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Ep. 769 - The Hatred That Never Dies

2019-04-29 | 🔗

A new white supremacist terrorist attack targets Jews in San Diego, The New York Times reveals its full anti-Semitic bias, and the media rush to defendā€¦Ilhan Omar. Date: 4-29-2019

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A new white supremacist terror attack targets, Jews in San Diego, the New York Times reveals its full anti semitic. Bias in the media rushed to defend L hanno mar I mention here. This is the Ben Shapiro Show and alright we gotta lot to get to today. None of it particularly happy news. Unfortunately, it was pretty brutal weekend for the country will get to all the just a second first in two thousand eight, the? U S, national debt was ten trillion dollars today. That is nearly twenty two trillion dollars. It is rising like a hockey stick. If you do not think that we are sitting on a house. Cards you're living with your head in the sand, but since you're listening to my podcast are smarter than the average bear. So what is your plan? Can you afford another hit? Your retirement like the last downturn when the s and p drop fifty percent, it's worthwhile to hedge at least a little bit against inflation and uncertainty and instability with precious metals. Gold is a safe haven against uncertainty. My savings plan is diversified. Your should be
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entered a shoal Unser to synagogue Kebod in POW Way, which is about forty five minutes north of San Diego. I know that close to San Diego, because I was actually in San Diego for the holidays. So relatively close to this happening, the gunman entered the Senate. On Saturday. He was yelling, anti semitic, slurs and then opened fire within a r fifteen style gun says the New York Times still don't know whether it's national, a r fifteen or if it was merely a semi automatic rifle he apparently paused when the rabbi the congregation tried to talk to him, but then he fired again shot the rabbi in the hand twice. Apparently he shot him in both hands. The rabbi has lost one of his finger, his attack left sixty year old woman dead, the rabbi wounds in a thirty four year old man and a girl with shrapnel wounds. This was, of course, the last day, as I mentioned, of Paso This was obviously a hate crime. The gunman was identified as a nineteen year old resident of San Diego. He did leave another one of these terrible manifestos, as I say,
I'm not going to mention the name of the shooter on the show, because I don't mention the name of mass shooters on shows, because I don't want him. Publicity normally going read his manifesto on and suffice it to say it is a typical white supremacist supremacist about the replacement of european european peoples by Jews. It also suggests that it just hatred of President Trump. I mean there's a good deal in there about how President Trump at least several lines in there about how President Trump is a pawn of the Jews, a tool of the Jews. Apparently this this man Fastow was posted. Early on hm hm is the even more NEO nazi semitic version of four Chan. Four Chan is sort of a lot of trolls some of whom have all right ties hm, is like the worst of the worst and this the end. His manifesto sounds a lot like the other manifesto from the guy in Christ and that the piece of crap in Christchurch New Zealand we shop, the mosque press. In Trump offer his sympathies from Washington. He said our entire nation mourns, the loss of life. Praise for the wounded stands in solidarity with the jewish community. We forcefully condemned the
lance? I Semitism and hate, which must be defeated here. Is president Trump responding to the attack in Powell Way our entire nation mourns, the loss of life. Praise for the Woon did and stands in solidarity with the jewish community. We forcefully condemned the evil of it, Semitism and hate, which must be defeated. Just happened must be the and President Trump has spoken out routinely and stands Semitism for all of the talk about present, Trump going soft on the alt right at Charlottesville, some of which I think, is true his initial statement. For example, he did not condemn white supremacy or alt right at Charlottesville and then his follow up statement. He condemn you're, not season. He condemned the white supremacy by name, but he also suggested that there were people at the White Supremacist March, we're good people very fine people on both sides. That was the controversy over that statement. Yeah his his entire, remarks for the record on that in this will become.
Relevant when we discuss in a second the ramifications of this attack in less attacks on Trump. The President Trump's full statement when it came to the Should the Charlottesville situation, which has been become sort of the point of the spear for the attacks by the left on President Trump when it comes to ants, medic attacks? President Trump said all of those people have condemned NEO Nazis have condemned many different groups, not All those people were NEO Nazis. Believe me, not all of those people are white supremacist. By any stretch there is people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue, Robert E Lee. He said I think, there's blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there's blame object objectively on both sides. I've no doubt about it. You don't have to out about it either if you or it accurately would say that the NEO Nazi started this thing they showed up in Charlottesville. Excuse me, they didn't put themselves There is no it's a very bad people in that group. You also had some find people on both sides. You had people in that group excuse Excuse me: I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of it to them,
very, very important statue in the renaming of a part from Robert E Lee to another name and then he continued by saying you had people and I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis in the White nationalist. They should be condemned. Totaly had many people in that group. Other than NEO Nazis and white nationalists. The press is treated them absolutely unfairly. Now the other group you also had find people that you had trouble makers and you see them come with the black outfits in the helmets in the baseball bats, you had a lot of bad people in the other room, two to give the full context of what President Trump was saying: He did in fact condemn your nazism. He did in fact condemn white nationalism. He also sort of made up this other group of people who were there at the protest who are very fine people, and that's why people said he was being soft on the alt right, because the only people there were all writers. In any case, president from every time there's been an anti semitic attack has condemned it by name is condemned it by name now. The rabbi at this at this time is rabbit. You spell Goldstein for people who don't know the Habad Movement Body Movement Movement, which is about as an acronym cock, Medina and OS, all of which are aspect of knowing God.
