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Ep. 791 - Goodbye To All That

2019-05-30 | 🔗

Robert Mueller drops the mic, Democrats pick it up, and did President Trump hide the USS John McCain? Date: 5-30-2019

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Robber, Mahler drops the MIKE Democrats pick it up and did president from hide the? U S. John Mccain took an entire ship and then Shapiro. This is the venture parachute A lot going on in the news most have a chaotic and confusing, but don't worry we'll errand it all out for you. When you leave today, you will be just grazed with clarity that never before had descended upon you so prepare for sulphur Eskimo Amazing, but first hiring used to be difficult, multiple jobs. I sacks. Residues, confusing review process. Today, hiring can be easy, only have to go to one place to get it done. Zip recruits outcome, slash daily wire, zip precariousness, your job to over one hundred of the world's leading job words, but they don't stop there. What their powerful matching technologies hypocrite skins. Thousands of resonates to find people with the right experience and then invites them to apply to your job as applicant
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you're on the fire of impeachment talk without actually adding any new information to the mix. There is no real reason for his statement. The only thing I think it revealed is that the purpose of his investigation was always confused and confusing, so I want to go through what Mahler actually said, because there are a few key messages in his valedictory speech, so he began his statement by recognising that his original break. Was to investigate Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. Here's what mother had to say this was his original break for member. This is why he was hired
It wasn't really about obstruction. He was hired specifically with regard to the Trump Russia Collusion stuff, the first half of this report, or he basically found nothing of importance. Two years ago, the acting attorney general asked me to serve as a special council and created a special council office, the appointment order directed the office to investigate russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. This included investigating any links or coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign, as alleged by the grand jury in an indictment rush intelligence officers who are part of the russian military, launched a concerted attack on our political system. Yet as it is so there's, this was his original breakthroughs. Regional brief was the Russia stuff and then and quickly morphed ends the obstructions.
That is the stuff we are talking about today. Why? Because the russian stuff turned out to be basically nothing- and this is what's got from fulminating this morning. After two years of hearing the he was a russian tool now the cases that Donald Trump was involved in obstruction of the fact that he was in fact, a russian tool and he's very upset about all of this- and I think rightly so, so President Trump tweeted out this morning about this Russia, Russia, Russia, that's all you heard at the beginning of this witch hunt, Hoax Marcia, Marcia, Marshal and now Russia has disappeared, because I had nothing to do with Russia, helping me to get elected. It was a crime that didn't exist so now the gems in their part, the fake news media, say he fought back against this phony crime that didn't exist. This horrendous false accusation and you shouldn't thy back. He should sit back and take it. Could this be obstruction? No Well, I didn't find obstruction either presidential harassment exclamation point. I don't think, there's a lot in this tweet. That is deeply wrong. That Frazier Ology that people are using against Trump here is actually from that. First, we in that first, we translate
I had nothing to do with Russia. Helping me to get elected and people are jumping on the floor. The olive tree, Russia, helping me to get elected, because this is trumps first admission that Russia was trying to get him elected, something that he has denied for a very long time. That's also from just being awkward on twitter, because that's what Trump does for a living from clarified this in a statement to the press afterward, he said Russia
didn't help me get elected. Russia was just friend, interfere with the election to trying to walk back what he said in his tweet. All of this is is not useful to the president. At the very least know Russia did not help me get elected, you got me elected. You got me elected. I got me elected rush. You didn't help me at all Russia. If anything, I think help the others. What you would think the media help Hillary Clinton get elected. She didn't make it. Could you take a look at collusion between Hillary Clinton in the media? You take a look at pollution between Hillary Clinton in Russia. She had more to do with the care bring with Russia than I did. I had nothing Do, I hope I helped to get me elected is pretty, is pretty astonishing stuff, that's pretty good stuff it. Meanwhile. These second message that mother put for really- and this is where I think from- does it- have a right to be somewhat outraged by the extent of the investing
asian, is that really never should have included obstruction and mother was giving these mixed messages yesterday in his farewell message here, these mixed messages about why he was investigating obstruction in the first place. So he moved on to this explanation. Unlike the election interference investigation, which started as a counter intelligence investigation inside the FBI Obstruction investigation began as a criminal investigation was not investigation of Russia. It was in instigation of Trump and his associates for criminal activity, but mother said yesterday. He did not actually, have the authority to conclude that investigation mother said regarding russian Interference is critical, Tina full and accurate information from every person they question, but he also explained that the president can be charged with a federal crime, so we can be charged with a federal crime. Then what exactly? Where you investigating, like you, don't have?
