human life is a is a universal absolute and there there's just a lot there and its deep and its media and its great reading go check out the Lincoln Douglas Debates totally worthwhile, ok time for a couple of things that I eight so that the big thing that I hope that it will stick to one thing that I hated it so elegant oh cause Cortez has put out in donning video. I didn't northern put Some things I like or things that I hate, because there is just amazing, so she put out a video that was supposed be her new, take on the green new deal. Suffice it to say this. Video is most. Again thing that has ever been produced on the internet? It is Elsie Speed,
about how she saved the world no joke about how she in the future is gonna talk to us now she stated this is the video for of ale see in the future talking now she and her friends save the world thanks to the green new deal is pretty incredible, will play a little bit of it? Are the bullet train from New York to deceive? It always brings me back to when I first started making this. Can you in twenty nineteen I was a freshman in the most diverse Congress in history. Man went up to that point. It was a critical time. I'll, never forget this. Children in our community. They were so inspired to see this new class of politicians who were so inspired by me guys have a soul Superman
were inspired inside me. You can't be what you can't see and for the first time they saw themselves. While I think there was something similar with the green new deal. We knew that we needed to save the planet and that we had all the technology to do it. So, but people were scared. They said it was too big to fast, not practical. I think that's because they just couldn't pictures. They couldn't hurt railways getting ahead of myself, then Eldred him all. You got me and then we fast boards the end, ok and Anne. She actually makes the case that the green new deal save the world that are created, magical new jobs that the biggest problem after creating Medicare for all. She says it's in a video Medica for all and a federal jobs, here, is the biggest problem. Is we couldn't find enough workers? We needed more workers. There is too much prosperity. Things were to autumn thanks to a o c and her band of friends, and this is her in the future talking about the present, so she has created a fictional future
In which she was awesome and save the world, I am still convinced that federal jobs guarantee a public option, including dignified living wages for work. Funnily enough, the biggest problem in those early years was a labour shortage. We are building a national smart grid, retro fitting every building in America. Putting trains like this one all across the country. We needed more workers that group of kids from my neighborhood for right in the middle of it all, especially this young girl. It's you know absurd, and social Rob out of college was with a mere a core climate, restoring wetlands and by use in Coastal Louisiana. Most of her friends were in her union, including some oil workers in Trans. All the oil workers are now referring by you guys got towards setting starting mangroves with the same salary and benefit. Oh man, of course, when it came to healing the land, he had huge gaps in our knowledge. Luckily, indigenous communities offered
generational expertise. I love this guy. Random, random native Americans show up to explain how to fix the buyers, the solar plan and then, by the way, this This girl goes on from working in the bias too working in a cellar plans, and then she decides what we're preschool teacher making a hundred fifty grand a year in aid sees magical. It must be a nice dna, as he's brain really like it must be a nice happy place, he's not going on in there is free com seems like things she has a really like optimistic vision of what the future is going to be. If you just give her a complete, not have control over the entire United States economy must be a wonderful place in theirs up. Go check out that video, because it is beyond parity, ok, other things that I today. So for the second time in two days, the Washington Post has suggested that I am a white supremacist, dammit guys. Why? Don't you read a book? Your book? Ok a column. I wrote a piece for the Washington Post in twenty fifteen talking evil white supremacist is what the hell are. You talking about, there's a piece in the washing and posted. I remember just two days ago they principes in which they suggested that I had vote this
or of a war between Islam and the west. By saying that no tradition cathedral was an arm for western civilization, intraday christian heritage will today they published another piece say quote Ben Shapiro, an influential american rightwing pundit with a huge following on Romania lamented a magnificent monument to western civilization collapsing and then followed up with tweets that insisted upon the judeo Christian Heritage, embodied by Notre Dame and a duty of all to re familiarize ourselves with the philosophy and religious principles that built it. Critics quickly noted the brutal treatment meted out on just for centuries, while the cathedral stood erect guys, I totally missed it. I totally missed. You know how christian Anti Semitism has been a thing as an orthodox. True, I get no familiarity with it, while breaking news, others suggested I love this. Is the Washington Post reporting? others suggested. Shapiro invocation of judeo christian values were, in this instance, simply a euphemism for White F, you man, I wrote an entire boy,
devoted to why that is a stupid, idiotic notion, and then they go further than a Richard Spencer, an american neo, fascist, credited with coining the term. All right, for the online ecosystem of far right voices in the West spoke more plainly. I see I am covert. We're Richard Spencer is overt again double down on the few. That is astonishing astonishing language from the Washington Post. My book is entirely about the judeo Christian Heritage and greek teleology that under guard the West. I have suggested throughout the entire career. That western civilization is not unique to any particular race and to construe that way is reduced. Western civilization to mere tribalism, which is idiocy in my book. I specifically mention Richard Spencer, I call a racist cretin on twenty two of the introduction and ex global
page to o eight and yet, apparently, I'm just secret. I'm just secret all right, I'm just a secret white supremacist. What absolute hacking garbage Washington, Post democracy dies in darkness, dies and stupidity over the Washington Post. Ok, we'll be back a little bit later for Marge, much more break down on the Mulder Report and the fall out join us. Then I'm benchmarks. Since the bench Barroso. This is the bench of Hiroshima, executive, producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Malthus Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam. Sigh of its audio is meant by my car Mina Heron make up by just one overall production assistant Nick she and the bench Shapiro shows a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen Michael Knolls, hosted the Michael, an old show attorney General William BAR has released the Mulder report with relatively few reductions. It gives a highly entertaining press conference on the details of its release,
We will analyse all the relevant sections, the good, the bad and the ugly check it out of daily wired. I come
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