As was done, you know, is understanding and Dass knowledge. So how about movement is is a very spiritual movement. I it was driven by Lubavitcher Rebbe, be for many years. They, the about movement, is well known for going. Into basically random places all over the world to provide outreach to Jews who are in those parts of the world. It is most front facing part of jewish orthodoxy, I have a lot of friends in the cloud movement. I know many of the rabbis in the cloud movement most of the people in the cloud movement every place. I go. How bad is there and I used to joke that if If people, if Jews were to land on the moon, then how bad would already be there. I mean how bad is everywhere and they are very front facing they are extraordinarily welcoming and they do a great job of bringing in diverse groups of people. The fact that they are very good at doing outreach and bringing severs groups of people might be why more people are alive today, as opposed to dad and how his rabbi,
well goldstine speaking from the hospital about what happened so long. Are you stroll goldstine here folks about a pathway? It's not even twenty four hours, stung, thinkable, unfathomable terrorists attacked the Kurds, have some out of power and I'm encouraging and I'm pleading every single Jew that sees this appeal this weekend, go to your own perspective, synagogues fill up the ballrooms feel of the sanctuary. Let them see that nothing will take us down and we all need to stand together hold hands together, love each other, just like the rabbit Taurus, unconditional love that a little bit of light pushes away darkness. Ok, I has to be shot by this anti semite and, and he was not the person who's killed. The person obviously was killed was a six year old woman who apparently was shot pretty much straight away, and there were the reports also that she had pushed herself in front of the rabbis of the Rabbi
it would not be shot. Those at this point, I believe, are more rumor than confirmed in any case here is used for Al Goldstein speaking further from the uh huh bad the day after the shooting- and you can see his hands are bandage because he lost a finger in this attack yesterday, horrific terrible event that has occured here in my own interpretation Lori took the bullet for all of us. She died to protect all of us. She didn't deserve to die. Such a kind: sweet hearted, just a good human being. She didn't deserve to die right in front of my eyes How is the last one to see here and to be with her, but I do know that, Lori. This is her legacy. Like you see, will continue ok, so it also worth noting hear that attendance at the synagogue was slightly larger than usual because of the holiday many of the comments were there because of his story is Kerr? Is a memorial prayer that the Jews do on the last day of Passover and so a lot of the older congregants? Were there specific
to say his curve for relatives who passed away. One of the people who was there was a guy named Oscar Stewart. Oscar Stewart is a is a border control agent, who was recently rediscovered his jewish roots, is what cloud is great for and kids spent three and a half hours? Apparently Saturday, driving all the way to Powell way from the border so that he could pray at the synagogue and apparently, when you heard the shots ring out his training from years in military, kicked in. He said, yelled as loud as I couldn't. I mean sergeant, voice yelled get down, and then I ran toward him. He said that the gunmen and then fled, because he was a coward and they're. Meanwhile, there were there were the rabbi ran into a room where a bunch of kids were stationed, any told everybody to get out one of the people who picked up their or their bunch people there. One of the people who is there Why was a thirty four year old Israeli who was actually coming from ST wrote? Sterile is
the town in Israel that has been under significant rocket fire from Hamas. He moved from anti semitic attacks in Israel from Hamas to anti semitic attacks in POW way from a white supremacist. He picked up his knees and he started to run. He was Woon did his eight year old niece was Woon, did as well so here is the eight year old niece explaining what exactly happened so you got hit with shrapnel yeah little pieces not like anyone is pretty big, but these little pieces. So you look so this was like a pretty big piece and then went back so the piece of shrapnel went in your leg and then came out the other side. What were you thinking then? Did it hurt um In the first place, when there was like gushing blood, I didn't even feel it and then, after like they wiped in like the plug is off and it was like it. It felt like I had it. The giants, Buddha bruise,
Okay, then this would be a real, no yeah, that the Han and her uncle is on my old palettes. Who is the guy who you picked her up and ran with her in a second I'm gonna explain why it was deeply important at this border patrol agent. Was there an why once again, a good guy with a gun is the only person who is capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun when something like this happens. First, after a childhood full of unsuccessful attempts to pull the wool over mom's eyes, do you really think she won't be able to tell the difference between a last minute mother's day, gift something truly thoughtful. This mother's day, don't settle for anything less than the biggest and brightest bouquets from one 800flowers dot com right now. One eight hundred flowers has great deals for mom, like twenty four assorted roses for twenty four dollars. It's only a buck per rose. So over the last week my wife actually passed her boards. She is done with her boards now. And so I was, as I mentioned in San Diego and one eight hundred flowers to have flowers delivered to her. That's how great one one hundred flowers as they did it in a moments notice is really fantastic. All of their flowers are just beautiful. With a bright and beautiful mix of Orange
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and my synagogue. There many arm people at my synagogue. We have security guards at my synagogue, for every synagogue in my area, that's because Jews across the country understand that there is a threat of terror both from rat all Muslims in from white supremacist as well. Well, this this particular the rabbi said that Morales recently rediscovered his you accrued. He would travel three and one slash two hours from El Centro to pray with us at our school. He felt this was his house of worship and many times I said Jonathan you work for the border patrol. Please arm yourself when you are here, we never know when we'll need it. Well, in the time that they needed it, and thank God that the guy was there and thank God that he was because he was there because he was armed, the shooters gun jammed and then the combat veteran who came charging a and then there there were two combat veterans. I guess there's one in Stewart who is charging at him and yelling at him. He said, get down and then he said, umfr I'm going to kill you. He started he didn't. This is not the