that the police cannot investigate me for a crime. It doesn't exist in that I can't be charged for that is not their purview. And yet here is mother, saying I knew from the very start I could not in like the sitting president. So then what the hell Is he doing Standing department policy? A present president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional, even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view. That too is prohibited. Especial councils office is part of the Department of Justice and by regulation. It was bound by that department policy charging the present with it Crime was therefore not an option. We could consider that so then, what are we doing Red ever nobody's looking around they going so well. Was this all about. If you could not consider a prosecution at any point,
and you are unwilling to recommend impeachment straight out or say that the president committed a crime spread out. He was unwilling to say the president committed a crime in the absence of the deal J statute. Anyone do that wages just said not going to come to a conclusion on that, because I can't indict and because I can't indict not going to formally accuse the President read this. The second thing. That is these sort of second aspect of this. He says the deal I cannot even utilise the criminal justice system to formally accuse the president. If you can't be indicted, is to DE here is eight years Mahler explaining that won. The opinion shows what the constitution requires a prosperous other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse. Sitting, president of wrongdoing, I'll get so then what were you doing? What was this all about? And this is what drives. The actual reason for thinking mother was was looking for. Impeachment
He has no other rationale for doing this. He himself says I can't item. I can't even accuse him such that an indictment would be appropriate. Sir. If I can't you either of those things, and why am I doing this, so he says well made he was doing it, because we need to make sure that the memories are fresh memories of what evidence of what they hear is yours excuse for the investigation. The opinion explicit explicitly permits the investigation of a sitting president, because it is important to preserve evidence, while memories are fresh and documents available. That evidence could be used if there were a co conspirators who could be charged, but there were no hope, conspirators charge now and obstruction. There are no crimes alleged by Mahler. So then what the hell was all of this about the answer is: what this really was about is impeachment by that? That's really what this is about he said, that there was a process, but the process was basically constitutional in nature. In other words, I did this as a prayer.
Get to impeachment. I think the only way to read mothers Press conference, which means that he was acting as a tool for the legislative branch inside the executive branch, which is unconstitutional, he's a member of the Legislating he's a member of the executive branch, the executive branches unitary. Does not work for Congress. He works for the president, people who work for the president, typically, are not charged with investigating the president is why for a long time, there's something called the Independent Council act which made a member of the executive branch subjected to the legislature Scully famously road that he thought that this was an unconstitutional at the edge having an independent council who doesn't really work for them. Residents and also doesn't really work for the Congress at creating a weird fourth branch of government. That doesnt really exist.
Don't mean. The only take away from this is basically the mother wanted trumped to go down, but he wouldn't call for prosecution here, a smaller explaining that effectively there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy. If we had had come confidence that the present and clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime. We concluded that we would would not reach a determined in one way or the other about whether the present committed a crime and will be what in the world I mean this is it's an amazing state Why, when he's saying here is we were all in charge of crime? We couldn't tragic crime, because indicted but will not grow exonerate the president. That was one after he said this quote. It would be unfair to potentially accuse somebody of a crime when their care We know court resolution of the actual charge. Then he proceeded to say well I can't exonerate him c pull the James coming. He pulled the gems call me
remember the James call. The former FBI director basically went out there and said here religion is guilty assembled, I'm changing the law in order to let her off the hook and a lot of Wall that seems wildly inappropriate? Why exactly is he doing that allowed people covered James coming, we fired based on that. I was one of them now: yeah robber, mother, basically doing the same thing. Your mother doing the exact same thing ass, a mother, I think, actually dragged himself through the mud here. They dragged himself through money. Now, there's one thing Then he said that I think cut in favour of the attorney General Bill BAR whose also become a target of Democrats or gets an injustice But first did you know that millennials have three times as much student that as their parents as our right, but you can get your student loans right I refinancing Alonzo Self idle tons of folks with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans at and really holding them back well. This is where Sophie comes in so far,
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was not trying to hide anything here. Six, his explanation of this conducted an independent criminal investigation and reported the results to the attorney general, as required by department regulations. The attorney general then concluded that it was appropriate to provide our report to Congress and to the american people at one point in time I requested that certain portions of the report be released. The attorney general prepare a preferred, makes and prefer to make the entire report public all at once, and we appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public, and I certainly do not question the attorney general's good faith in that decision. So there he is under cutting the democratic line that Bill bar has been lines them consistent The attorney general, the United States, and why consistently now the media are not letting go. The idea the bill bar lied, so they ve been play.
Hang on a loop, you sort of contradictions between Robert Mahler statement and William BAR statements before Congress. There are a couple of contrast between the statements that we have to analyze to see who's lying or whose telling truth or, if there's, really any conflict. To begin with, I would point out that these supposed conflict were cleared up quasi in a way by Gary the spokeswoman for the department, Justice and Peter Car, the spokesman for the special councils office. There released a joint statement right after Mahler stated. They said quote. The attorney general has previously stated that the special council repeatedly affirmed that he was. Saying that, but for the wealthy opinion he would have found the president obstructed justice. The special council's report and his statement today made clear that the office concur. It would not reach her determination, one way or the other about whether the President committed a crime. There is no conflict between these statements. I pointed this out yesterday in our analysis, that when my or said that the deal their regulations prohibited from reaching him prohibited him from reaching a conclusion that do not actually contradict these statements
made by bar. That mother said that, even in the absence of the o Elsie ruling, he might not have prosecuted the president. There is no conflict between those two points about. Let's play some of these click back to back bar versus Mahler on, for example, the evidence of collusion, because there does seem to be shading that that is going on here here is William BAR talking about the evidence of collusion verses. What what Robert Mother had to say about evidence of collusion? The special council's report did not find any evidence that members of the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with the campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in these hacking operations. In other words, there was no evidence of the trunk campaign collusion With the russian government's hacking, the first volume other report details numerous efforts emanating from Russia to influence the election. This. Volume includes a discussion of the trunk campaigns response to this activity as well,
is our conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy, and those two things are not actually in conflict, so you have me, we are saying that there is insufficient evidence of conspiracy. That is a softer thing than no evidence of collusion. A conspiracy. Inclusion are two different things conspiracies in actual criminal charge collusion is a general political accusation. So when, when bar says, there's evidence of collusion, that's correct and when mothers as theirs, sufficient evidence of conspiracy. That is also correct because conspiracies criminal charge collusion is not illegal term. So the report a conflict between bar and Miller. On this point, I don't find particularly convincing in a second we'll get to the other supposed The conflict between bar and Marcel there's, another conflict suppose thirdly, between William BAR the attorney general's testimony and what, what Robert mother said in his statement yesterday and this
on surrounded obstruction of justice and here's the bar had to savers and what Mamma had to say after carefully reviewing the facts and legal theories outlined in the report and in consultation with the Office of legal counsel and other department lawyers, the deputy tourney gentlemen. I concluded that the evidence developed by the special council is not sufficient to establish that the present and committed an obstruction of justice offence. If we had had called confidence that the present and clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the present didn't commit a crime. Those two things again are not in conflict when William BAR says right there that the obstruction of justice evidence is insufficient for prosecution. That is this thing effectively. As robber Mahler saying we can't exam, read him, but also we didn't recommend prosecution again.