The gun apparently he's in Iraq, combat veteran and just ran directly at the guy without a gun he said. I know I had within five feet of this guys who is rifle couldn't get to me? I ran immediately tore him. I yelled as loud as I could. He was scared. I was scared. The hell out of him also there is. Other guy a border patrol agent in Jonathan Morales. One of the more Alice had a gun, zero. Thank God, combat veteran thank God for combat veterans and, thank God also for people who are armed in places of worship. So that's you know. It it when, when people say it's time to disarm civilians as though that's going to protect other civilians, it's foolishness now. Second, on explain what exactly has been happening on places like hm so hm is the is the place where these shooters, who basically been congregating, we're seeing an increase in the number of these attacks. One of the reasons we're seeing that increase is because it used to be that the World
human beings were located in sort of different areas of the country with no people cheering them on these online forums. These online for a they create an echo chamber where people feel like they're playing to a crowd of people who will be cheering for them. Robert Evans has a piece of rebelling cat dot com talking about HN an and it is worth while discussing it for just a second. He says unable to one twenty seventh, two thousand nineteen at around eleven thirty am local time. A young man with a semi automatic rifle walked into come out of how a synagogue and how a California he opened fire You're killing one worshipper wounding three others in the hours, The shooting a manifesto believed to be written by that shooter began, circulating online. It has also surfaced that, like the Christchurch Shooter. This killer began his rampage with a post on eight Chan's Politics board, although both of these attacks may seem different, since they targeted worshippers of different faiths Both shooters were united by the same fascist ideology. They will so radicalized in the same place. Eight Trans Politics Board is been corroborate. I post on the board itself or anons, as the posters call themselves to be anonymous posters
recirculated, the shooters since deleted post in it. The alleged shooter claims to have working on the site for a year and a half. He includes a link to a live stream of his rampage with, thankfully, does not appear to have work. He also included a pastebin link to his manifesto. The very first response was announced. It was another anonymous person, cheering him on and telling him to get the high score. Aka kill a huge number of people. This year is manifest, was also filled with bleep posting, which are internet in jokes, meant to distract authorities in the media and make eight chance. Politics sports seem less threatening and more jokey. The fact that this is the second how to or related shooting in the house of worship in slight more than a month should be enough to explain that this is false. Each An apparently is a large website includes a number of different discussion boards about everything from animated left wing politics. Politics is one particular Active Board on the website is best described as a gathering for extremely online NEO Nazis, overarching goal of politics held by most of its members is too radical.
Their fellow announced to real life effort posting I active of violence in the physical world. This goes well in. By post, I found in a discussion of the Palais, synagogue, shooting, which is a picture of a person can of walking around looking like do face before politics. In after politics board. There is a there's. A picture of a shooter in black in here with a rifle, this writer says I browse the politics board on an almost daily basis, since the Christ you're shooting it is not been difficult to find calls violence. On Monday March, 15th March, 25th of this year, I ran across Ben Simmons, translating the Christchurch Shooters manifesto into other languages and attempt Inspiremore shooting across the globe? The tactic can work today. Shooting is proof of how a synagogue should be directly side of the Christ church shooter as his inspiration. Then he decided to carry out his attack roughly two weeks after that shooting many of the announce referred to the Christ church shooter as a St a medieval inspired iconography as I, there's no way to shut down free speech, but if the uh,
these are not monitoring hn for this sort of stuff. I don't know what the hell they're doing. People in there I've known this stuff for long before Christ church happen as being harassed by people on ten h and for for years before any of this stuff happened. Obviously, it's one of the reasons I have full time security. The fact that these is the fact that people have only been to pick up on this now is is obviously quite disturbing. It's also true. But the internet, can be a place where the worst of us congregate. The internet can be a great place for spreading of information. It can be a wonderful place for spreading of charitable. Do gooder ism, it can be uh. Purple place for exchange of ideas and for prevention of monopolies on ideas, but it can also be a place where terrible, terrible people can find other. Like minded terrible, terrible people To cheer them on when they do these awful things is worth noting
there are these places online, where these folks congregate and these folks, sometimes their evil speech, turns into evil action. As I say, that does not mean that you can, in any good conscience, shut down free speech in the United States to stop this stop, but you certainly have to have the authorities aware when people are making violent threats and violence implications there. People on our staff, when the last several months have been targeted. So I'm I'm very well aware of all of this. I've been aware of this for years, and I think that the police are and should be aware of this under increasing meanwhile, the media reacted to the palace in synagogue, shooting by blaming President Trump as you knew they would. I, it is really horrific an awful that they would do so is horrific. An awful for a couple of reasons. First of all, President Trump has been quite strong on Anti Semitism, He has all the statements on Anti Semitism have been far more blunt and far more purposeful than anything demo.
I have been saying about Anti Semitism for years. That's because Democrats have been protecting antisemites inside their own party. Republicans have not now, President Trump's, I criticize him for at the time, was terrible with regard to the alt right in twenty thousand one hundred and fifty two thousand sixteen go back and listen to my episodes after Charlottesville go back and listen to my episodes during the twenty sixteen election cycle he winked and nodded at people, he thought was being nice to him, were being nice to him, and that was a terrible, terrible thing to do, but when it comes to Anti Semitism, and Trump has spoken out repeatedly against Anti Semitism. I guarantee you that everyone, virtually everyone who's in the show that was just shot up, was a president trump voter is an orthodox community. I guarantee that everyone that talk about it combine tends to be extremely pro trump. Hey then. So the idea that Trump is possible for this, especially because in the manifesto itself, this person explicitly derides Trump as a tool of the Jews. Trump is not behind this. Now Trump,
may have contributed to the alt right, getting increased credibility in two thousand fifteen two thousand and sixteen, maybe in early two thousand and seventeen that has not held true since then. That was bad. That is not held true since then, so blame President Trump for all of this is just absurdism of the highest order, and yet what you've seen is the media exactly that here's a CNN panel saying they didn't believe President Trump when President from condemns Anti Semitism, even just despite the fact that President Trump has jewish grandchildren, despite the fact that President Trump is most pro Israel, president in the history of the United States, despite the fact, the president, from his forcefully spoken out against Anti Semitism repeatedly and condemned it from other people Still the media pretend that President Trump is responsible for this. Here's CNN panel saying they don't believe Trump on one hand you want to give the president his do but when you consider the language that we have been discussed, sing over the last couple days, especially with Joe Biden getting getting into the race with president is said: making excuses, revisionist history about what happened, and
Charlottesville and on and on one has to wonder as a thinking, national person. If he means those words and if they ring hollow two Americans who have been looking for him to say those things and stay the course, as Angela has said. Instead of trafficking in big bigotry and racism and anti Semitism in hate and making excuses for ok, so again, this is the media over reading an over reading for a particular political purpose. In a second, I will show you how they've been doing this routinely and then I will to the media themselves and who exactly is promoting anti Semitism throughout the United States are not going to call it out everywhere. Then you shouldn't be, then you can't be trusted to call it out anywhere. Ok, we'll get to that in just a second first vitamins and supplements can be kind of confusing persona takes the guesswork out of it. One of our employees here at the daily wire he takes persona remains in the morning and in the evening he filled out their online assessment. He indicated he wanted the vegetarian formula, some of the person
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Someone on my team uses. Persona Jerrod loves it. You will too right now what you want, better, have more energy or simply stay as young as you can. My listeners can go to persona at nutrition, dot, com, slash span, that's p e r s, o n eighty nutrition, dot com, slash apparel and get fifty percent off your order. Today. This persona nutrition, dot com, Slash Shapiro, it's five minutes. They can change your health right now. Persona, nutrition, dot, com, slash should really take just a second. You can make your health a lot better, go check it out right now, so the media's response to a is naturally to do two things: blame Trump and blame guns shocker, they're always going to blame guns, even though a gun, it probably stops this attack from being sick. Only worse and there are going to Trump, because it fits in with their general thesis, which is that all hatred can be relegated. One side of the political aisle it can all be relegated to President Trump. That is a politically convenient answer that is obviously not correct. It trump is not an anti semite. At the best thing you can say about President Trump around the left, most damaging thing you can say about President trump if you're on the left is the president
winter, nodded at the alt right in twenty fifteen twenty one thousand and twenty seven That was really bad again. I was there condemning it. That is not what happened here. What happened here is that this shooter. An white supremacist everywhere are more likely to believe that President Trump is a tool of the Jews. He's two phylogenetic rather than that is cheering on their anti Semitism and yet the media, trotting out. This lie that Trump is somehow responsible for how is in a dog shooting, despite the fact that free app how a synagogue, nobody, orthodox community actually thinks this here is Joe's car. These words- we are so far beyond dog whistles. Here Donald, we are so far beyond dog whistles the blood, the blood that is build is on your hands from white nationalists. From people that listen to that sort of rhetoric, any vial insta the journalists enemy of the people. You were just
inciting violence, it's just it's just obvious. You are unfit to be and president of the United States Ok, so he's going to need to cite what exactly Trump did that was responsible for this shooting they keep saying things like Trump is inciting violence. So, according to Scarborough Trump incited violence with what exactly with what is it like? What did he do to incite violence again, I condemned all of his comments surrounding Charlotte with regard to the KKK in twenty. Sixteen with regard to Steve, but like I can all that stuff. I continue to condemn all that stuff trump hasn't done that stuff, at least in the last couple of years
and he's been extraordinarily Philo somatic in both practice and policy. So what exactly is Joe Scarborough talking about, and yet the media continue to trot this stuff out and not just the media members of the Democratic Party. So you see, for example, will lead Shahid, who is an adviser to Bernie Sanders, an who happens to be a member of the Justice Democrats blaming Trump for all of this, despite the fact that, as we will see in a second, the Democratic Party has been significantly promoting antisemitism openly and so have the media for a while. Here I mean amongst my jewish friends amongst people pouring out on social media, I think people just felt really sick to their stomach about this attack in just sick to their stomach, about the way that the It continues to be unable to respond in the kind of way the leader of the country should be able to respond. The conspiracy theory cited by these NEO Nazis in Pittsburgh and New Zealand and now outside San Diego, are all really say the same thing, which is that this the story about how somehow Jews are letting in immigrants into this country, which is similar to
Republicans ran on in two thousand and eighteen saying that George Soros was supporting and funding them caravan conspiracy theory that Trump never condemned and actually seem to support when asked about it again. This is just it's just amazing. So you have Democrats in the media blaming President Trump for a shooting that doesn't have to do with President Trump. At the exact same time, at the exact in time. The members of the media who are condemning this sort of stuff, Where are their words for the anti Semitism of the Democratic Party, here's the If you're going call out Anti Semitism, it is actually in and I need to call it out. Whenever you see it is incumbent on you to call it out on all sides, just as you would call out racism on all sides. If, for you, anti Semitism is merely a way to club Ilhan Omar, but you don't really care but when it comes from my premises or if, alternatively Anti Semitism, is a way to condemn white to premises. You don't care about it, comes from Ilhan Omar or it's a way to condemn Trump, but you don't care about it. When it comes from the radical left, then
I don't trust you on Anti Semitism and neither should anyone else, I'm not going to trust the New York Times is take on President Trump and Anti Semitism when they're printing cartoons like this. So Thursday wait a day and a half or Friday the day before it was Friday. I believe the day before The shooting happened at away the New York time. International edition printed, this cartoon of President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu for those who can't see The cartoon is viciously Der Sturmer Anti Semitic. I mean it is straight from the pages of Nazi newspapers straight from those pages. It is a picture Benjamin Netanyahu. His face pasted onto that wiener dog with a Jew star hanging. His collar and president Trump being led around like a blind man by BB as a dog president Trump wear fat wearing a kippah and wearing black glasses, because he's being led on a leash by Bb Netanyahu, the jewish dog with the jewish star hanging from his collar. This was printed in the New York Times International Edition now