Bar was using a legal standard and mother is going further than that. I think that president, from frankly, has Isn t be angry, a robber more. I am a little more of set a robber Mahler today than I have been for a couple of years. I've been very much our mothers corner. I believe that this guy, who is trying to do his job, but I think it appeared from his statements yesterday, that he surpassed his original breathe, and that his original brief was not supposed to encompass a lot of stuff that he ended up doing if com where's wants to investigate this stuff, that is their purview. They have every right to do that, but to effectively become a tool for impeachment was beyond his mandate goes beyond the scope of his mandate. Now, what is happened effectively. Speaking is that all of this has now been tossed into the lap of Congress, which is where it should have begun in the first place of Democrats want to impeach They have every ability to do that. The media were blowing this up, suggesting that Robert Mahler had now made the case for impeachment the Editorial board over at the Washington Post. He's got a special council, Robert Mahler broke his long silence. Wednesday, telling a news conference that is to Europe
Shhh investigation is closed and that he did not have anything to say publicly beyond what was written in the report, but the key passages. He chose to highlight, underlined the dishonesty of President Trump, an attorney General WWW bar in seeking to Dodge and Miss characterizes conclusions. The central allegations of the investigators Miller said was that there were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere. In our elections, yet to date it has not been fully acknowledged by Mr Trump. Ok, that's fair enough from his constantly said that he doesn't think that it was important that Russia basically interfered in the election. That's a fair criticism, That's not really criticism a bar, then the Washington Post, as Mr Brok claim, there is not a case to be made against MR from from structure of Justice Basin Miller's finding so a significant the mellow restated what his report actually says. If we had confidence, the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so again. Those two things are not in conflict with the Washington Post, creating a falsehood. When our says there was not a case to be made that it was not sufficiently prosecutable. That is not in conflict with Mahler, saying that,
can't exonerate weekends exonerate, and we can prosecute are two very different terms we can't exonerate, O J Simpson wheels can prosecutor majority been acquitted. There are a lot of reasons why you can prosecute someone who also cannot be exonerated. This happens legitimately. All the time in the American, criminal justice system. Mr, Or could have avoided much confusion and short circuited the administrations attempts to manipulate public opinions has Washington Post if he had made his statement weeks ago, in conjunction with the release of a lightly rejected version of his reports at the Washington Post, continues to try to claim that there is cover up and went on, even though Mahler explicitly said, there was no cover up that went on. In the middle of this press conference that the left is is basically hoping tat, hang their hat on Mothers press conference. What's amazing is that they continue to
Oh I'm from mother. To do the work they won't do here is a problem for the democratic and left. Now the ball is in their court and they don't actually want the ball in their court. They want mullet. You come back here at the end of shame yeah Brandon Brennan Wilder out there on the plains, shouting out for fame to cotton back as a there's, a robber Robert calling across, but in mothers ride riding away into that painted distance. That's all that's going on here when Robert in Euro and it so funny Robert in Europe, why he has pinion column in the New York Times beyond me, Robertson. Oil is most famous for reading lines. Other people right for him, but he played or on as and this apparently means he has expertise on obstruction. The power of celebrity pretty incredible. Robert in Euro has a piece in the New York Times called Robert Mullah. We need to hear more as an open letter. Robert Mahler, from Robert Deniro in the New York Times.