how people can say well, people on the right, they are very upset about the cartoon. Why aren't they upset about the shooting I am upset about both here is something to note these shootings. These shootings have been occurring on a sporadic basis against use my entire lifetime. I can name a dozen of them off the top of my head, including some in my own community. There there's one of the West Valley Jcc back when I was a kid. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. I believe it was there is: there have been attempted killings of Jews in my city more more relevant recently Obvia It is a different thing for mainstream american publications to print full on nazi cartoons. Mainstreaming of Anti Semitism on the left is not the same as the main bring up the anti Semitism on the right with the left is trying to say is that President Trump, mainstreamed Anti Semitism because he winked and nodded at the alt right from twenty fifteen through two thousand and seventeen. He did not
mainstream anti Semitism, among Republicans, which is why seventy eight percent of Republicans say they are sympathetic to the state of Israel. It's white republicans by and large, are far more Philo semitic than the far left. Is it's why condemning the New York Times is a is the linchpin of democratic media of left, leaning media in the United States. It is the mainstream newspaper in the United States and in their international edition, they're printing cartoons that are straight from the pages of their stermer they're printing cartoons. That are straight from the pages of the Nazis. Palestinian newspapers. I mean these are not see cartoons and they're printing. Those. So am. I upset that yeah, because it speaks to the mainstreaming of Anti Semitism inside the left. Not a second. I will show you how the New York Times they apologized, but I'll, show you in a second how the New York Times You should have known better and then the New York It was printed in another anti semitic cartoon today, another one. It's amazing like the You know why, because the anti Zionism in an extreme leftism of the people on the left,
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coming for subscribers go check it out right now and for ninety nine dollars a year. You got this the very greatest in beverage vessels. The leftist here is hotter. Cold tumblr go check it out right now that leftist ears, hot or cold tumblr, will make your life significantly better. Also subscribe, it Youtube subscribe at Itunes. Last month we were the second most. Listen to podcasts on planet earth, so make sure that we are number one this month go help us out. You too, but I tunes leave us a review. It always helps were the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation, okay, so what you're seeing from the media, as I say, intent to blame President Trump for all of this. Now let me backtrack for a second. There are three types of ants semitism that are deeply worrisome in today's day and age type of anti images of number one white supremacist Anti Semitism? This is what you are seeing in at the jewel in how white it is also manifest in a generalized white supremacist ideology that ends with shootings at mosques, for example, in Christchurch. The same who committed the shooting in power, apparently tried to burn down a mosque in the
several weeks I in in California as well white supremacist ideology totally evil now has that been means and inside the right, the left would like to suggest that it. As I see no serious evidence that it has every man's, I'm republican. Not only condemns this stuff but outright hates it. When people speak about this stuff in a positive way, they lose their committee assignments. This be Steve King, you, lost every committee assignment his primary opponent. Kevin whom you should give to has been raising much much more money than Steve. King Republicans are not mainstreaming this stuff. Now then, there's left wing Anti Semitism left wing Anti Semitism, is papered over with a thin veneer of Anti Zionism. Basically left wing Anti Semitism says that, because there are winners and losers in society, and winners have inherently exploited losers. Jews are too successful and therefore Jews can be held responsible for inequality in society. This cross, paths with islamic Anti Semitism, which also suggests that user to successful and Jews are
manipulating world events, then the Omar Hip, as the world or its jewish money behind american support for Israel. That can Tutorial mindset meets paths with the intersection left now, which is being more mainstream white supremacy by mainstream right or Ilhan Omar Type, Anti Semitism by the mainstream left radicalism Anti Semitism is a serious threat to choose, in Israel's. I mentioned one of the people who is shot at Powell Way is from state road. He spends every day having rockets fired at him from the Gaza Strip by Jew Haters in the Gaza Strip, and then he comes to the United and it gets shot at by a white supremacist all types of anti Semitism or dangerous. Not all types are equally dangerous in every place and not all types are equally well accepted by mainstream outlets, so white supremacy is not a mainstream philosophy in the United States. It is not a what it just isn't, statistically speaking it is extremely dangerous people, I'm most worried about being shot by
They are very, very dangerous, very small subgroup of people who are awful and who do violent, terrible things, but as far being mainstreamed as an ideology. There is no question that left wing Anti Semitism, which starts off as yeah we're just criticizing Israel and quickly morphs into no Israel's, an exploiter Israel is an apartheid state. The only reason people support Israel's because the nefarious power of the Jews, we don't have to comment on Anti Semitism against Jews, because they're not intersection put upon that. Anti Semitism has become extraordinarily prominent, which is why you have the New York Times printing stuff from nazi newspapers in the international edition- it's not like they didn't know who this cartoonist was his Old cartoons are just as Anti semitic. Here's an old cartoon showing it to take off of the Warsaw ghetto it's Holocaust memorial week this week. I believe this is a picture. From the Warsaw Ghetto uprising very famous,
sure not even from the uprising of Jews being herded onto trains being held up by Nazis, except that this anti semitic artist has put Kathy's. On all of the Jews and made all of the Nazis in two israeli soldiers with a jewish star, helmet right. So this guys an anti Semite and the international edition just printed it the New York Times apologizes. For all of this We are deeply sorry for the publication of an anti semitic political cartoon last Thursday in the printed the New York Times and circulates outside of the United States. We are committed to making sure nothing like this happens again. Such Three is always dangerous and at a time when Anti Semitism is on the rise worldwide, it's all the more unacceptable we've investigate We have this happened and learn that, because of a faulty process, a single editor working without adequate oversight, downloaded the syndicated cartoon and made the decision to include it on the opinion page. So is one guy we're looking into it? Will stop it we're sorry! No! This is. This is deeper and more indicative of how the New York Times operates in anti semitic newspaper it's a newspaper that it's in its news coverage has openly and
but it did not cover hate crimes against Jews in New York City because it was not intersectional enough. Brett Stevens writes a piece in the New York Times the New York Times, attempt to to back track and paper over it's in it's Anti Semitism they let Brett Stevens right there. They say the cartoon appeared in the prince verse. The international edition, the cartoon self was selected and seen it by just one mid level under right before the paper went to press. Supposedly they say the papers position is that it is guilty of a serious group, not a cardinal sin, not quite but Stephen, says. The problem with the cartoon. Isn't that its publication was a willful act of Anti Semitism? It was The problem is that its publication was an astonishing, active ignorance of anti Semitism and that at a public and that is otherwise hyper alerts in nearly every conceivable expression of prejudice from Mansplain, to racial friends to Transphobia and if the dog on the leash hadn't been is early Prime minister, but a person of color such as NET John Lewis.
A Muslim like Al Hunt on Mark. Well, then, I'm going unnoticed by the wire short Service- and this raises questions of Brad stevens- how even the most blatant expressions of Anti Semitism become almost undetectable to editors. We think it's part of their job stand up to bigotry. The reason is the almost rental criticism of Israel and the mainstreaming of Anti Zionism, including by this paper, which has become so common that people have been desensitized to its inherent bigotry long as anti semitic arguments or images are framed. However, Easley's commentary about Israel. There will be a tendency to view them as a form of political opinion, not ethnic prejudice, but Anti Zionism is all but indistinguishable, but it would be from Anti Semitism in practice and often an intent. However, much progress has tried to deny this That is obviously true, which is why the New York Times to apologize for that and then within the next two days prince this cartoon. This cartoon is a cartoon, of Benjamin Netanyahu, descending from a mountain Alamo's, is holding a cell stick and holding behind him a tablet with the flag of the state of Israel. What the hell is that supposed to be
well. It turns out that the original cartoon was sanitized from the New York Times Cartoon is supposed to be bb walking down the mountain holding the tablet. Followed by donning Donald Trump holding the other tablet, so in other words, it's the same thing bb that in issues leading Donald Trump by the Nose the same people on the left, who think it's fine to print that sort of crap and say BB is leading from by the nose a Jew is leading from by the nose will say that the Trump is anti semitic responsible for this, that's their hot, take! That's there! How to and then we're supposed to take them seriously very seriously, will get to the political left, three change this particularly know markets very telling so Bernie Sanders, you just saw- will lead shaky. Blame president Trump for what happened in here is Bernie. Sanders is sweet about the synagogue shooting he says another Rific shooting at a. This is worship today at the power, a synagogue in San Diego County. We must work every eradicate all forms of hatred and bigotry.
I take serious action to protect Americans from gun violence. Now quick note, the original critique of President Trump's take on Charlottesville is that he did not condemn white supremacy my name. Where is the condemnation of anti Semitism by name where, It reminds me very much of after the Christian the attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka when Democrats really refused to say that it was an islamic radical islamic attack on Christians, which it was Democrats, it simply chalked it up to generalize right and Democrats in doing this, with Anti Semitism and anti christian sentiment for quite awhile now, every time. There is something bad that happens to a Jew, the first real, Shin is well. Let's condemn all forms of This is how they shied away from condemning Ilhan Omar who's. An open anti instead just that. We had all forms all forms of here about what you promise. You particularly that how bout this white supremacy is evil people who propagate what you promise he are evil left wing Anti Semitism is evil people propagated are evil. Islamic Anti Semitism is evil.
People who propagate it are evil. Why is it hard to say any of these things? And you see this even from Peter Beinart who's? Honestly, as close to Hamas spokesperson is any on the left. I mean every time Israel gets in a war with Hamas. It's always Israel's fault. By now, it's just awful in every way. Z tweets. This Audi tweets, if you form and hatred against Muslims, don't offer your sympathy when hatred kills Jews. Ok! So let's, let's parse, that for just a second, if you foment hatred against Muslims Don't offer your sympathy when hatred kills. Jews, Muslims and Jews are two separate groups and just because the same people sometimes are interested in killing both Muslims and Jews. That does not make the groups exactly the same. Didn't foment hatred against Muslims, but the the The innate swing from Peter Bye away from Anti Semitism in toward. We must protect Ilhan Omar is amazing. 'cause, that's what's happening there right well, Peter Beinart is doing their. His tweet is uh, Obviously, a way to protect Ilhan Omar,
If you say ahead of ours, an anti semite Peter by our test. Aha you're attacking you'll have a mark. That means you don't care about the Jews. How sick is that logic how sick is that logic you condemn what happened in Christchurch, then, presumably that's not enough. If you say that radical Islam is evil and that now normal Islamic might be fine. That you know many Muslims who are good or that is isn't inherently tide of violence, but there are too many Muslims who are violent. Peter Beinart will condemn you for the killing of in poway he said, the Anti Semitism in Islamophobia are two symptoms of the same white nationalist disease. You either fight them both or you're, complicit in them both well. How about you white supremacy overall but also you're allowed to credit. I mean this, it's so funny. The same people will say that if you would talk about Anti Semitism, you are trying to silence talk about Israel. The same people say we, if you criticize radical Islam at all really they were white supremacy. What a joke Peter by art is just intellectually karai.