Yes, everything is insanely stupid does. Dear Mr Miller, it probably hasn't escaped your attention. Play a version of you on Saturday. Night live yes, because that was deeply important robber. Milan sure he sits up every night. Thinking about you as raw her mother, my characters intimidating because he is so honest and upright. I do it for chronic affects that's the intention anyway, but there is also a lot of truth To put it another way, it's good natured! Fine, but not entirely good natured, there's a level of satire directed at the current administration to be fair, not everyone appreciates the humor the president, has treated. There's nothing funny about tired Saturday night, live that its very unfair and should be looked into the. What or with whom the show would be colluding is unclear. But then I don't have to tell you about problems The terms collusion collusion. You barely mentioned the word new report and then only explain why you're not using it that could be a punch, on Saturday night. Why? How does this crap get through the editorial process at the New York Times? Truly, this is incoherent gibberish on the pit, I'm so glad
Robert. It is like Martin Sheen sounding off on presidential executive orders, because you ones played a president on television. It's a joke in and of itself. Robert in euros has, as I prepared for my role on the show. I got to know you a lot better. I read about your lifetime devotion to public service and your respect for the rule of law. I watched how you presided over the special councils office, apparently without leaks, and you never wavered, even in the feed. Regular vicious attacks from the president and his surrogates. While I- and so many Americans have admired your quite confident, dignified response in ignoring that assault, it allowed the illustration to use its own voice to control the narrative theirs speculation about the present being tone deaf to facts, but there's not much disagreement about the tone, whether you take delight in it as his loyal support as you or your the unfortunate target of his angry rhetoric, the hostile way he expresses himself registers with anyone say what you will about the president and I have when it comes to that. Why exaggerating bullying? No one can touch him in here. Mr Miller is where you come in here. You need to come in,
in your news conference, you said that your investigations work speaks for itself. It doesn't, it may speak for forest. To lawyers and lawmakers who have the patience and obligation to read through the more than four hundred pages of carefully chosen words and nuanced conclusions. You ve characterize. The report is your testimony, but he would except that reason from anyone. Your office interviewed edition information and illumination emerged from responses to questions. I know you're uncomfortable in the spotlight. As the presidency out of it. I know you don't want to become part of the political spectacle they know. You will, however, reluctantly testify before Congress have called because you respect the system and followed the rules. So much heroism. You are the voice of the Mulder report. Let the country here that voice,
with great respect, Robertson, Euro come back, come back shade. Why won't you just tell why why? Why won't you just please combat rub it in this. It's just amazing, just amazing stuff! Well, Mahler isn't coming back and his report does what it says, and that means that its basically up to the Democratic out what they want and paid for it and get to that in just one second. First, for decades, credit cards have been telling, buy it now and pay it later with interest. Despite your best intentions, that interest can get out of control fast with London Club, you can consolidate you're debt or pay off credit cards. One fixed monthly payment, since two thousand and seven lending club has millions of people really in control of their finances with affordable, fixed rate, personal loans, no trips to a bank, no high interest credit card just go to lending club DEC on don't let yourself how much you want to borrow pick the terms that are right for you and if your world. One is automatically deposited into your bank account in as little as a few days lending Is the number one peer to peer lending platform with over thirty,
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for months now too said what we just want to hear from this. We just want to hear from you set it. We need a republican senator where we want to hear another witness we want to hear from Papadopoulos. It was when I hear from Carter. Pay They want to hear from more than I can hear from you. This is it The train, whistle blowing and pollution to make a decision and it can't be eating game like I'm being audited like Trump place. It can't be a game of kick candy underwrote it's now or no or never, and I think that the tough question for us always been. Are you willing to say no to a piecemeal think it's going up in there? What she's going to do? I made it leaving a station. I love trains, they go to show and tugged at each other. If you're, not on that train you're in front of the train Nancy closely You got a gun drain Nancy plus I get undrained Nancy, I don't get on out there we go back, blow my drains. Ah good mechanism is a mistake. The the but he's he's not wrong. I'm knocking him because he's course Matthews, but he is not in fact incorrect. What mother did here,
basically said ok Congress. This one's on you enjoy yourself. An anti policy has not a lot of haste for this economic logic, most congressional Democrats, her one message in Robert Mowers, public statement on Wednesday. It's up to you to punish President's Donald Trump. But how speaker Nancy, closely signalled unwillingness on Wednesday to take a leap that many on the political left have already made impeachment investing sitting and potentially impeaching Trump dominated Capital Hilton on Wednesday, but behind closed doors. Were influential democrats urge starting an inquiry and out loud monks recipes. Demanding action, blowsy didn utter the word Wednesday. Any tourist five paragraphs statement issued two hours after mother left it to Congress to investigate from further the Congress, hold sacred its constitutional responsibility to investigate and hold the president's accountable for his abuse of power. The Congress will continue to investigate and legislate to protect our elections and secure our democracy. The american people must have the Bob Bob about now. The reality is that the House Judiciary Committee has not been calling the proper witnesses they ve map in supporting the peace
upper witnesses. There not been asking the proper questions. In fact, it is not even clear that there are going to subpoena robber Mahler in all of this, the rumours floating, capital held yesterday that even Democrats dont want Mahler to testify for a couple of reasons. One mother make it up there and say yeah. I didn't reach her determination on obstruction. That's up to you guys sit here and do your work for you and I was not allowed, by the by the rules of the deal, and I didn't reach a conclusion so any democratic, or want to hear that message. There is also the possibility that I was hearing the Democrats are concerned. The mother will look back in front of Republicans will say okay, so why did you even do this stuff in the first place, if the d o J prohibited you from the very beginning either recommending an indictment or indicting yourself. Here's during Adler yesterday basically knowledge is that he is not interested in calling robber which is an amazing switch for the Democrats. Remember Robert Miller was the most important person to hear from for the Democrats for two years for two years, thereby vote of Kent
for two years there are suggesting the robber Miller is linked to save them from from and even for the past two months since William BAR released his four page letter, the democratic claiming that we need to hear directly from dollar spoke yesterday for Grand Total about nine minutes and forty seconds and that's all they're gonna get endemic apparently are satisfied with that which suggest, maybe they know their Can you get much more out of Mahler that is going to benefit them here? Is nobbler ahead of it swedish arithmetic actively saying I'm not interested in calling Mahler at this point. To testify that Mr Mahler told us a lot of what we need to hear today is very important to be clear and what he told us. I want the especial press you told the american people he reaffirmed rose in the investigation which, which is in the report about investigation, which found substantial evidence that Russia attacker political system, that the term campaign benefited from Russia's interference that
up in those around them repeatedly welcomed Russia's support and that throughout the investigation transfer to obstruct justice and undermine Mahler and the investigation over and over again and again here, I'm not gonna call Mahler. We gotta. We need Amateur Germany too, but here's the reality, the democratic, not gonna, do anything here. They're not going to anything here, they're going to they're, going to smear trumped again suggested from engaging obstruct of justice. The twenty twenty Democrats are going to suggest a trump is impossible without actually have to all those commonly, whereas Harris yesterday's had absolutely. We ve got to impeach and she's index of the general democratic mindset at this point. What was the message that Mr Mueller was sending to? You was sitting member of Congress and you have a reaction to the president's tweet saying that the case is closed and nothing has changed.