Beyond all measure. So L had then sounds offer yourself. Does my heart is breaking after it is deadly shooting a bad congregation in San Diego on the last day of Passover in six months to the day after the tree of life, shooting we as in a must confront the terrifying rise of religious hate and violence, love, trumps, hate that last line they're, obviously a reference to President Trump and a suggestion that, because they Was it a slogan, those being used against Trump in two thousand? Sixteen now wasn't do I think that L had on MAR is happy when Jews get shot and that's about it, no I don't, but it went certainly does not take anti it isn't seriously. He clearly does not I mean she is an anti semite. She does not take Anti Semitism seriously and then hilariously enough TED Cruz switch out the end, his medical. He's condemning the New York Times cartoon. It says the answer: medic last, whether L Omar's repeated Anti Israel, slurs or the New York Times apologizing Hamas terrorists and running race. Cartoons is getting worse and the House County passing anti Semitism resolution. Responsible
I need to say enough is enough. L had a march which, back to that a white nationalist, literally terrorized, a synagogue during Passover yesterday, and you have yet to say anything. She come on you. Yes, I'm sure that you'll Omar is leading tip of the spear in fighting anti Semitism and nationalism when the targets Jews, all right nationalism or any of this crap? I don't think that head on MAR is leading the leading. The fight against Anti Semitism in the United States, and that's just it is a joke- is a joke. It I'll just point out here. One final thing about Bill: Maher: over the weekend, she accused president Trump of incitement again in again. Why? Because President Trump pointed out that Ralph Northam had said in an open interview, there are situations in which a baby is born, and then doctors in the mother, decide whether it should die or not and no head Omar said truly dangerous and sickening is the Rangers President suggesting parents and doctors are working together to commit infanticide, we seen
just fanatics, bombing clinics and threatening women. This will fan the flames of violence. Stop the misinformation in other words, according to how to mark incitement, if you criticize her it's incitement, if President Trump to arouse, nor the governor of Virginia SAD but Elena Mars, never guilty of incitement, no matter how much anti semitic bile she's views, as I said before, if you are blind to Anti Semitism from one particular side of the aisle, because it favors your political position, you are not in the fight against Anti Semitism your part of the problem if Anti Semitism is just another political club to be wielded. If Elaine Omar is given the credibility to speak out against Anti Semite, awesome well routinely engaging in Anti Semitism she has a lot of the same opinions about Jews at the White supremacist had in that manifesto. In that manifesto, the base the white, the shooter basically says effectively,
as about shoes that they control the world media that they control the way money runs that they control opinion about Israel. Am I going to take her for? Am I going to take her at her word that she hates Anti Semitism? Again, I'm not going to equate her with the shooter, because I don't think they're the same. I think the people who commit violence are not the same as people who say evil things, but I'm going to take her condemnation Hi seriously, no I'm not no, I'm not I'm not take the condemnation from the New York Times is seriously and I'm not going to take it seriously from a press that covers for the New York Times either call it all out or I'm not going to believe you. It really is that simple Ok in just a second will get some things that I like and then we'll get to some things that I hate so things that I like today. So there is a great essay. My Theodore Herzl, the founder of sign is a sign. Ism is a good thing guys. It is a good thing that there is a jewish state. It is a good thing that the Jews have a place, that they can
for protection, considering that in the wide history of humanity, Jews have not been left alone. Very often is a great piece published in eighteen, ninety, seven about jewish, today, by Theodor Herzl who's, not religious? You talking about the need for people to respond to anti Semitism by re, engaging with the roots. I totally, I think a beautiful idea. It's worth reading the essay he talks about how a secular Jew becomes more religious in response to people targeting him. It talks about the holiday of Hanukkah and the radiance shining forth from menorah. He says first, one cancel. It is dark, and then the solitary light looks gloomy and it finds it canyon then another and yet another the darkness must retreat the young and the poor are the first to see the light and the others join in all who love justice. Truth, liberty, progress, humanity and beauty when all the candles are
Is everyone must stop in amazement? Every choice, what is been wrought and no office is more blessed than that of a servant of light. So you can read the writings of of the herzl they're they're well worth reading for all the folks on the left to condemn Zionism and suggested the state of Israel should exist and that Hamas is in the right and then condemn anti Semites him when it results in a white supremacist? Shooting someone in POW Way, I'm going to take that with a little bit of a great assault, guys just a little bit of greatest ok time for some things that I hate already so things that I hate today so AOC weekend, Alexander, because Cortez spend her weekend along with the other justice Democrats speaking out about the hot issues of our time. One of the
Aoc says she doesn't care if you are an undocumented person in the United States, I'm glad she doesn't care. It seems like we should probably care, since we don't know who these folks are and they're not paying taxes, and some of them are drawing on social services. That does not suggest that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are bad people. I don't think that I know illegal immigrants, I don't think they're bad people. I think the vast majority of them are coming here to work and make a living but I do care about their legal status. If you are a citizen of the United States, you should care about the legal status of people who are here. No? No. No. I don't care about any of that. First of all, I believe in human right. I don't care, I don't care if you're documented, I'm talking, I don't care if you're out here, I don't care if you're in right. I believe in your fund of
human rights, fundamental human rights, ok and then she proceeds to define that as voting, for example, I well there's a great piece at the New York Times. By great, I mean absolute garbage from a guy named David Bentley. Art a scholar of religion and a cultural critic. According to the New York Times, is it has a piece called can we please relax about socialism and then talks Socialism is really not bad. He says be trapped in the boarding area of a smallish airport in the upper Midwest is as often as not to be subjected to that beast shields in a fricatives, gutturals, plosives and tricks of hysterical alarm that constitutes political discussion on Fox news pouring in from those obnoxious pendulous. Feeling televisions. So this guy is a terrible writer by the way, and then he says that fate I avoided a few weeks back. Instead, there. I was the commentator Ben Stein, hovering over me, like some grainy even God exuded all the effervescent charm of a despondent tree. Sloth glumly wobble