Well, the dead on China to respond to those tweets, but I will say that I think what is clear is that its things, a fair inference from what we heard and that press conference that Bob Mahler was essentially referring impeachment to the United States Congress so she actually went further than on Amazon. Beseech actually said, the president from should be prosecuted locked up. So we have shifted from locker up to walk him up and come Why Harris has a long history of attempting to lock people many times Lastly, here is commonly are saying that the president should go to jail. I am also clear from reading what he wrote in that room for that. The only reason they did not return it indictment against this president on obstruction of justice is because of an opinion from the Department of Justice that suggest that you cannot indicted sitting President
but there is no question that the evidence supports a prosecution of that case. So taking it to the point of your next question, absolutely ok! So this is easy for the twenty twenty candidates to say it's not so easy for Nancy Blowsy. They are going to slow play, despite Chris Matthew, saying that it's time for Democrats to pooper get off the pot they're not going to do that now, Nobody is going to slow play. This Nancy policies not interested moving forward. Impeachment she's got to many moderate members of Rome caucus who exist in suburban areas where the vote is closely split and she's deeply afraid those people lose their seats as my gladly reports represent of Lucy Macbeth. George Democratic won her seat last year with fifty point five percent in the district Trump narrowly one in twenty. Sixteen refuses to mention impeachment. She says we need the formal report its underlying evidence. We need this administration to stop stonewalling Congress. Bob Bob Bob LA
democratic. Moderate areas are not gonna talk, impeachment Pelosi knows it. There is not the support in the democratic caucus for impeachment right now. So all this has become is just more political fodder, which means in and it doesn't mean anything american people are tired of this. The american people are not interested in impeachment. American people are born with this story. How can people already came away with the proper conclusion from was not exonerate and on obstruction because not prosecutable on it, and also this stuff is not a mutual? That is the exact right conclusion. Democrats are not on board with it because it doesn't fit their story. But it is the reality and Nancy Pelosi knows that full well in the second we'll get to some other democratic strategies for twenty twenty that are, I think, kind of scary, for some of America's miracles. Freedoms then just second first getting fit staying healthy, it always ends easier said than done right or open fit is bringing you something new that makes it even easier, never to Missus sweat session, lose the community Jim. What the work outcomes you! Ok!
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an hour Sunday special this week is really, I think, an amazing Sunday special. I interviewed several people, several former. Members of the military who served at Normandy because, of course, June Sixty Day is coming up. I, it's something really moving and worthwhile you're gonna want to show to your kids, your friends, there's a little bit of that month. After month birthday, I was called up. I was eighteen years of age hundred twelve path. I fully Thirty, six combat emissions over Germany, I was a medic. We would just listen innovation and having to be they learned. Mainly it was chaos. I was so frightened. I was blocked up and men. My mind was flashing through there. The Sun Father. There won't be going home there, you're sitting here today, because what we did was exactly true go check it out to seventy fifth anniversary of DNA Special Edition
for the sun is altogether on Saturday, when you're a subscriber, there's also acts for materials behind the pay walls. Study extra questions that I asked these amazing human beings go check. Out guidelines really really worthwhile. Also get the annual subscription for nice. Talk to your along with that comes this time very great and all beverage vessels leftist tears, hot or cold tumbler is indeed a magical. Please subscribe also over a Youtuber Itune. Give us a review that always helps tell your friends about it. We appreciate largest fastest growing consumer Pakistan. Radio show in the nation is up there. There's some other tactics are Democrats are trying for twenty twenty. I dont think impeachment. It's gonna be sufficient for them for twenty two eggs, I dont think there actually going to pursue. It leads in the other two.
They're trying for twenty. Twenty is the sort of nefarious tactic where they signal to social media companies that social media companies ought to shut down material. They don't like this is really dangerous stuff setting after twenty sixteen Democrats refuse to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton a garbage candidate who lost because she was a garbage candidate. Instead, it must have been russian election interference. Instead, it must have a facebook and fake news and all these other excuses, what one of them they are focused like a laser on. Is that come twenty twenty? They do not want alternative methods of distribution to the mainstream media, and so there focusing on social media companies. There are threatening them with legislation, there are threatening them with regulation, and so you The speaker of the house, Nancy Blowsy, now suggesting that, because There was a video of her on Facebook. Just a first oh down a little bit so sounded like she was drunk a little bit like this humorous video. This shows that the Facebook meters wittingly helped the rush. And wittingly helpless, eminences in various accusation, there is no way in Hell that the Facebook leadership, the mark Zuckerberg, was Yeah. I'm helping the Russians throw this election to trouble. I'm sure
I was going to mark Zuckerberg said, nor is it the job of Mark Zuckerberg to censor stuff on his platform. That is not illegal. That is not Soccer Brooks job. I've been saying for a very long time that to treat this social media companies as though they are the ultimate arbours of good and evil of truth and falsity is simply nonsense. If you want to say that Facebook should remove things that violate the law, violent incitement, slanderous materials, copyright violate,
fine, but if you want to say that Facebook is supposed remove everything Nancy blows you doesn't like, or they are wittingly help the Russians or in her case she says, wittingly help the Russians. This is in a pretty close to over threat against Facebook designed to get Facebook to change its policies and advancing towards one election. That's what's going on here when a something like Facebook says. I know this is false, but work it's a lie, but was showing it anyway worth to meet. It says two things one that they problem. I was giving them the benefit of down on Russia, but clearly they I thought it was unwitting, but clearly they willingly were accomplices and enablers of false. Information to go across Facebook, just just ridiculous. So Facebook was apparently according to Nancy Pelosi wittingly, helping
from when the election, with the help, and so did not. Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg who colluded with the Russians according to Nancy policy. This is her threatening facebook in a sack gesture. Hillary Clinton, who can never accept the fact Did she was election because she's, the worst candidate ever gets the actual nor of the election. Everybody has created this weird myths about the last ten years in american politics, where Barack Obama was not the let outlier lot. Obama was the new normal and that, because Bravo almost the new normal trumps. Victory was some unbelievably shocking thing where he built a brand new coalition, no, the ash we'll story is this: Hillary Clinton is the, normal Democrat Brok, Obama is the abnormal democrat. Donald Trump got basically the same percentages as nor, more Republicans do, even though he is an abnormal republican. So when he beat Hillary Clinton, that was mostly about Hilary, sucking at her job about her not being able to hold the newgate. The Brok Obama had made, and yet
Hillary Clinton, it's all facebooks thought so here is she's making the same point. All of this is designed to softly push not so softly. Push mark Zuckerberg, inject Dorsey over it, twitter and people over Google to basically bias their tech in favour of Democrats. Come twenty twenty! That's what this is about right here, it's dangerous stuff with Facebook refuse to take down a fake video of Nancy Pelosi. It wasn't even a close call. The video is sexist trash and you to check it down, but Facebook kept it up. So let us send a message to Facebook that those who are in facebooks communities. What really like Facebook to pay attention to false and doktor videos before we are flooded with them over the next months, this ideology cram down on Facebook. Her vision of what is true and what is false, Xenia dangerous, very, very quickly, is not restricted to the United States
By the way the left is on the move across the world in terms of trying to crack down on social media because they don't like the idea of free platforms. My view on this and I've been targeted by a lot of people on social media for things, twill, including death, is, I am very well aware of social media being misused, but trying to crack down on social media as a platform and instead turn it. Into some sort of left wing publishing site. That's what a lot of votes on the left. One it's great an enormous amount of flow back in Germany, where Angela Merkel, heir apparent is facing criticism rooms, Anagram Crump, Karen Bower. She replacement Go as the leader of the ruling city you last year that Merkel Pat Party, she denied, she's, promoting censorship, effort comments, which were prompted by a Youtube video by a popular twenty six year. Old boy Auburn and Braes. In the video seen by millions ahead of the EU. Parliament vote razor called on voters, rejected two parties for betraying young by not addressing the climate crisis. Cramped Karen Bower, so called I asked.
Myself one b, the response in this country? It's a seventy newspapers, issued a joint appeal two days before the elections in don't see you or s, p d, be the sort of central right or central F parties. She says that would have been a clear propagandizing before the election. I believe it would have unleashed a lively debate, so the question remains: what are the rules from the analogue era? and how do they apply in the digital era? It sounds like she was ready. Wait the social media communist regulate Youtube's. They can't electioneer before a campaign. The political class, the political elite. Do not like the fact that they cannot control podcast like this one. They do not like the fact that they cannot control distribution of information on Facebook and Youtube and Twitter. They don't like that, and so they are attempting to push pressure crammed down their vision of society. On the already left leaning leaders of these various tech companies or willingly here at number one, because many of them are on less and number two, because they wish to escape the
Governmental censure is going to be promoted by people like Speaker policy and Hillary Clinton. That's him! be dangerous stuff when we say that freedoms are at issue. This is a fundamental right that is at issue right now and meanwhile, president from not doing himself any grand favours with this story. So this one is not really. President trumps fault, apparently there's a story originally from the Wall Street Journal all about how the? U S, S, John, pain supposedly was hidden from Donald Trump and the Wall Street Journal Report yesterday that the White House wanted the? U S. John Mccain out of sight during president from a visit to Japan there U S. Military officials work to ensure that president from wooden see the worship, the bears the name of white late, Senator a frequent target of the president's ire, the stories by Rebecca Ball Housing, Gordon Loophole in the White House, did the Us Navy to move out of sight. The worship, USS John Mccain ahead of president from a visit to Japan. The ship was named