his jowls opining. That representative Alexandria, Kazio Cortez, espousing a political philosophy in the past led to the rise of Hitler and Stalin. It's true about Stalin Then he says I realize this is become axiomatic on America's excitable right. I know that in this country we employ terms like socialism with wanton indifference. Historical detail and I'm painfully aware here's the part where it gets good. I am painfully aware that the mailbox commentariat nurtures it sickly, action with Miss because Cortez, partly because they resent her cleverness charisma and moral vitality, but mostly because they suspect in high school is one of those girls. They had no hope of getting a date with the she comes across as someone who can look past the face of even the purest wet, so it if you thought she wants to help the soul behind it. I mean what in the world the New York Times, not only as an anti semitic newspaper to garbage newspaper, hey, my goodness to print, would print this. This trip this trickle, I mean it's just the rate. It's not because she's deeply ignorant it's not
she says stupid stuff. It's not because she's on the cover of magazines or is praised by journalists across the left wing of the spectrum is not because she's extraordinarily famous and has a lot of power. It's because people think that they would. She would have dated in high school, and also did I mean I can't think of anybody who wants to date with because of what has more than David Bentley hardcore. In this paragraph she comes across as someone who could look past a face of even the purest sweat if she thought she glimpsed a healthy soul behind it is like Mother Teresa me, amazing, amazing. Yes, I'm sure that's it, our media yeah, I'm definitely going to take them seriously from now on. Ok, final thing that I hate. So this is a thing that I hate, like ok, here comes from game of thrones spoilers, guys going to game of thrones for like two minutes here so last episode of Game of thrones. It was emotionally enjoyable, they have, they have. I don't know what they shot in the throat potato. So these
the entire episode is too dark. It is blotchy. It is hard to look at. I was watching it on HBO go and I was trimming. It was kind of best quality. My tv is pretty good. It's still very difficult to see what is going on in the battle plan makes no sense. Also the thrill Game of thrones in the first few seasons was the fact that anyone could die at any time which made it much more realistic than other fantasy sagas, where you knew that your favor Characters were going to live here, eliminated a couple of characters who you knew the girl at one point or another, but they couldn't even eliminate many of the french characters will probably have no major role going forward, except to give somebody else, yeah, eight as sort of happy ending in the story, meaning like it was pretty obvious not to get into details and I'm just whatever. If you haven't watched it, tough Brianne was probably going to die here right, like you, thought, Brian was going to die, they knighted her. She was Sir Brianne. She finally had reached her life's conclusion, and now she going to lead the left flank in this climactic battle against the night king and so she would die in probably Tormund would die also neither of them dies and neither does
even though they are surrounded by zombies, I mean surrounded by them. Gray, warm you thought for sure he's gone nope he still alive. The only people of any consequences who die here at all are. Let me try to remember our Jorah buys it. And Theon. Those are the only people of any serious dolorous edd dies also, but you know who cares? It was Theon dies and he was destined to go a long time ago. So like it was two you know we're going to go. Their stories had finished. They were toast, everyone else live everyone, so every single person dies because zombies, except for the characters you like does like they're, better some surprises in store, or this is going to be most anti climactic final season ever know I enjoyed it. I enjoyed Aria teleporting to kill the night king, I mean that was fun and- and I don't agree with all the people were at like their people for idiotic Lee, saying that. Are you as a merry suit know? The definition of a Mary Sue is Ray from STAR wars: hey, if you are, if you are a character,
who randomly has powers without any training. Your Mary Sue. If you are a person who for six seasons to do this sort of thing you just did then you're, not a Mary Sue, killing that I can find with no brands doing all episode, oh brand, just like being a bird or sit sitting around being a bird. What why? What what doing no one knows they're flying in the clouds on the dragons can't tell what's happening at all. No one can tell what's happening so there there's holes also battle strategy. I'm take entire massive force that we brought across from the across the the wide see, and we will bring them across the narrow sea will bring the entire dothraki horde, and then we will eliminate all of them in the first five seconds in an ill. Fated Picketts charge against a superior force in darkness makes perfect sense also will not deploy the dragons at that time to kill all of the members of the night king's army.
We'll just wait until the entire dothraki horde gets extinguished and then we'll do it. Also, we station the Trebu chaise in front of the of the ravine and will station on the true in front of the ravine. So we won't actually use the physical barrier that we have created to protect our soldiers. Stop the forces of the night king from approaching so that we can, you know, kill them on the other side of that barrier will instead stand in front of the barrier so that they can kill us and then we'll retreat haphazardly back into Winterfell. Also in the crib has no, and I in the crypt has that thing. Ok, so here's my take hopefully next week will finally get to Searcy. Again I think that's my biggest problem with services characters. I don't think that she is clever, so I think that the buildup of sir say an
Euron Greyjoy, who basically is pirate, who works at Zara uh, not my characterization get Steven Miller, not the Trump's, even Miller, like Stephenville, red tees online character. That's pretty much right. How is that alliance as interesting as the alliance against them? I guess that the entire force has been decimated, but Danny souls dragon in any case, we'll see where it goes from. Here I was is more interested in the politics in the night king. They had to get rid of the night king, but with that said, there are some moments in the show that I really liked, but why it had to be filmed so that no one could see what was going on the pretentious creative choice. I'd heard that they said. Well, you know it's not realistic views lighting. There are dragons, guys, pretty sure realism is not top of the line concern. I would like to see some things like: that's, ok, how 'bout like if you're going to send whatever some tens of millions of dollars on an episode. How we see the result like that would be good, ok, well
go back to little bit later today, two more hours of the Ben Shapiro Show or will show you here tomorrow, review all the news get into it. I'm Ben Shapiro, is the denture perish out, and this is the Ben Shapiro show executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam silence. Audio was mixed by my car Meena Hair and make up is by just Olvera Production assistant Nick. She in the Ben Shapiro shows a daily where production copyright daily wire. Two thousand and nineteen hey. Everyone is Andrew, Klavan hosted the Andrew Klavan, show game of thrones, the Avengers in game, alot of stories are going around in. One of those stories is the Donald Trump is a racist await, is at a store, or is it a lie, will take a look on the Andrew Klavan show? I'm Andrew Klavan
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