for the Father and grandfather, the late Senator WAR hero, who became a frequent target of Mr Trumps Ire and the senators name was added to the ship in two thousand eighteen May. Fifteen theme To use an avian airforce officials. Are U S. Indo Pacific and official outline plans for the president's arrival. In addition to instructions for proper landing areas for helicopters and preparations for the? U S as was where the president was scheduled to speak. The official a third director. U S s job Mccain needs to be out of sight. Please can firm number: three, that was, that directive will be satisfied: the official road, when a Navy commander Express surprise about the directive. For the: U S, S, John Mccain! U S, Interpol! If a command official applied! First, I heard of it is well, he said: work with the White House Military Office to obtain more information, acting defence secretary at China had according to the Wall, Street Journal was aware of the concern about the presence of the: U S: S John Mccain in Japan, and approve measures to ensure it didn't interfere with the president's visit. According to a? U S, official from his fired back on this report is a court. I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy ship. U S s,
John Mccain during my recent visit to Japan. Nevertheless, the first lady love being without great military men and women. What a spectacular job they do Now the the Washington Post is reporting that president from has spoken out more about that. What I don't know what happened? I was not involved, I've done that you said I was not a big deal. John Mccain in any shape or form. Now somebody did it because thought it in like him, ok and they were well meaning, was here. Last line is not really great. In their well meaning when, when your own staff is trying to protect you from a ship that has a dead man's name on it and you didn't like the dead guy. That doesn't speak well of your thin skinned this when it comes to John Mccain, but the fact that from didn't know about it obviously means that you can put it on Trump. You put it on his staff and his staff. Obviously you have just said whatever it's a ship from can't get over. It then its then on Trump, but from the surfers position. I understand you're trying to shield the president you're trying to prevent a blow up in
public from the President of the United States. The fact that from has these personality foibles is not a good thing for sure what senior Whitehouse official confirmed on Wednesday. The person who issued the directive did not want the worship with them, a name scene and photographs during crumbs visit. The official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations said the president was not involved in the planning, but the request was made to keep from from becoming upset so there are a lot of folks in the White House, apparently or attempting to prevent President Trump from basically feeling quasi angst at the fact that there is a ship named after John Mccain. That is reported by the Navy chief of information that the name of the US
John Mccain was not obscure during the president's visit Yoko Suva on Memorial day. The navy is proud of that ship, its crew, its namesake and its heritage from himself, obviously tweeted that that he had nothing to do with this Katy. Two reports from NBC spokesperson for the specific fleet said the picture of a top there's a picture from Friday of a tarp over the Mccain name, a spokesperson for the: U S, passive, fleets. Have the picture of the topics from Friday was taken down on Saturday, all ships remained normal configuration during the president's visitor said, Commander Nate Kristensen, so the media did in fact push this too far. The media suggested that Trump himself was responsible for this. The media suggested at the ship was in fact hidden when Currently, it was not a couple of things to me for once one the media can get overzealous on these stories to people around. The president need to not protect him from things that are stupid. It from can't handle it from can handle it. It's a dumb story, it's a silly story and honestly, President Trump, you just let Mccain go
We will have their opinions about Mccain. I didn't like Mccain as a senator, particularly much then he was wonderful senator, but he was military hero, use an army, military hero that deserves. Didn't need. You need to go what may, while in other news this everybody agrees on this. So again, these sorts sensitivity, issues for the President need you need to go. What, meanwhile, in Is this a bizarre store out of Israel? So your member? There is just in israeli election with five minutes ago was a while that Netanyahu one again well now, there's Another election I will say here that it is worth while noting that Europe has now had to elections inside of a year will have two elections inside of your that's as many elections as the Palestinians have had ever ever. Because Israel is a democracy and a while. The chaotic functioning parliamentary democracy at that none, the it's a very weird circumstance, the first time in israeli history that an elected governmental leader has been unable to form a coalition. According to the Washington Post,
in a stunning turn. Israel will head to elections for a second time in less than six months after president, the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, failed to form a government before midnight ones, day deadline, rather than give someone else the chance to do so. His party advanced to build to dissolve parliament and trigger new elect. In September, Netanyahu was unable to bring things or Liebermann his former defence minister into a coalition. That would give the premises a majority of parliament's. That's can s the two veteran politics We're loggerheads over legislation sought by Liebermann to draft Ultra Orthodox Jews into the instability During a measure bitterly resisted by Netanyahu is powerful political allies in the religious parties is a lot of controversy over. Or orthodox service in the military, because the military is pre secular place. There are what they call Hester units, which are units that are specifically of the orthodox and tend to be more in line with orthodox rules. The expansion of those Hester units would obviously be the proper solution here. The mover new elections leads Israel and political disarray as it now embarked on an expensive national,
vote. There is no guarantee of shifting the balance of power among the party segment do this again for no apparent reason, it's very awkward stuff, but again proof that a functioning democracy, is still in Israel. Apparently there's vote of. Seventy four to forty five to dissolve the body just month after being sworn in, your Hoffman, cheap political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post impose. This is devastating to the average Israeli. Was really tired of such selfish politics. There's no it Explain the situation to the average Israelis are seeing their politicians aren't working for their interests would not Be a surprise me too risky move by Netanyahu would not be surprised to see the blue and White Party gain seeds, because people are angry at Netanyahu and angry at Liebermann, so pretty fascinating stuff happening over in Israel already time for some things that I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like Shannon Brain. Just a wonderful person has a really free on and inspiring about confining the bright side, and it really is just a memoir
I'm her talking about all of the issues that she has faced in her career in her life, and it's it's a pretty great conservative little book it's. It's is really a lot of under each talks about her conservative religious upbringing. Stress my going to liberty. University should talk, and how she got into the tv business. Shannon is the light of a human, and this book is, is a lot of fun and easy read to go check it out. Finding the bright side, the art of chasing. What matters is a kick: on the other things that I, like so much. Mcconnell then a majority here is getting a lot of lack of the last couple of days because you specifically asked about whether, if Ruth Better Ginsburg were too were too leave the cord, for example, and Trump denominator replacement, whether they fill that vacancy in the last year of his presidency. Another reason that that has become an issue as because Mcconnell sad that the Senate was not gonna vote in the last year of President Obama's presidency on merit darlin now. It is also important to note that Mr Connell said at the time. The reason for that is because we have a split in the parties. It is not the job of Republican Senate to approve a democratic nominee. Now I've always said I didn't undressed.
And why that logic obtained only for the last year of a presidency. Why did Mitch Mcconnell have to approve anybody that was put forward, that there's an advice and consent rule for Senate the Senate does not have to approve any pretty much Mcconnell made it time bound basically saying of Hilary one, they did vote on merit garland, but there is reason. Firmness even that in any case Mitch Mcconnell was asked if he would fill a vacancy in the last year of trumps first term and Macao, like yeah for retraining, so people are laughing because, supposedly the z hypocritical, hard move, no hard knows
move by Mcconnell, but in that's that's very taciturn stuff from from its withdrawal. But what are you saying? There is obviously correct democratic going to prove a democratic nominee. Republicans will prove a republican nominee. If there is a split, then the very least a delay seems somewhat appropriate. I would say the delay can be indefinite. I don't think the Republicans are bound to vote from Eric Ireland, even if Obama had nominated him in the very first year of his presidency. Ok time for some things that I hate. So I e the move by major corporations to virtue signal on politics is really quite terrible Disney has now crowns and maybe they'll move their production outside of Georgia. If Georgia law goes into effect, Bob Eager said that Netflix said maybe we'll. Move our production of Georgia if Georgia's harpy bill those into effect. What this is about as gutless statement is it's possible to make if you don't like proliferation, jawdropping
I voted for it, put your money and then we will know all of us per levers. All of us will know that we just one wants your movies. In fact, we can do use of your damn I see in your movies and hunting them on Amazon wrestling what are the theater and pay a thirty bucks a ticket? Instead, we will just wait till it comes out on Amazon and rented for two ninety nine and will bankrupt you. You wanna play this game. If the left wants to play this game where they refused to do business with people with whom they disagree on politics and on crucial issues like abortion, well, then they're gonna pay the price. There are plenty of us. There are plenty of us who are not interested in since I'm a Netflix subscriber, I'm sure a lot of people who are listening to the show and watching the shower Netflix subscribers. If Netflix pulls its money from Georgia, I will admit Netflix Subscription. I have no interest in promoting a company that seeks to devalue my political point of view as a matter of its business. Netflix is in the business of making entertainment they're not in the business.
Of shaping political opinions around the country if they believe they are that I'm not going to get my money to them if they dont get my money money to leftist lobbying groups and the same thing is true of Disney I am more than willing to delay my enjoyment of a Disney movie watching at home, in the comfort of my home, renting it in spending to ninety nine. Instead of forty five bucks to bring my wife and kids due to a movie so the game that Hollywood wants to play, there will be consequences to this game. So go for it how it make it happen when your money, where your mouth is or otherwise this just a bunch of virtues knowing nonsense in the reason that you're holding often Poland from Georgia is because you want to tax benefits. You want to be able to virtue signal while your liberal members are leftist coterie, without actually having to pull the money. Also, worthwhile, noting, while Disney is talking about pulling all of their production from Georgia, because the Harvey Bill, yeah. They also were producing star wars last year. I you know where they filmed Croatia, Ireland, in Bolivia and at the time, Croatia,
was in Croatia. Abortion is still illegal. After ten weeks in Ireland, Abortion is illegal overall in Bolivia, abortion wasn't is illegal in sea Disney pulling any of its production from there. I am eager to see Hollywood be forced to pay higher production costs producing only in countries that are worth it politically will see how they like production. In Sweden. Pretty pretty incredible stuff and other things that I hate today so speak of of brands, are getting involved in politics in the stupidest possible way. The associated press is reporting, they Gucci has what they call the crews, twenty twenty collection it debuted to a veto, the audience this week in Rome. It was themes around the subject of abortion, because I know I'm buying genes, I'm thinking about killing babies. The collection featured a purple jacket with the Logan, my body, my choice on the back and a sweater emblazoned with the date may twenty second nineties when he ate marking the day abortion became legal in ITALY according to the Associated Press, the brands creative, director. Alessandra Michel says the themes. No coincidence. He was inspire
He says by the sudden pro life resurgence in the United States. Frictions and United States Michel said made me consider how much women should be highly respected. Sometimes in life, choices are difficult, but I believe it is most difficult decision for woman. I respect that decision. I respect that decision is I respect the idea that the uterus is a garden. I want to portray the idea that to interrupt a pregnancy does not wipe out the garden the flower, that is the uterus and every woman. When you know what makes the uterus a garden in this particular metaphor, will be the fact that it grows things like a guy. You know it. Europe grows. It grows in a uterus. Babies and if you kill the baby's is not really a garden anymore. Now, it's just a thing so that this kind of weird take again the same logic applies. If we're going to see, all of these brands endorse wild left slogan, hearing organisms pop up brands that do not do this or going to pick up the lion's share of the of the revenue that leaves capital
I'm always wins, and if this is a game that that these corporations wanna play, there will be consequences to those games already we back her later with two edition, hours of programming or will see here tomorrow. Adventure paralyses the bench Eroshka. This is the bench of Hiroshima executive, producer Jeremy boring senior producer, nothin, hey are supervising produce there is massive lover, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is mixed by Michael Romena Heron make is by just one o production assistant Nick next year, the bench Shapiro shows a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen. Robert Mahler won't go away. Joe Biden can't be found and ugly guys break their faces to look hotter Finally, the mail bag check it out on the Michael Nold, show
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